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  1. liltrouble

    Airmar announced shortage of parts

    If you foresee an Airmar transducer being needed in your future, get it NOW. I received memo's from 2 manufacturers today that Airmar has informed them they have run out of parts to assemble most of their transducers. This is the memo from one company. "Unfortunately, due to the continued...
  2. liltrouble

    I wonder how long they have been at sea...

    ...To be steaming to this location!
  3. liltrouble

    Ammo Recall

    Winchester 9mm Ammo Recall. New stuff. If you found some and got it recently, check the lots.
  4. liltrouble

    Planning for Canning

    Hi Gang. The supply chain of canning jars and lids is still sketchy and intermittent. Fred Meyer had a big display of canning jars, including pints and half pints, including wide mouth. Prices are about 1/3 higher than pre-panicdemic @FM. 14.99 for a case of wide mouth half pints. They...
  5. liltrouble

    Your boat in storage at Finn Hill & 303?

    Hi guys. I had to run to the Poulsbo Walmart this evening around 8pm. There is a boat / RV storage at Finn Hill and 303. I noticed it because someone was dropping off a cabin boat, and i always notice boats! 😉 LED lights on arch were on while they were putting stuff from boat to truck Was...
  6. liltrouble

    BC Halibut artiicle
  7. liltrouble

    Good news Ladies! Remmington Ammo is Back!
  8. liltrouble

    Transmission porn...

    I love it when we get a transmission shipment in from ZF! So many tranny's, so little time!
  9. liltrouble

    Off season arts and crafts

    Getting ready for more SPJ next season so started tying assay hooks. Got Hitena 225# Kevlar, Mustad ultrapoint hooks, krystal flash, Coats and Clarks glow in the dark thread and uv epoxy. Just getting started, so my quality will improve. Cats can be at other end of the house but single can...
  10. liltrouble

    Roll up doors at James G Murphy 16x16

    If any of you guys are lucky enough to be building a shed...
  11. liltrouble

    Survey says....

    Hi Guys, I am coming up with my Christmas deals. Input on the following: Tanacom 750's with or without a rod? Shrimp pots by themselves, or with the lead line, bait box and buoy? Avets with or without a rod? Survey says?...
  12. liltrouble

    The end of TR1 BioySoy

    Hi all. I just placed a purchase order with Garmin and ordered a case of the biosoy fluid for TR1 autopilots. Garmin is officially out and there will be no more from Garmin. I have four bottles left in the house.
  13. liltrouble

    Anybody traveling Ilwaco to Searle area this week?

    Is anybody traveling from Ilwaco to Seattle area this week? Need 12 Clamminator clam guns brought from ilwaco and i can meet anywhere from Oly To Everett. Dale will meet to drop off in Ilwaco. I will meet you wherever your detonation is. Thanks.
  14. liltrouble

    Canadians are up to it again!

    What a haul! Right before the Winter Harbour tourney!
  15. liltrouble

    Dang! Hopefully this gets cleaned up.

    With Alaska are flying out of Everett, and said to be resume in flights to San Diego soon, I was thinking jumping on a plane Friday after work, getting on a boat in fishing tuna for the weekend. Shogun was one of the boats that I was looking at. I guess it is Tomahawk now. Hopefully this gets...
  16. liltrouble

    Heads up-Cannon Downriggers discontinued circuit boards pre 2011 Mags

    Heads up if you have pre 2011 Cannon Mag 10, 15 and 20HS Downriggers. They called today and said they will no longer support these models. We tried to order all the circuit boards they have left. They only had one. They let is go down to the wire before announcing it. Rumor has it that...
  17. liltrouble

    Cannon downriggers-repair run

    If anybody down at the ocean has Cannon downriggers that need to go into the shop, let me know and I can pick them up Thursday and bring them to Russ at Harbor Marine. I have clout (or at least I would like to think I do in my mind) and can get you to the front of the line.
  18. liltrouble

    Good commercial landings at Ilwaco
  19. liltrouble

    Anybody seen these halibut days starting June 18th?

    Saw on charter boat webpage.
  20. liltrouble

    Westport "receiving live bait instructions"

    Have any of you mofo's found this to be the most confusing documentation ever to exist? So is there a new way to do bait from now on? Do us sporties get to drive up to the bait dock still? I am really confused. RECEIVING LIVE BAIT: Each charter office with assigned moorage in the Marina...
  21. liltrouble

    Tanacom 750's with 80# J-Braid 8 plait $479.99

    FYI with inside halibut starting tomorrow, if anyone needs a Tanacom still, Harbor Marine in Everett has the Tanacom 750's with the 80# 8 plait J-Braid for $479.99. In store, no rainchecks, etc.
  22. liltrouble

    8 YFT's on the hook up all at once!

    This happened yesterday on the boat I fish with out of the OBX. They saw the jumpers, trolled towards them, turned into them and 8 YFT's on at one time. I think even if you don't have FB you can still see the vid.
  23. liltrouble

    And there's the record!

    Nice to see this! They are out there!
  24. liltrouble

    Ilwaco Tuna Club Kick Off Extravaganza

    The Ilwaco Tuna Club Kick Off will be on June 27th. Dinner provided by the club. Bob's has great deals on Accurate reels. Smack Plastics is on site. Bar crossing seminar Tuna talks. Raffles. Swag for sale. Damn good time to be had by all. At the clubhouse on the Ilwaco waterfront.
  25. liltrouble

    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed
  26. liltrouble

    Yesterday in the OBX

    Hope this will help some of you with your Off-Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  27. liltrouble

    OCEAN Show in Salem has good line up

    I love this show. Great seminars and great people.
  28. liltrouble

    Boat show deals

    If you find any good deals that you want to post from the Boat Show, let others know! Thanks!
  29. liltrouble

    Breach the locks!

    while you are at it, put the grizzlys on Mercer island and the wolves on Bainbridge!
  30. liltrouble

    Squamish Herring Recovery

    Some of my peeps from Sno King PSA and myself were up fishing with BonChovy Charters yesterday. Jason is a class act. If you get a chance, hook up with him for some fishing. We fished for winter kings (blackmouth south of the border), prawns (shrimp south of the border) and crabs (same thing...
  31. liltrouble

    Here's your sign...

    Guess not much to do in town right now....
  32. liltrouble

    Saltwater squid, squid, squid!

    Went out with Jason tonight one Outlander. 110# of squid for the boat. great time! Awesome time!
  33. liltrouble

    Yellowfin Tuna Recall

    Scromboid poisoning! Nasty stuff. This is why you need to chill your tuna ASAP after being caught and bled. Histamine production from the spoiling process that starts right away cannot be killed by cooking or freezing once the process has started. You can turn a cucumber into a pickle but...
  34. liltrouble

    Monterey Bay Aquarium live feed

    I love this live feed. Watching the tuna swim, the dodo's, etc. is awesome. If you are just needing to see pure goodness...this link is it. I am going to take a weekend field trip down to watch the live feedings of the BFT. Enjoy. Hopefully this can help you make it through to next July...
  35. liltrouble

    Pacific Marine Expo-Admission code

    Hi Guys, Pacific Marine Expo is taking place November 21-23 at Century Link Event Center. You can go to and register there. There is a promo code WATER for free registration. Once you register, you can print out your admission pass.
  36. liltrouble

    A little piece of bloodline...

    I put a little piece of bloodline in my yellow jacket trap and got these in 3 days! Hate those bastards!
  37. liltrouble

    looking for spot on tuna run

    Okay guys., i am looking for another tuna trip or two before winter. have my own boat so not looking for a boat ride. here is what i can bring to the game: Gear: 4 live bait rods (rain shadow and trevala mix) with accurate 2 speed reels spooled with 50# braid and 30# fluoro top shot. 2...
  38. liltrouble

    looking for bent butt rod and old 50 or 80 series reel

    Throwing this out there...i am looking for an old bent butt rod and an old 50 or 80 series reel. This isn't for fishing but my workouts for fishing. I used my arm bike, free weights, and weight stack machine for my first giant blue fin trip last year. it worked as i was able grind for 54...
  39. liltrouble

    Bait Stop Etiquette

    If there are any newbs to tuna fishing out there like myself, yes, there really is a bait stop etiquette! I got this curse of a bug and have tried to learn as much about this sport as I can. I grew up in the era of you are going to participate in a sport, then be a sportsman. I am grateful...
  40. liltrouble

    Puget Sound Anglers Outing

    Hi guys. SnoKing PSA is fishing salmon Saturday and Sunday at Westport. Saturday evening we will be having a get- together Bbq at Murph's place. Club is providing burgers and fixings and it is potluck sides and desserts. If you would like to join us, PM me and let me know how many you are...
  41. liltrouble

    Tuna need your help...

    OBX fishermen have been experiencing shark predation on their catches since NMFS banned shark fishing on the east coast. It is as bad, or worse, as our seals. A boat transiting through an area will cause a shark boil behind a boat. You have to pull up and leave an area, try to get your gear...
  42. liltrouble

    Ilwaco Fast and Furious...
  43. liltrouble

    Tuna Talk 6/12 SnoKing PSA W Mark Youngblood

    Tuna time! Come to our June 12th meeting to learn from seasoned charter captain Mark Youngblood. Mark has earned a reputation over 20 years for putting his customers on fish and running a safe boat with top notch gear. Check Mark out on his web page: At...
  44. liltrouble

    Saltwater OBX giant bluefin

    Got my first BFT last week down in the OBX! Trained on an arm bike during the winter getting ready for the crank. This is something I have wanted to do and last year Del Stephens hooked me up with one of the boats he fishes BFT. Headed down to Manteo NC to fish with Capt Barry Sawyer and mate...