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  1. jsl

    Rafa Cuevas contact?

    Here you go, 52-616-121-5230 or [email protected] Or you can look him up on Facebook under " Rafa Sport Fishing " Btw, are you anywhere close to Ontario? If so I have a tackle box I would like to give him and would appreciate it if you could take it down to him. Scott
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    Late report BOLA May 6-9 pics do the talking

    Looks like a bitchen time. Gotta love fishing with Joe Jr. Great skiller and even greater guy... Scott
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    Thank you Michael, much
  4. jsl


    Thank you Michael, much appreciated
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    Guys, I'm trying to set up a fishing trip but my man Ramon is recovering from covid so I'm in need of another skipper. Who do you recommend in Erendira and how do I get a hold of him? Thanks in advance Scott
  6. jsl

    Ling Cod-Jigs or Swimbait ?

    IMO, at that depth, your best bet would be either a live mackerel or heavy jax jig type lure. I got luck and got 11 Lings down in Mexico in a day on a 16 oz jax jig. Keep the jig real close to the bottom and slowly yoyo it off the bottom, slowing it's descent down by thumbing the spool. Hope...
  7. jsl

    What did you waste the most money on...tackle wise?

    When I first started, Shimano gear was the "Louise Vuitton" of fishing gear at the time ( 1999 ), so I bought into the hype and bought all of them. After years of continually having to drive to Irvine to get the damn things fixed and re-fixed, I dumped all of them and bought myself some real...
  8. jsl

    Offshore 8 Days and 1 Hour at Sea

    Wow......8 days at gentlemen are monsters!!!! Congrats on the nice fish and thanks for the awesome report. Scott
  9. jsl

    BOLA 10/11 -10/13: Captain Juan

    Awesome report and great seeing you again John. Scott
  10. jsl

    Border crossing question

    What's up bud. We went through Tecate and it was a smooth crossing. Anhow, I'll be back down October 8-12. Hit me up. Will be staying at Cangrejos Scott
  11. jsl

    Border crossing question

    Thanks, bro. Are you still at Slover? Dude, come back already lol Scott
  12. jsl

    Border crossing question

    Hi all. What's going on with the border crossings on the way home? Is San Ysidro still a crazy long wait? What about Tecate? Is Tecate really only open from 5AM to 2:00PM? I was on their site and it says so, but when I called, the recording says open till 11PM. Does anyone have reliable informed...
  13. jsl

    the most dreaded post ANY of us will EVER make..... RIP my beautiful wife Valerie Jean.

    My condolences.... that was difficult to read. I hope time heals your pain and I trust you find peace knowing that your beloved wife is at peace and free of pain Scott
  14. jsl

    Bahia de Los Angeles first trip of the year 7/10-7/13

    Awesome!! Joel Jr is a great guy!! Thanks for sharing the great pictures. Scott
  15. jsl

    Erendira WSB 7/12/2020

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing pics and story. Scott
  16. jsl

    Bahia de los Angeles 7/3 to 7/6

    Looks like an awesome time. Great pic, especially the last one. These are the reasons why I fish Baja. It's not just the great fishing, it's the great people. They are warm, hospitable, and love to share their resources. We are lucky to have access to this bitchen place with bitchen people. Scott
  17. jsl

    Need BOLA info, SHARKS?

    Contact Enrique Dagget. He posts here quite a bit and may have more information to help. The area is extremely hot, exceeding 100 on most days during the summer so I wouldn't camp there if you paid me good money lol. Dagget also has rooms with up to 6 beds so they may be your most cost-effective...
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    Last time I was there, the Mercado Isla had both ice and beer. Scott
  19. jsl

    Less fortunate could use a hand...

    Sign me up, too. I would be glad to contribute. Scott
  20. jsl

    Recommendations inshore/offshore

    Guys, I'll be heading down to PV this Saturday, March 14-18, and am in need of some recommendations on fishing charters for either offshore tuna if they're around, or inshore. Who are the go-to guys and what do they charge? Our group consists of 3 dudes, with 2 being fishermen and another dude...
  21. jsl

    Erendira Ramon Avila Sportfishing

    Here's his number
  22. jsl

    headed to bola tomorrow

    Have fun, Derek. Machos gave up some good fish for us a week or so ago. Scott
  23. jsl

    Abreojos and BOLA

    Hey Juan, great advice. That's what I was doing but we had a few guys who were new to fishing the area. Tight lines to ya.. Scott
  24. jsl

    Abreojos and BOLA

    Steve has to make you another visit, Jerry. We burned through our load in a couple hours haha. Scott
  25. jsl

    Abreojos and BOLA

    Fished Abreojos and BOLA from 11/8-11/10 Day 1 Abreojos Went 0/5 on grouper as each of us all got bit and rocked. Fish only bit for a short time window and on one reef out of the many we tried. Oh well,we had our chances but struck out. Ended the day catching a bunch of small yt, bonito, and...
  26. jsl

    Fishing in Egypt

    Hey guys, I'm gonna be in Egypt on my honeymoon from June 17- June 24, and would appreciate any information about fishing, both fresh and salt water. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Scott
  27. jsl

    San Quintin still HOT

    Awesome. Thanks for the great report. Scott
  28. jsl

    San Quintin

    Hey Bob, hope all is well. Yep, lousy catching but we all had a great time anyways. Good friends, good food, and awesome people. Why I love fishing baja....always a great time, irregardless of the catching. Scott
  29. jsl

    San Quintin

    Fished 10/18, 10/19 and experienced very slow fishing. Fished San Ramon reef , 240, and the 6 for 1 yt around 10 lbs and a few bonito trolling rapalas. We did a couple drifts at the 240 and got a couple nice reds and lings. Pretty much the same thing on 10/19 as we ended up with only a few...
  30. jsl

    Never fished penn squal 30 combo $80

    How much for just the reel? Thanks Scott
  31. jsl

    10-19-19 - Looking for a boat for 4man - San Quintin

    I always have luck with captain Alfredo Peralta. He's been fishing those waters since he was a boy and knows every spot like the back of his hand. Cell- 011 52 1616 107 0358 Scott
  32. jsl

    Asuncion Late August

    That's epic. Those beaked whales are incredibly rare sites. Thanks for sharing Scott
  33. jsl

    Have the dodos shown at BOLA?

    Yes. Saw some on the surface a couple weeks ago Scott
  34. jsl

    Where to stay in abreojos?

    There was a small hotel in the middle of town that's clean. Contact Polito for information about it and fishing 615 109 0481 Scott
  35. jsl

    BOLA / Baja.. The Good and the VERY BAD!

    Sorry about your experience and thank you for taking the time to post. Scott
  36. jsl

    Do yellowtail eat the chunk?

    Most definitely. Imo, most game fish ( yt, btf, yft, dorado, wsb, ect) are opportunistic feeders and will readily take chunk bait. Scott
  37. jsl

    Offshore 6/28 Tuna Report and Analysis of Pelagic Catches vs. Moon Phase

    Thank you for taking the time to plot the data and offer some analysis. Like you stated, this data was derived from 2018 and may be entirely different from year to year. In scientific terms, it basically means nothing due to the fact that no correlation can be derived. IMO, most of the...
  38. jsl

    PB Barn Door....about time !!

    Wtg!! Great report Scott
  39. jsl


    Hey Juan, Yeah. Strange, unsettled weather for sure. We were coming back from Candaleros and we hit pockets of cold air, then hit pockets of warm air within a couple miles of each other. Strange. Hopefully it settles down for ya. Tight lines.... Scott
  40. jsl


    Nice report, Juan. What's the water temps at Candaleros area and southern end of La Guarda? Was there on memorial weekend and temps were around 66. Thanks Scott
  41. jsl

    Headed to BOLA TJ or Mexicali entry?

    You can call your bank for pesos. Chase and other banks provide that service. Last time I asked, it was 18/1 exchange rate from Chase Scott
  42. jsl

    Headed to BOLA TJ or Mexicali entry?

    Fill out the visa online. Once you cross the border, park and walk into the Aduanas building on the right. Walk all the way to the far right and there are agents there. Present your visa and passport and get your stamp. Easy.... I would make sure to have all pesos for gas and incidentals
  43. jsl

    First time bahía delos Angeles

    Hey Adrian, IMO, you are good to going to need a heavy dropper loop setup. I fish 100 to 200 lb leaders on a makira 20 and a broomstick. Brings lots of heavy yoyo iron and lots of heavy lead in 16 +oz. If you're going on a new or full moon, bring even heavier and more lead as the current can...
  44. jsl

    BOLA fishing report Memorial Weekend

    Hey Bob, how ya doing? Are you able to fish soon? I gotta head down there to redeem myself haha. Got a little gulf grouper that went 15lbs so I'm still hunting that monster. Scott
  45. jsl

    BOLA 5/27-29/19

    Awesome report, Jose and cool meeting you guys. You guys definitely killed it. Scott
  46. jsl

    Pedro's Pangas in San Quintin

    Mucho kudos for your kind act. I'm doing my part and setting up Lilo up with some buddies, too. It's been a while but can't wait to fish with him again. Scott
  47. jsl

    BOLA fishing report Memorial Weekend

    Hey Jose, Likewise. Cool meeting ya. You guys got my buddy all excited about spear fishing haha.
  48. jsl

    BOLA fishing report Memorial Weekend

    Drive was smooth and uneventful as the road is much improved from previous years. However, there were delays ( south and north bound ) just south of Ensenada due to construction. Wait times were about 20 minutes. Day 1, 5/26/2019 Went to southern end of La Guarda with Pedro from Cangrejos and...
  49. jsl

    Puerto Peñasco?

    I fished it a few years back. Went on a big party boat and caught bone fish, bay bass, and a few trigger fish. IMO, it was just to "pass the time" and "experience" type of fishing and caters to tourists rather than hard core fishermen. I wouldn't do it again nor would I recommend it. Hope this...
  50. jsl

    Cory update Thursday

    Best wishes to you and a speedy recovery, Cory. Scott
  51. jsl

    Anybody going to bola & need 1 person

    Hey Derek, We're heading down there and fishing with Pedro from Cangrejos on Labor Day weekend ( leaving 24, fishing 25, 26, returning 27th ). IDK for sure how many will be in our group as dudes tend to be kinda flaky but let me know if you'd like to join us. Scott
  52. jsl

    BOLA late April early May

    From reports from captains there ,it looks like good fishing on big yt cabrilla and baqueta grouper. Look up Igor Galvan on FB. Hope this helps . Scott
  53. jsl

    Gonzaga reports

    Hey guys, I'm planning on going soon and need a report. Anything happening down there yet ? Thanks in advance
  54. jsl

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    I go with Juan Pollo dinner deal. Comes with chicken, salsa, tortillas, and beans n rice. Toss in a couple serrano chiles and wash it down with a cold beer. Life is good.... If on a party boat, it's tradition to have a breakfast burrito in the morning and double burger for lunch. Just something...
  55. jsl

    Anybody heading to San Quintin?

    I may head down in the next week or so, not sure yet. If I do, I'll Pm you to set it up Scott
  56. jsl

    Oldmill San Quintin winter specials

    Thanks, Juan. See you in Gonzaga in March Scott
  57. jsl

    Oldmill San Quintin winter special

    Hey guys, does anyone know if Javier is offering the fishing /hotel specials he did in years past ? Scott
  58. jsl

    Oldmill San Quintin winter specials

    Hey guys, does anyone know if Javier is offering the fishing /hotel specials he did in years past ? Scott
  59. jsl

    11/12 SQ Report

    Glad you had a great time but, imo, you rushed it and missed out on the true Baja experience. Next time you go, make sure to allocate more time to mix with the locals and explore. For me, Baja fishing trips are more about the wonderful people, culture and food! Try out some of the local...
  60. jsl

    Not Selling Squid Again For Channel Islands WSB

    lol that's awesome!
  61. jsl

    Question for San Quintin trip

    60 lb setup for trolling with rapala x-rap magnums in sizes 15,20,30 50 lb setup for yoyo iron and heavy yoyo iron such as tady 4/0, Salas 6x jrs 40 lb live bait fly line setup Torpedo sinkers in 4,8,16 oz A couple boxes of squid Sabikis It's cold in the morning so a heavy jacket. Have...
  62. jsl

    La Bocana 10/28-11/2

    Thanks for the great report Dave. Looks like great times. I may head down there this coming weekend. Who can I fish with if all the pangeros are working lobster? Scott
  63. jsl

    Wire for rapalas for wahoo?

    Thanks, gentlemen. Scott
  64. jsl

    Wire for rapalas for wahoo?

    Hey guys, I want to rig up some rapalas for wahoo and am in need of your advise because I don't have a clue. Which type of wire do you prefer for this? Thanks Scott
  65. jsl

    Dry ice in Baja?

  66. jsl

    Dry ice in Baja?

  67. jsl

    Dry ice in Baja?

    Hey guys does anyone know of places that sell dry ice from tj down to Ensenada ? Scott
  68. jsl

    Offshore Aztec 1.75 report for 10-22 to 10-24

    Congratulations!! Great report... Scott
  69. jsl

    Trolling tips?

    Rapala X-Rap Magnums kick ass and catch just about any type of predatory fish. I would try different sizes ( 15,20,30 ) on 60 lb line max, at 3-5 mph. Slower for the bigger ones. Drop back about 40 feet away and make sure your rod tip is vibrating as that indicates the lures are tracking...
  70. jsl

    75% Chance of El Nino This Winter

    True. Climatology is very difficult because their calculations are subject chaos theory ( butterfly effect), which introduces legit uncertainty with respect to outcomes. However, like a mechanic knows more about cars than I do, NOAA scientists know waaaay more than I and everyone else on this...
  71. jsl

    75% Chance of El Nino This Winter

    Indeed. There are lots of 'experts' on this site. Some of you guys dismissing scientists should tell your doctor how to do his s/her job. SMH.... Scott
  72. jsl

    Abreojos contacts

    Hey guys, I'm in need of contacts in Abreojos. Can someone help me out with contacts for gorilla or rigo Zuniga? Also in need of hotel recommendations and contacts, too. Thanks in advance. Scott
  73. jsl

    Colt sniper style casting jigs

    How much do they weigh?
  74. jsl

    Offshore La Jolla, 09/30 YT limit, Fish ID needed

    It's a panga. Dude was prolly just playing around with this post
  75. jsl

    San Quintin 9/8-9/9

    Alfredo Peralta
  76. jsl

    San Quintin 9/8-9/9

    Thanks but bola is too hot for me.this time of year I may head down in November We'll stay in touch. Might go to ascuncion If wahoo go off. Scott
  77. jsl

    San Quintin 9/8-9/9

    Day 1 Fished the 6, 240 and caught 8 yt,1 yft, and tons of Bonito. Most fish were on trolled rapalas, feathers, and cedar plugs. Most of the yt were small with fish averaging 4-6 lbs. One fish was around 14 lbs. Bonito were anywhere from 5-10 lbs. Weather was kinda crappy with a ground swell...
  78. jsl

    BOLA August August 3-4 HOT!

    Thanks for the great report. That heat is unbearable at times. What kinda alleviated my suffering in the past was to bring a small soft cooler loaded with ice and small towels. I would place the towels on the back of my neck every 20 minutes or so. This helped cool my blood and made a huge...
  79. jsl

    Wtb torpedos

    Hey guys, anyone selling pouring torpedo sinkers from 1-6oz?
  80. jsl

    Offshore 201# Cow at SCI 7/26

    Congratulations on a bad ass fish. What type of gear did you guys use? I'm debating between a mak 30 or mak 50.thanks Scott
  81. jsl

    Offshore Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18 must be stoked
  82. jsl

    Offshore Islander 2.5 day - 7/22-25

    Awesome well written report. What a pleasure to read Thank you for taking the time. Scott
  83. jsl

    Summary of reports and wondering what's next

    You made some excellent points! However, regarding albacore precence, it may be due shifts in migration or overfishing I don't nor does anyone else have a clue about it. Fish do shift migration routes like the adult bluefin we're seeing here. They usually do not occur in abundance as now as...
  84. jsl

    Bola July 1st-3rd

    Looks like a great time! Can't wait till the heat subsides , I'll head down there again
  85. jsl

    Fishing in BOLA 13,14,15 of july

    Imo, if you seriously want to target grouper, it's a good idea to go super heavy- 200+ lb leader or heavy wire and 40+ lbs of drag. Use a medium sized bass to avoid constantly having to change your baits. The trigger fish are a nuisance if you use mackerel. If trolling, I would troll large deep...
  86. jsl

    What about trolling for Bluefin

    They are opportunistic predators and are caught using a variety of methods which mimic their prey base. As such, they do in fact bite trolled lures. If they're boat shy, it may be a good idea to drop back some rapalas Scott
  87. jsl

    Bola 6/8,6/9

    Awesome! Congratulations on that badass fish. I have yet to catch anything like that Have gotten a lot of small ones in San Ignacio but I'm still chasing that trophy
  88. jsl

    Bola 6/8,6/9

    No way. Enrique Daggett told me a story of a guy who did that.... might have been you. Did you think you were stuck on a rock?
  89. jsl

    Bola 6/8,6/9

    Awesome catch! I had the same experience on a Tony Reyes trip. Hooked a yt on a yoyo which got inhaled by a grouper. I was fishing a makira 10 on 50lb and 20 lbs of drag. Didn't stand a chance as he peeled off line like nothing and rocked me.
  90. jsl

    Bola 6/8,6/9

    Yeah I'm with Derek on this one. They have some crazy teeth and bite through 80 like nothing. I've seen others and have been bitten off by em on numerous occasions. Because of that, I usually fish them with 120 200 lb leaders Pedro from Cangrejos doesn't fuck around and goes with 200lb main...
  91. jsl

    Effects of Hurricane Bud in Midriff/BOLA San Francisquito area

    I got back on Sunday and the red tide extended all the way to Barnabe. Nobody can predict how remnants of the storm can effect roads, especially around Catavina as there are many arroyos running through roads. Imo, it's probably a better idea to just drive down and hire a guide. Scott
  92. jsl

    Bola 6/8,6/9

    Coolio... . I be down
  93. jsl

    Bola 6/8,6/9

    Yup. When dropper looping there, I bust out the heavy gear (120 as well) . Last year we fished 80 and didn't stand a chance on several fish. More than likely grouper because they bit through the mono no problem
  94. jsl

    Bola 6/8,6/9

    Haven't fished with him in a loooong time. I think he does mainly LR now.
  95. jsl

    Bola 6/8,6/9

    Wow. Nice fish, Derek. Never got anything big from bola myself. Best thus far was a 25 lber with Enrique as well
  96. jsl

    Bola 6/8,6/9

    Hey Copper. Nice glad you got em! We were the two dudes at the border. Our buddies were stuck in the x-ray place haha
  97. jsl

    Bola 6/8,6/9

    Here's the 29 lber Pedro caught. It bit a little colt sniper right next to the boat. The fish bit better in the morning and seemed to slow down in the afternoon. Probably related to current rather than time. They seemed to be roving around the reefs from 200 to the surface and would bite any...
  98. jsl

    Bola 6/8,6/9

    Awesome. Hope you guys kill it. I usually do a few trips a year to bola, once in June then October or November. Can't stand the blazing heat there so I switch over to the Pacific in the summer. I'll probably fish Abreojos, then swing by bola on the way back in November. Maybe we could kill some...
  99. jsl

    Bola 6/8,6/9

    Fished with Enrique first day....great guy! It's in there but not as bad as the rest of the place. Hope conditions improve for you guys. Scott
  100. jsl

    Bola 6/8,6/9

    6/8 Went to Barnabe and experienced the slowest fishing ever, ending our day with 1 yt, 2 trigger fish, and a tiny pinto bass. The water was 68 and looked like coffee. 6/9 Went to south end of the La Guarda and had decent action on yt from 8-29 with most fish averaging 12. Water was 72 and...
  101. jsl

    80$ for 1/2 scoop squid and 1/2 scoop of sardines at nachos

    Grab some fresh dead at an Asian market for $4 a lb. There ya go.. Scott
  102. jsl

    Murder in Bay of LA

    I'm still heading down with a group of 6. Leaving Thursday, fishing three days. Scott
  103. jsl

    Murder in Bay of LA

    Condolences to the slained. May justice be served on the fucking animals responsible
  104. jsl

    bola 5/27 & 28

    Thanks for the great report! Were the fish up on top or down deep? Any word on the grouper and cabrilla? We'll be there on the 7th. Fishing with Enrique on the 8th and Pedro on 9,10. Can't wait! Scott
  105. jsl

    Rock Cod Jax jig lot-SOLD

    I'll take them. Pm sent
  106. jsl

    Rock Cod Jax jig lot-SOLD

    What's the weight breakdown on them?
  107. jsl


    Thanks for the bitchen report Scott
  108. jsl

    Punta Banda Reports?

    Who else do you use besides Vonny's Fleet? Thanks Scott
  109. jsl

    Punta Banda Reports?

    His brother Hector? Isn't Vonny's fleet the only game in town there or are there other outfits?
  110. jsl

    Punta Banda Reports?

  111. jsl

    Punta Banda Reports?

  112. jsl

    Punta Banda Reports?

    Hey guys, Anyone fish Punta Banda recently? I'm thinking of heading down there to fish with Beto again and am in need of some intel. Thanks in advance. Scott
  113. jsl

    Finally! Fishing SQ! Need some advice.

    IMO, for lodging, the Old Mill is ideal because of it's location. It's right where all the action is and makes things way easier and enjoyable. Your other options include Donn Eddie's and Jardines. Jardines is the nicest of the three but too isolated and boring. As for fishing, there are many...
  114. jsl

    Fishing Related Book Collection

    I like the Baja Catch by Neil Kelly and Gene Kira. Love the stories. I can't imagine what type of fishery it was in those days. Scott
  115. jsl

    Fishing by moon phases and types of fish

    IMO, moon phases relate to fishing by influencing tidal flows, thus effecting current. Depending on topography, the difference between high tide and low tide are more pronounced during full and new moon phases, with some areas such as the Mid-Riff of Baja seeing tidal swings of 15-20 feet. In...
  116. jsl

    Looking for information on fishing in Mexico

    Imo, Northern Baja is more for hard core fishermen who don't mind rustic and not so scenic places. For family vacations, it may be a good idea to go south. Puerto Vallarta has something for everyone as the hard core fisherman can get his fix while the women can do all the girly things. Plus it's...
  117. jsl

    BOLA next two weeks

    Another captain down there sent me some pics of nice, large cabrilla he caught yesterday btw. I'll be there on first week of June. Scott
  118. jsl

    BOLA next two weeks

    What package deal?
  119. jsl

    1st Overnighter

    Bring sheets, pillow cover, and a change of clothes. Enjoy your trip Scott
  120. jsl

    Your desired improvement to your favorite boats?

    More hot water and better toilets. Most boat's toilets are made for midgets. I don't know how the bigger guys even use those things. Scott
  121. jsl

    Calstar 700M and seeker black steel 6465H

    Guys, I have a buddy who needs these rods Please contact Tim 858-775-2603 if you would like to sell. Calstar 700M Seeker Black Steel 6465H Thanks
  122. jsl

    Gear help for Bahia Los Angeles in May

    Different sized sabikis Torpedos from 4-20+oz Yoyo and surface iron. Lots of them Rapala x-rap 15,20,30. Bring several of each Hooks from 4/0-10+/0 40 lb line for surface iron 60 lb line for trolling and yoyo iron 100 lb line for yt dropper loop 200 - 300lb line for grouper Frozen squid...
  123. jsl


    AwAweso. Thanks ffo the repore. Where do you stay when fisfish there ?
  124. jsl

    San Quintin general questions ?

    Mostly yt and bottom fish so I'd bring 3 setups from 40-60 lb line Yoyo irons like tsdyt4/0 or shimano flatfall. 12-16oz torpedos Sabikis in different sizes Squid And a few rapara x-rap magnums 15-30 A heavy jacket as it gets cold . Scott
  125. jsl

    Offshore Tribute 1.5 day

    I concur. Good boat with a great crew. I'd fish with them any day.. Scott
  126. jsl

    Offshore 37 BFT over 150 lbs on a 1.5 day- Aztec 11/17/17

    Incredible!!!!Congratulations on the most epic trip ever and thanks for sharing the experience. Scott
  127. jsl

    Much-oh, Much-oh cerveza, muy mala noche. 10/19-10/20

    Thanks for sharing that awesome trip! Scott
  128. jsl

    Help me identify this fish?

    It looks a lot like a fresh water drum. I caught them while finishing for white bass in Texas. They're not native to socal like most other fresh water fish we catch here. Scott
  129. jsl

    Help me identify this fish?

    If fresh water, it's probably a drum. Family scaeinidae (spelling?) aka croakers Scott
  130. jsl

    Need Help...Favorite Baja Places

    Hey Bob, sounds like a bad ass plan. Try out San Ignacio. The town is super chill and is akin to stepping back in time. Very mellow vibe and super cool people. Hire a panga and check out the mangroves with a small bait caster. Enjoy.... Scott
  131. jsl

    BOLA Fishing Report 8/7,8/8

    I do. Cool meeting you. Yeah, ran into Juan on the water, I'll probably hook up with him next spring in Gonzaga. Fishing was slow but we had such a great time as always. A Speedy recovery to you and your child. Scott
  132. jsl

    BOLA Fishing Report 8/7,8/8

    I'm in Ontario so that would be awesome. Thanks so much and thanks to all the others who offered, much appreciated!! Scott
  133. jsl

    BOLA Fishing Report 8/7,8/8

    Thank, Derek.
  134. jsl

    BOLA Fishing Report 8/7,8/8

    October. Dunno know why I put 8, it's supposed to be 10. Thanks for the correction. Scott
  135. jsl

    BOLA Fishing Report 8/7,8/8

    Fished both days with Pedro from Cangrejos in Bola. 10/7: Fished locally with the rest of the fleet and experienced slow fishing on baby-sized yt to about 5 lbs. 10/8: Fished Barnabe and other reefs to the south and experienced slow fishing on baby yt, bonito, and other assorted bottom...
  136. jsl

    Any BOLA reports?

    According to Pedro from Cangrejos Sport fishing, fishing is good on yt, cabrilla and grouper but bait is difficult to find. Hope this helps Scott
  137. jsl

    Ensenada Recommendations.

    Guys, I'm in need of legit outfits for chasing tuna out of Ensenada. I haven't fished out of there for years and only know of Vonny's fleet but that's more of an inshore thing. Who do you guys recommend for tuna nowadays? Thanks Scott
  138. jsl

    Ensenada Fishing Recommendations

    Guys, I'm in need of legit outfits for chasing tuna out of Ensenada. I haven't fished out of there for years and only know of Vonny's fleet but that's more of an inshore thing. Who do you guys recommend for tuna nowadays? Thanks Scott
  139. jsl

    in san quintin right now

    Wow. We had to cancel due to the storm. I'm glad we didn't go to bola, otherwise, we'd be assed out. Hope everyone Down there is safe Scott
  140. jsl

    Need some spectra 80lb

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy some 80lb spectra. Please let me know if you want to sell some. Thanks Scott
  141. jsl

    Bola tournament and sq stop

    Nice to meet you and congrats on the win! Scott
  142. jsl

    BOLA July 2017 The adventures continue!

    Wow.... Spectacular report and trip! Thanks for sharing!! Scott
  143. jsl

    San Quintin.

    Oldmill :855-690-9272
  144. jsl


    Wow. Epic trip report. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, I felt like I was there, Best report I've ever read. Thank you Scott
  145. jsl

    Bay of La Report 7/20-7/21

    Nice. No pics of this trip other than the stuff I cooked as we didn't catch anything out of the ordinary.
  146. jsl

    Bay of La Report 7/20-7/21

    Yep, was cool talking with you guys. No dorado. The water has been warm enough for a while but their migrations are erratic like many pelagics so they may or may not show up. We got most of our cabrilla on the heavy iron as bait fishing was frustrating due to triggers constantly tearing up the...
  147. jsl

    Bay of La Report 7/20-7/21

    Fished 7/20 with Enrique and had limits of yt in about an hour. Fish were caught on live mackerel on dropper loops at the south end of La Guarda in 170 ft of water with average size of 10-14 ( guessing ). Fished 7/21 with Pedro from Cangrejo and targeted cabrilla and grouper. We went to...
  148. jsl

    bola July 16th & 17th

    Great report and glad you had a great trip!! I'll be heading down tomorrow and fish with Enrique Thursday. I noticed a Bonito in the picture, were they around thick? Scott
  149. jsl

    Current BOLA Bite

    I'll be there tomorrow night. I've got Enrique on Thursday!! Can't wait to get back down there, a month is too long in between trips for bola haha Scott
  150. jsl

    Snowflakes are among us

    Lol. Fish huggers smh....
  151. jsl

    Freedom Sports fishing

    I'd rather get get information from fellow fishermen because landing reps don't always provide legit Intel
  152. jsl

    Freedom Sports fishing

    Has anyone been on the freedom lately? How's the bunk room? Fished the boat a couple times last year and they had a problem with the AC or fan so the sleeping quarters was like an oven, resulting in an exhausting trip as several of us couldn't get any sleep. Has the situation been resolved? Thx...
  153. jsl

    Current BOLA Bite

    Thanks Derek. I was gonna fish Sq this week but it seems fishing has been slow all year there with no signs of improvement. I may head to bola instead but I don't like the extreme heat this time of year. How's the wind and weather?
  154. jsl

    Current BOLA Bite

    Thanks for the heads up. How's the cabrilla or grouper bite? Thanks and hope you slay Scott
  155. jsl

    $2500 Fishing budget how would you spend it?

    I drive down. Takes 14 hours with stops from Ontario. Depends on how you have going with you but pangas are from $300-$380 per day plus tips and rooms are around $60-$80 double to triple occupancy. If you go now, you'd probably catch more in one day than you would on 10 overnight trips. Bonus...
  156. jsl

    $2500 Fishing budget how would you spend it?

    I would do three Baja trips. I'd spend a grand each on two trips to bay of LA and the rest on a trip to San quintin. I used to do overnight to 8 day LR trips but now fish Baja almost exclusively. Imo, the enjoyment factor is tenfold Scott
  157. jsl

    Offshore Condor Sportfishing

    Great idea. Can someone post a picture of this setup? Thanks Scott
  158. jsl

    Bahia de los Ángeles 7/1/17 & 7/2/17

    Awesome! Variety and a trophy grouper to boot. Congrats... Scott
  159. jsl

    Offshore 6/24 Finally on the meat 302 area

    Congratulations on a catch of a lifetime!! Scott
  160. jsl

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Wow. Sorry to hear about your ordeal and glad you're back safe. I have always planned for these types of scenarios by putting most of money in my shoes when passing through high risk areas like TJ. I've been doing around 10-14 Baja trips per year for over a decade and have been fortunate enough...
  161. jsl

    La Bocana Tips

    Ask for Domingo and Juanchys.
  162. jsl

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Have fun. According to Martin, the surf fishing is good at La Gringa. Good way to spend a couple hours in the evening Scott
  163. jsl

    BOLA June 8th/9th Yellows

    Awesome report. Enrique and his brother Alfonso are a blast to fish with. We had a great day in spite of conditions. Scott
  164. jsl

    Bola June 9,10

    Likewise, cool meeting you guys. Yeah, conditions were nice at the island and the fish were corralling large schools of bait. I had a blast throwing surface iron as fish were swimming around the boat and hitting everything that hit the water. Awesome! The wind prevented us from fishing the...
  165. jsl

    Bola June 9,10

    6/9: Fished with Martin at the south end of La Guarda for limits of yt from 10-14lbs average. Fish were up top and feeding aggressively so everything worked. Lots of fun on surface iron. Water was green and in the upper 60's. 6/10: Fished with Enrique at Barnabe and other reefs in the south...
  166. jsl

    Sustainability of Calico Bass Fishing

    Their population is healthy so keep your limit if you want, it is legal. If you do choose to release them, the larger fish tend to be the proven survivors so you may want to preserve that gene pool Scott
  167. jsl

    Any reports of trying live squid on the BFT at 302?

    Live or dead. If they're hungry, they'll eat it
  168. jsl

    San Quintin Tackle Recommendation & Tips

    No hook restrictions so make yourself several with various size hooks. I usually tie 5 hook ones. You'll be fishing anywhere from 40-500ft so bring a variety of sinkers and hooks. I would also make trap rigs for lingcod with heavy line as well. The whitefish may be forming their spawning...
  169. jsl

    San Quintin Tackle Recommendation & Tips

    I would go with the following: 1. yoyo iron set up with 50lb line 2. A bottom set up with 50lb line and rock fish gagnions 3. A trolling set up with 60lb line 4. A calico set up with 15 lb line Terminal Tackle: various size hooks from 1/0-5/0 Rapala X-rap Magnums ( 15,20,30) plastic...
  170. jsl

    Bucktails in Baja?

    The fish species that occur at the lowest level of a body of water. Think bass, rockfish, grouper, corvina ect Scott
  171. jsl

    Bucktails in Baja?

    They work on a variety of benthic species so bring them Scott
  172. jsl

    3/10/17 Ensenada

    Bonito is totally underrated as a food fish and makes for killer sashimi, poke, ceviche and spicy tuna. Prep it properly upon capture by simply bleeding and putting in ice/seawater slush. Try it sometime Scott
  173. jsl

    You just won your (realistic) dream fishing trip...

    South America. I'd do the Amazon River and all its tributaries. You get to fish for a variety of neotropical species and take in an eco trip here and there. I'd also do Uruguay to target golden Dorado and wolf fish. Scott
  174. jsl

    Best Baja Truck/Camper and Boat Rig

    Good for you! I've been thinking of that for years but have yet to pull the trigger. I've been doing 10-14 trips per year over a decade and have enjoyed the friendships with the local people, fishing, as well as the beauty of the country. I find it easier to drive down and hire a pangero as they...
  175. jsl


    Sounds like a great time. Yeah, it's a shame that some of our border agents can be real ass holes at times. Upon entry at our border, I've been threatened to have to return to Mexico because my truck had dirt on it. The guy said that the Mexican dirt may harbor nematodes. They go too far at...
  176. jsl

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna O95 11/22

    Congratulations on your first bluefin! Single speed Torium? Wow, you da man! Scott
  177. jsl

    Offshore Ending the season with a bang.

    Congratulations on a trip of a lifetime!! Scott
  178. jsl

    Does anyone have any info on bringing bait into mexico?

    I've never had any issues over the years and well over a hundred trips. Scott
  179. jsl

    Xtratuf boots quality nowadays

    They're still great. I had the USA made ones and now own the China made ones. Both are good. I'd get the gel inserts however, makes a huge difference when you're on your feet all day Scott
  180. jsl

    Offshore Tanner bank 11/18

    Congratulations and great job! Welcome to BD and thanks for the awesome report Scott
  181. jsl

    Offshore Tribute 1.5 Day Tanner Bank Trip

    Go again. With 30 baits drifting throughout the water column, it's simply a matter of luck so you may be the guy with multiple trophies on your next trip. I was out Thursday and was lucky enough to get one but I saw many great fishermen get skunked. You may not get another opportunity like we...
  182. jsl

    Offshore Freedom at Tanner Banks Nov 11

    Excellent report and advice. Thanks.. Scott
  183. jsl

    San Quintin September 10th-12th

    Absolutely Leslie, Sq is the only place where we've never had a bad trip, irregardless of the fishing.
  184. jsl

    San Quintin September 10th-12th

    Great report Gabriel. We fished there this past weekend. Slow on exotics but we did manage some rockfish. The water was 64 at the 15 and 6 and it was slow except on Bonito
  185. jsl

    Any Recent San Quintin report?

    I spoke with my guy down there and he said he saw Dorado by the 240 while commercial fishing so you may want to bring some cedar plugs and feathers just in case. Good luck Scott
  186. jsl

    SAN BRUNO, BCS 5/28-6/5

    Just got back from Guerrero Negro. Slow fishing but like your perspective, good people, good food and a great time. Great report BTW... Scott
  187. jsl

    Recent San Quintin reports?

    Bring your own squid. I usually get mine from the Asian markets. 99 ranch usually has good quality. There's a burrito person who sells coffee and burritos by the launch ramp but they usually run out so I usually bring my own sandwiches and such just in case. BTW, one of the garcias posted pics...
  188. jsl

    Recent San Quintin reports?

    Per reports from a captain down there. Lots of reds and no yt as of Tuesday
  189. jsl

    Gonzaga Panga Needed

    Doing good Bob. I'm doing my post-grad work so no more monthly baja trips. Got a trip targeting bsb in santarosaliita this Memorial weekend though. We'll see how that goes. Good luck and have fun Scott
  190. jsl

    Gonzaga Panga Needed

    What's up Bob. There's a fish camp North of the hotel. We hit up an old pangero dude to take us out for the day. You could also try asking the people at the gas station for a pangero. Scott
  191. jsl

    Sad news from Castros camp

    My condolences. I fished with him and his son, Edgar a few years ago. Good guys Scott
  192. jsl

    Flat falls style lures 160g 125g 100g

    Awesome quality product and legit seller. Thank you!! Scott
  193. jsl

    Castro Camp

    No boats or captains operating from colonet. There are a few guys who would run to colonet from Camalu but that was a one and done experience for me. The hotel " cuerva de parrata" is great but fishing was less than stellar
  194. jsl

    Underwater video of yellowtsil in shallow water!

    That was freaking awesome, thanks for posting!!!
  195. jsl


    Back problems my ass. You just suck at fishing :)
  196. jsl

    San Quintin Info.

    Pedros pangas. You could make reservations via old Mill. You can get a panga for $220. It'll fish two comfortably Scott
  197. jsl

    Epic WSB San Quintin

    Lilo actually gaffing fish instead of missing them is new to me lol. Congratulations on an awesome trip. I was down there over the weekend and it was dead slow. Hope it holds up Scott
  198. jsl

    Tony Reyes Trip - 2015 July Fishing Fireworks

    Awesome report!!! Thanks for taking the time Scott
  199. jsl

    Are red crabs edible?

    They're a type of squat lobster so I bet these taste pretty good. Too small and too much work imo but probably good as a soup base. Can't hurt to try Scott
  200. jsl


    Awesome... Congratulations, dude!!! Scott
  201. jsl

    More bay of la

    The fish are in the bay so you won't need gps for the bay fish. You'll see a flotilla just trolling around so head their way. We had one bite the troll literally casting distance from the ramp. Bring several rapala x-raps 15,20,30 and mirro lures and some tady 4 /0's and Salas 6X Jr's and...
  202. jsl

    Okuma Cedros or Penn Fathom?

    I owned a star drag cedros I bought new. The drag wasn't precise throughout the drag range and it didn't produce enough drag. Took it in a couple times and they said :" that's how they are". Anyhow, I wouldn't buy another one Scott
  203. jsl

    San Felipe help!

    Go down to the beach and hit up the guys by the pangas. If you stay local, you might get croaker, corvina and weird looking eels. If you get out to "the rock", you might get some triggerfish, Sierra and Ribera cabrilla. Good luck Scott
  204. jsl

    ensenada black fish market

    I've seen squid, mackerel and sardines but it's sporadic so I wouldn't count on it. Scott
  205. jsl

    Jig talk.

    Color might matter if you're targeting neotropical fish which may be able to see a broader color spectrum. Most fish are dichromates and cannot see the same spectrum we, great apes and some birds can see so it wouldn't matter In addition to that, the way we fish these jigs is enticing a...
  206. jsl


    Yes but it ends 5/15 according to Angie Scott
  207. jsl

    White Sea Bass and San Quintin

    IMO, they form high concentration congregations and feed heavily in preparation for spawning anywhere from January to October. but like most fish, that activity is temperature dependent so each location might experience different spawning runs during different times of the year due to variable...
  208. jsl

    Road closure

    Went to Erendira and Camalu this weekend so I thought I'd give yall a heads up regarding the road. It's open as far as Camalu but many businesses are closed and some protesters were out on the road with signs and such. If you're planning on going down then go ahead but make sure you're fully...
  209. jsl

    Road closure

    Damn... Hope this gets resolved soon. I'm gonna be on spring break soon so I need that road open. Mucho thanks for the heads up Scott
  210. jsl

    San Francisco Bay calico bass

    It may be fry being swept via currents and establishing tiny little populations where conditions permit Scott
  211. jsl

    Help choosing a reel... no fanboys please.

    You can get a great solid reel for that line class in the Daiwa sealine series. Solid and cheap. Win win.... Scott
  212. jsl

    WTB Yo-Zuri Bulk Spools From FHS

    I went there last Wednesday around 3 and was looking for some 40lb but all that was left was the stuff I didn't need like the lighter stuff Scott
  213. jsl

    NIB Shimano Calcutta 400B

    Brand new reel never had line on it. same thing you would get if you bought retail with everything else except it's not $230 plus tax Scott
  214. jsl

    NIB Shimano Calcutta 400B

    I have a brand new Calcutta 400B for sale. Never had line on it and comes with box, paperwork and everything else. $180 cash or shipping on you Scott
  215. jsl

    Mexico Closes Bluefin All of 2015?

  216. jsl

    Three rod combo for San Quintin

    IMO, the rigs I bring would pretty much cover anything you can expect to catch in Sq. However, if tuna and Dorado are in the mix, I'd bring my Penn torque 100 on a 700M with 30-40lb floro. Take lot's of iron with you. The yt have been biting them better than live bait. Been the case for a good...
  217. jsl

    Three rod combo for San Quintin

    I usually go with: 1. Makira 10 with seeker 665H with 50lb topshot for yoyo iron 2. Penn Baja special with terez with 50lb topshot for Deepwater Rock cod jax jig 3. Penn senator 4/0 with broomstick with 50lb for trolling rapalas/rockfish gangnion 4. Daiwa sealine 40 with calstar 700m...
  218. jsl

    best place to fish in mexico

    I'd say PV, it's got the rest beat by leaps and bounds in every regard Scott
  219. jsl

    WTB yoyo iron.

    I'm looking for tady 4/0, Salas 6X, 6X Jr 's and shimano butterfly jigs. Lemme know what you have. Scott
  220. jsl


    Just to clarify. There is a a stipulation that requires two days fishing in order to get the free rooms. Scott
  221. jsl

    Looking for Penn 9/0's and Hercules 7H

    Well, thx bud but I'm pretty set on the Hercules. I'm looking for a couple older 9/0's for my captain who's a Mexican pangero who fishes rf commercially so something more affordable because I'm. Just gonna give the reels to him in place of a tip so lookin to spend around $50-$60 the most on each...
  222. jsl

    Looking for Penn 9/0's and Hercules 7H

    Wtb a few Penn 9/0's and a Hercules 7H. Lemme know what you have. Thx Scott
  223. jsl

    Go to San Quinin now!!

    Wtg!!! Glad you guys slayed 'em. We got into' em pretty good as did everyone else. I lost around 10 jigs to sea lions, snapped line ect but it was well worth it. Great report... Scott
  224. jsl


    Hell yeah.... Thx for heads up
  225. jsl

    mono or floro for leader with lings?

    IMO, it's not necessary to waste floro. It couldn't hurt but it wouldn't improve your odds either so I'd go with 50lb mono. No need to get all fancy. We're talking about fish that regularly hit sinkers with hooks on em Scott
  226. jsl

    Any reports from San Quintin?

    Whoops, just noticed that :) I'll be heading down to SQ Friday so I'll let ya know upon my return. Gonna fish Sat and Sun, hopefully some yt around Scott
  227. jsl

    Any reports from San Quintin?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Turtle Bay several hundred miles below around Asuncion? Scott
  228. jsl

    WTB Jackpole

    Hi all, Looking for old school jackpole so let me know if you have one you wanna get rid of. thx Scott
  229. jsl

    Offshore Grande Overnight 8/26-27

    Outside of long range boats, I never go on any boat without my own sheets, blanket and pillow casing. Theboats just come in, pick up new passengers and head back out. In most cases the bunks and bedding can get pretty freaking nasty so come prepared Scott
  230. jsl

    La Vaqutia Marina almost Extinct in Upper Gulf 100 left

    incorrect misconception? Misconception? I hope I'm wrong but I don't see how any biologist would argue against that. At 100 individuals, I don't see how inbreeding depression wouldn't set in. How are the experts so sure it's not already occuring unless they've done extensive genetic analysis...
  231. jsl

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    It may be commical to you but it is in fact happening. Blanket statements like yours never hold up. you see, it all depends on the fishery, species and location. A single panga can wipe out a bsb or grouper fishery in a given area and several LR boats with literally hundreds of anglers can...
  232. jsl

    La Vaqutia Marina almost Extinct in Upper Gulf 100 left

    wow.....what a damn shame. at this point the species is pretty much on it's way out. that's not enough genetic diversity to sustain a healthy population. Scott
  233. jsl

    Offshore Absolutely ridiculous 3/4 day grande 8/5

    WTG, Josh!! Glad you guys got into 'em. I fished with you on a 1-1/2. I was the dude with the ninja mask. Scott
  234. jsl

    Anybody know the haps in SQ?

    i woukd bring the following: tuna: feathers,cedar plugs,megabaits yellowtail: rapala x-wraps from 15-30 salas 6Xjr., tady 4/0 , tady 45 light wsb: krocodile spoons 2-4oz , 5- inch big hammers and 2-4oz heads. hope this helps Scott
  235. jsl

    Offshore YF Limits for 12 on 1 stop!!!!

    wtg...bitchen report and funny as hell!! Scott
  236. jsl

    Krocs and Swimbaits?

    the knockoffs work fine.try ''caivo'' ,they've got em at pretty good prices.I woukd go with 2-4oz and 4-5 inch big hammers with 2-3oz heads. throw any color you want, the fish wont care, dude. you can also pin a mak on a 4 oz krock and slow troll it.very effective and covers more area than...
  237. jsl

    BOLA to San Quintin - 7/14 - 7/22

    wTG.......awesome report! Scott
  238. jsl

    Offshore Eclipse 2.5 day July 21-22

  239. jsl

    NEW Red JB Spools - Solid Spectra

    i'll take the 50 lb spool. Scott
  240. jsl

    El Nino What's the deal....

    lol. Really dude? ok, i'll stop arguing with you because you obviosly know everything Scott
  241. jsl

    El Nino What's the deal....

    Do yourself a favor and stop running your mouth about shit you don't have a clue about. Thousands of scientists have been studing this for decades That's pretty impressive that you could take a position on this matter. Tell me, Einstein, where did you get your climatology degree from? Scott
  242. jsl


    Hit up Jose Pedro Torrest Felix on Facebook. He's a captain there and would be able to give you the most reliable information. Saw some pics of nice yt and grouper so maybe it's good but I'm not sure. Hope this helps Scott
  243. jsl

    How do you properly bleed a fish in a panga boat in Baja?

    Blood coagolates quickly so I always make a slush by mixing seawater with the ice. Simply pull a gill and drop him in the slush. A couple bags of ice will drop the water temp dramatically in your cooler so you won't need too much. This way, the fish will continue to bleed out as it's core temp...
  244. jsl

    Has anyone fished with pedros pangas in San Quintin

    Pedro's is legit and Lilo is a fish killer who works knows his shit and works hard for you. Scott
  245. jsl

    sq memorial weekend

    cool. I was the dude with the ninja mask .it was kinda slow at the 240 so we left to try deepwater codding but the current was ripping so we went back there to try for more lings. i hooked into a decent sized yt on a megabait deep and handed it off to my buddy but it came unbottoned after a few...
  246. jsl

    sq memorial weekend

    Nice. Glad you made it safely and had a good time. We fished both days with Lilo. Slow for us this time as we went 2/3 on schoolie yt and a handful of lings but we also had a great time nonetheless Scott
  247. jsl

    Offshore CONDOR 265 TUNA to 70lbs Trainwreck 5/24-25, 2014

    awesome...WTG and thanks for the great report!! Scott
  248. jsl

    anyone going to sq on Friday? caravan please

    yep. Gonna be heading down and fishing a couple days. we'll be at the OldMill. Scott
  249. jsl

    anyone going to sq on Friday? caravan please

    We'll be leaving my place in Ontario around 11:30 ish which takes us into Mexico around 2:30 sh. We could caravan if you like but I don't think it's that big of a deal. We were on that road just 3 weeks earlier and everything was fine. Anything can happen but it's a very busy stretch of road and...
  250. jsl

    Eclipse, RR1-2-3,Vagabond,Apollo,Topgun,Shogun,OO,SA80,Lo-An,Fortune and some that have gone

    At least he had the pleasure of having you as a friend all those years and enjoying the awesome times you guys had. I bet he and his family are honored by your gesture. Tight lines to you... Scott
  251. jsl

    Baja Adventure

    Niiiice. thx for sharing!! Scott
  252. jsl

    fishing San Quintin 3 -22-23 -14

    Congratulations on the ling. That thing could have gone close to 30lbs if it were in pre-spawn condition. Scott
  253. jsl

    WTB mono

    Hi all, I need 40 line mono. Looking for larger amount so met me know if you have some you don't need. thx Scott
  254. jsl

    Butterfly jig for yellows?

    Be prepared to do all three and add dropper loop to it as well. Fish change their feeding behaviors so be prepared to it. Scott
  255. jsl

    Rod Rack

    around 4x3 im guessing. its a big rack
  256. jsl

    best service in San Quintin?

    I'd go with Captain Juan all the way!! Scott
  257. jsl

    Sweet Lingcod/Nicer Grade Rockfish Lure?

    That's basically what a Lucanus jig is except yours doesn't cost $5000 but catches just as much or even more than theirs Scott
  258. jsl

    Sweet Lingcod/Nicer Grade Rockfish Lure?

    At that weight it's heavy enough but I think it's too big for some of the reds and you'll end up losing many fish you would otherwise catch if you went with something they can grab AND get hooked in the process. I'm sure you'll catch a ling or two but IMO, nothing works better for bottom fish...
  259. jsl

    Sweet Lingcod/Nicer Grade Rockfish Lure?

    IMO, that will not be effective considering you 'll most likely fish 300+ft around Colonet. Bottom fish are not picky and will hit almost anything so i would go with something cheap,heavy and made of metal such as Jax jigs,Ahi jigs or diamond jigs. Color does not matter Scott
  260. jsl


    IDK about that. I was jumping on the Excel couple years back and needed some line added onto a reel last minute. Doug the owner proceded to add the line and charged me a ridiculous amount for the "connection fee". Yeah, dude charged me for tying a damn knot. I forgot what the amount was but it...
  261. jsl

    CALSTAR LR rods

    nope, all rods still here
  262. jsl


    niiice lingcod there juan.great job buddy Scott
  263. jsl


    all reels are brand new and have never been fished at all. all come complete with boxes,clamps and paperwork torium 20 Sold torium 16 Sold calcutta 400B $160 calcutta 200GTB sold local pickup in Ontario or shipping on you Scott
  264. jsl

    CALSTAR LR rods

    700 H,rated for 30-80 in excellent condition--sold 655Tss kite rod, rated for 60-130 $200. the guides alone are $150. excellent condition GFGR 700 XL-C rated for 10-25 new in plastic wrapping $180 local pick up in Ontario Scott
  265. jsl

    Tackle box

    in great condition.pick up in ontario only $25 Scott
  266. jsl

    Rod Rack

    I have a rollable wooden rod rack which can accommodate 60 rods for sale. $60 takes it home. Scott
  267. jsl


    Great job Juan!!!!! Scott
  268. jsl


    How will this affect his operation? Will Lilo still be running trips? thx Scott
  269. jsl

    Steel Leader For Sierra's?

    Use a short 12-inch wire leader and attach your lure via a ring or swivel in order to impart more action on the lure. Scott
  270. jsl

    La Salina freezer filler

    He runs charters out of Salina when weather permits and Ensenada when it doesn't. Great captain and good guy to boot. I could give you his contact if you'd like Scott
  271. jsl

    Fishing Ensenada Baja California

    Nice. Love fishing with Beto, super cool guy. Congrats on a great trip and thanks for sharing!! Scott
  272. jsl

    La Salina freezer filler

    Met up with my buddy,Victor with Campos sport fishing for two days of awesome fishing in La Salina. we fished i n 120-280ft for easy limits of lingcod and rockcod. Weather was spectacular and best part was the covenience of fishing so close to home Scott
  273. jsl

    How does Shogun ride?

    It's a sweet ride and the crew rocks! Scott
  274. jsl

    WTB swimbait lead heads in 1oz-2oz sizes and bigger

    You got em? how much and when can we meet up? thx Scott
  275. jsl

    Is the Freedom gone? WTF

    I got the email as well. What a bummer, that boat and crew will be missed. Scott
  276. jsl

    any one know a good pogerro in punta abreojos

    Anyone have Rigo Zuniga's digits? Help a brutha out please Scott
  277. jsl

    WTB swimbait lead heads in 1oz-2oz sizes and bigger

    please lemme know what you got. thx Scott
  278. jsl

    Jax Jig Question !

    Depends on how deep you're fishing. I usually switch to Jax jigs for depths greater than 300 ft as the ones I have are the heavy ones ( 8-12 oz). Just drop to bottom and slowly work jig up and down. I often slightly thumb the spool on the drop in order to feel the subtle bite as most bites come...
  279. jsl

    Looking Forward to our first LR Trip on the Excel

    You'll have a great time on that awesome boat. I'm jealous!1 Scott
  280. jsl

    RR3 - 8 Day Seaguar sponsored Oct 11-19, 2013

    Congratulations on the first LR trip and first hoo! Scott
  281. jsl

    Planing to take atrip to Erindera

    Not much in the way of restaurants and such so come prepared with your own food. Scott
  282. jsl

    Yellowtail ON in Asuncion FISHING REPORT

    Niiiice. How big were the sierra, Shari? Scott
  283. jsl

    Offshore Top Gun 80, building confidence one angler at a time!!!!!

    Thanks for the heads-up. I'm shocked none of the ass-kissing "do no wrong" clowns haven't tried to belittle you yet. Scott
  284. jsl

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 WON 2 1/2 Day - Hoping they do the right thing.

    Damn that sucks! I have fished with him before and he's a cool guy. Hope he does something for you guys. Scott
  285. jsl

    Day and a half for $210.00

    The Freedom is a great boat. Give them a try and see for yourself. Scott
  286. jsl

    $80 for charge on a 2 day trip!!!

    You got ripped off. There's no need to call and complain as the boat knew exactly what they were doing so simply choose another boat next time. Thanks for posting this as it helps others make an informed decision and disregard the ass wipes/cheer leaders/nut huggers. Scott
  287. jsl

    La Bocana Mixed Bag

    Nice BSB, amigo!!
  288. jsl

    WTB fishtrap or big hammers

    I need some 5-inch ones and 1 and 1-1/12 oz heads. thanks [email protected]
  289. jsl

    Spirit Of Adventure 6 Day. Sept 2-8. Epic Fishing. JUMBOS INCLUDED

    Congrats dude, you guys killed it!! Scott
  290. jsl

    Independence Sept 7th to 14th Youngs Tackle Charter - Variety Trip

    Looks like an awesome time, thanks for the great report!! Scott
  291. jsl

    Smoked Tuna Question

    I had the same experience with Mario's. Gave him two yft around 85lbs and got back a 20lb package of garbage. The fillets were mainly tail sections from smaller fish and the smoked fish was similar to what you described, it was mushy and grainy with a foul smell. I threw the smoked fish away as...
  292. jsl

    Cortes Bank weather?

    Hi all, Does anyone have the forecast for cortes bank this weekend? Scott
  293. jsl

    LINGCOD - Can you suggest some jigs and plastic to use?

    I've had luck with lings on magabaits, jaxjigs, 6X heavy, plastics, cuda jigs etc. I don't think they're very picky and will bait anything so use whatever you have. Scott
  294. jsl

    San Quintin Summary

    Awesome report dude! That was hilarious, thanks for sharing! Scott
  295. jsl

    WTB shad-style lead heads for fishing plastics in 1-1/2 oz sizes

    let me know if you have some and how much you want. thx
  296. jsl

    WTB fishtrap or big hammers

    I'll take em Frank. How would you like your payment? I'll need them shipped to Ontario as well. thx Scott
  297. jsl

    WTB fishtrap or big hammers

    Need some swimbaits in 4-inch size so let me know if you don't need anymore, thx Scott
  298. jsl


    Nice! Good job on the lings, amigo Scott
  299. jsl

    LR prices went up next year

    I fish mainly Baja because of the cost compared to LR. I do about 10-14 Baja trips a year and only one LR trip a year on average. When it's all said and done, an 8 day trip ends up costing around 3k while a drive down trip to Baja costs around $600 bucks. You can jump on a panga for $200 a day...
  300. jsl

    LR prices went up next year

    You ever drive down to Baja? You can fish LaBocana or Abreojos and catch the same fish you would on an 8 day for 1/4 the price. Scott
  301. jsl

    LR prices went up next year

    Nobody is whining about it. I simply stated that it is what it is. Those who worked hard and can afford it should do so....good for them. Those who cannot simply cannot...too bad for them. Scott
  302. jsl

    LR prices went up next year

    LR fishing has become an elitist sport and the owners know that so they can charge whatever they want because they have a right to make whatever they can. It sucks for the average Joe like myself because we can't afford to fish as often as we'd like to but it simply is what it is.... either you...
  303. jsl

    Need Yo-Yo tips for the Bluefin

    I'm no expert but I have had some success with iron on these fish because I love to fish iron and do so at every opportunity. You notice the responses with different irons and colors being effective for different anglers? That's probably because the fish arent as picky as we fishermen are with...
  304. jsl

    Offshore Same old, same old tired story...

    Great job and thanks for the report Scott
  305. jsl


    WTG buddy, you're DA JUAN....... Scott
  306. jsl

    San Quintin August 2n - 4th

    Great report. Scott
  307. jsl

    Offshore Pac Star 7.24-25.13 Overnight- FUN day on the water!

    Awesome report there my man. Glad you got the double limits, congratulations! Scott
  308. jsl

    7/19/13 - 7/22/13 Cedros (New Baja Magic Lodge with Cedros Outdoors Adventures)

    Niiiiice! What does it cost to do one of those? thx Scott
  309. jsl

    Catching bluefin - topshot 40???

    Exactly!! If you have large, healthy sardines and you can get them to swim "correctly" on 50lb then throw the 50lb. Scott
  310. jsl

    Catching bluefin - topshot 40???

    I fish 40lb straight mono ( iron ) on that reel and it worked fine for me on many fish from yt to bft so I would imagine it would work for you as well Scott
  311. jsl

    How safe is Baja Mexico?

    Except for the occasional LR trip or once in a blue moon overnighter, I fish almost exclusively Baja. I've done so for the past 9 years ( 10-14 trips a year ) and will continue to do so because every trip has been a great experience irregardless of the fishing. The people I have met and the...
  312. jsl

    xrap help

    8 knots may get too fast. I've had luck on several different species trolling them at 3-4 Scott
  313. jsl

    Okuma Cavalla

    I had one and hated it so I got rid of it and went with Maks instead. It produced good drag but was a pain in the ass to go into and out of gear from freespool under high drag. Maybe I had a crappy one but it came out of the box like that. Scott
  314. jsl

    So what's working for these BFT?

    I got a few on 3.5 megabaits and others got on 'em on other types of iron so If I were going, I'd pack iron, hooks from 2/0-6/0 as bait was huge sardines, sliding and torpedo sinkers and floro from 30-60. hopes this helps Scott
  315. jsl

    Offshore new lo an 1 1/2 7/19 good fishing

    Nice job and congratulations on the JP!! Scott
  316. jsl

    Offshore My First tuna of 2013 and my PB

    WTG!! Congratulations on the PB Scott
  317. jsl

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna Pens (picture heavy)

    Spectacular!! Scott
  318. jsl

    Offshore Pacific Star overnight 7/21/13

    Jumped on the Pacific Star for an overnighter Saturday night and headed for the tuna pens 60 miles or so south of the point. The 26 guys ended up with 23 BFT to 35 or lbs and 30 yt to 15 lbs ( guestamates ) . The bft started biting at gray light till about 8AM or so and completely shut off...
  319. jsl

    BFT on Iron?

    Just got back from overnighter aboard the Pacific Star. Got 3 BFT on the 3oz megabaits Scott
  320. jsl

    Offshore Ed's Jigs @ the 390!!!!!!

    Looks like a red grouper. I caught a bunch bouncing megabaits in Cape Coralville a few seconds years back. I suspect you probably got this guy out there too huh:) Scott
  321. jsl

    Offshore CONDOR 7-18-13.......WIND-PENS, BFIN, YTAIL, DODO--Good Ole' KER-PLUNK

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing that awesome report!! Scott
  322. jsl

    store bought or make your own ice.

    Where's it located?
  323. jsl


    Nah, it's one of those wooden ones with wheels at the base so you can roll around.
  324. jsl

    San Clemnete Island on the "Freedom"

    The crew got em at clemente
  325. jsl

    San Clemnete Island on the "Freedom"

    LOl. Thanks bro and cool fishing with ya!! Scott
  326. jsl


    I got one that can accommodate 50 rods. Wooden. $70 Scott
  327. jsl

    Polaris Supreme 1.5 Day Trip???

    $570 for a day and a half is a ripoff on ANY boat. Scott
  328. jsl

    San Clemnete Island on the "Freedom"

    Did an overnighter on the Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing on 17th of July. We fished San Clemente Island for yt to 18lbs and couple nice halibut. The yt came through in flurries of 3-7 or so fish at a time. Bait was live squid fished on 1/2-1 oz sliding sinker on 30-40lb line. A few fish...
  329. jsl

    WTB calico plastics

    Looking for 4 inch Fish Trap or Big Hammer swimbaits
  330. jsl

    SQ Info Needed, Can Trade

    Go to the Asian market on Holt and grab 4 boxes. Scott
  331. jsl

    Going on 1st overnight. Need tips

    Bring a backpack and stuff it with a change of clothes just in case you get soaked. In addition to that, I always bring my own bedding as the boats sometimes do turn-around trips and DO NOT change anything so it can get pretty disgusting down there. Scott
  332. jsl

    SQ Info Needed, Can Trade

    X2 tackle recommendations. I would also suggest you stay at Jardines as its way more comfortable than the other options. Contact captain Juan as he's got the entire area dialed in. If you're returning on a weekend, make sure you use Tecate crossing to avoid looooong lines. Have fun and be safe...
  333. jsl


    Great job on the awesome report and congratulations on the YT!! Scott
  334. jsl

    Gonzaga fishing info

    Yep. Megabaits kick ass! I've caught everything but halibut on 'em. Scott
  335. jsl

    Gonzaga fishing info

    Bring some 15 and 20 X-rap magnum rapalas, yoyo iron, megabaits, krocodile spoons and plastics. I would also bring some squid as well. Hope this helps Scott
  336. jsl

    Death at La Salina

    That totally sucks. My thoughts go out to his family. Scott
  337. jsl

    Rocky Point recomendations for fishing

    I'm no expert but I have fished there this March and I think your best bet is to get with someone who can take you out far enough to fish the reefs. The inshore Panga day trips are a waste of time as the local fishery has pretty much been decimated by shrimp trawlers so unless there's a run of...
  338. jsl

    Tackle Recomendations for BOLA in June

    Rapalas work so bring some x-raps 20's and 30's.all colors work so don't sweat it Scott
  339. jsl


    We've had more success working them slower rather than faster and have caught mist of our fish going anywhere between 2-5 knots Scott
  340. jsl

    Wax Wing - Best color?

    John, When you fish poppers, do you rig them with a ring and swivel or straight tie them? Scott
  341. jsl

    Gear ratio for yo-yo

    Agreed. IMO, too many guys overwork their yoyo's by cranking way too fast thus causing it to spin instead of kick side to side like it should. I think a moderate-fast retrieve speed that swims the jig gets bit better and there's no other real that compares to the Baja Special with it's 4-1 ratio...
  342. jsl

    Heading down to San Quintin in May

    Hit up captain Juan. Best skipper Imo and stay at Jardines. Old mill is a good plan b if Jardines is booked. Use Tecate crossing for your return. Scott
  343. jsl

    what border crossing?

    I crossed last week in Tecate and waited a whole 2 minutes before crossing. Crossed at San Ysidro three weeks prior to that and it was close to 4 hours. Scott
  344. jsl


    Congratulations amigo!! Now I know why they call you Da Juan :) Scott
  345. jsl

    FRI 3/15/13 Superb Lingcod Fishing off of Las Salinas S

    Wow!! Glad you guys got into 'em. Derek only gets luck :) Scott
  346. jsl

    Puta Penasco help

    LOL. Just noticed that
  347. jsl

    Puta Penasco help

    Both. I've got 3-4 days to fish so I'd like to do as much as possible.
  348. jsl

    Puta Penasco help

    I'm planning on leaving Monday to fish Punta Penasco for a few days and need some help as I have no idea about the place so I was wondering if ya'll would be so kind as to help a brother out with some info. Any recommendations on fishing and lodging would greatly be appreciated. I did a search...
  349. jsl

    Punta Banda Pangero Recommendation

    Muchas gracias gentlemen.. Scott
  350. jsl

    Punta Banda Pangero Recommendation

    Hi all, Need help picking out a pangero for Punta Banda. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Also, any decent places to stay around there? thx Scott
  351. jsl

    (Cheap) Jigmaster, Penn, Shimano Reels

    jigmasters USA or China made? Scott
  352. jsl

    Pac Star rockfishing as SBI 3/10/13

    Wow!! Nice repot there Brian, great job on the JP lingcod. Scott
  353. jsl

    Circle hooks vs. J hooks

    IMO, circle hooks are designed for fish that take the bait, run and set the hooks themselves. Because the fish tends to be hooked on the corner of the mouth, I think circles are advantageous because they reduce the possibility of the line being chaffed by their teeth. When targeting larger fish...
  354. jsl

    First LR trip - Indy 6/9-6/15

    50lb yoyo, 40lb surface iron, 30-50lb live bait and 80 lb dropper loop outfit. Throw in some megabaits and 4inch fish traps and you're ready for anything. Boat is nice and roomy and food was good but crew was so so compared to other boats Scott
  355. jsl

    Can it be done?!?!?!?

    Absolutely. It's kinda hard not to do on an 8 day. Scott
  356. jsl

    Don Eddie's info

    Hola amigo. How are you/ I have your leader material from our last trip. How's the fishing down there? Scott
  357. jsl

    Don Eddie's info

    011526161656062- i don't know if it's good but that was the number I called before the fire. If not, send Captain Juan a PM and have him help you out. Scott
  358. jsl

    heavy duty swivels

    Hi Looking to buy heavy duty swivels. Need 3-4 hundred pound stuff. thx Scott
  359. jsl

    Gonzaga Bay May or June?

    It's about 2-4 miles south if memory serves me correctly. The couple running the place are super nice people but I would go with alfonsinas as it's a much better, more comfortable place Scott
  360. jsl

    Terez rod for surface iron?

    Hi guys, Looking for a surface iron rod and I kinda like the feel of the Terez so I was wondering which model should get? Scott
  361. jsl

    Reel Bags/Harness/Day belts (Butt Plates)

    I'll take the large offshore reel bag. Pm'd
  362. jsl

    Rods and Reels: Calstar, Seeker, Newell, Penn

    yep. What's your email? Scott
  363. jsl

    best buy online tackle?

    Charkbait usually has great deals on reels. Check the weekly specials
  364. jsl

    Looking for a 60# reel

    No expert but I would go with Mak 15 or Penn International 16VSX
  365. jsl

    rock fishing reel?

    Yep. Pick up a used Penn senator 4/0 for $40, a medium action rod and some 40lb line and you're good to go. Don't have to break the bank for rock fish. Post what you need on the classifieds here and save your money for the trips. Scott
  366. jsl


    Nice job amigo. I'll be bringing down some amigos late Feb/early March. Scott
  367. jsl

    Smoked Tuna

    I just mash it and mix with mayo then add chopped celery, roasted garlic, roasted jalapeno for a killer sandwich. Scott
  368. jsl

    Seeker Black Steel

    Looking for Black Steel 6465 or 6470 H and XH. thx Scott
  369. jsl

    Seeker Hercules

    Looking for Hercules rod, prefer 7ft 40-80 action Scott
  370. jsl

    Rods and Reels: Calstar, Seeker, Newell, Penn

    All reels gone. Most rods still available.
  371. jsl

    Braid power play complete set

    Harness is Med size and yes on the gimbal pin Scott
  372. jsl

    Indy is on Fuego!

    Thats one hell of a boat but crew wasn't as friendly and personable as others i've experienced. Not trying to be that guy, just giving my honest opinion. Hope i didn't hurt anyone's feelings Scott
  373. jsl

    Cheapest reel with the most drag?

    Thanks gentlemen
  374. jsl

    Cheapest reel with the most drag?

    I'm looking for a new grouper reel so I need something with as much drag as possible (40lbs+) I'm leaning towards Mak 20 but I was wondering if there were more affordable alternatives which can produce as much drag. Thanks Scott
  375. jsl

    Rods and Reels: Calstar, Seeker, Newell, Penn

    Yes it does but sorry, no shipping on rods. thanks for interest however Scott
  376. jsl

    Braid power play complete set

    Thanks for the correction. I got the whole thing free so I didn't know how much to charge so I did an ebay search and that name came up. I stand corrected. Sorry but no separating Scott
  377. jsl

    Braid power play complete set

    Everything you'll need to land your trophy. Fighting belt used a couple times but is in like new condition. Harness and everything else is brand new. Local pick up in Ontario preferred but can ship for cost of shipping. $150 Scott
  378. jsl

    Rods and Reels: Calstar, Seeker, Newell, Penn

    Calstar 700H 30-80lb rating. custom wrapped in excellent condition $170 Calstar 700XL-C 10-25 rating. Factory wrapped and is new--still in plastic $200 Calstar 800 H 30-60 rating. Custon wrapped with cord grip in excellent condition-- SOLD Calstar T660XH 40-100 rating. Custom wrapped by...
  379. jsl

    Penn 30VSX or Makaira 20 and heavy rod

    Looking for grouper set up so I'll need something with at least 40lbs drag like Penn VSX 30 or Okuma Makaira 20 and matching XXX heavy rod rated for 130lb. thx Scott
  380. jsl

    How to catch the BIG reds

    I've had a bit of luck with heavy jax jigs but that was fishing down in Mexico in 400-500 ft. Scott
  381. jsl

    Grouper set up

    Looking for grouper set up so I'll need something with at least 40lbs drag like Penn VSX 30 or Okuma Makaira 20 and matching XXX heavy rod rated for 130lb. thx Scott
  382. jsl


    Yep. Here are Rigo's digits. He's one heck of nice guy as well. 615-155-9639. Also, there's a girl, Theresa that manages the co-ops sport fishing operation and she can hook it up. 016-151-064-227 Scott
  383. jsl


    Nice report Juan. yeah, fishing sucked but we had a blast pigging out and chilling with the guys. I think I put on 5lbs haha Scott
  384. jsl

    Offshore TOP GUN 80 1 1/2 day 10/03/12

    Sounds like a bitching trip. Congrats!! Scott
  385. jsl

    La Salina- Campos Sportfishing

    Nice. Glad you got em Victor... Scott
  386. jsl

    Best MirrOLure 111MR Color for BAJA???

    You"re right. Do you feel like a bigger man now that you've pointed that out? I'm happy for you. Cheers buddy Scott
  387. jsl

    Best MirrOLure 111MR Color for BAJA???

    You"re right. Do you feel like a bigger man now that you've pointed that out? I'm happy for you. Cheers buddy:) Scott
  388. jsl

    Best MirrOLure 111MR Color for BAJA???

    Ever notice how everyone swears by their favorite color which differ from each like night and day? Yeah, all colors catch fish and some dull unpainted lures catch fish just as well. What does all that add up to?????? Color does not matter Scott
  389. jsl

    Abreojos 9/16 thru 9/24

    I'll be heading down Labocana on 10/18, to duplicate your success. Congrats again Scott
  390. jsl

    Abreojos 9/16 thru 9/24

    WOW! Thanks for the great report and pics, that grouper is a monster!! What did you guys get it on? Congratulations on a great trip!!! Scott
  391. jsl

    Captain Jaime SQ Yellowfin Tuna Wide Open

    WTG David!!! Was down as well. Got a few yt at 240 n 6. Can't wait to get back!! Scott
  392. jsl

    The Bachelor Party of a Lifetime!!

    Looks bitchen!! I gotta do a trip like that now. Scott
  393. jsl

    SQ. What are you waiting for??

    Alfredo Peralta
  394. jsl

    SQ. What are you waiting for??

    Made a trip down to SQ over the weekend. My original plan was to target the yft that have been going ballistic over the course of the last few days but like most of my trips this year, it was another case of "Man, you should have been here last week" :) Anyhoo, we opted to fish yt inshore and...
  395. jsl

    La Salina- Campos Fishing

    Nice report! Salina is an awesome place to fish and Campos Sports fishing is the shit!! I highly recommend this operation!! Scott
  396. jsl

    Overnight vs 1.5 day

    IMO, overnights are a waste of time as the fishing time is drastically reduced. You're basically going on a long boat ride to fish a half day. Jump on the 1.5's and enjoy your time on the water instead of fighting every other guy who's under pressure because of the time constraint. Scott
  397. jsl

    2 days in Cairns

    Awesome!! Thanks for the great report and pics. Scott
  398. jsl


    Wow!!! WTG Juan Scott
  399. jsl

    La Salina with Campos Sportfising Weekend

    We gotta do it again. I had no idea of this awesome fishery and have unwittingly driven by it so many times so thanks a bunch for introducing me to a new honey hole and a fish killer in Victor Campos. Great fisherman and greater peeps, those Campos boys!! Scott
  400. jsl

    122 pound opah cought today in SQ.

    Wow. Nice catch guys. Looks like SQ is finally back to normal. Let's hope it stays this way all year!! Scott
  401. jsl

    First time to Australia and need help

    Hi guys, I'll be on holiday in Australia for the first time and am in need of some help/recommendations. I'll be there from 12/24-1/6 and will be visiting Sydney, Cairns, and possibly two other cities. I'm currently thinking of Darwin and or Brisbane. I would love to fish there along with...
  402. jsl

    La Bocana

    I guess we know where we're going in October que no? Scott
  403. jsl

    San Quintin 9/1-2 good times, small tunas

    Couldn't agree with you more. Here's to a good fishing year for all down there Scott
  404. jsl

    Offshore 1.5 on the "big" boat 8/28

    OH my freaking gawd dude, that sounds like the trip of a lifetime!! Congratulations and welcome to the boards!! P.S ignore the jackass negative comments, not all on this site are internet tough guys. Scott
  405. jsl

    Brand new box of 10

    I'll take em. Can you ship? Scott
  406. jsl

    San Quintin Fishing Conditions

    Check the other reports, SQ is pretty good right now with WSB, yt, and bottom fish inshore and pelagics offshore. For hotels, I recommend Jardines, Old Mill, then Don Eddies if the first two are booked up. For fishing, I like Juan Cook, Alfredo Peralta, KnM, Tiburon's, Pedros. Most boats are...
  407. jsl

    best place to buy gear for albacore?

    This site. Look up the classifieds and you'll find everything you'll need at a fraction of retail prices. Scott
  408. jsl

    Awesome San Quintin Fishing with Captain Jaime Garcia

    Great job, glad you got into em!! Btw, I'm gonna call your principal and rat your ass out:) Scott
  409. jsl

    Visa and Boarder experience on recent trip to SQ

    I was told the same thing which is you don't need them if staying less than 7 days or so. Have been down past SQ several times on both sides of the peninsula and nobody has ever even mentioned it. But, $20 bucks ain't that big of a deal so I bring it every time just in case. Scott
  410. jsl

    Joe Miller or RP Knot

    Is RP knot the same thing as an albright? Scott
  411. jsl

    Offshore How does the Legend lose my YT?...

    Bummer, sorry it went down like that. That happened to me before so I know where you're coming from. Went on the Toronado a few years ago and caught 4 yt but ended up with only 1 fish. I noticed a guy leaving the boat real fast with gunny sacks full of fish. Not sure if it was him but two other...
  412. jsl

    Eating your catch! How do you prepare these fish?

    Cut fish into chunks and marinade in teriyki sauce for an hour or so. Render the fat from some bacon and wrap the fish with bacon. Toss bacon-wrapped fish onto skillet with bacon grease and cook on medium heat until barely done. Worst thing you can do to tuna and yt is overcook it. Garnish with...
  413. jsl

    San Quintin Smorgasbord - WFO

    Spectacular pics along with an awesome report!! Mucho thanks Scott
  414. jsl

    Last week in BOLA

    That was one sick ass report there Bob. WTG!! Scott
  415. jsl

    ........SEABASS IN SQ.......

    Better get on this fast guys, captn Juan's gonna clean 'em out if you sit and wait!! Scott
  416. jsl

    TANKER SEABASS....K&M San Quintin

    Niiiiiiiiiiice!! Hope this starts a long good season for you guys Scott
  417. jsl

    Offshore 6 day on the indy 7.29-8.4

    Excellent report there, Max. Glad you had a great time!! Scott
  418. jsl

    Penn 16VSX NIB

    Thanks John
  419. jsl

    Tragedy and Triumph in Baja

    WTG on the rescue and saving the boy!!!! Scott
  420. jsl

    Penn 16VSX NIB

    Reel is new, as in never been on a boat ride or even heard of salt water. She's new, is Two-speed and comes with 500 yards solid, box, clamps, paper work etc. $400 firm. This reel retails at $500 plus tax plus spectra. You're saving $200 bucks!! Local pick-up preferred but willing to ship if...
  421. jsl

    Red Rooster III 4 day offshore tuna | Sunday July 15, 2012 - Thursday July 19th, 2012

    Saweeeeet report there. Thanks for sharing it!! Scott
  422. jsl


    WOW!!! Looks like one hell of a good time. Thanks for sharing this awesome report!! Scott
  423. jsl

    Bass regulation changes are coming. What are you going to do about it?

    Erick, If that is the case, then someone needs to go find out because stocks are not as healthy as they used to be. I used to go on those 1/2 day sandbass trips during my college days ( early 2000's ) and boats would routinely catch limits of them day in and day out during their spawning...
  424. jsl

    Bass regulation changes are coming. What are you going to do about it?

    IMO, fishing should be off limits during spawning season( May-July ) if it has been determined by scientists that a particular fishery is over fished. If and when stock assessments are reviewed after the fishery has recovered to a sustainable level, then it should be reopened. Perhaps a slot...
  425. jsl

    BOLA 7/25-7/26

    Marzoochi, you're full of shit homie. Those yellows were from a different trip. You're just hat'n cuz I proved to you that color doesn't matter. JK. Yep, we gotta fish together again real soon...
  426. jsl

    Bass regulation changes are coming. What are you going to do about it?

    Yessir. Fish count and fish cleaning dough. Scott
  427. jsl

    BOLA 7/25-7/26

    Yo Bob, BOLA is cool and all but too damn hot--almost torture at times on land. We stayed at Costa Del Sol. Second time there and I recommend it. The lady there is real cool, we stayed in a huge room with 4 beds with good AC for $75 a night. Fished with Enrique Dagget as Joel was booked...
  428. jsl

    Bass regulation changes are coming. What are you going to do about it?

    I totally agree with everything you said. It is a sour pill to swallow but something has to be done to protect these fish during times when they're concentrated and vulnerable. I used to go on those 1/2-3/4 day boats and witnessed/took part in the slaughter of countless numbers of fish, many of...
  429. jsl


    I got back from an 8 day recently on her and I would agree that the crew was among the most personable, helpful, and fun guys to be around. We had a ten year old kid aboard and the crew took him under their wing and helped him with everything so as a result, he ended up doing a lot better than...
  430. jsl

    BOLA 7/25-7/26

    The bait situation has been bad for a while. The captain suggested we meet at the ramp at 5 in order to make bait as it was difficult to find them. He said it took him 3 hours to procure enough a few days prior to our trip and on both days, it took in excess of 2 hours to make enough for the...
  431. jsl

    Huge Yellowtail! K&M San Quintin!!!

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuude!!! Congratulations! Looks like you got yourself a nice avatar pic. WTG, Kelly!! Scott
  432. jsl

    BOLA 7/25-7/26

    I think the butterfly he used was sorda golden with red and yellow on it. Not sure. He hooked up 4 fish in sequential order on that thing and when he handed it to me, I hooked up on two. Literally every drop resulted in a strike while my other buddy had no love with the standard yo-yo irons of...
  433. jsl

    BOLA 7/25-7/26

    Day 1: Limits of YT from 12-20. Mostly smaller grade on dropper loop. We fished a reef just outside of the big island. Most of the fish were on bait but they were hitting the butterfly jig like crazy--a cast a fish at times!! The butterfly outperformed salas 6x, 6Xjrs, taddy 4/0's this time...
  434. jsl

    American Angler 2.5 day Tuna

    Good or bad publicity is up to the boat. Those were HIS experiences and he asked a valid question. Is this not a public forum where he has the right to do so or is this forum only used for promotion and cheerleading? Scott
  435. jsl

    Passport requirements for Baja

    You're supposed to but shit happens sometimes and you forget. Has happened to me before and it's not that big of a deal, just go. Scott
  436. jsl

    Offshore Fuel Surcharge and other extras?

    Which boat pulled this? I'd like to know so I won't have to deal with it. Scott
  437. jsl

    Best options buying bulk tackle

    IMO, you won't need $350 bucks worth of terminal tackle to get it done on a 7 day. Just go with some Mustad hooks, floro from 25-50, a few ( 3-4 ) Salas 6X Jrs, a few 7x's, a few bombs and you're good to go. I wouldn't bother buying the mono as the boat can take care of that. I'd check out...
  438. jsl


    Slow fishing and the fact that I've been "cheating" by fishing in other locals but I'll be back soon enough, especially when the fishing heats up!! Scott
  439. jsl

    Has anybody ever fished with the Islander, Fisherman's Landing?

    Clean comfortable boat with nice rooms and very personable captains and they serve great food to boot. One of my favorite boats. Scott
  440. jsl

    Overnight boat long beach/San Pedro

    Freedom for sure and I'd bring my own bedding ( sheets, pillow, blanket ) as they do turnaround trips and that stuff can get pretty nasty. Scott
  441. jsl


    Nice!! Good to see the reds are still around. Man I miss SQ Scott
  442. jsl

    Vagabond RiceBowl Charter with new RiceBowl Girl!

    With a body like that, who cares. Scott
  443. jsl

    Big Bear to BOLA 6/15-6/25

    Geeeezus!! That was one hell of a trip and report to boot. Looks like you guys had the time of your lives. WTG!!! Scott
  444. jsl

    Intrepid 8 Day 6/23-7/1 CME Report: The Agony and The Ecstasy

    Bitchin report there dude and congratulations on the jp!!! Scott
  445. jsl

    Cabo with the wifey

    Killer report there bro, WTG!!! Scott
  446. jsl

    Great BOLA Fishing!!

    Holy Shit!! Congrats on a spectacular trip!! Scott
  447. jsl

    Bahia De Los Angeles Memorial Wknd

    Sick report, WTG!! Scott
  448. jsl


    Rode it last year on an 8 day and it was great!! Full load of 35 if I remember correctly but no one complained about it being too crowded as the boat is big enough to accommodate the load. We had WO yt fishing and nice grade tuna to 80lbs but the crew managed it all with ease so the load did not...
  449. jsl

    Bahia de los Angeles June 2-3

    WTG!! We shoulda stayed. Fished today at Gonzaga for TWO bonito. Glad you got em. Scott
  450. jsl

    Is this a basking shark?

    Awesome footage. Thanks for posting Scott
  451. jsl

    San Quintin, anyone? Looking for advice

    If you want WSB, I suggest booking an overnighter out of Long Beach. If you're set on SQ, expect Rock fish and halibut. Scott
  452. jsl

    Megabait lures ?

    Megabaits kick ass! They mimic bait fish the best out of any lure and they're heavy for their size so they sink without fluttering too much thus getting you into the zone faster. I've caught bluefin, yellowfin, albacore, yellowtail, calicos, all rockfish on 'em. Anything that preys on sardines...
  453. jsl

    planning trip san quintin

    I usually get my Mexican insurance at one of the insurance places right off the freeway right before entering Mexico. Off the 805, exit San Ysidro and hang a right and you'll see plenty to chose from. If you're taking the 5South you'll see many options as well. Again, I usually get mine from the...
  454. jsl

    Erendida 4-21-12

    WOW!! Looks like one hell of a good time! Thanks for the report.... Scott
  455. jsl

    San Quintin - Fishing visa

    I spoke to an agent while crossing at TJ border and she said that the VISA is only needed if you're staying longer than 7 days. Scott
  456. jsl

    San Felipe

    I second that. Hotel "Don Julio" has nice clean rooms for $45 a night for a double and the pangas at the Malecon ( boardwalk ) are $110 for local fishing and $200 for the island and they provide all tackle, bait and great service. SF is a cool place for a vacation but don't expect much in terms...
  457. jsl

    chunking at alijos???

    I did it on an 8 day on the Excel and caught tuna to 85lbs. Many other anglers also had similar success on the same grade fish plus a massive yt flylining chunks of tuna and squid on big circle hooks way back. All the action took place during the day. I got spooled by something that took my TLD...
  458. jsl

    Quick Gonzaga Trip Apr 3rd & 4th

    WTG! Thanks for the report Scott
  459. jsl

    Gonzaga 3/28, San Felipe 3/29

    LOl. Got mugged twice and murdered only once Thanks Juan, cya in SQ
  460. jsl


    It may be a good idea to set up one rig with a Jax jig with a couple plastic swimbaits such as storms or scampis above the jig. Sometimes this out fishes bait. Scott
  461. jsl

    Gonzaga 3/28, San Felipe 3/29

    Hi all, Made it down to Gonzaga for the first time Wednesday night. We stayed at Alfonsinas and fished with a local panguero "Charro" from a nearby fish camp as our guide was away on business. Anyhow, fishing was slow as water temps were cold and the water was a dirty green. Conditions were...
  462. jsl

    Summer 4-5 day yellowtail trips

    Hey Kyle, You may want to consider a 7-8 day trip in late June/early July. IMO, those are the best trips in terms of price and options with regard to fishing areas. If you look up the schedules, you'll notice that such trips are only a few hundred bucks more than a mid summer 5 dayer. However...
  463. jsl

    Yo-Zuri Hydromagnum Deep Divers

    Bill, I have no idea what that is. I use 'em to troll for grouper as they dive pretty deep and are solid. However, I picked up a bunch of them on-line so I'm good for the next decade. Thanks
  464. jsl

    Screw for Baja Special

    Thanks guys! Scott
  465. jsl

    Screw for Baja Special

    Anyone how where I could get the screw that holds the plastic piece on the reel handle? I changed the position of handle and failed to tighten it down properly so the thing fell off. Thanks in advance Scott
  466. jsl

    Penn baja special

    You can spend the big bucks if you like and get the shiny Louie Vouton reels and catch fish with 'em or, you can spend MUCH LESS on a Baja and catch the same fish.You cannot go wrong with the Baja Special. IMO, that's simply the best value in reels hands down. Scott
  467. jsl

    Calstar Graphiter 700M

    Would you take $5?<label for="rb_iconid_10"></label>
  468. jsl

    K&M San Quintin....Big Reds & Yellowtail

    WTG Kelly. Looks like a lake out there. Scott
  469. jsl

    Rock Cod Leaders

    Use a swivel. You can also try a Jax Jig on the bottom and two storm plastics 20 inches above and apart from each other. Sometimes this is more effective than bait.
  470. jsl


    WTG Juan, great report and awesome photography. You should charge BD $7.5 extra per picture. Scott
  471. jsl


    No pics but the Shogun is a BIG "small" boat. The galley was nice and spacious, tackle area was adequate, as were the bathrooms and staterooms. Food was better than some of the "A list" boats but that's because Lurch was the cook. Don't know if that's still the case as changes have been made...
  472. jsl

    ..........LA BOCANA,Y,BOLA...........

    Dang Juan, you're livin the dream. Thanks for the report Scott
  473. jsl

    7strand 60# uncoated

    Look up "overstock bait and" Smoking prices!!
  474. jsl

    REELS: Shimano, Penn 16VSX(NIB)

    Calcutta 300TE sold. Thanks Ernie Scott
  475. jsl

    REELS: Shimano, Penn 16VSX(NIB)

    I have the following for sale: 1.Penn 16VSX is NIB. 500 yards 80lb spectra and 60lb Izorline top shot. Comes with box, clamps, paperwork etc. 400$ 2. Shimano Torium 20.:Used. Cosmetically 7/10 as it has scratches but is mechanically 9/10. Free spool's great and drag is 100% smooth. 100$ 3...
  476. jsl

    Intrepid day after Thanksgiving 11-day report

    Awesome report there, those sunrise and sunset shots were amazing. Thanks again. Scott
  477. jsl


    Spectacular pics Juan. I don't know how you do it but some of your pics look like they came out of a magazine. Btw, I think your sperm whales may actually be humpbacks. Scott
  478. jsl

    Yo-Zuri Hydromagnum Deep Divers

    Hi all, If anyone has any of these laying around and wants to get rid of 'em, lemme know. Thx Scott
  479. jsl

    La Bocana and bahia Asuncion 11/6-11/11

    Thx for the great report. Sounds like one hell of a good time! Scott
  480. jsl


    I've had success fishin them for halibut, bay bass, and sculpin. Just tied on and bounced and twitched near bottom. Mimics wounded bait fish or something small trying escape so I fished them plain with great success. Scott
  481. jsl

    Royal Star Oct 22- Nov 1 --- My First 10 Day!!!

    Nice fish man, congrats on your new P.B!! Scott
  482. jsl happened in Asuncion.

    t San Pablo Faustino came up with first bllod on the Yellowtails... nice 20# fish... then I scored a nice 18 or so yoyo fish. Then Faustino loaded up with a 24# yellowtail and was to be the last for this sesh. Al the YT's were on large 5-7 oz Kroc's ( man I wish they still made them). Nice...
  483. jsl

    Stellar fishing in San Quintin

    Thanks for the awesome report. WTG, looks like a great time!! Scott
  484. jsl


    Wow. Awesome pics and report there Juan. Looks like you guys had a blast! WTG............. Scott
  485. jsl

    1213 lbs Blue Marlin in Cabo

    WOW. Congratulations on a fish of a lifetime!! Scott
  486. jsl

    Rpt-8 day on the Excel ending 09-23-11

    You write the most amazing reports. I don't even have to go fishing to have "been there"! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience and congratulations! Scott
  487. jsl

    RP 9/17-9/24 Fishing with a Legend

    Awesome report John, WTG! Funny you spoke of Frank Lopreste in that light as I fished the RP for the first time this year because of him and I'll be fishing it again because of him. Scott
  488. jsl


    Nice, Juan. Scott
  489. jsl

    San Quintin "Genero at Tiburons"

    Tiburon's 52-616--165-6003. His dad's number
  490. jsl

    San Quintin/K&M yellowtail on paddys

    WTG, Kelly! Thx for the report, it feels like forever since I've been down there. Scott
  491. jsl

    La Bocana and Hotel La Bocana

    Very nice. Thx for the great report! Scott
  492. jsl

    ..........ROSARITO JIMMY IN SQ........

    WTG Juan. Scott
  493. jsl

    Offshore WORTHLESS? Maybe! MAYBE NOT?

    I was on an 8 day aboard the RP in early July and the 23 fathom spot down at the ridge was just covered with these guys. I was surprised at how well we were doing considering the fact that the yt could have just opened their mouths and swam through 'em there were so many. Scott
  494. jsl

    Offshore Rpt- 2.5 day 08-14-11 Tails, YFT, BFT to 80 lbs.

    Wow, an 80lber on 20? YOU DA MAN Cory!!! Great job and even better reporting. Scott
  495. jsl

    HUGE TACKLE ASSORTMENT, sinkers, leadheads, spoons, rigs, jigs etc CHEAP

    I've met Byron and bought some stuff from him. Quality and GREAT prices as well!! Scott
  496. jsl

    Red Rooster III 5 Day 7/29 - 8/3 Bluefin Jim

    Sweet! Looks like some good grub and decent fishin too. Scott
  497. jsl

    Lots and Lots of Rods, CHEAP!!

    I do. I'll hit ya up soon. Scott
  498. jsl

    Mono 60#, 80#

    Looking for some mono in 60# and 80#, lemme know if you've got some you don't need thx. Scott
  499. jsl

    Twintail scampis

    If anyone has some twin tail scampis (2'-6') they don't need, lemme know. thx Scott
  500. jsl

    Lots and Lots of Rods, CHEAP!!

    New pricing. Entire Lot A for $450
  501. jsl

    Sign Petition for Mother Vessel - Erik

    Done. Heart wrenching to see the faces but I hope this small gesture will somehow alleviate their pain. Scott
  502. jsl

    Lots and Lots of Rods, CHEAP!!

    Guys, I'm selling a bunch of rods for a good friend of mine. They are all older rods but are in good shape with nothing wrong with them in terms of wear/corrosion. I'm not sure what they're worth but Buff's wife of B N F tackle in Ontario said they should go for $75-$100. However, you can pick...
  503. jsl

    Leaving on Shogun next Saturday...

    I just got off the RP July 1st 8 dayer. I'll post a report when the adapter for my camera get's here. Anyhoo, YT fishing was W.O down at the 23 fathom with pretty much anything working, surface iron, yoyo, bait, dropper loop, whatever. Fish were anywhere from 12-30+. Tuna fishing was off the...
  504. jsl

    Brute Force with K&M San Quintin

    Great report Kelly. Some nice variety. Scott
  505. jsl

    San Quintin update

    You can pick up Mex insurance off the San Ysidro exit ( last exit on 805S ). You can get the license at the ramp in the morning. Bring along some 2.5-4oz Krocodiles just in case the WSB decide to roll. Scott
  506. jsl

    Gulf Grouper

    OMG! Great job...... Scott
  507. jsl

    I want to fish Mexico!!!

    I don't fish in Cali anymore because I discovered Baja several years ago and do 10-14 trips annually so here's my take. San Quintin would probably be your best bet because it's only 3 hours from the border and offers quality, quantity, value and the best all around experience. Get in touch with...
  508. jsl

    Baja Trip....6/20-6/28

    Sick ass report dude! Scott
  509. jsl

    Why Are Cod Red ?

    I don't have a clue about that species or where they reside. Last time I studied anything about radiolarians was in invert-zo class in the late 90's. What I can remember is that they're zooplankton and are a totally separate kingdom from the dinoflagellates which are a type of algae. I don't...
  510. jsl

    Why Are Cod Red ?

    What depths are we looking Keith? I'm not sure about the bioluminescence being too much of a problem as that's caused primarily by dinoflagellates which are photosynthetic and mostly occur in the upper regions of the photic zone ( 600 ft ). Plus, they have to be in abundance to cause the...
  511. jsl

    Offshore Back from 3 days

    Dang, that sucks dude. I leave in two days on an 8 dayer and I hope my trip's not like that, there's nothing worse then trolling around all day for nada Thanks for the report though, you'll get 'em next time.<label for="rb_iconid_6"></label> Scott
  512. jsl

    Why Are Cod Red ?

    For our fishery, I don't think lure color matters as much as some think it does. I think this is attributed to the fact that most people tend to anthropomorphize when comparing vision and base it upon what we see and it's just not so in the animal kingdom. Color vision is a subjective thing...
  513. jsl

    Offshore Great Report on the California Current (A Must read)

    I don't mean to belittle you or anyone else but if you have a science background and you fully understand the physics behind it then what part of the science do you not agree with? If you can come up with a reason why any of the following is false then I would totally agree with you. 1. You're...
  514. jsl

    Offshore Great Report on the California Current (A Must read)

    I don't know what your background is but most people don't understand how science works. Scientist refute each other and when a scientist publishes his claims another scientist in the field can peer review it. Peer being the operative word because they have the knowledge and expertise to do it...
  515. jsl

    Offshore Great Report on the California Current (A Must read)

    With all due respect, that is a very centric point of view. Yes, we try to safe guard our environment but we're far from perfect. Look at the fishery here compared to the past. I'm a lot younger then most of you so I don't have any personal experience with the our fishery of the past but it...
  516. jsl

    Offshore Great Report on the California Current (A Must read)

    All of science is based on "theory" and nothing is "proven" but rather supported with evidence. Let's look at the theory of gravity. Because objects fall at an average of 9.8m.p.s.sq does that make gravity a "fact"? No, it's a theory. One can sit there and test this theory with an experiment and...
  517. jsl

    Offshore Great Report on the California Current (A Must read)

    You bring up a great point. The environmental loons think that this thing can easily be solved with mankind moving away from fossil fuels and embracing renewable energy and if the 6 BILLION and growing people on this planet were to live like the way you described. Not gonna happen. Scott
  518. jsl

    Offshore Great Report on the California Current (A Must read)

    Great point but I believe you're wrong about people being in denial as there are tons of 'em on this site and these are fishermen to boot. There's a dude on the Ted Nugent thread commenting on how abundant and plentiful whales are???? Pretty amazing how some folks think but there are plenty of...
  519. jsl

    Offshore Great Report on the California Current (A Must read)

    Not quite. Although more atmospheric CO2 is beneficial to plant life and studies have supported this, it will create a different problem thus further accelerating the problem. All life forms will eventually die and decay or get combusted thus releasing even higher amounts of CO2 into the...
  520. jsl

    Offshore Great Report on the California Current (A Must read)

    I think the issue is "fairness". Because the western world was the first to become industrialized, most of the CO2 was created by us and forcing limitations on the developing world and holding them to the same standards as us may be interpreted as unfair in the eyes of some folks. This was one...
  521. jsl

    .....texas sam in sq.....

    Dang Juan, you're get'n kinda good at this fishing thing eh? I'm glad things are finally picking up for you and everyone else down there!! If it weren't for my up coming 8 day, I'd be down there in a heartbeat. Scott
  522. jsl

    7 days on the Royal Polaris, 17th -24th

    Congrats on your first LR trip and thanks for sharing your story. Great report btw!! Scott
  523. jsl

    Offshore Great Report on the California Current (A Must read)

    For sure if I had a boat but for now I mostly fish out of Mexico and the occasional LR boat. I'll be on the RP leaving on the 1st for an 8 dayer. Hope you can get on the that trip, I've been on the Rooster before and it's a heck of a boat. Hope to share a rail with ya sometime. Scott
  524. jsl

    Offshore Great Report on the California Current (A Must read)

    Dude, you should come out here and jump on a boat with me. We'll chase some tuna, have a beer and discuss other non controversial topics such as politics and religion<label for="rb_iconid_10"></label>
  525. jsl

    San Quintin panga prices

    Don't ever fish with Juan, Kelly, Oscar, Bird, or any of the Garcias as they all suck and don't know a damn thing about fishing Leave 'em all to me<label for="rb_iconid_10"></label> Scott
  526. jsl


    Blanca and Les: Thanks for the nice place and your hospitality, we'll definitely be returning with more bikes next time. Tues: You gotta check this place out. According to the locals, the average temperature is mild and very comfortable year round. Juan: It was a spontaneous trip and we...
  527. jsl

    .......MR BOB BAKER IN SQ.......

    Dang Juan, save some more me. WTG!! Scott
  528. jsl

    Offshore Great Report on the California Current (A Must read)

    Best analysis by anyone on this thread so far! Scott
  529. jsl

    Offshore Great Report on the California Current (A Must read)

    Very good points once again and I appreciate the thorough science based rebuttal. However, what you point out is well known. Yes, the earth has gone through periods of warming and cooling in the past. No one is denying that and Yes, you're totally correct in stating that CO2 is miniscule...
  530. jsl

    Offshore Great Report on the California Current (A Must read)

    I appreciate the feedback. You have a science background and you have an understanding of the physics and chemistry behind it so let's take a look at this thing from a purely scientific perspective and leave out the agendas and politically driven crap for a minute. Can you tell me what part of...
  531. jsl

    Offshore Great Report on the California Current (A Must read)

    1. Contrary to what some of you may have heard on talk radio or Fox news, there is no leftist agenda coming from academia to merely make money from this. The notion that the educational 'system' is trying to dumb down the masses in order to make money and profit from them is a joke and...
  532. jsl


    I've got some time off with nothing to do until my next trip so I gave a buddy a call and we made a last minute, spontaneous trip down to LB. My buddy wanted to help out some local kids with bikes so we said what the heck, and went down there to poke around. Day 1: Fished the local banks off LB...
  533. jsl

    Offshore Great Report on the California Current (A Must read)

    You guys that questioned this article and call Bullshit don't know what the fuck you're talking about. Who the hell do you guys think you are to be so arrogant that you feel you have ANY authority to question it?? Do you have any evidence to refute what these PHD's are claiming? Have you done...
  534. jsl

    Rod belt

    Hey guys, I left my fighting belt in Mississippi and need to replace for an up coming 8 day. Anyone have a belt laying around they don't need? Scott
  535. jsl

    Wine,Dine and Pull on Swine! K&M part 1

    NICE!! WTG, Kelly!! There's always something going on in SQ. Scott
  536. jsl

    Rapala/Yozuri Trolling plugs

    I second that!! Scott
  537. jsl

    American Angler 8-day 6/5-6/13

    Great report! congrats on your first bluefin Scott
  538. jsl

    Fishing Mackerel for Seabass

    That's what we did in San Quintin and it worked great! Troll REAL slow ( 1-2 ) in freespool and crank like hell upon getting bit. We put 8 of 'em to 26lbs on the boat. Also, my buddy hooked into a little baby thresher and I hooked into something that just ripped off 40lb line like nothing and...
  539. jsl

    Penn TRQ 4.8:1 gear set $25

    Would they fit the older version 100's? Scott
  540. jsl

    Erick 14-19 May

    Great report n pix!! Scott
  541. jsl

    What Trips do you have Planned for 2011

    I've got the following on the books. 1. May 27-31. I'll be in Denver fishing for white bass, striper, walleye, 2. June 9-15. I'll be in Gulport Mississippi fishing the offshore oil rigs and wrecks. 3. July 1-9. 8 day on RP In the planning stages. These trips will be based upon fish counts and...
  542. jsl

    Penn Torque200 vs Calcutta TE400

    I started off fishing with Penns and went fancy ( stupid ) and bought several Shimanos ( Calcutta 700,350T.E,400, Trinidad 16,20,30,40) and after years of dealing with problem after problem, I have come back to Penn and other manufacturers. IMO, the Shimanos handle well and look fancy but they...
  543. jsl

    Emergency Sale!

    Hope all goes well with your boy. Kudos to those extending a helping hand:appl: Scott
  544. jsl

    Tony Reyes Trip - May 1-6, 2011

    Spectacular report!! I felt like I was on the trip upon reading your narrative, thanks for sharing. I understand it get's really hot out there and that's the main reason why I haven't done one of these. What was the average day time high out there? Scott
  545. jsl


    With all due respect, I'm the complete opposite. I think most, if not all of the LR boats perform, or have others do a complete and thorough cleaning session prior to loading new passengers. The bedding is changed out and the bunk rooms are cleaned and deodorized so they're nice and clean. I...
  546. jsl

    Ultra light load Excel 7-day!

    Man, if I wasn't already booked on the RP I'd be all over this! Scott
  547. jsl

    marinade for smoked/grilled fish

    This marinade/smoking brine works great if you like teriyaki flavor. My measurements are not exact because I don't measure my ingredients precisely and usually use taste to adjust accordingly so make adjustments to the ingredients according to your taste. Works great on bonito, cuda, tuna, yt...
  548. jsl

    Tony Reyes Trip - May 1-6, 2011

    Nice report dude, looks like a lot of fun. I've always wanted to do one of those but the unrelenting heat scares the crap outta me. Scott
  549. jsl


    Thanks for the great trip Juan, it was a pleasure fishing with you as usual. The biggest red weighed in at 9 and a half and most were anywhere between 3-6. Nice quality and lots of fun on jigs and plastics. We'll do it again soon. Scott
  550. jsl

    Chivato and Mulege for Spring Break

    Bitchen report Derek, glad you guys had a great time! That place look's like the perfect fishing getaway with all of the thrills and none of the b.s one would find in places like Cabo. Scott
  551. jsl

    Takin wife to Baja 4 Yellows & 20th Anniversary

    Congratulations on the anniversary. San Ignacio is great in terms of fishing and people but has almost no accommodations other then the whale watching eco camps which are pretty Spartan IMO. You can PM if you like and I'll fill you in. Cheers!! Scott
  552. jsl

    All tackle aside...

    1 Flip flop sandals for the shower 2 Xtra towel 3 Dr. Scholls inserts for your boots ( very important ) 4 earplugs 5 neosporin 6 Fabreez 7 trash bags for your dirty clothes 8 a good attitude
  553. jsl

    Charkbait's Toro Tamer

    Thx for the reply and vid John. I cant wait to nail some yt and yft on these things. I think they'll be a refreshing addition to the typical Tady 45's and Salas 7X's for surface applications. Scott
  554. jsl

    Charkbait's Toro Tamer

    I just got my Toro Tamer in the mail today and I cant wait to use it as an alternative to the typical irons everyone usually throws at places like Cedros and Alijos. Anyone have any luck with these things? Thx in advance. Scott
  555. jsl

    Having a Baby

    Congrats Juan!!:hali_olutta::hali_olutta: Scott
  556. jsl

    Bass & Rockfish on live bait/Iron/plastic

    Beautiful red. WTG!! Scott
  557. jsl

    RP is going for the record of most over 300#

    Not so fast! Just because one boat was in the right place at the right time does not mean that all is well. Scott
  558. jsl


    If you're going to be fishing them from the beach I would throw shiny spoons such as Kastmasters in the 1/4oz-1/2oz and Krocodiles in the 1oz. Color doesn't matter so don't sweat it. I fished them in the Tampa area and they are an absolute blast on light line. I used 10lb tackle with no leader...
  559. jsl


    Dont see how that can hurt. Only thing I would add would be to freeze it solid for a day first to kill off any potential parasites. Thaw it slowly in fridge and it should be good to go. Scott
  560. jsl

    Boat For Sale - Fully Rigged - Plug & Play

    I'm interested so how low?
  561. jsl

    San Quintin, K&M

    10-13lb bones? Nice! That great that they're back because we didnt catch any last year. Thanks for the report. Scott
  562. jsl

    Pics of Fish Co Tackle Shop San Quintin

    WOW,very nice. I noticed the 12oz torpedo sinker for 12 pesos? Great price!! Best of luck to you guys! Scott
  563. jsl

    International 12VSX vs BX II 600 and HX II

    Thx Steve. Incredible!! Scott
  564. jsl

    International 12VSX vs BX II 600 and HX II

    Thanks for the suggestion. I took a look at their line up and it appears as though Okuma makes some pretty impressive reels at a great value to boot. Best part is they are in my area so I'm going to pay them a visit to check em out. Thanks again! Scott
  565. jsl

    International 12VSX vs BX II 600 and HX II

    Gentlemen, I'm still puttin together gear for an 8 dayer this summer and need some opinions regarding which reel would be your go to 50lb bait outfit. I have it narrowed down to three reels ( International 12VSX, Avet HX II, and Accurate BX II 600). Which would you prefer and why? I recently...
  566. jsl

    Fuel Surcharge

    Great perspective! There's one thing I would add to this and that's the overall decline in fisheries over the years. Countries like Japan and more recently China, with it's 1.3 billion WEALTHIER population are placing huge strains on fish stocks all over the world, example: one bluefin selling...
  567. jsl


    X2. Skipper is cool and personable and the boat is wide as hell, nice platform!! Scott
  568. jsl

    accurate 2speeds and tld 20, 4 penn senators 113h

    Better jump on these guys, killer stuff at RIDICULOUS prices!! Scott
  569. jsl

    GF 700XH or 765L

    Pm's answered. Thx gentlemen. Scott
  570. jsl

    Penn Internation 16s vs 16vsx

    It was the 16vs, my bad on the typo. I decided to go with the Avet HX II as my 50lb outfit but will look for a 16VSX for 60-80lb outfits respectively. Amazing how they made something that big and heavy and with that much strength to fish such lite line. Many thanks gentlemen!!
  571. jsl

    GF 700XH or 765L

    Hi guys, Looking for one of these sticks to complete my arsenal. Hit me up if you have something you want to part with. Thx. Scott
  572. jsl

    Which reel for GF 765?

    Thanks guys! Gonna pass on that 765h and go with 765L or 700XH Scott
  573. jsl

    Penn Internation 16s vs 16vsx

    Thanks for the replies gentlemen. I think Imma pass on the 16vs because it will cost 140$ to get it up to speed and I dont want to deal with all that b.s. It would still be a bargain at 200$+ 140$ but too much of a hassle. thx again Scott
  574. jsl

    Penn Internation 16s vs 16vsx

    I need some advice on which model to get. I found a brand new 16vs for a killer price but did some research on it and it seems as if they designed these things to fish light line because it only produces 10lbs drag. I would love to get the 16vsx but it will come at more then twice the cost of...
  575. jsl


    Good to know, gotta check em out sometime. The food is SQ is da bomb!! Scott
  576. jsl


    Thanks for the killer deal. Awesome stuff!! Btw, the Raiders suck!LOL Scott
  577. jsl

    Which reel for GF 765?

    Thx gentlemen!! Gonna go with avet 30
  578. jsl

    Which reel for GF 765?

    Whoops, sorry guys. 765h. Was thinking of this for an 8 day this coming July. Thx
  579. jsl

    Which reel for GF 765?

    Dont have too much experience with the heavier stuff so which reel would you recommend for live bait fishing with this stick? I was thinking of AVET HX II, good choice? Thx in advance!! Scott
  580. jsl


    Things are lookin good down there. WTG!:appl: Scott
  581. jsl

    2011 Baja Spearfishing trip

    That's freaking ridiculous!! Thanks for sharing. Scott
  582. jsl


    Nice report and beautiful pictures once again!! Scott
  583. jsl

    Calstar GF Heavy

    Hey guys, Looking for some heavier action gf series rods. I like shorter sticks so nothing over 7ft please. Lemme know if you have something you want to get rid of. thx Scott
  584. jsl

    I made my choice (I think)

    The vag is a fishy boat but it's smaller than a lot of overnight boats. I've been in weather that made the excel and Indy seem small so IMO, 9 days is way too long to be stuck on that little thing. I seriously would not ride it for that long a trip if it was free! Scott
  585. jsl


    My goodness it looks like a lake out there. WTG on another awesome report Juan. Scott
  586. jsl


    WTG Juan. How big were the white fish running? 450lbs is gonna make a mountain of ceviche. Scott
  587. jsl

    7/8 Day in June

    Good luck on the trip and take loads of pictures. You're in high school right? If you were my student, I'd give you extra credit just for going on the trip! hahahaha Scott
  588. jsl

    7/8 Day in June

    The Indy is an excellent choice. I would go with Indy, Intrepid, Excel, RP, Rooster in no particular order. Weather is always an issue especially during that time of year so stay away from the smaller boats. Why get beat up on a small boat when u can ride the bigger ones for the same price...
  589. jsl

    Sadness at Don Eddie's in San Quintin

    My condolences to his family and the entire Don Eddie's staff. My thoughts are with all of you....... Scott
  590. jsl

    Baja for New Years

    Sweet report dude, glad you had fun! Those pics look like they came from a Corona commercial....the Cortez side of Baja is spectacular!! Thanks for sharing. Scott
  591. jsl


    Those are some sweet deals! Scott
  592. jsl

    Shimano, Penn, Daiwa

    Both trinies sold. Thanks!
  593. jsl

    Shimano, Penn, Daiwa

    4 pm's in 20 minutes. Man, I shoulda asked for more on the trinies. hahaha jk! Trinie's are sold pending the sales but the other stuff is still available fellas. All good stuff for dirt cheap!
  594. jsl

    Shimano, Penn, Daiwa

    Hi guys, I'm getting rid of some stuff I rarely use anymore to make room for the new stuff. I have the following for sale so make an offer and dont be shy, I just wanna get rid of some of this stuff. I live in Ontario so if anyone wants to come by and check it out just let me know. Otherwise, I...
  595. jsl

    80# Grouper, Abreojos & Bocana

    OMG!!! And the fact that it swam away...:worship:
  596. jsl

    K&M Sportfishing San Quintin

    You guys are down there killing fish in T-shirts while the rest of us up north are swimming for our lives!! NICE! Thanks for the report, I'll come down to fish with you sometime in February. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!! Scott
  597. jsl

    Best surface iron reel?

    Good question. I dont know where to start but pretty much everything except for the anti-reverse. When I first started, they were all the rave and I bought into the hype. They were shiny, smooth, and had the best overall feel of any reel at the time so I bought several from 14-30 along with 2...
  598. jsl

    Best surface iron reel?

    Thanks for the input. I think it's a toss up between the Saltist and Newell p332 at this point. Between my buddy and I, we have a total of 8 trinies from 14-30, and having fished them for the past decade I have come to the conclusion that they are over hyped, over priced p.o.s. Sorry if I offend...
  599. jsl

    Best surface iron reel?

    Thanks for the reply gentlemen. It's funny you guys mentioned Newells as I was looking into them myself. Is the p338 narrower than the 332?
  600. jsl

    Best surface iron reel?

    Looking for some opinions out there regarding the best surface iron reel. I've been using a trini 20 loaded with 65lb spectra and 40lb topshot for the past several years but now I'm looking for a change. What do you guys recommend? Thx Scott
  601. jsl

    Magbay help

    Hi Bob, We spoke before, I'm a.k.a Jonathan which is my first name but friends know me as Scott. I'll be calling you soon to finalize details and get directions. Cant wait and looking forward to meeting and fishing with you guys. Scott
  602. jsl

    Abreojos & Bocana, world best grouper spots

    Awesome report and kudos for letting the breeders go!:appl: Scott
  603. jsl

    Camping and surf fishing southern Baja

    There's also another site "Bajanomad" . Post this question there and hopefully someone will be able to give you more specific and current information. Hope this helps... Scott
  604. jsl

    Camping and surf fishing southern Baja

    Get the book " The Baja Catch". It's got all the specifics you need regarding camping and fishing spots along the entire length of the Baja peninsula. Conditions can change so it's good to have this how-to manual just in case you need to make adjustments to your plans. Good luck!! Scott
  605. jsl

    San Felipe 10-5 thru 10-10-10

    Nice! That look's like the orange mouth corvina from the Salton Sea I used to get several years ago. Do you guys get the shortfin corvina too? Scot