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    WTB two trout leadcore reel setups levelwind with or without line

    scubasteve2989 submitted a new listing: WTB two trout leadcore reel setups levelwind with or without line - WTB two trout leadcore reel setups levelwind with or without line Learn more about this listing...
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    Southern California WTB two trout leadcore reel setups levelwind with or without line

    Looking for two cheap level wind reels that can hold enough line to fish the sierras. If they already have lead line , and a line counter thats a bonus. Ideally I would want a shimano tr 200g daiwa 27lc or something equivalent
  3. scubasteve2989

    sold sold sold Gear cleanout sale popper jigs marlin lures lot for 150

    Cleaning out my garage and have this for sale for 160. 7 surface iron 5 heavys 3 poppers all with upgraded hooks and rings hoochie kit in box 2 rangers 1 yo zuri troller 6 marlin trolling lures 4 bottom fishing lures probably fullish at least 40 in each mustad 1/0 , 2/0 all in good shape if...
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    Looking for iron jigs

    support your local tackle shop
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    Super Seeker 10' Ulua

    If you are going to throw the plug with a spinning reel you need to wear a skirt when you cast for efficiency. Just get a tranx
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    Truline Octagon 6'6 blank and 6'6 finished rod and LM7 x2 green and black glass

    no clue on the built rods model. would have to remove the hypalon to figure that one out in the process of replying to everyone now. attached are pics of lm7 blanks. green one still has cork handle residue on handle section
  7. scubasteve2989

    Truline Octagon 6'6 blank and 6'6 finished rod and LM7 x2 green and black glass

    Truline 6'6 Octagon red glass blank with dynamo butt cap unsure of blank not written under the eva but it is a lighter rod prob 10-15 lb test - 80.00 Truline red glass finished rod has fuji sic guides eva handle and dynamo cap. unsure of model without removing grips . 15-20 lb rod. and 6'6 -...
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    NON - Smokers

    This is the pussification that has taken place on a larger scale in America trying to trickle down to the sportboats. Whats next....Mandatory hook and hands to the less fortunate? Never had an issue underway or fishing on a drift with people smoking near by lots of air moving through. If we...
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    MC Split tail slug

    i fish them weedless with the owner sled head or with a vmc boxer head non weedless. 1/2 ounce in both
  10. scubasteve2989

    Okuma Azores 80s reel and cedros surf csx 11' 2 piece mh rod

    Selling a combo i bought for cabo and used one trip maybe 3 times. Reel is in great shape loaded with 50lb braid. it is an okuma Azores 80s Rod is a csx-s-1102mh 11' mh rod. There are some surface paint scratches and wear from travel but it works fine only superficial. Has nice alps guides...
  11. scubasteve2989

    3 Jays Kennedy Fisher spinning rod 5500e br project rod 9 foot

    Needs tip and stripper guide is slightly bent but not bad . Would make a cool project re store rod. The butt is detachable with cork and good shape for the age. blank itself is over 7 feet before attached to handle so one could strip it and make a 7 foot rod. feels like about 25 pound rod to...
  12. scubasteve2989

    wts Super Seeker ulua factory rod 10' 93h-10' wtt for iphone SOLD SOLD SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Have a Super seeker ulua factory wrapped with the titanium turbo guides. model 93h-10' All guides solid. blank is solid. Some scratches and such from use but all in all ready to fish for years to come. will have pics up tomorrow . Just broke my phone and need to...
  13. scubasteve2989

    seeker black steel 270h-8

    Seeker black steel 270h 8 foot rod. This is a perfect rod for fishing 25 pound . Some rust under guides but functionally fine solid wraps. This is a model with the reel seat and hypalon. 120.00 - sold sold sold
  14. scubasteve2989

    Browsing the iron isle...

    14a have been around for a while. Ive had a few in my box for 6+ years that I purchased used. Currently what you see in stores is a re-release that they did in light and heavy.Just like how the 4/0 heavy is a re-release that they only decided to do in heavy. The 14a is a Jri 4 size or about the...
  15. scubasteve2989

    Phenix Double Duty Rod Suggestion...?

    Phenix 700xh calstar 700h or 7400h seeker 6470h . Nothing in 8' would work great for dropper loop / yoyo.
  16. scubasteve2989

    Starman 112

    For the low price of 299.99 he also has 3 Salas Oky's . 100 bucks a piece for the jig that never swims.
  17. scubasteve2989

    yellowtail size????

    They've been around the islands the last couple weeks. It wasn't good fishing unless you like rockfish. Nothing to do with a passport. The boats follow the fish.
  18. scubasteve2989

    Daiwa BG spool bearing sizes?

    I cut a notch in a pair of needle nose vise grips to do spool pins. there are other pliers that close and open parallel that are great to modify think those are known as jewelers pliers. I used the same pair for bass reels as well as my salt reels.
  19. scubasteve2989

    Seeker Blank Choice for Surface Iron...?

    If glass is the way you choose to go, that 90f is a great rod for 9' surface iron. I l prefer it to the calstar 90j, However, with that size reel especially with braid Id go more towards a lighter composite setup. I just see the 400 ish size reels as fun setups for shorter cast light in hand...
  20. scubasteve2989

    Sport boat records ?

    There are several records that would be interesting to have on sport boats. -Most hash marks on the beer list. -most complaints -most birdnests
  21. scubasteve2989

    20 Light Surface Jigs

    nice looking box there someone scored.
  22. scubasteve2989

    Jigs with Single Hooks vs Treble - do they swim different?

    different size hook such as a 4/0 vs 5/0 will change action as well as difference in brands. a single hook will definitely change the action. different size rings can change the action as well. like baller said braze new ones.
  23. scubasteve2989

    Surface Iron Confusion...?

    I like to fish the yoyo surface iron. I cast out and get a backlash. Then as Im picking the backlash out It sinks out. retrieve at the same cadence as the song Thriller by Michael Jackson. Very effective.
  24. scubasteve2989

    Sabre Nypoxy Chocolate glass feels like 196 / 270 7'

    Sabre Nypoxy Chocolate glass. 7' rod. Feels like a 270 or 196 but does not have the blank number. It says it was custom wrapped by Ce's custom rods. It has some flaking finish but blank guides and wraps are in good shape and no issues with the reel seat or grips. Would make a great live bait...
  25. scubasteve2989

    Penn 30sw 30tw 50tw international II (Cals 2 speed conversions )

    Now I just had to take some time out of rigging poppers to prove myself and the guy I am selling the reels for to not be a liar. picture of the 30tw attached ht-100 drags blue printed for 100. You really are an impatient prick old man troll.
  26. scubasteve2989

    Penn 30sw 30tw 50tw international II (Cals 2 speed conversions )

    There is no sellers remorse. Im a busy person and work 40 plus hours a week. When I'm not working I am fishing. The fishing has been epic lately and I have caught fish in local waters that I only dreamed of. I am not retired and do not have time to sit around and stare at a computer all day...
  27. scubasteve2989

    Mission Bay or SD Bay?

    The big bay is where its at lately lots of corvina small cuda etc. hardbaits like lucky crafts imas and such have been killing it too
  28. scubasteve2989

    Penn 30sw 30tw 50tw international II (Cals 2 speed conversions )

    Final call on these quality reels before they go on ebay.
  29. scubasteve2989

    5 Shimano Triton trolling reels (cals 2 speed) excellent shape 50w 50 30

    This is the final calling before they go to Ebay. These are really nice
  30. scubasteve2989

    Jig Bucket Hanger

    flexible tubing then drill holes to mount and holes for jigs.
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    5 Shimano Triton trolling reels (cals 2 speed) excellent shape 50w 50 30

    bump..... new prices 155 155 140 for the 50w 50 and 30
  32. scubasteve2989

    Long range tackle set mostly wahoo oriented lots o stuff

    80 bucks. Someone is going to be really happy with this
  33. scubasteve2989

    Long range tackle set mostly wahoo oriented lots o stuff

    Still available , price now 100 bucks for everything
  34. scubasteve2989

    Penn 30sw 30tw 50tw international II (Cals 2 speed conversions )

    Price lowered to $320 for the 50w $280 for the sw and $300 for the tw.
  35. scubasteve2989

    Newell reels for sale g235 g338 g447

    235 still for sale I can ship if needed. Lowered price of g235 to $110.00 This reel is in really good shape
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    5 Shimano Triton trolling reels (cals 2 speed) excellent shape 50w 50 30

    Still for sale You huhiSent from my iPhone using TapatalkiyukkmkkmmmykjkulmllkmlkhkIiokmkI
  37. scubasteve2989

    Newell reels for sale g235 g338 g447

    447 and 338 sold You huhiSent from my iPhone using TapatalkiyukkmkkmmmykjkulmllkmlkhkIiokmkI
  38. scubasteve2989

    Long range tackle set mostly wahoo oriented lots o stuff

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOld This is some gear from a buddy getting out of fishing. Lets get this gear into someones hands that will use it. There is enough to share with buddies as well. some. -40+ bait hook rigs . mostly wired up wahoo bait rigs and most unused. - 15 brand new bombs - -18 heavy...
  39. scubasteve2989

    Newell reels for sale g235 g338 g447

    Reels are well taken care of. All in good shape and operate well. Selling for a buddy who meticulously took care of his gear. If you are looking for a classic reel that wasn't abused then this is for you. If you want additional pictures , or have any other questions let me know Newell 447 -...
  40. scubasteve2989

    Penn 30sw 30tw 50tw international II (Cals 2 speed conversions )

    Penn international II 50tw converted to a 2 speed by cal with aftermarket clamp and 600 yards braid- $300.00 Penn International II 30 sw 2 speed 600 yards 135 braid handle slightly bent aftermarket clamp- $250.00 Penn international II 30 TW cal 2 speed conversion aftermarket clamp 600 yards 135...
  41. scubasteve2989

    5 Shimano Triton trolling reels (cals 2 speed) excellent shape 50w 50 30

    Selling these reels for a friend. All have had bearings and sleeves done by cals 2 speed at one time. All reels were originally single speed, but then converted to 2 speed. All but one has a upgraded offset aluminum handle. The owner of reels is a long time long range fisherman and really took...
  42. scubasteve2989

    Big Bear Lake - April 2016 Summary

    Way to go. Been years since i've trolled around up there , but I still have all my leadcore and troll baits. Might be time to dust them off and fish next time I go up. It was always the cd3 being the most productive bait for me followed by purple needlefish with the red little trailing plastic...
  43. scubasteve2989

    Looking for info on harnell jigsticks

    try an Sj100 , cui , eglass ulua, or any other glass rod you can get ahold of for a quarter of the price if you want something similar. Not going to discredit the old harnells, but glass doesnt get better with age like wine.
  44. scubasteve2989

    All of Us Hooked Up on Yellows...

    I think the whole idea is to keep people away from using the site as free advertising for direct financial gain. Very nice job on the site. The layout of recipes for different fish is awesome. I bookmarked it . Nice work out there guys.
  45. scubasteve2989

    Older glass jig stick 9'1 Roddy Silaflex or ?

    Sold You huhiSent from my iPhone using TapatalkiyukkmkkmmmykjkulmllkmlkhkIiokmkI
  46. scubasteve2989

    Older glass jig stick 9'1 Roddy Silaflex or ?

    Unknown blank but looks to be either a Roddy or a Silaflex. 9'1 in length. It is on the stiffer side in the tip and is heavy in weight. Could have been cut from a 10 foot blank. Has new grip and butt. Ive yet to fish it and am looking to fund a different rod Im getting built. Sold sold sold sold...
  47. scubasteve2989


    It takes 20 seconds to look and see that all you do is buy sell and trade. I just pointed something out thats all. Other commercial accounts provide a lot more to the fishing community as far as tip etc.
  48. scubasteve2989


    Your whole existence on this site has been only for buying selling and trading. I personally believe you are for profit , and should be considered as a commercial have a track record why not post a report or some tips.
  49. scubasteve2989

    Accurate 4:1 gears, for 4/0

    I think there will be plenty of interest in them. Yoyo time right now, and Im sure you can find someone wanting to hot rod their old 4/0.
  50. scubasteve2989

    San Diego - Mission Bay advice

    Ski beach can be good as well as Mission point. The weedline in some areas close to shore can be pesky and being just outside of them in a yak or boat can give you a huge advantage. I fish a lot of 3-4 inch swimbaits and small slugs.
  51. scubasteve2989

    Super Seeker 6480 8'

    He was looking for a rod.....6 years ago
  52. scubasteve2989

    Another jigstick

    A glass ulua 93-10 or SS would be a good addition to the 7x blank. The 7x is a little light in my opinion for a rod dedicated for throwing the 7x. When you are talking about a rod that throws certain jigs remember that a 112 or 7x tend to be heavier than a 45. An ss ulua is ok for 7xs 112s...
  53. scubasteve2989

    would you go all Talica II or have some Trinidad in the mix.

    Id really only have 1 tac 10 for 30lb . a 12 for 40 . 16 for 50 . 20 for 60-80 . Then a Trinidad 16 for 20-25 , and a 20 for 40lb jigs.
  54. scubasteve2989

    Braid to fluro connection? From the bass guys?

    On top of that it is twice as bulky. Someone has to be the guiding light in what is RIGHT vs what is someones opinion. RP , Tony pena , and Bob Sands are all better choices that fit the application far better than the uni to uni. Thee is right and there is wrong then there is a grey area. Uni to...
  55. scubasteve2989

    Braid to fluro connection? From the bass guys?

    My results don't vary. There is a better mouse trap . You won't find a single reputable shop tying a back to back uni / double uni. I can have an rp tied and trimmed in 20 seconds and guarantee it will fail at a higher pound test than a uni uni .
  56. scubasteve2989

    Braid to fluro connection? From the bass guys?

    When you have two lines of unequal diameters this knot isnt the best choice. The spectra will dig in too much. With bass in mind , you could be fishing 60lb flouro at cedros and not change that leader for hours after many fish. My choice is the rp .
  57. scubasteve2989

    Wahoo Spread

    Maruaders in black purple , tony the tiger , blue white etc with 3 foot 275 wire leaders. Zuker 3.5 in black purple or mean joe green. cowbells. Wired up xrap 30 in orange or gold.
  58. scubasteve2989

    When will the Shimano Talicas be replaced by something new?

    x ship is simply an extra pinion bearing. This isnt something that will improve a reel that already has very little handle binding . These reels handle salt better than any of the competitors and seem to have better torque and overall smoothness. They may be more in cost , but they are in...
  59. scubasteve2989

    For Trade : My best surface iron jigs

    Sorry guys not interested in gold trinis , or saltigas as straight across trades. These are harder to come by than your og bb deps ss, and those go for over 200 bucks every day of the week and twice on Sunday. This isnt someones duds for sale on the bay. You think this is a game?
  60. scubasteve2989

    For Trade : My best surface iron jigs

    no no no Im stating that a 4/0 will go for 40 bucks on ebay. Currently there are 4 for 180.00 starting price . This isn't someones best jig. Shit half of them look unfished. Im offering something that they aren't. Something you cant buy off the rack. We all know any of those reels can be bought...
  61. scubasteve2989

    For Trade : My best surface iron jigs

    With the current demand on ebay and other sources for old jigs, I figure its time for me to cash in. What im offering is my tried and tested irreplaceable blue bag pick of the litter jigs. You just simply can't get these. I figure a 4/0 on ebay is 40 bucks now. Im offering my best 4/0 with 3bf...
  62. scubasteve2989

    Thoughts on 6480?

    gg6480 is a composite rod. It is still a 30lb rod that shuts down faster. The seeker version 6480 is what I have and really like it makes a great seabass rod. The h is a 40lb rod. Im a bigger fan of the 6475 for a 40 lb rod by seeker, and an even bigger fan of the 80h by cousins.
  63. scubasteve2989

    Cousins V.S. Phenix

    I think cousins really nailed their new rods. I'm a fan of the deckhand style 80h and 80m . These rods have excellent pulling power and have a soft enough tip for casting . I've been fishing my 80h a lot lately with colt snipers. This is a company who understands tapers catered to west coast...
  64. scubasteve2989


    why would you cut 12 inches off the bottom of a 540. Seems silly to take a good 10 foot rod and butcher it. Why not just buy a 690j? Ive fished a cut 100j to 9.5 that was a great rod my guess was probably 3 inches off top and bottom, but 12 inches towards the bottom of an already whippy rod just...
  65. scubasteve2989

    Shimano New Trinidads Comparable to old TN40n?

    For twice the price you don't get twice the reel. The newer 113n / baja specials work plenty fine. The Fathom 40 or torque will do the job as well. There is not a tall reel available now by shimano that fits the application and its really not worth it to spend so much money on 40n. Buying a...
  66. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Jig Bag

    its too small of a market to make those bags for jig fisherman. Same reason there is no 40n or 40 size trinidad.
  67. scubasteve2989

    Must have 3 rigs for 5 day trolling gear

    a 5 day leaves lots of options. Id bring a 30 a 40 and maybe a straight braid with hollow 80 and leave yourself some options to fish 50-80 with wind ons. If money is not an issue then you should only be considering shimano. trinidad 16 talica 12 and tac 20 call it a day. Super seeker 670 , 6470...
  68. scubasteve2989

    wtb surface iron 45 4/0 7x etc

    Bump. Any retired pluggers looking to sell their jigs? I need to re vamp my stash
  69. scubasteve2989

    Rigging TRQ 25 N for Surface Iron

    You are compromising the strength of the knot connecting 50 braid to 40 mono. 65 lb braid is the better choice in this application.
  70. scubasteve2989

    Newell reels

    My 338 fits my ss ulua..... the screws dig into the x rap but it fits. It will fit the older e glass too. not sure about the other 3 series sizes.
  71. scubasteve2989

    wtb surface iron 45 4/0 7x etc

    I've contacted him and have bought some in the past . Looking for more , so who has some to part with?
  72. scubasteve2989

    BTG90J vs GF900H

    the btg will be slightly more parabolic and have a little better casting properties since it has a glass core tip to butt. Its like a 90j , with more lifting power. Im still a bigger fan of all glass on a jig rod and would rather do a cut 100j or 90j than either of those. I haven't tried...
  73. scubasteve2989

    Which rod to match up w/ Lexa 300

    couldnt agree more on this one. 808 is a classic all around great inshore taper for a variety of stuff. Helps that the cousins one is made by the originator. Im a big fan of those raze rods and their price .
  74. scubasteve2989

    Avet sx or new Shimano torium 16?

    there isnt really a huge learning curve with either . the mx or mxj is a good choice if you want to go avet. Those will have a little better capacity. Go play with them at a tackle shop and make a decision there.
  75. scubasteve2989

    wtb surface iron 45 4/0 7x etc

    Im looking to buy a bunch of older surface iron. Don't care if they need rings hooks etc. Mainly looking for tady 45's 4/0 , and salas 7x. Will consider baby 5x or candybars as well. willing to pay cash or trade for rods older penn reels etc. Can also trade heavy jigs , older collectible jigs ...
  76. scubasteve2989

    Avet sx or new Shimano torium 16?

    Avets have a heavy spool. The mc slows down freespool , and can never be turned off.with tuna fishing in mind I would steer away from the novelty small reel. The sx is fine for inshore applications with 20-25. The torium 16 is my choice, and will be ten fold better. With 200-250 yards of 65...
  77. scubasteve2989

    Rod for Torium 20 ?

    Im playing golf what club should I use for my next shot? 25-40 is a huge range. Thats 3 different rods for me. 30 lb seeker ss 6480h. 40 lb Ive been liking my cousins 80h . 25 is a 270h black steel. I think the best bang for the buck with quality in mind and a great warranty would be the...
  78. scubasteve2989

    Best jig rod

    How many of you regularly fish the jig? Im talking every stop.... catching plug bft yft and putting 2 digit numbers up with yt? When phenix comes out with a comparable product let me know but up until now that hasnt happened. Please put your free rod / blank sponsorship aside on this topic. The...
  79. scubasteve2989

    What is the best way to setup line on a surface iron rod and reel?

    I use a 3 inch leader spool flouro mono topshot of 80 lb. Hollow connected spliced to solid 40 lb solid braid.
  80. scubasteve2989

    870's question

    ive seen the exact same black steels with different line ratings. If you pulled on the rod and thought they were similar they probably were. Sometimes they change the ratings. The best way to judge a rod is by pulling on them dont trust the ratings they give its subjective look at phoenix for...
  81. scubasteve2989

    Bass knuckles idiots

    way too fast. If you are coming up when the birds are gone but just in time to see bait scales and no boils you are just in time.
  82. scubasteve2989

    Bass knuckles idiots

    Driving slow to a bird school is the best way to catch. When I see a bird school a ways away I like to motor up to it at about 5 knots. works every time.
  83. scubasteve2989

    Throwing frogs for calicos

    I mean as a novelty it might be cool , but the bait wont last long if it does work. My favorite bait if they are on the surface is a 7 inch mc weedless. Crank it right when it hits the water leaving the ripples. They explode on them some days.
  84. scubasteve2989

    Kencor Breakwater Magnaglas 7' All roller bw70lr 12-25

    This is an rare rod from Kencor. Would make a good calico bass stick while fishing chovies, or even a nice troller for trout . All light weight aftco rollers. Its in about 9/10 condion $100.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD
  85. scubasteve2989

    Koi-Eating Heron Needs a New Home

    No that's not the option. No need to put an awesome bird like that in the same category as a Sea lion. If someone owns 75 koi , they should do a better job of protecting them. My uncle recently went through a similar issue , and his solution was to build a deeper pond more suited for the fish...
  86. scubasteve2989

    Opinions on Phenix Rods?

    I have a phd-700xh custom that ive been pretty happy with. Just not happy enough to replace my Seekers or cal stars. My dad and I have several rods that can fish 40lb from 7-8 foot (seeker fl75 , ss6480h, the phd-700xh and lastly a cousins 80h) The Cjb 80h has been the nicest 40lb rod ive...
  87. scubasteve2989

    Saltist 30t

    About the same size as a torium 16. Paired with a 270h or 6480 I think you have one of the better affordable bait / jig setups around. That size reel is the standard 30lb reel size with around a 100 yd topshot in mind. Capacity is perfect. The 4.9 is great to crank em in with ease. The drag ...
  88. scubasteve2989

    Wtb Shimano Bluewave Jig bag

    I have an extra openwater 606 jig bag if anyone is interested. Similar design with tubes.
  89. scubasteve2989

    Kid friendly sportie

    Jason on the Dolphin is a stand up guy. He runs a great operation , and like others said there are kids fish free days. Very kid and family friendly boat . Smoking cursing and boys generally being boys just will be hard to avoid on a day and a half, and you would need to help him the entire...
  90. scubasteve2989


    The issue being that the default selection for the search engine is relevance and not most recent unless you change the settings.
  91. scubasteve2989

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    The shark pirate named 12/0 captain hook ankle
  92. scubasteve2989

    Seeker CLB804

    It looks cool, but i'm not sure how its feel comfort wise. That turks head behind the real seat may be a bit pesky . I like the concept , but I would have probably done a nub of foam in front of the seat and a bit of foam or cork behind the seat . Then do the chord wrap behind that.
  93. scubasteve2989

    WTB Surface Iron - Non Swimers

    If its going to roll ,spin, or pop out at every speed its getting sunk or trashed. You can't train a poor product. You can try different size rings , wire them up , whatever else you can thing of. You will not have a crap jig turn into a great jig. It costs too much money to fish, so why not...
  94. scubasteve2989

    Bitch/complaint to all you guys buying diesel trucks

    I think you haven't lifted it high enough until you have to remove the front driveshaft on your 4x4. The more chrome the better. Huge wheels with little tire sidewall is great as well.
  95. scubasteve2989

    WTB: Calstar GG 690 J or Sabre 690 J

    Sounds like a deal. I would guess he wouldn't call himself the sabre guy if he didn't have nice stuff. Any 540's ? Did they make longer nypoxys at 10' ?
  96. scubasteve2989

    Silaflex Magnum Marlin rod for sale

    Wow. That would look really good in some ones man cave.
  97. scubasteve2989

    Wtb Shimano Bluewave Jig bag

    That may be a solution for a longer trip, but seems a little bit overkill for shorter trips. Not only that, but it wouldn't be fair to set that that as well as a tackle bag in a prime spot. The smaller tube ones are compact and take up little room. I put my openwater 12 tube one inside my tackle...
  98. scubasteve2989

    shimano trinidad 16 gold drag question, won't tighten up???

    It could be the drag stack order, washer order, or lack of a washer . The bellvelles could be like this : (( instead of this () . Id suggest this site to check your process . If you have a spring scale test it. make sure not to loose the little spring or...
  99. scubasteve2989

    Wanted- Your old Snowboards

    Ill be in Big Bear this weekend again cruising around all the garage sales / fixing up the house. Ill keep you in mind.
  100. scubasteve2989

    Need some tech help

    if it has micro sd you may be able to transfer stored internal memory pictures to that. Then use a micro to usb adapter to see it on the computer. Some phones made you buy / use their media software to access phones on the computer.
  101. scubasteve2989

    Last nights swap meet find ( Schnabel orca 1,2,3 3n1 etc ) 11 total

    This sounds like a race that i'm destined to lose. If I find two of either one has your name on it.
  102. scubasteve2989

    tackle box for surface iron and more .. suggestions

    Did not realize that box was plastic. That would actually be pretty cool. drill some holes in the top bottom sides etc. The locking function on it is neat as well.
  103. scubasteve2989

    Bucket of jigs, feathers, Halcos, etc.....

    Its easy, but way to difficult for most on bd. The majority on here cant even use the search function for the forums.
  104. scubasteve2989

    Fishing rod white on white

    Seeker had some factory white rods. I know Jim T has been painting some rods lately that have turned out great. If you cant find a rod on here , the next (and better) option would be to pick a blank your friend would want and have a wrapper paint it.
  105. scubasteve2989

    What to do with Newell 338?

    There are some unanswered questions on the forums on here that you guys may be able to answer. Such as : whats the best lubricant when you wake up on a boat with your bunk mate stroking your hair
  106. scubasteve2989

    What to do with Newell 338?

    Not going to deny the dick part. I'm also so much of a dick that I catch fish well before you read about them and never post about it. The information is available. There is a site full of it. The same questions get posted 12 times a month. The search button solves redundancy. Rather than...
  107. scubasteve2989

    Irons for sale/trade

    Not sure on the age of those but definitely older than the last 8 years. The two outer ones have older mustad hooks instead of VMCs so im guessing they are older than 90s. Im not sure when they didnt do a non countersunk hole.
  108. scubasteve2989

    What to do with Newell 338?

    Ya no worries. Im just doing my little part. If people don't learn to do anything for themselves and constantly ask everyone else for help wed have our own version of America on the forum. Soon enough they'll be asking for more than just answers to repetitive questions. Theyll want EBT and an...
  109. scubasteve2989

    What to do with Newell 338?

    Its had the same use for 40 plus years. Why not look around and figure it out? it would have took less time than creating a post. I belong to other car repair forums , and it they stress exercising using the search button. Some posts are too redundant. The next question will be the benefits of...
  110. scubasteve2989

    LEXA 300 vs CURADO 300e

    Some of the push for the Abu Ive seen is by people that get their gear for free / sponsored somehow.
  111. scubasteve2989

    Braid Size for Fathom 25N?

    If you have 40 in mind do 65. The connection is better.
  112. scubasteve2989

    LEXA 300 vs CURADO 300e

    Ive had too many abu problems to recommend them. I like the idea of non disengaging level wind , this will prevent the line from stacking up on one side of the reel. I would get the Kommodo over the abu for that. With that said I have had my lexas for years and the only problems Ive had were...
  113. scubasteve2989

    Xtratuf Made in USA size 11 and 13 WTT for rod or reel or sell

    Ya I can ship. Let me PM you the exact measurements so we can determine its a 13.
  114. scubasteve2989

    WTB Older Daiwa Saltist 30T

    The finish on them is terrible and will flake / fall off easily. Don't let that be a deterrent. Great little real at the 4.9:1 . With Carbontex drag they will horse em in.
  115. scubasteve2989

    tackle box for surface iron and more .. suggestions

    Though some of those ideas are great, the better solutions are going to be slightly ventilated. With the Shimano / Openwater when you are done fishing just zip the top open wash all the jigs at once and it drains out the bottom. Hang up in the sun for a bit and you're done.
  116. scubasteve2989

    tackle box for surface iron and more .. suggestions

    I use the openwater one. 12 tubes and you can stack 2 7xs back to back in one tube if you wanted.
  117. scubasteve2989

    tackle box for surface iron and more .. suggestions

    Cant believe that bag sold for over 100 bucks
  118. scubasteve2989

    Popper, Jigs and Hooks

    I like the smaller size sashimi bull or the braid . The sashimi has a better weight to it than the braid crystal. If you go too light its harder to cast unless you have spinning gear. Hooks I couldnt just recommend 2
  119. scubasteve2989

    Daiwa Daiwa Lexa 400HS-P: Service Tutorial and Maintenance Tips

    Nice write up! vinegar works wonders. I use small wire wheels in steel and brass on my dremel to clean things up instead of steel wool. sometimes I use metal polish on a dremel bit but like John said thats probably overkill. I really liked the steel wool cleaner you had for the hole in the...
  120. scubasteve2989

    61 glasspar

    Looks like you still have a lot of wood to lay in "YOUR MOM" .
  121. scubasteve2989

    Something came in the mail today !

    I wish Darwinism would take effect on the human race for a year or two straight.
  122. scubasteve2989

    Rod care

    Do you hang the heavy pdq?
  123. scubasteve2989

    Rod care

    I start at the tip with jergens. Works great. In all seriousness , its a tool not a showpiece. Its going to fall off the rack, someones going to knock their gear into it. Just rinse it with a hose and call it a day. I have rods that still look fine with the original guides from my Dad and...
  124. scubasteve2989

    Shimano What application do you use your Tranx for?

    I don't own one but have used one for popping , surface iron and yoyo. Worked well for all three applications.
  125. scubasteve2989

    Light jig stick blank recommendations...

    He's right. Ask someone. The chances of you finding a guy with 2 jig sticks for different weight jigs is slim, but some guys are willing to let someone try their stuff out. I would absolutely let a guy try my stuff out....if he has some knowledge.....and I cut my jig off has to...
  126. scubasteve2989

    Light jig stick blank recommendations...

    If you are looking for a blank from the ground up your options are pretty open. The 690j as others have mentioned is going to be a very good choice. I fish a SJ100 and really like it up to about 45 size . my ulua is for bars and 7xs. Another option would be a CUI blank cut to be heavier in the...
  127. scubasteve2989

    Mxj raptor or jx 2speed

    Ive fished 60lb topshot on my lexa at cedros, fishing for bass. Everything is relative. That SX would not be an ideal choice fishing 40 plus due to capacity. But sure will handle it. Some people do it for novelty. The standard jx handles 40 perfectly with a 100 yard topshot. The short topshot...
  128. scubasteve2989

    Xtratuf Made in USA size 11 and 13 WTT for rod or reel or sell

    here are the 13s the small hole is pushed out with my thumb there is an eraser for comparison these are USA made as well.
  129. scubasteve2989

    Xtratuf Made in USA size 11 and 13 WTT for rod or reel or sell

    Price is 60.00 now. The peanut gallery won . Also have a similar pair of 13s or 14s not sure. My Dads edema in his lower leg doesnt work with Xtratufs. 1 small pin sized hole. These will be 50.00
  130. scubasteve2989

    Collector tuna or marlin lures

    Are you looking for "Collector" the brand or collector as in collectible such as Joe yee or other brands
  131. scubasteve2989

    Reel for Surface Iron

    Ill find some lighter jigs that will swim better on 30lb . Some jigs will work better wired up. Ive yet to see a jig swim better on spectra.
  132. scubasteve2989

    Salas 1x100

    Is it light or heavy. There was a 1x100 2x100 and I believe a 4x100. the 1 and 2 light are going to be bass sized jigs.
  133. scubasteve2989

    Bucket of jigs, feathers, Halcos, etc.....

    I can think of a million reasons. I have no problem shipping though. Its nice to meet local guys share some stories and some info that shouldn't end up on the internet. Who knows you may end up fishing with each other , buddy boating , sharing some #'s in the future etc. Maybe he wants to give a...
  134. scubasteve2989

    All around Baitcasting reel???

    Tony is right there is no to rule them all reel with fishing. A lexa 400 is nice for small surface iron, poppers , big plastics , and freshwater swimbaits. It is not ideal for smaller or lighter bass gear. The smaller trinidads you could use throwing swimbaits freshwater. A trini 20a, 14a , and...
  135. scubasteve2989

    Xtratuf Made in USA size 11 and 13 WTT for rod or reel or sell

    And if you bought them in the last couple years they were made in China. Value changes, and people will spend more than 80 for them if they are the USA ones. Ive had interest in the boots from several members but have not had a chance to meet yet. Old jigs , Trulines , discontinued reels, and so...
  136. scubasteve2989

    SOLD Calstar 540 and Newell 338-5

    The SS ULUA is one of the fastest (non parabolic) jig rods I have ever fished. Second to the Calstar Grafighter 100j mag . The 540 will be more parabolic then both of those as well as the 100j and 90j. It will also be a lot easier on your back when you hook up. This is an awesome combo. Very...
  137. scubasteve2989

    WTT or WTS Seeker BSC 6465h 6-1/2 '

    still for sale. rods in great shape
  138. scubasteve2989

    How to keep reel from slipping on deckhand rod?

    14 years sport fishing and have not had a problem with my deckhand rods with stock reels and clamps. I put shrink tube on some others I dont. all my rods from 20 to 40 lb are deckhand. When the cork wears out I replace it. Try to do that with hypalon and a reel seat..... Oh wait that will be a...
  139. scubasteve2989

    Reel for Seeker Ulua 93H

    500 size newell or 40N if you are looking at fishing 50lb , 338 or 40 saltist work fine for 40lb as Robert said. I fish the 40 saltist with the lower gear ratio.
  140. scubasteve2989

    Surface fishing yellows

    I use a fj100 10' for my lights and a ulua 10' for my heavies. The heavier jigs I throw are powerhouse 102 , JRI 4 , 7x , Candybar etc. The lighter jigs being 7xjr , jpot, the JRI putter clone, Tady 45. The difference between the weight of these jigs can be an ounce to an ounce and a half. My...
  141. scubasteve2989

    Seaguar Premier vs Blue Label Floro

    I use premier for most inshore applications. I use Blackwater for offshore. Sometime I step up in line class from my mainline to my flouro - 30 main to 40 flouro. Are you fishing J's or circle hooks?
  142. scubasteve2989

    Nados Sunday, smaller yellas. wind and mex navy

    Thats what I'm talking about. Good to know that other boats bring 5 pairs of gyros as well. You need to have more money in binos then most people have in their boat to gain the most respect. What we do is have one guy looking upswell, one at our wake , one off the port and one off the...
  143. scubasteve2989

    When good bait is hard to come by

    I put my jig bag under my pillow when I sleep. My really good jigs I put in my prison wallet .
  144. scubasteve2989

    Harnell rod ID

    Length? Chances are it does come apart below the cork.
  145. scubasteve2989

    Seeker Black classic vs Seeker Pinhead vs Calstar West Coast

    Charkbait also stopped selling Shimano, does that mean Shimano isn't that great? They changed some of their production, stopped doing the 49 different color factory wrap on the SS's , and a few other things. The Hercules rods now look different as well. I havent seen a difference in quality, and...
  146. scubasteve2989

    Black hole Rod- reel doesn't fit

    Maybe test fit a 500n or 600n accurate?
  147. scubasteve2989

    Black hole Rod- reel doesn't fit

    I looked online and it appears that rod has a trigger on it. Maybe a Tac 10 will fit? There are a number of reels with a smaller foot to fit that application. They may have kept the reel seat small to fit the jigging master reels or smaller tall narrow reels. Tournament bass fishing long sleeve...
  148. scubasteve2989

    Xtratuf Made in USA size 11 and 13 WTT for rod or reel or sell

    Bump and Ill take 80.00 for them if no trades are offered.
  149. scubasteve2989

    glue under flocked x wrap?

    3m spray and a bit of mineral spirits on top to slide it over it easier. Same way as with a golf club
  150. scubasteve2989

    Xtratuf Made in USA size 11 and 13 WTT for rod or reel or sell

    If no one offers a good trade in a week or so Ill just sell them and Ill pm fishislife first
  151. scubasteve2989

    WTT or WTS Seeker BSC 6465h 6-1/2 '

    Bump Now for sale for $80.00
  152. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Trinidad A vs. Torium HG

    The gold Trinidad and old torium both had similar problems fixed by the same upgrade. They looked the same , however they were completely different animals inside. The gears on a trini were way better quality. More bearing on the trini and no graphite side plates. Though a very nice reel, I...
  153. scubasteve2989

    Xtratuf Made in USA size 11 and 13 WTT for rod or reel or sell

    Added a pair of 13s they dont have the size on them but are bigger than my 12 and seem 13 " in length for 50.00 They have one small hole. They dont fit my dad anymore Up for Sale is a pair of used Xtratuf made in USA used pair of 11 boots. They are in great shape. SOLD SOLD SOLD Looking to...
  154. scubasteve2989

    Sea Lion Morons

  155. scubasteve2989

    What's your go to 30lb rod??

    If you havent fished a fl75 for 40lb you have let yourself down. Second in line would be a ss 6470h.
  156. scubasteve2989

    WTT or WTS Seeker BSC 6465h 6-1/2 '

    This is a seeker black classic rod model 6465h 6 foot 6 inches in length. It is in great shape with minor rub marks. This is a good rod for yo yo / flatfalls / dropper loop. Can work for bait or light troller as well. rating is 30 (40) 80 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD THANKs
  157. scubasteve2989

    WTT Seeker BSC 6465h 6-1/2 '

    This is a seeker black classic rod model 6465h 6 foot 6 inches in length. It is in great shape with minor rub marks. This is a good rod for yo yo / flatfalls / dropper loop. Can work for bait as well. rating is 30 (40) 80 Looking to trade for the following and can add cash to make a fair trade...
  158. scubasteve2989

    Help with a spinning outfit

    Penn Battle , or the Okuma Azores are good choices. You can get baitrunners or other reels as well. With the midrange price ones, you can have yourself a nice reel for tossing poppers.
  159. scubasteve2989

    Hook size vs bait size

    There are a lot of variables. The size of the bait being the biggest variable. With Sardines and local fishing typically its going to be a 2/0 to 3/0 in a standard J hook . With bigger or cured dines chasing you can step up in size. Anchovies I fish a size 2 J usually a gorilla light. The...
  160. scubasteve2989

    What's your go to 30lb rod??

    Seeker 6480
  161. scubasteve2989


    Why not just get a setup for bottom fishing and keep your setup for bass? Bottom fishing isnt an art form and a 20 dollar jigmaster with a 20 dollar cheap rod is going to work fine. I use my lexa on occasion in like 150 feet or less of water with small jigs and it is fun. I wouldnt use it for...
  162. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Blue Wave Jig Bag

    Doesnt have to be shimano.... the openwater bag is basically the same thing. 12 tubes , and most jigs you can stack back to back .
  163. scubasteve2989

    united composites glow tip gladiator!

    What a cool concept for the blank, and a great job on the end product.
  164. scubasteve2989

    Avet fading from UV

    The paint on some of my iron is scratched and has teeth marks. The paint is coming off as well. Im contacting Salas over this quality issue.
  165. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Replacing Dartanium Drag

    When I did my 16 I got rid of the washer underneath the drive and put a bearing in. I also put a bearing in the tension knob area instead of a bushing. I cleaned the bearings and put a better oil in. You can pack every bearing except the spool shaft bearings with grease as well. Be careful with...
  166. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Replacing Dartanium Drag

    Gary is right. The hassle of dealing with the black goo is not worth it. If you are thinking about doing it id do it soon. If you do it yourself you can do a little preventative maintenance and tune it a bit as well. Im not sure if there is a dc dog upgrade for the 14 though.
  167. scubasteve2989

    Avet fading from UV

    I was using my ratchet the other day working on my truck. I scratched , and got grease on it. Decided i shouldn't use it anymore. There is no way a tool should show any signs of use.
  168. scubasteve2989


    ya several of them are. PM me and ill give you special instructions on how to buy them. My name is MR. Kalamanjambowa and I am a prince in South Africa. First I should let you know that I am working with a foreign partner on this deal. We have been stockpiling all the Newells in Clear , red ...
  169. scubasteve2989

    Cedar plugs?

    Wow nice work. Would be cool to find out how different tapered bodies / weight heads change the way it swims. You might be on to something
  170. scubasteve2989

    Cork Tape with Cord?

    That looks great with the 3 different cords ^^^
  171. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Tekota 800 laying line unevenly

    If you cut your line and reeled all the way to the spool it can cause this as well if the level wind isnt lined up.
  172. scubasteve2989

    Snow Play Garbage (sad)

    That area is a complete nuisance. Cars recklessly pulling out. Kids running in and around traffic. The sleds are the icing on the cake. I've also seen boulder bay pretty trashed as well.
  173. scubasteve2989

    Penn Saltist vs Shimano saragosa

    The Fin nor looks nice as well. The cabo I would pass on. The tapered spool will make it very difficult to pack braid on it. The spool will not go in to a line winder chuck like other spinning reels.
  174. scubasteve2989

    Penn Saltist vs Shimano saragosa

    That Okuma Azores looks like a beast and at a great price. I have semi been considering a reel strictly for poppers / a beginner reel my little sister with as well. For me its looking like that okuma is a contender with a spinfisher v for what id like to pay
  175. scubasteve2989

    Yoyo lures fs 6x jr6x and a butterfly

    Shipped to your door. No time taken out of your day. No fuel cost. Someone will offer him 35 and I bet he'll take it. Seems fair especially if you don't have access to them. If the store I shop at still doesn't have full size 6x or 7x heavy for the next couple weeks, its not worth it to me...
  176. scubasteve2989

    New torium 16

    That was probably a slip on their part if you can get the new torium for 20 percent off. Technically the reels are supposed to be fixed price. You shouldn't even get free braid according to Shimano.
  177. scubasteve2989

    Hollow Core Question

    All the knots you tie with solid can be done with hollow. Ive done biminis , rp's etc. You can have a shop splice a loop, and then use pre made wind on leaders as well .
  178. scubasteve2989

    Salas 6X completely out of stock up and down the coast

    May have something to do with the fred hall show and lots of businesses selling their stock there. try the swap meet or the tackle swap meet.
  179. scubasteve2989

    WTB Shimano Trinidad Gold Reel Clamps for Size 16,20 Reels

    There are two styles of shimano gold clamps that were made. One that screws into the holes of the frame and one that goes around the reel foot (universal) . Some TN16 and tn16n did not have holes and need the universal clamp. Sounds like you need the universal clamp but you should specify how...
  180. scubasteve2989

    Making surface irons???

    You could try sand casting it. I thought about the idea of making a ceramic or clay mold in my kiln. I think it would be difficult to have a consistent product , and hard to get a hold of the propper alloys.
  181. scubasteve2989

    and he did this SOBER!!! WTF

    This is one lesson that should never be learned the hard way. I wonder how long they were traveling at that speed, and why the passengers never spoke up. Id have no problem making a comment on someone be reckless.
  182. scubasteve2989

    looking 4 a smooth 20lbs class reel...

    I like the width and capacity of the 16 and Daiwa 30t / 35h . Daiwa 20 will cast really easily though and be light. If you arent looking to bump up in line size to 25 or 30 Id go with the 20 seagate
  183. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Trinidad 20

    2012 was a very popular year for selling gold trinidads. Id assume its sold. Dig a little deeper and try to find one from 2011, thats your best bet during that year Shakespeare was the hot reel.
  184. scubasteve2989

    Baitcaster 7:1 gears?

    I take that back. Both of my 300 reels are the 7:1 , ive had them for 2 years and havent really had any problems with small yt cuda or bottom critters. I use them mainly for bass. I really dont target bigger fish with them.For some reason I thought the lexa had 3 gear sizes. I would like to try...
  185. scubasteve2989

    How to make jigs swim better

    Try wiring it up, try welding a small ring on the front ring, try cleaning up the holes. If its bad after that then call it quits. If its an ok jig fish it for what it is. Fish it in a wide open bite, and save that really good jig for a slow pick . The best swimming jigs are hard to come by...
  186. scubasteve2989

    Spooling a Torium 20

    Id back the reel in braid 50 or 60 lb depending on what your end goal for line is. 25- 40 lb is ideal for the reel . Personally I like longer mono topshots and if I need flouro I tie it on. It comes down to a preference and you will get several different suggestions for how to set the reel up...
  187. scubasteve2989

    Carne Asada recipe?

    I was going to recommend Valley farms as well. I have been buying from there when I go east to visit my Grandma for years. I have not met Don, but the price is fair and definitely great quality. I believe they have a good pollo asada too. Even better to hear that the owner fishes and sounds like...
  188. scubasteve2989

    Daiwa service or lack there of...

    I have yet to meet someone that has American express that doesn't have another card in their wallet. Don't you need another line of credit in order to get it in the first place? I have ran into many situations that require payment in Visa / Mastercard and think nothing of it. So why not just use...
  189. scubasteve2989


    Good stuff at a more than fair price :jig:
  190. scubasteve2989

    Last nights swap meet find ( Schnabel orca 1,2,3 3n1 etc ) 11 total

    Now on a quest to get a ORCA 5 and 6
  191. scubasteve2989

    Wtb - p200 series- reel pending

    I've yet to buy one used Newell that didn't have a problem. Though all were minor issues, most of them were missing washers , had the wrong washers, had internal rust issues , or had cammed out screws. Inspect them as best as you can. The 220s with a graphite spool make excellent chovie reels...
  192. scubasteve2989

    What to pair with a Lexa 300?

    I had an issue with a Graftech reel seat not fitting my 300 , Id check the fit and make sure it seats all the way. Ive pulled on the DX rods and I liked them. Especially at that price. For a bit more you can go for a raze or seeker 808 as well.
  193. scubasteve2989

    Flat fall jigs

    I like the 130 or 160 . Glow or that pink blue color one
  194. scubasteve2989

    What size rings for doing my own brazing?

    What tackle Shop do you get your rings at? Thanks for all this good info guys. I've been looking in to doing this myself.
  195. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Why not make a Trinidad 40NA

    Discontinued support for the Trini Golds? Weren't those reels given a lifetime warranty? If they can't keep up with demand for one of the most desirable currently manufactured jig (flatfalls) , I wouldn't expect a demand for anything else to be met either.
  196. scubasteve2989

    Last nights swap meet find ( Schnabel orca 1,2,3 3n1 etc ) 11 total

    Ended up picking up an Orca 4 from Mr. Tut. Really nice guy.
  197. scubasteve2989

    What new PENN west-coast stuff would you like to see?

    smaller width taller spool magged squall. Basically a more refined 146 .
  198. scubasteve2989


    You can get a lot further with sugar than vinegar. That is the wrong approach to chase down another 39 or D8. I'm sure at some point the demand will sort out the price. To say it has no value is wrong though. I see a rod that could be fun to fish calicos with
  199. scubasteve2989

    Cousins rod?

    I would go with their 70mh . Though I have not fished that model, I have been more than happy with my Cousins rod over summer. The rod I bought was an 80H . The components and build quality really stand out.
  200. scubasteve2989


    Seahawks 24 Patriots 21
  201. scubasteve2989

    Last nights swap meet find ( Schnabel orca 1,2,3 3n1 etc ) 11 total

    Mullet -The larger schnabel is stamped schnabel 2 while the smaller is not. Good point on clipping them off at the end of use. Its not something I always remember to do and I have had jigs stolen in the past. I took a jp last year on a flat fall, and after doing so let 3 guys borrow my last ones...
  202. scubasteve2989

    Small tackle rod

    Jamie nailed it. I Fish the wam a bunch in the kelp with a 1/4 ounce head and a smaller reel really makes it a lot easier to cast into longer pockets , as well as making the fight more fun on lighter gear. I use a smaller reel for anything up to about 4". When it comes to Cedros leave the small...
  203. scubasteve2989

    Last nights swap meet find ( Schnabel orca 1,2,3 3n1 etc ) 11 total

    This has to be my best swap meet find yet. Until last night, all i've found at the swap meet are the typical Salas and Tadys. Can't wait to see how these swim. Does anyone have any info about the Orca jigs? 2- Orca 3 3- Orca 2 1- Orca 1 1- 3n1 1- Straggler 1- Schnabel 2 1- smaller Schnabel...
  204. scubasteve2989

    Flat Falls :: TRADE for :: Diff Color/Size....50lb Braid

    I dont think it was a good or bad decision, just think its interesting that people are "investing" in flat falls. Selling them at higher prices, using them as a trade commodity, displaying them on their wall next to their prized painting. They are like gold. Everyone who is too slow to get them...
  205. scubasteve2989

    Flat Falls :: TRADE for :: Diff Color/Size....50lb Braid

    Did you buy what was left on the rack? I think its funny to see the people that buy over 200 dollars worth.
  206. scubasteve2989

    Utilitarian Rod / Reel Set-Up

    Ive had too many problems with Abu Garcia and their kick levers. Had the issues with revos and their low end models. I had c4s and round baitcasters last 3 times as long without a problem before I tried the newer stuff. They may have fixed the problem in the newer reels. Id still recommend a...
  207. scubasteve2989

    Utilitarian Rod / Reel Set-Up

    daiwa lexa 300 hsp with a seeker 808 or cousins 808 raze (really good deal for the price) 50lb braid
  208. scubasteve2989

    Freshwater Lake Chelan 2015 Kokanee

    Thanks for the post. Great job guys. I learned how to fish from my Grandma in lake Chelan. Used to have a trailer on a lot out there. Caught my first trout, and salmon on that lake.
  209. scubasteve2989

    WTB Tady 9/0

    What do you have in trade? what are you paying? Im looking forward to the Cardiff show myself.
  210. scubasteve2989


    Jarring it is an awesome option. You can put jalapenos ,teriyaki , etc and it lasts a long time.
  211. scubasteve2989

    Spectra to Spectra Knot...need advice

    Ding ding ding we have a winner ^ . Typically bimini to bimini is used when going from 200 to 130 or from solid to hollow on bigger reels. I would not do a uni to uni for this. If this is a reel that holds 350 yards or less just scrap it.
  212. scubasteve2989

    Box Canyon this weekend...Irons?

    6x, 6xjr blue and white. pay close attention to your meter.
  213. scubasteve2989

    Seeker Rod Company

    I dont believe they changed the blank manufacturing process. I think they just decided the 7+ color wrap on the SS was too costly to do for a production rod.
  214. scubasteve2989

    Information on this Old " Flat fall" style jig S-14

    I was organizing gear today and went through a jig box that has a bunch of spoons and older chrome type sardine and anchovy shaped lures. I came across this one labeled S-14 with a picture of a lighthouse. It has a keel type shape to it and seems like it would work similar to the flat fall jig...
  215. scubasteve2989

    RS: Rods & Reels

    the 35 is similar in size to a torium 16.
  216. scubasteve2989

    Best Casting Braid?

    I like un coated lines. With that in mind , I like izor or Accubraid. I also don't like fishing braid with surface iron. I like having stretch when it comes to grinding a jig in and getting hit with the rod pointed straight at the fish. Mono seems to be a bit more forgiving in this application...
  217. scubasteve2989


    Sorry for being slightly off topic, but will anyone at the sale be able to braze some rings there?
  218. scubasteve2989


    Wow nice collection there!
  219. scubasteve2989

    Old glass blanks Silaflex Sabre etc

    they put them to make the reel seat fit or make the blank bigger. the bottom is slightly longer because of the ferule rods are pending
  220. scubasteve2989

    Are 2 Speed Reels For Yellowtail Really Necessary?

    Being deeper jig fish lately , it is convenient to have a 2 speed. Not necessary though. Having a faster retrieve is pretty handy when winding heavies. The low gear is nice when pulling em up from the deep. The 500's don't have a fast retrieve. I personally dont feel a need, Id just fish 40-50lb...
  221. scubasteve2989

    Win a PENN SSV-10500! Contest Ends November 11th

    Fisherman's Landing Tackle Shop.
  222. scubasteve2989

    Gear cleanup sale Heavy jigs Fishtraps Braid belt + more

    Ya I had a guy in Oregon pm me for just the jigs and not the box.
  223. scubasteve2989

    Gear cleanup sale Heavy jigs Fishtraps Braid belt + more

    Lot one is pending Im in San Diego Near Qualcom stadium
  224. scubasteve2989

    Gear cleanup sale Heavy jigs Fishtraps Braid belt + more

    Cleaning up the garage and selling extras. Im listing these as lots more to come. LOT 1 40.00 PENDING SOLD SOLD SOLD Still have box First up is a lot of 13 jigs with a jig box. Box is in bad shape but will work fine for storing jigs at home. Jigs are all used with scratches corrosion etc...
  225. scubasteve2989

    Best Jigging Rod

    This year mine has been a black diamond hybrid 700xh , and it is the only non trolling rod I own under 8' . I just like having more leverage after dumping 3/4 of a spool. There are many rods that will work for the application, and each person has their opinion but in general there has been a...
  226. scubasteve2989

    Best Jigging Rod

    Not sure why anyone would choose an 8 foot rod for fishing heavies. 6.5 - 7' is ideal. It is easier to underhand lob a flat fall or iron when needed. Way more manageable working a fish up and down. An 8 footer just isn't ideal for that. Surface Iron the best setup would be 9-10 feet. It is...
  227. scubasteve2989

    Offshore Is this you?

    How much braid on top of my topshot and how far up do you attach the bobber? I heard on the internet where to go , I just cant figure out how to type 302 into my GPS. Can someone please help me anchor to the kelp?
  228. scubasteve2989

    13 jigs for sale surface and heavy iron mostly salas

    13 jigs for sale the top row is all heavies the bottom row is lights 50.00 40.00 takes them all
  229. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Flat fall jigs

    fishermans has a bunch
  230. scubasteve2989

    Wtt Wts saltiga 15 reel for talica

    Will ship. Still available.
  231. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Flatfall Jigs NIB !!!

    Sounds like many people are upset that they did not get their hands on these jigs. He was asking a whopping 13 dollars or so over retail. I have paid much more for vintage surface iron or good swimming jigs, and did not need to grab a kleenex to dry my tears.
  232. scubasteve2989

    Wtt Wts saltiga 15 reel for talica

    Id prefer to meet in person.
  233. scubasteve2989

    Wtt Wts saltiga 15 reel for talica

    First to come with cash gets it .
  234. scubasteve2989

    Wtt Wts saltiga 15 reel for talica

    Pending but trying to work out meeting up. Replied to far hangs no shipping
  235. scubasteve2989

    Wtt Wts saltiga 15 reel for talica

    Want to trade saltiga 15 for talica 10 or 12 . Will also sell for 375. I have the box and may or may not be able to find the bag SOLD SOLD SOLD
  236. scubasteve2989

    Wts tn14 Trinidad 14 gold with tiburon clamp

    Tn 14 gold has boat rash. Needs service to Freespool better. Old clamp stud is corroded and broke off in hole. Tiburon clamp is included 235.00
  237. scubasteve2989

    Old glass blanks Silaflex Sabre etc

    4 old blanks for sale ranging from 6 to just under 8 feet. All were finished rods at one time except the lighter splotchy tan colored one. Two have graphite over the blank to build up for a reel seat. the one is a sabre nypoxy and has the ferrule partially removed. the other is chocolate...
  238. scubasteve2989

    Old glass blanks Silaflex Sabre etc

    4 old blanks for sale ranging from 6 to just under 8 feet. Two have graphite over the blank to build up for a reel seat. One was partially removed. All were finished rods at one time except the lighter splotchy tan colored one. The rod labled 3291 yellowtail I believe is a Silaflex it is the...
  239. scubasteve2989

    Proper Way to Clean/Rinse Reels

    Fiji water is best. The Ph is less acidic.
  240. scubasteve2989

    Shimano flat fall

    The "silly little assist hooks" do miss a lot of fish with this particular jig. But if you hook a fish its going to end up dead. It isnt hype, these jigs really are out-fishing about everything put up against them. Sure on a wide open jig stop im sure they would bite anything but Ive experienced...
  241. scubasteve2989

    Shimano flat fall

    I have 3. $75.00 each :)
  242. scubasteve2989

    Penn 505hs (accuframe progear handle) For sale or trade

    Penn 505hs with Accurate Accuframe, and progear handle. Works great. I would like to trade for a newell 220. Preferably a P or G series. will also take 100 cash
  243. scubasteve2989

    WTT Penn 505hs (accuframe progear handle) for newell 220

    Penn 505hs with Accurate Accuframe, and progear handle. It works nicely, just looking for something a bit smaller. I would like to trade for a newell 220. Preferably a P or G series.
  244. scubasteve2989

    Trolling gear on party boat

    The high speed trollers like the halcos or braid blackjacks are great troll baits because they run straight and can handle being trolled at higher speed. The raps like many said can take work to run straight. Good luck trying to find some 130's :-)
  245. scubasteve2989

    at what drag lb does the jx 2spd starts binding the handle?

    Well congrats to you. Ive rebuilt over 75 reels and I am very in to the technical aspects of them. . I was associating the time you took to passionately defend avet, with similar people who spend 8x more time posting than fishing. If you took the time to read my posts , you would find out...
  246. scubasteve2989

    at what drag lb does the jx 2spd starts binding the handle?

    No I do. I have been watching you fish for weeks from your armchair.
  247. scubasteve2989

    at what drag lb does the jx 2spd starts binding the handle?

    You clearly have never fished with a Talica. The difference in reels in the higher range is extremely apparent. Let's not talk purses , because I don't understand them. (On a side note, do you go to Tupperware parties?). An avet is a workhorse and when used correctly performs great lets call...
  248. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Anchovy Combo?

    Obviously I wasn't an English major . You seem to have too much time on your hands.
  249. scubasteve2989

    Surface Iron

    star drag - shimano 16 , 20 Penn fathom or squall in equivalent size . daiwa 35h or 40 , newell 332 ..... tons of reels that can be bought for under 150.
  250. scubasteve2989

    WTT WTS Seeker 655xh trolling rod and Penn 505hs accurate frame reel

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Seeker 655xh rod in great shape a solid 9 out of 10. Guides are in great shape and spin nicely. It is rated 40 - 100 lb but idealy would be best for 60 or 80 as a roller. It is all roller. The rollers were disassembled and regreased and re assembled I am asking $120.00 or trade...
  251. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Torium 16 upgraded drag dog clamp bearings

    Not at the moment. Too much time passed and I am fishing it .
  252. scubasteve2989

    at what drag lb does the jx 2spd starts binding the handle?

    If you are asking me specifically , and this is not a rhetorical question.... The answer to "Why would you want to fish a reel at the max drag setting on an everyday basis ?" Is that I dont fish any of my reels at max. Clearly I dont fish this HXj at max because I scaled it out. Realistically ...
  253. scubasteve2989

    at what drag lb does the jx 2spd starts binding the handle?

    Are you getting these numbers from a straight pull, or with a rod on it. What kind of scale are you using? I find this hard to believe that you have no issues with binding. My experience with avets is that I have not found one that can fish close to the max rating without feeling like it is on...
  254. scubasteve2989

    getting dikes normal again.

    I use a multi purpose all temp grease on mine and really work it in to every crevasse I can. Very similar to the bacon grease idea, but wont make you hungry every time you pull em out. I use Jt-6 grease its red. I havent had to do anything other than lightly sharpen them for 2 years.
  255. scubasteve2989

    Got some megabaits

    I swap the rings to 80lb owners and the hooks to a bigger single siwash
  256. scubasteve2989

    WTT AVET HXJ 5/2 for Tac12II or mak 10

    I have a Gold Avet HXJ 5/2. Re packed the bearings with grease. new bearings added. Reel is in great shape. It is not a raptor, but has the larger raptor handle with 3 BB inside. Set it at 16lbs at strike with 21 full from a straight pull (drag will be slightly higher with a rod) Would like to...
  257. scubasteve2989

    Splitting costs

    Your boat your rules. I think 50/50 is fair. If you are meeting at the dock and trailering in Im sure there is plenty of work your kid will have when he gets home to help out with that your friend wont be there for to make up for it in the long run.
  258. scubasteve2989

    Blank ID says " 3291 Yellowtail " older glass

    I just looked at that. Great looking rod. I like the idea of adding a cigar wrapper to it. I have a metal aluminum cigar wrap that I was saving to have put on a rod.
  259. scubasteve2989

    Accurate Boss Magnum 665 E Series

    Did it strip the threads in the reel body?
  260. scubasteve2989

    Blank ID says " 3291 Yellowtail " older glass

    Thanks. ^ you are the man Jerr. I have a stockpile just waiting for me to get a rod wrapper now.
  261. scubasteve2989

    Magnum Rapalas & marlin troll lot

    trolling lures and vert jigs sold raps still available.
  262. scubasteve2989

    san diego knot failing at 30lbs pressure

    Next boat show someone needs to do a bait and switch at the izor booth and tie up some flouro and see what the breaking strength is. I dont recall ever breaking izor less than 20 lbs higher than the line rating at the booth.
  263. scubasteve2989

    Wanted- Your old Snowboards

    ya it had the skeleton on it, and had binding base was in good shape. Ill see if the guy is around next time I am up there. It was at a garage sale so 200 could mean 125 . It had a foam grabing grip near the nose to match the hair. If I see him next time im up there Ill pm you.
  264. scubasteve2989

    Wanted- Your old Snowboards

    I completely forgot about this post last time I was in big bear for the three day weekend. A guy had a Matt cummings lib tech litigator that was pretty cool. It was 200 though seemed a bit pricey.
  265. scubasteve2989

    Blank ID says " 3291 Yellowtail " older glass

    I was wondering if anyone knows the make of this older glass blank. I searched the internet , but have come up empty. it says " 3291 yellowtail"
  266. scubasteve2989

    san diego knot failing at 30lbs pressure

    How many wraps are you doing? I use 4 . The knot on the left is well tied and on the right is sloppily tied the one on the left will hold up at least 15 pounds more than the other.
  267. scubasteve2989

    san diego knot failing at 30lbs pressure

    You may be having a twist , or the wraps over lapping on your SD jam knot. Also are you wetting the knot before tightening it up?
  268. scubasteve2989

    san diego knot failing at 30lbs pressure

    Its definitely not acceptable. you should be able to clear the 40lb breaking strength. I have not seen any tests with flouro, as most of the tests have been with izor on the machine at the boat shows. I would still assume that the line breaking strength still is more than 40lbs
  269. scubasteve2989

    30 lb 8 foot anchovy rod recommendations please

    The princess and the pea? The 800xlh wont fish 30lb. I have fished my g270h-8 with 30lb before. I think my rod has a rating from 15-40 25 being ideal. It worked pretty good.
  270. scubasteve2989

    Magnum Rapalas & marlin troll lot

    Ive been out of town and won't be back until Saturday. The first to offer was 808 so for now everything is pending to him. When I get home if it doesn't work Ill reply in order. I almost forgot about these.
  271. scubasteve2989

    Red Newell 338 R-338 just serviced

    Getting a little tired of new members resurrecting old threads. They join for one purpose only and typically it is Newells
  272. scubasteve2989

    big states end game for hawaiis fishermen

    If we want to have a sustainable fishery a fishing license is a must. Reporting certain catches helps keep track of populations and is very important. There are also pluses and minuses to having a boaters safety course. Many people will agree that there are private boaters that put other...
  273. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Torium 16 upgraded drag dog clamp bearings

    I agree. I had my friends tn20 lose its anti reverse on one trip before and hurt my hand. I find added security when I can hear that little click of the dog. I have another torium or I wouldnt have this up for sale. More of a want to acquire a bigger reel and do a longer trip than my usual...
  274. scubasteve2989

    Opah out of Oceanside!!!

    sweet thats a deal I would have agreed to in a heart beat. Should have taken pictures.
  275. scubasteve2989

    Opah out of Oceanside!!!

    Awesome guys. Way to start the season out right! How was chopping it up? I would have looked at in confusion for a bit.
  276. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Torium 16 upgraded drag dog clamp bearings

    Not quite a Trinidad a Trinidad has a better handle and is all aluminum. Both reels have the same flaw of the dartanium drags and unreliable anti reverse. The upgrades are something I recommend on both reels. The Trinidad does have the bearing instead of a bushing under the drive gear already.
  277. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Torium 16 upgraded drag dog clamp bearings

    Selling to buy some heavier gear. Reel is a Shimano Torium 16. Is in good shape but does have a few nicks on the top of the frame (shown in the pictures) This reel has the Shimano Trinidad gold clamp, carbontex drags, a spring loaded dog , bearing instead of bushing under the gear shaft, and a...
  278. scubasteve2989

    What a day of fishing.

    Fishing is strictly limited to the rocks under the 5 and then the rocks under the Blvd. By the looks of the picture he was probably fine and not in the marshland etc. Congrats on those nice fish. On a side note I would assume fish are back there spawning. How many of them do you need?
  279. scubasteve2989

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    Back to things that could disqualify you from catching a fish from the OP : everything in the original post. If a guy is older and can't get to the bow or stern fast enough it wouldn't bother me or if other reasons makes him physically unable to do something. Lighting a cigarette , drinking or...
  280. scubasteve2989

    Reel ideas for a SS Ulua

    Does it fit the ulua? Im guessing you dont use an ulua as a dual purpose rig for iron and bait. Can you choose the gear ratio before you buy the torque?
  281. scubasteve2989

    Very Nice Newell Reels

    New member..... didnt read the sticky ^ This is his second 338 Resurrection . He has a plan.
  282. scubasteve2989

    Storing a larger kayak

    the front and back of the kayak have the least chance of warping so as long as those are supported you should be good. a shelf with foam blocks is what I use.
  283. scubasteve2989


    holy thread Resurrection batman
  284. scubasteve2989

    WTB: **BLUE** Newell 533 5.5 Reel

    Help wanted! Im taking 3 duffell bags full of red, blue, green, and clear newells as well as gold trinidads to Hawaii. These are to be sold on the black market and I need a personal bodyguard. The hawaiin Fisherman tend to be more drawn to these reels than people addicted to crack in the...
  285. scubasteve2989

    Reel ideas for a SS Ulua

    Saltist 40 and newell 338 barely fit but thats what I use. Accuframe doesnt fit if I put that on my 338. Im not a fan of the narrow sizes (16 , 332 35 etc) unless im dropping down to 30lb test locally. If you are bumping up to 50 you will want a little more capacity and may need it at times if a...
  286. scubasteve2989

    RCLB 80 Jig Stick

    Really cool looking color combinations. I agree the finish on the foregrip of the cord is really clean looking.
  287. scubasteve2989

    Advice Pls Newbie

    As a first rig that is a little on the big side for an all around local SD rig. The fathoms are nice reels but I think the 25N would be a better fit. The Fathoms have a few features you wont see in other mid range reels. Other reels you cant go wrong with are : From Daiwa saltist 30 , 30t , 35...
  288. scubasteve2989

    Surface Iron Rod Preferences

    Phenix does make great products. I would be very tempted to try that out. The ulua is something that really takes some getting used to. Not only that, but a lot of reels wont even fit that butt without modifying it. I had to take my accuframe off my 338 to make it fit. I want to get a 8-8.5 foot...
  289. scubasteve2989

    How to prevent guide from rusting?

    Other than washing right away I know of no special techniques other than simply not using your gear. for quides and reel chrome already infected with corrosion : vinegar dipped in a sanding sponge steel wool or some kind of abrasive pad. wash when you are done. you can dilute the vinegar a bit too.
  290. scubasteve2989

    old surface and yoyo

    What kind of rod or reel is that?
  291. scubasteve2989

    Surface Iron Rod Preferences

    In the right hands, an 8 ft graphite rod will NEVER cast as far as an all glass long rod as long as both are properly loaded up. A graphite rod can load up very similar to a glass rod, but nothing beats a glass rod for this application. My 10' SS ulua seems to be the best of both world.
  292. scubasteve2989

    fishing straight mono

    I fish Straight mono , long top shots and short top shots. There are benefits to each in different conditions. In a hot bite on a 3/4 with many people around lines crossing and elbows flying straight mono or a very long topshot is my choice every time. If you get in a bad tangle cutting your...
  293. scubasteve2989

    Halibut in the bay!

    That there be some broken up Appalachian Hill speak boy. Fish looks like it could be ~37 to me. I sense some envy. Nice fish
  294. scubasteve2989

    WTB Jig Bag/Box mine stolen

    Looks like a home made explosive especially with the tape and coming out of the ammo box. Either way looks like it works great. The key to keeping your jigs out of the eyes of others, may be to disguise it and make it look like there is no way you have hidden gems in there. I have a huge habit...
  295. scubasteve2989

    3 Accurate Penn 500 frames plus 2 spools

    They should also fit a 338 (did with mine) as well as a 505 (I think)
  296. scubasteve2989

    Schooling Yellows were hard to catch 5/4 'Hini

    Sounds like you were more than ready. The extra yardage could have helped but with only two hooking up on the metal , the fish must have already had their mind made up. if they are keyed in on krill I wonder if those feather lead heads people used to use for cuda would work .
  297. scubasteve2989

    June Big Bear Trout Derby

    I was looking in to the May one , but I may be a bit too late to sign up.
  298. scubasteve2989

    Reeb lures for calicos??

    He didn't ask are Reebs good? , but please do suggest other brands. He asked whether one particular brand was good. The answer is yes. Reebs makes a nice product, and is the only head that I havent had a defect or flaw with yet. There are other products that are good as well. Im not a fanboy to...
  299. scubasteve2989

    where is my fd report

    43 people 43 yellowtail better than most reports. Not booking a trip yet though.
  300. scubasteve2989

    Iron throwing questions...& Yo yo

    X2 on the jigs Jerry makes. I have a good selection of jigs but one particular 45 caught the most fish last season I think I had 9 on it.
  301. scubasteve2989


    I didn't realize that the sales of that and jager are so high. I havent drank jager since my SDSU days, and would much rather have a real whisky than that sugary hangover producing novelty shot.
  302. scubasteve2989

    June Big Bear Trout Derby

    Is anyone considering fishing it? Anyone with a boat who is fishing it have an extra spot? It has been a while since I have fished in one of these. I used to fish with my uncle, but he sold his boat and no longer comes up. I have 3 set ups with lead core for trolling and a good array of lures...
  303. scubasteve2989

    Iron throwing questions...& Yo yo

    Id do braid and leave enough to do either a 40 , or 50lb topshot. That will leave you options is you go for bigger fish on a longer trip. mint white blue white seem to be standards. I think there is a saying something like everything works as long as its blue and white? Thats not true. As Mike...
  304. scubasteve2989

    San Diego Bay?

    It can really vary in the bay. 3 and 4 inch big hammers are my go to's. long drifts with lots of line out in the deeper sections produces. Colors change day to day it seems like. I like Sardine , Bay smelt, green sardine, spottie special, keylime , and other browns and natural colors. I usually...
  305. scubasteve2989

    Viva El Nino?

    Interesting. Also funny that one of the few snow falls Bear recieved this year was near the tail end of march. 6 years ago I caught my pb trout in may while it was snowing in Bear.
  306. scubasteve2989

    First run at it!!!

    Nice work looks great. Ive been looking into putting skirts on jig heads myself, and found a site to order from fairly cheap. Weedless isnt a necessity for most of my fishing, so building something like those is what I will do as well.
  307. scubasteve2989

    Rod/Reel Recommendations Needed -- San Diego Inshore Fishing

    As far as rods go, some like seeker some like Calstar. Both are good , Ive stuck with Seeker personally. 7' is ideal in a yak to move around the bow. 8' is a bit long to deal with as far as tying baits , freeing up a wrap around the rod etc. My tuna rigs are completely different from my yak...
  308. scubasteve2989

    La Jolla 35lb Yellowtail Video, on Kayak

    1 month later .... time when the you see the pictures of what all the yakers caught in march haha. Either that or the few days later ones with info like: Launched from land fished from the sea, water temp was somewhere between 62 and 74. Caught this fish using a pole and some kind of hook...
  309. scubasteve2989

    Consensus on Pro Gear 540 Drag Stack Options

    If the gear sleeve is brass I would not think about upgrading the drag stack until you fix that issue. Also does the reel have 1 or two dogs? You can upgrade the drag all you want, but you risk breaking / wearing other parts of the reel . Im not sure what the shim is you are talking about, but...
  310. scubasteve2989

    ling cod

    lawrys or some other dry rub and slap that meat on the grill. Or ling cod ceviche yummm
  311. scubasteve2989

    Question: Salt Water Bass Reel

    Ok so here is some more fuel to the fire. The kick levers or spool re-engaging part on the huge majority of revos , max's , and some nacls are absolute crap. They chip and wear out really easily. Had the problem with my pro max , my dads revo , and looks like people are having the problem across...
  312. scubasteve2989

    Caption Contest- Win a 9" Tapered Flex Bubba Blade $54 value!

    Sea lion aftermath. Cut out something useful from the head he let me keep.
  313. scubasteve2989

    The Spoonman Strikes! 4/13

    Years ago, I bought some tackle at an estate sale. His children said he had spent a lot of time fishing the SD bay , and kelp beds fishing for bass. He had also wrote a saltwater fishing book. Among his plastics for bass were several Krocs and other spoons and jigs that I bought. I have yet to...
  314. scubasteve2989

    Have You Ever Wonder How To Throw Iron?

    I am not sure I like the idea of rotating the reel after casting. Sure one bearing takes the "weight" , but then you also have the spool shaft spinning with more weight on the bearing cup / cap. Ive never seen anyone do it. I really like a 10' rod. If the bow is crowded I can get plenty of...
  315. scubasteve2989

    WTB WTT 4 Penn 113h 4/0 for parts have 501 narrow / 500 jigmaster for trade

    I have a project Penn 4/0 I put together with parts Ive had sitting around. I realized I didnt quite have what I thought I had to finish the reel. I need a Donor Penn 113h reel to finish mine. The donor reel can have broken side plates corroded frame etc . It can look like it was dropped dragged...
  316. scubasteve2989

    Question: Salt Water Bass Reel

    The revo toro winch 60 size is way too wide. I find it awkwardly uncomfortable to fish with, and have never had a use for that much capacity. The 50 feels nice .I have yet to try the NACLs . I do like the idea of the EVA foam grips though The D series Curados are heavy, but probably my favorite...
  317. scubasteve2989

    Question: Salt Water Bass Reel

    two years of hard fishing with two lexas. Only had a problem with one spool bearing seizing up. Upgraded the bearings to boca ceramics in both and they are sweet. I really like the magnetic cast control .
  318. scubasteve2989

    Caption Contest- Win a pair of Costa Sunglasses!

    Italian mafia lobster bait. Send em down smiling with cement block shoes.
  319. scubasteve2989

    FS Shimano Trini Torium Avet Sx and Penn/Accurate

    The 505 looks sweet. That should go quick. Wish I would have got my dad that instead of the torium
  320. scubasteve2989

    New bass painting..almost finished.

    I really like the eyes on the fish. Especially the spottie in the weeds. Awesome work
  321. scubasteve2989

    Thoughts on Newell reels vs newer reels

    I take back the word substandard. The original purpose of the post was getting a variety of pros and cons and others opinions on the reels. I got a lot of responses thank you guys for that. Im looking for a 30lb reel and am just making decisions about what I want. I am leaning towards a g or p...
  322. scubasteve2989

    Should I sell?

    Sure go for it. I sold my dog ive had for 5 years, rented my girlfriend to some guy on craigslist, and sold my kidney to a guy in TJ so I could get mine. (I dont really have one)
  323. scubasteve2989

    GUSA 85 xf and US Compposites Super Cheap

    This was resurrected from January 13th Id guess they would have sold by January 14th :fighting0061:
  324. scubasteve2989

    Please vote!

    Awesome pic. Ill give it a vote.
  325. scubasteve2989

    Pads DOMINATE Dodgers

    Fear the beard ....?
  326. scubasteve2989

    April Bass Content - Spotted Bay Bass - Enter HERE to win some great gear!

    I like the idea of having to point to a specific area of the fish. Im going to make an effort to enter one this year. Most of the time I forget a camera / dont bring my phone. I rarely regret not bringing either as I typically catch under 13 inches and lots of them .
  327. scubasteve2989

    Thoughts on Newell reels vs newer reels

    I guess substandard is a bit harsh sounding , but the standard for reels today is the multiple bearings CF drags , etc. I have never had a problem with a Newell myself , but if something were to break on my 338 or wear out, I know ill be paying big buck for it. The light weight frame does have...
  328. scubasteve2989

    Beware of the Post Office

    Items can sometimes not get scanned in , then all of a sudden show up on someones door. Ive had items arrive that had not been dispatched from sorting facility according to the tracking.
  329. scubasteve2989

    how to save a newell bearing cup

    Saw the video on youtube about the puller. Awesome product, and great design . Looks very easy and effective to use. However a dremel can be had for less than half the cost, and provide a lot more use. Id assume that if it comes down to using extra force to get a bearing out the bearing is...
  330. scubasteve2989

    Thoughts on Newell reels vs newer reels

    I went through a phase when I absolutely had to have Newell reels. They get a lot of attention, and lately I am slightly curious as to what really drives people to pay top dollar and fish them. I understand the nostalgia purposes, but cannot justify paying 150 bucks used for a reel that is...
  331. scubasteve2989

    Thoughts on rebuilding this Graphite USA rod

    Ill let this be a lesson to myself about buying damaged rods for the future and suck this one up. As far as the blank, I will have to pass. Not in a financial position right now to have a rod wrapped.
  332. scubasteve2989

    Thoughts on rebuilding this Graphite USA rod

    I am hoping this rod isnt a lost cause. It has about a .810 butt diameter , and a .205 tip diameter coming in at about 6'6 . The tip is missing, the first guide is damaged, and third guide is popped loose. There is no rating or model number sticker. I am guessing it is a predator missing 6...
  333. scubasteve2989

    big bait rod - casting

    the 30 size is prone to self destruction if you fish higher drag . The graphite frames tend to twist on the upper end of the drag spectrum. Aluminum frames solve that problem.
  334. scubasteve2989

    Surf fishing with lucky craft

    If you spend 200+ on a combo 20 for a hardbait that you regularly use is justifiable. I like small Krocks, crack, and the 3db as well.
  335. scubasteve2989

    big bait rod - casting

    with sharks in mind, I would stray away from a graphite frame.
  336. scubasteve2989

    I hate sanding hypolon, so I came up with a better mousetrap

    You cant really argue with the cleanliness, the mess is on the table and not on his shirt. If it's chucked up and spinning it should be pretty uniform. Looks great to me. I used these on my rods for cork and hyp I wanted to re-shape.
  337. scubasteve2989

    Wrapped side cutters & Needle nose pliers

    Chad is spot on. I just started doing this with my pliers the last two trips out. I squeeze some marine grease in the crevasses and moving parts. 2 dollar steel will not hold well a whole season , but if you are like me , the chances of having all your gear at the end of the season is pretty...
  338. scubasteve2989

    JDM Calcutta Conquest 400

    I say go for it then. I personally like the feel of smaller round baitcasters vs the lp counterparts. With money aside, Id be interested on that reel vs the pluton.
  339. scubasteve2989

    JDM Calcutta Conquest 400

    My thoughts are that too much saltwater sand etc can get through the milling and holes in the side plate.
  340. scubasteve2989

    Best party boats in San Diego/South OC???

    for bass in the kelp fishing plastics or chovies that is fine. For dropping down for the rock type that isn't enough. Id suggest renting, or picking up a cheap used combo for rockfishing
  341. scubasteve2989

    YOYO tackle recommendations

    A parabolic rod will be easier on the back to lift a fish up from depth. A rod with a lot of backbone will allow you to use the rail and crank up. I personally like the way a parabolic rod loads up if you get slammed. There are advantages to both, and I think it comes down to personal preference.
  342. scubasteve2989

    Best party boats in San Diego/South OC???

    I ride a bunch of half day boats and really have never had a problem on any of the boats. Bad fishing and bad conditions are something a crew has to deal with , and how they conduct themselves is really what makes some boats stand out among others. My top choice for 3/4 day is with booger on...
  343. scubasteve2989

    Taco Cart Catering Recomendation

    Im not sure if the guys my neighbor uses do alpastor, but he has been using them for about 4 years now, and they are a good friendly crew. Most importantly their food is good. My neighbor always does the Chicken and beef, and if there are leftovers they package them up so everyone can continue...
  344. scubasteve2989

    Ceez candy is money!

    Nice looking sandy there. Ive been surprised with what the fish key in on in the bay. The go-to from the day before may not work. Sometimes its 5" sometimes 3"
  345. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Anchovy Combo?

    That was my key point. Dines are on the way down. No point in having such a small reel intended for chovies for offshore fishing with dines. In my opinion the 16 narrow size reel is the perfect size for fishing both. When you go too small I feel it doesn't have that broad of a range of application.
  346. scubasteve2989

    Caption Contest - West Marine Opens their West Islip, NY Large Format Store March 20-23

    Drive fast and net em all, doesnt matter the species when you just ate Racoon for breakfast.
  347. scubasteve2989

    JDM Calcutta Conquest 400

    Ive always thought that reel looks absolutely amazing. I would check comparability for parts and normal wear items before buying. There is a good chance the bearings drag and other wear items are the same. It doesnt look like a reel I would take anywhere near saltwater though.
  348. scubasteve2989

    Wrapped side cutters & Needle nose pliers

    I would suggest M&M as well , and you can find some guys that do them on the boards as well. I went a different route , bought two used pliers at the swap meet , bought para cord wrapped them up. Have been working fine for 4 years.
  349. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Anchovy Combo?

    In may everyone's Anchovy setups they panic bought will be for sale.
  350. scubasteve2989

    Mostly vintage surface and heavy iron / jigs

    Will sell all 6 6x Jr 's for 25 bucks.
  351. scubasteve2989

    Magnum Rapalas & marlin troll lot

    lowered the prices VERTICAL JIGS SOLD
  352. scubasteve2989

    Need help in making rod holders off a milk crate

    I do 4 rod holders in the front portion of the crate mounted on the inside. I do two mounted on the sides at a 45 degree angle for my gaff. Mine end up being about 8 inches above the top of the crate. I also rigged a light that fits in one rod holder for night bassin.
  353. scubasteve2989

    Magnum Rapalas & marlin troll lot

    Sent you a pm 25.00 is fine by me.
  354. scubasteve2989

    Mostly vintage surface and heavy iron / jigs

    1st up is the surface iron I am accepting the best reasonable offers on them and would prefer to sell individually unless the price is right. Not letting them go cheap. Have a powerhouse 102, a Holiday special Jr, a 6xjr light, and a Salas 6X6 Next is the heavies all are 6xjr with siwash hooks...
  355. scubasteve2989

    Magnum Rapalas & marlin troll lot

    Vertical jig lot - Bought these used and never used them . All are rigged. all appear to be symetrical jigs. Shimano butterfly 200g one ding some light scratching , Dragonfly not sure of weight great shape, sea rock 200g great shape, profishco power jig 150g some dings and scratches. $25.00 for...
  356. scubasteve2989

    Three rods.....

    Seeker inshore pro 808 , 806 would cover a lot. Those Corey rods are a lot lighter and really have a nice feel I like the split grips with the big eva ball ends. Maybe a lighter rod if you fish whams or small baits and maybe a heavier rod if you fish really big baits. I dont like cork. In my...
  357. scubasteve2989

    So do private boaters need a permit to fish the Nados?

    What a crock of sealion $&*@ . Don't they already get enough money in tourism and trade? What would happen to them if we stopped free trade across the border and started slapping import fees?
  358. scubasteve2989

    Ugly gets the copper pill

    sweet looks like the smoker is ready as well.
  359. scubasteve2989

    ROCKFISHING While everyone was at the Fred Hall show

    nice job. And the bigger model looks like he picked up on the lucanus. One of these days that 25 bucks will pay off myself
  360. scubasteve2989

    Lexa 400 questions (updated)

    The tranx is a beast, and is in a whole different category. I see it as a novelty item for people that buy into the " shimano system " lucanus waxwings etc.
  361. scubasteve2989

    Lexa 400 questions (updated)

    Flyliner is spot on. the reels have openings to salt water. The 300's have drain points on the bottom of the reel facing the seat. They should have put one in the back. They dont dry properly if dried vertically. The spool bearings can rust and I had that happen on my spool bearing on one reel...
  362. scubasteve2989

    reel freespool question

    I completely degrease my bearings before either greasing or oiling them again. That requires removing the shields to do a really nice job. At the minimum soaking in carb cleaner or acetone will get rid of a good amount of buildup. Carb cleaner can force a good amount of stuff out as well. spool...
  363. scubasteve2989

    Yellows On Da Plug 3/11/14

    I bet they have friends and family that are hungry. Nice fish. Even nicer to not have to turn the tanks on.
  364. scubasteve2989

    Swimbait Storage

    Organized by a mix of big baits and slugs 5" and up then a big hammer 4" box a fish trap box a rigged fish trap box. a 3" big hammer box and a mix box + other random boxes Ive given up on trying to organize, and bags of crap. Ill mix like colors of the same brand . Ill pack them in tight for a...
  365. scubasteve2989

    TruLine LM9

    did newell ever make a green? Thought just black blue clear red purple
  366. scubasteve2989


    My dad calls me an asshole, and im not getting that tattooed anytime soon.
  367. scubasteve2989


    I see haole as being very similar to the word gringo or guero .....
  368. scubasteve2989

    Modern Anchovy Reel

    1 more vote for the squal 12 it can double as a nice reel for bigger swimbaits as well. In my opinion there is not a single competitor new less than 175. Ill buy one again when I have the cash, or maybe the fathom if I have more (like the handle more and Al frame) The torque is not in my range :)
  369. scubasteve2989

    Fishing the Anchovie

    For calicos on a 1/2 day nothing beats a 300 size reel spectra to flouro with an 8ft bass rod. I also use a 146 with 15lb but the spool is heavy and you really dont get the distance you will with to a bass reel. For sizeable fish a smaller lighter spool is key. the daiwa x20 , squal 12 , are...
  370. scubasteve2989

    Rod for lexa 400

    I would go with something 20lb + with a glass tip.
  371. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Crucial 7'6 jig and worm rod Quantum Boca pts 30 Spinning reel

    -Shimano Crucial 7'6 CRS-x76ma 8-17 lb. / PowerPro: 5-30 lb power medium action extra fast 1/4 - 5/8 oz. Jig and worm in great shape. rod is in great shape id say 9/10 - Quantum Boca PTS 30 reel. Reel was not used much It is saltwater approved. Recently serviced . Has 5 ball bearings and a...
  372. scubasteve2989

    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    -Is there a pier in this photo? -Just put it in your mouth see how it feels.
  373. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Torium 16

    the warranty is voided with that cals plate should be less than a bill now :rofl:
  374. scubasteve2989

    Caption Contest - Win a $200 Gift Card to Dana Landing - Fred Hall booth 1005

    The only time a girl takes her shirt off for me, is when she's hammered.
  375. scubasteve2989

    Caption Contest - Win a Batson Custom Rod built by J. Trelikes - $700 Value

    offshore bi-catch.... was flylining for rockfish.
  376. scubasteve2989

    We need more people here!

    **** When the WSB show, the yakers do not post. Too many loud Pbers. I hear there is a secret alliance of kayakers that "take care of" other kayakers that mention were squid beds are.
  377. scubasteve2989


    What kind of toaster did you use to take some of those pictures?
  378. scubasteve2989

    What's your 8ft combo look like???

    with that 30 in mind , it really depends whether you are going to fish 30-40 with it as far as sticks go. I have a seeker 80 blank for my 30lb stick that I like , and I believe the 80h may be a better 40lb stick. I think the 6480 and 6480h are similar.
  379. scubasteve2989

    Women in Pangas
  380. scubasteve2989

    Women in Pangas

    There is a device I saw in a surf mag that allows girls to stand up and get it done like the guys. It was made for the women surfers to piss off boats in similar situations. - - - Updated - - - There is a device I saw in a surf mag that allows girls to stand up and get it done like the guys...
  381. scubasteve2989

    Rod maintenance question...

    Individual rod sleeves / rod tube . store rods so that nothing leans up against them or they aren't balanced at any weird angles. I haven't used any oils or anything on guides before, but I would guess corrosion x would be perfect.
  382. scubasteve2989

    22 LR Ammo

    I think turners has ammo wed morning but you have to wait in line early. Anyone have some info on their cost / the scoop on picking it up there?
  383. scubasteve2989

    Shimano chronarch 50e paired up with what rod

    8lb test or 20-30lb pp would be a blast on that reel and 1/4 ounce baits. The new bushido from seeker sounds really cool buy one of those and lets hear some feedback.
  384. scubasteve2989

    Lobster Bisque - my recipe

    sweet. I was trying to figure out a way to make my 2 lobster of the season so far feed more than just myself .
  385. scubasteve2989

    lexa 300 suggestions

    definitely agree with the 8 foot length. Really helps out on the cattle boats and I also prefer the added length when tossin from the rocks inshore. The 808 is a favorite of lots of people and I believe they make that blank in the inshore pro Corey model. I also have the 858 with cork that I...
  386. scubasteve2989

    Led light sticks for hooping

    toss em in a windshield washer fluid jug
  387. scubasteve2989

    Led light sticks for hooping

    Do these turn off after a certain amount of time? I bought lifegear ones and they turn off after about 45 minutes.
  388. scubasteve2989

    WTB WTT Penn 500 jigmaster newel aluminum l clamp

    Want to buy or trade for a a newell aluminum clamp for a penn 500 jigmaster. I have a newell p235 aluminum clamp I can trade, or trade a large rapala, zuker , or something else tackle related Or just pay cash.
  389. scubasteve2989

    Trade Large wood Bowen tacke box for SKB box , or reel

    80 bucks or trades .... ill even throw in a handshake
  390. scubasteve2989


    They do not work for others because they don't invest in the Shimano system. You need to buy the Terez Waxwing, a shimano reel, Shimano hat, and your choice of Shimano boxers or briefs. I stick to the go-to irons. Not paying 20 bucks for an overseas piece of plastic.
  391. scubasteve2989

    Trade Large wood Bowen tacke box for SKB box , or reel

    I got this box, then pondered if I would use it. Decided it was too big for the trips I take, and if I took it it would no longer be as nice as it is. (I have a way with screwing up nice stuff) Designated it as a storage box, and now I decided I want something else. Will sell as well 100 obo...
  392. scubasteve2989

    Jigging / Yoyoing...same thing?

    Those knife style jigs rely on the rod / angler to make most of the action. The heavy iron yo-yo jigs are designed to kick on the retrieve. Ive yet to see someone out fish heavies on a sport boat with a knife style east coast jig. Doesn't mean it isnt possible though. many guys out here switch...
  393. scubasteve2989

    HELP - Potty / crate training a puppy!!!

    I agree with a smaller crate. The key is walking / carrying the dog straight outside as soon as it is taken out of the crate. No picking it up for puppy play time or any of that until it has done its business outside. And when the business is done there needs to be instant praise. Another thing...
  394. scubasteve2989

    From the border to Baja's tip, the bite generates smiles all around

    Now just if we had more reports like this...
  395. scubasteve2989

    More spiders......

    the red that looks like a black widow on the grips A+
  396. scubasteve2989

    Trolling lure selection for YT Dorado etc

    Thanks guys. It feels good that my tackle shop purchases will be less than 30 bucks now that I dont need to buy some trolling stuff . Do you guys rig them up with 50-60 flouro or regular line? Though my main lines will be light all 40lb test on my buddies boat, I am thinking it would be a good...
  397. scubasteve2989

    Saltist 30t

    something to consider when you are looking at the pictures. The finish on the silver saltist is really prone to scratches. The only ones ive seen without scratches are brand new. Awesome reel I wont part with mine for a while.
  398. scubasteve2989

    Trolling lure selection for YT Dorado etc

    so in picture 2; the ones in the middle with lead inside the head are worth giving a try as a deeper running rig. Im going to rig up the zukers one in the top as well as the 2 to the left. What pound test is best, and is flouro a necessity ?
  399. scubasteve2989

    Trolling lure selection for YT Dorado etc

    My knowledge of what to use trolling is non existent. Never used anything but the boats rods. However like most normal fisherman, I have accumulated a bunch of gear that I have never used. I am attaching a picture of all my trollables (is that a word?) and am hoping you guys can steer me in the...
  400. scubasteve2989

    Using someone else's gear on a cattle boat What if one is slightly off like this guy? Surely chaos will happen.
  401. scubasteve2989

    Using someone else's gear on a cattle boat

    Id imagine my 5wt 9ft fly pole could get some good hurt a bit more, but Im not staging a dual anytime soon. Ckster you are fine. The Ernie and crew on the Chubasco are great. I'd really like to believe that 99% of fisherman are not thieves. We may stretch the truth though
  402. scubasteve2989

    Using someone else's gear on a cattle boat

    That would have been funny to catch someone getting a topshot straight off my reel. At least my buddies have a chance to tell me how great my newells spin if they use them. It always could be worse as bucnasty put it that line needed to be replaced anyways.... 100yrds.... 5 bucks?
  403. scubasteve2989

    Using someone else's gear on a cattle boat

    I checked my 332 today and noticed a 1/4 spool of mono was not there. I was on a 3/4 day last week, and used it one time then back on the racks it went. At the end of the day we had a pretty hot bite. There was chaos everywhere people being sawed off left and right. i'm guessing someone picked...
  404. scubasteve2989

    My Latest Surface Iron

    I'll have to check those out tomorrow for my thur trip.
  405. scubasteve2989

    WTB: Newell Reels: P550 and P454

    Going to have to learn how to read first.
  406. scubasteve2989

    Seeker WHITE rod blanks. Anybody wrapped a white blank?.

    I think the Seeker rods on the Seeker charters are all white. If you have facebook add them and you can see how they look.
  407. scubasteve2989

    Another wood tackle box ID question

    I had the opportunity to buy the big version of this (ridiculously over the top large) but passed. It has large pullouts with individual drawers in each. This one will keep reel parts as well as gear that I regularly trade from box to box depending on the trip I go on. I was guessing this box...
  408. scubasteve2989

    Another wood tackle box ID question

    I think you are spot on with that one. Checked some other Bowen models and they are very similar. Thanks Ed.
  409. scubasteve2989

    Another wood tackle box ID question

    Bought this one to store gear at home in. wood veneer on outside. 17.5 inches in length. Having trouble finding another box will similar inserts and such. Any help is appreciated thanks.
  410. scubasteve2989

    Cleaned and lubed my 113mtl first time checking out the insides 35 sec freespool

    The ratio is a hair over 4:1 and it has the vera drag, though I have not taken apart the drag on either reel to compare. Bearings I used the penn oil
  411. scubasteve2989

    JB or Power Pro slick 8???

    Samurai FTW
  412. scubasteve2989

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    My Dauntless brings all the boys to the yard, or was it guitarfish to the beach?
  413. scubasteve2989


    I would look for a 2-speed with a high ratio of ~6:1 that has a high amount of inches pulled in per a crank. Id assume the problem with retrieval speed would also have a similar problem with cranking strain on a higher gear ratio so the low gear would solve that. With a quick search im seeing...
  414. scubasteve2989

    Thoughts on Kencor Zebras , and Kunnan Rods

    Ya the orange and black zebra. I was thinking about giving one a try. I think they are really cool looking rods too. at 7 feet it is right about the size I like for my Kayak. I did a little research on Kunnan and it sounds like they were around in the early 90's. They sound like they did have...
  415. scubasteve2989

    Stolen Avets, Calstars, Seeker Seaforth Landing

    I had my truck broken into a while back. My insurance covered audio equipment, school books, ipod, running shoes, just about anything of value that went missing from my car 250 deductible. The next week they stole my catalytic converter - - - Updated - - - I had my truck broken into a while...
  416. scubasteve2989

    Cleaned and lubed my 113mtl first time checking out the insides 35 sec freespool

    +1 vote to remake this reel. If you have been thinking of getting one somehow, hopefully these pictures help convince you. put new oil and got over 35 seconds of free spool. large bearing had some grease on it probably could have got even more if I completely degreased it. If you have dealt...
  417. scubasteve2989


    no more than 250. - - - Updated - - - no more than 250.
  418. scubasteve2989

    Thoughts on Kencor Zebras , and Kunnan Rods

    I took a look at a buddies Kencor Zebra 7' think it was 15-40 and was wondering if I could get a little info from someone that either has fished their blanks, or factory rods. I know its old school, but it may be a cool stick to ad to the arsenal. Plus it looks so cool. Also was wondering...
  419. scubasteve2989

    Aztec sport fishing

    I've heard nothing but good reviews lately from my friends about the Aztec. It seems like everyone has mixed feelings about different crews and deckhands. You can't make everyone happy. Any Captain is going to put 110% in filling that boat depends on reports and word of mouth. I have mental...
  420. scubasteve2989

    Hoffmans Wood Tackle Box Needs restore

    SOLD This is a Hoffmans wood box. Was used as a makeup box, but Hoffman's was known to make both tackle and slot car boxes. This one appears to have been for slot cars. It needs to be re-surfaced, and have a new leather handle put on. The brass looks good except the handle hardware which is...
  421. scubasteve2989

    Fishing Swap meet TOMORROW SATURDAY 8/17/2013

    I counted 8 vendors. There were many good deals and lots of guys walking around with new to them sticks. If you fish in water that is salty, then you probably could have found plenty of wants and needs there. My experience was the complete opposite, and I will definitely make the drive if it...
  422. scubasteve2989

    Powerhouse 102 triplets surface iron

    Heard these are good for catching mola. Stoked to add two white ones I picked up today.
  423. scubasteve2989

    drop shoting sd bay / mission bay

    Ya Ill have to give that a try. The weed beds out there really dont seem that thick, and all of the fish i catch are way down on the water column. I have been fishing that area in my yak pretty well, and noticed most of my fish are caught at the end of my drift when I put the reel in gear and...
  424. scubasteve2989

    drop shoting sd bay / mission bay

    Supposed to be pretty effective on a slack tide. I picked up one on a shaker worm, but was wondering proper rigging hook size and weight for this.
  425. scubasteve2989

    WTB WTT two 8' graphite bait sticks 20lb and a 25lb

    Thank you for the reply. Im only able to spend 150 a stick though right now. will update my post.
  426. scubasteve2989

    9 mile of nothing

    Didnt get out there on that Outback Im guessing :)
  427. scubasteve2989

    Don't deal with Kevinx562

    I cant like ConSeaMates post, But both of us thought the same thing.... his was better written, and mine took longer to write haha.
  428. scubasteve2989

    Don't deal with Kevinx562

    I buy gear if it doesn't work out for me, or I am out of money, It gets sold. I try to keep it reasonable and enjoy talking with each person that buys from me. Chances are they have some really cool stories to tell, or we have some tips etc to share. This should be a fishing community not a...
  429. scubasteve2989

    WTB WTT two 8' graphite bait sticks 20lb and a 25lb

    I sold my 7' sticks and just recently sold my only 8' stick so a guy could have a complete set of blue and white wrapped glass factory seekers. Now I need to buy some sticks so I am set for my next trip. I am interested in graphite bait sticks 8' and up. 20 and 25lb sticks. would prefer seeker...
  430. scubasteve2989

    Don't deal with Kevinx562

    Were are you meeting this guy? I think the average guy selling anything out of their house doesn't want to swindle some one. I guess when it comes to rods, bring a tape measure and have a little info on the blank before you get there. Reels are a whole nother story. I had bought a 332 that was...
  431. scubasteve2989

    DP Loop 14mile, 277, 267 No Love. Farmer

    Ya definitely hard to catch fish whilst diddling. Still nice job staying persistent and finding the spot. Bummer on the Baby shark Killer. Doesn't sound like those would have been even close to the right length.
  432. scubasteve2989

    9 mile of nothing

    wind wasn't too bad. chop and swells were up a bit.
  433. scubasteve2989

    9 mile of nothing

    Found one paddy and was dry. Pretty dead today. We covered a lot of water with no signs of life and water in the 66-65 range. Picked up some bass in the thick but no bigens to be spoke of
  434. scubasteve2989

    Graftech GIS80L 8' bass rod

    kelp_bass Bought it. He even thought it was 70 and only brought a 50 and a 20. I sent him to the liquor store and said it was only 60. Don't wanna kill the on the water karma Ive had lately.
  435. scubasteve2989

    Graftech GIS80L 8' bass rod

    cork guides and blank in great shape with little use. Reel seat did not fit right with my daiwa lexa 300 Price is 60.00
  436. scubasteve2989

    Heavy & surface jig lot Salas + others

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 25 bucks for the whole lot Salas 6x heavy never fished blue /white salas 7x heavy some wear green black mack pattern salas 7x heavy bluewhite pl68 heavy blue white sumo 6 heavy chrome and mack pattern surface ironman ss lightweight rbx3 the last 2 surface are in iffy...
  437. scubasteve2989

    FS Lots of Salas and Tady jigs

    80s 6xjr single hooks for wahoo? do they have the sparkly sticker back?
  438. scubasteve2989

    WTB Rod universal clamp or stock bent clamp for Saltist 30T

    I have a Daiwa Saltist 30T without a clamp. Looking for the stock clamp with the bent bolts, or a universal clamp if you have one laying around.
  439. scubasteve2989


    Read some of Alan Tani's reviews on the makaira. They built a tank with features people want and need.
  440. scubasteve2989


    Its a different world over there.
  441. scubasteve2989

    WTD rod to fish 50pound line

    WTB = want to buy WTT = Want to trade WTS = Want to sell WTD = Want to ?
  442. scubasteve2989

    Daiwa Saltists 30T vs. level wind vs. new BG?

    The original 30t in silver is a great reel for 20-25 bait. problems with it are the finish scratches if you look at the wrong way, and the clamp width is narrow and may not work with some poles.....dont worry about it if its going in a seat. I think they fixed those problems with the bg35...
  443. scubasteve2989

    WTT two Sabre chocolate factory stroker rods and squidder with reel deal 2 speed tran

    With the pin pulled out it gets a higher gear and with the spool marked I got slightly over 9 spool revolutions with one rotation of the handle. With the pin pushed in it is in the stock gear configuration of 3.3 : 1 . I have plenty of old treasures that have been a part of the family for a...
  444. scubasteve2989

    WTT two Sabre chocolate factory stroker rods and squidder with reel deal 2 speed tran

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Looking to trade or eventually sell the following: 1. Sabre Stroker 6ft ST661C 20-50 chocolate colored blank Chrome Varmac reel seat first guide could use a re -wrap and they all could use a little flex coat to clean it up. all guides are soolid though - 20.00 2. Sabre...
  445. scubasteve2989

    Extreme Kayak Fishing Action vids

    Ya thats what its all about right there
  446. scubasteve2989

    Cal Star GG90j Used one trip 9'0 jig stick

    Cal star GG90j used one trip. 9'0 jig stick. Really nice composite stick (graphite / glass) It is factory wrap. 200 bucks and this stick is yours SOLD SOLD SOLD
  447. scubasteve2989


    wish we had more in the San Diego area
  448. scubasteve2989

    Which Manufacture makes the best freespooling reels

    Ya start a thread and poll with best functional free spool and you would see a completely different result. I would assume the heavy avet spools would have a longer free spool. For those saying it is better, well they may not have the experience with the new penns or other good star drags.
  449. scubasteve2989

    West Marine Opens Their Portland OR Flagship Store - Caption Contest - Win $200

    Now I know about the MLPA ban on planet Bespin , and Naboo, but I didn't know about the ban on planet earth.
  450. scubasteve2989

    Wide Open Sandie bite off TJ 7.9.13

    looks like a good time to me. congrats on the tacos
  451. scubasteve2989

    Going on 1st overnight. Need tips

    earplugs and a change of clothes. boots and sandals. air freshener to hang from your ear when you sleep.
  452. scubasteve2989

    My first set up for Bass

    Nice versatile setup right there. 20lb seems a bit heavy and you may run into that knot during your casts. I have 2 lexas and fish one with 40lb samurai to a 25lb flouro leader and one with 150 yrds of samurai to 12lb izor. They both are used from the bay to the kelp.
  453. scubasteve2989

    New Seaforth pm last week & dishonest crew...

    All this talk and all I am thinking about is a free hat.
  454. scubasteve2989

    Need to put a rear cork split grip on a bass rod with seat attached

    Perfect thanks for the heads up. I looked a little bit on mudhole and got an idea of what I need to do. Pretty confident that there is no way I could end up with it worse than the old grip. I measured less than a 2mm difference between right behind the reel seat and the end.
  455. scubasteve2989

    Need to put a rear cork split grip on a bass rod with seat attached

    Title pretty much explains it all. I have a tiburon rod that the rear cork grip became loose on. So I pulled it off one night in frustration stripped it and am now contemplating what to do. My thoughts were to do a split grip. How tough would it be to fit a split grip on? If I go to squidco...
  456. scubasteve2989

    STAR drag vs LEVER drag for live baiting

    Definitely a preference thing when under 40lb. Lever is nice to know your drag settings at strike and full and see were it is at while fishing. To get a lever drag that casts as well as a star drag you will be paying for it. Then there is the side load that lever drags have. Another...
  457. scubasteve2989

    Newell reels for sale

    I was curious myself. They sold in an hour or less
  458. scubasteve2989

    Sabre 655h 30 - 80 old school yo-yo rod

    Sabre 655H has a crack on ceramic insert on bottom guide. a little flex coat near the tip would clean it up too. has braced fuji guides with ceramic inserts. it would make a great yo-yo rod 40.00 obo and its yours (now 25.00)
  459. scubasteve2989

    Gold Shimano Trinidad

    What kind of toaster did you use to take the pictures?
  460. scubasteve2989

    WTB Tackle backpack WFO Shimano Openwater Calcutta etc maybe a skb box

    Thanks for the reply. I am going to see if anyone comes up with some backpacks for cheaper if not I may save up and go the skb route.
  461. scubasteve2989

    WTB Tackle backpack WFO Shimano Openwater Calcutta etc maybe a skb box

    Sold my bag before buying a new one. That created a mess.Looking to get a tackle backpack. Would prefer the WFO with the drink holder, but also would settle for Shimano, openwater, calcutta , SKB box, or ? . Let me know what you have and your price please. -Steven
  462. scubasteve2989

    Seeker inshore pro v. Shimano teramar

    buy them all and field test? 809 is stout and the best suited if you are planning on that yellow. that 808 blank inshore pro is just a sweet all around bass rod. really like the larger end grip too.
  463. scubasteve2989

    wide open cuda bite on the dolphin this am

    Ya there were a bunch of shorts, but this lady got a nice size Calico looked about 5lb. Key word is fun. Not seeing those tuna within my range yet so Ill take what I can get.
  464. scubasteve2989

    wide open cuda bite on the dolphin this am

    Ya I will definitely be riding that boat again in the future. I was not prepared for the pm fishing. for the calicos w it seemed light was the way to go. light line little baits.
  465. scubasteve2989

    wide open cuda bite on the dolphin this am

    Fished all day on the Dolphin . The Am bite was really fun. Ran into a Barracuda school that was really on the chew. Caught them on krocs and basically any iron i could throw at them. Havent been on a wide open cuda bite in years. Got to put my lexa to work on my 858, and man that was a sweet...
  466. scubasteve2989


    that smelt pattern FT is one of my favorite baits . Keep up the good work and maybe you'll be doing some seminars like your uncle!
  467. scubasteve2989

    Sabre IGFA GS6550 rod aftco 6'6

    Bump.... 40 bucks and you can pet the dog in picture
  468. scubasteve2989

    Win a Pair of AFTCO Transom Bibs - Caption Contest - Ending May 14th, 2013

    Finish him...... Flawless victory
  469. scubasteve2989

    Question on what to buy

    game clip whistle gaff good collapsible net hat sunscreen Gatorade bottle to piss in
  470. scubasteve2989

    Mission beach. Ski beach Good fishing

    tide and wind were not in agreement today. Still managed about 8 spotties and a halibut. All on smaller baits and smaller lead which was a bit difficult with the fast drift. All released. Wish I kept the halibut on second thought but I was in a C&R mood at the time. Showed the family some...
  471. scubasteve2989

    Playing With a few new baits.

    really like the top right and 2nd one down from the left. a little variation from the spottie special.
  472. scubasteve2989

    seeker inshor blue lightning 858 with trigger

    sorry cheeks not interested in the rollers this will be a heavy swim bait rod. But thanks for the post.
  473. scubasteve2989

    Penn 113mtl as a overnight - 1.5 troller

    ya it really is a sweet reel. Definitely feels good to have something most people dont first trip I go on this year. looks more like this setup will be good for yo-yo though unless I can get a better trolling rod with rollers.
  474. scubasteve2989

    Black Bass in Panama!!!!!!!

    Man that looks Toad-ally awesome
  475. scubasteve2989

    seeker inshor blue lightning 858 with trigger

    I will shoot you a pm... not sure if I could beat that 10 dollar offer though :rofl:
  476. scubasteve2989

    seeker inshor blue lightning 858 with trigger

    would like to try and buy one with a trigger if you have it.
  477. scubasteve2989

    Inshore rod selection help (size and trigger or no trigger)

    Thanks for the reply Jerry hope you like the box. Im going to check out the inshore pros again tomorrow and see how similar their 8' blank is to the blue lightnings. Maybe Ill check out the 858 with no seat and put a reel on it. Shoot if I spent this much time thinking about what I was going to...
  478. scubasteve2989

    Inshore rod selection help (size and trigger or no trigger)

    Looking for a longer stouter rod for my lexa, and have been considering the blue lightning in 8 1/2 (the 858 ). It will be used for bigger swimbaits from the yak, as well as possibly on a half day boat. It seems that they are no longer available with a trigger. -What are your opinions on...
  479. scubasteve2989

    San Diego 4/25 early update

    Ya his no fish report yesterday was a good post .... cant wait to read a post if he gets the JP.
  480. scubasteve2989

    Sabre IGFA GS6550 rod aftco 6'6

    This is an older Sabre GS6550 IGFA rod. Not sure of the # class as the number is worn out. If I were to guess it would be 80. It is a pretty stout rod. All guides are in great shape. rollers are working fine. little discoloration on the grips. near the butt. No gimbal. Thought I could use this...
  481. scubasteve2989

    Tokyo Bay Sharks

    Just looked at your other report awesome looking catches. I sure would have a hard time identifying fish out there
  482. scubasteve2989

    Penn 113mtl as a overnight - 1.5 troller

    I was really excited to pick up this 113mtl, and got it for a smoking deal. I was wondering if this reel paired on a 655h sabre would be suitable for trolling on a cattle boat.
  483. scubasteve2989

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    3 older red / maroon 500s 1 squidder 140 113mtl 113h 545
  484. scubasteve2989

    yamamoto(phenix wrap loomis blank) spinning rod 7' w/ shimano stradic 2500fh r trade

    Rod is a Yamamoto tournament rod 7' 6-12 lb lure 1/8-3/8 ssm22701mf rod wrapped by phenix and is a loomis blank reel is a Shimano Stradic 2500fh 9/10 cosmetically 10/10 mechanically Very well balanced combo. Will trade for the following : Super Seeker Ulua Seeker inshore w/ trigger...
  485. scubasteve2989

    Shimano Occa Jigger NR 2000P

    Is this a model made specifically for japan?
  486. scubasteve2989

    or trade Wood Veneer tack box

    Wood veneer tackle box. works great. its smaller but a good size for shorter lr trips $ 25.00 or trade for 40lb 300 yrd braid (powerpro, samurai, jb etc)
  487. scubasteve2989

    OR TRADE 7' Shimano Scimitar rod w/ Abu garcia 6501 c3 lefty reel

    The combo includes: Shimano Scimitar rod SMC-70MH 7' 10-20 lb 1/4-1oz medium heavy fast action some light salt corrosion on guides. Abu Garcia 6501 c3 reel lefty- 10lb line new gear shaft new clicker. thumb plate a little chewed up. Otherwise mechanically smooth with good drags $55.00
  488. scubasteve2989

    Looking for Trout Rods (possibly reels too)

    what is your price range? 1 or 2 piece?
  489. scubasteve2989

    Accurate Caption Contest ending March 21st, 2013

    she better not hurt her self the sandwiches are not making themselves.
  490. scubasteve2989

    Plano Jig box with over 63 iron jigs lures

    Panchovilla that may work as I drive up that way to surf every once in a while or up to Santa ana / Anaheim to visit people.
  491. scubasteve2989

    Plano Jig box with over 63 iron jigs lures

    Haven't had anyone come through yet, and really need the money for some christmas gifts. New pictures, and reduced to 90! Bump!
  492. scubasteve2989

    Shelter 9/26

    Ya if you only single bag it you can still use it to text without opening....learned that snowboarding
  493. scubasteve2989

    Shelter 9/26

    Made it in the water about 7:30 and was on the way home at about 11. 17 total fish 3 being sandies the rest spotties. They were slamming every bait in my bag and shredding them. Had one BH that I lost the tail on, winged it out next cast and it came back with half the body. The drift was really...
  494. scubasteve2989

    Lake Havasu Kayak Fish Tournament

    Very cool! thanks for the heads up
  495. scubasteve2989

    How do I mount my reel?

    Duct tape and super glue
  496. scubasteve2989

    Have a Boat looking for people to fish with

    So how did the first trip go?
  497. scubasteve2989

    Light Spinning Gear Freshwater

    1.Shakespeare Encore combo 5'0 pole light action - $ 12 2.Shimano Sonora 2000 reel with shimano stimula rod - $ 24 5. Quantum Optix 20 with berkley lightning rod lrs601mh titanium guides - $20 The others sold
  498. scubasteve2989

    Diawa jigstick and x40ha & lefty abu 6501c3 w/ ugly stick Penn Jigmaster

    Ya I really dont want to separate, just want them gone together its about a 1/3 of the price of new at this point. Has 30lb yozuri fresh on it right now with one trip (5 casts on it) with 50lb backing.
  499. scubasteve2989

    vasaline on ff plugs ok

    dielectric grease
  500. scubasteve2989

    Diawa jigstick and x40ha & lefty abu 6501c3 w/ ugly stick Penn Jigmaster

    Bump. And if a Mod manages to see this can you please change the thread title to match my title?
  501. scubasteve2989

    50% off half day on

    Its a fishermans landing deal I believe. Even if you dont use the rentals it's still about 10 off their normal price. I was thinking about doing it myself, but Id rather save my money for a tad bit more hours. Still a killer deal
  502. scubasteve2989

    Big bear 4 wheelin

    Diamonds would be the difficult ones for instance. I think they show them on the sign I may have confused myself with some late night googling. Our place is near the airport. I was going to do the trout tourney this oct but havent heard from my...
  503. scubasteve2989

    Big bear 4 wheelin

    Anyone take their 4x4 up to big bear? I go about once a month to wheel. Looking for others to meet up there and help each other if we do something stupid. I dont do diamond trails, but my truck is pretty capable. If you fish up there thats cool as well.
  504. scubasteve2989

    Tidelands tommorow

    How did you do?
  505. scubasteve2989

    Vintage Fenwick Rods

    Fenwick Custom 1670c E-glass its a 30/50. Cork wrap in excellent shape. Fuji seat. Fuji Guides look rock solid and have ceramic inserts.
  506. scubasteve2989

    Diawa jigstick and x40ha & lefty abu 6501c3 w/ ugly stick Penn Jigmaster

    Thinning out the gear I have both Salt and Fresh Help me earn some $$$ to get on a boat soon. Prices are OBO so if it seems to steep, make an offer. First combo is a Diawa X40Ha reel has a 4.9-1 retrieve. has some boat scuffs but still in good shape and 10/10 mechanically working. Pole is a...
  507. scubasteve2989

    Bucket-O- Iron jigs Lot of 32 for $ 25

    Smartaxe I can ship if they do not sell soon. I have paypal and such if you would like to go that route. Paddylure I don't think I received a PM Talked to 72fishin sounds like a cool guy, but the bucket does not have the metal jig holder he wanted. The bucket basically has a pvc pipe...
  508. scubasteve2989

    Bucket-O- Iron jigs Lot of 32 for $ 25

    Basically I have bunch of Iron jigs most are knockoffs and Some look like Helen Keller herself cast them. 32 Iron + two spoons all packed into a handy dandy bucket that required some serious beer-drinkin-thinkin to be made. 20 bucks and it is yours. Sold Will trade for bass swimbaits (big...
  509. scubasteve2989

    RANT! Free or trade me something, Okuma Red Isis 400p

    I may be able to make something out of it, and use it on my first overnight I'm going on tomorrow at 10. I have irons I can offer for trade, brand new 25 lb line lead heads swim baits etc. -Steven
  510. scubasteve2989

    Win a Penn Squall 40 and a Blue Water Carnage Rod - Caption Contest

    The survival sports that never made the olympics
  511. scubasteve2989

    CVL 400 Pawl cap - Where to buy?

    Basically need a new Pawl cap about a 2 dollar part. Was wondering if there are any local stores that carry it without going through the online stealer stores that throw on 9.95 for shipping. Thanks in advance.
  512. scubasteve2989

    Shelter was on fire!

    ya got pretty windy drift was way too quick after 12
  513. scubasteve2989

    Shelter was on fire!

    Just got my licence. Picked up a few new plastics and headed out. Woke up super early and managed to get in the water at 9am :) hooked up on a large amount of spotties and sandies. Stopped counting after releasing about 15. Really enjoyed getting in the water, and will definitely keep my yak...
  514. scubasteve2989

    Shelter Island

    i was using 4 inch plastic swimbaits
  515. scubasteve2989

    Shelter Island

    Went to shelter island today launched around 8:30 caught a fish on every drift. it was almost too easy they just basically jump in my kayak. caught about 25 spotties and sand bass by 12. towards the end of my trip i hooked something really big and lost it then i drifted the same spot and managed...
  516. scubasteve2989

    juneau or ketchikan?

    which would be a better place to fish in about a month? it will be one of the stops on a cruise im going on. any help is appreciated thanks.
  517. scubasteve2989

    big bear lake 8.5 trout

    why wouldnt i take credit for catching that fish? ive had good luck on taildancers and needlefish in purple and even slow trolling worms
  518. scubasteve2989

    big bear lake 8.5 trout

    windy point casting 3/4 ouncers as far as a can with a 7.5 foot pole. the deeper water off there holds im coming back in a boat or kayak.
  519. scubasteve2989

    big bear lake 8.5 trout

    went to big bear over the weekend and fished fri-sun. on fri i went out by myself to go fish in the cold for some trout. when i say cold i mean it was snowing. i got my line out and set my truck up to block some of the wind and snow from were i was fishing. spent about 2 hours fishing without...
  520. scubasteve2989

    fastest kyak out there?

    Everyone knows that cobra F&D are faster
  521. scubasteve2989

    4/27 LJ T sharkin, DFG encounter

    ya I had the best experience with the DFG on saturday in Mission Bay. I like to see them doing their job and being friendly about it.
  522. scubasteve2989

    Fish & Game in Mission Bay

    after yakin on saturday in lajolla we returned with no catch at all. we were loading all of our stuff into the truck and the poles and stuff were not in plain view. the warden aproached and asked if we caught anything we said no. he snooped around our truck and looked in every open door and...
  523. scubasteve2989

    HO looking to get on any tuna hungry boat

    I work most of the week and i have today and tomorro off and am trying my best to get on any boat thats ready to do work on some tuna. I'm 18 and can take care of some of the expenses and clean the boat/fish upon returning. I have plenty of gear and plenty of knowledge on the water. if anyone...
  524. scubasteve2989

    how to rig a teloscopic 20'er

    i use a slender stick style float. for perch and such this green seaweed stuff works ridiculously well and best of all its free.
  525. scubasteve2989

    BD Official HO list 2007

    steven cuff Age 18 weekends can be ready last minute Referances im new to bd Contact info pm me or email [email protected] I have been fishing almost all my life. i have gear and extra rods/reels. Lately I have been doing mostly freshwater fishing on my mom's boyfriend's boat and...