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  1. surfkast

    Offshore Navigational hazard 9/9

    Heard it was reported to the CG this morning near the 425. We saw it above the 371 so take care guys heading out at night. Oh yea limits of dorado out there. A few pounds bigger than last week.
  2. surfkast

    Offshore Limit Style Fishing 9-3

    Bring the bass rods. Small to medium sized dorado and mixed yellowtail at the upper hidden bank. All on kelps. Video attached of hand feeding the dorado:!At6kvMi3rw7XiTWBRhpxZeSCApUU?e=hMpbjL
  3. surfkast

    Offshore 3 species day 9-12 Thursday

    We departed the slip on one of the club’s Cobia 22 center consoles at Dana Landing about 6:45 AM this morning. Got a full scoop of bait (some went into a bucket) and off we went towards and 302. We picked up 3 yellowtail on a paddy halfway to our destination and then settled in near the 302...
  4. surfkast

    Offshore Liberty tuna report Friday 9/6

    7CCBDC90-A558-4040-9DBE-67C6A20DC686 by surfkast posted Sep 7, 2019 at 8:36 AM935561A0-A0D7-4617-8A43-128B092B8836 by surfkast posted Sep 7, 2019 at 8:35 AMI took a break from private boat fishing this summer and jumped on the Liberty yesterday for a full day offfshore trip. Departed at 5:30...
  5. surfkast

    Lost hoop nets 3/5/19

    Posting for a friend who lost a couple of hoop nets in SD Bay last night due to a bad batch of lights. All lights went out. He said they are the rigid raised nets and have a depth marking on the top of the buoy and the PVC canister style bait cages clipped on. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. surfkast

    Islands on the chew 8/31

    We fished on Friday, with a leisurely 7:00 AM departure and headed to North Island after getting some small, but pretty good bait from the SD bait barge. Bait lasted all day. Crossing was a bit bumpy and mixed up due to the 7 second swell. We fished North Island first for a bonito on the...
  7. surfkast

    Scopolamine compounding pharmacy?

    Hi All, I used to get Scopolamine in pill format (the old Scopace that is no longer manufactured) from Stevens Pharmacy in Costa Mesa. I see they are closed now. Does anyone have another compounding pharmacy that will make these in pill format with a prescription? It's really the only sea...
  8. surfkast

    Coronados Fish report and restricted area

    Fish report: lots of fish everywhere, go fishing. Restricted area off South Island. Let’s not mess up the great fishing down there by getting too close to the tuna pens. There have been reports of people tying off to the pens etc..
  9. surfkast

    Offshore Fri 8-27 181

    Correction. Fished Thursday 8-27. We looked for kelps around the 181. Didn't even bother to troll. Water was grease calm and easy to see kelps. I brought bags of extra frozen from the last trip for chunks. Every paddy or open water school we would set up a nice chunk line and long soak. We saw...
  10. surfkast

    Wednesday lazy report

    Lots of fish. 20 off La Jolla. Sardines.
  11. surfkast

    2006 Boston Whaler Montauk 170

    SOLD SOLD SOLD bought this boat brand new from Schock Boats in Newport Beach. I am the original and only owner and have kept it in my garage since I bought it. This boat has been serviced annually first from the Boston Whaler dealer, and later from a local certified Mercury mechanic. I will...
  12. surfkast

    Offshore Inshore yellowtail Friday

    Fished Friday 17th. Left mission bay with large sardines at 5:30 am. Plan was to fish Oceanside for tuna. Half way up we stopped on a small paddie and toss a sardine. I'm bit and I see a dodo jump so I figure I have a small dodo. The the fish starts peeling line and sounding and I'm thinking...
  13. surfkast

    Offshore July 11 dodo 9 mile

    Fished Sunday at the 9 mile bank. Left MB and headed off of La Jolla on the inside of the north nine and then north of the north 9. Picked up a nice yellowfin on a halco trolling inside and north of of the N9. Did a loop back down the 9 and back to MB. Around the middle of the 9 the plain cedar...
  14. surfkast

    Offshore We're gonna need a bigger cooler

    Fished today Sunday with my friends Andrew and JD. Weather forecast was not great so the plan was to stay close and west for an easy ride home. It was a tough ride out and we couldn't go fast in the 17 footer so we just trolled out to the 9 mile bank. Jd has great eyes and he saw some porpoise...
  15. surfkast

    Offshore North 9 Thursday: mostly show but some go

    Fished the North 9 mile bank today. Went 2 for 4 today on tuna and yellowtail. The birds were holding both tuna and slug yellows. What worked was finding the bird schools and either throwing irons on their heads, or super long soaks with fluoro and lively deans. Also chunked once in the area and...
  16. surfkast

    New Montauk Top

    I put this top on my 2006 Whaler Montauk. The sun has just been brutal and I was in need of some shade. I went with a lightweight one and it had to fit inside my garage. Got this from RNR Marine, it's called the Montauk Shadow. Used it twice and I have to say it's been very nice to have the...
  17. surfkast

    Offshore Still fishing 10/4

    Went out of Mission Bay today towards the 226/302. Stopped on a paddy for a football yellowfin on a sardine. Nice bait today from MB. They gave us a good scoop. Came across a huge 50 foot paddy and saw dorado but it had lock jaw on sardines. I had some frozen squid and threw one out...
  18. surfkast

    Offshore 8/15 My Turn 371

    Been reading these reports of tuna and finally got ours today, Friday. Headed towards the 371 and stopped 5 miles short on breaking fish and birds. First stop and first cast and it was game on. Double hookups for 2 for a while. Chum 1's and 2's while fighting fish. We had 9 fish on the boat...
  19. surfkast

    Rock fish and a surprise (pics and vid)

    I decided to take the boat out for a shakedown run to the 270 outside of Mission Bay for some local rockfish. Took a couple of packs of squid and headed out at a reasonable hour. Only a few boats out, the water was calm and the plan was to get my friend and his 6 year old on some rock fish...
  20. surfkast

    Squid fest 1/8/13

    Just got off the New Seaforth. Super fun trip, we were done in what seemed 45 minutes or so. Captain said over 500 squid on board. Departed at 4:00 pm sharp. Motored what seemed only a few miles out. Once we dropped the lines, the school started to float up and it was squirts everywhere...
  21. surfkast

    Encinitas Dorado 8/26

    Been wanting to check out the warm water closer in between Oceanside and Del Mar. Lots of paddies this morning, some huge, others small. Water clean and blue and 72. Finally found the right paddie for a nice dorado about 12 miles off of Encinitas. My opinion, don't go too far looking.
  22. surfkast

    US/Mex sandbass 7/24

    Bankers' hours start at 8.30 am. Didn't buy bait, headed to the top secret fishdope numbers for the sandbass bite, throwing plastics was the plan. Didn't quite make it. Stopped on diving terns about 1 mile north of the other 100+ boats. From then on, it was game on, every lure in the box got...
  23. surfkast

    Offshore 10/2 302 Tuna

    Did my first solo run today offshore, just a quick morning run. Hit the 302 for a single YFT on the troll. As I'm bringin in the other line I get short bit. Would have been fun to have 2 going. 1 YFT on the zuchhini (of course) 2 molas and 1 huge whale seen on the way in water was flat...
  24. surfkast

    Offshore West 182 Tuna 9/24

    2 YFT on troll on porpoise 1 broomtail zucchini 1 green yellow 1 cedar plug, unbuttoned about 2-3 miles west of the 182 5 dry kelps seas fair to good fog very bad at times Fun trip, worth it going out
  25. surfkast

    Offshore 9/5 425, Upper Hidden Bank slower for us

    1 YFT on troll, pink/white zuker, near 425 started at upper hidden, swell was up. saw dodos on a paddy but wouldn't bite. afternoon whitecaps and crossed up 8 second swell make coming home a real pain, especially in my 17 ft. boat. My back hurts. I think we angered the fish gods by...
  26. surfkast

    Offshore 9/2 Upper Hidden Bank

    Short Version: Just Go! Limits: yellowtail Limits dorado 3 yellowfin tuna, 2 on cedar plug, 1 on megabait on paddy between the 425 and hidden bank water 70 deg conditions excellent, 22 knots out, slight windchop coming home. some dense fog at the 425 for an hour or 2, but it burned off. 1...
  27. surfkast

    Offshore 425 Sunday YFT

    Sunday report 425 2 YFT, 1 Skipjack 73-75 degree water all 3 troll fish on the same jig - blue mackeral cedar plug we were about 2 miles straight south of the high spot. bait was in bad shape paddies dry, lots of micro bait. one paddy had YT and dodo that woudn't bite. bring extra ice, it's...
  28. surfkast

    Offshore 9M, 226 8/2 Slow Day

    Slow Day for us, we trolled around the 9M bank and then out to the 226 looking for tuna. Saw whales, porpoise, and birds on the 9M bank and trolled with them for a while. We must have stopped on 6-8 paddies with the same story, nobody home, but the fish finder is lighting up between 10-20 feet...
  29. surfkast

    Offshore Got one 371, 7/19

    Left Mission Bay at 5:00 AM, no bait line which was surprising. Water was a little bumpy for my small boat, but manageable. Saw a paddy on the way out holding 4-5 dodos, but they just turned their nose up to our sardines. About 30 min. after we start trolling, we noticed some dolphins right...
  30. surfkast

    One way to catch a marlin

    Not really a report, but this is one way to catch a marlin. YouTube - Man jumps out of Helicopter to catch a fish! What the hell! Is this for real?
  31. surfkast

    LJ report Saturday

    Fished LJ today Saturday, weather was good. fishing was fun, but nothing great. We fished in front of the condo at about 100-120 feet. Didn't buy any live bait, just a pack of dead squid. We were getting hit on the squid on every drop, sand bass, sand dabs, whitefish, lots of rock fish that...
  32. surfkast

    North San Diego bugs

    We went out opening night in north county (location 29 on the lobster card). I wanted to try a stealth approach using hoops off a paddleboard to get at areas it's tough to get a boat in. Worked pretty good. Baited up with YT heads, left over sardines (packed in a bait cage), and bonito and...
  33. surfkast

    Offshore Sunday 9/07 Report 230, 302

    Not as bumpy as I was expecting. Started at the 230 for a small albacore. Got it on the troll on the outside line on a zuchini broomtail. Looked at our bait and the water was 1/4 full. :oinker: Firedrill. Close the valve, bucket water, get the spare pump. After a quick McGyver pump switch we...
  34. surfkast

    Offshore 8/29 302, Coronados, new avet sx

    Got a new Avet SX yesterday at Squidco (before the prices go up), so I had to go break it in. Went to the 302 first, a lot of albies being caught, but no luck for us. Weather was nice. Stopped on some dolphins outside of the islands, but no biters. Didn't see any porpoise, but the islands were...
  35. surfkast

    Offshore 8/15 Small ones taste better

    At least that's what I tell myself. Slower day for us. Started at the 226 to the 182 and back to Mission Bay. One small YT and dodo on paddies. No troll fish or tuna for us. Seems like the hot radio fish were west of the 43 or down at the 371. Had some fresh "skiff" sushi and a cold beer for...
  36. surfkast

    Offshore Dodo 8/10 at the 182

    Got some dodos at the 182. Bait was pretty bad, but good enough. Nice and warm out there. Water 72-73, lots of life.
  37. surfkast

    Offshore 9 Mile Fish report 8/08 Friday

    Launched at 6:30 a.m with the crew. Waited in line for 45 minutes to get bait. Big cluster as everyone had to move to the other side to let the bait barge through. Fished the 9 mile bank all day, starting near the border and worker north. Got 3 dorado on the first paddy while our bait was...
  38. surfkast

    LJ 8/22 cooler but nice surprise

    First post on this board....Launched early in the dark, got to LJ at gray light and started to slow troll some dines. water has cooled, ranging from 63-68. We had 2 flylined high and one with a 3 oz egg sinker. The low line goes off after 5 minutes of dropping in the water and my buddy is onto...