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    Offshore Wide open Skipjack Light line (video)

    The ever elusive skip jack. Glad that someone figured out how to get them to bite. By far the most temperamental fish in the ocean.....
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    Offshore Stop crowding the sport boats! Grande report 8/31 & 9/1

    Dont want people getting too close to you? How bout not anchoring on top of the high spot creating a parking lot of anchored sporties. The fish were only directly on top the high spot last week and there were conservatively 60 sport boats anchored on it. This tactic has caused problems in the...
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    Sorry for the misleading headline but I promise its important. As I'm sure you're all aware, the greenies are trying to shut down our bluefin fishery that we all know has been nothing short of epic. There is only three days left to comment on the matter before it is too late. We remember what...
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    Offshore Dana to 181+dick move

    hahaha that's Dan Silvera. This just certified all claims I've heard through out the spearfishing community about that guy! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?! For the record, there are very few good spearfishermen that are this disrepectful. However, last week I did have a grady-white slide in on me...
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    Offshore Wahoo Report 9-26

    just about every wahoo has TWO of those parasites in their stomach. creepy looking fuckers
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    Hey man, Please change the subject title of your post from today or preferably take it down. I'm...

    Hey man, Please change the subject title of your post from today or preferably take it down. I'm asking because this is a very touchy bite and doesn't need 400 boats on top of it tomorrow. I was on the boat today and am hoping that you can understand from one fisherman to another...PLEASE
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    Nice yellowtail starting to show up in Cabo area

    pretty sure you got a small gulf there. Nice yellows though