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  1. Blind Luck


    Keep the rod loaded is all I heard fighting this kite fish Tues afternoon. Good thing I did...look at stinger line tangled in the treble hook. My friend said "the blind squirrel got the nut" Vagabond crew saves the day
  2. Blind Luck

    Disposable Knife Jigs..1 and done

    Don't have a problem buying jigs....nice if they last more than one fish. We had a few plus not survive the BFT on our Phenix/Vagabond trip this week. Pictured...Rick's 200+ lb BFT ate and broke Katy Perry...🤣🤣🤣🤣 A 110 lb bft made my jig swim in Who knows? Next week's hot jig...
  3. Blind Luck

    Phenix/Vagabond 3day 7/18-21

    First I must THANK Cameron and the crew of the Vagabond...a well oiled kite flying gourmet food friggin machine.... 55 miles for bft 65 miles south for yt 98 north for bft Then the ride home Domnic Bassi : Phenix chartermaster/prostaff Optimum Baits prostaff Maker of a great Bloody Mary 2nd...
  4. Blind Luck

    Doubles as a reel bag

    Sometimes you have to improvise on multi day trips
  5. Blind Luck

    Drag scale accuracy

    Bought the brass drqg scale from Trophy Tqckle Ordered it Sat today from NY DEAD NUTS ACCURATE ALL THROUGH THE RQNGE
  6. Blind Luck ...SCAMMERS!

    This company is a piece of crap Ordered spring scale 6/12 Created shipping label 6/24 Took payment 6/25 Their tracking said delivery 6/30-7/9 Delivery by 8pm 7/9...B.S. Then delayed delivery date TURNS OUT NEVER SHIPPED ...THEIR TRACKING INFO IS MADE UP! USPS shows label created never shipped...
  7. Blind Luck

    Shimano Customer Service Nightmare over 3 Flatfalls

    This is not about reel service...they have been great. This is about the Fishing General CS This whole mess was over a complaint regarding 3 large flatfalls that didn't glow. This is a copy of the email I sent to the CS Mgr yesterday. 1 of 2...will post 2nd next. Shimano has lost a loyal customer!!!
  8. Blind Luck

    Vagabond 1 1/2 day. SMASHING BFT 6/7-9

    Last hours of trip Cameron got us on a school of bigger bft. 36 over 100lbs up to 197lbs...limits Best crew ever!
  9. Blind Luck

    Downvoters exposed

    After someone downvoted Soda Pop because he added another trip....i decided to tell how to read votes. If your on your phone 1) hold your thumb on red or green vote number 2) a pop up box will appear under your thumb 3) release your thumb pressure 4) click on open in new tab 5) the list will...
  10. Blind Luck

    Craig's slider sauce

    Here's Craig's sauce recipe from awsome fish sandwiches
  11. Blind Luck

    5/23 Let's Talk Hookup...Fuel & Lupe

    Frank Lo Preste was on show today. He went over new fees for Guadalupe. Talked about possible fuel surcharges too
  12. Blind Luck

    Phenix/ Vagabond 3 & 7 day charter...Yo-Zuri sent 80, 130, & 200 lb flouro

    I have enough pink heavier, 80#, 130# & 200#, leader material for all your leader needs. THANKS TO YO-ZURI I also have crimps...etc...or bring what you prefer Blind Mike
  13. Blind Luck

    The BEST thing you spent money on fishing

    We got a lot of hits on wasted money... The best money spent was on my first long range trip years ago on the Vagabond. Been going every year since then... Nothing more relaxing
  14. Blind Luck

    Searched for a thread on mono brands preferred

    Tell me what brand mono... Why? Throwing irons....40 & 50# Heavier weights for yoyo jigs And 80-100#
  15. Blind Luck

    Line Saver on Heavy Leaders

    Which line savers are you guys using on 100-300lb leaders? SS spring SS loop Plastic loop None Plenty of info on crimps...not line saver
  16. Blind Luck

    Braid rotting

    I had some hollow core braid rot on my reels. I clean my reels every trip with water and mild soap. Any reason why that was only line that rotted?
  17. Blind Luck

    What did you waste the most money on...tackle wise?

    I'll go first... Bought 3 sabiki rods & reels for friends sportfisher...used them once. Just took up rod spots... Gave them to a LR boat Probably through them overboard when the hooks stuck in the tube. Also a bitch to thread line through them. About $500 well spent... lol
  18. Blind Luck

    Phenix / Vagabond 3 day & 7 day Sponsor teaser

    Join us for fun, friends, fishing & swag
  19. Blind Luck


    I have bought everything from Mustad fingernail clippers to $60 hair shears. Here is what is hanging off my long range box...These snips work great to clip a mono or flouro tag. Safer than scissors on a moving boat. For all braid connections I use the Pitbull Braid Cutters....they are the best...
  20. Blind Luck

    $10-$40 Gift ideas to go along with Anemic's B.F. POST

    $13-16 Red(Amazon or Home Depot) Pitbull braid cutters &split ring pliers $12.99 each at Sheaths Amazon $22 Thirty Fathoms knott pullers $29 on Ebay Or website Hats from your favorite vendors Man cave wall art Yeti..$15-45. Turner's Post more items...I'm always looking...
  21. Blind Luck

    Jig Giveaway on The San Diego Nov 22nd

    Check out my post on SoCal inshore and islands report
  22. Blind Luck

    Giveaways on The San Diego Nov 22nd

    My friends and I will be on The SD Nov 22nd fishing the Coronado Islands. I will have jigs for everyone on the boat from Pitbull Tackle. I will also have some Pitbull braid cutters and Thirty Fathoms Knott Pullers to give away to some of you catching fish on the jigs.
  23. Blind Luck


    Here's another reason to fish with Domnic & myself on Phenix Vagabond trips. My brother owns a cigar shop. He sends cigars we bring him What's your favorite cigar?
  24. Blind Luck

    Figure 8 Rings on Heavier Flat Falls

    I posted this on "jigs/poppers" comments. So how are you rigging figure 8 rings to split rings, assist hooks, large ff's and line? Using crimped flouro with line saver? Pictured is one diagram I found
  25. Blind Luck


    One of BD patrons asked me where I got everything including the box itself. READERS DIGEST VERSION Both boxes came from Turner's in Temecula Their price on 7100 and 7200 was far less than any other retailer....saved about $150 on the two. Call your Turners Loop straps( blue) are 17" Motorcycle...
  26. Blind Luck


    Not only has Phenix rods contributed rods to raffle and swag to give away; we have 6 other sponsor donations.... Pitbull Tackle....tackle for everyone VIEWDOO/VANTIFOG sunglass gel for everyone THIRTY FATHOMS knot puller raffles TURNER'S TEMECULA Yeti cup & tshirt raffles ONE COOL TUNA /OCT...
  27. Blind Luck

    Are you a puker?

    If you get sea sick and Dramamine works for need to buy Meclizine. This bottle of 100 is $4.19 at Costco...few bucks more at local pharmacy. These are the same dosage in low dose Dramamine. I take one every 12 hrs on a long range trip. Spend the money you save on more tackle. Tight...
  28. Blind Luck

    Inshore Trolling Rod & TLD30 2SPD

    Shimano TLD 30 2 SPD & California 5 1/2 ft 40-100lb roller rod I had a pair of these for 80lb inshore strollers Sold 1 rod & reel for $ this one is for sale for $200 Mike 949-275-8888 Almost cut them down for kite rods
  29. Blind Luck


    I did the plexiglass door removal and bungie chord retainer modification on my 7100 box. I didn't want to use any "rustable" hardware. Looped chord through double wall construction of lid. Fastened section of chord hidden.
  30. Blind Luck

    Pitbull Split Ring Pliers

    I posted all about Pitbull split ring pliers on saltwater threads. For you freshwater water is a picture of Anthony from Last Chance Tackle in Hemet using the regular pair of split ring pliers on a tiny #2 split ring. He and his coworker are avid freshwater fishermen and experts on...
  31. Blind Luck

    Vagabond Phenix 6 day Oct 4th-10th

    Looking forward to fishing with everyone. A bonus from our three day Phenix July trip came out of a post on BD. I posted that the Pitbull split ring pliers were awsome for hooks on snipers. Pitbull liked post enough to send a great package for everyone on upcoming 6 day. Viewdoo also like...
  32. Blind Luck

    2 Penn and 1 Accurate reels

    Fathom 15 LD 2 Spd with 50lb braid Fathom 25N LD 2 Spd with 65lb braid ..mono top Accurate Tern 400 6:1 with 50lb braid ..mono top These reels are backups only used a couple times. No rash and Tern has extra clamp and studs....$200 each or all 3 for $500 949-275-8888 Temecula Really don't...
  33. Blind Luck

    Easiest Split Ring Pliers for Colt Snipers etc

    We changed a lot of treble and assist hooks on last weekend's 3day. Pitbull split ring pliers were the easiest by far. I bought both sizes this week. Sent some to friends.
  34. Blind Luck

    Offshore Easiest Split Ring Pliers for Colt Snipers etc

    We changed a lot of hooks on my 3 day last week. The Pitbull pliers were the easiest to use by far. No distortion of the rings.
  35. Blind Luck

    Long Range Travel Insurance

    Never got travel insurance on any long range trip until now... Mike Lackey told me I should have it; so l looked into it. Read nightmare stories on BD... 2 WORDS: Dawson Insurance $275 for 1 yr.. Rolls over on all my trips for 365 days Medivac flight, cancelation, injuries, property, etc
  36. Blind Luck

    Guadalupe Island weather link

    Here's the direct link for Isla Guadalupe weather. I'm leaving Sun for Lupe... Looks like rain gear from this Friday til next Thursday Isla Guadalupe Weather Forecast, Tabasco, Mexico | 10 Day Weather Forecast...
  37. Blind Luck


    Eddie sent me a teaser picture of 909XHJ progress. 2nd of 5 blanks I gave him. Only input I had was reel seat & soft grip material. Just like last rod he wrapped color scheme and hardware his choice. Fished the first rod, Phenix Titan, and got many compliments.
  38. Blind Luck


    Gave Eddie at Blacksmith Custom Rods my lighter Titan blank...told him to do whatever he wanted. When I pulled the rod out of the cover I was shocked. So shocked... I gave him a heavier Titan blank, two 9' Black Diamond blanks, and a 7' 80-200 Hybrid rail rod blank... Can't wait to see them...