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    Offshore Finally!!! A pic to post

    @catmendo more pics of the boat, I have seen enough bluefin
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    Penn 40NLD2 braid capacity

    I have 500 yds of 80 lb j braid filled to the top for a short leader. You trying to get 1000yds on the reel?
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    Tern 2

    Good thing I held off on buying more. Interested to hear more, saw a picture with a big 2 on a reel but could not find anything searching icast tags
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    Offshore Constitution 1.5 (7/23-25)

    I was told that Constitution and Poseidon have the ability to process on board with chamber sealers, has anyone actually experienced this service?
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    UC Rods: Centaur, Viper, and Invictus

    I can appreciate your approach to this sale. Curious of the net results.
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    Offshore Cookie cutter 200's and great spring season.

    @gernsey can I go fishing with you! damn
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    How much spectra for 50yd topshot on TranX 500 and 40NLD2?

    I got 400 yds of solid j braid with plenty of room for a top shot and have another one with 500yds and shorter top shot.
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    PCH Inshore Heavy for Surface Irons?

    I use this rod with a Lexa 400 and and it is nice, stiff rod though.
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    TUNA WARS VI Dorado themed Rainshadow

    amazing, so many details
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    Waianae GRANDER.

    Stoked for him, chartered that boat a few times. Always had a good time on his boat
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    Saragosa 8000,14000,20000

    damn now you have an 8000 for sale
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    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Just got some of this to try. Did you use CP ?
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    Shimano trinidad 20a cash or trade

    What color is the spectra? are you willing to ship?
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    Electric Bikes? Do they suck?

    Rented one at skypark in lake arrowhead and it was a blast. Heavy mfers but make the hill climbs much easier. Not allowed on all trails depending on the type of e-bike. I think pedal assist are generally more accepted. Check pinkbike for used ones.
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    Soldering solid rings; who where what when ?

    I got the kit, planning on playing around with a few old jigs
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    Offshore Old Glory 4/14 100 yellows so far! and on the bluefin now also seeing Yellowfin

    Hopefully the "Spot" refer to seiners. Blue boats are commercial?
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    Reel for Axis 7’8” 30-80#?

    I am putting a baja special on one i am building for a friend to fish 50lb
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    Marble Manipulation

    @skrilla looks awesome, do you use a pick to drag out the pigmented epoxy then hit it with heat once it has turned/thickened up? Do you Level down high spots with the lateral application or another technique? I have struggled with leveling and had to build up resin then sand down and repeat on...
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    The State of AVET REELS as a Business

    Avet has never been very active on social platforms, always thought that was a huge miss.
  20. Accurate Tern 600 Blue/Black

    Accurate Tern 600 Blue/Black

    Accurate Tern 600X 6:1, fished on one trip and realized it was to big for my liking. Filled with 80lb spectra, still have the box if that is your thing. Looking to trade for 600X 6:1 Narrow in either Blue/Black or Purple/Black Nick
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    Triton, San Pedro opinions or comments

    The Triton has bunks you can use for the trip out to Catalina, even during covid times people would go down. 25 on the boat is tight with gear, bring a pop up chair. Great boat and they have an rsw for a full day. Check out the gailforce also, smaller but fun operation
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    Polaris Supreme or Outrider?

    Two very different boats Polaris is 90ft x 25ft with 12 2 person staterooms vs Outrider 50ft x 16ft and 11 bunks. I have only fished with the Outrider crew and it is a fun group but I am sure people can compare both
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    Couple Renzetti questions

    @Hibneth I ended up sticking a socket inside the coil and adding some bend so it sits higher now
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    Couple Renzetti questions

    @rodblder I am up in the SFV, used to be based in SD and still have the weave loom I bought from you 15 years ago when you showed me how to use it! I have a 1/10 motor and it has some torque so I have been struggling most with the handle builds and coating/finishing. @mikek I have my carriage...
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    Couple Renzetti questions

    I finally made the plunge and after 20 years of rod building I now have a Renzetti lathe. I had a few questions and wanted to see if someone could help. I am trying to decide if this was the right choice or if I should sell and build a more custom set up as a CRB hybrid. I really like the...
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    United Composites CP80HP for Phillip.

    @Nhan Thanh Bui what reel seat did you use? Love the wrapping, did you marble under each guide? 9 or 10 guides?
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    Recent Flatfall info - Pacifica and others

    I would replace with a single jobo style hook on the Nomad. The lure gets bit but I fished next to my buddy and he was hooking up left and right. I switched to a shimano flat fall with a fixed hook because I was getting frustrated and had an immediate hookup. No doubt soil was involved on his...
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    Bushido "All Purpose" Build

    @American Tackle what rod stands are those? T
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    How do remove Alps aluminum reel seat?

    @Nathan Jo can you cut the butt up? It is a pita to remove an aluminum reel seat. Depending on how tight of a fit there is the possibility of very little room between the reel seat and blank
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    First wrap attempt

    looks good, nice to see the machine running
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    Rasta Phenix Ultra Swimbait 711

    Good color balance, the yellow can overpower but you were able to maintain it as an accent. Nice work
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    Rod wrapper you may want to sell?

    @mochosla I just picked up a new machine and have an older PacBay machine with ALPS chuck and 8 thread carraige that I was going to sell. I was just finishing up replacing the drying motor. I am also located in Encino not to far from you.
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    Trout Reel Setup

    I like to use 2lb on a small 500 series spinner that I throw mini jigs or small lures. I also fish 4lb main line with 2lb leader on a 1000 series reel that I fish mice tails/powerbait/nightcrawler with a water bobber or 1/4 sliding egg. No braid but flouro is nice
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    Thermador 36" Rangetop

    I love our Thermador. We have the 6 burner with griddle and dual small/large ovens. Thing is amazing and I love that they can be repaired relatively easy. We bought the house with it and I would not want to replace this unit because they are a pretty penny
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    Clemens vs renzetti rod lathe

    Just picked up a used Renzetti. Pretty stoked to start wrapping on it but a little bummed I will be selling my Pac Bay machine that has been with me since the start.
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    Renzetti Rod Lathe for Sale CL Studio City

    @mike mitchell thanks for the heads up. Picked it up today!
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    More Cal Stars Gf 700ML, 700 M GONE !!

    Great prices but way more interested in that rod rack layout/build
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    “UR” designated blanks?

    @MikeH20 no point in wrapping them, let me take them off your hands! I worked for them when they were in SD and still have a bunch of those rods. They are quality lightweight blanks.
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    “UR” designated blanks?

    @MikeH20 Graphite USA had a line of rods called United Rods, I believe there was glass at the tip vs full graphite. They were nice rods that were supposed to be a little more forgiving.
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    3 OG GUSA blanks 85xf, 70 monster, Beast

    Dang, this is tempting. I worked at GUSA during that time frame
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    Mini Jets - who has one?

    Those mini jet boats are awesome. I have gotten sucked down a few youtube ratholes watching videos. Blake Wilkey is doing some cool stuff with them. Make sure to post when you get the boat.
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    New Montana house

    Looks nice, some beautiful scenery
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    Tomahawk or Legend

    Captain Jeff Walker and crew work hard to find fish. The boat has been slaying it lately and make sure you do your push ups for those cows
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    Crimping kits

    Surface offers a complete kit. I got their split ring kit
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    Penn 40NLD2 and 25NLD2

    @Winstondry What braid is on the 40?
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    My new cat.. The Mexicat

    He had some spots open up for builds
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    T-Bar vs round knob

    I cannot stand the accurate wiffle on the Terns. I prefer the rubber handles
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    Shogun - Police

    That is gnarly
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    Fish processing pickup for evening boat returns?

    On my 2 day charter last year if you had 5 reservations 5 star would arrange to have someone there waiting for pick up. There is no obligation, we had 8 reservations but only 3 people processed since fishing sucked
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    Radon 32 rebuild

    Thats lame, neighbors can ruin everything.
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    Tomahawk 2 dat 9/16 new moon peak

    Just got off a 2.5 day and fished an awesome 9pm to 12am flatfall frenzy to end our trip
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    Tomahawk 2.5 Day 9/9-9/12

    Haillll mmmaaarrrryyyy one spot
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    Rods, reels, fly setups

    Picked up the two light setups. Great seller. Now I need to learn how to fly fish
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    Offshore Royal Polaris 3 Day 8/31 9/2

    Can't wait to see the footage.
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    Threshers galore!

    One of my old employees was down there (does not fish) and was talking with them about the catch. The gave her 5 lbs of threasher steaks, thought that was cool.
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    Heaviest mono connection to 65lb spectra?

    You can have shop pull it off and put it on a old spool for one of your other reels. If you have a reel that needs braid you can transfer. 65Lb seems light for that reel
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    Tomahawk 2.5 Day 9/9-9/12

    Still got time to jump on
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    I should have jumped on the 30.
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    Tomahawk 2.5 Day 9/9-9/12

    @jiggyn let's get em
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    Offshore Top Gun80 Multi Day trip cancelled

    I saw a 4pack shutting down for a couple days
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    Cat Triton 5-5 Trip, 8-25-20

    I fished this boat last week, i really like the crew. Sucks when people on deck refuse to listen and create havoc.
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    Tomahawk 2.5 Day 9/9-9/12

    @eliner You will need at least a basic set up for 25lb-30lb live bait, seems like a lot of fish are being caught on flyline bait. Some bigger fish are also showing up and if we fly the kite we will use the boat gear but the landing also has heavy gear to rent if flatfalls become part of the...
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    Upgrading a Tackle Bag During Covid

    Looks like a fun project. You do sheet metal in your early days?
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    Tomahawk 2.5 Day 9/9-9/12

    Fishing is getting interesting, still have spots
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    H and M landing - Processing fee

    They are smart to charge a fee higher than the actual processing fee because inevitably there will be charge backs resulting in write offs/refunds not left up to the landing. I have no doubt cheap asses are contesting charges for poor fishing and that requires somone from the landing to fight...
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    I picked up 2 today from bob sands, their inventory was dwindling at 10am. Lets hope I don't donate them to Poseidon and botch the first cast.
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    Ultimate Fishing Garage ideas...

    I did a double stack rod storage, in my garage but that's basically an ADU
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    Offshore Outrider 1.5 day charter 8/11

    Great post/review, I fished with Jeff abd Chapo on the Tomahawk and they are great guys. They will bust your ass but you just gotta listen to what they are saying
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    New uc gp90 reaper Custom wrap

    Looks good, I like the color combo
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    Tomahawk 2.5 Day 9/9-9/12

    Stoked to have @FFPMSD and his buddy on the trip
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    Tomahawk 2.5 Day 9/9-9/12

    Got some interest but still have spots
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    Radon 32 rebuild

    So they have an eject button?
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    Stacked Rod Storage

    As a rod builder I have acquired a good number of rods and blanks. I have seen a lot of storage options but it has never been enough for me with the space I have in the garage. I found the Piranha racks at the fred hall show and bought 2 sets but out grew the capacity, so I bought 2 more sets...
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    Tomahawk 2.5 Day 9/9-9/12

    This is my second shot at a charter on the Tomahawk and the obvious COVID situation has scared some people away so I am extending the trip to the BD community. It is cheap because I am not upcharging and just trying to cover the cost of the charter, including me paying the same amount, and get a...
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    United Composites USA GP900REAPERS

    I like the basket weaves, i am going to try my first on a blank I picked up
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    Trinidad 20a in need of servicing 200$

    @Hoeyfashoey #3 in line, close by in encino
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    [PRICE DROP] JDM Shimano Grappler 200HG

    @Kevinthebomb21 let me know if the deal falls through
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    Tern 600N?

    @ballsofrock where did you get the dorado Tern? do you mind mentioning what you paid for it? That thing looks sick
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    Producer vs Tomahawk first overnight trip

    You can probably rent a heavy rod/reel if they are not doing rotations on the kite. Call ahead and ask
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    Tern 600N?

    @Jgonzalez7 i think @Nick Tovar is refering to west coast style style jigging which is casting irons with a long rod. I picked up a 600N and it is a nice reel, I just need to finish building my UC 900wahoo so i can try it out.
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    REEL SEATS: ALPS Vs AFTCO, best aluminum reel seats

    I will say it...ALPS have more colors to match to the rod colors. For smaller rods there are also some cool designs. The run $30 -$40 typically. Island tackle has some cool multi color aswell.
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    Offshore Charters in time of Covid?

    The Coast Guard is definitely being notified of lax controls but enforcement still remains with state and local authority. I dont think sport boats are on their radar at the moment.
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    Saltwater Spinner question

    Hi All, I am trying to build a Blackhole challenger 731H as a spinner and am not quite sure on my first guide set up. I am using a Saragosa 10k and the static test I did has the first guide 26" from center of the reel seat (size 40) but it still seems like there is still an angle with the reel...
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    Beginning rod wrapping machine recommendation?

    I just upgraded my 20yr old pacbay machine with the new ALPS Chuck and is a world of difference. Maybe look for a used older machine and upgrade.
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    Why so many spots on Condor?

    The Condor is nice and has a bulbous bow which helps when the weather picks up, you can also reserve your bunk ahead of time and get one of the larger bunks. It looks like they redid the interior of the boat this Off/Corona season so it looks in good order and there is basically bench seating...
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    Searching the Forums and Results

    Thank you for this post! I have been to dumb to figure this out.
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    Reels for sale-moving!

    @ryu if you get closer to hollywood of in the SFV let me know, I would pick those toriums up
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    Offshore Outrider puts the hurt on the bluefin 6-23

    Crazy they left with 5 guys, some good fishing with Captain Jeff
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    .shimano torium 20. Used

    @Jsin1192. Is there any line or clamp?
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    Peirpoint Landing or Berth 55?

    The Triton has a trip running on Sat. 20 people for $125 and they are gonna fish Catalina
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    From the PQ respond and be respectful Good News!
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    Offshore 6/4 371 YFT and YT

    Good size fish for this time of the season
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    Offshore Please call or e-mail and be respectful, this is great news

    Well this should get interesting because apparently ms AB5's brother posts on BD and is saying Fletcher supports the boats. Lets see how this pans out
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    Offshore Please call or e-mail and be respectful, this is great news

    Just so everyone knows, that is the message that the Pacific queen posted in their Instagram
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    Radon 32 rebuild

    how long has the journey been so far? this is an intense build
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    Offshore Pacific Queen 5/29

    sounded like they are looking for immediate opening of specific activities (includes sportfishing) with continued local control to close if specific triggers are tripped. Just not sure if the Gov now has to review and approve and does that kick the can further down the street.
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    Offshore Pacific Queen 5/29

    someone needs to give a play by play. I am tired of riot news
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    Got a good one, glad to be back fishing 5/30 Cat

    @Castlepadre what was the bunk situation on the triton?
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    Triton GailForce

    I like the Gailforce because it is a smaller boat and the captian is a nice guy. They have never been afraid to run to catalina vs staying near shore. Looks like they did alot of work to the boat while they were shut down. Did not get a chance to fish the Triton yet but heard it is also nice...
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    UC CE 900 Wahoo

    Thanks, I will space out 11 and test again. I am using the ALPS XN guides
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    UC CE 900 Wahoo

    BD Builders, I am building a pair of CE 900 Wahoo's and looking for a little insight, currently planning on 10 guides based on the static test 25,20,16,12,12,10,10,10,10,10. For those that own one or have built one, how many guides are used? The static test was fine and I bottomed out the rod...
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    Outrider with Fisherman's Landing

    The Captain/Owner is Jeff who ran the Tomahawk last couple of years.
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    BNIB Trinidad 20a and Tranx 500HG

    We have a cat that has had about $6k worth of eyelid surgery. I feel your pain. That damn thing still tries to suffocate me every night.
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    My quad Rod dryer

    This is next level... Absolutely amazing. Some real craftsmanship
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    Penn 3/0 tiburon frame

    @makaha_1 I am interested and live in Encino. Perfect for lining up guides on my builds
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    Fisherman landing update!!!!!

    State approval of the countys request to move phases based on the plan laid out
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    There may never be a vaccine for Corona Virus

    The data these decisions are being made on needs to be made public because this is as simple as a statistics 101 class. I do not know why they are not reporting on "Test Date" and instead the "Results Date", yes it will change "historical" media data but it will also correct the trajectory and...
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    Fisherman landing update!!!!!

    I think a lot of people do not understand that SAC has already submitted their recommendations on how to operate and that is how they are grouped in Phase 3. It has been reviewed/adjusted and submitted. The boats know what to expect and are planning for the changes. The biggest win for long...
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    Offshore 5-21-2020 BFT REPORT

    Such a cool boat, looks like it fishes well!
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    its a simple plug and play, I put one of the handles on my dauntless from a BX. I am not a fan of the knobs on the terns and am looking to buy the rubber handles for those reels
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    Shimano thunnus 8k

    Let me know if you decide to split the combo, I am interested in the reel
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    UC900 Reaper Sarape(Mexican blanket)

    Such a cool idea, love it!
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    3x Winthrop Adjusta-Butt #2 Black

    Do they come with the ferrule and nut?
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    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    The Coast Guard is not writing or changing regs, they are observers at this point and not part of the decision making group. The process right now is SAC will submit guidelines on how to operate (day and overnight trips) and approval would be needed from state and local authorities for the...
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    Anyone have a diy for multiple rld dryer?

    @seacrest I cant show my wife pictures of your setup because she will make me keep my setup that clean. Seeing all these make me want to rethink my area.
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    Turn key 1998 Arima Sea Ranger Skip top w/ 2019 Mercury 90 4 stroke (30 hrs)

    Damn that was fast, kept checking my bank account but not the right time. Sweet little rig and nice set up
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    8 Week Wonder Still Around?

    Been wondering the same thing. I still need to try his giraffe tutorial. He had some super cool patterns. Hope all is well
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    GP Reaper - Mighty Ducks Colors

    The alternating colors look great!
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    I got some spar varnish to seal paracord wrapped dykes and duckbill pliers

    I think it makes a difference, the pliers have color perserver and and 2 coats of spar while the cork tape has just resin on top. Same atwood cord on both. I did notice that it took about 24 hrs longer for the first coat of spar to set up but I think the colors pop. Nick
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    I got some spar varnish to seal paracord wrapped dykes and duckbill pliers

    I have been playing around with coating the cord in color preserver first to try and hold the color. The Spar will make your darks darker and dull down your brights. I usually paint on two coats but make sure each coat is fully dry.
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    Power rod wrapper reccomendations wanted

    I did curbside with Sam last week. He has a huge inventory and all the wrapping stuff you could need. Local shops need our support right now
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    Experimental Neon Tiger Wrap

    This is cool, i am wrapping these colors right now. Liked how they looked on a set of pliers
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    Graph tech Rail Rod

    Let me know if you get further north. Covid traffic is nice but I am up 405/101 Nick
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    Tomorrows DFG Meeting - All fishing IS NOT going to be closed.

    I believe Mammoth Hospital has the ability to treat 4 patients on ventilators and with 19 reported cases already, these places need us to stay away. They are doing what they can by urging people to stay away and even shutting down short term rentals so I think this is just another way to keep...
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    Blue mak 130

    @noahg727 Sam is still shipping from Island Tackle so give him a call
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    BLUE CAMO 10th Anniversary Edition MAKAIRA 15Tsea?

    @rexor_rn Island tackle was showing them off on their Instagram so they probably have some at the shop
  127. C

    Penn us senator baja 113

    @scfisher what line is on the reel? No splices?
  128. C

    Penn 113H with Narrow Spool and Accurate Frame

    @Mike M do you have straight mono on there or backing? How much use on the drags?
  129. C

    Tuff times are here support your local tackle shop before they are gone.

    Island tackle is doing curb side pickup, call ahead and place an order and they will have it ready. Lets keep them going
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    Daiwa Tactical Backpack 3 tray

    I am interested in trying to pick up a daiwa tactical fishing backpack. One with the three tray slot on the side. Thanks Nick
  131. C

    Thanks BD Sold

    @dezertracer29 is that $600 for 2 valiants or each
  132. C


    might have to break this quarantine for some blanks
  133. C

    Shimano Toriums 16 and 20

    @Jboudreaux I sent a pm, intrested in a couple 20's
  134. C

    Tern 600 N braid?

    Let us know how you like the reel. I am in the market for one set up similar to how you are planning
  135. C

    Plano Jumbo Airliner, rolling rod case.

    How much does it typically cost to take that on an airplane? Thinking about picking one up
  136. C

    Albackore Tackle Backpack

    @albackore I just bought a second one for a friend (still had tags). Great product, bummed you got pushed out
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    Long Beach fishing report 02/29

    You got to see the Sea Launch leave the port! Cool concept and its headed to Russia.
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    Epoxy or Varnish or Shellac Over paracrod⁸

    For those that use Spar, how long does it typically take to dry? I am experimenting with some pre treatments but forgot to set up a control. Curious what other people experience for dry times Edit: so I used color perserver to try and lock the color and then used spar on top of that, took 2...
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    Spring is Upon Us - Playa del Carmen Fishing Report

    @wasabiloco I am interested as well, my family is headed down in March and they would like to get out and fish. They will not have gear with them and are open to both inshore and offshore. Any advice would be great as well as expectations for March fishing Thanks Nick
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    San Jose del Cabo Marina

    Hi Does anyone know an operation out of the San Jose del Cabo marina? I am trying to arrange a trip for my inlaws down there right now. I am looking for a cruiser and not a pangs. Thanks
  141. C


    Looking forward to it, I have been tasked with outfitting a friend with ocean tackle
  142. C

    waianae fish charters

    Boom boom is who we fish with, great rates and nice boat
  143. C


    @socal_fisherman. Where would a weekend be? Trying to coordinate
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    J-Dee, Californian and Bo-j Lures. Story Please.

    J Dee lures were made by my middle school math teacher in poway,ca. He was your definition of a crotichy old math teacher but we connected around fishing. I have a bunch and it is fun to troll them. Nick
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    BV 600N line capacity

    Is the Tern 600N the same spool?
  146. C

    Custom Made Fishing Rod Racks!

    Have you ever done a double stack ceiling mounted rack?
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    Tamarindo Costa Rica

    When we fished out of Tamarindo my buddy just went down to the panags and talked with the captains to get a days worth of fishing. Gotta speak spanish but we got on for $200 for 3 people. Got a sailfish offshore and tried for more but bad weather meant bad water. One of the guys wanted to catch...
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    2.5 day on Pride leaves 10/25

    ...So tempted. On a big bluefin trip would we just be waiting around on the kite or balloon taking turns? @BowBoy
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    Black Hole 761MH re-wrap

    Thanks, I have a BH 731H that I am gonna put my gosa 10k and I have been looking for a thunnus 8k for my mh. Its all h y hypothetical since I still need to build both of them.
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    Diawa Proteus Conventional Rod 80MF

    Let me know if the deal falls through
  151. C

    Black Hole 761MH re-wrap

    @Mr. Sunshine what size reel are you planning on using now? I have and MH at home trying to decide what to do with it. What is the size and type of the first guide? Thanks
  152. C

    Accurate 500 handle

    Any idea if this would fit a Tern 500?
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    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    Hail Mary, Last attempt boat leave at 9pm
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    Albackore Tackle Backpack

    Tempted to have you bring it down for the trip but looking for a 3 tray version
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    SCAMMER - Wicked Plier Wraps

    Just print a big sign with his Picture on it with the words "SCAMMER" and carry it like a picket sign. Shame is an amazing tool
  156. C

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    @C F HUNTERS I still have up to 3 spots right now, PM Sent
  157. C

    Tax man came to play

    Any more pictures, cool to see
  158. C

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    Get on this Trip!
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    El Dorado?

    Same thing happened to this boat last year, they ran some trips out of SD.
  160. C

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    Still have a few sports left
  161. C

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    @yknot I still have 4 spots
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    3.5% credit surcharge or service charge ?

    I work in retail (corporate side) and I am always analyzing c.c fees and workimg with processors. I have never seen a 3.5% fee and the landings are processing a pre payment so if it gets kicked back there is no service lost since there is usually enough time to recoup the spot or not offer the...
  163. C

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    @mowitlow pm sent still have spots
  164. C

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    Get your spot, lots of fish to be caught.
  165. C

    Vacmaster 215

    I love my 215, have it built onto a slider in the garage.
  166. C

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    Had some people back out so still have some spots, schools are all over with lots of options
  167. C

    SOLD Avet hx raptor

    Remember that the HX raptor comes with a standard knob, the HXW raptor has a t-bar.
  168. C

    Rear grip length?

    Rail rods tend to be longer on the rear grip. Gives you the leverage you need plus when it is under your arm you still have enough room to comfortably reel. Look up some of cowmans builds that he details out.
  169. C

    My 15.5 Livingston

    Super cool boat, clean looking
  170. C

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    Still got some spots. Just look at the counts, prime trip.
  171. C

    Torrance/South Bay - Who sells Makaira and PCH rods, please?

    @Wildman island tackle should have a selection of Okuma rods. Give them a call
  172. C

    Gail Force & Triton BIG YELLOWS!

    I wish the Triton and Gailforce had more openings, was hoping to get some clients visiting from Japan out to fish without battling 50+ people.
  173. C

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    The yellowfin are here!
  174. C

    PENN Fathon 40 2speed

    Which tbar did you get?
  175. C

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    Will it be 300+bluefin, Yellowfin, Yellowtail? Maybe a chance at it all! lots of inquiries
  176. C

    "SMASH IT!" Independence 7 Day 2019

    This type of report makes me want to get on my first long range trip
  177. C

    Daiwa BG 5000

    @RiggingSoCal if it falls through let me know. Located in Encino
  178. C

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    @esgeo I had called 5 star earlier to coordinate and they had us on the reservation list. I will call to confirm again but it was my plan to use them for processing.
  179. C

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    Fishing is heating up and the bio mass is there
  180. C

    "Triton" at Cat 7/22

    my buddy was on that trip, you get these reports out quick
  181. C

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    Avoid the 3.5% landing fee
  182. C

    Offshore Tomahawk 7/17 Overnight Report

    @Surfersteve79 great report, come fish the 2 day charter I am running 9/11-9/13 on the Tomahawk
  183. C

    Fisherman’s Lansing question

    The Fishermans Landing store is not cheap
  184. C

    Bluefin Poppers- A&A Custom Baits

    @Arvin I would be interested in the chovie aswell
  185. C

    Offshore Tomahawk Tomahawk Extended 1.5 day 7/9-7/11

    @Olddog8 8 was there a soda fountain on the boat
  186. C

    Offshore Tomahawk Tomahawk Extended 1.5 day 7/9-7/11

    @Olddog8 Nice write up and great fish, I have a 2 day charter 9/11 to 9/13 on the tomahawk and have spaces let me know if you are interested. It is nice to hear another good review of the boat and crew
  187. C

    Taking over on Amato Rebuild 23

    cool looking boat, fun to watch it come together
  188. C

    Icast 2019

    Pretty comprehensive list
  189. C

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    @redsnapper517 I sent you a PM
  190. C

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    I have a charter that I am organizing for Sept (1st charter) and have had some people drop off, it is set for prime Sept fishing aboard the Tomahawk. Total price is $560 for 25 people, this same trip type is listed at $650 on their website and called a limited load with 25 people so get a...
  191. C

    Icast 2019

    Accurate just released a Tern 500 Narrow and 600 Narrow
  192. C

    2nd hand Power Wrappers

    -cracked o-rings -make sure the motors spin and sound right/even -if there is a speed regulator make sure it works -make sure the Chuck stays tight -supports should move up and down the track
  193. C

    Looking for crew members

    Wish I could fish weekdays!
  194. C

    67 jigs sold

    Damn, wish I was in SD
  195. C

    Classic coat

    That is how mine looked at the end of the bottle, I had it for about a year. I have applied it on several rods and they are all clear looking when it dries on the rod. I have two new bottles of classic and they are both clear when I bought new. I also recently got an epoxy mixer and love it...
  196. C

    Like New HAX 820 XH

    @jerryl what part of la are you located in?
  197. C

    New okuma pch railrods

    @FishRock I get my stuff local at Island Tackle in Carson but if you are in alaska I would order from mudhole. Batson has some YouTube videos on how to install.
  198. C

    Fathom 40NLD2 & Accurate BX2-400

    This reel is a great 40lb reel for the bft with smooth drag and two speeds to bring the +75lb bft to the boat.
  199. C

    New okuma pch railrods

    The X tube+EVA (feels like what is used) will not last but the easy fix would be, after it gets wrecked, just cut off the fore grip and layer up some corktape and throw on cold shrink ontop. This is what a lot of people inc manufactures use as fore grips on rail rods.
  200. C

    Cabo Bite Going Off - Fishing with Jaime Gonzales Jr.

    what do the charters run? I am headed out to cabo in a few months and might try to jump on a boat with a few guys. Thanks
  201. C

    Grinding down salt water guide feet'

    I use a hand file, you dont want to take off to much material just enough for a smooth ramp. Make sure the bottom is also smooth because filing will push burrs amd you want a good contact.
  202. C

    Wahoo bombs!

    @flafisher are they all rigged? Including the capt Jimmy's? Will you split up the 18?
  203. C

    Fathom 40NLD2 & Accurate BX2-400

    Accurate $330 now, Fathom is sold
  204. C

    The do's and don'ts of putting together a charter.

    Be very clear on what is and isnt included in the price with the boat, you can get bit with galley minimums or additional permits. I got it in writing that if the permits are not used then we will get the money back. Also good to pass that info onto people so that planing can be done...
  205. C

    Fathom 40NLD2 & Accurate BX2-400

    Fathom pending accurate still available
  206. C

    Foregrip length?

    A rule of thumb is length of elbow to hand for rear grip, I make mine longer on jig sticks so that it is easier to keep a hand on the butt cap
  207. C

    Fathom 40NLD2 & Accurate BX2-400

    [Penn Fathom 40NLD2 SOLD Brand new Fathom that has been sitting around waiting for me to build a rod for it but a 10 month old has kept me out of the workshop. I am not going to get to the build until winter so selling off the reel. Accurate BX2-400 now SOLD Fished as my 30lb reel and figured...
  208. C

    Bluefin Popping Setup

    This is a great deal!
  209. C

    FS/FT - Seeker, Calstar, Okuma

    @Goldenglory18 pm sent on okuma
  210. C

    At San Clemente Island, and this happened...

    Watched a guy drop a brand new talica 12 set overboard....that was borrowed. The guy was so bummed, next thing we know someone was able to hook it with a jig and brought it back to the boat.
  211. C

    PB Barn Door....about time !!

    Halibut has still eluded me, nice fish!
  212. C

    When did you upgrade to a power wrapper?

    I went back and looked at my wrapper and it is metal but still comes loose. I have plastic jaws on my Pac Bay 4 rod dryer.
  213. C

    Rctb 70xxxxh

    Nice work, I like the color combo
  214. C

    Coosa Pilothouse on Arima

    Do you know what the all in cost was?
  215. C

    When did you upgrade to a power wrapper?

    @calihighfishing I would get something that will last a while. The PacBay is nice but the the ALPS will probably suit you longer, it is also nice to have a dryer separate from your wrapper so you can continue to wrap or dry two rods. The metal chuck in the ALPS is 10x better that the pacbay...
  216. C

    When did you upgrade to a power wrapper?

    I would consider the Custom Power Wrapper or Renzetti to be higher end wrappers. I like the CPW that was a direct electric drive, very easy to turn with your fingers but could not shape a handle worth shit and a little tough to coat rods. I am going to pick up a 4 spool carriage and maybe the...
  217. C

    Avet Pro EXW 4/02 Question

    I had one that I bought a while ago and was worried about fishing heavier line so I reached out to Rocky (Avet guru) to see about upgrading the reel. I took the reel to his house and he tested it on his scales and the reel put out 32# of drag pressure with freespool. He told me not to do...
  218. C

    When did you upgrade to a power wrapper?

    I learned on a power wrapper so I have had one since the start (18 years) but I am also using the same pacbay wrapper and it has not let me down. I have recently been looking at upgrading to a nicer power wrapper vs modifying my older one but have not decided on my direction. The power wrapper...
  219. C

    Okuma Travel Fishing Rods!

    I just got back from a trip to Thailand (thru Singapore) and had no issues carrying on board flying Singapore Air. I hade more people intrigued with the gear vs saying no. I flew with Nomads one spinnrer and one casting. Would have been nice to combine into one bag but it was just a little to tight.
  220. C

    Torium 20HG- OBO

    @loganz any chance you get closer to LA?
  221. C

    Avet MXL G2 single speed

    Does this reel have spectra?
  222. C

    SOLD!!!! Daiwa Proteus 80HF

    Any chance you make your way a little further north?
  223. C

    Little boat

    Does it have braid on it?
  224. C

    fishing rods in Riverside

    Pm'd on swimbait @Hoot951
  225. C

    Better Alps Thread Carriage

    Can these use the large spools or do you have to transfer to smaller spools?
  226. C

    Set of Rainshadow RCLB70MLs

    What thread/color is that base teal? Great combo
  227. C

    A few pics of a couple of rods built for my fav lure builder!!

    Still got my JK weave tool, gotta get myself refreshed and build my patience
  228. C

    Gonna just keep it

    My family lives in Escondido so trying to figure out the next time I head dow
  229. C

    Gonna just keep it

    Do you get closer to LA?
  230. C

    Went Fishing PV last week

    Good to hear actual experiences
  231. C

    Standard/High Capacity Magazines Legal until 4/5/19 5pm

    It was fun while it lasted, lets see what the makes it to my door step
  232. C

    Phenix Rod *

    @BiggetyBones you should check out @fishfish ad above yours. He has a 78x2h for sale for a good price
  233. C

    L.A.R.A from Jackfin New Lure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do they come rigged?
  234. C

    SOLD - Phenix/Accurate Valiant 2-spd Combo

    This is dangerous, if it is still available when I head to sd next week I might have a new rig
  235. C

    Quad Rod Dryer

    @SouthBayKiller I have that dryer. It works but the chucks suck and you need to make sure to tape them or risk a rod falling out. I need the vertical layout for my bench. It is kind of flimsy and does not sit completely flat but I can screw it down for precaution. My low motor also burned out...
  236. C

    Latest build - kind of worth sharing.

    That's awesome! My daughter is 7mo and I have her first rod I am building.
  237. C

    The Commander ???

    I really enjoyed fishing this boat, this is a bummer of an outcome.
  238. C

    SOLD - Phenix/Accurate Valiant 2-spd Combo

    This is a good deal, luckly I am not in sd or I would be tempted
  239. C

    Getting Ready for Thailand Fishing Trip #2

    I am headed to thailand in may and we will be staying on the coast in Phuket. Trying to find out more about fishing in the area. I have one travel rod and will probably pick up one more. You done any shore fishing?
  240. C

    UC CX76 Viper First Rail Rod

    I got the same rod sitting in queue to build in the same color theme. I am planning to wrap traditional but have a 76 raptor that is being done acid.
  241. C

    Grim Reaper weave completed

    That wrap looks amazing. I am impressed with how you got all those threads to lay in line on the blank. Killer work
  242. C

    Lightening Strikes 3 times

    That purple rod is killer! You have a solid style. The white lightning look is a perfect accent. I am going to start experimenting with marbling soon. Just found your previous post so I am gonna give it a shot. Thanks for sharing within the rod building community
  243. C

    Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

    Driving up tomorrow through your area !
  244. C

    Custom built cat

    This is very cool. I would love a boat like this, interested to see the costs. What motors are you planning on rigging? Post videos when it is up and running
  245. C

    Braid winding at Fred Hall?

    Yea Kens Customs is the place to go, I think I paid $17 per 100yds of 100lb hollow. I also bought some wind ons and they tied a loop in the hollow
  246. C

    Fishing Swap Meet SF Valley

    I am bringing some cash to this one
  247. C

    Surface Iron Cheap !

    I hope these all sell fast because this is one of the most organized for sale ads
  248. C

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    My black 500x is finally supposed to be coming tomorrow so can't wait to get it set up.
  249. C

    Remember the "Q-105"

    Pretty cool interactive tour and its nice to see they kept the boat name
  250. C

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    Hopefully it is enough to meet the demand/"pre" orders.
  251. C

    Snow with FWD.

    I put the tires on when I drive up and swap to street tires when I get back, takes about an 1 hr to swap. I mark the location and just rotate each time I put back on, I got really lucky and bought a full set used on craigslist (rims included) that a guy used for one season and moved to so cal...
  252. C

    Snow with FWD.

    If you go up alot a dedicated snow tire set is the way to go, I have a set that I swap on one of my cars for Mammoth and big bear because chains are a pita. The grip is amazing with snowstires but again must be driven within the limit due to much softer sidewalls/rubber. LA people don't...
  253. C

    Shimano What Size Saragosa?

    I have a Gosa 10K (20K and 25K were massive when I went and held them) I went with the 10k because I believe some of the metal parts were stronger vs 8K and below which was nice for potentially larger popper and jig fish. After I tried to fish it with live bait I decided that I needed a...
  254. C

    CALSTAR 660H for the rack

    Thanks, Everytime I find a color that I like it always ends up being something from the past.
  255. C

    CALSTAR 660H for the rack

    @FAT CAT What teal thread is that, all of mine darkern up a bit. Very nice pattern and cool looking rod
  256. C


    This is cool, wish I had the skill and patience to do something like this.
  257. C

    Shelter Island launch ramp is Open!!!!

    Bluefin 2019!
  258. C

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    @PezGallo21; you guys should drop ship west coast j&h black 500x orders
  259. C

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    I took the 400x out for some practice casting and I could not keep the spool from spinning to fast. I am still messing with the settings but could not get consistent casts without backlashes or tons of thump pressure.
  260. C

    Guides, Gimbals, and Buttcaps! What are these worth? anyone interested?

    @Torinogt68; If the All American Guides are a complete set & same color I would be interested
  261. C

    Tuna Spikes / Ike Jime

    Are you ready to start selling these? Let me know
  262. C

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    I am hoping to get my black 500x soon
  263. C

    CNC Jigs

    Found their site
  264. C

    Spinning Rod Reel Seat Advice

    Depending on the spinning blank it might be small enough to run a smaller 16-18 and there are more designs with cut outs. Not to much weight added bit heavier than graphite. I like them for the colors so I use ALPS
  265. C

    Plier Identification help

    Channel Lock 718- Duckbill Channel Lock 338- Diagonal
  266. C

    Swap Meet Dec. 2

    Pretty sure the Torrance swap was moved up to last weekend.
  267. C

    Plier Identification help

    Just buy channellock pliers, the wrap is custom but not difficult
  268. C

    Something NEW is brewing at United Composites!!

    When I used to work for GUSA I remember making those cork handle rods, such a PITA to make sure they were even and didn't ooze resin when setting up.
  269. C

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    I still have yet to see a picture of an all black 300, 400, or 500. Does anyone have one to share?
  270. C

    SOLD - UC80 Monster with Tranx 500PG

    This is a great deal and the gears make it super versatile. very tempting
  271. C

    Tranx 500 PG, BX2-400, SX, SXJ

    Final price drop for the bx2-400 $325
  272. C


    How much is the turtle?
  273. C

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    Picked up a 400x hoping to get to the park for some practice casting. I am still waiting for my 500x. Handled the 500x and it is a very nice size, can't wait to get it loaded up. Not sure if anyone has received an all black version yet
  274. C

    What Do I Need to Know for Fall Turkey Hunting?

    Can you provide any of the region counts that the cadfg has done in recent years?
  275. C

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    From where? And if J&H was it black?
  276. C

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    Saw they are shipping 500's in "limited quantities". Wonder how much longer for my black 500 from .J&H
  277. C

    HXW Raptor line fill up

    Maybe it was 500 but I have a 40yd 100lb topshot.
  278. C

    HXW Raptor line fill up

    I got 450 yds of solid 100 on my HXW, I wish I had done hollow but all shops were out of JB and I needed it for a trip. Would be nice to have 550-600 yds as a security but I guess I will have to crank harder.
  279. C

    Tranx 500 PG, BX2-400, SX, SXJ

    Sunday Funday! Tranx is sold but the others are available
  280. C

    Tranx 500 PG, BX2-400, SX, SXJ

    Shimano Tranx 500 PG SOLD Reel is in great shape but has a few scuffs (in pics), the reel is washed with freshwater after each trip (been on 4 trips with me). Loaded with J braid 65 lb multi color. This reel will make anyone an amazing caster and it is so incredibly smooth. With the 4.6:1...
  281. C

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    J&H said mid november for the Black 500X so i would assume low gear is behind that release. Does anyone have a pic of the black 400x and what it looks like?
  282. C

    2016 Freeman 37VH (Only One On West Coast) - Twin Seven Marine 70+ MPH, Warranty, Simrad Electronics

    Damn the Andros was a stretch but I think I am going to have to fake my death to afford this one
  283. C

    Offshore 9 on a 12' rib

    How did you like fishing the Tern?
  284. C

    Chris Craft 30 (33) pilothouse build

    Super cool, wish I had the skill, talent, and patience to do a build of this level. The Bertram build was awesome, must have been a very willing buyer. Looking forward to the CC build thread
  285. C

    2018 Andros 32' Offshore - Local Knowledge

    My wife wont find out about the second lein on the house until she divorces me for coming home with this boat
  286. C

    Tern and Valiant Rods Now Shipping!

    Any updates on when the 500X is expected to drop? Are the reels in current production or will the delays be further for tooling set up? I convinced the wife to go fishing again to try out the new reel but hope I will have it in time.
  287. C

    Calico Bass Techniques VHS

    Does it come with a VHS player?
  288. C

    Stills of Mike Pritchard Rainshadow 80M

    Looks great, what was his reaction when he received the rod? Is he going to fish it or keep it in the wheelhouse?
  289. C

    Freedom or El Dorado fish offshore, SCI ?

    Fished the Eldorado out of San Diego and would not do that again. Deckhands were awesome but not much else. Hopefully they fish the SCI/Catalina waters better
  290. C

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    @PezGallo21 any updates on when the 500x will be shipping?
  291. C

    Help identifying a guide similar to ALPS XHN

    I was wondering the same thing, I have to replace a guide on a friend's Phenix that got stepped on
  292. C

    What reels do you guys have on your raptors

    I am planning on putting an HXW Raptor on the Raptor that I am building
  293. C

    Tuna Spikes / Ike Jime

    I will be looking for one of these
  294. C

    Saltwater Battlefish review

    @Aaron Walker is everyone on the boat left handed?
  295. C

    WTB Large Reel Bag

    I have an Open Water reel bag (pre Nomad). I can send pics via text tomorrow. Located in Encino but could get a little closer to la/Ventura line Nick 858-335-5618
  296. C

    Still Waiting for my reel

    @sabalo1964; I am not to far from the Avet factory. Might be a long shot but I could swing by to see about picking it up
  297. C

    Offshore Offshore/Islands report 9/12

    Nice fish, I like the decoy mission. People reported that the Orca pod spotted near the Coronado's was "playing" with dolphins and seals.
  298. C

    Squid for bluefin?

    How big were the squid that you were using? Single circle hooks?
  299. C

    Offshore 9/3 Islander trip and karma

    What did you have that left you undergunned? I am headed out this weekend
  300. C

    Flatfall techniques

    Thanks, the San Diego jam is my go to knot
  301. C

    Flatfall techniques

    With the pre rigged set ups how are you connecting to the main line? Tying directly to the swivel or is it okay to use something like a heavy duty sampro solid ring swivel? What knot are people using from the main line?
  302. C

    New star drag

    They posted a side plate pic but not much else
  303. C

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    Damn that is a bummer, I was hoping to get it a test run on my trip coming up
  304. C

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    Does that mean that the TX-500X is still going out sooner (including the all black ones)?
  305. C

    Offshore Overnight El Dorado 8/24

    Damn I am worried now that I have a trip booked with 7 friends on the boat. Will need to make a call to the landing to see if it will still run. Been wondering why the boat has not been posting fish counts
  306. C

    Albackore Items Brand New

    Are the boxes designed for their tackle backpack? Do you get down near the sfv area (405/101)
  307. C

    Latest Weave - The Tribute - 150 x 271 - 6 layer

    This is amazing, so much detail.
  308. C

    Looking for a Tranx 500

    I have a Tranx 500PG in great shape, loaded with 65lb j braid. I am located near LAX mon-fri and sfv evenings and weekends
  309. C

    eBay 15% off everything

    Ebay takes the hit on these flash sales (Sitewide), they are promoting sales today so there is no advance notifications. The % off sales that are for only specific vendors are paid for by vendors and typically run for a longer duration.
  310. C

    Heads Up -- Deals on Reels NOW

    Any Avet HXW Raptors on sale? The BV-800 would be an alternative if I could find it in blue and sliver. Probably need to check the Reseda or Torrance store
  311. C


    This still on for tomorrow? Looking forward to trying to find an hxw raptor
  312. C

    Heads Up -- Deals on Reels NOW

    Turner's in a cash crunch? Need money to buy holiday inventory?
  313. C

    Tern it up! TwinStarDrag Update!

    @PezGallo21 how is accurate looking on the timeline? Going to hit the delivery dates? Looking forward to my new reel!
  314. C

    Extended 1.5s on the Eldorado?

    When was your trip? I just called the landing and they said all the issues are sorted out now and running fine. I have a trip booked in a couple of weeks so wanted to make sure everything was good
  315. C

    Extended 1.5s on the Eldorado?

    Any Updates on the trip TravisAZ?
  316. C

    All American Roller Guides

    What color (looks black)? How long were they on the rod for?
  317. C

    Tern it up! TwinStarDrag Update!

    Got mine on pre order can't wait to get the 500 spooled up.
  318. C


    Blanks or full built rods?
  319. C

    UC Viper 7'6" This one just came up, built to last
  320. C


    Thanks! Hopefully I can get this one built in the time it takes you to build 4.
  321. C


    Awesome looking rod, always have such great color combos and excellent craftsmanship. I am about to get mine on the lathe, do you have an 8 or 9 guide setup? I can static it with both but also can't get a full load before the guides pop off. Thanks Nick
  322. C

    Scopolamine compounding pharmacy?

    How does the compounding vs patch react differently?
  323. C

    Shimano Trinidad 16/20a, Avet MXJ

    Interested in trading a tranx 500 pg for the 20a?
  324. C

    Avet MXJ sold

    Is there spectra on the reel? I might be interested, located in Encino
  325. C

    Avet SXJ blue/black

    Reel is still available
  326. C

    Avet Hx or hxw 3/s raptor reel

    There is one for sale on here. I think this link should work
  327. C

    Tern it up! TwinStarDrag Update!

    Are you allowed to share any of the color combos that are being ordered? I know J and H has a black version but trying to figure out where to put my order into for a 500. Thanks
  328. C

    Extended 1.5s on the Eldorado?

    They have a trip that was supposed to head out tonight. Me and a group of friends are booked on an extended 1.5 day trip in mid Sept and called the landing to clarify the trip and boat. I am looking forward to hearing more about these trips and how they pan out. They mentioned that 2 day...
  329. C

    Almost Done - New Boat - 31' Cabo Express

    Looks awesome, you have some before pics? Father in law somehow got the idea of completely refinishing an older family boat. I don't think he understands the first bit of boat work.
  330. C

    Ebay 15% Everything with “PRONTO15”

    does this get applied on check out? I have not used these Ebay coupons before and am looking to do a buy it now on a reel but need to get the seller to accept the offer. Thanks for the help
  331. C

    Fishing with a pregnant wife...

    Going through this now, was hoping for a bluefin shot but here I am 2 days past the due date still waiting for our daughter to make her way out. I stopped thinking about going out after 7mo. Just working on building the back log of rods now. I know everyone is saying this will be the last year...
  332. C

    ...please remove..

    Any interest in trading the 20A for a Tranx500PG?
  333. C

    About The Blank Jumping Out of the Rod Lathe: A Cure

    That is going to be a beast of a machine and I think your fix was a perfect solution to a problem that most of us have faced.
  334. C

    About The Blank Jumping Out of the Rod Lathe: A Cure

    This would be perfect, just had a rod jump out and knock my beer off the table. If you have any interest in a small 3 or 5 screw set up I would buy one.
  335. C

    Offshore Pyramid and China Cove 30 - 03Aug

    What are you flying/shooting?
  336. C

    Trition or Gail Force

    Gail Force is a smaller boat but fishing a limited load of 18 there is plenty of room. It is narrow on the sides so it can be difficult to get around people. When I fished the Gail Force the two boats worked together on finding biting fish. Captain and crew were great. If you are fishing...
  337. C

    SXJ 5.3

    I have a blue and black sxj with Spectra on it. Nick 858-335-5618
  338. C

    Combo: Custom Rainshadow RCJB84XXH with AVET HX Raptor

    what color is the HX? are you willing to split?
  339. C

    Wtt Like New trinidad 20a for a tranx 500 hg

    I have a Tranx 500pg with 65 pp to trade
  340. C

    Penn 16 VSX -silver

    How much braid is on the reel?
  341. C

    App Idea for Seat Sharing -- Candid Feedback Please?

    Be careful with this app and what could be considered private charters. They (Coast Guard) are cracking down on this in SoCal.
  342. C


    Search function does not seem to work either
  343. C


    Cool looking rod, is there a seam from the tape or did you wrap over the tape?
  344. C

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    I guessed correctly! Can't wait to add on to the arsenal.
  345. C

    Accurate offering a star drag?

    I am hoping for a star drag configuration, luckily I have been delaying my jig reel upgrade Accurate is claiming industry innovation on the same level as twin drag so I am going on a limb to guess a 2 speed star drag
  346. C

    Gail Force 7/3 Big Bass-Big Yellas !

    That was a fun trip, fished it as well. The picture of that tail does not do it justice!
  347. C

    Gail Force 6/30/18 Catalina Wrap Up

    Looking forward to fishing this fishing this boat on tue
  348. C

    Something to do while I wait for elk season....

    That is so cool, I looked into Falconry and it is a huge time investment, kudos. What kind of raptor is it? Did you get it as a eyas? How big is the cage at home?
  349. C

    Gail Force Wednesday report

    I re read the post and realized that it says you will be fishing catalina
  350. C

    A pair of UC's for Dirk

    Which orange thread did you use on the set up? Trying to get a SF themed rod for a friend and that orange looks close once coated. Thanks
  351. C

    Oahu Sportfishing

    I have fished with Boom Boom Sportfishing a few times but the boat might be to big of a boat if you are going out solo. Tony has always put us on fish and will take the time to get you to the right spots. Make sure you coordinate ahead of time with the boat because in Hawaii the boat keeps the...
  352. C

    Avet SXJ blue/black

    Sunday funday bump
  353. C

    Rail rod grips

    Thanks Adrien! I was just at the gas station and realized the wrap on the pump line would work pretty well. Looks just like this Parker stuff. Thanks
  354. C

    Rail rod grips

    You are correct, as a rod builder there is a function/Aesthetic debate. I am trying to find the intersection of both and see if there is another option from the choices I have seen. The fishing community has a lot of ideas out there so just trying see if there is anything new before I finish the...
  355. C

    Rail rod grips

    I have two rods (Raptor and Viper) that I cannot decide what to do for the fore grip. I don't really care for the tuna cord approach but put the two options that I can think of since other grip solutions are not available. I have only seen cold shrink in 12" and 18" so lengths are tied...
  356. C

    Avet SXJ blue/black

    The SXJ might not take down a 70lb bluefin but it will tackle some yellowtail and local fish
  357. C

    Avet SXJ blue/black

    Exw sold sxj still available, perfect yt reel
  358. C

    Avet SXJ blue/black

    Avet SXJ: $150 Bought the reel and realized it is just to small for me to fish. It has 50lb spectra backing and there is a flouro leader tied to it but I would recommend tying a new one. Cool color combination with the blue and black, this reel is to small for a reel clamp Located in SFV but...
  359. C

    Best Custom Acid Wrap Rod Builder

    Jim introduced me to acid rods about 15 years ago.
  360. C

    First color change weave

    That looks awesome. How long was the one sitting?
  361. C

    UCLA area ?

    I was just there! Sherman Oaks is not a bad place but would require a car to get to school. West LA is nice but just so damn expensive. Lots of ways to cut across the hills on surface sts.
  362. C

    Avet Reels for Sale Pro EXW 30/2 & EXW 50/2

    Great seller and a super easy transaction, reel was in great shape and as advertised. Someone should pick up that 50.
  363. C

    Albacore bags are back

    I sent an inquiry into the price since it is not listed
  364. C

    Albackore SOLD Please delete

    Where in SD are you located?
  365. C

    Albackore SOLD Please delete

    Is the "wayne" bag a reel bag?
  366. C

    Gunmetal Avet MXL, Blue Avet LX this is the kit I was planning on setting it up with
  367. C

    Gunmetal Avet MXL, Blue Avet LX

    It believe it is graphite, I think older ones had metal frames
  368. C

    Gunmetal Avet MXL, Blue Avet LX

    Makaira rod sold reels still available
  369. C

    Gunmetal Avet MXL, Blue Avet LX

    I am trying to thin out some of the reels and rods that don’t get used Avet LX 4.6 I have a Blue Avet LX that has been used as a back up reel, fished once. The reel is in great shape and comes loaded with spectra (I think 80lb) and 100 yds of mono top shot (40lb or 50lb) The reel was serviced...
  370. C

    Spooling my Avet 50 for a Yummy

    I just had my 50 SDS loaded with 750 yds of 130 hollow and a 100lb wind on. Hoping to get a crack at them, just need to build some sticks.
  371. C

    Kiwi Fishing - a fish a day

    Cool pictures, New Zealand was an amazing place to visit
  372. C

    Homeless defacing Seal beach river jetty

    Good News! our great Mayor (maybe next president) believes he will have the issue fixed in TEN YEARS. Making sure not a tax dollar is saved, lots to fun to be had for everyone that has to deal with this issue...
  373. C

    What’s your earliest memory of Fishing?

    Surf fishing with my Grandpa down in Baja Malibu, he built the house and we spent a ton of time down there with the grandparents. We would spend hours trying to catch the perfect sandcrab for bait. He "got a bite" and fought the fish to the beach. He then enjoyed chasing me and my brother...
  374. C

    Penn Baja Special -

    Stoked on this reel, great seller and easy transaction
  375. C

    Recommendations for Oahu sportfishing charters?

    I have used Boom Boom a few times and always had great success. We have gotten everything from Dorado and Tuna to a big blue marlin. The boat is big and the captain knows where to fish. Nick
  376. C

    2860 ProCat Cuddy with tower for sale

    Why did I get my wife pregnant ! I love the Procats
  377. C

    Turkey Hunt

    Congrats, nice bird. We went out last weekend but saw very few signs. We were hunting near lake henshaw in the hills.
  378. C

    Condor or Producer?

    Condor is a big boat and handles bad weather pretty well but 36 guys fishing can get busy. If you go on the condo make sure you reserve on of the bigger bunks, it is nice to have the space.
  379. C

    Tiagra 50wlrsa, Avet LX 4.6, Newell 235-5

    @Vincent Torio I would be willing to ship the reel by itself let me know if your zip and I can figure out shipping costs
  380. C

    Big Tuna 150#

    Nice fish, congrats. What were they biting?
  381. C

    welding ring shops

    I had Island Tackle rig up three for me, great guys and quick service
  382. C

    Tiagra 50wlrsa, Avet LX 4.6, Newell 235-5

    Newell is spoken for and @profeta is second in line. LX and 50 are still available, I will be in SD on Aug 26 before a trip
  383. C

    Tiagra 50wlrsa, Avet LX 4.6, Newell 235-5

    I am trying to thin out the reel collection that does not get used Tiagra 50WLRS w/ 5’6” rod I bought the reel and rod but never actually got a chance to use either. The Tiagra had been fished but the previous owner and has some boat rash. Cosmetically 6.5/10 and functionally 9/10. No line...
  384. C

    For sale Shimano ,avet

    What are the 8ks spooled with?
  385. C

    Commander - Any Reviews?

    I fished this boat recently and the crew was great, everyone was super nice and helpful. I was extremely impressed because they actually remembered every persons name on the boat. It takes me weeks to remember names so when the called out my name when I hooked up it was pretty cool. The food...
  386. C


    I am headed out on the boat tomorrow so looking forward to a good trip. In-between jobs right now so I am stoked to get some time on the boat.
  387. C

    CC037 DODO giveaway #2

    That rod looks sweet, how long did the cord weave take? One of the most unique rods I have seen in a while. -Nick
  388. C

    Ko Olina fishing...How is it?

    Thanks I will check them out and see what we can get together. -Nick
  389. C

    Ko Olina fishing...How is it?

    Hey everyone, I am headed to Ko Olina for a week and wanted to see if anyone knew a good boat to head out on for a day of fishing. We will be out there the first week of August and wanted to see about getting our group out on a boat. We wont have more that 6 people and wanted to see if anyone...
  390. C

    Couple more reels....

    I am interested in the 30 wide. Currently staying downtown sd. Leave a message if I do not pick up Nick c 858-335-5618
  391. C

    Avet SX 5.3 Blue Like NEW

    What line is on it? Nick
  392. C

    Rod Wrappers Please read

    Nice to see a fellow Poway high grad, to bad I am no longer in Poway, now in Long Beach, I would love to help with anything. I wish I thought of the idea for my senior project. I have been building since 15 Nick C
  393. C

    Suggestions on custom wrap rod around NPB

    i like the guys at anglers center and they do good work on rods as well. pretty knowledgeable group of guys, mark runs most of the rod wrapping over there.
  394. C


    I was just checking to see if anyone knew of a way to get discount lift tickets for mammoth. Being a college student it gets expensive to pay for $65+ ligt tickets every time. just checking to see if and bd'ers have connections to help a local boarder out thanks Nick C
  395. C

    More mistakes... I guess

    You've already got some good input from the two previous posts. if you have some old CP (what i do) thin it out about 50/50 for one coat then add one more coat with only a bit of water and usually you wont end up with that "camo" look. If i use ncp thread i still add color preserverand have...
  396. C

    Rod lathe setup

    i am so jealous. That is such a sweet set up, you should get a fingerprint entry system to make sure there are no outside influences. enjoy it NIck
  397. C

    Rod building help in OC

    sent you a pm
  398. C

    Best metalic thread?

    My favorite is Rice thread, color is the best and i never have problems with fraying or random knots in the middle of the spool. The diameters are different though so a size d in Rice is no where the same size as a D in Gudebrod, rice is much smaller Nick
  399. C

    I See Red......

    scott amazing rod, very classy looking. I was just curious how many coats you put on the the rod because the finish looks flat. I usually have a problem getting the coating flat on the guide wrap and it builds up higher on the top wraps. If you dont mind me asking how many coats do you out...
  400. C

    Nice Butt wrap

    that is a sweet wrap. Dark side of the moon status Nick
  401. C

    wrapping checkers?

    im kinda curious how its done to, do you wrap it like a chevron but switch each thread? Nick
  402. C

    Ireland trip...

    awsome post and nice pics. how many castles did you guys check out? Ive always wanted to check out ireland Nick
  403. C

    What do you guys use???

    Just a warning, i use the p-touch type label maker and when you put the label down go around the edges with color preserver to hold them down. If you dont then there is a good chance that they will peel up and it is a big hassle to fix. I use the dimondite (sp?) color preserver cause it drys...
  404. C

    Custom Super Seekers - W/ photos

    nice sticks, did you put any adheasive under the heat shrink? or is it just over cork tape. just curious if it loosens up through use Nick
  405. C

    Don...down for the count?

    i cant wait to go to another rod building class cause now i can bring beer. Hope you feel better don, your a great teacher. Take it easy, Nick C
  406. C

    Long Beach Stores

    thanks anyone have the address of the sav-on or directions, im trying not to get lost in a neighborhood i dont want to be in. Thanks nick
  407. C

    Long Beach Stores

    I just moved up to Long Beach and am trying to find some stores where i can buy components. I remember driving by a shop but i cant find it again, it was called anglers something. Thanks Nick
  408. C

    Roosterfish in Baja

    I got one on a white w/ glow in the dark top (dont remember what make/model) but it was right at dusk near some crashing bait. I was using 25lb line and a Shimano Speedmaster. I was shocked when i caught it Nick
  409. C

    San Eliji ??

    I always go to that beach, bring a mask and snorkel and go out in the surf you will see how many fish there are. just walk up and down that beach and youll probablly find a school of crusiers. That campsite is alot of fun i just wish you didnt have to book it 7 months in advance. If there is...
  410. C

    fellow college students... and grads

    i just got out of Palomar college, dont get stuck in that hole. i had class with to many people that had been there 4-6 years get what you need done and get out. Although i learned a tremendous amount at the school because i had a few great teachers. Dont give up now just take classes and try...
  411. C

    Thanks, Don...

    had a great time as well thanks for the hospitality and great food
  412. C

    missing one guide

    its not one of the ss guides it is one of the black casting guides used on light weight stuff. So you know what squidco's number is? ill give them a call and have it waiting, ill have them put it under your name, is that ok? I apperciate it thanks Nick
  413. C

    missing one guide

    Hey hows it goin i just realized that i forgot to buy one size 6 guide. I was hoping that someone may have an extra and can possible bring it to the rod building class. The guide that i need is a size 6 double foot varmac type guide with a black insert. They cost about a dollar and i just...
  414. C

    polyurethane coat

    I went out and bought some u-40 and it worked great. I still need some practice because it is a little different then normal resin
  415. C

    Roll call 8/22

    im gonna try and make it Nick
  416. C

    polyurethane coat

    I am in the process of re-clear coating a rod and was wondering if i could get a polyurethane coat at home depot or something. I am sanding it down and was hoping that there is some sort of thin coating that i could put on it. I checked the archives and have come to the conclusion that i...
  417. C

    Torium Rod..

    dont do silver and gold they are usually used as an accent color so they will contrast each other. you can do gold bottom wrap with gold inlays on the top wrap or maybe a green metallic with a gold inlay cause that goes good together. there are millions of combinations just pick colors you...
  418. C

    Quality cork handle wanted

    Cant you just ream it out to fit and glue it on then sand it down to a thinkness you want? Nick
  419. C

    cant get labels to stick

    I usually put a coat of color preserver over the edges of the label, like Guy mentioned. I use normal label maker stuff if I dont put a coat then it will peel up. Just make sure that you get the edges because those are the most prone. Nick
  420. C

    Panga Rod - Which Blank??

    i second the kencore, they are forgiving and not to expensive. It would be a nice rod for you son.
  421. C

    short 4wt stream rod

    Hey hows it going everyone I am not to much of a fly fisherman but one of my friends asked me if I could build him a short(~6ft or less) rod for backbacking. He wants it short becuase there is lots of overhang in the areas he goes. Im not to familar with blanks this short, my only experience...
  422. C

    Swordy casting rod suggestions????

    Are you going to be running size 20 or 18 guides down the length of the rod like marlin casting rods?
  423. C

    Class 5/2 1800 hrs.

    school is almost out and i cant wait to make it to another one
  424. C

    My new toy

    Nice i have been looking to get one of those lately _nick
  425. C

    CLASS 4/11.....A BIG THANK YOU

    hey Guy, I think I am going to head down to squidco on sat or sun, I know you said that you live in a rod building waste land, so if you need anything let me know. I should be going boaridng at bear on Monday so could probably meet up somewhere near the base and i could pass it off to you...
  426. C

    Class 4/11

    i would like to attend the class, i usually cant make it on tuesday so if its on wed i can make it Nick
  427. C

    Surf fishing in Santa Barbara

    Awsome thanks for all the replies, just finished wrapping my new surf stick and i can't wait to try it out Nick
  428. C

    Surf fishing in Santa Barbara

    Im going up to visit a friend at UCSB and was wondering if there is any surf fishing in the immediate area. I know there are a bunch of rigs off the coast so I wouldn't eat any just curious if anyone has fished the area. thanks, Nick C p.s i know there is plenty of split-fin there but...
  429. C

    Any snow left in the Lagunas?

    i talked to someone today from Julian and he said that it was all gone in the city but further up (laguna) there was still some snow, espically if it is coverd by trees Nick
  430. C

    dropshot blank?

    graphite usa has some nice light drop shot rods, 701 or 702 depending on what you want to fish. It will probably be tough to get one right now though. lots of tip on the rod with the strong graphite back bone nick
  431. C

    the drunk

    that is great, i could definatly see several people doing that nick
  432. C

    What did you do

    Genelie- nice to see someone else partying in Lakeside. down there at a house party and savaged the ladies. One he$$ of a new years and i know some people brought it in with a bang. Nick
  433. C

    Block you drivers License

    Damn you got me good. I thought i would be able to find out where some who owes me money lives back to my normal methods nick
  434. C

    one piece into a 2 piece

    im trying to help a friend out, he has a longer spinning rod but wants it to be made into a 2 piece. any suggestions? i was trying to stay away from those ulgy ferrel type things but if that is my only option then i will use one. the rod, to my knowledge is a lighter weight graphite rod...
  435. C

    home/commercial security systems

    Hey hows it going BDers, if anyone is in need of a security system for their house or business i am willing to hook up fellow BDers. If interested feel free to email me at [email protected] or call me on my cell at 858-335-5618, I will anwser any questions or meet with you and discuss system...
  436. C

    Hastings' Rod Manufacturing relocating?

    yep i stopped by and talked to some of the wrappers and they said the same thing, not sure when the move is gonna happen though. nick
  437. C

    New 80 foot Charter Boat at H&M

  438. C

    need a wraper

    hey i sent you an email