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  1. bigfishpapa

    Southern California Wtb Talica 20 ii

    Looking for a clean talica 20 ii
  2. bigfishpapa

    Wtb Talica 20 ii

    bigfishpapa submitted a new listing: Wtb Talica 20 ii - Wtb Talica 20 ii Learn more about this listing...
  3. bigfishpapa

    Huge VERMILLION Catch and Cook Video

    Thanks for sharing!!!:cheers:
  4. bigfishpapa

    Calstar GG6480 or Calstar 800H

    Longfin tackle has a new one for sale. Calstar 6480 GG
  5. bigfishpapa

    Newell tension washer

    I’m looking for three Newell 3-14 tension washer...Give me a shout if you have some, :smash:Thanks
  6. bigfishpapa

    Thanks BDs

  7. bigfishpapa

    Trinidad 16a....

    Looking for a Trinidad 16a. :cheers:
  8. bigfishpapa

    Old classic

    Have these two old rods. Don’t know anything about them. but up for sale. dark brown 8’2” Light one 8’6” $35 each
  9. bigfishpapa

    New Shimano Torium 16 HG

    Brand New Torium 16 hg 6.2:1 gear ratio Right handed $170.00 Buyer pays for shipping if needed
  10. bigfishpapa

    New torium 20hg with box $180

    Still available? Where you locate?
  11. bigfishpapa

    New Shimano Talica 16 ii

    Brand new, never had line on it.. Shimano Talica 16 ii $430.00 take it Buyer pays for shipping if needed, local pick ok
  12. bigfishpapa

    Avet SX G2 MC

  13. bigfishpapa

    Avet SXJ Raptor MC

    9.99 out 10 tiny scratch on the reel clamp. I believe it 50lbs power pro
  14. bigfishpapa

    Avet SXJ Raptor MC

    Avet sxj raptor 6/4 MC 2 speed right handed Silver color No box $290.00 Buyer pays for shipping if needed.
  15. bigfishpapa

    Shimano Toruim 20 HG

    Yes, right handed
  16. bigfishpapa

    ,Avet reels

    Avet G2 sxj blue single speed 5.3 $165.00 Avet G2 sx blue single speed 5.3 $175.00 Thanks [/ATTACH]
  17. bigfishpapa

    Are they still available

    Are they still available
  18. bigfishpapa

    Lead Heads

    For Sale lead heads weedless, non weedless, and whole bunch of colors, 1/2oz-2oz Don't need them.. $85.00 for ALL
  19. bigfishpapa

    Torpedo wieghts,circle hooks, hip pad,and assorted jigs

    2 oz 3 oz 4 oz 6 oz 8 0z 10 oz and larger smithy hip pad shimano plier mustand circle hooks and some jigs everything for $60.00
  20. bigfishpapa

    WTT/WTS Calstar GFDH 800M

    Looking for a 800 m dh...What would be your price if you can't find a only
  21. bigfishpapa

    Selfie X-Mas Present

    She is sweet!!
  22. bigfishpapa

    skb,wfo,tady,salas owner,smitty,misc..

    up for sale... Lead head, weedless,Warhead, to many to list... 120.00 for the lot pending torpedo weight 1,2,3,4,6,10,12 oz 28.00 for the lot pending smitty day belt 10.00 Trolling lot, feathers, marauders, ceded plugs, rapala's top and deep....230.00 20...
  23. bigfishpapa

    Calstar rods

  24. bigfishpapa

    Calstar, Teramar,Seeker, and Femwick

    Rods for sale are... Custom Calstar 700H used 140.00 sold Custom Calstar 800M used 135.00 sold Custom Calstar 800L used 135.00 sold Custom Calstar 800XL used 135.00 sold Calstar blank new 6480 GG 55.00 sold Shimano Teramar TMCX80MH used rated 12-25 8' 85.00 sold...
  25. bigfishpapa

    Tady,Salas, and misc...

    its per lot .... Thanks
  26. bigfishpapa

    Tady,Salas, and misc...

    Cleaning house, Irons I don't use, need to sell... 42.00 per lot ,for pick up or add 5.35...usps for shipping, buyer pays shipping. Thanks Lots 1,3,4,5,6,9,10 sold ....
  27. bigfishpapa

    Cubs fan screws over the Red Sox.... sox hater...........funny story
  28. bigfishpapa

    Big butt into the Pot of Gold halibut derby

    nice big butt and cool video
  29. bigfishpapa

    calstar 6480 gg

    Calstar 6480 gg wondering about this rod for 40# throwing jigs? paired up with a Trinidad 20 A..
  30. bigfishpapa

    2012 starts out with big ass yellowtail in Asuncion

    Those are some nice yellow....
  31. bigfishpapa

    Video of large tuna I caught with Gordo Banks Pangas

    Great job on the video..and a nice fish...well done.....
  32. bigfishpapa

    .....OOGIE BOOGIE.....IN SQ.

    Look like a lot of fun.....JEALOUS
  33. bigfishpapa

    Big Game 90

    Don't do it....There other boats...
  34. bigfishpapa

    Trinidad 16 NA

    Looking for Trinidad 16 NA?
  35. bigfishpapa

    Losing great friends is hard!!!

    I had two fishing buddies pass, Ron Yost passed five years back with cancer at the age 43 and that was tough, I still remember the laughter and memories, but today I lost another Jason Abalong 48 of a heart attack. Good bye old friends TIGHT LINE
  36. bigfishpapa

    8/7/11 Found a few tuna south

    U guys kicked ass, longfin and seabass... wow bluefin!!!!!!
  37. bigfishpapa

    Accurate BX2 500 2 Speed

    I have a new silver Accurate BX2 500 2 Speed up for sale..NEW..never spooled with line.......465.00... will ship at buyer expense....Thanks sold gear ratio: 6:1 high 3:1 low
  38. bigfishpapa

    Epic Day at the Coronados - Lawman's 13.1 pound Calico!

    wow, what a toad!!! fish of a lifetime..Congrats
  39. bigfishpapa

    New Upholstery

    Man, what a difference...looks great...
  40. bigfishpapa

    50% off revo toro 50

    going fast, got there when the store open, one guy pick up one, I pick up two the guy behind me pick up three!!!
  41. bigfishpapa

    Daiwa SLX 20SHA and SLX 30SHA

    sport chalet has them on sale new 89.00,,, till the end of May, if you don't live buy one order on line free shipping...
  42. bigfishpapa

    looking for calcutta 400te

    sport chalet has them on sale for 249.00 new...if u don't live by one order on shipping
  43. bigfishpapa

    My problem

    trinidad 12 a
  44. bigfishpapa

    Bishop area in August????

    Rock Creek lake, East Fork campground
  45. bigfishpapa

    Fishdope Hat

    Sorry guy's had to work today, but Alomeli is the WINNER post 43 page 5 lucky #33, wife picked the #
  46. bigfishpapa

    Fishdope Hat

    Alright guys just got over being sick for month and half with pneumonia it sucked. Finally going back to work this week, so I've been getting ready for the season and cleaning out the man cave..Ordered this HAT from bloodydecks but I bought the wrong size...Brand NEW size s-m give it to your...
  47. bigfishpapa

    WFO, SKB, irons, boat cover

    waiting for people to call me back.. I go in order of pm's
  48. bigfishpapa

    WFO, SKB, irons, boat cover

    Here is a list of items no longer need.. WFO offshore tackle box used...40.00 SOLD SKB backpack tackle box used....45.00 SOLD Assortment of iron...20.00 squid light new never used....15.00 SOLD Blue light max(3,000,000 candles)...10.00 SOLD Outerbanks lip grip 50 lbs....25.00 SOLD...
  49. bigfishpapa


    brand new trinidad 14 with box, no line on it 250.00 brand new avet sx single speed gunmetal with box 145.00 sold daiwa saltist 40h just serviced with some rash 80.00 sold trinidad 14 handle 25.00 sold
  50. bigfishpapa

    Taylor superguard fender,taco rod holders and more..

    Brinkmann Qbean blue max 20.00 scale up to 50# 30.00 rod holder 3/4" x 1" 50.00 pair sold boat binocalor rack, 2 compartment (new) 25.00 sold 3" gaff protection mount (new) 15.00 Taco barracuda clamp rod holder horizontal 1 1/4" off aluminum t-top sold 65.00 for the pair rod holder...
  51. bigfishpapa

    Shimano, Avet

    Shimano Tld 20 2 speed upgraded frame 185.00 Shimano Curado 300E loaded with spectra 175.00 sold Seeker slug rod bcbw 659-6 1/2 T 90.00 Avet LX 2 speed 6/4 ratio 180.00 sold Avet JX 2 speed 6/4 ratio 180.00 sold Avet mlx 2 speed 6/4 ratio 175.00
  52. bigfishpapa

    Sad Day boat is gone!

    Have some items for sale.......... 3 Westmarine life vest all manual 140.00 sold cutting board for rod holder 45.00 sold Garmin 498 gps and sonar 285.00 aftco gaff 5 1/2 feet 3" 40.00 sold yellow trailer cord 25.00 promar collapsible net 25.00 5 eclispe hoop nets fullyrigged with bait cage used...
  53. bigfishpapa

    need two to fish on 9-12

    looking for two to fish hidden bank tomorrow 9-12 :finger:
  54. bigfishpapa

    Calstar, Shimano

  55. bigfishpapa

    Livin The Dream Baby !!

    BRAVO, lets play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! slugs indeed
  56. bigfishpapa

    CONWAY 12 yrs old & eatting harts in sq.

    Great report and awesome pictures!!!!!!!! Thanks
  57. bigfishpapa

    Rockpile 2/13 Good rockfishing and a yellowtail

    Holy crap Batman it's a YELLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAFF
  58. bigfishpapa

    Water Temp...

    last week before the big storms backside of cat was 60.
  59. bigfishpapa

    DP bass action

    catching fish is always fun!!!!!!!!!!!! great job!
  60. bigfishpapa

    awh shit deal of the year already

    good job!
  61. bigfishpapa

    Ben Weston

    Fish the backside of the island today with my bros and nephew, weather was great 30kts there and 26 kts home... first stop Ben Weston (water was 60)caught calicos, barries, and a short white seabass(release). Second stop west end for the bonies pushing up bait everywhere on the west of the...
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  72. bigfishpapa

    My Best Catch Yet!

    great report... your a lucky man!!!!!!!! westcoaster.........
  73. bigfishpapa

    Penn 113HN Baja Special 4/0

    do still have this reel?
  74. bigfishpapa

    Offshore 371/230/302, 09/29 YFT

    sounds like it beats working!!!!!! Thanks for the great report.
  75. bigfishpapa

    Mexican Fishing Lic.

    Call local tackle shops in your area.............
  76. bigfishpapa

    Need help with family outing

    Way to go!!!!!!!!!!! Life is good!!!!!!!!!! with people helping people!!!!!!!! Lost Mom with cancer.............
  77. bigfishpapa

    Passing the hat

    Damn nice looking hat!!!!!!!!
  78. bigfishpapa

    Take a kid fishing.........

    Took my nephew out fishing for the first time, he's never been fishing out in the ocean before so we decide to get the barries and boy we did. We caught so many right out of Huntington beach pier with the fleet. They all were big logs. Borrowed some spinning gear from my buddy for him.. He was...
  79. bigfishpapa


    sounds like it was a good on the water for local fishing....Thanks for the report
  80. bigfishpapa

    Need Help w/ CATALINA 7-10-09

    The back west cove is the hot ticket. sardine , live squid are doing the job on the white seabass, chovie are being eaten up by th the calico. get tight to the kelp line. caught seabass 9:00am and 2:30pm Weds
  81. bigfishpapa


    I love big butts!!!!!!!!
  82. bigfishpapa

    Fished on the Toronado Yesterday

    Great day on the water. Nice meeting you Brendon. slow fishing better then working!!!!!!
  83. bigfishpapa

    Offshore Late Report: New Lo-An 7/4

    Thanks for the detail report! Great boat! and CREW!!!!
  84. bigfishpapa

    More local love

    you the MAN!!!!!!!!
  85. bigfishpapa

    45 dollar wednesdays

    Did not want to take the boat out so i thought I go on the Pursuit out because of cheap fair on wed of 45.00. When i arrive without reservation they said they had 100 + people with reservation so they would put me on the waiting list I said no thanks race home and got the boat and race to...
  86. bigfishpapa

    Offshore Scouting 425

    Thanks for the report!!!!!!!!!!!!
  87. bigfishpapa

    Newport WSB limits

    thanks for the pictures...
  88. bigfishpapa

    1/2 day trip scores limits of Seabass

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRIP TO REMEMBER...another great day on the water...
  89. bigfishpapa

    But lessons relearned

    job well done!!!!!!!
  90. bigfishpapa


    wow!!! what a big butt! I love big butts!!!!!!! Great job!
  91. bigfishpapa

    5-21 Yellows at the Nados on the San Diego

    man! great report, nice trip!!!!!!!!!!!!
  92. bigfishpapa


    it's still better then working!! That way the call it fishing!
  93. bigfishpapa

    Barracuda in the SM Bay!!!

    let's play!!!!!!!
  94. bigfishpapa

    Offshore yt outside of coronado isl.

    BAD ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  95. bigfishpapa

    w s b

    you the man!!!!!!
  96. bigfishpapa


    damn I wish I was you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  97. bigfishpapa

    Bad Day Turns Unbelievable

    great story made my day!!!!!!!!!!!
  98. bigfishpapa

    LA jolla Report 5-8 CAlicos

    better than working!!!!!!!!!!!
  99. bigfishpapa

    The Dreamer 4/21: Allyn, Rambo and Broc

    sound like a great trip maxs!!! me and the boys fished pv today lings,sandy, sculpin,and slimy barrys man the weather was great for both of us.. great job!!!! Bill, Tyler, Adam and I...
  100. bigfishpapa

    Oceanside 95?

    Any time on the water is great! I fished this boat when I first started long range because of price, it was a blast, great people you'll have fun . The only thing it ran out bait on the last day so bring some iron and do troll. Fishing is great in August yellows, yellowfin, albies, and dodos
  101. bigfishpapa

    Offshore 8/12 Went fishing caught some

    :bath::git::git:man you killed it bro!!!!!!!! going out tomorrow weds 8/13/08 hope i find a good patty?
  102. just like to fish

    just like to fish

    all I want to do is fish
  103. bigfishpapa

    Rocky Point Grumpys twilight mission w/pics

    :gaygroup: great report! thanks :Death_To_Above:
  104. bigfishpapa

    7/11 Newport Landing - Patriot

    sound like a hell of b-day!!! well planed, nice pictures