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  1. dutra

    stealing fish from freezers ?

    Damn, that is terrible news!
  2. dutra

    stealing fish from freezers ?

    Talk to Ruben, he will put an end to that real fast
  3. dutra

    Cryptocurrency Bubble or here to stay?

    i get all my stock and crypto advice from bloodydecks
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    Ill take the jx if you will ship
  5. dutra

    Nor Cal Season Rolls Along

    check your PM's and website messages. Thanks
  6. dutra

    Nor Cal Season Rolls Along

    How do I book a hunt?
  7. dutra

    Cedros 2021

    $1900 is the lowest I will go. Ill just eat it for anything cheaper.
  8. dutra

    Cedros 2021

    Trip was cancelled due to Covid and was rescheduled for Sept 4th 2021 around that date. Premium guide for 4 days for 1 person. Cedros Island Adventures does not give refunds so I am stuck with this trip and I have no desire to go. I paid $2250 for 4 days fishing and lodging for 1 person. You...
  9. dutra

    Seward 9/12

  10. dutra

    Dead lobos in South-Central Baja

    What a tragedy
  11. dutra

    Canadian border closure extended
  12. dutra

    Bring down for aid and giving

    Where in bola do you give the stuff to?? I would be interested in doing that as well
  13. dutra

    Bola, 7-10 to 12th with Enrique daggett

    Look at the other threads
  14. dutra

    Gordo Banks Pangas July 9-10th

    Port was closed for no damn reason on the 9th. I guess a storm was 600 miles away and they decided to close. Oh well, nothing you can do. Next day was the same weather as the 9th but the port was open. Got caballitos and some mullet for bait. Went out to the grounds with yoyos and bait. 1...
  15. dutra

    Denis @Deadheadlures Bahia 27th-28th

    I wish I got paid for this LOL but denis lures work! deadheadlures just google it. Fairly cheap. Only 1 pic.
  16. dutra

    Enrique daggett sport fishing..28 and 29 june

    Thanks Enrique! I need to get Federico into the gym!!
  17. dutra

    Check Point in San Felipe

    Ice in town. Will check later on cervesa
  18. dutra

    Check Point in San Felipe

    just a tax if bringing in a lot. Have 2 cases they didnt care. No checkpoint in san felipe at 5:54am Saturday
  19. dutra

    Check Point in San Felipe

    Mexicali temp check. Looked inside the cooler for beers. Asked what was inside the rod tube. That was it. San felipe in about an hour out
  20. dutra

    Check Point in San Felipe

    Im crossing tomorrow will post 9am
  21. dutra

    Cabrillla. And yellows wide open bay of la

    crossing saturday. how heavy of weights for bait?
  22. dutra

    Cabrillla. And yellows wide open bay of la

    denis check your email if you can
  23. dutra

    Captain Juan Cook, San Quintin!

    denis if you see this check your email
  24. dutra

    Bahia De LA July 10-13

  25. dutra

    Baja 2020 Not to Be?

    Everyone stay home! Less fishing pressure when I am down there LOL
  26. dutra

    Baja 2020 Not to Be?

    Yes I am flying down 8th. Will post a report.
  27. dutra

    Baja 2020 Not to Be?

    No I havent, Just reading the reports from other people. I am crossing the 27th. I will post how it went.
  28. dutra

    Baja 2020 Not to Be?

    You probably wear a mask while driving. Don't go, its that simple. I'm driving down June 26th and will post a report up when I get back. Flying down July 8th. Will post up when I land. I know some pangaeros are hurting badly for money.
  29. dutra

    Baja 2020 Not to Be?

    Read the other threads in the mexico forums
  30. dutra

    Baja 2020 Not to Be?

    direct flights into cabo from the states, close the airport if they want people out
  31. dutra

    Baja 2020 Not to Be?

    The hell are you talking about? People are going down now!
  32. dutra

  33. dutra


    fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  34. dutra

    Get tested people

    Agreed. Im going mid July. Hopefully they will have changed their stance. If not, I will get tested and possibly tested again at the airport
  35. dutra

    Get tested people
  36. dutra


    go away!
  37. dutra

    Driver for day trip to La Paz

    Rent from the hotel where you are staying. small car during the off season is $30-$40 a day with full insurance. Private van will be probably $250ish each. Or take a tour to Balandra
  38. dutra

    Car rental advice in Cabo

    You will pay a tax at the airport. Get a car from your hotel
  39. dutra

    Real world Cedros gear info?

    Im going on the sept 4 trip next year maybe I will see you there. First time going as well. My girlfriend just jumps in to pee.
  40. dutra

    Kenai Reds

    Slaughter. I thought 30k a day was good but damn!
  41. dutra

    Traveling with reels to Cabo

    Made it on the plane in sjdc with 4 spooled reels. No problem.
  42. dutra

    MAG BAY REPORT - 11/10/18

    What airport do you fly into? From cabo its 180 miles 1 way?
  43. dutra

    Traveling with reels to Cabo

    Carried on 4 spooled reels at sfo
  44. dutra

    Mex a car/FOX rent a car Los Cabos Scam

    DONT RENT FROM THE AIRPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Taxes are out of control at the airport Use your hotel lobby!
  45. dutra

    Traveling with reels to Cabo

    Haven't had a problem in 10 years with bringing reels in carry on. I will let you know in about 48 hours
  46. dutra

    Looking for a guide for kings in Soldotna

    Can anyone recommend a guide for kings anytime from July 12-19th in or close to Soldotna? Thanks
  47. dutra

    Bodega Bay recommendations

    good dude
  48. dutra

    East Cape/Las Barriles Oct 29 report

    yup fishing sucks. stay up north in Alaska for chicken halibut.
  49. dutra


    use them all the time no problems
  50. dutra

    San Jose fishing

    book now gordo banks pangas
  51. dutra

    Goose call

    jj lares
  52. dutra

    River Monster's

    that is awesome!
  53. dutra

    San Quentin brant

    I too am interested in a 1 day hunt for brant.
  54. dutra

    SDJ 9/25-9/30 Gordo Banks Pangas Report

    tried rapalas and mauraders for nada as well as raiders on the bow for hours! oh well I will get one next time. all the tuna were on squid chunks or yoyos. 1 grouper on chunk bonito and a lot of small hunanchingo (sp?) with yoyos. very few dorado and 1 wahoo that I saw.
  55. dutra

    SDJ 9/25-9/30 Gordo Banks Pangas Report

    Thanks! At the airport now. Have a few rapalas and mauraders to try.
  56. dutra

    SDJ 9/25-9/30 Gordo Banks Pangas Report

    was the wahoo on chunk squid? or trolling?
  57. dutra

    Bluefin confirmed in NorCal

    Monterey to Bodega.......... that's not far at all................
  58. dutra

    Tropical Storm Paine...

    SPOLIER ALERT!!! Baja has hurricanes
  59. dutra

    Open Letter to San Diego Fishing Charters...

    is this posted in the long range section?
  60. dutra

    Offshore Dana to 181+dick move

    no shit that's silvera? all those harbor house life videos and he pulls that stunt! damn!
  61. dutra


    do you have any gold raiders? 200g
  62. dutra

    Offshore Dana to 181+dick move

    post on spearboard.
  63. dutra

    Nautical Art
  64. dutra

    Irons FS

    pm me ill take them
  65. dutra

    Chame Chame Chame

    that family slays the fish!
  66. dutra

    Fair tip

  67. dutra

    JRI-4 Jigs for Sale

    Never fished. Has some chips some rust and gel coat is peeling on 2. $45 shipped
  68. dutra

    WTB Wahoo Jigs

    Pms replied.
  69. dutra

    WTB Wahoo Jigs

    need 5. send pics here. i have to pay for shipping since im norcal
  70. dutra

    WTB Wahoo Jigs

    Brand doesnt matter.
  71. dutra

    Avet MXL 5.8 6/4 2 Speed Gold $280

    gone for $275. thanks for the low ball offers lol
  72. dutra

    cheap Fishing gear on Craigslist

    they will just low ball you. use ebay.
  73. dutra

    Avet MXL 5.8 6/4 2 Speed Gold $280

    yea that is what im most likely going to do. I don't need the money that bad. Couple scratches on a reel shouldn't knock the price down 100 bucks lol.
  74. dutra

    22lr ammo 1500rds

    300rds (6, 50 rd packs) blazer 555 winchester 36gr hollow points 325 federal 325 federal 1505 rounds total. $145 located in bay area, or 10 bucks shipping
  75. dutra

    Avet MXL 5.8 6/4 2 Speed Gold $280

    Used a few times down in cabo. Has some scratches. $280 with free shipping. I'll get pics up later. I have paypal
  76. dutra

    Goose Hunting in Glenn County, CA

    thanks for the reply.
  77. dutra

    Goose Hunting in Glenn County, CA

    surf, when a single or pair of geese come in does everyone unload on them? and with 8 guys shooting did you feel like you had enough chances to shoot? Calling guides now to see if anyone will take out 3-4 hunters.
  78. dutra

    Pretty Good Weekend

    left some messages. Good luck out there kid.
  79. dutra

    Pretty Good Weekend

    kid how many guys hunt with you?
  80. dutra

    Pretty Good Weekend

    Can only do day trips. I think anything past redding is my cutoff.
  81. dutra

    Pretty Good Weekend

    Check your messages surf
  82. dutra

    Pretty Good Weekend

    Thanks I appreciate it. Those guides said they would call if anything opens up. If I don't make it out no biggie, still 4 refuge draw weekends left.
  83. dutra

    Pretty Good Weekend

    He was booked up last I called about a month ago. Same with Mike Moore, ben Williams, and a couple more I just forgot at the moment. And those guides hunt minimal of 7 guys in a pit, im over it. I'll live vicariously thru your posts lol.
  84. dutra

    Pretty Good Weekend

    should have never opened this.
  85. dutra

    Missing charter boat out of Cabo

    you dont bring that shit on a plane! maybe you guys are right, ill bring my bugout bag next time im on a plane. with my ar10, 2000 rounds, 20 flares, and my parachute. :finger::finger:
  86. dutra

    Goose hunting with a guide.

    nice work!
  87. dutra

    Goose hunting with a guide.

    All the guides I called said $225-$250 for guided goose hunt with 7-10 other hunters. I offered kid creole $200 since hes not a guide and just has a great lease and doesn't hunt with 10 people at a time.
  88. dutra

    Water wolf underwater wahoo and marlin

    That last pic of the wahoo coming off is my life story!!
  89. dutra

    Missing charter boat out of Cabo

    I tried to carry my flare gun, back up flares, spare batteries, life raft on the airline and they said no.
  90. dutra

    Missing charter boat out of Cabo

    who brings their marine radio, epirb, and gps down to mexico for a vacation?
  91. dutra

    Goose hunting with a guide.

    I offered him $200
  92. dutra

    Goose hunting with a guide.

    Rub it in my face why don't ya LOL!!! nice creole!!!
  93. dutra

    Goose hunting with a guide.

    not a fan of 10 guns shooting at 2-3 birds. And for limits of specks that's 80 birds, seems like a lot. Not sure the opportunities I will actually get to shoot with that many people. And the guides I called said they do shoot too. I've suddenly changed my mind.
  94. dutra

    Bird Processor in Butte Sink area of NorCal

    $30 for a limit of ducks and $5 per goose. I was there sunday. If the place is closed go into kittles and call him. He will send someone to the shop for you.
  95. dutra

    Goose hunting with a guide.

    Just a day guided trip. With 7 guys all shooting does everyone get birds? How did your trip work out?
  96. dutra

    Hmmm, you take the one on the right

    That is awesome!! im looking for a guide at the moment. You want to make $225??LOL
  97. dutra

    Monster Amber Jack

    DAMNNNN!!!!! Makes mine look like a guppy!
  98. dutra

    Goose hunting with a guide.

    Guides in Norcal wont take you out for geese unless they have atleast 7 people.
  99. dutra

    Goose hunting with a guide.

    Has anyone here hunted 7-10 guys in a pit blind or layouts for geese with a guide? How much shooting did you do with 8 people all shooting at once? How many birds did you get? I've called a few guides and they all say you get plenty of shooting but don't know if this is true. Want to hear from...
  100. dutra

    Hmmm, you take the one on the right

    private lease or guide blind?
  101. dutra

    Feathers and guns guide service

    glad I found this. thanks guys.
  102. dutra

    Please Don't Drive Through the Kelp!!!
  103. dutra

    Pier Fisherman Hits Drone

    To bad he wasn't using braid
  104. dutra

    Coupon Code for Savings!

    hope this code works in 2 weeks!!!!
  105. dutra

    20% off Sports Chalet Item

    Damn, never can catch a break on avets on sale.
  106. dutra

    Vengeance Cedros Irons 7X and Yoyo Jigs in stock at Melton Tackle!

    Those are sweet! Wish the price was lower.
  107. dutra

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    You should see my other piercing.
  108. dutra

    San Jose Del Cabo 4-24

    Sounds like he didn't catch many fish and is why hes upset. Fly with a cooler, ice problem solved.
  109. dutra

    San Jose Del Cabo 4-24

    Been fishing with eric for many years now and never a problem. Its april, not the best time to catch fish down there. Who goes fishing anywhere and doesn't bring a cooler with ice? Eric wants cash at the dock so he can pay the captains on the spot. As for 30 mins of driving back allys? Its the...
  110. dutra

    Los Cabos resort info

    So you reccomend we dont go down there and spend $$$ for years? Just re-booked for oct 21st. If they say its no good, I'll re-book.
  111. dutra

    Cabo Airport After Odile

    This gringo will be there! Mid oct or dec!!!! Fu odlie
  112. dutra

    Cabo Airport After Odile

    I feel your pain. Im susposed to go down tues. Apparently orbitz just has an advisor for today! Royal solair just closed shop until the 10th, waiting on that email.
  113. dutra

    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    HOLY SHIT!!!!! Thanks
  114. dutra

    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    Not sure if im getting the run around but the royal solairs said they will be opened by friday.
  115. dutra

    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    Thanks. My flight is the 23rd. Planning on going still. Waiting to hear from eric at gordo banks, hopefully everyone is ok and the boats made it.
  116. dutra

    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    Any word on the san jose marina? Can't reach eric, figured the power is out.
  117. dutra

    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    Link please?
  118. dutra

    Salmon/rockfish regulations

    How can party boats do rockfish and salmon combo trips? I know they use barbed shrimp flies with squid after they troll for salmon
  119. dutra

    Avet MXL 5.8 drag

  120. dutra

    Albacore and Swordfish-Monterey Area

    There are no albacore in california. I hear utah has been loaded. Try there
  121. dutra

    Great day...Bodega Bay!

    he must have changed his ways.
  122. dutra

    Great day...Bodega Bay!

    legend or infamous?
  123. dutra

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report Nov. 3

    Hope those fish stick around for another 10 days
  124. dutra

    Who is still visiting Mexico?

    Stay away from mexico. Let me go down there and risk my life so you dont have to. I am so afraid to go I just stay out at sea as much as I can
  125. 31 mattdutra

    31 mattdutra

  126. me rooster 2011

    me rooster 2011

  127. dutra

    baja lobster regulations

    market in cabo thats sells tails for $4 each
  128. dutra

    Wahoo @ La Playita

    Thats a huge WAhoo!! I fished with chime last sat. I got a nice wahoo but not that big!
  129. dutra

    Crabby Patties

    Recipe please!
  130. dutra

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report Nov. 27

    Hope the wahoo are still around in 4 days!
  131. dutra

    Super Cow at gordo banks

    :eyepoppin Please let those fish stay around for another 2 weeks
  132. ab hero shot

    ab hero shot

  133. me crabs and abs

    me crabs and abs

  134. me hotmess day 1

    me hotmess day 1

  135. hotmess amber

    hotmess amber

  136. me big ass amberjack

    me big ass amberjack

  137. me wahoo2

    me wahoo2

  138. dutra

    ice chests and airplanes

    I just have my fish vacuumed packed and frozen and they make it back to CA just fine. I'm pretty sure the airlines don't allow dry ice.
  139. dutra

    Gordo Banks Pangas 9/10

    The panga with Jesus is $250 plus bait. They have the tackle but you can use your own if you want. My back hurt like hell at work today!
  140. dutra

    Gordo Banks Pangas 9/10

    Thanks for the replies. No fish were caught trolling. Tuna and wahoo were caught on dead sardines drifting. Snapper and amberjack were caught on live moonfish we caught in the marina. Capt Jesus on the "Katie". By far the best ive ever fished with!
  141. dutra

    Gordo Banks Pangas 9/10

    All the bottom fish took the moonfish as bait. Looks like a pancake but silver. I think the real name is a lookdown or something like that. Everything else took the dead sardines.
  142. dutra

    Gordo Banks Pangas 9/10

    Fished with Gordo Banks Pangas out of San Jose Del Cabo and the fishing was excellent! Started out the morning with fresh dead sardines and catching moonfish for bait. Took maybe 30 minutes and we had 15 or so, so off we went. This was the first fish on the live moonfish. 79 pound amberjack...
  143. dutra

    Need a good panga in Cabo

    2nd gordo bank pangas
  144. hawkbill close

    hawkbill close

  145. hammerhead underwater

    hammerhead underwater

  146. dogtooth me day 1.2

    dogtooth me day 1.2

  147. monday total

    monday total

  148. marlin


  149. dutra

    Gordo Bank Panga's 9/19. 9/21 PICS

    Thanks, she had a little struggle with most of the fish but the dorado she took care of. Adrian, just put a chunk of skipjack on drop it down and hold on.
  150. dutra

    Gordo Bank Panga's 9/19. 9/21 PICS

    All I can say is the fishing was INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Sun burn feels GREAT!!!! Jesus is one hell of a captain Lost this one after 10 minutes In the words of jesus "Pinche needlefish!"
  151. white seabass 2

    white seabass 2

  152. white seabass

    white seabass

  153. DSCN0623


  154. DSCN0608


  155. DSCN0652


  156. DSCN0643


  157. hot mess white2

    hot mess white2

  158. halibut3


  159. DSCN0601


  160. DSCN0609


  161. tag 2

    tag 2

  162. abalone3


  163. abalone1


  164. dorado underwater

    dorado underwater

  165. bloody dorado

    bloody dorado

  166. dorado


  167. dutra

    9/01 SF bay WSB. Late report

    I was more than shocked when that thing came up. Is that a broomtail in your avatar? I'm going to cabo on the 18th and would like to get one of those
  168. dutra

    9/01 SF bay WSB. Late report

    Nearly spooled my penn squidder 140. Had to have my buddy fire up the boat to gain some line.
  169. fish


  170. dutra

    9/01 SF bay WSB. Late report

    Crimson I was using live sardines. They're pretty big baits. I'd say they average maybe 7 inches. Got them from the bait dock in Berkeley. I added a stinger treble hook to my rig because the baits are so big I was getting a lot of fish to bite but nothing would stick. Oh, those halibut are some...
  171. dutra

    9/01 SF bay WSB. Late report

    I hear of a few caught outside every year also the alameda rock wall is a place inside where they are caught. Not as thick as so cal.
  172. dutra

    9/01 SF bay WSB. Late report

    Drifted around alcatraz from 8am til bout 1. Using jumbo sardines for 2 halibut and one nice white seabass. Bass went 40 pounds and 51". The halibut were small. Largest halibut went 6 pounds. Bay was like a lake the baby halibut
  173. dutra

    SF bay and outside edge of GG bridge

    I'd say around 9:30am. Damn line to get bait was out of control. Drifting in 25-30ft of water for 1 butt and 1 bass. The other halibut came from 9-10ft of water just near the end of the old berkeley pier
  174. dutra

    SF bay and outside edge of GG bridge

    Fishing wasn't that bad. Drifting around alcatraz and the berkeley flats. Super rough though. All fish were caught on pinner anchovies
  175. dutra

    San Jose Panguero Recomendation
  176. dutra

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report Nov. 26 - Dec. 2

    its says red snapper :imdumb:
  177. dutra

    cabo 7/4

  178. dutra

    cabo 7/4

    We stayed in cabo san lucas and hired a cab to go into san jose. You dont want to know the price of that. Saw probably 10 to 20 marlin swimming on the surface. All striped. Saw probably another 10 jumping. I guess the full moon on the 3rd screwed things up. If anyone wants to go down for a...
  179. dutra

    cabo 7/4

    fished with gordo banks pangas. Saw lots of marlin none wanted to bite. Tried bait and lures for nada. Caught these 2 as we were heading in.