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  1. Nazztradamous

    Shimano Terez or Tallus Spinning Heavy Rod

    Looking for a good condition Shimano Terez or Tallus Spinning rod - Heavy (50-100lb) for my Saragosa SW20000 reel.
  2. Nazztradamous

    New - Avet SX 6/4 MC RAPTOR

    Looking for a never used/ brand new Avet SX 6/4 MC Raptor in silver or black color.
  3. Nazztradamous

    Calstar Grafighter 700H factory or custom

    Looking for a factory wrapped Calstar 700H or 700XH but open to a custom one as well. PM me and I’ll send my number.
  4. Nazztradamous

    Avet MXL 6/4 and Custom Calstar 700ML (20-40#) combo

    Would like to sell as a combo but might consider splitting the rod and reel for the right price. Purple 2-speed Avet MXL 6/4 and a custom Calstar 700ML (20-40#) both in great condition. Combo rod and reel for $450.
  5. Nazztradamous

    Daiwa Procaster-Z 153IV with Abu Garcia Sig. Series Rod

    Price is not firm. Give me your best offer. Daiwa Procaster-Z 153IV reel with a Abu Garcia Signature Series rod (6'6" / 20# / med. heavy casting)...$50
  6. Nazztradamous

    Penn Peer No. 309, Garcia GK-62, Shakespeare Alpha XT, Penn Spinning Reel, and Roddy Hunter 335 by Penn

    Price on all reels are not firm. Make me your best offer. Need to get rid of all these extra reels laying around the garage. 1. Penn Peer No. 309 Conventional Reel...$50 2. Garcia GK-62 Conventional Reel...$50 3. Shakespeare Alpha XT...$25 4. Roddy Hunter 335 by Penn...$25 5. Vintage Penn...
  7. Nazztradamous

    Roddy Gator Tail by Penn, Sea Eagle by Eagle Claw, Pro Sabre Stroker and Penn 114H Senator Combo

    Everything listed does not have a firm price. Need to sell and free up space in the garage. Asking for the best offer on all items below. The pictures are in order with the items listed numerically. 1. Roddy Gator Tail by Penn (7 ft / 15-30#)...$60 2. Sea Eagle by Eagle Claw (7 ft /...
  8. Nazztradamous

    Calstar 700H or 7400H and a Brand New Avet LX Raptor.

    Interested in purchasing a Calstar 700H or 7400H and also for a brand new Avet lx raptor. Send me a message if you have any to sell.
  9. Nazztradamous

    Calstar Grafighter-700H

    Looking for a Calstar Graphiter 700H (30-80lb) for my Avet LX Raptor. Please show pictures if you have any for sale. Thank you.
  10. Nazztradamous

    WTB Calstar 700M/MH/H rod

    Looking for a new or mint barely used Calstar 700M/MH/H rod. Could be custom or factory. Purchased a Avet MXL Raptor in gold color and looking for a nice rod. Already own a custom Calstar 700ML. Please message me with pictures if possible. Thank you, -Nick