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    George Brett

    Dirty Laundry: George Brett Video I'm good for two a yearLOLLOLLOLLOL
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    I hope this dude is not serious

    nevermind guess it's been posted already
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    Graphic Arts help

    Do any of you know someone good with graphic art. I've been sucked into a teachers bowling league and my teammates want shirts with a graphic. It's 3 guys and a hot blonde on our team and I mean hot, but she's married. We had a teacher here to a graphic but it didn't come out the way we had...
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    Easter Sierras 10/1, 2 and 3

    Headed up for my annual Fall solo trip, this is my favorite time to fish up there, no crowds, fall colors and killer fishing.. Arrived to Mammoth Wed. afternoon to a media frenzy infront of Kittredge's found out as you all know now that Fosset's ID was found. Wed afternoon-fished...
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    Anyone recommend RE agent in Big Bear

    the wifey and I will be heading up to Big Bear for 10 days and will be possibly looking at Cabins, if anyone has an RE agent they trust any info would be great.. I'm not one to trust anyone so we'd prefer to get a reco from someone that's had a good experience..Thanks Thanks to those that...
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    I'm retarded need help!

    Hope this is the right place to post this.. Please flame away I have thick skin. Trying to be the good husband (and gain more fishing time) I was attempting to do some summer house cleaning.. I was told by a bunch of ladies to use Easy off on the glass in our shower to get off the hard...
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    scub gear

    I'm gettin Naui Certified, the plan is to continue on with the Advanced and then the rescue cert.. I'll be purchasing equipment soon, any advice on brands type of gear etc.... I'm getting a custom wet suit since I'm on the large side.. Mask, fins, snorkel, BC etc.. thanks
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    Amber Alert

    Update They found the kid in a Mormon Church in Juarez Mexico the dipshyt is still on the lose.. Thank God the kids is ok and hopefully will be with his mother by tomorrow Hey I know most of you probably saw this on the news, last night driving home from LB fishing I saw the Amber Alert...
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    Eastern Sierras

    Here’s a progress report: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: Thursday: I was gonna fish bass outside independence however, the winds were blowing :thumbdown: so kept heading to mammoth. Got checked in at the HOI Express in mammoth and headed up to Twin lakes, the road to upper is closed so I...
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    Poche Surf Saturday and Sunday

    Sorry it's been ages since I posted a surf report.. Daddy duties, coaching tball, golf etc... Took my kids down to visit grandma and grandpa down in San Clemente so I thought I'd get in a little surf fishing.. First attempt was at low tide on Saturday afternoon, first cast with with my crucial...
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    vessel assist?

    nevermind thanks guys got it figured out..
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    San Diego Vacation Rentals

    Hopefully this is the right board,, the family is attending a wedding in June in San Diego and we're trying to find a Condo near the beach to stay at.. The wedding party has rooms booked at The Sheraton Mission Valley, Comfort Suites Mission Valley and a few other near by hotels. We've got a...
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    Eastern Sierras Wed. to Friday

    The plan was to stay till late tonight, but I was feeling guilty about missing my daughters game this morning so I came home late last night.. Weather: Awesome the entire trip, little wind till yesterday afternoon. Scenery: Incredible just see the pix Fishing: Not wide open, but fairly...
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    Easter Sierras

    Just got back from the Sierras, a day earlier than planned Anyways, the weather was incredible, a little wind, but not enough to ruin the fishing. I'll keep it short: Owens River-fished twice CnR'd approx. 40 plus between 3 of us on Wed and Thursday. In parts of it we used Salmon eggs...
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    SWBA tourney Dana Pt

    Welp, we only weighed in two fish:( NOt what I was expecting even though we never did any Pre-fishing. As our number was called I made a last second decision to hit the Big boiler off of the point. Right away it looked like it was a good call, I pulled out a 3.76lber with a 6" Xmas tree Big...
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    Eastern Sierras (sorry no pix)

    no pix, my digi is busted Camped at Deadman's creek Sunday to Thursday. Sunday, fished the Owens below the Benton Crossing, Nada, big skunk. Way too many people fishing this area, I couldn't believe the crowd. Plus several of the morons were using bait, which is out of regulation in this...
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    Offshore Dodo's outta Dana Pt.

    Launched the whaler outta Dana Pt. with plans to hit the 209 area. We put the trollers out lookin for some free swimmers, one cedar plug and a feather about 10 miles out. About 15 mins later the Cedar plug goes off, my buddy tosses a bait out and he was bit instantly. We got one female and one...
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    makin mac's at Oside?

    is it fairly easy to make macs outside the Oside harbor. We figured we'd do the usual chum them up, but wanted to make sure there wasn't a specific loc to get them in that area so we don't have to waste too much time lookin for them.? thanks
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    Dodos outta dana pt

    We headed straight outta DP about 14-18 miles, first two patties were blank, 3rd was a charm. It was small, but we knew it would be good luck, it had a Happy Birthday Baloon next to it. First bait in the water was instant hook up. It was WFO for about 30-45 mins until some Jackass in a CC whaler...
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    Address search web site

    anyone know what that site was that would tell you anywhere you've lived with phone #'s ect...
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    Landscaper needed in the Glendora area?

    I'm wrapping up a major remodel and I'm looking for a landscaper to help me get my yard looking nice to finish off our killer remodel... If anyones interested give me a buzz 626-705-8149
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    Puddingstone 5/25

    Hit up the east shore at the Pudd for an hour today, got one decent one on the d/s.. Lost of moss so made it a lil difficult to fish had to clean the hook after almost every cast.. Little bit of wind made it tuff to feel the bites. I probably missed about 3-4.. Still fun to get back out there...
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    Independence to Bridgeport 5/17-5/19

    Decided to head up to the Eastern Sierra's for some fishing and exploring.. Started out doing some bass fishing on the way up in some ponds. On Wed. I fished bass using drop shot and texas rigged creatures, lizards and brush hogs for a ton of dink bass. I could see the big boys breaking the...
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    We launched the whaler for the first time out of Oceanside, (what a sweet marina). No crowds, easy launch, close parking, bait barge right there, short ride out!!!! Anyways, we explored North from the marina to just north of Camp Pendelton, hitting kelp paddies along the way. We got about 5...
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    San Onofre

    Several us fished from 5pm to 10pm, bait was squid and clams. I got one sargo and one baby leopard, the others caught several good size sargo and a yellowfin croaker. I believe one guy got a dink cabazon. It was a nice night surf wasn't too bad. When the water calmed down you could see the sargo...
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    Puddingstone 3/25

    fished puddingstone 3pm to 5pm for nada, not even a bump. I fished the west dam/cove areas, and the north shore/point. I tried drop shot aarons magic, purple, green weenie, texas rig-lizards, creatures, senkos for nada. I finished the day throwing a cool looking storm crappie swim bait. Of...
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    Russian women

    Any of you guys ever get those funny emails from Russian women wanting to move to the U.S... I decided to fuck with one and she replied back, this is gonna be fun. My wife thinks I 'm sick in the head.. Here's the reply I got today: Hello my stranger I am so happy to see that you have decided...
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    San Clemente 3/3

    Fished a new stretch of beach for me down in San Clemente with a couple of friends. We fished from about 7:30 to 11:30 and had a blast. It wasn't wide open, but we did ok. There were periods when the perch were hitting on almost every cast, then it would shut off. Between the 3 of us we used GSW...
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    What an idiot

    Goes to show ya, the well educated can pretty fuckin stupidslap: slap: slap:,0,3251538.story?coll=la-home-headlines slap: slap: slap:
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    Poche beach

    Fished yesterday afternoon 3pm to 5:30, big skunk. I used GSW in camo, red and new penny. I tried some of the peeler crabs also for nothing.. Went back out from 8:30 to 11pm for some of the bigger fish, another skunk. Went again this morning 9-11am with the GSW camo nada, switched to the 1"...
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    Holy shit, I weighed in at a lardass, youneedtolosesomeseriousweightyoufatfuck 279lbs. My safe weight would be around 190lbs.. KC it was nice meeting you and the others, Good luck to everyone now I'm gonna go get started with a nice healthy mealpig: pig: pig: pig: pig: pig: pig:
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    Day at the Vine with my daughter

    Fun day with my daughter at the Vine, she's definitely not squimish with fish or worms! She brought her Barbie gear, but rather play with dead fish:lux: :lux: Yup I'm a proud papa
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    Wow it reached the Drudge Report

    One of my students who lost a leg a couple of years ago when she was run over by another parent picking up there child has had her artifical leg stolen again. I hope they catch the pukes and I hope it's this lil asshole at our school so his parents will finally shut the fuck up...
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    What's your house worth

    Thought this was cool, it's not precise but might give you an idea
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    Offshore Cat 2/12

    Pix added The ride over was sweet The most excitement we had The shit I had to put up with all day, he kept throwing out chum lines:_portable Well with good advice from you guys we headed to Cat in our 17' Whaler, it was a pond on the ride over and a decent ride on the way back. We hit...
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    Heading to Cat in a a 17' footer?

    My buddy and I were gonna head to Cat. from long beach on Sunday in his Whaler 17' footer. We're one of 4 boats going. Is this a wise decision or should we change our plans? He's an experienced boater, I've only made the trip in bigger boats.. thanks
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    Peck road

    hit up the lil shit hole for an hour and a half, got one on a drop shot curly tail Robo smoke purple. Water was real murky.
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    nun joke

    The nun teaching Sunday School was speaking to her class one morning and she asked the question, "When you die and go to Heaven... which part of your body goes first?" Suzy raised her hand and said, "I think it's your hands." Why do you think it's your hands, Suzy?" Suzy replied...
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    My kids letter to Santa

    never mind it was old
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    THAT was just not fun to watch, I think UCLA forgot to get on the bus and West LA J.C. showed up instead.... :eek: :eek: thank god the tecate has numb the pain a little.
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    Vt. Teacher Accused of Anti-Bush Quiz

    Send this jackass a message, if he were my childs teacher I'd be furious:FU: :FU: [email protected] Vt. Teacher Accused of Anti-Bush Quiz Nov 25 1:03 PM US/Eastern Email this story BENNINGTON, Vt. A high school teacher is facing questions from administrators after giving a...
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    Poche Beach, San Clemente

    What an unbelievable morning at the surf. :cheers: The weather was incredible and the water was clear. Fished 7:15am to 8:30am, c/r'd 10 barred perch and 1 Hali. I must've missed as many as I caught. Some of the perch were toads, I couldn't believe the size and the fight they put up. I started...
  43. greeper

    trading spouses

    did anyone catch that show trading spouses last night.. Holy friggin moly was that fat chick a major psycho:pms: :pms: . Could you imagine having to wake up next to that fatass every morning.. :zelfmoord :zelfmoord :zelfmoord Her pussy probably smells like a shit house on a tuna boatbarf
  44. greeper

    Go Bruins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    How bout them Bruins:cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
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    Puddingstone 10/26

    Fished sail boat cove from my tube 1:15 to 4:45, caught 8 and had several misses. Non of them were very big maybe 10"-13", all caught on the drop shot, either a green weenie or aarons magic. Just curious one of them was a shade of gray, being a rookie basshole why the color difference? Also...
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    I decided last night I'd give Pudd a try this morning. Arrived at 6:30, was surprised at how dark it was. Got on the water at 7am, and fished till 9:45. Caught two, one about 12" the other a dink, both on drop shot green weenie. I missed a couple of other bites:roll: , did see a little surface...
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    coyote ugly
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    sierras 9/28-9/30

    decided to head up north for a few days of get a way time. Fished for some bass on the way up and did ok. First day I did the hike above Saddlebag, what an awesome place. The lakes were loaded with fish, but I couldn't get many to bite. Finished the afternoon off at Lil Virginia for a bunch of...
  49. greeper

    San Quintin 8/25 & 8/26

    What It's all about Decided to chance it and it worked out great. I was a little worried about the weather but we lucked out!!! Winds were not bad, maybe 4-8mph swells were real mild and smooth nobarf . Fishing for 2 of us was pretty good slow for the 3rd guy in our party. We went out with...
  50. greeper

    Hurricane Hillary

    anyone know if this is affecting the San Quintin area, we're supposed to head down there tomorrow morning. I've been looking all over the net but can't find anything re: the wind and swells in the area. All the weather sites say nice and sunny with winds 7-10mph. thanks
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    Cool Bluefin Article from New Zealand

    My old football coach moved to New Zealand and always sends me fishing info, thought this was a nice Article. Didn't know which board to post this.,2106,3386819a10,00.html
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    East Cape?

    What's a good place to stay at in the East Cape? Cost? Room, Guide Air? sorry for the dumb questions but I've never been there. thanks
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    heading to San Quintin lookin for info

    I will be heading down south to SQ 8/24 to fish a few days. We've decided not to tow the whaler. Last year we had a fairly good experience on the Panga Mellisa II with Antonio (El Gato) for our guide. If anyone has other Panga's or guides they really liked please let me know. Antonio was good...
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    Eastern Sierras 8/7-8/14

    Hit the Sierras with the entire family, 8 kids 2 years to 10 years old. I didn't expect to get much of my own fishing time, good thing I didn't plan on it because it didn't happen. Was supposed to hook up with Timster and Dr. Hook, but I lost my Cell the first day there and couldn't get anyone...
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    Camel Toe

    make sure you have the sound turned on this is awesome
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    just sick unless u luv fat women hopefully this isn't a DP
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    Offshore More Pix of Pickle boy Charter; Dougs coming out party

    This will say it all!!! Dougs Gay pride charter gayz: Funny how everyone had one of these on their pillow Dougs coming out Party Mike may have been drinkin too much Pickleboy looks so happy now Ok maybe he's not gay Our mate relaxing in the jacuzzi Doug's Jackpot Albie...
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    Eastern Sierras 6/26 to 6/30

    Headed up for the annual boys trip in the E. Sierras. We always camp at Deadman's creek, it's free and usually not crowded. This year the flow is so heavy the lower camps were flooded so it was closed. The upper was much more crowded than we've ever seen, but we still found a good site and all...
  59. greeper

    Fishing boards getting hacked!!!

    look out a bunch of message boards are getting hacked by fuckheads :FU: at
  60. greeper

    Newport Harbor 4:30 to 8:40 pm

    Took the Yaks to NPH with Underdog. Caught a few spotties on plastics, clear red flaked worked well. Got a couple on brown ringer worm. Made some bait (smelt), hooked up on almost every bait. Real windy so it was sloppy out there. Fished the CG dock area and some near by docks. Watched some guys...
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    Christina Aguilera finally NAKED!

    <img src="" alt="xtinahot" />
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    Don't piss off the roommate
  63. greeper

    Bishop to Bridgeport 5/18 to 5/21

    I headed up north to get a break, fished several different spots between Bishop and Bridgeport. Wed. Fished the Owens at Warm Springs for one, water was murky and flowing fairly well. Fished a few creeks and ponds for a few more. Thursday: Crowley in the morning and scratched out limit...
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    more of the fat kid
  65. greeper

    horney kid

    thought this was hilarious
  66. greeper

    night time bassin

    more night bassin at a local pond 4 bass for me 3 on hula popper 1 buzz bait, I missed several hits they were hungry tonight. my buddy had several misses on a frog lure and finally hooked up on a lizard. He kept getting to excited with the frog, didn't wait for the tension. Kept all of...
  67. greeper

    night time bassin

    did some more ninja fishing with underdog from 8:30 to 10:00. We each got one, I had some short bites and UDG lost a nice one on a buzz bait. Ummmmm Ummm that bass was good in fried butter and garlic :wink: :wink: :wink: JUST KIDDING!!! Sorry BC didn't call ya, it was a last second deal...
  68. greeper

    ninja fishin at a local golf course

    decided to do some ninja fishin at a g.c., had to wait for Underdog to clean his room, his boss wouldn't let him out of the house till it was done. Underdog got one nice bass and got punked by a few others. He brought along a snagger buddy :lol: :lol: with him who got one dink. I'll keep him...
  69. greeper

    LNL Friday

    arrived a little late, my dumbass set the alarm for 4:30 pm not a.m... Got on the water and heard Dougspool clear across the lake, farming trout after trout LOL Any ways I'm tired so I'll make it short, turned out to be a great day for me, CnR'd approx. 30 trout almost all on power worms, got...
  70. greeper

    LNL tomorrow, whos goin?

    I'll be there b/t 6 and 7am probably fish till 6-7pm
  71. greeper

    Anyone know this boat?

    Has anyone ever heard of this boat the KYMAGNUM? This was the name of my old High School girl friends dad's boat. I remember in high school he was a hardcore Bluewater guy, and did lots of those Marlin tourneys. Now that I'm into fishing alot I was gonna try and get ahold of the guy. I was...
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    Lnl 4/8

    Gave LNL a try yesterday from my tube. Trout fishing was extremely slow to non existent. I only saw a couple caught by the shore people and maybe a handful from the boaters. There wasn't any specific bite, people caught them on everything. I dragged and jigged power worms, the mouse, lip...
  73. greeper

    Puddingstone on my Yak with Underdog

    Fished with our Yaks today at the Pudd. We were anchored up in a cove when this [email protected]$$ in a nice bass boat goes right in front of me, between my Yak and the shore (there was maybe 30-40 feet between me and the shore). He said he was goin for some bass in the bushes that he caught the other day...
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    Nph 4/6

    A buddy (unfortunately he's an S.C. fan) :FU: :FU: and I decided to do the skiff thing for the day, heard about some great bay reports. This was the slowest day I've had at the Harbor in 2 years. A couple small sandies, a spottie, one short Hali and one pesky Mac. We had a few hard...
  75. greeper

    Charter Newbie

    I'm not a rookie with the salt, but I'd still consider myself somewhat of a newbie. My buddy's boat is out of service and I'd love to get over to Cat for some WSB or Yellowtail. I've never done the party boat scene, but I have no choice right now. I'm free from my job all week, are there any...
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    Needed to get out of the house, called the Underdog to get off his lazy snagging butt and do a few hours of fishing. Fished from 5-7pm once again nothing for me, Underdog hooked up with a decent one on a small crank. I tried plastics, cranks, storm baits for nada. Here's the snagger himself...