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  1. PhatAir4Me

    Offshore Nuevo Vallarta guide recommendations

    What he said, Danny is the fishiest guy I know and as an added bonus treats the fish right post harvest! Gaff to Ice = quality fish! If you have WhatsApp +52-322-111-4802
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    Late report BOLA May 6-9 pics do the talking

    Yes the pics did the talking! Looks like you had a great trip!
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    Headed to Loreto May 11-15

    Alaska is awesome, they allow one rod case and one "tackle box" as one piece of checked luggage so I stuff a soft sided cooler with all my tackle and sundry items, slay the fish, vac pac and freeze and put in the soft sided cooler and pack all my tackle in a sturdy box (start looking early when...
  4. PhatAir4Me

    Puerto Vallarta big yellow fin

    I take two soft coolers every year, vac pac the fish, freeze it solid and check it as a bag with Alaska, same charge as an extra piece of luggage = 20.00. This equates to 80lbs of fish which gives me enough to eat and gift for the year!
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    Got lucky!! Super Cow jigging

    Holy Shit, Mano a Mano, no belt, vicious accomplishment!
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    Pre-Season on the East Cape

    Solid write up! Thanks for taking me along for the ride. Sounds like the fam may have got bitten by the bug - so cool
  7. PhatAir4Me

    osuna brothers ntnc, march 18-22, 2021

    Thanks Alan! Glad you made it out and spanked em!
  8. PhatAir4Me

    What he said ^^^^^^

    What he said ^^^^^^
  9. PhatAir4Me

    Tunas on popp

  10. PhatAir4Me

    Fishing and having fun with my father the captain Danny Gomez

    Feliz Ano my friend! Mel said to say Hi to the both of you and she is sending hugs! Great picture, give Mr. Lulu a hug for us! I am going to see if I can get down for a quick trip soon but did book already for three weeks in November! Ceviche on the boat! Sashimi, Poke, Tacos I am READY! I...
  11. PhatAir4Me

    Fishing and having fun with my father the captain Danny Gomez

    Don't know what I did there to make all the pics come up twice and did not see how to edit them out.....
  12. PhatAir4Me

    Fishing and having fun with my father the captain Danny Gomez

    I am proud of you Daniel, it looks like over the past year when you could get out you got out and made it happen! I cant wait until next year to get down to see you two and Arturo! We have caught ALOT of fish together and I am looking forward to welcoming some more on board! Here are some of...
  13. PhatAir4Me

    Just another’s day offshore

    Nice one Daniel!
  14. PhatAir4Me

    let’s see your personal best

    302 lb Yellowfin on a five pound skip jack, 50W and a Calstar
  15. PhatAir4Me


    They Bit! Cerdo! Nice work Manny
  16. PhatAir4Me

    Puerto Vallarta! November 16-20, 2019

    Alan thanks for another outstanding report! Working in the rain and late harvests certainly can test the crew! I am in PV now and will be posting up on Thursday about our Dorado/Sail/Marlin slayathon. This is my daughters first time here so lotsa babysitting!
  17. PhatAir4Me

    Maestro Limpio feedback?

    The clean teacher - Never heard of them, is this out of PV or surrounding?
  18. PhatAir4Me

    Marla's 11/1/19

    Picasso, once again you have taken a bare canvas and painted a picture for us, as you well know that is a picture of a thousand words. Again as I read your tale I am reminded of the beginning of the old show Dragnet, that matter of fact take it or leave it statement style. I truly appreciate...
  19. PhatAir4Me

    Marlas day trip 10/17/2019

    Nice! Thanks for taking the time to post your trip! Truly an awesome day and in a day trip, simply awesome! Thirty days and I hope to share similar adventures!
  20. PhatAir4Me

    Puerto Vallarta Trip report July 4 and July 6

    Badass my friend! Thanks for the awesome write up and pics. Big bait big fish, I have always loved that saying. Nice work!!
  21. PhatAir4Me

    Rodless Jim Charter On the Marla IV

    Did you have to do CPR to bring this thread back to life? November for me, rails are for puking over...
  22. PhatAir4Me

    Not kidding got it done today again!

    Been super busy at work as of late and have not been on for a while, thanks for posting up all these inshore posts! Get's the thirst going... looks like your livin the dream down there!
  23. PhatAir4Me

    Another Sunday cooler full of fish in Sayulita

    Awesome report! Lifetime memories for the kid, I wish I would have had a Dad like you!
  24. PhatAir4Me

    April 4-8, 2019

    Thanks for the read, I have enjoyed the writing style thru the many reports and I just realized as I read this last one...I am reading and the old TV series Dragnet popped into my head. I would love to hear Jack Webb narrate one of these in that classic nothing but the facts style!
  25. PhatAir4Me

    April 4-8, 2019

    Magic brightened a bit when he saw the hook. He was happy to have had the opportunity afforded him. Isn't that the truth! Sure beats the metallic taste of a parted line and the chitty pall it puts overhead. thanks again!
  26. PhatAir4Me

    Alaska Air "tackle box"

    In November I had a TSA lock on both my soft sided coolers full of tuna flying back, when I got to destination I was pissed to see my TSA lock gone and they had ripped the handle off the zipper!
  27. PhatAir4Me

    cubera/rooster hunt out of PV

    Great pics as always Kil!
  28. PhatAir4Me

    amazing video of cow out of Puerto Vallarta

    Gets the blood pumping even on the couch!
  29. PhatAir4Me

    April 4-8, 2019

    Picasso set's the scene for another masterpiece....
  30. PhatAir4Me

    expected catch April 4-14 in Puerto Vallarta?

    When in La Cruz don't miss fishing with Danny Gomez of Dhamar Sportfishing, he will put you on the fish and it will be processed and on ice before ya know it! None of this throwing whole fish in a hold unbled with a block of ice in 85° weather!!!
  31. PhatAir4Me

    Alaska Air "tackle box"

    I always take a soft sided cooler full of tackle and another folded in my check bag, then while in PV keep my eye out for a solid box and on the way home pack all my tackle in the box, duct tape the living crap out of it and put two river straps with a Harbor Freight 5" carabiner safety wired to...
  32. PhatAir4Me

    Marias Isla Prison Closure Announcement

    Hope that is true, the last thing we need is the seiners in there!
  33. PhatAir4Me

    Punta Mita Report - Roosters and Jacks on the Popper

    Nice pics, thanks for taking the time! I am taking my daughter to PV for the first time this year and will be doing some inshore in that area as well. I hope to do as well as you did!
  34. PhatAir4Me

    TMI Success... Three P/B's.

    Boom, there ya have it! Good looking fish, cograts!
  35. PhatAir4Me

    Apollo feb 16 to 20 and 20 to 24

    Thanks for the write up! Some quality there fo sho!
  36. PhatAir4Me

    PV 11/17-21

    "Sorry for the story" Don't ever be sorry for what was a great write up! Thank you for taking the time! Sounds like you nailed the Jacks, just north of the pier right? I just love PV....
  37. PhatAir4Me

    rooster in PV

    Kil, when I grow up I want to be just like you! Traveling the world fishing and still stoked enough to share your epic journeys. Carlos is a cool cat, I look forward to spending some time with him again later this year.
  38. PhatAir4Me

    Apollo report, Feb 1-4

    Picasso, the canvas was blank and you filled it well, thanks for the ride, the insight and sharing the twilight.
  39. PhatAir4Me

    Marla's Sportishing, February 7-11th. Ultra Cow and Super Cow Landed

    Amazing trip of a lifetime! Thanks for taking me on the ride with that great write up and pics. Good stuff!
  40. PhatAir4Me

    rooster in PV

    Right on Kil, I look forward to the report! Tell Carlos and Chico JP and Mel said Hi!
  41. PhatAir4Me

    Better Photos

    I have the TG3 it is a decent camera it is TOUGH! I was out with Danny Gomez in some bad seas, I was trying to take some video and got rocked standing on the gunnel, the camera took flight and landed in the back of the boat after about a nine foot drop and is still kicking it. The fish eye is a...
  42. PhatAir4Me

    El Matador fishing report 12/20/2018

    Nice variety pack Manny!
  43. PhatAir4Me

    PV 12-3&4

    Nice variety catch! Your right the effort Danny puts forth to get you on fish is second to none!
  44. PhatAir4Me

    2.5 Day with Danny Gomez on the Dhamar II 11-14 thru 11-17 In No Particular Order

    Definitely eating off the bottom - Red Crab Thanks!
  45. PhatAir4Me

    PV Report - 12/7 - 1.5 day trip with Danny Gomez

    Eric, what an awesome trip! Looks like you nailed the timing! Cowtown baby!
  46. PhatAir4Me

    PV Report - 12/7 - 1.5 day trip with Danny Gomez

    If you are on Facebook look up Danny Gomez Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco and message him thru there, he is very active on social media. If you are not PM me and I will send you his contact info.
  47. PhatAir4Me

    2.5 Day with Danny Gomez on the Dhamar II 11-14 thru 11-17 In No Particular Order

    Thanks for all the kind words! I really enjoy a good read and I am glad I was able to provide one!
  48. PhatAir4Me

    2.5 Day with Danny Gomez on the Dhamar II 11-14 thru 11-17 In No Particular Order

    Day 2 I slept well and awoke feeling markedly better than when I had retired, I was surprised to see how light it was given my propensity for being an early riser. Hitting the stern I see Arturo and Danny already fly lining squid and was further surprised by the change in scenery, apparently I...
  49. PhatAir4Me

    Tips on boat and captain

    While I have not had a chance to fish with the Osunas I can vouch for both Carlos and Danny having fished with both of them this year as well as years past. If you want to hook up with Danny he is very facebook active and will reply quickly in that arena. Carlos can be reached thru the Snook...
  50. PhatAir4Me

    2.5 Day with Danny Gomez on the Dhamar II 11-14 thru 11-17 In No Particular Order

    Day 1 Shortly after dusk broke our sleepy eyed Captain emerged from the cabin quickly deploying two Marauders as we continued making our way, he then resumed his post at the helm as Arturo began making a pot of coffee. I traded in one of the Marauders for a DTX 200 in “Spanish Mackeral” I had...
  51. PhatAir4Me

    2.5 Day with Danny Gomez on the Dhamar II 11-14 thru 11-17 In No Particular Order

    “In no particular order” was the subject line for the email I sent to my coordinator at 9:30 pm Wednesday night 11-7 outlining the things that may come up in my absence. I had worked 12-15 hrs a day for the previous week, the intention being I would not work during our two week trip to PV – Nice...
  52. PhatAir4Me

    PV Fishing Report 11/19-23 w/ Danny Gomez - no turkey just big baits and cows

    Barnes stoked to see you guys got to slay some large animals! Great report! Funny I just got done writing up my report from our trip the with Danny and Arturo the 15th and 16th as I just got home yesterday and went to post it and got this awesome read! You set the bar high sir. I am now going to...
  53. PhatAir4Me

    Blue Fever

    Respect! NIce work.
  54. PhatAir4Me

    Share 2.5 day with Danny Gomez 11-15-18

    I will be posting a full write up of my trip but heading to Maito for rooster fishing now... But I did want to say this is the reason I fish with Danny Gomez Dhamar Sportfishing!!! 302 lb SUPER COW! Feck trouble posting pic!
  55. PhatAir4Me

    More fish aboard El Matador,

    Good trip! Nice variety and a hog Wahoo!
  56. PhatAir4Me

    Split a day charter PV November 18-26?

    You will have a great time with Danny! In my earlier reply about the beach it WAS the Holiday Inn not the Sheratin but it is gone anyway. There is a new mall there called La Isla, same deal cross the bridge double back and first right at the end of the bridge. Went out in the bay today for a...
  57. PhatAir4Me

    Popper fishing yellowfin tuna at the rock!

    BOOOM! Awesome video, wide open bite, great weather! Nailed it! Congrats!
  58. PhatAir4Me

    Isla San Juanito 10/27 – 10/31 Osuna Style

    Wow awesome trip! Great weather, great friends, great fish! I will be stepping off that dock in ten days and can hardly contain myself. Reading this great report makes me feel like a kid on Christmas Eve shaking presents! Thank you for a great report!
  59. PhatAir4Me

    Split a day charter PV November 18-26?

    There is some good structure around the hotel Garza South of town too, lotsa rocks... tight lines!
  60. PhatAir4Me

    End December Vallarta fishing, 10hrs super panga/overnight el banco

    That is the second harvest of a yellowtail I have seen in the last two weeks! Interesting... eight days and a wake up!
  61. PhatAir4Me

    Good tuna action aboard El Matador .,

    I forgot to say looks like a yellowtail was a little dissapointed in his choice of vacation destinations!
  62. PhatAir4Me

    Good tuna action aboard El Matador .,

    BOOM! Looking good Manny!
  63. PhatAir4Me

    Split a day charter PV November 18-26?

    Head North and at the Sheratin (I think) right before you get to the navel shipyard before you go over the bridge on your left is a road that follows a fresh water inlet to the beach. You have to go past it to turn left and come back to it...head down there at sun up, there are some sand bars...
  64. PhatAir4Me

    End December Vallarta fishing, 10hrs super panga/overnight el banco

    Isn't that the truth, tuna can be slim all day and dusk rolls in and the tuna start rollin in too! Now getting them to eat dinner that is a different story, sometimes wide open and sometimes your skipping cabbies off their backs not believing your not getting bit!
  65. PhatAir4Me

    Share 2.5 day with Danny Gomez 11-15-18

    No longer available. Thanks
  66. PhatAir4Me

    Share 2.5 day with Danny Gomez 11-15-18

    I have one on another computer of her with a six foot sail, same pose with the sail in her teeth to fan it! Oh and svue I was inclined to take your advice prior to seeing it! The extra cash could have funded a good day inshore though!
  67. PhatAir4Me

    Share 2.5 day with Danny Gomez 11-15-18

    My wife and I are looking for one or two max to share our 2.5 day out of La Cruz. We have been fishing with Danny for the last eight years after fishing with many other Captains in previous years and not only is he fishy he is a good guy and treats the fish right post catch. I caught my PB cow...
  68. PhatAir4Me

    La Marla

    Nice, Nice, Nice! Well done guys!
  69. PhatAir4Me

    Our Puerto Vallarta Adventure 7-6-18

    Well the sun, moon and stars aligned for a most awesome trip CONGRATS on the bests and a most amazing trip! Thanks for sharing, I can only hope we bring in 1/4 of your haul on our November trip!
  70. PhatAir4Me

    Snookmafia 31/2 in Jurassic park

    Hey Compa, Mel and I are coming down for two weeks in Nov, we want to go camp on the beach in Tmix and tear up the inshore! I will shoot you an email with the dates, Gotta get some of that Philly Cheese Bread hot out of the oven!!!
  71. PhatAir4Me

    Surf Fishing in front of Linda Mar-PV

    My wife and I like to go there and have breakfast and snorkle the reef in front of it every once in a while. There is a guy in a kayak that will go out and hand line some aquarium fish and sell them to the tourists. I always wonder what these folks do with these unless they are truly ex pats...
  72. PhatAir4Me

    Songydongy strikes again

    Thanks for the great report! Counting the days until our trip in Nov...
  73. PhatAir4Me


    Flat as a tortilla out there! Nice work!
  74. PhatAir4Me

    First 3.5 Day on the Apollo fishing Puerto Vallarta (PV)

    Thank you for taking the time to write this up not only very informative but its reality! Hearing it was censored is bothersome for sure. If you want to get paid you gotta put in the work and sometimes you get bonus pay and sometimes you just get to work but irregardless you still get to be on...
  75. PhatAir4Me


    Bravo! Fishing reports have their place as do stories like this. From a wordsmith to another thank you!
  76. PhatAir4Me

    Danny Gomez Dhamar Sportfishing delivers again

    Yes Danny has that killer instinct, treats the fish right and is just a cool dude. Heading down for 15 days in Nov and I can assure you we will be monopolizing some of his time for sure!
  77. PhatAir4Me

    Punta Mita recommendations

    What he said! And your fish will be bagged and on ice quick not tossed in a bait box unbled with a block of ice!
  78. PhatAir4Me


    Literary genius! Oh and the fishing looked bad ass too...:drool:
  79. PhatAir4Me

    Snookmafia pics

    Karlk, get down there, Carlos will put you on the fish and the scenery is second to none! That is if you liked underfished, deserted beach's all to yourself! #PhillyCheeseBread
  80. PhatAir4Me

    Snookmafia pics

    Looking good compa! Hey that kid in the background of the snapper pic is that Eduard? He used to deckhand with Danny Gomez? Nice kid... Hoping to get back down to see you this year!
  81. PhatAir4Me

    Good fishing aboard El Matador , 3 day trip.

    thanks for the great pics! I see you got some on the troll, how did you do on the kite? Did you make any bait like squid or skippies and fish it?
  82. PhatAir4Me

    Constitution Report Spring Finale

    What were the dates of your trip! Thanks for the pics and write up! Well done.
  83. PhatAir4Me

    Grouper Galore

    14 fish with some in the 30's, sounds like no education needed, nailed it! Gotta love live lining sardinias to receptive customers.
  84. PhatAir4Me

    Epic tuna 2.5 day tuna trip

    BOOM! Mucho atun! That makes it all worthwhile, good job!
  85. PhatAir4Me

    Ride Share?? PV

    If you want a quick response out of Danny hit him up on Facebook, he is ALWAYS online! You wont regret going out with him either in or out.
  86. PhatAir4Me

    Constitution 4/16-4/20

    Wow nailed it! Holy Grail... Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  87. PhatAir4Me

    Making bait in La Paz?

    Ali your the man! Thanks for the Intel, hooking up with Tailwalker this afternoon, we hit the tarmac in La Paz at 5 p.m. Hope to be fishing the next 4 days straight. We'll report for sure thanks. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  88. PhatAir4Me

    Journeyman Pics/Video

    Great report, pics and video. Thank you for taking the time, good reports like this really get the blood flowing!
  89. PhatAir4Me

    Online Mexican Fishing Licenses 2017

    Like clockwork, easy peasy.
  90. PhatAir4Me


    Wow thanks for the report, looks like heaven!
  91. PhatAir4Me

    La Paz to San Jose Del Cabo Mid April - Intel Please

    Here is the deal, buddy called - "JP you gotta come down to La Paz, tickets are low, the dollar is high, I have a center console with a 145, a pickup, 4-wheeler and a place to stay for four days, we will fish our stinking guts out (kinda what he said) then we will migrate South to San Jose Del...
  92. PhatAir4Me

    La Paz, San Jose Del Cabo, I know wrong forum...

    I will look him up - Thanks George! Keep hearing this name come up again and again! Thanks Senor Do Nothing to spoil the moment like an F-150 sporting six Federales with their AK's at full mast! I know a guy (I'll call him and acquiantance) not the sharpest tool, he is down on the beach and...
  93. PhatAir4Me

    La Paz, San Jose Del Cabo, I know wrong forum...

    But I know this is a SOLID group of blood thirsty fisherman and this is where I always post, I will follow up with a post in the Baja forum. Here is the deal, buddy called - "JP you gotta come down to La Paz, tickets are low, the dollar is high, I have a center console with a 145, a pickup...
  94. PhatAir4Me

    Snook on the fly

    Awesome man! Carlos is a fishy dude! We fished with him back in November and how nothing but good things to say about him.
  95. PhatAir4Me

    Spring break fishing

    What he said - Danny is the man!
  96. PhatAir4Me

    Big cows are biting

    Beauty glad to hear the bite is coming on hard Run whatcha brung
  97. PhatAir4Me

    Two days with Danny Gomez/Dhamar 10/30&11/1

    Nice Pargo! Thanks for taking the time to report!
  98. PhatAir4Me

    Snook season is on!!!

    Light Tackle Lunkers - Looking Good Amigo! See you in two weeks!
  99. PhatAir4Me

    Puerto Vallarta October 11-18th

    What he said, he is not on here all that often but I hit him up on Facebook and he gets right back to you!
  100. PhatAir4Me

    Looking for someone to share a charter PV 11/30 or 12/1

    Dan, Do not miss fishing with tokayo, Danny is a fish hunting animal, boat and gear top notch and his kid is making a helluva deckhand! That and your fish is cleaned and iced quickly! Oh and don't tell him I said so but that sucka speaks perfect English which I have found can be a challenge. I...
  101. PhatAir4Me

    no problem

    Oh I know Amigo we will get em! I don't think I ever shared these pics from last year! Not the biggest tuna but we worked for them, look at the swells! Big day out there, I hope for better seas this year! NUCLEAR POWERED SUBMARINE I LOVE SEEING MY WIFE ALL BLOODY AND SMILING...
  102. PhatAir4Me

    Cow Yellowfin Tuna!

    BOOM! Now that is what I'm talking about, I will be fishing the bank in 12 days and a wake up as they say in jail. I am not sure how I know that ;) Keep those reports coming!
  103. PhatAir4Me

    Outstanding tuna trip

    Deep blue, couple of nice models there for sure! Maybe I will see you on the dock, I will be in La Cruz on the 18th November fishing with my friend Danny LuLu. Gonna miss your birthday by one day! I have 8lbs of Carne Seca in the oven right now I am bringing down, I will bring you a bag.
  104. PhatAir4Me

    Flying Southwest Airlines to PV

    ALASKA AIRLINES "MULTI PIECE SPORTING GOOD EXCEPTIONS" Fishing One piece of fishing equipment is defined as two rods, two reels, and one tackle box. Fishing equipment may exceed 62" (linear) but no more than 115" (linear), without incurring an oversize fee. Pretty broad in scope and I have...
  105. PhatAir4Me

    Overnight trip aboar el Matador 10/20-21

    Yes thanks for the report, appreciate you taking the time.
  106. PhatAir4Me

    Flying Southwest Airlines to PV

    If you get an Alaska Visa you get a once a year companion fare ticket for 99 bucks, to avoid the 75.00 annual fee you just have to use the card once. Tickets from Bend OR to PVR were 532 round trip and with taxes the wifes was 239
  107. PhatAir4Me

    Flying Southwest Airlines to PV

    I only bring light tackle so no 50's 30's etc... midline rods and reels, I usually take a small cooler as my "tackle box" and wrap my reels in microfiber towels rubber banded to them and pack them in the cooler the tighter the better, usually have a couple of small tackle boxes, fillet knives...
  108. PhatAir4Me

    Flying Southwest Airlines to PV

    We print the sheet from the "sporting goods allowed" page and take two copies with us, usually no problem in the states. Departing PV it usually throws them for a loop while they figure out how to print two bag tags for "1 piece" of checked luggage, tackle box and rod tube.
  109. PhatAir4Me

    no problem

    My wife and I will be plying the waters 11-16, Lunar calendar looks good... I hope the Tuna check the calendar! :)
  110. PhatAir4Me

    VIDEO Chasing Roosters!!!!

    Just watching the video gave me a rush, can't wait until November to be the video!
  111. PhatAir4Me

    Another Rooster Expeditio¡¡

    Carlos, Bad A$$ pictures, thanks for the report! Looking forward to our trip in November!
  112. PhatAir4Me

    November in PV. What to expect

    What he said ^^^^ Killer instinct, gets you on the fish, preps it and cools it fast, super tight super panga and a nice guy to boot! Yep, last year Danny rang me up at about 11:00pm and said it looks big tomorrow, I said you don't want to go? He said no I just wanted to let you know it could...
  113. PhatAir4Me

    What happens on the Maximus-mostly stays on the Maximus

    Damn taptatalk! Alerted me to a new post in my favorite section and I am left speechless reading this unrivaled literary genius bestowing upon us one of the very finest yarns I have yet to partake in this forum. Did they catch more fish? What was so perfect about the aging mams? Would our...
  114. PhatAir4Me

    JOURNEYMAN - Last Year Was Not As Good As It Gets

    Weird my Tapatalk sent it to me as a new post...but it is STILL Bada$$!!
  115. PhatAir4Me

    Journeyman 12/18-21

    The Journeyman is like visa "everywhere you want to be"
  116. PhatAir4Me

    JOURNEYMAN - Last Year Was Not As Good As It Gets

    A trip on the Journeyman is definitely on my bucket list! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us!
  117. PhatAir4Me

    Pv car rental advice?

    The above is tongue in cheek I would imagine, reality is I always keep 300-350 pesos in the ashtray of the car, if you get pulled over you will get the old "I take license to police station you come pay fine to get back" this is where you get very nice and say that your late for whatever and...
  118. PhatAir4Me

    Pv car rental advice?

    Heard nightmare stories on rental companies in PV have used Ghecko car rental 4 times now they are absolutely awesome. All insurance is included in the rental cost and if the car is stolen or totaled it'll cost you about 500 bucks total
  119. PhatAir4Me

    PV January 24-30 Boat Recommendations

    We rent a car and from Los Muertos Pier it is just under an hour, take 20 minutes off if your any where near the airport. The guy is super fishy, boat is immaculate and great gear! Lots of Pangas in PV you can call my buddy Francisco at 044 322 111 4210 he operates a Panga out of the Marina, he...
  120. PhatAir4Me

    PV Journeyman 3.5 Day Report

    Yep a trip on the Journeyman is on the bucket list for sure, my wife has even been asking "so what does it run to do the 2.5 or 3.5 day trip" Damn I'm a lucky boy. Nice pics and being a foodie and considered as the chef by my friends it looks as though they nailed it!
  121. PhatAir4Me

    Arriving to PV tomorrow back at it on another 2 week trip

    Likewise thanks for the report, SWEET boat and looks like your not hurtin for gear! Nicely done.
  122. PhatAir4Me

    PV January 24-30 Boat Recommendations

    I've had phenomenal luck fishing with Danny Gomez of Dhamar Sportfishing out of LA Cruz I also have another good guy if you just want to fish in the bay or perhaps on the way to Yelapa. PM me and I can send you their contact information there's some kind of weird crap about posting phone...
  123. PhatAir4Me

    11-14-15 El Banco with Danny Gomez - Pic Heavy

    Hey Bruce thanks for taking the time to read the digest! So the sealer is totally portable, rechargeable Ni-Cad, you can view the specs here --> Honestly it was a hassle doing it on the boat unless you are doing an...
  124. PhatAir4Me

    Early November

  125. PhatAir4Me

    11-14-15 El Banco with Danny Gomez - Pic Heavy

    OK bullet points… · Fishing is alive and well in PV! · Danny Gomez is the hardest working Captain I have ever met, when others are saying maybe tomorrow will be better Danny is asking if we want to try the kite, live line some cabbies, maybe troll for Dorado and Marlin. I have never in three...
  126. PhatAir4Me

    Monster Amber Jack

    Holy genetically modified super steroid enhanced Jack! HAWG!
  127. PhatAir4Me

    Maximus 11/13/15 trip

    Very nice! I just packed my rod case. Wife got everything packed while I was at work today fly out at 5:10 a.m. tomorrow hoping for the same successes.
  128. PhatAir4Me

    Maximus 11/13/15 trip

    Of course you will coming from "skipjackrobert" LOL Sorry I could not help myself but I agree you have to be stopped to jig and if your stopped its usually because you got a hookup trolling live bait! Rob how did you do?
  129. PhatAir4Me

    Epic day on the iFish

    Ok I'm not from Missouri but I've always been a fan of the Show Me State how about some pictures? I'm stinking droolin here Thursday at 4 o'clock I'll be there!
  130. PhatAir4Me

    Ifish Adventures planning an offensive

    Here is a text I got from my buddy Francisco on the Cereza off Mita today...Yep their out there!
  131. PhatAir4Me

    Ifish Adventures planning an offensive

    I like it! Three days and a wake up! I cant wait to hear my favorite tune, the peal of the reel squealing in dismay as the line disappears!
  132. PhatAir4Me

    Ifish Adventures planning an offensive

    Thank you for taking the time to make these updates. Here's to a wide open November. Tight lines brother
  133. PhatAir4Me

    Ifish Adventures planning an offensive

    At least you had the two "Strippers" to make it all OK. Sorry I had to... Thanks for the report, really glad to hear the water is cooling, good sign! Seven days and counting!!
  134. PhatAir4Me

    Fish transportation

    Confirmed closed last year. I am taking a rechargeable vacuum packer this year, works with a ziploc bag that has a silicone port on it, the vac packer is hand held and has a suction cup that pulls air out of the port. Bags come in 2 quart, one and two gallon. Unit will do up to 50 vacs on one...
  135. PhatAir4Me

    Maximus 11/13/15 trip

    Danny we are heading out in 10 days, any intel would be appeciated, reports are scarce. I hear the water is still very warm. We have two days booked with Danny Lu Lu and two more with Francisco Miramonte, gotta save some time to surf, snorkel and appease the wife though she loves to fish! PM...
  136. PhatAir4Me

    Fish transportation

    Is this still viable?
  137. PhatAir4Me

    Where to stay? Punta Mita

    FYI I guess Gecko can no longer "conduct any business tranactions at the airport" so they arrange with the airports VIP Taxi service to bring you to their "new location" in the Plaza Marina where they will meet you with your car. I have done the airport thing the last four years and they advised...
  138. PhatAir4Me

    Mexcelente Jigging!

    Age, Awesome report, pictures, species represented, video BOOOOM! Don't tell anyone I think I got Balsa watching that video! LOL Question, nearly all the jigs have the back hook removed, why? Tangles? Leverage? Newbie... Thanks, JP
  139. PhatAir4Me

    Fishing Guadalupe Island

    Awesome story thanks for sharing!
  140. PhatAir4Me

    Hey PV how's it going?

    I received word from a friend Francisco who lives one block off of the pier that all is well no major damage. 16 days and counting... hope things settle down!
  141. PhatAir4Me

    Maximus 11/13/15 trip

    I'll give him a call tomorrow I had one of the dates wrong I reserved the 14th and the 17th on June 24th of this year, Danny confirmed on the 29th...
  142. PhatAir4Me

    Big Tuna and Marlin Report Aboard the My Marlin

    Good to see the big dogs are out there. Thanks for the report and the pics!
  143. PhatAir4Me

    Maximus 11/13/15 trip

    Copy that will do. We are going to go out do some inshore with him on the 16th too. Tight lines brother
  144. PhatAir4Me

    Maximus 11/13/15 trip

    I get there on the 12th and am going out with Danny Gomez on the 14th though. Starting to feel like a kid on Christmas Eve...
  145. PhatAir4Me

    Short Mita Report

    Nice keep them coming I'll be there in a month!!
  146. PhatAir4Me

    Looking for a charter in Puerto Vallerta

    I just can't say enough about Danny Gomez this guy put me on my personal best yellowfin, takes off early comes back late and treats the fish as if it were all sushi grade ahi.
  147. PhatAir4Me

    Sambit Island, Indonesia July 2015 ( Dogtooth Tuna )

    Great report, amazing variety and phenomenal photos!!! Three thumbs up!
  148. PhatAir4Me

    Danny "Lulu" Gomez dont forget that name!

    Good stuff right there! Going to do some fishing with Danny myself in November, one day in and one day out, let us know how Corbetena fares!
  149. PhatAir4Me

    2007-2010 Duramax anybody driving one?

    "Only 130??? Bimmer driver musta been a pussy. Hahahah" Yeah I have my truck programmed to de-fuel at 130 because even at 48 years old I still have no self control.
  150. PhatAir4Me

    2007-2010 Duramax anybody driving one?

    This is me exactly right here 07 2500 classic GMC LBZ long. Crewcab 180k, ball joints, u-joints, 3 stinking output seals, pump rub fix and boy was it ready, blocked the EGR (must do!)doing front brakes this week at 50% but factory rotors prone to warp, wouldn't trade it for anything though, just...
  151. PhatAir4Me

    Googins Go to PV and Kill It..........!

    Title "Googins go to PV and kill it!" I am reading and thinking when does the killing start! Well it looks like it came all at once, great report, great pics and again confirmation that this fishery is phenomenal and when I say fishery I mean all aspects of it, the weather, water, culture, food...
  152. PhatAir4Me

    Apollo PV Report Feb 15-19 2015...

    Fantastic report thanks for taking the time especially the for what it's worth information section!
  153. PhatAir4Me

    Fishing el banco

    Danny Gomez with Dhamar Sportfishing put me on top of my first Cow after 6 years of seeking, not only fishy but a great guy to hang with and he treats caught fish like it should be! Get your pictures quick if you're fishing with him cuz it will be in a ziplock and on ice before you know it. This...
  154. PhatAir4Me

    1 Opening on Maximus Feb 26 thru March 2

    Dude I've never understood how turd chasers get so much money for their work!
  155. PhatAir4Me

    1 Opening on Maximus Feb 26 thru March 2

    Bummer I like fishing live bait, sounds like your trolling! LOL
  156. PhatAir4Me

    Buying Mexican Permits

    Search fishing license in this forum there's a big thread about it. You can definitely do it online.
  157. PhatAir4Me

    3 1/2 days trip with Capt Osuna brothers on the Marla

    Holy mackeroli! Good on ya, looks like a trip of a lifetime right there!
  158. PhatAir4Me

    Good fishing aboard the Aleta with Capt manny and Joe Furgerson...

    Looking good! I guess that answers the question if the tuna are still there or not! Fantastic pictures as always...
  159. PhatAir4Me

    Fishing out of La Cruz with Danny Gomez, Dhamar Sportfishing 11-17-14

    Your not kidding! Probably a good thing or we would have taken MORE pics! Thanks Ali! Yessir just looking at the pics just now got me looking at the calandar... Thanks Tom That is awesome that you wife likes to fish, I feel blessed that if you ask my wife her favorite day from our...
  160. PhatAir4Me

    Fishing out of La Cruz with Danny Gomez, Dhamar Sportfishing 11-17-14

    So this is WAY overdue but life, read WORK took over upon my return and I just came up for air! So I wrote this and thought sheesh you are wordy! So here is the readers digest version – Headed out at 5:30am, made bait, three dorado later I get a monster tuna on that leaves me crying like a...
  161. PhatAir4Me

    PV surf fishing question

    Jordan, leaving today after 10 days in the area and got some local intel on the surf fishing scene from a guy that had caught some 30-40 lb AJ's off the beach...PM sent. Oh and good call with Danny Gomez, this guy is fishy! Boated my personal best 200 lb YFT on Monday with him! Piles of Dorado...
  162. PhatAir4Me

    Parker style

    Guess I was late to the party "video removed by user"...
  163. PhatAir4Me

    El matador fishing report " Good times "

    Yes amigo nothing but good times! We were out with Danny Gomez, I had a good time listening to you guys back and forth on the radio. We boated my personal best Yellowfin of about 200 lbs, my wife brought in a nice schoolie and I think in all we landed seven dorado, great day on the ocean for...
  164. PhatAir4Me

    PV Fishing on Cereza 12-16-2014 CAUTION - Pic Heavy!

    Headed to Los Muertos Pier to meet Francisco Miramontes of the Cereza on a warm morning. I had told Francisco I would leave the fish seeking to him and he could leave lunch to us! We arrived 15 minutes early and walked to the end of the pier where we met a bait fisherman and another guy waiting...
  165. PhatAir4Me

    Tuna Time

    Fishemup, from another thread I gathered the cows were being taken on skippies... Thanks for the report. Live bait or lures? If this rain stops I hope to get launched!<br/>
  166. PhatAir4Me

    Tuna Time

    Great news fishing continues to look up. Last year after they're Tue first 3 days a big red tide rolled in and pretty much killed fishing for the next week. We did manage a big Dorado in a couple selfish those first days though. 48 hours from now we'll be on our way we've got three trips planned
  167. PhatAir4Me

    El matador fishing report ….. Las vacas are back home ...

    Wow! Looks like the bite is on, five days and counting!
  168. PhatAir4Me

    A Great Day On The East Cape

    Love the photoshop of you with el capitan and mom
  169. PhatAir4Me

    Great Offshore and Inshore Fishing with Capt. Lora

    Nice report and pics! Looks like you had a flat day out there and plenty of action! 14 days, 7 hours 16 minutes....
  170. PhatAir4Me

    Black and Blue Marlin and Dorado Video

    Keep it coming! We touch down two weeks from today, trips planned for Saturday, Monday and Thursday so far, gotta save some time for surfing, snorkel, skydive and liverwreckin!
  171. PhatAir4Me

    Smoking, Processing and Vacuum Packing - Bucerias

    Just an FYI read this in the fishing report at There are these two ladies who just moved to Buceras that are smoking fish and if you are interested in having your catch smoked, they have a 30 kilo minimum, about seventy pounds worth. They will also vacuume pack your fish and...
  172. PhatAir4Me

    fishing October 16th-31st

    Michael, Danny will put you on the fish if they are out there! Have a blast and update us, I will be down Nov 13-24th.
  173. PhatAir4Me

    PV,what up? Where are the reports.

    Yeah it has been awfully quiet on here, give us something to drool over. 45 days 6 hours 12 minutes...
  174. PhatAir4Me

    PV or Mazatlan in Nov? Trip relocate from Cabo disaster, need help

    Make sure you take it at least one hour before departure.
  175. PhatAir4Me

    Maximus COW Video

    Is it the new software or what, I don't see a video...
  176. PhatAir4Me

    PV Tomorrow, Will be Packing Some Fishslayers and Would Love to Leave Em. Pics...

    Just found out the man behind Hot Liquid Lures lives 1/4 mile from my house! I stopped by last night and said hey throw me a bag full and I will drag them around and see if I get any hookups on land or water! (If I am in violation of any thread rules move the thread) I will be in PV until Friday...
  177. PhatAir4Me

    PV trip of a life time again.

    So with the offshore water so warm what is the inshore fishing like? Everyone wants to catch a cow but hey a full day of roosters, jacks, macks and snapper can be a ton of fun! We fly out Saturday, fishing out of di mita Monday and wondering if we might have more action inshore? Wednesday...
  178. PhatAir4Me

    Bloody Tuna Video. Maximus

    Right behind you, Should hit the tarmac at 2:30 Saturday! Fishing is looking up, moon is in a great phase, Tight Lines Brother!
  179. PhatAir4Me

    Caption Contest - Tackle Day at Fisherman's Landing - Nov 2, 2013

    Dammit! I told ya to shave those whiskers!
  180. PhatAir4Me

    Bubba Blade Caption Contest Ending October 30th, 2013 - New 9" Tapered Blade

    Now you start at the top like this and work your way down to the tail...
  181. PhatAir4Me

    Hurricane Raymond 10/22 Update

    Likewise we arrive 9-9
  182. PhatAir4Me

    Reserved Full Day P-Mita 11-11-13, Might Do Another if Someone Wants to Split...

    We are going to be in PV 9th thru the 17th, Currently booked with Elme out of P-Mita on Monday would be up for another if anyone will be there the same period and wants to split a charter. We have a car for the week. Tight Lines, JP
  183. PhatAir4Me

    PV 11-11-11 Looking to Share Offshore Trip with Lora & Largo

    The date is epic, and hopefully the fishing will be too! Actually Lora is booked as El Capitan on a private boat for the week so we are heading out with Largo and would have room for one or two max. Harvested Albacore off the Oregon Coast but looking for our first YFT! Date is reseverved...
  184. PhatAir4Me

    Tuna parasite safety

    So what about "cooking" ceviche style using Lime and Vinegar. The fish is never heated but the acids in the citrus or vinegar burn or cook the meat.