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  1. Andy253

    Kencor 4ft trout rod

    Looking for a Kencor SP4HV 4 ft trout rod. Let me know what you have!
  2. Andy253

    Kencor SP4HV 4ft trout rod

    Looking for a Kencor 4ft trout rod. Let me know what you have!
  3. Andy253

    Kencor ultralight rod

    Anyone have a Kencor ultralight trout rod they are willing to part with? I am looking for a shorter rod for mini jigs.
  4. Andy253

    Shimano Calcutta TE 300

    Mechanically 10/10 has some scratches but it’s still a great reel! Filled with 65lb power Pro. $200 OBO
  5. Andy253

    Shimano Calcutta 200B

    Just Serviced with Shimano and ready to fish. Some boat rash but mechanically great. $100
  6. Andy253

    Accurate Boss Magnum 270

    The reel was just serviced by Accurate and ready to go! Has 300 yards of 65lb Power Pro. E series reel. $200 OBO Reel is in South Orange County.
  7. Andy253

    Talica 10 ii for a Tranx 500

    Looking to trade my Tallica 10 2 speed for a Tranx 500.
  8. Andy253

    WTB Kencor Mini Jig Trout rod

    Long shot but looking for a short Kencor Orange blank original mini jig rod. PM me if you have one you would like to sell! Thank you.
  9. Andy253

    Rod for Tranx

    I wrapped a UC Wahoo 80 to fish my Tranx on for our 9 day and it was perfect. I caught 10 Wahoo and a Striped Marlin on the bomb and I wouldn't change a thing. It was super light and that combo was easy to cast all day long! I wrapped it like a Mexican blanket.
  10. Andy253

    New Lupe trips added Shogun

    I can't wait! See you there!
  11. Andy253

    New Lupe trips added Shogun

    I just jumped on the trip on January 9th. Already on the 9 day on Oct 6th and can't wait!!
  12. Andy253

    First build Calstar 775H

    Yes first one and Thank you for the compliments. I am working on a 775xh now and have a UC76 Viper on the dryer. I will post pics as soon as they are done too. Thanks again for the positive feed back. For a first rod I'm stoked.
  13. Andy253

    First build Calstar 775H

    First, thank you to all for the contributors to this forum for all of the information and pictures and experience you all give out freely. By reading and watching this forum I finally took the plunge and started wrapping my own rods and for my very first attempt I am happy with the results and...
  14. Andy253

    Ballyhood wahoo trollers

    We had one wahoo on our trip late Nov to early Dec 6 day on the Shogun last year and it was caught on straight florocarbon to a circle hook by the legendary Captain Jeff Markland. They were never targeted but they were there for sure.
  15. Andy253

    F-100 White Tiger

    Thank you!!
  16. Andy253

    F-100 White Tiger

    It looks awesome! What tool did you get and from which booth? I would love to pick one up at Del Mar.
  17. Andy253

    FS TranX 500 HG and PG $375 each

    New in box, never opened come and get it. I live in Mission Viejo not looked my to trade. HG SOLD PG Pending till this afternoon.
  18. Andy253

    Trip to Guadalupe...What to Expect

    I was using straight 100lb mono late last November and large frozen squid. My biggest yellowtail was 50lbs. You could fish it either way though. The slab scad was working really well too.
  19. Andy253

    Final Price reduced Calstar GF765H & GF765M

    Thanks Rob! Great reel and you were awesome!
  20. Andy253


    I'm in Panthers 28 Broncos 21
  21. Andy253

    Wife says to start thinning it out...SOLD

    I am in mission Viejo and can come down tonight with cash for everything. Let me know, pm sent
  22. Andy253

    Trip Cancel

    That make perfect sense and does give people a chance to rebook on another trip. Good call
  23. Andy253

    Trip Cancel

    Why cancel so early? I would think they could make a big push at Fred Hall to get it filled.
  24. Andy253

    Shogun 12-26

  25. Andy253

    9ft Mounted striped Marlin for sale or trade

    Just seeing if you sold the mount. Let me know. Thanks
  26. Andy253

    Shimano Trinidad 20A

    I sent you my cell number. I will take it. Just shoot me a text or give me a call
  27. Andy253

    PullinAhi with a 67lb seabass aboard the Helena

    Awesome report Ryan!! What a way to get my first white sea bass!! Took a long time but it was worth the wait!
  28. Andy253

    My 35lb halibut In the San Diego Bay

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: I was thinking the same thing Ryan!
  29. Andy253

    Rpt-Wed.-04-06-11 Descanzo Critters Chew!

    Looks like an awesome day and you cant beat the short lines at the border!! Congrats and great report!
  30. Andy253

    2003 Pelican Bass Raider 10

    What up Mike!? When are going to get on the water? Good luck with the sale!
  31. Andy253

    This is no April fools! Yellowtail local.

    That thing is a PIG!!! Congrats
  32. Andy253

    2006 Parker 2320 - 59,000 OBO

    This boat is awesome!! I used to store my boat a few rows over from it and I would always take a minute to check it out when I was picking up or dropping of my boat. Good Luck with the sale! If I have the cash I would buy it today!!
  33. Andy253


    Do you have a trailer with it?
  34. Andy253

    7-29 - DP/Salt Creek Report

    Nice fish!! We need to get out there!!
  35. Andy253

    Bait at Dana Point

    I got a scoop on Sat.(three passes) and most of it roled. It was pretty beat to hell. I was thinking the same thing as far as the number of passes. 2 for half 4 for full?
  36. Andy253

    Offshore 6/08..D.Point...We found a Paddy..It was holding

    I am going to hit Dana on Saturday with the rest of OC. Thanks for the report.