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  1. PheasantHunter

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2020 15 day Intrepid Report

    Great reports, look forward to the rest of them
  2. PheasantHunter

    Polaris Supreme 7-Day Nov. 30-Dec. 7

    Thanks for sharing the report. Alec used to be a deckhand on the Red Rooster III ? If that is him, he was great there and glad to see him as captain.
  3. PheasantHunter

    Royal Star - Nov 6-16th Report - Ventura Anglers - Part III (final)

    Nov 11, awoke near the Ridge looking for kelp patties but never found them. I was in trolling jail for hours. There was a blind strike in the middle of nowhere and the Chartmaster Brian landed a 75 pound plus wahoo! We headed into the beach to restock on green mackeral. It took a little...
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    Royal Star - Nov 6-16th Report - Ventura Anglers - Part III

    This is Part II, I can't figure out to edit the post to change it.
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    Royal Star - Nov 6-16th Report - Ventura Anglers - Part III

    Part II I forgot the mention the large raffle that Chartermaster Brian did on day one. I even one a Avet single speed reel. Nov 7th. Awake to a smooth ride and beautiful weather. Breakfast of eggs over tamales. Tackle seminar covers what to expect, including that the wahoo have been...
  6. PheasantHunter

    Royal Star - Nov 6-16th Report - Ventura Anglers - Part I

    I am not having much luck with photos, I will try to post them later. My fishing Partner and I got on the waiting list for this trip as soon as it landed in 2018. We were officially on it by January 1st. I find that being signed up months out gives me something to look forward...
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    A few observations on wahoo...

    Thanks for posting this, very helpful (leaving next week on a Royal Star 10 day).
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    Red Rooster: 10/20-10/28 Report

    Great report, thanks for posting!
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    Great Wahoo fishing at the ridge

    Thanks for posting. Leaving on the Royal Star next week, can't wait!
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    Royal Star - Ventura Anglers - November 6th Departure?

    Anyone else on this trip? The snow is piling up in Montana and I am really looking forward to warmer weather and fishing the Pacific again.
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    Oct 12-19 Searcher trip report

    Thanks for sharing, great report!
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    RR3 trip #21 report

    Sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing the report.
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    Vagabond JRI 8 Day

    Great report, thanks for sharing.
  14. PheasantHunter

    Wahoo Iron

    Do you have photos of the process?
  15. PheasantHunter

    SOA 7 day

    Thanks for the report!
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    Red rooster calstar 6-day trip report

    Great report, thanks for sharing!
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    Intrepid "Anglers Choice" 8 day Part 3

    Royal Star - Ventura trip 11/6
  18. PheasantHunter

    Intrepid "Anglers Choice" 8 day Part 3

    Great report, thanks for writing it up and posting. Hope the fishing holds until my November trip!
  19. PheasantHunter

    $1000.00 discount on Excel/Gallagher 10 day

    What a great deal, if I didn't have a trip booked in November, I would go...
  20. PheasantHunter

    Royal Star Guadalupe Report Aug17-24

    Great report, I have never heard of using tuna hearts, learn something everyday. Thanks for writing up and posting
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    Ranta/Finnatic charter on the Polaris Supreme

    Thanks for the report! Sounds like a great trip!!!
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    Intrepid - Berutich 8 Day

    Thanks for the report. NICE HOO!
  23. PheasantHunter

    RR3 5 day report

    Thanks for the report.
  24. PheasantHunter

    Spectacular Surface Iron Day

    Thanks for posting, those are a great grade of yellowtail!
  25. PheasantHunter

    Spaces available on the Barking Spiders 8 Day on the Royal Star

    I was on this trip in 2016, great group and great fishing. I would sign up if I didn't have a schedule conflict.
  26. PheasantHunter

    RP - John Collins 16 day trip report

    Great report, thanks for posting.
  27. PheasantHunter

    Okuma Excel 16 Day April 2019

    Great report, thanks for posting!
  28. PheasantHunter

    Tested for high Mercury

    I requested my doctor test my blood mercury level. 0-15 is normal, mine was 16.4.
  29. PheasantHunter

    Trip Report: Red Rooster, 3/1 - 3/16

    Thanks for the report. With only 15 fisherman, I assume there was room for the exercise bike on the deck? Also what duffel bag did you take? (you can check out the other recent threads on the forum for the inside joke)!
  30. PheasantHunter

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2019 15 day Intrepid Report

    Yellowtail are awesome in the water (fighting) and better yet on my plate! Glad you got to check them off the list! I still remember catching my first YT, good times. And more great writing, thanks!
  31. PheasantHunter

    Tony Pena: RIP

    Link to obit?
  32. PheasantHunter

    Tony Pena: RIP

    Sad news indeed. Tony helped me find affordable fishing on a mothership when we went to Panama. I would never have found this without him, the fishing was awesome. I was looking to fishing with him in person in the near future. Another reminder to not put things off, we all think we have...
  33. PheasantHunter

    Placencia, Belize share a charter/guide and/or advise Feb 9-12

    I am going to be in Placencia Feb 9-12. I am looking to fish, open to options in the Placencia area. I will have spinning and fly tackle with me (resort has kayaks). Anyone interested in a charter/guide split? Other advise welcome. Thanks
  34. PheasantHunter

    Why do you go Long Range Fishing? Why do you read this forum?

    I got hooked by going on a 3/4 day boat and hooking YT. I had never had a fish fight so hard. After that trip, all I could think was how do I get more of that, that was 18 years ago. The best part of trips over 5 days is that there is usually lots of fishing time and opportunity and you never...
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    Excel 16 day

    Great report and great photos, thanks for sharing. How big were those yellows?
  36. PheasantHunter

    Excel - Colonello October 20 -31, 2018, the Guadalupe a trip.

    Great report, thanks for writing it up and posting!
  37. PheasantHunter

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    I did a 3.5 day trip on the Big Game 90 in 2005. Lots of fish and variety but no size. The water maker quit one night and the crew didn't drink coffee. That first shot of coffee (full of salt) was a terrible way to start the day! In 2014, finally saved enough to fish the Red Rooster III...
  38. PheasantHunter

    Royal Star 7 Day "The Bight" 10/7-10/13

    Sounds like a great trip, thanks for the report!
  39. PheasantHunter

    Intrepid 3-Day, September 4-7

    Don't give up on rental gear, I had great gear on a Rooster 8 day. The Royal Star provided great gear for free. My experience is that boats and deckhands want you to catch fish, so they will help in almost any way they can. (I grew up in MN, managed to escape to God's country).
  40. PheasantHunter

    Red Rooster III rescues Mexican Fishermen.

    Good work, Rooster!
  41. PheasantHunter

    SOA 4 Day Report - Short Version 8/21 - 8/25

    Thanks for the report! Awesome fish!
  42. PheasantHunter

    Intrepid Fish Report

    Thanks for posting!
  43. PheasantHunter

    You All Have Exhausted Me

    This is a great thread, I look forward to your report. P.S. I started with a 3/4 day (limit of nice yellowtail, HOOKED). Then a overnight, a 3 day and now two 8 days.
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    Excel Okuma Trip Lessons

    Thank you for sharing!
  45. PheasantHunter

    May is for Marlin and Mahi, and Sailfish ALWAYS

    Great report and photos,thanks for sharing.
  46. PheasantHunter

    Your Most Embarasing Long Range Experience.

    That is a funny, my gut hurts from laughing! Thanks for sharing!
  47. PheasantHunter

    Our friends on the Apollo nailing them

    PV on the bucket list for sure!
  48. PheasantHunter

    Big Fish on the RP, 265, 287, 307

    Awesome,wish I was there.
  49. PheasantHunter

    Hardwood “Cedar”Plugs

    Nice work!
  50. PheasantHunter

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    Off to a good start.
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    ICY Bay Lodge trip on July 22 - 28, 2018 added

    This years trips didn't work for my schedule, hoping to go next year. Looks like a great trip.
  52. PheasantHunter

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    Great write-up you have set a high bar for future reports!
  53. PheasantHunter

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    Great read! Thanks for posting.
  54. PheasantHunter

    Great Barrier Reef Savagery!!

    Awesome trip and report, thanks for sharing!
  55. PheasantHunter

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    This is a great, keep them coming...
  56. PheasantHunter

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    Enjoyed chapter 2, looking forward to chapter 3!
  57. PheasantHunter

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    ...can't wait for chapter 2...I am in the icebox of Montana (-31 yesterday), get be back to the warm blue water, please!
  58. PheasantHunter

    Joyous News in Our House

  59. PheasantHunter

    Intrepid Izorline 16 day Part 2

    Great report and write-up, hope to do more than an 8 day sometime in the near future.
  60. PheasantHunter

    Red Rooster 10 Day spots open!!!

    I was just looking at that trip, I am interested but haven't committed yet (the better half did just mention that we are about out of fish in the freezer :) )
  61. PheasantHunter

    Maine - end of Sept., any saltwater fishing?

    I am going to be in Maine Sept 24-29th. I am looking for advise on any fishing charters or options to fish the salt? I would drive to PEI or elsewhere for good fishing, if I thought I could get on a boat or split a charter Any advise appreciated.
  62. PheasantHunter

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    Great Thread. I was on my first 8 day on RRIII a few years ago. We went straight to the Rocks with a group that had never fished together and lots of newbies. We got into wahoo on bait and all hell broke loose (or didn't no one at the rail would move to follow their bait). After losing...
  63. PheasantHunter

    6-7-8 days; when, where and what boat?

    If you want to catch wahoo, I would go for 8 days, as you will probably go to Alijos Rocks (it is a two day trip just to get there). I would go in the fall for the variety of fish. All trips are subject to going where the recent action has been (sometimes they go for big fish if they are...
  64. PheasantHunter


    Thanks for writing this up, it helped me mentally escape to Mexico (and get out of this -10 degree weather in Montana). I have added this trip to the bucket list.
  65. PheasantHunter

    Fort Meyers Dec 29-Jan8 - charter options for 1

    I haven't fished in Florida for years, but I am visiting family in Fort Meyers at the end of the year. I am looking for options for 1 fisherman to get on the water. My interest is saltwater but from there I am wide open, bonefish, grouper, anything in between. I am also willing to travel (...
  66. PheasantHunter

    Royal Star 4 day - july 15 - what to expect

    I got off an 8 day on the Royal Star, July 3rd. We didn't even look at the bluefin, the yellowfin further south weren't much more cooperative. Hopefully, that changes for your trip. The yellows were a blast.
  67. PheasantHunter

    Gear checklist for 8 day trip?

    Thanks, I should have mentioned I am using boat rods and reels. I am mostly thinking of those small but important things. Thanks for the suggestions, those are all good additions and don't take up much space. I have a bit of tackle from previous trips and will pick up hooks and a few jigs at...
  68. PheasantHunter

    Gear checklist for 8 day trip?

    I know there are some great gear/clothing/etc lists on this forum. However, I can't seem to find them. I am leaving tomorrow for San Diego, just looking to do a last minute check to make sure I am not forgetting anything. Leaving Saturday on the Royal Star (two day drive to SD from Montana :(...
  69. PheasantHunter

    booked a trip ?? fish cleaning?? my own where??

    As mentioned you have options Fishermans Processing or Five Star. I have only used Five Star and they did a great job and will ship them to you via air if that is easier! If you decide to use either, call them and get on their list. What trip are you on?
  70. PheasantHunter

    Nerly lost my hall pass!

    I wondered if your previous post was "counting your filets before you had a spot on a boat"! So, glad it worked out, I look forward to the report after the trip. Which boat and when? I am on the Royal Star leaving the 23rd.
  71. PheasantHunter

    Bluefin, Wahoo, Yellowtail and Yellowfin Early Season 2016

    I can't wait to see the early June reports, I am on an 8 day RS, leaving June 25th. Thanks for the intel.
  72. PheasantHunter

    The Long Range Character thread.

    I was on a 8 day trip with brothers "Uncle Fester" and "Lurch". They fished hard and were fine in general, other than a little rough around the edges. We figured out why they were a little rough on about day 6 when they started debating who had done more time in prison! Everyone kept a close...
  73. PheasantHunter

    Blue Dream at the Buffer Zone

    This is a great read, really enjoying it!
  74. PheasantHunter

    Night fishing???

    I did that on the RR3 last fall, myself and a roommate put more fish on the boat before sunrise than some folks caught the rest of the day (YT and YFT). Gaffing each others fish was an added bonus!
  75. PheasantHunter

    Excel 3 day report

    That is awesome stuff right there! The pictures are great especially the bait tank one. My dad took me to Canada when I was growing up in Minnesota. That sparked my interest in traveling to fish. I took him to San Diego years ago and we did a few 3/4 trips (he wasn't interested in...
  76. PheasantHunter

    A new style wood tackle box

    You do very nice work!
  77. PheasantHunter

    Cebaco Bay

    I fished with them a few years ago, based on Tony's recommendation. It was AWESOME! The photo is one of many from my trip (I think I caught a dozen species).
  78. PheasantHunter


    Nice fish and picture of Mr Soda! No blood, no gaff marks showing, no people in the background (photobombing), wish I had a few pictures from my trips that looked this good (the big fish would help also, LOL!).
  79. PheasantHunter

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Merry Christmas. Baked yellowtail is on the menu this evening. So much to be thankful for... ~Be good at work and great at life~
  80. PheasantHunter

    RR3 12/13-12/23 10 Day Thoughts

    Looks like they are killing the skinnies at the Rock!
  81. PheasantHunter

    Conflict At Clarion

    In case you need another Picasso fix, his 2012 report can be seen at (LoretoJoe2) Both awesome reports
  82. PheasantHunter

    Conflict At Clarion

    RichG said: ↑ Joe, I have been enjoying your literary talents on your recent adventure. A little background on Alec. He worked as a deckhand on the local boats during the summers and dreamed of fishing June Heat on the Rooster. He got that opportunity a few years back. [He wrote an article...
  83. PheasantHunter

    Conflict At Clarion

    What a great report, I was on the RRIII the trip before. We had a tank of those big sardines but on our 8 day, never had a use for them. Keep them reports coming, there awesome
  84. PheasantHunter

    Intrepid Oct. 17 - Nov 1 ... 15 day ..... Start of the Cow season

    Any updates on how the fishing is going?
  85. PheasantHunter

    Roll call - Red Rooster III - Charkbait - 8 day -Nov 3rd

    Who else is on the Rooster next week? I know Tykkyt E Blue is on the trip, anyone else on BD? I am a really looking forward to the trip, it snowed this morning in Montana! Randy
  86. PheasantHunter

    Trip Report: RR3 Calstar 6 day 09/26-10/2 - Hero or Zero

    Nice report and pictures thanks for posting. I am on an 8 day in Nov on the Rooster. Really looking forward to it.
  87. PheasantHunter

    Epic 8 day on Excel!!! Wahoo, Big YT + Monster Dorado

    Doesn't sound like it could be any better, great food and great fish/fishing with family!
  88. PheasantHunter

    Red Rooster III - rental gear ?

    Thanks for the advise everyone. I have message into the office for the captain to call me.
  89. PheasantHunter

    Red Rooster III - rental gear ?

    I am booked on the Rooster for an 8 day in November and plan to use their rental rods. Anyone used the rental gear on the Rooster? If so any advise on what I need to bring (besides flouro) and or other thoughts on the gear? I have a large spinning reel for lighter fish, any ideas if I could...
  90. PheasantHunter

    7 day early November

    I just put a deposit down on a 8 day Red Rooster Trip that leaves early Nov.
  91. PheasantHunter

    6 day Sept vs. 8 day November trip - pros and cons?

    First, thanks everyone for the advise. I pulled the trigger today and put a deposit down on a 8 day trip on the Rooster! Yahoo, I can't wait. Trip #24 - leaves Nov 3rd, anyone else on that trip?
  92. PheasantHunter

    6 day Sept vs. 8 day November trip - pros and cons?

    I know the fishing is very good right now and was ready to book a 6 day trip for late September. However, the wife says I can do the 8 day trip in early November. Any reason to assume fishing shouldn't be good in Nov? 8 days should be better than 6 I assume? I realize it is fishing and there...
  93. PheasantHunter

    Maui Bottom Fishing

    Just an FYI, Everyone has told me most boats, don't let you keep your fish. The boat sell them to make ends meet. Good luck, I am sure you can find a boat that will if you look hard enough.
  94. PheasantHunter

    Kona charter share Feb 22-24?

    My girlfriend and I are heading to Kona on Feb 21st, we am looking to share a charter if anyone is interested, PM me. Thanks
  95. PheasantHunter

    Tampa Feb 4-5? Advice

    I am in Tampa Florida for work the week of Feb 4-9. I have two free days, any advice for fishing? Charters? Shorefishing? Partyboats? Thanks
  96. PheasantHunter

    Big Island - Share Charter -Feb 22-27?

    Chris, I also like to fish and drink beer. I would be interested in fishing the 23. PM me or email ([email protected]) and maybe we can set something up.
  97. PheasantHunter

    Kona Charters Feb 22-28

    Anyone interested in sharing a charter or any advice in general on charters on the Big Island?
  98. PheasantHunter

    Big Island - Share Charter -Feb 22-27?

    I am heading to the Big Island Feb 21-28 (22-27 would be possible fishing days) and would be interested in splitting a full day charter. It would be myself and my girlfriend who doesn't fish. Anyone interested? PM me.
  99. PheasantHunter

    Kenai Silvers starting to show up

    I fished Deep Creek on Saturday August 18th and finally found some silvers after lots of looking and catching lots of pinks and chums. Great fish, unfortunately, we had to leave on Sunday. However, after 8 days of fishing, I can't complain. We caught fish every day and at every place we...
  100. PheasantHunter

    170 & 270# on the Sweet T w/Capt Ron at Homer

    Fished with Captain Ron of In-2-Fishin Charters in Homer on August 17th with my dad and 3 other anglers. Lots of black bass, a couple of short ling, one nice yelloweye and 2 huge halibut. Unfortunately, my dad and myself were not the lucky anglers to catch the big ones but still pretty cool to...
  101. PheasantHunter

    Anchorage Car Rental Advice

    Car rental update, by watching Expedia, the price went from 795 to 560 and if you rent off airport there may be another $100 to save at places like (Cheep Auto Rental, etc.). I save enough for another day of charter fishing!!!
  102. PheasantHunter

    Anchorage to Denali fishing?

    My father and I land in Anchorage on Thursday afternoon, off to Denali Friday. We have Saturday and Sunday open, any silver runs up that way worth checking out? Northern pike lakes, grayling? Needs to be fairly close to the road, my dad can't get around the best. Any advice would be great...
  103. PheasantHunter

    Seward or Homer Reports, Advice?

    My father and I leave Thursday for Alaska, fishing out of Seward on the 13th and out of Homer on the 17th. Any recent reports?
  104. PheasantHunter

    Anchorage Car Rental Advice

    I am headed to Alaska in August and on airport car rental prices are crazy by my standards. Anyone have advise on off airport or other cash saving advice?
  105. PheasantHunter

    Heading to Alaska for the first time and need pointers

    Say hi to Nigel, on of the guides at Rainbow Lodge, for me. He was working at Cecebo Bay in Panama when we were there in March. Great guy. He showed me a some great photos from there and some great bear video (close up and personnel)...
  106. PheasantHunter

    Homer Halibut fishing, lots of chickens. Pic heavy

    Sounds like a great time, especially when you only have to buy the fuel! Nothing like a freezer full of halibut. I am definitely looking forward to my August trip to Homer!!!
  107. PheasantHunter

    Seward -Fish House Charters?

    I tried to book with Cracker Jack and Pro Fish N Sea in Seward but they are full on the dates that work for me. The Fish House has openings, anyone fish with them? You can PM me if that is easier. Before I drop my money I would like to know if they are worth it.
  108. PheasantHunter

    Light Tackle Action at PSFL

    Nice fish and nice variety of fish. Very cool
  109. PheasantHunter

    Homer / Kenai Lodging

    I am looking for "affordable" lodging in Homer or nearby for Aug 15-18th. Two people. Recommendations?
  110. PheasantHunter

    Paradise Fishing Lodge> Panama. March Report

    Looks awesome!!! Great report!
  111. PheasantHunter

    Cebaco Bay Report with Photos March 17-18

    Red and white rapalas (8" long or so with metal lip), butterfly jigs (5-8 oz), and some big poppers. PM me if you want more details.
  112. PheasantHunter

    Cebaco Bay Report with Photos March 17-18

    TAP: I couldn't agree more, I will take some of the 7 0z model with. I would much rather fish a jig than a salmon head. Been there done that.
  113. PheasantHunter

    Alaskan spring? kings!

    Nice fish! Looks cold.
  114. PheasantHunter

    Cebaco Bay Report with Photos March 17-18

    Tony: What size/weight did you take to AK? I have used diamond jigs and mud rakers before for halibut and wondered if these butterfly jigs wouldn't work. Thanks
  115. PheasantHunter

    Cebaco Bay Report with Photos March 17-18

    PCH, the guide called the grouper Chiriqui, not sure if that helps. The next trip is in mid-August. I am taking my dad to Alaska. I owe him a trip (at the very least) and we refuses to get a passport. So salmon, lingcod and halibut is the plan. I am curious if anyone has used butterfly jigs...
  116. PheasantHunter

    Cebaco Bay Report with Photos March 17-18

    The girlfriend was birdwatching on the beach and reading a book, so no safery worries. They did clean fish off the back of the boat but never saw or heard of any crocs.
  117. PheasantHunter

    Cebaco Bay Report with Photos March 17-18

    Thanks to PCH and TAP (and others) for recommending Cebaco Bay Sportfishing to me. It had been windy for weeks before I arrived. However, it was calm the day we arrived and calm for two days of fishing. When we went to leave it was a little rough going back to town but not bad. I highly...
  118. PheasantHunter

    Cebaco Bay Report March 17-18

    Thanks to PCH and TAP (and others) for recommending Cebaco Bay Sportfishing to me. It had been windy for weeks before I arrived. However, it was calm the day we arrived and calm for two days of fishing. When we went to leave it was a little rough going back to town but not bad. I highly...
  119. PheasantHunter

    Cebaco Bay Report March 17-18

    Thanks to PCH and TAP (and others) on this forum, for recommending Cebaco Bay Sportfishing to me. It had been windy for weeks before I arrived. However, it was calm the day we arrived and calm for two days of fishing. When we went to leave it was a little rough going back to town but not bad...
  120. PheasantHunter

    The Bite has been " Weird "

    Now, if that is slow week, I would love to see the fast week. Headed to Panama in a week, can't wait.
  121. PheasantHunter

    Alaska Mid-August Advice

    I am planning to take my dad to Alaska in mid-August (a little payback for all the trips he has taken me on). He is 72. I would love to fish everyday but this is his trip. So probably fly into Anchorge and go to Denali NP and some other sight seeing for a few days. My dad has never been to...
  122. PheasantHunter

    Panama fishing on a budget?

    Thanks for the info. Where is Cebaco Bay and how do you get there? Sorry if that is a dumb question but I did see that info on their website.
  123. PheasantHunter

    Panama fishing on a budget?

    Good point, I am willing to spend $200-400 for a day or two of fishing. Thanks for the help.
  124. PheasantHunter

    Panama fishing on a budget?

    I am headed to Panama in mid March with the girlfriend. We will be there 8 days, I am looking for a day or two of fishing on the ocean (Atlantic or Pacific) that doesn't cost an arm and leg (I wish I could afford the Tropic Star but not on this trip). Fish species isn't important but would...
  125. PheasantHunter

    Offshore My First Long Range Trip - Trip Report

    Great report, hope to take a similar trip in the near future.