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  1. Peg North

    Offshore I hate Bluefin!

    Q and A session, human to bft, on my June trip: Can I catch you with a sniper? Tuna: yes How about flyline? Tuna: see #1 Okay. Flatfall? Tuna: same. See #1. Katy perry colored knife jig? Tuna: dumbass, work with me here: see #1. Night bite? Tuna: nope. Grey light bite? Tuna: not so much. Day...
  2. Peg North

    Offshore TG 80 3.5 day 6/13-16

    Thanks for the report sir. Outstanding.
  3. Peg North

    Inshore Local Cod & Sinking boat

    You’ll need the XL tortillas!
  4. Peg North

    Offshore “Over the Rail and into the Pail” as Dave Marciano would say!

    Wow, Lady! Solid work! I go out next week and will take your advice to heart. Fished with you and your man a couple years ago on the Aztec. You killed.
  5. Peg North

    Offshore Albacore 2021? Friedman Adventures Podcast has high hopes

    Yep. Still have my buggywhip rods and 15# reels! And my canning gear. Bring it.
  6. Peg North


    Islander? Thought I saw short skiff trips on their website.
  7. Peg North

    Inshore 6/5 shoe

    Instant Martian. Hilarious. Your daughter will treasure the time with you and fishing until she’s old and grey. Ask me how I know..... :) WTG dad!
  8. Peg North

    Offshore El Capitan 1.5 day 6/4

    Props to your mom for getting pops out there. He was a lucky charm! Great read and report.
  9. Peg North

    Best month for bluefin

  10. Peg North

    Offshore CONDOR 3-day and my fight of the decade

    Gary, you are my idol for staying at the rail for 3 days without a bite! Now THAT is fishing. Congratulations on the biggie.
  11. Peg North

    LOL that’s what my whole tackle box looks like

    LOL that’s what my whole tackle box looks like
  12. Peg North

    Offshore Shogun 3 day. Rice Bowl.

    Outstanding! I’m headed out Sunday on the Tribute and appreciate the intel.
  13. Peg North

    Is Fisherman's Processing still down

    Stoked you’ll be up and running! Good luck in the new place.
  14. Peg North

    8 day advice

    We got 2 wahoo on last year’s June 7 day on the Royal star. Both on the troll.
  15. Peg North

    Success Sportfishing or Others?

    Miss fishing that boat. The charter group fell apart. Always a great time, super fishy.
  16. Peg North

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    for sure. I’m on the RS.
  17. Peg North

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    This is my first try on a 3/4 day box. I used junk plywood just to have a prototype or 2 to practice on. Working just fine for winter crab snaring up here. Going to try nicer material so I have a nice box to take on my June 7 day. Fun.
  18. Peg North

    Looking for BIG Rockfish

    Sand dabs, live octopus work well. I keep trying the jigs, but the live bait works better for me. Come on up to Nor Cal, you’ll find some biggies.
  19. Peg North

    Bodega and north beaches advice

    Well, I struck out on the beach fishing, but as usual the journey of discovery was fantastic. Sketchy night in the camper on Sunday night in the wind but after midday Monday, it was glassy conditions and warm. I left my big heavy crab snare rods and reels at home (explains the lack of...
  20. Peg North

    Offshore Killed them at Tanner

    Redrum! :2gunsfiring_v1:
  21. Peg North

    Offshore Weekend on the CONDOR

    Excellent report, thanks! Your brother won’t ever forget being on that fish.
  22. Peg North

    Bodega and north beaches advice

    Do you hook the octopus in the mantle/head?
  23. Peg North

    Bodega and north beaches advice

    Thanks guys! Excellent advise and I’ll post pictures. Really appreciate it.
  24. Peg North

    Bodega and north beaches advice

    Hi guys. Going to spend a few days at the coast fishing the surf for halibuts and jetty/rocks for taco meat. Any words of wisdom besides watch for sneaker waves? Will be probably fishing bodega, up to Portuguese beach. Maybe up to ocean cove if I’m feeling it. Thanks and tight lines.
  25. Peg North

    Taco Run

  26. Peg North

    Offshore Sea adventure 80 Oct 13 1.5 day

    Light load of 16, already baited up and early departure for a 1.5 at 6pm. Capt Scott Mc Daniels was driving, with Mike Bullard in relief. We went quality bft or bust, headed w/nw. Extremely kind seas. Especially when we got way out there onto a high spot, where we anchored up after the uphill...
  27. Peg North

    First 2.5 day trip

    Rent the 80-100# and up gear from the boat or landing. See what really feels good and delivers for you before you commit to getting your own big gear.
  28. Peg North

    Offshore Outrider 1.5 10/10 - 10/12

    Excellent report thanks. Gonna sneak out on Wednesday and get some.
  29. Peg North

    Re-generated newbie

    Also this on YouTube. Search “how to bleed a tuna.” Note: be careful of your cutter on a busy rolling deck. Box cutter with minimal extension on the blade Has worked fine for me.
  30. Peg North

    Re-generated newbie

    If you live in SD or close by, haunt the landing. Nice place for a walk, healthy fresh eats, cupppa coffee, etc. ask a ton of questions of the guys in the shop. Look around in each of the shops and ask questions. When I’m in town, I check the websites or call to see which boat is coming in...
  31. Peg North

    Newbie Info

    I like to practice casting at the park with hookless jigs. Also I practice underhand in the back yard with various sizes of banana peels. Get out on a windy day and practice casting into the wind. Then I’m not as backlashy when the trip starts. Have a wonderful time!
  32. Peg North

    Coldest bunk room

    it’s been a lot of years, but I preferred the top or middle bunks next to the stairs. Easy in/out and nice fresh air. That boat slides perfect in a stop. Don’t overlook dropping a bait in on the bow once the slide is over. Earl the Pearl taught me that one. Have fun!
  33. Peg North

    Coldest bunk room

    On the Excalibur the room under the aft stairwell was freezing a few weeks ago. Perfect. Also the Success was always freezing in years past. Port bow room on the Searcher was so cold I wore my beanie to bed. Slept like a happy popsicle all week. When I started on albacore trips back when Lincoln...
  34. Peg North

    SDFD 7 Day on the Royal Star 9/26-10/3

    Hope you get some people to go. I’m tapped out or I’d call! Thanks for all you guys do for us!
  35. Peg North

    Shogun Surf Trips

    I would have sold my truck to get on this trip in my young days. Please post photos guys so the old waterwomen and watermen can enjoy!
  36. Peg North

    Offshore Ranger 85 /Seeker trip

    You guys are going to have a great time! I’ve only been on the Ranger once, but skipper found the biggies.
  37. Peg North

    CONDOR 3-day October -- I made a change.

    Heck. I would have paid money to see you using your mad trout fishing techniques on tuna. PS. I now always carry one of those water bobbers with me. Very Ninja.... Tight lines!
  38. Peg North

    Long Range testing

    thank you for your service, Sir! You are saving lives and families.
  39. Peg North

    If you need fish that bad.....just ask.

    I put pink wrapping paper ribbon on my setups. Helps me see them in the racks and guys won’t even touch pinked up stuff.
  40. Peg North

    Late Report Fort Bragg Albacore

    Beautiful family, great trip! and I learned a new technique: blowtorch cookery!
  41. Peg North

    Offshore Solo Sesh - Got 'Em - 8.4.20

    This: “Really contemplated taking a breather, but since I'm a glutton for punishment, I grabbed my 60lb 2-speed "just in case" setup, cut off the trolling clip, tied on a 4/0 j-hook, threw a bait off the bow......picked up instantly.” Classic. Great trip and report; thanks.
  42. Peg North

    PB salmon trip 7/19/20

    We went out of Bodega Bay. LONG line of boats, all the way up on the road,at 05:30. Hooboy. High shit show potential, I thought, but everyone was adult and patient. we launched and headed out w/nw. Beautiful water today! Lots of sea birds, blue whales with their calves, etc. you could have...
  43. Peg North

    07/12/20 Muir to Stinson report

    Thanks for the encouraging read. I’m going out of bodega tomorrow on my friends boat.
  44. Peg North

    Offshore Shogun 1.5 Day 7-15-20

    Seems like snipers are extra effective when the microbaits are here? Opinions?
  45. Peg North

    Offshore 7/12 fish everywhere

    Does anyone try just finding good sign/water/birds and steady chumming for some time, like hours? If they are boat shy, would more stealth and patience pay off? You could make bait while you steady chum chunks and drift? I’m not a PB, so I truly don’t know. Seems like the running and gunning...
  46. Peg North

    Royal Star 6/20-6/27 Larry Brown 7-day Report

    I’m not sure what it’s called, but Larry took a picture.
  47. Peg North

    Royal Star 6/20-6/27 Larry Brown 7-day Report

    Oh man. I forgot about those carnitas!
  48. Peg North

    Royal Star 6/20-6/27 Larry Brown 7-day Report

    I went downstairs, changed all my clothes, brushed my teeth, fixed my hair, put on fresh deorderant and sunscreen, picked a new facemask, and went back up on deck. I grabbed my buggywhip 20# outfit, pinned on a squiggly bait, pitched it out and was bitten in about 20 seconds. Hilarious. I boated...
  49. Peg North

    Royal Star 6/20-6/27 Larry Brown 7-day Report

    We started north at about 10am, with a long travel and a hope for the bluefin bite to materialize once we got up the line to the spot we'd tried earlier. THURSDAY 6/25 Travel day. Seas came down nicely for the uphill ride. We stopped on a school of small bft, and boated about 10. One of the...
  50. Peg North

    Royal Star 6/20-6/27 Larry Brown 7-day Report

    So, I was fishing a large Makaira at strike, with the drag set and checked by the crew. I stayed just a little bit up from the rocks, like 5 or 7 turns, then working the lower column up and down a bit. When these donkeys hit, I actually had to hold on to the inside of the sideplates with my...
  51. Peg North

    Royal Star 6/20-6/27 Larry Brown 7-day Report

    Nope. Starting about 4am in the dark, and until about 10;30 am, we dropper looped the mega macks and everyone got railed by reef donkeys. I was fishing the 100# setup. I just could not believe what we were catching! Never in my life had I seen so many gigante jurels come over the rail! And each...
  52. Peg North

    Royal Star 6/20-6/27 Larry Brown 7-day Report

    We had a very special dinner of scallops. It being Father's Day, I had brought a nice bottle of Matanzas Creek Sauvignon Blanc to share, in honor of my dad who passed on two years ago. No one loved scallops, and great wine, as much as my dad, so it was a sweet moment to honor him with a toast...
  53. Peg North

    Royal Star 6/20-6/27 Larry Brown 7-day Report

    Larry had about a hundred giveaways, raffle prizes, and such, many of which we put to use on the trip. I didn't join in the raffle, but the grand prize was an Avet reel. Sweet. And speaking of sweet, lunch was grilled crab and cheddar sandwiches. Wowza. The first of many excellent naps followed...
  54. Peg North

    Royal Star 6/20-6/27 Larry Brown 7-day Report

    This was my first long range trip, and first trip aboard the Royal Star. I had been invited into the charter by two guys I had fished with last year, but neither of them could make it due to Covid, etc. Lacking co-morbidities in myself and my household, being in great health, and come hell or...
  55. Peg North

    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    Royal Star. For all the reasons. Excellent operation.
  56. Peg North

    What LR boats are out right now?

    I’m on the RS 7 day leaving Saturday. Will be interesting to see where we go. Will we stay close or venture south? But heck I’m just stoked to throw lines and round the Point! Been wanting to fish the RS for a long time.
  57. Peg North

    Long Range Reopening Plan

  58. Peg North

    Sea Wolf 6/8/20 report

    I busted out yesterday for a rockfish trip on the Sea Wolf out of Emeryville. Max load was 15; looks like this is the new norm. Wind and long period, though mixed, swell was forecast and it did not disappoint. We did make it out to the islands, but since I fish the bow it was like fishing on a...
  59. Peg North

    Who Pointed You to the Blue?

    My dad was an old school waterman. He and my mom were both teachers, so my sisters and I were blessed with summers at the beach, OB, every day all day. I played with sand crabs, too, and moms would stick the toddlers in the play pen while the big kids bodysurfed, built sand castles, and the dads...
  60. Peg North

    Offshore Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    Only if properly mixed with the Lysol and served over ice.
  61. Peg North

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2020 15 day Intrepid Report

    Nebraska, you are a wonderful writer, and a great sportsman!
  62. Peg North

    Offshore Okuma 12IIa for 229.00 Charkbait

    Thought someone could use the heads up. Charkbait is running a crazy sale on these.
  63. Peg North

    Single Speed Reels Only Charter

    I am locked and loaded with my Jigmaster and a spool of 40# line I found under all the crap in the back of my truck.
  64. Peg North

    Lets see your favorite landscape photo from a trip

    Tough choice. Here’s my mix of NorCal and SoCal fishing favorites.
  65. Peg North

    First 8 dayer in June

    It got tail wrapped at the end of the fight.
  66. Peg North

    First 8 dayer in June

    Thanks for the tips, guys. I’m on my first spring 7 day on the Royal Star in late June. I wonder if we will stick to Guadalupe and Baja Norte / bluefin grounds or make the run down to the ridge/rocks. My gear only goes to 60# but Tracy let me know that the guys will see what I have and fill in...
  67. Peg North

    Ling limit right now? 12/27/19

    See for the Regs. You can click on the map for the regs in your area. Looks like this: HomeFishing Ocean Regulations Fishing Map California Ocean Sport Fishing Regulations Map Oregon Border to the 40°10' Line The 40°10' Line to Point Arena Point Arena to Pigeon Point...
  68. Peg North

    Cal Dawn combo 12/11/19

    “Weather looks crappy but I’m hell bent. ” now that’s the spirit!
  69. Peg North

    Cal Dawn combo 12/11/19

    the first couple were literally stuffed. After that, I’d say steady pick of 15-plus fatass keepers per pot. Just lovely grade.
  70. Peg North

    Cal Dawn combo 12/11/19

    Went with my work friend Kevin, we drove down from Sacramento area. Easy ride, got to the landing a bit after 05:00. it looked like the conditions would stay pretty nice, but the further we went, the sportier it became. Very slow going. Skipper spoke with a code partner out at the islands who...
  71. Peg North

    Condor bunk map

    Gary, how much is the deposit? Half of trip cost?
  72. Peg North

    starfire, morro bay landing - 7/5/2019

    Welcome to NorCal, Kevina. Last I heard, the commercial crab season begins 12/15, but it does change every year. They test for Domoic acid for the commercial fleet. We hammered jumbo dungies on the Pacific Dream out of Berkeley a couple weeks ago. If you go with a boat that has a fisherman in...
  73. Peg North

    Cedros Island Trip 2020

    Anyone ever target halibut to mix in with the yt on a trip? My friend Roger and I are planning a 2020 Cedros trip. Thanks
  74. Peg North

    Frickin' La Jolla

    showing good trigger discipline there.
  75. Peg North

    Tiger fish out of Emeryville with Daughter

    Love it. Yeah, your kid loves fishing all right. Just awesome! I fished with my dad from shortly after I was a toddler to just a couple years before he passed on at 86 years to the big honey hole in the sky. Fishing with my dad made my life rich and beautiful. Way to go on you and mom for...
  76. Peg North

    Report: Pacific Dreamer combo trip 11/21/19

    First time on this boat, and I loved it right away. Jim Smith owner operator; he also owns the happy hooker. They are berthed at Berkeley Marina. Steven and Chris were the mates. All were on top of their game. we departed at 06:00. I’d been wondering if we’d get a good catching day, due to the...
  77. Peg North

    crabbing conditions 11/22-24

    Also, snaring from either Tomales or Bodega is very, very fun.
  78. Peg North

    2019 Dungeness Crab Season/ Catching Crab From the Surf

    Excellent! Crab on!!! I love to snare. Great excuse to camp out in the winter. Going on a crab combo Thursday then to bodega for a snare-a-palooza first part of December. I use my old jig master instead of the coffee grinder. Well thanks for the report. Maybe I’ll pack some duck....
  79. Peg North

    No Crabbing Reports?

    Time to bust out my snare rig and head to the coast! Beautiful weather this week.
  80. Peg North

    Offshore Slow 3 day on Pac Queen 10/29-11/1

    I feel your pain on missing the bite by a day. Tough to live in NorCal and be unable to just “ come down with the flu” and jump on a trip. Seemed to happen almost every trip I took for 4 or 5 years. And, after I finally got lucky on biting conditions on 4 of the 5 days on the trip I took this...
  81. Peg North

    Offshore CONDOR 3-Day: Best. Trip. Ever.

    Wow! You are a machine on light line and #4 Mutu hooks! What a trip.
  82. Peg North

    Offshore San Clemente, Tanner, and Cortez

    And a nice treefish by the young man.
  83. Peg North

    yellowfin and skipjack hooks

    Hahaha Ninja Lady! I recently fished with a guy who recognized me from that sweet 6pack trip. Not so Ninja I guess. :) Dang, that was fun.
  84. Peg North

    yellowfin and skipjack hooks

    Hi Surfgoose. Where do you find the #4 owner circle hooks?
  85. Peg North

    yellowfin and skipjack hooks

    No swing even with the (sharpened) j hooks. Just wind until you’re not getting any more line and most times you get a sweet hookset right in the corner of its mouth. Set your drags, even with a star drag, every morning and check throughout the day. deckhands will help you do this. You can make...
  86. Peg North

    yellowfin and skipjack hooks

    I Like to sharpen my good old mustad j hooks, even the size 4’s. Much improved hook to land ratio. I used # 4 and #2 most recently. Take a look also at the gamakatsu circle hooks. Lots of success on those. The hooks are only as good as the hook set, though. It took me a long time and...
  87. Peg North

    Ling cod set ups.

    Dabs worked great on the Sea Wolf out of Emeryville last week. I use a Daiwa 40 level wind. Like it very much especially for deep drops and fishing with 16-24 ounce weights. I love fishing live bait. Have fun!
  88. Peg North

    Offshore Apollo super cows..

    Jan Howard is my idol. Dang. She’s caught tonnage of calves, cows, and super cows.
  89. Peg North

    Cedros Island info?

    Yes to this. Works great after a little practice in the shower.
  90. Peg North

    How long before your 100# BF

    Goosed10, did you get the jackpot? :rofl:
  91. Peg North

    How long before your 100# BF

    10 years and 3 trips per year. Took 3 or 4 day trips on Vagabond; others were various great short range fleet boats. Got a 161# on 8/31/19 on the Top Gun 80 with an assist by Deckhand Nate. Kite fish with frozen ff. Was a 5.5 day trip, but we stayed local.
  92. Peg North

    Cedros Sportfishing with Rosie Flowers - 9/2-6/2019

    Beautiful. Reminds me of trips to east cape with my dad back in the quiet heyday. Remember when Palmas was just the palapa rooms? Wonderful. Catching is just the icing on the cake! Rosie is the absolute best. No surprise this operation acts on angler feedback so quickly.
  93. Peg North

    Success 8/22 and anyone fish the boat?

    I have fished the Success maybe 5-6 times. I love to fish this boat and have killed many many tasty critters on the trips. The success is fast and stable. Excellent freezing cold bunks. A real fisherman boat. You should go.
  94. Peg North

    "SMASH IT!" Independence 7 Day 2019

    Nancy on the croaker! Yeah! I had the pleasure of fishing and bunking with Nancy on an Indy Christmas trip. Great lady, wonderful fun on that trip.
  95. Peg North

    Cows mixed with smaller fish?

    Cary rules.
  96. Peg North

    Top Gun 80 water maker?

    Fantastic. Thanks for the intel.
  97. Peg North

    Considering Indy 5-Day Xmas Special for first LR Trip?

    I went on this trip 2 years ago. We went out to Lupe for no love. Loved the boat. Wow.
  98. Peg North

    Top Gun 80 water maker?

    hi guys. Taking a 5.5 on TG80 in August. So stoked already. Question: does his water maker do potable water like some others or is it a bottled water thing? Thanks and leave me some fish to catch out of that giant biomass.
  99. Peg North

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 3.5 6/26-6/30

    Wow, you guys tried it all. Great report. I’m just wondering since I’m headed out later this summer: how was the camera rigged?... :ele:
  100. Peg North

    Offshore Real Sea Adventure 80

    I have always had fun trips on the SA80. Fishes very wide along the rails. Seems always nice folks aboard. I can usually swing a trip or two a year on her, coming from nor cal. Go get some!
  101. Peg North

    Mission Belle Islands trip 5/1

    my brother in law and I went out yesterday. We picked up good baits and cleared the point at 7 am. Nice easy seas on the way and Excellent breakfast sandwich from Karen. First stop at the north island produced 2 quick yellowtail with 20-30# line flyline. We hunted and tried all day to find...
  102. Peg North

    July Fishing

    Specifically, for 2 full days, search for a “2.5 day” trip.
  103. Peg North

    July Fishing

    Obsess for a while at the Landing websites for Seaforth, Fisherman’s, Point Loma, and H and M. Keep reading the offshore and inshore reports, then see what works for timing and roll the dice and book your super fun trip. This is a varied fishery with excellent options. Enjoy!
  104. Peg North

    Offshore Struck out on big blues but got a couple singles on the yellows!

    Nice. Headed out Wednesday. Thanks for reporting.
  105. Peg North

    Offshore 4/24/19 1.5 day Topgun80 Small but fun grade bft

    Sponge head, what a wonderful report. The older I get, the more I love to hand off. I’m on the TG80 for a 5.5 right around Labor Day. Can’t wait! Thanks for pics. Tight lines and Blessings!
  106. Peg North

    Offshore Tribute 1.5 4/24

    Way to go. Sounds like the bluefin are back to being bluefin after their dorado impersonation last week.
  107. Peg North

    Advice on a boat please

    X2 on the Josie Lynn. I had a great day and had mucho success. Very nice ride.
  108. Peg North

    Crabbing at Lawson’s Landing 3/20-23

    good time this weekend, teaching some lady pals how to snare for crab, and working on my casting. Used some nice market squid and got between 2-4 keepers each day except Friday, which was very windy and rainy but I tried anyway. Best time was shortly before low slack. High tide transitions...
  109. Peg North

    2/8 VC Lucky Craft bite with perch to 15"

    Nice. I’m headed out to Tomales Bay Area to get after some perch this weekend. Haven’t fished for perch since I was a kid!
  110. Peg North

    Shore crabbing Bodega 1/23-24

    Couple photos for you, Sealskinner.
  111. Peg North

    Shore crabbing Bodega 1/23-24

    Busted up to Westside with my dog and the lil trailer to take advantage of the nice weather and midweek quiet. Fished out on the flats first night/ twilight at low tide. Couldn’t quite make the channel for the dungy but got a 5” male rock crab and also a female that of course was released. I...
  112. Peg North

    First time on ‘group’ fishing boat

    Vagabond trip is great fun, I’ll be on the early February 1.5. They have setups for you, just ask when you book. They just charge a couple bucks for fresh line.
  113. Peg North

    16Ft Klamath 60Hp Mercury

    Has this sold yet?
  114. Peg North

    Sea Adventure 80 reviews? 2.5 day 11/2

    I jumped on a 1.5 a couple weeks ago and had a great trip. It was a midweek when the bft bite was off, so we went south. Even the lil' yft were picky and didn't bite until about 11 am. We got off the dock with only like 12 or 14. It was like having a giant 6-pack charter. Fun day for sure...
  115. Peg North

    Christmas time fishing

    There are some 1.5 Colonet trips. Check the landings websites.
  116. Peg North

    2007 GMC Sierra Classic 2500HD 4WD Duramax Diesel, 72,000 miles

    This is going to be a nice truck for someone. My father in law has this truck. 225k miles and still humming. He’s in steel construction so it doesn’t get babied.
  117. Peg North

    Open spot on Vagabond 4 day leaving tomorrow 9/12

    my friend got injured and can’t make the trip. Thought one of you guys or ladies might want the spot. If you can hop on, call their office. It’s a 4 day. Departs 1pm, gets home early Sunday. Mike and Gordon target quality, not quantity. Excellent fish killing and overeating machine!
  118. Peg North

    Prowler 1 1/2 on 9-5

    I love fishing the Prowler. Perfect platform to me, low ride, great slide, always clean, excellent food and a hard working crew.
  119. Peg North

    Flatfall techniques

    I picked up a glo flatfall, rigged up by Squidco, for 25.00. Took a lot of guesswork out. Haven’t connected yet, but hoping to on a September 4 day on the Vagabond!
  120. Peg North

    Offshore Ranger 85 7/23 to 7/25 2 day

    Short report: left Monday night for SCI area. Began flat falling about 03:30. I had glow in the largest size, with 130# leader. Kept it up for about 4 hours, then we made a short move. Dropped in again, after a few minutes the guy next to me connects. He and the crew bring in a beauty, well...
  121. Peg North

    Spank Bank Sportfishing

    I’m going on the Sea Wolf out of Emeryville tomorrow 6/21. I’m from Pt Loma and transplanted 13 yrs ago. It’s a rock cod/ling cod trip. Boat is great. Byo food and water, coffee, etc
  122. Peg North

    Bodega Bay: Blown Out but we came to play

    we booked on the Miss Vic for Friday, but skipper called a no-go. Forecast 7-10’ seas and 20+ knot wind. Yeah no. We were camping at Westside, and decided to try jetty and beach fishing for crabs. Got the rigs from the Fisherman’s Cove market (good tackle selection), and some frozen squid and...
  123. Peg North

    Bodega Bay recommendations

    We are going on the miss Vic Friday. Will post report. Thanks guys
  124. Peg North

    Offshore TOMAHAWK Big Yellows/Big Heartbreaks 5/12

    :-)Fun trip! But when is the lucky charm Janelle going again so I’ll know when to book?
  125. Peg North

    Bodega Bay recommendations

    Hi NorCals. My friends and I are camping and fishing out of Bodega and I’m looking for your takes on a good boat to go on. We’ve all fished a lot, just not out of Blowdega. Thanks
  126. Peg North

    Palmas De Cortez Apr 5-9 Tuna Galore

    Great report. Used to go there with my dad. Wonderful memories.
  127. Peg North

    Best San Diego charter options.

    Can’t go wrong either way. I had a wonderful trip on the Josie Lynn 2 summers ago. A beautiful ride.
  128. Peg North

    Best San Diego charter options.

    FV Success out of Pt Loma
  129. Peg North

    Oxnard 3 Day Questions

    Nice. Thanks guys. Going to give it a rip.
  130. Peg North

    Oxnard 3 Day Questions

    Interesting. Thanks.
  131. Peg North

    Oxnard 3 Day Questions

    Hi guys, question on the 2 and 3 day Cisco trips. Is this 3 days of rockfishing, or do you get into any wsb or halibuts? I'm sure it varies according to season, but, do they try for a mixed bag generally? Thanks for your advice. Looking for time on the water and a mellower alternative to the SD...
  132. Peg North

    Which bunk on the PQ?

    I like 64.
  133. Peg North

    Offshore Prowler 11/26/17

    I like going on the Prowler. No nonsense, just a fishy boat.
  134. Peg North

    Offshore Bluefin on the Old Glory 10/8

    Yes to this technique. stealth and kind of like listening to the fish for when you can apply the pressure. Buggywhip
  135. Peg North

    Small boat/skiff options

    Yes. If I weren't building my own now, I'd get this setup. Lots on Craigslist Seattle area. Tohatsu motor.
  136. Peg North

    Prowler 5.20 Anyone else going?

    Great ride have fun. I was 1 for 2 on the bft a few weekends ago.
  137. Peg North

    Offshore Hunting Big Bluefin on the Prowler 4/30

    What he said. I fished 20# with a #1 Gamakatsu j hook..No love even with the light wire circle hooks. To me, it was interesting that the fish actually did bite if you got your bait into the zone at the corner. Usually, the bft make you long-soak your baits. So for me, that was making it even...
  138. Peg North

    Fathom 25N or 30 for YoYo

    Like luckylogger6, I use the rail when reeling yoyo. Best reel ever to me for yoyo is the Baja Special. Yes, it's heavy.
  139. Peg North

    Rpt.-2 days 03-16-17 Salsapuedes Lingcod, Reds, Etc.

    Thanks for the great report and pics. I love rock fishing!
  140. Peg North

    Tony Reyes in May

    I went in early May about 10 yrs ago. Lotsa yellowtail and Cabrilla. Lotsa great food, time under the sun n stars, cribbage. Chilly nights you should go. I drove by myself.
  141. Peg North

    Memorial Weekend 2.5 Day trip on PAC VOYAGER

    True, I watched them breaking about 200 yards from our bow this weekend at Colonet. Was on the Vagabond.
  142. Peg North

    Ling cod out of SF in late December

    Last trip I took was out of emeryville on the sea fox. We went north and west, past the islands. Long bumpy ride. But we got right on the olives and reds, limited, then ran to the sand to pick up dabs, then got many folks limits on the lings. Great day.
  143. Peg North

    Ling cod out of SF in late December

    Call Berkeley or emeryville to see who is running and has space. Might be all combos right now might not. Have fun!
  144. Peg North

    Ling cod party boats out of Monterey or Santa Cruz late Dec

    I do great on the Berkeley and emeryville party boats on longs and rockfish. Also x2. On running down to Oxnard/CISCO. Been on a couple very fun and productive overnite there.
  145. Peg North

    Offshore Prowler 7/26

    Prowler is a very good boat for the ON and 1.5 trips. Had a trip earlier this summer, very impressed with how well taken care of she is and how great the crew is.
  146. Peg North

    Guadalupe permits are a total game changer.

    Yeah....probably could recover from the surgery in time to make that trip....
  147. Peg North

    Offshore Boat report - on the prowler

    I went on the Prowler for the 1.5 last Sunday 6/28. I had a great trip, too, on a nice clean boat that fished hard and fed us well. Class operation. Yeah, we got some yt on paddies in the morning, and a yft, on a blind strike at 6am. LOTs of time chasing boils, on the hunt. Cool to see. Maybe...
  148. Peg North

    Offshore Messed around and got a triple digit

    Giving me hope for the Prowler trip tonite. Nice one!
  149. Peg North

    Offshore 6-22-16 TUNA, EVERYWHERE!

    Getting after it on the prowler. Leaving Sunday for a 1.5. Hope we get enough to go. Looks like it's setting up nice. Way to come home with some fish taco meat there.
  150. Peg North

    Hook recommendations for local bft

    Great technique Surfgoose thx for sharing
  151. Peg North

    Mid December 10 day?

    Thanks very much guys. Good Intel as I go from 6-7 day trips to the next level of.....insanity....☺
  152. Peg North

    Mid December 10 day?

    Thx guys appreciate the takes
  153. Peg North

    Mid December 10 day?

    Hi all, I'm looking at the excel 10 day. Wondering if the water in the likely zone typically turns by mid December. Is a 14 day needed at that time for the larger tuna? Thanks for your takes.
  154. Peg North

    So Cal tuna Help

    X2 on the aztec. He runs Ltd loads for open party trips. Call the boat a few days before and ask what is working, limit yourself to buying that. They actually keep hooks on deck for people to freely use, of the size that is working in case you dont have it. I agree to flyline until you have...
  155. Peg North

    5 day trip

    I haven't been on the SOA and I'm sure its good, but I have taken that 5-day on the Searcher and had a GREAT time. Lots of fishing time, lots of catching, my best for the trip was a 57#bft. So far my PB. Outstanding crew, professional and low-key. Great food. Nice clientele, no knuckleheads or...
  156. Peg North

    Got a 25N

    Great advice guys, thanks. Hope to see you on he water again, Surfgoose.
  157. Peg North

    Got a 25N

    Great advice, thx
  158. Peg North

    Got a 25N

    Cool, thanks guys.
  159. Peg North

    Got a 25N

    Pretty stoked to move on to the Fathom 25N 2 speed. With shoulder surgery, it's the only way I'm going to get in the game this summer. I have always fished single speed with much success on bft to 60#, marlin, sailfish, whatever. My thinking is that it will take the place of my beloved Baja...
  160. Peg North


    Interested in saltist 30\2 if available. OK to PM me some pics, thx
  161. Peg North

    Pacific Dawn overnight 11/29

    Compelling.... Any weather coming in for you guys down south?
  162. Peg North

    Offshore Is it over?

    Yep. My 3 day trip cancelled due to the weather. Trying to get off the dock on an overnite tonite on First String. Taking the afternoon halfday boat today and trolling a marauder, dangit.
  163. Peg North

    looking for info for red fishing near New Orleans

    X2 on fishing out of Bayou Lafitte. One of the funnest fishing days of my life. Cway causeway was the launch spot. Redfish and specle trout. Ham sandwiches and Dixie beers. Beautiful country. Wonderful locals.
  164. Peg North

    Sacramento Roll Call

    Can't make Hoppys on Saturday, but count me in for future get together. Fish a few trips and usually one 5-6 day every year. Former OBcian, current Midtowner
  165. Peg North

    Dodo questions,

    I try to let them swim away with the bait before putting reel in gear. A guy told me they drag the bait in their mouth before they commit. So give it a few more moments. I also like the 20# floro. Hooks i use both j and circle, just make sure they are super sharp. No bass swingingon the hook...
  166. Peg North

    Offshore Late Report- Eclipse Day and a Half Sept 15

    Nice quality guys! Hope to get out one more time this year.
  167. Peg North

    Sea Adventure 80

    There are a few bunkrooms with 2-3 person, and then larger areas with I think privacy curtains. There is a you tube of a boat tour if you want to see or it might be on his website. Been a few years, I don't remember if he has rsw or freezer hold. I liked the boat, rides and slides nice, they...
  168. Peg North

    PENN "2015" Northern California halibut/striper trip aboard the California Dawn May 14, 2015

    Fun day, guys! California Dawn is my favorite NorCal boat. Nice to meet you both and spend a day on the water. My best striper day ever!
  169. Peg North

    Offshore News- Big Bluefins on the offshore banks

    Yep, sure wish I had heavier line on that but sheesh, who knew it would even be possible In March. Super fun to hang the biggie for half hour or so at least. Get ready for the may shogun trip! Nice time on the eclipse, good times and good folks. No that guy. Very clean boat, sweet bunks. Crew...
  170. Peg North

    Surf Fishing in San Francisco

    If you're up for a little trip head south to Manresa beach/Seacliff in Santa Cruz county. Nice long south facing beach, strikers and HaliHali
  171. Peg North

    Newbie Boat Question

    I like the Searcher, and have taken 5-days on it. Super low-key, no drama, and Professional staff, no grumps. Staterooms are 2 or 3 man, with sinks. Bathrooms always nice and clean. Way ample storge for a 7 day trip, esp if you have your own room on one of those limited load. Very experienced...
  172. Peg North

    New to San Francisco looking to fish

    Yes, look down near King City/Parkfield areas. Lots of pigs from meat pigs to big nasty boars. Rifle hunting, no dogs. Farmers and landowners like you to come cull their boars out. Dangerous and a nuisance. Yet so tasty. There are several guides; just google Parkfield CA wild boar hunting. This...
  173. Peg North

    February 2.5 day Baja Freezer Trip

    I went on the 2.5 freezer special on the shogun for my 50th birthday and my advice is, do it. So much fun! If I were to go this year I'd bring my Baja special for yellows and my rock cod rig, saltiest with 50# braid, Izorline. 6x scramble egg salas jigs. Lots of weight. Maybe those jig heads you...
  174. Peg North

    New to San Francisco looking to fish

    Ps very good water fowling north of Sacto. Also excellent pig hunting. I used to hunt down by Parkfield and king city but we have lots of pigs in the Santa Cruz mtns too. Also turkeys. They just walk all around the neighborhood here in sac. Nice hens. People in Ramona would trip out.
  175. Peg North

    New to San Francisco looking to fish

    I like to go on the California Dawn and Happy Hooker out of Berkeley. They are doing crab and rock cod combos. Fun! Also I like the Morningstar out of San Rafael (summer) and I think Pittsbug(winter). Try the Fish Sniffer magazine and website. Very good Intel. Hi's Tackle will be a good visit to...
  176. Peg North

    Offshore New Captain Takes A Risk

    Nice going Surfdoc! Fun to see you guys at Mitch's. Bet your brother was loving every minute.
  177. Peg North

    BajaSpecial VS New US Senator

    I love my Baja special. Forkie killer.
  178. Peg North

    Vagabond Sportfishing experience and opinions please

    Agree with all that's said. Done 2-3days and a 4 day charter just over Labor Day this year. Pulling the trigger on the June 2015 7 day. If you love to fish hard, learn to fish better, eat, sleep, and use an always clean and stocked head and shower, it's the happiest time ever. Craig is a...
  179. Peg North

    Offshore Josie Lynn 6-pack on Sunday 7/27

    Great report! I'd pile on but you said it all. What a lovely day with great fishermen and a sweet operation. Won't be my last trip on her. Hope to fish with you again sometime.
  180. Peg North

    Josie Lynn open party 6 pack 7/27

    Is it Sunday at 5am yet? :D
  181. Peg North

    Josie Lynn open party 6 pack 7/27

    On it. Can't wait for Sunday.
  182. Peg North

    Need Help with the Military Kids fishing Trip!...

    I'm in for $100.00. Will be a check from my business. What boat will you be on and when? May be in SD on 7/25 and would like to meet you guys/ladies and help if needed. You can pm me please. Thanks for getting this together. Peggy North Furniture Medic - Sacramento CA
  183. Peg North

    Seacher sportfishing boat

    I went on a 5-day Izorline charter this past summer and had a GREAT time. Was my first time on the Searcher. Super mellow-but-focused and experienced group; deckies did a great job keeping the shuffle going; Charles and Geri made delicious meals and snacks. Very good coffee. Very clean and...
  184. Peg North

    Lady Angler with a super cow.

    Wow! :worship:
  185. Peg North

    Success Sportsfishing

    I go on a Ladies 2-day charter most years on the Success. We've had some great times and great trips. Boat is very comfortable. Nice bunks. Super fishy.
  186. Peg North

    Charter out of New Orleans

    I had some of the best fishing days ever out of Bayou Lafitte fishing for redfish and speckled trout, but that was in late Oct/early Nov. Sight casting with light tackle out on the beautiful bayou! Super duper fun! Unfortunately my guide has passed on, but you could find others I'm sure. You...
  187. Peg North

    Hmb crabbing 2 hour soak

    Delicious! I went on the Happy Hooker last week and we limited crabs and rockfish. Good times and great fishing right now!
  188. Peg North

    Women in Pangas

    I thought of something else. She'll love it if you get one of those bucket Buddy toilet seats from Cabelas. Bet BassPro has em too. They just snap on the top of the bucket.
  189. Peg North

    Women in Pangas

    For the bucket method, she can tie a towell around her waist for privacy and then just relax on the bucket. I've also done the jump-over-the-side method. Confirm the panga has a swim ladder of some sort first. Pangueros are cool about it; all you have to do is drive away from other boats and...
  190. Peg North

    Penn Baja Special...Opinions??? Post 2005 Production Reels

    I love my Baja Special. Unbeatable with the Salas 6x Jr for yt. Someday I hope to try it on a wahoo!
  191. Peg North

    Rpt-10-28-13-Once upon a 10 day Long Range Trip aboard the Royal Polaris!

    Great report by a Great Sport! Re: "Fishing can be so frustrating and then so rewarding. One day you are hot as can be and on top of the world, the following day you can’t buy a bite, thinking what in the world am I doing wrong." As Charles, the cook on the Searcher said to me this summer when...
  192. Peg North

    Saltwater MA-9 & 8.2 COHO, CRAB & USMC RECRUIT

    Thanks Keegan! Semper Fi!
  193. Peg North

    Anybody see what the SOA docked with today?

    There was an insane snap on the unicorns recently between the Golden Gate and Farallones.
  194. Peg North

    Looking for a reel with levelwind

    I agree with Tunanorth. When I started I used a LW (a Penn!) for up to 30# or so. But this year those bluefin have been much larger than I'd want to test out a LW on. I do really like it for rock codding, tho. I still have my same 15-yr old Penn and added a Daiwa Saltist. I would suggest...
  195. Peg North

    6 Pack info needed

    Seasons Sportfishing
  196. Peg North

    Fished the Mirage out of Channel Islands Sportfishing 7/23-7/24

    Nice - hope to get out on the Mirage again soon
  197. Peg North

    Pt. Loma 5-26-13 WSB And Halibut-Lightning Stikes Twice!

    Nice going Steve! I tried to get some 'butts on the SF Bay this weekend but no luck. Guess the hot bite is about 500 miles south!
  198. Peg North

    3 day shogun baja rock fish and lings

    Dang, this trip was super fun. What a sweet fat ride and such nice staterooms with sinks. Sure it was spring fishing with the wind and current...but that's spring fishing. If I don't take some spray it makes me feel restless... Customer service from the office to the processing is top notch...
  199. Peg North

    Win a new PENN Torque Lever Drag 2 - Spring Species Photo Contest ends Apr 15th, 2013

    Baja Special and a Salas 6x scramble egg
  200. Peg North

    Clipperton fly fishing

    Dang. That's the best fish-porn ever. I'm on for Clipperton if Bruce deejays.
  201. Peg North

    Sand Dab Fishing

    Be very careful of the weights when using sabikis. I totally buried a hook in my finger a couple weeks ago. Worth it, tho - I love the dabs!
  202. Peg North

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    :2gunsfiring_v1:KelpPaddyDaddy, I like your setup! Hope to get a Squall this year.
  203. Peg North

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    114H, 113HN Baja Special, 320 GTI, Jigmaster. And the Rod that came with the 114H that I call "The Broomstick."
  204. Peg North

    Crab and 'Dab on the New Salmon Queen 2/2/13

    Ha! Super Cow once I hit the snack bar!
  205. Peg North

    Crab and 'Dab on the New Salmon Queen 2/2/13

    Left Emeryville at 0600 on the NSQ. My first trip on this boat, and first time crabbing. Plan was to set pots, catch sand dabs, then come in and pick up the pots. We headed out under the Golden Gate, was pretty chilly but VERY flat. Set the pots after about a 40 minute run out. Then continued...
  206. Peg North

    Emeryville crab and dab? Anyone going?

    Any other BDers going crabbin and dabbin on Saturday? Hope to load up on table fare for Super Bowl.:)
  207. Peg North

    Pt. Loma 1-1-13

    Way to go Sandbacks!
  208. Peg North

    Parasite in sand dab and report(ish)

    Be glad you aren't cleaning the dabs we get out of Monterey Bay. They have tiny saltwater leaches. Look like little slugs. Ouch! Small price to pay for tasty dabs, tho!
  209. Peg North

    Success Mag Bay/La Paz Work Trip 2012

    travis, I would have posted pics but I couldn't tear my pie-hole away from the pokie long enough to get my camera on the Lady Angler trip. Delicious beyond description!
  210. Peg North

    Pt. Loma 11-24-12

    Hey Steve and Coach - nice day out there. Hope you are both well; looks like it!
  211. Peg North

    Okuma Cortez?

    I have one and it works great. Got a bunch of 15-20 yft on it this year. No problems. Would like to try it on a 25# class yt and see how it holds up. Prob. just fine. Casts nice.
  212. Peg North


    You going out the week of 11/26 at all?
  213. Peg North


    Thanks guys, had some great 6-days with you. hard-working boat. best of luck.
  214. Peg North

    your yo-yo reel

    Baja special:2gunsfiring_v1:
  215. Peg North

    Dana Point DO DO 267

    A slug! Nice!
  216. Peg North

    Carry on bags for reels, recommendations wanted

    I use the 13" soft tool bag from Ace Hardware. It's red and black. Works great, 10 bucks. They have a bigger one, too. Very sturdy.
  217. Peg North

    What is the best level wind reel to buy?

    I like the Daiwa Saltist, super smooth. I fished 25# on it. Joey from Squidco let me borrow it b/c they were still working on my old Shimano when the trip departed. I went to open face reels but that is a reel that could cast baits just fine about 10-15' no problem.
  218. Peg North

    Mirage Overnight 8/29-8/30

    We caught all of the above. Only 1 or 2 goats but many of the others.
  219. Peg North

    Mirage Overnight 8/29-8/30

    :)Sorry gang did not bring a camera but posting a little report anyway. Maybe somebody else who was there will post a couple. This was my first trip out of Channel Islands and it was just great. I was in the area on a business trip and decided to take off a day and go fishing. Got a boat rod...
  220. Peg North

    My Wife Rocks!!

    Nice! That's a happy lady!
  221. Peg North


    Dan, I use my Baja Special for bait sometimes, too. Also it will cast very easily, so you can use the heck out of it. I'm with NorCalTunaClub, put close to 100ft of topshot on. I have mine with 80# Spectra and 40# Izor and it is a yo-yo machine. I use the Salas 6x Jrs in scramble egg and...
  222. Peg North


    There are some posts on this, you can prob. search for them. I have not yet fished for wahoo, but I recall several guys loving the Penn Baja Special for throwing bombs. I have one and it has a fast retrieve, easy to cast, super sturdy, and easy to maintain. I use either 40 or 50 on it of Izor...
  223. Peg North

    first overnight

    I don't know about blue waffles. But. Congrats on your first o/n! Fun! You will go on longer and longer trips! Here are my tips: bring your lucky setup for 20-25#. Stuff some hooks and 1/2-3 oz shiny torpedos in your pocket. Arrive early at the landing to board. Make friends. Don't be wasted...
  224. Peg North


    We get together a Lady Angler group on the Success for a 2-day every year. We have a couple spots for our trip in late Sept. We've plugged that boat a couple times. Its fun and funny gals, great boat. Also there is the Dana Wharf Lady Anglers. I'm not in that but several of the ladies on the...
  225. Peg North


    I've always had killer trips on the Legend. It slides real nice. Good luck guys.
  226. Peg North

    DVL Stripers

    heading out after work to try for stripers on the American today! Delicious!
  227. Peg North

    Home owners insurance for tackle

    Am in insurance and agree with the above. It's typically just covered like everything else in your house. Is there a stated sub-limit for fishing reels, or do you use them for business or something? Feel free to pm me if needed.
  228. Peg North

    New Lo-An

    I have fished with them usually once or twice a season. Marcus is very agressive to get on the fish; crew helpful and hard-working. Coffee was ready for me by about 5am, which I like. You should go. If fish are biting, he'll find them.
  229. Peg North

    Fishing New Orleans

    I had a great day out of the CWay Marina, out of Bayou Lafitte. Caught redfish and speckle trout. It's about an hour plus change from Nola. I went with Mike Guery, but he is sadly deceased. Nicest guy and great wife. You might be able to call the little marina down there to check who picked...
  230. Peg North

    3day rockcod on the Fortune (pic heavy)

    Forgot to add that in addition to squid stips for the reds, I got a lot of mine on Saturday with little strips of fresh reds that we picked up as floaters, after they fell off peoples lines. Like 2-3 inch strips. Lings def. on sardines - good baits matter, just like tuna fishing, which was news...
  231. Peg North

    3day rockcod on the Fortune (pic heavy)

    This was my multi-day first rockcod trip, and I picked a great one. Great vessel and crew. The guys were right there to help me out of snags, help with rigging, help sort out any tangles anyone got into. Like you would just think "Gee, I might need help," and one of the guys would show up...
  232. Peg North

    Lobster Rockfish Po Boy Sandwich

    Oh, my. THAT is excellent. Just in time for a 3-day on the Fortune this weekend, (hopefully....) thanks for the recipe! Maybe I should call this a Po'Boy trip instead of a taco trip.
  233. Peg North

    Sea Adventure 80 2.5 day Island Tour 3-16 to 3-19 TRIP HAS BEEN CANCELED!

    Does the landing have rental gear? Thinking about the trip - may have biz mtg until that Friday in the area. I like the SA80 and gotta get out! Too much land!
  234. Peg North

    Tackle Shop/Expert

    Joey and the guys at Squidco have always given me great advice without ever selling me something I didn't really need. Integrity and service. Also x2 on calling up the Vag office to talk to Mike, checking their website for suggestions, also talk to the Landing. Good luck and have fun!
  235. Peg North

    Pelagic Charters-Venice Monster Wahoo

    Holy makeral family!
  236. Peg North

    Guadalupe 6 Day Needs

    I like my Baja Special the best on these trips for yo-yoing. Much success on yt with just that rig (went to 50# this year) and scrambled egg Salas 6x jrs. I'm remedial, so I keep it real simple. Button down and pull hard! Have fun!
  237. Peg North

    9 Wahoo

    It is my plan for wahoo fishing now. Louisiana is a wonderful place to visit. I've had a couple GREAT trips there, mainly fishing out of Bayou Lafitte for redfish. Just saving up for a trip out to Venice. Louisiana: nice people, great fishing, GREAT food and music, lowkey and fun, no hassles.
  238. Peg North

    caught on the Q105

    wow! congratulations? what gear were you fishing with? :appl:
  239. Peg North

    Cali Gal looking for Keys advice

    Thanks for the takes, Friends! tight lines and good times!
  240. Peg North

    10 Day Fall Trips

    x2 on the Success out of Pt Loma Landing. You fly into LaPaz or Loreto and take a van to the boat. Great boat - would like to take this trip myself some day. Have been on the Success many times and love it. Have fun!
  241. Peg North

    Great father/son trip with Cajun Fishing Adventures

    nice going Dad! That lodge looks great too!
  242. Peg North

    Santa Cruz tuna

    Way to go! Nice longfins!
  243. Peg North

    Cali Gal looking for Keys advice

    Hello, Floridians- Looking at a trip to Marathon/Keys in March or April and looking for a day charter. Most of my fishing has been in East Cape Baja and SD-offshore Baja trips of 2-6 days, so I really enjoy flylining baits for tuna and dorado (dolfin). Also yo-yo jigging for large yellowtail...
  244. Peg North

    best reel for yo-yo'ing heavy iron for yellowtail?

    Baja Special w/ 40# Izorline
  245. Peg North

    Stringari 20 rebuild

    Dang, that is hot.
  246. Peg North

    BG90 5 day Sept. 6-11

    Hi Nate, I'm on it. Had a wonderful time last year on a BG90 6-day. Can't wait!
  247. Peg North

    Offshore BigGame90 2.5 day ROCKIN GOOD TIME Aug 15-16

    Nice going guys! Way to go Dads, taking your kids. Couple more weeks and I'll be on the BG90. Hope the bite holds!
  248. Peg North

    8/7/11 Found a few tuna south

    Way to go! That WSB is a toad!
  249. Peg North

    Montauk Tackle Co. Presents - Beat this Caption - Ending July 14th, 2011 at 5pm

    My parents went on a boat ride and all I got was this stupid fish.
  250. Peg North

    July 24-29 Big Game 90, 4.5 day

    I went on their 6-day last Oct and am on a 5-day this Sept. Had a great time, boat was kept very clean day and night, fished hard, nice folks, great food. We had good bait all week. No drama or aggro on the boat, just fishin. Prob book a longer trip next year.
  251. Peg North

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 3 1/2 day

    I like this boat also b/c it feels wider than it is - so when you are coming down the rail on the sides there is more room. Fishes stable too.
  252. Peg North


    Fun way to spend a day off! Can't wait for the Doc Ski 5-day in Sept on the BG90! Tight lines and good times.
  253. Peg North

    Cape Cod Bluefins!!!

    Cracks me up that you can catch bft on a spinner. :rofl: I would love to get out east again and this time go fishing from Turou or Chatham. Do you have some suggestions for charters? ok to pm me
  254. Peg North

    NORCAL Roll Call!!!

    You might want to try to go a few times with a guide. Check for Delta reports. If you want to haul down to San Pablo Bay it seems like hali are biting and even sturgeon are still biting there, up by the "Pumphouse" and where the Napa river comes out. Use grass and ghost...
  255. Peg North

    NORCAL Roll Call!!!

    I'm in. Posted my trips for sand-dabbing in Jan out of S Cruz and sturgeon in April. Anyone up for an albie charter out o S Cruz or even up to Fort Bragg if they come in? Save me a trip to SoCal.
  256. Peg North

    Offshore 2 Day Lady angler trip on the Success 6/10-6/12

    Sorry. bonies. Not skippies. Hey, side note: delicious as sashimi when bled and rsw'd immediately. Wow, I had no idea. Cook made up a crazy-great sashimi plate.
  257. Peg North

    Offshore 2 Day Lady angler trip on the Success 6/10-6/12

    First things first: this is a great operation, comfortable and fast boat. In years past we have just nailed fish. Even last year at this time, Cary found bft and we killed - lots of numbers and one lady got a 113-lb and another lady got a 65-lb. This year...well, it was a scouting trip. Cary...
  258. Peg North


    Nice! Thanks for the report. Is there live bait down there yet (Emeryville/Berkeley)?
  259. Peg North

    Delta Stripers - 4/21

    Great report thanks
  260. Peg North


    x2 Behr is weak. Dunn Edwards is best, followed by Sherwin Williams. Painted my exterior last year with Sherwin Wms and it went on great. I did 2 coasts but covered in one fine. Good stuff.
  261. Peg North

    Pacifica Stripers........

    Pretty good bite on the Sacramento right now. Can also be found in north SF bay, near the mouth of the Sonoma and Petaluma rivers - mud flats area. They like the grass and ghost shrimps. We caught several when I was out sturgeon fishing a couple weeks ago.
  262. Peg North


    I really like the Morningstar as well. They fish in the bay. Sturgeon in winter and stripers/halibut spring thru fall. The Queen of Hearts out of Half Moon Bay area has a fun light-tackle rockfishing trip they do in the summer. If you want to drop down to Santa Cruz, the Stagnaro's head boat...
  263. Peg North

    California Vacation Suggestions

    There are a couple of charter operations (6-pack) out of Morro Bay you might look into; about 30 min north of Monterey. He will chase albacore if they are around. I have not tried them b/c the albie season hasn't been too great since I moved up here from San Diego. Kind of spoiled. Other...
  264. Peg North

    Sturgeon on the Morningstar 3/12/11

    Arrived from Sactown at about 6:30am to the berth at Crockett. Bunch of guys already on, so I picked a spot in the bow. This was my second time on the Morningstar, the first time being a great halibut trip a couple years ago. We left with 22 anglers at 7:30. Winds were very calm and...
  265. Peg North

    Breaking in the new C-Dory and doin' it right - with a big 'ol sturgy!

    Nice! I am going sturgeon fishing tomorrow out of Crockett on the Morningstar.
  266. Peg North

    Joined the U.S.Army and leaving on April 5th to Ft.Jackson for basic training.

    "Victory Starts Here." I did Basic Training at Ft Jackson as well, about this time of year, in the early 90's. Thanks for being someone who doesn't just talk about how much Freedom means. Be safe, brother.
  267. Peg North

    Sand Dabs?

    If you ever come up north, fish about 6 mi south heading of the SCruz harbor in about 150 - 200 ft. THAT's probably not a trip for your yak but man they are thick there. Delicious Dabs! Good luck!
  268. Peg North

    Seeking recommendations for Los Barriles and San Jose del Cabo in Mexico

    x2 on Gordo Banks Pangas. Man, we've caught some big dorado with those guys over the years on family trips. Up in Los Barilles you might try Martin Verdugos. My dad and I stayed many times at Palmas de Cortez and found that to be great. And, we're regular folks, not rich people, so you can...
  269. Peg North


    Dang. Where you fishing? Are there charters that are pretty good down there? Is this within a 1-day trip? My perspective: as a Cali, wahoo is at least a 7-or 8-day proposition. Thanks
  270. Peg North

    Penn 133hn Baja Special?

    I love mine for yo-yo ing 40# line (Izorline). It also casts very easily for a larger reel. Easy to maintain and use. Great value. Bulletproof.
  271. Peg North

    Big Game 90 (6day 10/3 - 10/9 Report)

    I'm impressed with your filet skills!
  272. Peg North

    Big Game 90 (6day 10/3 - 10/9 Report)

    Nice report thanks for posting. Great trip, hardworking boat, EXCELLENT food, nice people. Couldn't ask for a better week. Thanks Mike and crew! And thanks MR. Worley for ALWAYS having fresh coffee by 5am, and the crew for keeping the boat clean, safe, and fun.
  273. Peg North

    Any BD'ers on the BG 90 6-day (dep. 10/3)

    Hello guys and ladies. Anyone out there on this trip departing Sun?
  274. Peg North

    Success Sportfishing??

    Piling on. Do it. Fast boat, stabilizers, fatty bunks, great skip and crew. Would go but am tapped out for 2010.
  275. Peg North

    Any news on the bite, say at Guadalupe?

    Take your kid fishing. You'll catch something, somewhere.
  276. Peg North

    Offshore BIG GAME 90 WITH 48 BLUEFIN

    :ele: WTG. Can't wait for the Oct trip. Any BD'ers going on the 6-day leaving Oct 3?
  277. Peg North

    new to Monterey and Moss Landing

    Sand-dabs by the bucket is fun, do it!! Also - there is very good seasonal stiper runs off the sandier south-county Santa Cruz area. Check the State beaches south of Capitola and down to Manresa. Prob'ly perf if right outside the surf line, or from the beach. North to Davenport or so has good...
  278. Peg North

    Baja Special 113HN

    I have the old model and it is bulletproof. Great for YT yoyo and throwing iron. I keep 40# on mine. I have it on the Mexican Series Seeker rod, typically. Super easy to maintain. If it ever poops out I'll get a new model.
  279. Peg North

    Saltwater Tuna in WP 8/21

    WOW!!! Nice, guys! Those aren't peanuts there.
  280. Peg North

    Offshore new lo-an 1.5 day 7-7-2010

    Nice fishing with you guys on this trip. Markus and crew worked hard to help us get fish on deck. Also about this trip: great sportsmanship. One guy game me a little torpedo sinker to use when that was what got him bit. Another guy gave me his spot on the troll at about 5:30 pm and it was my...
  281. Peg North


    Sweet, glad for ya. Worked for me a couple weeks ago is all. Easy big fella. Lotsa ways to catch and not catch bluefin; yes?
  282. Peg North


    yeah bluefin are notoriously hard to boat. Use Owner circle hooks and floro with 20, 25 or 30 lb line. Be patient, let the fish run, then just put it in gear. Don't yank, you'll miss out. Then good luck with T'Anglers and dorks who are fishing with spectra on party boats. All good times on...
  283. Peg North


    x 2 - great times on this boat, here's some evidence from a trip I took with Ernie
  284. Peg North


    Yeah, I'm piling on for Joey. A couple weeks ago, they weren't done with a reel service on a really old reel, he let me use a really nice Saltist, and I caught a few of these bft on the Success:
  285. Peg North

    Openings-2 day trip on the Success- 6/30-7/2, 2010

    I piled on to Marcus' thread about bft this weekend, keep reading down the threads if you are interested in details. Was on the Success with my lady angler pals Fri-Sun. Unreal. GREAT boat, crew, skipper. We go every year. Tips: light line (20-25-30) FRESH LINE, FRESH floro, circle hooks...
  286. Peg North

    Offshore Good BFT action

    We saw you guys out there in the zone, along with several others. Great couple of days. I was on our yearly Lady Angler charter on the Success. 12 anglers, 38 or 40 bft, I forget. One lady, Carolyn, brought in a 55-lb bft on 25 lb and then Bev got in a real toad on 40lb Izorline with 80 lb...
  287. Peg North

    JUly 11th 2.5 day

    That gal rules. There's also quite a few lady angler groups in SoCal she could always hook up with too. My group of gals has a 2 day on the Success in a couple weeks, which we do every year. She will have a lot of fun on her honeymoon! My sister went to LaPaz on her honeymoon and they got...
  288. Peg North

    Squidco Customer Appreciation Days

    Hey guys I'll be down to SD soon - lady angler trip on the Success, a 2 day in mid June.
  289. Peg North

    NorCal/Sacramento SW seminar May 1

    what time is this going off at?
  290. Peg North

    Thoughts on reels for San Martin

    I'm going on a 3-day down to San Martin in late April and I am thinking about my reels. I'm a total relic so I have the following old and well-maintained reels to bring: 20/30# for the Penn 500 40# on the Baja Special 50# on the 4/0 113H I haven't done much bottom fishing and typically use...
  291. Peg North

    Islander Sportfishing - San Diego, CA

    I'm fishing the late April 3-day out to San Martin. Haven't fished her yet but my Lady Angler pals say it's a great skip, crew, platform, very fishy. Also clean.
  292. Peg North

    2 day end of September

    There is a 976-tuna charter on the Legend a 2 day that is only 300.00. I'm going on that, and Sean will find fish. Haven't been on his boat in a couple years since I moved to NoCal. Check his counts-
  293. Peg North

    NorCal Longfin

    I have been trying to get out in No Cal after albies looking for some charter partners or will throw in for fuel, bait, etc. I'm from SD and have been albacore fishing for about 6 years. - any advice from the group? Would be fun to give it a whack up here rather than keep running down to SD...
  294. Peg North

    Newbie question for albie trip

    I like to take a 20# rig or 15# rig, a 30, and a 40. The boat will have trolling gear. Save your money to tip the crew. Get that harness. Chicks dig it when you don't come home bruised. Have a great time!