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  1. russ1962

    RUS90 Monster-C 30-60

    RUS90 Monster-C Taken on 1 boat ride and never used. Pristine condition. Lowered to $350
  2. russ1962

    So Cal Bluefin Video

    How sad is this? Curly, Larry and Moe go fishing for bluefin. I'm embarrassed for
  3. russ1962

    Factory 800XLH

    I'm looking to buy a used factory 800xlh in decent condition. Already have an 800xl and 800L. PM me.
  4. russ1962

    Fathom II 25n 4.8:1

    Looking for a Fathom II 25n 4.8:1 Preferably near North OC. PM me.
  5. russ1962


    Anybody have a Californian CTX 809H for sale? Near LaHabra.
  6. russ1962

    Found Black Diamond 809H. PLEASE DELETE

    Looking for a reasonably priced factory Black Diamond 809H for my son ASAP. Hopefully not too far from LaHabra. PM me.
  7. russ1962

    Found One. Please Delete

    My son is looking for a Lexa 400-Lefty. Needed ASAP. Located in North OC near LaHabra. PM me.
  8. russ1962

    Threaded Tip Guide Replacement

    I took one of my factory rods in today to have a bent tip guide replaced. The original factory tip guide is a glue-on Fuji guide with a foot that was threaded and finished. Not sure what model guide it is. All of the other guides on the rod are Alps guides. Since the shop didn't have a matching...
  9. russ1962

    Leaving California? Where Do You Go ??

    I was born here in 1962 and lived my entire life in So. California. But sadly, like many of you, I'm sick and tired of what the politicians have done to this state. For anyone that is leaving, or considering leaving California, where do you go ? What makes that new place worth considering?
  10. russ1962

    Found a 95j Mag. Moderator Please Delete.

    Looking for a factory 95j Mag. PM me.
  11. russ1962

    Newell Spools With Rounded Edges

    I came across a very clean P-series reel that had the rounded edge spool. Did some of the P-series reels come from the factory with the older rounded spools?
  12. russ1962

    BNIB Torque 15 -Star Drag

    Brand New. Still in the box Torque 15 star drag. Only had it out of the box one time for a few minutes. I have two, and will probably never use this one. It's the gold model. I can text pics if needed. Near Imperial Hwy/Beach Blvd. $350 takes it.
  13. russ1962

    Surface Jigs with a Newell P322-M

    Has anyone here ever used one for surface jigs? How well do the jigs swim with 3.6:1 gearing?
  14. russ1962

    Newell 'Slanted' Crossbar Logo

    What era did Newell use the slanted lettering on the crossbars?
  15. russ1962

    Silver Avet SXJ

    Looking for a Silver SXJ in good condition. Not looking for a show piece, just a reel that functions properly. Located in North OC/East Whittier area.
  16. russ1962

    Used glass 90j

    Looking for a used glass 90j. Not looking for pristine but it needs to be fairly decent and priced accordingly. I'm located near North OC.
  17. russ1962

    Power Trim Edger - Excellent Condition

    Power Trim Edger in excellent condition For Sale. New Model retails for $619. Located In East Whittier near Imperial Hwy / Beach Blvd. Take it for $150 o.b.o. Send me PM if interested.
  18. russ1962

    Black Steel 870 15(25)40

    Hi All, I'm a bit confused. There are two blanks for the Black Steel 870-7. One is rated 15(20)25. The one I have is rated 15(25)40, and Made in USA. Does anyone know which blank is used for the 15(25)40 ? Is it the CLB708 ?
  19. russ1962

    Black Steel 870-7 15-40 Blank

    Hi All, I'm a bit confused. There are two blanks for the Black Steel 870-7. One is rated 15-25. The one I have is rated 15-40. Which blank is used for the 15-40 ? Is it the CLB708 ?
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  21. russ1962

    Setups For Local YT

    We're going on a private charter this Saturday. What bait/surface setups are currently being used for the local YT ? I typically bring 20#,30#,40# . By some of the pics of the fish I've seen lately, the 40# rigs may stay home. Any suggestions?
  22. russ1962

    Rods For FTH 15LD2

    What do you guys have paired with your 15ld2?
  23. russ1962

    Reel For RCE800 Monster ?

    Star drag, Lever drag or Baitcaster. Which do you prefer?
  24. russ1962

    800xl & Avet SXJ combo

    Questions for anybody that has used this combo: Do you prefer fishing this combo with straight braid to a short piece of fluorocarbon? Or, braid to a short top shot of mono ? How long of a mono top shot do you prefer?
  25. russ1962

    Torque 5.4:1 Gears

    Have any of you guys installed the 5.4:1 gears in the TRQ 15 ? Opinions welcomed.
  26. russ1962

    Newell P322 Jackpot

    It's always a gamble when you buy something sight-unseen. I just received a box of 5 Newell P322's from a BD member, and wasn't sure what to expect. Over the phone, he tried to describe the condition of each one, in detail, so that I could develop a better mental picture of what I was getting...
  27. russ1962

    Need Help Identifying Old Rod Blank

    I recently retrieved my Dad's old fishing rod and need help identifying the blank. It was custom made in the 60's or early 70's by somebody named Earhardt Custom Rods out of Bell Gardens, CA. Rod measures 9' 4", has a soft tip, and medium action parabolic bend. Feels about like a 30lb class...
  28. russ1962

    WTS/WTT 501 Size Jigmaster w/Tiburon Frame

    Super clean 501 size (narrowed 500) Jigmaster w/ aluminum spool and Tiburon frame. Same size as Newell 322. 9.9/10 condition. $125. SOLD Also have brand new 500 aluminum spool, crossbars, reel stand. And very good condition 24-56 power handle. SOLD Possible Trade for rods or reels in similar...
  29. russ1962

    Torque 15 For 800XL ?

    Has anyone tried a Torque 15 on an 800xl? If so, what's your opinion of that pairing?
  30. russ1962

    WTB: gg6480

    Anybody want to part with a used gg6480? PM me if you have one.
  31. russ1962

    PENN Torque 15 Rod Recommendations

    I'm looking for opinions from Torque owner's. What rod do you have your TRQ 15 star drag reel paired with?
  32. russ1962

    WTT: Silver Avet MXJ-MC, Left-Hand

    Left Handed Silver MXJ-MC. 9.9/10 condition. Trade for Newell P-322 in good condition.
  33. russ1962

    WTB Black Diamond PSW809H

    Looking for a PSW809H. Located in Whittier/North OC area.
  34. russ1962

    JX 4.6:1 Opinions?

    I just inherited a near new JX 4.6:1 reel / jigging rod combo. Is the 4.6:1 intended for jigs? Or is it better suited for dropper loop / bait ? Or both? Opinions please.
  35. russ1962

    BNIB AVET SXJ / Trade

    Brand New In Box AVET SXJ. Never been on a rod. Trade for used Abyss PSX809 20-50 in good condition, or ?????. Located in Whittier.
  36. russ1962

    Price For Penn 501 Aluminum Spool ?

    What is the current going price for a Penn 501 aluminum spool?
  37. russ1962

    Black Steel G 196-8 Butt Cap Replacement

    I need to replace a butt cap on a Black Steel G 196-8 rated 12 (15) 20. Does anybody know what size cap for this rod?
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  39. russ1962


    Looking for a Seeker or Calstar 196-8 in good condition. I'm in North OC, Imperial Hwy/Beach Blvd.
  40. russ1962

    WTB Avet MXJ-MC Lefty

    I'm looking for a used Lefty Avet MXJ-MC in good working condition for my son. Cosmetics not important. Face to Face deals only. Near Imperial Hwy / Beach Blvd.
  41. russ1962

    Setting Up/Maintenance Out Of The Box

    I just picked up a never mounted, BNIB, MXJ Raptor from another member that has been sitting in the box for several months. For peace of mind, I'm going to open it up and do my own setup and lube before fishing it. How many of you guys fish your reels right out of the box?
  42. russ1962


    I have a black PENN 501 (same size as NEWELL 322) in 9.9/10 condition. Looking to trade for a used Calstar or Seeker 196-8 in decent condition. Or sell for $65. Firm. Located near Beach Blvd./Imperial Hwy.
  43. russ1962

    Price For Avet SXJ Raptor ??

    Brand new SXJ Raptor for $335, including shipping. This is the best price I've found. Does this price sound legit?
  44. russ1962

    SXJ 40lb. Braid Capacity

    How much 40lb braid are you guys able to fit on the SXJ ?
  45. russ1962

    Was Anybody On The Patriot Today 10-24-2015 ?

    $135 per ticket for a limited load Tuna trip? That would have been fine if we were actually looking for Tuna. The Captain spent a total of 5 minutes on two paddys and then abruptly abandoned the Tuna hunt to search for rockfish. $135 to catch rockfish?? Total Bullshit if you ask me!
  46. russ1962

    Calstar West Coast Rod- Base Wrap Color ?

    Has Calstar always used a Teal colored base wrap on the West Coast models? Did they ever use Gray colored base wrap?
  47. russ1962

    OG Newell P220F w/Box, Schematics, Warranty Card, & Drag Grease

    Lightly used, 1985 Newell P220F. 4-stack drags. Original Schematics, Warranty Registration Card, and Newell Sea-Guard Drag Grease. Must pick up in person. Located in Whittier. Looking to trade for gg90J Jig Stick, other reels, or ???.
  48. russ1962

    Rusted Guides on GG690J

    I'm not sure if this is the right Forum but I have a used GG690J that is in OK condition but showing some surface rust on the guides. The rust is mostly on the lower part of the guide foot just above the epoxy resin. Is there anything I can do to clean and stop the rust?
  49. russ1962

    Cousins F 6480-8' CT Reviews

    I'm looking for comments from anybody that has used the Cousins F 6480-8' CT. I looked at one today and it sure feels different than a Calstar 6480. The butt section is also noticeably bigger than a Calstar. Feel free to share your thoughts.
  50. russ1962

    WTB Calstar GG90J

    Looking for a used factory Calstar GG90J in good condition. Thanks. Located in Whittier.
  51. russ1962

    Very Nice 501 Jigmaster SOLD!

    Jigmaster 501 For Sale. Aluminum Spool. HT-100 Drags. Rod Clamp. 24-66 Handle. Very Good Condition. SOLD!
  52. russ1962

    Jigmaster (Narrow)

    Narrow Jigmaster with Newell aluminum spool for sale. Pick up near Beach/Imperial Hwy. $45.
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  54. russ1962


  55. russ1962

    WTT 160g Flat Fall Jig For T-Bar Lite Handle Fitting Newell 200-300 Series Reel

    Looking for a Tiburon T-Bar Lite handle for a Newell 200-300 Series Reel. Used is fine as long as it's in good condition. Trade straight across for a brand new 160g Flat-Fall Jig in Black Anchovy color.
  56. russ1962

    Rod For Sale (Teramar TMC-X711MBRA)

    I have a new Shimano Teramar TMC-X711MBRA for sale. 12-25#, Medium, Extra Fast. (split grip, EVA). Bought it last year from Fisherman's Access and never used it. Located near Imperial Hwy/Beach Blvd. $140. Or trade for Abyss 806, 807, or 808.
  57. russ1962

    RC Spool Bearings

  58. russ1962

    Fake Newell's From Thailand ??

    Have any of you Newell enthusiasts encountered any Newell's with a small sticker from Thailand on the inside of the reel stand? I had this experience a few weeks back with a Blue colored 220 that I wanted to purchase. I met the seller at Sav-On Tackle parking lot and was looking the reel over...
  59. russ1962

    Best Rods For Okuma CEDROS CSD 12S Star Drag

    Anybody with the Okuma CEDROS CSD 12S , please feel free to share your rod choice for this reel! I recently purchased one and the quality seems very, very nice but I haven't had a chance to fish it yet. I plan on pairing it with a Seeker G-6470 Capt.J. Thanks in advance!
  60. russ1962

    Best Irons For Catalina Yellowtail ?

    Which irons and colors are working best right now for the Catalina Yellows?
  61. russ1962

    Rod For Okuma Cedros CSD 12S

    What rod do you Cedros owners have your 12S paired to ?
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  63. russ1962

    For Sale Or Trade NEWELL R332-5 Pristine Condition Still In The Box

    Newell R-332 still in original bubble wrap in original box. Never been used. Pristine condition! Make me an acceptable cash offer and it's yours.
  64. russ1962

    WTB - Tiburon Frame For Newell P-332

    Looking for a good used Tib Frame w/reel clamp for a Newell P-332. Let me know what you have.
  65. russ1962

    For Sale Or Trade NEWELL R-220F Still In The Box

    Never used Newell R-220F in original box and bubble wrap. Never been on a rod. No Low-Ballers. Will not ship. I can text pics to your phone. (626) 945-3090 Best Offer / or trade.
  66. russ1962

    Penn 501 Question ?

    Is there a way to tell if a reel was made in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, etc....? Is the 2004 model exactly the same as the original 1966 model?
  67. russ1962

    Pristine Newell P322-5

    I couldn't go to Vegas with the family this past weekend so on Saturday I decided to hit a few tackle stores for some supplies and do some reel maintenance. Well, as luck would have it, I was in the right place at the right time and scored an old 4-stack Newell P322-5 in pristine condition...
  68. russ1962

    WTB Teramar TMC-X80 MH

    Looking for a nice Teramar TMC-X80MH cork handle w/ reel seat for my son. He's a college student in So. California (North Orange County) looking for a good deal. Thanks in advance!
  69. russ1962

    Seeker Black Steel G670

    I picked up a good, used Black Steel G670 today. I really like the way it feels, and after pulling on it a few times, I knew that I needed to add this one to my arsenal. I'm hoping it will be a nice rod for YT & WSB. Opinions are welcomed.
  70. russ1962

    ***NINTENDO DS LITE w/Charger, Original Box, and 16 GAMES

    First $99 takes it all! Your kids are going to love you!! Whittier Area.
  71. russ1962

    PENN Fathom 25 4:8:1 Stainless Gear Set For Sale

    I have a brand new set of Stainless Steel 4:8:1 gears and yoke for a PENN Fathom 25 that I got from ProChallenger66. Never opened. $60 cash. Pick up near Whittier.
  72. russ1962

    How Can I Reduce The Diameter Of Front EVA Grip ??

    I traded some fishing equipment for a custom rod and have used it only one time. I don't like the diameter of the front grip and am wondering if anyone can recommend an easy way to reduce the size of the grip and make the diameter smaller. Thanks in advance!
  73. russ1962

    Tiburon T-Bar Lite Handle For Newell P-332

    Have any of you swapped the original P-332 handle for the Tiburon T-Bar Lite handle? What's the verdict?? Is it worth the money?
  74. russ1962

    WTT: Very Nice Newell P-220 For Penn Fathom 25N

    Willing to trade a Very Nice P-220 w/ 4-stack drags for a PENN Fathom 25N.
  75. russ1962

    WTT Newell P-220 For ??

    I've got a Newell P-220 4-stack for possible trade straight across. Let's make a deal!
  76. russ1962

    PENN Fathom 25N 4.8:1 Gear Set Reviews

    Has anyone fished the Fathom 25N with the 4.8:1 gear set? Any reviews/comments?
  77. russ1962

    Lexa 400 Reviews

    Have any of you tried the Lexa 400 yet?
  78. russ1962

    Teramar TMC X80MH And Lexa 300 For Rockfish ???

    I've got a couple visitors coming this weekend that want to go out on one of the local boats for rockfish. The only extra rods I have are a couple of Teramar TMC X80MH paired with a Lexa 300. Has anyone ever used these setups for rockfish????
  79. russ1962

    OG P332 Opinions

    OK, so here's the deal. I've got an original OG P332 that works flawlessly. I also have the original box, bubble wrap, schematics, spare parts list, registration card, tube of Newell gear grease and tube of Newell assembly grease, etc... I aslo have a spare Tiburon frame for a P332 that I'm not...
  80. russ1962

    Newell P220 and G220

    If you want to sell your P220 or a G220 send me a PM with info.
  81. russ1962

    Older Newell P332

    I'm looking to buy an older P332 in good mechanical condition.
  82. russ1962

    Increase Drag on Newell G-220

    Is there a way to increase the drag on a G-220?
  83. russ1962

    Very Nice Newell P-332

    Newell P-332 For Sale. VERY nice condition! Has been recently serviced by ReelSpeed, has a full spool of new 30lb P-line, and freespools forever! SOLD!
  84. russ1962

    Tiburon Frame For Newell P-332

    Silver Tiburon Frame for Newell P-332. Never fished. Excellent condition! $55.00. Pick up in Whittier.
  85. russ1962

    Seeker SD8 For Sale

    Very Nice Black Seeker SD8 rod for sale. 20 (30) 50 lb . 9/10 condition. Factory rod. Asking $125. Pick up in Whittier. SOLD!
  86. russ1962

    Best Rods For Lexa 300

    Which rods would you guys pair with a Lexa 300 for targeting Calico's ?
  87. russ1962

    22nd Street Landing 12-26-2012

    I've tried calling them for days prior to Christmas but can't get a live person to answer the phone. Does anybody know if boats are scheduled for tomorrow 12-26-2012 ?
  88. russ1962

    Saltist STTLW20H-C Casting Reel

    Are there any reviews availlable for this reel? I saw one as Sav-On Tackle and it looked pretty nice. I don't own a levelwind reel but I'm considering trying this one. What do you guys think?
  89. russ1962

    Newell Bearing Upgrade

    Newell owners, when replacing spool bearings do you prefer ceramic or stainless steel ?
  90. russ1962

    Which #lb Line For Fathom 25N ?

    I am giving my son a Fathom 25N for his birthday and need some opinions on line selection. For the time being he will be using it as an all-purpose reel for local So. Cal. fishing with live bait, bottom fishing, and maybe some light surface irons. His rod is a Shimano Tallus TLC-70MHA , line...
  91. russ1962

    Penn Fathom FTH25N

    Looking to buy a Penn Fathom FTH25N. I'm in Whittier near the OC line.
  92. russ1962

    NEW Saltist Levelwind 'Casting' Reels

    Has anyone tried the New Saltist Levelwind 'Casting' reels ? Looking for opinions.
  93. russ1962

    Phenix Abyss PSX-809 20-50

    I'm looking to buy a Phenix PSX-809, 20-50. Located near Whittier/OC line.
  94. russ1962

    Calstar 970 and Calstar 270-8H

    Looking for a Calstar 970 and 270-8H in good condition. I'm near Whittier/OC line.
  95. russ1962

    Newell P229 Part # U-1LS

    Where can I find a Crescent Spring for a P229 , part # U-1LS ? Thanks in advance!
  96. russ1962

    Newell G220 or P220

    Looking for a G220 or a P220 in excellent mechanical condition.
  97. russ1962

    Newell G Series 220, 229, 332

    I'm looking for reasonably priced, original Newell G Series 220, 229, 332 reels in good condition. Located in So Cal, near the OC line.
  98. russ1962

    Newell P220 4 Stack Drags

    How many lbs of drag can I get from the 4 stack system on a P220 ?
  99. russ1962

    Calstar 270-7

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced Calstar WC 270-7. Let me know if you've got one for sale.
  100. russ1962

    Newell G220 or G229

    Looking for an extra G220 or G229 in good condition. I'm located in Whittier, CA.
  101. russ1962

    Newell P332

    I need to get my P332 serviced and am looking for a reputable place near Whittier, CA. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
  102. russ1962

    Newell 'G' Series Reels

    Looking for opinions on the older G series Newells. I own a few of the 'P' series and the 'S' series and am thinking of buying a 'G' series. Any issues to be aware of ?
  103. russ1962

    Newell P332 Freespool Problem

    When I pull back on the jackhandle the reel won't freespool unless I manually turn the spool backward a little bit and then it releases. What could be causing this and how do I fix it? Thanks in advance!
  104. russ1962

    Black Steel D8 vs. Super Seeker D8 ??

    What is the difference between the Black Steel D8 and the Super Seeker D8 rods? Is the newer SS made from a composite?
  105. russ1962

    SD-8-8 Rod

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced S D8-8 rod 20 (30) 50. Prefer a location close to Orange County. Thanks in advance!