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  1. aztec23

    MB Launch ramp under attack again

    In an article in Monday mornings SD Union a nimby group wants to dump the homeless rvs into the south shores launch ramp parking lot. Even now it’s a disaster zone of shit filled bathrooms and low life trash hanging around this lot. If these turds who advocate using our launch ramp as a homeless...
  2. aztec23

    Trolling Motor spot lock?

    I am thinking about buying a trolling motor for my 18' center console. The primary interest is to use spot lock inshore off La Jolla/Pt Loma. Tired of current and wind moving me off my spot and having to circle back constantly. My question is will (for example) a Minnkota 24v keep my boat in...
  3. aztec23

    Pt. Loma Weather 10/5?

    Last couple of weeks found super thick fog off Pt Loma. Anyone out there today with weather/wind/swell report? Plan on going out tomorrow 10/6 Tuesday. By the way is there a webcam there? Thanks!
  4. aztec23

    Good Simrad repair/service in San Diego?

    I've got a 2 year old Simrad Go9 that is freezing up, shutting down etc., Anyone know of a decent service center in San Diego. Been trying to call West Marine (where I bought it) but everyones always "busy" as usual at that place.
  5. aztec23

    "Lets Talk Hook Up" Radio Show Dead?

    Just read that the mighty 1090 radio station has ceased all operations, streaming included. Real bummer to all us sports fans of San Diego. The popular weekend fishing show Lets Talk Hook Up was on this station. Anyone have inside info on where the show is going or what the future plan is...
  6. aztec23

    Offshore SC Anglers-Hot Water Article

    Just wanted to thank Erik for the great article on the summer water conditions we are experiencing. The weekend a.m. radio shows and weekly fishing paper (although I like both) don't really come out and say what is really happening for obvious reasons. Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum.
  7. aztec23

    Daiwa magseal ferrofluid?

    Dumped my new Saltiga 5000 fishing off pt loma the other day. When I pulled it off the bottom the reel inhaled a ton of water as expected. Totally dismantled when I got home only to figure out that one of the bearing seals is a magical “ferrrofluid” called magseal. As I have read Daiwa does not...