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  1. Leslie. Christensen

    Yellowtail Acuncion and SQ

    Yellowtail on purple repalas and jet head cedar plug Acuncion and SQ fished with Jaun Arce and Jaime, not much time because off bad encounter with stairs by girlfriend. Come down and fish Chivito
  2. Leslie. Christensen

    Offshore 0 fot 0 for 0 Pacific Queen

    Hey tough day Pacific Queen, 13 th to 15th 1 1/2 day , All zeros for everyone on board. Good boat, great crew, My take ,they did what has been working for them ,just didn't work yesterday, oh well. Only gipes I heard, 1 1/2 day bight so close we were parked for last 5 hours in...
  3. Leslie. Christensen

    limits by nine

    Fished SQ with Jiame this morning limits 18 to 25 lb yellowtail in early Most on cd 30 rapalas 1 scrambled egg. Fish spread out from 240 to bay find the birds find the fish