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    Tommy Gomes has a new TV show coming up

    It should have been called - "FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH" :rofl: Great guy.. looking forward to checking it out. Thanks for sharing..
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    Getting rocked?

    There are a lot of BSB on the pipe.. we've caught 5-6 several times. They don't know their hooked.. they do a steady pull.. not like ripping runs like YT. Bring heaver gear next time.. lots of fun!
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    Looking to rent a small slip in Newport Harbor for 1 day

    Just saw this.. Newport OC Sheriff/Harbor Patrol.. I believe rents over nights slips
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    Offshore She ain't singing' yet!

    Thanks for the report
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    Please kill the TranX 500 already....

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    Offshore Game Changer 450???

    Great catch.. Game Changer is a great operation out of San Diego!
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    Offshore O95 2.5 Day

    Congrats.. great Capt, crew, & boat
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    Calstar Eye Repair

    The eye of my favorite calstar jig stick popped out, and was heading out the next morning.. I found the eye, put a dab of JB Weld on each side on the guide.. secured it with blue painters tape, and crossed my fingers. Worked for several years, until I got around to replacing several guides on it...
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    Seal Proof Bait Cages - Fail

    dropping traps is in art.. first crawl can do well.. and re-sitting traps through out the night in different depths/locations help.. look for structure on your up & down.. carry the max amount of traps per angler helps.. the best time to hoop is when it's a small craft advisory.. you can drop...
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    2020 Surf Fish Season Pics - PB-MB-TP and IB

    Good bean season for ya bud.. nice work!
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    Punta Abreojos Day 3

    Luv Abreojos!
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    Did captain lose my yellow?

    pig tailed = poor knot. We've all been there.. just practice your knots.. do 20 perfect knots before you go out the night before.. takes ya 15 minutes
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    cedros island in my own boat???

    If your looking for a highly rated professional Captain in Cedros.. ask for Balaam. He's a local Captain for Cedros Outdoor Adventures.. I've reserved him the last 3 times I've been there. Look in to it. You can reach him through Facebook or IG - Luis Balaam Garcia Alcala
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    Offshore 9/19 425 yft and marlin on locomocean

    Great job, and nice release.. memories you'll never forget!
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    Your Salt Water Guide Comment

    he like Rain Man with an edge
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    Fight from the reel or from the rod?

    it's called straight winding..
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    Catalina bait??

    my go to spot is 100 plu yds off the jetty of avalon.. slow troll a sabiki rig for macs & brown bait.. you can usually meter them, g'luck
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    Is Tacglue safe for spectra? (Marking depth)

    use a sharpie per 100'
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    Offshore Mahi mahi and yellowtail 8-23

    Yellowtails & yellow fingernails.. love it
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    Offshore SCI yellows Saturday

    Nice grade of tails over at SCI for a while
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    Offshore 8/1 209 Yellows - Lost XL Kill bag

    Nice bag! Hope someone turns it in..
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    Offshore Amigo overnight 8/1/20 Moons Charter

    Moons awesome... wraps some great rods!
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    Cabo fishing for 1

    Check out this hotel in Cabo.. very reasonable, a lot guys who just go down to fish & enjoy the night life stay here - Hotel Mar De Cortez
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    Offshore Offshore fishing with a drone?

    Funny.. I've never used a drone to scope a paddy.. we roll up to it, throw bait and if they crash the surface, game on. Out of pocket $0.00.
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    Offshore Late Report and Video

    Tell the guy who's gaffing.. it's a 2" process.. not a 2ft process. Nice work on the bluefin & yt!
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    Bahia De Los Angeles Kayak Fishing Questions

    My advise.. bring a tent & sleeping bag & cooler.. see what the weather has in store for you & enjoy.. maybe a fisherman will tow you down the coast and you can work your way back, love MX! Found a hungry grouper one time
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    Adding to my fishing collection....

    All that tackle & not one mint green surface iron
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    Tips for live bait fishing bays in San Diego

    try small circle hooks to help from getting chewed off???
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    Albacore filleted

    Next year, maybe..???
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    Offshore New Lo Ann 6/15/20 be prepared for a sinker bite

    Thanks for the informed report.. don't mind the trolls.. it's trolling season
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    best saltwater fishing pliers?

    The BEST.. needle nose are from the .99 cent store.. buy 5 pairs.. and when they get rusty, pitch'em! OR when your annoying buddy keeps asking to use yours.. give him a pair, and then ask him every 5 minutes.. if you can borrow his :p
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    BFT Tuna eating Salps

    Interesting observation
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    Tuna Tips From Duane

    Thanks J.. good stuff!
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    Offshore How and where the [email protected]&$ can i catch halibut in Newport??

    cross off the turbot off your list.. and keep chasing those buts. free tip.. catch some smelt using a sabiki & put'em in a bucket.. do a dropper loop setup for the halibut.. you just doubled your odds, g'luck!
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    Helium balloons?

    Also.. don't buy the party balloon helium, it's very low grade.. buy the commercial grade.. A+ MUCH BETTER!
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    5-21-2020- BFT tuna report

    Thanks for the fast report!
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    Offshore Offshore report and FD vent

    We heard about the albies down south a couple of weeks ago.. lots of fun for everyone. Lets hope for a great season!
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    Pacific Edge bait tank install.

    They both make excellent tanks & local in OC.
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    How do you mark your gear

    I guess I'm Ol' School... I write my Username & Password on all my gear.
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    Crazy cool new Alps guides....

    Batson makes solid products!
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    Yamaha Mechanic

    West Coast Marine for Yamaha outboards in Costa Mesa
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    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    I didn't read all the other posts.. but Parker's are a solid platform.. here are other pilot houses in Califonria: Radon & Farallon. Show some pix of the boat you buy and why you decided on that make & model, g'luck!
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    PB halibut from the surf

    Incredible bud!
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    Vacuum Sealing and portioning tuna loins

    I cut portions to eat.. no more than 2 fillets per bag & pat dry with paper towel (label date & type of fish) vacuum seal & double seal each end.. never a problem. Been doing it that way since 2004.
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    Broadbills Exist

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    First SoCal bluefin tuners...and on iron too

    Epic adventure for you guys.. congrats!
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    Offshore November 2019 YFT Limits

    Crushed ice.. way to take care of your catch guys!
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    Offshore November Catalina Tuna

    Jonathon.. that sounds like a slow day for you bud.. great job!
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    Offshore 11/4 New Lo Ann report. 11 BFT, 104 YFT.

    Marcus and the crew are TOP NOTCH!
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    1st Thresher

    Nice T.. hope your son recovers quick!
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    Please dont touch my drag

    Might I suggest a more direct approach.. in a nice way, say - "touch my drag, and you'll be picking up broken teeth with broken fingers!" But, don't oversell it.. works for me.
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    Captain/crew fishing during a bite

    Yeah.. I've seen it too. They're usually trying to increase their counts.. and bring some fish home for themselves.. usually they hook & hand.. I hope there was at least one crew member brailing bait
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    Overnighter and fish processing?

    Call 5-Star and talk with Rocio the GM (619) 299-9996.. they're one of the best.. my guess is you'll have to leave it overnight.. and it will be frozen when you pick it up, g'luck !
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    Offshore OC BFT

    EPIC.. and 9 days til Nov.. well done!
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    Offshore Big yellow fin off Catalina

    Impressive.. bordering on spectacular!
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    Great report.. Cedros can be one hell of a good time! Out of the 7 of us.. we had 3 personal best on our last trip! I've been down to Cedros Outdoor Adventures 4x's. It's the way to go if your heading to Cedros Island! Plus, COA is a first class operation! They offer a package where you can fly...
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    Offshore 425 Area Sat and Sunday

    Good times and a great report!
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    Plastic Swordfish??? WTF!

    I don't know if someone already said this.. but some are attached with big mackerels, so they swim around.. what I heard..???
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    Cedros Outdoor Adventures July 19-22

    Mint irons never work
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    where to buy Fraser Mariner binos ?

    He's probably out fishing.. I don't know.. he just said he had 4 coming in..and 2 are spoken for.. as you know, it's prime time!
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    Top Gun 80 captain/crew question?

    I've been doing the same thing for the last 13 yrs.. extra energy drinks for the guys, as a little extra token of appreciation. Never had a deckie refuse one!
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    where to buy Fraser Mariner binos ?

    I talked with Jimmy on Monday.. he has 2 pair coming in! His info..
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    Cedros Advice

    I've been 4x to COA.. Jose does it right on with food, lodging, service & view! If your bass guy.. May is good, but if you like yellows.. August is incredible!
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    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    that guy pisses excellence..
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    After the right dine is chosen, what’s the proper handling method?

    Here's a little something that's been working well for me over the years.. which kind of ties into this conversation.. if your getting low on bait.. After nose hooking a dine & casting it out.. when I bring the bait in to swap it out for another. But the dine still has good color and doesn't...
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    One more time.Seabass not Tuna

    DJ Dave.. jammin Pink Floyd, nice!
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    New Lo-An or Condor?

    Marcus.. New Lo-An
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    Moon phases bft

    My favorite bluefin trip was when we headed to Clemente and stop at Pyramid cove to load up on squid before chasing bluefin. When we got to Pyramid, I dropped a squid down.. the current was ripping.. we we're on the seabass for 3 hrs (WFO)! 16 anglers, 5 crew for a total of 80 c~bass. Oh yeah...
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    possibility of coastal islands opening

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures.. fly-in & fly-out, incredible fishery, and your treated like a Rockstar!
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    Legends of the Freelance

    Norris was a good guy.. I've had beers with him next door at Pavilions.. great stories and a class act!
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    Why wait for the funeral ?

    Nice of you to talk about him!
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    Best way to Figure Out How Light you can go Below a Rod's Rating?

    buy a drag scale.. there around $15 bucks.. then you'll be able to adjust the drag perfectly.
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    Any old guys remember her?

    john klein was an interesting guy
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    Fishing in Newport Bay, CA got Stung by Stingray

    A friend of mine said her's hurt for a little over a year..???
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    7.0 OZ Large crocodiles

    not cheeseburgers.. you need the right kind, just sayin
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    Fish processing prices?

    call 5-Star.. amazing
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    Offshore Tomahawk 4/16/19

    Great to see them out.. season's getting ready to tee off!
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    RP - on a BFT bite...

    Spoke with Dr. Barbara Block recently.. she said Socal we'll have another carbon copy year of '18. Confident we'll have another stellar year!
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    Bluefin Tuna talk- Mike Lackey from the Vagabond

    Mike's top notch and runs a clean operation!
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    How to find a kelp paddy with a drone?

    I hear they make drones that are waterproof & float???
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    Cedros Island -- Surf Fishing Possibilities

    In August, I fished the surf several times in front of COA without any luck.. then we took the lodge's kayaks out with flat fall jigs.. we hooked bass & small firecracker yellowtail.. roughly 400 yards off the beach... followed the birds.. had a blast.
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    Newport tackle swap meet

    Has there ever been a Newport Beach tackle swap meet? Someone let me know.. I'd like to get on that.. I have a lot gear I need to downsize, thanks!
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    R.I.P. Dick Dale

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    Halibut fishing....Too Stinger hook or not?

    Simon.. go to the Apple app store.. download PCS mag. They have current & back issues there for $ free fifty free, enjoy!
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    Halibut fishing....Too Stinger hook or not?

    There's a currently issue of Bounce Balling in PCS mag.. a very productive way to fish the flatties!
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    Seaguar Gold

    take the seaguar test -
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    Dodo fishin

    use circle hooks.. better odds
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    Cedros Advice

    cedros outdoors adventures 100%.. biosphere.. no sportboats! for yellows you'll fish & troll live macs.. and lots of surface iron.. i fish straight 50# fluoro.. but recommend dropping to 25# in the afternoon when the bite slows down. bring a sabiki rod for the boat.. makes life easy! i'd...
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    Don't sell yourself short..100% Cedros Outdoor Adventures! We do an annual boys trip every year and fly out of San Diego.. I just booked my 5th trip.. Jose and the lodges location are AMAZING.. the uninterrupted view is the icing on the cake, paradise!
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    450lbs yellow fin landing on Marlasportfishig

    Great job Danny.. nice to meet you at Long Beach. I'll try and get TJ back down there for a shot at one of those cows!
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    Biggest Marlin I have ever caught. Video

    small boat.. big fish.. congrats
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    Tuna Lift Pole

    yes.. when will you be in Newport?
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    Fishing Marlin on the Finger

    Epic Day!
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    The hate is real

    I love coffee grinders.. you know who to avoid when your on a sportboat.. and if they're using it upside down, forget about it!
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    RIP Tony Pena

    Tony was a great guy and a reel professional!
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    Rod protection for the cedros Sportfishing trip On the small Plane

    I've been down 4x.. buy a pool noodle at the 99 cents store.. plus some zip ties.. guess how much? problem solved..
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    Tuna Tail Mount

    Your talking hard time :-)
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    Deep set Swordfish...

    I read the DFW was topside and wrote him a ticket for not having a fishing license.
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    Berkley Air IM7

    Great rod.. Buzz Ramsey
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    Offshore Cortes Bank - 11/10/18-11/12/18

    great trip.. luv the poke!
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    Looking for temporary slip in Newport Beach - Xmas Boat Parade - december

    talk with Wade or Drew over at the Dunes.. they're good guys!
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    32 people on the T Bird tomorrow night. Get your Dykes ready.

    Sounds like a great trip.. how'd ya do... hahaha!
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    10/12 San Pedro to PV and Personal Best Homeguard Yellows

    good job.. thanks for the l o n g report
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    Accurate Boss Exterme 500N

    The reel was serviced last year and is in great condition. It has 65lb braid line, also in good condition. Max drag is 30lb. The reel comes with a power-handle and reel clamp which makes a big difference. The reel is 7/10.. pick up only. Call or text 949.351.444four $280 thanks
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    Panama Advice Needed

    Tropic Star Lodge
  106. Second Row


    Thanks Bob.. in PEI with Tony's Tuna Fishing, incredible time!
  107. Second Row


    Wahoo tacos looks tasty.. nice catch!
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    G Loomis GL3 8' Casting Rod

    G Loomis GL3 BBR 965C/ 8' Mag-Heavy. Mod-Fast Action Casting Rod 17-40 Lbs The rod is a classic.. originally designed for steelhead, but I use it as an inshore rod for bass, yellows, cuda, halibut & bones. It's an 8ft, one piece with Fuji guides & reel seat! Very light weight and sensitive...
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    Vintage Pics

    Epic stuff.. !
  110. Second Row

    Flying Fish?

    did you check Melton's or Anglers Center
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    Cedros Aug 10-15 report

    Captain Balaam is the man.. !
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    Old School J Hooker ( Video )

    That's not setting the hook.. your the first on west coast that started butterfly jigging
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    Offshore 1 mako 1 yellow tail at 209

    I'd rather not say.. to PC on here
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    Offshore 1 mako 1 yellow tail at 209

    Nice business card holder, right there~!
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    Offshore Dana Point 8/27 - Dorado or Bust

    Get out the trollers & feathers
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    8/17 - Catalina Channel Dodo's!

    that's what I like to see!
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    Trinidad vs Talica

    nice, yellows up to 50 lbs..
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    Offshore Big YFT

    almost triple digits
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    Bullet mackerel

    cool pattern
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    Need insights on how to repair killbag

    you might try 5200..????
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    Catalina YellowTunas

    a couple of nice yellowtail tunas!
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    RARE Shimano/G-Loomis Calcutta Washington Made

    only a true aficionados (like yourself:-)) would know that G-Loomis blanks were wrapped for the Shimano Calcutta rod series in WA..
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    HD Underwater Camera/Video

  124. Second Row

    trinidad 16 N for sale or trade

    try the fishing rods & reels section.. you might get a better response then the Fishing Reel Repair Tutorials... good luck!
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    When Shooting Pics/Videos with Phone, Please hold the phone sideways

    portrait or landscape.. that is the question
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    Offshore Catalina Report 7/14-7/15

    All reports/intel are good, thanks for sharing!
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    HD Underwater Camera/Video

  128. Second Row

    43 & SCI to Salvage Mission

    Reports are always appreciated,, NEXT TIME !
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    The NEW Bad Company.... 144' of pure badness!!!

    He was doing hot laps Tuesday evening.. Battlewagon!
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    Cedros Yellowtail

  131. Second Row

    Wide open YT

    Nice work..
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    Big Bay Halibut...

    Looks like a good time!
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    Tuna Lift Pole

    It's built to take lot of abuse :-)
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    Aloha Spirit 6-24

    Shawn Steward runs a first class operation!
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    Malihini Tomorrow

    free bump to support the cause
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    Offshore Fished the 43 on 6/25

    nice report.. I've heard it's been tough lately
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    Bloody Decks Marketplace

    Ditto.. met/bought & sold to good guys.. !
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    #65 Berkeley Pro Spec on Tranx 500

    No I do not.. but all the reels I have them on, I use to throw iron, bait, etc.. with no issues! I've used other spectra brands and did not like how it came off the reel (won't mention other brands). G'luck!
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    #65 Berkeley Pro Spec on Tranx 500

    I don't have any issues with it.. I have all my trinis & talicas full with 65# Pro Spec.. casts great!
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    Cool gift from son, by local artist

    Very cool.. and detailed
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    GOLD Trinidad 12 & 14

    Selling my GOLD trinis.. They're in good condition with some boat rash.. they're fully loaded with 65# Berkley spectra (less than a year old).. no splices in the line. Reels were just serviced a few months ago at the Shimano Service Center in Irvine, which I have the paperwork. Will ship on your...
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    Mahilini is back

    I saw them in Newport fueling up at Hill's.. I had to take second look! I think they were getting repair work up here..
  143. Second Row

    Murder in Bay of LA

    Mar de Cortez hotel.. good times!
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    Tuna Lift Pole

    I'm selling a fiberglass commercial lift pole.. Please call or text only $125 949.351.444four
  145. Second Row

    Anyone make a good sea lion proof bait receiver?

    Our has lasted 6 or 7 years with seals banging on it all the time. Here's the link-
  146. Second Row

    live bait pen/keeper

    Your reserve would work great here in Snewport.. our seals are very respectful and fashion forward!
  147. Second Row

    Really good seafood restaurant in Dana Point?

    We eat at Harbor Grill a lot.. they grill on mesquite if your like that and they have decent prices-
  148. Second Row

    Calcutta Bamboo 6' Gaff

    For sale 6ft calcutta bamboo gaff in great conditions.. I have 1 for sale.. $40 each. Please call or text ONLY Thanks!
  149. Second Row

    Gold Aftco Flying Gaff

    Selling my flying gaff in good condition comes with rope - $150 Please call or text only, thanks! 949.351.4444
  150. Second Row

    Cousins Raze Rod

    SOLD.. thank you
  151. Second Row

    Catalina Dog Fight

    Yep.. I've heard of stuffing macks with a nice dose of Copenhagen can do the trick
  152. Second Row

    Cedros Sportfishing - 6 days

    Spool of 60# fluoro leader & vacuum seal bags, just in case they run out. Good luck down there!
  153. Second Row

    HD Underwater Camera/Video

    Never used.. still in the box.. worth $770 + tax.. selling for Comes with SondeCAM HD flashlight kit & SondeCAM trolling motor mount kit.. SondeCAM HD Underwater Camera SondeCAM HD is a powerful underwater camera ideal for fishermen of all levels, fishery managers and researchers looking to...
  154. Second Row

    Am I the only one missing inside sportfishing

    I believe she use to work at Blue Beat in NB.
  155. Second Row

    Calstar Custom Marlin Caster

    Selling my Calstar BTG6480 custom marlin caster (8' rated 30-50lb) .. custom made for the 2011 Catalina Classic tourney.. I won it in the raffle.. in very good condition.. never pulled on! Worth $400.. selling $250.. great piece of memorabilia if anyone remembers the Cat classics! Brings a tear...
  156. Second Row

    RARE Shimano/G-Loomis Calcutta Washington Made

    Selling my Shimano factory wrapped in Washington.. the rod is a G-Loomis blank made for Shimano. Model: Calcutta CL730MA 7'0" 20-30 lb. In great shape.. used, but not abused! Great bait stick, super light.. asking $150. Please CALL OR TEXT only, thanks! 949-351-444four
  157. Second Row

    (NEW) Smith Polarized Sunglasses

    CALL OR TEXT ONLY- 949.351.444four.... thanks! Never been warn.. still in the box.. reg. $249.. only $100.. will ship on your dime. Guides Choice... Matte Havana... lens color- ChromaPop Glass Polarized Blue Mirror Lens options: ChromaPop polarized lenses / TLT polarized glass TLT lenses...
  158. Second Row

    40 LB reel opions

    (100%) Talica 10 ll filled with 65# braid.. perfect size reel for multiple applications, G'luck!
  159. Second Row

    Baja Boat Ho Wanted

    Nice work Tony! Check out Abreojos & La Bocana for the fall with the new rig
  160. Second Row

    Rickdiculous is coming home

    It will be good seein ya out on the water during the tournaments again
  161. Second Row

    Somewhere fishing in la paz

    Also try Leonard at Baja Pirates of La Paz.. Our Captain Operated Daily Boat Rentals includes: Transportation to and from the fleet from the La Paz area Conventional Fishing Gear American Style Boat (Center Console, Cruiser, or Fly Fishing Boat)
  162. Second Row

    Cabo San Lucas in June

    Search Renegade Mike Sportfishing on here and checkout his posts.. he's does it all.. Also, Picante Sportfishing
  163. Second Row

    424lb YFT caught in Loreto....

    Looks like one hell of a good time!
  164. Second Row

    Where do you purchase your fishing gear for the salt?

    Joey runs a first class operation..
  165. Second Row

    Cedros late June?

    No one catches tuna at Cedros.. well.. except for this guy!
  166. Second Row

    Catalina Vacation

    Check out Luau Larry's for their poo poo's!
  167. Second Row


    Rick or The Goose is the man.. I buy all my ball bouncing set ups from Rick- Best of Big Game. He makes the best dodger bounce ball rigs for halibut. Fished with him several times. Great guy!!!
  168. Second Row

    Offshore New Years Bluefin

    WTG.. The Journeyman's a nice ride!
  169. Second Row


    Solid !!!
  170. Second Row

    Blue Marlin Release 12/17

    Love it..
  171. Second Row

    Slow Trolling and chunking (video)

    well done corey
  172. Second Row

    6 pack charter

    I watched Hanson running Wild in Sac crush two over 200lbs in front of us.. so jealous!
  173. Second Row

    Aging fishermen and equipment choices.

    look into a whopper stopper mini
  174. Second Row

    Shout out to Phenix and Turners customer service

    Good for you saying something positive.. Alex & the Phenix team are solid!
  175. Second Row

    2018 Predictions?

    Magic 8 ball will we have albacore in socal waters next year? Well, there's my answer.. lets hope its right!
  176. Second Row

    The "San Diego" 11/6. YELLAS !

    Booger pullers off the hat trick.. !
  177. Second Row

    WTB Vacuum Sealer

    take a sponge and get your gaskets wet.. wait a few minutes, and vacuum seal something.. if it works (almost) like new.. replace the gaskets from the Food Saver website.. hopefully that all it is.
  178. Second Row

    Offshore Bluefin Going Off!

    Awesome.. they bit last year through Thanksgiving, fingers crossed!
  179. Second Row

    Catalina lobster report 10/17

    Ace Line Hauler #1
  180. Second Row

    Drag poundage

    Yep.. water adds drag too.. your putting a lot of thought into this.. set your drag at 1/3rd the line rating, get a beer, and as the man said "don't worry".. I'm more concerned about my line connections.. although I do use a scale to set my drag, cuz I'm nuts!
  181. Second Row

    shimano flatfall hooks

    Tim.. your going to need a bigger hook
  182. Second Row

    Fish gone stupid @ Cedros

    Cedros is amazing!!! tuna in 20' of water... we had a great time at COA, great operation!
  183. Second Row

    is 1 scoop of bait for two fisherman chasing YT enough ?

    3 rules of fishing.. 1.) never enough bait 2.) never enough beer 3.) never enough ice.. problem solved. Now, go kill some stuff!
  184. Second Row

    Bluefin or yellowfin cows?

    (didn't read any commits).. Since 2015, fishing the 43, I've seen a handful of long rangers all over the that area, FYI..
  185. Second Row

    Offshore WFO Yellowfin Tuna...Like a Broken Record!

    Will.. good to see ya still out there bud!
  186. Second Row

    Offshore Friday Slay fest at the 302

    Chuck's taken the ol' skin boat to tuna !
  187. Second Row

    Offshore Friday Slay fest at the 302

    WTG!!!! no kill bag or cooler..
  188. Second Row

    Izor / 150 really stoned

    Congrats.. my buddy fished the pipe yesterday morning. He slow trolled dines, anchored up and chummed for for bass, nada! Good to see they moved up..
  189. Second Row

    Yellowtail galore 9-9-17

    Great memories!
  190. Second Row

    PEI Today

    Sooo awesome!
  191. Second Row

    Cedros report Aug 7-11

    Sounds like a fun trip.. that should be on everyone's bucket list !
  192. Second Row

    Offshore Limits of Nice Dorado and Yellowtail and Heartbreak (video)

    That was a leadered fish in my book, and a clean release!
  193. Second Row

    Coronado Island Bluefin

    Nice work big Dan!
  194. Second Row

    Offshore Limit Style Kelp Paddy Fishing!

    Nice Will.. somebody's going to be at the fillet station for a while
  195. Second Row

    Bass, Bycatch and Upwelling - Long Beach Report Saturday 6/24

    Decker.. always wants to be different.. I'm sure your guys ate well that night!
  196. Second Row

    262 # bluefin

  197. Second Row

    dropper loop to fly line

    Try using an Owner solid ring tied to your main.. swap out any leader size.. super easy, been doing it since 2004. image below..
  198. Second Row

    Best SoCAL Offshore Sportboat Captains

    Wes.. Options 6-pack. I've never seen a captain work so hard to put you on fish & keep you on fish, impressive!
  199. Second Row

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    scallops every time
  200. Second Row

    Offshore Great start with some jumbo bluefin!

    I'm lazy.. read only first 3.. was that a slab of butter you put in the bags.. luv it.. I put butter in my coffee.. because I can! Nice jog Billy!
  201. Second Row

    Dana Thresher 5-27-17

    That's some clean looking water...???? Great job!
  202. Second Row

    Thresher Tagging Video

    Great footage...
  203. Second Row

    Offshore Bluefin Redemption

    Luv it.. well deserved !!!
  204. Second Row

    Offshore big bluefin

    Crushed it !
  205. Second Row

    bait at 3am saturday (LB)

    Worst case scenario.. squid boats monitor Ch 11 at the island
  206. Second Row

    Saturday offshore 5/20 50ft sportfisher

    Glass over ply... I bet the marlin luv that boat
  207. Second Row


    #7. The one word only troll- exactly !
  208. Second Row

    Fathom 25N Casting Issues

    It's called an "educated thumb"..
  209. Second Row

    Newton breezes by and fishing resumes

    I just saw this post Gary.. that was a fun trip at COA.
  210. Second Row

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    His names General, he's a white boxer that loves the water!
  211. Second Row

    Offshore 4/10 San Diego 3/4

    nice work on the 1 speed.. !
  212. Second Row

    Protecting gear on boats from theft

    I put reel clamps on all my reels and I use a small multi dial combination lock on my zippers of my gear bag/back pack.. won't stop them.. but might discourage thieves from any bad ideas.
  213. Second Row

    Colt Sniper/ Megabait for surface YT ?

    I'm kind of bias when it comes to mint surf irons..
  214. Second Row

    1983 Boston Whaler 17' Montauk Rebuild...Picture Heavy

    Nicely done bud! Now load that thing up with c-bass... good seeing ya at the show!
  215. Second Row

    (NEW) Gill Deck Boots Size 9

    Mods plz delete.. sold TY
  216. Second Row

    Best Surface Iron Setup for YTs in Mexico?

    Try casting an 8' Calstar west coast all glass rod? My favorite jig stick..
  217. Second Row

    Back in the Saddle Again - Catalina Seabass - 3/18

    It must get old winning all the time.. Nice limits!!!
  218. Second Row

    Cutting the Drooper Loop open for bottom fishing

    There's always the 3-way.. swivel that is..
  219. Second Row

    WTB Electric Downrigger

    Scotty make a really good rigger
  220. Second Row

    Watch Red Bull Air Racing in San Diego from your private boat?

    Last year the Breitling airshow was going on and we were going to take the boat to watch the show. Found out they were flying right in front of my house.. I'm glad I didn't go, it was zoo out there!
  221. Second Row


    If your heading to Cedros... don't forget plenty of Advil, you'll need it!
  222. Second Row

    Abreojos fishing guide

    how about a fish report... it also doesn't hurt if your guide is an ab diver. he'll know all the caves!
  223. Second Row

    Cedros this summer, which month?

    2x in Aug.. I didn't see any dodo's.. lots of yellows
  224. Second Row

    Thunderbird 8 pack

    way to make the effort!
  225. Second Row


    I've read seal meat is more effective then totoaba bladders! Now we just need to pass that on..
  226. Second Row

    Best Bay Reel? (spotties, etc. )

    Curado 200E-7 made in Japan, luv it!
  227. Second Row


    Thanks Dave! OC Fairgrounds next week- Fri (1pm-7pm), Sat & Sunday (10am-5pm)
  228. Second Row

    San Clemente Island Report Sunday 1/29/17

    Great read bud.. Thanks for puttin in the effort!
  229. Second Row

    What you weapon of choice.

    if the bait barge is closed, I grab a couple of frozen fillets from the last trip to get things going.. for chopping bait, I use the Chum Buddy.. it's really effective, easy to use, and doesn't make a mess.
  230. Second Row

    Bucket list trip

    Abreojos! :-) bring energy drinks for driving.. it's a white knuckler! You'll have fun
  231. Second Row

    Always wear your kill switch

    only one guy slowed down to find out if they were ok.. interesting! You know who your friends are...
  232. Second Row

    Sato Custom Rods - Brent Ikari

    He was a really good guy.. I'm going to miss him
  233. Second Row

    Yellows and Whales in La Jolla 11/8/17 (VIDEO)

    Good report, thanks for sharing!
  234. Second Row

    2016 The Fishing Year in Pictures

    My favorites!
  235. Second Row

    BSB off The Domes

    Good job on the lease! We've been catching a lot off the NB pipe, fishing for calicos, thick. Fun on light line... there's a trick I saw a deckhand do, to get them to swim down if they're floating... take a gaff, and lightly prick them near the tail.. It wakes them up.. and they swim straight...
  236. Second Row

    late report 11/19 - Newport YT

    Congrats... Nacho told me about this last Wednesday, he was pumped!
  237. Second Row

    Offshore Dead squid and BFT! 11/19

    when you say chunk- were you using "cut" squid as bait..? BTW- nice score!
  238. Second Row

    LA BOCANA,11/7-13,GREAT FUN.

    Luv La Bocana.. I need to get back down there!
  239. Second Row

    Offshore And the beat goes on....WOW.

    2 0 1 6 . . . , not over! Way to whack it bud
  240. Second Row

    Mr. Mark Gasich.....

    Good guy..
  241. Second Row

    11/12-11/13 Dana Point halibut weekend

    good report... try using circle hooks next time
  242. Second Row

    Chunk Bait Maker?

    The Chum Buddy.. Google it.. works great, and there's no mess all over the boat.
  243. Second Row

    East Cape Fishing Report

    Epic report !
  244. Second Row

    Rotten fishing in Lopez for Mark and Gary with Captain Chico.

    with those counts.. I would never go back, WTG!
  245. Second Row

    NIB WTF?

    I don't have the time to read everyone's response, but I've seen several guys on here at tournaments that placed or won a rod or reel in raffle, and posted it for sale the next week..
  246. Second Row

    Shimano New Reel Clamps for Gold Trinidads?

    I see guys using zip ties as well
  247. Second Row

    HB Airshow (and no fish) report 10/21

    it was a zoo on Sunday.. I just watched from the patio..
  248. Second Row

    LA Bay

    love that place.. swimmin with the sharks and island hopin.. doesn't get any better!
  249. Second Row

    Pet Peeve

    On my boat- Safety 3rd. And I always leave the bait net in the tank so I can find it quickly!
  250. Second Row

    Offshore SBI to SCI. Two weeks of local marlin fishing 9/7-9/17

    Good times and fun weekend! Lots of sleepers Saturday morning.. you guys crushed it!
  251. Second Row

    40 lb. set up

    x2 .. maybe a med
  252. Second Row

    West coast wahoo rig

    for what it's worth.. if you don't mind losing gear, I suggest a short wire leader
  253. Second Row

    Why not use straight braid to fluoro?

    I've fished braid to a top shot of fluoro since 2004 on several different rods, from- parabolic to glass, and never an issue.. shortly after a buddy showed me Owner solid rings for my line connection (size 4, 80lb).. very simple connection, and quick to tie my top shots to. I've never had a...
  254. Second Row

    Phone reception at SCI

    Automated Radio Check Service uses one of VHF Channels 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 84. Simply tune your radio to the proper channel for your community. In Newport I use Ch 27..
  255. Second Row

    Any 300lb BFT this year??

    Matty, what a stud
  256. Second Row

    Offshore Catalina Ahi - 8/27

    my buddy had yellowfin foaming on the 14 on friday and couldn't get them to go, nice work!
  257. Second Row

    need lobster info

    call Dave Hanson... he'll put you on the spots
  258. Second Row

    Cedros Island Mid July Fishing Report

    Great read.. looking forward to coming down and seeing you guys!
  259. Second Row

    Offshore Nice Yellowfin @ the 43!!!

    Congrats.. and thank you for the report
  260. Second Row

    Ken's and Cal's

    Ken & Wes have been around, good guys!
  261. Second Row

    Offshore Got. Two

    nice work David! saw ya out there
  262. Second Row

    Offshore Finally got my BFT, also got a marlin if that counts for anything

    I heard about the wedding ring, good jog on the fish!
  263. Second Row

    Boston Big Game Fishing Kites..........

    great kite & EZ to fly mike
  264. Second Row

    Quest for Yellows Mon 8th

    thanks for the report!
  265. Second Row

    Offshore Overnight New Lo An fishing 8/6

    nice.. New Lo-An get the job done this year!
  266. Second Row

    Question about hoos..

    most likely a baby t
  267. Second Row

    Offshore 209 Report- Theft at Dana point

    didn't have time read all responses... is there a video camera near?
  268. Second Row

    Fishing Report: “Striper in the Surf!”

    nice work on the striped bass!
  269. Second Row

    If it does not go 200 lbs its not a cow.

    I'd hate to see the look in the kid's eyes when they tell him there's no Santa & his Cow status has been revoked. Renegade, this is a great PR op for you.. take the kid out and get him a super cow on the kite.
  270. Second Row

    Hawaiian style igloo cooler repair

    generous... does it come in white ?
  271. Second Row

    RenegadeMike makes the cover of Western Outdoor News

    nice work Mike.. hope all's well
  272. Second Row

    Offshore Giant Bluefin Video..

    Incredible & great footage of the popper getting inhaled! what's the logic on shutting off the engine, I've never seen anyone shut their engine off during a fight.
  273. Second Row

    How are the other brands of kill bags other than reliable?

    what's the issue with reliable? we fill up the reliable bag with ice the day before, no problem.. the curved bottom sits on your swim step!
  274. Second Row

    Offshore My pb on the New Lo An 235lbs

    GREAT JOB! That's why Marcus is well respected in the industry
  275. Second Row

    Offshore Brought a knife to a gun fight... and won

    outstanding.. chalk one up for the good guys!
  276. Second Row

    Offshore Lucky is better than good!

    ditto.. I'd rather be lucky than good!
  277. Second Row

    Offshore 7/17 267-209-312 report

    i hooked one of those pelagic rays too.. crazy!
  278. Second Row

    Offshore 7/16 - BFT Foamers All Alone

    nice work gents.. thanks for the report
  279. Second Row

    Offshore Big Yellowfin Moving In Locally

    glad you made it back.. looked rough out there. nice work!
  280. Second Row

    Offshore 7/6/16 Lots of miles - no fish

    feel your pain bro.. i've done 3 trips- all trips 170nm each, dragging a stupid yummy, and the only thing to show is a nice fuel bill.
  281. Second Row

    Offshore One the craziest days ever. Monday 6/27 report

    Tackle Specialties- I'm guessing A.K.A for.... ?
  282. Second Row

    Offshore One the craziest days ever. Monday 6/27 report

    Monday.. i know the drill, feel your pain bud
  283. Second Row

    New record BFT 269.7

  284. Second Row

    Checking the weather?

    buoyweather seems to nail it consistently..
  285. Second Row

    Offshore My first swordfish

    that's a nice day! we baited a small one on Monday, no dice
  286. Second Row

    Offshore 240.2lb Cow BFT Report (US Waters)

    8.5 hrs.. brutal, you guys pulled it off!
  287. Second Row

    Offshore 6-22-16 TUNA, EVERYWHERE!

    I feel your pain brother..
  288. Second Row

    172.45 bluefin Best Father's Day gift ever!!

    WTG pop's.. Talica 16ll , nice!
  289. Second Row

    Offshore Bluefin Viewing Trip Report Wed 6/15

    way to get out there.. and thanks for the report
  290. Second Row

    Offshore First bluefin cow

    Socal bluefin over a hundie are now consider "mini" cows- WTG !
  291. Second Row

    Circle Hook Rigged Ballyhoo

    costa rican X is simpler and you don't have to re-rig to change baits
  292. Second Row

    Offshore BFT Tuesday 6/15

    hats off bud, you earned it
  293. Second Row

    2016 summer fishing..predictions?

    remember in years past, we don't typically see yellowfin until August.. be patient.. they're coming.
  294. Second Row

    Offshore Couldn't get them to bite

    healthy yellow on the mint! I heard nothing bites the mint?
  295. Second Row

    Mint Tady 45 New Color?

    nothing eats the mint.. everyone knows that!
  296. Second Row

    Offshore Nada Saturday, nada sunday

    thanks for the report John
  297. Second Row

    111-pound bluefin tuna on PENN Fathom FTH25NLD2

    epic fish & angler
  298. Second Row


    there's a nice mention about using Scotty's on page 26 in this months PCS issue.
  299. Second Row

    Which Jig for the Big BFT?

    T- my recommendation would be to show up hungry on the Eclipse, great food! As for what jig, I'd ask the deckhand to match the hatch.. they're out there everyday and wouldn't steer ya wrong. G'luck bud, and keep us posted!
  300. Second Row

    Barracudas bite at Newport Harbor.

    that bite has been going on for several weeks! the best area is been behind the arches bridge next to newport island- crushed it!
  301. Second Row

    Slow Trolling Bait

    super low tech, but if your lazy like me, you can even use a light rubber band looped around the line and secured to a cleat while keeping the reel in free spool/clicker while trolling larger baits.. low tech & effective
  302. Second Row

    What makes a good seat whore/crew member?

    I don't have time to read all if these.. but my favorite is watching a guy fish 3 rods at the same time- 1. drop lope, 2. fly line, 3. casting iron... and then shocked when he hooks a fish and tangles up.. and then asks- "why didn't you help me"?
  303. Second Row

    Furuno Electroincs

    Nice Jamie! I'd like to see what's taking it's place.
  304. Second Row

    Catalina Sunday May 1st

    Thanks for the report..
  305. Second Row

    Live Bait Invention -- Thoughts?

    Hmmm... temperate regulator? Inquiring minds want to know. $500, I'm out.
  306. Second Row

    Coronados Yellows

    some healthy looking tails
  307. Second Row

    La jolla 4/19

    I've heard guys catching decent yellows there since January.. nice work!
  308. Second Row

    New Radon 29 coming to Crackerjack for the summer of 2016

    Andy... great rig! I saw it at the Long Beach show, incredible!!!!!
  309. Second Row

    Ensenada Yellowtail

    Nice work!
  310. Second Row

    Secret Ling Cod Spot Blown Out 4-16 ( Video )

    Next time your in that area.. bring a boat load of ghost shrimp... lots of bonefish!
  311. Second Row

    Tuna Crab solution, I hope!

    Danny do you do drugs..?
  312. Second Row

    Halibut Whistler Area 4-12

    That's a tight light butt Howie!
  313. Second Row

    Great fishing out of LaPaz

    Excelente !
  314. Second Row

    Bean Bags

    tear drop... the bean bag is the best seat in the house & great for glassing in.
  315. Second Row

    Trip of a Lifetime In PV

    trip of a life time... great job and good report!
  316. Second Row

    Yellowtail in May?

    If the Malihini is full, look up Ryan Bostian "Booger", runs the San Diego out of Seaforth Landing.. He's known to limit out from time to time!
  317. Second Row

    NEW - Trinidad (Gold) Reel Handle- for 12 & 14 Reels

    PLEASE TEXT OR CALL "ONLY"- 949.351.444 four Brand new in wrapper, never opened- $30 Thanks!
  318. Second Row

    Winter has been fun on the heavy iron ...

    on the iron, nice!
  319. Second Row

    Sketchy weather slows bite for some

    Good stuff as always Gary, thanks!
  320. Second Row

    Free SKB tackle box Model 7200

    free bump
  321. Second Row

    New Ghost Shrimp Pumps - $20

    Please text or call 949.351.4444 I have 2 for sale. Local pick up in Newport
  322. Second Row

    Trini 16 (gold)

    Thank you.. Sold
  323. Second Row

    Trini 16 (gold)

    Will be at the Fred Hall Show today with the reel.. please feel free to call or text, thanks!
  324. Second Row

    Trini 16 (gold)

    PLEASE TEXT OR CALL ONLY..... CONDITION 8/8 MECHANICAL 10/10 JUST SERVICE FROM SHIMANO - HAVE PAPERWORK LOADED W/ 65# BRAID $300 or best offer Thanks, Scott- 949.351.444four
  325. Second Row

    Penn Fathom FTH25N Star Drag VS Shimano Torium 16 (Old Version)

    Nice yellows SoCalAngler1, looks like you were on the T-Bird
  326. Second Row

    Fred Hall - Discounts & Specials ??

    Tickets are $10.. parking is free in the marketplace.. not to mention the first 50 through the door receive a free beer. We'll also be giving out a free swag bag to the first 25 through the door... go to PCS facebook for more details-
  327. Second Row

    Fred Hall - Discounts & Specials ??

    And we give the first 50 through the door a free beer!
  328. Second Row

    Beautiful 60-pound amberjack on PENN Clash 6000

    Good stuff Steve
  329. Second Row

    La Bocana BCS 1/13 -1/19

    Ya gotta love La Bacona.. you can fly down and land on the air strip in Punta Abreojos. I was fortunate to catch this donkey gulf grouper on 15#. Love that area! Spent 20 days there... whole lot a fun!
  330. Second Row

    Drive from Bahia Asuncion to Punta Abreojos Question...

    yes you can.. I did it in 2006... washboard road, driving 20 mph, great view!
  331. Second Row

    Water wolf underwater wahoo and marlin

    Great shots !
  332. Second Row

    2015 The Fishing Year in Pictures

    Luv it bud !
  333. Second Row

    Is it me? Yes, it must be me....

    LUV IT MIKE.. next time I need Uber, I'm calling you. Will you be picking me up in truck or boat.. I live in Newport? I'm on the peninsula, so either one is cool.
  334. Second Row

    Chumming- Getting the bite going

    invest in a Chum Buddy... great way to turn on the bite and use up your dead bait with minimal effort!
  335. Second Row

    Offshore 12/3 Yellowfin Score / Thanks Aahsalot

    WTG... Luv the gentleman's hours (10:00am)!
  336. Second Row

    Home made Popper from plastic Coke bottle - Tuna Coast Panama

    Here are tuna lures made from bucket handles from Top Shelf Marine... innovative
  337. Second Row

    Offshore .............Don't be a Dick....

    Thanks for the report BlackFish
  338. Second Row

    11.23 Thanksgiving yellowtailturkey at the 150

    Great day on the water! The sunset from my office yesterday was insane! Wish I were out there..
  339. Second Row

    Pacific Warriors

    I don't think the editing & production team are anglers. Hopefully it will get better.
  340. Second Row

    LA BOCANA 11/9-16TH.

    Love that place! The fishing was incredible & we ate like kings.. good read, thanks for the memories.
  341. Second Row

    Offshore Caught Wahoo W/30lb Fluorocarbon!

    Looks like the taxman was collecting
  342. Second Row


    Dove Island-
  343. Second Row

    First Wahoo!!! Solo and in November!

    WTG - now do it again!
  344. Second Row

    Newport To Cabo

    bring advil for your arms & back! just saw this?-,17.968,-111.731,6
  345. Second Row

    Beginner Beach fishing rig?

    keep it cheap- krocodiles/spoons
  346. Second Row

    Offshore Anniversary hoo.......#2!

    The bean bag is the way to go... Happy Anniversary!
  347. Second Row

    Offshore Wahoo Saturday 10/24

    Congrats! What time did it hit?
  348. Second Row

    Panama advice.

    You'll have a great time no matter where you stay!
  349. Second Row

    Calcutta 400D vs Gold TN12

    IMO.. my 12 is one of my favorite reels to throw light irons & big plastics.. I use straight 65# braid and 3' top shot. The other factor is I prefer the power handle on the 12 vs the paddle handle on the 400, and the extra ratio on the 12TN 6.2:1 vs 5.4:1 doesn't hurt. The and 400= 30" per...
  350. Second Row

    Offshore 10/20 Catalina Wahoo!

    All it takes is one, GAME CHANGER!
  351. Second Row


    that's a long haul.. wtg fast eddie!
  352. Second Row

    Planning a vacation for next year best places to fish?

    Panama- Tropic Star Lodge or Puerto Vallarta - Paradise Village Resort- look up Manny Ocaranza on the El Matador or Josh Temple for charters
  353. Second Row

    Planning a vacation for next year best places to fish?

    Have you thought about looking into one of the long range trips- Indie, Excel, AA, Royal Star, PS...
  354. Second Row

    Giant SoCal Wahoo – Can it Get Better?

    Great stuff... WTG Jeff!
  355. Second Row

    Wahoo Whacking on the Legend

    over 50 lost geeeez
  356. Second Row

    Hoo's in???1st and probably last ever California based Wahoo tournament!

    MIKE... check the Legends facebook for today.. very encouraging for anyone on the fence!
  357. Second Row


    Scotty makes a line puller as well... and it's smaller, less to store-
  358. Second Row

    Dodo questions,

    phloro = fluro = fluoro as in fluorocarbon leader
  359. Second Row

    What happeded to the post earlier about a new California record?

    I'm sure there are more out there.. congrats!
  360. Second Row

    Offshore First Wahoo Landed On My Boat 10/11/2015

    That smiles says it all... nice work!
  361. Second Row

    Rolling the Surf Zone

    Excellent photos.. thanks for taking us down memory lane!
  362. Second Row

    This whoo is for you dad! Hell yeah!

    Epic battle.. congrats on the hoo!
  363. Second Row


    I have both... luv them equally.. MJ's has excellent customer service... never had to use Costa's CS... hope that helped.
  364. Second Row

    Offshore Magic paddy 9-23-15

    Nice haul !!! you crushed it...
  365. Second Row

    Proper etiquette

    "That Guy" told me to leave my etiquette at the dock..
  366. Second Row

    Schock Boats will Only Sell Grady Whites moving forward!

    Sun Country picked up the line. I'll miss the dock to dock service with Schock.
  367. Second Row

    Offshore Spencer Tracy, Zane Grey, and THAT Blue Marlin on the New Lo-An

    what size was the penn senator? wish i were there.. looks like you guys stacked the decks!
  368. Second Row

    Two eyes and a wiggle?

    They've been talking about this scenarios for 2015 since last year.. remember- buying a light rod (15#) setting up for throwing pine-head size anchovies.. sounds as if you had a good trip, congrats!
  369. Second Row

    Offshore Killed it out of Dana

    Love that smile... ear to ear! Nice work!
  370. Second Row

    Oceanside 8/30

    3 over the rail! what are sportiest?
  371. Second Row

    Striped marlin at the 150

    nice team work on the leadered fish!
  372. Second Row

    Well, fuck me.

    Sorry to hear that bud. I know what it's like, but don't be a quitter (not this season). I broke my leg last Aug.. sucked it up and managed to fight/catch my biggest personal best fish of my life! Hurt like hell.. hand fulls of ibuprofen, tequila & beer. And for the pain, mas tequila. Speedy...
  373. Second Row

    My trip to Alaska - Cracker Jack reviews

    Great job... and thanks for the tip on Jet Blue
  374. Second Row

    Offshore Trying not to be a dick

    BENDO... with the belly button rod holder
  375. Second Row

    Offshore WFO 182 Tuesday.....

    stackin'em deep & sellin'em cheap.. Nice work boys!
  376. Second Row

    Offshore 8/14 Offsore Morning Run

    LUV IT !!!! Nice dodo bud..
  377. Second Row

    Offshore 8/14 Offsore Morning Run

    Time to redo your avatar T.. nice job out there!
  378. Second Row

    Yellowfin are here!

    The Western Pride clocked'em pretty good today for 3/4... 128yft
  379. Second Row

    Just a cool picture ....298lb YFT

    the big ones are comin...
  380. Second Row

    Offshore No Blue Fin but....

    Keep It Fair! Keep It Fair!
  381. Second Row

    Ballyhoo Common In Southern California ?

    it's not a ballyhoo
  382. Second Row

    Offshore Holy Crap!!!

    I'd say she's a deuce, maybe a deuce and a half. Nice work
  383. Second Row

    Offshore Anybody know whos boat this is?

    Parker out of Dana with a tower... possibly Ahi Nui.. but I think that boat has only a single 250..??? Very cool pix!
  384. Second Row

    Offshore YFT chewed the paint off the boat and a few nice dorado.

    Good work Paul.. great lookin' dodo! Thanks for the #'s
  385. Second Row

    San Pedro Tuna - 7/11

    Quality Jonathan, thanks.
  386. Second Row

    Drone footage of BFT 1-2 miles off Crystal Cove

    Killer stuff! Tell your buddy in the future, keep the sun to the back of the drone. Less glare from the water. Thanks for sharing. Let's see more!
  387. Second Row

    33 lb Bluefin from Kayak

    You must be 100 miles offshore, congrats!
  388. Second Row

    When Is It Going To Start? It started today 7-9

    As my dad always says- "ya did it, but ya did it all wrong"! Keep tryin' bud, you'll be the hero on here soon!!!
  389. Second Row

    tug of war with a mako

    I was hoping you'd free gaff the mako for the triple lindy~!
  390. Second Row

    Kayak fishing Emerald Bay. Catalina Island

    pull a deep diving crystal minnow in your kayak by yo-zuri. try the mackerel pattern, it works well for me. you'll have a great time!
  391. Second Row

    Offshore Big blue

    That guy is a stud!
  392. Second Row

    Late Yellow Report

    Looks like a fun fish
  393. Second Row

    Fishing at the Oil Rigs

    Go out this weekend... it will be a ghost town. And all the yellows you can handle.
  394. Second Row

    DP 6/28

    business card holder size
  395. Second Row

    PEI Video Ready!!

    We were up there Sept 15-19... great fishing! Awesome video!
  396. Second Row

    Catalina good?

    I was looking to leave tomorrow too.. I'd be at Cat early just in case- Friday Patchy fog before 11am. Otherwise, cloudy, then gradually becoming mostly sunny, with a high near 69. Light west wind increasing to 10 to 15 mph in the afternoon. Friday Night Patchy fog after 11pm. Otherwise, mostly...
  397. Second Row

    Offshore 6/24/15 Oside / DP, 4-6 Miles Offshore

    Get a smoker and half the neighborhood comes a knockin, Fish = Beer
  398. Second Row

    Tyrnos? 65LB?

    I wouldn't focus on these BIG bluefin... low percentage of hooking one. Buy a reel that you really want and can enjoy year round- IMO.
  399. Second Row

    57 lbs of Adrenalin - Extreme Kayak Fishing 1080HD 50fps

    Luv it!!! You were more concerned about the camera angles then getting your fish in, WTG!
  400. Second Row

    Pt defience shark dive?

    And for Christmas she got him a parachute :)
  401. Second Row

    Still can't get them to eat live bait.

    Thanks for the report, and nice job!
  402. Second Row

    Drones for fishing? Let's discuss...

    In theory, it sounds great... practicality, no go. Battery life & stopping every 15 minutes to lunch a drone.. not going to happen! I can't even get my guys to close the lid on the bait tank and put away the bait net... let a loan someone disciplined enough to put down there beer, break out a...
  403. Second Row

    Makes me sick !

    I feel your pain brother!
  404. Second Row

    Cedros Island calico bass fishing with Warbaits Slayer Heads

    I'm sure Reeb's will fill you in with all the details... You didn't know he's the Mayor of Cedros!
  405. Second Row

    The five stages of fishing local Blue Fin

    Stage 6 Quit your job, make your parents support you and go out every day until you get one! It's really that simple, problem solved.
  406. Second Row

    Two PB's in 24 hrs yellowtail and halibut

    Good job bud, stay in school!
  407. Second Row

    6-12 150, skunked

    Thanks for takin one for the team. Next time bud!
  408. Second Row

    Trolling through the 150...

    Thx Jeff, I ended up with fillet duty and had a birthday dinner my friends were throwing for me that I was an hour late for. In hindsight, I should have put them in the fridge and filleted'em in the morning. I hate being rushed!
  409. Second Row

    Trolling through the 150...

    Corey, stopped out side the 150.. laughed my a$$ off.. I've never seen such a "cluster"! Saw that it was a nice ride to the west end of Catalina, made the call to hit the backside. Threw 7 med grade yellows in the cooler turned around and gunned it home before the wind picked up.. great day on...
  410. Second Row

    Spring time Coastal Tanker

    Nice work Andrew!
  411. Second Row

    Kieth Poe was on Bill Boyce Cali Edition

    someones got to post the animated videos of Keith, hilarious!!!
  412. Second Row


    16A- incredible
  413. Second Row

    5/24 OC Yellows

    On the "iron", luv it! must have been wide open if Nic hooked one.
  414. Second Row

    Circle Hooks Only For Shark in NY

    Guys catch grander- bluefin, black & blue marlin on circles for years... I think you'll live.
  415. Second Row

    Check this out

    Saw this yesterday.. Those are Tropic Star Bertrams.
  416. Second Row

    CINCO de Mayo con Dave Hansen

    Someone said he's the fish whisperer.
  417. Second Row

    I'm still excited!!!

    1%er !!!! WTG
  418. Second Row

    Last Drop is a Winner

    Quality Tail.. I have a similar rod- the Loomis GL3 series that I like to use for halibut stick paired with a Trini 12. Fun combination as you just demonstrated! Well done.
  419. Second Row

    fisherman Needed Baja trip May 23-31

    Curious... whats the cost and who's all going?
  420. Second Row

    South Coast Sportfishing

    Luv it!
  421. Second Row

    BFT email from NOAA

    what next?
  422. Second Row

    Cat report 4/19

    hopefully the cbass bite will pick up soon
  423. Second Row

    40 lb.

    kidding of course
  424. Second Row

    40 lb.

    I only use a short top shot of mono on party boats.. how do you think I got the nickname buzzsaw?
  425. Second Row


    my 2 cents... bait o matic and shark killers both work well. if you have a downrigger look where the bait is holding on your meter and set the depth when trolling. mouth hookin' with live bait using circle hooks can be a lot of fun..
  426. Second Row

    Catalina 4/19

    Nice work J !
  427. Second Row

    150 on the harbor boat 4/12

    Remember- Safety 3rd
  428. Second Row

    Funny Video-Guy Can't Hold His Tuna

    he should gave it a wood shampoo... problem solved
  429. Second Row

    Newport, 4-9-15

    thanks for the report
  430. Second Row

    2 speed reels why for lite line?

    If you really need a 2 speed for light line, than commit and just get an electric reel. IMO.. over kill. Sure, you could put diamond hearings on a mule, but why?
  431. Second Row

    Offshore Venice LA

  432. Second Row

    Early season Bass/Yellowtail fishing at Cedros Island

    Jose runs a 1st Class operation down there. I'm looking forward to going this summer!
  433. Second Row

    My first yellowtail

    Nice work on the T-Bird
  434. Second Row


    nada in newport... I've been checking each week. Although my ghost shrimps spots have be plugged in the bay.
  435. Second Row

    Horrible - 10,000 Sea Lions Found Dead on California Island

    This brings a tear to my eye..
  436. Second Row

    Tip of the month

    Dave, I want Elvis's head on a plate... and the rest of him on the grill
  437. Second Row

    2 speed reels why for lite line?

    2 speed for lighter line :supergay:
  438. Second Row

    mako magnet as fish attractant?

    Go to their site they sale other magnets.. Marlin tuna
  439. Second Row

    Yeti Coolers Take it up a Notch

    Over night ship?
  440. Second Row

    San Onofre Dodo

  441. Second Row

    Making bait at night

    The Chum Buddy rocks! No mess... easy to use!!!! You pack it with dead bait and pull the handle. Any macks we catch go straight in there and grind it up.
  442. Second Row

    Nice yellowtail starting to show up in Cabo area

    The gulf group is one of the best tasting fish! Nice work Mike
  443. Second Row

    Catalina Mossbacks 3/17/15

    Fun trip... 60 fathoms, yikes! that's 360 ft. they must have heard the dinner bell.
  444. Second Row

    Yellows at Nados 3/15/15

    luv the ol' school calstar west coast rod! one of my favorites in my quiver.
  445. Second Row

    Yellows 3/18/15 anyone?

    Try Seasons.. Jamie will hook ya up
  446. Second Row

    Tradewind Inflatables

    Take a look at West Coast Marine in Costa Mesa. They work on Yamaha's as well.
  447. Second Row

    Past experiences on Thunderbird / Oside 95 / ultra?

    Ultra-$$$, short drive T-Bird- fun, reasonable cost, good crew O'95- fun, reasonable cost, good crew, far to drive -they all have their upsides
  448. Second Row

    Kill bag reviews?

    Reliable... 4x
  449. Second Row

    Newport Barge back in business 3/13/15

    Zack and the guys do a great job.. thank you for going the extra mile !
  450. Second Row

    Scale for setting drag ?

    Shimano has a small spring scale to 20lbs that I use for something like $20 in tackle stores.
  451. Second Row

    Surf fishing? How will these lures work?

    IMO.. the Kroc spoons with silver prism tape seem to work the best and lasted the longest when I was surf fishing. I wouldn't worry about putting single hooks on. Plastics don't last long down there the trigger fish tear them a part. I also did well with a Lucky Craft metallic sardine.
  452. Second Row

    Whales and yellows continue as unusual cop story emerges

    Hopefully the sign of the times...
  453. Second Row

    2008 Blazer Bay 1860 "Snook Hunter" for sale

    Does the Humminbird come with all your numbers?
  454. Second Row

    Looking for a little talent

    Probably because he doesn't know how to fish it.
  455. Second Row

    two raffle rods for the LB Fred Hall show

    Nice work Brent.. Bill and Ryan at Batson will love them!
  456. Second Row

    Follow up to Friday the 13th Box Canyon.

    Have you ever had your temp gauge calibrated? Sometimes they can be off a couple degrees.
  457. Second Row

    Valentines day LATE POST

    She ate the heart... luv it! Now you need to teach her how to fillet them.
  458. Second Row

    Looking for a little talent

    Nice fishing platform, but... I guess I'm out. All my reels are loaded with braid except for the ones that have IGFA line on them.
  459. Second Row

    Group Buy: Marine Bean Bag Chairs! check post for discount code, 30% off, valid 2/24- 2/26

    I use one and the ride is awesome! I fall asleep on the way to Clemente every time.
  460. Second Row


    smoke it fool..
  461. Second Row

    Any first hand review on fathom 25NLD2?

    how many times do you need a second gear for yellowtail- please! All caught on a star drag, no prob...
  462. Second Row

    Any first hand review on fathom 25NLD2?

    For yellows... I'd go with a single speed and a star drag- Fathom 25N.
  463. Second Row


    clean head shot !
  464. Second Row


    I was wondering the same thing yesterday... I haven't heard anyone catching them consistently during the fall. Only a couple of juvies here and there in front of harbor.