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    Kelp Patty fishing…floro vs. mono and topshots

    First thing is to set your drag properly using a spring scale. . Most like 30% of breaking strength. Sure, a short flouro leader to braid will give you a better shot at getting a fish out. One tip many guys use is to dip the rod tip a foot or two deep as they are headed for or stuck in the kelp...
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    Simrad GO9XSE, Yamaha F70, Autopilots and more!

    Do you have hydraulic steering? If so, look into the Simrad Drive Pilot system. It comes with the AP pump, heading sensor, and NMEA 2k backbone and hydraulic fittings all for about $1200. Will be controlled by the GO9.
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    Islands Beast on the east end (7/16)

    Awesome. Great job reading and fishing the conditions. Good writing too.
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    Historic BFT run in S. Cal. Why?

    Didn’t it all start with the pelagic red crab?
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    Lake Powell, Arizona this fall You’ll find all you need to know here. No bait necessary. You’ll catch lots of stripers and smallies.
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    Did anyone fish the 302/226/425/371 today?

    It sucked in that zone. We worked it hard. Very few signs of fish. What a difference a day makes.
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    Islands Nados are back! 7-7-21 report

    Scratch that. It was Sunday the 4th
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    Islands Nados are back! 7-7-21 report

    Mex Navy was there Saturday.
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    Flex Seal for Aluminum Boat Leaks??

    I haven't used either, but from the research I've done Gluvit will be far superior to Flex Seal
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    Simrad Go 9

    My son lives in LA so I could also arrange for him to pick it up.
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    Simrad Go 9

    I’ll take it if you’ll ship it to San Diego. I'll pay shipping.
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    Baja Sur Mexican License Site Down?

    No, long gone. But what a place it was with the ladies typing up the documents on their IBM Selectrics.
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    How to caulk bait tank? 4200 or silicone?

    I used 3m marine sealant in white because I wanted to be able to easily remove the tank/caulk if necessary.
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    What's this bait?

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    Offshore 23 Balloon Salute & 2 YT

    X2 on the Wet Willy Doc holder. I use one for my docs and another for my Hali rigs.
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    San Diego Bay Launch Ramp Options.

    Shelter Island is great. I’ve been using it for 40 years and have never had a problem.
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    Early May at BOLA with Captain Joel Prieto, Jr

    Great report. Dammit, I got to get down there. It’s been way too long. SQ is too easy a drive.
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    Pulling and installing a new engine. (Need help)

    Look up Kapdan on here. He provides the service you are looking for.
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    Need Guidance on a 30 Year Old Fuel Tank - 24'Skipjack Fisherman

    Looks like a quality tank and install. Should give you 30 years. Well done!
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    Simrad GO7 XSE

    3rd in line. I’ll take it if the others don’t.
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    Everyone please read

    Good luck to you. I’m sure your gear will sell just fine if you post up some pics and price it right. Of course, you will likely get considerably more for it if you piece it out vs sell as a lot. Regardless, good luck with your health. I believe positive attitude and thinking will make a...
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    Live Bait Sinker Rig for Bluefin

    Funny how Art says to rig it below the connection knot so it doesn’t slide up and Mike says to rig it above so it doesn’t slide down. What do y’all think from experience?
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    San Diego's Ocean Beach Pier may be closing permanently.

    The NFL team were idiots. They could have built a beautiful new stadium right where SDSU West is going up, but they just had to have downtown property. They are eating shit now and I couldn’t care less even though I was a fan for 50 mostly pathetic years. It wasn’t the city’s fault.
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    San Diego's Ocean Beach Pier may be closing permanently.

    There’s no way the city doesn’t save the pier or build a new one. Political/social pressure will be huge once the word gets out. The OB pier is an SD institution.
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    Need help wiring 14 foot Gregor

    I agree. Go with the fused panel. You can always add a second small fuse block for constant on accessories, etc. You will end up with a cleaner layout. All grounds can go to a buss bar.
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    Inshore Huge red deep dropping

    Not sure, my guess is the long arming of the fish for the photo. Who cares, it’s a monster red.
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    Blackman Outerbanks 23 Fishmachine "V2"

    Ryan, You put your heart and soul (and enormous boat knowledge/skills) into this one. Someone’s going to be a happy camper. Simply badass.
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    How we feel about Marelon....... stainless?

    An experienced cruiser/ boatbuilder I know has 25 yo Marelon fittings on his boat that have been around the world multiple times and never failed. It’s what I use on my aluminum skiff to avoid galvanic corrosion. Never had an issue.
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    Bait Tank Issue

    Cover the tank or the boat and the tank will be good for the life of the boat. Kodiak tanks are very weather resistant and cost less than half of a fg tank. That said, I just bought a Bluewater 48. Very nice if you have the space to run the hoses below deck.
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    Mikelson Yachts

    A buddy of mine sold his 50 Mikelson about a year ago. I fished on it a few times. Also some booze cruises.There’s nothing I didn’t like about it. Flybridge layout was sweet with lots of seating. Nice big salon. Plenty of cockpit space. Plenty of amenities for those longer trips you’d like to...
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    Bait Tank Issue

    I agree. Get rid of the tank and get an oval kodiak. Also. I’d go 500 on that tank or kodiak 22. 700 on kodaik 32. 1100 is for a 48-65 gal tank.
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    San Quintín trip.. help🙏

    Never heard of them. If it were me I would fish with K&M or Capt Juan. Maybe Garcia’s If those are out of your price range. I always drag my own boat down there.
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    Winner Announcement!!!!!

    Link looks like a suspicious URL
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    San Quintín trip.. help🙏

    It’s a 2 minute walk from Don Eddies to the ramp. It’s ramp, then. Old Mill, then Don Eddies. Check it out on Google Earth.
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    Best Marine sea chest for rule bait pumps
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    Trailer Bunks PT or Non Treated

    Not recommended for aluminum boats. The PT lumber has metals in it that are dissimilar to aluminum and can cause corrosion. PT is fine for FG boats.
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    San Diego Mercury Marine Repair

    Marshall Marine in Casa de Oro
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    Simrad auto pilot components

    Sure, spend the 2500 if that’s in your budget. Or get the Drivepilot for half that. If you do, make sure it comes with the Precision 9 like mine did. It comes with everything you need and you use your MFD to control it. Will it be as good, probably not. But I’m happy with it.
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    Simrad auto pilot components

    I recently installed the Simrad Drivepilot Autopilot system that uses my G07 or NSS9 as a controller. Comes with everything else you need(Heading Sensor, computer,pump, fittings, NMEA backbone) for 1200 to my door. Took me a half a day to install. Works great.
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    Who wants a 365-Day Fishing License?

    They still do... Got mine in ‘96. I stIll buy OE stamp and Lobster though.
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    Bait tank water flow question

    I’ve had a kodiak 42 gal tank for over 20 years and have always used an 1100. I could not ask for better performance. I just installed a BW 48 on new boat and am running an 1100. Hopefully the performance will be as good.
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    Have you ever seen this? Hardened Gas?

    Clean, scrape, vacuum it, then hit it with a medium strength degreaser. Let it sit, then pressure wash the F out of it. You’ll have a pretty clean slate to work with.
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    boatus radio check

    My bad, I should have stated that it works in the SD region. I have used it offshore many times, even recently.
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    boatus radio check

    This is a thread worth reviving. Yes, 27 still works and it could save a lot of annoying radio traffic.
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    Fuel Tank, I don't wanna die

    The portable 6 gallon tanks are perfectly safe if used correctly. Get one of these if you want to have a larger capacity. They make them in different size configurations.
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    Evinrude Etec Surging problem

    Is Ryan no longer with Sunset?
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    Evinrude Etec Surging problem

    Check the Throttle Position Sensor. If loose or has a bad connection it will cause surging.
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    Hasn't ran for 6 years...Replacing the water pump on my 1980 Johnson 9.9 outboard.

    Get the FACTORY service manual for the motor. Use whatever they say on the LU bolts so you can get them off next time. Change the lower unit lube using new drain plug gaskets. New spark plugs. Test compression. Rebuild carb. It’s all a learning process but much more rewarding and usually cheaper...
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    Hooping 1/13

    Nice work, I was solo in SD yesterday and it was the slowest I have ever experienced.
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    Simrad and Lowrance the same company?

    Yes, same company. Navico.
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    Suzuki Df140/150

    I don’t really understand the concept of re-powering to save gas money. It takes a hell of a lot of saved gallons to make up for $12000 outboard.
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    Bearing race replacement

    Are the races really in that bad of shape? I’ve done many bearing jobs leaving the old races in and they have worked fine. Of course if they are scored or pitted, they need to be changed. I guess even using a puller tool would be tough with that small of a lip.
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    2 stroke pull start conversion **HELP**

    As they say, anything is possible if you throw enough time and money at it. My advice would be to look up your model on and see if they have the remote option accessories. It won’t be cheap if you’re buying that all new. You can find out the part #’s and look on eBay for old stock or...
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    Kite reel question.

    Get a Tanacom for around $500 and you will never look back. 3.6:1 is painfully slow. I’m not one of those guys who says oh it’s just another $500, but this is the best money you will spend if you’re serious about kite fishing.
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    Lowrance HDS-9 Gen 3 freezing up

    Had the same problem with a Simrad GO7. Deleting tracks works. Unfortunately, customer service had no clue. It was an internet thread that clued me in.
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    Spotted Bay Bass

    Legit pig no matter where it was caught. Too bad it had to die. I wouldn’t want to eat it.
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    Bayrunner Baja ???

    At least it’s really a Baja model. Half the ones I see advertised say Baja and they’re not. Easy to tell apart. Wide metal gunwales, more freeboard and heavy duty rails. Agree on the 5-7K number, but people are willing to pay ridiculous prices these days so who knows...
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    Captain charged with Manslaughter

    They were at anchor. I would think a watchman would notice a fire before it fully engulfed the galley and blocked the exits. It was not an explosion. I have read most of the NTSB reports. It sure sounds like negligence to me. Of course there was no malicious intent, but the fact remains that...
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    ping pong or flapper scupper?

    I’ve had marelon w/ rubber flappers below the waterline for bait tank drains for many years and never had an issue. Seems like they’d be fine for scuppers as well. Lot simpler than ping pong. Easy to clear if something gets stuck.
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    RIP Barbara Parsonage-Lal's Wife

    My condolences to Lal. Sounds like Barbara was a wonderful woman. He’s also lucky to have a great friend like you. RIP Barbara.
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    33# King Salmon landed fishing the bank!

    F’ing rad! They don’t call em Kings for nothing. Thanks for sharing.
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    New to me Blackman 20 center console.

    I love seeing clean wiring. It makes troubleshooting so much easier down the road. I like how you created the looms using zip ties. I will definitely incorporate this into my future rewires. Nice work!
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    Ronin is almost finished...

    I saw Ronin cruising through the bay Thursday afternoon. Didn’t seem to be lacking power. Lookin real nice. Hard to believe she was built in ‘45. Congrats even though I’m sure you’ve got plenty left to do.
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    Ronin is almost finished...

    She’s looking quite spiffy. Safe travels back to SD.
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    VW Thing, 1974, $26000

    CL ad says 26K
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    Ronin is almost finished...

    Such a cool boat. Where will it be slipped? Have you thought about adding side scanning sonar while it’s in the yard? Saw a killer deal on a used CH 250 a few months back.
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    Wire Bait Cages

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    Offshore Paid subscription weather forecasts

    The data from all of these sites comes from NOAA.
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    Offshore This is a Bloody Deck and a Super.

    killer day you had. Thanks for sharing. I’ve had that bait tank on my boat for over 20 years. Really does the job.
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    Champion Marine Copper spark plugs

    I’ll take them. Where in SD are you?
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    West Coast Suppliers

    Building from an existing mold?
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    Need Starboard Material for Project

    This place usually has the best prices. Good people too..
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    Offshore Who does this ???

    Marshall Madruga had that boat name almost 30 years ago.
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    Did captain lose my yellow?

    About a month ago, I was at the Islands with my son. He got bit on on an x rap trolling and we were in 60 feet of water. The fish was running hard and I slid the lever forward a bit. Ten seconds later pop, fish gone. One of the trebles got straightened. Wish I had left the drag alone and let him...
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    What knots should I learn

    Blood knot for mono to flouro.
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    Help educate me: Dual Merc 115’s v. Single Honda 250

    For So Cal I prefer the big OB vs the smaller twins. Takes a lot of weight off the transom so boat usually performs better. Also less maintenance. Newer motors are real reliable if serviced properly. Vessel Assist if you ever get stranded. I agree that docking/maneuvering is a bit better with...
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    BOLA video

    Damn, you guys did it right. Love that place. Been way too long for me.
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    Clipped the center median with my boat trailer

    Jack it up and remove the tire to inspect the axle/spindle. It’s possible that the bearings got blown out, as they are the weak link. You’ll know immediately if there is play in the hub/wheel.
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    Outboard engine question

    My 06 Etec 90 has a hole in the exact same spot with a fitting and cap.Book says It is for a speedo and it is above the cav plate.
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    Outboard engine question

    It is a hole for a fitting for a PITOT tube. If you were running a speedometer, you would run a hose from your gauge to a fitting in that hole. Otherwise the missing fitting usually has a cap on it. You are fine running it like it is, but if you want to get the fitting you can go to...
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    Lowrance Helm-1 for cable steering

    I would bite the bullet and install hydraulic steering first. You can DIY it pretty easily. You can always save up for auto pilot later. Don’t think you’ll regret it.
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    Which crimps are you useing? I don’t know jack about crimping, but this article definitely helped clear a few things up for me.
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    Bayrunner Baja 21 what size 4 stroke?

    Never a problem getting on plane, but tops out around 25kts/30mph. That’s plenty fast for a tin boat. Gets 3-4 mpg depending on load/seas. 55 gal tank.
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    Bayrunner Baja 21 what size 4 stroke?

    Wow, that thing must fly with that motor. I currently run an Etec 90 on mine and would get a 115 four stroke if I were to repower.
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    Ditmar Donaldson

    Very cool boat. What do you mean when you say stripped and redone? What’s the plan?
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    Guest slip in San Diego Bay?

    Shelter Island transient slips here:
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    Proper tipping I believe he has a video on this.
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    No More Lyon's & O'Haver. Now who? ***UPDATE 7.21.2021****

    Did you get to eat the tail meat?
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    Epic Fail - Newport €500K for one week charter
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    Though hull transducer advise

    Mine was $1070:to my door with mix n match cable through BOE
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    Though hull transducer advise

    if you mostly fish shallow <300’ or offshore, most would recommend the B175HW. It’s the Airmar high frequency wide CHIRP. Runs about $1000. Excellent transducer. You need to figure out your hull deadrise to get the right version
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    Rod Eyelet Repair

    That’s going to require a new tip. Take it to Squidco. They will do it while you wait. Might cost $10.
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    Lowrance outboard hydraulic autopilot

    I paid 1200 for the Simrad version that comes with the Precision 9 vs the Point 1AP. Works well.
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    Hydraulic steering suggestions

    I just installed the Simrad Drivepilot Autopilot system that uses my G07 or NSS9 as a controller. Comes with everything else you need(Heading Sensor, computer,pump, fittings, NMEA backbone) for 1200 to my door. Took me a half a day to install. Works great.
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    Hydraulic steering suggestions

    Mine is 30 years old and going strong. Replaced the some seals myself a few years ago.
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    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    I wouldn’t think of fishing on anyone’s boat and not offering to pay whatever they tell me my share is. I own boats and expect the same, and I fish with others and demand they let me pay. Whatever they pay doesn’t begin to cover the time and money I put into it. There is nothing “charter” about...
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    Good Simrad repair/service in San Diego?

    I’ve been through this with my GO7XSE. Try erasing most of your old tracks in TRIPINTEL. They must use a bunch of memory. I went through this and even got one replaced by Simrad. I uploaded my waypoints, etc which probably included all the trip data. It kept freezing/shutting down. I finally...
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    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    Ridiculous ticket. I would fight it. If it ends up in court, bring all passengers and let the judge decide if splitting gas and bait equals “for hire.” Hopefully there’s more to the story and this wasn’t just an a-hole warden with a badge complex.
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    Bayrunner vs bayrunner Baja

    Bayrunner BR20 Open Bayrunner Baja 21 Baja model is WAY heavier duty. More reinforced hull, wide gunwales, higher freeboard, higher hp rating. IMO, it’s what you want if your’re leaving the bays. That being said, I fished my regular BR offshore and all over Baja in the right weather.
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    Panga recommendations South Rosarito to Ensenada

    Vonnys on Punta Banda
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    Fuel Tank Pinholes 1987 Cabo216

    If what Mike I says is true, I highly recommend a plastic tank like Fishbones used. I have a 120 gal tank in my 88 23’ WAC. I pulled the deck, inspected and pressure tested tank, and replaced hoses. Tank was still perfect. Aluminum doesn’t like enclosed wet spaces.
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    1990 Donzi 23 W/A $8500

    BD rules say you need to post a price. Looks like a nice boat.
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    powering a 16' mirrocraft

    Mount that 40 and take it for a spin. Pretty sure that boat will handle it just fine.
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    San Quintin info?

    Had my boat at my buddy’s house who lives near SQ.
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    San Quintin info?

    Just got back last night. Four days of fishing on my boat. Stayed and launched at Old Mill. No real restrictions once you get there. The charter operations are open but there are almost no boats going out due to lack of customers. It was me and the commercial guys out. Getting there is the hard...
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    Checkpoint just South of the toll booth in El Sauzal. They take your temp and ask for proof of residency or necessary business to pass. This was last Friday 6/12.
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    04 Evinrude 115 DI (not etec) not accelerating passed 2000rpms

    Special cable and software and a mechanic who knows how to use it.
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    04 Evinrude 115 DI (not etec) not accelerating passed 2000rpms

    Ficht. When you say runs fine for 20 min do you mean it will reach upper RPM range under load? First thing that needs to happen is computer diagnostic. Find someone who can hook it up and run a battery of tests and look for fault codes. Also, maybe try running it on a separate fuel tank for...
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    2 Perko Rod Holders & 3 pumps

    I’ll take it. I can pick up this weekend. I’ll text you.
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    Is the 175 h w too big

    Yes, I stand corrected. The SS is Stainless and the B is Bronze. I haven’t used mine for rockfishing, but I’m pretty sure it would do fine for any depth I would want to fish.
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    Is the 175 h w too big

    I just made my first trip after installing the NSS 9 and B175HW in my 23’ WAC. I could not be happier. Only thing I am not sure about is the deep water rock fishing. I was able to hold the bottom to 1000 feet at speed. You will need to find an area about 5” diameter with at least 5” height...
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    200 hpdi help

    I’m not a mechanic, but I have owned a dfi motor for many years and generally maintained it myself. There are so many things this could be(computer, VST, bad injector, etc) You might want to start with a compression check to rule out a scored cylinder.
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    200 hpdi help

    I could not view the video. Usually fuel or ignition. Is it trying to turn over and seems like a fuel issue? First thing I would do is attach it to a portable fuel tank and see if you can start it. Do you have the ability to run it on a hose? You want to get the thing up and running at...
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    New Parker owner

    Congratulations. You bought from the right guy. I met Roger a couple times and looked over that boat. He was always fiddling on it upgrading things. Seems like he spared no expense. Get some!
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    Fried Chirp Transducer

    I feel your pain. Thanks for the warning. Just got one of those and it was hard enough to swallow the price and cutting the hole. Can’t imagine losing it to something like that.
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    Dana Point Parking Lot Update

    Where is it in relation to the pay lot? Can you park there overnight?
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    Need to upgrade

    I have a GO7XSE with Totalscan and it’s good for inshore fishing. I just added an NSS9 EVO3 with B175HW. Total game changer offshore. Got a killer deal on a Reman NSS9 for 900. Another 1000 for the b175. Unbelievable package for the price.
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    Simrad GO9 XSE 3g package

    Had the same issue with my GO7XSE. Tried everything and even got the unit exchanged and uploaded all my saved data. It kept shutting off. I did a bunch of research online, and one guy suggested deleting old tracks. I had a lot of them saved just because I never erased them. Sure enough, it fixed...
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    Boat Sat for a few years..

    I’d add some sea foam and take it for a spin. Maybe keep it under 4K rpm. Some extra two stroke oil in the fuel couldn’t hurt.
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    Monterey bay boat launch injustice

    Totally agree that if slipped boats can rec fish, then trailer boaters should be able to. Instead of making a ruckus, maybe try to contact a few of the key decision makers’ offices and make your point. This is how change came about in SD. Of course, if you want to organize a protest, go for it...
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    Electrolysis or a bad paint job?

    These guys say otherwise, who knows...? When applying Durabak to your aluminum boat, we recommend using either a metal self-etch primer compatible with Polyurethane, like Zinc Chromate or our primer, Metcote .
  122. T

    Electrolysis or a bad paint job?

    Aluminum boats are supposed to get a zinc based self etching primer coat. You need to get down to clean corrosion free aluminum, wash with acetone, and apply such a primer before paint.
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    Dolphins passing the pufferfish

    Put em in jail
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    San Diego BOATING, FISHING and LAUNCH RAMPS open at 8am tomorrow!

    Makes a hell of a lot more sense than having a big CF of a line at 8 am.
  125. T

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    Port website says Pepper Park and SI open at 8am tomorrow.
  126. T

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    Awesome! Thanks. Even a skeptic like me now believes it. Let’s not screw it up.
  127. T

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    I was one of the last, and I will be one of the first.
  128. T

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    They may have said it, but it’s not in writing anywhere. Port has not updated either. I understand it breaking news...hopefully not fake.
  129. T

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    Can’t find any confirmation of this online. Anyone have a link?
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    Nav tools

    Yeah, amazing what algebra is good for
  131. T

    Nav tools

    I was finding my way to and from fish long before I had LORAN or GPS
  132. T

    Nav tools

    I’ll take them. Going to take the OUPV course this summer. I’ll pm you.
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    This coming Saturday, Shelter Island Launch Ramp....

    He’s probably talking about MCRD.
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    Trailer jack Issues

    It is only yearly replacement if you buy the cheapest shit out there. I like the Fulton F2. I’m getting many years out of the one I have.
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    Is Avet open?

    Got my reels back in one week working like new. Nice job, Avet.
  136. T

    Fishing to open

    Yeah, What the hell was that part all about?
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    Covid Cleanout -added more and more

    2nd or 3rd or whatever in line for the bait nets.
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    Campaign to Reopen Launch Ramps

    Glorietta ramp is closed.
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    Gauging interest in making rod racks for your wall or ceiling. Pics added

    I have a smaller rack (8 rod) like this that I bought off eBay many years ago. Love it. Just need to make room somewhere for another. Make em, you’ll sell em.
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    Is Avet open?

    Called them Monday before sending reels for service. Gal said they were operating with a skeleton crew so it would take longer.
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    Glorietta Bay Launch Status

  142. T

    Glorietta Bay Launch Status

    I hope you’re right.
  143. T

    Glorietta Bay Launch Status

    We’ll see...
  144. T

    Glorietta Bay Launch Status

    And guys blow it up on the internet...
  145. T

    Glorietta Bay Launch Status

    It’s gonna close by Monday after about 100 guys from all around So Cal show up there this weekend. WTF?
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    Info on pepper park launch ramp

    Yes, but currently closed
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    Fishing license for guest on boat

    No she does not. However, she cannot fish or assist in any way.
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    Don't vote Democrat.

    Nothin like politics to ruin a good discussion board. Well if the rules are out the window, bring back the nips n lips.
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    Two Mantis Shrimp in a Week

    Can you tell a bit about the 3 Way swivel rig you’re using?
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    Where to find an aluminum plate?

    Handy Metal Mart in National City. Best prices in town. Cuts are cheap too. They also have cut off bin with great prices.
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    Bug rider for for rent *Video added!*

    I think it’s the Dixieline bucket😄
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    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    How did the sea lions react?
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    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    Potential Methods for Deterring Pacific Harbor Seals, California Sea Lions, Northern Fur Seals, Eastern U.S. Stock of Steller Sea Lions, & Northern Elephant Seals GENERAL INFORMATION: Updated October 2018 • The Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) generally prohibits the harassment, hunting...
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    Hooping before and/or after rainstorms?

    Just wondering why you would feed the seals like that. It trains them to harass all boats. I put all used bait in a bucket and dump it as I am on the way back to the ramp.
  155. T

    pictures from bay bass to yellowtails

    You’re living the dream, kid. Seems like you have a real good head on your shoulders. Work your ass off in school in between all that fun you are having. You will never regret it.
  156. T

    2 limits again plus 2 extra

    Nice work! Where do you get your salmon heads?
  157. T

    Rod Shipping Tube Cardboard 8’x3”

    Thought somebody might want this. I’ll keep it around for a week. PM me if interested.
  158. T

    Bluetooth Audio recommendation

    Check out JL Audio. Been on a couple boats with their gear and they sound great.
  159. T

    Seeking info on replacing gas tank

    A foamed in aluminum tank is just asking for problems. Bilge gets wet/ foam gets waterlogged, aluminum can’t “breathe” and the tank starts to corrode. Block/support the tank with starboard or pvc, allow for water drainage or you’ll be replacing it every 10 years. Just my .02.
  160. T

    Seeking info on replacing gas tank

    I have a 30 yo boat with original 120 gal poly tank built by IMCO (now owned by Moeller I believe). Pulled the deck/ tank to inspect and replace hoses. Looks perfect and passed pressure test. Can’t imagine an aluminum tank lasting that long.
  161. T

    what are the best bionocolars for working the tower?

    Best value are digitally stabilized Fujinon TS1440. Cost about a grand new. You can spend a whole lot more on gyros.
  162. T

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    Thanks for posting. I’m sure you knew how much bs you would have to put up with in doing so, but these threads highlight the importance of reviewing emergency procedures and gear and will likely help prevent one of us from having a bad outcome on the water. BTW, that Kodiak tank is 42 gallons...
  163. T

    Halibut tips please?

    I use the Owner light wire circles in #2-3/0. Hook from lower jaw through nose. Dines and macs for bait. No trap.
  164. T

    its always something

    Wild man. I love it...
  165. T

    The Captain that is....

    I heard that guy Gavin on the Pacific Queen can cast pretty good...
  166. T

    Offshore 10/7 Report from 425/371

    32.15 117.29 As another poster put it, you’re responsible for the first set of numbers. They vary depending upon which part of the globe you’re fishing.
  167. T

    THIS IS IT!!! The 20th Annual Halibut Classic!!

    Really hoping to fish the tournament this year. Always have family time that weekend, but I’m thinking I’m just gonna have to do it. What are the boundaries?
  168. T

    replacing hooks on irons Also do a search on BD and you’ll find a good instructional video.
  169. T

    250 Mile Trip When I Could Have Gone 1...8/16 & 8/17

    It’s a crazy game we play, this saltwater addiction. Always seems to give us just enough to keep us interested.
  170. T

    Netflix - The Last Breath

    Gnarly. Incredible story and film.
  171. T

    BFT and YFT their back!

    Yep. Skipjack’s got the stripes on the belly.
  172. T

    Yellowfin smoking question

    You can do it either way. I prefer to remove the skin and all bloodline so that the finished product is ready to eat. You also end up with smoke flavor on all sides. Usually leave the skin on the bellies.
  173. T

    Offshore A day of Loss - 1 Kite Rod, 1 Kite Reel, 1 Gigantic Bluefin Tuna

    Damn, that’s whole lot of excitement and heartbreak in one day. Good to hear you’re getting right back in the saddle.
  174. T

    Camalu White Sea Bass

    Memo’s a great guy. The operation is as bare bones as it gets. The pangas are commercial types with four or so benches, not the super pangas you find in the sport fishing areas. These guys fish commercial at least 50% of the time. If you go, definitely bring a cooler or fish bag for the boat, as...
  175. T

    Boat ads: hours vrs years

    A lot of guys never turn off their motors. 1 day=5-10 hours. Shut it off when fishing and 1 day could = 1-4 hours. Motors with computers will break down the rpms which will give a better picture.
  176. T

    Escort boat needed for Oceanside Race

    I escorted for this race about 10 years ago. It was a lot of fun. I just sent you a pm.
  177. T

    Coronados 7/15

    I was there yesterday and thought boats did fine respecting the fleet, but I just can’t understand guys slow trolling at a distance where you have to worry about them running over your drift. All you had to do was set up in a slot above the fleet and drift down. The fish will find you. A couple...
  178. T

    Metal Fabricator Needed

    In which city do you want this done?
  179. T

    Kiwigrip - Grey

    I’ll take it! I can pick it up this weekend. I’ll pm you. Thanks
  180. T

    Joining the Family

    Beautiful boat. Congratulations!
  181. T

    Rpt.-Wed-06-26-19 Cleared to play on the Ducky!

    Wow Cory, that’s great news. I only know you from your reports but you seem like a classy guy and a hard-core fisherman. Sounds like you have many great years of fishing ahead of you.
  182. T

    Offshore Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    I think it’s in the running. That’s called hunting. Hopping on a sporty is easy in comparison.
  183. T

    What size x wrap?

    If you can take the butt cap off you will be want 40 mm XWrap. I’ve had good luck putting the X Wrap right on top of the old cork tape. . Works well as long as the cork is somewhat smooth. You could always wrap some electrical tape on bad sections before putting on the X wrap.
  184. T

    Kite Rod (for flying Kite)

    Looking for a quality kite rod to pair with an electric reel for flying the kite. Prefer something under 36” Please pm me with what you have or know of. Thank you!
  185. T

    Net, Landing, Promar

    I’ll take it if flapjack doesn’t.
  186. T

    Fenders, docklines and rope

    I’ll take it. Sending txt.
  187. T

    Got my first Tanker, how big is she?

    55.4# on a certified scale. Don’t know length, but I’m 6’5”
  188. T

    Taking over on Amato Rebuild 23

    Really nice work there. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it on the water. One of a kind.
  189. T

    Axle cotter/nut off, but tire/hub and axle washer won't come off.

    The good news is that your grease looks to be in great shape. Unless your wheel/hub has too much play or seems otherwise compromised, you could put it back together, pump it full of grease and be done with it. Otherwise, follow Derby’s advice and remove the wheel before working on the hub.
  190. T

    Got my first Tanker, how big is she?

    Original Tuna Sniffer says 55#. Congrats!
  191. T

    Tested for high Mercury

    I met a respected FL Keys Captain this week who had a pretty extreme case of mercury poisoning from eating a lot of tuna. He experienced personality/ neurological effects that were quite scary. He has seemingly completely recovered after laying off the stuff, but is still concerned about the...
  192. T

    Fuel sender question

    It is most likely the sending unit. Mine had a Moeller unit that had corroded where the electrical conversion takes place. The mechanical sending unit converts the arm position to a resistance. If you put it on an Ohm meter and raise and lower the arm you will be able to see if it is working...
  193. T

    Conical Hoopnets

    I’ll take em. Pm’d
  194. T

    Unusual ways to attract fish

    First saw this fishing schoolie YFT in baja. Panguero used a cut gallon jug to spray water on surface to keep the school interested. Since then I’ve used washdown hose to create similar effect on bait stops.
  195. T

    Unusual ways to attract fish

    Everything old is new again...
  196. T

    Halibut fishing....Too Stinger hook or not?

    Absolutely! That’s an offer I can’t refuse. Thanks.
  197. T

    Halibut fishing....Too Stinger hook or not?

    How about a Halibut seminar before the next MC Blackman tournament?
  198. T

    Seeker BCSW-708T

    Looking for a Seeker BCSW 708T inshore casting rod in good condition. Pm me if you have one. Thanks
  199. T

    Lost hoop nets 3/5/19

    Get your friend’s GO ID # and pm me. I may have one of his nets.
  200. T

    Found hoop net SD Bay 3/12/18

    Found a clearly abandoned conical hoop net near the channel. Marked with a go ID and a depth. Blue rope. PM me your GO ID. If it matches, we can arrange to get it back to you.
  201. T

    What's a 'rail rod'

    What’s 1x3, 2x4, etc?
  202. T

    Taco Whore

    I don’t know about all that, Hizzy fit. Looks legit to me.
  203. T

    What is the center console worth

    I’ve been running an 01 Ficht 250 since 05 on a heavy 23’ WA Cuddy. Had very few problems and have maintained it myself. If that thing is still around and running well, you could get a lot of hours on it. I’m currently at 1500 hrs but I shut it down every time I fish a spot or paddy. Two keys...
  204. T

    Shelter Island ramp open!

    Never has been, never will be. No wash down at the ramps in SD
  205. T

    Evinrude G2? Really cleaner than a 4 stroke?

    You might get a little smoke on a cold start, but you will see or smell little to no exhaust any other time. You really ought to do a sea trial anyway and that will tell the story.
  206. T

    Power trim/tilt has blown seal

    Yes, I have an 06 Etec 90. It has a single piston. Everything I have seen refers to it as trim and tilt. I bought a seal kit that was around $50. The instructions say you need some special tools, but I believe the only really necessary special tool is a spanner wrench to get the cap off. I...
  207. T

    Power trim/tilt has blown seal

    Sunset in El Cajon or DIY. I did it on my 90 Etec. Ordered seal kit from Hardest part was bleeding the air out after refilling. Here’s a link to a service manual that should be real similar to your model...
  208. T

    Shelter Island ramp open!

    I have heard zero talk about this becoming a pay ramp. I have used it my entire life and would hate to see it go that way. Major inconvenience when you start adding shit like that. You are probably joking but if you have any info please do tell. As for people being “OK“ with it, I just can’t...
  209. T

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    Launch ramp set to open next Friday 12/21. I just got off the phone with a customer service rep at the port office. We’ll see...
  210. T

    Stamped Mako Tails

    ^^^ Nice sleuthing there
  211. T

    1987 Invader 182 Center Console Fishing Boat 17' - What's this worth?

    I have always liked the layout and look of the invaders. However, with a boat of that age you never know what you’re going to get underneath the deck. At least the fuel tank is not under deck. Check carefully for soft spots in the deck. There is virtually zero value to that motor. You may get...
  212. T

    2017 Yellowfin 26' Hybrid

    Wow. The rigging on this is unbelievable. Great performance numbers as well. GLWS!
  213. T

    Blue Seas Company Fire

    Real bummer for sure. At least there were no casualties. Love their products and support. Hope they’re back in biz soon.
  214. T

    Trailer Bearing Q&A???

    Ok no worries. They work...
  215. T

    Offshore SCI on the water report: 9/22/18 3:40p.m.

    I’m envious of the trophy hunters out west. I’ll be draggin macs tomorrow for an inshore trophy. Thanks for the OTW report. Be safe!
  216. T

    Trailer Bearing Q&A???

    This is likely the solution to your problem. When spindles get old they get pitted. This makes it impossible to get a good seal. These stainless steel cups slide over the sealing portion of the spindle. An O ring holds them in place. The kit comes with new double lipped seals because the...
  217. T

    Offshore Coronados Bluefin/Bonito/Seals 9/11 & 9/13

    I fished the Coronados a couple of times this week. Really nice conditions and a lot of life down there. 73 deg clear water. Hooked a few Bluefin and landed two all on X Raps 20’s. Fish are down near the south tip of South Island. I have no idea where the yellows have gone. Only got one small...
  218. T

    Tribute to a very special man & fisherman. Please watch this Video

    A life well lived by a real classy San Diegan. Thanks for sharing.
  219. T

    San Diego launching help??

    Both are good facilities, but CV has bigger parking capacity which will come into play on weekends. Some say Pepper has security issues, but I haven’t experienced it.
  220. T

    Coronado Islands 9/3

    Old guys rule!! Hell he ain’t even that old. Must be retired though.
  221. T

    Good Todos Santos Panguero?

    Yeah just past Ensenada out on Punta Banda. Take the road west from Maneadero. Not sure if the guy’s asking about Todos Santos islands. If he is, these are the guys.
  222. T

    Offshore U.S Limits of QUALITY DORADO! 8/23

    Damn, y’all got some boat and fish cleaning to do. Well done.
  223. T

    Help wanted to spot Spotted Giant Sea Bass

    Commercial guys are allowed a limited take, so I don’t think regulations are unreasonable. Open it to sport and the numbers will dwindle quickly in my opinion. Yes, very cool to dive with them.
  224. T

    7/17 La Jolla Jello

    Doesn’t sound like rookies to me. Nice work and priceless pics. Well done!
  225. T

    Rapala Type Lures

    I’ll take them. Pm’d.
  226. T

    Kodiak bait tank P.O.S.

    I installed a new Kodiak PF 42 when I bought my boat back in 97. Tank has been awesome. After going a number of years without a cover, the sun did its thing like it did to yours. I have fabbed parts out of 1/8” T6061 aluminum and have kept the tank going. I removed that whole interior baffle and...
  227. T

    Don & Shirley Blackman Memorial Halibut Tournament

    Way to go! Fish of a lifetime. I’m still trying to break the 40# mark. Wanted to see the fish but I guess it was put away before I weighed in.
  228. T

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    Put me on the list please. Thanks for doing the leg work.
  229. T

    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    These don’t accept eyecups, but the existing cups extend by rotating the rings counterclockwise. Just thought I’d mention that since I didn’t notice it right away. Just received a pair of these and they seem pretty legit.
  230. T

    Proline 2401 1999 Walkaround

    Wow, looks like a smoking deal to me. Even has a windlass. GLWS
  231. T

    I feel trapped...

    Thanks for the great info. I caught the halibut bug a few years ago and have done pretty well with a Carolina type rig using a sliding sinker keeper with torpedo above the swivel and. 4’ flouro leader to a light circle hook. The main drawback is picking up debris. I’ve been thinking about giving...
  232. T

    (Fishing is not a crime) Keep local fishing open in Temecula!!! Show up at the next Council meeting and get on the list for public comment. Speak your mind and ask for a commitment that they look into reversing the policy. Not sure if members are elected at large or by district. If by district, contact your council...
  233. T

    How to fish the Yummy

    Let Dave do his thing. Just ignore if you don’t like it. However, definitely not the same as plugging a local tourney for a month or two out of the year. I’m pretty sure ?? Mike works pretty hard to put on his tourney for virtually no return in $$. Dave is looking for another way to make a...
  234. T

    22'/23' foot backyard build V Hull Dory

    Rad looking boat. So cool that you built it with your pops. Yeah, pics of the build would be great. Now go kill some fish!
  235. T

    Full Bayrunner Rebuild

    The time to clean the tank was when you had the deck out. At this point, there are a couple things you can do. Easiest is to keep running fresh fuel and inspect/empty water separating filter regularly. If you have access through the deck plate, you could remove the fuel guage sender unit and...
  236. T

    kodiak 35 gal bait tank

    Thats a steal on a great tank
  237. T

    No longer available - Fluor & Braid

    2nd if zing man doensn’t take it. Thanks.
  238. T

    Bayrunner replumb

    Use tef gel between bronze and aluminum. IMO safer than a plastic thruhull.
  239. T

    Bayrunner replumb

    I use a 1.5” “flapper” thruhull for the bait tank outflow on both of my boats. It works great and allows you to run the outflow hose below deck. That being said, there is an obvious risk to having a below the waterline thruhull without a seacock. I’ve never had a problem in over 20 years. I do...
  240. T

    Big ass San Diego Sand Bass

    Wow, that’s a pig for sure. We fished until slack and did pretty well at channel edge. Really nice current with no wind.
  241. T

    Gps/fish finder for fresh and salt

    Simrad GO7XSE w totalscan transducer for about $650. Sweet touchscreen mfd at a great price.
  242. T

    Hello new boater with first boat

    Welcome aboard! I have done vinyl on a center console deck when redoing the boat. It’s not expensive, but it’s very time consuming. You will need to remove all hardware, and plywood, then remove carpeting or cut new deck. Then it’s cutting gluing and stapling all vinyl. I suggest you fish the...
  243. T

    Fs seastar

    How long are the hoses?
  244. T

    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    Santo Tomas Wild West from what I hear. Basically a no go zone. There’s a panguero on this board who can tell you all about it. He’ll probably chime in on the topic.
  245. T

    2004 M40 Knight and Carver Sportfisher

    Rad boat! Looks like you are getting after it the right way. Looking forward to seeing it on the water.
  246. T

    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    I learned this type of response from my mex-am father many years ago and it has never failed him or me. Let’s go see the judge=too much trouble, move on to the next guy.
  247. T

    My kids first halibut 12-3

    That’s the right kind! Really nice flatty. The pic is priceless and kudos to your uncle on the gill grab. The gill rakers on the big ones can sure tear up your hand.
  248. T

    Full Bayrunner Rebuild

    That fuel tank should be removed and inspected. You could try to inspect the inside while in place or get it pressure tested, but I would bet my boat that the hull/tank has corrosion. Water gets trapped between the hull and tank and eats up the aluminum. I know it’s a bear to cut that tank out...
  249. T

    Full Bayrunner Rebuild

    After cleaning it the best you can, go to Harbor Freight and pick up a stainless wire wheel for 4.5” grinder. Hit all corroded areas until you get to clean, bare metal. You can then use a combination of welding/JBWeld/Marinetex to repair. I had a few thin spots where I used a putty knife to...
  250. T

    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    I know you're probably pulling our leg on this one, but I guarantee you we will see much more of that going on. Agree on how well the ramp has served us given the amazing amount of traffic it saw. I will reserve judgement on the "upgrade," but I am hopeful.
  251. T

    Misc. Boat stuff, auto piolot, 10 hp motor, other stuff..

    What are you asking for the rod holders? What's the length? Also, I'll take the furuno
  252. T

    Offshore Searcher 3 Day - Local Offshore / SCI - Big BFT

    Your report certainly did the trip justice. Congrats on an awesome weekend of catching!
  253. T

    Raymarine DSM 300 sounder module

    If he doesn't, I have one for sale. Mark Pm me if interested
  254. T

    Offshore S 9 YFT on the dolphins 9/3

    Bigger than a football for sure. I dunno, maybe 40# you're the one holding it, what did you think? Good report, thanks.
  255. T

    Is the Shelter Island Boat Launch Open or Not?

    Bait is 35 per half/ 45 full. Went up $10 last year.
  256. T

    K&M Rocks

    Nice report. Is that a new fish cleaning station at the ramp?
  257. T

    Offshore Oceanside Harbor Intel 8/9/17

    Wow, now that's a toad hali. Looks like a 40# grade. Did you weigh it? Let's hear the deets. Bait & depth? Congrats!
  258. T

    1991 21 foot walkaround whaler boat struggles to get to plane

    Ditto what sickcat said on WOT numbers. My guess is that you are overpropped. Look up the specs for your motor and see if you can get to the WOT #'s. If not, go down to 15 or 16p. I tried out a 4 blade on my 250 and was not impressed.
  259. T

    Best place to launch a panga in the ensenada area...

    I think Coral is best. It's about $30 for in/out, but it's safe and a good ramp. There's a ramp in town at the harbor, but I'm not sure about security there. Campo La Jolla and Vonnys launch off the beach inside the bay, but your truck will get a saltwater bath.
  260. T

    2 stroke Machine Shop In SD?

    3 cylinders bored .030 on an 06 Etec 90
  261. T

    2 stroke Machine Shop In SD?

    Does anyone know of a machine shop in SD that works on 2 stroke blocks? My understanding is that Floyds is no longer in business. Thanks!
  262. T

    Best SoCAL Offshore Sportboat Captains

    Maybe hunting local yellows and bluefin doesn't count here, but few would argue with Ryan Bostian=Booger of the San Diego being on this list.
  263. T

    Checked out shelter island launch ramp yesterday June 1 beware!

    The way traffic is routed doesn't help. In/out from the same side is jamming things up badly. Jk=just kidding, right? No way two can launch at the same time.
  264. T

    Checked out shelter island launch ramp yesterday June 1 beware!

    Launched there yesterday. 3 pm on thurs and there was a line of 4 trailers. Problem is anything over about 20' needs to be backed down from upper lot area. Going to be a major cluster with some boats having to move backward in line. Have your shit READY before you get in that line. Very tight...
  265. T

    Offshore June 1 report USCG & NAVY join the party

    Glad all was good in the end. Thanks for reporting. It will give the rest of us some extra incentive to give our safety gear the twice over.
  266. T

    Bayrunner inyotuckee style

    Looking real good. Nice work!
  267. T

    SD Inshore 5/27

    Fished solo from the Whistler buoy to PB today. Weather was better than expected and seas were fine early in the Bayrunner. Wind came up pretty good around 1 but it was still fishable. Water inside has definitely rolled over the last few days. Green and 58 deg around the Whistler. Started to...
  268. T

    Where Mr. T wasn't on 5/20

    Great report. They are there and you were rigged right, but it's always the luck of the draw.
  269. T

    Dana Landing Launch Ramp

    Dude, you can't fix stupid, but I give you credit for trying. Don't stress, just work your way around the mess. I'm sure we will all get through these trying times.
  270. T

    Eds jigs on south 9

    Nice!! Just picked some up from Mikey and looking fwd to dropping them on the heads of some SQ rockfish.
  271. T

    Pacific Queen 1 1/2 days trip.

    Great report. Sounds like the PQ did you right but the tuna didn't cooperate. You really can't go wrong with any of those 3 boats.
  272. T

    Need real fishing reports

    Im in PV for a wedding and fished inshore yesterday. Fishing between the river mouth and NV marina, we caught 6 Toro, 4 on bait (gogos) and 2 on rapalas. Had a few other knockdowns that didn't stick. Lots of action in the 3 or 4 hours we fished. Slow trolled in 30'. Seemed like the baits we sent...
  273. T

    Parker Center Console for Less than $10K

    Sweet ride, somebody's gonna score on a clean classic. GLWS
  274. T

    How do you Store/Save your 4200/5200?

    I just put the cap back on. When I use it after storage, I use a drill sized to the opening and slowly drill it out until it starts to flow. Have used up entire tubes over time doing this. Sounds like I should try the freezer method.
  275. T

    Repaying the debt 05132017

    Good job getting Pops out there. Fishing gods def smiled upon you guys on that catch.
  276. T

    La Jolla 5/13-14

    BS without pics of the chick.
  277. T


  278. T

    Bayrunner inyotuckee style

    You can usually find used aluminum tanks on Craigslist. It may take a little while til the right one shows up, and you are probably going to need to mod whatever you do end up using. You can always use a portable tank until you find the right one. You may want to run the fuel hose now before...
  279. T

    Bayrunner inyotuckee style

    I like t tops for rod storage, antenna mounts and shade. It does take some of your jigcasting space away though. I thru bolted mine to the deck. Screws, even beefy ones, are gonna get shaken loose.
  280. T

    Bayrunner inyotuckee style

    I think that fuel tank has no business being back there. Too much weight aft means way harder to plane. Also, def. need access to that area, and it is prime fishing space. I got an aluminum tank, made a seat top, and placed it just fwd of the console. 25 gal was plenty of fuel.
  281. T

    Bayrunner inyotuckee style

    Another thing I did on my BR20 Open was to cut the aft deck piece in two at the last support. That left about a 14" deck section that was easily removable without removing the whole rear deck. It will give you easy access to the bilge without removing a huge section of deck. I didn't even screw...
  282. T

    Fun Day in the Bay...

    I've experienced the opposite. Last few years have been great and this winter has really sucked. Maybe they're finally turning on.
  283. T

    E etc owners

    Id say my boat is around 2500# fully loaded . It's a 3 cyl and I believe they still are. They may make a 90HO thats a 4 cyl. The 115 is def 4 cyl. I run a 13p prop and get about 25kt at 5500 rpm. I could probably go to a 15p but I just dont need anymore top end speed. Boat never seems underpowered.
  284. T

    Best White Sea Bass Lures...?

    In Baja, the large chrome Krocodile is the go to WSB jig. Usually on a slow retrieve through/below bait. Very effective.
  285. T

    Kodiak PF-22 repair sugestions

    I'd probably lock vise grips on the bolt head, apply small amount of heat to the tank, then work the inserts out. Once removed, you should be able to use a vise, wrench and heat to remove bolts from inserts. Then reseat inserts using epoxy or 4200.
  286. T

    Bait Tank Pump?

    I have run the Kodiaks which are basically Rules for many years. The only failures I have experienced are when they get clogged with eelgrass. If you unscrew and clean them every few trips(takes about 3 min) and/or use a raw water strainer, you will get many years of use. I am not a fan of the...
  287. T

    Wife saves the day. 4/13

    Well done! How deep?
  288. T

    Wife's Cancer and the Gerson Clinic

    So happy that she is doing well. I can't begin to imagine how difficult this has been on your family. You seem like really positive people, and I think that makes a world of difference. Keep up the fight, hard work, and love!
  289. T

    Thru Hull fittings

    Generally, bronze is used. Here's what has worked well for me for many years. One each for bait and washdown pump.
  290. T

    Bayrunner inyotuckee style

    Nice score on the boat. Having done 3 Bayrunner restorations myself, I would recommend a couple of things. Completely gut the boat down to the bare hull. Remove all transom penetrations that are not absolutely necessary. Weld or fill holes. There is usually corrosion/ pin holes that need to be...
  291. T

    E etc owners

    I've got a 90 hp Etec on my 21' Bayrunner Baja. It's quiet, uses hardly any oil (Xd100) and has been flawless. Very fuel efficient as well. I like the torque to weight ratio. Has 1300 hrs now.
  292. T

    1974 Blackman 20ft Center Console

    Great story, a real classic beauty of a boat. You really should consider fishing the Don & Shirley Blackman Halibut Tournament with the Marlin Club on 6/17. Guys will be stoked to see that boat at the weigh in.
  293. T

    Offshore April Fools BFT and rat yellows

    Got to be the nicest private sport fisher in so cal. Good to hear it doesn't catch fish any better than our rides do. Thanks for the report.
  294. T

    Two Stroke Oil?

    Semi or full synthetic w decarb additives. I use xd 50 in my Evinrude DI with great results. Carbon will stick rings leading to scored cylinders. Not worth the risk of cheap oil.
  295. T

    Roger Waters Us and Them Tix Sat Sept 16 Nassau Coliseum NY

    Saw him at Desert Trip. Unbelievable show. Don't go if you're a Trumper cuz he definitely is not.
  296. T

    Mission Bay Lifegaurd has your lost dingy...

    good news
  297. T

    Mission Bay Lifegaurd has your lost dingy...

    Is this the one?
  298. T

    Electrical maintenance Just an FYI

    Dielectric grease
  299. T

    How to Jetty fish...

    Humboldt...nuff said:smoking33:
  300. T

    The story of here (Bloody Decks)

    Dennis Allen from Affordable Marine started in about '97-'98. 1st SoCal forum I knew of.
  301. T

    LA Chargers

    Been a Charger fan for the last 45 years. Lots of good times, lots of bad. Unbelievable they couldn't reach the top in all those years. In the end, the NFL is a ruthless business. I'm glad we didn't buy into the corporate welfare scheme they were selling. Only problem now is more Yahoo!'s on...
  302. T

    Any suggestions for a brand name on new led deck flood lights?

    These have worked well for me. Two seasons in and no worse for the wear. Seem to be nice quality. Can't beat the price.
  303. T

    How to fix gel coat?

    Look up Mark w Monsoon. He's local, mobile, and has a real good rep. He's Pescaloco on BD.
  304. T

    Looking for help on where to mount a transom mount transducer

    You've got it in the right spot now. You may want to cut the length of the bunks as there is no use having them longer than the hull.
  305. T

    Need advice, morning swell? 12-3???

    Tomorrow is looking a lot nicer.
  306. T

    PV 11-13&14

    Looks like another epic trip for you. You know how to get it done. Nice work.
  307. T

    WestCoaster Widebody Rebuild

    Done right. Nice work!
  308. T

    Offshore SCI and fish on the 50 line and brutal weather scary

    Epic!! Glad you made it home safely. Sounds like your years on the water helped a lot. Love to hear more about the deckie you picked up at the bus stop.
  309. T

    Question about bait tanks & keeping bait alive

    IMO, a thru hull mounted intake is a must. These are made of bronze and have a grill covered scoop with pipe to which you mount a bronze valve. Add a coupler and your bait pump and you should be good to go. I like a 700-800 gph pump for a 32 gal tank. I have used Rule Kodiak rRed Head pump with...
  310. T

    Best place for 2 stroke oil? Please help

    Sunset Marine in El Cajon. Cheaper if you bring your own container and they fill it. If he has an Evinrude Ficht motor, he definitely should spend the money on this oil. Waaaaay cheaper than a new motor/rebuild. Ask me how I know. Never have had a problem after using XD50.
  311. T

    Don't be this guy!

    Old school. I like his spirit. Hope someone schools him on the law before he gets busted.
  312. T

    Aluminum fuel tank grounding wires on an aluminum boat

    All grounds should be tied to a negative bus bar which is then tied to the battery ground. Nothing gets grounded to the hull.
  313. T

    Outboard ?

    Depends on brand. Etec is called power distribution panel.
  314. T

    Oldman haven fun

    Livin the dream...
  315. T

    First Baja Mission!

    Get the TIP. It doesn't cost that much and is good for 10 years. Took about a week to get it after applying online. Here's the link. No notarized letter required. Passed through TJ about a month ago. They asked for paperwork but seemed...
  316. T

    First Time FisherChicks

    :appl:Very cool of you. I'm sure they will remember the experience for a long time even if they don't happen to continue fishing.
  317. T

    San Quintin, Baja Mexico - Compromise or Fishing Ban?

    It's seems that the fleet has gotten the message as there hasn't been a boat there since the "conflict" began. Why not just leave good enough alone? There really can be no compromise here. The fleet should stay off of these local grounds. They can't take hundreds of fish per trip on inshore...
  318. T

    San Q locals not happy with Long Range Fleet

    SQ is a tight LITTLE fishing community with a few productive spots in the panga fleet's range. I completely understand their displeasure at seeing multimillion dollar sportfishing operations anchored on these spots. I was there two weeks ago on my skiff and witnessed this firsthand. Those guys...
  319. T

    Chris Dunn WX

  320. T

    Seabass in the Kelp tips?

    Use a swivel instead of a connection knot and you can run the sinker above the swivel
  321. T

    Sunset Marine opinions?

    They aren't cheap, but they know what they're doing. Not that tough to rig an outboard yourself. I've done a few and there's plenty of good advice to be found on BD.
  322. T

    Offshore Baffling Breezing Bruiser Bluefin 7/16

    Nice report. Always a tough choice which gear to deploy when you're not getting bit, or baits too small for the right gear. You'll get em next time. I'm 0 for 2 on the BF trips, but going again Tues. Btw, which FF/transducer is that? Kinda looks like my new Simrad. I'll have to try those settings.
  323. T

    Wife's Cancer and the Gerson Clinic

    I hardly feel competent to reply to this, as I have no medical background. However, if it were my wife, and remaining amongst the living was the primary goal, I would not rely on a Baja based clinic over some of the most advanced therapies and medical personnel available in the world. I know...
  324. T

    Offshore 7/15/16 16.4 NM TRUE WEST PT LAJOLLA

    Cool report. Too bad you missed a fish of a lifetime, but just think of all the work it would have been to butcher it:). Damn sure hope I'm out there fighting big BF on my boat when I'm 69.
  325. T

    swith panel reccomendations

    That's the one. You can get it with or without fuse protection and it's available with 4,6 or 8 switches. Put dielectric grease on the terminals and it will last a good long time.
  326. T

    Need custom battery cables in SD

    Got the cables made by Alan at Bay Marine Supply in the Midway district, not to be confused with Bay Marine in Miramar area. Price was as good as anything online and he had them ready when I got there. The cost is all in the wire. He charged $4 to make them. Again, thanks for all the generous...
  327. T

    Need custom battery cables in SD

    Batteries are going in the console. They will route from motor well to starboard corner then under deck back toward keel line and up to console. Then a couple feet for routing inside console.
  328. T

    Need custom battery cables in SD

    Thanks guys for all the offers of help. I will let you guys know when I get the materials and take one of you up on your offer to help. I have done lots of marine 12v but I don't have the heavy duty crimpers for the lugs. Btw, here's what I'm working on. Complete rebuild. It's almost ready to...
  329. T

    Need custom battery cables in SD

    Thanks for the helpful replies. Looks like it going to be about $90/cable. Plenty of good sources. I will check Interstate in Miramar. They did some for me many years ago.
  330. T

    Need custom battery cables in SD

    Can anyone please recommend a good, reasonably priced place to get custom battery cables in SD? I need one each red/black #2 cables at 23' each with lugs and heat shrink. Any ideas? Thanks!
  331. T

    San Diego bay food Here are two pretty casual spots on or near shelter Island
  332. T

    Custom built trailers in San Diego?

    I was going to say FE but that's price seems ridiculous. I keep hearing about aluminum, but not many guys weld aluminum in baja. Twice I've had to have trailers welded on Baja trips and I'm certain neither time would have ended well with aluminum.
  333. T

    Cast Nets in Mexico?

    Definitely not legal. Have seen the commercial bait guys use them though.
  334. T

    Fish Mount Art

    Very cool work there. Amazing that it's all done in Palm husks. Paint work looks so good!
  335. T

    Looking for a bait receiver

    I got one from this guy. I believe he took over from gabe. Works perfectly and is seal proof. 100 gal cost about 400.
  336. T

    Lifetime Fishing License For kid(s)?

    Got one for my 26 yo when he was young. Paid about 500. It's now about paid for itself. He doesn't fish a lot but still gets out a few times a year. Got one for myself in about '94. Needless to say it's paid for itself a couple times over and I'm only 52. I think guys are kidding themselves if...
  337. T

    Looking for outboard help in San Diego.

    Check the price here first. Some of the better prices on the net. Also, there is a difference between impeller only or the whole kit w housing/seals etc
  338. T

    12-6-15 Big But

    Beast! Congrats. Well earned.
  339. T

    Is this a good Switch Board?

    It will work fine for a while but it doesn't look like its very weatherproof. If you own it, use it. Otherwise search the web for Blue Sea Systems Weatherdeck. High quality weatherproof panels at a reasonable cost. Also, make sure you use adhesive lined heat shrink tubing over all terminal...
  340. T

    Wellcraft 23' Center Console w/ new 200 HO ETEC - $29,500 obo

    Really clean looking boat. Good luck with the sale
  341. T

    So who all is in the SoCal WAHOO club?

    Oct 26 @ the Corner. Orange/black marauder. 54#
  342. T

    So who all is in the SoCal WAHOO club?

    Oct 24th @ the Corner on tony the tiger marauder. 54#
  343. T

    We're doomed

    Yeah and risk the wrath of the tin foil hat crowd of which you were/are a card carrying try fighting the kooks. I don't have the time or the typing skills.
  344. T

    Offshore Boys it ain't over....

    was out there (43) Monday and the tuna were crashing but not biting. Was a full moon though. Agree they seem to be on the microbait. Seemed to be some larger models too. we chummed, chunked, jigged, flylined, flew the kite etc. We did get a 27#hoo on a paddy (flylined mac, big cirlce, 25# mono)...
  345. T

    Please Don't Drive Through the Kelp!!!

    Hope your're not diving the kelp off the tip of the point. Many guys run through kelp channels when heading west otherwise you have to go way south then west. To dive this area, one would need a boat, so there should be no excuse for not flying one. I too have been fishing and diving SD for 30+...
  346. T

    18' klamath new to me

    I say between 4-5k as it is now. But only the market (CL/BD) knows!
  347. T


    Nope. That's Henry's trailer repair. If you've ever fished outta SI he's left a card on your windshield. This guy Matt is a different dude. I've met him at the ramp before. Talked a good game
  348. T

    Offshore WFO SW of the N9

    Nice job there guys. Of course we ran over those fish to go 20+ mi NW for similar results. It looked fishy around there, we tried chumming on some marks, the headed up the line. Thanks for the report.
  349. T

    console mount TTop question

    Dupl. post
  350. T

    console mount TTop question

    Are you saying it's only going to mount to the console and not the deck? In my experience, t tops need to be mounted to the deck 1st then to the console. Console alone will not get it done. Bolts, not screws wherever possible. 5/8 plywood is prob the best backing. The glass is too thin and...
  351. T

    Offshore Sunday 8 16 bluefin and yellow fin

    Nice job on those YFT you got in Mexican waters. Good to know they're still down here.
  352. T

    Offshore New Lo Ann 2day charter Aug 14-16th, report

    Looks like fun was had by all. Gotta love that weather and fish so close you can come back in to re bait. Like that shot of the 4 guys bent in the corner. Good job putting it together.
  353. T

    Looking for an Outboard Mercury mechanic or recommended shop in SD

    Not sure if this guys still around, but he was well-respected on Mercs. Marshall marine very close to Paradise Hills.
  354. T

    Where are the tree-huggers?

    I'd damn sure rather have had an EPA the last 50 years than the alternative. Govt and citizen activism in the environment has changed the awful course we were on of polluting the environment at an ever increasing rate. Corporations will not do the right thing unless it helps their bottom line...
  355. T

    The Dead Bait Issues Continue

    Thruhull is the only reliable way to supply your tank. A pic or two more showing the whole setup would be helpful, but it's probably best if you scrap the transom mount and put in a thruhull scoop. Is there a reason you dIsn't do this in the first place. I thought you paid some guys good money...
  356. T

    To foam or not to foam? Starcraft new deck.

    I would use blocks instead of foam. Foam will trap moisture, and this will lead to corrosion due to lack of air flow.
  357. T

    Offshore 8-6-15 182

    Good catch. I rechecked the plotter and it was actually 55/44.
  358. T

    Offshore 8-6-15 182

    Nice job on that fish, Don. Bet you're feeling it today after that thing took you aroUnd the boat about 7 times. No easy task stepping around 2 kill bags in the bow. Sure haven't seen you farm many fish over the years. Btw, fish was caught at 55/29. We trolled the Ridge from the 182 to about 2...
  359. T

    Offshore 8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    Congratulations!!! Can't think of a more deserving local fisherman. Sure must be nice when a plan comes together like that. Local fish of a lifetime right there.
  360. T

    Offshore BFT US Side of 9 Sun 8/2

    Me & buddy were gonna fish Hali off PL on the incoming tide this morning, but couldn't get a decent drift going. It was glassy so we decide to point the Lil Hooker west and see what we could see. Didn't even have the trollers on board so we just ran out and looked for birds, paddies and...
  361. T

    Custom Outboard Battery Cables Plus #6 and #8 Wire

    I learned a lot from your posts back in the day, Kman. I have had very few electrical problems on my boats because of it. When something does go wrong, it's super easy to diagnose and fix. Makes for better days on the water. GLWS.
  362. T

    Paul Hebert of 'Wicked Tuna' facing fraud charges.

    We have so many of our fellow citizens taking advantage of disability/workers comp/unemployment even though they are able bodied and often working "under the table" that it's no wonder we're 17 trillion in debt. These programs are bloated because of fraud. It took a guy two timing the govt on TV...
  363. T

    Dave Hansen Incredible Fisherman

    Never heard of him
  364. T

    Offshore 7/26 9 Mile & South

    Late start today 6:30 am. Picked up generous scoop of small weak dines with lots of micro macs mixed in. Only about 30 quality baits in the tank. Took the 20' Bayrunner slowly out toward the S 9. Lots of kelps with nobody home. We chummed lives and lots of chunks too. Terns were working on fish...
  365. T

    20' Skipjack Flybridge rebuild...

    Shaping up to be a sick ass boat. You got skills for sure. Guys with FB's always seem to find the fish. What's going on the back?
  366. T

    What are your best upgrades?

    FLOSCAN or similar fuel flow meter. You will always know how much fuel you have and what your burn rate is.
  367. T

    28 Galon Kodiak Bait Tank FS

    In my opinion, that's the best small boat tank for the money. I wouldn't want anything smaller for so cal live bait fishing. You really ought to reconsider selling it.
  368. T

    Picked up my next project today

    Nice lines on her and free is always good. Looks like it will be at least a full winter's work. Good luck.
  369. T

    Any Solar Recommendations?

    If you don't want to DIY, call Home Energy Systems. Really great small Sunpower dealer located near the Q. Been in the biz since way before the craze. Ross runs things over there. Paul is their great low pressure,knowledgable sales guy. They did me right. Got my system a couple of years ago, and...
  370. T

    Trailer repairs

    Do it yourself, it's pretty easy. YouTube is your friend. Otherwise, try Matt at Boat and trailer werx. 619 201 3405
  371. T

    Santo Tomas Launch Ramp Pic's

    Nice job on the recon, Rusty. Glad you made it back safely.
  372. T

    kodiak 42g bait tank question

    Not trying to overrule the man who builds tanks and writes books, but I've had a Kodiak 42 for 18 years and have had outstanding results with 1100gph pump. Not saying 800 is too small, but why fight it when the fittings don't even match.
  373. T

    3 days off mission beach 5/23 to 5/25

    Impressive! Macs or Dines?
  374. T

    Broken Bolt Removal Help Please

    The best exhaust shop in town has a trick for removing broken manifold bolts. They bend a steel washer a bit to cup it, weld it to the broken bolt shaft, then weld a nut to it and remove the bolt with a wrench. Call Ed Hanson's in Casa de Oro/Spring Valley and see if they'll do it.
  375. T

    F.O.F. fishing off fat . Notion to increase motion

    Always good to get off the couch and into the great outdoors. The bays are beautiful and free to fish for the cost of a license. Keep moving and cover lots of ground. You'll find the fish and drop some pounds. Get a ghost shrimp pump off CL for $20 and you'll catch lots of fish. Good luck.
  376. T

    What to do with Newell 338?

    Great jig reel. Fill with braid and 100 yd 40# topshot. 9' jigsstick and you got a great surface iron setup.
  377. T

    5-10 BIG BUT

    He likes big butts and he cannot lie... Nice work, Don! Guess it's true what they say about big baits.
  378. T

    Word on the street... Yep. They got a few
  379. T

    Bait Nets for sale

    Ill take the bigger net. I can come by this eve to pick up. I ll txt you to confirm.
  380. T

    Trailer Repairs

    Call Matt at boat and trailer werx 619 201 3405. He's mobile and knows what he's doing.
  381. T

    Phase Separation..Ethanol....Important Read

    :-)LOLCongress needs to act on this.LOLLOL
  382. T

    FREE 2000 Evinrude Ficht 225

    You can get the ECM rebuilt by DFI Tech out of Alabama for about $900. You should be able to remove and reinstall it yourself. Only run XD50 oil unless you want a blown powerhead. I have an '01 250 that I bought used and it is going strong with 1100 hours. Pm...
  383. T


    Looks like you are made in the shade my friend
  384. T


    They are called FAD's or fish attracting devices. They are used all over the world, most notably in Hawaii.
  385. T

    Coronados/Rockpile Thursday 4/16

    Made the islands tour today. Pukey, Middle grounds, S. Kelp, Rockpile, and back up to the flats. No life at RP, tons of seals and micro yellows at islands. Best fishing was the flats a couple miles leeward of South Island. Run and gun surface iron for four 10 lb yellows, but had them boiling...
  386. T

    Need mono to flouro knot

    In the Berkeley knot challenge on YT the uni-uni & blood tied for strongest. I like blood, really quick n easy to tie. Have had great luck with it.
  387. T

    Bahia de Los Angeles

    Great report! Love that place. Been way too long .
  388. T


    Thanks Slater. Guys in the roundhouse were totally cool. Just asked how many I wanted. Seems like they still have plenty.
  389. T

    Seals at SI launch ramp need to go!

    Bigger problem in my book is the asshats who take up dock space @ SI. Busiest ramp in all of Southern California. Only excuse for parking your boat there is if youre solo. Saw a guy from this site spend 20 minutes there taking pictures of his kids when there wasn't an inch of dock space left...
  390. T

    Accident waiting to happen!

    That's why we use blue cups. Way more salty.
  391. T

    Corroded transom help For repower

    No, they built these with a single layer of aluminum and what seems like some kind of composite wood core that is only painted. No inner layer of aluminum, just a cap on top of the wood core w aluminum skin. Those deck supports on the inside are just screwed to the wood core.
  392. T

    Corroded transom help For repower

    On my '86 20'er I had similar damage due to faulty wiring. Nothing should be grounded to the boat. Everything to negative buss bars/terminals, and those grounded at battery. As far as the damage, I grinded all the nastiness off using a stainless wheel, patched it with Marintex (JB weld would...
  393. T

    Optimax DFI oil

    DI outboards need the best/recommended oil. Carbon buildup takes out a ring and you've got a scored cylinder. I have an 01 250 Evinrude Ficht that I grenaded using a lesser oil. Been using the recommended XD 50 oil on the repl powerhead and had no problems for years now. Bought a 55 gal drum...
  394. T

    Mexican Immigration stop!! 3/4/15

    Maneadero is maybe a 1/2 hour south of Ensenada, and is the most sensible place to put the checkpoint. Of course, I would rather not see a checkpoint at all.
  395. T

    Holy crap she is HOT!

    Zoom in on the face. Pretty sure it's a dude.
  396. T

    Wtb: revo Toro nacl60 6.4/1

    i got one a few months back and love it. Its my go to halibut reel(has a nice clicker), but Ive caught many species on it incl yT. Tested the drag w a spring scale, but stopped at 14# as I knew any rod I fish it on wont handle more than that. Just bought another on ebay for a friend, but the...
  397. T

    Learn from my mistake - check your wheel bearings -it's probably been longer than you think

    Every time i pull a trailer I have my small floor jack, a spare hub w bearings already greased,grease gun, tool bag,lug wrench/breaker bar, etc. Never had a problem I couldn't fix. Even so, much better to check/repack often than to repair on side of road. Has saved a few fishing trips over the...
  398. T

    Fuel Tank Fab in SD

    American Tank in La Mesa is the place. Lots of experience and reasonable prices.
  399. T

    How do you record the no take areas on your plotter?

    When I fish near the mpas I use a smartphone app called Fish Alerts. It plots your position in relation to the areas. On my plotter I have waypoints for the corners of the boundaries, so when I zoom in I can tell where I am.
  400. T

    Cabo 216 cuddy 1991 with 175 hp Yamaha.

    Nice boat, but motor ain't worth much. Hard to tell value without more info showing overall condition. List of accessories, electronics, electrical system condition,etc all needed for good opinions. You may want to get an experienced boat owner to take a closer look. Looks a little rough around...
  401. T

    Not a rap fan, but this so right in many ways

    Thats punk,not rap. I don't care if it is icemotherfuckinT. Good shit.
  402. T


    Love your reports Juan. Great sense of humor and a lifetime of local knowledge. Amazing how SQ is still under some people's radar. I'm heading down mid Feb if the weather looks right.
  403. T

    Trade in time

    Love my new revo toro nacl 60. Super smooth, built tough, and it has a clicker which helps to make it really versatile.
  404. T

    Couple thing for sell

    Puerto Vallarta? Pesos?
  405. T


    Badass, esp on 10#. Were you fishing heavier leader? I usually fish 12 to 15# with a 20# Fluoro leader. Risky having those things out on the deck like that. Amazing how they can come to life and go batshit crazy even when you think they have nothing left.
  406. T

    Tackle Suggestions for Skiff Trip?

    Check out the show Stoked On Fishing. He did a two part on a Cedros/Geronimo skiff trip on the Royal Star. Fox Sports West. You seem pretty well set up, but I'd probably bring a Curado/revo type reel with a 7-8' mh bass rod and 65 braid.
  407. T

    Any Tips for Catching Bait Fish?

    Smaller sabikis work best. Fish near kelp. Use your Ff to meter bait. Try different depths. Keep using the cat food chum. Good luck.
  408. T

    Anyone interested in working with their Boat 10/17 Friday and 10/18 Saturday for $3,500?

    Where does the event begin? End? Is it an outrigger race?
  409. T

    Fish farm planned off SD Coast

    Anybody heard of this? I'm not too excited about it. More of our coast off limits. Opinions?
  410. T

    10/12/14 San Diego Coast Halibut and Yellowtail

    Congrats! That's one helluva day. Great coastal fishing lately. Hope it lasts.
  411. T

    Need new trailer. Recommendations wanted

    FE in Lakeside Seems like they know what they're doing. Not sure what their prices are like but they are one of a very few boat trailer manufacturers in San Diego County.
  412. T

    Tagged Sandbass Info? SD 10/10

    Fished halibut at the outer channel yesterday and caught an 18" sandie with a growth encrusted tag. Looked like a female loaded w eggs and I release all bass anyway so back it went. Anyone know anything about tagged sandbass? Caught many solid sized bass, one 24" hali released, broke off what...
  413. T

    23 " Sunbird W/A cuddy for sale -$6,000.00

    Looks like a helluva deal. How bout some details like what it's powered by? Transom pic?
  414. T

    Diver down

    Lobster ain't worth dying for. Condolences to the man's loved ones. me and a dive buddy unknowingly went up inside one of these on a near zero vis night on W MB drive bridge many years ago. It was a trip. Thought we were going up the outside of the piling but we were inside it. Took off our...
  415. T

    They are there!!

    great f#%&$g report. Love that boat of yours. stopped by the factory on my way home from SQ couple months ago but they were closed for the day. Might have to sell the Bayrunner and get me one.
  416. T

    Coronado Islands Report 09/26/14

    That's a quality fish report. Thanks and Congrats!
  417. T


    Dude, nice report. Haters gonna hate. Hit me up if you need some SD intel.
  418. T

    San Diego 3/4 day. 325 yft and 50 yt

    Musta got their shit together after that last guy's post:)
  419. T

    Bait Pump set up for aluminum boat

    ^^^^^^^ This is the way to go. Put the thru hull in. You'll never look back. Just make sure to miss the bunks on you trailer with the placement.
  420. T

    large pelagic kill bag.

    thanks James. See you Wednesday
  421. T

    High school fishing club?

    "right reviews" or "write reviews" C'mon dude it's PLHS. Ya gotta represent. School comes first if you're going to be able to afford fishing later in life. Good idea and initiative on your part. Hopefully some sponsors help you guys out. Class of '81
  422. T

    Quick Question

    These are names of high spots/banks. Upwelling currents bring nutrients, which bring bait, and then gamefish. Get acquainted with your boat, navigation skills, weather etc before heading offshore. Also, make sure you have vessel assist.
  423. T

    All Coast Website???

    Yep. Dennis started the whole internet fishing community in SD. Think it was about '94. Definitely the beginning of a new era. On the whole probably a good thing. Has grown the sport a lot by easing the entry of newbies. Does make for a lot more yahoos on the water, though.
  424. T

    bait dieing, need help with bait tank.

    Your setup seems a little funky with all those 90's. Also, you gotta get rid of the hose sticking straight into the tank. Pump size seems about right, but 1.5 scoops is too much bait for that size tank. Don't know what guys are talking about regarding translucent tanks. I've had the same Kodiak...
  425. T

    Need soft spot on deck repaired, help.

    Everyone on here raves about Mark @ Monsoon Marine Service 619-405-2176
  426. T

    Bilge and bait tank plumbing

    Braided vinyl works well. Don't know why you would use PVC fittings. Buy bronze, it will last as long as the boat, won't crack, and best suited to the marine environment.
  427. T

    Offshore Thank you coast guard

    Glad you guys made it home safely. Knew the nags would come out when you mentioned many previous fuel related tows. Flowscan/fuel flow meter is essential on any offshore vessel. Takes the guesswork out of it.
  428. T

    Offshore Holy smokes Batman ! Is that a Wahoo at the 302?

    Saw a spearo get one down toward the hidden about 7-8 years ago. It happens.
  429. T

    Galvi Boat Trailer Hubs - Where to buy??

    I only use the Tie Down 81049 cuz they come w zerk fitting in inner part of hub. When you pump grease from inner side it pushes old grease out thru cap side. Bearing service usually only involves new dbl lipped seals. Google for best price.
  430. T


    Nice. How does it handle algae/etc growth? Cost?? Link???
  431. T

    Offshore BFT in US waters, they're out there

    Note to self: carry an extra gaff. Congrats on a killer fish... Skill & technique, not dumb luck!
  432. T

    Offshore Good tuna bite 8/8

    Great job guys. Amazing fishing happening right now. No guarantees, but if you keep your eyes open and have a good load of bait, you should get some. You just don't forget days like that. I'll be out tues & Thursday And will report
  433. T

    Offshore 8/5 Tues Excellent YFT Fishing

    It laid down ok. Much better running up the line on the outside than straight into it in the morning. White capping in the pm, but totally doable even in my 23'. Of course, having a boat full of fish always makes the weather seem ok.
  434. T

    Offshore 8/5 Tues Excellent YFT Fishing

    Cleared the point around 5 with a tank of quality dines. Headed out to the 302 in kinda sloppy seas. Put the jigs in at 7 just east of the bank. Small Blue and white feather gets hit pretty quick. Don brings it to the boat quick. We brail some bait and were on. Proceed to land a bunch for an...
  435. T

    Current fuel price in Baja

    This article pretty much tells the story...
  436. T

    Current fuel price in Baja

    Yep, i always fill up before heading south. Used to be the other way around. Btw, never had a prob w mexi gas.
  437. T

    Offshore Go Fishing Right Now -302

    Great report. Exactly as we experienced yesterday. We soaked dines on breaking fish all day and only got 1 yf. So many fish, so many boats. Sportys hammered em by brailing bait. I don't have that luxury.
  438. T

    Coronado islands report 7-8-14

    Wow, killer report. Way to whack em.
  439. T

    Re-galvanize Trailer or Purchase New

    i have had two trailers( 1 galv/1painted) sandblasted and zinc sprayed. When done right they are bulletproof. Latest one, a 23' cost me a little over a grand to do.
  440. T

    Why don't we fish with tuna crabs?

    Slow fishing means we're still talkin about tuna crabs. Can't believe I'm chiming in 38 posts later, but just came back from SQ and saw quite a few on the inside near enormous schools of chovie. Guys should be seeing them in the tuna zone this year.
  441. T

    YT @ NI

    Title n pics say it all. Thanks!
  442. T

    Offshore 1 1/2 day on the Cortez 6-14

    He fished the boat named Cortez, not the bank.
  443. T

    Washdown pump recommendations needed

    Ive had a shurflo blaster for 10+ years without a problem
  444. T

    Where to stay Mammoth Mountain?

    Sounds like you are going to hit the best spots. Whatever you do make sure you eat at Burgers across the street from the village. Great American fare at great prices. Eat there your first night or two and I guarantee you'll be back. Get the chocolate milkshake. Big enough for two or maybe all...
  445. T

    Team Taurus Yellowtail Slayin

    Nice job. Which day did you fish?
  446. T

    where do I mount my water fuel separater?

    Before/after is confusing terminology here. As i said (and the diagram shows), the seperator goes between the tank and the primer bulb. Also, Hendo makes a great point. A bit of fuel can spill when changing filters, so it's best to avoid having the seperator in the battery compartment.
  447. T

    where do I mount my water fuel separater?

    Yes, it goes between the tank and the primer bulb. Best to not run fuel line near batteries, but should be ok if there are no other options. Use electrical loop type keepers to route the fuel line out of the way of any hazards.
  448. T

    anybody have suggestion for new bait pump?

    Kodiak/Rule 700 or 1000
  449. T

    WTB Kodiak rod holder insert

    Try Fentress marine out of Florida they supply kodiak with the rod inserts.
  450. T


    Best to get it at the San Ysidro border. After entering Mexico, park on the far right of the lot and find the visa/immigration office. It will take 15 or 20 minutes. On second thought, you are probably already south of Ensenada. In which case, can I get a SQ fish report??
  451. T

    SoCal Coastal Weather Video Update 4/30

    Awesome report as always. I'm fishing the Nados on Friday and will post in the eve. Hope you get out there soon!
  452. T

    Cleaning corroded aluminum hull?

    Not sure about cleaning it, but he may want to fill it with water to check for leaks. Mark leaks with a sharpie, grind clean with a stainless wire wheel, and fill with jb weld after drying completely.
  453. T


    Great report, Captain Juan. I never get tired of SQ. something's always biting and the people are great.
  454. T

    What's the best isinglass cleaner

    strataglass website says only use Imar.
  455. T

    Anyone know of someone that does gas tank repairs in SD?

    American Tank in La Mesa it THE place.
  456. T

    Barrett Lake

    Btw, Barrett water level is super low right now. North end of lake is dry. Lowest I've seen in 10+ years. Dont know what itll mean for the fishing. Kinda sad to see.
  457. T

    How to Set Your Drag

    And re-tie often. Lost a real nice fish the other day cuz my sliding sinker frayed my line.
  458. T

    Need Info on Suzuki Direct Injection Outboard

    direct injection is different from an onboard oiling system. I owned late 80's Suzuki 140's that had an oil res mounted on the engine. No premixing. It worked fine. I'm pretty sure this is what you are looking at. Have it checked by a mechanic for compression/carb issues/etc and you should be...
  459. T

    Shimano Torium 20 for yellowtail

    I use 65 lb spectra w 100 yd 25lb topshot.
  460. T

    Marine Electrcian

    It's a great DIY project. Once done you will know your system well, making it easy to fix the bugs when they arise. Materials are not that much, and you could prolly even get some help from other members. I've done my boats and I'm no electrician. 12v is pretty simple. Search the threads and...
  461. T

    Killer deal on Honda 2000i gen on CL $500 not mine, just know guys are looking for these.
  462. T

    San Diego Bait Barge Part II for map and confirmation that move is underway. This is going to suck. Going the wrong way to get bait. A lot of additional boating cross traffic as SI ramp guys pass each other as they travel to and from barge. Anyone know what the long term plan is??
  463. T

    Caption Contest - Win a Batson Custom Rod built by J. Trelikes - $700 Value

    Damn I hate these hospital gown coolers!
  464. T

    Engine bracket refinishing suggestions

    Powdercoated my stainless bracket and it has held up well for years.
  465. T

    Need help on some boat covers!!!

    German 619 808 4412 has done some work for me. Just did a killer job on full cover for my 23' WA cuddy. Sunbrella and the right uv thread. Says it will last 10 years. Great price. He's mobile. Mark
  466. T

    Funny fish Story....the PB Harbor Halibut that got away

    That's pretty badass. Your kids will never forget that story.
  467. T

    Best burger joint! Help please.

    Mission gorge at friars. Strip mall west of kaiser hospital.
  468. T

    Majority of $6.4 Billion California Tax Dollars went to China.......

    That is the story of the global economy over that last 30 years. American and multinational corporations seek out the lowest priced labor markets with few environmental regulations for production, sell their products in their home markets, then ship the profits to low tax havens. They write the...
  469. T

    Majority of $6.4 Billion California Tax Dollars went to China.......

    This complex project was bid on and undertaken by American Bridge and Fluor Corp, with lifting and support assistance provided by Enerpac. All American companies.
  470. T

    Vessel Assist

    Congrats! that is a sweet boat. Remember to use only BRP oil. Im guessing XD100 wirh that rig. It's pricey, but worth it. I bought bulk XD50 in a 55 gal drum it...
  471. T

    Offshore One and Done Paddy Fishing Short of 302 8/20/13

    Have a newbie buddy who wanted to get out this week. From the looks of the marine forecast it was going to have to be today. Cleared the point at 5:30 and ran about 17 out toward the 302, put the trollers in and started looking for paddies. Slight breeze when we started out but built steadily...
  472. T

    Point Loma & SD Bay

    Thanks for the report. At least you got out there. What the hell's up? Great conditions, but fish aren't biting that well. Oh well, time on the water I guess.
  473. T

    Offshore 371, 425, Upper Hidden 8/15

    greasy seas, lots of life, beautiful day,tons of paddies with bait and no takers. rat yellows kinda biting, we got 9 (ya gotta eat), dodos on a few paddies w/serious lockjaw (wouldnt even eat chunk chum), Fished one scum lines with a few paddies lined up and still no love. so many paddies we...
  474. T

    20' Baja Bayrunner 90 HP Honda

    Nice boat. This one should go fast!!
  475. T

    Need advice outboard blew on second trip of owning the boat.

    Tony, so very sorry for you. I've been through this and it sucks, especially at the beginning of summer. I'm no mechanic by any means, but if I could suggest a couple things from experience w dfi motors -have a quality mobile mechanic do a partial teardown. He ll likely find ring fragments in...
  476. T

    Offshore the Cortez, Good or Bad?

    Just got back from a 2.5 on the Cortez this morning. Great boat, No frills, no nonsense, no attitude. Rambo is a straight up fish hunter. Ryan n Kyle worked their asses off, and the new cook, Chuck has solid LR experience and his eats showed it. We killed the yellows and everyone got a BFT...
  477. T

    New Seaforth 4/27 yt hooked but not landed

    Blood knot for mono to fluoro and palomar for hook. They never fail me
  478. T

    Bait tank question

    I have had a 42 gal Kodiak for the last 15 years and have always used the 1100gph pump. Never had decent bait die.
  479. T

    Need some answers on a possible boat purchase

    The value has to be in the hull, as you can't expect a lot out of those used motors. they're well used and not nearly as reliable as your 4S. just be ready to repower with a large 4 stroke (if it will push the sled) when one of these blows up. don't get caught in the trap of nursing them along...
  480. T

    Offshore Nados and Canyon report 8-24-12

    that whale fluke pic is now my desktop background. thanks!
  481. T

    Offshore Weather Update 8/22

    Great report as always. Thanks for posting such timely, useful info.
  482. T

    Gas Mileage....what do you think?

    boat guages are really unreliable. Refill the tank and you'll know how much you burned. Consumption seems way high for that size boat/OB. Could be many things, but find out the numbers before you panic.
  483. T

    Offshore 8/5 Tough Day Offshore

    short version: weather and fishing sucked. 120+ mi for 1 dodo and 1 ling little bit longer version: there aren't many days I've spent on the water that I'd rather have back, but today was one of them. Promised a couple buds a week ago that we'd get out today. Reports weren't looking great...
  484. T

    Offshore 7/31 & 8/2 Yellowtail and Dorado on the Local Banks

    Great report as always. We'll be hitting it Sunday and will report Sun night. Totally hear you on the hero or zero on this bite, but that how it always seems to be these days.
  485. T

    Who's buying a fishing license?

    Bought my lifetime lic bout 15 years ago for bout $500. I just turned 48. You do the math. Get em for my boys when they turn 16.
  486. T

    One last time at La Jolla...12/28/2011

    no. ALL of La Jolla is closed Jan 1. Stay far away or go to jail.
  487. T

    What Should I think?

    Did you talk w/ him specifically about shifting problems prior to the breakdown? Also, it's really a good idea to check your lower unit oil every few trips, as this is an important indicator of its overall health. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for any mechanic to take responsibility for...
  488. T

    to floscan or not to floscan??

    Fuel savings are by no means guaranteed, but you will be much more aware of your consumption. This can lead to savings if you alter the way you run based on the info you receive. It also really helps in splitting fuel costs with your buddies. I have never looked back after installing floscan...
  489. T

    Offshore Dodo's, YF, & YT down south

    Wow! What a cool family adventure. That's quite a trek. Glad to hear it paid off for you guys. The fish just aren't quitting down there. Well done!!
  490. T

    No lobster but found something

    we used to clean up in the harbor back in the day. I got a 9 lber on opening night round 1990. Limits were quite frequent. There really weren't any hoopers out back then. isn't it kinda sketchy diving there now with twenty small boats jockeying for position?
  491. T

    Offshore ***YFT, YT, DORADO*** Off San Martin

    It's no accident you guys usually catch fish. You seem to do everything right. Great writing for a young guy as well. Congrats!!
  492. T

    Offshore YFT, Dodo's and Skippies 09/15-16/11

    Hardcore trip from Dana in a 25'. Nice that the fish were still around for you. I've made the Coral run a few times. Nice being down away from the traffic. one question: How would you handle a breakdown down there. My understanding is that VA Unlimited gives you 100 mi service from your home...
  493. T

    Flush mount AND clamp on rod holders

    i've got four black plastic flush mounts you can have for free. pm me if interested. i'm in SD.
  494. T

    Offshore Got Some @ The Pens Thurs 9/15

    guys, the #'s are right. I had posted 32N instead of 31N and Titan1953 notified me so i changed it.
  495. T

    Offshore Got Some @ The Pens Thurs 9/15

    Bluefin are still biting pretty good at 48 mi. Get there by gray light cuz they definitely bit best between then and 8:30. Seas were pretty nice. "Only" about 15 privates and 15 sporties there. I'd fish 20 when they're biting and 15 when they shut down. Small hooks worked better even tho the...
  496. T

    Offshore Good News/Bad News Pac Star 2.5 8/29-30

    Extra short version: good news: Bluefin have been biting at the Hidden. bad news: they didn't bite for us monday morning so we went long and mostly missed em there too. 26 anglers for 16 BFT, 3 YFT and two smaller grade YT. Anybody's guess what the fish are gonna do over the next few days...
  497. T

    Offshore INDIAN1-1/2 day trip report 7/6

    Thanks for the detailed report. You're a class act. Hope to fish with you soon.
  498. T

    Coronado Islands Rockpile and a poke offshore

    the main advantage i see to anchoring in YT grounds is that they are usually breezing feeders. If you stay put they will come around. When there are few boats around, drifting and slow trolling obviously work too.
  499. T

    Releasing and driving away from #40-#60 Seabass

    Awesome report, Bud! UNbelievable how wide open it's been. Hope it continues thru Monday. Way to go on the releases. I know the c bass are hard to come by, but why not put an obvious spawner back when you can. It hasnt been that long since the population has recovered from the gillnetters...
  500. T

    Coronado Islands Rockpile and a poke offshore

    nice job, Brian. Sounds like you went out of your way to put the guys on fish. You're right about how to fish the pile. Our last trip down we spent 8 hours on the hook for 8 bites. Dont think the drifters/slow trollers did nearly as well.
  501. T

    Offshore Great Report on the California Current (A Must read)

    What? Are you saying that the opinion i just pulled out of my ass doesn't carry the same weight as that of a renowned scientist in the field? The yahoos who think anyone who cares about the human impact on earth is an "eco-nazi" or whatever just don't get it. Earth doesn't care what we do to it...
  502. T

    SD Sportfish Sweet Teresa report for 6/5/11 "BASS, BUTTS and a BUG"

    Great report as always. Wind was up this afternoon (surprise,surprise). We got a couple shorts in the bay. Only fished for an hour. Will be off IB tomorrow.
  503. T

    Rpt-Wed.-05-25-11 Rockpile, at least no skunk!

    We fished next to you the latter part of the day. Had the same experience. Light line with drags buttoned down. We got 3 and got rocked on 4 more. Great early season bite, tho. Too bad the winds gonna shut it down for about a week. That's why we got out yesterday.
  504. T

    Corvina Mission Bay

    wow. really nice fish there. did you pick up more than just the one?congrats.
  505. T

    Large Locking Electronics Box $50

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!! Took this off my boat years ago cuz I'm too tall to have one. Dimensions: 42 1/2 L x 17 W x 8 H Off White in Color (Kinda like a Parker) comes w/ keys $50.00 PM or Call Mark 619 302 3629
  506. T

    regalvanizing trailer?

    Ive had two trailers sandblasted and zinc sprayed by these guys. George L. Sanders Welding of 1323 Armorlite Dr, San Marcos , CA. Phone: 760-744-3021. My current one is a 20+ y o calkins 22' galvanized. I stripped it down to the bunk brackets and they blasted and sprayed it for about $1300...
  507. T

    Offshore 10-14 Hidden & Rockpile

    it's not as if there were line shy fish around. there were no fish around. they have likely moved south. we only saw one other pb out there (Rampage) and they werent as far south as we were (5 se of the L.hidden). Saw one sporty south of us as we were heading down. They kept steaming south. We...
  508. T

    Offshore 10-3 BFT 32 06 117 26

    cory, we saw you guys when you had the fish wrapped on the motor. Bite died at slack tide (12:30) and picked back. We had 4 fish from 1:30 to 3.
  509. T

    Offshore 10-3 BFT 32 06 117 26

    You're welcome on my boat anytime. Thanks for posting. Patience on the long soak made the difference for us. We fished the same 1/4 mile drift for well over 4 hours. Hope the weather holds for another shot at these guys.
  510. T

    Tough Day at Pukey Thurs. 8/19

    Arrived @ NI round 7am. 65 deg water. pukey tryin to earn its name. 3 or 4 boats soaking & slowtrolling. I slow troll the windward side of the whole island just kinda scouting. Water actually dropped to 63 toward the s end. troll pretty tight to the point on the way back around and im bit on...
  511. T

    A few Yellows at the Islands

    i'm heading down thurs morning. see my post in inshore underway if you want to ride along.
  512. T

    Need 2 for Nados Trip Thurs 8/19

    I'm heading to the Coronados in the am to try and pick up some yellows. Looking for two to join the hunt. Split all costs (approx $50 per) evenly. Nice 23' platform. You: have mex and cal permits your own tackle (max 3 combos) are experienced SW angler drink no more than a 6er on a day trip...
  513. T

    200hp worth of 4 stroke, etec, or EFI power

    i think it's totally worth re rigging for a single. It cuts way down on your fuel and repair/maint. costs. Also drops 5-600 lbs off your transom. Boat will perform way better. VA Captains card has you covered to 100 mi.
  514. T


    Sergios Sportfishing sounds awesome!!!
  515. T

    Tailwalker - Lobster Report 5 legals

    5 is better than NONE which is what we got Monday night. 54 shorts. Goin again tomorrow night cuz I got the "bug!"
  516. T

    Catalina 11/7 11/8 Hoop report

    I think some of the back and forth about regs is quite useful. The regs are not always easy to decipher. What we all can do without is the holier than thou attitude of some guys who have attitude problems when posting. Nice catch, thanks for the report.
  517. T

    Offshore November BFT, YFT, Albies 11-02-09

    NIIIIIce! way to keep the dream alive. Looks like this weather will hold awhile and more of us will have the chance to get some.
  518. T

    Offshore 11-01 at the 60

    Hard to have a bad day when the weather's nice. Where would you go if you were fishing tomorrow? I'm thinking down toward the Hidden. We can always make taco meat at the Rockpile on the way back up. Actually, the SST from yesterday afternoon looks promising at the 390 down toward the Cross.
  519. T

    coronado Islands 11-1-09

    Good to know. Glad you had a good day down there. How was the weather/seas/seals?
  520. T

    Offshore Shogun 1.5 day

    Every report helps. BTW, 3 tuna and a few rats sure is better than a stripe.
  521. T

    Offshore Prepare for a boat ride. Albies Heading for Japan

    thanks for posting. I'll prolly give it a shot on tues. Gotta see for myself, you know. Sounds like you guys went hard. I thought I saw your underway report saying you were leaving from san pedro?? that's a jaunt.
  522. T

    The water has turned over

    if you read my posts, they do not declare the season to be over. i only started the thread to get other people's observations on what is going on. each time i launch @ SI, i see fewer boats, but we're still catching fish. i'm also not going to blow 300 bucks chasing fish in 63 deg. water without...
  523. T

    The water has turned over

    I'm lookin at offshore sst's, not coastal. I will be looking closely at reports the next few days, cuz i'm not ready to hang it up. I've fished a lot the past couple of months and was down at the 60/shroom last sat 10/24. the temps are way down from then.
  524. T

    The water has turned over

    Check out the SST's. You will have to go looong to get the fish now. Maybe still a shot at the albies. Still pondering a trip in the next few days.
  525. T

    Offshore 60 mile to the Mushroom

    We fished that dry paddy with you. "4 D's" got 14 YFT off that early. We marked it and came back and got a couple off it on the way in from the e shroom. Beautiful day, huh.
  526. T

    Mbay to 60 mile

    left Si @ 4 30. only fog we really had to deal with was at gray light at the 230. Lifted quick and never returned.
  527. T

    Offshore 60 MB/Mushroom 10/24 BFT/YFT/Dodo

    WTF, nobody posts here anymore??? Here's mine. Real short version. Great water, great weather, fog no big deal. 230 - SSk-E fly- 60-Mushroom. mid 67 water all day past ssk. Troll fish/bait fish. 5 yft 12-20, 1 bft 20#, smaller dodos /yt. 5 skippies for 2. Steady pick best between 60 and...
  528. T

    Offshore Mushroom 10/23, BFT-YFT-Albies oh yeah

    thanks for the timely report. Finally someone posts today. What size were the BFT? Safe travels back to TX.
  529. T

    Offshore 70 degree water 55km from PL!

    Rich, I'm leaving @ 4am on Sat. Will be heading out toward the 230/Knoll area then south on the inside of that break. I'll be on 72. Anyone know if it was fogged in this morning? Mark on Tuna Sniffer
  530. T

    Offshore Thick Fog again (pt loma) 10/22

    Helpful report. Sorry you got fogged in. I am goin offshore Sat and I dont have radar. Anyone know how I can check fog reports in the early am before driving 20 mi to SI to check it out.
  531. T

    Offshore yellow tail

    I, for one, don't give a rat yt's ass if you post pics or not. I almost never do. The info counts just the same. You can usually tell the very few loser fake reports from real ones. I'm just glad someone posted. It's been a desert on this board for the last few weeks. Thanks for the report. Glad...
  532. T

    Offshore Mon south Do Do's

    thanks for the report. crazy that the dodos are hangin around. Least you got sumpin. I'm going longthis weekend.
  533. T

    no report,anyone fishing?

    I think the hidden area is the call for the YFT/dodo/yt. 60 mile bank for the playin hard to get BF. Im fishing next weekend. Swell's up now, and I think the weather's gonna hold for another week. Good luck out there. Lookin fwd to your report.
  534. T

    Coronados 10/11

    thanks for the report. been wonderin whats goin on at the islands. amazing that the seas were flat cuz they were kinda snotty yesterday. glad you got some.
  535. T

    Offshore Rpt Sat. 10-10-09 390 Tuna and Tails!

    slammed em again, eh cory. you must be in good health to fish the long days as much as you do. I hope im doin it in my sixties. you guys outperformed the fleet. i think you may be right about the fat lady, though. nice report, as always.
  536. T

    Offshore Fri 10/9 302 Slap that weather forecaster, but ahi is tasty

    GS always posts a nice report. What did you find for temps? Had a similar day ourselves yesterday minus the two tuna. Water was 64-65 past the 302. Weather was kinda snotty, especially heading into the swell. Nice enough day overall, but can't see going the distance again for rats.
  537. T

    Offshore 10/10 No Mo Tuna 4 Me

    Been killin lotsa yft sw of 230 for almost a month. Last friday was epic. No More!! made it out there @ gray light. bumpy ride. tight mixed swell w/10 kts. wind. not nasty, but not like it's been. Drove over 66 water and into 64 where we've been fishing. worked the warm side of the break, but no...
  538. T

    Offshore Not hard to find 10/2

    Fished the canyon between the 230 and ssk for limits +++ of 10-18 yft. Got em on nice dines and chunk. Limits by 9 then c & r til 1. Whole area very fishy. Weather was awesome until about 1:30. Wind started coming up and rain. Still a smoothride home. 69.5 purple blue water. Hope the weather...
  539. T

    Offshore SW 371 to S 425 for a mixed bag

    thanks for the timely report, but the avatar's got to go.
  540. T

    Loading dock or fork lift needed in SD!

    thanks guys! "brown" is going to help me on this. tight lines, mark
  541. T

    Loading dock or fork lift needed in SD!

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has a place of business where I could get a barrell of 2 stroke oil delivered. It's coming out of Florida, and the freight company's terminal is in Fontana. They will deliver to SD if I have a forklift or loading dock. Everything will be prepaid. Your help is...
  542. T

    Offshore 9/20 (& 9/19) Between 230 & San Salv. Knoll

    Sorry, that's 9/19 and 9/18. we were there yesterday and today and just whacked em. we were basically alone yesterday (maybe 7 or 8 boats in the area, probably 30 today). would've posted but got in late yesterday and went back out early today. Also, didn't want to fish with a hundred boats in...
  543. T

    2 Day to Marina Coral & Back Fri/Sat 9/18

    Leaving PL Fri @ 4am. Gonna run out toward the break starting around the 230 and working down to 390 then 1010. Overnight @ the Coral and either back outside or inside up the warm water running outside the finger up to the 302. Depends on how we do Fri. Be on 72. Mark on Tuna Sniffer.
  544. T

    Offshore 9/15 fish report 425 to the Hidden

    Key missing info is who found the paddy. You find it, you fish or dive it as you please. The other guy finds it, you're at his mercy. Probably why most guys like to just keep goin' and find their own.
  545. T

    Offshore Local Offshore Fishing

    great report, Dave. always nice to hear how a pro operates. thanks!
  546. T

    Lj yesterday

    did you really want to clean all those fish anyway?
  547. T

    Offshore 9/10/09

    thanks for the timely report. Glad you got a few.
  548. T

    accurate flying gaff

    I'll take it, Larry. pm sent!
  549. T

    Offshore 9/5 425 to Hidden Bank

    Kiled 'um tuesday so i though we'd get em today. Tough day. Little late start. Boat in the water @ 5. 40 min wait @ ebros. Gave us time to replace the bait pump that sucked up some seagrass. Sure glad to have a spare on board. Pretty decent scoop of dines. Ran outside about 15 then south. Found...
  550. T

    Offshore 4/5 quick report, SW 425

    wow, you guys did much better than us today. tough day out there. glad the kids got sum. tight lines!!
  551. T

    Offshore Slayed em between 425 & Hidden 9/1

    Kid's dad is a retired navy spec ops. That's what they wear. He only wore em to go in the water lookin' to shoot something. Kid's turning out to be a badass himself.
  552. T

    Offshore Slayed em between 425 & Hidden 9/1

    Cleared the Point at 5 30 and made about 24 knots down south.Some swell, but long intervals. Put the jigs in on porps about 5 south of the 425. Cedar plug gets picked up, but the nice sized fish is lost after about a minute. Stop on a couple dry paddies, then hit the right one at 08/28. Niko...
  553. T

    What time fuel dock close @ Coral?

    Get there earlier or you could be denied until 7 or 8 am. If you pull in at 6:30 and there are3 or 4 boat lined up, you may be too late. I had to beg to get fuel one eve. last summer.
  554. T

    Offshore with Dave Hansen

    Your post was fine. There are some dodos up the line in good clean water. So you hired a guide. Nobody should give you shit for that. It's your mooney. Thanks for posting.
  555. T

    Offshore Fellowship, fins, frenzy

    Nice report. How's the Winner running? I'm the other guy in SD with one.
  556. T

    Sun 8/23 PM @ Coronados

    Made the longer test run on my motor repair Sunday afternoon. Talked to a guy at the ramp on Sat pm about boiling yellows there late Sat. Cleared the point @ 4pm. Made Middle Grounds in 45 min 69 deg water, tons of birds, bait, macs, and larger dolphin (rizzo??) but no go on the right kind...
  557. T

    Offshore Radio Fish 8-22

    Thanks! All info is helpful. Wish i could pick up the VHF from my house. Think i'll try my handheld up the street on top of Mt. Helix. I don't think listening is a problem, but I don't think it's legal to transmit from land.
  558. T

    Offshore Fri 8/21 on the Producer

    We started fishing 75 miles south of the point. Had a few knockdowns early on YFT and skippies. Then silence. Many hours of trolling and kelps with virtually no fish. Other than skippies (maybe 10), we only had 10 of the right kind. 2 smaller yellows off paddies, 2 dodos, and about 6 YFT. My...
  559. T

    First Report on First Trip with New Boat

    Sweet friggen boat. Loaded. How much fuel did you burn on your RP trip? What's the headroom in the pilothouse. Just wonderin. Thanks for the report.
  560. T

    Offshore BIG ALBIES!

    Nice haul, guys. Excellent report. Did four of you fish the 238 in a 19 footer?
  561. T

    Offshore 9 to the 182

    That's a lot of tasty meat. You'll get plenty of other gamefish soon enough. Btw, what were you trolling when you picked up the makos?
  562. T

    Offshore Sunday 8/9/09 SW of the 425

    Seriously, guys. If you don't get called or waved in on a paddy, you should prolly find your own. If you do come in, motor slowly up current of it and drift down. Also, you don't have to be right on top of it. The fish can swim to your baits, and they can be a hundred or more yards off the paddy...
  563. T

    Good fishing at the islands, Thursday 8-4-09

    Nice report. I took my two boys 12 & 19 & 19 yo's gf to the PL Kelp for WFO on the bigger bones. Lots of fun. Best to go with iron. Even the girl caught a few and it was her first time fishing. Good times. I know the look your talking about. Saw it a few times on wed. BTW, i got a nice cork...
  564. T

    1st time in SD/Mex waters

    Been boarded by the Mex Navy three times in many years of fishing. No firearms, no drugs, no problem! Provided you all have mex licenses. Good luck.
  565. T

    Big Butt from the Big Bay

    Fish of a lifetime! Congrats.
  566. T

    Offshore 25 July on the Prowler

    That's the downside of cattle boats. Sucks you didn't get any. How were the seas? Thx for the report.
  567. T

    Epic tanker fishin on the 4th on "Alfresco III"

    any details for us, harry. All I want to know is time of day and bait. I'm assuming fresh dead squid. Way to go.
  568. T

    6/25 Nados/S Kelp/Rockpile

    Tough fishing out there. Seas were ok. Light wind in the am, some wind chop in the pm. smallish mixed swell. Water was green everywhere on the inside. Temps between 59 and 66, mostly around 65. Metered tons of bait at all three spots,with birds working too, but the fish just weren't biting...
  569. T

    Coronados YT 6/18

    Flew to the islands this morning (35 min from EB to M Grounds). Arrived about 6:15. Slow trolled dines around and under lots of birds. There were acres and acres of boiling macs north of pukey. No Yellers. Headed down to n. tip of s. isl. and hung a few barries and a 10 lb yellow (flylined)...
  570. T

    Offshore BlueFin

    you'll know they're here when you see 50 seiners and 10 helicopters buzzing the banks off ensenada.
  571. T

    San Diego Harbor Tidelands 5-9-09

    Nice fish. Great report. The drag of the spotty probably made landing it a lot harder. thats a cool setup you were fishing. Tight lines!
  572. T


    i'd fish the islands. bonies and some yt action. You can always work outside and south of there for paddies and porps. sounds like pukey point has been okay lately. i fished off LJ canyon out to 182 and south yesterday. Lots of life on the nine, but not much biting. seas were okay on sat. Good...
  573. T

    Offshore Friday 9/26/2008 Shelter Island Ramp Report

    thanks, eddie. you do a real service for those of us fishing tomorrow. still not sure if i'm going, but will post asap if i do.
  574. T

    Offshore 7/30 - Not Great, but not bad either

    that's a good day. Congrats on getting your daughter on the fish. It's hard to get my 18 yo boy out now that he's in college and a working stiff. I'll keep tryin' though.
  575. T

    Offshore Dodo's 7-30-08 302

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like a killer trip. BTW, that's over limits for two. Two dodos equals your five fish limit for any one species.
  576. T

    Offshore 302- no report

    Thanks for the report. Things are still sketchy out there, but i'm headin' out friday come hell or high water. Even skunk reports help. Get 'em next time.
  577. T

    Is this trip possible?

    Sounds like a good plan to me. I just got back from Cabo about 2 hours ago. Flew from tj. All was cool in Cabo, but pretty dead. Had a buddy and MY 6'5" 18 yo boy w/ me. We surfed and chilled. Surf at "old man's/ the rock was ok but picking up as we left. Fishing was pretty dead. Went to La...
  578. T

    Offshore And so it begins!!!

    thanks for the post. Doesn't seem like that many boats are venturing outside yet. We're probably one nice south swell away from seeing the right kind. Nice job on the YT. You're a step ahead of most of us.
  579. T

    5/21 Coronados

    Looks like you got one anyway. I've always liked the Malihini. Seems like whatever crew is running works for fish. That's not always true with the local boats. I'm thinking of heading down this weekend with every private boater south of o'side.