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  1. HarborSeal

    B175 Transducers, more than 1?

    My Anderson’s electronics need an upgrade, everything is from 95’ when the boat was made. I am pretty set on the B175 thru Hull transducers to replace the old transom mounted transducer. The original owner had the rear compartment set up for a live fish hold so there is a perfect downward...
  2. HarborSeal

    Anderson Greenough 21

    Skiff already posted some pictures of the new project but I figured I would start a thread so I can ask questions and show everyone the goods. 1995 Greenough 21’ built by Bill Anderson. Started off my quest to upgrade from a Hobie Pro Angler to a boat by driving to Mex for one of the...
  3. HarborSeal

    Boat cover for my G21

  4. HarborSeal

    16-21ft Radon/Greenough/Wilson

    I know this is a long shot but I am looking for a turnkey boat or a project for a local firefighter. Cash in hand for either. Willing to travel. Please let me know if you are willing to part with one or know where I can find one. The usual...and yes I check CL on the reg All glass...
  5. HarborSeal

    Del Mar 13

    Picked up a new project a few weeks back. Eyeballed this boat on instagram for a looong time and finally after seeing the price drop to a deal I couldn’t pass up I put some cash in my pocket and headed south in probably the worst weather possible. Naturally I assumed something would go wrong...
  6. HarborSeal

    Repainting skiff

    Hey everyone, so I have new 13ft skiff that I am fixing up to hit the water this summer. The boat has never seen water yet, it has sat in the boat yard collecting scrapes and dust for a couple years. Anyways there are a couple chips out of the gel coat and two spots on the bottom that had the...
  7. HarborSeal

    Gap between transom wood and cap

    I was going to repair some fiberglass damage on the cap above the transom and when I removed the damaged section I noticed there was a pretty good gap 1/4” - 1/2” between the fiberglass shell(the inside wall) and the transom wood core. Is this normal to have the top cap not fit perfectly snug...
  8. HarborSeal

    Fuji USG guides, anyone have any?

    Hey guys, I am putting together a new rod and I wanted to use my set of USG I had laying around but there is no layout that would work with 7 guides on my 8ft blank. Do any of you have any from size 20 to 8 or 10 laying around? Preferably the smaller sizes but I will take what I can get. I...