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    Best downrigger clips

    This is exactly what I’m thinking. I didn’t even know they made other types.
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    Best downrigger clips

    Use a top shot of mono if you are running braid. I have no problem with them staying in with Scotty clips and 40lb top shot. You obviously need more tension when letting them out but will need to figure out your premature release problem first.
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    2021 Ilwaco Tuna Club Invitational Tournament July 30/31

    We were headed out with fat cat on Saturday u til he turned around. That would explain it.
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    Saltwater A10 Jeff Head Coho

    Calm down big boy. There is a significant difference between BD and facepage whether you want to admit it or not. Like an order of magnitude difference. Let me know if you need explaining on what an order of magnitude is. I never said it was a good thing to post hot spots on here and I...
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    A7 closes

    Don’t bring 13 into this discussion. We have no fish and plenty of season dialed in down here.
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    Saltwater A10 Jeff Head Coho

    Eeeeeeee zzzzzzz…. A bd report seen by a few hundred people is pretty minor compared to a face page group with 30k strong where you have charters pimping the fishery. Sounds like it’s hot though so I better get there ASAP.
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    CQ Roll Call

    I ventured to Sekiu for the first time with the family last weekend so I will throw in my two cents. We stayed at anglers hideaway and launched everyday. First off, it is a good feeling to help support a town that clearly struggles to stay afloat. In my opinion, they did a great job at Mason’s...
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    Saltwater Sekiu report

    Same for us. Let a few nice ones go unfortunately.
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    14" Trailer Tires/Wheels - FREE

    Oly… I just need one.
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    14" Trailer Tires/Wheels - FREE

    I shot him a pm but never heard back.
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    14" Trailer Tires/Wheels - FREE

    Pm sent.
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    Coast Guard Question

    What about that time they wanted to stop us 3/4 of the way across the bar at ebb tied to check your registration and make sure we were over 20 ft? You know the time I’m talking about. That was a fucking joke.
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    WP Bottomfish

    This guy provided pics of his wife and not one person is going to pm him the super secret wp halibut spots? Like said above, just a couple spots that are typically fished like lapush.
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    Precision machine work?

    Yeah we’re talking apples and oranges with compound and recurves... I should have figured you do it the “Barta way”. Good luck on your search bud.
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    Precision machine work?

    Why in the hell would you spend that kind of money on broadheads.... just go get some montechs and report back. There is zero chance it is worth 50+ a broadhead over 40 for three. Hell, I would shoot muzzy’s before I spent 50 each.
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    Precision machine work?

    This doesn’t sound like a cost effective solution. I just can’t see how it would be cheep for a guy to make custom broadheads. Sure it’s a few dollars in metal but aren’t shop rates usually $75 or more per hour? Custom always equals expensive. I would suggest spinning some montechs on and giving...
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    New Rods for AES

    Nice, those look awesome.
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    New Rods for AES

    What’s the specs?
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    Saltwater Westport Hali 1st timer

    I agree completely about it taking the sport out of it but it is more of a forage operation. 800 ft is a tough ask to cycle through chickens, dogfish, and skate. My favorite is when the captain gets to the hole and doesn’t know the drift yet. By the time you get to the bottom he realizes you...
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    Additional Halibut Days???

    Hawke II rings a bell....
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    Saltwater Westport Hali 1st timer

    This is horrible advice. Fish taste way better when you hand crank. I personally don’t see any benefit for an electric reel.... I would try it by hand at least once before investing in $500 reels.
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    Saltwater MA7 Lingcod

    I’ll need to go check out this Belle Rock hole. Thanks for the info.
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    G loomis GLX GLX 894C JWR

    Just giving you shit. Glad you updated your location to Idaho. That’s a bit more respectable. Not sure if they are made in wa still but they used to be. Pretty sure my GLX ships out of Cali when I get a replacement. GLWS.
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    G loomis GLX GLX 894C JWR

    This the pnw classifieds. Keep your over priced Cali bass rods outta here bud.
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    Anyone's kid need a Summer job

    Anyone that is hiring or has hired people.
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    Stay tuned...

    Looks pretty rinky dink for an offshore boat. :frehya2:
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    Area 13 Salmon reopens

    Bring on the dog fish!
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    Which compass and where to mount it?

    You’re telling us you took that thing out without a compass. Talk about fucking dangerous to the max. The things that coulda happened if you lost all electronics and cell phone reception and thick fog and what not. Too add to that you are letting your snack location dictate its placement. Safety...
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    Area 13 Emergency ESA Closure

    You could always do some catch and release dog fishing. Not your fault if a salmon hits your dogfish gear.
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    Advice on loading reel with heavy braid

    I have an 8 inch lag bolt screwed into my work bench. I put 1 wash, piece of carpet, spool, piece of carpet, then another washer on the lag bolt. Tighten down to provide tension on spool. Start reeling... never had an issue with line digging in since I started doing this. Easy with the tanacum...
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    Let's talk batteries.

    Fingers crossed on this Walmart battery. Going on 8 years of abuse.
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    Need recommendations for a body shop in the north end.

    I've got some white gorilla tape. :frehya2:
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    Dinghy Build Thread

    What's wrong with keeping a trout?
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    Scotty Lake Troller Downrigger?

    I have a cannon lake troll. Think I paid 10 bucks for it. Pick up in oly trade for 4 tall boy bud light cheladas. Doesn't have a bracket.
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    Welp.... finally sold my lower unit. Is this where I post that?
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    Navionics 912P+

    Your wife won't let you spend that much?
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    New tech

    You win.
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    New tech

    Wtf just happened
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    Prop yammy kicker

    I'll take her... pm inbound.
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    2021 Ocean Salmon Options

    Alternative 3 doesn't look very promising.... not surprising they are trying to "cancel" ocean salmon fishing.
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    A LOAD of gear!!!

    Is that a no on my offer?
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    2002 16' Hyde Driftboat

    Can you post a picture of the bottom?
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    Skagit/Sauk opener

    My buddies and I have been hitting it pretty hard since the opener. Been averaging about 30-40 non clipped encounters per day. We are guessing there has probably been an 80% mortality rate on those encounters. Hope this helps WDFW with the creel reports. Cheers
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    2018 Yamaha F175XA Lower Unit Zero Hours

    I have never used lower unit taken off of my motor when it was new. Motor was converted to a jet for my sled so it has been sitting in my bedroom unused for a couple years. Fits 2.8L yamahas - $1750 obo you pay shipping ($150ish insured to CA) Thanks, Ben
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    Fishing Rods Tuna/Halibut Salmon

    I’ll trade you a lower unit for all the rods and $1500.
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    Piggy Love

    She’s better looking than I expected from the thread title.
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    Anchor and rode needed

    Ya’ll haven’t experienced dangerous anchoring unless you’ve messed with the hoglines below bonneville when it was open to the top. That is a every person better have a fucking knife operation. Is the Canadian way that much better than an EZ pull setup? Don’t you have to go to the bow for either...
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    Yamaha F175XA Lower Unit

    Yamaha F175XA Lower Unit (6DA-45300-11-8D). This is a zero hour factory lower unit. Took off of the new motor and installed a jet pump. Has been sitting under my bed in case I wanted to switch to prop. Decided I don’t need it so it can be yours for $2000 obo. Does not come with impeller/water...
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    Canopy for long bed Chevy

    Will this fit and an ‘86 Chevy C10?
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    Ahhh hell no! Rnd2

    I have a cat missing it’s tail after it got stuck in a sticky trap. Cat ran through a small opening and the tail stuck on the pad stuck and the rest of the cat kept going.... they definitely don’t let them get away after they get in it.
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    Browning xbolt 300wsm & Nightforce shv

    What’s the twist rate on this?
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    Quinault Tribe recall 29 tons of crab

    60k lbs caught in 5 days..... surprised there are any left out there
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    WTB primers

    Saw a guy on Hunt Wa selling 4K 210 primers for $650.... pretty sure that’s out of your price range.... or at least beyond how much you want to get bent over.
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    PSA for those on a septic system

    I bought my house with the seller supplying a passing inspection. You can’t even get a building permit in Thurston unless you have a passing inspection within 5 years. Also, can you come check mine out since you have the process down?
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    I want my flatbed acid washed

    Why is it always someone from Cali responding to adds in public restrooms? We don’t have what you’re looking for up here.
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    Large Walk around vessels....

    There’s a WDFW boat that kinda matches your description on the state surplus auction website.
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    WTB 209 Primer

    Thanks everyone for the offers.... I was able to find some at a small mom and pop gun shop today. Again, as @carrie's bait boy said, it is always nice to see people offer to help out.
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    WTB 209 Primer

    Thanks for all the reply’s. Apparently my ML likes the Winchester typically but others might work. PMs sent.
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    WTB 209 Primer

    I’m down in Olympia. I can find muzzleloader 209 primers but not shotshell primers. Shot shell primers are need for the powder I want to use. Every I have been is sold out.
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    WTB 209 Primer

    New muzzleloader will be here next week. Does anybody have Winchester w209 primers they can part with?
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    Aluminum Fuel Tank Builders?

    Aren’t you the guy that can’t tell how deep it is and put your boat in the shop from your inabilities to navigate?
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    WTB: Scotty 1050 and mounting clamp

    I have a cannon lake troll with a clamp on bracket that fits a supervee without a gunnel. Free if you want it as it just collects dust.
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    Bad Kitty

    Ive walked on a couple roads like that before but never backwards followed by a cat. My one question is how the fuck did he hold that camera so still. It doesn’t look real by the way the camera is held. At no point does the camera ever rock from stepping on uneven ground. Looks like it was setup...
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    WTB Dual Sport or 4x4 quad

    I was just watching one on state surplus. 08 Kodiak 350, I thought I would be able to get it for cheep. Went for 3800 before sales tax and buyers premium so they were paying around 4300. Couldn’t believe it. I thought I was going to be able to get it for under 3k.
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    Westport bait Saturday 9-5

    That was my bait of choice..... pretty sure it kept up with the live ones.
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    Saltwater Wide open tuna today

    16 shouldn’t be promoted as a local vhf channel. 68 is for chatter. 16 is for distress calls and should be left open for emergencies.
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    Saltwater Kelli ann on the kelli ann

    It was definitely a great day to be out there on the big blue chasing long fins. Couldn’t have asked for a better day or crew to fish with. Who has the pic of @mrfish11 when he was passed out? Cheers
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    Tuna per gallon

    I reviewed my prime account and it’s up about $750 per bj averaged out over the last 6 months. Cost per bj has defiantly gone up with the influx in e commerce due to Covid.
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    Another B-10 collision / sinking

    I’ve seen worse/more boats in the few years I’ve fished there. I did see some prick in a 2330 Parker driving like a giant dick... figured it was that prick @Reel Hooker so I gave him the double bird. One thing I noticed is that all the downrigger idiots are the ones trolling the wrong way.
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    Another joining the 30' club

    I think he is referring to the deck not draining. Too much weight forward hence the bilge ballast.
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    Costco Vacuum sealer Discussion ??

    What settings are you running on it? I feel like mine doesn’t get enough air out. Ran about 20 bags through it so far. Thanks, Ben.
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    Westport thieves 2020

    The boat across from us on 21 had two Tanacoms and rods sitting there for the taking. Didn’t seam like a very smart move. Just as easy for a tweaker to walk off with them as it would have been to carry them down in the am.
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    WTC package deal - tentative

    They are advertising for donations on KAYO so there should be plenty of prize money this year.
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    ‘Butt Stuff Thursday?

    You forgot tuna!
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    Anyone have a Boat trailer

    I just built a shop so I had a nice place to let it sit. Guy mentioned it has issues at a motor mount.... so needs some stringer work. I didnt have quite enough funds to pull the trigger but was waiting to see if it lasted through the weekend. Sure would be an awesome project.
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    Farallon 25' (not mine) $10,000!!

    I looked at it today.... she’s a little rough/chalky. Pics don’t quite represent it. Last registered three years ago and been sitting in the salt.
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    Saltwater Westport 7-29

    At least you get good mileage.
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    8 hrs merc 2 stroke help

    Had issues with a bad kill switch on one once. It was the thumb button on the throttle. Disconnected it and she fired up. Probably not that if you get a spark.
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    Ma 12 Shrimp

    That’s what I saw so this is a WTF as usual for wdfw. Do they really think it’s that fucking hard to send cat food down 300 ft and pull up a limit? Never saw a single checker at Union. The only crowded days I saw was the Friday Sunday opener but that wasn’t any more crowded than normal weekend days.
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    Ma 12 Shrimp

    This is complete BS... there was very light pressure last opener.
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    Looking for new boat trailer

    @Happy Daze is your guy. He even has replacement parts in case you dent up your trailer on it’s maiden voyage.... @mrfish11
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    26' Duckworth Offshore

    I’ll give you 150k if you can convert it to LH drive.
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    Flashers FS

    I’ll take my yellow short bus flasher with the pride tape on it.
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    Etiquette of selling a boat

    Cash the check!
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    Saltwater It’s T-T-T-Tuna Time!

    I heard someone did a lot of chumming to help get all those fish in the boat.
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    Thanks For Nothing!

    Yes... and all the shit bags that want attention on FB.
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    RIP fishguidebrian Brian Oldfield

    Defiantly a good dude and was always friendly... even when @mrfish11 would low hole him.... I can’t wait to get the plugs dancing for him this winter. RIP
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    WTS Bowtech Allegiance

    How old is the bow?
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    Transport company

    Fuck yeah.... that looks like a machine. Hope all goes well securing it.
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    Transport company

    30 ftr with twin 350?
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    Transport company

    That was my thought.
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    Scaley/Flaky rust on torsion axle load arms?

    Six robblees got me oem from ez loader about ten years ago.
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    2014 Yamaha F115XB for sale

    Why soooo secretive on the road rash?
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    Saltwater A10 - Week of 6/15

    You don’t know unless you go....
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    Bloodydecks gear review

    Yup.... that’s exactly what I said to my brother in law when he sent me that pic. Makes me sick every time I see that pic and I still dont know how he managed it.
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    Bloodydecks gear review

    They sure are sharp fresh out of the box.
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    Garmin Dealer

    I have this setup on my sled. Very pleased with it and the Gt51 holds bottom at wot.
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    Area 4 OPEN

    Soooo..... Never again?
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    Twanoh State Park? (Shrimping yesterday)

    I though pressure overall was typical for weekday shrimping on the canal. It didn’t seem like there was an excessive amount of boats coming from that direction. I put it in at Union and it wasn’t anything different. Less busy than a typical weekend opener.
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    Wa Permit Hunts

    Yeah.... nope.
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    WTB Kill Bags -

    Typical Parker owner.... always trying to figure out where to put fish.
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    WTB Kill Bags -

    I’m looking for a 20 x 48 if that’s what your smaller one is and @ledbed6b doesn't want it.
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    Ace Pot Puller Wiring

    Thanks for all the responses. Main thing I learned is that ace doesn’t tell you how to do it correctly. Per their directions I should be using 12 awg.
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    Ace Pot Puller Wiring

    My run length is good to go and I could get away with 12 AWG per the ace manual. This setup would work but I want the ability to swap for the 30 amp fuse needed for the downrigger. Trying to avoid additional holes, wires and plugs.
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    Ace Pot Puller Wiring

    Setting up the wiring for a new pot puller and I have a couple questions: 1) Calls for a 40 amp fuse and I cannot find a 10 AWG in-line fuse that has tinned wire. Does anyone know where this is available or can I get away with the blue seas 12 AWG in-line fuse? My wire run is short enough that...
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    Etec’s toast....

    I seen a bunch of xd100 on sale at the store I was just at. They had it right next to the leaded gasoline.
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    Cannon D/R?

    I have one of these that I would let go for a sixer of IPA. It’s used and has no base. Picked it up at A garage sale.
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    Montana results are out

    There are no deer in MT over 210”...
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    2020 Shrimp season

    Hopefully you have completed a physical and fit test to insure you are not hurting yourself by wearing your P100. Hate to see a guy go into cardiac arrest trying to keep the rona away.
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    2020 Shrimp season

    I have spent enough time at drano over the last couple weeks to know that it is not being enforced or even questioned. Seen lots of guides that brought along their “three gay dads”, roommates, or whatever you want to call them.
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    Animal cage/crate

    You’ve peeked my interest... daycare is running me about $1800.
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    looking for ideas for lowering kicker

    How about a bay kit? That would get you 5”. Not sure if they can do a double.
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    Spring Chinook

    I saw your boat leave early .... now I know why. Nice work!
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    Columbia R to open

    Not worth the effort. Should have stayed home and stayed safe.
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    2020 halibut

    You all need to get the fuck out of the house more if you don’t know what a copy machine is. It produces copies with the same doc number in case you are still not up to speed.
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    2020 halibut

    You print one off from your home computer.... are they tracking that printed paper when u make a copy of it?
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    2020 halibut

    It also keeps us from printing multiple cards with 4 blank spots. Can you get sturgeon on the online punch card?
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    Lake Washington Troll

    You need leader between weight and flasher. 36 inches or so to get more action on the flasher.
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    No holds barred opinion
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    No holds barred opinion

    There are too many unknowns on how much of the population has actually contracted the virus based on the lack of testing. I’ve been reading articles about prison populations having 95% of confirmed cases being asymptomatic. This info is available because they are testing the entire population of...
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    No holds barred opinion

    It’s going to be a looooooong day
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    No holds barred opinion

    He’s just following the data.... hopefully his data set doesn’t include all the Facebook posts about people planning fishing trips for the 5th. So glad he gave us all a week to prepare.
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    No holds barred opinion

    My post was 90 percent sarcasm, 10 percent busting the balls of someone who doesn’t appear to take the same precautions you have based on his posts. Just trying to get a bite for entertainment purposes and I ended up with Gspot bycatch. I found it interesting he called out someone for working...
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    No holds barred opinion

    Does anyone else think @Captain Decent is the rude customer type @MrsGrady226 has to deal with? I would suggest he tells his kids that they better pay attention to what an essential worker is so they don’t end up unemployed like their mom and dad the next time there is a real/fake pandemic...
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    Gov just announced opening of fishing!

    They can’t keep the casinos closed forever.....
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    Premium Beef/Pork Sale week #4

    Just got done eating the aged top sirloin. Amazing taste and I have never eaten a sirloin that is that tender. Thanks @Roll the Bones and @wdlfbio.
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    But yet we cant fish....

    Wrong state kali boi.
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    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    Not the homeless people in state funded hotel rooms.
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    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    Another.... it was basically a response to the sheriffs who are disregarding the order. He was mad... looked like you on the 125 line after you realized you left your snacks in the truck.
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    Cinco de Mayo Fish Tacos?

    “Significant announcement” at 5 by Inslee.... I heard it’s about 150 bucks if the officer writes you a failure to report ticket rather than a non criminal misdemeanor court summons. Don’t ask me how I know.
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    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    Did they mention 13?
  132. F

    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    It’s 4/20.... give the guy a break. He’s got some “essential” shit to do.
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    Getting Pay Back?

    Why take any? That makes even less sense to shut us down over 15 fucking fish.
  134. F


    My bad... I got all worked up listening to Inslee and took it out on you.
  135. F


    What’s next... so far this week you have a fake girlfriend and a fake tuna crisis?
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    2020 Shrimp season

    The last WDFW announcement covered this.... said seasons would be pushed back.
  137. F

    Halibut season

    I believe there are no people in the office so no one to print off your license/punch card if you purchase online.
  138. F

    Am I getting screwed?

    More important than an extra few dollars out of it... let’s see the new boat!
  139. F

    More new applicants for crew

    Pics or it didn’t happen bro!
  140. F

    Retaining Wall Westport (Needed)

    Sounds like all you will need is a rockery wall. These are non engineered (prescriptive designs) and typically installed by a landscaping contractor. Look up the Associated Rockery Contractors - Rock Wall Construction Guidelines and City of Seattle prescriptive design and installation standards...
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    Best Braid for Tuna

    We run 80lb Hercules on halibut rods. It is thicker diameter than spectra but for the price it’s an easy decision ($100 spool vs $10 spoil on a tanacun). Never had an issue with its breaking strength. It sure is frustrating when u snag a pipe jig and lose a whole spool of power pro. Still run...
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    Fishing closure statewide

    No surprise for us, it’s basically the only river in Washington we were allowed to fish for steelhead.
  143. F

    Fishing closure statewide

    Made an essential trip this afternoon to get my 2 yr old down for a nap (he’s a prick and I don’t know how daycare gets him to sleep). No stops in public but drove around to see how people are taking the stay at home orders. Notes from my trip. -Minimal traffic at Fred Meyer/Costco. Half the...
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    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed

    This is what makes no sense if we are supposed to social distance. Why make people converge on fewer available launches. It will all be shut down when 100 boats are trying to get into the one open launch in the area after some jackass sends a pick to King5. Look at all these asshole sport...
  145. F

    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed

    Taking the boat out to a non pay site launch is literally the lowest impact activity I could have. Zero interaction with others. Zero. Boat is gassed, ready to go. Zero!
  146. F

    Whomp there it is

    They probably figure they will get enough people on special permit apps to cover early losses on new license sales.
  147. F

    Whomp there it is

    “Engaging in outdoor exercise activities, such as walking, hiking, running or biking, but only if appropriate social distancing practices are used.” There are the outdoor activity guidelines.
  148. F

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    G Spot, MD.... who would have thought you were an expert on infectious diseases too. When is the last time the flu killed 50 people in a single nursing home or a car drove into a nursing home and killed 50 people. BTW, why are you complaining about someone using statistics to prove a point when...
  149. F

    Clam Days Mar 20-23

    Make sure you keep it at 15 mph or less or whatever the posted speed limit is. Almost went to jail for doing 5 mph over in the park the last time I was there.
  150. F

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    I got a call this morning that the poles for my pole barn are out of stock and the mill is shut down. So yeah, fuck the virus, make me some poles so my boat doesn’t have to sit outside any longer.
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    New bait stop platform

    Hard pass!
  152. F

    What’s the score got the op derby

    Weird, my Ford hasn’t needed a $2,800 break light. I would hate to see what a new transmission costs on that thing.
  153. F

    Truck electrical work near Oly?

    GMC dealership... trade that POS Dodge.
  154. F

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    It was the truck rental division. I think it is office specific whether they do one ways or not. The so cal enterprise near mrfish’s boat said no.
  155. F

    Anybody running Gibbs breakaway flashers?
  156. F

    Anybody running Gibbs breakaway flashers?

    They usually have them at sportco “quick change”. I use a smaller size for spinner blades.
  157. F

    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    Thanks for trying to spread the word Cornfed. Hopefully they will give you a pass if you get caught cheating like you are giving them for cheating the vets, people of need, and participants.
  158. F


    Looks like they were out of money by Nov 8. You’re definitely not getting paid.
  159. F


    Jesse Jones.... get that on tv and they will be exposed. I feel like this would be faster than the government route and maybe more satisfying to see them exposed publicly.
  160. F


    If you aren’t busy tomorrow you can stop by and show your support for MO and help them raise some money to pay of their WTC debt..... or maybe they are just ripping more people off for another Vegas trip.
  161. F

    Nautical/Fishing Dog Names

    Shaker seams appropriate for a gsp.
  162. F

    KiwiGrip Deck Paint Project

    Why you so mad? Did your goat put it in the wrong hole? This guy (and others) is getting ripped off by a fraudulent organization and for some reason you keep attacking him. You must have your hand in that cookie jar. Stop acting like a child and try adding something more positive to the...
  163. F


    @mrfish11.... they even pay 4th place!
  164. F


    Don’t be so pessimistic... they were probably just trying to parlay whatever money they earned in Vegas to pay off last years wtc.
  165. F

    In memory of grandpa

    Nice buck and way to preserve the memory!
  166. F

    BD late winter/early spring swap meet

    Do I need to bring cash or are you guys ok with taking IOUs?
  167. F


    At least your math was simple 0/2=zero
  168. F

    Salmon/ling jig reel

    Are you the guy that holds his spinning reel upside down?:finger::finger::finger::Smoke_Emoticon: Cant go wrong with a tekota
  169. F

    Crabbing In Marina Questions

    Since when do we give out pier crabbing coords....
  170. F

    Yamaha vs Honda

  171. F

    Reel Service

    Pull two while you're at it.
  172. F

    Heart attacks and bigger boats

    Merican dream.... Fuck yah Andre!
  173. F

    Halibut gear thoughts

    “We drifted the wrong way... BRING EM UP!”
  174. F

    30 ft Boston Whaler Project Boat

    I thought it looked like a pretty well taken care of boat when compared to the service boats you see from WA agencies in Tumwater. I’m not in the market for a project but thought it was a cool layout with the walk around. I have plenty of experience with “closed cell” foam being a previous...
  175. F

    30 ft Boston Whaler Project Boat

    Saw this and figured I would pass it on as it looks like a pretty nice platform for a project. Dance floor looks a little tight but there is a lot of room up front with the true walk around layout. All it needs are some new E tecs and a bait tank...
  176. F

    Boot Dryer's, What's Good & What's Not

    Not the one from Costco with a 4 hr timer. I like my boots warm and dry when I wake up in the am. Peet feet only.
  177. F

    Need some help with a well and waterline

    I use the owner of this companies son, Westcost plumbing and pumps. Sounds like you have high ph if your copper pipes are corroded.
  178. F

    This is going on my next cat...

    This was made for you.
  179. F

    Checkin in

    Who the fuck is Andre?
  180. F

    Dinghy advice Saw this while browsing craigslist.
  181. F

    Yamaha Outboard Dealers in NW Washington

    Three rivers has one posted on CL. Not sure how competitive the price is but looks like a decent price. Ben
  182. F

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    You guys are being too nice. @mrfish11 does not deserve any sympathy.... he’s a pussy. :finger: And yes I have heard it.... many times.
  183. F

    Ice Tote

    Watch out, @mrfish11 wants a piece of your black anus!
  184. F

    Digging Razors In The Dark Question

    F your cat! Lantern all day.
  185. F

    Digging Razors In The Dark Question

    This... just getting the kids out there (sometimes in sideways rain) is participating in my book. F WDFW and their definition of participation. Had a lady at Fred Meyer that wouldn’t give my son a license because he wasn’t old enough.... F her to. We should get gold stars for getting our kids...
  186. F

    Smoked salmon processor

    That’s my go to.
  187. F

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    I’m still confused on the transition from dead broke struggling to the guy with disposable income and collector cars.
  188. F

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    Correct, that is a luxury yacht built for blowjobs on the back deck and not high performance sailing. I bet you push the sailing performance limits of that boat and she will keel over and ride predominantly on one sponson. Watch some videos of high performance sail cats sailing. Not a luxury...
  189. F

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    I was good with your ideas until you put what looks like a Mercury/Evinrude lovechild prototype on the back! Also, I think your comparison to sail cats is not a good comparison. Sail cats are not designed to run on both sponsons (unless there is no wind or under power). Sailing is all about...
  190. F

    WTB Yami 9.9 HT prop

    Bob, where did you get yours from? Cheapest I found online is $120.
  191. F

    Aux Tank WTB or Borrow

    Thanks everyone for the offers... I’ve been so busy I broke down and got a new 3 gal at waste Marine. Thanks again
  192. F

    Seattle to LA and back

    Everyone will want to watch you hook, fight, and try to land a sailfish or marlin solo. That would be epic and popcorn worthy for sure.
  193. F

    Seattle to LA and back

    Am I the only one that thinks Andre needs a YouTube channel so we can follow all his adventures in video format? Keep livin life brah!
  194. F

    Aux Tank WTB or Borrow

    Looking to buy or borrow a aux tank so I can break in a new T9.9. Looking to buy or borrow one in the Olympia area. Let me know what you have or if you know where they have some cheep ones for sale. Thanks, Ben
  195. F

    Fuel usage for our boat

    Thanks, Patrick. Motor is on a pallet and waiting for the hull to be completed so I will acquire these parts while I wait.
  196. F

    Fuel usage for our boat

    It’s a mechanical engine (F175XA). Will be running it on a sled w/ tiller. No gauges but will have a Garmin that can support NMEA 2000.
  197. F

    Fuel usage for our boat

    Do you need anything other than the NMEA cable to get the fuel flow data on a new F175. I recall a discussion about needing a fuel flow sensor or something like that. Thanks, Ben
  198. F

    Ilwaco fuel

    Do you have an exotic report for la push?
  199. F

    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a fishing forum... please keep your GF problems to yourself.
  200. F

    Saltwater Race for the Blue 2019

    I’m in.... still got plenary of last years elk.
  201. F

    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To quote the great Ricky Bobby, “if you ain’t first, you’re last”.
  202. F

    Question about a simple Tuna troll spread.

    I would make that center a cedar plug.
  203. F

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    You sure are a nice guy to share Carrie and slap shot with Laurence. No offense to Carrie, but my money is on Laurence trying to sleep with the boat before your wife.... @wdlfbio appears to have a large gap fetish that can’t be contained. Good luck on getting back at it.
  204. F

    Fishing gear

    I’m not a pussy.... call me whatever u want but don’t be hiding your worn out rubber in my truck.
  205. F

    Fishing gear

    No, no he’s not.
  206. F

    Fishing gear

    Just trying to help out with your garage space. Out on the B2’s.... I draggggon the bottom naked for butts.
  207. F

    Fishing gear

    I’ll take the mini
  208. F

    Yamaha F175XA /2.8L Lower Unit 0 hrs

    It looks like they go for about $2700 to $3000 new online. I see a used one online for $1600. I am looking for a fair offer that will make me want to part with it and not keep it to use with a bay kit. I am not really in any need to sell it but thought I would throw it up here in case someone...
  209. F

    Yamaha F175XA /2.8L Lower Unit 0 hrs

    Purchased an F175XA NIB that will be converted to a pump... So the lower unit has zero hours and is available if you find yourself in need of one and we can work out a fair price. Fits 25” shaft F175s and 2012 or newer 2.8L F200s. Thanks, Ben
  210. F

    Who is the Raymarine go to?

    Um..... we haven’t talked finders fee yet. If you are after what I think you are, (I have only taken one trip on the same setup) that is about as bad ass as it gets. Good luck.
  211. F

    Looking to buy a boat

    Almost new.....
  212. F

    Looking at picking up a New To Me Boat

    On days like you describe, the weather will win even with the $1500 gore Tex outfit you are describing. Water always wins, always. But yes good gear will get you a long way. Fell in the nooch last January half way to the take out. Stripped down, wrung out all of my clothes. Put it back on damp...
  213. F

    WTB antennaes

    Should have read your last post......
  214. F

    WTB antennaes

    West marine has a 4th of July sale. Looked like 25-30% off antennas.
  215. F

    Looking to buy a boat

    Yup.... that back door setup is pretty lame. Checked it out a few months back too.
  216. F

    Looking to buy a boat

    Can’t argue as I have never been on a Grady... I was talking WOT which is probably not vary fun/feasible in a 27’ NR in the big blue most days. Did your burn rates at cruise compare to the NR... asking for a friend?
  217. F

    Looking to buy a boat

    No one wants to be in an albe doing 28kts and get passed by a 27’ NR w/ twin 2 hundies doin 50. Just saying...
  218. F

    Looking for advise...Japan to San Fran

    Rule #1 with a hand line is don’t stop the boat. Seams hard to do if you are the motor. I think rod and real is the best bet.
  219. F

    Re-build of 1991 - 19ft Alumaweld

    Boner material right there mike. She’s starting to look fishy.
  220. F

    New Raider 2484 Voyager boat build

    I would tell them you don’t need the flotation foam in. It is not a matter of if corrosion will happen, but rather when and how bad the corrosion will be. Any saltwater that touches the foam will leave salt in the foam and not get washed out with a freshwater rinse. I will never and I repeat...
  221. F

    New Raider 2484 Voyager boat build

    The way you treat your boat it probably looks like corroded Swiss cheese under your fancy dance floor. I’ll do you a huge favor and take it off your hands for the low nada value. :jig:
  222. F

    Re-build of 1991 - 19ft Alumaweld

    Same here... too far for water to travel before getting soaked up by the stuff along the edges.
  223. F

    Re-build of 1991 - 19ft Alumaweld

    I lost a lot of skin and shed some blood reaching into those holes in the stringer to get it out on my super Vee but it is well worth it to know u won’t have any problems festering in there.
  224. F

    Re-build of 1991 - 19ft Alumaweld

    Did you end up taking the foam out of the stringers?
  225. F

    26 osprey repower

    How about Gorilla taping something like this to your boat and trying to get a first hand understanding of what it looks like...
  226. F

    F'ing chipmunk

    Mike, You are in Thurston County and there is a potential for pocket gopher bycatch with your non selective trapping practices. Unless you can show you have done a proper study and acquired all of the neeeded permits to help protect these cute rodents, I have no choice but to report you to fish...
  227. F

    60 x 80 Milgard Slider

    Free to good home or plunking shack. All glass is good. Lock has been modified/repaired. Thanks, Ben
  228. F

    Small Wood stove

    Sent you a pm.
  229. F

    Re-build of 1991 - 19ft Alumaweld

    Been there. I used a piece of pvc to carve it out of the stringers. Sucks but worth having it out. I bet you pulled a few hundred pounds of “foam” out of there.
  230. F

    F'ing chipmunk

    Not my homeowners through Safeco... auto is covered under comprehensive.
  231. F

    F'ing chipmunk

    Yes and yes. Bout 20-30k into rodent damage at this point. Hopefully my truck will be back in operation soon.:finger: Anybody got some free cats?
  232. F

    Whirlpool Beer/Garage Fridge

    Chris, I didn’t hear anything from Rick and it is still up for grabs. Based on you need for a new fridge it is yours for a couple six packs of IPA. I believe it is about 35” wide but can check later today. Cheers
  233. F

    Whirlpool Beer/Garage Fridge

    Capital forest side of black lake. Useful fishing gear to snag on the bottom or some beer. I just need it gone.
  234. F

    Whirlpool Beer/Garage Fridge

    Well, @mrfish11 trashed my post and now put in an offer of free. Can you sweeten the pot enough so I can tell him to take a hike? Pic of cracked drawer above. Thanks, Ben
  235. F

    Whirlpool Beer/Garage Fridge

    It is a brand new garage/bait fridge or a 10+ yr old kitchen fridge depending on how you look at it. Had the wife give it a wash down so it is nice and clean.
  236. F

    Locally made 30" or so crab pots

    They usually have them at chinabellas.
  237. F

    Locally made 30" or so crab pots

    Just trying to make a buck on Howard. I was hoping he couldn’t put 2 and 2 together. I would go with larger than 30” if a two door trap or look for the blue round ones with stainless mesh and 3 or 4 doors. My two 30” blue 3 door traps catch about 4:1 over the type you are looking for...
  238. F

    Locally made 30" or so crab pots

    I have two pots that match your description. 50/ pot.
  239. F

    Whirlpool Beer/Garage Fridge

    Whirlpool fridge, full working order. Just remodeled and don't have room in my garage for another. One pullout has a crack in it. Pick up in Oly. Make offer.
  240. F

    Pyramid Anchors

    I’m a pretty big guy, do you think the smaller anchor will hold me? Regards
  241. F

    2001 18ft Super Vee

    Bought the kicker off a guy from Yelm that lived in a trailer and had a bunch of copper scrap. Just had to fix the wires that were cut and it was good to go. Pushing the big boy out a few years... I just have 2 ft baby boat itis.
  242. F

    2001 18ft Super Vee

    Thanks, I forgot to mention I am motivated to sell. I am not one of those tin guys like @Chasin' Tail that thinks they are worth their weight in gold. Here are some more pics.
  243. F

    2001 18ft Super Vee

    2001 Alumaweld Super Vee with a 175hp Sportjet (~300 hours). Comes with 2015 9.9 Yamaha high thrust kicker with electric trim and tilt, rod holders, newer Garmin Echomap 74cv, two crab pots, bimini top, Rogue trailer, and safety gear etc. This is a solid fishing boat that runs well. Pictures...
  244. F

    Constant request for “My Location”

    Just enjoy seeing these folks get triggered when they can’t figure out technology...
  245. F

    No floaters!

    I’m surprised they didn’t follow up with... if you try and buy my tin boat it’s going to cost you 30% more than I’m into it for.
  246. F

    No floaters!

    I think your only mistake was you didn’t follow up with a double salute to really drive home the point that they should be better stewards of the environment.
  247. F

    Flashers & dodgers

    Is this from 2010? Trying to calculate inflation on it if they are still available.
  248. F

    Anyone know folks that buy standing timber?

    Make sure u do t do more than 5000 board feet or something like that, or if you do make sure you get paid in multiple tickets that are all under the allowed qty. I sold some cedar on my property in oly last year. 3/4 of a truck of cedar paid for my earthwork and put a couple bucks in my...
  249. F

    24ft North River Offshore with Yamaha 350

    Was the 350 a repower or is that the original motor?
  250. F

    24ft North River Offshore with Yamaha 350

    Sorry, still working on conveying sarcasm over the internet. I would be stoked to pay 80k for a 24 as clean and well taken care of as this one looks.
  251. F

    24ft North River Offshore with Yamaha 350

    After he adds three feet can you have home reduce the price by about 20k? GLWS... looks like a very clean boat.
  252. F

    Trailer brakes help needed

    9 days until season and now you’re getting into this.... wtf over! You don’t need brakes for hwy 112.
  253. F

    FS: 18' Fiberform 115 hp Merc Outboard

    How much for the half tote?
  254. F

    North of Falcon Updates

    How much for the boat and all your gear? No need to hang on to it if you can’t use it.
  255. F

    Almar in CA

    It’s somewhat rare with the 9.5 beam but I’m not looking for a project of that extent. The black on the back was bad enough. Figured I would post it up in case the guy covers it up and try’s to pass on the problem to someone else.
  256. F

    Almar in CA

    Watch out for this 26 x 9.5 Sounder popping up with a new bottom paint job. Almost wasted a trip to look at it. Owner changed his story on me a bit about how the motors ran and I got a little sketched out but worked out a deal for him to pay for the survey costs. Price was good enough to...
  257. F

    Electric or propane heat?

    Never lease a tank unless you want to pay what they tell you to pay. Sounds like Cenex treats you as good as C and D when I leased a tank through them. My 250 gal was about $900 installed and it paid for itself in a year.
  258. F

    Electric or propane heat?

    My house is all propane... furnace with heat pump included. Basically the hole house can go off grid until the fossil fuel runs out. My house is about 1800 sf and we have a 250 gal tank. We BURN through the hole tank in the winter in about 30 days if the temps are mid 30’s and lower. This seams...
  259. F

    Eatin’ good part 2

    Wtf do you still have cheeks for? That’s as bad as not eating raw tuna IMO! Them there shoulda been gone first.
  260. F

    Boat Survey CA

    Got a lead on a matching boat to the one Captain Decent is buying.
  261. F

    Freshwater Blanked on Springer Hunt, Big C

    Looks like our .5 fish per rod average for the year is pretty good!
  262. F

    Vessel Survey Stockton

    I think I got what I need Thanks
  263. F

    Vessel Survey Stockton

    Looking for a vessel survey near Stockton. Does anyone Have a referral in this area? TIA, Ben
  264. F

    Boat Survey CA

    Help! Looking for a marine survey for a boat near San Fran. Anybody have experience with surveyors in this area? Thanks, Ben
  265. F

    La Push Sublease?

    Not sure if it would work but there is a triple axel easy loader in Tumwater on gov deals for auction
  266. F

    24’ allied

    Pm sent
  267. F

    24’ allied

    What’s the dry weight on this and do you know what it weighs on the trailer loaded?
  268. F

    Bait jars Here you go.
  269. F

    Duckworth crapper

    I have always told the wife shi$&ers are a no go on the new boat. She was always skeptical until we went on a Defience at the show this year that had an active shitter situation. “What smells?” .... end of discussion.
  270. F

    Duckworth crapper

    And this is why you don’t get water to flush clams from any boat basin. Only needs to be closed when going through customs or a coast guard inspection.
  271. F

    Can I fix my Broken Kenai Kwik Fishing Rod?

    Sounds like you have the G1000 model which they do not make anymore. I believe you can get replacement of a new model that is similar but it will cost 125 or so to do a fast track replacement. They have gone through some ownership...
  272. F

    Coasties get paid

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but unless you are native, you are blood of a man who has abandoned their country. Would you tell your great grand daddy he was a coward for choosing a better life? Pot meet kettle.
  273. F

    Boat Upgrade Options Looks like a good price on a used boat that meets your needs. You would be about 30k ahead or more for a fully outfitted boat.
  274. F

    Tanacom 750

    750 like most recommended. Use the cheep Hercules line and keep a spare spool with you in case you have a break off. I had the 1000 and it was just way too big and didn’t retrieve as fast as the 750.
  275. F

    You Had One Job...

    Can someone please tell me why the state chose to make orca snacks out of white river spring chinook. Do those things really need $40/lb fish that WDFW license fee paying folks can’t target? This makes no sense to me.
  276. F

    You Had One Job...

    I sure feel bad about the loss of those springers that aren’t going to make it to the buffet line.
  277. F

    Pacific Skiff Ride

    Thanks for the responses.... I should have included I am looking at the 23 to 26 ft models and would definitely want it to be capable of running 30 to 40 miles offshore on nice days.
  278. F

    Pacific Skiff Ride

    Pacific skiffs have caught my eye as a boat that would suit my needs, probably 30/20/20/30 percent for sound/SJ/B10/ocean. My main question is how does the 18 degree perform in less than favorable conditions? Yes I know the cc models will be wet/cold. Thanks in advance, Ben
  279. F

    Osprey Northwind 22

    You don’t need another boat.... Is this one of the foamed in gas tank boats? Also, what’s the cost range to glass in the transom and add a bracket?
  280. F

    Parker 2820 vs Osprey 28/30 Or a 3420?
  281. F

    Dads truck 2003 Dodge Ram 2500

    Why can’t this be a quad cab... GLWS
  282. F

    Small Downrigger

    Getting serious about this?
  283. F

    27 Almar Sounder

    Looks clean and hours are pretty low for the year.
  284. F

    Assorted Live Bait

    The scoop we got from our offshore bait tender was all fast swimming chovies....
  285. F

    Almar Sounder

    Wow... I just need a 1 ton, shop, welding ability, and more free time and I would be all over this.
  286. F

    Almar Sounder

    They have a new one at the state surplus. Not a sounder though.
  287. F

    Rock fishing taken seriously

    Was it the trophy or the merc?
  288. F

    Saltwater Just get out there.....

    I think he just admitted he knows what it tastes like.
  289. F

    Used car loans

    Olympia credit union. 3.53%
  290. F

    Saltwater Just get out there.....

    Yes with a jig head like these juans.
  291. F

    Saltwater Just get out there.....

    We were running 60 lb braid to 6 ft of 40lb izorline topshit tied directly to the swimmer. We had a melting pot spread so troll speed varied between 4 to 6 knots.
  292. F

    Saltwater Just get out there.....

    Two on cedar, four on swimbaits, and one on iron. The iron fish was the only non troll fish.
  293. F

    Saltwater Just get out there.....

    Depends on your fuel capacity... everything is in reach if you have the fuel. All of Mrfishs tuna were caught off of the Columbia.
  294. F

    Folbe crab/shrimp davit.

    Would this work with a discovery bay motor or similar system attached to it?
  295. F

    Special Hunt results are up

    Are you talking about how we went 4 for 4 on quality bull tags or the quality deer tag you drew or the bull tag your wife drew? Almost too many to keep track of. :cheers:
  296. F

    Crappy tuna boat ho available

    You forgot the part about how this guy likes to help eat all the snacks while the guy that brought them is passed out on the bean bag.
  297. F

    Breaking News, High Seal Numbers Decrease Salmon Populations!

    I bet that .243 at cathlamet did the trick. That guy was PISSED! Started teeing off from the top deck of his boat at that poor critter. Sea lion sniper off the fly bridge during peak cathlamet fishing.... that guy had some balls. If only we had more like him.
  298. F

    Breaking News, High Seal Numbers Decrease Salmon Populations!

    Why am I so tempted to silence a .22 carbine and go pop-pop-pop....oooops, I did not mean to type no attention. You are going to need more than your pea shooter from what I have heard. I can’t remember what caliber it was they found in the one at Bonneville a few years back that...
  299. F

    Open seat Westport

    If you are trying to go on the cheaper side I would look at the Okuma sst rods. They are nice and soft and don’t hurt your back like a broomstick.
  300. F

    Looking for a 20-30hp older motor

    Easy bro... sensitive much... take a breath... better? How many of us have had kickers jacked? Do you have my 5 hp Honda? I was just making a joke/observation and assumed you were not dumb enough to post a bunch of stolen property on the web. My bad for making the assumption you could...
  301. F

    Looking for a 20-30hp older motor

    Collection of small out boards at low prices... not suspicious at all and I’m starting to think Toomany is in on it now that he’s trying to pimp them for you.
  302. F

    Saltwater Lings from shore

    Public service announcement... do not lick the “lava rocks” unless u want sideways swimmers.
  303. F

    Fun stuff!

    These charter guys are just jealous of the rec guys. Rec guys get to pic and choose their crew so they can have a crew that works like a well oiled machine while on a bait stop. The charter guys get stuck with a bunch of d bags more worried about how their hair looks in a selfie than fishing...
  304. F

    Need help- Oil tar shit on boat

    Now you tell him... the poor guy spent all night working on this and wore out his jerking arm trying to get the crap off.
  305. F

    Raymarine A125 - mint, with power cable

    I’ll take it for $200.
  306. F

    Defiance Delivery Day

    Cat looks hungry... better grab an extra can of friskies for him.
  307. F

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    Sooo... the ole lady was pretty mad that she paid $8.90 for the endorsement too have the season shutdown in our neck of the woods. Long story short, she filed a complaint with the AG office stating they new about the closure at the time they sold her the endorsement and did not disclose it...
  308. F

    Coonstripe shrimp pots for sale.

    I’ll take em for the 120 if they are still available.
  309. F

    Favor from Benjamin's shop

    It’s always the deckhands fault.... or the bloody marys
  310. F

    Favor from Benjamin's shop

    Do not do this... he tried to lose one today!
  311. F

    Three McKay shrimp pots, rigged and ready to go with harness

    I suggest you change your name to mrderelict11. I’ll be around all week if you want to drop off that round pot you borrowed. LOL:finger:
  312. F

    Need yamaha trim seal cap tool

    I’m pretty sure they have them at harbor freight for waaaay cheaper and a slight reduction in quality :finger:
  313. F

    FS 14’ Sterling Skiff, 20 hp Tohatsu 4-stroke

    Check this out.
  314. F

    Aluminum Corrosion Help

    Here is a pic of the boat in case it pops up on Craigslist again.
  315. F

    Aluminum Corrosion Help

    Thanks everyone! I think I know enough to stay away for the price that it is at. It is hard to let it go but the search will go on. As has been mentioned above numerous times, Bob is the man. If I get in the ocean boat tin game, he will be servicing my bottom for sure.
  316. F

    Aluminum Corrosion Help

    Bob has seen these picks and has been very helpful. He is defiantly concerned with the pics.
  317. F

    Aluminum Corrosion Help

    It’s a 24 OS that came with factory bottom paint. The owner is holding it and it’s at a fair price for the condition.
  318. F

    Aluminum Corrosion Help

    Soooo this is the same boat I was looking at with the 115s that had sat for three years. This is a saltwater boat that was moored for the summer from 2007 through 2014 until it was taken out and has sat on shore since then. At least that’s what the seller is telling me. Here are the pics of the...
  319. F

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    I’ll second the no go on the breakfast shift.
  320. F

    Did WDFW slip in a 4 Fish Butt Limit?

    F#$k.... I lost my catch record card.... again.
  321. F

    Did WDFW slip in a 4 Fish Butt Limit?

    F#$k.... I lost my catch record card.... again.
  322. F

    Yamaha F115 Help

    F$&@ bro.... I just want to be comfortable with the motor that it will last another 500 hrs.
  323. F

    Yamaha F115 Help

    Yes it is a saltwater boat and it looks like the boat was taken care of pretty well but the owner passed away and hadn’t used it for a few years. Thanks for all the input.
  324. F

    Yamaha F115 Help

    I plan on having the motors checked by a mechanic but I don’t want to dump money into changing all the fluids unless I own the boat. Will a mechanic be able to give it a go/no go?
  325. F

    Yamaha F115 Help

    First off... thanks for the help. Please give me all the shit that I deserve for being a FNG. Anyways, I am looking at a new to me boat and it has a 06 Yamaha F115 with 499 hours that has sat for three years. The boat is at a pretty fair price, but not if it is going to need a repower sooner...
  326. F

    Avet reel setup?

    Thumb = too much drag
  327. F

    Kids furniture

    How much for the mini beer fridge?
  328. F


    I hope they figured out how to put self bailing decks in for that price.
  329. F

    Saltwater Oregon long leader Fishery report 2/7

    Thanks... I should have added I was referring to comanaged fisheries like sturgeon or salmon.
  330. F

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    Don’t tempt him with a good time. Mrs. fish would grab a bag of popcorn and watch.
  331. F

    Saltwater Oregon long leader Fishery report 2/7

    Can you still fish out of Oregon with a WA license? I haven’t seen anything about this. Thanks
  332. F

    Crab pots

    So... you only want $1600 for the Axiom minus the $700 in crab pots?
  333. F

    Crab pots

    I thought they were 350 new....
  334. F

    Jura Impressa E8 Expresso Machine Parts & Spare Filters *FREE*

    I was there... far from an Aberdeen 9.... maybe a South Bend 8 on a good day... definitely would be the hottest one in the Chester Club.
  335. F

    Deck seating

    You better not be sitting if the deck is bloody......
  336. F

    WTB Gloomis

    Maybe Santa will bring you a new one...
  337. F

    Parker 2320 or North River 2500 OS?

    That’s what she said....
  338. F

    The Search has Begun!

    Found your new boat... you’re welcome.
  339. F

    Hunting stuff

    That's my favorite packboard... I might have to jump on this.
  340. F

    Saltwater Ilwaco Salmon

    Not a good idea. Bad things happen on his boat if you pass out on the bean bag.....
  341. F

    Need transducer help

    You guys have this all wrong. He's afraid of his wife and looking for an excuse to not buy a new ducer. Quit being a puss and buy the new s#%t.
  342. F

    Things not to do while fishing

    Don't pass out on the bag....
  343. F

    Salmon concoction

    Someone's going to get a good deal on a lot of salmon gear. Why are you selling my favorite spoon asshole? GLWS
  344. F

    Raymarine AXIOM 9 RV

    Don't t sell him the crab pots.... he will just lose them.
  345. F

    Crabbing This Weekend

    You have to pay the man...
  346. F

    Valuing Used Honda Outboard??

    Not sure who your insurance company is but when my 5 hp Honda was stolen I got the value of a new motor for replacement. This was pemco and I think I told them there weren't any comparable motors used so my only replacement option was a new one. Good luck.
  347. F

    Need la Push Ling Cod help.

    Wow... someone sure is sensitive. Could someone give the guy some pity coordinates.
  348. F

    SOLD --Crab pots

    Thanks Mike! These are now up for sale if you need a couple pots Brian.
  349. F

    Hewescraft restoration build

    Buy yourself some good life jackets and leave the foam out. And don't sell the boat to someone without telling them it is missing the foam.... The blue stuff is petroleum souable and will turn to goo if you spill any gas.
  350. F


    Try here You are going to love this website.