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    Broadhead help

    Damn. Those are pretty. If you have to make a change, Slick Tricks are amazing!
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    AZ Javelina Hunt (Success)

    You don't eat them? That's a bummer, as they are very edible. Turn them into chorizo, and the family will consume without a second thought.
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    Deer hunting myths

    I always thought that if you cashed in 16 points for an Utah archery bull elk tag, that there would be 350 bulls behind every tree. Not.
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    My 10 yr old son made a catch and cook video

    Kids that hunt and fish don't mug old ladies. Nice work! Great vid! Looking forward to Vid #2.
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    Last day luck!

    Yah! Nice buck, with a big puffy neck.
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    Leaving tomorrow for Utah Elk

    Me too! Bull elk in UT. 16 years for a medium quality unit. Still rad!!!
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    Colorado Archery OTC 2020

    True. They don't start talking until later. As you know, get a few miles or more, off the roads, you won't find any ML hunters. They either push the elk downhill on to private, or uphill into wilderness areas. The ML hunters are typically from eastern states like Pennsylvania, etc...
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    Its almost hunting season, time to wake up this forum

    I agree Stef. Let's dust of the dekes and practice shooting. I don't need to practice, but my buddies do.
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    Looking for a Yellow Lab Pup

    I have a buddy looking for his first gun dog. Please let me know if you have a line on a quality duckhunting litter. Thanks.
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    Colorado Archery OTC 2020

    Not this year. You need to check on the muzzle loader start date in your unit. You will want to hunt before they get there. They will cover a lot of ground and spook the elk into different zip codes and downhill on to private property. Go early. ;-)
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    My FIRST bird!

    Great work. And, great photography!!!
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    Thinking about Musk Ox

    Dee: Listen to the MeatEater podcast that focuses on Musk Ox. Great information. (And, you will then want to listen to all the Meateater Podcasts.) From what I gathered, it's not much of a hunt for Musk Ox. It's more of an adventure in surviving the weather, and appreciating the indigenous...
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    Memories with the Kid

    Awesome! Nothing better than your kid's biggame hunts. Great photo.
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    Texas deer

    Nice TX whitetail, Jim. You might have to change you call sign.
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    In Honor of My Wife

    Bob: Love your posts. Families that hunt and fish together, stay together. You are a mentor for many of us young bucks. Thank you.
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    Hunt Each Day Like Its Your Last

    Huntin' dogs have a way of attaching themselves to your heart. Great pics. Great memories.
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    They are hard-horned and up in the thick stuff. Hard to find. Be persistent.
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    Montana Hunt Recap

    Nice work. Nice whitey.
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    Learning the hard way

    There are guys that get there archery deer every year. But, it takes a lot of patience and good treestand location.
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    How about a duckey? Good luck out there in awesome Tx.
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    Mud River Kennel Cover and Kennel

    Damn! Just spent way too much on the same cover. That's a nice offer for somebody.
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    Utah Elk hunt 2019

    Good luck this week!!!
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    X zone opener

    Frazier: You are a tough sob. Go get 'em. There should still be some bucks in velvet that will be in the open. Catch them going from grassy south facing slopes to north facing shady sleeping areas...once the sun comes up. After that, glass into north facing shaded areas for bedded bucks. You...
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    Sluester....... Reminiscing

    Any takers? If not, I'm going to drop off the elk burger at the house.
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    Sluester....... Reminiscing

    I'm RSVPing here. I'll bring 20 lbs.of elk burger. That's about 60 burgers. Would some folks here, that don't have any game to grill, team up with me to provide the fixins for burgers? Cheese, lettuce, tomatos, onion, ketchup, mustard, peanut butter (not.) I'm super busy Saturday until...
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    Sluester....... Reminiscing

    Sad news. My prayers go out to his family. Great people. RIP Sluester.
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    AZ results posted - Elk & Goat

    Damn! I bet that took about 19 years to draw.
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    Duck mount to a junior hunter

    You are a good man!!!
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    Got 1, first timer piggy

    Yah, man. Get a 30-06 and you won't ever need another rifle. VX2 is the best scope for the money. I have three, and they have never failed me.
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    Duck mount to a junior hunter

    That's so cool! Nice gift to the kids. Yah, those are the two pics that made me smile.
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    Got 1, first timer piggy

    OMG. You guys know how to make he most of your kill. Nice.
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    Bird die off...avian cholera outbreak

    I saw seven dead birds last week.
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    Got 1, first timer piggy

    Congrats. That's a great feeling when you are with you hunting buddy. Way to stick it out. Fun stuff for sure. That would be a fun rifle for hunting pigs, better than whacking them at 300 yds with a long shooter. Super cool. Enjoy the eats.
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    2019 Arizona

    I think that critter was made for bowhunters. So fun and gnarly. Nice work.
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    AKC Labrador Retriever Puppies for sale

    Bodie has destroyed $3,000 of my wife's and daughter's shoes. I can't afford the replacement cost of those and another pup.
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    Montana Bow Hunting

    How about mid September?
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    AKC Labrador Retriever Puppies for sale

    Oh Man. I need another pup like I need a hole my head. But, those are dang cute. Congrats.
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    A-22 Buck in the Truck

    Congrats! Those don't come easily.
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    Picked up my Aoudad Mount

    That's an awesome critter. Beautiful. I want one.
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    Trying to Hunt Wild Pig

    I never seen a wild hog in AZ.
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    My 2018 Colorado buck

    Great buck!!!
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    New rookie hunter questions

    This thread literally went to the crapper.
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    New rookie hunter questions

    Welcome to the hunting department. Sounds like you are off to a great start by getting your hunting license. Applying for deer, elk, antelope, etc. is done in the Spring. Big game seasons run August through January. But, every area, specie, and weapon have different seasons. You should go...
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    Fall Pig Hunt

    As el Toro would say, "Nice boat!"
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    Fall Pig Hunt

    Those cutters are huge! Nice hunt!
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    Bye Rock Dog, RIP

    Sorry for your loss. That's a tough pill to swallow. RIP Rocky!!!
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    Wister Opening Day

    Nice job making a great hunt with the odds stacked against you.
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    Looking for a lab pup?

    My pup's trainer has a litter on the ground. Black and a few yellow. If interested, please call him. I don't know anything about the pups, other than it was hard not to take a few home. Call Chad at 301-eight 48-5271 if interested. Thx.
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    Boys trip to WY

    That's rad! Good job, raising good kids that will have a better understanding about life in general. Nothing more fun that seeing your kids hunting and killing what they will eat. Nice work pops. Congrats.
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    Tagged out the on VAFB G11

    Congrats on a very successful hunt. Looks to me like you did everything properly. Lucky that you had a second tag and that you tagged that second deer. Congrats. Enjoy.
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    Early archery success....two DANDY bucks!

    Awesome mulie bucks!!! Congrats.
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    Yes, Colorado was good!

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    Yes, Colorado was good!

    Thanks Amigos. Here's a trail cam pic of the bull exiting the pond after I hit him. You can see, barely, the arrow's fletching on his passenger side.
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    Yes, Colorado was good!

    Okay. Sorry. So, we went down to where I had last seen the bull. We found blood and the spots got bigger and bigger. He only went 75 yards. Easy find. Layed out nicely. Three guys with knives made quick work of it, and we headed back up the hill. All good in the hood. I am extremely happy...
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    Yes, Colorado was good!

    After blanking on five elk tags, I finally let one rip. My goals had always been too lofty for archery bull elk. On my previous hunts, I would see some 350 type bulls on the first few days. So, my standards were out of whack. I let a lot of 300 - 320 type bulls walk, and ate a lot of tags...
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    Youth Rifle Combo?

    Sean: I have a Handi Rifle Combo with .243/.22/.20 gauge. I'm willing to part with it, if that's what you want. Send me a PM if so. Thx. Brent
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    Utah Zion unit

    You are just striking out. Not much help here. I have never hunted any of the units. Sorry. I would definitely get OnX or some hunting gps map apps. You will need to identify public land. Then, give the biologist for each unit a call. Those guy will at least put you on ground that holds deer...
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    2017 Utah Deer

    That's an old bruiser. Definitely a shooter!!! Nice.
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    Baja white tail

    Coastal Hybrid, muley, blacktail.
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    NWTF Youth Hunt - Santa Ysabel

    Congrats to the kids, and the guide. Great pics!!!
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    I think you would have a better chance of making some money, if you sold the whisker bisquit and the site separately. $20 each. Shitcan the bow.
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    Browning 300WSM

    Dang it!
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    Mexican Coues Hunt

    Yah Jim. Your writing skills are over the top. This surpasses magazine journalism and is knocking on the door of full-blown book-type writing. This thread is more like a book than a short story; extremely colorful and easy to read. Your conversational style will appeal to so many hunters...
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    Rainy Day Project

  65. One Track

    Limit pintail

    Haha. Amazing how one bird can make your day. They are very colorful this year. Great pic.
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    RIP Molly

    Wow. So sorry for you loss, and so quickly. She had a good life. I feel for you.
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    Cast and Blast

    That's putting it mildly! What a great family! You are blessed and you are doing it right! Merry Christmas.
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    Texas Aoudad

    Gerry: Sounds like you had fun and crossed another one off the list. That's a badass ram!
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    Taxidermy coffee table

    Nice tank for snakes or lizards.
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    Texas hog

    Great rifle. Nice hog. Ham for Christmas.
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    A-22 Buck

    That is an awesome buck. San Diego. Bow. That's outstanding!!!
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    Arizona elk success

    Congratulations. Your freezer is full now!!!
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    Pig hunting 11/26-11/27

    Dang, that sounds fun. That is a good looking healthy hog! Congrats on filling the freezer and having some fun with pops.
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    ‘Tis the Season for ELK Steaks & Sausage

    Hell ya! That is a studly bull!!!
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    Tribute to Duke

    Hi Charlie: I have spoken to Chad. Great guy. His pups are all sold, but he has given me some great leads on litters. I'm lookin' good! Thank you!
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    Tribute to Duke

    Thanks, Amigos. Looking for Black Male. Woah. That sounds like an ad on craigs list.
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    Montana deer and elk season is over

    That's extremely commendable. You and you wife are a great conservationists. Congrats on an epic season!
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    Game pics

    Nice shot Alice. Great pics. Great hunt. Great story.
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    Dead deer

    That's crazy. Sad. Thanks for sharing.
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    Best Trailer Repair ?

    East County Trailer Repair in El Cajon. 1657 Chase Ln (619) 623-5715 Not in Temecula. But, they are legit.
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    Traveling with Shotgun over the Holidays

    Buy an 870 and leave it back there. They shoot better and have fewer problems. I shoot a SBEII as well, But, I never leave home without the 870. My SBEII has failed on more than one trip.
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    Tribute to Duke

    Nice. Thanks. Looking for a pup myself.
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    Super cool that you guys dug in and got it done. Congrats. And, thank you for serving the USA. We appreciate you!
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    Deer camp 2017

    That is a beautiful buck.
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    Tribute to Duke

    Thanks, Amigos. I appreciate the kind words. It helps. Yes, time to find a pup.
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    Tribute to Duke

    Duke gave me and my family an unforgettable ten years. I really didn't know what I was getting when I went to buy my first duck huntin' dog. I didn't know that I was getting a security dog that would protect my property and my kids with the scariest bark and the most evil growl. I didn't know...
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    Tribute to Duke

  88. One Track

    Deer camp 2017

    That's a good one!
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    Youth deer weekend in Vermont

    Good work! Look at the smiles! So cool! Congrats!!! Nothing compares to spending days in the sticks with your kids. Great post!
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    New birds are showing up.

    Damn straight.
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    hunting urban coyotes

    How old are your kids? If they are under 3 or 4, then, yah, be proactive. After that, I wouldn't worry about it. I have yotes in my yard every night. They will definitely whack your cats and small dogs. They are 7 for 8 on our cats. We have one cat that has outsmarted them for four years now...
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    Never sucks! Duck opener.

    Thanks guys.
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    Oregon Ducks

    Amazing pics!
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    Deer camp 2017

    Holy crap! Sounds like a shortage of water on a long hot physical hike. Glad all made it out.
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    Never sucks! Duck opener.

    Ah man. Thanks for asking. He's been the best dog anybody could ever ask for. So birdy. So reliable. So awesome. But, he's full of cancer. Just found out last Thursday. He went on (probably) his last hunt this past weekend. He was 12 for 12. Amazing dog. I am preparing to have my heart...
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    Never sucks! Duck opener.

    One of my favorite memories was hunting the LCRWA with you. You are a great host and a kick ass duck whacker. Fun times.
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    Mallard Decoys

    You got it. Enjoy!
  98. One Track

    Mallard Decoys

    They just need some paint. Free to a good home. Greenhead gear. Good stuff. Pick up in El Cajon. Brent 619-249-89 five seven
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    Oregon Ducks

    Super cool. Now we know where the widg are. Is that a chessie?
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    Eastern Sierra Bear help

    You should wear out a pair of boots finding places that have bear activity. Tracks are very easy to find once you are in the right area. They walk the dirt roads and trails at night. Then, you can figure out how to set up. If you find a water source with bear trails leading to it, you can set...
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    Deer camp 2017

  102. One Track

    Eastern Sierra Bear help

    The best advice: make sure you have a bear tag, and know the season dates, and all the rules. Study the regs on the DFG website. Then, head north, and start looking for bear tracks. If there are water, trees, and grass, you will find them from LA to the Oregon border. If you have a enough...
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    headin fer sheep country

    Yah. Props to you, Amigo. Hardcore!
  104. One Track

    headin fer sheep country

  105. One Track

    Youth season in Vermont

    Dang. I would say, "Hold out for a buck." But, a two day season is tight. Bring home the meat. Have fun. Nothing like hunting with your kids.
  106. One Track

    Montana 6by wilderness bull

  107. One Track

    Elk hunt consolation prize

    Helluva buck man!!! Elk hunting is a blast. Ten days is a long time to be solo. Good job.
  108. One Track

    Vitamins and Supplements for 10 y/o Lab?

    I should have reported back. Started him on Glucosimine/Condroitin. Results are amazing. Took a few years off his life. He's running around much more. And, he recovers from a work out much more quickly. Impressive stuff.
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    First Texas Deer hunt

    That's rad! Congrats! Can you move that ladder stand over into the trees?
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    Dove with Daughter

  111. One Track

    Cool weather clothes for 11 year old?

    Sean, Check it out. If you are sitting in a blind, just put him in some coveralls. They are on sale.
  112. One Track

    Cool weather clothes for 11 year old?

    Dang Sean. I just passed all that down to another family. All the stuff that Sluester gave my kids, has been passed down again. Keep it in the BD Family. For anybody that has boxes of this stuff, it only take about 15 minutes to go through it and distribute. Then, you will have more...
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    Dove with Daughter

    Not too many 18 y/o daughters will make time for their dad. But, this one is special. She gets it. Got to hunt with Shayne on the opener. We whacked 30 and headed for breaky. Great times that I cherish. Hope your weekend was just as great.
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    headin fer sheep country

    How's it going?
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    A minute later would have been a minute too late

    You should be very proud of yourself for saving those guys and thinking clearly. They were probably fishing inshore. Then, slammed a case of beer and a bottle of Jack and ventured outside. Clearly, they used poor judgement. They owe you, a case of beer and a bottle of jack.
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    FS: 28' Contessa Express

    Hi Randy: I'm the guy that was interested in your Bayliner. I have a buddy with a slip at the Bahia. They are hard to come by. I'm trying to find a fishing boat that is slipped there. If your boat was at the Bahia, I would have bought it today. That's why I pm'd you, asking where your boat...
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    WTB......Need a 12 ga.

    I agree. My SBE II was just a problematic over-priced issue. My 870 is the shit.
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    Spring Bear Time

    Congratulations! You have been a dedicated ML hunter, and now you have a state record for your hard work. Amazing.
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    Montana is great

    That's amazing. So glad to hear there are states that manage for the wildlife and for the hunter. Amazing concept. Try getting a good deer or elk tag for you kids in CA. Has to be there worst youth program in the country.
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    Big Bear (Lake) Neighborhood Watch

    That is super cool. What more could you want from a house in Big Bear.
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    Custom 7mag with huskemaw Scope for sale

    That thing has "coues deer" written all over it.
  122. One Track

    Brand New Hats

    I don't see any flatbills in there. Sorry.
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    Ride Share - Crew Wanted

    Do you have a kite?
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    Best Meat hunts on the cheap on the west coast?

    Brass Slacks: Send me a PM if you have kids. Happy to help. Brent
  125. One Track

    Best Meat hunts on the cheap on the west coast?

    Youth elk hunt in AZ. Kids can draw about every two to three years. $50 tag. $4000 in protein. Best deal in the world! Fun too.
  126. One Track

    Best Meat hunts on the cheap on the west coast?

    I've heard that there are cheap cow elk hunts in other states.
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    Utah draws

    It's brutal.
  128. One Track

    CA 2017 hunting draw results are in, what did you score?

    Here's a D12 tip. Get a good GPS unit that shows water sources. Go check out a few water sources for sign. Need big deer tracks. Then, figure out the wind, and find an elevated downwind place to hide 200 yards away. Go to there eight days in a row, sun up to sundown. You will see a big buck.
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    Calstar 6455 XXH For Sale

    Make an offer. Let's find out what the market is willing to pay? Thx.
  130. One Track

    Calstar 6455 XXH For Sale

    Back up for grabs! Rod: Calstar CTR - 6455XXH, 50-130. All rollers. Very nice! Great for big trolling rig, tuna, sharks, and black marlin! Made in the USA. Must pick up in El Cajon. $155. Text: 619 249 895....(seven.) Don't make me put this on CL. I'm hoping a BD'er needs this.
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    S&W 629-1 44mag

    That is the best shooting .44mag on the market. So easy to hit what you aim at. I had a Ruger that I didn't shoot worth a krap. Picked up my buddy's 629 and it was made for me. Love that gun. Good luck with the sale.
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    Spring Bear Time

    Awesome!!! Super cool.
  133. One Track

    Spring Bear Time

    Cool. Glad to hear all is well. So, the question is.....did you pee your pants a little bit when the bear was charging you? How did you react with an empty single shot in your hands? The world wants to know.
  134. One Track

    Spring Bear Time

    That's a big boar. Congrats. You look like an old friend of mine.
  135. One Track

    What did you apply for ?

    Deer, Elk, Sheep and points for Lopes.
  136. One Track

    Pig hunting 5/24-5/25

    That's nice country. Nothing better than hunting with your dad. I'm sure he feels the same.
  137. One Track

    Backyard weed abatement

    I'm your guy. $5k.
  138. One Track

    Utah draws

    I blanked. Good luck on your hunt.
  139. One Track

    Vitamins and Supplements for 10 y/o Lab?

    Great info! Thanks for all the advise. We started fish oil a year ago. Great for minimizing the old dog smell. I'll get some glucosamine and chondroitin.
  140. One Track

    Vitamins and Supplements for 10 y/o Lab?

    Hi Guys: Duke is almost 10 y/o. Would like to know what you lab owners suggest for OTC vitamins/supplements. Until now, he hasn't had a lot of exercise unless I was training for an elk hunt. But, that's changing as I'm on a 12 mo. program now which includes walking/hiking with him. He is...
  141. One Track

    PSE Rally For Sale

    I'm not in the market. Just trying to help. Need to post the weighty range. 4-50 or 50-60? The draw is adjustable for kids to adults. So, it's a good starter bow. But, buyer will need to go to a bow shop to get it set up for him or her.
  142. One Track

    Airboat for sale

    Dude. I'm praying for you. Try to find a website in the south, and throw up an ad. You need to advertise in the bayou, not where folks are running SkipJacks and Parkers. Good luck, bro.
  143. One Track

    One bad ass Jagdterrier

    You don't sound like a juerk, at all.
  144. One Track

    Airboat for sale

    Dude: You need to buy a TV ad on Swamp People.
  145. One Track

    PSE Rally For Sale

    That is a nice starter kit. What is the draw length range?
  146. One Track

    FS: TLD 50 LRS-Calstar 6455XXH, Lightly Used, Nice

    Both the TLD and the Calstar are still up for grabs. Thanks for the good offers. Good offers coming from out of town. Hoping somebody makes a legit offer that can pick up the gear in El Cajon. Please send a text. 619 249 895 seven. Thx. Brent
  147. One Track

    FS: TLD 50 LRS-Calstar 6455XXH, Lightly Used, Nice

    Shimano TLD 50 LRS, 2-Speed, 50-130, Hardly used. A few scratches. Priced to sell. $190. OBO. Also, Calstar 6455 XXH, all rollers, monster grip handle, hardly used. $150. OBO. Let's see where the market value is on these. Make offers. Thanks, Brent Text: 619-249-895 seven
  148. One Track

    Wifee put the Boom on the ditch chickens

    Outstanding family!!!
  149. One Track

    Turkey Youth Hunt

    That's so cool!!! Congrats!
  150. One Track

    AZ Elk Draw

    Awesome! Can't wait to hear about it. No hits for us this year.
  151. One Track

    First D16 buck (late report)

    Congrats! Nice buck. Cats are scary. Best not to look around with your headlamp when walking out. Just stare at the trail and think about baseball.
  152. One Track

    Looking for Lab Puppies

    Go Black and don't look back. Skinny head, tall, athletic.
  153. One Track

    Christmas trip to Spain

    That must be the ultimate. Congrats! Awesome animals. Looks like a great adventure. I'm jealous. I love everything about Spain, the food, wine, bullfights, and the people. I especially like the southern region. The culture in Andalucia is very similar to Mexico. Laid back and mellow.
  154. One Track

    AZ archery deer camp report 2017

    I thought that looked just like Flagstaff. Nice report. It's amazing country with lots of critters. Getting an arrow in one is super difficult. But, it's so fun trying. Great photos!
  155. One Track

    Late report from Mendota

    That's a great haul! Great eating as well. Into the pan with butter, salt and pepper. So good.
  156. One Track

    Unreal Outdoor Photo

    I enjoy taking outdoor photos. Not that I carry a good camera during hunting. But, I try. I've seen many remarkable nature photographs over the years but this photo of a nesting Falcon in an old tree is perhaps the most remarkable nature shot that I've ever seen. Thought you would enjoy...
  157. One Track

    AZ archery deer camp report 2017

    Hot damn! That's a monster muley!
  158. One Track

    Great hunt in the snow

    Oh. Wow. That looks like real hunting. Super cool.
  159. One Track

    Lucky B's ranch round 2!

    Wow. Those are huge! Sounds like an awesome trip and ranch.
  160. One Track

    Coues Buck - Team Effort

  161. One Track

    Coues Buck - Team Effort

    Thanks Gentlemen. Totally stoked. AZ was good to this family. Time to whack some quackers in the morning!
  162. One Track

    Coues Buck - Team Effort

    7 years old.
  163. One Track

    Coues Buck - Team Effort

    Thanks. I dropped it off at Mike Barry's to do a euro. We was thinking five or six years old based on the mass at the bases. But, he was going to pull a tooth to confirm.
  164. One Track

    Coues Buck - Team Effort

    Thanks so much guys.
  165. One Track

    Coues Buck - Team Effort

    I closed out 2016 with a hunt for me. No kids on this one. I cashed in a bunch of AZ deer points for a chance to hunt coues deer in a quality coues deer unit with a couple friends from Tombstone, Arizona. It would be a team effort. This would be a rifle hunt in December. I didn’t kill a...
  166. One Track

    Stolen Decoys at Henshaw

    That's a pretty isolated hunting area. I can't imagine an anti walking all the way down there to snake a dozen dekes. Sounds like a scum bag that hunts. Or, somebody who feels entitled as if the lake belongs to him. Ask Sprig (Trig) on TOF. He hunts there often. He might have an idea about...
  167. One Track

    Hunting AZ big game

    I have one foot out the door. Leaving for AZ for the third time this season. But, this one is for adults only. Boo yaa!!!
  168. One Track

    The scourge that is long range "hunting"

    Marcus: No. I don't like the remote type trigger, or cyber shooting. I think that's ridiculous and I would not consider that hunting. I don't even like the high fence hunting. But, some folks do, and I'm okay with that. But, the techy guys that are into ballistics and zero'ing their 300 win...
  169. One Track

    The scourge that is long range "hunting"

    Yah, but the guy still has to make the shot. Again, no different than sitting in a blind, on water and soy beams, and pounding a kudo when it spreads it legs to take a drink. Please. There are just as many wounded animals at 20 yards as there are at 500. But, again, beauty is in the eye of...
  170. One Track

    The scourge that is long range "hunting"

    Side scan sonar. The list goes on and on.
  171. One Track

    The scourge that is long range "hunting"

    My first thought was kite fishing as well. I humbly disagree with the thread starter. I just wrote and deleted about three pages worth of thoughts. In summary, shooting long distance is no worse than: hiring a guide, shooting over corn, hunting high fence, fishing the kite, stalking by...
  172. One Track

    Texas Road Trip

    Hey Gerry: Really nice deer. Great pics by the way. And, thank you and your buddies for the service to our country. I can't think of another sport or hobby that makes for a great atmosphere for old friends to reunite. So cool.
  173. One Track

    Old Rusty Gun, Friday off to a good start

    Hey. I was three for three with that gun eight years ago. Nice morning, Stef.
  174. One Track

    Shotgun Recommendation

    My SBE II is a very expensive Italian single shot. Won't cycle. Ridiculous. I need to send it to Benelli for a rehab. Meanwhile, I am shooting my 870 and loving it. Smashing birds.
  175. One Track

    amazing texas whitetail hunt lucky b's ranch

    Congrats what a trip for you guys you put the smack down on on some big bucks at that ranch. are there trophy fees really high.
  176. One Track

    2 yr old Choc Lab...not eating...goin South fast...???

    Sorry, man. Hang in there. He's retrieving birds for the big guy, now.
  177. One Track

    Guide for pig hunt in Arizona

    Big difference between pigs in AZ and pigs in CA.
  178. One Track

    Hunting AZ big game

    You can buy everything you need at WalMart in route to coues deer country.
  179. One Track

    Looking for best family vacation/fishing resort?

    $1,000 for a panga in Sayulita? Ouch. Best Family Vacation of All Time: Costa Rica. Fishing is expensive. Pass on the fishing and do the tourist stuff with the family. Amazing. Go through a travel agent that will set it all up. Cheap. Then, go on a fishing trip with your buddies. If...
  180. One Track

    6th annual Oscar Canon Wounded Warrior Duck Hunt

    Seriously? That is outstanding. Hell of a garage sale. Kudos to you and your crew.
  181. One Track

    Kaibab Youth Hunt

  182. One Track

    Kaibab Youth Hunt

    Nope. His hunter ed cert # in CA will be enough to hunt AZ.
  183. One Track

    Kaibab Youth Hunt

    Thanks, Guys. Sean, the age is 10 in AZ for biggame. Check out the regs. You will see that there are buck-only hunts, and there is the Kaibab doe-only hunt. The kids can draw that Kaibab tag about every two years. The buck-only can be drawn every year. There will be six or eight different...
  184. One Track

    Ca Best Bear Zones

    Lots of bears in Trinity Alps. Great backpack hunt. Hike in six or eight miles. Lots of bears.
  185. One Track

    AO Buck

    Hell yah!
  186. One Track

    First Duck Hunt SJWA 11/19

    Cool. Are you hooked? Have you ordered some waders and a new SBE II? My first duck hunt produced one GWT. A year later, I had a dog and four dozen dekes.
  187. One Track

    Wyoming Bull Elk(s)- Success- Late Report 10/14-10/21

    Holy Crap! That was a great read! You guys earned it and made a lifetime memory. So cool. Nice bulls!
  188. One Track

    Kaibab Youth Hunt

    Thanks. Appreciated.
  189. One Track

    Kaibab Youth Hunt

    Thank you!
  190. One Track

    Kaibab Youth Hunt

    Well Folks: I'm a blessed father. I have two daughters that love to hunt. This was for the Kaibab AZ youth doe hunt. Jade missed last year, due to softball commitments. Shayne whacked a doe last year. This was Jade's chance to redeem herself from three years ago, when she missed a few...
  191. One Track

    Wister/Imperial Waterfowl

    That's epic to shoot a limit right now. Nice work.
  192. One Track

    need a place for kids to shoot

    LOL. Nate, where did you end up going to shoot?
  193. One Track

    2016 Deer Camp for rifle D16

    Really nice opener guys. Nice SD bucks!!!
  194. One Track

    10/21 Wister Opener

    Nice work, Jason and Company. It was a good day. We shot ours from a blind. We were south of Wister.
  195. One Track

    AZ Youth Elk Hunt!

    Bowunter: Thank you for joining us out there on Friday. Always nice to see America's Foremost Bowhunter in camp.
  196. One Track

    AZ Youth Elk Hunt!

    By then, my kids will be off and living their own lives. I hope to join you on those youth hunts. I can cook.
  197. One Track

    My Daughter is at it again.

    That's rad!
  198. One Track

    AZ Youth Elk Hunt!

    Thanks, amigos. We ended up in 6A. Lots of elk. Not known for trophy bulls. But, lots of elk.
  199. One Track

    AZ Youth Elk Hunt!

    Last time I posted, I wrote about my oldest daughter's last AZ youth hunt. Well, she hadn't actually aged out. AZ went with the Federal youth age limit of 18. She is still 17 and drew a cow elk tag in AZ, along with her 14 y/o sister. I put them in as a party thinking that they would not...
  200. One Track

    Yukon Moose & Sheep - September 2016

    Damn! That's so awesome. What I would give to hunt with my dad again. Serious props to your Pa.
  201. One Track

    Remington 700 BDL in 7mm Magnum

    I have the same in 30-06. My favorite! That's a steal.
  202. One Track

    San Diego County turkeys?

    Go to the forest service and get a map. Gotta know what is public and what is private. And, some areas are archery only.
  203. One Track

    Northern ca duck opener

    You earned those. Great hunt!
  204. One Track

    Double on bucks

    That's awesome. Sounds like how I grew up hunting. Busting serious brush in San Diego mountains. Most were shot on the run, or when they gave you that final look before going over the hill. Great effort and success. Nice!
  205. One Track

    2016 SoCal desert Buck

    Hell yah. Those desert bucks take some serious effort, with bow no less. Awesome.
  206. One Track


    The girls have AZ youth elk tags for next week. I could return the favor with some quality protein steaks. ;-)
  207. One Track


    We missed the opener. I'd like to take my daughters down to the valley on Sunday. Anybody willing to share their honey hole for euros. If so, please send a pm. Thank you, Brent
  208. One Track

    Mountain Goat, part two

    Dang! That's an adventure. That's a great critter. You always earn it. You're hardcore! When I'm hunting public land in CO, I try to find a gnarly cliff to climb just so I can pretend I'm hunting in Alaska. Being scared if fun, after you get back to camp.
  209. One Track

    Dinosaurs do exist - New Mexico Elk 2016

    That's what my nightmares and dreams are made of. Congrats!!! So, whatever happened to your hunting partner that put in with you?
  210. One Track

    KUIU Teton Gear, Initial Review

    Testimonial: So, for years, I gave my hunting buddies a lot of crap about wearing designer camo (Sitka.) I thought that they were wasting money, not to mention, looking like a bunch of Trekkies. Are we going hunting? Or, are we going to Cafe Japengo? I was just fine with my Predator camo...
  211. One Track

    DIY Alaska Archery Caribou Trip

    Great vid. It's not about the size of the rack. It's about the size of the adventure. Thanks for sharing.
  212. One Track

    Bowtech Help, strings popped off

    Go see Bruce or Jim at the Bow n Arrow Shop. Nobody treats their customers as well as they do.
  213. One Track

    New to hunting

    If you want to see deer and turkeys, go hiking up near Palomar, Cuyamaca or Laguna. Priority: Get a map from the Forest Service Dept. You can identify public land versus private land and stay out of trouble. Take some water and a compass and walk slow. Start looking for tracks on the...
  214. One Track

    Az Draw...

    My girls drew AZ Youth Elk. CC was hit on Nov. 2. Not sure which unit. Stoked!!! I have an account on the portal. However, I can't seem to check my kid's status.
  215. One Track

    #21 Wide and heavy, finally

    Nice effort. Those certainly don't come easily. Lots of hard work and patience. Incredible AZ bow buck! You are hardcore.
  216. One Track

    Wounded buck in Laguna

    Buck fever is real. I completely missed the first six deer that I shot at. On the other hand, I double lunged my first six hogs. Deer make me wet my pants and forget my name. In Africa, I double lunged five critters in a row. Why do deer make me freak? I don't know. I've killed plenty...
  217. One Track

    WTB - Youth Shotgun - ideally 20 gauge

    Best youth gun, ever.
  218. One Track

    Bummed the seasons over.

    Those are monsters. Very cool.
  219. One Track

    D14 buck

    Damn nice buck! Nice hunting shoes, Vans.
  220. One Track

    Waterfowl at Lake Henshaw

    Total bummer. They can kiss my ass too. Brutal.
  221. One Track

    Last weekend's birds

    Really cool!!!
  222. One Track

    Roosters South Dakota style (pic heavy)

    Dang Mike. That looks like a great getaway! Congrats. Great post.
  223. One Track

    HUGE CA Governor tag buck taken!

    I think that photo is incredible. Very esthetically pleasing. As for you P&Y Measurers, I agree, hard to tell if it's really that big. Even if it was only 24" wide, it's still a buck of a lifetime with those kickers. That's a bitchin' pic. Totally rad!
  224. One Track

    KUIU Sale

    Can I use my Cabela's Bucks?
  225. One Track

    D-16 got um 2015 Deer Camp

    Dang nice buck! I know those don't come easily. Good work!!!
  226. One Track

    Finally, a good Texas buck

    Beauty!!! I would definitely put that on my Christmas Card this year, if I were you.
  227. One Track

    A few last deer handleing question?

    Here's another good tip for everybody. I read somewhere, on some forum, that a guy carries black pepper with him. It's used to keep the flies off the meat after you gut and skin the critter. So, I put a little camping-style pepper shaker in my pack. A few weeks ago, my daughter whacked a...
  228. One Track

    A few last deer handleing question?

    I like to carry four or five blocks of ice in a cooler, just in case. Gallon water jugs are great. They don't leak, and they're cheap.
  229. One Track

    Father Daughter Hunt

    Ed: Yah. Rack up those points for the girls. We'll be guiding them all over the country in a dozen years. Our daughters have a better chance of drawing the Henry Mtns. than we do. .
  230. One Track

    Father Daughter Hunt

    Yale, Thanks. My best memories are of you guys standing around, shootin' the bull, waiting for the gate to open at El Cap, San V, Otay, and Hodges. That's where I learned how to cuss, lie, and back a bass boat down the ramp. Great memories. Not to mention, you had the hottest daughters on the...
  231. One Track

    D15 Buck

    Super nice buck! Good work!
  232. One Track

    was wister that bad?

    Sounds like a typical opener.
  233. One Track

    Game processing San Diego??

    T&H is expensive.
  234. One Track

    Game processing San Diego??

    Buy a good grinder, cellophane, and white butcher paper. We processed my daughter's deer in the kitchen. Made chorizo, country, Italian sausage, and jerky. My wife and both girls helped. They loved it. Took about three hours. And, as Mark said, you can do a quarter at a time. It's...
  235. One Track

    Local outlet for camo clothing?

    If your kids are still growing, buy the cheap stuff. Hunting with wife and kids = not hunting very hard or long. They will be fine in cotton from Wal Mart. I doubt you will be stuck on the side of a cliff in Alaska. I have purchased way too many nice pieces for the kids, from Cabelas. They...
  236. One Track

    Bear Down

    Congratulations on the bear. Missing helps us all in the humility department. Two five points? What's that mean? One ten point? Two 2x3's? Or, two 4x4 with eyeguards? Love your posts. Keep us posted on the deer hunt. Can't wait to show my daughters this post. My 16 y/o wants a bear.
  237. One Track

    Father Daughter Hunt

    Yah, the quads. They're too big. I bought 660's. Should have bought 350 or 450cc. Too big and heavy. But, they haul ass! Still too big for hunting. Buyer beware.
  238. One Track

    Father Daughter Hunt

    Couldn't agree more. Sometimes, I lose sight of what's important. A few trips to the mountains can help put things back in perspective. Nothing really compares. Fishing is a close second. You guys are great, and I appreciate the replies.
  239. One Track

    Father Daughter Hunt

    Thanks guys. Mark, Cheer IS uptight. I guess dealing with 25 female cheerleaders would create an uptight atmosphere.
  240. One Track

    Alaska Moose Hunting with Pops

    That's an epic trip. You are lucky to get that time with your dad. He's lucky to have a son that would join him. Great trip and memories.
  241. One Track

    Father Daughter Hunt

    Writing this almost brings a tear to my eye. My 16 y/o daughter, Shayne, is aging out of the AZ youth hunts. The second best thing about AZ Youth Hunts is the price of a tag. $30. The best thing is spending time in the hills with your kids. In AZ, you get to show them special places like...
  242. One Track

    Archery Elk opener Colorado Report - Rocking R Ranch

    Great report!!! Sounds like a lot of action for three guys on one ranch. Hooked for life.
  243. One Track

    A-22 success!

    That's legit!!!
  244. One Track

    Alaska adventure 2015

    That's livin'! Nice pics. Ed's beard is a monster.
  245. One Track

    which GPS unit

    Jason: Do these maps download so that you can use when you DON'T have a cell signal?
  246. One Track

    For Sale. Travel Trailer. 23ft.

    Sorry about the delay. It's been sold.
  247. One Track

    For Sale. Travel Trailer. 23ft.

    Great trailer. I just about had it sold. The buyer was doing a final inspection and found some water damage under the couch, where the water tank is stored. I had never noticed. Bummer. Price reduced to $5,500 until I get this fixed. If you are handy with fixing this stuff, it's smokin' deal.
  248. One Track

    Knife help question

    What will be the purpose of the knife? Protection? Gutting? Skinning? Camp chores? If you are worried about a mtn lion jumping on her back, you would want a fixed blade. Other than that, you should get a light do-all folding knife, like the Case.
  249. One Track

    which GPS unit

    Yep. Check out the website listed above. Call those guys and ask them which unit they like best for their maps. Order the unit. Buy the map chip for your state. You're all good.
  250. One Track

    Customers boar I just finished

    Very nice looking mount.
  251. One Track

    Doubled down at Tejon with the .338

    Not only are you a good shot, you are great videographer. Really good footage.
  252. One Track

    BD Group Elk Hunt at Rocking R Ranch

    That's a great idea. But, I'm going to head that direction in September for archery.
  253. One Track

    Tejon pig

    For a really aerodynamic pig. Tie the strap/rope around the snout of a boar, and then the front feet up under the chin. For a sow, cut a slit in the lower jaw, under the tongue. Run strap through that and tie off to both front feet. That's the super slider method.
  254. One Track

    Tejon pig

    Congrats on the hog. That's about as much fun as you can have in the month of June.
  255. One Track

    my 2015 Nor-Cal spring turkey season in pics

    Nice pictorial!!! Have you been taking lessons from my kids on how to enhance color photos? Dang. Those are cool.
  256. One Track

    Young Boar

    Nice. He looks happy.
  257. One Track

    Haole invasion

    Hot Buttered!
  258. One Track

    What Compound Bow should I purchase

    I think you better start reading over the AZ regulations. There are seasons for every critter, except yotes. And, you will need to draw a tag for all, but deer. Deer is over the counter for archery in most units. Might take you ten years to draw an elk tag for the unit in which you live...
  259. One Track

    What Compound Bow should I purchase

    You should have a couple good shops in your area. Shop them. Go back to the one that makes you feel most welcome. You will need a lot of help getting set up. More better to shop at a place with cool peeps that won't dick you over.
  260. One Track

    First Pig Hunt

    Sounds like you had a great hunt. You will kill next time, if you work that hard again. I'd go hunt with that guide again before I would go to another ranch and road hunt. Good stuff. What do you mean? They use ropes to get the pig out?
  261. One Track

    How many bowhunters here are Pope and Young members?

    Seriously, I have not seen any renewal cards for years. Now, I'm not saying that my wife doesn't throw them in the trash before I get home.
  262. One Track

    How many bowhunters here are Pope and Young members?

    El Torito: You're right. I need to re-up. As I've posted several times, I haven't seen a subscription renewal post card from either CBH or P&Y for several years. When I get my renewal notice from NRA and RMEF, I cut a check that day.
  263. One Track

    Archery Bird

    That's impressive stuff right there. Nice job!
  264. One Track

    Hunting Sitka Deer/Camo Bibs

    I think the deer are up high in August. You will be climbing and climbing and climbing. Like el Toro said, you will need to layer with synthetic pieces. You don't want to sweat. Might need a bug suit, or at least one of those bee keeper-type headsets.
  265. One Track

    Arizona Elk and Antelope Draw

  266. One Track

    AZ Elk Points - Archery

    El Toro can answer for me anytime. He's the best hunting buddy that anyone could ask for. Sorry that I missed his replies. The unit isn't known for big bulls. 9 and 10 are max point units. I'll never get there. I'm too impatient. I want to hunt bulls, regardless of the trophy quality...
  267. One Track

    AZ Elk Points - Archery

    Roger. Sounds like a plan. Check you PM. Ed: That's a serious cock block.
  268. One Track

    AZ Elk Points - Archery

    There will be an entrance exam: Would you rather hunt with: Miranda Lambert or Hunter Hayes? Shania or Rascal Flats? Faith Hill or Luke Bryan?
  269. One Track


    Want to buy: Yamaha Grizzly/Kodiak, or Honda Foreman. Needs to be: 400cc or better 4x4 Great condition not pink Thanks, Brent
  270. One Track

    AZ Elk Points - Archery

    Mark: Hopefully, I'll need a caller this year! Yah, they take the average of the parties points. Not the total.
  271. One Track

    AZ Elk Points - Archery

    Anyone that has 10+ points, and has not put in for 2015, give me a shout. We can share points and put in as a party. I don't have enough points to draw on my own. We'll put in for a unit that is loaded with elk. I know where they are and what they do. You will see multiple six point bulls...
  272. One Track

    Enjoyable Day

    I completely understand. Thanks for posting that. That's what got me started. One trip to Wister. One GWT. Next thing you know, I have a black lab puppy. I was hooked. One teal did it.
  273. One Track

    Ducks with the boy

    Hell yah. Wow. From kid to man, just like that. That went quick.
  274. One Track

    Great hunts with Lauren

    That's how you do it!!! Looks like she's havin' a great time. I see she has recently upgraded her gear. Enjoy it now. My girls are so busy with sports that I'm lucky to get them out there two times in a season. Breakin' my heart.
  275. One Track

    Ok, tag soup check in thread

    Dang Bill. That would be a tough one. Those low temps would make pulling on a bow pretty sketchy. Early season archery is your friend. Lots of bulls to chase.
  276. One Track

    Ok, tag soup check in thread

    AZ Archery Elk Tag. Hunted hard for ten days. Passed on small 6 points. I swore I wouldn't do that again. But, I did. Tag soup. Brutal.
  277. One Track


    Get the Jet Sled. First, you transport your precious cargo to the island blind. Then, pour the hot cocoa. Finally, use the sled to distribute your dekes. It's a must have. Works as a killer sled in the snow as well!
  278. One Track

    Tagged out

    Great story. Great buck. Backing out was the right thing to do. Glad it worked out for you. That is a huge bow buck no matter what tag you had. Congrats!
  279. One Track

    Need Help Choosing Hunting Waders

    If you hunt Wister, you should have the chest waders. Not because the water is deep, but because you will fall when your feet get stuck in the mud. TIP OF THE DAY: When you fall, you just fall to your knees. Gotta have the chest waders. Cabelas breathables are really nice. But, they only last...
  280. One Track

    Finally - Rocking R Ranch Elk and Deer report

    Great story. Looks like real physical hunting, which always makes it more fun. Thanks for posting.
  281. One Track

    When hogs play hard to get

    That is one heck of a write up. Looks like you are having a blast. Congrats on your success!!! Happy Holidays!
  282. One Track

    Spain - Gredos Ibex and a couple Monterias

    Bobby: That was a great report. Awesome Ibex. Kudos for doing all that leg work. Seeing that bocadillo and all that jamon makes me want to book airfare right now. I lived in Spain way back in '89. Miss it.
  283. One Track

    Family freezer filling

    Those are big critters. Good eats!
  284. One Track

    Laguna Buck 11/22/14

    That's a big accomplishment in San Diego. Be proud. Nice going.
  285. One Track

    SJ 11/1

    That's a killer day. Might be the best strap of the week for all of so cal.
  286. One Track

    Just got back from Mule deer hunting with my dad!

    As good as it gets. Beautiful bucks! The best part is that your dad is still out humping those mountains. Great memories.
  287. One Track

    D-16 Deer Camp with Roger and crew 2014

    Studly buck. Congrats!
  288. One Track

    Bad Mexicali cops

    Brings back great memories of surfing down there.
  289. One Track

    My deer Pictures

    Great buck. Great story. Exciting. Water is good stuff.
  290. One Track

    Good couple of years, hope the same for this year

    Good luck. Nice bulls!
  291. One Track

    My 3 hour bighorn sheep hunt

    Congrats! Bruiser! Where's the story?
  292. One Track

    Colorado archery elk

    Yee haw! Congrats to you buddy. Keep us posted on the other tag holder.
  293. One Track

    R.I.P. Winda

    Sorry, Man. That's gotta hurt. Just know that she's a puppy again, running wild.
  294. One Track

    Opener 9/5

    Yah Buddy! Get 'er done.
  295. One Track

    SW Colorado Archery Elk

    Good luck!!!
  296. One Track

    A deer

    My hat is off to you. Congrats!!!
  297. One Track

    Finally, shook my monkey after 9 years!

    Well-earned my friend. Again, congrats!
  298. One Track

    Antelope Hunt Success

    Great recap of an awesome family hunt. Got my mouth waterin'.
  299. One Track

    Pig stickin and state broadhead shootin!

    Nice work on the huge sow! I'm glad Wiggy was there to help you whack a bottle of Makers.
  300. One Track

    Duck Pr0n

  301. One Track

    Shoulda been a cowboy

    Yah, I'm right. Open sites would be better. Practice a little bit. Shoot it like a shotgun. That's one thing I don't like about shooting my bow. Lining up those circles, checking level, etc... takes too long, especially on javelina. Doh! I don't think cowboys used ghost rings...
  302. One Track

    Shoulda been a cowboy

    Super cool, especially the hat. I would think open sites would be quicker than a peep site. Wouldn't it be more instinctive than having to line up the circles?
  303. One Track

    Wet birding

    Awesome Duder! That's a very productive trip.
  304. One Track

    guess who is going bow hunting in 7west :)

    There's a little Mexican restaurant in Williams that is the bomb! After a week of sweating balls, drop the laundry off to get laundered, then go eat tacos and drink Bohemias.
  305. One Track

    guess who is going bow hunting in 7west :)

    That's what I was thinking. Maybe hunt the north side of Kendrick. Camp on the northwest or northeast side and climb the mountain two hours before light. You can see forever. Lots of open burn area to glass. Best part is that when you kill, it will be all downhill, 'cept for the deadfall...
  306. One Track

    Back from South Africa....

    All that meat is incredible. Great bulls, especially the gemsbuck.
  307. One Track

    Boots - Georgia Boots

    If you're serious about hunting, get a quality hunting boot. Meindl, White, or at least Danner.
  308. One Track

    2014 Deer season/hunting San Diego

    Between the desert floor and the forest. Any public land in between will hold deer. Find water and get away from the roads. You'll need good boots, and good binos.
  309. One Track

    Got drawn Black Powder Elk 6A Arizona

    Congrats. That's a sweet tag. The bulls seem to be hotter that time of year than they are for archery. Why Az did that, I don't know. But, I hope you whack a big bull. Lakeside in the 60's and 70's: Remember Woody's Bait and Tackle? Cecils? We'd go to Cecil's after every bass...
  310. One Track

    What costs $650 and you can only get one in Arizona?

    Will do. And, thanks.
  311. One Track

    A double ham slammer

    Hell yah!
  312. One Track

    What costs $650 and you can only get one in Arizona?

    Congrats! Yah, 5bs is probably where I drew. Where did you kill your cat? I'm thinking it was while hunting coues out of a stand???
  313. One Track

    What costs $650 and you can only get one in Arizona?

    You can only get an AZ elk tag in AZ. C'mon, work with me man. I need some killer dope.
  314. One Track

    What costs $650 and you can only get one in Arizona?

    AZ Archery Bull Elk. Not sure which unit. 5b or 9. Probably 5b. Stoked. I should probably start getting in shape. Zoomba! Girls are just gathering points this year for elk. Too busy with school and sports.
  315. One Track

    What costs $650 and you can only get one in Arizona?

    No. Those only cost you a dime bag.
  316. One Track

    What costs $650 and you can only get one in Arizona?

    Yah Boooiiiiiyyyyyyy!
  317. One Track

    bearpaw outfitters

    In Idaho? Yes. Send me a pm.
  318. One Track

    Apply now for 2014 New Mexico hunting licenses & tags

    I dread putting in for NM. I'm 0-fer ten years, at least. Brutal odds for the non-ressie.
  319. One Track

    General Hunting Oregon

    Yah. You can get resident tags over the counter. Hunt public land and whack some critters. You might have to wait for about seven months for a deer season to open up. I think you can find hogs on public land up there. Ask around.
  320. One Track

    Club hunting...

    Get'r done man! I saw Gunner today. Dang, he is looking kinda old. I sure have some great memories of his hunting days. I bet he has retrieved more ducks than 99% of the all the dogs around these parts.
  321. One Track

    Wister Dec 28 & 29: Two Day Duck Festival

    Nice job! That post just kinda motivated me. Screw all the honey-dos. Time to go huntin'.
  322. One Track

    Not to be boring....

    You guys had too much fun. Oh, I almost forgot. There's no such thing as too much fun. Nice haul!
  323. One Track

    Looking for a Black Lab, or maybe Yeller.

    Thanks Mark. Good stuff.
  324. One Track

    Looking for a Black Lab, or maybe Yeller.

    Dang. If only i knew that duke was going to be so good. I coulda been rich!
  325. One Track

    Looking for a Black Lab, or maybe Yeller.

    Shit! That's the best story ever. Good memory!
  326. One Track

    Looking for a Black Lab, or maybe Yeller.

    I have a buddy that wants a duck dog. But, his wife wants to avoid the chewing stage. Please let me know if you have any leads on a good dog. 12 - 24 mos. would be great. He's not going to drop the big bucks for a started dog. Just wants a good duck dog and a good family dog, like mine...
  327. One Track

    First duck shoot of 2013 - sucess

    That's a great strap!
  328. One Track

    They taste best barely legal

    Right on! You guys rock!
  329. One Track

    If you're gonna go, might as well go big, right?

    You're killin' me. Seriously, that is too much fun going on right there without me. Those are two friggin' monsters!!! Great write up.
  330. One Track

    Epic duck hunt @ Bloody Ducks

    Nice job buddy! Great pics! Now you know why I don't hunt with you guys these days. Nothing like hunting with your kids. It's double the work, (triple for me,) double the snacks, double the gear, double the paperwork, double the donuts, and..............double the fun! See avatar.
  331. One Track

    GSP Available

    Dang. I hope somebody that hunts grabs that pup. Awesome looking dog.
  332. One Track

    He is home

    Yah. Wow! Beautiful. What's his name? I know you named all the rams in that unit. What were some of the names? Flair? Homey Studcock?
  333. One Track

    November 16-17 Wister sweat lining

    That's a dang good effort. A limit out of the sweatline is killer. Nice work.
  334. One Track

    SoCal Archery Buck

    Fuk! That's a great buck. Nicest local bow buck I've seen on the www.
  335. One Track


    No shit! I'm sure that accounted for a lot of hard work for that one.
  336. One Track

    Info Needed - San Jacinto Wildlife Area

    Need to get on the DFG site and apply for ressies. Sweatlining at SJ right now is about a 33% chance of getting on. The five best blinds could shoot limits tomorrow. After that, it's really weak. Always some spoontang cruising around. No camping to speak of. But, it's only a 1.5 hr. drive...
  337. One Track

    Couple questions, first hunt.

    T&H? I think that stands for Too fukkin High. Jacob does great quality on sausage. But, you'll pay triple what the real price should be.
  338. One Track

    Couple questions, first hunt.

    You can't just throw the whole hog in the car and drive back home. You gotta skin it asap, and cool off the meat. Get the biggest cooler that will fit in your car. Kill a hog, skin it, quarter it, and get it cold. (Just guessing, but I think the outfitter will do most of the work.) Dry ice...
  339. One Track

    Henry Mountains Utah Buck

    Wow! Passing on 200" bucks. That's hardcore, and I respect it. It paid off in spades! Dude, you should be extremely proud, happy, and satisfied.
  340. One Track

    Laguna buck 11-3-13

    Nice job!!! That's a stud of a buck.
  341. One Track

    Wister Oct 30th - Good day

    Two Aleve, a dip, and two cups of coffee. That keeps me humping through the mud. A decoy cart is a nice piece of equipment.
  342. One Track

    whackin quack

    Serious whackin'.
  343. One Track

    Wister Oct 30th - Good day

    Wow. Jerry, that's a killer strap! You're smart. Leaving the waders at home always makes for a nice relaxing hunt.
  344. One Track

    dead deer

    That's a smoker!
  345. One Track

    Decoys and the Numbers Game?

    I have no idea. I just throw out about thirty dekes. Some days are great. Some days suck. I do know that my jerk cord will pull widgeon out of the clouds.
  346. One Track

    Team dbar Strikes again......

    Zoe the Huntress! Nice work dad.
  347. One Track

    Opening day D16 one young buck one old buck

    Hot damn! That's how you get it done in SD. Very well-earned!
  348. One Track

    Wister Oct 26th- Great day for Killing Ducks

    That's a really good strap for week two! Thanks for posting.
  349. One Track

    South Dakota Pheasant / Waterfowl / Deer Slayfest 10/19 - 10/23 - Pic Heavy

    Congrats on the bow kill! Great report. Looks like a great place to live...until about January.
  350. One Track

    Might Foggy out at Walker

    That's not a bad day!
  351. One Track

    Kids First Buck - CampPend

    Hell yah! That's a damn nice forkie. Congrats!
  352. One Track

    Fucking Cancer

    Prayers sent.
  353. One Track

    Lake Barrett

    Anybody have the gate/start time hours?
  354. One Track

    Call lanyards

    Picked up four lanyards from the Sluester Sweat Shop. I would say that these lanyards are just about perfect. You would pay double for anything of this quality anywhere else. Nice job Jared!
  355. One Track

    Lake Barrett

    Any reports from Lake Barrett Opener???
  356. One Track

    It starts 10/18

    I was on the #2 card at wister. We thought it would be limits of green for all. Not. After two hours of not shooting (well, I did whiff on two greenheads,) we all scratched out our limits of pins and teal. Pretty slow for an opener. It's going to get better! Anybody hunt Barrett?
  357. One Track


    Nice buck!!! Now, on with the duck reports!
  358. One Track

    Call lanyards

    Uh oh. It's October. I hope they aren't all pink. Save the tatas!
  359. One Track

    Call lanyards

    I've ordered four. Get busy kid!
  360. One Track

    Tis the season...

    Heard dat!
  361. One Track

    Waterfowl Reservation Drawing Results

    Cool. See you guys at 3am in eight days! Nice to get out early, before the windows start backing up. Smudge: I found a sa-weet epoxy 9-0 Stewart. Good to go.
  362. One Track

    Call lanyards

    I'll take two!
  363. One Track

    Arizona Bighorn ? Area 16A

    Sounds like you all know how to glass. Should be a no-brainer for you. Once you glass up the first ram, you'll be all fired up. Scout a lot. Good luck. Post back with some pics!
  364. One Track

    Long Time no post....

    Yah. Me too. Jealous. That's the biggest buck I've ever seen in that unit. Wow! Nice bull as well!
  365. One Track

    Waterfowl Reservation Drawing Results

    Hunting on the number two at Wis.
  366. One Track

    Colorado Elk Hunting DIY

    You guys are killers! Great bulls! Congrats!
  367. One Track

    the elk hunt that almost wasn't

    That has to be one of the best hunts on record. Great story. Way to look adversity in the face and kick it in the ass! You guys are hardcore. The sinking feeling. The jubilation. All good stuff. And, you wrote that whole story without writing... " seemed like an hour but was...
  368. One Track

    Public hog hunting?

    Horses. You need horses to get in and out of that hell hole.
  369. One Track

    Pig Report - 5/23/13

    You need to blur out the background. You're showing everybody on the WWW where all my hotspots are. WTF.
  370. One Track

    Posting with a heavy heart

    Sorry Mike. Good memories last forever.
  371. One Track

    Kids and the East Cape

    Thanks for the ideas. I booked a villa a Villas de Cortez. Stoked. Now, I just need to book a boat for three days or four days. Should I go through Van Warmers, or other? Jen Wren looks great, but out of my league.
  372. One Track

    Getting Lucky

    Really impressive. Nice work!
  373. One Track

    Kids and the East Cape

    Thanks for the comeback. I'll check out the Villas. Might come down to price. Would love to fish off a Cabo 36. What is he charging? Seems like the hotel price on a cruiser is 5 hundo.
  374. One Track

    Kids and the East Cape

    Good stuff! Thanks. I'll follow up on all the info. Keep it coming. Thanks.
  375. One Track

    Kids and the East Cape

    Going to do our summer vacation in East Cape. I've been down there a dozen times, (with my buddies.) But, this trip will be with my wife and two daughters, 11 and 13. Which hotel do you think would be the best for the family? My thoughts: Palmas is too big. Too many drunk...
  376. One Track

    Boomer comes home

    No shit? That's a great idea! Nice work.
  377. One Track

    Snake Avoidance

    Just a heads up. Your dog probably could use a repeat Snake Avoidance Class. Just went for a walk with my 5 y/o lab. I walked up on him sniffing a rattlesnake. He wasn't more than two inches away for about five or ten seconds. No fear. Luckily, the snake didn't rattle or strike. He...
  378. One Track

    Rules on selling/giving mounted heads?

    Call L&O. I don't think you will get what it cost you to dip, ship, ship, ship and mount. But, some drug lord might pay a G for it.
  379. One Track

    Lost dog San Diego

    Carry on Amigo!
  380. One Track

    Lost dog San Diego

    Dang it man! Sorry Mark. What an incredible dog. I had no idea. That snow goose vid was awesome.
  381. One Track

    AZ Draw results are posted.

    Congrats! What unit? If it's a secret. No big. Just curious.
  382. One Track

    Oct deer

    No doubt. That's a great buck. Congrats!
  383. One Track

    Hunting GPS Maps

    I have the chip for AZ. Love it. Found out that I had been hunting some private property the year prior to getting the chip. Easy to use. Stick it in. Turn on the gps unit. Map loads up when you are in that state. Takes a few minutes to load. It's easy to get pissed off during that two...
  384. One Track

    Lost dog San Diego

    Oh crap man! Fingers crossed buddy.
  385. One Track

    if you could host one hunting TV show...

    Colorado Buck! I could grow my hair out, wear tight jeans, snake skin boots, and white sunglasses!
  386. One Track

    Back fromTejon

    Glad you finally made it up there. Once the roads dry up, you will figure out how to work the road system. Always best to hunt up from the road. Try not to shoot one 1000feet below a road. Either way, it's a blast. Great place.
  387. One Track

    Bacon over here please! BPD

    Nice cutters!
  388. One Track

    Youth hunt 2013

    Glad to see the kids whackin' some ducks! Nice band!
  389. One Track

    CA Applications

    Regarding the pig hunts, are you saying that you can only put in for one date?
  390. One Track

    Good ducks 1/19, better dog...

    Really good to see that!!! Nice work youz guys.
  391. One Track

    The frozen tundra of Arizona!

    Yah buddy! Nice pics. Great photographer.
  392. One Track

    AZ Muley Down!

    Holy crap! That's an amazing buck for the cactus country with a bow! Congrats!
  393. One Track

    First shotgun

    I went to buy a Nova and couldn't do it. I don't like the look or feel. Grabbed an 870 and it just felt right. I'm not saying that they aren't a good gun. It just didn't look or feel like something that I wanted to hunt with.
  394. One Track

    2013 Junior Hunt @ Falling Feathers Ranch

    Bryant: That's a nice offer.
  395. One Track

    Duck pr0n

    You should be. That's what makes this so fun. Sounds like you have an incredible huntin' buddy!
  396. One Track

    .243 Rifle

    Thanks for the heads up. Nice rifle.
  397. One Track


    Good time to hunt Henshaw!
  398. One Track

    Tejon- First pig hunt!

    Sean: The guy who did mine is no longer in the business. But, the guys at the Bow and Arrow Shop have a local contact. Swing by or give them a call.
  399. One Track

    Tejon- First pig hunt!

    Here you are Verm. Get the skull metalicized, bullet hole or not.
  400. One Track

    Late Oklahoma Thanksgiving Report

    That's about as cool as it gets to have three generations out hunting together.
  401. One Track

    Labrador Training

    I'm on dog #1. I let him get away with too much. He's awesome on the ducks. His instinct is incredible. His drive is incredible. But, I didn't require him to be perfectly obedient. I was too friendly. My next dog will be much more obedient. If you want a perfectly obedient dog, you will...
  402. One Track

    Late Nevada Bull Report

    Nice bull. Great job getting it done after taking a roll in the truck. Glad you are safe and healthy. Christmas dinner should be pretty awesome at your place.
  403. One Track

    Duck Report 12/5/12

    That's better than what you usually call me. Heck, you usually don't even call me. Feet down, that was a fun day. Thanks for the invite.
  404. One Track

    First Deer

    Outstanding work! Congrats to the stud hunter!
  405. One Track

    Wanted: Trailer for 17' Tracker

    Need a good trailer for my 17' Tracker. If you have a shitty boat on a good trailer, let me know. Thanks, Brent
  406. One Track

    .243 Rifle

    bump Still looking for a .243. Bolt.
  407. One Track

    .243 Rifle

    Paul: Looks great. I'll send a pm.
  408. One Track

    Guide duty

    Thanks man! I need to find a weekend on the kid's calendar that isn't all f'd up. (filled up.) Hopefully, it will be a good weekend for you. The Wednesday Wister run is killin' me. Is there an alternative to coffee, Skoal, and 5 Hour Energy?
  409. One Track

    Newest Edition To The Family

    Smokin' deal!
  410. One Track

    go about hunting pigs in cali?

    Tough state for public land pig hunting. Guided hunts are $600+ and you get to ride around in a truck until you shoot a pig. Not very exciting. The best bet for your money, and hunting pleasure is Tejon Ranch. Check out their website. The unguided hunts are the way to go. There are some...
  411. One Track

    Jeffs first

    Great buck! Nice hard work!
  412. One Track

    .243 Rifle

    Just checked the safe. Have some interesting guns to trade. A clean Model 12. LC Smith, 12ga. Dbl. Hammer. Damascus. Broken stock. Forehand Arms, 16ga, Side by Side, Damascus, Nice, Rare.
  413. One Track

    Guide duty

    Jerod looks like a man! Where is the time going? I miss hunting your club. It was so easy.
  414. One Track

    900.00 Off Duck Jacket

    That would be the ticket for the treestand in January.
  415. One Track

    .243 Rifle

    Looking for a .243 for my daughter. Bolt action. Clean. Straight shooter. Cash or trade.
  416. One Track

    Good karma

    Okay. Now I feel better. That might be the best buck killed south of the 8 this year.
  417. One Track

    Good karma

    No doubt! What a brute. Photos suck. But, that buck is a stud, which makes you a stud, so you don't have to worry about taking crappy kill photos.
  418. One Track

    Fucking Fedex

    No shit. That's a pain in the ass. And, I think FedEx lost those gloves you tried to send to me! Damn it man.
  419. One Track

    Good deals on ammo and scopes

    Dang it! I still need a nice .243 for my girls.
  420. One Track

    going in #28 at San Jacinto nov 3rd

    So, how did it go?
  421. One Track

    Ruger M77 7mm mag

    That's what a deer rifle is supposed to look like out west. Nice.
  422. One Track


    You are one lucky SOB! You will have a blast! To see several big rams in the bino is unreal.
  423. One Track

    Seasons done for us....

    Sorry. I meant for archery elk. 7W or 7E. I know 7W pretty well. Lots of elk, but don't pass on a 300" bull. Learned that the hard way. I think there are too many roads in 7w. Too many quads and trucks running around. Thinking in 7E I could spike out and get away from the noise. Again...
  424. One Track

    Seasons done for us....

    Great pics. I can't think of anything better than hunting with your kids. And, you've got quite a Huntress on your hands. Pulling 65#. That's crazy. If you had to choose, would you put in for 7W or 7E archery?
  425. One Track

    The anti duck hunt

    Dude. Sweet. Bear?
  426. One Track

    How many wear snake boots?

    I have never worn them. But, I almost bought some after seeing three buzzers in about ten minute one day, in WY. Was struck in the tennis shoe when I was about 8 y/o. Had one hit my backpack while climbing rocks on a deer hunt. It stuck to the pack. Had to pull off the pack and not fall...
  427. One Track

    Lil light

    Nice work. Did Jerod make it out?
  428. One Track

    Camo Question

    I don't think it matters. Just don't move! And, like Smudge said, cover up all of your skin.
  429. One Track


    Congrats on your bow buck. Nothing quite compares!
  430. One Track

    Last hunt in X9a

  431. One Track


    Breathables! Cabelas.
  432. One Track

    Last hunt in X9a

    Good luck Mark! Smoke a gagger!
  433. One Track

    Barrett draw

    You must have been drawn #2. Limits of greenheads for sure.
  434. One Track

    Good spot to hunt in San Diego?

    Anthony: Make sure you have your tags, either A22 or D16. If you don't, go to the Fish and Game and ask them what you need. Get a map from the Ranger Station. Find public land near Mt. Laguna, and Palomar Mtn. That will put you in the trees where you can hang treestands or hunt from gound...
  435. One Track

    Fantasy Bucks in Idaho

    Incredible bucks. I have dreams about bucks like that! Looks like the southern part of the state, somewheres between Boise and Pocatello. Tough nut to draw for a NR.
  436. One Track

    1st Bow Buck.....A-22

    Very happy for you. Congrats Steve.
  437. One Track

    Opening Day Success

    Very nice buck. Congrats!
  438. One Track

    sd deer

  439. One Track

    Hot Can Caption Contest Ending September 6th, 2012

    •Certain floatation devices are designed to keep your Hot Cans above water and help you remain in a position which permits proper breathing.
  440. One Track

    Buck or Doe?

    I don't see a penis sheath. Must be a doe going in for some of those apples. I hope you're hunting in Julian.
  441. One Track

    Why I'm not hunting this year - Warning gross picture.

    Damn! Hope you heal quickly. Do your PT. Ask for massages.
  442. One Track

    Guess it's that time

    I'm chompin' at the bit! Can't wait!
  443. One Track

    Results are in for The Girls of Summer

    Finished 7th at Nationals!!!! We had a great run! Thanks to you guys that sent well-wishes and donations to help all the families make the trip to Spokane. It was a blast. The girls played incredibly well. Jade says, "Thanks!" And, said that she'll buy the next round of Hot...
  444. One Track

    Question for the brain trust...

    I'd wait for the last day before I burnt my elk tag on a predator. Hunting elk with the bow is as fun and challenging as it gets. Hope you have a great time.
  445. One Track

    Girls of Summer Update

    Thanks chuck. The Girls finished 7th! Had to play three games today. Ran out of gas. Thanks for the support!
  446. One Track

    Girls of Summer Update

    Girls are on a roll! 2-0 in bracket play. We face Los Alimitos sat at 9am. Tough team. But, we beat PQ today and they are awesome. Whoop whoop!
  447. One Track

    Dove opener suggestions

    Chuck: there is/was a campground a few miles north of palo verde on the river. I forget the name. I hunted all the fields around the campground. From there you can hunt the desert or around the ca side of cibola.
  448. One Track

    Update: Girls of Summer The link to the news coverage.
  449. One Track

    Update: Girls of Summer

    Just the local east county
  450. One Track

    Update: Girls of Summer

    You can see them on KUSI tomorrow morning at 8:45am. They were on KGTV News Wednesday at 6pm. I'll try to get a vid of that downloaded for you enthusiastic supports. Two more days and we are off to Nationals in Spokane. Thanks again for your help. Your contributions are going...
  451. One Track

    WTB Trailer for a 17' Tracker

    Need to replace the trailer for a 17' alum. Tracker. Needs to be a Tracker Trailstar or similar, in good condition. If you have a junker boat on a good trailer, let me know. Thanks, Brent
  452. One Track

    Mission Trails

    Before the fire that pushed through there 6 or 8 years ago, it held half of San Diego's deer herd. Glad to see they have made a great comeback.
  453. One Track

    Raffle Tickets: Girls are going to Nationals!

    Done. You guys are very generous and the girls, and especially their parents, appreciate your support! Check them out on Ch. 10 Wed, 6pm, Sports News.
  454. One Track

    Need a pair of boots?

    Those are my favorite boots! Too big.
  455. One Track

    Raffle Tickets: Girls are going to Nationals!

    Thanks. Incredible to go that far ever year. Maybe more than I could handle. Here's the latest pic of the girls.
  456. One Track

    Raffle Tickets: Girls are going to Nationals!

    Another BDer throws down! Thank you. You can follow The Girls of Summer on facebook. "East County 10U Gold All Stars 2012" Ch. 10 was filming our practice last night. Hoping that will air on Monday at 6pm. So far so good.....
  457. One Track

    Raffle Tickets: Girls are going to Nationals!

    Just an update: Girls are doing great. Thanks to the BD'ers that have helped out! The Girls are having a Carne Asada Dinner at our East County Field this Friday at 6pm. On Melody Lane one block west of Granite Hills Drive, in EC. $5 a plate!!! Homemade beans and the killer...
  458. One Track

    Raffle Tickets: Girls are going to Nationals!

    As posted previously, the Girls of Summer are going to represent East County, San Diego County, and the State of California in the ASA 10u Softball National Finals! Eleven girls going to Spokane, WA, July 30 - Aug 5. They are already working hard to raise funds for their travel...
  459. One Track

    The Girls of Summer

    Nope. I can't even apply for tags on time. Saw Glendora at state last weekend.
  460. One Track

    The Girls of Summer

    Not those kind of girls!!! These kind of girls.... I need to do some braggin' on the braggin' board. I've run out of people to text. So, you guys are next... Our girls are representin'!!!! Makin' East County proud! Our East County 10u All Stars finished 7th at State last...
  461. One Track

    Lost my best friend

    That blows! It's killin' me right now. I can only imagine what you guys are feeling. So sorry amigo. Brent
  462. One Track

    Freezer Update!

    Just wanted to send a huge Thanks to Pachodie and his dad for donating and delivering a great freezer to East County ASA. Brandon: You're a good man! Thanks Amigo! Now, this kid can enjoy her frozen Otter Pops after the game!
  463. One Track

    Box of trouble!

    Damn. I'd like to find a box like that under the tree this year!
  464. One Track

    We need a freezer!!!

    Will do. THANKS!!! You guys are cool.
  465. One Track

    We need a freezer!!!

    Yo: The freezer at my daughters softball league just took a dump. We need an upright freezer, in decent shape, for our snack bar. We're hosting a tournament (softball, not fishing,) this weekend. The snack bar lady is trippin'. Hoping that somebody might donate one to our league, East...
  466. One Track


    The freezer at my daughters softball league just took a dump. We need an upright freezer, in decent shape, for our snack bar. We're hosting a tournament (softball, not fishing,) this weekend. The snack bar lady is trippin'. Hoping that somebody might donate one to our league, East County...
  467. One Track

    We need a FREEZER!!!

    The freezer at my daughters softball league just took a dump. We need an upright freezer, in decent shape, for our snack bar. We're hosting a tournament (softball, not fishing,) this weekend. The snack bar lady is trippin'. Hoping that somebody might donate one to our league, East County...
  468. One Track

    Got my Wyoming elk mount back

    Love the ears! Nice bull. Great mount. Did Shea Homes let you use a Model House for the photo shoot? Or, do you actually live like that? Very tidy. Beautiful house.
  469. One Track

    Public land Jake!!

    Nice work man!!!
  470. One Track

    Arizona charge on my account! I think I know what that means!

    That's a great unit. Gotta hike up high and glass!
  471. One Track

    No lil red cup

  472. One Track

    My finished buffalo mount

    Perfect! Best I've ever seen.
  473. One Track

    An open appeal to CA Bowhunters

    Nice work Nate. I don't think CBH is sending out renewel applications. CBH can't expect everybody to remember to renew their memberships. Posts like these do help. But, need to get the renewel applications sent out when a membership expires. Just sayin'.
  474. One Track

    Prayers needed for Wounded Warrior

    Prayers sent!!!
  475. One Track

    Zoe at Falling Feathers jr. Hunt pic heavy.

    Whoop! Whoop! Awesome day for Zoe!!! That kid can shoot!
  476. One Track

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    Damn! Good job documenting everything for us. I'd be more than pissed off.
  477. One Track

    Wounded Warrior Hunt @ Falling Feathers Ranch

    Dang. I'm humbled. Nice work FF!
  478. One Track

    Falling Feathers Ranch 1st Annual

    Awesome! Makes me proud to know you guys!
  479. One Track

    New to Forum From Florida, Pic Heavy

    That's good livin' right there!
  480. One Track

    We suck

    I think those pintails put some kind of hex on you. They pass at 30 yds and you still don't shoot, thinking they will drop in to 20 yds. I do the same thing. Doooh!
  481. One Track

    anyone headed to AZ?

    It's a blast. Have fun. Jim: 33 is a good unit. More coues than muley's. Just glass up toward the yellow grass-covered hills, or in the rolling cactus-covered fingers.
  482. One Track

    I have a kids bow to donate

    That's the holiday spririt. Nice work.
  483. One Track

    Limit Yesterday

    Hell yah!!! That's a day to celebrate!
  484. One Track

    My new toy.....

    You shouldn't be without one. Before I bought a rangefinder, I had missed three deer, good muley bucks. Since getting my Bushnell Pro Scout, I have only missed four more bucks. I just suck. My rangefinder reads 35 yds, and I shoot my 50 pin. WTF??? I can only equate it to the same...
  485. One Track

    Mount Laguna today

    Bucks are headed to the desert.
  486. One Track

    New addition to the man cave

    Damn! That's a monster. Was there corn in his shit?
  487. One Track

    SD County youth turkey hunt poll

    Nice work. Done.
  488. One Track

    Oklahoma Thanksgiving Report

    Nice work. Glad to hear that Evan is ready to get out and do some hunting! Fun years ahead.
  489. One Track

    North Salton Sea Report with a special guest!

    Sa weeett!!! That Primos Roller Ball Whistle gets those honkers every time!!!
  490. One Track


    If the host of Flyway Highway uses one, I'm not. That guy is a kook!
  491. One Track

    Killin Shit 12/2 - 12-4

    Outstanding work!!!
  492. One Track

    Duck boat build....again

    Why do you even have a backyard?
  493. One Track

    5.5 more days!

    Holy Crap! He's a smoker! 168+
  494. One Track


    Its been bad for the last three yrs. Cans will come in january. Where did all the ringers go:
  495. One Track

    Question about kids and hunting

    Same here. Started shooting a bb gun in the backyard. Started shooting the old single shot 410 when I was about 7. Shoot a limit of dove when I was eight. Moved up to my mom's shortened stock Montgomery Wards 12 ga. at 10 yrds. (Still have it.) My girls are 10 and 12. Started them at 5 or 6...
  496. One Track

    Back from Texas

    Dang. I need to get out more. You guys are whacking critters all the time! Those bucks look like they are related. G3s are crazy.
  497. One Track

    1st hunt for Ducks

    Yah Buddy! That's going for it man. No pain no gain. Looks like all that self motivated PT is working. Glad to hear some ducks showed up.
  498. One Track

    Fifth annual father sun Texas hunt, 4th buck down.

    Sa weet!!!! That's a trip the kids will remember forever!
  499. One Track

    D16 2 deer in three days

    Outstanding work. Nice bucks. You guys are doing something right.
  500. One Track


    This is one of my favorite subjects. You can glass all day. At first light and last light, you will usually glass a bit quicker, than the middle of the day. You're looking for deer that are up feeding. Mornings, you are typically glassing south-facing slopes, where grass grows. Evenings...
  501. One Track

    Elk rifle in the ER, me...semi o.k.

    Hang in there. No pain, no gain. Glad you are okay.
  502. One Track

    Two Firsts and my own

    That's gettin' in done in San Diego! Nice work.
  503. One Track

    No dink...D16!

    Congrats! Great buck. Well earned. Binos, tripods, boots, sweat, grit....thats how you do it man! Perfect execution.
  504. One Track

    Breck Dickinson Taxidermy

    I concure. He did a bobcat for me that is killer!!! Great guy.
  505. One Track

    What duck is this???????

    I was thinking hen golden buffle eye.
  506. One Track

    couple quackers

    I gotta move!
  507. One Track

    Decent duck hunting!

    Decent opener for a #80 at Wister. Limits for four guys on Saturday. Sunday was typical. 2 birds for three guys + a nice gad for my daughter.
  508. One Track

    Put 1 in the dirt...

    Great buck. Nice job. Looks very healthy.
  509. One Track

    4 more wake ups

    That's the spirit. Nice job Wiggy and Marcus. Jared gonna shoot some greenheads. Wait a minute! Is that why you guys uninvited me to hunt the opener? WTF???
  510. One Track

    4 more wake ups

  511. One Track

    Looking for a lightweight scouting pack

    Are you going to be hauling a tripod and 15s? Are you scouting over night for multiple days? If you are a looking for a one day pack, you gotta go with a fanny pack style, like the Black's Creek. But, if you are humpin a tripod, you may as well go with a pack that will also pack meat.
  512. One Track

    Wister Help

    What numbers did you draw for Sunday and Wed?
  513. One Track

    SBE I or II, or an M2

    All good info. I was shooting an 1187 that I've had for twenty years. I loved that gun. But, it only made it through three years of duck hunting. Too much oil. Not enough. Rust. Whatever. I've had it worked over too many times. Every season, I'm down to a single shot by January...
  514. One Track

    10-22 Duck opener

    Carl: You shouldn't have made fun of my 11-87. Plus, who wants to shoot teal on the opener, when you can shoot mallard all over the valley? With an 80, we won't even see a greenhead.
  515. One Track

    10-22 Duck opener

    80 for wister.
  516. One Track

    SBE I or II, or an M2

    I threw down on a used sbeII. Stoked. Found it by calling gun shops and pawn shops. Great price. It's almost perfect. Hoping it's not a single shot.
  517. One Track

    Used SBE I or II, or M2

    I found one. I'm good.
  518. One Track

    SBE I or II, or an M2

    Heard dat.
  519. One Track

    SBE I or II, or an M2

    I'm looking to buy a used one now. I put up an add in the Classifieds. Time is ticking. Cash is burning a hole in a pocket.
  520. One Track

    Used SBE I or II, or M2

    I'm looking for an SBE or M2 in great condition. 28", camo or black. Have cash. Will travel. Needs to happen quickly, like yesterday. Brent
  521. One Track


    How's it going Mike? Should we rent a camo scissorlift for you? Let me know if you need anything.
  522. One Track

    ready, ready

    Honk. Honk. Honk. Boom. Boom. Boom.
  523. One Track

    Waterfowl report for those of you jonesing

    Looks like you're having a great time Stef. Nice work. Thanks for posting the pics.
  524. One Track

    Busted our asses in Colorado for 11 days

    Great bull and a serious smoker of a muley buck. Nice work.
  525. One Track

    Four new killers!!!

    Super cool. I might be in the market in about four years. Keep at it.
  526. One Track

    Couple of new additions to the trophy room

    Damn. Nice work. You're going to need a bigger house, or another room addition!
  527. One Track

    need some help ASAP please

    Was it a vertical crack?
  528. One Track

    Hunting blinds - question

    Get a big one. Can't go wrong with the Double Bull 360. Just need to make sure your face is blacked out, and the rear windows are shut. You don't want to be backlit and you don't want your face to show up against the black background.
  529. One Track

    pronghorn buck down

    Congrats on a bow lope!
  530. One Track

    Colorado Archery Elk Hunt 2011

    Sounds like you guys are pumped for next year. Nice work on the recon. Chasing elk is better than having..........
  531. One Track

    mullies or whitail? location suggestions...time to start researching

    Wyoming antelope are a good source of fun for a group of buddies. Fly to Denver, rent a truck, drive to WY, stay in a motel, hunt every day. Lopes are easy to find and easy to kill with a rifle. Good times.
  532. One Track

    proud dad

    That's as cool as it gets. Nice job. I still remember my first season when I was 8 years old. We never forget being out there with our dads!
  533. One Track

    A-22 Opener 9/3

    Just hitting a deer is a huge accomplishment. Great report. Sounds like Jared is coming of age the right way. I don't like fasemasks either. Use some black camo paint.
  534. One Track

    Blacks Creek Western pack

    Damn. That's a smokin' deal. I'm covered on packs. But, if anybody is looking for the ultimate day pack, this is it. I have a Black Creeks pack and it is awesome.
  535. One Track

    little bearkillers 2nd mentored youth bear (oregon)

    That's awesome. Nothing better than to see kids out hunting. Bringin' 'em up right. Great pics. Congrats to the guide and the shooter.
  536. One Track

    Couple weeks...

    Will do. Looks like the Jr. deer tags are easy to draw (and cheap.) We're 100% so far.
  537. One Track

    Kids camo

    Just drop it off at my house. Just kidding man! I'll swing by after work. Miller Lite? Bud Light? Pacifico?
  538. One Track

    Couple weeks...

    Good luck Mike! Leaving for CO on Aug. 25th to go whack one of these with the bow!!! Booooiiiiiiiiiiing!!!
  539. One Track


    Yah, biblical nut sweat is for kooks.
  540. One Track

    Taxidermists - Nor Cal

    Did you kill something up there? Or, are you just doing your positive affirmations and visualizations? Where's Part III?
  541. One Track


    For hunting or fishing? If duck hunting in so cal, you don't want neopreme. Gotta go with the breathables, with built in boot. If you're standing in the water in January, neopreme would be nice. But, just sayin'. Gotta go with the breathables.
  542. One Track

    what do u guys pack?

    Yah really. Add a tripod and 15s and your up to 30 lbs just for a day hunt.
  543. One Track

    what do u guys pack?

    Ever try to wipe your ass with a space blanket? TP or wipes in a ziplock. Iodine pills. Emergency water in a Nalgene qt. bottle. Camelback bladder will pop or break, especially if you are sitting on your pack while glassing. Note to self. Extra can of dip, just in case I get...
  544. One Track

    how much difference in scope MM

    Can't go wrong with a Leo VXII 3-9x40. I have three of them. Never let me down. Never fogged. Never wasn't bright enough. Lifetime warranty. Easy decision. I don't see a big diff. moving up to a VXIII.
  545. One Track

    how much difference in scope MM

    If you wear a Fedora and a safari vest, than you should get a 50mm. If not, then 40mm is perfect.
  546. One Track

    Am I the only one excited for Sept. 1st?

    Yah Booiiiiy! Two weeks and change! Nice shotgun!
  547. One Track

    Am I the only one excited for Sept. 1st?

    Am I the only one excited about August 25th?
  548. One Track

    Broadhead target

    Actually, that 3d buck target is a Rhinehart, not a Glendale.
  549. One Track

    Broadhead target

    I'm without one right now as well. The cheap ones, like Yellowjackets, suck. They fall apart if you leave them out in the sun, or if you shoot a lot. I have yet to buy an expensive quality broadhead target. Bruce has a Glendale Buck 3d target for $145. That's a smokin' deal on a Glendale.
  550. One Track

    watch out at night

    That's a dink bull.
  551. One Track

    Guinea Pigs and Black Labs

    I know huh? Crazy shit man. Crazy shit.
  552. One Track

    Guinea Pigs and Black Labs

    No. I'm surprised he didn't. He does that with rats and rabbits. Ducks? Most of the time.
  553. One Track

    Guinea Pigs and Black Labs

    We had these critters for approx. 24 hours. Did the adoption thing through the rescue people. The critters were a 1 year mom and her 1 month old daughter. Damn cute critters I must say. From the time we brought them in the house, Duke didn't sleep. He wanted them bad. I was going to give...
  554. One Track

    Guinea Pigs and Black Labs

    Bill: I knew that would (or should) be the first reply. Nicely done. Crying was less than I anticipated. Jade, the youngest one, just looked at me and asked, "Can we try a turtle?" Classic.
  555. One Track

    Guinea Pigs and Black Labs

    They don't mix well.
  556. One Track

    Anybody want

    Well why didn't you say so.......!
  557. One Track

    Anybody want

    Hard to pass up an offer like that.
  558. One Track

    Draw Results in for AZ Deer

    Awesome. Good luck. I'm surprised you've seen elk in that area. They do all they can to keep them out. The AZGFD will dispatch an elk on site, so I've been told.
  559. One Track

    Draw Results in for AZ Deer

    Kaibab? Congrats! Bow or Rifle? East or West? Early or late? If you are going to kill a big buck, this is your year. If it's early, go scout hard. If it's the late hunt, scout for sheds.
  560. One Track

    Draw Results in for AZ Deer

    Whoop! Whoop! Both daughters drew deer tags! Points for me.
  561. One Track

    Knee Cartiledge

    Try some Vagisil.
  562. One Track

    One day too early!

    That sounds like a fuckin' rodeo. Nice work. Damn, I miss that shit.
  563. One Track


    That girl is the Huntress Warrior. Damn! That is, as we said back in the day, Totally Bitchen!!! Yah, good luck finding a guy that will live up to her standards.
  564. One Track

    2010 Duck Harvest

    13 a week is more like it! Whoop whoop!!! Bring it on!
  565. One Track

    Rent your 4x4 quad to me.

    Sweet. I think we're good.
  566. One Track

    Check it out

    Super cool. You guys make a good team. Incredible memories.
  567. One Track

    Rent your 4x4 quad to me.

    Thank you Ed! Buck Hunter: Thanks for the thought. We cashed in seven points to road hunt CO with our bows. Can you nock an arrow and still operate a quad? Clutch? Are crossbows legal in CO during archery season?
  568. One Track

    Rent your 4x4 quad to me.

    I'm looking for a 4x4 quad to rent, or buy cheap. Two weeks, late August. I have an out-of-state hunt where it would come in handy. However, I just don't want to buy another toy that will only get used five days a year. Therefore, renting YOURS is an option. Thought I'd run it up the...
  569. One Track

    My Bad Tempered Bull Story

    I think I stopped breathing a few times during that story. That's a monster bull. Congratulations! That's the way a hunt for dangerous game should be. It should be exhilirating, dangerous, scary, and emotional. You got it all in one hunt!
  570. One Track

    4x4 mule deer buck from mt. laguna

    That makes me want to dust off my bow.
  571. One Track

    CA results are up

    I wouldn't screw around with a videographer in your hip pocket. You gotta go in solo, wearing socks. Maybe, somebody could shoot video from a mile away. Might need a $10k lens for that. You could wear a helmet cam! Do those things beep when the batteriers are low???
  572. One Track

    Good Pair of Boots for Hunting/Backpacking/Hiking

    I'm a big fan of the Meindl Ibex for all-around hunting. But, if you are planning to pack exclusively, you might want the next step up on the stiff/mountaineering side. I think that would be the Alaska. Not sure.
  573. One Track

    Thank You!

    Awesome. Great to see you guys giving back. Sorry that I couldn't be there.
  574. One Track

    Best Camo for SoCal

  575. One Track

    New hunting buddy

    Right on Amigo. Glad to hear that you the Mrs. are still (were,) knockin' boots and shooting bullets. Beautiful baby girl. Walk in the park compared to your boys........up to about age 14 that is.
  576. One Track

    Happy Birthday DBAR

    Happy Birthday!!!
  577. One Track

    Pig Report

    Congrats!!! Fun to do it solo. Nice work!
  578. One Track

    Cody - Rest In Peace Buddy

    C:\Users\Brent\Pictures\Cody A damn good dog!!! Sorry brother man. Hang in there. I don't know how to spell cockaburr, but Cody could bring them home like no dog!
  579. One Track

    Hogs Gone Wild...

    It's hard to watch, and hard not to watch. Those guys are kooks. I have a feeling that the TV producers are not allowing them to use guns for the cameraman's safety. I wouldn't want to be around those dingdongs if they were carrying 44s on their hip. They have more money wrapped up...
  580. One Track


    Tejon Ranch. If you have never hunted for deer or hogs, a guided hunt would be a great idea. After seeing how it's done, you guys could do it yourself at Tejon Ranch. It's a blast camping and hunting on that ranch.
  581. One Track

    Anybody have experience with this outfitter?

    Both my kids took Doug's class. He is as cool as they come. He is like a modern day Jeremiah Johnson. Well said. He traps, runs dogs, does depredation hunts, and all the above. His pig hunt is for kids mostly. I think he only has a few acres that are fenced. So, it is a put and take...
  582. One Track

    anyone ever write a book?

    Books are expensive to produce. DVDs are cheap. That's why there are thousands of DVDs and only a few books. Times have changed. Most of us want to get our info or entertainment quicklike.
  583. One Track

    First blood!

    That's outstanding. That kid will be buggin' his dad every day now. "Dad, when are we going pig hunting again? Dad, can we go pig hunting this weekend? Dad? Dad? C'mon!!! Let's go kills hogs!"
  584. One Track

    Big Horn Canyon Ranch Pig Hunt 4/2/11

    Now, that is a serious outdoor adventure!!!
  585. One Track

    Well shit...

    Shit fire dude! Sell a few boats and hunt turkeys and yotes every day. Usually, it's the best thing that could ever happen to you. But, these days it just plain sucks.
  586. One Track

    Gobble GOBBLE!

    Nice fan! Congrats Mark!!!
  587. One Track

    Arizona draw results are in

    Thanks. When I told her that she drew an Elk Tag, she launched off the car seat, threw her phone across the cab of my truck, and hit her head on the window when the seatbelt got tight. She's stoked. I was happy to see that she was excited as I am. I'm thinking that all Jr. hunters...
  588. One Track

    Arizona draw results are in

  589. One Track

    Antelope Mount

  590. One Track

    Arizona draw results are in

    Dew: Congrats!!! Unit? Rifle? My 11 y/o daughter, Shayne, drew a cow elk tag for Unit 1. I'm stoked!!!! I blanked. Next....
  591. One Track

    A quick from the heart post....

    What an awesome way to honor your brother!
  592. One Track

    Colorado Application

    Ed: My standards have droppped considerably since we last climbed a mountain in AZ. I will never pass on a 300 bull again. Although CO has some monsters, I'm not going to pass up a 170 buck. Whoop. Whoop!!!! Shit, I can't wait.
  593. One Track

    My Daughter has...............

    Woo hoo! Zoe is a rock star! Congrats to you both.
  594. One Track

    Colorado Application

    And, that arrow will be tipped with a Slick Trick.
  595. One Track

    Placing a shot on Wild pig's brain?

    I shot a hog with a 7MM in the ear hole at 250. I thought I missed because it didn't even flinch. After about three seconds, it just tipped over. I'll never forget that shot. Good memory. BUT, shooting them in the shoulder and lungs is way mo betta. If you really want a challenge, shoot...
  596. One Track

    5th annual "Kill it and Grill it" party

    Damn. The food was over the top! Great to meet some new huntin' fools. Mike and Trish: Thank you for the hospitality!
  597. One Track

    Duck and/or Dogs Hands

    That was awesome. I loved how he marked the 2nd bird hitting the water.
  598. One Track

    Started on #2

  599. One Track

    Last duck trip..

    The little boy is growing up. He's starting to get that hardcore look! Nice boat!
  600. One Track

    Meet the new gun ship

    You're nucking futz. That's a badass ride. You could sell rides at the sandbar. Easy $500 a day. You're going to need a big machete.
  601. One Track

    While I was checking on my turkey spot

    Shit. That's the only thing you've ever posted where I was able to peel my eyes off your avatar.
  602. One Track

    Falling Feathers Ranch Youth Hunt

    Dr. Fowl: Did you receive my pm? Thanks.
  603. One Track

    When's the Wild Game Feast?

    You da man Slues. Thanks. I was hoping you were hosting again. I'd say leave it as is. Team 1 and 2 can meet at Peter Pipers.
  604. One Track

    First Rdrm8de now me

    Hoping for the best Mike.
  605. One Track

    When's the Wild Game Feast?

    I have a bunch of javelina Cajun Sausage. It's badass!
  606. One Track

    Just Devastated...........

    That's hard to hear. Hang in there. Hoping the best for Molly.
  607. One Track

    Hunting Dog Trainer Review - Raney Ranch Retrievers

    Thanks for the info. Great report and pix. My next lab will be going there.
  608. One Track

    Arizona buck

    Ed: Extremely awesome January AZ buck!!!! Congrats.
  609. One Track

    The wild within

    What channel or network?
  610. One Track

    Duck hunting sucks....

    Very very nice!
  611. One Track

    Tree Stand Pulling Day

    Good idea. Is the rumor true that the FS will remove stands?
  612. One Track

    Huntin' Boots - Quality

    Sold to the gentleman in the orange vest!
  613. One Track

    One More Shot

    Yah, don't feel bad. What's left of the wister birds are now decoy shy, call shy, and blind shy. You have to cover up completely, hide the dog, stop calling, and cut way back on the dekes.
  614. One Track

    "Lil Ducky" Boat build

    Damn! That is very cool!
  615. One Track

    One More Shot

    That was a great read. Congrats on a nice strap. I hope you get a chance to whack 'em big again. A #10 at SJ should put you on the X. It's amazing what we put ourselves through to kill a duck or two. I have many sanity checks sitting on a bucket at 2pm with one bird on the strap. But, it's...
  616. One Track

    Huntin' Boots

    Needs some quality boots? Go to the Classifieds and check 'em out....yo.
  617. One Track

    Huntin' Boots - Quality

    Cabelas Mountain Hunter Boots: 200 gram Thinsulate, GoreTex, double oil-tanned, full 6 1/2 oz. leather, Vibram Sole, lace strap. Not sure if they are a 10" or a 12" tall boot. If you measure from the top of the sole, they are 10", from the floor they are 11 3/4". I'm selling these for a...
  618. One Track

    Whackin' the patos for a quick limit

    Yes I do. If you don't tell me go...
  619. One Track

    Whackin' the patos for a quick limit

    Dude! Lake Hodges is not a legal hunting area. Kayak or not.
  620. One Track

    Wister Hunt-Jan.5th

    I put me and my two kids in for all Weds and Sats at San Jac and Wister, about $115 bucks. I've drawn 7 cards Shayne: 10 cards Jade: 1 card. Weird year.
  621. One Track

    What shells do you use for ducks & geese

    3" 2 or 3 for ducks 1 or 2 for snow geese bb's for big geese.
  622. One Track


    Holy backstraps Batman, looks like Hatchet is stacking up the protein. We should call him Uncle Hatchet. Nice teeth on the javy. Love that forkie!!! Shit.
  623. One Track

    Plans for 2011

    Might be time to cash in some WY points.
  624. One Track

    Wet Cold and Knee Deep San Jac 29th

    Nice work. Nice effort. I was there. I think my card stuck to the side of the sweatline bucket. We were among the last dozen guys standing around when they started pulling for re-fill. Breakfast at Harry's with other long-faced camo clad rejects. Oh well. Sounds like we didn't miss too...
  625. One Track

    2 days in Baja

    Holy Mackeral Andy!!! Nice tailgate. What kind of dog do you have there?
  626. One Track

    FT Hunter Liggett

    It don't get no better than that. The young bucks whackin' a monster bull, bringing home the steaks. That's awesome. Yah, he better save you some backstrap.
  627. One Track

    Christmas Eve Diego Buck

    That's a stud of a forkie. That story is truly the epitome of determination. To get knocked down, and get back up again is what this kill is all about. Nice work from the start of the season to the end, you perservered and did it! Congratulations!
  628. One Track

    Bino's ?

    Glassing is cool. Tripods are a must. Good glass is awesome. Buy the best that you can afford, starting with Swaro, Zeiss, and Leica. After that, Minox, Nikon, Leupold, and Cabelas Euro.
  629. One Track

    New to Bowhunting

    Joe: Have you started shooting any 3D events? If not, that's where you will run into some other hunters, and put names to faces. The 3d shoots are fun! They are not intimidating at all. You aren't being judged. You just show up, cruise around the course, and shoot at 3d targets. It's...
  630. One Track

    New Line Of Camo Clothing...

  631. One Track

    Northern California Goose Hunt - 12/18 - 12/19

    Cool shit. Glad you scored on Sunday. That would have been a shitass drive home.
  632. One Track


    If you like to stay nocked and ready, you should try the glommit. You can keep your release on the loop and still use the mitt. It works. You can wear liners under the glommits as well. All the other bullshit gortex thinsulate camo gloves suck. The liner gets all jacked up and you can't...
  633. One Track

    New AZ bighorn muzzleloader record

    That IS it's true size. The men are just backing up to make themselves looks smaller. I don't think that's the effect that they were shooting for. It's just hard to fit three guys and a sheep in one photo, especially when clinging to the side of an avalanche. It's all about the curl and...
  634. One Track


    I have always used the cheapo wool glommits, $19.99. Sometimes you can find them at 7/11 for $9.99. They have always kept my hands warm, especially when I keep them shooved down my pants. They get wet, but retain the heat. Flip of the mitten when a deer shows up or you have to pick you nose.
  635. One Track

    New AZ bighorn muzzleloader record

    That is the ultimate. What a smoker! Kofa?
  636. One Track

    Duck Hunting WA - Young Guns Tame Cornfed Greenheads

    Dang. They'll have their own TV show in the next few years if they keep that up. Those are great photos. As a father, I can't think of anything better than a day like that. From the pond to the table. Raisin' 'em right! Very cool.
  637. One Track

    Local Bag

    Dang. That's a productive hunt for a 45 min drive!!! Nice work.
  638. One Track

    SanJac 12.18.10

    Nicely done. Nothing better than hunting in the elements, and getting paid off with a nice strap. I think the harsh weather makes hunting more fun.
  639. One Track

    How mad should I be

    Well, that sucks major cock. Hey, that would be a good name for you. Major Cock. You better sell some of your treestands and buy her a new dishwasher for Christmas.
  640. One Track

    M6 hurry UP!

    Good luck. Think high desert.
  641. One Track

    Hey, what are you doing there?

    Very very cool, the videographer that is. One swipe and his foot was gone. Cool video. Bears are cool.
  642. One Track

    Bowhunters: Must see!

    Sounds like a winner! The first three beers are free? I'm there. Tell Ed he owes me five beers or the $20 he lost on the Charger vs. Denver game. Are you guys all booking rooms for Sat night? Are there any VIP Parties to crash? Will Michelle Eichler be there? Who's bringing their wife...
  643. One Track

    Spoiled meat?

    I've eaten things that smelled worse.
  644. One Track

    Great Weekend

    Wow! Now that's what we've been waiting for. Congrats to Jared!!! Nothing better than that, period. Looks like the club just south of Hazard.
  645. One Track

    Texas 2010 - What a great state!

    Dude; You whacked some critters. Did you let anything walk? Who needs to go to Africa, when TX is so close?
  646. One Track

    San Jac Massacre

    That's a great day of hunting. Great that you get those boys out there for some serious fun with Dad. Congrats!
  647. One Track

    Fiocchi, Benelli & Zoe

    Just saw this. Nice strap!!! You gotta love it when your dog gets to work. I swear, when he's happy, I'm happy.
  648. One Track

    Daughter's First Snow Goose, and mine too.

    I think she'll be ready for bowhunting next year. She's shooting her bow at 32 lbs. Need to bump her up to 40 lbs. But, we rarely have time to practice in the daylight. I need a lighted shooting range, and a batting cage. Hmmmm.
  649. One Track

    Texas carnage (more pics and story added)

    Shit. That looks like an epic trip. Great whitetail. You are stacking them up amigo. Great that you had your pops with you as well. That had to be one of the best trips of his life.
  650. One Track

    Daughter's First Snow Goose, and mine too.

    Perfect! Thank you! Sounds great. Yah, Shayne has filled the freezer for us. Let me know if I'm going overboard in bragging about my daughter. I hate it when guys get carried away. On second thought, fuck that.
  651. One Track

    Daughter's First Snow Goose, and mine too.

  652. One Track

    Daughter's First Snow Goose, and mine too.

    I put my girls in for some of the CWA Jr. Hunt Drawings. Shayne drew a hunt in the IV. (Yes, the same girl with the lucky horseshoe. She also had a 15 card for Wister yesterday.) We had a great day hunting private property, unguided. Ended with five snows, and four widg. Shayne folded her...
  653. One Track

    Big Horn Ranch Hog

    Very awesome that your kids out there having fun with their Pa. Great memories.
  654. One Track

    Check out what I scored

    That is a very cool looking pup! Well done.
  655. One Track

    Sittin in a tree in TX

    Congrats to your Pa.
  656. One Track

    Is there much difference in recoil between a 270 Win VS 7mm Rem Mag?

    I've shot a 30-06 and a 7mm mag for twenty years. The 7mm mag will punch you in the shoulder much more than the .270. But, no big deal. Kinda like shooting 3 1/2" 12 ga Heavy Shot. It's not a big deal. Go for it. Great caliber.
  657. One Track

    Jim da Butcher - Two thumbs up!!!

    We took my daughter's buck and javelina to Jim. I like to process my own critters. However, I tweeked my back when hauling out the buck. Couldn't imagine working in the kitchen for eight hours. So, we went to Jim da Butcher. Six days later, we picked up a serious amount of perfectly...
  658. One Track

    Kill It & Grill It !!!! Venison Philly Cheese steak tonight!

    Hell yah! I could eat two of those! Just polished off some AZ venison sausage pasta cassarole.
  659. One Track

    First duck hunt..

    That's a great strap! Your photographer is insane. I have first crack at a used SBEII. You can have all the Novas. :-)
  660. One Track

    blue goose

    That's frickin' awesome. Congrats!
  661. One Track

    My recon in the Valley says.....

    Thanks. I've never seen it that good before. But, I had never been down to hazard.
  662. One Track

    Thanksgiving 2010 - Oklahoma Deer

    Shit fucker! You need to text me pics from the field. That's nutty. Nice work with the bow!!! That's a monster buck!
  663. One Track

    My recon in the Valley says.....

    It's true!
  664. One Track

    take a look

    I think you have to wear a fedora and write for Field and Stream if you want to put a 50mm scope on your rifle.
  665. One Track

    Big Buck

    Huge buck!!! That will make a layover in Denver seem like nothing!
  666. One Track

    Daughter's first deer hunt, plus javy

    Readers Digest Version: Borrowed a .243 from El Toro. Thank you. Daughter found a lucky horseshoe. Glassed up a buck at 800 yds. Daughter smoked the buck at 318. Daughter won a rifle. Glassed up javies at a mile. Daughter smoked javelina at 216 yds.
  667. One Track

    heart attack and grateful

    Happy Thanksgiving and here's to a speedy recovery!!!
  668. One Track

    Daughter's first deer hunt, plus javy

    Thank you very much for the kind words. This kind of stuff only happens once. So, I wrote a book…. You have to be 12 to hunt big game in CA. In AZ, you only have to be 10. I put Shayne, my 11 y/o, in for a Jr. deer tag and a Jr. javelina tag, in different units, same date in November...
  669. One Track

    Daughter's first deer hunt, plus javy

    Thanks amigos! Hatchet, you do know. Those little ladies can shoot. Killas!!!!
  670. One Track

    Daughter's first deer hunt, plus javy

    Pics. Story to follow. Best hunt of my lifetime.
  671. One Track

    Laguna shed horns

    I found one, a fork. According to Randy Botta, the local biologist, most of the deer head to the desert during the first good snow. I agree. I've hunted hard in January, years past, only to be frustrated. Though, I did miss a biggun on Jan 31.
  672. One Track

    Hand Cannon .44mag

    SOLD. Thanks to
  673. One Track

    10 Minute Delay on the 9th Hole

    I'd like to make a "hole in one."
  674. One Track

    Hand Cannon .44mag

    If I can find them, do we have a dealio? I'll start digging. I'm pretty sure that I do.
  675. One Track

    Hand Cannon .44mag

    Ruger .44 mag. New Model, Super Blackhawk. 4.5", S.S., #87-39717. Hogue grip. Looks brand new. Shot 100 rounds or less. Bought it for hog and bear back up. Got tired of humping it around. I'll throw in a hip holster. Priced to sell! $500. You pay transfer and shipping. Compare on...
  676. One Track

    Friday , az Deer

    That's a stud buck. Congrats. Desert?
  677. One Track

    D16 harvest

    Huge monster buck. This might be the best year for big bucks I've ever seen. It's starting to out-do the first two years that followed the fire.
  678. One Track

    Guiness record or just unprepared?

    Three miles is about right for San Diego bucks. My dad was old school. He was a framer. He was a stud. He could throw 150 lbs. over his shoulder and hump out a deer no problem. That's how I learned. But, nowadays, most of us are pencil pushing pussies. We can barely manage a 50 lb...
  679. One Track

    3x3 down

    That's a monster for San Diego.... Nice work.
  680. One Track

    D16 buck

    San Diego is a tough nut to crack. Congrats on your buck.
  681. One Track

    San Jacinto 11/3

    Tim: As of last Saturday, there were a dozen snows at Wister. Also, we saw a few specks. I'm sure over the next two weeks that number will explode. However, with this weather, they might hold out another week or two.
  682. One Track

    San Jacinto 11/3

    Reservation cards are numbered, 1 thru 50, or so. Your number dictates your turn to pick a blind. #1 is great. #10 is good. #50 sucks.
  683. One Track

    Observations on local bucks (archery only)

    Stand tree?
  684. One Track

    Go figure......

    Ain't that the way it goes?
  685. One Track

    San Jacinto 11/3

    Bummer! Did you have a good number, or sweat? I'm planning to go to SJ on Saturday on a #19.
  686. One Track

    WTT/WTB Your Benelli Semi for my .44Mag

    Don't have any of those. Would you sell the SBE? How much mula?
  687. One Track

    WTT/WTB Your Benelli Semi for my .44Mag

    I'm looking for a Benelli semi, M2 or SBE, 12ga. in excellent working condition. Camo or Black. If you've lost that loving feeling for waterfowl, I'll take that sweet gun you won at a DU dinner. I have a Ruger Super Blackhawk, .44mag, SS, 5.5" with black Hogue grips. It's beautiful. I...
  688. One Track

    Observations on local bucks (archery only)

    Was just looking for my Adventure Pass this morning, Beeootch!
  689. One Track

    Observations on local bucks (archery only)

    Absolutely correct. However, the biggest bucks I've seen up there were in August and January. I jumped a big 4x4 100 yds from the road and 50 yds from a family of snow sledders. That was January 31st, about six years ago. Missed him at 60 yards.
  690. One Track

    Halloween Buck

    That's a freak nasty giant!
  691. One Track

    Duck Smackin'

    Buggin' out in an hour. Hope it's better than last Wednesday.
  692. One Track

    A Little D-16 Luck!!

    Great looking buck. That's a trophy quality forky.
  693. One Track

    Monster in East County!!!

    That's an absolute pig, anywhere in this state. My Pa killed a few like that in an area that is now all park, of course.
  694. One Track

    Some Saturday Carnage

    Awesome. How did your place shoot on Wednesday? I hunted Wister and it was very quiet. I shot one gadwall drake for an all day hunt.
  695. One Track

    Recon's first hunt 10/22-23

    Cool dog. Long and lanky. He's going to be big. Nice work. Do you wear a life vest when you're in that pod?
  696. One Track

    Duck Hunting opener

    Sorry to hear about the mess at the check station. We got out early on a good number. We shot four limits of teal, with a few widg mixed in. I suck at picking blinds. I passed up a few good blinds that produced limits of big ducks. I had hopes of shooting a few specs where we went. We...
  697. One Track

    Another couple auctions for Recondoc242

    Nice job Nate.
  698. One Track

    **AUCTION**Duck Hunting on a private club to help ReconDoc242

    Classy. Classy. Classy. To the donor and all the bidders, WELL DONE!!!