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  1. windmillwilly

    Shot it so I gotta eat it.....

    Well for me the great coot debate is over,shot a couple at barrett on Sat breasted them out clean all the skin and fat off, little butter and garlic powder seared at high heat real quick and not bad at all,I would be real picky about where I would eat them from but not so bad over all.
  2. windmillwilly

    Lake barrett reservations?

    Has anybody heard anything about if or when the drawing for lake barrett duck season blind reservations is going to be held?
  3. windmillwilly

    Lake southerland tomorrow. ....

    Got the draw to hunt lake southerland tomorrow, hopefully the rain won't show and the birds will.this will be only the second day of hunting at the lake so Im felling optimistic, will post pics tomorrow or lie about why falure wasn't my fault
  4. windmillwilly

    most important question ever

    going out on 21/5 on the pac star tonight and i need to know....will the dehydrated bananas in my trail mix bring bad juju and curse the trip and all on board?