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  1. JohnTFT

    Not SD Long Range not even close!

    Yes this has nothing to do with SD Long Range. We are having an Epic GBFT bite off Long Island New York right now. Most fish are between 300-600lbs and are being caught 3-7 miles off the beach!! 70' of water and hold on. Its more fun than talking about when we can go fishing and how we can go...
  2. JohnTFT

    Mustad Acquires Tuf-Line from Western Filament

    O. Mustad & Son Americas Inc. 3250 NE 1st Ave Miami, Florida 33137, USA +1 305-925-9972 [email protected] WESTERN FILAMENT, INC 630 Hollingsworth Street Grand Junction, CO 81505 – USA +1 970-241-8780 Friday, May 31, 2019 To our valued customers, We...
  3. JohnTFT

    Incredible Gift

    I received a surprise today that has left me at a loss for words and truly thankful for some good friends. Randy Penny from United Composites and Garry O'Hern (Atuna on here) went out of their way and blew my mind with this act of incredible kindness. UC 76 Centaur wrapped by Jim Trelikes...
  4. JohnTFT

    Cal Sheet's Super 30 VSX's for sale

    I am selling my two Cal Sheet Custom Penn 30VSX. Frame widened, spool widened and machined for a smaller arbor and less weight. Increased line capacity. Blueprinted drag cam. 700yds of 100# Western Filament Hollowcore spectra. Tiburon Handles. These reels have been fished. They are...
  5. JohnTFT

    Jet Head Wahoo Bombs!!!!

    A got a few of these unique Wahoo bombs from Fishybuzz and DH515. Used haywire twists on 174# wire to a swivel. The hooks are Gamakatsu 7/0 siwash hooks heat shrink-ed together. Also made one up using the Mustad 7982 double hook. Thanks guys!! Appreciate it.
  6. JohnTFT

    TIBURON 50SST-sold

    Used Tiburon 50SST. Reel has approximately 700yds of 130 Western Filament Tuf Line Hollow on. Reel was just serviced. $650.00 Shipping included in the lower 48
  7. JohnTFT

    200# Bigeye Caught on a 20VISX

    I know its not SD Long Range but the 20VISX will see a great deal of use in the LR scene. This fish was caught last night offshore of NY&NJ. The 20VISX was fishing 60# leader at the time. Fight was over 2 hours. The boat is the Canyon Runner. One of the top Tuna Sportfishing boats on the...
  8. JohnTFT

    Some Crimp and New Hook Testing

    My good friend ATUNA has been doing some extensive testing on crimps and procedures. Here is one he did with awesome results on some MAKAI 130# Deception. Note the elongation of the line around the chafe gear. Take notice of the chafe gear and where its installed. Garry is a very innovative...
  9. JohnTFT

    Just when you thought you had it all.........

    Makaira in Blue Frame Silver Spool. 15-30 available in October. All sizes available in February. Limited run. When they are sold out they are done. Price should be the same as current Silver and Gunmetal colors.
  10. JohnTFT

    UC Rail Rods

    I had a couple of UC Rail Rods built by Moon's custom rods. I am really pleased with the way they turned out. Simple with old school Tuna Cord back end with black on black wraps. Extra long cold shrink foregrips. Blanks were a 7'6" Viper and 7'6" Invictus. Moon was a pleasure to deal with...
  11. JohnTFT

    What do you think of this as a Wahoo Bomb?

    Weighs 4.5oz. Has a Southern Tuna Hook. Its longer than a normal bomb. 8.5"
  12. JohnTFT


    These reels are one season old. They are 10's both mechanically and cosmetically. Both just were serviced by Okuma. They have straight mono on them that is brand new. Just making a change and going back to Penn reels modified by Cal Sheets. The reels have never been long range fishing. $475.00...
  13. JohnTFT

    Brand New TIB 16

    One of my personal reels. USA produced Tiburon 16 Smart Shift reel. Reel had line on it. Never was on a boat. Reel has two minor dings otherwise its a 10 cosmetically and since it was never fished its a 10 mechanically. Have the reel bag but no box. Will hold 350yds 80 spectra with a 100yd...
  14. JohnTFT

    5 Open Spots on BHP/Trophy Tackle 16 Day Excel Trip

    We have had 5 unexpected cancellations on this trip. Figured I would post it here to possibly get some interest! Jan 31 - Feb 16 2015. This trip is scheduled as a 16/13 fly ride but recent SOLAS regulations may make the trip a 16 day Ride - Ride. The Excel office is keeping us informed as to...
  15. JohnTFT

    597 Pound Bluefin Caught - Spinning Gear!!

    Capt. Dom Petrarca Got way over the 400lb benchmark of spinning reel excellence with this great fish. Tremendous angling skills and boat handling skills made this possible. Once again the terminal connection foundation was a BHP Windon leader. Great job by all...
  16. JohnTFT

    Trophy Fishing Tackle Viking Fivestar 5 day trip EPIC!!!

    This was a great trip. I have been tuna fishing a long time and have never witnessed 100's of Bigeyes from 30-60lb under the boat. It was an intense experience since everyone works so hard to catch Bigeye and here we are off the edge with no bottom structure and a school of Bigeye tuna under...
  17. JohnTFT

    United Composites to start production again!!!

    Some great news. Randy Penny formerly of Seeker Rods has taken over United Composites. This is a great development for all who want the unique products that UC was making. We can all have our Raptors, Challengers, Wahoo Jr, 602, 603, 702 and 703 rods!! I am very happy for my friend Randy. I...
  18. JohnTFT

    BNIB Accurate Spinning Reels

    These are BNIB Accurate Spinning reels sold last year and never used. Customer is trading in his spinning gear for conventional setups. SR 20 - $610.00 SR 30L - $680.00 Free Shipping on the lower 48. CC or Paypal.
  19. JohnTFT

    Two Openings On BHP/Trophy Tackle 16 Day on the Excel

    There are two unexpected openings on the BHP/Trophy Tackle Trip on the Excel. The trip has two possible travel options. Ride/Ride - Leave San Diego 2/01/14 Return 2/17/14. Fly/Fly - Fly into Cabo 2/04/14 Fly out of Cabo 2/14/14 This trip has been sold out since forever! Great chance to...
  20. JohnTFT

    Accurate ATD 12

    This is a rarely used early ATD 12 for sale. I took the reel in a trade used it twice and it has sat on a shelf since. Two minor scratches. Reel is in excellent condition and is a close to new as used can be. $650.00 Shipping included in the lower 48.
  21. JohnTFT

    Mexican Visa

    You will need your new FMN Visa for all trips in Mexican waters. Trips over 10 days in length require a $38.06 model!!! The various landings are doing a great job and handling the Visa process. One downside to this Visa besides the $38.06 is the boats can no longer accept last minute trip add...