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  1. jsl


    Guys, I'm trying to set up a fishing trip but my man Ramon is recovering from covid so I'm in need of another skipper. Who do you recommend in Erendira and how do I get a hold of him? Thanks in advance Scott
  2. jsl

    Border crossing question

    Hi all. What's going on with the border crossings on the way home? Is San Ysidro still a crazy long wait? What about Tecate? Is Tecate really only open from 5AM to 2:00PM? I was on their site and it says so, but when I called, the recording says open till 11PM. Does anyone have reliable informed...
  3. jsl

    Recommendations inshore/offshore

    Guys, I'll be heading down to PV this Saturday, March 14-18, and am in need of some recommendations on fishing charters for either offshore tuna if they're around, or inshore. Who are the go-to guys and what do they charge? Our group consists of 3 dudes, with 2 being fishermen and another dude...
  4. jsl

    Abreojos and BOLA

    Fished Abreojos and BOLA from 11/8-11/10 Day 1 Abreojos Went 0/5 on grouper as each of us all got bit and rocked. Fish only bit for a short time window and on one reef out of the many we tried. Oh well,we had our chances but struck out. Ended the day catching a bunch of small yt, bonito, and...
  5. jsl

    Fishing in Egypt

    Hey guys, I'm gonna be in Egypt on my honeymoon from June 17- June 24, and would appreciate any information about fishing, both fresh and salt water. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Scott
  6. jsl

    San Quintin

    Fished 10/18, 10/19 and experienced very slow fishing. Fished San Ramon reef , 240, and the 6 for 1 yt around 10 lbs and a few bonito trolling rapalas. We did a couple drifts at the 240 and got a couple nice reds and lings. Pretty much the same thing on 10/19 as we ended up with only a few...
  7. jsl

    BOLA fishing report Memorial Weekend

    Drive was smooth and uneventful as the road is much improved from previous years. However, there were delays ( south and north bound ) just south of Ensenada due to construction. Wait times were about 20 minutes. Day 1, 5/26/2019 Went to southern end of La Guarda with Pedro from Cangrejos and...
  8. jsl

    Gonzaga reports

    Hey guys, I'm planning on going soon and need a report. Anything happening down there yet ? Thanks in advance
  9. jsl

    Oldmill San Quintin winter special

    Hey guys, does anyone know if Javier is offering the fishing /hotel specials he did in years past ? Scott
  10. jsl

    Oldmill San Quintin winter specials

    Hey guys, does anyone know if Javier is offering the fishing /hotel specials he did in years past ? Scott
  11. jsl

    Wire for rapalas for wahoo?

    Hey guys, I want to rig up some rapalas for wahoo and am in need of your advise because I don't have a clue. Which type of wire do you prefer for this? Thanks Scott
  12. jsl

    Dry ice in Baja?

    Hey guys does anyone know of places that sell dry ice from tj down to Ensenada ? Scott
  13. jsl

    Abreojos contacts

    Hey guys, I'm in need of contacts in Abreojos. Can someone help me out with contacts for gorilla or rigo Zuniga? Also in need of hotel recommendations and contacts, too. Thanks in advance. Scott
  14. jsl

    San Quintin 9/8-9/9

    Day 1 Fished the 6, 240 and caught 8 yt,1 yft, and tons of Bonito. Most fish were on trolled rapalas, feathers, and cedar plugs. Most of the yt were small with fish averaging 4-6 lbs. One fish was around 14 lbs. Bonito were anywhere from 5-10 lbs. Weather was kinda crappy with a ground swell...
  15. jsl

    Wtb torpedos

    Hey guys, anyone selling pouring torpedo sinkers from 1-6oz?
  16. jsl

    Bola 6/8,6/9

    6/8 Went to Barnabe and experienced the slowest fishing ever, ending our day with 1 yt, 2 trigger fish, and a tiny pinto bass. The water was 68 and looked like coffee. 6/9 Went to south end of the La Guarda and had decent action on yt from 8-29 with most fish averaging 12. Water was 72 and...
  17. jsl

    Punta Banda Reports?

    Hey guys, Anyone fish Punta Banda recently? I'm thinking of heading down there to fish with Beto again and am in need of some intel. Thanks in advance. Scott
  18. jsl

    Calstar 700M and seeker black steel 6465H

    Guys, I have a buddy who needs these rods Please contact Tim 858-775-2603 if you would like to sell. Calstar 700M Seeker Black Steel 6465H Thanks
  19. jsl

    BOLA Fishing Report 8/7,8/8

    Fished both days with Pedro from Cangrejos in Bola. 10/7: Fished locally with the rest of the fleet and experienced slow fishing on baby-sized yt to about 5 lbs. 10/8: Fished Barnabe and other reefs to the south and experienced slow fishing on baby yt, bonito, and other assorted bottom...
  20. jsl

    Ensenada Recommendations.

    Guys, I'm in need of legit outfits for chasing tuna out of Ensenada. I haven't fished out of there for years and only know of Vonny's fleet but that's more of an inshore thing. Who do you guys recommend for tuna nowadays? Thanks Scott
  21. jsl

    Ensenada Fishing Recommendations

    Guys, I'm in need of legit outfits for chasing tuna out of Ensenada. I haven't fished out of there for years and only know of Vonny's fleet but that's more of an inshore thing. Who do you guys recommend for tuna nowadays? Thanks Scott
  22. jsl

    Need some spectra 80lb

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy some 80lb spectra. Please let me know if you want to sell some. Thanks Scott
  23. jsl

    Bay of La Report 7/20-7/21

    Fished 7/20 with Enrique and had limits of yt in about an hour. Fish were caught on live mackerel on dropper loops at the south end of La Guarda in 170 ft of water with average size of 10-14 ( guessing ). Fished 7/21 with Pedro from Cangrejo and targeted cabrilla and grouper. We went to...
  24. jsl

    Freedom Sports fishing

    Has anyone been on the freedom lately? How's the bunk room? Fished the boat a couple times last year and they had a problem with the AC or fan so the sleeping quarters was like an oven, resulting in an exhausting trip as several of us couldn't get any sleep. Has the situation been resolved? Thx...
  25. jsl

    Bola June 9,10

    6/9: Fished with Martin at the south end of La Guarda for limits of yt from 10-14lbs average. Fish were up top and feeding aggressively so everything worked. Lots of fun on surface iron. Water was green and in the upper 60's. 6/10: Fished with Enrique at Barnabe and other reefs in the south...
  26. jsl

    NIB Shimano Calcutta 400B

    I have a brand new Calcutta 400B for sale. Never had line on it and comes with box, paperwork and everything else. $180 cash or shipping on you Scott
  27. jsl

    WTB yoyo iron.

    I'm looking for tady 4/0, Salas 6X, 6X Jr 's and shimano butterfly jigs. Lemme know what you have. Scott
  28. jsl

    Looking for Penn 9/0's and Hercules 7H

    Wtb a few Penn 9/0's and a Hercules 7H. Lemme know what you have. Thx Scott
  29. jsl

    WTB Jackpole

    Hi all, Looking for old school jackpole so let me know if you have one you wanna get rid of. thx Scott
  30. jsl

    WTB mono

    Hi all, I need 40 line mono. Looking for larger amount so met me know if you have some you don't need. thx Scott
  31. jsl


    all reels are brand new and have never been fished at all. all come complete with boxes,clamps and paperwork torium 20 Sold torium 16 Sold calcutta 400B $160 calcutta 200GTB sold local pickup in Ontario or shipping on you Scott
  32. jsl

    CALSTAR LR rods

    700 H,rated for 30-80 in excellent condition--sold 655Tss kite rod, rated for 60-130 $200. the guides alone are $150. excellent condition GFGR 700 XL-C rated for 10-25 new in plastic wrapping $180 local pick up in Ontario Scott
  33. jsl

    Tackle box

    in great condition.pick up in ontario only $25 Scott
  34. jsl

    Rod Rack

    I have a rollable wooden rod rack which can accommodate 60 rods for sale. $60 takes it home. Scott
  35. jsl

    La Salina freezer filler

    Met up with my buddy,Victor with Campos sport fishing for two days of awesome fishing in La Salina. we fished i n 120-280ft for easy limits of lingcod and rockcod. Weather was spectacular and best part was the covenience of fishing so close to home Scott
  36. jsl

    WTB swimbait lead heads in 1oz-2oz sizes and bigger

    please lemme know what you got. thx Scott
  37. jsl

    Cortes Bank weather?

    Hi all, Does anyone have the forecast for cortes bank this weekend? Scott
  38. jsl

    WTB shad-style lead heads for fishing plastics in 1-1/2 oz sizes

    let me know if you have some and how much you want. thx
  39. jsl

    WTB fishtrap or big hammers

    Need some swimbaits in 4-inch size so let me know if you don't need anymore, thx Scott
  40. jsl

    Offshore Pacific Star overnight 7/21/13

    Jumped on the Pacific Star for an overnighter Saturday night and headed for the tuna pens 60 miles or so south of the point. The 26 guys ended up with 23 BFT to 35 or lbs and 30 yt to 15 lbs ( guestamates ) . The bft started biting at gray light till about 8AM or so and completely shut off...
  41. jsl

    San Clemnete Island on the "Freedom"

    Did an overnighter on the Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing on 17th of July. We fished San Clemente Island for yt to 18lbs and couple nice halibut. The yt came through in flurries of 3-7 or so fish at a time. Bait was live squid fished on 1/2-1 oz sliding sinker on 30-40lb line. A few fish...
  42. jsl

    WTB calico plastics

    Looking for 4 inch Fish Trap or Big Hammer swimbaits
  43. jsl

    Puta Penasco help

    I'm planning on leaving Monday to fish Punta Penasco for a few days and need some help as I have no idea about the place so I was wondering if ya'll would be so kind as to help a brother out with some info. Any recommendations on fishing and lodging would greatly be appreciated. I did a search...
  44. jsl

    Punta Banda Pangero Recommendation

    Hi all, Need help picking out a pangero for Punta Banda. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Also, any decent places to stay around there? thx Scott
  45. jsl

    heavy duty swivels

    Hi Looking to buy heavy duty swivels. Need 3-4 hundred pound stuff. thx Scott
  46. jsl

    Terez rod for surface iron?

    Hi guys, Looking for a surface iron rod and I kinda like the feel of the Terez so I was wondering which model should get? Scott
  47. jsl

    Seeker Black Steel

    Looking for Black Steel 6465 or 6470 H and XH. thx Scott
  48. jsl

    Seeker Hercules

    Looking for Hercules rod, prefer 7ft 40-80 action Scott
  49. jsl

    Cheapest reel with the most drag?

    I'm looking for a new grouper reel so I need something with as much drag as possible (40lbs+) I'm leaning towards Mak 20 but I was wondering if there were more affordable alternatives which can produce as much drag. Thanks Scott
  50. jsl

    Braid power play complete set

    Everything you'll need to land your trophy. Fighting belt used a couple times but is in like new condition. Harness and everything else is brand new. Local pick up in Ontario preferred but can ship for cost of shipping. $150 Scott
  51. jsl

    Rods and Reels: Calstar, Seeker, Newell, Penn

    Calstar 700H 30-80lb rating. custom wrapped in excellent condition $170 Calstar 700XL-C 10-25 rating. Factory wrapped and is new--still in plastic $200 Calstar 800 H 30-60 rating. Custon wrapped with cord grip in excellent condition-- SOLD Calstar T660XH 40-100 rating. Custom wrapped by...
  52. jsl

    Penn 30VSX or Makaira 20 and heavy rod

    Looking for grouper set up so I'll need something with at least 40lbs drag like Penn VSX 30 or Okuma Makaira 20 and matching XXX heavy rod rated for 130lb. thx Scott
  53. jsl

    Grouper set up

    Looking for grouper set up so I'll need something with at least 40lbs drag like Penn VSX 30 or Okuma Makaira 20 and matching XXX heavy rod rated for 130lb. thx Scott
  54. jsl

    SQ. What are you waiting for??

    Made a trip down to SQ over the weekend. My original plan was to target the yft that have been going ballistic over the course of the last few days but like most of my trips this year, it was another case of "Man, you should have been here last week" :) Anyhoo, we opted to fish yt inshore and...
  55. jsl

    First time to Australia and need help

    Hi guys, I'll be on holiday in Australia for the first time and am in need of some help/recommendations. I'll be there from 12/24-1/6 and will be visiting Sydney, Cairns, and possibly two other cities. I'm currently thinking of Darwin and or Brisbane. I would love to fish there along with...
  56. jsl

    Penn 16VSX NIB

    Reel is new, as in never been on a boat ride or even heard of salt water. She's new, is Two-speed and comes with 500 yards solid, box, clamps, paper work etc. $400 firm. This reel retails at $500 plus tax plus spectra. You're saving $200 bucks!! Local pick-up preferred but willing to ship if...
  57. jsl

    BOLA 7/25-7/26

    Day 1: Limits of YT from 12-20. Mostly smaller grade on dropper loop. We fished a reef just outside of the big island. Most of the fish were on bait but they were hitting the butterfly jig like crazy--a cast a fish at times!! The butterfly outperformed salas 6x, 6Xjrs, taddy 4/0's this time...
  58. jsl

    Gonzaga 3/28, San Felipe 3/29

    Hi all, Made it down to Gonzaga for the first time Wednesday night. We stayed at Alfonsinas and fished with a local panguero "Charro" from a nearby fish camp as our guide was away on business. Anyhow, fishing was slow as water temps were cold and the water was a dirty green. Conditions were...
  59. jsl

    Screw for Baja Special

    Anyone how where I could get the screw that holds the plastic piece on the reel handle? I changed the position of handle and failed to tighten it down properly so the thing fell off. Thanks in advance Scott
  60. jsl

    REELS: Shimano, Penn 16VSX(NIB)

    I have the following for sale: 1.Penn 16VSX is NIB. 500 yards 80lb spectra and 60lb Izorline top shot. Comes with box, clamps, paperwork etc. 400$ 2. Shimano Torium 20.:Used. Cosmetically 7/10 as it has scratches but is mechanically 9/10. Free spool's great and drag is 100% smooth. 100$ 3...
  61. jsl

    Yo-Zuri Hydromagnum Deep Divers

    Hi all, If anyone has any of these laying around and wants to get rid of 'em, lemme know. Thx Scott
  62. jsl

    Mono 60#, 80#

    Looking for some mono in 60# and 80#, lemme know if you've got some you don't need thx. Scott
  63. jsl

    Twintail scampis

    If anyone has some twin tail scampis (2'-6') they don't need, lemme know. thx Scott
  64. jsl

    Lots and Lots of Rods, CHEAP!!

    Guys, I'm selling a bunch of rods for a good friend of mine. They are all older rods but are in good shape with nothing wrong with them in terms of wear/corrosion. I'm not sure what they're worth but Buff's wife of B N F tackle in Ontario said they should go for $75-$100. However, you can pick...
  65. jsl


    I've got some time off with nothing to do until my next trip so I gave a buddy a call and we made a last minute, spontaneous trip down to LB. My buddy wanted to help out some local kids with bikes so we said what the heck, and went down there to poke around. Day 1: Fished the local banks off LB...
  66. jsl

    Rod belt

    Hey guys, I left my fighting belt in Mississippi and need to replace for an up coming 8 day. Anyone have a belt laying around they don't need? Scott
  67. jsl

    marinade for smoked/grilled fish

    This marinade/smoking brine works great if you like teriyaki flavor. My measurements are not exact because I don't measure my ingredients precisely and usually use taste to adjust accordingly so make adjustments to the ingredients according to your taste. Works great on bonito, cuda, tuna, yt...
  68. jsl

    Charkbait's Toro Tamer

    I just got my Toro Tamer in the mail today and I cant wait to use it as an alternative to the typical irons everyone usually throws at places like Cedros and Alijos. Anyone have any luck with these things? Thx in advance. Scott
  69. jsl

    International 12VSX vs BX II 600 and HX II

    Gentlemen, I'm still puttin together gear for an 8 dayer this summer and need some opinions regarding which reel would be your go to 50lb bait outfit. I have it narrowed down to three reels ( International 12VSX, Avet HX II, and Accurate BX II 600). Which would you prefer and why? I recently...
  70. jsl

    GF 700XH or 765L

    Hi guys, Looking for one of these sticks to complete my arsenal. Hit me up if you have something you want to part with. Thx. Scott
  71. jsl

    Penn Internation 16s vs 16vsx

    I need some advice on which model to get. I found a brand new 16vs for a killer price but did some research on it and it seems as if they designed these things to fish light line because it only produces 10lbs drag. I would love to get the 16vsx but it will come at more then twice the cost of...
  72. jsl

    Which reel for GF 765?

    Dont have too much experience with the heavier stuff so which reel would you recommend for live bait fishing with this stick? I was thinking of AVET HX II, good choice? Thx in advance!! Scott
  73. jsl

    Calstar GF Heavy

    Hey guys, Looking for some heavier action gf series rods. I like shorter sticks so nothing over 7ft please. Lemme know if you have something you want to get rid of. thx Scott
  74. jsl

    Shimano, Penn, Daiwa

    Hi guys, I'm getting rid of some stuff I rarely use anymore to make room for the new stuff. I have the following for sale so make an offer and dont be shy, I just wanna get rid of some of this stuff. I live in Ontario so if anyone wants to come by and check it out just let me know. Otherwise, I...
  75. jsl

    Best surface iron reel?

    Looking for some opinions out there regarding the best surface iron reel. I've been using a trini 20 loaded with 65lb spectra and 40lb topshot for the past several years but now I'm looking for a change. What do you guys recommend? Thx Scott
  76. jsl

    Magbay help

    Hola guys, I'm thinking of taking the plunge and making the drive down to Magbay towards the end of December to early January. This type of trip has been on my bucket list for quite a while and now I think it's time to man up and go. Actually, I'll be down in Labocana anyways so I figured...
  77. jsl

    Rapala X-Raps

    Anyone have any of the larger 20 and 30 Rapala Xraps they want to get rid of? Color doesnt matter. Thx Scott
  78. jsl

    Toney Reyes: Magbay??

    Hi all, Thinking of doing a Tony Reyes Magbay trip this coming November. Do any of you have any experience with this type of trip? Any comments would be appreciated. I checked on the air and it look's like Alaska is the recommended airline but the tix run about 500$ and change. Any other...
  79. jsl

    Offshore advice needed.

    Hi all, I'll be in the St. Pete's area between 5/29-6/4 and I'm interested in doing some offshore fishing. What's the party boat scene like out there and what type of trips do you guys recommend for someone who wants to target snapper and grouper? I noticed that there are 10 hour,12 hour...
  80. jsl

    Oil Spill??

    Hi guys, I have plans to visit the Tampa area for a week of fishing from 5/29-6/4 and was wondering if the oil spill may impact the area. What's the latest news with regard to the spill and it's projected effects for the coming weeks? My fishing plans are minuscule compared to the impact this...
  81. jsl

    Megabaits for grouper?

    Hey Guys, I'm flyin over for a week of fishing from 5-29-6/4 and was wondering if the megabaits we use out here would work on the grouper out there. What do you guys think? Scott
  82. jsl

    San Quintin WSB, 8/1/09

    Fished inshore Saturday for the wsb down in SQ. We fished with " Chivro " from Tiburon's Pangas and did fairly well on 10-20+lb wsb. 5 out of our 8 fish were caught slow trolling live pacific macs pinned on a krock and the other 3 were caught by cast n retrieve. My buddy also landed a small...
  83. jsl

    San Quintin weather this Sat?

    I'm thinking of putting a trip together for this weekend down in San Quintin and was wondering what the weather might be like. Does anyone here know what the projected forecast will be or where I can get that info? Thx in advance... Scott
  84. jsl

    Indy Report: Sakamoto trip 8/4-8/9

    Just got home from a five day aboard the Independence. To make a long story short, we fished Benitos and Cedros 90% of the time for good sized yt and finished off the trip fishing offshore for a few smaller dorado and microscopic yt. No tunas were caught. Here's a day by day account of the trip...
  85. jsl

    Fishing Houston area??

    Hi all, I'll be visiting the Houston area from 8/13-/20 and would appreciate any advice on where to fish. I used to spend my summers fishing in the Kemah area back in the mid 80's as a kid and miss it a lot. I also understand that things have changed quite a bit and was wondering if any of you...
  86. jsl

    Border crossing...advice needed

    I'n heading down to S.Q this weekend and would appreciate some advice as to which border to cross on the way back. In the past, I used the T.J crossing but it has been too long of a wait. Thx Scott
  87. jsl

    halibut fish taco recipe

    Hey guys, give this a try.... but only if u have really fresh fish. *Start by rubbing extra virgin olive oil on your halibut fillets, then salt n pepper to taste. *cook fillets on oiled charcoal or George Foreman type grill untill done...about 3 minutes per side on medium heat. you can tell...
  88. jsl

    Calling Danny Osuna

    Danny, I'm planning a trip down there would like to fish with you. Please let me know if you have any availability in Nov. Many thanks.... Scott [email protected]
  89. jsl

    Need pointers on Puerto Vallarta trip

    Hello fellow fisherman, I'm putting together a fishing trip to P.V and am in need of some of your expertise. We're in the planning stages at this point but so far we have the following info. The trip will be from 11/18-11/22 + or - a couple days and we plan on fishing at least two days with...
  90. jsl

    San Quintin 7/21/07

    <TABLE id=HB_Mail_Container height="100%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0 UNSELECTABLE="on"><TBODY><TR height="100%" UNSELECTABLE="on" width="100%"><TD id=HB_Focus_Element vAlign=top width="100%" background="" height=250 UNSELECTABLE="off">One word to sum up the fishing . ...
  91. jsl

    Predictions for Memorial Wknd

    I'm thinking about jumping on a 1-1/2 this coming weekend but dont know what to expect. Any of you guys know what's going on outside? Paddy hopping or possibility of tuna? Whatcha think guys? Scott
  92. jsl

    San Quintin 4/1/07

    Fished with Kelly on Sunday for mix of lings and reds. Weather was pretty sloppy with 14 knots and sloppy seas but the 25 parker allowed us to fish on while others had to retreat. We did pretty well considering the bad conditions and ended the day with 11 lings to 13lbs ( est ), limits of reds...
  93. jsl

    S.Q captain contact?

    Guys, I was wondering if any of you can help me out with captain Alfredo's contact info. I was down there a while back and learned that he's one of the best down there so I wanna try him out. Thanks . . . Scott
  94. jsl

    Lingcod size in San Quintin

    I'v been fishing s.q for 3 years now and with over 20 trips under my belt I have noticed that the lingcod there are relatively small. I'm just wondering if it's only my luck or do you guys have better luck than I do. I target them every single time and the largest one I have landed was about...
  95. jsl

    Offshore Cortez Bank?

    Gentlemen, I'm heading out on the Toronado on tues for 1 1/2 trip. It looks like we might be heading to Cortez for a looksy. Any of you know what's popping out there this time of year? Scott
  96. jsl

    S.Q 5/28/06

    Hello Gentlemen, Fished S.Q on Sunday 5/28 with Bear Garcia's son Eddie for limits of rf to 4 lbs and 5 lingcod to 8lbs. The weather was bad to say the least with strong winds and a monster ground swell that would not let up. it took forever to get to the north side of San Martin island as we...
  97. jsl

    Tiburon's in S.Q contacts??

    Hello gentlemen, I'm thinking about heading down to s.q in a couple of months and would like to try out Tiburon's Pangas. Do any of u guys have their number and which of their captns would u recommend? Will post a report upon my return. Also, do any of u know what happened to Bear Garcia? I was...
  98. jsl

    Fishing in Acapulco?

    Gentlemen, I'll be heading down to Acapulco from 3/30-4/6 for spring break and need some advice from you pro's about the fishing. Who do you recommend and what can we expect in terms of fishing that area during that particular time? Any info and advice will be greatly appreciated. I'll be sure...
  99. jsl

    Best skippers in San Quintin

    Hello Gentlemen, I've noticed that many of you are regulars down in SQ and I have also noticed that many of you are very experienced and accomplished fishermen so your opions are very important to me. Who do you think the best skippers are down there and why? I have only had the pleasure of...
  100. jsl

    Avoiding toll road to SQ

    Gentlemen, Can someone please advice me on an alternate route down to SQ? I usualy take the toll road due to lack of knowledge but after reading some of your post, I understand there are better and faster alternatives. Thanks in advance . . . Scott