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  1. Siv

    Olson’s Sekiu

    Headed up there next week and tried calling Olsons all day to confirm cabin, moorage etc…. One ring and lines goes dead . Anybody up there ? Phones out? Closed up ? Yes I am paranoid .
  2. Siv

    My #2 Go To Lure for Big Kings

    For when the bite has gone to shit.
  3. Siv

    Boat Trailer Lights

    Went shrimping Wednesday and when we got back buddy says your right brake light is out but all other lights were fine. Today I hook up to have a look and now I nothing - no running, no signals , no brakes, either side. Trailer was connected to truck for the look today because I know some...
  4. Siv

    Garmin transducer location

    Got a Garmin 94sv combo and had it installed. So far really like it , tons of features , frankly more than I will use. The sounder performance was just ok on my first test run and I was unable to hold bottom at speed on plane. Read quite a bit , watched videos and decided to lower the...
  5. Siv

    Bait Utility Knife

    I had a 8$ Rapala bait knife for years that did the job of plug cutting herring, bleeding fish, hacking up crab bait, cutting rope, etc..... Stayed pretty sharp and didn't rust. Well it finally got lost I am wondering what you guys are using for this application. It sits in a slot in the...
  6. Siv

    Furuno Sounder LS 6100

    Replaced with a Garmin combo unit but it worked perfectly for the 10 years I had it. I have the power cord but not the transducer, I ran it with an Airmar P66. Pick up at my house or local ( south end ) drop off for 40$ or I'll ship for 50$. Thanks
  7. Siv

    Boat Fire Tacoma

    Hey ever run this boat? I can small the smoke at my office here in Des Moines. I think they have it mostly out now.
  8. Siv

    Ultra Light Spin Combo

    Shimano combo, 4' 6" rod , ultra light rod. Great set up for a kid starting out or if you are into fishing ultra light freshwater. Works fine, good condition. 25$ - Pick up or I deliver to the south end. Thanks
  9. Siv

    3 Gallon Gas tank

    This came with my Tohatsu kicker and has never had a drop of gas in it. Includes gauge in the cap, quick disconnect at the tank, primer bulb and about 5" combined hose. The connector is a Tohatsu which are the same as the small Mercs. Been sitting for 6-7 years but all appears in good shape...
  10. Siv

    Crab cooker Coleman stove

    Got a crab cooker and 2 burner gas Coleman stove that are just sitting . Both worked fine last time used but been a few years. I’ll throw in the 1/2 gallon on Coleman fuel I have . 20$ for both , bottle of Beam, 2/0-3/0 gamakatus....get creative ? You pick up or I’ll meet you in the south end.
  11. Siv

    Saltwater Meadow Point

    Shilshole was crowded but not too bad. There never was a real bite, we picked up these 2 over 4 hours. Some nets out but it was a pick. Whole fleet including charters was from Oil Docks to West Point in 400' trolling around. Green label, 2 oz lead. Heading out again tomorrow but wonder of the...
  12. Siv

    Seattle Parks and Boat Ramps Closing

    Seattle just announced they are closing parks , including city owned boat ramps until Sunday night due to the smoke mess. This would effect Armini for sure, not sure about Shilshole. Check before you go.
  13. Siv

    Saltwater Area 10 .....Finally

    It has been slow for us in 10 and 11 but hit West Point at dawn and picked up these legit coho. Lost another at the boat when it went into the coho dance. green label herring, 2 oz lead. Not lots, but some nets flying. should get better from here. tight lines
  14. Siv

    Trek MT220 Kids Bike

    My kid is long done with bikes so like to get this sold and out of the garage. Trek MT220 2013 ( I think ) 24", 21 speed bike in good used condition. Everythings works. This was a 389$ bike new. BD guys 125$, Craigs 160$. There are same model / year offered locally for 249$. You pick up in...
  15. Siv

    Sanding/Priming Aluminum

    OK you tin experts, I am going to repaint my swim step. It is was a black that matches my bracket but 25 years of scraping and beating have it missing about 1/2 the black. Can I sand with my orbital sander to remove the old paint? Preferred paper - silicone oxide? Grit to start? Clean...
  16. Siv

    Crabbing in Area 10,11

    Have you guys heard anything about a crab season in 10,11 this year? Love have a few around the 4th. It looked somewhat promising a couple months back and hear reports of test fisheries being observed in 10. Any news , rumors..? thanks
  17. Siv

    Garmin Dealer

    It is getting time to replace my plotter and am sold on getting another Garmin. Will keep it under 1000$ and looking for recommendations ( I am not a guy who needs all the latest, most sophisticated buzzers and blowers ) and also a store around our area ( Everett to Tacoma ) that has units on...
  18. Siv

    Metzler Leads

    I know there are not many moochers here but there are a few of us. I was digging into an old tackle box and found 8-10 Metzler clip on leads in 3,4,6 oz. I haven't used a Metzler system in years, anyone want these? If you think you can use them, I'll stick them on a box and mail them to you...
  19. Siv

    Crab Report 1897

    Picture from 1897. Long Beach Wa. Now those were big dungies.
  20. Siv

    Rods Reels - Free

    Got 3 old 7.5’ spinning rods and one reel . Old neighbor gave them to me - I have no use for them and they are just collecting dust . Zebco 33 and Nemo combo kid has long grown out of. Guys with kids all yours, rods reel free if you can use them but don’t want to see them on EBay. I’d donate if...
  21. Siv

    Masco sold to PetroCard

    Anyone else get this notice? Seems like it should be better with more access . Do the PetroCard locations carry non E gas?
  22. Siv

    Why You Test Bilge Pumps

    Got the boat out today for a run on Lk Washington to blow the cobwebs out and when I got home decided to do a little clean up and also ran a hose into the bilge to test the switch/pump. Pump won't come on with float switch but does with dash switch. Ok, replace the switch , I have one handy...
  23. Siv

    Grundens Rain Jacket

    Got a new rain jacket for Christmas so I'll get rid of my old one. Grundens Neptune pullover size large ( I am 5' 8" and it fits me just right over a sweatshirt ). It is in good shape , no rips or worn spots but there are a few salmon scales on it. Will keep you dry but I got sick of the...
  24. Siv

    Neah Bay Moorage

    Headed up to NB May 20-24 for a halibut opener. Haven't been up there in the spring for a few years and I know there are some guidelines around moorage. They have a 5 day min or something, right? Also, can I book moorage this far ahead? In the past that was bit of a crap shoot with their lack...
  25. Siv

    Why Bother With a Tow Vehicle?

    From THT.
  26. Siv

    Reels/Fillet Knife

    I've got 2 109s, a Plueger Rocket and an old Penn 350 Leveline ( Precursor to level wind ). All show use but work fine and 2 are spooled with 15# Big Game. Great starter reels for kids, the 350 would be fine for deep Lings or probably trolling for tuna. The knife is a lightly used Dexter 9 inch...
  27. Siv

    Replacement Rod Tips

    Have an older rod that need a new tip. Who sells these anymore - Sportco , Outdoor Emporium, John's?? Happy to glue it on myself. thanks
  28. Siv

    Cornet Bay Parking

    Heading up to the islands but won’t be putting in until about 9 on Saturday , staying with family on San Juan coming back Sunday night. How’s the parking lot at Cornet at that time? Thanks
  29. Siv

    Mille Lacs Trip

    Not a Washington fishing trip but it is a report so I stuck it here. Headed for lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota with 2 buddies for a smallmouth bass trip. One of the guys had a severe spinal cord injury last year and his days of going over the bar for salmon and halibut are done. Walking is a chore...
  30. Siv

    Rod Travel Carrier?

    Anybody got a rod carrier I can borrow for a flight. Taking 5 light and ultra light spin rods to Minnesota. Couple 6 packs of your favorite ... Thanks
  31. Siv

    Husqvarna Gas Trimmer

    Pro grade weed eater that a friend gave me after he moved into a condo . Good quality trimmer but it I have a hell of a time getting it to run consistently. I had a guy clean the carb last year and it runs great for 2-3 uses then won’t start. One of you good mechanic types can make it perfect ...
  32. Siv

    Gene Coulon Ramp

    Dropped the boat in for a long spring run on the lake and got a nice surprise. Gene Coulon ramp is free for the next month while they change out the card readers. Not too crowded today, which was an added surprise. Use it while it lasts.
  33. Siv

    Area 10 Shrimp

    Anyone seen a final date on shrimp? Talk here a while back was the state may move back a week due to low tides. Trying to finalize plans, anyone heard more ? Thanks
  34. Siv

    Who Has Fish Pics From Before Digital? I do..

    OK..the oldest 2 are from Cape Cod, 1965 and probably 1970. Fish are winter flounders. Note the wood boat, the old mans first boat, had a 35 Merc. The next one is from Neah Bay. Who remembers the Neah Bay resort? That is Labor Day 1989, my Mom is holding the Silvers. My Olympic is tied between...
  35. Siv

    Polishing Aluminum

    Calling all you alloy experts. I have a 14" square piece of 1/8 inch think aluminum my kid is going to use for a school project. It has some scuffs and minor scratches and we would like to get them out and make it fairly shiny. Suggestions, hints , tips, products?? Thanks in advance.
  36. Siv

    Garmin 94sv Plus

    Looking to replace my old ( like 12 years old ) Garmin plotter and was looking at these today at the Boat Show. It would be a huge upgrade from my old unit. Any opinions? I am a Garmin fan so not really looking at other brands. One question I could not get answered clearly was if I would need...
  37. Siv

    Sporty but Fishable

    Lays down once you get past the bar. PZZ150-153-156-170-173-176-210145- Coastal Waters From Cape Flattery To James Island Out 10 Nm- Coastal Waters From James Island To Point Grenville Out 10 Nm- Coastal Waters From Point Grenville To Cape Shoalwater Out 10 Nm- Coastal Waters From Cape...
  38. Siv

    Just Got This

  39. Siv

    Collection fo Old Reels for Sale

    Had these for a while and want to get rid of them. 3 Penns and an old Pfleuger. Penn 109 - Functions fine, been used for sure and caught a lot of salmon. Great starter reel for a kid or somebody who wants to mooch once in a while. Has the Gator grip larger handle. 15$ Penn 10 - Been used very...
  40. Siv

    Merc 150 4 Stroke Issue

    Hey..up here at Friday Harbor hanging ( not a fishing trip ) and am having an issue with my Merc 150. Started yesterday and is getting worse, happening more frequently. At lower RPMs it will fluctuate and the RPMs will jump up and down by 4-500. Once you get it above 4000 it is fine. Fuel should...
  41. Siv

    Saltwater Westport Salmon 5 Days

    Little late, but what the hell. Fished Westport from Sunday through Thursday morning. Mostly fished West northwest in 180 to 250' but also worked the north and south beaches and the GH buoy areas. The last morning we ran 22 miles north with the fleet and tried up there. Fishing was a bit...
  42. Siv

    2008 King KBT4000SB2 Tandem Trailer

    Got the boat fitted onto the new trailer so now have the King available. It is a 2008 tandem rated for 4000 pounds. It has been in and out of salt water for all of its life so it has some rust but all structural parts are solid. Good rubber all around and it includes a spare with bracket...
  43. Siv

    Selling A Boat Trailer

    Hi Guys...I have a new trailer coming and am going to sell my old one here or Craigslist. Haven't done this kind of transaction in years and am not exactly sure of the procedure. I do have the old title and can obviously create a bill of sale. Is that all the buyer will need? Do I need to do...
  44. Siv

    Saltwater Anyone got any details...bummer.
  45. Siv

    Tuff Trailers/Vault Bearing System

    Hi Guys...I am looking at a new trailer and after Ken mentioned he bought one at Tuff I looked into them. So far I like what I see and I wonder who else has had experience with them. Good, bad, OK??? Anything I should know to ask? They come with The Vault bearing system which is totally sealed...
  46. Siv

    6 Robbles

    I need a couple 18" rubber brake lines for my trailer and a brass T. I've always heard about 6 Robbles but never been there. Do they have this stuff - it is Tie Down brakes on a King Trailer. Also, it looks like I can go up to the counter and buy with a credit card but it is not exactly clear on...
  47. Siv

    Saltwater We got Crabs, Big Crabs, Lots of Crabs

    Trailered up to Everett today to give it a shot at crabbing. Didn't fish, just crabbed. 4 traps , 2 pulls , 3 limits 1/2 of which we didn't even bother measuring. Great crabbing, nice weather for Nov 25th.
  48. Siv

    Tuna Lures

    Bought these few years back and they have never been out of the package. The hooks are 5.0 siwash. 30$ and I'll send them to you in a padded envelope or if you are in the south end we can meet up. Thank
  49. Siv

    IO Mechanic Edmonds Area

    My buddy just bought an older runabout with an IO and is having some issues. Know a good guy on IOs in the Edmonds area? Boat starts up fine , jumps on plane but once run for a while at speed sputters. Thoughts? thanks
  50. Siv

    Saltwater Westport Trip July 31-Aug 3

    Great 4 days fishing in Westport. Pulled in Sunday night and got ready to go by drinking too much booze. Crew up and out by 5:30 Monday anyway. We decided to run up to the north beach and fished it for 2 hours for nothing. Picked up and ran southwest to 190 ft southwest of the GH. Didn't take...
  51. Siv

    Freezer in Westport

    Hey...heading down next Sunday for 4 days at Westport/. We have stayed at the Holiday for years and used their freezer for our vac packed fillets, but this year we rented a little house that supposedly had a freezer in the garage. Buddy just finalized the arrangements and apparently it doesn't...
  52. Siv

    Herring in Westport

    Anyone in Westport selling decent, green label herring? Going down for a week on the 30th and being moochers we use a fair amount of bait. Gave up on the Hungry Whale fresh bait thing in the past - weird process, inconsistent quality. The last few years we brought our own frozen ( bought a case...
  53. Siv

    Is this too late to give us a little bump in our Halibut season?
  54. Siv

    30 Amp Generator Cord 25'

    Cord has 4 grounded outlets, 25' , never been used. It came with the generator I bought to power the house. 20$ it is yours, they are about 70$ at Depot/Lowes. I am in the south end near the airport but could meet you somewhere in the Seattle area.
  55. Siv

    This would look cool on the wall..

    Nice Xmas gift.
  56. Siv

    Ever Seen This Brand of Line?

    Like most of you, I suspect anyway, I am the go to guy I the neighborhood when people need some fishing line for stringing up Halloween decorations and such. Yesterday my neighbor comes over with this empty spool and asks if I have anything like it. Link's private label mono? Talk about old...
  57. Siv

    What did this guy hit?
  58. Siv

    Sump Pump

    1/2HP Flotec sump pump, was in the sump for about 3 hours once I realized my sump was too small for this one. Bought and installed the smaller size and hope I do not have to go back down there for another 5 years. What a shitty job. This pump is essentially new. Take it for 20$ . Retail 119$
  59. Siv

    Trailer Drum Brakes

    My wife's cousin has a 21 Ranger tug that he uses only occasionally ( The boat is here , he lives in Wisconsin ) . The trailer is a 24 year old EZ Loader in good shape but it has drum brakes that I know have not been touched for 6+ years and have been in and out salt water many times. What are...
  60. Siv

    Willapa Bay

    Anyone fishing Willapa?? If so 2 questions: Does the little bait shop at the ramp have fresh herring? How bad has the ramp scene been? Thanks
  61. Siv

    Tribes vs State of Wa - Culvert Ruling

    I see this as a positive but you guys can surprise me with why this is bad. Stirring pot for sure.
  62. Siv

    Redondo Docks?

    Hey central sound guys...they got the docks in at Redondo yet? thanks
  63. Siv

    Westport Help

    Hi..went yesterday with Rhett on the Slammer for a whitefish trip and had a great day. He is very good, crew worked hard and we all took home plenty of fish on a day when conditions that were far from easy for most of the day. I brought a new little set up I got to throw jigs for coho ( which...
  64. Siv

    Willapa Bay

    Hey...anyone got a slip or 2 at the Tokeland marina they want to sublet Aug 14-18? PM if interested, price certainly negotiable. thanks
  65. Siv

    Docks at Redondo

    Hey...are the docks still in at Redondo?
  66. Siv

    Who has been out in area 10?

    We will be out Sunday for the 3rd week in a row. 2 weeks ago the fish were north of West Point, last week we did better on the outer bar at Jeff Head. The silvers have all been dinks and I am determined to catch a decent coho before the season ends, a bonus blackmouth would be nice too and that...
  67. Siv

    Winter Crab

    This is a nice surprise, love me some winter crab. Too bad about area 10...
  68. Siv

    Pinks in Area 11

    I wanted to take the kids out Saturday and play with some Pinks on the trout rods but I am hearing very little about Pinks in 11. I see they had some kayak derby at Dash Point last weekend and 74 guys got only 14 Pinks. Any around ??
  69. Siv

    Westport Grocery Store

    How is the store looking - have they got stock on basic items?? We are starting to get ready for our week down there and were wondering if we need to bring everything like the last few years or will the store be an option for basics like mustard, loaf of bread...that kind of stuff? Thanks
  70. Siv

    Westport Marina is booked....for the whole month

    We are headed down to Westport for 5 days later in the month ( 19-23 ) and I called today to see about moorage. In the past if you called more than a week ahead they told you " just call back a week in advance, we have plenty of room ". I am not good at being patient so called today 2 1/2 weeks...
  71. Siv

    Marine Growth

    Think this might have been hurting his top end a bit?? 1st ave in Burien today, it was still wet and looked much worse in person than in the pic. What a CF.
  72. Siv

    Saltwater Who Says the Tribes Got All The Crab in Area 11?

    Easy 2 limits - most without even measuring and all hard shell. Start melting the butter.
  73. Siv


    Hey area 11 guys ..are the docks in at Redondo yet? thanks
  74. Siv

    7 Days a week at Westport this year?

    Trying to plan our summer week( first couple weeks of August ) in Westport and the guy who comes in from KC is trying to book airfare and plan work travel. Think we will see 7 days week again this year or was that a one and done? Should we be safe and plan to fish Mon-Thursday?? Fish forecast...
  75. Siv

    Quicksilver Gauges

    Took these 3 out now that I have the Smartcraft gauges, they all work fine but are 20 years old. Analog temp, trim and speedo. 20$ for all if you pick them up, 25$ and I'll mail them. Thanks
  76. Siv

    Fireball Bitches

    Now here is guy who knows how to drink that sweet , college girl whiskey so many of you prefer. Gronk!
  77. Siv

    Go Pro Recommendations

    Hi guys...looking for a recommendation on a Go Pro video camera. I am not very techie and want something simple that I can use on the boat and at family and kids sporting events. I am not the type that is going to use all the bells, blowers and whistles but would rather have a good solid unit...
  78. Siv

    Saltwater One Last Westport Limit

    The crew wanted to give it one more shot even though we had to run down to area 1 so off we went. Past the bar and turned south at 6:30 with a pretty big rolling swell and a north breeze. At 8 we are a mile past the area 1/2 line in 120ft of water. The charter Swifty is about a mile west of us...
  79. Siv

    Westport Bar - Coast Guard Closure

    We wanted to give Westport salmon one more shot so we booked the hotel and moorage only to find out Wednesday that area 2 will close. Crew wanted to go we decided to run to area 1 even though the forecast looked a bit dicey. Run down there at 6:30 was not too bad, big swell but spread out with a...
  80. Siv

    Olympia Traffic

    How was the traffic this weekend getting through Oly to WP?? Thanks
  81. Siv

    Kids Grundens

    I have a set of kids size Grundens my guy has grown out of. They are in excellent condition and for 30$ they are yours. They will fit a kid to about 5' tall or less. I think I paid about 100$ for the set. Sorry about the shitty pic.
  82. Siv

    Mercury Smart Craft Gauges

    I repowered with a Merc 150 4 stroke and so far I am really liking it. I opted to just run with my old analog gauges to save a few bucks and get back on the water but I am really considering converting to the Smart Craft system. Anyone using it? Opinions, likes , dislikes? If you are running...
  83. Siv

    Saltwater Westport Aug 11-14

    Got down there Sunday afternoon , got the boat in the water and settled into the motel, had cocktails and got ready to head out Monday. Seemed like the north beach was doing well and we love the shallow water thing being moochers so that is where we started. Within 15 minutes I hook up and land...
  84. Siv

    What Ever Happened to All The Sockeye?

    The Lake Wa run has been weak and I see no ( literally none ) sockeye showing up in the creel counts for the San Juans..what the hell happened to the 18,000,000 sockeyes that were supposed to come back this summer? Anyone seeing them at NB or Sekiu?
  85. Siv

    Boat Ramp Follies

    Shilshole was a bit of a CF yesterday with unprepared guys blocking the ramp but nothing compared to these 2 videos.
  86. Siv

    Looking for a Shimano B1000 plus.

    Anyone got one they would like to sell? My best buddy wore his out and I would love to find him a replacement. Has be the model with the direct drive button. Thanks
  87. Siv

    Saltwater Point No Point

    Off the dock at Shilshole at 5 and at PNP at 5:30. First bait in gets bit, 8 pound King, reset drift, bait 2 gets bit, 12 pound King. 2 baits, 30 mins, no fins. Had a tremendous breakfast and bloody mary at Senor Moose in Ballard and home by 10. I need to buy a lottery ticket. Tight Lines
  88. Siv

    115 4 Stroke Repower

    My buddy is looking to repower his 17' Arima with a 115 4 stroke. He is partial to Suzuki but thinks the quote he is getting is high ( 13 K rigged ) and is now looking to open up his search to other brands. I don't want to start another Honda/Yammie/Merc who is best who sucks thread but just...
  89. Siv

    Weird Experience Crabbing

    So I leave 2 traps out overnight south of the Des Moines marina and head down at 7 this morning to pick them up. Both are right where we left them but when we pull the first ( 3-4 undersized ) we realize that while it is the same brand trap ( cheapo Danielson )it is not my trap. My rope, my buoy...
  90. Siv

    Neah Bay Warning

    We drove up to NB Thursday for a quick white fish run. Stayed at the Cape cabins ( nice by the way ) and left the truck parked right behind our cabin on the street. We pulled out of town yesterday at 2 and got all the way to the stop sign at Sappho to take a left onto 101 when I look in the...
  91. Siv

    Factory Trawlers at Westport

    I see on AIS that the whole factory/catcher fleet is after the hake ( I think hake anyway ) off Westport. Looks like they work the edges of the canyon where I think you guys are dropping for Halibut. There are a lot of big boats out there , wonder if there are any conflicts with them dragging...
  92. Siv

    Redondo Ramp

    Hey south sound they have the docks in yet at Redondo?? thanks
  93. Siv

    Boater Safety Card

    The way I read this is if you are 59 and under you need to have this thing. I have kind of ignored it to date but my buddy got checked by the fish cops this weekend and they requested his - he is 60 so was exempt after showing proof of his age but the cop said he would have issued a fine if he...
  94. Siv

    Cape cabins at NB

    Never have used the new cabins at the Cape and wondering if they have any that have 3 bunks/beds, looks like only 2 but the website is not clear..any help on that guys? Also, I have called 3 times and left 2 messages over the last 3 days with no reply. Should I be concerned?? We are going up...
  95. Siv

    Gas Prices

    So just in time for all of us to start using a lot of boat gas the prices rises dramatically at the pump. The industry says it is all just supply and demand, "we can't build new refineries because the US government regulations make it too expensive to operate here. We could keep the cost down if...
  96. Siv

    Lawnmowers versus Kickers

    So you guys explain why my 11 year old Toro that gets minimal maintenance and shitty 9 month old E10 gas starts on the first pull every time and runs fine while my kicker that gets obsessively maintained all year round balks at starting after sitting for 3 weeks and needs a carb clean out after...
  97. Siv

    The Boltd Decision- 40 Year Anniversary

    One of our favorite topics - thought this was a good representation of what actually happened and why.
  98. Siv

    Don't think they will be able to buff this out..
  99. Siv

    Is it worth getting knives professionally sharpened??

    Every time I go to Outdoor Emporium I go past Nella knives and wonder if it would be worth dropping off my fillet, boat and kitchen knives to get them sharpened. I use an AcuSharp and a steel to keep them fairly sharp but wonder if there is a big difference letting the pros do the job. Opinions??
  100. Siv

    Lumpy and uncomfortable but fishable...
  101. Siv

    Salmon Poisoning in Dogs

    Beware of letting your dog eat raw or very undercooked salmon. We cleaned the fish from our Westport trip in my yard and my dog was scarfing up very small bits of raw fish that fell of the cleaning table. After 6 days he stopped eating and started puking, after a day of this getting worse he was...
  102. Siv

    Saltwater Westport Today

    Decided to run down to Westport to take a shot at all the wild Coho we released back in August. Got the boat in the water by 7pm and had few drinks in the room and then on the water by 6 this morning. The fleet was out between buoy 2 and GH and we started there, mooching to the south. I hooked...
  103. Siv

    Westport Pros- Weather Advice Please

    Looking at heading down this weekend to go after all the nice wild Coho we threw back in August and I am taking my 10 year old. I don't want to get him started in the ocean ( he has fished a ton on the Sound ) on a snotty day and wreck him for the future. Looking at 2-3 weather forecast it looks...
  104. Siv

    Area 11 Pinks

    Been out of the water for 2 weeks and want to get the kids out this week to twitch up some pinks on the trout gear. Anyone doing any good in 11, 2 years ago Redondo and the southeast side of Vashon were good. Any advice?? Thanks
  105. Siv

    A 14' this fish story.

    Man Hooks Tuna, Tuna Capsizes Boat | gCaptain ? Maritime & Offshore News
  106. Siv

    Saltwater Now for something completely different

    I know this is the saltwater section but since I post here all the time I thought you guys would like to see something a bit different. I spent 2 days fishing the Frasier river in Cololrado, just downstream from Tabernash. I was with my old fishing buddy, he and I had fished there many times...
  107. Siv

    Saltwater Area 11 Crab

    Kind of wondered how the opener was going to be after the tribes carpet bombed the place..well, no worries, 4 hour soak, 13 keepers all firm and too big to even measure. Go get them, they are out there.
  108. Siv

    Saltwater Area 11 Too Many Fins But Still A Great Time

    My fishing buddies boss recently got married and he now has a family with 2 teenage daughters and a 13 year old son. The family lives in Atlanta and will be moving here eventually but the boy was in town for a 2 week trip. Joel ( the boss ) mentioned that he would love to go fishing so we...
  109. Siv

    Weird Electrical Problem

    Ran all over the San Juans today looking for Lings and after running for an hour I switched batteries to keep them both charged. No problem, started up and ran to a couple other locations on battery 2. Go to take off again and no power , not even a click. I also notice the house is without...
  110. Siv

    I5 Closure Advice

    Heading to the San Juans Friday for, finally, a shot at some Lings. I usually trailer to Bellingham and head out from there but wondering just how bad the delay has been getting through Mt Vernon. I will cut over and launch at Cornet bay if the delay is too horrific. Any advice is appreciated...
  111. Siv

    Following Sea

    This must have been fun, the caption it had before I downloaded it said Dutch Harbor and nothing else.
  112. Siv

    Saltwater Area 9 Blackmouth

    After we left Shilshole with the plan to fish Kingston on the tide change we remembered area 10 closed on the 31st. With that in mind we stopped just north of the point there ( Apple Tree ) in 90 feet of water. The first bait I put down gets bit and this nice fish slides into the net. 2-3...
  113. Siv

    Inflatable Tender

    Hi Guys, No action at 75$ so how about this new price. Free, you come and get it and it's yours. I will also throw in the oars. Got my new one and want this one out of the garage. I live in Normandy Park...
  114. Siv

    Inflatable Dingy

    Inflatable tender/dingy, 10 years old. Made of Hypalon by Conquest in South Africa and it measures 90x50. Perfect dingy for a small boat ( it fits on the roof of my 20' Seasport ). Carry bag, wood seat and 2 part wood floor ( not shown ). It has a slow leak from a seam on the bow. You need to...
  115. Siv

    How Much Fuel Did You Buy in 2012?

    Just sent in my fuel tax filing..696 gallons. A little less than last year but more than I thought I burned considering how long I was down with repairs.
  116. Siv

    Saltwater Area 13 Crab

    In keeping with the new reporting guidlines I only feel comfortable saying we crabbed in area 13. Even indicating the marina we left from would give away expensive, hard-won information that only I know. In a nod to the guys in the San Juan's let's just say we crabbed "the place of which we do...
  117. Siv

    Saltwater Skunked in 9 and 10

    Hit Jeff at dawn and it was shaker city, moved up the line to Kingston and it was the same. The wind made mooching a bit of a challenge and the shakers were hell on the bait. Ran to Possession and moved in with the Grady fleet at the Tin Shed hole. Nothing we could keep there either and we ran...
  118. Siv

    Eagle Claw Hooks

    Being a moocher I probably buy a lot more hooks than you guys who troll full time. Years ago I gave up on Eagle Claw due to the shape and wire size. The last few years I have been tying only Mustad Ultra Point fine wire hooks with good results. I was at Outdoor Emporium today and I always buy...
  119. Siv

    2006 150 Optimax Overheating

    After breaking down at Westport I had a complete rebuild done ( wrist pin bearing failed in the #6 cylinder )New rod, pistons..basically a new top end. Mechanic got it all back together 2 weeks ago and ever since it has been overheating at speed. I can run for 2-3 mins and I get the high heat...
  120. Siv

    Saltwater Area 11 Coho

    The past 2 mornings are as good as it gets in 11 for Coho. Got my boat in the water after the rebuild and we fished Tramp Harbor Saturday am for 2 and quit by 9 with other stuff to do. Lots of bait and lots of nets flying. Lost a couple to the crazy Coho dance at the side of the boat. This...
  121. Siv

    Nearly New Abu Garcia 5500C3

    I have a 5500c3 that has been used , maybe , 3 times. Perfect shape with box, lube, etc...Spooled with fresh 12# Big Game clear. 40$ cash or check. They are 89$ new and this one is very close to new. I just have too much shit and need to move some of the stuff I don't use.
  122. Siv

    Sharks at Westport

    Can anyone identify the species of sharks we were all messing with north of Westport this week? 5-6 feet long, light brown with a white belly and a slightly upswept tail. I have looked and can't seem to find a pic on anything that matches on line. Thanks
  123. Siv

    Saltwater Westport Salmon 8/6-8/8

    First trip to Westport was eventful to say the least..inboth good and bad ways. We headed down Sunday at 11 and around Fife on I5 my buddyfollowing me calls to tell me the cover on my kicker has blown off and was justsmashed by a Buick. Shit. We kept ongoing hoping to find any Tohatsu or Merc...
  124. Siv

    Cleaning Tuna at Sea

    Since there are no size or bag limits can you clean the tuna at sea..? Thanks
  125. Siv

    Saltwater Area 11 King

    Hit Pt Beal at the tide change last night and right off the bat my buddy hooks one up and loses it..Looked to be 6-7 pounds, no idea if it had a fin. We kept working at it and about an hour later he hooks,and lands, this one. Close to 20..nice fish for area 11. Went back this AM and the wind was...
  126. Siv

    Bait in Westport?

    Hey guys..headed down to Westport for the first tme this year and need some advice on where to buy herring. We mooch so I go through a lot of bait if the fish are around. I prefer fresh if the size is OK but frozen is fine. Suspect there are many options.. Thanks in advance
  127. Siv

    King Trailer - Warning

    I have a 3 year old King bunk trailer and decided to make some modifications to the bunks to better accomodate sling launches. I crawled under it and starting pulling out some of the lag screws that hold the bunks to the frame. While they were galvanized they must have bought grade Z product...
  128. Siv

    Saltwater Quick Trip to the San Juans

    Very short trip but the boat in at Bellingham at 2pm Saturday and we were at the Suchia by 3..set up camp but didn't dare leave our dock spot for the evening bite, the place was packed. Drank a few and had a nice dinner and headed out in the morning with only 4 hours to get our 3 Lings...
  129. Siv

    Garmin Blue Chart Data Cards

    Hi Guys.. My Garmin ( 2006 C ) runs the old style data cards that are no longer supported and I have tried like hell to find the one that covers the coast since we are headed to Westport this summer. It is model # MUS022R and I have tried to buy one in stores and on line with no luck. Anyone...
  130. Siv

    Saltwater WestportBottom Fish

    My buddy and I decided to try a charter out of Westport to put some whitefish in the freezer and do a little recon for our trip down there this summer. Went with Kevin on the Goldrush per some recommendations here and he and his son could not have been better. Great guys who made it a fun day...
  131. Siv

    PA Boat Ramps

    It has been years since I have put in at PA..which ramp is better - the Boat Haven one or the one out on Ediz Hook?? Thanks Guys..
  132. Siv

    Anyone want this trailer connector?

    I have been stumbling over this for 2 years in my garage, it has never been used. Stop by and pick it up..I'm west of the airport. PM and we can set it up.
  133. Siv

    Westport Info

    It may seem weird but in 23 years of fishing salwater in this state I have never fished Westport. Bouy 10, Ilwaco, Neah Bah, Sekiu and everywhere else over the years but not Westport. We decided to move our usual summer trip from NB to Westport this year and I have a few questions that I am sure...
  134. Siv

    Gas Tax Rebate

    Just filled out and mailed my rebate form and I burned 749 gallons this year..about 100 more than 2010. Thought that was odd since I was down most of July with motor issues but the numbers don't lie. Should get about 100 bucks back..nice. If you are not doing this you are crazy.
  135. Siv

    Saltwater Area 11 Crab

    Not sure how the blackmouth fishing is but the crabbing is outstanding. Easy limits of big hard-shell dungies. My crab louie salads for Thanksgiving will have plenty of crab on them and my neighbors will all be eating fresh crab. Probabably will fish Defiance Friday and depending on results...
  136. Siv

    Saltwater Skunked in MA 10

    Tried it all in 10 - Kingston, Jeff, Pt Monroe and the Oil Docks for a goose egg. A few shakers and one that went maybe 18 inches but overall pretty damn slow. Great conditions to mooch, nice incoming tide and little wind but we saw no bait anywhere. Talked to one guy at Shilshole who had 1...
  137. Siv

    Saltwater Area 10 No Love

    Got out of Shilshole before 6 and decided to start at the Oil Docks..fished it for an hour, tons on the finder, nothing biting. Moved up to Edmunds with the big fleet..nothing. Tried a rip way out in the shipping luck. Jeff Head, loaded with bait, nice rip..nothing. Back to Meadow...
  138. Siv

    West Point??

    Anyone fishing West Point?? One of favorite spots for Coho but haven't seen many reports from there this summer. Going Sunday..may give it a shot.
  139. Siv

    New look to the site??

    What is up with the new look? Not really liking the black background..
  140. Siv

    Saltwater Pt Beale Kings - the pic

    Only pic we took..this is the first King Chad caught.
  141. Siv

    Saltwater Pt Beale Kings Area 11

    Had a guy in town from Indianapolis that I do business with. He had his son with him and a friend. We always talk fishing when we are working so this trip we got out on the water. Headed to Beale at about 6pm and it was full of bait. Chad doesn't get his bait in the water for 3 minutes when he...
  142. Siv

    Rod Repair

    Can anyone suggest a good rod reapir shop in the south end..? Need some work on a couple rods - eye repair. thanks
  143. Siv

    Aluminum Fuel Tanks

    Hi Guys..Looks like I may need to replace my tank. I am going to pull it out tonight and see what is going on but I have a persistant gas smell in the bilge. Anyone know a good tank fab guy? I can install it, it is an easy job. More time working on the damn boat than fishing so far this...
  144. Siv

    Merc Parts??

    I need a new compressor for my Optimax and wonder if anyone has had luck with any of the on line merchants. There are a bunch out there but want to make sure I am dealing with a reputable retailer on a 900$ part. My local guy wants 1200$ for the same part. Thanks in advance..
  145. Siv

    Marine Traffic Website

    Check this out..pretty cool site that gives you info on the marine trffic in our area ( and the rest of the world for that matter ). My new office looks right out at Pt Robinson and now I can get all kinds of info on the big ships , tugs and fishing vessels headed into and out of Tacoma. I...
  146. Siv

    Saltwater Area 11 Saturday

    More of scouting trip to see what is around without real high hopes. We started at Pt Defiance at 6 and there were acres of bait flipping and rolling. It was everywhere but no fish, not even dogfish under them. After the tide change the fleet switches over to Dalco and we see one guy hit a fish...
  147. Siv

    Caulking Deck Seams

    I am going to pull up the hatch that covers my fuel tank and inspect it. What do you guys recommend for caulking the seam when I put it back down? I recaulked it 10 years ago and used a product called ProSeal. It has held up well but was a bitch to work with..sticky and hard to tool into a nice...
  148. Siv

    Bilge Pump Hose

    I was cleaning under the gunnels in the boat today and just tapped the bilge pump hose where it connects to the fitting in the side of the boat and it broke..When I picked up the piece it was a brittle as a potato chip. I will replace it but it brought up a couple points. If yours is 5 years old...
  149. Siv

    Shilshole/Shrimp Opener

    Hi, I have gone out of Armini for years for the shrimp opener and it is a zoo but I know what to plan for. This year I see there is a big low right at 3pm so getting out of Armini will be worse than normal. Who has launched at Shilshole for shrimp? How are the crowds? It is a better...
  150. Siv

    Canadian Halibut Quota

    We think we have it bad..88% for the commercials 12% for recreational.
  151. Siv

    Saltwater PNP Puts Out

    After a month of family medical issues and bad weather we got out this morning at daylight and headed for PNP..perfect mooching, outgoing tide all morning. Forcast called for 15-25 but they missed it and it was nice and calm. Great drift, starting at the point and drifting west. About the 3rd...
  152. Siv

    Saltwater Not in area 10

    Got out again today with perfect 9 it was actually warm out there and nice and calm. We fished everywhere in 10, Jeff Head, Pt Monroe, Oil Docks, West Pt and even tried Skiff Pt. Plenty of bait around but no Blackmouth..maybe 3 shakers all day. You could not have had better...
  153. Siv

    Saltwater Area 10 Lumpy and Crabby

    Gave it a shot today out of Shilshole at 7 and it was cold but tolerable at first. We dropped the pots and headed for Pt Monroe. By now the wind is kicking 20 and it is damn cold. First bait I put down gets bit and I play the fish for a few minutes and he comes unbuttoned. We try and reset the...
  154. Siv

    Trailer Connectors

    Hi Guys..getting a new truck to tow the boat and it comes with 4 wire flat and 6 pin round connectors built in..I have the 5 wire flat on the trailer. I see adapters on line that will convert the round to 5 wire they work OK? Thanks in advance.
  155. Siv

    Winter Crab Seasons

    Anyone heard anything? Nothing on the state website. I think it opened last year on November 1st but can't recall for sure. After going without for a couple months crab would taste pretty nice right now. Tight Lines.
  156. Siv

    Saltwater Area 10 Skunking

    Gave it a shot in 10 today for nothing..on the water while still dark and running into 2-3 chop and rain. Started on the south side of Jeff, fished that area, Kingston and Pt Monroe. Nothing but flounders for the effort. LOTS of bait at Jeff and Pt Monroe but there are no blackmouth around. If...
  157. Siv

    Optimax Alternators

    Hi Guys..I have a 2006 150 Opti and am having a run of frying alternators. It has been a good motor but this is getting old. I lost one the second year I had it but warranty covered that. 3 weeks ago I had a new one installed ( the old one was totally shot ) and we lost this one yesterday. Down...
  158. Siv

    Saltwater MA 11 Fish

    Hit the shoreline north of Dalco this am at first light, the last 2 hours of an incoming tide..lots of bait, lots of boats. About 7 I hooked up this one, maybe 12 pounds. Decent fish. 2 ounces of lead, green label herring in about 120' of water. Only bummer was the sharks, we went though a lot...
  159. Siv

    Anyone Out in MA11??

    Got the boat back yesterday ( new alternator ) and will be fishing 11 tonight and this weekend..anyone been doing anything? I see a few boats every morning at Robinson. Thanks
  160. Siv

    OMC Kicker Bracket

    Hi Guys, Anyone got an old OMC bracket around. The side plates on mine are worn and I would like to replace them. I don't care if the rest of the bracket is trashed , I just need the plates. Happy to make an offer.. thanks
  161. Siv

    Saltwater Neah Bay Report 8/11-8/14

    Finally got the pics downloaded and the work shit at a manageable level so I can post my report. Got out of my place at 4 on Wednesday and had the boat in the water at Big Salmon by 9. Swiftsure sounded like the only bet so off we go to the bank. Foggy and pretty rough but we beat our way...
  162. Siv

    Saltwater Area 11 is still slow..

    You guys are killing me with these great reports form Area 9. I fished hard on Wed, Thursday nights and this am for nothing in 11. Tried it all, Dolphin, Lincoln Park, Southworth, Beal, 3 Tree, Robinson.....Heard of a few ( very few ) caught). I only fished area 9 & 10 for years but the last few...
  163. Siv

    OMC Kicker Bracket

    HI Guys, I have the gas assist OMC kicker bracket and it has been a workhorse for the 15 years it has been on the boat. However, it is starting to wear around the plate the supports most of the motor weight. As far as can tell they no longer make these..true? Anyone got an old one around...
  164. Siv

    Saltwater Area 11 Report

    Fished 11 both Thursday and today for a skunk. Started at Dolphin Thursday am ( I think T Ripper passed us ) and I picked up a 22" blackmouth right away and not much later my buddy hooks a small King ( Big Blackmouth ?) but after a 5 minute fight he comes unbuttoned. Maybe 10 pounds, who knows...
  165. Siv

    Saltwater OK..How did everyone do on shrimp?

    We did the Elliot Bay thing and did well. I took out two groups of my son's buddies ( 7-8 year old kids ) and thay all had fun fun trying to pull pots and messing with the shrimp. We ended up with 375 for 5 pulls of the 4 traps. Best time was mid-morning, it dropped off as the afternoon went on...
  166. Siv

    How about heading for Blue Dot today..

    One of these years I am going to drive out to NB and hike out to the cliff to see these waves break. PZZ150-153-156-030000- COASTAL WATERS FROM CAPE FLATTERY TO JAMES ISLAND OUT 10 NM- COASTAL WATERS FROM JAMES ISLAND TO POINT GRENVILLE OUT 10 NM- COASTAL WATERS FROM POINT GRENVILLE TO CAPE...
  167. Siv

    Shrimp 2010

    Have they posted the opener for Area 9,10,11 for shrimp?? Thanks
  168. Siv

    Saltwater Area 9 Dead but 10 puts out 1

    We got out of Shilshole at 7 and headed for Kingston with the idea of a quick stop there and then on to PNP..First bait I put down gets hit but he drops it. Right back down and slacked off 30 feet below the boat and this one sticks..Nice fight, decent fish, no fin and into the box. We thought...
  169. Siv

    Anyone Heading for MA9 this weekend??

    We will be out Sunday morning..looks like a perfect tide for Pt No Pt.. Hope the winds stay away. TIght Lines
  170. Siv

    Saltwater Crabbing and some fishing in area 10

    Late report but better than never..I put the boat in at Shilshole Tuesday afternoon and spent the afternoon crabbing around the Ballard side and the north tip of Bainbridge. Good results, we we kept 8 nice ones. Odd thing is I am still getting soft shell crabs this late in the year?? I...
  171. Siv

    Saltwater Area 10 Crab/ No Blackmouth

    We got out today out of Shilshole and dropped the pots around the corner and headed for Pt Monroe. Nothing there and Jeff was dead too. Pulled the pots around 10 and had 1 keeper, it was looking like cold, poor day.. Rebaited and tried the Oil Docks and Shilshole bay for a few shakers and not...
  172. Siv

    What a CF!

    As some of you may know the Des Moines marina is undergoing a major remodel..We have lost the sling launch and the tenant hoist is going soon.There will be no access to the water from the marina and they feel that Redondo is a reasonable alternative. Redondo sucks, no docks in winter, crowded...
  173. Siv

    Foodsaver - Which model?

    Hi Guys, My old Foodsaver quit today packing up some smoked Coho..I fairly loud snap sound and the smell of burning plastic when I fired it up, it is fried. It was the Pro 2 that they no longer make and it worked well for years.. Looks like all the models have changed.What do you guys...
  174. Siv

    Saltwater Area 11 Coho

    I got some so-so reports back from the guys about area 11 but I decided to put the boat in anyway and give it a shot this morning..partly because it is easy for me to fish 11 and still get into the office by 10 and partly because I have seen so many boats fishing Pt Robinson I had to try it...
  175. Siv

    Anyone Fishing MA11??

    I see a lot of boats out in front of Pt Robinson when I come down to my office in the morning and the Redondo area has a lot of guys out trolling. Anyone doing anything? I was out of town on business all last week and am getting antsy to get after them. Tight Lines and thanks in advance.
  176. Siv

    Saltwater Area 10 Produces

    Got out of Shilshole this am at dawn and we had decided to go north, but on a whim I decided to try a couple drifts at West Point..Good choice. We did not hook up on the first drag but saw a few nets out and made a second drift starting north of the bouy in Shilshole Bay. First fish is on is a...
  177. Siv

    Saltwater Neah Bay 8/13-16 Hot

    We got out of town on Wednesday afternoon and had the boat in the water and cold beer in our hands by about 8pm..The reports had all been so good I had a tough time sleeping that night looking forward to the fishing. Headed out to the can north of Tatoosh early Thursday and , surprisingly...
  178. Siv

    Headed for Neah Bay Wednesday

    Hey.. we are headed for NB Wednesday and will be there through Sunday. Did they finish the paving projects up there or should we expect some delays? Stop by and say hello , not sure what dock we will be on but look for my boat. We are staying at the oppulent Tyee. Tight Lines.
  179. Siv

    MA 11 Puts Out- Sort Of...

    We fished Pt Beal this am from dawn until 9 and hooked 2 nice fish but nothing in the boat. Lots of bait and quite a few boats in the area. About 7 we hook up a double and my buddy and I are pumped..Both mooching using light gear, 10-12# test. Sadly his breaks him off after a long run and mine...
  180. Siv

    San Juan Lings

    While most of you were out at the coast slamming the Halibut last weekend we were up in the San Juans with a couple other families at West Beach resort. Even thought it was not a hard core fishing trip we did get in plenty of time on the water and the Ling fishing was good. Hit all my usual...
  181. Siv

    Area 7 Advice

    Hey..I am headed for the San Juans this weekend. We will launch from Bellingham Friday late afternoon and are staying at West Beach. We will be after it hard all day Saturday and Sunday morning. I have done a lot of fishing in the islands but never for winter Blackmouth. I generally mooch but...
  182. Siv

    Maui Fishing

    Hi Guys..Headed for Maui with the family Friday for 10 days of vacation and may want to get a day in on the water. We are staying near LaHaina and I see on line there are quite a few charters out of there..Any recommendations? Suggestions? Is this a decent season for the fishery? Thanks in...
  183. Siv

    Weekend Weather

    Was going to give it a shot Saturday but snow is a significant deterent. I have done it in the past but don't think I will take my 5 year old in conditions that cold and I promised him he could go on the next trip. While snow is a bitch to fish in, how would you like to be headed for Blue Dot...
  184. Siv

    Area 10 11/22

    Got out at 6:45 this morning to very calm water and clearing skies..Headed directly for Pt Monroe and set up in 80' of water and the shaker thing started with the first bait..However, within a few minutes I hooked up something better and after a nice battle we netted a 10-11lb Blackmouth, my...
  185. Siv

    Area 10 Sunday

    Did not get out Saturday but did get out today. Dropped the pots along the shoreline north of Meadow Point and headed for Jeff Head. Started on the south end in the deeper water per John's report last week. As has been the norm it was shaker city until I hooked up something substantial and after...
  186. Siv

    Area 11 Report

    Take my report form last week and sub in Pt Defiance and Pt Dalco for Jeff Head and Kingston and you have it. Great looking conditions, right tide, lots of bait..........nothing but shakers. I am going to give the Blackmouth a few weeks off and hope some of the bigger boys move in. On another...
  187. Siv

    Area 10 Report - Shaker City

    Got out of Shilshole at 7 and started at Jeff Head..2 drifts and nothing but shakers. Moved up to Kingston..2 drifts and nothing but shakers..Tried the Oil Docks..2 drifts, well you get the picture. Used 7 dozen herring by 11 and called it day. 30 shakers and nothing else. The fish checker had...
  188. Siv

    Area 10 Report

    Had a good feeling about getting out this morning..Stable barometer, good reports..So.... we get skunked. Were on the water at West Point at 6 and the wind was blowing 15 -18 out of the north so it made my usual motor mooching a bit tough. Worked it anyway and ended up in the shipping lanes with...
  189. Siv

    Area 11 reports??

    I am putting the boat in this afternoon and plan on pounding area 11 for the whole weekend..My office looks out at Pt. Robinson and there has been a pretty good crowd out there every morning..Anyone doing any good? See you out there. Tight Lines
  190. Siv

    Area 11 Report Saturday 8/9

    Got out at 5 from Des Moines under gray skies and showers. Headed to 3 Tree first, nothing going on so after an hour we head to Pt Beal, same thing. Thought about Dolphin Point but I had this memory about the spot we used to fish in front of the pool at Lincoln Park..It turned out to be a good...
  191. Siv

    Neah Bay Trip Report

    Hi Guys, Here is my report for our Neah bay trip last week... Back at work this morning wishing I was still there... We got out of my place at 4:30 on Wednesday and had the boat in the water by 9:30 and were ready to go. All the way up the wind had been blowing and as soon as we rounded...
  192. Siv

    Landing Canadian Fish In Washington

    OK..I have heard what I assume is the correct interpretation of the law, but I would like to hear it from all you guys. I have always gone under the assumption that if you have a Canadian licenses and fish in Canada for halibut you must land them before fishing for any other fish in US...
  193. Siv

    Canadian Licenses

    Since we now need a license bought in Canada to fish Canadian Halibut out of Neah Bay where are you guys going to get them??..I have done it on line for the last few years, and in years past went to Abbotsford but wonder if there is a closer/easier place. I will be driving up from...