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  1. tresbien

    San Diego Full Day Gear

    Hi guys, I haven’t been out yet this summer and am going to slide out on the Grande tomorrowI called the landing they recommended a 30# and 40# fly line set up. I heard the tuna moved up the line and would assume tomorrow will be paddy hopping. I was planning on bringing 20#, 30# & 40# fly...
  2. tresbien

    Custom Calstar GG/BTG90J

    Your builds are always sick!!
  3. tresbien

    March Full Day out of Ventura?

    Sounds like a lot more f you guys prefer SEA Landing! Crappy part is I am coming from south OC... the drive is going to suck but am going to inquire on bunks. I know with Covid it has been allowed but need my own pillow and blanket. I really appreciate all the advice so far fellas!
  4. tresbien

    March Full Day out of Ventura?

    Thank you for the responses everyone! In the future I am going to shoot for an overnight trip but this year I am only going to be able to get out for a full day trip. I have been leaning towards Ventura on a 4-4 but will look harder at Channel Islands Sportsfishing. Thank again for all the insight!
  5. tresbien

    March Full Day out of Ventura?

    Hi guys, I can’t swing any overnight trips for the rockfish opener but wanted to get some insight on a 4am to 4pm trip out of Ventura Sportfishing. Is the full day rock fishing up in Ventura worth it or is hitting an overnight and fishing the Channel Islands the best way to do it? I haven’t...
  6. tresbien

    Custom Calstar GG/BTG6480 30-60lb Red and Black

    Man I wish your Seeker 270H had a reel seat.... Slick Calstar amigo! I’m glad it found a home!
  7. tresbien

    Can’t Find A GG 270H-8’

    Hi BD fellas I have been looking for a solid 25# stick that can be used for both local bottom fishing and island yellowtail. I have been using a Calstar 870 but would like something with some more backbone. Can I get some recommendations? I would prefer either Calstar or United Composites, but...
  8. tresbien

    Small 2 Speed 30/40 Reel Recommendations

    Thank you for the info Kimbo! I really like my 5 but am waiting for it to go out on me... my 12 lasted two yellowfin last year on just one trip... I have been meaning to take it in for service but after getting discontinued kind of forgot about doing that
  9. tresbien

    Small 2 Speed 30/40 Reel Recommendations

    I have an Andros 12 that took a dump on me but the drag from strike to full was linear on my 5 the drag immediately jumps from 9# to 13# the second I move the lever just one click past strike I heard there were two drag cams I like the linear progression more how much did it cost to have the...
  10. tresbien

    Small 2 Speed 30/40 Reel Recommendations

    After all the issues with my Okuma Andros 12 I’m not sure if I would fishing another Okuma lever drag that isn’t a Makaira
  11. tresbien

    Cousins rods**

    If you are gonna sell the 80L was would like to buy it
  12. tresbien

    Small 2 Speed 30/40 Reel Recommendations

    Hi Guys, I am looking to buy a small 2 speed lever drag reel for a Tilefish Jr for live bait fishing. I have heard plenty of people’s opinion about how a star drag is a better option than a small 2 speed. Honestly after fishing the Penn Fathoms for several seasons I am kind of set on buying a...
  13. tresbien

    Daiwa Saltiga 40HA, Daiwa Lexa 400HD HS-P, Penn Torque 30LD2

    Slick Torque! I love my 40N! Man I wish I could take that 30 off you hands... Good Luck With Sale! Both reels should go quick!
  14. tresbien

    Best rod for 40-50 lbs. bait, yoyo, and dropper loop

    If your Wahoo is a Challenger Elite I would toss surface iron with it or live bait. I have one and like mine but i wouldn’t dropper loop or yoyo with it if you can find a used Seeker Black Steel 6470H that would be my recommendation for dropper loop yoyo on 50#. That rod is a little tough to...
  15. tresbien

    Price Lowered Cousins 80L

    I have a couple of Cousins I love to fish I can’t believe this rod is still available
  16. tresbien

    Price Lowered Cousins 80L

    Hi Moose! I am interested in your Cousins 80L. Is it still available?
  17. tresbien

    United Composite UC RGP Mega Plus C+

    Just curious what you think the sweet spot on that rod would be? I have never pulled on one but I would assume with the GP tag that thing could fish 30 to 40?
  18. tresbien

    Calstar GG 270H 8’

    Thanks for the advice Moose I appreciate it!
  19. tresbien

    Calstar GG 270H 8’

    I’ll have to call next week
  20. tresbien

    Jigs for Catalina Rockfish

    Hi gang, Hoping to slide out to Catalina on the pursuit on Monday. Any advice on jigs for rockfish? I have plenty of yo-yo jigs, snipers and flat falls. These should be fine but thought I would ask. Any advice or insight would be great! Matt
  21. tresbien

    Rod Advice for 20#~25# Duty

    Hi guys, Quick background to this question... I have spent a lot of time offshore the last several years and several years ago. I am looking for a multipurpose rod that I can fish 20# to 25# on. I plan on doing more Local 3/4 day and full day trips out of OC for a verity Of game fish during...
  22. tresbien

    Calstar Bt270 glass rod

    Slick stick man, good luck with selling it! Should go quick!
  23. tresbien

    Calstar GG 270H 8’

    Ok cool thanks for the information but looking for a factory rod
  24. tresbien

    Calstar GG 270H 8’

    Hi! Are both rods custom or just the 800XL. I was looking for a factory rod.
  25. tresbien

    Calstar GG 270H 8’

    Hi guys Looking to buy a Calstar GG 270H 8’. If anyone has one of these laying around that they are will to part ways with please let me know! Matt
  26. tresbien

    Berth 55 Local 3/4 Day Gear?

    Hi guys I am doing a local 3/4 day out of Berth 55 this coming week. I saw mostly rockfish in the count and was wondering if they are fishing shallow or deep? I would assume 30# test should be ok. Any advice or gear recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Matt
  27. tresbien

    Offshore Guadalupe, Getting stoked

    Hey what trip are you on?
  28. tresbien

    UC 76 Raptor

    Hi Folks, Going to Guadalupe on a 6 day trip in mid September. I was wondering if anyone had a used UC 76 Raptor they are willing to part ways with. Does not need to be pristine just looking for a solid 60# rod I can lay on the rail in the event the tuna are chewing the heavier string. I...
  29. tresbien

    50# / 60# Guadalupe Set Up?

    Thanks Jim I will be bringing the smaller gear and a surface iron set up just incase!
  30. tresbien

    50# / 60# Guadalupe Set Up?

    Hi Lake I have read some of your posts over the last few years and yes i have a few 40 pound rigs ready to go! thanks for the advice!! I have 40# with the Tilefish and Andros and an SSR 7040 / UC CP 70H-F with a JX Raptor
  31. tresbien

    UC CP 70 H-F (30-50): Anybody fish this?

    Yeah I bought a 7'3'' UC CP 70H-F (30-50) blank and feels like more of a 40# to 50# rod. I went to the Coronados in April on a sport boat for yellowtail to test the rod out. I hung a couple smaller yellowtail in the 15# class range on 40# doing the yoyo deal and the rod hardly bent with about...
  32. tresbien

    50# / 60# Guadalupe Set Up?

    Hi guys and gals, I am going on a trip to Guadalupe in the beginning of September and only have a couple 50# to 80# set ups... Ive been reading some of the recent reports from the RP and Shogun from Guadalupe. Sounds like 50# / 60# is the ticket for success for tuna from 50# to 100+. I...
  33. tresbien

    Talica 16II or Talica 20II

    Hey Guys and Gals, Looking to buy a Talica 16 II or a Talica 20 II. Was planning on matching it with a UC 76 Predator I own for fishing Guadalupe in September. I don't have any preference if its got braid or not just looking for a Talica 16II or 20II. Thanks for your help! Matt
  34. tresbien

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    Hey Paul I bought a UC Predator from you! How do you like the Diawa J Braid? I'm looking for a Fathom 40N LD 2, but hesitant on the braid
  35. tresbien

    6 Day to Gaudalupe or 7 Days the the Ridge / Alijos

    any ideas? i love fishing tuna i love fishing yellowtail too please give me insight to a 6 to Guadalupe vs a 7 to Alijos in mid september
  36. tresbien

    Shogun 6 Day in September Questions?

    Hey Guys and Gals, I am looking at booking a 6 day on the Shogun leaving 9/9/19 returning 9/15/19. I have never fished the boat, never fished a traditional "Long Range", and never been to Guadalupe or the Ridge... This fishing trip would be my bachelors weekend trip to and by myself to...
  37. tresbien

    What do you think it weighs???

    If that's the same fish as the one in your original post........ i guess right around 100# plus or minus 10# and the fish is closer to 6 feet long rather than 5 feet... i suck at geometry and like a previous poster mentioned my fish stories get crazier after time has passed but looks like it 100...
  38. tresbien

    Heavier Rod Version Equivalent to Calstar WC-270H

    So what would be the difference between a 870H (20 - 50) and a 670 (20 - 50) ???? A softer tip and more parabolic in the 870H vs the 670? Or Vice Versa?
  39. tresbien

    Heavier Rod Version Equivalent to Calstar WC-270H

    wait..... calstar makes an 870H???? i had no idea.... its it on their website?
  40. tresbien

    Help with a new 50lb set up

    I have a Seeker Black Steel 6470H i use for 50# yoyo but in all honesty i have trouble flinging a small sardine on it because the tip is very fast... in my opinion its a legit 50# rod but if you are going bait and iron like mentioned above i'd go with the UC Predator for both applications
  41. tresbien

    Calstar 875 XH

    Hey Guys and Gals, Looking for a Calstar 875 XH if you have something newer you are willing to part ways with let me know! Thanks BD Community! Matt
  42. tresbien

    Offshore 1.5 Chief

    Quality Yellows for a plan B congrats!
  43. tresbien

    Looking for the Penn Fathom of fishing rods

    Robert you are not a loser and are one of the more informative posters on this entire website!!!
  44. tresbien

    Offshore Thunderbird - SCI - 5/17

    dude your kid looks STOKED congrats!!!
  45. tresbien

    Your first quality fishing rod ?

    Cal Star 870 matched with a Torium 20 from my dad for a birthday present about 17 years ago! got a 70# YFT 2 summers ago on it but wish I was fishing my "modern" gear
  46. tresbien

    Testing it out

    im not a long range fisherman yet but would love to be able to see the forum! Help me out amigo!
  47. tresbien

    Offshore BFT on Madrugador

    Slug!!! Way To Go Guys!!
  48. tresbien

    Easter 4/21 on the Grande

    Nice YT Amigo Congrats on Getting Out There & Hanging One!
  49. tresbien

    Chief 3, 3.5 and 4 Day "Baja Coast Trips"?

    Hey had a question for you guys. I know the Mexican Government had created a biosphere protecting islands from fishing and hadn't heard anything about the ban being lifted. The Chief is offering longer Baja Coast trips in the Fall and purchasing a Biosphere Bracelet would be a requirement...
  50. tresbien

    UC jig stick 8' recommendation for surface iron?

    I use an 8' UC CE 8000 Wahoo rated (40 - 60) for tossing surface irons and smaller jigs like the Tady AA on 40# with a Trinidad 20a. I compared side by side with a gentleman with a Seeker Ulua and I could cast as far as him... I haven't fished the UC CE Monster, Del Mar or anything else I have...
  51. tresbien

    UC CE900 Wahoo VS. Del Mar

    I have a UC CE 800 Wahoo and i realize its not the blank you are talking about but its rated (#40 - #60).... I don't have my own boat and do my fishing on cattle boats so also take that into consideration because i believe you have your own boat (from your posts). For 40# jigs its great! i can...
  52. tresbien

    UC Tilefish 40# vs 50# Recommendation

    Thanks Bill and Connor! I will be bumping it up to 50# for this year. I don't do long range yet and I wanted to use the rod this past year and fish 40# more than 50# so I fished it at 40#... And yes... Barely put a bend in it... Haven't talked to too many Tilefish users on SD boats so far so...
  53. tresbien

    Which landings regularly go to SCI

    22nd St out out San Pedro on the Freedom Long Beach Sport Fishing on the El Dorado Daveys Locker on the Thunderbird Dana Wharf on the Fury rockfish season opens on March 1st... you will see more open trips around this time
  54. tresbien

    UC Tilefish 40# vs 50# Recommendation

    Hi guys and gals, I have been fishing my Tilefish at 40# on a JX Raptor with 65# braid and a short topshot at about 13# of drag on a scale... but have read that was designed for 50# and it can fish 50# no problem? I have only caught schoolie BFT on it fly lining sardines and smaller YFT on...
  55. tresbien

    Factory Seeker and Phenix rods

    does the SSR 810 have a trigger grip?
  56. tresbien

    Next Setup Suggestions

    im with the other responses on here grab something to fish 20#/25# pound test on I thought i needed bigger gear the last several years and rounded out the heavier tackle but most of it has sat in the rack. I fished 3/4 to 4.5 days last season and only used >40# a handful times (borrow or rent...
  57. tresbien

    First long range trip - what rod and reel ?

    The Fathom 40N LD2 is a very fun reel that is very capable for a variety of uses and line classes you guys will thoroughly enjoy them!!! I love my 25N LD2 an my 40N LD2 hope you guys get to pull on something with them they are an amazing reel for their price!!
  58. tresbien

    Has anyone fished with Cabo San Lucas Charters?

    Was thinking of booking a panga? any suggestions would be appreciated! I am going to be down there in February and looking to fish either the 18th or the 19th Matt
  59. tresbien

    Cabo San Lucas Charters?

    Has anyone fished with Cabo San Lucas Charters? Was thinking of booking a panga? any suggestions would be appreciated! I am going to be down there in February and looking to fish wither the 18th or the 19th Matt
  60. tresbien

    Looking to Fish Cabo Feb 17th to the 20th

    Hi Guys and Gals, I was curious if anyone could recommend me a charter for me and my lady out of Cabo She knows i like to fish and she enjoys being on the water Any advice on a charter? Matt
  61. tresbien

    Fishing Cabo 17th to 20th

    Hi Guys and Gals, I was curious if anyone could recommend me a charter for me and my lady out of Cabo She knows i like to fish and she enjoys being on the water Any advice on a charter? Matt
  62. tresbien

    Reel For UC CP 70HF

    Hey Guys and Gals, Looking for a reel to pair with a UC CP 70HF (30-50). The rod feels like it can fish 50# and was planning on using it for for live bait only at heavy 40# or light 50# for SoCal Offshore and Islands and San Diego up to 4 days. I like my Penn Fathoms and was leaning towards...
  63. tresbien

    Matching rod to reel

    I fish my 20A on a UC CE Wahoo 8' and like it for jigs and bait.... mostly jigs
  64. tresbien

    Fathom 40N Rod for flatfalls

    i saw a 200# BFT landed at SCI this last summer on an AXIS 72 XXXH and the rod had no issues
  65. tresbien

    Truline 5x and 39 for sale or trade

    hi my name is Matt im interested in your UC 70HF Blank
  66. tresbien

    GF 800 XLH vs GF 800L

    Looking for an 8' rod to fish live bait with for 20# work. I have been fishing a Calstar WC 870 but am looking to branch out. Can anyone give me insight between the two GF rods? I would assume the 800L would be a little heavier than the 800 XLH... but am looking for an 8' rod I can cast small...
  67. tresbien

    Calstar GF 800 XLH

    Hey Guys and Gals, Looking to buy a Calstar Grafighter 800 XLH for 20# work in decent to newer condition. If you have one that you are willing to part with let me know! Matt
  68. tresbien

    Who's going out this weekend (after thx giving)?

    I forgot to ask... I can call again and get back to you. I hope the weather doesn't push the fish to far but the counts from the last several days looked great. I bet some more people will sign up tomorrow after the holiday. If the trip runs looking forward to killing some tuna with you!
  69. tresbien

    Who's going out this weekend (after thx giving)?

    Signed up for the Liberty out of Fisherman's Landing for a 1.5 day leaving Sunday the 25th
  70. tresbien

    Reel advice needed.

    I have my fathom 40N spooled with 80# Izor Braid with room for a short topshot. I have used it for flat falls, yoyo and bait. I have never used a Sealine but have heard they are easy to cast. Practice at the park and hone your skills! Hope to see you killing pelagic on the water next year!
  71. tresbien

    Reel advice needed.

    if You get a 800M that would match the Tranx 400 for surface stuff. The Fathom 40N I have used for both yoyo and bait and has treated me well on the smaller grade stuff to 50#. The retrieve on the Fathom 40N is 42'' per crank and would be a better option than the Sealine for yoyo. A Calstar...
  72. tresbien

    Reel advice needed.

    I own both a JX Raptor (40 - 50) the Fathom 25N (30 - 40) and Fathom 40N (50 - 60). It really depends on your budget. I really like my JX Raptor but if $ is a concern then the Fathoms will do most everything you need. I haven't pushed any of these reels to their max and most fish have been...
  73. tresbien

    Horseshoe bonito on the troll 10/22

    very very cool video!!! thanks for sharing!!!
  74. tresbien

    Offshore 10/14 – 9 Mile Bank/302 area

    Chris that is Awesome! Don't trip on when you caught it just enjoy the afterglow of your FAT YFT!!!!!!!
  75. tresbien

    Offshore Relentless overnight 10/13 Hot paddys!

    Great trip and Great write up! Relentless is a great boat with great crew and captain! Glad you got in on the fun!
  76. tresbien

    Offshore 10/14 – 9 Mile Bank/302 area

    Congrats on your first very own yellowfin tuna!!! That is a very memorable day you will NOT forget!!! WTG Amigo!
  77. tresbien

    Why am i addicted to fishing

    im at this stage......
  78. tresbien

    Looking for a Calstar GF 800L

    Hi Folks, Im looking for a not abused Calstar GF 800L. If anyone has one that they are willing to part with please let me know! Matt
  79. tresbien

    Offshore Easy limit 10/9

    Awesome work on 15# Test!! Congrats on a successful day!
  80. tresbien

    How much are custom rods

    The whole "Its the Indian and not the Arrow" kind of thing right?
  81. tresbien

    Offshore N9 to 302 10/7 Good Fishing

    Nice Quality! Way To Go Guys!!!
  82. tresbien

    Fth15ld2 & 25nld2 and Spectra

    He showed me the yard counter and packed that braid on as tight as i have ever seen done before.....
  83. tresbien

    Fth15ld2 & 25nld2 and Spectra

    Soooo Ryan at the Lake Forest Turners somehow managed to fit 696 yards of 65# Threadlock plus room for a topshot on a Fathom 25N.... insane amount of braid that is packed incredibly tight... ive fished it several time this summer for tuna and haven't had any issues repacking the braid while...
  84. tresbien

    Love the Liberty...........

    Hi Dad (David)! Hope the new job is treating you well!! I got a last minute invite from a coworker on a charter that I couldn't pass up... I cant wait to share the rail with you again and will keep in touch during the winter!
  85. tresbien

    Best Skip Jigs + best technique

    I have had luck skipping the Tady AA on the YFT but out of SD on the 1.5 to 4.5 day trips... I can cast it further than an Tady 45 of Salas 7X and keep it skipping better as well. Although the Tady AA hasn't been mentioned figured I would share.
  86. tresbien

    Love the Liberty...........

    Taro was on point the crew was epic (Paul is the man) cant wait to get out next year
  87. tresbien

    Love the Liberty...........

    Love this boat....
  88. tresbien

    Drag Settings For Deep Water Flat Fallin’

    Shoot I am taking my Mak 16 With 500 yards of 100# braid and a short topper of 80# mono to Clemente tonight for a 2 day on the Liberty.... I set strike at 30# of drag. I guess I'll be consulting a deck hand on what's appropriate and I'm sure he will tell me a Mak 30 and a UC Viper or...
  89. tresbien

    Poppin cherries at the Nados 9/8/18

    Awesome Job! So Freaking Cool to put your Buddy on his First BFT!
  90. tresbien

    Offshore SCI Big Boy Grounds 8/31 9/1 9/2

    I wanst on that trip was just commenting on Ross's trip
  91. tresbien

    Offshore SCI Big Boy Grounds 8/31 9/1 9/2

    First off, way to fish hard!!! Been fishing it hard for the last few years and still need to put more time in at the rail... Second, I wish I could be disappointed with a 90# BFT... but i get it (there have been some enormous tuna caught this year) Third, Yeah helium Balloon and Frozen Flying...
  92. tresbien

    Best rods for tossing iron?

    Geeze Dad you get no respect hahaha I asked this question before our trip and while on the boat and the popular answer was a Calstar GG 90J for surface irons like a Tady 45, Salas 7X and Starman 112's.
  93. tresbien

    Heading out tomorrow 8/29 did it go?
  94. tresbien

    Mitch's Seafood is ridiculous!

    That Bait Plate looks Epic hahaha!!!I prefer beer battered fish and chips at Mitch's over the Panko style at PLSF. Guess im going to have to change my order up when I fish with friends out of Point Loma. I appreciate the pic and also agree with another poster that the Fishermans Breakfast was...
  95. tresbien

    Offshore Tuna-kakke

    By BFT Gear I thought you meant 100# on a Mak 20 and a UC Viper... lolz I didn't have small castable poppers and skipping the Tady AA and watching YFT roll on it was quite a sight amigo if you have poppers bring them, I was making the best out of a tough situation bring your 50# just in case...
  96. tresbien

    Offshore Tuna-kakke

    I used a Tady AA in Bird Shit on Friday and skipped it on the surface by putting the reel in gear as soon as it hit the water and reeling as fast as I could and caught only YFT amid the schools of mixed YFT and Skippies. I was fishing straight 40# mono to my Tady AA. Bring your BFT rod because...
  97. tresbien

    Offshore BFT!

    "Holy Shit Jay i think that is a Baby Whale"............... Nice Tuna guys WTG!!!
  98. tresbien

    Offshore Dodos, 8-19-18

    That is so freaking epic guys WTG on the dodos!!!!!! The kids smile is priceless!!! I remember my first in '98 with my dad driving and was smiling like a pig in slop!!! Congrats to the fathers for putting their kids on fish and congrats to the kids for making lifelong memories!!!
  99. tresbien

    Nearly donated Komodo at Cedros

    super jealous man that look epic!
  100. tresbien

    Jx raptor or Bv2-500

    I have a JX Raptor I use for 40 / 50 pound work (mostly 50) on a UC Tilefish for bait and yoyo. Love the JX Raptor!!! Its the only Avet ive ever owned and wish I have been fishing the Raptors sooner! I have never fished accurates so my opinion is biased but really enjoy my JX Raptor!
  101. tresbien

    Role Call Constitution 4.5 this Wednesday 8/22

    Hi Hi David my name is Matt. We fished before on the Liberty at Colonett in 2017. I am bringing 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 & 80 and hoping we can get on some of the smaller yellowfin, kelp paddy yellows and dodos before we go to SCI for the BFT. I have never fished this boat but they do PV...
  102. tresbien

    4-5 year old Flouro, would you still use it?

    Wils..... thank you for the valid point amid all of your sarcasm!
  103. tresbien

    9' Jig Stick Advice

    I bought that same reel for the CE 80 Wahoo haha great minds right? Cant wait to try it out next week!
  104. tresbien

    9' Jig Stick Advice

    I don't like the CE 80 Wahoo because I feel it doesn't load up very well fishing the larger surface iron. I have been thinking of making this rod an 8' 40# bait stick and getting a different 9 foot rod for surface iron
  105. tresbien

    9' Jig Stick Advice

    Thanks for all the responses I had dismissed the UC's because I had issues with the 8' UC CE 80 Wahoo I am thinking the UC US 90 Monster might be the way to go How does the US Monster throw a Tady 45 or a Salas 7X??? This Jig Stick will be mostly for the larger surface irons and NOT for the...
  106. tresbien

    9' Jig Stick Advice

    thanks gnehekul I am not looking for a stiff rod but something I can throw the surface iron with I appreciate the insight
  107. tresbien

    Candy Bar Starman 112

    My new Starman 112's swim great! I would imagine the originals swim just as well if not better. Take them to your local harbor and give them a few casts!
  108. tresbien

    9' Jig Stick Advice

    Hi Guys, I spoke with quite a few guys on the boats about a rod for surface iron a few years ago and they all told me to start with an 8 footer to see if I would like the idea of throwing iron to begin with. I have an 8' CE UC Wahoo (40 - 60) that I bought from a member for surface iron. The...
  109. tresbien

    8/7/18 morning half day

    awesome pics and thats a solid checkerboard man way to go! The kid looks stoked i's say thats a successful day!
  110. tresbien

    8/3 Coronados Fisherman III

    I went fishing with my girlfriend on the Fisherman III on Friday 8/3 at the Coronados. Fishing was pretty good we caught about 40 yellowtail, 2 small bluefin and some calico bass. Most were small, between 5 to 10 pounds. Schools were found using sonar and trolling feathers and rapalas. We...
  111. tresbien

    Shimano Max Cuatro breaking

    Ive had 50# Jerry Brown One Line snap when cinching down my Bob Sands Knot several times and it makes me hesitant to fish it offshore but haven't had any issues yet while on a fish
  112. tresbien

    Do you shit on your boat???

    ........soooooo......... The Classic "Air Wolfing" Comes To Mind
  113. tresbien

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    They sure have a price tag but damn do I love my CJB ML (25 - 40)! I have been told they use the seeker mandrels but like this rod more for 30# than any other rod I own. Hope the investors or who ever they sell the company to will succeed
  114. tresbien


    UC Tilefish for an 8' rod or UC Predator for a 7'6" rod
  115. tresbien

    rod for a mak 15ll-sea

    what kinda braid do you have on it?
  116. tresbien

    Which 2 speed for HAX720XH

    I'd go with the 25N for that rod. The 40N is slick but agree with others that it should go on a heavier rod.
  117. tresbien

    Fathom 25N LD2 for CE 80 Wahoo

    so...... Ryan at the Lake Forest Turners got 700 yards of 60# Threadlock!!!!!! Going to him to re-spool the rest of my reels........
  118. tresbien

    Need rod suggestion for avet jx raptor

    I have my JX Raptor on a UC Tilefish..... it cant handle 27# of drag but a JX Raptor is up to the task for fish up to 100#
  119. tresbien

    Fathom 25N LD2 for CE 80 Wahoo

    Hi Guys and Gals, I have a UC CE 80 Wahoo Rated (40 - 60). I initially bought this rod as a surface iron stick but didn't like how it casted Tady 45's and Salas 7X's. I am going to make this a 40# bait rod on a Penn Fathom 25N LD2. The rod is very parabolic and was planning on spooling the...
  120. tresbien

    SoCal Barracudas!!

    Let us know how it goes! I have fond memories of catching barracuda on Zoom Jerk Baits fishing local 3/4 days out of Dana Wharf a few years back. Go Gettum!
  121. tresbien

    Caught a huge 9# largemouth

    maybe because your location is "yourmomshouse" hahaha nice bass amigo congrats on the score!
  122. tresbien

    Late SD BAY REPORT FOR 6/10/18

    Great work Gentlemen!! Kinda looks like Dana Point, where did you launch from?
  123. tresbien

    Breakwall Bassin pt.3 (13JUN18)

    Love the towel! Bass Thumb is a bitch haha Thanks for the info!
  124. tresbien

    New to Accurate reels, excited to use

    Hope you hang a slug Todd! Had a pleasure fishing with you last weekend! Matt
  125. tresbien

    Tuna Science 6-10 2018 report (video)

    without the bullet being used as a pointer I wouldn't have paid as close attention haha thanks for the positivity! Was out on a 2.5 day this weekend and the water temps were 66 to 68 40 miles south of point loma on saturday afternoon!
  126. tresbien

    Offshore Tough 2.5 day trip on Sea Adv 80 this weekend

    Hi Aaron my name is Matt I fished with you on the trip. Yeah super tough fishing and really thought the 2 stops with fish were going to kick out a couple more bites... I was the lucky SOB to get 2 of the tuna. I was fishing smaller circle hooks on 30# with larger sardines. Hope to see you...
  127. tresbien

    Rod recommendation for Accurate reel

    I have a Cousins CJB ML (25-40) that I use for 25# sometimes but mostly 30#. Its a composite and shuts off pretty early. Soft enough tip to cast a sardine but shuts off early and I can pull pretty hard with it. I have caught yellowtail and tuna to 35# and the rod has plenty of gusto. Maybe...
  128. tresbien

    Right Calstar Rod for my HX Raptor

    That should be a cool set up! Ive read a lot of great things about the 770 series but haven't fished one or seen one in action on a big tuna. Good luck with your search and hope you get to put that set up to work soon!
  129. tresbien

    How Many is Too Many?

    homelike don't trip haha on my 2,5 day this weekend I brought a 25, 30, 40 bait, 40 yoyo, 50, 80, 100 go gettum
  130. tresbien

    Rod recommendation for Accurate reel

    depends on what you like... more parabolic or a faster action rod, plus I assume this will be for flylining and not yoyo right? for 25# I use a cal star 870 (15 - 40) and the rod has a more parabolic bend but what do you prefer between faster action vs slower action? any insight you can give...
  131. tresbien

    Even a Blind Squirrel... Local 6/9/2018

    Damn man you got a slug sea bass on a plastic?!?! you are my hero! Way to go Ed! Been reading your posts for a while way to connect on a solid fish!
  132. tresbien

    Right Calstar Rod for my HX Raptor

    I haven't fished a whole lot of grafighters but from what ive learned from other fisherman if your are planning on fishing 80# top shots you might want to look at the 770 series. What Raptor did you get? HX, HXW, EX 30 etc...
  133. tresbien

    SM - Nice Morning Plastic Bass

    awesome!!! simply awesome!!!!
  134. tresbien

    Looking at New Reels

    a 70# yellowfin tuna destroyed me on the 870 calstar with 30# mono
  135. tresbien

    Looking at New Reels

    I have a cal star 870 I used to use at 30# but found out the hard way its a 20# to 25# rod tops. If your are going star drag, like others have mentioned, check out the Penn Fathoms. If you are going lever drags, check out the Penn Fathoms. If you want an Avet I would look at the MXJ G2 For...
  136. tresbien

    Hollow to Mono Connections??

    thank you for the replies
  137. tresbien

    Hollow to Mono Connections??

    Hi Guys, I was curious if I cant splice a hollowcore connection on a boat if I can just tie a Bob Sands knot for hollow to fluorocarbon connection? A Guy at Turners seemed to think it was okay and I have only fished with solid braid so don't have any experience. I am going to have a tackle...
  138. tresbien

    Makaira 16 II SEa

    yeah... saw that a little too late thanks for the info though... hopefully something pops up
  139. tresbien

    Makaira 16 II SEa

    tried that one... was 2 mins late according to the seller... thanks for the heads up I have been keeping my eyes on the classifieds
  140. tresbien

    80# Reel Advice

    Thanks for all the responses guys! I have been leaning towards the Mak 16 Sea based on what I have read over the last few seasons on this board and others. Pretty sure im going to pull the trigger on a Mak 16 pretty quick here. After that purchase I should be good to go on gear for the next...
  141. tresbien

    Big boy reel

    James haha saw your post and got similar answers! Hope the VISX's treat you well! Hey how much 100# did you get on the 12?
  142. tresbien

    Seeker... SS vs SSR

    I have an SSR 7040 I use for yoyo 40# and like it but was curious what the difference between an SSR and a SS?
  143. tresbien

    80# Reel Advice

    Hi guys and gals my name is Matt New to posting on the long range forum but cant wait to get a taste next summer! I am doing my longest trip to date coming up in August on the Constitution for 4.5 days. I am planning on going on a 7 or 8 day trip next summer / fall and am trying to fill the...
  144. tresbien

    Flat Falls?

    Ive caught everything except yellowtail and tuna on a flat fall..... but have personally seen people catch yellowfin, bluefin and yellowtail on flat falls... Just drop it in free spool and let the jig do the work, if you are fishing for big tuna make sure you have a 100+ mono leader incase a...
  145. tresbien

    Talica 12ii for 60#?

    not gonna lie you have a good point but the thrust bearing nah its not I like mine for yo yo
  146. tresbien

    Talica 12ii for 60#?

    Gotcha, yeah if possible id hold off on your decision till after the trip. The 5 day no mans land I can relate to and 7 days is a long trip. Try fishing both rigs even if its just for dropping flat falls on your trip to get a better feel for the rods.
  147. tresbien

    Talica 12ii for 60#?

    the Talica and predator would be lighter for sure but the Raptor and fathom would be stronger... If I absolutely had to part with one I'd decide what kind of fishing you will be doing down the road... whether local to 3 days or long range
  148. tresbien

    Brand new Penn VISXS 20 for blue Mak 16

    how much braid is on the 12?
  149. tresbien

    Calstar 770XXH-2 new ones

    very cool rods GLWS
  150. tresbien

    Seeker... SS vs SSR

    Stupid question but gotta ask.... Whats the difference between a Super Seeker and a Seeker Specialty Rod? Haven't found much info on BD or on the web. Can anyone enlighten me on the difference between the two? Thanks again fellas! Matt
  151. tresbien

    Yummy Flyer Info

    After watching your BFT videos and drooling over the last few seasons... shit Billy I won't flame you but ask you if I can buy gas and bait for a ride out this year when you skip the yummy........
  152. tresbien

    Braid Recomendations for Fathom 25N LD 2

    My other reels I have Izor and JB and like them but a guy at turners who seemed in the know highly recommended the threadlock so figured I would give it a try...
  153. tresbien

    Thank you to all the veterans on Memorial Day

    ya know every veteran I know who I thank always tells me that they are not the ones to be thanked, which is even more moving and humbling to know the courage our veterans exhibit
  154. tresbien

    Braid Recomendations for Fathom 25N LD 2

    Hi Guys was thinking of spooling my Fathom 25N with 60# Seaguar Threadlock to the brim and fish short top shots of 40# for live bait. I am hoping to get >300 yards of braid the the reel... Has anyone else used Threadlock on their Fathom 25N? If so, what kind of capacity did you get? Thanks...
  155. tresbien

    40# Reel Advice

    Hi Steve, going to keep it under $300 and was leaning towards a Fathom to begin with Thanks for the quick responses I have a Fathom 40N that I really like and was planning on going the Fathom route but wanted to see if there was another option I may be overlooking Matt
  156. tresbien

    40# Reel Advice

    Hey all, I have a UC CE 800 Wahoo rated (40 - 60) and was planning on using it for surface iron but after last season decided I don't really care for it for irons, the rod doesn't quite load up how I would like it... I am going to make it a 40# live bait rod and have a trini 20a that I had...
  157. tresbien

    6/7 Sea Adventure 80 2.5 day

    Cool Deal yeah I rolling solo too ill see you on board
  158. tresbien

    CRR 70 XH Questions

    dang... nothing huh... guess i should just get aUC Centaur and call it a day
  159. tresbien

    6/7 Sea Adventure 80 2.5 day

    Anyone else on this trip?
  160. tresbien

    Reel for UC80 Predator- Avet JX G2??

    I fish a Fathom 40N LD 2 on my UC US 76 Predator but also fish a JX Raptor on my UC US Tilefish. The JX Raptor was my first Avet and I really like it. Good Luck choosing a reel, hope you pick a winner!
  161. tresbien

    Coconut Oil Fish Fry

    thanks for sharing the info!
  162. tresbien

    Makaira 16 II SEa

    Hi Guys, Looking to buy a Lightly Used Mak 16 SEa... Planning on putting it on a Cousins Rail Rod 70XH (60 - 100) for 80# bait No Preference in Gun Metal, Silver or Blue With or Without Braid, No Preference Just Looking for a Makaira 16 Sea Thanks for your Help Matt
  163. tresbien

    CRR 70 XH Questions

    Have a buddy that can get a deal on a Cousins CRR 70 HX (60 - 100) blank was was thinking about having it wrapped for rail fishing. He doesn't have any experience with their rail rods but loves their blanks. I fish a cjb ML and really like it. I know UC is all the rage and I really like the...
  164. tresbien

    NON - Smokers

    how recent was this...
  165. tresbien

    Offshore Plunker bite NLA

    Awesome work! Thanks for the report!
  166. tresbien

    Who is fishing where??

    Constitution 4,5 day Leaves 8/22 return 8/`27........ hope the BFT make a showing at Desperation Reef
  167. tresbien

    4.5 Day Constitution Aug. 22nd

    Hey Gang, Going on a 4.5 day on the Constitution leaves Aug 22nd returns Aug 27th. Is anyone else on this trip? Just saw it recently sold out. Looking forward to 4 full days of chasing tuna! Matt
  168. tresbien

    Trolling Catalina Island

    you have a valid point wils........ you can never count out moonbeam..........
  169. tresbien

    Offshore Liberty 3/4 on 4/27

    we lost a handful but i wasn't keeping track my guess is 5 or 6
  170. tresbien

    Your Most Embarasing Long Range Experience.

    Signing up for a 4.5 day trip for late August of 2018 with Cedros, Benitos and San Martin closed... hope Desperadation Reef is loaded with tuna haha Planning on doing Cedros Outdoor Adventure next summer.....
  171. tresbien

    Offshore Liberty 3/4 on 4/27

    First trip of the year on my favorite 3/4 boat, the Liberty out of Fishermans Landing. Had been watching the counts all last week and was planning on going this Friday to fish the Coronados. Bought my ticket Monday and got turned into a BFT / YT trip. Counts looked good throughout the week...
  172. tresbien

    How do you have your Fathom 40NLD2 set up?

    I asked my tackle shop for 80# Izor braid with room for a short topshot of 50# and they put 365 yards of braid on it...
  173. tresbien

    Follow up on my first splash of the year starting in Morro Bay..

    Nice haul Apogee! Those are some QUALITY reds!! Thanks for sharing!
  174. tresbien

    Avet MXJ MC Raptor

    I have an Andros 5IIa that has caught a couple fish but in really great condition Let me know if you would be interested
  175. tresbien

    Red Jigs???

    ^^^ killed the yellowtail last winter at Colonett on 6X in Red
  176. tresbien

    Pick my 4.5 - 5.5 ?

    im doing a 4.5 on the constitution leaves August 22nd not quite your time frame but 75' boat and max 22 load
  177. tresbien

    I got yo-yo problems...

    ^^^ what he said I am not a yo yo expert but have been told its a reaction bite when yo yoing ive fished the 6X, 7X, 6Xjr, Tady 4/0 and they all spin but I have caught yellows on all of them
  178. tresbien

    What’s your earliest memory of Fishing?

    Serene Lakes, Soda Springs CA my parents were both teachers and would take me and my brother up there for a week in August before school started Power Bait and a Mickey Mouse rod got me my first Rainbow Trout off the dock behind the cabin they would rent out... that same week my Dad handed me...
  179. tresbien

    Ventura Sport Fishing Question

    With rain in the forecast i decided to push the trip to April thanks for the heads up I learned a lot from the guys that contributed!
  180. tresbien

    Reel and braid information

    Okuma Andros 12iia 400 yards of 65# Izor 20 yard topshot 50# mono..... Penn Fathom 40NLD2 365 Yards 80# Izor 20 yard topshot 60# mono..... Avet JX Raptor 300 Yards 80# Maxcuatro 30 yard topshot of 50# mono for the love of god what tackle shops do you guys go to to get a reel properly spooled...
  181. tresbien

    Ventura Sport Fishing Question

    Thank you for the replies guys I will call the landing in advance I appreciate the intel and advice
  182. tresbien

    Dream Boat!

    Ricky and Julian are Epic but Bubbles is the MAN!!
  183. tresbien

    Ventura Sport Fishing Question

    Hey All, I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight on gear for a full day of rockfishing out of Ventura on the Amigo in March? I was planning on bringing 2 40# set ups and a 50# set up with 12oz and 16oz lead and some aki twist 4/0's. Is there anything im missing? Seems like a pretty...
  184. tresbien

    Ventura Amigo Full Day Questions

    Hey All, I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight on gear for a full day of rockfishing out of Ventura on the Amigo in March? I was planning on bringing 2 40# set ups and a 50# set up with 12oz and 16oz lead and some aki twist 4/0's. Is there anything im missing? Seems like a...
  185. tresbien

    Snacks on overnight trips

    Lake Water Bottle, Beef Jerky, Apples and Sunflower Seeds
  186. tresbien

    Advice on Taking Your New Chick Fishing...

    thanks for all the responses
  187. tresbien

    Advice on Taking Your New Chick Fishing...

    Here she is... BS without pics I get it.... Love you Guys... Gonna start her on a 1/2 day (like i thought i would) and move on from there Thanks for all the replies guys I appreciate all the feedback
  188. tresbien

    One hour Spotted Bay Bass Session (video)

    Hey Corey got a question for you... When I fish Newport and Dana Point Harbor I usually use 8# without fluoro and fish from shore and had always had decent luck. Your video mentioned you fished with 4# and it looks like you killed it on the spotties. Do you experience a lot of bite offs on...
  189. tresbien

    Advice on Taking Your New Chick Fishing...

    I need some help... and probably some therapy (just kidding, but maybe). Ive been dating a girl for a few months and she knows I love the ocean and fishing and has expressed interest in trying deep sea fishing. I want to try to get her out with me to see if she is really a keeper. She says...
  190. tresbien

    UC Rod for live bait 40#

    The CE 700 H or XH would be worth a look, the CE series is pretty parabolic and definitely can sling a sardine pretty well
  191. tresbien

    Comment on Okuma Andros 12SII

    i have an Andros 5iia and a 12iia, no issues yet... but haven't fished them extensively... hope the issues ive read about don't happen to the ones I own...
  192. tresbien

    LJ 10feb wide open night bite

    Way To Go Henry that sounds like an Damn Fine February Night to me!!
  193. tresbien

    Bay Butt...

    Dang Russell I am envious of your successful day! I have been tempted to take you up on some of your posts regarding needed a HO for the bay. Good for you sir, keep the great reports coming!
  194. tresbien

    Bay Butt...

    You are ALWAYS on it congrats on the score! What size where the spotties?
  195. tresbien

    Tackle shops near San Clemente/Dana Point?

    X 2 on Hogans in Dana Point
  196. tresbien

    Merry Fishmas!

    So Freaking Cool Way To Go Dad Memories For Sure!!!
  197. tresbien

    Theives on a party boat

    I am only 30 and have been mostly fished on party boats and have never had anyone take or steal any of my gear..... yet, that I am aware of. I have give out fluorocarbon but have only been asked for it a few times over the years. Only once has someone taken one of my rigs out of the rack to...
  198. tresbien

    For Sale: Daiwa Saltiga 30T Reel - SOLD

    hell of a reel i wish i could swing it GLWS
  199. tresbien

    The 14 Mile Bank, 10 Hook Gangions and Grandpa….

    Jim thank you very much for sharing! I just dragged my dad out on a 1.5 day which he reluctantly agreed to for the bluefin at the 60 mile. We do not fish together regularly anymore like when I did with him as a child. I was able to hook and hand him a 30# bft. While your post is about your...
  200. tresbien

    JX Raptor & MaxCuarto

    So yeah the diameter of 80# macuatro is supposed to be the same as 65# PP I fished it yesterday and thought it was packed well enough but figured I would get 400 yards the 80# maxcuatro... not sure how much 30 yards of 40# izor took away from spectra capacity but I like a little mono on top of...
  201. tresbien

    Selling tackle

    Let me know when you sell your stuff I am a willing participant
  202. tresbien

    JX Raptor & MaxCuarto

    Question for you guys... How much 80# MaxCuatro are you guys getting on your JX Raptors? The Longfin was able to get 310 with 30 yards of 40# mono on top
  203. tresbien

    Solo Swordfish

    how can you the difference between a king of the salmon and an oarfish? just trying to learn thanks for any insight
  204. tresbien

    Just a few rants that have been bothering me.

    ok..... that was really really funny!!!!!
  205. tresbien

    Offshore 60 MILE BANK 11-18 to 11-19

    Great Work guys that is awesome!
  206. tresbien

    OC Tackle Shop with Berkley Pro Spec?

    Thanks for the information guys! I usually go to hogans and completely forgot about the longfin!
  207. tresbien

    OC Tackle Shop with Berkley Pro Spec?

    I am looking to get a reel spooled with Berkley Pro Spec braid and am hitting a road block. Hogans doesn't carry that brand, Jig Stop is closed and had a not so good braid spooling experience at a Turners. Where have you guys gotten your reels spooled with Berkley Pro Spec in Orange County? Matt
  208. tresbien

    Yo yo rod.....

    Good work on actually pulling on some rods and finding what fits for you!
  209. tresbien

    Yo yo rod.....

    Sorry didn't mean to come off as a dick. For SCI and Colonett I use a Seeker SSR 7040 or a UC US 70 HP with 40# Mono and a Salas 6X. I have fished a cal star 870 and 30# mono with a Salas 6X jr at SCI for before but wouldn't recommend it. A 40 to 50# stick from UC that would double duty as a...
  210. tresbien

    Yo yo rod.....

    what kind of yo yo fishing will you be doing? SCI yellowtail?
  211. tresbien

    DP Bones

    awesome for the kids! bonita are so fun to pull on!
  212. tresbien

    Rockpile Bluefin 11/5

    awesome work on the bluefin tuna sir congrats!
  213. tresbien

    Fishing By the Bait Recievers??

    I use 2" shrimps and 3# grubs from the rocks on the jetty but 5" jerk baits from the cattle and private boats at the bait dock
  214. tresbien

    Fishing By the Bait Recievers??

    I've caught plenty of short wsb, barracuda, calico and sand bass at the dana point receiver while baiting up on private and cattle boats. Best advice I have is a berkeley gulp jerk bait and a lead head either bounced off the bottom or fished higher up in the water column. My most memorable...
  215. tresbien

    Offshore 3/4 day boat San Diego?

    how did you do today? Any love out there?
  216. tresbien

    Cousins Rod Opinions particularly in the CJB Models

    I realize your asking about the 8 foot models but I have a Cousins CJB 70 ML I use as a 30# bait stick and love it. The rod is kinda fast but casts a sardine well and has a lot of backbone. The CJB ML had more than enough power for tuna and yellows to 30 pounds and fished 30# mono very well.
  217. tresbien

    Halibut are still biting...

    awesome work
  218. tresbien

    Offshore 10/14 425-101 Almost Skunked

    great job in the DoDo great colors on the fish and smiles all around WTG guys
  219. tresbien

    Anyone use UC US 76HP (30-50)?

    Hi Jim I won a US 70 HP on a sponsored trip last Fall. I know its not the 76 you mentioned but the US 70 HP didn't load up properly when I was fishing it with 30# and 8# of drag. I fished it with 40# and 10-11#'s of drag and even though it was a small 15 pound yft the rod felt right at 40#...
  220. tresbien

    50# / 60# Live Bait Reel

    thanks for the suggestions guys I have a couple of questions for the Talica 16ii replies. The Talica 16II holds 300 yards of 30# which seems like a small reel for 50#/60# test are you guys using maxquatro or pro spec to increase capacity of 80# braid? I have an Andros 12IIa I could put on the...
  221. tresbien

    Constitution 4.5 day SCI Report

    gotta say congrats on a killer trip also gotta say that i am super freaking envious way to go Adrien congrats man
  222. tresbien

    50# / 60# Live Bait Reel

    I am looking for a new reel for a UC US 76 predator for live bait. I have a fathom 40N ld2 on a G6470H for heavy yoyo and have been thinking about buying another fathom 40N but wouldn't mind expanding my horizons. I don't really like the wide feel of a mak 15 sea and have been leaning towards...
  223. tresbien

    Tuesday 10/3 Same Day Report

    looks like slug to me congrats on that pig!!
  224. tresbien

    So we're is all the big bluefin?

    Glad somebody got it... not trying to be a dick but they have been there since late July
  225. tresbien

    So we're is all the big bluefin?

    Sounds like you are in "desperation" mode
  226. tresbien

    Spooling an Andros 12 II

    Thanks for the help guys I spooled the 12 with 65# braid with room for 30 yards of mono August was busy at work and haven't put the tilefish and andros to use yet for 40# - 50# work but hoping i can next week
  227. tresbien

    Jig ID?

    the split tail was how i recognized it bought a few this summer they swim great but haven't hung anything yet
  228. tresbien

    Jig ID?

    i have one just like that mine is a staman 112 super big kick on a slow retrieve
  229. tresbien

    Which UC 7'-7.5' rod for 40# bait?

    All of the questions you have answered for me Huck have been simple ones that I should have known before asking. I swear I've been fishing for 25 years but am constantly learning and interested in the opinion of others. Thanks for the insight
  230. tresbien

    Which UC 7'-7.5' rod for 40# bait?

    I am hoping for some insight here and here to share my experience I won a UC US 70 HP (30 - 50) in a raffle last fall and have fished with it this summer as a 30# set up. I hung a couple small 15# to 20# and a 30# BFT on it and the rod did not really load up. Sure there was some bend in the...
  231. tresbien

    08/19 Catalina Yellows

    great birthday fish right there congrats!!!
  232. tresbien

    Dodo advice

    make sure you have a back up live bait rig ready if chaos erupts on a paddy full of hungry dorado .....chew offs and tangles can and will happen i got bit off two weeks ago early on a hot early morning paddy stop and instead of grabbing another hook to tie on i just grabbed my back up rig 25 and...
  233. tresbien

    Tackle Shop near San Clemente

    hogans is awesome!!!!
  234. tresbien

    Offshore Rpt.-2 day 07-30-17- Relentless WFO Tails and Dorado!

    great write up cory i was on the trip with and had a blast throwing jigs with you on the wfo aquarium style kelp paddy hope to see you on the water soon buddy
  235. tresbien

    Offshore Grande overnignt returning 7-26

    that is freaking awesome you guys great work!!!!
  236. tresbien

    Offshore 7/14 - Early morning run to Nados pays off - 21 lb YT

    awesome work on the yellow and the reds!!! congrats on a successful day!
  237. tresbien

    Izor XXX...

    i haven't hung anything massive on it but i like it used the 40# xxx for yo yo at colonett and the 30# on a local bft and yellowtail feels soft but is strong casts well knot ties with ease
  238. tresbien

    Offshore Chief 1.5 6/27 - 6/29

    now that i look at that pic again they do look like they are getting ready to fight but I'm pretty sure they were getting the kite back out either way that was a funny as hell comment!!!
  239. tresbien

    Offshore Chief 1.5 6/27 - 6/29

    i think your on to something with the shorts... i bought a few poppers last year and never unboxed them i think the bluefin gods think I'm unworthy hahaha
  240. tresbien

    Offshore Chief 1.5 6/27 - 6/29

    natural cedar plug
  241. tresbien

    Offshore Chief 1.5 6/27 - 6/29

    Fished the chief with my dad on a 1.5 day left the 27th and fished the 28th for my 30th birthday. We fished close to home for a shot at the big bluefin that have been evading me for an entire calendar year now... and yesterday was not my day. We dropped flat falls from 4am to about 5:45am for...
  242. tresbien

    Spooling Expertise needed.

    the costs i saw at a turners last month were between 10.99 to 16.99 per 100 yards depending on the brand i think power pro was cheapest izor was middle of the range price wise and thread lock and maxcuarto were the most expensive it may be a push in your case between free spooling at the tackle...
  243. tresbien

    The best fish you ever caught while fishing for something else

    i can't remember if it was 97 or 98 i was either 12 or 13 but fishing the kelp beds off san onofre in the fall during that crazy el nino event with my dad and his boat partner for barracuda and bass with a wire leader and a half dead anchovy i got a 20lb yft in less than 100' of green water we...
  244. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 6/10

    Went with a friend and fished dana point harbor yesterday evening on the incoming hide tide. We set up on the jetty behind the bait receiver and fished from 530 to 800. We fished plastics for the first hour to no avail and switched to drop shot gulps also no love. I was trying to jig up some...
  245. tresbien

    Penn Fathom 40 NLD2

    i got 350 yards of 80# izor braid and 80 yards of 50# izor xxx if i could do it over again i would have gone with 400 - 450 yards of 80# izor braid 30 yard top shot of mono for live bait
  246. tresbien

    Sean schools the Old Man at Catalina 6/5 to 6/8 - big yellows!

    very cool report and stoked for you guys!! that slug yellow on 25# is quite a feat!! way to go guys!!
  247. tresbien

    andros 5ii

    i have an Andros 5iia spooled with 400 yards of 50lb jerry brown with room for 30 yards of mono on top. I like it for flylining sardines, it has casted medium sized bait on a 7' rod very well for me so far. I had planned on using this as a 30/40 lb reel but haven't had the need to go with...
  248. tresbien

    No body talking about

    tell me about it I'm drooling Bob hopefully they make a good showing like the bigger yft did last year! can't wait hope you get one buddy!
  249. tresbien

    Avet G2 SX vs Okuma Metaloid 5s

    i ended up going with the Andros 5s over the other two choices i love the 5IIa i have for 40# and decided on staying with the Andros line Thank you for all the input and advice
  250. tresbien

    Offshore 9 mile 5/26/17

    Awesome quality on the yellow right there buddy!!! Great Work!!
  251. tresbien

    WTB live bait rod

    i have used a cal star 870 (15-40) for years for live bait. Its all glass & has a soft tip casts small sardines no problem with 30#. I've caught plenty of schoolie tuna and yellows on it no problem. I think the rod new is around $200. Hope this helps
  252. tresbien

    Avet G2 SX vs Okuma Metaloid 5s

    Hi Dave, you have given me great advice before about the Tilefish and the Andros 12 II a, thank you! And by the way i went with the 65# braid. i have never owned an avet and have an Andros 5IIa for 40 and an Andros 12IIa for 50 and love them. I agree with you about not needing a two speed for...
  253. tresbien

    Avet G2 SX vs Okuma Metaloid 5s

    i picked up an Andros 5IIa last Fall for 40lb and love the little thing... but now my older torium 20 and saltist 40 feel too bulky for fishing 30lb. I am planning on picking up a new small lever drag for fishing 30lb and was looking for some user experience with both reels. Thank you in...
  254. tresbien

    Imperial Beach 5/20

    that is awesome way to go guys congrats on the quality tails right there!
  255. tresbien

    Halibut Happiness

    awesome work Russ!!!
  256. tresbien

    Ideal rod for tossing heavy jigs/bombs for wahoo

    While I haven't fished for wahoo or thrown bombs... i picked up a UC CE 800 Wahoo (40 - 60) for heavy irons & i have a Fathom 40N on it. I can throw a full sized Salas 6X about 75 yards. The rod loads up nice with heavier jigs but not so well with lighter jigs like a Tady 45's. The rod is a...
  257. tresbien

    Best 3/4 Day Boat In SD For Offshore Fishing?

    Glad you had a fun time! I was on another boat in April looking for the bluefin but couldn't find them either and found a paddy loaded with rats and that crew also was no enthusiastic about releasing rats... The Liberty is great glad you picked a winner! Hopefully the BFT make a showing for...
  258. tresbien

    Spooling an Andros 12 II

    Hey guys I had a question about spooling an Andros 12 II. I am planning on using this reel for 40lb and 50lb short mono topshots but am not quite sure on what lb test braid to spool up on this reel. Would you put 65lb braid or 80lb braid on an Andros 12 II? I am putting this reel on a UC...
  259. tresbien

    Braid to mono top shot connection?

    bob sands for me too i have a long mono topshot on several of my rigs and never noticed any issues with the bob sands on my spool when winding in on a long soak or on a fish
  260. tresbien

    Offshore Better Than Foreast Weather + Magic Paddy = Good Times

    right on sir congrats on putting your son on some tails!
  261. tresbien

    San Clemente Island

    the guys at hogans in dana point recommended 7/0 Owner Aki Twist hooks for live squid. I usually fished the squid with a small sliding sinker between 1/4 to 3/4 but the lead head is just as effective. I usually stick to flylining a squid or sardine but had a lot of luck throwing flat falls at...
  262. tresbien

    Best 3/4 Day Boat In SD For Offshore Fishing?

    Honestly I think that may the best way to go!!! all of the boats you mentioned are fish killers!! Hope you get into some 3/4 day tuna!
  263. tresbien

    Best 3/4 Day Boat In SD For Offshore Fishing?

    i like the Liberty but thats just my opinion... i wanted to get out on a lighter load on friday and decided to ride the mission belle because it had the fewest passengers so i jumped on it & the captain stayed out an extra 1.5 hours for us and we put a few extra tuna on the deck I love that kind...
  264. tresbien

    WON Whoppers of the Week from 1983

    Very Cool Find! Thanks for Sharing!
  265. tresbien

    Bay Halibut Bit!

    you sir have had quite the productive spring way to go on the hali! congrats!
  266. tresbien

    Mission Bay 4/28/17

    congrats on the nice mix! thats a healthy spotty! WTG
  267. tresbien

    1.5 Day out of SD....which one?

    I had a couple good 1.5 day trips on the Grande out of Point Loma Sport Fishing last summer. The boat is 85' and max load is 36 people. I got lucky and got it with 22 guys, then with 30 guys and then with 36 guys. Those guys definitely fish hard! I did an overnight in early August and we...
  268. tresbien

    Stretchy Mono Brand Suggestion...???

    another for Izor XXX
  269. tresbien

    Shimano Poll: What new product would you most want to see from Shimano?

    toriums with a lower gear ratio would be awesome i have a daiwa super torque gears 4.7:1 and its much easier turning the hand on gamefish with that ratio over the older torium 20 i have thats geared 6.2:1
  270. tresbien

    White seabass??

    sorry to the original post i was quoting fight club i didn't mean to be a dick my bad
  271. tresbien

    White seabass??

    The second rule of white seabass fishing is you do not talk about white seabass fishing... which means a lot of you have been breaking the first two rules hahaha
  272. tresbien

    Is my gear good enough for the 50lb+ BF

    Hey so i had the pleasure of getting bent over last summer by a 65# yellowfin on my calstar 870 (15 -40) and a torium 20 with 30# mono it was fun for about 10 minutes then not so much haha it took a while but landed it. i would think with your axis 9' hx and your talica 10ii spooled with 65#...
  273. tresbien

    How many rods?

    which overnighter are you going on? just curious i was thinking about heading out next thursday night on the prowler out of fishermans
  274. tresbien

    What am I missing?

    i have a few setups for live bait and a few of jigs but most of the setups can do both in a pinch. my arsenal still has some holes, but so far has been an expensive accumulation process over the years. i think I'm pretty well covered for 1/2 day to 3 days. #25 Bait Calstar 870...
  275. tresbien

    Pt. Loma Sandbass

    that is one slug of a sand bass congrats!!!
  276. tresbien

    Support your local tackle shops

    you bring up a good point! i am guilty of buying reels online because i can get a better deal than at a brick and mortar but the guys at hogans in dana point always have taken care of me over the years. your post is making me rethink buying reels through amazon when i should be supporting my...
  277. tresbien

    Avet MXL Raptor Suggestion

    I didn't realize that thanks for the info! i was gonna save up the for Maks on my 50,60,80 set ups. I appreciate your help robert thanks again. Im gonna go reel shopping next week.
  278. tresbien

    Avet MXL Raptor Suggestion

    Thanks for the input that is the kind of advice i was hoping to get
  279. tresbien

    Avet MXL Raptor Suggestion

    I also got bitch slapped by the bigger YFT's at Clemente last year twice haha on a torium 20 with 30lb test it was fun for like the first 15 minutes but soon followed by 30 minutes of pain... the second one i got sawed off at color by another guy after being on for almost an hour. That class of...
  280. tresbien

    Avet MXL Raptor Suggestion

    I am looking for a new 40# 2 speed reel and was thinking about finally branching out to Avet's. I have never owned one but a lot of people I've fished with love them and was thinking about giving them a go. I recently have been doing some gear rearranging and need a reel for a seeker ssr 7040...
  281. tresbien

    Awesome Surf Fishing with Good Friends

    nice work gentlemen!! Great Work on the spotties!!!
  282. tresbien

    Gear for local SoCal skiff fishing

    quite the spread already sir good luck this season with the new toys! only suggestion would be a larger 2 speed reel but you have definitely got 15 to 40 covered
  283. tresbien

    50lb Reel Suggestions

    Hi Dave my name is Matt we fished together on the Liberty at Colonett, you got limits and a ling that day if i remember correctly The fathom is definitely the less expensive of the two options plus the thrust bearing. We discussed on that trip how i didn't care for the fathom 40N for live bait...
  284. tresbien

    50lb Reel Suggestions

    I had a Fathom 40nld2 but didn't like the feel of a tall narrow reel for flylining so i switched my 40nld2 to a different set up, the 40nld2 kicks ass i just didn't like using it for bait
  285. tresbien

    50lb Reel Suggestions

    I am looking to get a new 50# reel for live bait to mount on a seeker black steel 6470H i own. I bought a Fathom 40N LD 2 last summer for the 6470H but didn't like feel off a tall narrow reel for flylining a sardine. I switched the fathom to an 8' UC CE Wahoo for iron and jigs. I was leaning...
  286. tresbien

    United Composites CP vrs CE question

    i live in south orange county and the guys at the jig stop are putting the reel seat on i gotta get better at doing this stuff on my own but they said the the thin diameter UC it will be easy
  287. tresbien

    United Composites CP vrs CE question

    ive heard a lot of people talking up the US predator, but was leaning for towards the CP70HP glad to hear you liked them! Im gonna start going on longer trips next summer and have began to build the 40, 50, 60 arsenal up thanks for the response i appreciate your input!
  288. tresbien

    United Composites CP vrs CE question

    I tried using tuna cord to give some more girth where the reel sits and there is still some wiggle in the reel when I'm pulling pretty hard on it and am planning on using it next summer for a 6-8 day trip i took it to a local tackle shop and they are gonna remove the cork take, place a reel seat...
  289. tresbien

    United Composites CP vrs CE question

    i picked up a wahoo deckhand style but am having trouble even with a tiburon clamp getting the reel to seat properly... can a custom rod builder put an aluminum reel seat on for me? I'm trying to do some LR fishing in 2 summers and feel like a wahoo would pull the damn reel off... should ave...
  290. tresbien

    Metaloid Spooling Options

    i ended up with 410 yards of 50lb and 30 yards of 30lb mono on my android 5iia if i had to do it again i would have gone with 300 yards of 65lb braid and the short 30yard 40lb mono topper
  291. tresbien

    United Composites CP vrs CE question

    Hi Dave my name is Matt we fished together on the liberty colonett trip charkbait has a synopsis on their website describing the difference between the two types of rods check it out hope that helps the CP70HP is definitely my next 60lb stick hope all is well
  292. tresbien

    Better rod or reel?

    you could also try the classifieds here on bd you can get some nice used quality gear for less what kind of set up are you looking for?
  293. tresbien

    Bought A New Phenix HAX 780 XH Today At Fred Hall Bakersfield

    I like the action oh the phenix axis, i haven't fished one but have pulled on them and they feel nice hope you enjoy or new set up someone else on a boat is always gonna find something wrong with your gear... had that happen to me with a guy comparing his proteus rod to one of my sticks i was...
  294. tresbien

    Yellowfin Journeyman

    there is always next year haha the year of bluefin in so cal this year and i didn't get one oh well I've been looking forward to august since november hope you get one next year
  295. tresbien

    Yellowfin Journeyman

    super envious very cool pics too bad on the bigger one but awesome work on the ones you landed Congrats
  296. tresbien

    New Setup Reccomendations

    penn fathoms are pretty nice reels i'd check them out you also might want to look through the classifieds on this site I've gotten a couple nice come ups on here good luck with searching!
  297. tresbien

    Caught a yellow by his "tale"...

    nice work congrats!
  298. tresbien

    all star inshore bass rod for sale

    that thing looks like its in great shape! i loved using my dad's 7'6'' allstar on 3/4 dana wharf trips when i was in high school! Good Luck with selling that bad boy!! love that rod!
  299. tresbien

    Artificial baits And techniques

    I've had pretty good luck drop shotting 2'' gulp shrimps for bass and occasionally a few short halibut at dana point and newport also 3'' big hammers - cast out let it sink to the bottom and sit for 10 - 20 seconds then a slow 10 feet retrieve the drop it back tot he bottom again repeat till...
  300. tresbien

    Braid to Florida connection

    i do bob sands very similar to above answer very solid knot
  301. tresbien

    Dana halibut 01/29 EPIC

    DUDE seriously that is EPIC congrats on that freaking slug!!!!
  302. tresbien

    Rod Paiting for Okuma Andros 5iia?

    i spooled mine with 410 yards of 50lb spectra and paired it with a united composites US 70 HP (30 - 50) i haven't fished with it yet but i hoping to get it wet at colonett in a few weeks
  303. tresbien

    Yo Ho Ho iron info

    my dad bought some of the lighter ones back in the 97 / 98 el nino run in blue and white and blue and chrome that look like the one on right of your picture we caught a bunch of the smaller yellowtail that inundated the coast cool addition to your collection congrats
  304. tresbien

    Leopard Shark

    way to go on the 10# Congrats thats awesome
  305. tresbien

    Mint colored surface iron... might be worth a look not sure on their shipping prices though but check it out
  306. tresbien

    Rod for 40nlds 2 speed

    I got my 40 LD 2 on a G 6470H powerful rod but kind of a heavy feeling set up for bait... yoyo's very well tho hope you pick a winner that torque is gonna be sick
  307. tresbien

    VIDEO - STER Hooping on 12.28.16

    the local bass looked nice congrats on the bugs
  308. tresbien

    Owens River - Chasing "Snow Bows"

    Thats AWESOME way to go!!! Super Envious on the successful day Congrats!!
  309. tresbien

    Penn Fathom 2 speed Drag Problem

    Maybe the preset knob is set too loose? I have a 40N LD2 and haven't had any issues try messaging tunanorth from penn maybe he can point you in the right direction
  310. tresbien

    Lake Havasu

    Giant Sunfish!!! Generates to the young man!
  311. tresbien

    Late La Jolla Surface Report

    Beauties!!! Conrats
  312. tresbien

    UC 40# stick recommendation

    Hi Ricky I would try contacting Darin Dohi you can find him on Facebook at 310 Rodworks or just google search it. He has a work e mail listed that he checks. He know the product and the gentleman that actually makes the blanks and can give you recommendations based on you needs to help match a...
  313. tresbien

    Thank You Darin Dohi of 310 Rodworks

    I apologize your right it was an APLS aluminum seat haha yea the 870 is gonna be a dedicated 20b stick and will always be a sentimental rod but looking forward to a true 30lb + rod Darin is a way cool cat for sure that guy is awesome
  314. tresbien

    Thank You Darin Dohi of 310 Rodworks

    I was lucky enough to win a rod raffled off on a tuna trip this summer on the El Dorado fishing out of Point Loma Sport Fishing. Darin Dohi who runs his own rod building business, 310 Rodworks, was sponsoring the trip. We spent some time at the rail while fishing at Desperation for the BFT...
  315. tresbien

    2 Speed for Pops

    Thanks for all the input guys much appreciated! I was leaning towards the fathom 25N for my dad Josh at Hogans in Dana Point thought either the Fathom 25N or an Avet 2 Speed Can't wait to get my dad to the shop and see what he likes I bought myself an Andros 5iia to fish 40lb live bait on and...
  316. tresbien

    2 Speed for Pops

    Any input and advice is welcome I got my Dad out tuna fishing with me once this summer for the schoolie YFT and he had a blast!! Only problem was his gear... he was using an old all-star 7'6'' (12-25) with a torium 14 and 20# mono I got him a United Composites CE 700H (30-50) for christmas...
  317. tresbien

    Inshore/islands reel

    nothing wrong with a torium 16 it all comes down to your preference lever vs star vs bait caster 3 b's 15-20# yes yellows, WSB, pelagics 30# toriums have suited me well with spectra to 30lb topper you never know what might swim around the kelp line out at the islands besides calico bass good...
  318. tresbien

    Santa Monica Bay - Lingcod Report - 12/12/16

    Those are some FATTIES congrats on the lings!!
  319. tresbien

    Best knot for solid spectra to spectra?

    the tackle shop i go to uses a tony pena knot for my topshots some people prefer bob sands knot they are very similar youtube has some great tutorials they seem easy enough i have heard deckhands and the tackle shop guys say the uni to uni is not the best option for mono/fluoro to spectra
  320. tresbien

    2nd yellowtail

    nice work on the yellow quality fish sir congrats!!
  321. tresbien

    Okuma Andros Series 16 A 2 Speed

    i have a penn fathom 40N LD 2 and got it online for about $230 its a pretty nice reel haven't fished it a lot but got 2 tuna not very big but one around 50 the other mid 30's this summer on it on 50lb mono with lots of drag the reel definitely has some power i did my online homework before the...
  322. tresbien

    Black Friday - it was a great deal. Local LB report.

    nice work that sheep on the right looks big congrats!!!
  323. tresbien

    Black Friday reel choice

    how do you have your andros 5 rigged?
  324. tresbien

    Rigging Andros 5 II a

    I will be using this reel with 30# & 40# topshots and the 50lb is what i was leaning towards im shooting for 5 to 7 day trips in 2 years and will get bigger gear down the road presently the biggest rig i got is a black steel G6470H and a fathom 40 ld2 with 80 and room for a long topper of 50...
  325. tresbien

    Rigging Andros 5 II a

    I am debating on how to spool an Andros 5 II a for live bait fishing i will be using this reel for so cal islands and san diego offshore 1 - 3 days using a braid conversion calculator online i can either go with 410 yards of 50lb jerry brown solid with a 30 yard topshot or 300 yards of 65lb...
  326. tresbien

    Homeguard yellowtail

    Nice Yellow Congrats!!!
  327. tresbien

    Black Friday reel choice

    i got 410 yards of 50lb jerry brown solid braid and a 30 yard topshot of 30lb test haven't fished it yet just got it but holds plenty of line
  328. tresbien

    Offshore Tanner bank 11/18

    EPIC!!! Congrats on your own boat to boot!!
  329. tresbien

    Penn Fathom Questions

    i have the fathom 40N LD2 cool reel i like mine lots of drag it fishes yoyo well 2nd gear is an easy shift i loaded mine with 350 yards of 80b braid and about 100 yards of 50lb I've only pulled on a couple fish with it but definitely was up to the task casting a small sardine was tough tho with...
  330. tresbien

    Offshore Tribute 1.5 Day Tanner Bank Trip

    i hear ya man year of the bluefin and i didn't get mine either... i was on a desperation reef trip in september and watched the guy to my left and right get bit too.... maddening to say the least the gentlemen mentioned 30 baits drifting in the water column simultaneously, its a matter of luck i...
  331. tresbien

    Offshore Tuna Hunt--11/9

    cool video! you guys had quiet a year! congrats
  332. tresbien

    Channel Islands Lings 11/5

    nice lings man congrats!!!
  333. tresbien

    Rod Help for Andros 5iia

    Hi Jeff thanks for your response i have never used a grafighter and am not familiar with the action of the tip of the rod. I am looking for a rod that has a softer tip for for casting sardines. Ill be using the andros 5 for live bait. ill look into the GF series thanks for your advice
  334. tresbien

    Rod Help for Andros 5iia

    will do i appreciate your help! I've mostly fished calstars and seekers love 'em to death just want to try something different thanks for the advice!
  335. tresbien

    Rod Help for Andros 5iia

    I am used to 7' rods and was going to take a field trip to charkbait in HB to check out some UC rods the challenger elite 700 H (30 - 50) line up with the line classes ill be fishing but I've heard great things about the tilefish from a gentlemen at hogans in dana point I'm leaning away from...
  336. tresbien

    Rod Help for Andros 5iia

    I have a seeker black steel G 6470H I've only caught a couple tuna on it and like it but i can't cast a sardine with my penn fathom 40ld2 more than 30 feet to save my life...i like the black steel and would like to thank you for your input on the BS 670 being a little light for 40. Thats what i...
  337. tresbien

    Rod Help for Andros 5iia

    Hello guys I got a question about choosing a rod for an Andros 5iia Its spooled with 50lb braid and was going to use a 30 yard topshot of either 30# or 40# I will be using this set up for offshore live bait and am looking for a rod with a softer tip I am upgrading my set up from an older...
  338. tresbien

    10/29 LJ Better Luck than Good

    nice tail!! congrats on the fish! how do u have your metalloid spooled? i just got an andros 5iia and was gonna spool it with 50lb braid with a short mono topcoat just curious on how you set yours up
  339. tresbien

    Offshore The tuna that broke the 13 trip skunk

    damn thats awesome and sounds delicious i am gonna have to try that one out next time i get some tuna congrats on lucky #13!!
  340. tresbien

    Offshore Fishing Report: “Fall Tuna for Everyone”

    nice quality on the YFT congrats man way to go
  341. tresbien

    Offshore The tuna that broke the 13 trip skunk

    awesome work! just curious what did you put in the sushi burrito?
  342. tresbien

    Offshore Skeletons for Halloween

    nice job on the tuna i like your decorations!
  343. tresbien

    Offshore Tribute 10/28

    congrats man solid tuna!!
  344. tresbien

    Offshore OcTuna 10-27

    awesome work amigo! congrats on the haul!
  345. tresbien

    Offshore Doesn't Get Much Better Than This - 10/22

    awesome work sir congrats!!! i don't have gyros but heard they are a game changer!! way to go on the YFT!!! FREAKING OCTOBER!!
  346. tresbien

    Offshore Finally caught a couple tuna

    way to go sir congrats on the tuna that 35lber looks solid awesome job!!
  347. tresbien

    Offshore O 95 1.5 SCI YFT

    one piece of advice is patience with other anglers when your on a fish and in a tangle, it helps keep everyone calm. if your hook set was solid you should be okay
  348. tresbien

    Offshore O 95 1.5 SCI YFT

    It was total combat style there for a while man watching that marlin you hooked jump was epic that must felt pretty cool!! The guy that sawed me off had a talc loaded with braid, he looked like he knew what he was doing but that fish i hooked took me from the bow all the way to the stern then...
  349. tresbien

    Offshore O 95 1.5 SCI YFT

    I hear ya on that one that re energizing break goes a long way and in both our cases paid off! congrats on that BFT man looks solid!
  350. tresbien

    Offshore O 95 1.5 SCI YFT

    thank you sir will do!! sashimi and poke are definitely on the menu!
  351. tresbien

    Offshore O 95 1.5 SCI YFT

    Had a pretty good day on the Oceanside 95. Left Friday and fished Saturday. We went to San Clemente Island for tuna. Started in the dark where BFT had been reported and fished flat falls. No love on the first spot made a move at 5:30 on a sonar mark and dropped the flat falls again. No BFT...
  352. tresbien

    what LB test for BFT flat fall

    Thanks for the info! i have a fathom 40 ld 2 i used this season but i am going to use it for bait this trip and do the flat fall on the 114h to avoid having to change set ups... the uni to uni with fluoro isn't complicated but time consuming on a rocking boat so figured the extra set up would...
  353. tresbien

    what LB test for BFT flat fall

    i went to hogans in dana point and the guys set me up with a 130lb crimped mono leader
  354. tresbien

    what LB test for BFT flat fall

    I went to my local tackle shop and the guys their set me up with a 130lb leader crimped on to a 20g FF in glow i watched several guys get chewed off on 80b leaders and haven't had luck on the BFT this year and want to make sure I'm swinging the odds in my favor with the leader thanks for the...
  355. tresbien

    First fly fishing trip.....Drift Boat on the Owens River

    talk about God's Country what a cool trip guys thats awesome way to go on those healthy fricken trout congrats!
  356. tresbien

    what LB test for BFT flat fall

    Thanks for the info! I haven't had the opportunity to hook one of these mofos yet with the flat fall but have dropped it quiet a bit this year. You mentioned you were using a slow to medium retrieve when you got bit? I was burning it back up like yellowtail fishing.... I'm going to give your...
  357. tresbien

    what LB test for BFT flat fall

    Ive looked all over the internet trying to find specs for the reel. It was discontinued in 2005, but i think the max drag is 21lbs. I am planning on getting fluoro of at least 100, I've been on a few BFT trips and watched people get bitten off on 80lb leaders but haven't hooked one yet...
  358. tresbien

    what LB test for BFT flat fall

    as i ask this question i feel i am already answering it but gotta ask... i am going on a 1.5 for BFT on friday and was going to bring a heavy flat fall rig. I have an older penn senator 114h with 100lb braid and a 100 yard mono top shot of 60lb. I was thinking about putting and 80lb top shot...
  359. tresbien

    Offshore What are the odds

    nice work sir congrats!!
  360. tresbien

    Offshore 10/13 BLOODYDECKS finally this year

    so cool man congrats thats awesome
  361. tresbien

    West End Catalina 10/9 and PB Yellowtail

    congrats on that tail!!! 20lb test man way to go!!
  362. tresbien

    Some Restored Jerry Jigs

    those are friggen sweet man congrats the paint!!! i gotta ask though are you gonna try throwing them things? just curious? way to go on the refurbishment
  363. tresbien

    San Clemente Island Closures

    Hi Tom D.its Matt Weneta from San Clemente Little League!! My dad told me he ran into you and said you and Brad put a hurting on the BFT this year congrats! I agree with your point of view on this one a closure of that island would suck because of the choices of a few
  364. tresbien

    Offshore 10/7 Bongo's - They're Still Here!

    congrats gentlemen nice work on the tuna! a couple of them look like that better grade!!! way to go guys!
  365. tresbien

    Was my rod/reel combo outclassed?

    sick fish amigo way to go on that pig congrats!!!!
  366. tresbien

    Was my rod/reel combo outclassed?

    congrats on landing a quality tuna thats an accomplishment on that outfit this seasons has made me rethink some of my gear too haha the rig you got the 70# on is great for the majority of fish on overnight to 3 days but when the big boys show up a bigger rig will make landing them easier again...
  367. tresbien

    DP bass and lobster 10-1

    way to go on the lobster good call on precise measurements!! sorry to hear about the tuna that bass your son is holding is a toad did u get it on live bait or artificial?
  368. tresbien

    YT @ MG's 10/1

    nice work man congrats that one in the middle is friggen FAT
  369. tresbien

    More Anacapa Kingfish 9/29

    big ass yellow way to go man congrats
  370. tresbien

    Andros 12s not just for hoo

    thanks for the info i appreciate it scott
  371. tresbien

    La Jolla 9/26/16

    awesome work on the fly congrats
  372. tresbien

    Andros 12s not just for hoo

    Hi Scott congrats on those BFTs!!! I am having a UC 700H (30-50) wrapped for me and am pretty set on buying an Okuma Andros 12 ii a for live bait fishing. How much and what brand of 80b spectra did u get on your andros 12? I was thinking about loading mine 3/4 full with 65lb braid and mono on...
  373. tresbien

    Bluefin confirmed in NorCal

    i live in so cal and for all of my efforts this summer i came up empty handed on the bluefin... just one *&%$ bite off im not sure if the same body of fish will make it up your way but if they do i hope you guys kill them big bastards good luck gentlemen
  374. tresbien

    Offshore Finally got them 9/24

    sounds like you found a winner way to go amigo congrats did that bluefin you caught pop up with the yellowfin? or did you find a separate school of the BFTs?
  375. tresbien

    Offshore 181-289-312-209 Sunday 9/25

    really cool pics of the mako!! hopefully you hang a few next time!
  376. tresbien

    Offshore 371 to 302 on Sat 9-24

    very cool sir way to go congrats!!!
  377. tresbien

    11/11/16 New Lo-An 1.5 Baja Coast

    thanks for the reply
  378. tresbien

    11/11/16 New Lo-An 1.5 Baja Coast

    was wondering if anyone could give me any insight to what i could expect on a 1.5 baja coast trip in mid november my guess is colonett yellowtail, lings, and reds but just curious thanks for any input
  379. tresbien

    9/21 Fun day up in Channel Islands

    great report cool pics congrats on the yellow thats a big for that set up way to go gentlemen
  380. tresbien

    La Jolla 9-21-16

    that ling is sweet man great pic even cooler you were catching on your own fly thats killer congrats on the day
  381. tresbien

    Offshore SCI 9/19

    helluva tuna gentlemen way to go
  382. tresbien

    805 Yellows

    great quality on the tails thats awesome right there sir congrats
  383. tresbien

    Help with two jigs - McVicar and RB

    did u paint those yourself? if you did those came out great!
  384. tresbien

    Catalina holding...

    great pics very healthy looking yellows!! thats great you put your relatives on fish!! with the pressure on you certainly delivered!
  385. tresbien

    Did a little of local Rockfishing

    that is a BIG ASS LING!!!! way to go sir congrats!!
  386. tresbien

    Offshore 9-16 Point Loma 3/4 YFT

    Yeah thanks the timing on this one was perfect for him! I did 7 offshore trips for 2 bigger yellowfin this summer and couldn't talk him into coming out with me. I thought it was great this trip we got into some fish.
  387. tresbien

    Offshore 9-16 Point Loma 3/4 YFT

    not sure i hadn't considered that neither of the deckhands mentioned anything when they were filleting it i was watching them and asking for pointers
  388. tresbien

    Offshore 9-16 Point Loma 3/4 YFT

    Did a 3/4 day offshore trip on the Point Loma out of Point Loma Sport Fishing on 9/16. I have been trying to get my Dad to come fishing with this whole summer and finally got him to go with me yesterday. The counts had been fluctuating for the 3/4 day boats on the tuna but was happy to get on...
  389. tresbien

    Offshore The Dominator 9/15 overnighter

    thanks for the info about a hard fishing skipper!!! great to know about the dominator hopefully you get bent next time out sir good luck! i did an overnight on the grande and had a similar experience with 4 fish caught for 20 people but the skipper worked his ass off found patties in shit...
  390. tresbien

    San Diego 9/10/16

    at it again in the yak man congrats on the yellows what a great reason to leave 'em biting way to go amigo!!! you gave me some input on the andros last week I've been leaning towards a 12 that reel sure looks tough!!
  391. tresbien

    Long and lean

    Nice Yellow Sir Congrats!!!
  392. tresbien

    Offshore Bubba Jean 28 Killed Em -9/10

    thats awesome quite a haul!!! way to christen the boat!
  393. tresbien

    Offshore Late report 182 9/6

    nice afternoon tuna my friend congrats on the score my guesses are always way off... but looks 35 to 40 again way to go!!!
  394. tresbien

    Eva Gives Up Another YT- 9-10

    way to go on the local yellow thats a quality fish congrats!!!
  395. tresbien

    help me decide on my new 2spd reel??

    i have a fathom 40 LD 2 got it brand new on amazon for 230. great reel great price lots of drag haven't landed a triple digit bluefin but got a 50+ pound yellowfin and killed that sumbitch in 5 mins on 50lb test the 40 ld 2 is a big reel tho... the fathom 30 LD 2 is a little smaller has good...
  396. tresbien

    Finally going down to San Diego to fish the San Diego

    i haven't fished the san diego before the other posts held it in high regard and i would trust their opinions on that boat i fished the liberty out of fishermans landing on their 2nd trip ever and taro runs a great ship, crew is very helpful and the newly rebuilt boat is super clean hope...
  397. tresbien

    Offshore 182 9/8

    awesome job!! congrats on the tuna!!
  398. tresbien

    Offshore SCI 9/2

    I watched you video and that yellow on the kayak sure looked fun!! congrats Thanks for the info about the andros!! That sure is a lot of 50lb braid for a smaller reel!!! In the past i have opted for the lower end models from major companies and have been happy which is why I asked about the...
  399. tresbien

    Coronado Islands: Son's 1st YT & debrit pick up.

    congrats to your son and you too dad that is awesome!!! definitely picked up so good karma from the fish gods for removing floating debris for the sake of other fishermen
  400. tresbien

    Tastes like Bluefin - only different:

    thats a big ol' sand bass congrats guys
  401. tresbien

    Offshore Eclipse Overnight 9/4

    i can totally relate to this statement my friend I've been on 3 private boat and 3 sport boat BFT trips with one bite off right after hook up to show for it... no BFT for me I hope you hang one next time out good luck
  402. tresbien

    Offshore San Diego 3/4 (9/6)

    nice work on the tuna bud 5 is a nice haul way to go!!
  403. tresbien

    Is tuna fishing slowing down

    same with me on the big yellowfin i got lucky and got in on them and was hoping they would stick around like the bluefin... hopefully them make another appearance
  404. tresbien

    My first United Composites rod

    Hey Randy I had a question for you I was wondering what kind of fishing you were doing with the UC Elite 700L and the Metaloid 5ii? Do you think the Metaloid 5ii can handle the tuna and yellowtail to 30 lbs? Ive been looking into getting a metaloid and was thinking the 12ii, even though the...
  405. tresbien

    Offshore Labor Day LABOR

    congrats on the tuna man thats really cool you handed that big boy off I'm sure that he won't ever forget seeing that beast come to color
  406. tresbien

    Offshore Freedom Overnight 9/3-9/4

    normally i would tell you to eat shit and die hahaha just kidding jon next time I'm doing bluefin thing with you then man your batting .500 and all i got to show for the seasons of bluefin are two yellowfin in the 50's what a year it has been not that I'm complaining fishing is fishing
  407. tresbien

    Offshore Freedom Overnight 9/3-9/4

    hope you get 'em next time the freedom is a pretty good boat but sucks you guys putted in at 1:30pm... i feel you on that one there have been so many successful bluefin reports it makes it seem like its "just add water" this season and you get a triple digit... im 0 for 8 on bluefin trips this...
  408. tresbien

    Offshore SCI 9/2

    thats looks like a blast congrats on the yellow weather looked great once you got off the tuna grounds how do you like your andros 5 n? I've been looking into the metaloid and andros 5's just curious on how it performed?
  409. tresbien

    Offshore SCI Friday

    wow man amazing congrats i love the calicos behind the bluefin haha they look so tiny way to go gentlemen truly a beast
  410. tresbien

    Butt Kind of Day

    thats awesome sir congrats on kicking butt!
  411. tresbien

    Offshore Tribute two day

    looks like an awesome trip!! congrats on the tuna!!! thanks for the tips much appreciated!
  412. tresbien

    Offshore 2.5 day on the Success - Fishing on 8/24-25

    so awesome congrats on the big tuna
  413. tresbien

    Grande or Tribute

    i know its late and you probably already booked but i would check out the length of the boat vs the load of passengers grande is 85 ft and fishes 36 I've been out with them twice this year and those guys fish hard i am bias because i got in on the big yellowfin a couple days ago im not...
  414. tresbien

    La Jolla 8/20 My boys first time out

    CONGRATS!!!! Thats awesome Dad!! Besides his first yellowtail the relaxed start time and sight seeing are a great way to get your son into going fishing with his pops!!! Way To Go Sir
  415. tresbien

    Offshore Islander Seeker Open 8/20-8/23

    you gave it one hell of an effort sir!!! sorry you didn't get one... there is a lot of fish out there tho hopefully you can hang one i was out there on 8/20 total plunker bite fish around us all day but getting them to go was tough sledding
  416. tresbien

    Offshore Grand Day on the Grande 8/21

    hahahaha well you have luck on your side sir!!! hope you get into them again next weekend!!
  417. tresbien

    Offshore Grand Day on the Grande 8/21

    hey sean i am on the sea adventure 2 next weekend different boats for us but hopefully similar results for us are you going to get any bigger gear? haha again congrats on that fish
  418. tresbien

    Offshore Condor 2.5 Day 8/19-8/22

    pure toad way to go man!!!!! right gear for sure worth every penny!!!! Congrats again!
  419. tresbien

    Offshore Grande 1.5 8/21

    I don't remember any fish being caught on jigs, I started off with a flat fall, but the action was on bait. When we made our drift it was all rubber band torpedo sinker rigs by 10am it was all flyline. i was watching other guys like Sean (previous post) using lighter line and having long...
  420. tresbien

    Offshore Grand Day on the Grande 8/21

    i was with you on the trip i still can't believe you landed that tuna after all the MAYHEM you endured a 4 way tangle, the busted reel seat and a FAT tuna on the light line!!!! Congrats on the SLUG!!!!
  421. tresbien

    Offshore Grande 1.5 8/21

    Fished in US waters on the Grande out of Point Loma Sport Fishing. Left Friday night and fished all day Saturday. The Captain told us we would be looking for the larger model Yellowfin. We made one long 7 mile drift with the fleet that produced about 30 fish. We had fish around us the whole...
  422. tresbien

    Offshore Big mistake 8/20

    hell of an effort sir!! hope you get one next time!!
  423. tresbien

    Offshore 8/20 Dana Point........ FINALLY

    way to go amigo congrats!!!
  424. tresbien

    Overnight trip

    i did an overnighter on the el dorado in june we started fishing at san clemente island at 3:30am and headed home at 2:30pm lots of fishing time when they go to san clemente island i believe they are now in san diego for the offshore scene hope this helps
  425. tresbien

    Offshore 1st Yellow fin

    congrats on putting your son on his first tuna!!! way to go dad!!
  426. tresbien

    Offshore Eclipse 1.5 day Wed 8/17/2016

    nice work!! thanks for the info about the boat and crew
  427. tresbien

    Yellowfin in Newport harbor

    get the f*%! outta here wowwww!!!!!! way to go may thats pretty damn cool!!!
  428. tresbien

    Offshore New Lo-An Report Aug. 12-14th. 2 Day

    that is purely awesome way to go dad!!!!! your kid is a champ!!! great read!!
  429. tresbien

    Offshore School and Football Season

    congrats on the successful trip!!! thats awesome you got to fish with your dad!!
  430. tresbien

    Offshore Apollo 2 day 8/12-13/16

    damn that is awesome!! sorry to hear about getting busted off... glad you got a couple yellowfin! i got a 2 day the last weekend in august it would be cool to chase the big blues on day 2 congrats again on a successful trip!
  431. tresbien

    Took the Kids Halibut Fishing 8/6/16 (Picture Heavy)

    thats pretty damn cool way to go DAD!!!
  432. tresbien

    Offshore 14 mile bank Hammer Head

    thats a big ass hammer way to go guys
  433. tresbien

    Offshore 8/12 Big YFT on the chunk God is Good

    so cool gentlemen congrats on a quality yellowfin EPIC
  434. tresbien

    Offshore 8/12/16 Yellow Tail and Dorado

    nice job in bad conditions congrats
  435. tresbien

    Thieving pirates at Catalina!!

    that is terrible about your son's set up i remember my first few saltwater set ups and would be so pissed if they got stolen i think thats great you split the rod with your kid! sorry to hear about the pole congrats on the fishing!
  436. tresbien

    Offshore Catalina Mahi - 8/6

    great dorados gentlemen very healthy looking fish way to go
  437. tresbien

    Offshore Grande overnight 7/29

    thanks for the advice i appreciate your response i hope we can find them on friday i did several bluefin viewing trips and would really like to pull on something haha
  438. tresbien

    Offshore Grande overnight 7/29

    way to go on those yellows glad to hear compliments on the boat I'm doing an overnight on thursday on the grande, looking forward to it did you get the yellowfin on the troll or live bait?
  439. tresbien

    Catalina frontside 7/30

    your time definitely will come on a solid yellow my friend in my case it seems to happen when i least expect it just stay ready congrats on the successful trip hope you get a slug next time out
  440. tresbien

    Offshore 7•29•16 Dodo

    awesome dorado sir thats a biggun
  441. tresbien


    yea i fell ya on that one i will say though watching them has been a very cool experience even though we couldn't get them to go it was quite a sight
  442. tresbien

    Pt. Loma San Diego....

    nice halls way to go!
  443. tresbien


    NICE!! glad you got to pull on some tails the sight of unwilling 4 foot bluefin 20 feet from the boat is frustrating
  444. tresbien

    7/28 Octo-fecta at NI - aka screw the BFT

    nice yellow! congrats on the new boat
  445. tresbien


    Alex I sent you a PM about your product I hope to hear from you soon
  446. tresbien

    Just Get Me To Friday

    Just Get Me To Friday
  447. tresbien

    "Pyrex in the Sky"

    ahhhh damn sorry to hear that
  448. tresbien

    Offshore 7/27 DP to 209 to domes

    hope you whack 'em next time
  449. tresbien


    Thank you for the input some of my flat falls have had the paint knocked off of them and i wasn't sure what to do with them... i still want the chrome side of the flat fall though and am thinking the ill try the decal style first and see how long they last
  450. tresbien

    "Pyrex in the Sky"

    hahaha funny did the carbon really swim between your feet?
  451. tresbien

    Sushi Wagon Trip - Canaveral

    awesome yellowfin guys great job I'm jealous haha congrats
  452. tresbien


    I was looking at the Jig Skins yesterday for flat falls but wasn't sure what size Skin i would buy for the flat fall I was hoping on keeping the bottom of the flat fall exposed so the chrome on the bottom would still have its effect as it falls through the water column I may be way off here...
  453. tresbien

    New calico tagging record

    Thanks for the information about the calicos Im envious of your work thats really cool stuff Keep it up!!!
  454. tresbien

    El Dorado 1.5 ext. Trip Question

    Hope you get into some Tuna Good Luck out there!!
  455. tresbien

    Offshore Carlsbad Canyon 7-24

    congrats guys thats awesome
  456. tresbien

    Offshore 25 July Report 209 area Dorado heart break

    great effort sir too bad on the dodo hope you whack 'em next time
  457. tresbien

    Offshore 7/25 Oceanside Launch

    Nice Yellow! i wonder how long the bluefin will stick around tho I'm surprised they are still here with the warmer water
  458. tresbien

    2016 BC Tuna

    sounds awesome congrats on the Longfin!
  459. tresbien

    Am I Acting Weird?

    i don't think so the advice others gave is spot on hope you find new peeps who understand that the boat don't clean itself and gas aint free
  460. tresbien

    65 lb vs 80 lb braid

    i also have 80b braid on mine
  461. tresbien

    Return to Paradise

    that is some awesome family time! WTG DAD
  462. tresbien

    Offshore 1 school, 3 bites, 1 fish landed

    that is a very healthy looking tuna!!! too bad on the other 2... i got bit off slow trolling a mac on friday on a 60lb floor leader yeah these fish don't fuck around
  463. tresbien

    Anyone know the size of this week's round of yellowfin?

    damn... i was hoping they would be a little bigger this year thanks for the info!
  464. tresbien

    Offshore My dick hurts

    great effort sir you got big brass balls
  465. tresbien

    Offshore 7-23-16 large fish.....larger waves

    great effort sorry to hear about the break off hope you get one next time out
  466. tresbien

    Offshore 7/23 181 Bluefin

    great work gentlemen
  467. tresbien

    Offshore 8-15 miles off Del Mar 7/23/16

    i feel ya great effort tho!!! I've been out several times too to no avail i will say that seeing tuna that big is pretty awesome even though i haven't landed one yet hope you get one
  468. tresbien

    Saturday Bay blindness

    nice work gentlemen!!!
  469. tresbien

    El Dorado 1.5 ext. Trip Question

    thank you for the clarification that definitely helps my decision making I'm gonna give it a go mid september
  470. tresbien

    El Dorado 1.5 ext. Trip Question

    Hello Guys, I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on the extended 1.5 day trip on the El Dorado when they run out of Point Loma Sport Fishing. If they leave at noon do you get any fishing in during the afternoon on your way out or is it just driving to your destination? Thanks...
  471. tresbien

    Monster 242-pound bluefin off Oceanside on a PENN Fathom FTH30LD2

    CONGRATS ON THE WHOPPER!!!! I am a believer on the the new penn fathom 2 speeds!!!!! i bought a 40 ld 2 for the bluefin couldn't get the bluefin to go unfortunately but hooked a 6' mako for 5 mins before getting bitten off i loved how the reel performed and just when i was has having a little...
  472. tresbien

    Grest day in Capitola with my 8 year old

    thats a nice ling!!! congrats
  473. tresbien

    Electra PM half day 7/23

    thats awesome! only 300 ft of water? thats nuts! i found them on friday out of o-side but they didn't want to bite
  474. tresbien

    Lit Up & Today's Catch

    those are killer nice work
  475. tresbien

    Anacapa on the fly

    thats way cool!!! congrats on the fly!
  476. tresbien

    YT on Patty off of OSIDE. Need some advice

    thats is a nice yellowtail!!! just 3 miles off O-side? Congrats!!!
  477. tresbien

    Offshore Wacked them at the Coronado Islands on the San Diego 3/4 day

    congrats on the tails!! I'm notorious for tough fishing in the early going and getting a bunch at the end... haha it can be hard to pry me from the rail. Glad you got a limit!!!
  478. tresbien

    Offshore Last Thursday Oside Foamers

    great effort!! I'm super envious you got to pull on one of those suckers!
  479. tresbien

    Offshore Apparently you can still get tuna in a can

    ur title is hilarious!!! congrats on that very healthy tuna!!!
  480. tresbien

    Brute Bluefin Tuna, 7/16/16

    way to go gentlemen thats an awesome fish
  481. tresbien

    Oside inshore report 7/18/2016

    sounds like a fun day!! congrats!!
  482. tresbien

    Thursday on the Amigo

    wow great job sir!!! i think its cool you got the opportunity to pick the captains brain and put the info to use!! congrats again!
  483. tresbien

    Offshore Got lucky on the nine mile bank

    great story!! thats way cool on the blind bait strike! congrats
  484. tresbien


    thats a big bonita
  485. tresbien

    Limits of YT at the Islands 7/11

    nice score on the yellows!! it sure does feel good to pull on a nice one after a several year hiatus huh? easy 20 lbs my friend
  486. tresbien

    Offshore Insane foamer action

    so THAT is what foamers look like.... ill have to commit that to memory I've been out a couple times but haven't found them yet congrats
  487. tresbien

    Offshore Giant Bluefin just weighed in Oceanside 262 #

    i can't believe those guys we able to avoid the prop thats fucking epic congrats gentlemen thats awesome
  488. tresbien

    Offshore Caution - Proud Dad Post - 7/9 LJ Fish Report

    Very happy for you guys and congrats to the young man! i remember my first summer of salt water fishing fishing and haven't stopped since! WAY TO GO!!!
  489. tresbien

    Offshore 7/9 14 mile bank

    great effort hope they push up soon.... I'm itching too
  490. tresbien

    Catalina yellowtail report 7-6 to 7-8

    that mako under the boat sounds crazy great job on the yellows
  491. tresbien

    7-8 Newport, Long Beach Bassing--Got a Biggun

    beautiful calico sir great quality
  492. tresbien

    There is Water on Mars

    that it nucking futz great pics great fish congrats on the crazy trip
  493. tresbien

    150 mako

    that picture is cool
  494. tresbien

    Late 7-2 and 7-4 SD bay area "Big Butt" report

    that is one helluva nice halibut guys congrats!!!
  495. tresbien

    Offshore Bluefin starting to get on the bite...

    I have never been on your vessel, but have heard great things and have wanted to get out on the New Lo Ann Thanks for the info on the tuna scene, I've been out twice on private boats and haven't had any luck I hope to hop out with you guys and lucky in the coming weeks
  496. tresbien

    Catalina Island July 4th

    way to go nhan u've been busy congrats on the yellow
  497. tresbien

    Sambit Island, Indonesia July 2015 ( Dogtooth Tuna )

    super envious congrats on the awesome trip
  498. tresbien

    shimano flatfall hooks

    sorry for coming late to the thread but can anyone help me out with a size for the owner split ring? I got my flat falls stock hooks braid attachment pretty beat up by a couple barracuda at san clemente island and am doing a 2 day at the end of august. I was thinking about changing out the...
  499. tresbien

    San Clemente Island 7/1/16

    Nice Yellow great job on getting one with the boat trouble
  500. tresbien

    Offshore Fishing Report from the First String out of H&M 7/2

    bummer on the tuna sorry to hear that great attitude tho i commend you hope you get one next time!
  501. tresbien

    Bass on the Chew

    That DOUBLE is awesome way to go
  502. tresbien

    Offshore Got them to bite

    Great Effort!! Sorry to hear about the rod... Hope you get one to stick next time!
  503. tresbien

    El Dorado Overnight 6/26

    Damn that funny hahaha thanks for the shout out
  504. tresbien

    El Dorado Overnight 6/26

    I got my mine on 30lb flylining a live squid, 3/8 oz sinker & 4/0 aki twist owner hook the captain recommended heavier tackle due to problems with sea lions the last few trips tho i brought a 40lb set up for irons and had a lot of success with the flat falls in 100g 130g and 160g sizes i let...
  505. tresbien

    El Dorado Overnight 6/26

    I fished on the El Dorado out of Berth 55 Long Beach Sport Fishing. This was my 3rd trip to San Clemente Island this year and was hoping to get into some QUALITY fish. We picked up live squid from the Long Beach Carnage at Catalina on the way over and I was up and on the deck at 3:30 when we...
  506. tresbien

    Seal Beach BaCk on tha MAP!

    Excellent Work on the Spotties Again Gentlemen!!! Congrats!!!
  507. tresbien

    Good times with KC ANGLERS and WSFG

    Nice Work Guys!!! Great Quality on the Spotties and Ray!
  508. tresbien

    Halibut and Calico bass 06/06/16

    Nice!!! You have been killing it! Congrats on the productivity!
  509. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 5/13

    short white sea bass it was about 14"
  510. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 5/13

    Did a solo session at Dana Point Harbor yesterday at 6pm I have a couple of spots I normally work and tried one I hadn't fished in a while Only stayed for 1 hour it was pretty slow I fished the outgoing high tide Got hit on a 3" Big Hammer fishing 8lb test he put up a fun little fight I am going...
  511. tresbien

    Saltwater ALBACORE

    wrong forum
  512. tresbien

    Pl kelp, the beach, finished in the big bay for a variety

    I can't believe you would #1 kill a spotty and #2 eat a fish out of the bay damn your retarded
  513. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor

    Did some fishing before the high tide this afternoon and caught several barracuda on gulp swimbaits by the sheriffs station. I was wondering if anyone caught any bass lately in DP harbor i cant seem to find them :Exploding_Smiley:
  514. tresbien

    Newps Harbor 3/6/09

    uhh im not familiar with newport but i think i was by 30th street and then lido point
  515. tresbien

    Newps Harbor 3/6/09

    Did some fishing in Newport Harbor with my buddies Robert and Kasey. We caught a 17" halibut on a swimbait off a beach. After a while we moved to Lido Peninsula and I caught 2 spotted bay bass the first was 12" and the second was at least 15". We moved once more around 4:45 to another beach...
  516. tresbien

    Odd Request - Preggo Surf Perch

    you must be a pretty awesome teacher if your a kayak fisherman!
  517. tresbien

    Halibut fishin'...

    where did you go fishing?
  518. tresbien

    baby WSB

    why dont you stay retired alan man all you jobless idiots are braindead
  519. tresbien

    baby WSB

    Well I guess carl, jesse, frank, art and kurt are all retarded. Is it possible that the 21 year old college student that is the son of a Teacher with a Masters Degree was mistaken on the species of fish he caught. I think not losers! Why don't you queers get out your trout rods, maybe you...
  520. tresbien

    baby WSB

    Well carl when I caught it the first time I hooked it in the right corner of its mouth the hook was protruding into his eye. On the second catch, a mere 2 casts later, on the same bait, I hooked the same fish in the same place, right corner of its mouth protruding into its eye. The second...
  521. tresbien

    baby WSB

    Caught the same 12" White Sea Bass Twice tonight fishing the dana point harbor. Caught him both times on a white gulp grub. I was also fishing cut dead squid on the bottom, but no other bites today.
  522. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor

    I fished across from the wind and sea on 2/11/09 from 4 to 7:30
  523. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor

    Real Cute but its a public harbor no can do homie
  524. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 2/11/09

    I fished the harbor today from about 2:00pm to about 7:30pm with my friends Robert, Mike and KC. I started at 2 by myself at the bridge and fished to about 3:30 with no luck. I was throwing a 4" Zoom and at the same time had a strip of squid on another rod fishing the bottom. I moved from the...
  525. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor

    I fished the bridge at dana point harbor today from about 4:30 to 6:00. I had a few bites but only and 1 devil fish. Caught it on a white 3" berkely gulp grub. I am going to go fishing again tomorrow with my buddy robert. I think we are going to try soaking some dead squid along with fishing...
  526. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 2/4/09

    Fished the harbor from 4:30 to 6:30 with a couple friends. I caught nothing, but My fishing buddy Robert caught a 13" sand bass and a devil fish. Also, Roberts friend Shane caught a spotted bay bass, it was small, but still a spotted bay bass. All three fish were caught on Berkley Gulp Shrimp.
  527. tresbien

    What jigs do you recomend for surf fishing

    I would try droop shotting a 2" Gulp! Shrimp. I have noticed that Gulp products do catch more fish, and if your not fishing dead cut bait, I wold also try the 3" minnow. Good luck!
  528. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 1/30/2009

    Fished the bridge in the harbor from 4:30 to 6:30 with Robert. We used 3" swim baits for the majority of the time and had little luck. We had a few bites each, but landed nothing. We did see a jumping Barracuda which made a few passes at our lures but we were unable to connect. Landed...
  529. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 1/29/09

    Fished Dana Point Harbor this afternoonwith my friend Robert. We fished behind the bait dock and caught nothing. We moved to Killer Dana and fished the oceanside and inside the harbor from the sandbar for about an hour with no luck. We moved to the bridge in the middle of the harbor and...
  530. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 1/28/09

    thanks electro mike
  531. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 1/28/09

    I fished Dana Point Harbor today from noon to 3. Caught 2 big smelts on 3" white gulp minnow but no other bites. I caught both the small fish on the oceanside, not inside the harbor. I had one bite that appeared to be a croaker but it spit the hook right at the rocks.
  532. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 1/27/09

    I fished the harbor today down by the bridge. I have heard reports of spotted bay bass, but could not connect with any fish. I fished during the tide change and water was definetly moving around in the harbor with the rising tide. I tried drop shotting a 2" Gulp Shrimp and a few different...
  533. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 1/26/09

    I fished Dana Point Harbor this evening from around 3pm to dark. I fished behind the bait dock for about an hour for little luck. I did manage one 15'' Halibut on drop shotted a 3" white Gulp Minnow. I left the back of the bait reciever and headed over towards Killer Dana behind the marine...
  534. tresbien

    Offshore Dorado U.S. daily bag limits

    love the math..........and fuck the bosox. tampa bay is gonna do it.