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  1. lilharcher

    Calstar 770 Railrods for BFT

    lilharcher submitted a new listing: Calstar 770 Railrods for BFT - Calstar 770 Railrods for BFT Learn more about this listing...
  2. lilharcher

    American Angler haul 4/22

    With 25 guys on board, already reporting limits of BFT today with a 120lb average......that’s insane. Must have found the right school in the dark and bombed em with flat falls! Great sign to come and quality is insane!
  3. lilharcher

    TranX 500PG - Just back from Service

    Up for Sale is a Shimano TranX 500PG w/ 4.6:1.0 gear ratio - Just got back from full service from Shimano and hasn’t been fished since. So 10/10 mechanically. A bit of normal wear shoes on exterior, but in very good condition overall. Ready to fish, as the reel is filled with 80lb PowerPro green...
  4. lilharcher

    Avet LX 6.0:1 Silver (single speed)

    Up for sale is a very good condition (9.5+/10) Silver Avet LX single speed reel.......will make an excellent YT/Sea Bass reel. Also great for slinging irons to hungry calicos or YT. Never fish, only used as a kite reel for a couple trips (until we got designated electric kite reel). Loaded with...
  5. lilharcher

    Calstar Roller Rods - good Kite rods

    Selling these cheap to get rid of them: 1) 6455xh - Factory wrap, practically bran new - $250 ($200+ below retail) 2) 660H - Wrapped by Bob’s Tackle in Santa Monica, in very similar color to the factory colors. Great shape - $200 Use for local bluefin, on the kite, sinker rig, or dropping flat...
  6. lilharcher

    Tohatsu 30 hp 2-Stroke Tiller - Very Clean

    I have for sale a 30 hp 2-Stroke long shaft tiller engine made by Tohatsu. Very clean and babies by my grandpa, and only used 4-5x per year in a lake, never in salt. Comes with 6-gallon OEM tank and gas line, head cover, kill switch, and storage bracket in picture. Always stored in garage with...
  7. lilharcher

    BFT rod for Kite! Seeker G-6463XXXXH 6.25’

    Like new condition. Great rod while fishing the Kite, as it is long for a roller rod at 6.25’, has tremendous backbone, and has the hard plastic above the reel seat to use the rail! Model is Seeker G-6463XXXXH. Factory wrapped. Has the big foot Aftco rollers. Great for 100-200lb+ line on the...
  8. lilharcher

    Proven 40lb BFT stick - Calstar 700mh

    Seeking $200 for this M&M wrapped Calstar 700mh, rated for 25lb - 60lb line.....has beefed up guides. Proven fish killer - got a 130lb BFT with Talica 12 W/ 40lb On this rod on the Shogun June 11. Just bought a new boat, and had all new custom rods spun up, so our loss is your gain. All black...
  9. lilharcher

    Shimano Trinidad 20 DC - Two

    I have two up for sale......been fished a few seasons in Puerto Vallarta on our private boat, and serviced annually by Shimano. Always maintained and in great working order. Some boat rash on side plate from normal use, but otherwise solid cosmetically. Still highly sought after. Seeking...
  10. lilharcher

    Offshore Shogun 1.5 day June 11 - Got ‘em!!

    Buddy couldn’t go due to his daughter’s graduation, so Took his spot and was fortunate to be 1 of 14 anglers on this 1.5 day on 95’ Shogun. Each person had their own stateroom and our bait was epic, most of it cured from their prior trip. First off, the relatively new young guns, Captain/owners...
  11. lilharcher

    Bargain: BNIB Black Avet 50/2 Topless

    As the title and actual picture indicate, I have a brand new, unused, flawless Avet EX 50/2 Topless/SDS for sale, LOADED with brand new (unused) hallow 130lb Seaguar spectra, ready for your top shot of choice. Retail is $599. Quick Sale Price of $499 (firm) w/ spectra (over $150 off retail). I...
  12. lilharcher

    Avet HooX 2-Speed, Rigged for BFT

    Up for sale is a Silver Avet HooX 5/2 2-Speed, rigged and ready to fish our local BFT.......has 600 yards of PowerPro Slick 80lb spectra w/ new 50lb Seagar Premier Florocarbon topshot. Fished all last season then serviced by Avet this winter, with only one 1.5 day this season. 8.5 cosmetically...
  13. lilharcher

    Black Avet 50 SDS w/ gear upgrade

    SOLD SOLD I have 1 Black Avet 50/2 SDS (topless) left that I would like to find a new home for. It has the $50 upgraded “Kite Gear”, which increases the high speed gear ratio from 3.2:1 to ~4.5:1.0. This is great for the kite, or dropping jigs on our local bruiser BFT. The low gear is unchanged...
  14. lilharcher

    Black Avets - 30’s and 50’s

    I have some more Black Avets for sale.....this time 2 30’s and 2 50 SDS’, all in great shape and ready to fish. All are loaded to the gills with spectra, and ready for your top shot of choice. Each was used for less than a handful of trips, primarily on private boats. I have sold about 10 black...
  15. lilharcher

    14’ Starcraft + Trailer = FREE!!

    I inherited this boat from my grandfather but have no use for it......because my mom screwed up on the will, I only have the title for the trailor. But boat title can be obtained with a bit of work on your end. Must be picked up this weekend. Again - this is FREE!! One could also scrap the...
  16. lilharcher

    Kuiu Icon Pro 3200 + Accessories

    Up for sale are the following: 1) Kuiu Icon Pro 3200 in Phantom color, with size L/XL belt (I am a 33 waist, but fit 40”+) and 24” carbon fiber frame. Great shape - see pics. Will throw in a bow harness and two hip pouches. $500 new (w/ accessories listed); Asking $350 shipped to your door. 2)...
  17. lilharcher

    WTS: 1 Silver Avet HX (2 speed)

    I have the following reels for sale: 1) Black HX Raptor 5/2 - loaded full of Blue PowerPro super slick 80lb spectra. Used on 2 trips and in great condition. 10/10 mechanically and 9.5/10 cosmetically. Price: SOLD 2) Black HX Raptor 5/2 - loaded full of PowerPro camo 100lb spectra. Used on 2...
  18. lilharcher

    SOLD: Black HooX Raptor Wide 2-Speed

    Very clean Avet HXW 5/2 for sale w/ big/power handle, loaded with 400 yards of 100lb spectra. Used on a few trips and guaranteed to be 10/10 mechanically and 9.0+ cosmetically and always properly maintained. Comes with full money back guaranty if not accurately described. Longtime member that...
  19. lilharcher

    Maximus - still a gag order?

    Been out of the loop and curious as to what there still a gag-order, or can the story be told?
  20. lilharcher

    Badlands 4500 Pack for Sale - Cheap

    Badlands 4500 for sale. Bought this from Fresh One in late 2013 and NEVER used it. So I guess it still only has 2 uses on it back when Fresh One owned it. Still in great shape. Paid $175 I believe, and will sell for $100 (prefer local pickup in OC or West LA). Shipped for $20 more. Pics can be...
  21. lilharcher

    Need 1 for 2.5 day charter on Journey Man Jan 2 - 5

    I likely have 1 spot on my 2.5 day charter on the Journey Man, leaving the evening of Jan 2 and returning the morning of Jan 5. Send me a PM if interested. Limited load of 4 (me and my two buddies). We will have two kites up most of the time and will be working hard. Plenty of current reports...
  22. lilharcher

    Giant BFT - Need Stand-up Rod?

    I had a few custom, stand-up Rods built for my last trip to PEI, where my group put the hurt on a bunch of Giant BFT up to 1,000 to trip details here: Of the two customs rods I specifically had built for this fishery, I...
  23. lilharcher

    Any reports of Albacore off Tofino/Ucl/etc?

    With good fishing already in Washington, was wondering if there have been any reports of Albacore on the backside of Vancouver Island yet? I know it usually requires a 25 mile + run, but just wondering..... Thanks
  24. lilharcher

    Utah hitting Credit Cards

    Anyone graciously waiting for the Utah draw results that are officially released on May 29th? If so, check your credit card statement, as they have already charged the tag cost for those that were successful in the draw. My credit card was already hit, so looks like a mule deer tag is in my...
  25. lilharcher

    Journeyman 2.5 Day Report 1/31/15

    Just got done with a 2.5 day on the Journeyman with Capt Russell, Danny Lu Lu, and Mitchell. I've been fishing offshore in PV for the last 8 years and the conditions just seem off this year, with a smaller grade of fish (75 - 180lbs) than usual. Probably the reason for the lack of fishing...
  26. lilharcher

    Apollo headed to PV - Anyone fishing with them?

    I see the Apollo is heading down to PV this winter. Anyone here fishing with them? Definitely interested in trying to get on one of their trips or on Journeyman. Seems like the bite is just now picking up steam and should go strong through March.
  27. lilharcher

    Success w/ 6x6 Bull in Meeker, CO

    While we wait for Ali's hunting report, I thought I post mine...... Killed this bull last Monday (11/11) on the LK Ranch in Meeker, CO (free range). This was day 2 of my hunt. Cold day with multiple snow flurries, which caused the wind to change directions 2 times. To avoid being busted, we...
  28. lilharcher

    Meat grinder needed ASAP.

    just killed a nice 6x6 Bull in meeker, CO on Monday night and just got done butchering and vacuum sealing. However, I have had some bad luck with finding a grinder or meat processor. Dropped it off at a game processor only to get a call after the fact saying they couldn't process it this...
  29. lilharcher

    WTS: Bad Ass Commercial Canner w/ 300+ Cans & Lids

    For Sale - Ives-Way Commercial Canner, Model #400, seals cans of 3 1/2" in diameter and 1 1/2" in hight (can accommodate other sized cans too....see below)....virtually the same size as the canned tuna in the supermarket. This canner is amazing and have made about 100 perfect cans of tuna for...
  30. lilharcher

    Queen Charlotte Lodge or anywhere on Haida Gwaii?

    Heard many good things about the quanity and quality of Kings on Haida Gwaii and am interested in setting up a trip to the Queen Charlotte Lodge. Anyone have any expereince up there......what is the best month and moon phase (tides) to fish up there? Thanks!
  31. lilharcher

    Legardary Nevada 231 Elk Tag

    My dad is a NV resident and got drawn for an rifle ELK tag (early hunt) for the legendary 231 zone in Nevada........some of the largest bulls in the country have been taken out of this zone so expectations were high (I believe a recent WR was taken out of this zone a few years back.....not sure...
  32. lilharcher

    Great White Attacks Seals off PV on 9/19/13 - Caught on Video

    My buddy at work's son (I believe he is 14) captured this video from his phone last Thursday (9/19).....they saw a Great White cartwheel 5 ft out of the water to attack a seal off Palos Verdes (like on Nat Geo), then started filming shortly thereafter. Crappy video (from phone) and funny...
  33. lilharcher

    Absolutely PERFECT Red Avet JX 6/3 on Yo's Custom Ulua (9 ft)

    Up for sale: Red Avet JX 6/3 (2-speed) on a Yo's custom wrapped Seeker Ulua Jig Stick.......Wrapped in Aug 2006 by Martin at Yo's. Cut down to optimum length by Martin to 9.0 feet. Custom cord grip with Turks heads. This rod is MINT, everything looks brand new....not a scratch and all metal...
  34. lilharcher


    Up for Sale - All Aftco Bent Butts: 1) Brand New Silver Aftco Unibutt - Model UB2SCS, rated 30 - 80lb = $125 (Retails for $170) - SPF 2) Used twice and great condition Silver Aftco Unibutt - Model UB2SCS, rated 30 - 80lb = $100 (retails for $170) - SPF 3) Brand New Silver Aftco Storabutt -...
  35. lilharcher

    9mm Remington UMC 115 gr. FMJ - 500 rounds

    Up for sale - 500 rounds of 9mm Remington UMC 115 gr. FMJ ammo, comprised of TWO Mega Pack boxes (250 rounds each). Selling for $110 each or both for $200. For full disclosure, bought them for $85 each and had to pay for shipping. Looking to make $10 per box essentially, or I'll just keep...
  36. lilharcher

    Like New - Black Avets - HX, HXJ, JX (2) - Raptor & MC

    UPDATE: Sorry guys.......sold them to Gernsey, who I fish with all the time........since he is in my crew, he got dibs......will be posting more up shortly. I appologize for leaving this up too long without a response......been busy with work. Up for Sale are 4 lightly used Black...
  37. lilharcher

    Cows in PV - Jan 19, 2013

    Great start to 2013 for the "Salty" crew aboard the luxury 60' Journeyman, with Capt. Russell at the helm (Note, we have yet to not kill it when fishing aboard the Journeyman). Originally planned to do 2.5 day, but after plugging the boat with 20 tuna over 100 lbs (some released) on Saturday...
  38. lilharcher

    Heating / A/C Service in Orange County

    Looking to get my Furnace and A/C unit serviced. Located in Huntington Beach. Would rather give my cash to a BD member than someone I don't know. Shoot me a PM if you can hook me up! -Matt-
  39. lilharcher

    LNIB Avet EXW 50/2 Silver - Two Available

    SOLD!!!! For Sale - Two Silver Avet EXW 50/2 reels, used on two trips on a private boat. Confirmed 10/10 mechanically by Avet last week and 9.5+ cosmetically. Still has factory shine, with only a few minor scratches (nothing that you wouldn't get on your first trip). Meticulously maintained...
  40. lilharcher

    AR Lower, complete or stripped

    Looking for a couple or AR lowers, preferably complete, but will consider stripped. CA legal. Paying cash and transfer fees (at FFL in west la or OC). Shoot me a PM if you have something for sale. Thanks
  41. lilharcher

    Bisbee's Update - Team Pelagic just weighted a 465lb Blue

    FINAL - Team Frantic Pace sweeps 2012 Bisbee's, winnings total $2.4MM Congrats Herk, JT, Tony, and the rest of Team Frantic Pace! Day 3 UPDATE - Looks like JT, Herk, and Team Frantic Pace will win more last boat to weigh in! Two fish were boated today, none by Frantic Pace...
  42. lilharcher

    Payment for fishing video editing??

    If you are skilled at making a cool fishing video from GoPro footage, please shoot me a PM. I will pay a fair wage. I just got back from fishing Giant BFT in PEI with lots of great footage and would like to turn it into a cool video. Thanks, -Matt-
  43. lilharcher

    Brand New - Avet LX Raptor w/ Cast Control

    For Sale - BRAND NEW Black Avet LX Raptor with Cast Control (MC).....2-speed 6/3. Loaded with 500 yrds of brand new 80lb PowerPro Spectra (grey), ready for your favorite top shot. Pulls 28lbs of drag at Strike and 38lbs at Full. Cost new is $529 w/o the spectra. Sale Price (Reduced): $400...
  44. lilharcher

    Black Avet LX RAPTOR with MC (Cast Control)

    For Sale - Black Avet LX Raptor with Cast Control (MC).....2-speed 6/3. Used on one trip. Still shinny and looks brand new, other than ONE small scratch on side plate. Rate 9.8 Cosmetically; 10 mechanically. Loaded with 450 yrds of 100lb JB Hollow Spectra, with 20 yrds of 100lb floro top shot...
  45. lilharcher


    SOLD!!!! I have a Brand New Black MC HX Raptor for sale, loaded with 600 yards of 80lb grey power pro spectra. Again, Brand New, NEVER fished; purchased and spooled by Charkbait in Huntington Beach. MC = Cast Control; Raptor = tough son bitch, 40lbs of drag at strike and 50lbs at full. Cost...
  46. lilharcher

    Any Tofino, BC area reports?

    How is fishing (Salmon & Hali) right now? Any weather issues expected? I am heading to Tofino area this weekend and looking for some info. Thanks! UPDATED: Some tough fishing the last few days, as the boys are waiting for another run of fish to make it down to the Tofino area. We had lights...
  47. lilharcher

    HVAC Technician

    Seeking an HVAC technician to move and reconnect my residential A/C unit. I am located in Huntington Beach. Please call me at 310-403-6270. -Matt-
  48. lilharcher

    AVET 50 SDS SILVER - Just Serviced by Avet

    Just picked up from the Avet factory for service, I have TWO Avet 50/2 SDS (topless) reels for sale (no use since service) w/ soft handle. Both have over 400 yrds of 130lb JB Hollow Spectra, ready for your favorite top shot. Both equal condition - Mechanically 10/10; Cosmetically, some minor...
  49. lilharcher

    Accurate 2-Speed Inventory Reduction, Some NIB

    I am reducing inventory.....way too many reels in the arsenal. Reels are priced to sell, so prices are firm. Please PM with questions or purchases......first come, first served. Here is the list of items: 1) ONE - NIB Accurate B2-665H Wide (2-speed) e-Series w/ Cast Control and T-Bar Handle...
  50. lilharcher

    Accurates and Avets - Very Clean

    Be ready for Bluefin, Albacore, YT season.......FOR SALE: (a) Accurate Boss Magnum 870 Narrow (single speed). Gear Ration: 4.6:1.0. Condition: 9.5 cosmetically (a few small rash) / 10 mechanically. Line: 65lb JB Hollow. Reel was just serviced by accurate (no use since service)...
  51. lilharcher

    Accurate Boss 870 Narrow and 270 (2-speed)

    Picture of 270 added below! For sale: (a) Accurate Boss Magnum 870 Narrow (single speed). Gear Ration: 4.6:1.0. Condition: 9.5 cosmetically (a few small rash) / 10 mechanically. Line: 65lb JB Hollow. Reel was just serviced by accurate (no use since service). Price...
  52. lilharcher

    Black Avet 50 SDS (perfect) and Brand NEW Seeker 2 x 4

    I am selling the following Items: 1) Brand New, Never Used Seeker 2 x 4 Rail Rod with Titanium Guides - purchased at Charkbait for $469 4-months ago and never used. Black and Red (Charkbait Colors) custom Factory Wrap. $325 Firm (Brand New) - SOLD 2) Black Avet 50 SDS (topless) - light...
  53. lilharcher

    Looking For: White Lab

    Looking for a companion for my 12-month old Black Lab, which I rescued last year. Looking for a puppy. Great home and provider. Prefer a pale Yellow Lab (white in color). Shoot me a PM if you can help. Thanks!
  54. lilharcher

    Avet SDS 50 - Black; PERFECT

    Avet 50 SDS - Black. Asking $439 Firm. Loaded with 130lb JB Hallow Spectra and 130lb Blue Izor top-shot (shorty). Perfect condition. Why buy new, when this reel is available. Shoot me a PM if interested in buying. Thanks!
  55. lilharcher

    Avet EX 30/2 and EXW 30/2 - Silver

    Pictures Below! The EX 30/2 Narrow (topless) is filled with 100 lb JB solid spectra, with a 100 lb seaguar fluoro wind on or leader - $320 (SOLD) The EXW 30/2 Wide (topless) is filled with 130 lb JB hollow spectra - $340 Both reels have light wear and tear, but are perfect mechanically...
  56. lilharcher

    Accurate ATDs - 50 topless and 30 topless

    For Sale: Accurate Topless 50's and 30's. Always professionally maintained and in excellent condition....10/10 mechanically, as these reels were just serviced by Accurate (no use since service) and 9/10 cosmetically (few minor scratches from normal use). All reels filled with JB hallow...
  57. lilharcher

    Brand New Shimano Trinidad 30A

    Brand new and in the box.....never used. Price is $415 (retail is $499). Please send me a PM if interested. Thanks!
  58. lilharcher

    Accurate ATD Topless Super Sale - 50's and 30's and 80's

    I have Eleven Accurates for Sale as follows: Six 50 topless, Two 30 topless, One 50 Wide, One 80 Narrow, and One 80 Wide. I now have them in hand. One of the 50 Topless reels is 10/10 mechanically and 9.8/10 cometically and is loaded with new 130lb JB Hallow Spectra. Taken out of the box in...
  59. lilharcher

    Accurate 30 & 50 Topless

    Selling all Accurates (or exchange $ for $ for select Avets - hoo-x or 30's in BLACK). Here is what I will be getting from the boat on my next trip: 3 - 50 Topless 1 - 30 Topless 1 - 12 Topless 1 - 80N 1 - 50W All will be serviced by Accurate prior to they will be 10/10...
  60. lilharcher

    Accurate ATD 30

    Selling all accurates.....right now, I have listed an Accurate ATD 30 (topless) on ebay. Filled with 130lb hallow spectra w/ 130lb izorline top-shot. In interested, here is the link: ACCURATE ATD 30 Fishing Reel - Excellent Condition - eBay (item 260717611411 end time Jan-12-11 19:03:59 PST)
  61. lilharcher

    Calstar 770H, XH, or XXH

    Shoot me a PM if you are selling a Calstar 770H, XH, or XXH. Interested buyer at a fair price. Thanks!
  62. lilharcher

    Salty Report - 11/7/10

    SteveD on the Salty had much of the same success that Barnes reported yesterday. On Sunday, they got 8 tuna (7 over 100lbs, with the largest going 160lbs) and 5 Dorado. All tuna were caught between the island and bank. I should be getting another real time report tonight. UPDATE for Monday...
  63. lilharcher

    Team Salty - 9/4 & 9/5 PV Report

    PICTURES HERE: 9/4 - Started at the bank after a late out there at around 11:00am......quickly made some choras and started working the high spots. Very little...
  64. lilharcher

    Could'a, Should'a, Would'a

    Team Salty fished this weekend in PV but didn't enter the tourney. To my knowledge, there were no qualifying tuna weighted during the tourney. Team Salty, led by the hot stick of Karl (AKA The Baboon), caught 3 tuna that would have qualified, topped by a 150 lb YFT. I guess they should have...
  65. lilharcher

    Team Salty - 7/18 - 7/19 Report

    SteveD, Gernsey, & DannyG were chasing the bruisers this weekend with the big baits. I just got a real time update from SteveD.......they got an estimated 195 - 205lb YFT on Sunday and this morning (back at the dock by 1pm) got a 180 YFT, followed by a double header of Black Marlin, that were...
  66. lilharcher

    Team Salty - WFO PV TUNA 4/9 & 4/10 - Photo Gallery

    Just got back from PV, where Team Salty experienced WFO action consisting of singles, doubles, triples, and even one quad hook-up all day long on 4/9 - 4/11. Most fish were caught 5 - 15 miles west of El Banco. I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking.......written reports can be found on...
  67. lilharcher

    Team Salty - Day 3 4/11/10 - Still WFO

    I flew home yesterday but SteveD reported 16 fish caught (only two anglers and 2 crew)......WFO.....they didn't even get out to the grounds until after 11 am. Better grade of fish too, averaging 110 - 120lbs. Here is the report from SteveD: Fishing was wide open yesterday. Caught 16 fish to...
  68. lilharcher

    Team Salty - Day 2 4/10/10 - 17 tuna

    Got 17 to the boat today...overall GREAT were biting the cabbi's better today despite being more spread out........unlike yesterday when the fish were schooled up, today, the fish were spread out in small packs over 15 miles......tough to find and fast moving, but once on em, they...
  69. lilharcher

    Team Salty - PV on Fire 4/9/10

    PV is still read hot........2 miles of YFT, recklessly chasing 4" squid......busting the surface everywhere you look. Getting them to bite on a live bait, jig, or top water has been challenging at times, but we managed to get a dozen fish to the boat today, ranging in size from 80lbs - 190lbs...
  70. lilharcher

    Tres Marias - Boat Impounded?

    Anyone have any information on the report of a 50' Hatteras being impounded at the Tres Marias yesterday (3/9/10) for fishing within the buffer zone w/o a permit???
  71. lilharcher

    DirecTV HD DVR, model HR-22 or 23

    I am looking for a used DirecTV HD DVR, model HR-22 or 23, and will pay a fair amount for it. Thus, if you recently cancelled your DirecTV and want immediate cash for your HD DVR, please shoot me a PM or call at 310.403.6270. I just purchased a new TV and am looking for one immediately. Thanks...
  72. lilharcher

    or Trade: 65" Pioneer HDTV - Rear-Projection LCD

    I am looking to sell or trade (for fishing gear) my 65" Pioneer Rear-projection LCD HDTV.........I am moving and don't have the space for it anymore. TV has a great HD picture and is in perfect working order. This would make the great sports TV for a basement, garage, game room, etc........will...
  73. lilharcher

    Seaguar 130lb, 150lb, or 200lb Floro

    Anyone have any Seaguar Floro in 130lb, 150lb, or 200lb that you no longer have use for? If so, please shoot me a PM as I'm looking to buy a decent amount of the 15m or 30m spools.
  74. lilharcher

    Owner Tournament Mutu 8/0 - 10/0

    If you have some of these packs and are looking to sell them, please shoot me a PM. I am looking to buy as many as I can get my hands on at a fair price. These are NOT super mutu or the regular mutu, rather the Tournament Mutu that is used primarily on billfish. Thanks!
  75. lilharcher

    Rifle Reloading Equipment

    Looking for rifle reloading equipment. If you have equipment for sale that is in good working order, please PM or call me at 310.403.6270. Thanks, -Matt-
  76. lilharcher

    Tofino, B.C. 7/3 - 7/6 - 60+ Chinook, Lings, Reds, & Halibut

    PICS ADDED.... Fishing doesn't get any better than what I expereinced in Tofino, B.C. this last weekend. Three of us over 2.5 days of fishing caught over 60 Chinook, a handful of Coho, and all the Lings and Rockfish one could ever want. All the Chinook were between 15 - 30lbs with the average...
  77. lilharcher

    NEW: Accurate 270 2-Speed

    Accurate 270 2-Speed - Brand New in the Box, Never Used.......$440 ($120 off retail and no tax).....price is firm, as I don't need to sell. Located in West LA. Shoot me a PM if interested!
  78. lilharcher

    Riviera Nayarit Marlin Tournament (Aug 13 - 15th)

    Is anyone from the board fishing this tourney in PV in August? Marlin is the feature fish but there is also a tuna, dorado, and sailfish division. Looks like it is going to be run out of the new La Cruz Marina this year. Always a fun tourney with good prizes and money.....also lots of big fish...
  79. lilharcher

    Panama Fishing Photo Journal from Montousa Island 4/5/09

    I updated my original post with ~100 pics.......120 total tuna caught, marlin to 400lbs, and lots of other inshore criters.........go to the following:
  80. lilharcher

    Montuosa Island, Panama - 3/29 to 4/5

    Sitting in Panama City right now on my jouney back to LA, reflecting on a phenominal trip that I expereineced on the OFFSHORE ADVENTURES > WELCOME mothership with SteveD, TunaWrestler, and Bogii........all I can say is that we had the time of our life. We caught over 120 tuna between us in 6...
  81. lilharcher

    DVL - Bass Report 3/21

    Tough bite on Saturday 3/21 due to the harsh conditions with the barometer rising. Caught only a handful of 2 - 2.5lb males......all caught on senko's and green flukes (pegged with a 3/32 ounce weight). Fish wanted nothing to do with the drop shot......everyone else said the same thing back at...
  82. lilharcher

    Lings - Best Venue and Time of Year??

    If you had could go to any place in the Northwest (Alaska & BC) to fish Lings for quantity and quality, where would you go and what month of the year? Also, when does the fishery become C&R only?? Thanks in Advance!!
  83. lilharcher

    Car Mechanic Question

    Enough is Enough. After replacing the clutch on my S-10 pick-up truck (at a cost of $700), the mechanic told me that I also need a new transmission to completely fix the problem ($1,000 minimum). I have since bought a new car but have now decided to change out the bad tranny with a used part so...
  84. lilharcher

    St. Croix, USVI Fishing Report 11/29/08 (& Pics)

    Went on my honeymoon to St. Thomas and St. Croix this last week and after some less than ideal fishing conditions on St. Thomas, was able to sneak in a day offshore while on St. Croix on my last day on the island. Fished with Capt Carl on his 36' Hatteras Sportfisher "Mocko Jumbie" on Saturday...
  85. lilharcher

    PV - the Rock - 10/18 - 10/20

    Blessed to have fished with SteveD and Capt Adam (and JT on Monday) this weekend......Marlin bite was still going strong but the tuna bite was slow (for everyone except JT that I saw and from the reports we were getting). On Saturday we fished the Rock and got 250lb Blue, 6 tuna (10lbs to...
  86. lilharcher

    53rd Annual Marlin & Sailfish Tourney Nov 12 - 15

    This is happening in PV from Nov 12 - 15, 2008. Prizes look to be better this year, especially in the Tuna and Marlin divisions. I think there were over 30 boats last year.......this is the biggest tournament in PV. Prizes are as follows: Marlin Division: 1) $25,000 USD 2) 15' Boston Whaler...
  87. lilharcher

    w/ Danny Osuna on Marla 10/14/08

    On the second fishing day for my newly-wedd friends Will and Carolyn, they fished with Danny Osuna on the Marla. They reported non-stop action all day on the kite and chunk, ending the day with 5 tuna between 70 - 100lbs, 2 Dorado, and 1 Pargo. They also reported pulled hooks/breakoffs on at...
  88. lilharcher

    w/ Lora & Largo on "Fortuna" 10/8/08

    My close friends Carolyn and Will got married on the same day as me (Saturday) and are now enjoying their honeymoon in Cowtown! Prior to their departure, they asked me to book some fishing for them. I knew just the crew to send them out with.......called Catherine of Welcome to Prime Time...
  89. lilharcher

    No Bueno Norbert

    This will shut-off the fantastic chunck bite in PV for a few days I imagine....... Mucho swell time.....put down those rods and get out those surfboards amigos...
  90. lilharcher

    Boomer Report 9/19/08

    Got a couple reel time updates from SteveD and Adam yesterday from the grounds. They got a 190 and 120lb before noon and were still fishing. Later, I got a text at the end of the day stating that they got another ~120lb YFT and a few other smaller fish on the poppers. They also mentioned loosing...
  91. lilharcher

    For those itching for a report.....Day 1 of 10

    I got a call from JT on Monday, late afternoon, from the Rock. He is currently on a 10 day trip with a special someone. The plan is to fish 150 miles in either direction from PV (up towards Mazatlan and as far south as Barra). On day 1, he picked up his customers at the airport at noon and...
  92. lilharcher

    7/25 CATALINA GOES OFF - 45 Tails on the ULTRA!!!

    Short Story: Catalina busted wide open today.....Capt Brian and Crew on the Ultra led us to the pasture and we did some serious damage. Ended the day with 45 Yellowtail, 2 WSB, and 2 Halibut for 9 guys!!! No other boat has had this type of success there thus far this year.....hope it leads to...
  93. lilharcher

    San Clemente Island Reports?

    Any reports from San Clemente Island? I am heading out there tonight to fish tomorrow and would appreciate any recent information. Thanks!
  94. lilharcher out for Hurricane Bertha..

    Headed straight for Bermude at only 8 mph............Only 80mph winds (Category 1) but the waves offshore are expected to kick-up to 16 to 22ft. I imagine that the tourney this weekend will get cut short. Hope you cuaght your fish yesterday on the first day (or possibly today in the slop). Keep...
  95. lilharcher

    LAX to PV via Alaska Air

    What a joke. Just went to and to my surprise, they were advertising a web special from LAX to PVR for $149 each way + taxes when traveling between July 21 and Aug 10. Now this special was posted yesterday, June 30 and I checked the price for almost all of the dates between that...
  96. lilharcher

    El Banco 6/13 Report

    Just received a text message from Team "Boomer".......the tuna were on the chew today at Banco.......wide open on poppers and the small baits..........footballs to 50lbs. Must be lady luck......won't spoil JT fun with all the pics and crazy stories.....stay tuned.
  97. lilharcher


    JT, Look familiar??? What are you going to do without Sue's cooking for the next 12-months??
  98. lilharcher

    Skinny on Alaska Airlines' New Bagage Policy

    NO BUENO.....To add to Clarke's message a couple of weeks back, here is the latest from the airline's website: The baggage rules and fees noted below apply to tickets purchased on or after May 1, 2008, for travel on or after July 1, 2008. For baggage limitations applying to tickets purchased...
  99. lilharcher

    Thanks Renegade Mike fro making me look good....

    Mike, I referred my novice work friends to you couple of months back and this last Saturday (May 24) they fished with you and caught a couple Striped Marlin and a handfull of Yellowtail. They were so fired up. Thanks for making me look good. Maybe one of these days I see you in PV. I will...
  100. lilharcher

    World-Cup, July 4......JT, Clarke, etc?????

    Given the quality of Marlin in last years Riviera Nayarit tournament (in July), are any of you guys considering fishing the World-Cup (July 4) and putting PV on the map as a premiere Marlin hotspot? A 650lb fish could potentially win the $350,000+ purse.....may be worth it for a nominal entry...
  101. lilharcher

    Wound-Up Bemuda Report - 5/20 Unbelievable Report

    Just got a call from Capt. James aboard his charter boat "Wound-up" and today he caught 51 unbelievable catch, which I believe is the island record for most wahoo caught in a day. According to James, they couldn't keep the lures in the water......doubles, triples, and quad...
  102. lilharcher

    Bermuda Report w/ Wound-Up 5/9 - 5/12 - Monster Wahoo

    Wow, what an amazing trip to Bermuda! First and foremost, James Robinson (AKA Wound-up), owner and operator of Wound-up Charters, was an amazing host and one of the most intense fisherman I have ever fished with. The island, people, and fishery all exceeded my expectations. Before I get to the...
  103. lilharcher

    St. Thomas/St. Croix

    Heading to both St. Thomas and St. Croix for my honeymoon in November. Is either place have decent fishing this time of year for tuna, wahoo, or marlin? Does anyone have any recommendations for me as far as boats go? Thanks in advance!
  104. lilharcher

    St. Thomas Recommendations

    I am going to be in St. Thomas (5 days) and St. Croix (2 days) during the week of Thanksgiving in November. Can anyone recommend any solid boats down there and let me know what will be running that time of year (I know Marlin season typically end in October). Is the fishing decent enough to...
  105. lilharcher

    Lake Casitas - 2/24/08

    Got a late start and got to the lake at 11:00am. With coldfront and cloudy/rainy conditions, I decided to give the big baits a shot for the first couple of hours. I primarily fished main lake and secondary points. After a couple of hours for nada, I switched it up to a dropshot with 6" brown w/...
  106. lilharcher

    STFU Results

    Cha-Ching's inagural run was an epic one...........tremendous high hopes heading into the beach. SteveD started us off with a SOLID 291lb........uhhhhhhhhhh huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The fish was an absolute devil, pulling steve around like read-headed step-child for 3 hrs on the dot before Lora wired...
  107. lilharcher

    Sept 16 Cows

    Just got a call from SteveD after a day out on the water with JT. They got 'em good today (one pushing 300 plus another cow and a smorgus board of other species and smaller tuna). I heard some awesome pics are on the way. Steve is on fire this year. Congrats boys!! Stay tuned for the full...
  108. lilharcher

    PV - 296lb Tuna caught Aug 30

    SteveD weighed a 296lb cow yesterday in the International Swimsuit Model Fishing Tourney...............just fishing with all those swimsuit models alone is awesome, catching a cow is gravy. Congrats Lemon! Glad to see the NEW Cha-Ching (first trip on the new ride) is already raising some cows...
  109. lilharcher

    Great Customer Service

    In preparation for the BD Tuna Jackpot next weekend, I took my Avet 50's over to the manufacturing plant in Canoga Park/Woodland Hills for a quick cleaning and lube job. I was prepared to drop them off but to my surprise, Harry's wife asked if I wanted to wait for the reels, that it would only...
  110. lilharcher

    Manny, How was the flight attendant???

    a) :Fondle: b) :Pelvic_Thrust: c) :boobies: d) All of the above
  111. lilharcher

    Offshore 07/07/07 Ocean Oddessey 1.5 day

    Left H&M on friday night with a load of 30 guys.....took 2 hours to make bait at the bait receiver, as we were looking for the goods. At midnight, we pulled out of PL on our way to the Hidden Bank with the rest of the fleet. Some nice flurries in the morning, followed by 3 - 4 hours of...
  112. lilharcher

    Clemente WSB on the BOOMER 7/4

    30lb Ghost on 10 lb mono Bogii and I got the "lets go fishing" call from SteveD, so after loading provisions, we, along with Adam (captain) and the Colonel, headed off to Avalon for some candy, then off the Celemente with high hopes of plugging the boat with ghosts, YT, and Bass. We arrived...
  113. lilharcher

    Ed Rosenblum Memorial Tackle Sale*

    Fellow BDers, First of all, I want to start by saying THANK YOU for all the kind words expressed after Ed's sudden passing. This meant a great deal to his friends and family. As mentioned in the post regarding his passing, his family has asked me to sell all of his tackle here on Bloodydecks...
  114. lilharcher

    We lost a Great Friend and BD Member 5/7/07!

    We lost a great BD Brother, Ed Rosenblum (AKA Whalestail), to Pancreatic Cancer on Monday evening. He was 55 years of age and survived by his wife and 3 daughters. To say that Ed was a great and caring man would be an understatement, because he optimizes the best the world has to offer. He was...
  115. lilharcher

    JT - The Bassmaster

    Took JT and Mike (from Pelagic) out on the small pond today (aka Dimond Valley Lake)........once again JT proved that "its better to be lucky than good".......LOL. As always, JT jumped on the 6lb floro rig (my favorite rig) and got hot early.........landing the first 3 fish of the day, with...
  116. lilharcher

    Quepos, Costa Rica - Inshore 3/4 day

    Fished out of Quepos on 4/3 with Chris from Kinembe Sportfishing (a fellow BDer). I wanted to introduce my girlfriend to the whole fishing thing so we opted for an inshore trip. We arrived at the dock on time at 7:30 am and off we went. Started at one of Chris's honey holes within 600 yards of...
  117. lilharcher

    Los Suenos, Costa Rica - Big Bulls & Sails

    Amy's first Sailfish.....a beauty at that at ~100lbs. Took the girlfriend with me to Los Suenos, Costa Rica from 4/1 - 4/8 in hopes of (i) getting some much needed R&R, (ii) catching a big bull Dorado, and (iii) watching my girlfriend catch her first billfish. To make a long story short, I...
  118. lilharcher

    Miami Beach 3/1

    Had high hopes to get my first Swordy here in Florida, fishing on the 55' Reaper with Cory but unfortunately, the trip got cancelled before it began due to 20 MPH offshore winds. Bummed, but there is always next, I have been trolling in South Beach and have been doing quite...
  119. lilharcher

    The Osuna's (Marla Fleet) New Ride!!

    Here are a couple of pictures of Danny's new ride. His customer's were asking for it and know they have it. Danny is getting her all dialed in as we speak. Can't wait to jump aboard and kill some Cows!!!
  120. lilharcher

    Swordfish Reports?

    Has anyone heard of any swordfish reports from the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area? I am going to be down there the first week of March and am considering jumping on a couple of overnight sword trips. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  121. lilharcher

    Great Article: Japan Summit Aims to Save Tuna Stocks

    I just came across this article that was relased through the AP today. Hopefully a step in the right direction with respect to increasing the stock of Southern Bluefin Tuna (which is depleting very quickly)!!!! Japan summit aims to save tuna stocks By HANS GREIMEL, Associated Press Writer...
  122. lilharcher

    Diver in Australia survives shark attack 1/23

    I just came across this knarly article on yahoo so I thought I would share: SYDNEY, Australia - A diver escaped a 10-foot shark's attack by poking the animal in its eye after it had already chomped on his head once and was preparing for another bite, witnesses and officials said Tuesday...
  123. lilharcher

    Dive Boat

    If anyone is in the market for a dive boat, let me know, as my 15' Zodiac Futura (Mark III) CC w/ 40HP Evinrude is up for sale (see classifieds). It is amazingly clean and is rigged for the serious SCUBA or Free Diver. Here are a few pics:
  124. lilharcher

    Cabo to PV Pictures for JT's 12/20 Report

    First of all, WHAT A TRIP...too many stories to tell so I'll just leave that to JT! Let's just say that JT is as legendary on land as he is on the pond.....enough said. Since Wayne (AKA Photo Ho) asked for pictures, here they are: Pic #1 - Here we are with JT's new 40' Cabo Express, the...
  125. lilharcher

    Klassen - Surf Fishing Trips in Cabo

    Does anyone know if Klassen is still guiding surf trips in the Cabo area? Also, I have read some bad posts about this guy and wanted to know if any BDers have ever crossed paths with him to confirm or deny thses stories. The reason I ask is that my boss is heading out there in the next few weeks...
  126. lilharcher

    Alaska Airlines 20% Discount to Mexico

    Thought I would pass on this discount offer just in case anyone has any last minute hopes of getting down to PV before the end of the season. Save 20% on Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air flights in the select markets listed below when traveling between December 12, 2006, and February 14...
  127. lilharcher

    Marla Sportfishing - New Avet Reels

    The Osuna brothers (Marla Sportfishing in PV) finally secured a new reel sponsorship with Avet. This is very good news and should increase their already high hook-to-land ratio (not to mention make all their customer's happy). Previously, they were using weathered Shimano's and from talking with...
  128. lilharcher

    MONSTER PARGO 9/21.....Amazing Pictures

    I caught this monster on 9/21 at the Rock with an Avet 50W/2 and Calstar 7460H. I was fishing with Danny Osuna on the Marla II. Overall, my Dad and I caught 3 monster Pargo (on Thursday 9/21) to salvage a very slow day on the Tuna and Marlin. The whole fleet experienced a very slow day as...
  129. lilharcher

    PV Report w/ Pics 9/19 - 9/22

    Here is a pic of the 125lb Tuna caught at the rock on 9/22 with Danny Osuna on the Marla III......we also wiffed on 5 Blues, all in the 250lb - 400lb class. As mentioned, the tuna were no where to be found in the morning and afternoon, but came up on the feed in the late afternoon after 85% of...
  130. lilharcher

    On Again.....PV Report 9/20 from 9/21 not 9/20.......After the three previous slow days, the 4th was much different. There were was a lot of activity first thing in the morning with most boats getting a couple of shots at the 200 to 500lb Blues. They were pretty thick northwest of the the rock but were...
  131. lilharcher


    Very slow today for every boat at the rock today besides the 35 cabo that is not owned by josh. josh had some bad luck on the prime time and got some shit wrapped in his prop first thing in the morning and had to head for home on one engine. Other than the other Cabo that got a 150lb tuna, 100lb...
  132. lilharcher

    PV Report 9/19

    Fished El Banco with Danny tuna to speak of for the whole fleet today. Most boats were at the rock today and we opted for the bank. 30 minutes after arriving, the long line gets freight trained and I throw my EXW 50/2 in gear almost immediately and were on. The fish peeled line...
  133. lilharcher


    Jackpot......I know some of you have been waiting for this. Definately take advantage if planning on heading to PV or Cabo. I got my ticket to PV on the last go around and it saved me close to $100. Save 20% on Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air flights in the select markets listed below when...
  134. lilharcher

    Mexico Award Travel is on Sale - Alaska Airlines

    I just received this e-mail from Alaska Airlines.....pretty sweet offer if you have Alaska Airlines miles and are traveling to MEXICO. The normal savers award for a RT ticket to Mexico is 30,000 miles. However, right now Alaska Airlines is running a promotion for 20,000 miles (10,000 miles...
  135. lilharcher

    Offshore 8/12 Dorado & YT Limits, Attempt at Swordie, near 1010 & 425

    Fished the Balboa Yacht Club/Newport Yacht Club Interclub Challenge this weekend and we limited out on Dorado and quality Yellowtail, most were caught off a paddy about 15- 20 miles south of the 425 while we were on our way down to the 1010, 220 area. Water was 70.9 degrees first thing in the...
  136. lilharcher

    Cabo Hatterus Challenge Aug 18 - 20

    Interested to know how many BDer's are going to be fishing this awesome tournament.......include boat name. I'm going to be aboard the Suzy Q, a 35' Cabo Flybridge that my boss owns. Hope to see all you Cabo and Hatterus owners/affiliates on the water.
  137. lilharcher

    Rods to match your Avets?

    I am getting ready to order some new rods (Calstar blanks) for my Avets and am looking for some input on what to order: Avet SX (single speed): This will be used as a 20lb set-up for albacore, YT, etc. Leaning towards a 700L. Avet MX (2-speed): This will be my 30lb set-up for albacore, YT...
  138. lilharcher

    BD Cowtown Tuna Jackpot

    For the sake of moving on to a new thread (Kenny's thread), can I get a roll call of BDers who are going to be fishing the BD Cowtown Tuna Jackpot in August (include Team Name, Group of Anglers & Boat/Captain....and of course, predictions on where Ali's team will finish)?
  139. lilharcher

    Airfare special on Alaska Airlines to Mexico

    Haven't had the time to look into this offer but I thought I would pass it along given all the recent compliants regarding high-airfare to PV. It just came to me over e-mail from Alaska Airlines: "Save 25% on Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air flights in the select markets to Mexico when...
  140. lilharcher

    Los Suenos, Costa Rica?

    I am trying to plan a trip down to Los Suenos for April 2007 and would appreciate any information regarding charter services? The only thing that is set in stone is my place to stay, as I am going to be staying at the Marriott Beach Club right near the Marina. As mentioned, charter and any other...
  141. lilharcher

    1963 Impala Restiration - Seeking Engine & Body Work

    Getting ready to restore my 1963 4-door Impala and am seeking the following business hoooooook-ups: 1) Engine Rebuild & general engine work 2) Body Work & Paint The car is operable now and my grandmother was the original owner. There is minimal rust given that, prior to my grandmother...
  142. lilharcher

    Seeking Electrician in Ventura County

    Since it worked for Paul in Oceanside, I thought I would give it a try b/c I too am in need of an electrician. If you know of any in Ventura County (I am in Newbury Park), I need a decent amount of work performed in my house. Thanks.
  143. lilharcher

    EAL Lures......Anyone having any problems?

    I bought two new EALs last year and soaked them only a few times at the end of summer. After each trip (2 total), I made sure that I cleaned them thouroughly (gave them an extra special cleaning because I know they are sensative). After cleaning, they worked as expected. However, I recently...
  144. lilharcher

    Anyone have e-mail for Victor's Pangas in Palmilla?

    I seemed to have misplaced my contact info for Victor's Pangas in San Jose Del Cabo (Palmilla). I would appreciate it if you have their direct e-mail address and would share that info (I used to e-mail Luis I beleive but anyone affiliate will be sufficient). Thanks in advance.
  145. lilharcher

    Anyone heading down to PV soon?

    I have some of Josh's reels that I need to get to him as soon as possible. If you are heading down there to fish with him and live in Ventura County, Los Angeles area, or Orange County, send me a PM. If I confirm with Josh that you are heading down there to fish with him, I would appreciate it...