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    Things just got a lot worse for our Washington BD'ers
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    Ten Great Things Bass Fishing Has Done For America

    1. In 1968, when Ray Scott founded B.A.S.S., largemouth bass, which is the species these fishing tournaments are largely centered around, weren’t found in many of lakes and streams in western and eastern states. Interest fueled by these tournaments, and the economic impact of them, convinced...
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    Gil Marlin?
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    How cold is it? It's so cold that sharks are dying

    It's so cold in Massachusetts that sharks are washing up on the shoreline of Cape Cod Bay. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy said two thresher sharks were found Wednesday, "likely stranded due to cold shock."
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    Suicide Watch
  6. 26grumpy

    Aluminum Trailer Engineering Help Please (Update 10.4.17)

    So I left off here... I amicably got a full refund today and no hard feelings. I'm going with West Coast Trailers who is lending me a trailer to retrieve my skiff from Pacific tomorrow. My new...
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    Prayers to all in Las Vegas

    I'm sad and very angry.
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    Where are all the agitators???

    Talking washing machines here. The 15 year old workhorse finally shot craps. The tub seal leaked and took out the transmission bearing which let water leak down the trans shaft. A new trans and related parts is $'s time to buy a new machine. So the first thing I notice with the new...
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    Aluminum Trailer Engineering Help Please

    I'm posting this here because you guys are serious about your trailers and tow rigs. Given the terrain and distance you guys go I understand why. Nothing but respect gents. So I bought a new aluminum trailer from a well known builder in May of this year. I put my deposit down and waited the 5-6...
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    Goat Themed Outriggers

    2nd owner. Collapsing Washigoogan style Trade for 9.9 hp kicker NO PM'S PLEASE
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    Electric Car Question

    Do you know where the cobalt for batteries comes from? Dorsen, just eight, is one of 40,000 children working daily in the mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The terrible price they will pay for our clean air is ruined health and a likely early death. Almost every big motor...
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    And You Thought you Were Just Fishing

    At Crescent Lake Park, Bob Hope was fishing with his parents when his father caught a tilapia and set it on the concrete. Hope said his mother was preparing to put the fish on a stringer and put it back in the water until they brought it home to eat. Video of the incident Leaming posted online...
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    Taxman in the House
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    Dana Point launch ramp parking lot closed May 1st for two weeks

    The launch ramp parking lot is scehduled to be completely re-paved. I'm a tenant at the dry storage and received a letter from management. The letter reads as follows: The area affected is the public launch ramp parking lot. Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin on May 1st. The...
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    DI vs. Soft Water

    Anyone using a portable DI or portable soft water to final rinse your boat or skiff after washing? The water at my home port (also my storage lot) washdown is very hard. I either chamois (sucks) every time or let it dry and then do a complete fiberglass cleaner with a d.a. polisher and finish...
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    Dana Point Tuesday 2.28.17

    I came up with every excuse to not go fishing, too cold, no fish, yard work, pick up dog poop, you name it. Ahhh but the song was strong so at 11:30 AM I shoved off from Dana Point. It was still a little cold, I didn't hook a Halibut, the seas were lumpy, but the dog poop got an extra day to...
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    The Train to Nowhere....

    ...leads straight to Oroville Dam.
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    NOAA manipulated data to hide global warming ‘pause’

    The climate change debate went nuclear Sunday over a whistleblower’s explosive allegation that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association manipulated data to advance a political agenda by hiding the global warming “pause.” Read...
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    Confessions of a Marine Slumlord

    Sorry the porta-potty got full and you had to use my zip-lock filet bags to pee in. It's cool the way you stacked up the full bags. I'm a bad man for letting you use my big ice chest as your chest-of-drawers and my non-insulated bait tanks as your food storage. I apologize for the rip you had...
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    Election Day: Were My Civil Rights Violated?

    I've always thought my vote was sacred and so I keep it to myself, I don't tell people how I intend to vote and who or what I vote for or against. That secure feeling was shattered this morning. This is about feeling "triggered" by persistent micro aggression. So here's the...
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    Another 26 Grumpy?

    Yup.... My new go-to calico set-up is a Okuma Metaloid 12II, Calstar Grafighter 700h, 65#Power Pro/50# flouro, 7/0 bronze Mustad hook, 10" live mackerel and a bobber. :D 8.5# 26" length from fork Are these edible? ;)
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    73 Raisins

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    The Dark Side of Trailer Boating

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    Dana Point 5.13

    I did the milk run from Dana to Box Canyon with various stops in between. It was dreadfully slow fishing with the caveat being, I haven't been on the water for a legit attempt since last season so just being out was enough to make for an awesome day under mostly grey skies, no swell to speak of...
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    Flotation bracket question

    Gearing up for a re-power. I currently have a 225 2-stroke and want to go 300 4-stroke. I'll be adding 140 pounds to an existing positive flotation bracket. Without researching myself (lazy :)) I'm just trying to cover all the bases before I pull the trigger. Thanks in advance
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    Unexpected noise discovered at deepest part of world's ocean

    After sending equipment more than 36,000 feet below the ocean's surface, scientists heard something they didn't expect: noise. NOAA sent equipment 7 miles down the Challenger Deep trough in the Mariana Trench, near Micronesia, over the summer and came away with new observations. "You would...
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    Metaloid 12 II Question

    Will it fish 50# for jigging Yellows as well as bait-fishing for 50-100# tuna? It has 65# braid on it, Top-shots will vary depending on applications. Rock Cod and WSB will feel its pain as well...I hope :) I have an 800M I might put it on. Rod sugesstions are welcome.
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    Do you have a fence around your property?

    The Pope wants to know.
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    San Mateo Point report 1/31/16

    From NOAA approx. 1 mile off the beach... This Afternoon SSW wind around 30 kt, with gusts as high as 40 kt. Showers and possibly a thunderstorm before 4pm, then scattered showers and thunderstorms after 4pm. Some of the storms could produce heavy rainfall. Mixed swell...W 2 ft at 15 seconds...
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    Shake your hose

    I did...and it felt pretty good so I shook it a little more. :D That's when the unthinkable of my nipples fell off bieber Better to find out on the trailer than at the gas pump. Maintenance season is upon us gents.
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    Did BDO get hacked again??

    :eek: If it's a permanent condition can it be cut off like a wart?? LOL
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    Have you tried pen-raised Seal??

    I'm glad I saw the light and converted to "Warmie" a few months ago cuz now none of this can ever affect me, my lifestyle or my finances....ever. Get inoculated, let the Deniers pay for all this shi....ssssssoulotions, they caused the mess.....right? :D Hang on tight...
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    Anyone heard from Gilly??

    Store worker said the problems were down to "operator error."
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    California couple indicted in sea turtle egg smuggling case

    HEMET, Calif. (AP) — Federal officials say a Southern California couple has been arrested on suspicion of smuggling more than 900 endangered and threatened sea turtle eggs into the U.S. from Mexico. The U.S. Justice Department said this week that Hemet residents Olga and Jose Jimenez have been...
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    Grow up!!!

    This is not a day care. This is a university! "This past week, I actually had a student come forward after a university chapel service and complain because he felt “victimized” by a sermon on the topic of 1 Corinthians 13. I'm not making this up. Our culture has actually taught our kids to be...
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    Why I'm now a Warmie and why you'd better become a Warmie

    Exxon Mobil Investigated for Possible Climate Change Lies by New York Attorney General This is the pull-quote that will send shockwaves around the energy and transportation...
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    What thew hell was THAT!?!?!!!

    At approx. 6:04 PM did you see that "thing" explode in the upper western skyline? HOLY SHIT!!!
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    Lost camera overboard

    Angler catches digital camera lost in Lake Michigan in 2013 I keep thinking....what if it was Saluki's camera? :D
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    We're doomed

    I've been a climate change skeptic I admit. I've seen the scam play out through documented fraud and public mis-information campaigns. The 10% GW surcharge we are currently paying in our daily lives for nothing in return except punks, despots and outright liars lining their pockets for going on...
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    What would you have done?

    I get an invite to fish a guy's new to him 22' Sea Fox walk around. Spartan in electronics with only a vhf and a fish finder. Cool skiff with lots of potential. He wants to go out of Shelter Island and hunt tuna with him me and his wife. Got down there the evening before fishing day, got a room...
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    Rivers plays better when he's mad !!!

    That's what the announcer said. :D
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    Brian Williams reporting on the Pope

    "It's true it's true it's true....the flight crew did get hit by lightening. So after I single-handedly landed Pope Force One, which is nothing more than a gold plated air conditioner with wings that dumps tons of CO2 everywhere it flies, the Popester and I whoosh down the emergency escape slide...
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    Offshore Dana Point 9.23.15

    Had a great time on the water, perfect Nat Geo stuff. No legit game fish. We went out between the 14 and 267 for no legitness. Turned it towards the 267 and found the Bonito on top of the 267, stayed for a couple "Bass-gear" fish and left 30 minutes later. They loved the 3" Anchovy and I loved...
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    Soylent Rainbow???

    Even Bradbury couldn't have seen this coming... "Ram Krishnan, Frito Lay's chief marketing officer, said the chips "show our commitment toward equal rights for the LGBT community and celebrate humanity without exception."
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    Long-range: Comfortable sleeping ensemble ??

    The classic button-down long-sleeve with matching ankle length pant? My butt and groin areas sweat profusely when I sleep so I need something that wicks and is anti-microbial....according to my wife. What do you guys wear?
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    Whale lands on kayak
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    9/11 Remembered ?

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    Coast Guard searching for missing boater off Catalina Island Prayers sent.
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    Offshore The soothing light at the end of the tunnel

    ....was just a freight-train coming our way. So on Wed 9.2.15 I finally fulfill a long promised trip with my brother from another mother, long promised like in 4 years. Dude is straight-up old school, wrapped all of his own rods and wouldn't be caught dead with contemporary gear in his hands...
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    Go Dolts!!!

    Rivers looks like he could be in one of those old slow-motion NFL highlight films showing off perfect scrambling form out of the pocket. :D
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    Will tuna eat Calico bass?

    Because it was nearly impossible to make mackerel. :D Four pictures from four different locations below Dana Point on Wed 8.19.15 I took a break from the offshore pelagic plague. Looking for fat Yellowtail in the kelp-line seemed like a good alternative. I went 0 for 2 on a couple big...
  52. 26grumpy

    EPA on a Roll!!!

    More than two weeks after a mine spill fouled waterways in several Western states, officials expressed concern Thursday over the long-term effects of contaminated river bottoms as the federal agency that triggered the accident downplayed the dangers. In Colorado, contaminants exceeding...
  53. 26grumpy

    KAD 43 throttle problem

    2000 26 Osprey Dual station KAD 43 Mechanical throttle Referencing the main controls in the pilothouse So when pushing the throttle lever to accelerate everything works fine. Boost kicks in at 1600-1800 rpm like it always did. Here's the problem: As you push the throttle lever farther forward...
  54. 26grumpy

    Attention all Climate Change Suckers

    California measure fails to create green jobs SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Three years after California voters passed a ballot measure to raise taxes on corporations and generate clean energy jobs by funding energy-efficiency projects in schools, barely one-tenth of the promised jobs have been...
  55. 26grumpy

    Where are the tree-huggers? bad!!! They are amassing along the banks of the Animas ready to launch a major protest and demand public executions and $$$BILLION in reparations. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    All-Pro Rosters

  57. 26grumpy

    Offshore Holy Crap!!!

    Congrats Ali!!!! What a monster!!!
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    Wanted: Two young studs

    I want to get in on this jumbo BFT at the 43. I want to head out in the afternoon and arrive when the big boats are heading home so we can anchor up on the high spot proper and spend the night so we're there at first light. I'm thinking we're not going to get the shallowest spot so I bought...
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    Offshore Living the Dream 7.30.15

    Yesterday will be a memorable day on the water for me. No records broken, no personal bests, no remarkable catches, no that's not what I'm talking about. It was one of those "the whole experience" kind of days where every "thing" just happens to be in it's perfect place at the perfect time. It...
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    BD is acting up

    Not just pop-ups. Now 1/2 my screen is going black. I continually get "internet stopped working" error (only on BD) Pics are not sizing correctly
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    If you buy fuel....

    ....which is're buying cars for people you won't ever know. Low income? Electric, hybrid cars for you in sharing plan Electric and hybrid vehicles will be available to residents in low-income Los Angeles neighborhoods under a car-sharing program funded by a $1.6 million state...
  62. 26grumpy

    SeaWorld suspends worker accused of posing as PETA activist

    Gotta' love this guy!!!!!! SAN DIEGO (AP) — SeaWorld suspended an employee accused of posing for years as an animal-rights activist and trying to incite violence among peaceful protesters, company officials said...
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    Offshore My BFT said they didn't feel good... I prescribed a round of Medieval blood-letting :D They feel better now... On Monday 7.13.15 6 miles due West of Dana Point 5" Sardine long-soaked fly-lined on 30# flouro #3 chrome Mustad hook. I hooked both fish by 9:30 after launching at 7:00 :D, two 30# BFT is plenty for my...
  64. 26grumpy

    Dana Pride finds the fish!!!! 7.1.15

    Let me start off by saying I haven't been on a sportboat in over 10 years. Some guys know the name of every sportboat by its on-the-water silhouette, not me. I couldn't tell you if I was looking at the Dana Pride or the Gay Pride. It was big and white with a blue roof, that's about all I know...
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    Protect yourself from civil litigation

    I'm a lesbian. I've always self-identified as a Brazilian lesbian who has been trapped in a disgusting Swedish-German man's body barf I can't help myself!!! I see other women and I get all Alanis Morissette!!! I'm completely sympathetic to the "L" in LGBT. There....I'm out and it feels...
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    Tracker sighting in Oregon ?

    Fake Orca Mission in Oregon Ends Belly Up Plan to use fiberglass whale to scare off sea lions put on hold after vessel gets swamped by passing ship
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    33 24.700 117 38.500 June 22 2015

    Keeping with the theme of not being a dick..... I refuse to disclose what I caught, you'll have to figure it out on your own. Wind 5 knots switching from ESE in the morning to W in the afternoon 2 knot current 7.15 degree green water Bait in the area Long slow drift A couple big Bottlenose...
  68. 26grumpy

    Chargers reject San Diego election on new stadium

    June 16, 2015 09:53PM EDT SAN DIEGO (AP) — The San Diego Chargers on Tuesday shot down Mayor Kevin Faulconer's trial balloon to hold a citywide election this year on financing for a new stadium, dealing a blow to the city's efforts to stop the team from moving to Los Angeles. Chargers special...
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    How To Escape The Age Of Mass Delusion

    “The transformation of the free human mind to an automatically responding machine” is essentially the story of the transformation of the United States of America we are watching in real time today." “It is simply a question of organizing and manipulating collective feelings in the proper way...
  70. 26grumpy

    We're better than this

    You've heard it said before....we should be more like Europe. We have achieved Utopia!!! "California Governor Jerry Brown, an evangelist for conservation as the state’s drought intensifies, has cut back on drinking water and bathing."...
  71. 26grumpy


    ....back on the beach. A late report, sorry. On Wed 6.3.15 I got an opportunity to go fish. Sea conditions were a bit sloppy in the A.M. with water temps 65-66 out in front of Dana Point. Scooped out with a nice mix of bait I thought it wise to kick over a chum bucket and top off with some...
  72. 26grumpy

    The sea lions are laughing
  73. 26grumpy

    PETA Eats Cock...

    ...on this one anyway... An animal rights group has launched a campaign calling for the country’s oldest pub to change its name to something less offensive to chickens.
  74. 26grumpy

    Life at the Bottom

    You cannot take any people, of any color, and exempt them from the requirements of civilization — including work, behavioral standards, personal responsibility and all the other basic things that the clever intelligentsia disdain — without ruinous consequences to them and to society at large...
  75. 26grumpy

    For Sale: Paddy Poacher Defense Kit

    1. Grab paddy and pull into your boat. 2. Hack up paddy in front of poacher 3. Defend yourself as you leave the scene
  76. 26grumpy

    Per Jason's Advice...

    I went fishing today. It sucked so I turned around. LOL Salt Creek 2-4' mixed seas with 1-2' wind waves Uphill current ESE 10-12 knots Like I said, it sucked :D
  77. 26grumpy

    Gas pool heater vs heat pump

    Time to replace the old gas heater. Do any of you guys run a heat pump?? It all looks good on paper and vids. I understand its limitations. an 80 degree pool on a 70 degree day without burning gas I'm good with. I'm seriously considering buying a complete home solar system and the pump would...
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    For Sale....Goat's birthday gift.

    Like-new condition. Contact Goat for price, payment and shipping details.
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    Dana Point 4.9.15

    64.5 degree water. That's what the HDS said as I left the bait barge at 7:00 AM. My plan was to drift for Halibut in 5 knot variable wind on smooth seas. By 12:00 PM I'd be anchored up along the kelp somewhere between Sano and the Barn Kelp with kelp-cutters deployed. :D As I pass...
  80. 26grumpy

    So which is it??? Cast your vote now!!!

    Alright ya' bunch of monkey-lovers, where better to get truthful answers to life's questions than BD...right? :D So which is the correct pronunciation.... I've always pronounced it "dropper-loop". I've heard others pronounce it "drooper-loop". You may pick multiple responses. I need an...
  81. 26grumpy

    Massive Co2 Dumping Caught on Film!!!

    I hope the U.N fines the crap out of the perp.... PUCON, Chile (AP) — One of South America's most active volcanoes erupted early Tuesday in southern Chile, spewing heavy smoke into the air as lava surged down its slopes, prompting authorities to evacuate thousands of people...
  82. 26grumpy

    Small block Ford performance help

    It's a 1965 Ford 289 2 barrel with no mods except an ignition module inside the distributor. I had a reputable machine/ engine shop re-build my existing long-block. It ran and didn't leak oil or water prior to the re-build. After installation I filled it with water. It began to slowly drip...
  83. 26grumpy

    Help with vhf low battery warning

    It's a West Marine brand. Installed new a couple days ago. The new one replaces a 3 year old unit that did the same thing. I load tested my batts and they are fully charged. I cleaned all the batt connections and checked radio connections. I am guilty of not having a bus bar, I only have the...
  84. 26grumpy

    Hot to piss off your wife

  85. 26grumpy

    Another shop bites the dust

    John's Custom Marine in Stanton, Ca closed up shop recently after 47 years at the same location. Sad, the place was like a Johnson/Evinrude museum. He bought $1,000,000.00 in parts from OMC when they went BK a number of years ago. They are still answering the phone.
  86. 26grumpy

    Need fiberglass repair help on deck lids

    So after 17 years my 1998 2600 Striper has soft spots on two deck lids. Water has intruded into the core of the lids. It got in through the hinge screw holes and the pull handle holes. The lids are 17" W x 43 5/8" L I used my angle grinder to separate the bottom glass work from the top...
  87. 26grumpy

    Big spots of tuna crab off San Clemente Pier 1.9.15

    We fished from just above the pier down to San Mateo Point for another oh-fer on the Yellowtail. There was big flocks of straight Seagulls rafted up everywhere in the 180-150' zone. Many Gulls up and picking the surface and huge marks on the HDS7. I dropped a squid jig on it and felt little...
  88. 26grumpy

    Phillip Rivers problem solved
  89. 26grumpy

    Dialed up the A-Team 1.7.15

    1/4 mile outside Dana Point Harbor (1) 1 gallon bag of frozen chum (thanks Wildbunch Bill) The Zebco (thanks Crawdadguy) Cut squid 2 hours on the water 1/2 gallon of fuel Carnitas at Carlos Family Restaurant on PCH PRICELESS!!!!! Launched at 2:00 pm on glass calm seas, dropped the...
  90. 26grumpy

    Boxed Out 12.29.14

    No Yellows for me but I did see 6 fish caught by the private fleet. Same story, 240' deep bottom with fish at 180' as per my HDS7. 63.9 degree clean blue/green water conditions. Epic weather About 15 of our brothers and Sum Fun stopping and dropping Ripping current on the beach and on...
  91. 26grumpy

    For Sale: Hi Peformance Lake Boat $500.00

    Needs engine cover Local pick-up only Lake Perris This on 12.14.14 The East basin is almost completely without water. All of our favorite structure spots are above waterline. It will be like fishing a new lake for us. No fish caught.
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    Agency proposes critical habitat for ringed seals

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A federal agency has proposed about 350,000 square miles of ocean off Alaska's north and west coasts as critical habitat for the seal that's the main prey of polar bears. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Tuesday that it's proposing much of...
  93. 26grumpy

    Go Rams!!!!

  94. 26grumpy

    The Reason for Thanksgiving

    The story of the Pilgrims begins in the early part of the Seventeenth Century ... The Church of England under King James I was persecuting anyone and everyone who did not recognize its absolute civil and spiritual authority. Those who challenged ecclesiastical authority and those who believed...
  95. 26grumpy

    Dana Point 11.25.14

    Got a couple more, a 23" and a 26". Sardines. 28' deep. It bit from 9:00 to 12:30. Multiple raked baits, 5 additional just-short Halibut, 3 sandbass and all the cormorants you want!!! LOL 66.5 degrees along the beach.
  96. 26grumpy

    Offshore 2 BFT Chewing....."2.5 Day Report 6.15.2017"

    Hey guys, just got back from the best fishing cruise I've ever been on. Day 1 - I woke to the sound of ZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! I scrambled out of my bunk, pinned on a sardine and was bit instantly!!! Wow nice 12-15# BFT were coming over the rail one after another, it was complete mayhem!!! I haven't...
  97. 26grumpy

    Dana to Pendleton 11.19.14

    It was painfully slow. I landed (1) 25" halibut and (1) small endangered wormbag. Read on at your own peril. I'll call this report "The Day You Get To Go". Yesterday, the day my life allowed me to go fishing, didn't look good on paper with the high-tide at 7:00AM. I knew I'd be fishing in...
  98. 26grumpy

    2 Mile Cod

    Jalame and I launched out of Dana Point Thursday 11.13 at a reasonable 7:30 AM only to be met with no current and a steady 8-10 knot east wind. We fished a couple close Cod spots just outside the harbor. It was sloooow pickin's on small Reds. By 10:30 AM it was sunny and dead-flat calm. Shorts...
  99. 26grumpy

    Bring on Global Warming

    DETROIT (AP) — The Arctic chill that has gripped the Upper Midwest and Rockies is spreading. Other parts of the U.S. are expecting sharp drops in temperature in the coming days from a powerful weather system that hit Alaska with hurricane-force winds over the weekend. The system has dumped 3...
  100. 26grumpy

    Mad Huey sighting
  101. 26grumpy

    Anyone running Toyo AT II tires on their truck?

    It's time for new shoes and I want to change from mud terrain to all-terrain. I have been running BFG mud-terrain 35x12.50x18 with solid results in the dirt but loud and bumpy on the highway is getting old. Any other brand suggestions are welcome too.
  102. 26grumpy

    Which boat has the best tipping process?

    Someone had to do it. :D
  103. 26grumpy

    This is how it's done

  104. 26grumpy

    How to eliminate VHF radio madness

    Yesterday while fishing Box Canyon with the north fleet, I heard a woman come on channel 72 and ask if anyone had some engine oil. Another boat asked if anyone had jumper cables. The radio went dead quiet for 20 minutes. LOL
  105. 26grumpy

    Poll: How would you rate El Nino far..... compared to other El Nino events and your expectations. Be honest!!!! It would be interesting to view a big-picture snapshot from us guys and gals on the front-line doing the "data" collection :D I ain't over yet.....:rockin:
  106. 26grumpy

    Government confirms first case of Ebola in US 9.28.14

    DALLAS (AP) — Federal health officials on Tuesday confirmed the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the U.S., a patient who recently traveled from Liberia to Dallas and a sign of the far-reaching impact of the out-of-control epidemic in West Africa. The unidentified patient was critically ill and...
  107. 26grumpy

    Been waiting for over an hour for the fishdope icon to pop up

    Could you please put an icon on the forums list page like it used to be. I'm to stupid to save FD as a favorite. 2nd request BTW.
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    Offshore Dana Point 9.24.14 Roll with the Changes

    Met up with Cory Tunaslam Wed 6.94.14 for a shot at the offshore. A final check of temp and cloro charts showed several promising areas close to home. We intentionally started later than usual leaving the harbor at 7:00 AM Our first set of numbers put us 8 miles off Camp Pendelton in clean...
  109. 26grumpy

    What happened to the fishdope link button?

    Sucks having to wait for it to pop up next to reports. It needs to be back full time on the forums list page.
  110. 26grumpy

    Offshore Video from 209 YFT 9.3.14

    All the other info on our day is here...
  111. 26grumpy

    Offshore Good Plunker @ 33/50 9.3.14

    Gotta love 1/2 day tuna to 30#'s with no neighbors!!! Inside the 209....chunk...chum...catch in open water. Got some good video, I'll post pics and full report tomorrow...hungry and smell like sardines....out. I just edited this at 10:30 PM......The numbers in my title are wrong. We were at...
  112. 26grumpy

    Big unsafe surge in Dana Point 8.27.14

    Had a tough morning to say the least. Cory (Tunaslam) and I launched at 6:15 AM. The current was ripping in the harbor at what must have been right before the rising tide started. We launched and got beat to the bait barge by 4 Sportboats, missed it by 5 minutes :) Ok, no worries. We load up on...
  113. 26grumpy

    Offshore A 38" Henway

  114. 26grumpy

    My Feeling Are HURT!!!....put your story right here ladies

    I'll go first.... Someone in the fishing universe called me a poo-poo butt pee-pee pants....:hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli:
  115. 26grumpy

    A Win for Reality

    BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Federal wildlife officials plan to withdraw proposed protections for the snow-loving wolverine Tuesday, in a course reversal that highlights lingering uncertainties over what a warming climate means for some temperature-sensitive species. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service...
  116. 26grumpy

    Beware the Kraken...and the Otter

    SEATTLE (AP) — State and federal wildlife agents are trying to trap the otter that attacked a boy and his grandmother as they were swimming in the Pilchuck River about 30 miles northeast of Seattle. Because it has pounced on people, the otter will likely be killed unless it is a female with...
  117. 26grumpy

    Gillnet fishing halted off California to protect endangered turtles

    LOS ANGELES, July 24 (Reuters) - Fresh-caught swordfish will be off the menu in California restaurants for at least the next month, due to a federally imposed temporary ban on drift gillnets in the Pacific to protect endangered sea turtles starting on Friday. The closure, to remain in effect...
  118. 26grumpy

    Quotes button is broke

    When I try to load a quote in the forums I get a red error message, "you don't have authorization to view this page" Sumpin' is up.
  119. 26grumpy

    Offshore Dana to the 279 then down off Pendleton 7.22.14

    After a weather check I decided to stay inside. Left the harbor at crowds today :) I started 5 miles off the Point in 66 degree green water. 279 and still green 67 degree water...and very lifeless. At 10 below the 279 and 12 miles out I finally found clean blue 69. Crashing birds...
  120. 26grumpy

    Cornhole champions being decided in West Virginia

    CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — Cornhole, the strange-sounding game made popular in backyards is taking on a serious side this week. The American Cornhole Organization will crown its world champions as about 380 competitors from 17 states vie for $10,000 in prize money in singles and doubles events...
  121. 26grumpy

    360' rock cod fishing to re-open!!!

    Big victory for us little guys. Thanks Ken, you're awesome!!!!
  122. 26grumpy

    Predictions 7.18.14

    I predict if your fate has you falling off a boat in open ocean, this would be the best weekend for it to happen. I predict long long waits for Vessel Assist...maybe even overnight. Be safe, be prepared.
  123. 26grumpy

    Offshore Dana Point 7.17.14 BFT and YT

    It was an Egg-Squisite day offshore. Flat seas until 1:00 PM when 12-15knt sustained WNW wind chased us to the barn. At 4 miles out it was beautiful blue seas and 71 degree water at 7:00 AM. Perfect 5" Sardines from Dana Point filled both tanks. Not much on the inside so we moved around between...
  124. 26grumpy

    Fishdope live VHF sucks!!!

    I hailed Simon a couple times today but never heard a reply. I know my radio works, I talked with a couple other guys!!!
  125. 26grumpy

    Free Ponchos

    No joke....and then it started to rain.... In a perfect example of how the best of intents can result in the most unfortunate and unintended consequences, the Chicago White Sox handed on white rain ponchos during Wednesday’s game against the Los Angeles Angels at U.S. Cellular Field to help...
  126. 26grumpy

    4 days at Mission Bay RV Resort...where can I fish??

    Looking to take my 6 year old son shore fishing near the campground. Where should I go, what should I use. We like to keep moving while we fish....LOL
  127. 26grumpy

    Shark bites man near Southern California beach, Fisherman Blamed

    The attack started when a person fishing off the Manhattan Beach Pier hooked the shark and spent over 30 minutes trying to reel it in, which, Flores said, made the shark grow agitated and take out more and more fishing line. The victim was in a group of long-distance swimmers about 300 yards off...
  128. 26grumpy

    What's the proper way to paint vinyl fence

    I understand the epoxy primer, epoxy paint and topcoat but prep is everything for a long lasting finish. Do I need to etch, sand or steel wool the shiny gloss off before I prime? Any other pro tips I should know? I installed it yesterday so it's brand new, unlike my back and shoulders after...
  129. 26grumpy

    Darwin Award Candidate

  130. 26grumpy

    Just found this drone video from over Dana Point

    This has probably been posted already but new to me and very cool!!!
  131. 26grumpy

    Ford F250 F350 questions

    Thinking of buying a used low mile diesel F350 Dually or single-axle or a diesel F250, years 2008-2010. Talk to me....I've read reviews from continual cooling issues, exhaust regen issues, low mpg bla bla bla. I'm asking for the good and the bad. Please help a BD brudda' before I plunk...
  132. 26grumpy

    Small Male Butts and a Little Head

    If a thrill ran up your leg when you read this thread title you're probably hole'd up somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. For the rest of you guys, here's what the Dana Point scene looked like yesterday. :D How about 64.5 degree water along the Souh Coast to begin with. I targeted Halibut in...
  133. 26grumpy

    Bottle released by Mass. scientist in 1956 found

    The drift bottle was among thousands dumped in the Atlantic Ocean between 1956 and 1972 as part of Bumpus' study of surface and bottom currents. About 10 percent of the 300,000 bottles have been found over the years. read...
  134. 26grumpy

    Not for Astronauts

  135. 26grumpy

    Time Warner Cable Goes Black at 4:45 PM...No Super Bowl

    Right after the Manning pick-six my cable service stopped. 22-0....Seattle. WTF?????? Now it's 5:00 PM and still nothing. I'm going fishing.....
  136. 26grumpy

    The Heavens are Watching

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A Homeland Security Department drone has crashed off the coast of Southern California. Customs and Border Protection says the drone was being flown on a border security mission when a mechanical problem developed about 20 miles southwest of San Diego late Monday night...
  137. 26grumpy

    Hawks Win Because They are Gay'er

    Bwahaha!!! I caught the last few minutes of Rush Limbaugh today. He makes his football picks based on what he calls the "wacko enviromentalist method". His words not mine - "....the Seahawks win because they are gay'er than the 49'ers...."
  138. 26grumpy

    Price of bluefin tuna nosedives at Tokyo auction

    "The population has effectively been decimated," said Amanda Nickson, director for global tuna conservation for The Pew Environment Group. "Over 90 percent of bluefin tuna are caught before they reach reproductive age. You have to wonder if this remotely sustainable." So far, governments and...
  139. 26grumpy

    Beach Lurking

    <iframe height="315" src="//" frameBorder="0" width="560" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>
  140. 26grumpy

    San Diego sued over stinky sea lion waste

    SAN DIEGO (AP) — San Diego's La Jolla Cove stinks, and the culprit is sea lion poop. A lawsuit filed last week by La Valencia Hotel and George's at the Cove says the stench is driving away customers and poses a health risk. Their lawsuit, filed in San Diego County Superior Court, argues that...
  141. 26grumpy

    Idaho wildlife advocate pleads guilty to poaching

    POCATELLO, Idaho (AP) — An outspoken critic of Idaho's phosphate industry and its deadly impact on some animals has pleaded guilty to poaching two elk. Marv Hoyt, Idaho director of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, will leave his job after acknowledging in court that he illegally killed two...
  142. 26grumpy

    La times cuts off climate-change deniers

    Last month, a panel of the world's top scientists presented its latest review of the data on climate change. The analysis concluded with 95 percent certainty -- the gold standard in science -- that climate change is manmade. And with that, as far as "The Los Angeles Times" is concerned, the...
  143. 26grumpy

    "Free Phil.....

    ....from thought-police prison" Tee shirts are now available in S,M,L,XL and Godwin. They only come in gay pink Place your order now......$49.95 free shipping included. :D
  144. 26grumpy

    Box Canyon 12.14.13

    Wow what a nice way to end the 2013 Saltwater season. Nothing beats buckets of Cod on dead flat calm seas 11 days before Christmas......while wearing tee-shirts and shorts :D It all started with jumbo breakfast burritos at A's Burger on PCH in Dana Point where it was a brisk 42 degrees at 7:30...
  145. 26grumpy

    3D Looking Waterfall Picture

    Not mine. I thought I'd help out the seller by posting it where I knew it would get lots of views :D Motion 3D looking waterfall picture - $75 (Anaheim )<section class="userbody"><figure class="iw"> </figure> <section id="postingbody"> Motion 3D Waterfall picture for sale pictures don't do...
  146. 26grumpy

    How to smoke test a fuel or vacuum system to locate leaks

    I did this on my 2002 Tahoe today. The reg is coming due and it needs a smog check this time around. The check engine light is on and my code reader says error PO442 (small leak in the fuel vapor emissions system commonly called the EVAP system). The entire system is complex with many componets...
  147. 26grumpy

    What are Day Shapes....

    ....and when are they required??
  148. 26grumpy

    When Sharks Attack...

    Friday November 1st....the third time I've been on the water since August. More on that in a minute. Water conditions, codding and weather were freakin' awesome to say the least, I love this time of year!!! After a stop at the Halibut spot for nada except great conditions ( I missed the high...
  149. 26grumpy

    Oarfish WFO at Cat !!!

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — A marine science instructor snorkeling off the Southern California coast spotted something out of a fantasy novel: the silvery carcass of an 18-foot-long, serpent-like oarfish. Jasmine Santana of the Catalina Island Marine Institute needed more than 15 helpers to drag the...
  150. 26grumpy

    Hit Rock Bottom Dana Point 10.3.13

    Yup...after a 140 mile effort between the Ridge and SCI from the 289 to just above the 181, 4-6' swells at 8 seconds topped off with a SE wind at 7-8 knots we threw in the towel. All 7 paddies we found were dry. We found the temp break (67.7-70.2) and worked it for several hours. Seeing 4 Marlin...
  151. 26grumpy

    The Barn Is Not On Fire Tuesday 9.17.13

    Nothing but green 67 degree water. I fished it on Tuesday with both wind and current going downhill. The bait from Dana is excellent with 4-6" hot lime green Sardines. I started at the Barn at 7:30 AM and fished it hard using several methods. At 11:00 I moved up to Pattersons, the Yellowtail...
  152. 26grumpy

    Need advice on fishing Vail lake

    I'm camping at Vail for my first time next month (Oct). I'm boatless so I'll be fishing from shore. I will have 4 boys under the age of 10 with me so I've got that going for me which is nice I think :). I'm thinking I'll sneak away from the campground at sun-up and drive to a location and...
  153. 26grumpy

    Phrase of the Day

    Credible Fear :rofl:
  154. 26grumpy

    Need 5th wheel hitch and brake controller advice

    I've been looking and finally pulled the trigger....premature. I found "the deal" on Ebay. A no reserve unit that fit my wants at a price I couldn't pass up. Unfortunatly I'm not ready to tow it as I don't have a 5th wheel hitch. The seller says I can leave it in his lot for a few weeks until I...
  155. 26grumpy

    Owning a boat can be painful

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  156. 26grumpy

    5 person submarine for sale $7k USD

    Not mine. Was thinking it could be a great addition at FishDope for WSB recon. SUBMARINE (5 Person) - Liquidation for Nonprofit Organization - Made by Donation | eBay
  157. 26grumpy

    Great white shark chomps sea lion in front of stunned whale watchers

    Posted: 07/23/2013 09:13:06 AM PDT | Updated: 4 days ago <!--date--><!--secondary date--> An 18-foot great white shark bit a 200-pound sea lion in half off the Southern California coast Monday, stunning a whale-watching boat captain who had never seen such an occurrence. "This...
  158. 26grumpy

    Ali is fishing too deep

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  159. 26grumpy

    Hermosa Beach to consider renewing oil drilling

    HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. — Residents are debating whether to get back into the oil business, 80 years after this wealthy coastal town first banned drilling. An environmental review is scheduled to begin Wednesday on a project to drill as many as 30 wells, and an election on the matter could be...
  160. 26grumpy

    Dana Point Nearshore 7.18.13

    I did a quick trip this morning with nothing to report except I forgot how being back on the trailer by 12:00 noon sucks donkey balls. Well....if I hooked something it wouldn't have sucked as bad but it still sucks. Go long hours or stay home I say. I had hoped to punk a grey-light Seabass on a...
  161. 26grumpy

    Feds: Kennedys' sea turtle rescue was a violation

    BARNSTABLE, Mass. (AP) — Two members of the Kennedy family who thought they were doing a good deed by freeing an entangled sea turtle actually violated the law, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. John Bullard of NOAA's Division of Fisheries said he spoke to...
  162. 26grumpy

    Fail in the Capistrano Bight 7.15.13

    I stayed commited to "the zone" for 10 hours of paddy searching covering 70 miles. The morning sea conditions were epic with a long period 3' swell and no wind. Finding 12 paddies before 11:00 am kept the boring task of cruising around at 10-12 knots tolerable . All paddies were absent of life...
  163. 26grumpy

    Soccer....The Beautiful Game?

    Diving Soccer Players vs Sniper - YouTube
  164. 26grumpy

    Fat Stacks

    Just a quick HB Flats update: On anchor between the hours of 7:30AM - 4:00PM. 1.5' of water movement. 70' depth. Nice full scoop from Mary Claire. Gotta' like the $10 off with FD membership. :) Lots of bait nesting up. Zero current or a slight "out" until 3PM and that was a downhill trickle...
  165. 26grumpy


    I composed this on Wed 6.25.13 During the daylight hours of 10 AM to 11:30 AM. "Bleed For You" "100 Yards Away" "Cold Hard Bitch" "Aye" "In The Blue" "Miles From TJ"
  166. 26grumpy

    Dana Point Weekend Report

    I got a guest slip in Dana over Fathers Day weekend. It was primarily a family-time thing but I did manage to fish a little on Friday and Monday. Friday saw improving conditions along the beach and a little bit of a bite on Halibut. I got two, a 26" @ 6# and a 31" at 12#. Several raked baits...
  167. 26grumpy

    Calif. utility will close troubled nuclear plant

    The plant "has served this region for over 40 years," Ted Craver, chairman of SCE parent Edison International said in a statement. "But we have concluded that the continuing uncertainty about when or if (the plant) might return to service was not good for our customers, our investors or the need...
  168. 26grumpy

    Salt Creek to Sano Sunday 5.26.13

    I shot a short video of our day... Now where was I ...oh yeah....punching the clown, save your $$ and wait for the wind to stop blowing from the south. Everything we tried in every place we tried it was to no avail. Although only Sardines were...
  169. 26grumpy


    blah blah blah... Blah blah blah.
  170. 26grumpy

    Paddy Yellow in the O.C. 5.20.13

    Somewhere between the 100 Fathom curve and the 279 I found a paddy. Sardine on 30# fluoro on the bass gear.I should have stayed offshore as the beach was uphill, green and very slow from Sano up to Salt Creek. Near the PM high tide I did release a 26" WSB on a dropper-loop Sardine.
  171. 26grumpy

    Poll: Which one is San Pedro Bait Co. Squid?

    Is it the two squid on the left or the two squid on the right??
  172. 26grumpy

    Turbocharger rebuild question

    Not on my boat but on a 2005 Dodge Cummins "fishing boat tow vehicle" so it's fishing related right? :) And boats have turbos so here goes my question. 180,000 miles and the oil seals on the turbo are shot. I've got the rebuild kit for a Holset 351 CW, have the skillz and tools. I've watched...
  173. 26grumpy

    Dana Point Condition Report 4.11.13

    Fishing above the harbor was slow. By 10 AM the wind was up and never let off. A steady 10-15 knots out of the south made for a short and steep 2-5' mixed up slopfest. It took a little while to find some willing biters and 6 hours of hardwork to make a near-limt on 2-5# Reds. I fished the...
  174. 26grumpy

    South Coast Condition Report Wed. 4.3.13

    The above pic kind of tells the story. Really big Sardines and really small Cod. I haven't been out much lately due to a competing hobby. I'm finally done with my Early 1965 Mustang (built March 1965). It's an all numbers matching survivor so I did a frame-on near-complete original factory...
  175. 26grumpy

    Dana Halibut 2.13.13

    It's always tough to post the bad so this is going to be short and to the point. I found 3 fish in the sand a very short distance away from the hardbottom. Water temps remain stable at 55-57 degrees. Pelicans crashing on finbait all throughout the Capistrano Bight. A perfect .04-.08 kt drift...
  176. 26grumpy

    Dana Halibut 2.6.13 The Window Opened

    It looked good on paper....6.0 high tide at 5:30 AM followed by a -.01 low tide at 12:30 PM combined with beautiful flat seas....I had to try. It paid off. 19.5# on the Shimano spring-scale and 20.5# on the new Berkley digital. 37" long. I went long (for me) and fished some hardbottom...
  177. 26grumpy

    Whale Vomit Worth $65K
  178. 26grumpy

    Moonphase Mamma

    That recent low pressure system combined with the good moonphase really made the fish bite. We hooked 8 fish between 3-6#'s in a short flurry-bite and then this 10# fish bit. As quick as the bite started it shut off. It lasted about an hour but what an hour it was!! Our top 5 fish...
  179. 26grumpy

    Grey Butt Hare 1.16.13

    Got out a few days ago to nice flat seas and a very slow day of catching in very cold water with wind against uphill current. At the Dana Point launchramp..... Grey.... It was more of a National Geo day than anything. In short it was a beautiful day of sight-seeing with the highlight...
  180. 26grumpy

    Get Rich Quick The original...
  181. 26grumpy

    Made in China
  182. 26grumpy

    Another Grundens Question

    I went to Long Fin today and tried on these two different models. I thought I wanted the Herkules bib but then I saw the Petrus and liked the lighter weight and flexibility. I beat the crap out of my gear (and myself sometimes :) ) and I'm not sure how durable the Petrus would be. It certainly...
  183. 26grumpy

    Sweet and Salty Dana Point Conditions 12.3.12

    I did a little sweetwater recon on Sunday, it went well... 8 pounds 23" long Monday was a different day, Halibut would be the target on salty soggy 63 degree mostly calm seas. Conditions up and down the South Coast were very clean, I mean really clean. My bait pump shot craps so I...
  184. 26grumpy

    3 6 9 and 2 Dana Point 11.21.12

    3 Halibut 6 Cod 9 hours on the water I went WAY over budget on fuel this offshore season soooooo.....I'm cooking 2 birds for Thanksgiving dinner...1 is stuffed and baked and the other is in the smoker as we was really calm on the water yesterday... The water...
  185. 26grumpy

    Marine Data Services Inc. Dana Grid 11.13.12

    I'd like to announce a new service designed to accomodate both "BIG FISHING" and "BIG ANTI-FISHING". MDS (Marine Data Services Inc) intends to fill the vast void in real-time fishstock data by doing the work that both of the above described parties refuse to do. It has become obvious "BIG...
  186. 26grumpy

    Dragging the Mud Dana Point 11.6.12

    240'...mud bottom...3" Gulp Shrimp... Yes it was released....yes the Seagulls pecked its eyes out. I went out prospecting again on Tuesday in search of new Cod spots. I found some hard bottom near a geological formation (covered in mud) in 290'. The hard bottom ran east to west so I...
  187. 26grumpy

    I Want My FPG 11.2.12

    There they were all stacked up at 335' as if to say :finger:, catch me if you can. :rofl:Well.....enough of that, it is what it is. We will adapt to fishing the mud around Dana Point Harbor in depths less than 300'. With a SE wind and uphill current, fishing this spot of fish would prove...
  188. 26grumpy

    Who broke the web-site??

    Is it just my monitor that has gone rouge into auto-stretch mode or are the rest of you hammering on the scroll wheel too?
  189. 26grumpy

    Bass Nazi Gone Rouge???

    IRVINE, Calif. (AP) About 1,600 pounds of saltwater bass died on Oct. 11 when the truck hauling them to market got into a three-way crash. "They are on their way to slaughter, which is, of course, pretty hellish. To suffer an accident on the way and be left in the middle of the street is...
  190. 26grumpy

    You got a purdy butt-hole 10.6.12

    Here's to country club fishing :beerbang: along the South Coast!!! I spent a beautiful fall day working some hard bottom spots from Dana Point to The Barn Kelp scratching a fish here and there. It was more about finding conditions and less about finding the fish as the variable winds in an...
  191. 26grumpy

    Zone Offense 9.27.12 I found a sweet looking zone while doing my due diligence :D Playing offense was easy ;) Shots from the day... Something was under the Dolphin... Good luck opening night...
  192. 26grumpy

    EaT Mor Doh Doh....Dana 9.22.12

    Clip-board guy says 43" = 33#'s....good enough for my personal best :D Not enough wind to drift early so I poked around in a tasty looking zone 11-13 miles straight out from San Mateo Point where I found 7 paddys like this one...there were just a handful of boats in the entire zone :) I...
  193. 26grumpy

    Dana dodos...4 kept 13 released....7 others 9.18.12

    Got real lucky Tuesday afternoon as I rolled up on the one I have been huntig for this season. After 2.5 hours of wide-open-as-it-gets I turned on the video camera. Watch for jumping dodo's....:D
  194. 26grumpy

    Lookey what I found....

    .....glued to my YouTube channel...this piece of shit flash ad.... The war on fishermen continues.... Not plugging my video, just so offended by the assault on us when there isn't shit we can do, this is fucked up. PSO MUST GO!!!! Here's the link, the attack ad is just to the...
  195. 26grumpy

    2 Marlin 3 Dorado 9.10.12 ".....she had already landed a couple nice dodo....funny, I was telling my girlfriend how good it can be here locally if it would all come together. Just then I get bit on 15#, a big ass Marlin comes blasting out from under the...
  196. 26grumpy

    Offshore Warning: Don't do this on the next 8.29.12

    :zelfmoord 120 miles :idiot: :imdumb: 4 paddettes:nutkick: My wife's look when she sees the gas bill :Beat_Them Check your chlorophyll chart, it's dead on right, just no luck searching today. Radio reports in these zones matched my findings. There was some kind of yatch gathering...
  197. 26grumpy

    Dana Point Closure 8.25.12 Cat and mouse....that's how it was at 7:30 AM 4 miles out on a 180 degree heading from Dana Point....everyone playing cat and was soooo cool!!! There were lots of paddys in the zone which...
  198. 26grumpy

    Dana to the 312 for a Halibut 8.21.12

    I knew what I was in for, yup...multiple drops in several areas at various depths until I get um' "dialed in". "I'll mark the zone I get bit in, shrink up my drift and then pound the shit out of um'", I had THE plan. My only fear was giving new meaning to the phrase, "AH shit....IT CAME...
  199. 26grumpy

    Cod Father Sighting 8.16.12

    The next pic is for you Wildbunch Bill :rofl: Tougher conditions today along the South Coast, wind was howling on the ride home, it was gusting 20 knots inside Dana Point Harbor at 6:00 PM. Rob (On The Slide) aka The Cod Father and I combined for 5 fish including his 33". We plunked a fish...
  200. 26grumpy

    The Defense Department

    Allow me to introduce The General... I like to think my rank and pay-grade are on equal footing with the Brass but fortunatly that's not the case. I say fortunatly because every now and then an opportunity comes along to be the silent warrior, a chance to shine as back-lighting, a ninja...
  201. 26grumpy

    Fresh out da' butt hole 8.6.12

    No fisters allowed....:waglleybooty::waglleybooty: Went outside 4-5 miles and down the line for a National Geo boatride. Came to my senses below The Barn Kelp where wind and current were not playing well together. A slow-troll outside the fleet left my You-zuri presentation void of action...
  202. 26grumpy

    Manufactured Bites 8.1.12

    Is that him? God I hope NOT!! I don't want to look!!! We owe it to his family!!! So went the axious exchange of words between Crawdadguy and Grumpy. Just prior to that exchange we were stopped at sea by the Coast Guard and willingly enlisted in the search for a missing boater. 6 miles...
  203. 26grumpy

    4 for 5....1 legal 7.30.12

    Had four hours to get it done...did it....left the secret spot at 2:0 PM, easy run back to the harbor, boat washed and stored and made it to FCS in Placentia at 4:15 PM to pick up Kyle from summer school. :rockin: 28" The other three were 21.5" :rofl: Hey Bill, bet ya' can't...
  204. 26grumpy

    Dana Point Condition Reort 7.25.12

    Wow what a nice day on the water. At 6 miles straight out things get real nice with the start of a clean 70-71.5 streak to at least as far as we went out at 11 miles. Finbait is everywhere, schools of "mini-somethings" would reveal themselves as they broke the surface as if being chased...
  205. 26grumpy

    Tsunami Debris Dana Point 7.21.12

    I got an early start for a change with the thought of running up to Newport for squid. On the water by 4:30 AM, I thought I had seen a light boat out in front of Dana as I exited the run to Newps WOOO HOOO!!! As I leave the ever expanding 5 mph zone that is reaching grid status in...
  206. 26grumpy

    Halibut Rock 7.15.12

    Halibut Rock These guys rock too These guys rocked us Final count: 2 Calico (released) 1 23" Halibut (burp) 1 2-3# rock (released) 1 leo (released) 1 Bat-a-ray Here's a shot of Brandon Hayward's boat...
  207. 26grumpy

    Dana, Barn, Box Canyon 7.13.12 We even drifted 4 hours for Mako in paddy/bait infested 68 degree blue water and got the salute :finger:. The best part of the day was meeting Brandon Hayward on the water. There was a squid boat and a little skiff next to each other...
  208. 26grumpy

    th Coast Condition Report 7.9.12

    South Coast Condition Report 7.9.12 A snap? A little flurry? A quick shot?......nope. Switch on?.......uuuuh....nnnnno. Shut off? a married guy's sex life. On lockdown? a penitentiary. You and my girl...Mother Ocean...we have a...
  209. 26grumpy

    Poll Question: Ever catch a tagged Calico or Sandbass ?

    Has there ever been a Calico/Sandbass tagging program in So Cal waters? Is it feasable to do? Would a tagging program yield data of meaningful value? Chime in if you will please....
  210. 26grumpy

    Meet the Supreme Regulators

    No it's not what you think, this force is much more powerful than any single government agency and is certainly smarter than ANY politician. This kabal possesses ultimate control over your fishing experiences for your entire life. It's grip is global in scale and works silently. As a matter of...
  211. 26grumpy

    They Ate It All.....

    ....and wanted nothing. Tady... 165mm Sebile... Underspins... Finbait... They ate everything we threw at them but but didn't want to eat anything consistantly. The Barn Kelp was scratchy fishing at best for us on a beautiful Sunday with ripping downhill current...
  212. 26grumpy

    Calico Bass: The Collapse is Undeniable

    I haven't targeted bass this season until yesterday 6.19.12. I had hooked a couple Sand Bass as by-catch while on other fishy pursuits but for the most part I haven't even been in bass habitat due to those other pursuits. So what the hell I mused, let's go do some credible unbiased scientific...
  213. 26grumpy

    Calif man rescued after whale hits boat off Mexico

    Published - Jun 18 2012 05:09AM PST JOHN S. MARSHALL, Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A Northern California man was rescued after his 50-foot boat was struck by a whale while he sailed alone about 40 miles off the western coast of Mexico, authorities said. The impact from the collision...
  214. 26grumpy

    O-Side By-Catch 6.15

    "Are there Threshers in here?" Five minutes later Scott is tied on to his fishing goal for summer 2012. :) An 8:00 AM departure from Oceanside harbor aboard Dave's 21' dual console Striper (sweet platform) "Summer School" and a short ride along the beach to a little hard-bottom spot is how a...
  215. 26grumpy

    29' 3" of Halibut 6.12 Dana Point

    I you divide that by 14 you will get a number around 25" which was the average sized fish we hooked while drifting some hard-bottom spots around Dana Point. It wasn't wide-open as we worked several areas over the course of our 10 hours on the water in sloppy 68 degree clean water but a steady...
  216. 26grumpy

    Celebrities and Sea Turtles

    "It's gonna' be a good summer." El Capo June 7, 2012 "What is that, is that a bat-ray? What the heck is tha.....IT'S A TURTLE !!!!" "Sure's a TURTLE!!! Wow...that's a first for me!! A TURTLE!" So went the exchange of words between Mike and I as we sat on anchor along the South...
  217. 26grumpy

    Hey Bill.....You're Bit....

    "Bill....YOUR BIT!!!"....amplifying the volumn a couple decibles wasn't needed. It's eyelids retract....I realize I have awakened a sleeping sea monster....there I stood, cold coffee drink dripping down my command-prompt finger pointing the way to never-land. A chill seemed to encompass my...
  218. 26grumpy

    Find Time to Support Some Brothers 5.25.12 I've seen some "permission to enter" paperwork online somewhere....I'll see if I can find it....
  219. 26grumpy

    Need Wireless Network Help 5.21.12

    I'm trying to get them from this machine... ....into into this machine.... I thought about hardwiring this machine to that machine but balked when I realized I'd need to string 40 miles of CAT 5 from the harbor to home. So if anyone knows how to make magic with a wireless network...
  220. 26grumpy

    This is a bad ass video

    It's must-see material....I'm re-posting it in the wrong's not a local's worth the time.....move it if you must but this has to be shared.
  221. 26grumpy

    Dropper-Looping for Thresher

    Mike and I got an early start today, Monday 5.14.12, with WSB the primary target. The red bouy would be the starting point. Lots of life on micro-chovies pretty much all around us and a pick at hook bait would be it for us in dirty green 63 degree water. At 9:30 AM it didn't feel right so we...
  222. 26grumpy

    Dana to Newport Conditions 5.10.12

    Our primary target today was Salmon in the Canyon. Bill has been watching this develope over the last several months and before its totally over we had to give it a go. We did not land a Salmon but we did have one on around 8:30 AM. Bill brought the appropriate gear to troll Rotary Salmon...
  223. 26grumpy

    Greasy and Confused

    No........ .....not Tues sock collection. I'm referring to the greasy and confused sea conditions yesterday out of Dana Point. It was 2-4' lumpy with little to NO wind ALL DAY!!! We gave it a good go on the tanker hunt along the South Coast putting in 12 hours spanning the AM high...
  224. 26grumpy

    Collision suspected in yacht mishap that killed 3

    Published - Apr 29 2012 03:02AM PST BERNIE WILSON, Associated Press LOS ANGELES (AP) — A yacht involved in a race off the coast of California and Mexico apparently collided at night with a much larger vessel, leaving three crew members dead and one missing, a sailing organization said early...
  225. 26grumpy

    Lost dolphin wanders into Calif. wetlands

    Lost dolphin wanders into Calif. wetlands Published - Apr 27 2012 01:00PM PST Associated Press HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (AP) — Marine mammal experts in Southern California have decided to wait and see whether a dolphin that strayed into a shallow wetlands channel can find its way out. The...
  226. 26grumpy

    Dana Point Cod 4.20.12

    Good steady action on the Farrallon today. Up the line was loaded with life in perfect all-around conditions. Several good local Reds helped to round out limits of mixed baggers for two with equal quanity and quality eating both the Gulp Shrimp and fresh-frozen squid.
  227. 26grumpy

    Do Policymakers Harm Our Fishery ?

    I'm sitting at home today watching Alvin and the Chipmunks DVD "Chipwrecked" while playing Legos with my 4 year old. This thought just popped into my head. What has done more harm to our fisheries, EPA approved gasoline additive MTBE or the politization of our Calif Dept of Fish and Game...
  228. 26grumpy

    Found: Someone's Junk 4.3.12

    It was recovered yesterday in 30' of water while on an unsuccesful all-day halibut drfit trip near Sano. For sure it's not Saluki''s not his type. I think it belongs to Northeastfishman.....not sure....please identify and claim ASAP.
  229. 26grumpy

    Advisory 3.30.12

    Just got off the phone with a bro who was codding approx. 1/2 mile outside the Laguna MLPA today. He was boarded by three DFG pros who were just doing their job. After the fact, he thought the helicopter flying overhead with the letters "MLPA" emblazoned on it might have been a little overkill.
  230. 26grumpy

    Working Man's Cod 3.23

    Work women and weather have conspired against my fishing as of late with little sucess to show for my last 7 trips on the tap and salt combined. I have been the net man for several Largemouth Bass over 10 #'s. I've had to hide behind the kelp-line in surprise 25 knot winds on anchor while the...
  231. 26grumpy

    Spatial Planning Update March 2012

    San Diego, Calif., March 1, 2012 — Oceanographic researchers and policy makers gathered last week at the University of California, San Diego, to discuss recent advances in marine project planning, which could facilitate wildlife preservation, potentially boost the economy and reduce damaging...
  232. 26grumpy

    Who's Watching the Watchers ?

    Grant money ABOUNDS !!! In less than an hour with interruptions, I found MILLIONS in GRANTS available for the taking. Here's some folks who get to play with a "free" $4 million. Launching a Baseline Program The California Ocean Protection Council has awarded $4M to support the South...
  233. 26grumpy

    Laguna: Apathy and Angst 12.30.11 Apathy kills.....
  234. 26grumpy

    Dana Cod 11.29.11

    It's a wonderful life :) Fresh frozen squid along the 350' edge above Dana Point in U.N. waters did the trick. The best catching time was mid through late afternoon. Short bites were the rule and so were 7/0 hooks with just the head of the sqiud for bait. Full squid got bites but...
  235. 26grumpy

    Loss of American Sovereignty: UN controls America's Shoreline

    This is a cut and paste reply I posted in a different thread. It should stand alone in its own thread. Thank you for your consideration. Can we agree on the FACT that the pre-determined outcome made both camps ("go along to get along and try to eek out a little more open area by working within...
  236. 26grumpy

    Krillin' and Chillin' 11.2.11

    The calm....
  237. 26grumpy

    Punching the Lizard

    ....not saying there's anything wrong with that, we've all done it, it's "normal". What else is an angler to do when the whole frickin' ocean shuts off from Laguna to San Onofre ? You punch the Lizard....that's what you do. Allow me to submit the following. There ARE wrong times to punch...
  238. 26grumpy

    Dana Point: Red Flag Advisory

    Red Flag Advisory Gulp 3" and 4" New Penny Shrimp on the 8 oz dropper-loop. 280'-340' deep in clean green 62.5 degree flat conditions just above the point. Westerly current flow. Mostly sustained 5-8 knot breeze out of the ESE. Wind from the bite the least...true dat...
  239. 26grumpy

    Privately Funded Research Project

    PRIMER: Validate the collapse of the in-shore groundfishery in sector "Along the South Coast", Dana Point, California during the full moon period dated 10.13.11 thru 10.14.11 using hook and line deployed from 27' Farrallon power boat. No government subsidies, public grant money or public/private...
  240. 26grumpy

    A Six Day Walk in the Sea

    It began on Carlsbad State Beach last Friday... I had this song stuck in my head... Four days of beach camping, surf fishing, family play and nightime campfire debauchery made easy peazy with the help of El Monte RV. 31' of aluminium and...
  241. 26grumpy

    San Clemente Island 9.29.11

    Greeted by another red tide generated luminescent light show sponsored by mass quantities of darting bait inside Dana Point Harbor, our 4:30 AM departure had good times written all over it. Skilly brought his dad onboard this time, a great stick in his own right with many a pelagic trips under...
  242. 26grumpy

    T vs Black

    The Black won. Yesterday 9.21.11 while on anchor along the South Coast, we had a bye-catch T-Shark slapping at a flylined Mackerel. The bait gets bit on 65/50 so without hesitation I slam my bling into gear, ZZZZZZZ.....I stuff my thumb into the smoking spool of spectra on the intial run like...
  243. 26grumpy

    Autumn at the Long Island 9.17.11

    First off, let me tell you where the Marlin aren't. Marlin are not off the front side from east end up past White Rock. We know this because we were witness to a whole lot of fuel being burned by the fleet just outside of where we were pounding on the bottom grabbers. We never saw a boat stop...
  244. 26grumpy

    Captain Dave has a question

    Captain Dave Hansen asked me an interesting question on another thread which could evoke more answers than just that one single question. After careful consideration, I have decided to share the question and I thank you in advance for your answers and opinions. <table id="post2418771"...
  245. 26grumpy

    Red White and Poo

    Here's the red... No explaination needed.... The temp went way up from a week ago... Here's the White... Within 15 minutes of dropping the anchor I get bit in Yellowtail fashion only to feel ...TINK...with very little thumb pressure my line seperates clean cut less 20" of my...
  246. 26grumpy

    Prayers to the boys up the line

    I went local yesterday, more in a moment. My TV just blasted a marine warning for a t-storm with 35 knot winds making landfall at Point Dume. Hang on tight guys. Conditions were crazy along the South Coast yesterday. 62 degree brown color bands pushing out at blazing speed with 10 knots...
  247. 26grumpy

    A very comfortable liar

    Click this.... Monday....59.8 degree water inside Dana Point harbor, The parking lot and launchramp were ghost towned.....we were pumped :rofl:!!!! I was joined by best buds Crawdadguy and Wild Bunch for this one, two very...
  248. 26grumpy

    Follow up: Raw Video of Recent WSB I was 0 for 12 outings on the WSB this season....I got a little excited :o
  249. 26grumpy

    Which One is the Real Barn-eee ?

    This one... Or this one..... A 30-EEE to be exact, and a few giant steps down the beach from the last crime scene. Cleaning the ocean of slightly used 15# mono and desinger hooks..... Windows: Ripping straight out turned into trickling down, the...
  250. 26grumpy

    Are Curado 300E's any good ?

    35#'s Thank you Shimano Irvine for the fresh rebuild, it performed like it was "out of the box" !!! Shimano Curado 300 E 50# PowerPro 30# Seaguar leader 4/0 Mustad hook GLoomis 8'2" 14-30# Merlot mini-mack made off an offshore kelp paddy Longer Version: I had the boys from Toyota...
  251. 26grumpy

    Orange County Exotics 2009

    Bored......not fishing 'till Monday.....I'm just a pathetic old man trolling for youtube hits. :nopity:
  252. 26grumpy

    Brought a knife to a gun fight

    A seen in Dana Point..... .....:rofl: Quick condition report for Tuesday 8.23.11 Water in front of Dana 63 degree light brown color 1' visibility :shithappens:. I ran outside, found the clean 66.5 degree clean edge and a big ol' kelp. I fished it several different way for an hour...
  253. 26grumpy

    ID Please

    We cpr'd this lil' specimen a couple weeks ago off the recently minted Wheeler Reef, San Clemente in 40' of water near the top of the column.....a hybrid ?
  254. 26grumpy

    400-500# Mako at the 279

    Now go make some popcorn. :) Three crazy amigos we chum it like hell, At the 279 spot we ring the dinner bell. Ariels a plenty we got a great look, but this one's too big for the amigos to cook. The backflips 8' high replay in my head, a seal eater for sure the fur bags must dread ! Jump...
  255. 26grumpy

    33.18.50N 117.29.100W PM Chew

    I will NOT disclose the species but around 2:00 pm at 33.18.50N 117.29.100W, which would be a position on the outside edge (25 yards off the kelp-line) of the Barn Kelp, a whole grip of these dudes to 4# went on a solid bite eating the 5" Gulp Jerk Shad on the fall and live Sardines fly-lined...
  256. 26grumpy

    Open Water Sandbass

    First I need some tunes..... Ok...... We had a decent session way up the line off Main Beach where conditions were slight up and out, 65.5 off color with a predominatly SSW variable limiting us to "C" and "D" positions. A re-make...
  257. 26grumpy

    Wharf Rats

    Going down? No thanks, we'll try up. Not a boat in sight except for a couple big boats from above going down. Many trailers at the launchramp but no skiffs where we were.....not one. Seems like going down was the word. Why were so many men going down I wondered aloud ? :gay::Romantic_ 70...
  258. 26grumpy

    It Happened Thanks Crawdadguy :)
  259. 26grumpy

    Dana Point Ironman 7.22.11

    Cool tune to have stuck in your head..... The grey had burned off revealing submerged kelp 30 yards off my stern. Just as planned I thought, reflecting back several hours prior when the pick hit the bottom. Only thing I didn't plan...
  260. 26grumpy

    South Coast Condition Report 7.14.11

    As advertised by the weather folks, the backdrop to our day would be 2-3' mixed swell topped by 2' wind waves and a steady 10-12 knots out of the south. Currents from San Clemente Pier to the Barn Kelp remained predominatly uphill making proper setup a bit of a challange. The Barn would be our...
  261. 26grumpy

    Shake That Thing Off

    <hr style="color: transparent; background-color: transparent;" SIZE="1"> <!-- google_ad_section_start --> "Shake that thing off, I thought we were fishing seabass?" "Would you please get control your fish sir." "Geeeez.....around the boat 3 times, under and around the...
  262. 26grumpy

    A Butt'n a Tug

    Here's the butt'..... And here's the tug..... It was like all of the other great trips I've had with Crawdadguy. Laughin'jokin'plotin'plannin' while gearing up the boat at a gentleman's 6:30 am start time :) We were joined by a really super guy named Scott who reminded me of me a...
  263. 26grumpy

    Dana to Crystal Cove Condition Report 6.14.11

    Hans Solo today......and when I fish alone....I prefer to be by myself....which was really good for my head. I never turned on the stereo much less the VHF, I stayed focused and had a great time fishing my jewels off. I started at the cove in 64.6 degree semi-clean green with 10' visibility in...
  264. 26grumpy

    South Coast Condition Report 6.9.11

    Super-short version: Dana to Salt Creek - dirty green-brown 2' visibility 63 degree, really slow on the incoming (5' of movement) hasn't recovered yet. Current running out. Salt Creek to Main Beach - not much better Main Beach to Crystal Cove - much cleaner with very little current but did...
  265. 26grumpy

    Dana Point Condition Report 5.13

    Seabass were the target in sorta-clean green 62 deg. uphill current along the South Coast for Friday the 13th. In short, it was slow slow slow fishing until 2:00 pm when the current turned down and in. Unfortunatly, the steady 10 knot breeze out of the SW decided to go up and in creating a...
  266. 26grumpy

    Precious family moments 4.26.11 (video)
  267. 26grumpy


    We had some friends in from Las Vegas over the week-end to help celebrate my 50th :hali_parkutuli:. Over the winter, I had made some needed repairs and upgrades to my ride and hadn't had time for a shakedown run yet. The wind came down on Sat 4.9.11, the sun was shining bright, I was feeling...
  268. 26grumpy

    Great Handjob....Bad Blowjob

    15 knots......well.....o.k. First cast backlash (the real 26grumpy) peel peel peel the reel Trilene piled high BIT !! piles don't fit through Fuji guides. She asked me if I knew anything about Lasik.......weird 15 goes to 20 20 to 25 The breezy wasn't easy...
  269. 26grumpy

    Offshore 60 mile Albacore 12.31.10

    Got a window of opportunity so we went for it. I'll let the pics do the talking..... I shot some video too. Oh.... and happy new year !!! . . . . . . There..... that about cleans up our precious "Offshore Reports Southern California" forum, I bumped all the bullshit off the first...
  270. 26grumpy

    25 Grumpy including two new top tens 12.23.10

    19 x 25 to be exact. 11.4# on the digital scale and a personal best. The rest of the story... Crawdad Guy and I had planned on going Wed 12.22, but predicted 15-20 mph winds and heavy thunderstorms gave us reason enough to pause. A one-day rain delay put us on the water Thursday 12.23...
  271. 26grumpy

    Festivus: A Primer

    Festivus is a secular holiday, it was created by writer Dan O'Keefe and introduced into popular culture by his son Daniel, a screenwriter for the TV show Seinfeld,<SUP id=cite_ref-ljworld_0-0 class=reference>[1]</SUP><SUP id=cite_ref-nytimes_1-0 class=reference>[2]</SUP> as part of a comical...
  272. 26grumpy


    Kind'a like making an appointment for a c-section.... Perris Fishing Reports and Fishing Forecasts - Just another tool box stuffer.
  273. 26grumpy

    A Full-Sized Woody SCI 11.18.10

    Not one of those down-sized knock-offs, this Woody is the official "movie-sized" Woody with 25 digitally recorded movie lines recorded by Woody himself on a pull-my-string activated voice box !!!! I got an early jump on my x-mas shopping this year, you can't even begin to imagine the deals...
  274. 26grumpy

    Wheeler to Mateo 11.16.10

    Got an early start on a solo mission... Global warming... With all the talk of squid, islands, seabass, yellowtail and epic bottom fishing going on, I thought I'd mix it up today and fish plastics on the beach. Greeted with 60.5 degree water inside Dana Harbor, I imeadiatly set my...
  275. 26grumpy

  276. 26grumpy

    Dana Point Super Bug 10.17.10

    After safely spending the night in a secret location in the harbor, this beauty is on it's way to the Ocean Institute in Dana Point for all to see for years to come ! Congrats Rob Perry and props for donating it !!!
  277. 26grumpy

    Have You Ever.....

    It seems like a long long time ago to me. Finicky tuna had made thier way up to U.S. waters where we were blessed with two sucessful shots at them on back to back trips. A couple days later it was landscape maintenece at Anaheim Hills Golf Course which was promptly followed up by a grocery...
  278. 26grumpy

    What's This? SCI video 9.25

    We found it floating in one of the bait tanks that we were throwing rockfish in. I think it's a Salmon Grouper. Upon finding the rare and endangered little guy, I promptly returned it to the ocean where it immediately met its fate in the beak of a Cormorant. What better way to bookend this...
  279. 26grumpy

    Passin' it along 9.21.10

    976-TUNA The Original Leader in Fish Reports #1 since 1985
  280. 26grumpy

    Offshore Seeing Red Again 9.17.10 video

    Friday 9.17.2010....near the scene of the crime..... Victims and perpetrators...... Me Rob Surveillance video..... Shallow grave-site...... COPS !!! High speed chase..... Evidence...
  281. 26grumpy

    Offshore Bass to Bluefin 9.10 and 9.12

    Rob (On The Slide) and I had the tuna bug all week but sometimes life prohibits our wants. Friday was go day for fishing and in retrospect, it looks like Friday would have been the day to be on the tuna grounds. After careful consideration :slap: (Rob and his wife were throwing a BIG birthday...
  282. 26grumpy

    Skiff T-Boned in the Kelp 1 Confirmed Dead

    10-15 with gusts to 20 kts in the afternoon. That was the NOAA prediction for the outer waters on Sept 1, 2010. That was also enough information to cancel a hoped for trip to the island. We'll save the 100 mile round trip for next week. So what's a couple kooks supposed to do now ? Stay on the...
  283. 26grumpy

    SCI Bad Case of the Grumps 8.19.10

    Took a few days off to spend with the family and celebrate my son's 3rd birthday. It all started with a harbor cruise on Tuesday.... I smuggled a bass rod onboard with hopes of getting Kyle his first fish. We sprayed the breakwall with plastic and slow-trolled a chrome jig just outside...
  284. 26grumpy

    Reefer Madness Cat 8.15.10

    Refrigerator Reef madness to be exact. It may also be known as Empire Rock. Jake (Calico Kid), Rob (On The Slide) and yous truly left Dana Point at 5:30 AM with island Yellowtail on the wish list. With 'deans in one tank and 'chovy in the other, the back-up plan was a bit more...
  285. 26grumpy

    Dana Point: Gulped Again 8.12.10

    It's 9:30 AM, I'm on position "A" (anchored up @ 6:30) soaking the spectra and texting a condition report ".....65 dgrees covered in green scum, wind NW 10kts, current exact opposite....2 Sandbass, 20 mackerel.....dead sea..." At 12:00 noon, after watching a 5' tide swing that produced very...
  286. 26grumpy

    Dana Point: Freight Trained 8.5.10

    There's some really good mixed bag fishing to be had along the South Coast right now. Water temps are headed in the right direction @ 66.7 and clarity was good on a perfect weather day for Team Grumpy. A quick visit to "Bob" in 110' produced a pick bite on dropper-looped Sardines and Gulp New...
  287. 26grumpy

    Dana Point: Inside The Code Group 7.24.10

    Here's the skinny: Team Greybeard got helmut for our sharking effort. We found a 1.5 deg temp break inside and below the 14 Mile bank, chummed like hell in 67.5 green water (life sucks without a clean Terrafin) with zero current, we drifted .80 mile(s) in 3 hours of fishing for nada. At 12:00...
  288. 26grumpy

    Dana Point: Just Add Sardines 7.22.10

    Lots of life along the beach, big bait schools, Pelicans crashing on mackerel, Terns pounding balls of hook-bait, and this was just outside the harbor. Crawdadguy and I made bait with big bites the target today. We set up outside the kelpline just before the AM low in 50' greenish 67.0 deg water...
  289. 26grumpy

    What's This ?

    Crawdadguy and I fished from Dana Point, Wed 7.7.10, heading south along the beach for a very slow day. Water conditions were consistant at 65.5 deg, completly rolled and very green with 1-2' visibilty. We made 20 pieces of bait on puddling schools in deeper water as mackerel were nowhere to be...
  290. 26grumpy

    Cat 2 Dayer 6.29 6.30

    Trips come and go too quickly. Had the great pleasure of fishing a 2 day at Cat with Forest Hoffman "Bank Robber"(Las Vegas) and "On the Slide" Rob Perry. Forest trailered his 26' Osprey from Las Vegas for this trip. Boats with a full stand-up head and cabin heat just don't suck ! We left Dana...
  291. 26grumpy

    Salt Creek The Barn to the 279 6.25.10

    Went solo again on Friday 6.25.10. Got a healthy 1/2 scoop from the boys at the Dana Point bait barge (they always have the goods), strapped on my auto-inflate life vest with attached water activated EPIRB and away I went. This past winter while fishing solo in deep 52 deg water at DVL I almost...
  292. 26grumpy

    What fish is this ?

    What is that bait fish ? It came from the belly of this 4.5# (digital)sewer inspector... Got a late start on Wed 6.8.10, left Dana Point at 9:30 AM in search of the elusive ghost. Made some bait and decided to dropper-loop a few spots along the route. First drop and it's game-on for all...
  293. 26grumpy

    Salt Creek to the Barn 6.2.10

    Still tough conditions on the beach with very poor visibility in pea green 63.5 deg water. We made several short drifts in 40-60' at Salt Creek until we eventually connected on a short. Thinking this might be the zone, we drifted the bite area per the plotter and did not connect again...
  294. 26grumpy

    Salt Creek To The Barn 5.26.10

    Short version, very dirty up and down the beach. 59.5 at Salt Creek and very few mackerel. We finally made 2 pieces and were fishing. During the next 2 hours (right at the high) we never stopped trying to make bait as we watched a very murkey current engulf our zone. Two hours of hard core bait...
  295. 26grumpy

    Thresher in the Kelp Dana Point

    Went solo today, which seemed like a good idea until I hit the wash rack. That second person was sorely missed when it came time for the scrub-a-dub-dub. I started out dropper-loooping some structure spots for a decent bite on the Sand bass in dirty 58.5 deg. conditions. Continuing down the...
  296. 26grumpy

    Bassin' 951

    We've been doing our share of fishing largemouth but unfortunately, I've had little time to post reports (he's 2 1/2 years old). Just a few shots of our exploits. Many nice chunks ruled the days with a decent pile of 3#-5# fish landed in between the bigger grade...... Dave (Crawdad...
  297. 26grumpy

    Offshore Get Your Stoke On

    Soon gents.....very soon YouTube - Contagious Tuna YouTube - stupid tuna ;)
  298. 26grumpy

    Post storm bassin' 1.23.10

    Hooked up with Crawdad Guy at the lake on Sat 1.23.10 for a post-storm session. The views were incredible... A gentleman's 8:00 AM start time and a little electronics grief is how the day started. The "Zen Crawdad" is a fine craft indeed. With it's custom windscreen, abundant dry storage...
  299. 26grumpy

    Workin' the "G-Bar"

    Got the invite from Crawdad Guy for a gentleman's start at the pond on Sat 1.9.10. Wind from the bite the least. And that's how it started, wind from the east. CD bagged a decent 3# fish and that was it for 4 hours in a wind against current (really) condition. At high noon we pull...
  300. 26grumpy


    As told by Crawdad Guy on another website: I finally took a break from some family and Holiday madness headed to the lake and went fishing,,,after the Quagga mussel crevice check we were off... well I thought we were off...well after a few minutes of "on the water repairs" we were finally...
  301. 26grumpy

    Offshore Commitment

    Happy New Year !!! :D
  302. 26grumpy


  303. 26grumpy

    Offshore Papa Catch a 37# White Seabass

    Those were my 2 year old son's words at 3:45 AM this morning, well......less the 37# part. BEEP BEEP BEEP.......3:00 AM....slap. BEEP BEEP BEEP....3:10 AM. Gotta' get up,goin' tuna fishing, one last shot before season 2009 winds down. I'm going through the motions and about to drag my...
  304. 26grumpy

    Full Speed at SCI 10.2.09

    The destination was San Clemente Island, the target....Rock Cod / Ling Cod. It's grey-light Friday morning as we round Pyramid and slide into the cove, dead-flat calm was defined this day. Our first stop would be to connect with reported 20-30# Yellowtail. After a couple hours of pokin' around...
  305. 26grumpy

    Offshore Rock Cod Trip Gone Wrong SCI Report 10.2.09

    The destination was San Clemente Island, the target....Rock Cod / Ling Cod. It's grey-light Friday morning as we round Pyramid and slide into the cove, dead-flat calm was defined this day. Our first stop would be to connect with reported 20-30# Yellowtail. After a couple hours of pokin' around...
  306. 26grumpy

    Offshore This Just In YFT @ SCI

    All you want YFT 20-25# class fish, SCI less than 1 mile off the island. Above Pyramid front side around 4 PM till 6:00 PM when we left them biting, must have been a 4-5 mile stretch of porpoise ALL holding. We were there, the Fury, The Gambler and several other skiffs put the wood to the...
  307. 26grumpy

    SCI Smackdown Yellows Lings and Mixed Batch 9.24.09

    Got tuna blues ? Us too. We left Dana Point at 5:30 AM with a load of hot sardines and San Clemente Island as our destination. Today we were onboard with Rob and his 27' Farallon "On The Slide", joining us was Chris "The Iron Man" who is a full time crew member on the Sum Fun and other Dana...
  308. 26grumpy

    Offshore Dana Point Marlin (video) and a run to the 43 9.17.09

    We left Dana at 5:00 AM plugged with some hot bait (lost virtually none all day) and one lone Mackerel just in case. It was an incredible day on the big pond with dead-flat seas all day. We covered some ground scooting 35 MPH from spot to spot. At 7:00 AM on our second paddy stop...
  309. 26grumpy


    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=""...
  310. 26grumpy

    Offshore Dana Point Video Report 21 Yellowfin 10 Dorado 9.10.09

    We got um' good today guys. ALL bait fish, every bite started with a tern, and the best part....we were all alone. Armed with 2 healthy scoops of Dana Point's best sardines (lost virtually none) we left the harbor at 5:00 AM on a heading toward the 181. Greeted by friendly seas we made 20 knots...
  311. 26grumpy

    A Blingy Thingy

    A recent acquisition... br] Sorry, wrong picture, here's the right pic..... Bling is BACK !! The Curado 300 with 50# Spectra, a 16" piece of 30# floro, connected to a GLoomis 8'2" 14-30# Merlot is as simple as "point and crank". No more zing pow here. Point the rod tip at...
  312. 26grumpy

    Open Letter to Those Responsible

    I demand an apology !!! To those responsible, WOULD YOU PLEASE STOP "F'ING" WITH THE WEATHER EVERY TIME i GET A CHANCE TO GO FISHING !!!!! That being said, we somehow managed to CPR 60 Calicos to 3# (all released), 15 Sand Bass (all released) and many assorted macks, slime sticks, and...
  313. 26grumpy

    Dana Point 8.14.09 The 279 and Back

    Firday was a great weather day, dead-flat calm and Baja sticky humid at times. Our target was kelps and Dolphin. Inside the harbor we had water at 65 degrees, 70 degrees from 2-10 miles outside and a solid 2 degrees temp break on a weed line at 14 miles. Water color was green with moderate...
  314. 26grumpy

    Bass Crack

    YouTube - The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter Live at Altamont 1969 New meaning to the words gut-hooked... Thursday August 6, 2009. Small craft warning, 4'-6' mixed swell, 63 degree water temp, red flag in the harbor, San Mateo Point, 50' deep. Final count: 100+ Calicos...
  315. 26grumpy

    BD salute 241 toll road 7.25.09

    7:00 PM, goatee, white mini truck, big red BD sticker on back window, owner hook sticker. I thought you wanted to kick my ass ! :D :finger: :D
  316. 26grumpy

    Shark trip......or lack thereof

    Short and sweet of it.......we blanked. We still had a great time bringing the "Old Baja" crew together for our once a year reunion ! Terrafin looked good with a band of 70+ degree water running parallel to the beach, approximately between the beach and the 279. We found the temp break but...
  317. 26grumpy

    Beach Baby Beach Baby

    This 33# ate a mackerel in 50' of greenish 68 degree water. Once again, 65# spectra proved its weight in gold. A few minutes later and I'm wrestling a 80-100# Black Biscuit. I really didn't need the beating I took from the Black, its amazing how much those things pull ! The bite shut down...
  318. 26grumpy

    I Hate White Seabass....with a few exceptions 7.9.09

    My first WSB in a little more than 2 years, I went 2 for 2......but I still hate um ! These dudes were as thick as flies, They were coming up in clouds and eating chunked Mackerel, we couldn't keep them off the hook long enough to catch the fin-bait we so desperatly desired. Calico fishing...
  319. 26grumpy

    Holed Up in Dana Point Harbor 6.20.09

    Life is full of firsts and today would be no different. A quick weather-check at 3:30 AM showed winds at 8 knots SSW on a 3' at 11 seconds changing to 8 knots W. Reality at 5:00 AM in the harbor was 12 knots sustained with gusts to 20 and mixed white-caps blowing straight into the harbor mouth ...
  320. 26grumpy

    SCI Report 6.5.09

    We left Dana Point Friday morning at 5:00 AM in hopes of getting in to that spectaular Yellowtail fishing in Pyramid Cove. A quick call to the LBC squid boat informed us that they had moved from Pyramid to Avalon overnight. ARRRGHH ! Rob re-set the auto-pilot and we managed 25 knots into a...
  321. 26grumpy

    Cat-a-tonic 5.21.09

    That's how my 2009 WSB season is shaping up. It's staring at me, eyes wide open, full of life, but for me it's been nothing more than a blank stare. We loaded up with a mix of horse sardine and perfect anchovies in Dana Point to back our bet as rumor dictated a lack of squid availability at the...
  322. 26grumpy

    Scratching Dana Point 4.21.09

    On the water by 6:00 AM and off the water by around 5:30 PM, that's a 1/2 day....right ? We stayed on the beach today, poking around some San Mateo stones in chunky-green rolled 59 degree water. The after-effects of last week's wind lingers on. I had my brother-in-law onboard today on a Chamber...
  323. 26grumpy

    The Dreaded "No Memory Card"

    And when I got home, there it was all snug in it's little slot in my computer. Well, we spent the AM slow-trolling a squidbar and some sweet sardines along the kelp-line down San Mateo way. We gave it a real shot and ended up hooking a 10" sand bass.....on the troll.....on a 7" long sardine...
  324. 26grumpy

    Bass Contest Controversy

    I must withdraw my photo for the March Photo Contest. I apologize but I had forgot the artificials only rule, my bad. That 11.5# was caught on a live crawdad smothered in UniButter. Actually, I had never read the rules page, just picked up bits and pieces from the previous months contest, maybe...
  325. 26grumpy

    Secret Creek 4.3.09

    It's a very small resource so it's name will remain anonymous. There are plenty of fish to be caught, I hooked and kept three bleeders and released two more in a 4 hour session. Follow me on my visit to The Secret Creek Don't forget your Adventure Pass The water...
  326. 26grumpy

    SCI 3.31.09 Ling City

    I fished with Jake and Rob today aboard Rob's 27' Farrallon. Our 6:00 AM departure from Dana Point was met with near perfect conditions that lasted all day. It was Ling-On from the first drop till the last drift We spent all day in a rippin' down-hill current that allowed...
  327. 26grumpy

    Oink Oink

    Oink..... That one was 7# and was caught on a swimbait smothered in Uni-Butter. Oink Oink That's an 11.5# on the left and a 9.5# on the right. Both fish came on the secret Uni-Buttered special, Oink Oink Oink That's the 11.5# redux. There were two more right at 5# each...
  328. 26grumpy

    4 bites 3 fish 21 pounds

    In the rain-gear no less !!! Crawdad Guy was the hot stick today, a day where being double-anchored with the rain at your back was very doable with the right gear on. Being double-anchored with the clearing wind at your back that would follow right behind each rain squall wasn't doable at all. A...
  329. 26grumpy

    Halibut - 0 Sand Bass - 40

    We fished along the South Coast today, a day where 30 knots was easy !! Not even the slightest drop of salt on the bow rails, much less the windows, it was awesome !! San Clemente Island around 10:00 AM....too much zoom..... Catalina Island from the same time period.... We sifted...
  330. 26grumpy

    First Time Hoopin'

    After getting harrassed by a bunch of skallywags to go lobster hooping, I turned "Grumpy" into a night-shift workin' girl, setting hoops on my favorite structure spot that I call "Bob". The guy with the brains, Bill, kept telling me my spot just might be holding, as I've never seen another boat...
  331. 26grumpy

    A Few More Bass

    Went out on Monday to find as many boats as on a Saturday. The DVL closure is really impacting other lakes. So be it. Crawdad Guy and myself combined for a 21# 5 fish stringer. There were several 3-4# fish that were culled out of the mix. It made for some pretty good action on some quality...
  332. 26grumpy

    Tis' the Season

    Naw......not Christmas !!! Largemouth Bass !!! Did a little pokin' around a beautiful So Cal waterway, and sure enough... Went 3 for 6 on book-end Greenies, gotta' get the rust off. I love this time of year !
  333. 26grumpy

    A Day at the Diamond

    Well, it's time to change the venue. Saltwater 2008 was nothing less than UN-BELIEVABLE !!! Thank you fish-gods. As the seasons change, so does my prey, so a day at DVL was the perfect way to jump-start my quest for another double-digit Largemouth Bass. Hemet Valley at sunrise Just...
  334. 26grumpy

    Vegas to Carlsbad to "Bob" (A week with the Grumpy's)

    Mrs Grumpy won a contest at her work, 3 days and 2 nights in Las Vegas. All expenses paid, a nice stay at Bellagio, great food and a big bash with 900 people from all over the U.S. At the big bash, Mrs Grumpy got to go up on stage and pull 63 envelopes out of 5,000 envelopes stuffed with dead...
  335. 26grumpy

    The all night crawl......buggin' report 10.17.08

    I picked a spot way way way inside this time. I got down to the water around 4:00 PM, going solo on this trip. The place was empty. this is a good sign on a Friday ! I picked a spot far away from the other guys and it paid off. No seals trying eat the bait out of my gear, no divers or...
  336. 26grumpy

    San Roberto Reef 10.1.08

    Spent a great day on the ocean today ! Dead, dead, dead falt calm and not a puff of wind all day. On-board today we had 80 year old "Uncle" Rodger and his son Mike. I've known these two characters for about 30 years now. We've shared Sierra trips, Santa Rosalia Trips and some No. Cal Feather...
  337. 26grumpy

    Offshore OC report

    That's because I got blown off the water for the second trip in a row, on a day that started out dead flat calm. It was soooo calm, the sky and the water looked to be one. Got to the harbor alot late, my partner said somthing about strangling a 15 year old son, I left that one alone! 9:00 AM and...
  338. 26grumpy

    Offshore The OC Report 9.16.08

    Makin' macks at 6:00 AM on the Dana Headlands to find 59.5 green water, the Harbor was 60.2. That wind yesterday really rolled things on the beach. A full scoop of mini-deans, a few macks and away we go. The best water was between the 279 and the 14. 69.3 and decent color, a few terns and 1...
  339. 26grumpy

    Offshore frontpage weather link

    where did it go ? That was the best weather link on the internet !
  340. 26grumpy

    Offshore no report

    ....that was our motto on Thursday 9.11.08. It's 3:30 AM and we're hooking up the Farrallon in Dana Point when the always dependable trailer jackstand decides it isn't going to let us go fishing today. That's it !!! All bets are off, we're going, jackstand or not ! NO PRISONERS !!! Good thing...
  341. 26grumpy

    Feeling home-sick ?

    Hey guys, I wish I was where you are......thought I'd share what's happening "up the line" a little. Just another September in Cali...... YouTube - stupid tuna PV in May baby....can't wait !!!
  342. 26grumpy

    Offshore stupid report

    ...... I don't know how else to describe what happened on Wednsday 9.3.08. We left Dana Point at 5:00 AM with two scoops of the finest sardines available on the West Coast....thanks big bad Joe and all at the EB bait receiver !!! Greeted by flat calm seas, we made 25 knots all the way to the...
  343. 26grumpy

    Offshore What kind of fish is this ?

    Go time !!! It's 5:00 AM, Dana Point, real quiet, just a few boats on the ramp.......182 here we come..... eventually. Met Big Mike at the ramp, rolled back the boat cover, flipped on the spreader lights so as to see while loading up our lights, no power, what the heck ...
  344. 26grumpy

    Offshore wish you were here...... video report 8.26.08

    Got real lucky to fish with "On The Slide" Rob Perry of Dana Marine Center, and another solid stick Ted, a vetran of many a fishing trip...... Our plan led us out to The Ridge and down toward the 302. We caught a "Bay of L.A." weather day as there was very little wind or swell for the...
  345. 26grumpy

    I dare you........

    I dare you to line your boat up, pointed straight into the thickest most matted kelp forest you could imagine, and run full throttle right into the middle of the "fobidden land" of Calico Bass. This was the scene at 6:00 AM for myself and Crawdad Guy, as we went to school with a true Calico Jedi...
  346. 26grumpy

    San Mateo goes silly.....again !!! 8.18.08

    I stayed on the beach today, as off-shore was not an option. I had to meet my paving crew on a job in Irvine at 6:30 AM. Got that handled, drove to Mission Viejo to pick up my brother-in-law Chip, as well as his friend Steve who is just back from 4 months of Commercial-fishing halibut up in...
  347. 26grumpy

    Offshore holding my ass.....

    ......because that's where I got kicked today ! Left Dana at 5:00 AM, killer sardines. 70 on the beach and some life early at 10 miles off Las Pulgas. Worked out and down a little further, went west and out to the 209 and found beautiful condition well before the high spot with 68.5, but no...
  348. 26grumpy

    Offshore 182 and up the Ridge 8.8.08 photos/report

    We left Dana Point at 5:30 AM with the 182 as our destination. This area looked fishy as Terrafin clearly showed a nice temp / color break just above the high spot. "Big Fish" Mike finally got his shot as his last trip was a long-ranger......some 7 years ago ! It was kinda cool to see Pro Gear...
  349. 26grumpy

    Offshore 182 and up the Rudge 8.8.08

    Just got in, long day, started at 3:30 AM. Nice clean blue 68.5 in 10 knot rollin' conditions. Found the right paddy at 3 miles above the 182, 2 yellows, dumped 1, other 21 #. Open water double on twin 25# YFT. 1/2 hour later 6 miles above 182, a single abli at 11#. The albi ate the Zuchini...
  350. 26grumpy

    Offshore Inside report 8.6.08

    It's 5:15 AM and I'm stepping on Grumpy for a little game of cat and mouse when some other P/B'er on the dock asks me somthing. "What ?", I asked. Seems he left his stern plug on his swimstep and it fell off while towing his rig to the harbor. I carry a couple extras because "things happen". He...
  351. 26grumpy

    Offshore Don't go where I went

    Left Dana Point @ 5:00 AM, went outside to that sweet " looking" 73 degress area, 289, 209, 277, nada. No life at all, not even Shear Waters. Ran south @ 11:30 and found East Cape-like conditions. 72 deg., purple-blue, 20 10# Dorado chased a sardine back to the boat, then...
  352. 26grumpy

    Offshore opah 7.26.08

    Just got a call from my brudd'a Rob Perry ( Dana Marine Center in Dana Point ). He's not into the I-net thing but asked me to post his 85# Opah for him. He buddy boated to below the 1010 on Saturday for a two-boat count of approximatly : 50 plus yellotail to 30# 8 dorado 10 yellowfin a few...
  353. 26grumpy

    Willow Beach Striper Report with a twist 7.26.08

    After almost one year of parenthood, jobs, commitments, and other challenges, Mrs Grumpy and I took our perfect baby Kyle (11 months old) on his first long-haul road trip ! We landed in Las Vegas on Friday 7.25.08 and were greeted by an out-of-this-world BBQ, adult beverages, and a 50 mile view...
  354. 26grumpy

    sickness at san mateo video report 7.24.08

    We found all the sandbass that have recently left the Tiajuana Flats. They conveniently packed up all their junk, went through customs at the boarder, and landed on The San Roberto Reef ! After 3 hours of non-stop drop and wind-style fishing, the count was 35 sandbass and 11 Brown Rock Cod...
  355. 26grumpy

    Offshore 267 mako report / video 7.20.08

    Somthing just felt fishy, it was like we knew somthing interesting was about to happen. That's the feeling we had as we motored away from the bait receiver in Dana Point. As we slid up to the receiver only moments before, bait-man Joe assessed our gear and asked, " In the shark tournament today"...
  356. 26grumpy

    Offshore 209'ish Yellow 7/16/08

    Got to ride on the tuna machine again, Rob's (Dana Marine Center) 27' Farrallon is so sweet going off-shore, 5 scoop capacity (we got two generous scoops from EB's at 5:30 this morning) and a polite 4 mpg out of the Volvo diesel. The plan was to find that killer temp break running across the...
  357. 26grumpy

    Offshore 267-209-181 and back

    Left Dana at 5:30 AM, just walked in the fromt door.....ummmm, wify has pot roast waiting. I'm BEAT !! 68.8 between 267 and 209, that's where the life was today. 181 was 65 maybe a little less. We blanked on the YFT, but worked with Rhatical who got two, a 30# and a 22#, thanks man, good...
  358. 26grumpy

    it's a small world after all......

    I'm just riding the coat tails of the Big-Eye / YFT identification discussion from the Off-Shore Forum. I wanted to share a "little" somthing to drop-back on your bars after they get hit...... Nothing more frustrating than when a school erupts on micro-bait in the wake, and all...
  359. 26grumpy

    it's just different.....

    The plan was to jump on a 1/2 day open charter down at Dana Point, the bass bite has been really good ! I met up with Crawdad Guy at the Arco gas station in Dana so we could carpool into the landing. We were greeted by some really nice people at the check-in office and they offerd us some fresh...
  360. 26grumpy

    if you've ever had doubts about spectra.....

    let me put them to rest..... YouTube - spectra rules !!! We fished a mid-day 1/2 day on Saturday at the Barn Kelp and had another good shot of calicos. The dead-stick got bit a few times as well. No glamour fish, but I was so amazed by the kelp-cutting abilities of 65# spectra, I wanted to...
  361. 26grumpy

    Barn Burner 6.24.08

    All the "little things" in life took a back seat to what's really important......FISHING !!!!! Tuesday, 6.24.08, was one of those important days in mi vida loco. Good weather, 70 degress water along the South Coast beachs, and good company were the ingredients to what would be an epic day of...
  362. 26grumpy

    The Salvage Bros 6.17.08

    Seems to be my story latley as the big ol' yellers and and the " I've been given the curse" WSB didn't play for us today. Rob Perry, of Dana Marine Center, invited me on his SCHAWEET 27' Farallon "On The Slide" ( 5 scoop bait capacity, is it tuna time yet ? ) to the V's this morning, It was...
  363. 26grumpy

    A Fish Recipe...............

    Take one of these, TK's Knock !!! ......... breifly maranade it with this........ put it in a pre-heated oven........ cook it until starts to bubble, take it out, and it should look like this....... you can vary...
  364. 26grumpy

    Kids Day at the Dock 6.8.08

    Took some neighborhood kids out today 6.8.08 and had wide open sandbass and calicos until our arms fell off The day started at San Roberto Reef for approx. 40 sandbass and a couple Brown Rockcod. We kept 1/2 limits as we learned about conserving our resource by releasing the rest, In...
  365. 26grumpy

    full speed calicos

    Left Dana at 8:30 under dark cloudy skies but almost no wind. A full scoop was barely enough for myself and Rob from Dana Marine Center (great repair shop in Dana Point). We headed straight to "BOB", it was plugged as usual, but today the sandies were a little bigger ! Rob pulled one that went...
  366. 26grumpy

    This should be fun.....

  367. 26grumpy

    WON WSB Tourney

    YouTube - fish tourney Special thanks to our new friends in Avalon, Rick on the Meridian for plugging us full, and all at WON for doing what they do so well !
  368. 26grumpy


    Had a great day on the water, dead flat calm, warm, very little swell, picture perfect !!! Left Dana Point on my friends 26 Osprey " Bank Robber " around 8:00 AM on a get-the-rust-off and tune up for this week-end and the WON Catalina White Seabass Tourney. There's life all over the place...
  369. 26grumpy

    For The Love of "BOB"

    A little story to tell here. A month or so ago I was heading back to Dana Point after a day of fishing the Barn Kelp. Several miles from Dana we stop to clean some of the days catch. After cleaning the fish and the boat, I get behind the helm and there on the sonar is a structure spot that was...
  370. 26grumpy

    local trip 4.26.05

    After Friday's catch, we thought we'd give it a go today, hopefully a repeat performance was in the cards! It was HOT, like 90 degs, with the Santa Ana wind condition blowing softly off -shore. My wife is a pretty good "stick" in her own right so I took her advice and tried a different spot this...
  371. 26grumpy

    Dana Point local trip Friday 4/25

    The weather looked good for Friday 4/25 until around 12:00 pm, at which point a 15 knot was supposed to kick up on top of a 3'-5' lump, so local 1/2 day fishing was the call for today. After getting invites on other peoples pilot houses (26 Osprey and 27 Farralon) the last couple months, we...
  372. 26grumpy

    A butt' and a few turds 4.17.08 Dana Point

    Got an invite from Capt. Rob to fish his 27 Farallon, and wouldn't you know, it went dead calm from sun-up unitl 2:00 pm. Caught the weather right because, as most of you know, Mother Nature is suppose to kick up toward the end of the week-end. This was a good sign we thought. Dana Point was a...
  373. 26grumpy

    Do you like to fish ?

    If you do, then here is your chance to affect the MPLA process. And it's really easy to do !!! I know this is not the "fishing politics" fourm, but this is important and needs as many views as possible. After reading this thread, double click this link, Keep America Fishing -- Protect...
  374. 26grumpy

    I'm "boosting" again.............

    Might be the wrong forum but, what the hell ! This is from last November............. YouTube - Black Daze
  375. 26grumpy

    Sweet Dreams..........And Bitter Realities

    The alarm goes off at 4:00 AM, beep, beep, beep. I slowly come out of one of the best night's sleep ever, only to gently press the "off" button and drift back to noctournal bliss ! I sleep in until 8:00 AM, at which point I turn to see the beautiful Mrs. Grumpy's big brown eyes gently open. She...
  376. 26grumpy

    Laguna Niguel kicks out

    Tried to get my cheap ass, good for nothing boat partner out on our 26 Striper for a little sand bassin', but no go with the big pond. Hadn't been to Laguna Niguel in a long time and it wasn't half bad. Hooked a 3.5 # first thing, about 7 little males scattered throughout the day, a 4.5# and a...
  377. 26grumpy

    Good enough for page one of W.O.N this week

    Yeah I'm braggin, when I was a kid, reading W.O.N, I'd dream of getting my pic on the front cover. It's taken 47 years to get page one anyway..........hope it's not another 47 to get the actual cover. I feel like a school girl !:supergay:
  378. 26grumpy

    Isthmus High Spot busts open

    On some great numbers obtained from another site, my bud and I cruised the 45 miles from Dana Point to the Isthmus High Spot. As we approched the numbers, the sonar got very happy ! We set anchor only once, and sat on a continuous pick of 2 - 5 lb calicos and assorted bottom grabbers. Final...
  379. 26grumpy

    Finally got my double digit !!!!!!!

    After several years of heartbreak, lost a couple to rocks and tules, and some that were close to 10# but not quite, Friday 2.15.08 was to be my day !!!!!! This beauty went 10.1# on my digital scale and 10.3 on my buddies digital. Hooked her on a #5 Hudd slow-rolling the bottom in less than...
  380. 26grumpy

    Dana Point thresher....Oct 07.

    this one is from October.............. YouTube - threshers tell no tails
  381. 26grumpy

    late shark report..........

    It took a while to put this together YouTube - mako madness