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  1. Saponi73

    Trinidad TN30 Gold

    Sold, miss it already.
  2. Saponi73

    Boat bunks

    Last.trip on the OG in April was.pick a.bunk.
  3. Saponi73

    Ranger 85 2 1/2 Day July 23rd Departure

    Terrific chance to catch a 200lb + on the kite! These guys are bluefin pro's.
  4. Saponi73

    Offshore Need fish id help

    They are all over sea of cotez. Heavy leaders if you're in a school. The skins will tear your line up!
  5. Saponi73

    Offshore Excel 2.5 Day Teport

    The fish were 150-300 feet deep all day. Saw a few people do well letting out an estimated 70 feet at a time and waiting 30 sec. or so before letting more 70' line out. I would go down to about 400 feet (remember the scope), then reel back in about 70 feet and wait 30 sec. and move back up the...
  6. Saponi73

    Ranger 85 Charters 2020

    I'm really excited to get back on the Ranger 85! Great crew and a wonderful fishing platform. Mike runs a solid charter! Sending deposits today!
  7. Saponi73

    NEW Price Reduced Daiwa Saltiga 30 2-Speed SALD30-2SPD

    That is a great reel. Do you have photo's of the one you actually have? Also, you did not mention if you will ship.
  8. Saponi73

    Trinidad TN30 Gold

    Trinidad TN30 Casts great and has excellent drag. Was serviced two years ago by Shimano in Irvine. Fresh 50lb mono on top with 65lb braid underneath. Clamp comes with the reel. $260 o.b.o and $15 shipping. Mechanical true 10 of 10 Cosmetic 8 of 10
  9. Saponi73

    Anything but Tuna!

    Local Pangeros in PV will put you on more inshore stuff in the bay. Jack Cravalle, Bonito, yellowtail, trigger fish etc..
  10. Saponi73

    Offshore Ranger 85 2 1/2 day 7/25 Late report

    They took the colt sniper, the smaller 60 gram ones were better. Noticed the colt sniper jerk bait got hit a couple of times.
  11. Saponi73

    Shimano Trinidad TN30 Gold

    Nice reel will last years.. GLWS
  12. Saponi73

    Ranger 85 2 1/2 day July 25th departure

    What time does the boat leave on Thursday evening? I plan to be there early, but always good to know?
  13. Saponi73

    2.5 8/2-8/5 relentless $750

    What landing do they run out of?
  14. Saponi73

    Arizona Folks

    A number of guys go to SD landings few times a year. I fish SD 4 times or so a year, and sea of Cortez about the same. Mainland MX. Across from the baja can be pretty good.
  15. Saponi73

    Iron Man Lures

    Kill the yt, bonito, and Sierra mackerel down in sea of cortez! Chrome and blue.
  16. Saponi73

    Phenix-Sabre-SeaStar by Wade.

    Awesome seller. Shipped in excellent condition. Buy with confidence!
  17. Saponi73

    80lb Rig for 2.5 day end of September

    I had an 80lb setup and was under gunned last year. Suggest you look at a tac20ii that can run 100 to 130. You can always drop to an 80 lb top shot if needed.
  18. Saponi73

    Daiwa Saltist LD 35 2-speed, w. spectra

    Great yo yo jigging reel! Glws
  19. Saponi73

    San Felipe Tony Reyes

    Try the mainland side across from puertocitos. Puerto lobos has great fishing.
  20. Saponi73

    One Cool Tuna!

    O.C.T. Has excellent service. Jeff has shipped me stuff in Az. when I couldn't get to the socal tackle shops.
  21. Saponi73

    What are we doing with the SkipJacks???

    Pacific Bonito and skip Jack are two different.species. Bonito tastes.pretty.good. Skip Jacks are more of a challenge!
  22. Saponi73

    Mono at night for bft but what about the day?

    i use the exact same setup. 80lb with 130 fluro leader.
  23. Saponi73

    Ranger 85 August 23 2 1/2 day

    I hope there's enough rod space! I'm bringing the whole damn arsenal. 20lb to my BFT killer. Who knows what we will get into.
  24. Saponi73

    21 Various Lures

    Thanks Jon, good lures will go to good use. Appreciate the sell.
  25. Saponi73

    Calcutta Stogie OPENto trades

    NIce looking setup. GLWS
  26. Saponi73

    Slow pitch jigs

    Great seller guys fast shipping. buy with confidence.
  27. Saponi73

    Puerto Lobos Sonora 4/25-4-30

    Yes, the wind blows everyday and fishing is slow. Continue to fish in baja.
  28. Saponi73

    40 LB reel opions

    X2 Talica 12ii
  29. Saponi73

    OCT Jigs?

    Owned 3 black ones. Excellent results. Makes anyone a surface iron fisher man.
  30. Saponi73

    Daiwa LD30 2 Speed Reel

    Yep, you're offering a good deal. Bought one two years ago at that price. They have gone up. GLWS.
  31. Saponi73

    Daiwa LD30 2 Speed Reel

    Bro, don't these things run like $245 brand new? $20 off may not be that exciting. What about shipping?
  32. Saponi73

    Puerto Penesco

    I suggest heading another 70 miles down to Puerto lobos. Arturo dive and fish adventures offers one day trips. Yellowtail have been running in March.
  33. Saponi73

    Favorite H&M Landing boat?

    Sea Adventure 80..... Fun crew and very fishy.
  34. Saponi73

    Fishing in Jamaica?

    Fishing is poor inshore. Doubt they have good off shore options.
  35. Saponi73

    Caught this in the SD Bay yesterday...

    Trigger fish meat is excellent! They are a pain to fillet.
  36. Saponi73

    Offshore 11/25 60 Mile Bank on the Outer Limits

    Why is that guys ass in the photo? Was it a planned prank, was he taking a leak? Is there no photo shop in your world?
  37. Saponi73

    Offshore Jumbo's @ the 60 11/20

    Big boy trip! Like going to war with the fish. Just awesome!
  38. Saponi73

    Liberty or ranger 85

    Liberty! Great food
  39. Saponi73

    Puerto Lobos 5 Day Fishing Adventure

    Yep! I brought everything as I would on a sport boat. Put my rods in standard tubes and the border folks didn't even flinch.
  40. Saponi73

    Puerto Lobos 5 Day Fishing Adventure

    I've heard late fall and winter is when the wind calms down.
  41. Saponi73

    Puerto Lobos 5 Day Fishing Adventure

    There is deeper water by the lighthouse that you can shore fish from. It is a rocky outcropping. You need to catch a ride over to that area. I tried wading into the shallows in front of the house, but no luck on bites there.
  42. Saponi73

    Puerto Lobos 5 Day Fishing Adventure

    Hey BD'ers, This is my first post, so go easy... There is a guy here in Chandler (Phoenix) that has a little secret you all should know about. Tom Albers has a fishing Co-Op on the Sea of Cortez about 330 miles South of Phoenix. The fishing is excellent and it is quite a unique experience. The...
  43. Saponi73

    WTS New old stock double stamp Salas 6X jigs

    Still for sale? Just making sure the Salas 6x is a heavy at 6.2 oz?
  44. Saponi73

    Puerto Lobos

    I know it has been a few years, but how did this trip turn out? I'm headed down this weekend and trying to determine what to expect.
  45. Saponi73

    Rocky Point

    How was it?
  46. Saponi73

    Offshore 2x2 YFT 6/17 & 6/18 on the 17' Whaler

    Tecate and tuna ! Gotta Love it.
  47. Saponi73

    Memorial Day 2.5 dayer PAC QUEEN

    260 Gram Glow in the Dark Flat Fall! Purple/Black was also hit a few times.
  48. Saponi73

    Memorial Day 2.5 dayer PAC QUEEN

    Boat won t leave till at least 8pm. They have an overnighter today.
  49. Saponi73

    Just got my yearly Mex fishing license online

    I Paid $43.64 for the mail in mail back option from san diego.
  50. Saponi73

    WTS/WTT Calcutta 401d

    Left handed model?
  51. Saponi73

    Sea of Cortez report - DOS

    What's the best time of year to target Yellowtail?
  52. Saponi73

    Custom Fishing Rod Holder

    Do the tubes have caps in the bottom?
  53. Saponi73

    Memorial Day 2.5 dayer PAC QUEEN

    Going to be a great time. Just have to bring an arsenal of rods if we fish 100+lb bft along with patty yellows. 5ish rigs should do it. Thanks Chuck! Sent from my SM-G930V using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  54. Saponi73

    Offshore 4/1 on the Old Glory

    Yeah it does. Not sure they can remove them. Just put one foot on the bench and use for leverage. Sent from my SM-G930V using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  55. Saponi73


    Best casting reel I ever had GLWS!
  56. Saponi73

    Shimano Spool Assembly Moves

    Awesome! Yes, the tension knob was turned all the way back. Thanks for the help!
  57. Saponi73

    Shimano Spool Assembly Moves

    Hey everyone, I have an older TN14 Trinidad. I noticed that the spool assembly has some horizontal play in it. My other reels are much tighter. The spool does not move far enough for an opening to appear, but you can slide it side to side with your finger. Is this a problem?
  58. Saponi73

    Rocky Point Surf Fishing

    There are some beaches on cholla point that drop into deeper water. Trigger fish and even cabrilla can be had. I was using a float as the bottom has some coral. I wandered into los conchas but the water was very shallow. I ended up a good 50 yards into the water before casting. The 3 foot...
  59. Saponi73

    Charter fishing trip aboard the Relentless, 2 1/2 day trip

    What landing does the relentless leave from?
  60. Saponi73

    Memorial Weekend 2.5 Day trip on PAC VOYAGER

    Last year was great! Standby please.
  61. Saponi73

    Calcutta 300 TE

    Great casting reel Glws.
  62. Saponi73

    Rocky Point/ Puerto Penasco

    I had a local panga take me out 3 miles to a reef. All the corvina,trigger fish you could ask for. I used Cut bait and they never stopped biting.
  63. Saponi73

    New never used Irons

    How many are heavy vs surface?
  64. Saponi73

    Shimano Talica 16II speed backing.

    I would suggest you trade for a smaller reel if you are going to use under 65lb. Tac 12 or even a trini 20 would do the trick.
  65. Saponi73

    For Sale: New Saltiga LD40- 2 speed Reel- Reduced

    Does the Saltiga come with a Rod Clamp?
  66. Saponi73

    Good boat for 1.5/2 day?

    I would go with a bigger boat that has plenty of room. Sea adventure 80 or the Ocean Odyssesy out of H&M.
  67. Saponi73

    OVERNIGHT ON THE OUTER LIMITS 10/3-10/4 giveaways and great price

    Fun boat, Good Captain. You guys will enjoy it.
  68. Saponi73

    Shimano Terez for sale or trade

    Just bought this model . Has a flattened grip to lay on the rail. Nice heavy 50-100 lb rod. GLWS
  69. Saponi73

    Offshore 9-9-16 offshore tuna trip!

    $100 of tuna on fine China.
  70. Saponi73

    Pac Voyager 4 day trip 11/04~11/08

    Wow! South of El Rosario? That should be a blast!
  71. Saponi73

    Offshore Old Glory August 30th

    Kley keeps the boat in great shape. It was a clean and smooth operation on my late November trip.
  72. Saponi73

    Chief 2.5 Day is cancelled!!!!!!

    Consider this your chance to upgrade.!
  73. Saponi73

    Mulri-day noob question #2

    How do they release a 25lb fish 10 feet below the rail?
  74. Saponi73

    WTS New in Box Talica 16II $450

    Going on eBay a little cheaper but have to wait for shipping. You have rod clamp and manual?
  75. Saponi73

    Suggestions for 3/4 day out of San Diego

    Get your passport! You're really limiting the 3/4 day options.
  76. Saponi73

    Need a ho for Monday the 22nd

    Hey Bill, hope you had a good trip!
  77. Saponi73

    Shimano Colt Sniper

    Cast out 50 yards. Let it sink 100 feet and medium retrieve.
  78. Saponi73

    Offshore Big dorado and small yft.

    Big bull nice catch!
  79. Saponi73

    Offshore Big eye tuna?

    I agree the.GFT are known to show up. Especially if don't have My ice in your kill bag.
  80. Saponi73

    Tribute 2.5 day sponsored by Pelagic Labor Day trip $700

    Post this spot in the sport boat fishing section. It will be snapped up!
  81. Saponi73

    Old Glory, Producer, or the Grande for overnight?

    Went on the old glory and the producer late last fall. Basic bunks and galley. Thought the crews did well. The old glory has a weird overhang on the sides making jig casting a little tough. The producer didn't have much of a bow. With that said both should be excellent for an overnight trip...
  82. Saponi73

    Avet HX 2 Speed

    What's the drag rating?
  83. Saponi73

    Reel for 3/4 to 1.5 day trips?

    Thorium 20 no doubt.
  84. Saponi73

    Any Phoenix area BDers interested in 7-10 to 13

    Hope you guys slay them! Looking forward to a report later this week.
  85. Saponi73

    Lit Up & Today's Catch

    Plus i need some help coming up with a name for this one. Thanks for looking everyone Magic Pandora
  86. Saponi73

    Tony Reyes: A trip that internet fishermen dream about

    can't wait to see that live!
  87. Saponi73

    PAC VOY 2-DAY LIMITED LOAD 7/2 & 7/3

    Great boat, can't go wrong with Capt. Marco and the crew!
  88. Saponi73

    Tony Reyes: A trip that internet fishermen dream about

    Thanks for all the details. Do you always go In June? I'm wondering how spring and fall compare.
  89. Saponi73

    Offshore 6/22 312/209 report

    What is that Jay?
  90. Saponi73

    puerto penasco

    Dude! Way too far north for tuna. Most operations out of rocky point are individual pangas. The capt. Will have boats out of water so you can inspect the hull for leaks... yikes! I strongly recommend a stateside captain that works out of rocky point. I've heard good things about a Chandler AZ...
  91. Saponi73

    Wtt Shimano Terez waxwing 80mh

    Hey, first I should say I live in phoenix! However, I have a calstar graphfighter 800m perfect for your needs. I don't want the deckhand rod without a reel seat. The rod is older 2012 I'm guessing. There some eyelet rust. Anyway. If you want to deal with the logistics I'm down. I can send pics.
  92. Saponi73

    AVET MXJ 1/2-speed or Truth Sg Reel

    Shimano torium 20a. It,s plenty big for yt or tuna. Single speed star drag with a 6:1 ratio is the way to go. A 7' MH is a great first rod for all these applications.
  93. Saponi73

    Offshore 2.5 day on the Eclipse

    Caught my first bft on the sea adventure 80. I used a #1 (not 1/0) j hook. It looked tiny in the nose hook dine, but worked well.
  94. Saponi73

    comfy deck shoes while fishing

    My new shortie xtratuf were surprisingly tight. Better where those around the house for a day before hitting the deck.
  95. Saponi73

    2.5 day Trip Aboard the Commander

    Dang where did this come from? I would have booked the commander two weeks ago!
  96. Saponi73

    Megabait, Coltsniper, or ?

    Colt sniper is nice for a choive bite. But I go with a heavier (150+g) megabait most times for extra casting distance and to cover more of the water column.
  97. Saponi73

    anyone in Utah ???

    Look into fish lake off of the 70 by Salina Utah. Boat rentals and bigger lake trout.
  98. Saponi73

    Bluefin carnage commences..

    Wait, they don't have a 2 fish limit?
  99. Saponi73

    2016 Memorial Weekend Trip Pacific Voyager

    Hi Chuck, Can you put me on standby? 18b if I get lucky enough to join.
  100. Saponi73

    Offshore April 30th Pacific Voyager 1.5 limits close!

    Great trip Chuck! Good food, fishing and Great people! That soup was off the charts!
  101. Saponi73

    Xtra tuffs

    Definitely chuffing. The sizing must be off. I bought a new pair and they are much tighter than my old school 15" brown/yellow. Go 1 size bigger.
  102. Saponi73

    Pacific Voyager 3 Day... (Limited Load Passport Required)

    Just got off the Pac voyager this morning. Great crew and whAt time will the boat depart and return on the 3 day?
  103. Saponi73

    NOTICE...! Pacific Voyager 1.5 tonight.....NOTICE...!

    How about that surface iron it was hot too! Great trip for sure. That avatar gal doesn't look mexican.... I'm just sayn..
  104. Saponi73

    Shimano/Penn Reels For Sale

    How much for that 2 speed Penn?
  105. Saponi73

    Offshore SHOGUN 1.5 Day Great Times!

    Pretty sick to see that 6X inhaled by a BFT!
  106. Saponi73

    2.5 Day on Eclipse August

    Is this boat launching out of seafront landing?
  107. Saponi73

    April 30th 1.5 day trip on Pacific Voyager

    Put me down for a spot will send payment today.
  108. Saponi73

    Offshore Dominator overnight 4-7

    Dude that was Frank making the late return call. Capt. Loves to fish! Boat looks great this year.
  109. Saponi73

    Pacific Queen has limits of bluefin today.

    It's seems like the colonet trips are switching over to bft. I would rather battle 5 mossbacks in 300 feet of water!
  110. Saponi73

    April 1st weekend

    Colonet! Big Yellows. Dominator has been posting numbers also.
  111. Saponi73

    Custom wrap 809h

    Will you ship?
  112. Saponi73

    PV Charter Fishing Super Panga

    Hey Everyone, We just got back from beautiful Puerto Vallarta on a too short five day trip. I was able to convince my wife that near shore ocean fishing was a perfect way to celebrate our anniversary. Anyway we booked a trip on the Babalu with Captain Louie. This was a 29' Super Panga! What a...
  113. Saponi73

    Best Tackle for Punta Colonet

    I've been to colonet three times. Bring 16 to 20 oz weights for any chance to hold bottom. Also, PL68 or other 10oz jig had best results. Faster to the bottom and less line drift. 300g flat fall (Jimmy Jigs) was deadly on the yellows.
  114. Saponi73

    Offshore Started 2016 with a bang at Colnett on the Chief - 1/2/16

    This was a great trip! It was my first to Colonet. Thanks to Don and other advanced fisherman for helping out a first timer. BTW Yo-Yo Fishing can be Tough on the arms!
  115. Saponi73

    Avet Reels for sale

    Put up some pics of the black MXL please. Do you have it spooled with line?
  116. Saponi73

    2016 Jan 1st Punta Colonet 1.5 Day Trip

    Done, see you on the boat!
  117. Saponi73

    2016 Jan 1st Punta Colonet 1.5 Day Trip

    I'm interested in this trip. However, I don't want to sign up and have it cancelled. How many guys do they need?