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  1. dutra

    Cedros 2021

    Trip was cancelled due to Covid and was rescheduled for Sept 4th 2021 around that date. Premium guide for 4 days for 1 person. Cedros Island Adventures does not give refunds so I am stuck with this trip and I have no desire to go. I paid $2250 for 4 days fishing and lodging for 1 person. You...
  2. dutra

    Gordo Banks Pangas July 9-10th

    Port was closed for no damn reason on the 9th. I guess a storm was 600 miles away and they decided to close. Oh well, nothing you can do. Next day was the same weather as the 9th but the port was open. Got caballitos and some mullet for bait. Went out to the grounds with yoyos and bait. 1...
  3. dutra

    Denis @Deadheadlures Bahia 27th-28th

    I wish I got paid for this LOL but denis lures work! deadheadlures just google it. Fairly cheap. Only 1 pic.
  4. dutra

    Get tested people
  5. dutra

    Looking for a guide for kings in Soldotna

    Can anyone recommend a guide for kings anytime from July 12-19th in or close to Soldotna? Thanks
  6. dutra

    JRI-4 Jigs for Sale

    Never fished. Has some chips some rust and gel coat is peeling on 2. $45 shipped
  7. dutra

    WTB Wahoo Jigs

    Brand doesnt matter.
  8. dutra

    22lr ammo 1500rds

    300rds (6, 50 rd packs) blazer 555 winchester 36gr hollow points 325 federal 325 federal 1505 rounds total. $145 located in bay area, or 10 bucks shipping
  9. dutra

    Avet MXL 5.8 6/4 2 Speed Gold $280

    Used a few times down in cabo. Has some scratches. $280 with free shipping. I'll get pics up later. I have paypal
  10. dutra

    Goose hunting with a guide.

    Has anyone here hunted 7-10 guys in a pit blind or layouts for geese with a guide? How much shooting did you do with 8 people all shooting at once? How many birds did you get? I've called a few guides and they all say you get plenty of shooting but don't know if this is true. Want to hear from...
  11. dutra

    Avet MXL 5.8 drag

  12. dutra

    Gordo Banks Pangas 9/10

    Fished with Gordo Banks Pangas out of San Jose Del Cabo and the fishing was excellent! Started out the morning with fresh dead sardines and catching moonfish for bait. Took maybe 30 minutes and we had 15 or so, so off we went. This was the first fish on the live moonfish. 79 pound amberjack...
  13. dutra

    Gordo Bank Panga's 9/19. 9/21 PICS

    All I can say is the fishing was INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Sun burn feels GREAT!!!! Jesus is one hell of a captain Lost this one after 10 minutes In the words of jesus "Pinche needlefish!"
  14. dutra

    9/01 SF bay WSB. Late report

    Drifted around alcatraz from 8am til bout 1. Using jumbo sardines for 2 halibut and one nice white seabass. Bass went 40 pounds and 51". The halibut were small. Largest halibut went 6 pounds. Bay was like a lake the baby halibut
  15. dutra

    cabo 7/4

    fished with gordo banks pangas. Saw lots of marlin none wanted to bite. Tried bait and lures for nada. Caught these 2 as we were heading in.