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  1. joshc1024

    Islands 5/12 SCI bass and bluefin

    Took some buddies to fish and dive the front side of SCI on Wednesday 5/12. Water at the island was 63-65 and crystal clear blue with little current. Fishing was pretty slow. We decided to head home around 2PM and ran into schools of bluefin and bonito foaming on anchovies just a few miles off...
  2. joshc1024

    Buddy boat 4/22

    Going to check out local banks (302/226) this Thursday 4/22. Anybody wanna buddy boat?
  3. joshc1024

    Islands Yellows at Coronado 4/7

    Back to the islands today with 2 good friends on board. We saw bird schools after bird schools all over the middle grounds that were difficult to get close to but still managed to bag a few(15lbs)on the surface iron Boat traffic was moderate, and everyone played nice except for the two...
  4. joshc1024

    Islands 3/31 surface iron yellow

    Went solo to the islands on 3/31. First boat at the middle grounds around 6:30. Metered a decent school within 15 minutes of getting there, threw some bait and had them boiling around pretty good. Hooked one on surface iron which ended up being my personal best at 30.7lbs Managed to hook two...
  5. joshc1024

    Alps Power Wrapper

    Looking for power wrapper New or used Text 7608052496
  6. joshc1024

    Offshore 10/6 425 Farmers only

    Took 3 buddies out on Tuesday and here is what we found: -South 9 a shark (mako?) harassing a big school of bonito. Kept one bone for lobster bait -Got 3 yellows off a paddy 10 miles north of the 425 had marks 100ft but couldn’t get them to come up -YFt jig strike half a mile off the pens at...
  7. joshc1024

    Used Tranx 500HG with clamp for Trinidad 30A/Torque 30

    Looking to trade my tranx 500HG with clamp and full of 80lb braid used a few times for a Trinidad 30A or a Penn torque 30 in the same condition. IP north SD or IE
  8. joshc1024

    Calstar 690j or 90J

    Looking for a used one. Cash in hand
  9. joshc1024

    Used Tranx 500 Clamp

    Looking for a clamp for Tranx 500. north SD or Temecula
  10. joshc1024

    Offshore Mission belle 9/11

    fished the belle on Wednesday 9/11 with a buddy and 38 other anglers and here are some notes: -bait was meh, 4-6 in mix -found first yft school at 11am a few miles south of the fleet. All show no go -found a school of bigger grade BFT around noon. 2 hook ups on light line that ended quickly...
  11. joshc1024

    Surface irons

    Have too many jigs, letting these go: Left to right : Tady C fixed hook, Tady C, Salas baby 5x, Starman 112, kicker 25 light, Salas baby 5x, and Tady 14a. $45 pick up in Oceanside or ship on your dime.
  12. joshc1024

    UC Del Mar

    Posting for a friend. Looking for a UC Del Mar, 9 or 10ft, factory or custom. Cash in hand, PM with what you got.
  13. joshc1024

    Ho Tuesday 6-25

    Anyone fishing tuna on Tuesday 6/25 need a HO? Got gear, licenses, and $$ for bait/gas/ice. Text Josh @7608052496
  14. joshc1024

    SS 6480H or Cousins 80H

    Looking for one in good condition
  15. joshc1024

    A Trinidad 30A

    Looking for an used Trinidad 30a in good condition PM me
  16. joshc1024

    “White” UC Wahoo 1000 factory

    Used, in good condition. Fished it for about a year. Factory wrap white blank, tuna cord was added by a local tackle shop. Cork puppy included $290 obo
  17. joshc1024

    Tiburon Tranx 500 clamp

    Text 7608052496 if you have one FS
  18. joshc1024

    WTB penn fathom 30 star

    Text Josh @7608052496 Thanks
  19. joshc1024

    Daiwa Proteus Spinning

    Looking for an 8ft H model Text Josh @ 7608052496
  20. joshc1024

    Guides for ULUA

    I looking for build a full length Ulua. Thinking 11 guides plus the tip. Can anyone recommend the type of guide to use and size? Still new to this.
  21. joshc1024

    White tiger Ulua

    Found one. Thanks
  22. joshc1024

    Tackle backpack-

    Nomad, shimano, WFO, SKB. Text Josh @ 7608052496
  23. joshc1024

    Fathom 12 star

    Looking for a fathom 12 star. Text josh 7608052496
  24. joshc1024

    Fathom 12 or Saltist 20

    Looking to buy a fathom 12 or saltist 20 in good working condition.
  25. joshc1024

    NIB Shimano Trinidad 20A

    Found a VISX20 so I’m selling this now. $410 obo IP SD/IE/OC
  26. joshc1024

    Real or just a drill ?

    Came across this on my social media feed. Anyone got more info on this? Video was posted 4 months ago.
  27. joshc1024

    Coronados on the Mission Belle

    Quick report Fished the islands on the belle with a buddy today. Steve was driving, Steve and Karen working on deck. Steve kept us on Fish all day. We started fishing a little after 8 am and never had to drive longer than 15 minutes before he found the next school. Fun run and gun fishing. It...
  28. joshc1024

    NIB Okuma Tesoro 12

    Decided to keep it due to lack of real interest. Mods please delete.
  29. joshc1024

    Okuma Tesoro 12

    I have a NIB Okuma Tesoro 12 looking to trade for a used Tranx 500HG in good condition. I’ll add $$ of course. Or sale for $280 Can meet in SD, OC, LA, or IE
  30. joshc1024

    Spectra for surface iron

    I’ve always fished surface iron with 40lb mono, but I can’t help but wonder if thinner diameter, no stretch spectra will help a surface iron swim better. There is an advantage in using spectra instead of mono? Anyone out there with experience with spectra and surface iron can chime in on this...
  31. joshc1024

    Tesoro vs Trinidad

    I’m looking for a reel to pair up with UC Del Mar 1000 for surface iron. Looking for input from someone with hands on experience with the Tesoro. How does it compare to the Trinidads? Thanks in advance
  32. joshc1024

    WTB: Penn Fathom 40nld2

    Looking for one In good working condition. Cash in hand. Can pick up in SD, OC, LA or IE Call or text Josh @7608052496
  33. joshc1024

    50lb iron reel. Saltiga 40 vs Trinidad 20a

    Looking for a 50lb surface iron. My current reels(fathom 25n) just don't fish heavy mono well. Looking at the new saltiga 40 and the Trinidad 20a. Looking for some input. TIA
  34. joshc1024

    Ho available Tuesday 6/21

    Got the day off, looking to fish tuna. Know the drill, have mex license, apporiate gear and cash in hand. Call or text Josh @ 7608052496
  35. joshc1024

    HO available Tuesday 6/14

    I'm looking to get out and take another shot at these bluefin on Tuesday 6/14. I have mex license, passport, cash and the appropriate gear to cast at these big boys. I've been fishing with another BD for a few years now, I know the drill so let me know if you have a spot. Josh 7608052496
  36. joshc1024

    WTB Okuma Shadow Stalker

    I'm looking for a okuma shadow stalker 801m or something comparable. Text Josh at 7608052496 thanks!
  37. joshc1024

    anyone need a ho on Tues. 9/8

    I'm looking to get out and fish on Tuesday 9/8. I will pay my share of expenses. I can provide references. Looking for anyone launching from DP, Oside or SD PM me or text 7608052496
  38. joshc1024

    Ho ready to go on Thursday 8/20

    Hey BD, I'm looking to get out on Thursday 8/20. I will do anything a good HO will do ( shareexpenses, spot fish, cut chunk, gaff fish, cut fish, and scrub the boat.) I can meet you any time at your house or the launch ramp. I can bring food and beer. So if you need an extra person please call...
  39. joshc1024

    HO ready to go Thursday8/6

    I am available to HO for someone on Thursday 8/6. I can meet you anytime anywhere from DP, Oceanside to SD( your house or the ramp). I will do anything a good ho will do: share expenses, spot fish/kelp, clean fish, scrub the boat and most importantly I WILL NOT FLAKE. Hit me up at 7608052496.
  40. joshc1024

    Ho looking for a ride on Tuesday 6/23

    I'm looking to HO for someoneton Tuesday 6/23. I can chip in for gas, bait, ice and clean the boat afterwards. I can meet anywhere from San Diego-Dana point . Please Call or text 7608052496..
  41. joshc1024

    The san diego 6/15

    Quick report: Fished the islands today with 20 people for 32 mixed grade yellowrail. Mostly on the surface iron and a few on bait. Bait was anchovies with some sardine mixed in. Saw plenty of fish but sea lions were all over us all day long. Water was clean and blue and ranged from 65.5-66.3...
  42. joshc1024

    LA cattle boats

    This yellowtail bite at 150 is too good to pass up, so I am looking jump on a cattle boat on Monday 6/15. Being from San Diego, I don't have any experience with any of the LA boats. I'm looking for some Intel as to which 3/4 day boat I should go with.
  43. joshc1024

    last min ho looking for a ride tomorrow

    I know this is a long shot but if anyone need a ho 6/4 text me at 7608052496. I got $$$, my own gear, I can bring beer, and of course will help clean the boat after. Looking to fish tuna, yellowtail, bass whatever. Can meet in San Diego Oceanside or Dana point.
  44. joshc1024

    WTS- Okuma Makaira 10II SEa-silver

    Sold! Thanks BD!
  45. joshc1024

    chubasco 2 yellow

    Jumped on the chubasco 2 with buddy Omar today. Tiny set us up at the south west corner? And that's pretty much where we stayed all day. Fishing was ok with a steady pick of small to medium rock fish. Around 11am while making a move, tiny sees a spot of yellow feeding on anchovies. Tiny guns...
  46. joshc1024

    WTB 10ft glass jig stick

    I'm looking to buy a jig stick, it's has to be 10ft and it has to be glass. I'm looking to spend about $150, but will pay more for the right rod. PM or text 7608052496
  47. joshc1024

    credit card info stolen.

    My friend and I both had our credit card info stolen recently, and we think it might of happened at the Fred hall show (that was the only time we both used our card at the same place.) So I'm just wondering if this happened to anyone else.
  48. joshc1024

    3/4 day on the San Diego 3/20

    Quick report, I jumped on the San Diego with my buddies Omar and Travis. Ryan took us straight down to the rock pile area and that's where we stayed all day. Every mothod worked today, yoyo, fly line, surface iron and dropper loop. I was lucky enough to get a limit on the surface iron...
  49. joshc1024

    wtb seeker 7x

    I am looking for a seeker 7x rod. Factory or custom wrap. Call or text Josh 7608052496
  50. joshc1024

    local yellow

    Anyone fishing local yellow need a ho? I got gas money, license, gear, beer, and I'll clean the shit out of your boat. I'm in Oceanside but can meet you in mb or SI. Text 760 805 2496.
  51. joshc1024

    The San Diego 10/9

    Quick report here My buddy Omar and I fished The San Diego out of Seaforth Sportfishing on 10/9. We started at north island and scratched out 7 yellows on yo-yo iron. Then we moved to SRK and rockpile but didn't find any life. Booger ran back to north island for one last shot at the yellows...
  52. joshc1024


    A buddy and I are on a 1.5day offshore trip leaving Friday night 6/27. Does anyone know what kind of weather we can expect to encounter?
  53. joshc1024

    June bass contest?

    What are the details?
  54. joshc1024

    WTB Calstar 800l or 900l

    I'm looking to buy a Calstar 800L or 900L in good condition. Call or text 760 805 2496
  55. joshc1024

    WTS Calstar 100J

    I'm selling this Calstar 100J for $130 pickup in Oceanside Call or text 7608052496 Josh.
  56. joshc1024

    Okuma cortez 10

    I am looking to buy a okuma cortez 10. PM me if you have one for sale.
  57. joshc1024

    Rod clamp for penn fathom 25n

    Can anyone recommend a aftermarket clamp that can allow me to mount a penn fathom 25n on a calstar 100j with tuna cord? The factory clamp is a bit too small.
  58. joshc1024

    Phenix abyss 909

    I'm looking to buy a phenix abyss 909. Send me a pm if you have one. Thanks!
  59. joshc1024

    Oceanside 2/14/13

    I fished the out going tide in Oceanside(Cassidy Street)today from 2:30pm-4:30pm. I started with C-rigged Gulp sand worm in camo and a1/2 oz sinker. I walked about half a mile down the beach with little luck, so Idecided to switch to Big Hammer perch grub in motor oil and it was game on...
  60. joshc1024

    Trinidad 16, 20 or Penn Fathom 25n

    I am posting this for my brother. He is looking to buy a Fathom 25n or and trinidad 16,20 to pair up with his 690j. He needs it before this sunday night as we are leaving on a 1.5 day trip. I can pick it up in north county, he can pick up in near Menifee, or pick up in SD on Sunday. Pm me with...
  61. joshc1024

    Saltist 40

    I just got a calstar 700H and was thinking about pairing it with a saltist 40 to fish 40lb or even 50lb. What do you guys think? Is it beefy enough to handle a 40lb bluefin? What about line capacity? (It currently has 300yard of 65lb izorline spectra, and carbontex drag) Thanks in advance.
  62. joshc1024

    Legend overnight Thu. May 10

    My broher and I are booked on this trip, but we need a few more to make it happen. My brother has a baby due next month so I really want to get him out on the water one more time before that. The boat leaves thursday night @ 10pm. Call Seaforth @ 619 224 3383 or visit...
  63. joshc1024

    O-side jetty fatty and a short flattie.

    I got offwork early today. So I went to fish the O-side jetty hoping to catch a surfperch big enough to place in the derby that I signed up at a local tackle shop.I am a total noob at surf fishing, but with the advice I got from another postI was able to spot a hole with in casting distance of...
  64. joshc1024

    Tide and surf fishing.

    I just got into surf fishing with a little bit of success. Likeeveryone else said, it is a ton of fun! I’ve been fishing in the Carlsbad and Oceansidearea. I’m just wondering would it be better for surf fishing? High tide? Or lowtide?
  65. joshc1024

    Saltiest, torium, or avet

    I want to buy a reel for my brother. Saltist 30, 40(silver) Shimano torium 20 or Left handed Avet jx, mxl Pm me with what you got thanks!
  66. joshc1024

    inshore rod

    Looing to buy an inshore rod in the range of 15-25lb and under $100. Something like Graftech GIS-M 8F, Californian Calico Special CS76H, Shimano Teramar TMCX76H or 80H. Thanks!
  67. joshc1024

    WTB Shimano Teramar

    I am looking to buy a Shimano teramar TMCX80mh or a TMCX80h. PM me with what you got. North county perfered. Thanks for reading.
  68. joshc1024

    Changing hook for megabait

    I got a few megabait jigs today, and I want to switch out the stock treble hooks for some better ones. What size should I use? does brand matter? circle or J hooks? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  69. joshc1024

    BF on Chubasco 2

    just checked Chubasco2's counts. Looks like they got 2 Bluefins today. Anyone has any details on that trip?
  70. joshc1024


    I'm looking for a used Graftech (15-40) to go with a Daiwa Saltist 40. Gonna use it mostly for live bait. Please shoot me a pm if you have one to sell. Thanks.