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  1. 26grumpy

    Offshore Liberty Killed it...

    Partyboat University Grads. It takes time to un-learn what they were taught.
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    Cory update Thursday

    Don't bring your own filet knife. :D Thoughts and prayers from The Grumpys Mr. Visser.
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    Boat covers and weather warning (vid)

    Bittersweet. Better that it failed in the driveway than out at sea.
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    Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

    Throw in a loaf of Schats chili cheese bread and I'm in!!!
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    BD should buy this!

    "All engines ready to fire up." :D Question. Which is less expensive, refitting for safe passage or permits to turn it into a reef???
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    Sprinkle in State-run outfall pipes pouring out billions of gallons of raw sewage (for decades) and the State-run mining operations up and down the SOC (where'd all that pretty black glass in Sta. Rosalia come from?) and you've got a State-run environmental disaster of epic scale that flies...
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    WTF!! Dana Point Trailer Parking Lot Mess

    Please update your speech decoder ring. This harbor re-imaging process began years ago and then abruptly stopped because of the economic downturn. The County of Orange and it's management team has had 10 years to address the same issues we are discussing today. By virtue of that fact alone...
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    Opinion of Sea Pro boats

    That motor was so bad it bankrupt Johnson/Evinrude.
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    Fish unique to southern California?

    Common Tweaker
  10. 26grumpy

    How bout them Chargers!!

    What time is dinner?
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    Rumors of Roosterfish in SoCal?

    Wahoo on the 14 mile bank too!!! But then that "changing ecology" changed. The warming oceans killed off the local wahoo.
  12. 26grumpy

    Project boats or Trash???

    They have little to no value and donation centers won't take them. My guess is the previous property owner got a bid for $1500.00 to haul them to a landfill and left them there for the next guy to deal with.
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    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Huh....we must have went to the same nightclubs.
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    Why do you go Long Range Fishing? Why do you read this forum?

    Did I just read someone's opinion?
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    WTF!! Dana Point Trailer Parking Lot Mess

    The destruction of one of the best trailer boat harbors on the west coast has begun. The stated goal is to "enhance the retail shopping experience." The two best days for me was when I bought my first skiff (24' Skipjack) and got a storage spot at The Embarcadero (1988). The second best day was...
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    Rockfish Regs
  17. 26grumpy

    5th wheel adapter........

    The skid plate is missing.
  18. 26grumpy

    What’s your porn name

    Goat Ram
  19. 26grumpy


    And cheap too!!! :appl::appl::appl:
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    ….and apparently less and less of not much. 52 Week Range 3,550.04 - 19,870.62 Bitcoin USD (BTC-USD) CCC - CryptoCompare. Currency in USD Add to watchlist 3,999.63+145.52 (+3.7757%) 11.25.18 As of 11:31PM GMT. Market open. Things might get a little tougher...
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    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    Very intelligent point. We're all feeling that part in some way whether we admit it or not.
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    PR Student Seeks Fishers' Help With Survey

    We are fully aware they eat seals and sea lions. You figure out why that's important.
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    Squid light recommendations

  24. 26grumpy

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Only thing missing from this thread are three Germans and a Marmot...
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    Late Report LJ 9/30

    The Iceman strikes!!!!!:appl::appl::appl:
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    20-foot Skippy open fuel tank removal

    The foam under the tank on my 24' Open was my biggest challenge. I ended up letting the tank evaporate dry and then took a reciprocating saw to it removing it chunk by chunk.
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    Offshore Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    I keep getting this big nasty boil under my ball sack, any suggestions?
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    Can we get a fighting forum?

    "Little Dicks Forum" Great idea!!!
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    New, to me, money pit!! 94 Hydra Sports 2000cc

    Hey Steve, 1.3 mpg around town, 2 to 2.2 on the freeway with calm seas. :)
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    How to fix a leaking hull

    Not for Colitis sufferers.
  31. 26grumpy

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Mocking the Bourgeoisie.
  32. 26grumpy

    Shamrock motor issues

    Sounds like a fueling issue. .
  33. 26grumpy

    Outboard in a slip

    This ^^^^^ Looking good brother!!!!
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    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    I heard 14 of them are Socialists.....there, thread complete. :jig:
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    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    So Debi spends years on BD establishing herself as a more than competent angler, steward of the ocean and a selfless solid servant to the less fortunate. Her reputation is second to none. Pinto on the other hand has no cred and whines like a little girl, thought he "had" a fellow angler in a...
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    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    Dead reckoning 24'x7'6" Pussy hair
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    Offshore topless Tuna 1/2 dayer on the 9.... 9/09

    I'm thinking there might be some depreciation in a 10 year old post.
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    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    What's funny is if it were any other country with MILITARAY CHECKPOINTS we'd be intentionally accompanied by translators and a private security force. :smash::smash::smash:
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    John McCain..

    How did he get the nickname "Maverick" again?
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    Offshore U.S Limits of QUALITY DORADO! 8/23

    THAT is the dream, well done gents!! :appl::appl::appl:
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    Thinking About Quitting

    I finally realized it wasn't success I was after. After 32 years I realized it was the defeats that kept me coming back. How well I recovered from a broken boat or crafting a better float plan than last trip or the lasting pain of gravel digging into my knees on the side of the freeway while...
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    Offshore 8-19/ 267-279/209/ 14 mile bank

    So how was trailering? :D:D:D
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    Things just got a lot worse for our Washington BD'ers
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    First time fishing today

  45. 26grumpy

    No Receipt at Bait Barge Again

    The camera counts every scoop.
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    It's gonna be hot, what does that mean?

    My ball dreads will be dripping.
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    sheena was a man!!

    I'd hit it.
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    Don & Shirley Blackman Memorial Halibut Tournament

    Holy Grail fish !!! :appl::appl::appl:
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    SoCal Barracudas!!

    Live Cuda make great WSB chum.
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    Ever get advice from a noob?

    Hmmm...why do I feel like I just got advice from a newb?
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    I don't know....seems a little overkill to me. I just stick a tennis ball on the pointy end.
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    HHHHHMMMMMM, what would you do?

    Help Goat clean up his garage.
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    Alcohol and boating

    Dr. Skidmark
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    Operation Ghost Kill 6/2-3/18

    Legit !!! :appl::appl::appl:
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    Predicting Current?

    It's more a matter of all the little micro currents that turn on and off without warning. You just gotta go and work your plan. Finding the right conditions for "the plan" is a dynamic on-the-water thing.
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    Need help- Oil tar shit on boat

    Based on your thread title I was expecting to see the aftermath of too much Starbucks. :D
  57. 26grumpy

    Badass Bass

    Hey that looks like a big healthy Bass...only smaller...and dying. Congrats!! :appl:
  58. 26grumpy

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    Eating at sea is over-rated. Dropping a big deuce at sea however.....
  59. 26grumpy

    Does fish feel pain? Have we ever wonder

    And tyranny rolls on...
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    La Jolla 5-23-18

    The more it bleeds, the more it shows it really cares. :D
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    Finally ready for tuna !!

    Clearly a Romper-wearing Washi-goog.
  62. 26grumpy

    Kiwi Fishing - a fish a day

    Just a little hint....Obama is wildly unpopular in the States.
  63. 26grumpy

    Fishing From Osa Peninsula To Panama and Back

    Beast-fish!!!! Excellent report and pics :appl:
  64. 26grumpy

    Why does a potential buyer drive 300 miles just to low ball?

    Mika is a swell guy, I miss him.
  65. 26grumpy

    Don't fall for this email scam! I almost paid the guy.

    Jacking off at work all day? I thought that's why you guys opened the BD office in the first place.
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    Yamaha 100 hr service for slip tied boats

    Orange County Outboards (Kiwi Dave) 949.612.2485
  67. 26grumpy

    Where to go near Bellevue for F350 radiator leak?

    Yup, all that. You forgot the cheap-ass Blendor assembly :D
  68. 26grumpy

    This could be a line class record

    So your anus is lily white, swollen and has goopy strings hanging out of it?
  69. 26grumpy

    This could be a line class record

    Let's compare.... His looks kinda swollen like it suffered some kind of repetitive trauma....dunno.
  70. 26grumpy

    How to fish the Yummy

    Good queef....
  71. 26grumpy

    Dana Point Harbor Patrol

    25 year tenant in dry-storage in Dana. There already is private security there, the property management company provides it. After a bum moved into my boat (and stayed for about a month) I got to meet the whole mgt and security "force" in the harbor. What a joke. The property manager is a total...
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    My d-ck is bigger than yours!

    New? No....she failed during dyno testing a long time ago. If we're going to turn a current reports forum into a braggers forum then I'm going to brag about my catches too.
  73. 26grumpy

    My d-ck is bigger than yours!

    .Anatomically off topic I know but epic in my book. I nicknamed it "Kill-bag".
  74. 26grumpy


    Well done!!! :appl::appl::appl:
  75. 26grumpy

    My d-ck is bigger than yours!

  76. 26grumpy

    Your desired improvement to your favorite boats?

    Vibratory foot-bath.
  77. 26grumpy

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    Hi, my name is Joe used to be "that guy". No, not the guy who wasn't in the jackpot who caught the JP fish who eventually started shouting at the real JP winner demanding 1/2 the JP to the point where the whole boat wanted to beat him down. No, not the giant 6'6" muscle-bound goon...
  78. 26grumpy

    First Time Buyer Gun Shy - Need Advice

    I looked on parts are obsolete and no longer available.
  79. 26grumpy


  80. 26grumpy

    Squid light recommendations

    I have the Hydro Glow, it kicks ass.
  81. 26grumpy


    ^^^^ THIS ^^^^ I went $30k in to patenting and licensing a cell phone technology in 1993. On legal advice I marketed it to the big phone builders who waited me out until my patent pending expired along with my cash. If I had another $100k.......
  82. 26grumpy

    How did you last get Spooled?

    Wahoo at the 279 a couple years ago on a kelp. Avet sxj 50# spectra/30# floro. One scorching big run...a pause...and another scorching run. I high stick it with nothing left on the reel then the hook pops, got everything back. Must have had him in the lip.
  83. 26grumpy

    Simrad G4 Radar

    Rumor has it they are no longer a factory approved shop.
  84. 26grumpy

    Homeless defacing Seal beach river jetty

    Why are we giving a pass to the "officials" who are doing nothing less than storing humans on our streets?
  85. 26grumpy

    If You had to catch a meal???

    Los Angeles River...dinner in less than one minute....
  86. 26grumpy

    Ten Great Things Bass Fishing Has Done For America

    Bwahaha!!! And a hitch-hiker ride home from State Line Jail in an 18 wheeler. :D
  87. 26grumpy

    LynDeva could you some positives vibes and prayers

    Prayers from the Grumpy family.
  88. 26grumpy

    Ten Great Things Bass Fishing Has Done For America

    1. In 1968, when Ray Scott founded B.A.S.S., largemouth bass, which is the species these fishing tournaments are largely centered around, weren’t found in many of lakes and streams in western and eastern states. Interest fueled by these tournaments, and the economic impact of them, convinced...
  89. 26grumpy

    I am Back......

    Websites don't kill...people kill websites. It's a clear case of HDS, Hansen Derangement Syndrome. It's main symptom is hating a nice guy with a hot chick who's at the top of his game. Complete eradication is difficult because people don't remove standing water from their property. I have...
  90. 26grumpy

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    We need to lower our expectations. The govt can't even figure out freakin' seat belts. "When a school bus in Chattanooga, Tennessee, slammed into a tree in November and killed six elementary school students, a decades-old debate resurfaced: Why don’t school buses have seat belts, and would...
  91. 26grumpy

    Boston whaler console screws?
  92. 26grumpy

    Gil Marlin?
  93. 26grumpy

    I think we have a problem!!

    Those cob-webs are "Award Badges" for keeping your priorities in proper order. Your son is lucky to have a Dad like you!! :appl:
  94. 26grumpy

    California White Seabass NEWS!!!!

    NPR put the article up in lights published the article a food writer cobbled the article together. They had me until..."And, as climate change brings with it changes in ocean conditions..." Every entity involved in this article has...
  95. 26grumpy

    Starting a BD team apply in the thread

    Can I wear my Xtra-Tuffs instead of those PNW deck boots?
  96. 26grumpy

    Weird starfish

    Made me laugh!!! :appl:
  97. 26grumpy

    Weird starfish

    Blackhole Starfish
  98. 26grumpy

    Anderson Cooper's like 20-25% of our country is LGBT....or not....
  99. 26grumpy

    It's now illegal to boil lobster....

    Just claim it's a sex act, the Left would never ban shoving things up asses that don't belong up asses.
  100. 26grumpy

    Anderson Cooper

    Anderson Pooper?
  101. 26grumpy

    BD Points I Don't Give a Shit

    Reminds me of the good ol' days on BD when we got awarded points for internet sex with Saluki. :loverz:
  102. 26grumpy

    BD Points I Don't Give a Shit

    They're fully transferable credits accepted by UC Berkeley.
  103. 26grumpy

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    The watermarks are waaay up the rope in this thread :D:D:D Conditions. What were the conditions in your exact location when you did your research or made your incredible catch. Conditions change rapidly on both micro and macro scales. Research and fish stories....if tide, time of day, bait and...
  104. 26grumpy

    Shit Hole

    Republican shithole
  105. 26grumpy

    SCI 1/7/18

    Killer pics!!! Awesome post Matt. The nicest guy gets the roo...or something like that. :D
  106. 26grumpy


    Hmmm...sounds like what started the credit
  107. 26grumpy


    Congrats Brett, that's rare air you're breathing!!! :appl::appl::appl:
  108. 26grumpy

    RIP Molly

    So sorry for your loss Chuck.
  109. 26grumpy

    New Agency: San Diego Ocean Planning Partnership

    "We define the ocean planning process as comprehensive, adaptive, integrated, ecosystem-based, and transparent. The partnership chose the term ‘ocean planning’ as a way to distinguish our specific pilot from other marine spatial planning processes. By looking at the space as a whole, rather than...
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  111. 26grumpy


    Nothing worng. IMHO...I think it would be a quicker and more secure transaction with ZERO fees if said grandpa simply picked the pocket of the GenX'er living next door who just leveraged his house for Bitcoin. :D I see the set-up for systemic financial issues on a global scale. One eye on the...
  112. 26grumpy


  113. 26grumpy

    Ending the Year right

    That's quality!!! WTG Dave!!
  114. 26grumpy

    Catalina 28, 29, 30

    Nice work gents!!! :appl:
  115. 26grumpy

    How cold is it? It's so cold that sharks are dying

    It's so cold in Massachusetts that sharks are washing up on the shoreline of Cape Cod Bay. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy said two thresher sharks were found Wednesday, "likely stranded due to cold shock."
  116. 26grumpy

    Christmas present finally arrived!!!

    You should see his warm-up routine...
  117. 26grumpy

    Cutting the Cord

    YouTube TV
  118. 26grumpy


    Speed is the new black.
  119. 26grumpy


    If you don't game on xbox you don't need to spend extra $$ for 4k technology.
  120. 26grumpy

    Fisherman shoot down sea Shepard’s drone

    He earned it the really hard way. His leg got crushed while on duty as a fireman. He still suffers from his "early retirement" to this day.
  121. 26grumpy

    Charkbait talking smack............. also bad mouths amazon

    What are you trying to say?
  122. 26grumpy

    What’s the theory behind this?....

    The theory is it fit. The results of it fitting are not part of the original theory. LOL
  123. 26grumpy


    Read this site every day for a year and you'll be more informed than the doofs on CNBC, Motley Fool, Business Insider et al., and 10 times the clowns on Google. Half the authors are pumpers and half are dumpers but the members are the real deal for the most...
  124. 26grumpy


    We get it, basic lemonaid stand stuff. This conversation is normally and naturally full of if....if I bought it a year ago....if I never sold it...etc., it's called dreaming and not lamenting unrealized gains or losses. The media report off the highs and lows...."it's down 40% from its all...
  125. 26grumpy

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    With all due respect, I would never trust a complete stranger with my life.
  126. 26grumpy


    A Wednesday update said "wire deposits and withdrawals may be delayed by up to 5 business days."
  127. 26grumpy

    A couple of underwater photos

    So cool!!! Big thanks for sharing!!!
  128. 26grumpy

    I really have to watch myself place ads for fishing gear

    Does BD accept Bitcoin yet?:jig:
  129. 26grumpy

    barn find id it?

    Who is also the guy that has owned a Grady 22 Seafarer. a 24' SJ Open and has spent many an hour on a Osprey pilothouse, a Farrallon Whaleback and a Davis. Nice set-up you got going on your 20. Did you do the bracket OB conversion and house yourself? Looks sweet.
  130. 26grumpy

    barn find id it?

    Now you're getting everyone all frothy with talk like that!! Better give her a full proctological exam first.
  131. 26grumpy

    barn find id it?

    That might really be a find!!! Please let us know what whats been done on her.
  132. 26grumpy

    Bloodydecks is now eBay???

    Those crawlers are beautys. LOL
  133. 26grumpy

    barn find id it?

    I'm guessing it has been done. With the non-OMC's hanging out the bottom and the red paint job, it looks like someone did some major work on her, bottom painted it and put in a slip.
  134. 26grumpy

    barn find id it?

    Mine was always on a trailer with a full canvas cover. One day while securing some wiring in the bilge I drilled a hole for a #6 screw/nylon tie on the top of a stringer. When the drill bit came out wet and water began percolating out of the hole my heart and wallet sank. It worked out for the...
  135. 26grumpy

    barn find id it?

    Yes they were foamed in. Mine didn't have the foam issues (pinholes, corrosion). They somehow coated the inside with what Jack Cole called a rubber substance...FAIL!!! It flaked off and plugged the pick-up tube. It was a nightmare getting the old tank out of the foam. I eventually cut it out in...
  136. 26grumpy

    Training needed!

    Goat Brand Mens Underwear...Poop shooter style
  137. 26grumpy

    barn find id it?

    I had a 1972 Open just like yours only with a single i/o. I ran it for several years and then did a complete re-fit in 1992. Everything wood was water-logged. The factory fuel tank was a joke. Two years and $ thousands later it was near perfect....except it was still only worth $5k. The beam is...
  138. 26grumpy

    Frustrating night hooping

    Yup. I remember not so many years ago when "hoopin'" was a home-made hula hoop with a flat net. It was a blast...a couple buddies, some beers, chuck the hula hoop off the jetty and pull as fast as we could so they wouldn't fall off the flat netting. If we got a couple a season it was awesome.
  139. 26grumpy

  140. 26grumpy


    Sage. The value of bitcoin is tied to the aggregate value of transactions using bitcoin, which is the transaction (means of payment) demand for bitcoin. The transaction...
  141. 26grumpy

    Fresh frozen Squid ?

    None is truly fresh. The Ranch 99 market guys told me they just thaw out the same boxed frozen and present it in the fresh fish display coolers. Buy the frozen and thaw as needed for fishing.
  142. 26grumpy

    Awesome idea for launching boats in baja.

    Iv'e ordered one for my superyacht :D
  143. 26grumpy

    So I guess Global Warming is Officially Political?

    Too funny!!!! I planted the story about no warming for the last 23 years and it got closed. It can still be read, just no replies. I'm good with that because I was under the assumption it would be read by the "same guys that reply the same way on every GW thread". Clearly that's not the case...
  144. 26grumpy

    So I guess Global Warming is Officially Political?

    Of the 10,000 "earth scientists" asked to reply to an internet survey that was a grad student class project, less than 100 responded. Yup...a plurality of "scientists" indeed.
  145. 26grumpy

    So I guess Global Warming is Officially Political?

    Indeed. Let's continue with the purge shall we? Women are now politicized.....close "Fishin Chicks" NFL is politicized....close "Sports Forums" Internal combustion engine is politicized....close "Boats and vehicles" classified forums. Ocean use is politicized....close "Boating and Fishing"...
  146. 26grumpy

    Ankle Repair

    Hmmm...what would Saluki have to say about this....hmmmm....
  147. 26grumpy

    Ankle Repair

    I had a vasectomy...I'll post pics soon.
  148. 26grumpy

    Gentlemen...I owe someone an apology

    We rub it out down in Kali :supergay:
  149. 26grumpy

    UCLA now Balless

    Don't fuck with the Jesus!!!
  150. 26grumpy


    The young all believe they're going to die from global warming anyway so party on!!! I wish I could short GW.
  151. 26grumpy


    Will Carson muddy the waters?
  152. 26grumpy


    My best friend's brother and sister-in-law were executed by a CL "buyer". For sale...$8,000 Infinity used car. After several conversations on the phone the buyer came to their house to pay and sign over title. The scumbag shot the husband in the back of the head as he sat signing over the pink...
  153. 26grumpy

    Suicide Watch
  154. 26grumpy

    Where To Store Fishing Rods???
  155. 26grumpy

    Nice Try Al Gore

    The "Hockey Stick" is gonna need Viagra.
  156. 26grumpy

    Mandatory California Boater Card phase-in starts in January

    Don't ask intelligent relevant questions like that, people will think you're stupid.
  157. 26grumpy

    Mandatory California Boater Card phase-in starts in January instead they pass a law telling you how much water you can use to flush said turds.
  158. 26grumpy

    2018 Predictions?

    And Salmon off the Newport Canyon.
  159. 26grumpy

    Removing cast iron drain pipe through 3' tall by 10' Concrete?

    I wonder if you could use a come along and pull that cast section out?
  160. 26grumpy

    Predictions On Offshore Fishing This Weekend

    10-15 on 7' combined seas all sugared up with 2-3' wind waves :drool:
  161. 26grumpy

    big baller brand

    Clearly a case of yellow privilege.
  162. 26grumpy

    Offshore South and Solo - 11/6

    Excellent reporting. That's a perfect day (sans the rope) in my book.
  163. 26grumpy

    Buddhist monk buying and releasing all the baits at MDR.

    So the next time I get the annual massive ant invasion in my kitchen....
  164. 26grumpy

    the trump has pissed off MX over WTO labeling.

    And big hands too!!! Why did Trump sign off on selling Russia 20% of Americas uranium assets for less than $500 per U.S. citizen???
  165. 26grumpy

    Greedy SOBs

    Here's yer' sign...this is what's wrong with so many things waaaay beyond just fishing license.
  166. 26grumpy


    bump for an item that goes totally against your boat name. :D
  167. 26grumpy

    left handed golf clubs

    What Henry said.
  168. 26grumpy

    Thoughts on purchasing new, but not certified fuel tank?

    Stay away from casinos when boating. :)
  169. 26grumpy

    One of my latest how to videos

  170. 26grumpy

    Yamaha engine service going rates

    When I ran the boat shop we'd be around $800-$1200 for o/b and i/o. That was 7 years ago.
  171. 26grumpy

    Offshore It's October ... What to do? Just keep skipping Just Keep Skipping...

    Well done guys, congrats on the bucket-lister Matt!!!:appl::appl::appl:
  172. 26grumpy

    Trout fishing

    Santa Ana River?....I love the little Browns in there!!! WTG Dad!!! :appl:
  173. 26grumpy

    Would you show up at the ramp with this?

    Diesel and petrol car ban: Plan for 2040 unravels as 10 new power stations needed to cope with electric revolution
  174. 26grumpy

    Would you show up at the ramp with this?

    You won't have a choice...
  175. 26grumpy

    Newbie, still?

    Your keyboard...really.
  176. 26grumpy

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    My 26' Striper rides better if that tells you anything.:D
  177. 26grumpy

    Offshore 10/6/17 YFT Limits at the 425

    11 over 19.....there's that secret code thingy again. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: :D:D:D Awesome report and catch.
  178. 26grumpy


    I thought there was a national advocacy group that starts with the letter C who fund raises here on BD...or not.
  179. 26grumpy

    Boycott NFL Sunday Nov. 12th 2017 please read ....

    Sports is nothing but entertainment. ESPN is entertainment. Entertainers are nothing more than the organ-grinders monkey. I don't miss going to movie theaters either.
  180. 26grumpy

    Boycott NFL Sunday Nov. 12th 2017 please read ....

    I'll be your boy coy :D
  181. 26grumpy

    Now that the Chargers have moved. Are you hate watching?

    Watching them fail feels a little like grudge sex. :D
  182. 26grumpy

    Aluminum Trailer Engineering Help Please (Update 10.4.17)

    So I left off here... I amicably got a full refund today and no hard feelings. I'm going with West Coast Trailers who is lending me a trailer to retrieve my skiff from Pacific tomorrow. My new...
  183. 26grumpy

    Snotty Ocean ... is it just me?

    Bad luck and timing. It happens to all of us.
  184. 26grumpy

    "The numbers for that spot are..."

    Sage advice from a seasoned salt.
  185. 26grumpy

    Offshore New Lo-An Oct. 1st

    Outstanding!!! :appl:
  186. 26grumpy

    Prayers to all in Las Vegas

    I'm sad and very angry.
  187. 26grumpy

    "The numbers for that spot are..."

    it's not code speak. It's a quick way to put out the numbers in the general area. We do this because it gets the next guy close enough to the "spot" without having to repeat the entire Lat/Lon several times because of all the interrupting radio chatter and donkey noises.
  188. 26grumpy


    Thank you for validating my reply. (#159) When interviewed in prison (you should watch the documentary) the leaders of E.L.F. were asked why they went eco terrorist. "How else were we going to heard?" Clearly they weren't prepared to make a persuasive argument once they got attention. That...
  189. 26grumpy


    Not exactly. The attention they're getting has nothing to do with "the cause". Do you hear an earnest civil argument for "the cause" breaking out as a result of the "knee taking" movement? E.L.F got attention too.
  190. 26grumpy


    "The Cambridge Police acted stupidly"...strike one. "If I had a son he'd look like Trevon"......strike two. "Hands up don't shoot"..........................strike three. Alinsky would be proud of the above tactic and today's "take a knee" movement.
  191. 26grumpy


    Our Constitution insures our right to free speech. Fortunately, it doesn't insure the right to force people to listen our free speech. If you get what you want, people listening to your free speech, you had better be fully prepared to make an intellectual argument to persuade folks in your...
  192. 26grumpy


    I'm gonna' take a knee on April 15...I'll post an update.
  193. 26grumpy

    NOOOOO! Chargers don't come back!

    Goodbye NFL.
  194. 26grumpy

    Where are all the agitators???

    I scrounged everywhere, the trans is not serviceable. Best price on the net is $340 for the trans. I'm compelled to rebuild after kicking the alternatives around for a couple days. I wish my trailer builder had 1/10 the wisdom and smarts as the BD community. LOL
  195. 26grumpy

    Where are all the agitators???

    Talking washing machines here. The 15 year old workhorse finally shot craps. The tub seal leaked and took out the transmission bearing which let water leak down the trans shaft. A new trans and related parts is $'s time to buy a new machine. So the first thing I notice with the new...
  196. 26grumpy

    marijuana on a private boat

    I would be more concerned with Homeland Security and that 40' black center console they tool around in. Now your talking Federal and that ain't no joke.
  197. 26grumpy


    I'm your puppet :loverz:
  198. 26grumpy

    Calif Paperless title and sale to out of state buyer

    Are you 100% sure he is the lawful owner?
  199. 26grumpy


    Sounds like a typical day on the water here in commie bitch (goat's words) Kali. :D
  200. 26grumpy

    Get out of Jury Duty...?

    Most the folks here are pretty solid citizens so you might not get the answer you're looking for.
  201. 26grumpy

    Aluminum Trailer Engineering Help Please

    So I measured the frame, it is 6" tall x 6.5" wide. There are 4 cross members. I asked what the axle rating is...3800#. The span between the ball and the front trailer axle is 24', they said they moved the axles forward this morning before I came to measure so it was even longer when I pulled it...
  202. 26grumpy

    Aluminum Trailer Engineering Help Please

    Me too. Only problem is I gave away my old trailer to a fellow BD'er and it's gone. My skiff is on the questionable new trailer sitting in their yard. LOL
  203. 26grumpy

    Aluminum Trailer Engineering Help Please

    The span I'm concerned about is from the ball to the front axle which seemed to be about 16-17' but I didn't measure, I will on Monday.
  204. 26grumpy

    Aluminum Trailer Engineering Help Please

    Thanks Shad. The builder is Pacific. I went with them because they are Pacific. As far as trailers go it's my dream aluminum trailer with torsion, quad discs, plastic fluid lines, oil bath, six bunk, LED. They kinda killed my dream at this point.
  205. 26grumpy

    Aluminum Trailer Engineering Help Please

    This is what I was told would happen by the builder, this is exactly why I went them.
  206. 26grumpy

    Aluminum Trailer Engineering Help Please

    I'm posting this here because you guys are serious about your trailers and tow rigs. Given the terrain and distance you guys go I understand why. Nothing but respect gents. So I bought a new aluminum trailer from a well known builder in May of this year. I put my deposit down and waited the 5-6...
  207. 26grumpy

    Offshore Blowing Chunks @ the 371

    So how was the lunch? :D
  208. 26grumpy

    Izor / 150 really stoned

    You hooked more on the keyboard jig than you did on the sardine LOL Well done sir!!! :appl:
  209. 26grumpy

    Kid on a jet ski rams fisherman

    I think it would really smart to exempt PWC rentals from the Cali Boater Card Law.
  210. 26grumpy

    Any good dad jokes?

    Where are the LGBTQRXTUVWXYZ Dad jokes?
  211. 26grumpy

    Weekend halibut 9/2-9/4 Dana Point

    Excellent Halibut catching!! :appl:
  212. 26grumpy

    Offshore From SBI to Dana Point

    Right at the doorstep :appl:
  213. 26grumpy

    Offshore "SO-COW" Video (follow up on 2 1/2 cow post) Pics Heavy!!

    EPIC!!! I want a trophy BFT but don't have the gear. Would you want to go on my boat? I'll pay for EVERYTHING and you bring all your gear. Maybe I can learn how to rig the heavy stuff? I've never flown the kite so could you bring yours? I've got 35 years behind the wheel here in So Cal, seen...
  214. 26grumpy

    Theft on Float 12

    That was my first thought!!!!! So I checked the BD classifieds and found this....
  215. 26grumpy

    Goat Themed Outriggers

    2nd owner. Collapsing Washigoogan style Trade for 9.9 hp kicker NO PM'S PLEASE
  216. 26grumpy

    Remember That Boat Someone Posted Pictures of Flipped on the Freeway?

    Geezus Bill, could you stop with the common sense and critical thinking crap? All it does is kill threads. :D
  217. 26grumpy

    Catalina Tradition 8/22 Part 2-Get the pop corn

    Have you tried rubbing one out before you start typing? :D
  218. 26grumpy

    Same day report 8/19/

    You just about covered the entire Bight LOL Solid intel. Thank you. :appl:
  219. 26grumpy

    Need Help Before I Pull Out What Little Hair I Have Left.

    I added a couple support boards under deck and glassed it back in place. Cutting the deck and glassing it back was the easy part. The original tank was foamed in so I had to cut it out in pieces with a recip saw and metal cutting blades. I had a new aluminum tank built. This was in 1987 so the...
  220. 26grumpy

    Need Help Before I Pull Out What Little Hair I Have Left.

    My 1972 24' Open Cuddy SJ had a factory rubber coating inside the tank. It would flake off in pieces, restrict the pick-up tube and cause all kinds of intermittent performance issues. The only solution was to replace the tank which sucked because it had a solid deck I had to cut through..
  221. 26grumpy

    Bluebook value of boats accurate??

    The NADA price we see online is approx. RETAIL value. Lenders use wholesale value (ACV actual cash value at the auction block as of today) and many lenders won't finance more than 80% of ACV.
  222. 26grumpy

    Offshore Kelping turned Trolling - 8/15

    The moment GI Joe found out that split-tail smells like fish. Awesome report!!!
  223. 26grumpy

    Respect your motor or the motor won't respect you....

    I wish mine would do that so I could justify buying a new motor. : farmer :
  224. 26grumpy

    Offshore Fish Report 08-10-2017 & 08-11- 2017

    It's all inside 3-15 miles off the beach and moving up the line. Tuesday it was off Enicinitas, Wed it slowed a little, Thursday it was off Dana Point. Good report.
  225. 26grumpy

    Arizona Angler sets new Washington State Record out of Westport

    "We were mainly trying to keep the bait away from the shark," said Jackson. How? By putting baits in the water? I'll bet the umbilical cord must of weighed a pound by itself!! Well done Mr. Jackson :appl:
  226. 26grumpy

    Electric Car Question

    Do you know where the cobalt for batteries comes from? Dorsen, just eight, is one of 40,000 children working daily in the mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The terrible price they will pay for our clean air is ruined health and a likely early death. Almost every big motor...
  227. 26grumpy

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    The Washi-goog's internet "that guy" is named ALICE !!!!!!! You can't make this shit up !!!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  228. 26grumpy

    Offshore Yellowfin - 7/29

    Solo warrior, well done Jonathan. :appl:
  229. 26grumpy

    are there rules for Seiners?

    Yes. The ignorance of the posters is astounding but such is our culture today.
  230. 26grumpy

    Silver Ghost

  231. 26grumpy

    2 guys 1 boat

    Yeah um....NEVER EVER open vids on BD. Shake the Bear is an all time fav. :D
  232. 26grumpy

    So I'm cumming out of the closet

    Vance's signature line...."stiff rods are the way to go"....there have been clues gentlemen.
  233. 26grumpy

    So I'm cumming out of the closet

    You missed some on your chin.
  234. 26grumpy

    Uderestimating the Cost of Renewables

    Great read. Lots of food for thought. In my perfect world I'd have off-grid geo-thermal. Subsidies kill.
  235. 26grumpy

    If Only We Could Get Back to Cooler Times

    So how do we personally profit from a .41 temp fluctuation?? Oh wait, someone is already running that scam. :mad:
  236. 26grumpy

    Offshore Fruits and vegetables .

    Now that's making lemons into lemonade. Awesome fishing gents!!
  237. 26grumpy


    Only if you believe ALL money belongs to the govt.
  238. 26grumpy


    Elon Musk is thee biggest welfare fraudster in world history. Without sweetheart loans, cronies and govt wealth re-distribution (read "State and Federal rebate") there wouldn't be an Elon Musk. Cars are one thing and solar power is another. I had Solar City give me a quote for my home. When...
  239. 26grumpy

    Offshore CONDOR 7/27 Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck

    Awesome fishing Ron, stoked to see you on it!!!
  240. 26grumpy


    You mean like how it was back in the middle- late 80's and most of the 90's ??? Or do you mean how it was from 2008 to 2012-13 ???
  241. 26grumpy

    Offshore Rpt.Tues.-07-25-17 Big Bluefin at SCI-Desperation Reef!

    Best $125 you ever spent I'm guessing? :D I'm so happy for you Cory, well done. :appl:
  242. 26grumpy

    Where's the rest of the trailer?

    I'd want to know the trailer tongue weight. It looks like the winch mast is all the way forward and the axle appears to have a lot of weight behind it IMO. A single axle with a lite tongue would be my concern.
  243. 26grumpy

    Offshore Classy Kelping - 7/26

    Wow excellent fishing and top-shelf reporting right there!! :appl: Now that you're ruined for life I look forward to seeing your skiff for sale in the classified forum. LOL
  244. 26grumpy

    Bassin Monday 25th

    Playing goalie with a cattle boat...priceless!!! Great report Lal!! :appl:
  245. 26grumpy

    Hi, i am new in here

    It's the internet....lower your expectations.
  246. 26grumpy

    Warm water...will we see another Socal run of Wahoo this year?

    Some people hit the lotto twice.
  247. 26grumpy

    Green Bouy and Izors 7-23

    Good times right there!!
  248. 26grumpy

    Do you break the line at 1 hour 20 minutes?

    Epic!! Hooked one earlier this season while on anchor, soooo much fun!!! And yes you'd be getting a ticket.
  249. 26grumpy

    Happy Birthday Gil Marlin...

    Geezus....Gil's cake has so many candles it looks like a Porcupine!!! We care, we're just avoiding any chance of guilt by association. :xlbirthda big guy!!
  250. 26grumpy

    Newport to PV Saturday 7/15 Report

    Just proves the cream floats when everything goes scratch. Excellent report Erik and congrats on a hard earned third!! :appl:
  251. 26grumpy

    WTB 25 foot boat trailer

    They're only $7300 at Pacific Trailer. :D I just put one under my 1997 26' but the boat is worth the investment.
  252. 26grumpy

    So-So Halibut 7/15/2017, FN sick.

    Fkn' beautiful!!! :appl:
  253. 26grumpy

    Saltwater SHARK WEEK IN TUNA TOWN!!!

    Nice eater size!! :appl: Keep it in the water and cut through the spine from the top (back) about even with the front gills, it makes them very sleepy in short order. I've seen clubbed fish come back to life and chew up a cockpit, it isn't pretty.
  254. 26grumpy

    Pelican eating a pigeon

    I wish ours would eat Cormorants.
  255. 26grumpy

    Fishing for opinions on SeaSwirl Striper boats.

    My 1997 2600 doesn't have a single spider crack in the gel coat. I have a bracket mounted outboard and enjoy lots of open deck space. I've had zero problems with the boat hull in 13 years of owning it. I've never felt under-gunned. I'll sell you mine for $25k including a brand new $7,300...
  256. 26grumpy

    Offshore Marlin

    Astounding discovery!!! After 30 years of clinical research and 1,000's of hours of field trials I have never seen a case of Female Peyronie's Disease. Well done sir!!!
  257. 26grumpy

    And You Thought you Were Just Fishing

    Feeling self-empowered, self-appointed and clearly self-absorbed the brave leftist fascist warrior sends his little boy in first...poor little kid has a neocortex unlike the fish.
  258. 26grumpy

    And You Thought you Were Just Fishing

    At Crescent Lake Park, Bob Hope was fishing with his parents when his father caught a tilapia and set it on the concrete. Hope said his mother was preparing to put the fish on a stringer and put it back in the water until they brought it home to eat. Video of the incident Leaming posted online...
  259. 26grumpy

    Offshore Massive BFT school- Local US WATERS

    They are here. They won't bite because of acreage of bait everywhere. With perfect sea conditions yesterday we could see bait for miles and miles. In one area we were on solid bait for multiple square miles. Maybe we can get the tuna pen guys to come up here and thin out the bait, it's ridiculous.
  260. 26grumpy

    7-11 La Harbor fish report with the family

    Being a Dad has it's rewards!!!
  261. 26grumpy

    Saltwater Sea cawk

    Carl doesn't Salmon fish. :D
  262. 26grumpy

    Offshore 267 14 mile bank

    Not MPA not illegal not worth researching.
  263. 26grumpy

    Small Boats at San Clemente Island: What Changed?

    Look at the sea conditions.
  264. 26grumpy

    Window Privacy & Sunlight...???

    There are flat roof versions.
  265. 26grumpy

    Window Privacy & Sunlight...???

    No endorsement of the company, I don't know who they are but their web-site shows the basic idea.
  266. 26grumpy

    Tuna off Mission Beach.

    I got that re-tweet too, mine had a CNN logo on it so.....
  267. 26grumpy

    Release the small tunas guys

    Why fuck up a good snowflake melt with facts? :D
  268. 26grumpy

    Things not to do while fishing

    Don't shoot firearms in harbors while naked.
  269. 26grumpy

    Offshore Marlin

    But IF you want to keep one it's "no pressure"...
  270. 26grumpy

    Window Privacy & Sunlight...???

    Skylights....I've installed hundreds of them and every customer had the same response :lux::lux::lux::lux:
  271. 26grumpy

    mythic makos of la jolla

    Baited him did ya? LOL
  272. 26grumpy

    Izor's via the 14

    Nice save Steve!!! :appl: No better feeling than to see the crew smiling and hooked up!!
  273. 26grumpy

    Don't be a Dick! Post your reports! It helps us all. Let's work together!

    It's called El Nino's afterbirth :D Ok I'll post a report....I flew one in from 163 yards on a 425 yard par 4 for an eagle 2 a few days ago. It was a Callaway 7 iron, the ball hit the green, slow-rolled 3' and dropped in the cup. I know I know....B.S. without pics.
  274. 26grumpy

    Don't be a Dick! Post your reports! It helps us all. Let's work together!

    So now we wait for the news instead of trying to make the news....hmmm...
  275. 26grumpy

    What happened in Everett today?

    This is mean-spirited at best. I demand single-payer towing, it's a RIGHT, not a privilege!!!! :D
  276. 26grumpy

    July 01, 2017

    "that big rock"??? WTF? We want exact numbers!!! Carry on and good luck out there.
  277. 26grumpy

    Saltwater Tuna, tuna, tuna

    He's a Striper owner.
  278. 26grumpy

    Why is 65# braid the go to?

    65 gives you a tactical advantage over the other guys on the boat. No need to run up and down the rail when bit so you burn less energy too. Just bolt your feet to the deck in the corner, lay the rod on the rail, put your head down and crank. When you're super focused and mentally "in the zone"...
  279. 26grumpy

    So What's The Best Method for Stealing a Kicker?

    Hold off on the romper. Start by wasting your life hooked on meth, rot out all your teeth and pick your skin till it's raw....and move to Seattle.
  280. 26grumpy

    Personal Fishing Videos...

    Porn is porn brother
  281. 26grumpy

    Any licensed plumbing contractors here? Question for ya.....

    There's a joke about screwed, sewer hole and plugged lurking in this thread but I just can't seem to develop it into a funny. Any ghey contractors out there who want to take a "stab" at it?
  282. 26grumpy

    Where to buy Fathoms?

    The fever is strong. :rockin::rockin::rockin:
  283. 26grumpy

    Current State of Climate Change Pseudo Science

    LOL It's all fun and games until these same "smarter ones" promote and pass public policy.
  284. 26grumpy

    Catalina Yellowtail and WSB 6/19/17

    Excellent work gents!!
  285. 26grumpy

    Dana PT 6/16/17

    Dialed in for sure!!! :worship:
  286. 26grumpy

    Offshore Skip.....Skip.....Boom! - 182 Area - Weds 6/14

    Leave PV early to go fish at home....LOL. What an incredible option, never thought I'd see the day. :appl::appl::appl:
  287. 26grumpy

    Trouble in NOLA invlolving Bloodydecks LLC

    After reading all of this I am overwhelmed by guilt. I can't keep it in any exchange for promoting BD....Jason and Ali have given me a free BD membership since 2006..:hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli: I'm willing to be a whistle blower.
  288. 26grumpy

    The best fish you ever caught while fishing for something else

    15# salmon on frozen anchovy, 30' of dirty water off Main Beach Laguna in July.
  289. 26grumpy

    Time for high country bassin'

    She's got an awful case of bed rash. :appl:
  290. 26grumpy

    Offshore Round Two

    You gents got it wired!! :appl:
  291. 26grumpy

    Catalina 6-4 for Just 1 Bass

    Yup....3 minutes of gayness....just like TUES. :supergay:
  292. 26grumpy

    Offshore Just Keep Skipping Just Keep Skipping - Jumbo BFT

    Gittin' it done son!!! Over the top report Brett. :appl:
  293. 26grumpy

    No Yeti products for me

    Then why the hell is it called the A.T.F.??? :D
  294. 26grumpy

    Offshore Thursday Solo Wahoo

    Tthose were HOMEGUARD Albacore. :rofl:
  295. 26grumpy

    Offshore Sat 6/3 @43/182 Ghost Town

    I thought I heard on last weekend's Let's Talk Hook-Up that the seiners were all done???
  296. 26grumpy

    No Yeti products for me

    Word has it Kim Jong Un is pissed. You Washigoogs should join his boycott.
  297. 26grumpy

    No Bolts, Padres worst team in baseball.......

    I root for the Blue Fins.
  298. 26grumpy

    Offshore Bluefin Redemption

    We've watched Brandon pay his dues for a few years now, kid is fishy for sure!!! Like Bill said, you gents are way ahead of the curve. Epic report. :appl:
  299. 26grumpy

    The Danger of Pre-Fishing a Tournament...

    Beast and great story!!! :appl:
  300. 26grumpy

    Anchoring in shipping lanes

    Finally, boaters worse than Striper owners. :D
  301. 26grumpy

    Chevy and GMC Trucks.

    They'll have to pry my cold dead hands off the wheel of my 05' 5.9 Cummins.
  302. 26grumpy

    JX Live Bait Backlash Issue

    Mine does the same thing. Either fish it with a 2-3' leader/spectra or a minimum of 75 yards of mono top-shot/spectra.
  303. 26grumpy

    New Rule!

    I avoid asking for help pretty much everywhere, it just leads to frustration.
  304. 26grumpy

    Taxman in the House

    Tastes like fur.
  305. 26grumpy

    Just add white deck booties.......

    Washigoog "lead melt" party?
  306. 26grumpy

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    Yup...I know exactly how you feel. Your story reminds me of a multi-day trip I took way back in the day to Ceasar's Palace. Got my ass spanked beet red, blew up all my hopes and dreams, 117 outside the a/c broke on the 87' Bronco and a couple $$ grand flushed down the toilet I'm driving home...
  307. 26grumpy

    La Jolla 5/13-14

    Wow nice yellows, awesome pics!! :appl:
  308. 26grumpy

    Taxman in the House

    I fish that zone weekly. I don't know about the warm water claim as recently it's been hovering around 56-58 deg. What I can validate is the tremendous amount of bait in the area. I pitched a bobber out the other day and no lie for several minutes the water was foaming with mini macks attacking...
  309. 26grumpy

    Taxman in the House
  310. 26grumpy

    Any "Cavers" out there

    Cats have whiskers for a reason.
  311. 26grumpy

    Wsb and lots of them

    Off the chart everything Eric!!! :appl: The begging for your location is bieber and unbecoming.
  312. 26grumpy

    I'm back! First real trip with full limits of quality yellowtail! (Video too)

    Bet it took more time to edit that vid than it did hooking all those YT. Simply epic!!
  313. 26grumpy


    Big fatty for Jimbo, way to go guys!!! :appl:
  314. 26grumpy

    Salt creek 5-5

    Shrewd. So as planned, I'll see you at the "real spot" while 300 skiffs all pile on top of each other at SC. Should be fun to watch the DP launch ramp parking lot too as it's down to limited parking space due to a two week re-paving project. :D
  315. 26grumpy

    Rpt.-Wed.-05-03-17 SCI Tails, Lings, Reds and Coppers!

    Nice work getting all those greenhorns bit Dave!! :D Top shelf reporting Cory, you perfectly captured an epic trip to the long island. :appl:
  316. 26grumpy

    Dana Point launch ramp parking lot closed May 1st for two weeks

    The launch ramp parking lot is scehduled to be completely re-paved. I'm a tenant at the dry storage and received a letter from management. The letter reads as follows: The area affected is the public launch ramp parking lot. Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin on May 1st. The...
  317. 26grumpy

    Rpt.-Wed.-04-19-17 A solid local Bass trip.

    Excellent report, nice Calico Lal!!
  318. 26grumpy

    Camp Pendelton kelp beds

    Well...after reading this thread it's obvious who fishes for fish and who fishes for conditions. It's also obvious the fishermen say Calico stocks are down and the conditions guys think the complete opposite. I've been loving it, new regs, submerged kelp lines and EVERYONE fishing offshore for...
  319. 26grumpy

    Issue with Andros 5aii Skipping, 4th time returned to Okuma!!

    I have a Metaloid 12ll and it skips under the load of an 8oz torpedo sinker. The first time I used it I was winding up for a bait check while codding in 300'....clunk....I'm like "WTF?" Glad I saw this thread, I assumed mine was a one-off POS but it's pretty clear Okuma has a defect. Going in...
  320. 26grumpy

    Democrat, a Republican, or a Southerner?

    May I add... Yell, "HEY!! It's the JV team!!" as you move in for a selfie with the guy. Drop, cry and convert. Realize you do things smarter than everyone else so you take off running into the darkness because you just realized you can run faster than your wife and kids. Draw a circle around...
  321. 26grumpy


    Nice work gents!!
  322. 26grumpy

    Upper hidden bank

    Hell yes!!!
  323. 26grumpy

    where and what about trailrite ?

    Long gone. I bought a new Pacific trailer for my 26' today. Sam is a great guy to work with, the place seemed professional and their parts dept was busy.
  324. 26grumpy

    One Big Tuna Yesterday - That's It?!

    ...and bumpy out there right now.
  325. 26grumpy

    Long Beach local rockfish and sheephead Sunday 4/9

    Oh....and I wished there were lots more purists. :D
  326. 26grumpy

    Long Beach local rockfish and sheephead Sunday 4/9

    Those 4 paragraphs should shorten the average Joe's learning curve by about 20 years. Serious. :appl: Excellent as always Erik.
  327. 26grumpy

    Protecting gear on boats from theft

    I try to protect what's left of my innocence by avoiding public contact with people.
  328. 26grumpy

    New Taxes & Return of Fuel Surcharges?

    The cost of EVERYTHING that's transported will rise. Those who can least afford it get hammered again. It's funny, those of us who can afford the hits call it politics and the rest call it what it really is, economic warfare.
  329. 26grumpy

    Transom wall/dance floor tool organization?

    Just more things to gouge the shit out of yourself on. LOL Keep it clean and clear...
  330. 26grumpy

    I can't believe this ad now I understand why Hesperia gets a bad rap. LOL
  331. 26grumpy

    Dana Pt 4/1/2017

    Sorry for your loss Matt. I believe he is in a better place. And yes that is a PIG!! :appl:
  332. 26grumpy

    Site Suggestion

    Half of us can't even read and you want to....oh never mind. :D
  333. 26grumpy

    WTS: Vintage British Bobbie Helmets

    Those would look cool next to a neon rose in a glass case.
  334. 26grumpy

    Are These Yellowtail Big Enough to Keep?

    What do you guys think about free BJ's? :D I say not with the breeders. LOL
  335. 26grumpy

    Las Vegas Raiders of Oakland

    LVPD just sighed a little relief.
  336. 26grumpy

    Las Vegas Raiders of Oakland

    Yup. You can hole up in Henderson or Green Valley or Summerlin but eventually you'll have to go out to dinnner or the DMV or god forbid shopping at the local Smiths grocery store....and you NEVER step foot on a Walmart property. Sad but true.
  337. 26grumpy

    Box Canyon rockfish limits but no butts for us 3/25

    Good eats!!! I call Leopard Shark, they're everywhere in your depths you drifted. They tend to be off the hard bottom and in the sand and are more than happy to destroy your Halibut rigs. You can almost guarantee a Leopard once you get away from where the Halibut are.
  338. 26grumpy

    Las Vegas Raiders of Oakland

    I lived in Vegas for a couple years, Once you get off the Strip you realize it's just another dirty gang plagued ghetto city like L.A. or Oakland. Seems like a match made in heaven.
  339. 26grumpy

    Offshore Malihini Offshore 3/26

    I was getting bored of the civility on BD the last few months. :rolleyes: With longer days, ass-wipe opinions and Fred Hall....can we officially proclaim winter is over (except for the Washigoogans of course)? :D
  340. 26grumpy

    Things I am glad for today

    What we're watching is how our system is supposed to work. Out in the open with vigor and passion. It's a stark contrast from recent years. The ACA was written to inflict economic pain on us. The ACA was written to go bust so "the politicians" could blame the evil private insurance companies...
  341. 26grumpy

    Things I am glad for today

    Yes Yes.....I'm glad my breasts and ovaries are no longer threatened!! We should do an early pregnancy class together soon!!!
  342. 26grumpy

    Why the hell isnt there a hunting season

    Dude is blowing it big time. There's gazzzzillions of propagandized nit-wits who'd pay to be part of that "experience" :rofl: Add to that the on-board sale of cheap-ass sea lion jewelry and videos and he'd triple his income overnight. :D
  343. 26grumpy

    That Guy charter

    Cream floats. There would be a guy that all the "that guys" would call "that guy".
  344. 26grumpy

    SEX.....BOOBIES! and MPA updates

    The change already took place...5 years ago. Much like the original MLPA process, there is a pre-determined outcome already in place....perpetuate the scam. Thank you to the folks involved in the process and thank you for reporting on the show(s).
  345. 26grumpy

    Sanity Trip to PV 3-19

    Fishing heals. WTG guys, excellent report!!
  346. 26grumpy

    Offshore Thresher catch 3-19-17

    Good as it gets!!! :appl:
  347. 26grumpy

    How far would you go?

    I've seen Bass Club forum guys report on SCI trips. "I took the 17'er, we wrecked the Sportcoats...Weather Underground said 6-8 knots but it was more like took 5 hours to get back to LB taking spray from 270deg all the way..." No thanks.
  348. 26grumpy

    Engine help please

    You should see the crap that comes out of the primer bulb after sitting for several months. First thing we do is pump the primer bulb forcing the worst stuff imaginable where it shouldn't go. Personally.... I would do all of the above suggestions including carb rebuild(s) It's not hard at all...
  349. 26grumpy

    Truline out of San Pedro Holed at SCI 3/19

    I saw a big fat log at 3 miles from Dana Point a week or so ago. No doubt there's lots of future bad stories floating around out there right now.
  350. 26grumpy

    Jihadist run over by Ex girlfriend

    Goat ban.
  351. 26grumpy

    Offshore Toronado and crew does not disappoint! Fish report

    I would expect nothing less from the angler who "gaffs" Wahoo with pliers. :D Good one Deb. :appl:
  352. 26grumpy

    America;s got talent: Fail

    Brush fire!!!
  353. 26grumpy

    Key West Golden Tile

    Livin' the dream!!!
  354. 26grumpy

    New shop for the boat... a story of frustration.....

    Pics of mountain beavers please :D
  355. 26grumpy

    Giving paddy #'s over the radio.

    Give out the numbers, it's good karma. So we're 30 miles out and hear this faint radio signal, " i'm jugged, the #'s are..." 4 miles away so we went. At 1/2 mile from the numbers all we see is a little dark's a guy standing on the's a guy in a 12-14' aluminum tiller...
  356. 26grumpy

    Fishdope down?

    Putin :mad:
  357. 26grumpy

    Rpt-Sun.-03-12-17 Izor's Reef, The Rigs, 150 and the Shoe!

    Quality is right!!! Excellent report Cory, you had me right there in the fog monster with you. :appl:
  358. 26grumpy

    anyone have ALEXA at home

    You should put those hats on your smart devices. :rofl:
  359. 26grumpy

    Help Much Appreciated

    For $30k you could buy a cuddy cabin walk-around that should already be mostly rigged for our types of fishing. Center consoles suck if you want to overnight on the seabass at the islands. Center consoles suck if there is a little crosswind, you and all of your gear get soaked.. Center consoles...
  360. 26grumpy

    Help Much Appreciated

    What styles are you interested in? What's your price range? How far along in the purchasing process are you? I don't want to see you waste your time out fishing when your main objective is to get the boat that's right for you.
  361. 26grumpy

    Rpt.-Thur- 03-09-17 San Clemente Island Reds and Coppers

    WTG gents!!! Good eaters right there!!!
  362. 26grumpy

    anyone have ALEXA at home

    The only thing I want to know is where the hot bite is so I can fish somewhere else and avoid all the Googans at the hot bite. All smart devices are doing one thing, collecting data so Central Planners can intervene where inequities exist. Yes you get targeted coupons and ads that fit your...
  363. 26grumpy

    2014 DodgeRam Mold Issues

    Be glad you don't suffer what my 05 2500 Ram put me through... It scared the shit out of me the first three times, totally lost confidence in the truck and parked it for a while. Called and called Chrysler for no help. Found an upgrade steering kit online and fixed it myself. 5 years later...
  364. 26grumpy

    Seriously, how?

    How do we do it?? Nothing but straight up desire my friend. If you desire something bad enough you will find a way to get it and keep it. On the other hand...if you think you can't afford it (whatever it is) you're probably right and sitting on the sideline is the best option. BTW...I desire...
  365. 26grumpy

    Rpt.-Sat. 03-04-17 Local Bass Fising.

    He said he has the one in Newport. He bought ANOTHER Farallon. A 28' or 29' pilot house, thing is a beast. He said this one is going up to Eureka. He joked he is now a collector of Farallons!!!
  366. 26grumpy

    How much is my boat worth?

    Pay??? For boat repairs??? Who in their right mind does that??? I was like you, had enough balls and $$ to BUY a skiff but no $$$ to maintain and repair the basket case so I put myself through Marine Repair Tech trip to the parts store at a time. LOL Fast forward a few years, my...
  367. 26grumpy

    Rpt.-Sat. 03-04-17 Local Bass Fising.

    Nice work guys!! :appl: Met your Farallon buddy at my RV storage lot last week. Saw the new addition to his fleet, wow what a sweet boat!!
  368. 26grumpy

    What's wrong with this?

    So you PAID for....nevermind.
  369. 26grumpy

    LJ 3/3

  370. 26grumpy

    Thunderbird 8 pack

    Excellent report!!
  371. 26grumpy

    Beastie Boy

    Fat bottom girl!!!
  372. 26grumpy

    DI vs. Soft Water

    Steve how often do you replace the resin?
  373. 26grumpy

    DI vs. Soft Water

    Hey thanks guys, drying at the end of the day SUCKS!!! Considering the portable soft water. I can use it to fill the holding tank and or the city water connection on my 5th wheel too. If I pull the trigger I'll post my results.
  374. 26grumpy

    Long Beach Sport Fishing Rockfish Areas Spots

    "Boat: seaswirl" This explains everything :D
  375. 26grumpy

    Lead Ban Reversed

    We better thank Putin!!! LOL
  376. 26grumpy

    Croc Stores Closing

    You'd have never known if I hadn't stubbed my toe on that old alternator laying on the shop floor. :mad: Umm.....did I scream like a Kali bieber ???
  377. 26grumpy

    Croc Stores Closing

    The first step in the healing process is to admit you have issues. Good on you for coming out in public. :appl: P.S. If your Crocs start disappearing go check Goats garage. :D
  378. 26grumpy

    Offshore Pacific Queen 1.5 Day – February 25, 2017

    Excellent report as usual Pam. Hope you get um' good this season!!!
  379. 26grumpy

    $190 average Charger ticket price

    Shouldn't this be posted in the Jokes forum? :D
  380. 26grumpy

    DI vs. Soft Water

    Anyone using a portable DI or portable soft water to final rinse your boat or skiff after washing? The water at my home port (also my storage lot) washdown is very hard. I either chamois (sucks) every time or let it dry and then do a complete fiberglass cleaner with a d.a. polisher and finish...
  381. 26grumpy

    Dana Point Tuesday 2.28.17

    I came up with every excuse to not go fishing, too cold, no fish, yard work, pick up dog poop, you name it. Ahhh but the song was strong so at 11:30 AM I shoved off from Dana Point. It was still a little cold, I didn't hook a Halibut, the seas were lumpy, but the dog poop got an extra day to...
  382. 26grumpy

    Saturday Morning Yellows at Cat 2/25

    Nice work gents, Matt is sexy.
  383. 26grumpy

    NOAA manipulated data to hide global warming ‘pause’

    Cow Farts. The great Bison slaughter in the 1800's (pre-industrial age) killed off 60 million head in America which pretty much shut off bovine fart pollution (methane gas) for several decades. The USDA estimates there are 98 million head of cattle in America as of 2015. 30 million more...
  384. 26grumpy

    Friday Wipeout !!!

    Excellent catching Lal!!! Thanks for reporting. :appl:
  385. 26grumpy

    Found a boat on the street

    What is it with Striper owners?
  386. 26grumpy

    Help Name the Lumacat...

    "Dragonballs"....and his avatars should not disqualify me. Kali out.
  387. 26grumpy

    Chartplotter North up or Course Up?

    I just follow that squiggly red line I make behind me on the chart :D.... course up and I zoom in to a 200' birds eye view on the plotter when fishing structure. I use zoom more than any other feature and the cursor a distant second. Couldn't afford radar or loran back in the day so after...
  388. 26grumpy

    Helpful hint's from the horrified grammer Nazy in me!

    Jump the shark=no gramma worrys
  389. 26grumpy

    Big Tuna 2 piece Spinning Rod Question

    Did this process have anything to do with your BD screen name by chance? :D
  390. 26grumpy

    Goatram love!

    Mad skilz Mr. Risser. :appl: Question: How many hours of fab do you have in that d/r ball that looks like an old fucked up alternator laying on a shop floor waiting to be tripped over a bunch of times until one day you stub your toe on it and kick it to the other side of your shop? :D
  391. 26grumpy

    Aint Nothin Free

    Putin strikes again.
  392. 26grumpy

    What ever happened to that guy Josh Templeton

    That dude ROCKED!!! I always liked his pics of the same three hookers "deckhanding" for his clients.
  393. 26grumpy

    Bd calendar

    I see a pattern here. It's always the same 5 or 6 Washi-Q's who's "last seen" status is viewing Vance's avatars. And why do the Washi-posts always smell like burnt gear oil?
  394. 26grumpy

    Caught a yellow by his "tale"...

    How cool is that!!! :appl:
  395. 26grumpy

    Blackman Fish Machine

    Wish I didn't have my skiff or I'd buy that rig right now!!!
  396. 26grumpy

    Best Joke of the Day might want to ask the town folk in Marysville/Yuba City what they want. :D:D:D
  397. 26grumpy


    DONKEYS!!!! That's what they were saying to each other as you pulled up. :Zombie_Ro
  398. 26grumpy

    The Train to Nowhere....

    ...leads straight to Oroville Dam.
  399. 26grumpy

    Unreal Outdoor Photo

    Well played :appl:
  400. 26grumpy

    For winter bassing was OK. Sunday 2/12/17

    Great report, thanks!!! Is that a two piece rod? :D
  401. 26grumpy

    Could this be Carl?

    That's not Carl, that's my 9 year old son!!!
  402. 26grumpy

    Offshore Colonet YT 2/11

    Funny!!! Classic line Steve!! We've all been there, thanks for the tough-to-write report.
  403. 26grumpy

    Building without GC savings

    35 years in the trades here, I've seen it all from the subs perspective. From foreman on hot tar roofing crews to fine interior finish, all mechanicals to drafting and permitting and now grading, site work and paving both private and public projects....the one thing that's next to impossible to...
  404. 26grumpy

    20,000 posts

    I checked Carl's statistics... 180,000 were BOTD 15,000 were Saluki fleshlight threads hmmmm....
  405. 26grumpy

    50% chance 2017 El Nino. 100% weatherman doesn't know shit

    Give the editors at Yahoo (and Fakebook, Google et al) a break. They still think Hillary is going to win in a landslide. :D
  406. 26grumpy

    NOAA manipulated data to hide global warming ‘pause’

    No serious businessperson would go to the mat paying for a study to disprove something that hasn't been proven to exist except in computer models (that are only as good as the data input). Talk about a shareholder revolt. LOL It's much safer and cheaper for BIG ENERGY to play to the audience of...
  407. 26grumpy

    Just like the good old days before the drought

    Yeah baby!!! Now if I can just get my 9 y/o son to overcome his fear of heights. Maybe next season. :)
  408. 26grumpy

    NOAA manipulated data to hide global warming ‘pause’

    So what we DO know as fact: The 97% of "scientists" is a sham. East Anglican University manipulated and subverted. The Butterflies are alive and well. There hasn't been quantified warming since 1998. "There isn't surface warming because the deep oceans are trapping the surface heat" study...
  409. 26grumpy

    NOAA manipulated data to hide global warming ‘pause’

    The 97% is a joke. 10,257 surveys went out, 77 came back. Then of those, only a small subset, just 77 who had been successful in getting more than half of their papers recently accepted by peer-reviewed climate science journals, were considered in their survey statistic. That “98% all...
  410. 26grumpy

    NOAA manipulated data to hide global warming ‘pause’

    Interesting fact: If a 100,000 seat stadium represented our atmosphere only a few seats would be carbon. The other 99,995 seats are mostly nitrogen and oxygen. Nitrogen Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, tasteless and inert gas that accounts for 78 percent of the Earth's atmosphere. Oxygen...
  411. 26grumpy

    NOAA manipulated data to hide global warming ‘pause’

    I intentionally used the WT link as an experiment. There are LOTS of links from a variety of news sources I could have used. Had you fought through bigotry and actually read the story you would have discovered the original interview with the whistle-blower was from the U.K Daily News which is...
  412. 26grumpy

    NOAA manipulated data to hide global warming ‘pause’

    Yes, that's the updated updated report the whistle blower is referring to. From what I understand the whistle blowers big concern is the integrity of science itself. Peer review is clearly missing...but why? From the story... “What John Bates has done is to expose this culture based not on...
  413. 26grumpy

    NOAA manipulated data to hide global warming ‘pause’

    The climate change debate went nuclear Sunday over a whistleblower’s explosive allegation that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association manipulated data to advance a political agenda by hiding the global warming “pause.” Read...
  414. 26grumpy

    Is It Just Me

    Trump signed an Executive order at halftime.
  415. 26grumpy

    Largest Lead Blown Since

    Making America great again!!! :D
  416. 26grumpy

    Electric reels

    You go Tred!!!!
  417. 26grumpy

    Your Future Pizza Delivery Man

    Here's a better pic Steve.
  418. 26grumpy

    Dana point hansolo Halibut... yup they're there

    SOLO!! :appl: Excellent write-up!!
  419. 26grumpy

    Confessions of a Marine Slumlord

    It was a she. The LEO said he knows her, she was recently released from jail on an assault with a deadly weapon charge. She is currently armed with an old 12" bait knife she took from my skiff. I told the LEO to go find her and tell her to remove her stuff and to take the knife from her before...
  420. 26grumpy

    For All the DIYer's

    An S&M wall rack made to look like a pallet...that's re-purposing!!
  421. 26grumpy

    Rpt.-Tue.-01-31-17 Unreal Bass'n and a big ole Butt!

    Excellent Sand Bass data collecting, You should charge the DFW for your services. Hell...those bass aren't even supposed to be there, you guys are good!!!
  422. 26grumpy

    Confessions of a Marine Slumlord

    Sorry the porta-potty got full and you had to use my zip-lock filet bags to pee in. It's cool the way you stacked up the full bags. I'm a bad man for letting you use my big ice chest as your chest-of-drawers and my non-insulated bait tanks as your food storage. I apologize for the rip you had...
  423. 26grumpy

    Ford F350 or Ranger?

    Nice ride Washi-bro, congrats!!! I saw this a couple years back in my home harbor. A yacht broker was delivering this boat to the new owner. The new owners tow vehicle is in the picture. I'm processing my dis-belief as I'm about to exit the launch ramp parking lot, at which point I realize the...
  424. 26grumpy

    Fucking finally

  425. 26grumpy

    Super Bowl question

  426. 26grumpy

    Rrt-Tues-01-17-17 Winter Bass and a Butt!

    Awesome Cory and Lal!!! That is some solid sand bass data collecting right there!!! Oh....and Lal has a nice butt ;)
  427. 26grumpy

    LA Chargers

    Very true. Like the way Spanos has redefined parity in the NFL...."We can lose to ANYONE on any given Sunday....even the Browns".
  428. 26grumpy

    The story of here (Bloody Decks)

    The annual Fleshlight Review was always thoroughly researched and is sorley missed. Now BD is about fishing and hunting stuff...meh.
  429. 26grumpy

    LA Chargers

    How much for the bed spread??
  430. 26grumpy

    LA Chargers

    Who will be the first team to leave LA? :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  431. 26grumpy

    1/12/17 Run of Site crossover to HTTPS

    So everything will be like it always had me worried :D
  432. 26grumpy

    Dana Point halibut 1-7-17

    PIG!! :appl: I guess 35#'s.
  433. 26grumpy

    Sustainable Tuna Fishing is not Good for The Climate

    Imagine loathing your own existence. Makes me wonder how other personal life-decisions have worked out for the true "believers".
  434. 26grumpy

    Finger Bankin - Epic Goldfishing

    That's a slug!!! Great times guys, excellent fishing! Brett keep working out front, there's some really good spots very close to home. Wind from 270 is money on the local stuff.
  435. 26grumpy

    Best Baja Truck/Camper and Boat Rig

    The best baja rig is one that is paid off.
  436. 26grumpy

    Sustainable Tuna Fishing is not Good for The Climate

    Another lame attempt by irrelevant pimples on the ass end of humanity, wrote with a sole purpose.... to trick the gulable and highly educated into thinking the pimples are worthy of more grant $$ and free airline tickets to far away places. The contortions these little weasels go...
  437. 26grumpy

    Somebody better check on Vance

    This should cheer you up
  438. 26grumpy

    SCI 12/12

    Excellent report Matt, epic day at the island :appl:
  439. 26grumpy

    What did i find?

    Not off a boat. Looks like farm equipment. Likely rolled down the cliff at the end of its useful life.
  440. 26grumpy

    Dana Bassin 12/8/16

    A perfect day!!
  441. 26grumpy

    Yes we are messing with the forums layouts 3/18

    Julian Assange says the Russians had nothing to do with it.
  442. 26grumpy

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    Dog dang it!!!! This thread had potential to be a BD classic. Oh well....think of all the conjecture, fake news and white-lash we're gonna' miss :hali_parkutuli:
  443. 26grumpy

    Meanwhile: Pirates preying on Venezuelan fishermen as industry unravels's called Socialism. Everyone is equal, equally miserable.
  444. 26grumpy

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    At this point, what difference does it make? I mean um.... what ya' gonna' do, waive a magic wand?
  445. 26grumpy

    Offshore Rpt.-Wed.-12-07-16 a 1.5 day on the O-95 No skunk this time!

    I knew you weren't done ;) Way to get it done Cory :appl:
  446. 26grumpy

    new web site issue???

    I'm seeing a new font that's hard to read.
  447. 26grumpy

    Offshore Rpt-Thur.- 1.5 day 12-01-16 aboard the O-95!

    Sounds like an "over and out" report. Git yer butt back out there! :D
  448. 26grumpy

    Official Chargers Post

    I the Rams or the Chargers... ...or go outside and pick up wet dog turds. The backyard clean-up is going well. :D
  449. 26grumpy

    Lake Havasu

    Memories your son will have forever, well done Dad :appl:
  450. 26grumpy

    One of Those WTF Days

    Be thankful it was your wife that exposed a serious weakness in your home security and not some bad guy.
  451. 26grumpy

    Rpt.-Wed. 11-23-16 Local Bass, Reds, Christmas Prep!

    Right?? Gonna' need an automotive timing light to read the meter :eek: :D I'm pretty sure Cory went solar awhile back.
  452. 26grumpy

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna O95 11/22

    Such a wonderful story!!! Well done :appl:
  453. 26grumpy

    BD formate change??

    That sucks 'cause I was really looking forward to the definition of "formate".
  454. 26grumpy

    Friends Helping Friends

    I've seen guys like that fishing kelp paddys.
  455. 26grumpy

    Offshore Tanner on the Tribute 11-19

    That is some sick zombie fishing!!! :appl::appl::appl:
  456. 26grumpy

    Breaking the new boat in.... go back to protesting.
  457. 26grumpy


  458. 26grumpy

    2106 - the year of shit you don't have in your tackle box

    Extra cash for the long ride to Tanner Bank. :D
  459. 26grumpy

    Gil Marlin Sucks

    You should have bought his crusty old Johnson instead. :D
  460. 26grumpy

    Rpt.-Wed.-11-16-16 Bass and Buitt.

    That's some good fishing gentlemen!!! Thanks for the report Cory.
  461. 26grumpy

    Looking for an asphalt guy

    It comes down to daily demand at the a/c plant. If they don't have enough orders to fire up the plant then they don't unless someone wants to pay a four figure premium to fire it up. Sounds like you need about 10-20 tons (depending on your dimensions) and that amount won't fire up any plant.
  462. 26grumpy

    Stadium Referendum

    Of course you're right Carl. Sports entertainment is over-priced for what you get, there's lots of entertainment venues competing for the ever-shrinking non-descretionary $$ folks have. It's simple....people follow a winner, it has nothing to do with the city.
  463. 26grumpy

    11/12-11/13 Dana Point halibut weekend

    Well done gents!! :appl:
  464. 26grumpy

    Stadium Referendum sucks having world-class sports teams and facilities...:rockin: 714 :rockin:
  465. 26grumpy

    fishing injury while internet fishing. lol

    Your feet aren't that attractive so no biggie. :D
  466. 26grumpy

    Stadium Referendum

    When I'm in SD I always notice how many heartless chargers fans there are....Rivers ripped out a bunch more today :shake:
  467. 26grumpy

    26' Seaswirl Striper - 250hp Yamaha w/low hours

    I love my 2600 and that's one big ol' Halibut!!! GLWS, someone is going to be really happy!!!
  468. 26grumpy

    Rpt.-Thur.-11-10-16 Catalina Tails!

    Super report as always!!! Nice to connect on the target species, well done :appl:
  469. 26grumpy

    FREE WITH ONE CONDITION Mercury classic 50 1986

  470. 26grumpy

    Twin Lakes 11/3-11/6

    Best place on earth IMO. I'm a Doc and Al's guy, lucky you have that cabin. The really big ones are caught at the creek inlet on the surface float tubing during a low pressure event. That's usually driving snow and wind conditions. Excellent report, makes me want to take a 395 run, thank you.
  471. 26grumpy

    You know it was a good birthday party when...

    Looks like a Casting Party for "Deliverance II" Ned Beatty approved....
  472. 26grumpy

    11-9-16 209-181

    Thanks for taking the bullet and reporting, saving some guys $$ for sure.
  473. 26grumpy

    Election Day: Were My Civil Rights Violated?

    I've always thought my vote was sacred and so I keep it to myself, I don't tell people how I intend to vote and who or what I vote for or against. That secure feeling was shattered this morning. This is about feeling "triggered" by persistent micro aggression. So here's the...
  474. 26grumpy

    Rpt-Sun.-11-06-16 Local Bass fishing.

    Good info Cory, well written report. I had similar results on Thursday rock codding. First drop was an instant bite on a 2 lb Vermillion. Within minutes my spot and the surrounding several acres (at 300') was invaded by a 50' stack of red crab, never got another bite. :D
  475. 26grumpy

    Used Johnson...

    eewww.. LOL Getting back to the OP's original much for the grey tarp? bump
  476. 26grumpy

    Used Johnson...

    Not much demand for a short-shaft with pre-ignition issues?
  477. 26grumpy

    Used Johnson...

    I'm guessing your old Johnson has compression issues too? :D
  478. 26grumpy

    any Termite killers 'round here?

    I can clear a room so....
  479. 26grumpy

    iBOATS return issue...

    What would Carl do?
  480. 26grumpy


    Trophy right there!!! :appl:
  481. 26grumpy

    Offshore Skeletons for Halloween

    Public display or private jerky rack?
  482. 26grumpy

    34 Radovcich BlackBeard

    Tuna killer right there, someone is going to be very happy with their purchase.
  483. 26grumpy

    Offshore 10-25 Tuesday Tuna

    Solid effort Lal, thanks for the report.
  484. 26grumpy

    Offshore Limits of Tuna. Wfo. 10-23-16

    A dream trip for every angling family :appl::appl::appl:
  485. 26grumpy

    Waiting for the carts-

    With all due respect Mr. Choate.....they look like gentlemen anglers, you look like the morning after night clubbing :D
  486. 26grumpy

    Michael jackson led life size

    I want to think you're talking about ATTACHING it to a kelp paddy but......
  487. 26grumpy

    Show me your way of securing the boat to the trailer..

    Boats are heavy, it ain't going anywhere :rolleyes:
  488. 26grumpy

    She smells a little fishy.

    Excellent report!!!
  489. 26grumpy

    Official Chargers Post

    It was rigged :D
  490. 26grumpy

    No Tuna Report

    Awesome pics and report Debi!!
  491. 26grumpy

    Private boats to fish Guadalupe?

    You've accurately summed up my take on the Presidential election. :D
  492. 26grumpy

    BOLA 10-07 and 10-08- Amazing

    I love it down there, great times and awesome report too!! Here's two ball sacks
  493. 26grumpy

    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    If I were Mr. Ming I would have come out of that cage and started pounding on the SOB that told me "'s safe, you'll be fine..." and ask questions later. I also wonder what the doofs in the vid were applauding for, the shark, Mr. Ming or the barbaric show???
  494. 26grumpy

    San Felipe 10/13/2016...

    Trying to pass off the Salton Sea as San Felipe......:rolleyes:
  495. 26grumpy

    Dude is lucky, but this could have been the start of a really bad day

    Love the bloody release, wonder what the replies would look like if that were a So Cal fishing report. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: And now back to your regular programming.....
  496. 26grumpy

    Custom hand made seats with real cow hide

    The chairs or the restaurant? :D
  497. 26grumpy

    Offshore WFO October Tuna

    Fueling. Last week it ran great to the 181 and back (no fish) but decided to stall at idle speed in forward gear but only inside the 5 mph zone. As if docking isn't challenging enough, now I have to time my stall. LOL
  498. 26grumpy

    Offshore WFO October Tuna

    I've been chasing a gremlin for three years, 1998 Johnson parts are cheap, the last cheap part was the one that fixed it. :D Excellent report Captain!!
  499. 26grumpy

    Offshore Larger Grade Ahi - 10/9

    Nice grade Jonathan, way to get some!!!
  500. 26grumpy

    Oh Shit

    I like the Clowns thread better.
  501. 26grumpy

    Offshore Caught Some Tuna 10/7 DP

    WTG Matt!!! Awesome report too!!
  502. 26grumpy


    The way you were potty-trained didn't affect you like these other guys.
  503. 26grumpy


    I know it sounds crazy :rolleyes: but I'll bet that $57mil doesn't make it down to the people most impacted..
  504. 26grumpy

    Yellowfin apparently like junk

    All I can come up with is the t-shirt showing the angler getting a BJ from a fish just below the waterline. Some guys take this fishing stuff too far!!!
  505. 26grumpy

    bye bye Cabela's?

    I like BPS, it's "event shopping". The only thing I ever buy is some 25 count packs of some very good quality (never had one fail) 7/0 designer knock-off hooks I use for Seabass. I check out the live fish tanks, hit the candy shop, aimlessly shuffle around a bit so I blend in. :D I asked my...
  506. 26grumpy

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    OVER??? LOLLOLLOL The BD Police acted stupidly. If I had a son he'd look just like Howard. Hands up don't ban!!!
  507. 26grumpy

    Offshore We did the miles-DP 9/26

    I pulled two pallets off the water in the same area about a month ago.
  508. 26grumpy


    We don't have the Chargers as our home team......nuff said :D
  509. 26grumpy


    And that's another great thing about living in the O.C. :D
  510. 26grumpy


    Excellent Juan!!! Love your report!!
  511. 26grumpy

    Offshore Catalina Half Day Tuna - 9/24

    Way to find um' Captain!!! :appl:
  512. 26grumpy

    Burlington shooting

    There's a big Hispanic population in Turkey, I read it on the internet.
  513. 26grumpy

    Hmmm... tough choice..

    Wonder if that's the stogie he gave to Yasser Arafat?
  514. 26grumpy

    BD's official complaint form.

    Looks like a political party questionnaire to me but whatever.
  515. 26grumpy

    HO Sarcasm

    I use my GPS knot log to split gas because I already feel guilty for only getting 1.5 MPG. Split the usual stuff as already stated. Aside from that I only have two steadfast rules. I took a guy out recently, he was in the Navy and hadn't been on the ocean in 30 years. When he got on board I...
  516. 26grumpy

    Offshore CONDOR 9/22 Yellowfin wuppin on 20lb rocker!!

    Ron killing it in the Fall??? All is right with the world :appl:
  517. 26grumpy

    Offshore First Time Aboard New Lo-An

    I like the name of your boat.
  518. 26grumpy

    Offshore First Time Aboard New Lo-An

    What does that have to do with the OP's report?
  519. 26grumpy

    Got a little to deep

    More like into the bush. :D
  520. 26grumpy

    You are responsible for your wake

    DAMIT!!!:mad: By the title, I thought this was going to be "Dragonballs lik my...part deux"
  521. 26grumpy

    Mountain Goat, part two

    Just reading about it raised my pulse rate!! Congrats on conquering what is no doubt a quest for any man. :appl:
  522. 26grumpy

    BD Outdoors Tagline

    BDO.......Where you won't see the forum BOD
  523. 26grumpy

    Internet based home phone?

    Guess what I'm about to try with MJ? :D Thank you :appl:
  524. 26grumpy

    Offshore 181 09/15/16

    Nice local YFT!!! You must have dropped into a trough when that pic was taken. Either that or you have a very large head and tiny little feet :D
  525. 26grumpy

    Internet based home phone?

    I've been using Magic Jack for three years and it works fine. The only calls we got/get at home are telemarketers so I thought it was worth a try. Verizon home phone was $30 per month. I pre-paid several years in advance with MJ and I haven't seen a phone bill since. I can't tell any difference...
  526. 26grumpy

    Somebody hit Miss Eliza

    I'd normally say the skeg perp is deplorable....but I now think the word deplorable is a compliment. :D
  527. 26grumpy

    69 Glasspar

    Very nice work!! Cool boat.
  528. 26grumpy

    Offshore 43/Hidden 9-8-16

    Making that run is straight-up commitment!!! Great report, thanks!!
  529. 26grumpy

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    Let's put the peels back on this onion OK? Colin (and "crew") is nothing more than an entertainer. He's NOT Martin Luther King. Kaepernicks words carry zero weight. ALL sports and entertainment figures (including their media) only exist because we allow them to ENTERTAIN us. Beyond entertaining...
  530. 26grumpy


    My skiff is stored in DP. I'll be out soon, I'll pm you if I come up with something worthy in my zone. I want you to come, catch fish and um.....take some of our kooks home with you when you leave. :D I love Dana for more than just fishing, you've got an awesome plan put together.
  531. 26grumpy

    Lowrance MFD Updates Beware.

    Wise man says, "Never try to upgrade software or can only lead to trouble." My HDS is mounted on a big block of resin....whatever that's worth :D Trying to make you laugh big guy, your story plays like a bad movie you had no part in, sorry John.
  532. 26grumpy

    Offshore 209 182 181 area, half ass try Labor Day weekend

    That was my run Thursday. 15 miles west of the 182 is where I flew the "pfuck it" flag. 140 miles and never saw anything worthy of putting jigs out much less using the massive scoop of perfect deans and macks I ended up dumping back at the harbor...not a single dead bait all day BTW. Gotta find...
  533. 26grumpy

    Pacific Chub Mackerel: Can It Be Saved?

    Give it to me and I'll use it to chum a big ol' Yellowtail Tuna of of the kelp-line so we can both eat good. :-)
  534. 26grumpy


    Just one sucks out of Dana Point right now if you're looking to get into tuna. The big stuff is at the 43/ SCI and the smaller footballs are below the border. You should make SD your base.
  535. 26grumpy

    Offshore Fishing with the Ski's

    I'm awestruck by the pics and report, being on that bite must have been surreal. Well done-ski!!! :appl::appl::appl: I go waaaaaay back too :o , sorry just couldn't resist :D
  536. 26grumpy

    Winter Harbour long fins!!!

    Best BD report ever....period. Sitting here in So Cal....I'm thinking that's a trip of a lifetime for me. You guys know how to live large, thanks for sharing your adventure and those are quality chickens by my standards. Well done :appl:
  537. 26grumpy

    Offshore SCI Friday

    Excellent work Dave. Thanks for keeping us pumped up!!!
  538. 26grumpy


    I'm stuck with his twin brother :mad:. If that asshole didn't do all the maintenance and pay all the bills for my boat I'd have fired his ass long long ago :cussing:
  539. 26grumpy

    Offshore YFT EVERYWHERE!!!!

    Well done!!! :appl:
  540. 26grumpy

    Where to get Fuel Polishing Performed?

    I talked to a polisher a couple weeks ago about doing my 130 gal tank. He told me due to govt regulations and insurance he can no longer polish gasoline tanks, diesel yes...gas no. Hope you have better luck than me. I dumped 70 gals at the Dana Point fuel dock at $3.00 a gallon and cleaned the...
  541. 26grumpy

    Butt Kind of Day

    Awesome haul, thanks for the report. I love it when they come in bunches like that!!!
  542. 26grumpy

    Offshore They're out there!

    I would say if you don't know the answers to the questions you're asking, your fishing passion isn't strong enough to do what it takes to get on this bite with the right gear in the first place. Thanks for posting Frank, nice fish from the secret spot!!! :appl:
  543. 26grumpy

    Offshore Tuna Jihad Cow tippin' - 9/1

    That right there is dope. Thanks Jason.
  544. 26grumpy

    Why not use straight braid to fluoro?

    You must have been a deckhand. ;)
  545. 26grumpy

    Offshore Tuna Jihad Cow tippin' - 9/1

    Awesome guys and an excellent read, well done!! :appl: Dang it!!! Thought I'd stay east of the fleet, never saw signal of any kind, you clearly made the right move Captain. :appl:
  546. 26grumpy

    Pulling Motor To Replace Gimble?

    I would give him an opportunity to clarify exactly the process. Miscommunication can be an issue as well as poor wording. Does it need a new oil pan or re-paint, is access so poor the manifold r&r requires motor r&r. If none of the above then find a different mechanic as suggested.
  547. 26grumpy

    Don't be this guy!

    So that's what happened to Colin Kapernick :D
  548. 26grumpy

    Another reason to hate Carl...

    I gathered that from Ali's use of the word "hate" LOL
  549. 26grumpy

    Another reason to hate Carl...

    He makes cheap hooks? :D Dayum Ali, that must have been a pig!!!
  550. 26grumpy

    What is wrong with this?

    What's wrong with it??? It's a Chevy. Seriously speaking...this is the game we play, big toys and big trucks are not for the financially faint of heart. They all have or will have issues and issues are not cheap in this league. If you don't have plenty of non-discretionary income....
  551. 26grumpy

    Looks Like Carl could not stay away

    It says the driver was a woman :D
  552. 26grumpy


    Stay on message, don't get distracted and you too can make tuna fishing great again!! Excellent report and even better whacking and stacking!!!
  553. 26grumpy

    Offshore Epic Tuna fishing on the big bertram.

    That is as sick as it gets!!!
  554. 26grumpy

    Wfo first time this year

    Killed it Eric, that's some fun fishing with a little quality, nice report.
  555. 26grumpy

    Outboard ?

    AKA...the wife. :D
  556. 26grumpy

    Is the wind ever gonna stop or lighten up?

    The onshore flow will stop when the desert says so.
  557. 26grumpy


    There's an organized code group's hush hush for the most part. They meet nearly everyday, several hundred in fact. The #'s are the 43 and it does take serious funding to be a part of the group. Carry on.
  558. 26grumpy

    Sportys anchoring for tuna vs drifting

    Take that Bertram down there and you be the guy who ties the boat up as long as you want.
  559. 26grumpy

    Utter BS!!!!!! Venting

    So we get to call them crony capitalists too? Figures. Funny....access for 30 million uninsured Americans was what the ACA was all about. And after all the lies and bullshit and price hikes we still have 30 million uninsured. Access was just fine and as easy as it could be for 270 million...
  560. 26grumpy

    Local big game

    That's awesome, great fishing!!!
  561. 26grumpy

    Superbowl 2/5/2017 Winner Prediction Contest

    Colin Kaperdick
  562. 26grumpy

    Offshore Catalina Ahi - 8/27

    Excellent results Captain!!! :appl::appl:
  563. 26grumpy

    Rpt.-08-28-16 Bass fishing and incredible Bycatch!

    Sport boats wish they had counts per angler like that!!! Excellent fishing and report Cory!!!
  564. 26grumpy

    Utter BS!!!!!! Venting

    What's being pointed out here is the blatant hypocrisy of the perp(s) in question. I love the situational Capitalism too. :D We're told to hate "BIG" corporations and banks and Pharma....well....except this's hilarious!!! Do you think Mylan (and all other Pharma's) is just going to...
  565. 26grumpy

    Another 26 Grumpy?

    Thanks for the props guys but it's the fish that deserves all the credit. That fish needs to be in the gene pool for a long long time. Oh...and the nearest MLPA is 10+ miles away LOL
  566. 26grumpy

    Another 26 Grumpy?

    Winner!!! My target was Yellowtail Tuna in the kelp-line.
  567. 26grumpy

    Offshore Rpt.-08-25-16 at the 43, 162 BFT, 60+ YFT plus Panama

    Over the top Cory, excellent morning read, thank you. Congrats on the tuna, just WOW!!! My summer highlights?....broken boat,,,,shank'd a 5-iron approach shot into the side of Micheal Jordan's $10 million beachfront mansion on Paradise Island Bahamas....broken boat....built two retaining walls...
  568. 26grumpy

    Saltwater A Mako!

    Nice score!!!
  569. 26grumpy

    Offshore Went Tuna fishing 302 8-26

    Nice day-saver Frank. BTW what was in their stomachs?
  570. 26grumpy

    Offshore We only live once....8/22 and 8/24 O95

    Sweet write-up!! The quality of the fish is insane!!
  571. 26grumpy

    1st timer attempting yellow fin tuna. 14 mile bank or farnsworth?

    I'd go out off the east end of Catalina and out to the 277, no guarantees but you might get lucky and it's it gets.
  572. 26grumpy

    Shimano gripe!

    :appl: That was awesome!!! And why the hell are the last three sheets of toilet paper stuck in glue!!:cussing:
  573. 26grumpy

    Offshore Did have a Yellowfin - Tuna Saved

    Badass!!! The Taxman takes whatever he wants.
  574. 26grumpy

    Never giving up paid off - 8/25 Catalina and Dana

    Hooked at 3:30....yesterday's high tide was at 4:00.... for whatever that's worth.
  575. 26grumpy

    Never giving up paid off - 8/25 Catalina and Dana

    That's a $300 fish at my local Pavilions......yes $30 per pound, I almost gagged when I looked at the mush they call Halibut. Nice one and great story!!
  576. 26grumpy

    Where's all the Sandbass?

    I hooked several 2-3# SB yesterday drifting in 30' for Halibut over hard bottom. Rats with fins.
  577. 26grumpy

    Another 26 Grumpy?

    Yup.... My new go-to calico set-up is a Okuma Metaloid 12II, Calstar Grafighter 700h, 65#Power Pro/50# flouro, 7/0 bronze Mustad hook, 10" live mackerel and a bobber. :D 8.5# 26" length from fork Are these edible? ;)
  578. 26grumpy

    My 72 skipjack restoration almost done..

    Yup....those are badges of accomplishment, not scars :D
  579. 26grumpy

    My 72 skipjack restoration almost done..

    Excellent results!!! I did a 72' 24' open way back in the early 1990's. I started out as a simple repower and ended 2 years later including complete re-paint, lots of wet stringer replacement etc. On completion the only thing original was the hull. I know exactly what you went through in $$$...
  580. 26grumpy

    Catalina Yellows 8/23/16

    Nice fish and great report!!!
  581. 26grumpy

    Strength training for fishing

    I just increase sexual activity, it's a method that's worked so far (55 y/o). Funny wife is always happy with me fishing LOL
  582. 26grumpy

    Offshore CONDOR 8/23 Big Tuna Trainwreck at the 43

    Ron as always, your reports are the best in the business :appl: I'd rather take a shot at quality over quantity any day, good on you for giving it your all.
  583. 26grumpy

    Carl, Drunk Again

    The people in the panda costumes are DEFINITLY fucked up on something!!!
  584. 26grumpy

    Offshore Big mistake 8/20

    A+ for effort :appl:
  585. 26grumpy

    Marine stereo and speakers new

    How much do you want for Carl's cell phone? :D
  586. 26grumpy

    Smoking On Sportboats

    50 years from now no one will refer to "today" as the good old days. I've been re-thinking the whole "change agent" thingy. :imdumb:
  587. 26grumpy

    The Season That Never Was?

    You should have been around after the 82-83 El Nino. If you landed a 10# YT you got front page on Western Outdoor News. There was no such thing as Spring time WSB, no summer tuna no nada. It was that way for years.
  588. 26grumpy

    Mission Bay SoShores ramp marshal

    Get there early and check out the tatoo'ed skank that showers there. :D
  589. 26grumpy

    San Diego in October

    We're all :gay:, can't fish, cross-dress and lose our cell phones.
  590. 26grumpy

    Smoking On Sportboats

    I don't see Kimchi breath on your poll.
  591. 26grumpy

    Dana to San Clemente 8-20-16

    Thanks Mr. Burns. I think I fixed my skiff, might do a short shakedown this week. It runs great on the garden hose so it must be fixed...right? LOL
  592. 26grumpy

    Offshore Condor 2.5 Day 8/19-8/22

    Excellent report, congrats on that pig!!
  593. 26grumpy

    Offshore Mystery baitfish and consolation redfish

    You're lucky it's not a Rainbow Chub :D
  594. 26grumpy

    Offshore Just Keep Skipping ... Just Keep Skipping - Another big one on the Jihad

    pig: for sure, just amazing!!! Awesome report Brett, I was right there with you!!! :appl: Dang Ali you're building up a real nice legacy, keep rockin' it !! :appl:
  595. 26grumpy


    Who's the mother?
  596. 26grumpy

    Offshore 209 to 181 8/20

    That's a tough report to write. The brotherhood thanks you for the intel :appl:
  597. 26grumpy

    Offshore Got one

    How about a super-WOW!!!!!! pig:
  598. 26grumpy

    Couple cool pics from last weeks shoot

    Nice!!! Can't wait to see more!!
  599. 26grumpy

    Wtb 200hp+ Outboard stand

    Build one out of 2x6's.
  600. 26grumpy

    I Know A Guy

    There is nothing sexy about your get that rig on the water!!! :D
  601. 26grumpy

    Offshore Grande 1.5 8/21

    Strong report, thanks!!
  602. 26grumpy

    A Victory for all So Cal Fisherman

    Smellin' like a rose :D
  603. 26grumpy

    A Victory for all So Cal Fisherman

    I think I heard that the Washi-googs photo-bombed his phone until it detonated.
  604. 26grumpy

    VHF help

    So are you saying it's not real? Well fuck.....I was ready to rent a little shop in Amsterdam and make some $$$ off this shit. :mad: I guess I'll never get rich quick. :hali_parkutuli:
  605. 26grumpy

    Surveys at the launch ramp

    Just be nice to the poor kid and do the survey. The whole thing is a joke for public consumption anyway. It makes it look like the DFW is actually doing what they never did, assess fish stock.'s nothing more than a PR thing after the DFW lost all credibility with the public post-MLPA...
  606. 26grumpy

    VHF help

    How does one "twat" an antenna?......on second thought....I don't want to know.
  607. 26grumpy

    catalina island parson's landing two harbors advice

    The campground at Two Harbors is a laborious walk straight uphill. In the campground proper, you won't be anywhere near water.
  608. 26grumpy

    Ferringo Boy Bonito Seiner?

    13 years ago?
  609. 26grumpy

    First Time FisherChicks

    WTG Gary!!! :appl:
  610. 26grumpy

    Catalina Suprise 8/18

    Excellent!!! :appl:
  611. 26grumpy

    Offshore Quick Dana Report today, 8-19-16

    I fished the Upper 9 out to near the 182 on Wed. Same exact story-line.
  612. 26grumpy


    I don't like Hummus.
  613. 26grumpy

    Ferringo Boy Bonito Seiner?

    What did you report to the CG?
  614. 26grumpy

    Rats everywhere

    Last years 150 drama was wayyyyy better than this ham and eggs crap. I pay good free to read this site damit!!! Where's the kelp paddy beat-downs, the sportboat captain gone crazy and the jigs through the windshield guys??? :mad:
  615. 26grumpy

    SMB BEAST 8-15

    pig: and pig: well my friend :appl:
  616. 26grumpy

    Offshore Got. Two

    :appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl: Now do it on my budget with my skiff, skill-set, code group, gear, crew and only 2 days per month on the water :D Mr. Hansen is in an entirely different league gentlemen.