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    Looking for a Yellow Lab Pup

    I have a buddy looking for his first gun dog. Please let me know if you have a line on a quality duckhunting litter. Thanks.
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    Looking for a lab pup?

    My pup's trainer has a litter on the ground. Black and a few yellow. If interested, please call him. I don't know anything about the pups, other than it was hard not to take a few home. Call Chad at 301-eight 48-5271 if interested. Thx.
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    Yes, Colorado was good!

    After blanking on five elk tags, I finally let one rip. My goals had always been too lofty for archery bull elk. On my previous hunts, I would see some 350 type bulls on the first few days. So, my standards were out of whack. I let a lot of 300 - 320 type bulls walk, and ate a lot of tags...
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    Tribute to Duke

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    Mallard Decoys

    They just need some paint. Free to a good home. Greenhead gear. Good stuff. Pick up in El Cajon. Brent 619-249-89 five seven
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    Dove with Daughter

    Not too many 18 y/o daughters will make time for their dad. But, this one is special. She gets it. Got to hunt with Shayne on the opener. We whacked 30 and headed for breaky. Great times that I cherish. Hope your weekend was just as great.
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    Calstar 6455 XXH For Sale

    Back up for grabs! Rod: Calstar CTR - 6455XXH, 50-130. All rollers. Very nice! Great for big trolling rig, tuna, sharks, and black marlin! Made in the USA. Must pick up in El Cajon. $155. Text: 619 249 895....(seven.) Don't make me put this on CL. I'm hoping a BD'er needs this.
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    Vitamins and Supplements for 10 y/o Lab?

    Hi Guys: Duke is almost 10 y/o. Would like to know what you lab owners suggest for OTC vitamins/supplements. Until now, he hasn't had a lot of exercise unless I was training for an elk hunt. But, that's changing as I'm on a 12 mo. program now which includes walking/hiking with him. He is...
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    FS: TLD 50 LRS-Calstar 6455XXH, Lightly Used, Nice

    Shimano TLD 50 LRS, 2-Speed, 50-130, Hardly used. A few scratches. Priced to sell. $190. OBO. Also, Calstar 6455 XXH, all rollers, monster grip handle, hardly used. $150. OBO. Let's see where the market value is on these. Make offers. Thanks, Brent Text: 619-249-895 seven
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    Unreal Outdoor Photo

    I enjoy taking outdoor photos. Not that I carry a good camera during hunting. But, I try. I've seen many remarkable nature photographs over the years but this photo of a nesting Falcon in an old tree is perhaps the most remarkable nature shot that I've ever seen. Thought you would enjoy...
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    Coues Buck - Team Effort

    I closed out 2016 with a hunt for me. No kids on this one. I cashed in a bunch of AZ deer points for a chance to hunt coues deer in a quality coues deer unit with a couple friends from Tombstone, Arizona. It would be a team effort. This would be a rifle hunt in December. I didn’t kill a...
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    Kaibab Youth Hunt

    Well Folks: I'm a blessed father. I have two daughters that love to hunt. This was for the Kaibab AZ youth doe hunt. Jade missed last year, due to softball commitments. Shayne whacked a doe last year. This was Jade's chance to redeem herself from three years ago, when she missed a few...
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    AZ Youth Elk Hunt!

    Last time I posted, I wrote about my oldest daughter's last AZ youth hunt. Well, she hadn't actually aged out. AZ went with the Federal youth age limit of 18. She is still 17 and drew a cow elk tag in AZ, along with her 14 y/o sister. I put them in as a party thinking that they would not...
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    We missed the opener. I'd like to take my daughters down to the valley on Sunday. Anybody willing to share their honey hole for euros. If so, please send a pm. Thank you, Brent
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    Father Daughter Hunt

    Writing this almost brings a tear to my eye. My 16 y/o daughter, Shayne, is aging out of the AZ youth hunts. The second best thing about AZ Youth Hunts is the price of a tag. $30. The best thing is spending time in the hills with your kids. In AZ, you get to show them special places like...
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    Want to buy: Yamaha Grizzly/Kodiak, or Honda Foreman. Needs to be: 400cc or better 4x4 Great condition not pink Thanks, Brent
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    AZ Elk Points - Archery

    Anyone that has 10+ points, and has not put in for 2015, give me a shout. We can share points and put in as a party. I don't have enough points to draw on my own. We'll put in for a unit that is loaded with elk. I know where they are and what they do. You will see multiple six point bulls...
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    What costs $650 and you can only get one in Arizona?

    Yah Boooiiiiiyyyyyyy!
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    Looking for a Black Lab, or maybe Yeller.

    I have a buddy that wants a duck dog. But, his wife wants to avoid the chewing stage. Please let me know if you have any leads on a good dog. 12 - 24 mos. would be great. He's not going to drop the big bucks for a started dog. Just wants a good duck dog and a good family dog, like mine...
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    Lake Barrett

    Any reports from Lake Barrett Opener???
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    Kids and the East Cape

    Going to do our summer vacation in East Cape. I've been down there a dozen times, (with my buddies.) But, this trip will be with my wife and two daughters, 11 and 13. Which hotel do you think would be the best for the family? My thoughts: Palmas is too big. Too many drunk...
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    Snake Avoidance

    Just a heads up. Your dog probably could use a repeat Snake Avoidance Class. Just went for a walk with my 5 y/o lab. I walked up on him sniffing a rattlesnake. He wasn't more than two inches away for about five or ten seconds. No fear. Luckily, the snake didn't rattle or strike. He...
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    Wanted: Trailer for 17' Tracker

    Need a good trailer for my 17' Tracker. If you have a shitty boat on a good trailer, let me know. Thanks, Brent
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    .243 Rifle

    Looking for a .243 for my daughter. Bolt action. Clean. Straight shooter. Cash or trade.
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    Results are in for The Girls of Summer

    Finished 7th at Nationals!!!! We had a great run! Thanks to you guys that sent well-wishes and donations to help all the families make the trip to Spokane. It was a blast. The girls played incredibly well. Jade says, "Thanks!" And, said that she'll buy the next round of Hot...
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    Girls of Summer Update

    Girls are on a roll! 2-0 in bracket play. We face Los Alimitos sat at 9am. Tough team. But, we beat PQ today and they are awesome. Whoop whoop!
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    Update: Girls of Summer

    You can see them on KUSI tomorrow morning at 8:45am. They were on KGTV News Wednesday at 6pm. I'll try to get a vid of that downloaded for you enthusiastic supports. Two more days and we are off to Nationals in Spokane. Thanks again for your help. Your contributions are going...
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    WTB Trailer for a 17' Tracker

    Need to replace the trailer for a 17' alum. Tracker. Needs to be a Tracker Trailstar or similar, in good condition. If you have a junker boat on a good trailer, let me know. Thanks, Brent
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    Raffle Tickets: Girls are going to Nationals!

    As posted previously, the Girls of Summer are going to represent East County, San Diego County, and the State of California in the ASA 10u Softball National Finals! Eleven girls going to Spokane, WA, July 30 - Aug 5. They are already working hard to raise funds for their travel...
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    The Girls of Summer

    Not those kind of girls!!! These kind of girls.... I need to do some braggin' on the braggin' board. I've run out of people to text. So, you guys are next... Our girls are representin'!!!! Makin' East County proud! Our East County 10u All Stars finished 7th at State last...
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    Freezer Update!

    Just wanted to send a huge Thanks to Pachodie and his dad for donating and delivering a great freezer to East County ASA. Brandon: You're a good man! Thanks Amigo! Now, this kid can enjoy her frozen Otter Pops after the game!
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    We need a freezer!!!

    Yo: The freezer at my daughters softball league just took a dump. We need an upright freezer, in decent shape, for our snack bar. We're hosting a tournament (softball, not fishing,) this weekend. The snack bar lady is trippin'. Hoping that somebody might donate one to our league, East...
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    The freezer at my daughters softball league just took a dump. We need an upright freezer, in decent shape, for our snack bar. We're hosting a tournament (softball, not fishing,) this weekend. The snack bar lady is trippin'. Hoping that somebody might donate one to our league, East County...
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    We need a FREEZER!!!

    The freezer at my daughters softball league just took a dump. We need an upright freezer, in decent shape, for our snack bar. We're hosting a tournament (softball, not fishing,) this weekend. The snack bar lady is trippin'. Hoping that somebody might donate one to our league, East County...
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    SBE I or II, or an M2

    I'm looking to buy a used one now. I put up an add in the Classifieds. Time is ticking. Cash is burning a hole in a pocket.
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    Used SBE I or II, or M2

    I'm looking for an SBE or M2 in great condition. 28", camo or black. Have cash. Will travel. Needs to happen quickly, like yesterday. Brent
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    Guinea Pigs and Black Labs

    They don't mix well.
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    Rent your 4x4 quad to me.

    I'm looking for a 4x4 quad to rent, or buy cheap. Two weeks, late August. I have an out-of-state hunt where it would come in handy. However, I just don't want to buy another toy that will only get used five days a year. Therefore, renting YOURS is an option. Thought I'd run it up the...
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    When's the Wild Game Feast?

    I have a bunch of javelina Cajun Sausage. It's badass!
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    Huntin' Boots

    Needs some quality boots? Go to the Classifieds and check 'em out....yo.
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    Huntin' Boots - Quality

    Cabelas Mountain Hunter Boots: 200 gram Thinsulate, GoreTex, double oil-tanned, full 6 1/2 oz. leather, Vibram Sole, lace strap. Not sure if they are a 10" or a 12" tall boot. If you measure from the top of the sole, they are 10", from the floor they are 11 3/4". I'm selling these for a...
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    Daughter's First Snow Goose, and mine too.

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    Daughter's First Snow Goose, and mine too.

    I put my girls in for some of the CWA Jr. Hunt Drawings. Shayne drew a hunt in the IV. (Yes, the same girl with the lucky horseshoe. She also had a 15 card for Wister yesterday.) We had a great day hunting private property, unguided. Ended with five snows, and four widg. Shayne folded her...
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    Jim da Butcher - Two thumbs up!!!

    We took my daughter's buck and javelina to Jim. I like to process my own critters. However, I tweeked my back when hauling out the buck. Couldn't imagine working in the kitchen for eight hours. So, we went to Jim da Butcher. Six days later, we picked up a serious amount of perfectly...
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    Daughter's first deer hunt, plus javy

    Pics. Story to follow. Best hunt of my lifetime.
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    Hand Cannon .44mag

    Ruger .44 mag. New Model, Super Blackhawk. 4.5", S.S., #87-39717. Hogue grip. Looks brand new. Shot 100 rounds or less. Bought it for hog and bear back up. Got tired of humping it around. I'll throw in a hip holster. Priced to sell! $500. You pay transfer and shipping. Compare on...
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    WTT/WTB Your Benelli Semi for my .44Mag

    I'm looking for a Benelli semi, M2 or SBE, 12ga. in excellent working condition. Camo or Black. If you've lost that loving feeling for waterfowl, I'll take that sweet gun you won at a DU dinner. I have a Ruger Super Blackhawk, .44mag, SS, 5.5" with black Hogue grips. It's beautiful. I...
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    Smokin' deal on Rifle

    Check out the classified under Fishing Classified/Hunting Gear. Remington ADL 700 in 30.06. Thanks, Brent
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    For Sale - Rifle

    Okay, time to part with this rifle. I'll take the cash, or trade for a .243 of equal value. Need the .243 for my daughter. Looking for a bolt action with a syn. stock. For Sale: Remington ADL 700, 30-06, Black Syn., Black matte. Never fired. No box. No scope. No scratches. 100%...
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    Weimaraner/GSP Mix Needs a Home

    Just came from the El Cajon Animal Shelter. Getting kittens for my kids. Yah, I know. There was a guy dropping off his dog. Wiem/GSP mix. Beautiful dog! Solid color, silver but almost that fawn color. 2 1/2 year old male. Not trained to hunt. But, the guy said he's an insane frisbee...
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    AZ is up!!!

    I blanked. But, my daughter drew a deer tag and a javy tag! That means we're huntin'!!! Whoop. Whoop. And, I still need to find a youth .243.
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    For Sale - Bow Case

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    For Sale - Bow Case

    Who needs a nice bow case? This case will not fit a parallel limb bow. If you have a pre-parallel limb bow, you're in business. Hardly used. $25 if you pick it up in El Cajon or Alpine. PLANO Protector Series Bow Max Case - 110100 Unique hip roof design cradles bow, Pivoting...
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    Hunter Ed Class July 11th, Pine Valley

    I want to get my daughter in on the July 11th class at Doug McClanahan's. I just spoke to Michelle, his wife. They have three signed up now and need at least ten in order to have the class. With dove season just around the corner, I'm pretty sure they will fill up. Doug is in Pine Valley...
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    Camo for Sale

    I wanted to give you guys first shot at this stuff. Two long sleeve cotton shirts in Predator Evolution, XXL. I ordered these as XL. I never got around to returning them. I wore each a few times. They been washed and stored for a couple years. This is probably my favorite pattern along...
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    Need a rifle for my daughter. Trade?

    Looking for a rifle for my 10 y/o daughter. I'm thinking .243. I'm pretty much broke at this point in the economic cycle. Therefore, I'd like to trade my new "never-fired" Rem ADL700, 30-06, Black Syn/Black Matte, no scope, no box. Also, need a 20 ga. youth model for my 8 y/o daughter...
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    Looking for two used tandem kayaks for the kids. Seats and paddles would be nice. Fishing set up not necessary. San Diego would be great. Please send me a pm if you have something. Thanks, Brent
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    My new duckboat! Woo hoo!

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    My Girls are Hardcore!

    Thought you might get a kick out of these photos from Saturday. From 1am to 5pm, my girls were rockstars! I took the beater camera because it was raining. Sure wish I had the high res camera. Great photo opps. Pretty good duck hunting.
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    Outboard 10 or 15 hp

    Looking for a short shaft 10 or 15. Would like a motor that starts and runs very well. Tight budget.
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    Saving the Tatas one rack at a time.

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU to the guys and gals that came to the Bow 'n Arrow Shop today and donated their hard-earned bucks to benefit the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk. We saw some incredible racks. One was Sumpin's 120" local buck. Once entered, it will be the largest archery buck from San...
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    Get your racks and skulls measured, free

    We're going to set up shop at The Bow 'n Arrow Shop in Lakeside. My buddy El Toro and I are certified measurers for Pope & Young and CBH (California Bowmen Hunters.) We can measure North American critters that have dried for at least sixty days, and were killed under fairchase conditions. If...
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    Who wants a Ressie Card for Barrett?

    October 31st, this Saturday. I can't hunt that day. They killed 88 mallards last Saturday!!! Let me know asap. Thanks, Brent
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    Deal on Kent Faststeel

    My buddy Ted bought Hiram's Guns from his dad. He wants to get the word out that he's ready for business and willing to be competitive on prices. He was at $15.99 a box on the Faststeel. I told him that I usually buy from Cabelas when they have the Free Shipping deal. He agreed to match that...
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    Wister Wed 28th is up.

    Dang it man! I'm a big 0fer.
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    Missing Hunter/Outfitter

    I'm posting this on behalf of Don Martin, Ariizona Wildlife Outfitters. For those of you that haven't heard, my friend Larry Heathington, the owner of Sheep Limited, who lives in Williams has been missing since Friday, September 11th. Larry was suppose to meet two clients on Friday in...
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    Shoot to Retrieve Event

    Check it out!
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    For Sale, Bow Case - Plano Protector Series

    Anybody need a bow case? This case will not a accomodate a parallel limb bow. This is the flip-top type that securely holds your bow in place free of any contact with the case itself. Also holds arrows. Nice case. Very little use. Asking $40, local. Brent These are stock photos of...
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    Dogtra 200 NCP Gold Training Collar

    I'm going to buy one of these collars. I've used the same model before and I like it. The best deal I can find is $189 shipped. Does anybody have a line on a better deal? Thanks, Brent
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    Lagina Crime

    I had two trail cams stolen. Cock suckers! I think it's a hunter, cuz ain't no anti or backpacker going to be down in the hole where one of these cameras was hidden. They are carrying bolt cutters. I had both cams chained up. I've yet to have a treestand stolen though. I sure would...
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    Looking for Kid Size Waders

    Calling All Duckunters! Does anybody have some kid-size waders or hip boots in the garage? I'm planning to spend a lot of time in the field with the kids this year. My girls are 8 and 10. So, anything in that range. Less fancy the better. I'm willing to pay a very fair small amount...
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    Who's going to hunt Barrett this year?

    Who is willing to pay $100+ to hunt Barrett? 4 hours of shitty duck hunting for $120. Not me. Bummer. It made for a fun local hunt. You might get a puddle duck or two, and maybe not. You might get buzzed by some ringnecks. You could always get your dog on some ruddies. It was worth it just...
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    I'm looking for a DJ

    I'm looking for an "extremely affordable" DJ to spin at my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary. July 11th, 3p-8p. Sock Hop 50's Theme. Alpine, San Diego County, CA. If you guys have any leads, please let me know. Thanks, Brent
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    Finally! San Diego Hog Down!

    I wanted to keep this a secret, but I can't help myself. Last week, I spotted a group of hogs when I was scouting for turkey on public land. It's been bugging me all week. So, I decided to take the day off and head up the hill. Up at 4am and grabbed the bow, hit 7/11 for a 24 oz. coffee...
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    Turkey in the backyard

    My folks live in Alpine. Just had a two year old jake walk through the backyard. Shoulda had my bow. First turkey I've seen up here in three years.
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    Hog Hunt with Pics

    Here's the report with a few pics of my jackpot hog. Tejon Ranch Bowhunt. We went three for ten. 80% of the ranch was covered in snow and mud and we couldn't get to some of my honey holes. With that said, it was a kick ass trip for me. We played poker until 1am and got up at 4am...
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    Archery Hog Hunt Report

    ...coming Monday. It's about time we had some kind of huntin' report on this board. Eleven guys bowhunting Tejon this coming weekend. Should be good. Got a break in the weather. Hoping the monsters are out. Thwack! Here's a pic from last year. These were three of the four largest...
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    CWA Dinner - El Cajon

    Anybody going?
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    Choc Labs for Sale

    I have a buddy selling pups. Beautiful dogs! Check them out here. Bryant puppies AKC and all that. That's all I know about them. Send me a pm if you want his number. Thanks, Brent
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    For Sale - BowTech Tribute

    I have a buddy that wants to sell his bow. I shoot the exact same bow and I love it. His name is Ron. Send him an email if you're interested, or have questions. He lives in San Diego, East County. The Sonora sight alone would cost you $120. They are industructable. Thanks. 2006 Tribute #60...
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    Well? Did ducks get shot?

    Or not? What up?
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    Coues Buck

    Here's a little coues buck I took with the bow in Arizona.
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    More ducks from Dec 27-28

    Wister. Hunted geese on Saturday and the geese didn't cooperate. Lots of ducks killed on Saturday. So, stayed to hunt ducks on Sunday. Very tough day. But, scratched out limits with a buddy. It took all day. Good times!
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    Ducking Hunting 15th and 16th

    Went hunting with a buddy. Shot limits. It was all about the head.
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    Shotgun Raffle, Last call

    The San Diego Sporting Dog Club is raffling off a Remington SPR 453, Syn/Matte (black,) 12 ga., 3 1/2", with four chokes included. $5 for one ticket, $20 for five tickets, $40 for ten tickets, $1,000 for 250 tickets. Drawing is 1/17/09. You can send me a PM if you are interested...
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    Aquarium for Sale

    Aquarium: It’s not pretty, but it works great. 50 gallons No leaks, guaranteed Top, doors are kind tweaked. Needs some cleaning Stand, paint as you like Here’s the good part: Hagen Fluval 304 Filter. All hoses included. Three years old. Works perfect. Pumps a lot of...
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    Who hunted Barrett on 10/25?

    Any success?
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    Bow for sale? Bueller?

    I have a buddy that would like to get a bow that he and his kids can shoot around their cabin. I'm thinking a 40lb. recurve would fit them. Not looking for anything fancy. Just something universal and cheap. $50 maybe. Anybody have one that they would like to sell? Thanks, Brent
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    Heads up on snow geese

    White goose season does not open until November 1st in the Imperial Valley.
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    Anybody jacked up about huntin' ducks?

    Damn. I can't get it out of my mind. I'm jonesin' bad! What does the Farmer's Almanac say about this year's weather? I'm hoping WA and OR freeze over next week! C'mon!
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    Lookin' for Waders Size 8.5

    I have a buddy that needs some waders, and doesn't want to buy new. Hip, waist, or chest. Leak-free. Camo. Anybody need to sell?
  92. One Track

    Serious Warning for All Dog Owners!!!

    This ain’t no joke! I pulled into my driveway last Friday afternoon. I noticed a lot of bees buzzing around outside. Not a real thick swarm, but maybe a hundred bees scattered around the area. Not a tight pattern. I didn’t think much of it. I stepped out of the truck and was...
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    FINALLY! Laguna pays off!!! Big Buck!!!

    Sorry. Couldn't help myself.
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    Win a Rem. SPR 453, 12ga.

    I'm selling tickets for the San Diego Sporting Dog Club. If you are interested, send me a message. 1 ticket for $5. 5 tickets for $20 Drawing: Jan 17, 2009 Thanks, Brent Remington is proud to launch an autoloading shotgun with this incredible value for today’s hunter...
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    Bowhunt - Africa

    Here are my critters. I think that most of our animals will make SCI Archery Book, and some will make SCI Rifle Book as well. I'd like to take this time to thank Slick Trick and Ambien. Cape Buff that wanted my ass: A monster Duiker - 4 1/4" w/ 2 1/2" bases: Wildebeest...
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    Bowhunting in Africa

    Can you say, "We're outta here?"
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    Enclosed Trailer, for dekes, hunting, hogs

    I hate doing this. But, I haven't used this trailer in a few years. It's 4' wide and 7' long. It tows like it's not there. It stores easily. It's an old-school U-Haul trailer. It's built tough. I've re-wired it. I've put on new trailer tires, plus a spare (expensive.) New wheel bearings...
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    Dog Trainers near San Diego???

    I'll be bowhunting (with Spearman, El Torito, and Fresh One,) in South Africa for two weeks, leaving 7/25. My wife and kids are going to NE for the same two weeks. So, I need a place to leave my dog. I'm thinking that two months of training wouldn't hurt. Duke is 9 months. He's an awesome dog...
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    'nuther hog hunt

  100. One Track

    'nuther hog hunt

    Went to Choppers (aka: Wild Hog Adventures, aka:Birds and Boars,) with Fresh One and a few other huntin' buddies. This 3000 acre ranch is east of Salinas, up high in the hills. It's an awesome ranch with a great cabin. The hunting was tough. It was hot. There is food everywhere, and the...
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    Backpack for Sale

    Cabelas Alaskan Guide II. Never used. Pefect condition for you hardcore backpack hunters. Give me $50. See link. Cabela's Alaskan II Camo Pack without Frame
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    Barrett - 1/9

    Best day since October. Had to drive in from Barrett Junction and it paid off. My buddies with a decent strap.
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    Wister 1/5 and 1/6

    I planned on sweating it out this past weekend. Got picked up by Smudge and his buddies Bob and Todd. Thank you. Had a good time and killed a few ducks. Not red hot. Here's Smudge and Duke. (Duke spent the day in the truck.) Sunday I got invited to hunt on a card with FForF and his...
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    Ducks from up north

    Went to pick up my lab pup in Merced. The seller invited me to go hunting. She runs a mud boat and she's hardcore. There had been no new ducks. We were setting up and hearing no ducks flying around. We were prepared for a slow day. But, it got light and they started flying. All mallards...
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    Barrett - Reports for Sat Nov10???

    Anybody go? Hear anything? Did we shoot 'em all out? I want to go Wed? Is there such thing as a Blind Ho?
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    Take your kids hunting

    My girls had a blast down in the valley this past Saturday. My Bird Dogs:
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    Waders - Do they fit?

    Just got my new Cabelas waders. I wear a size 10 shoe and I ordered size 10 waders. These things feel like they are two sizes too big. Are they supposed to fit that loose? According to Fresh One, I'm a duck geek. I'm hooked.
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    Lake Barrett Report, Nov. 7th

    I whacked a bunch of ducks! I am a duck geek. Oh ya. I had some help. Fresh One and my buddy David whacked most of them. Here's a pic of Fresh One and Cody, an awesome retriever.
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    Barrett - Update

    As of 11am today, per Sharron Smith, Barrett will be open on November 7th. Refunds will be sent to permit holders for all prior dates. Stoked!
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    I need waders.

    I have rubber waders. I have neopreme waders. But, I don't have camo breathable waders. Yesterday's opener was proof that I need some duck huntin' waders. Does anybody have a set with size 10 boots that they need to get rid off? Willing to pay top dollar for leak-free pair. Thanks.
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    Danner Boots for Sale

    Size 10, Danner Hawk. This is Danner's top of the line hunting boot, and made in the USA. It retails at Cabelas for $279 +tax. This is the most incredible boot I have owned. Your feet will never be happier. Unfortunately, I need a stiffer boot for my blown-out ankles. I have worn these...
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    Backpack for Sale

    This is a quality backpack. Horn Hunter Mainbeam Pack in Deception Camo. 2000 ci. If you are serious about hunting and are ready to upgrade from your cheesy ass $20 Cabelas Daypack, this is the way to go. It's an awesome piece of equipment. Very comfortable. Used a total of two days in the...
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    Ca. Single Female Seeking 100gr Muzzy

    Yah. Tejon Ranch. Big girl around 225# best guess. Double lunger. She only went about 40 yards. Stoked. Lots of pork for the family and friends. Fun shit. Next stop, AZ bulls.
  114. One Track

    Tejon Archery Hunt - Open spots

    If someone here has the desire to bowhunt hogs, here's your chance. As you can see from El Toro's previous post, we whacked 'em on this hunt. I'm going to copy you guys on an opportunity to do the same hunt. $400 for a cabin, all meals, a guide to help out the whole crew, and 2 1/2 day so...
  115. One Track

    ARIZONA, here we come!!!

    Spearman, El Toro and One Track are heading to AZ on Tuesday. Five days of camping out and chasin' critters with the bows. Hoping we can kill our javelinas on the first day and spend most of the time hunting deer. We'll glass the mountains for coues bucks, or we can turn around and glass the...
  116. One Track

    Need gas money for Saturday?

    New here at DB. Just got the kitchen pass for Saturday. If anybody has an open seat - happy to share $, rig, put out spread, and scrub. Can run boat so you can catch z's and fish. Beer and gear. Just need to be back by Sunday morning to save marriage. I'd like to go long and hardcore for the...
  117. One Track

    How you all doin'?

    My first post here. Just wanted to say Yo. I'm boatless for two years now. My first buy was a mistake and it ate me alive. I got it real bloody a few times, but it got the best of me in the end. Anyways, I like to fish and I like to hunt. It's about all I can think about, cept for them to...