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  1. aztec23

    Aluminum vs stainless steel prop

    Just had to replace my aluminum (turning point) prop after I ran over something. I cracked and bent one of the blades. If I had a ss prop might have blown out lower unit.
  2. aztec23

    MB Launch ramp under attack again

    In an article in Monday mornings SD Union a nimby group wants to dump the homeless rvs into the south shores launch ramp parking lot. Even now it’s a disaster zone of shit filled bathrooms and low life trash hanging around this lot. If these turds who advocate using our launch ramp as a homeless...
  3. aztec23

    Trolling Motor spot lock?

    Who did you order the trolling motor from?
  4. aztec23

    Inshore La Jolla - struggled to catch anything

    Was out there last week had the same luck as you. Current, wind, swell made it difficult to stay on my spot. Tried the sock before and it helps but when you have to circle back its a hassle to keep hauling it in and out. My next big purchase is going to be a trolling motor with spot lock...
  5. aztec23

    Trolling Motor spot lock?

    Thoughts on if it is worth the extra money to get AGM batteries for a 24v or 36v trolling motor. Weight and size lighter or smaller?
  6. aztec23

    June - Fishing near Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina

    For sure bring a rod/reel two piece travel 7' with 100 size baitcaster or spinner. Its all about the tide in the bay, go as weedless as possible.
  7. aztec23

    Trolling Motor spot lock?

    Alex, thanks for the tips that I wouldn’t of even thought about.
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  9. aztec23

    Trolling Motor spot lock?

    Damn, didn't think about a backorder issue. Thanks for the advice.
  10. aztec23

    Trolling Motor spot lock?

    I am thinking about buying a trolling motor for my 18' center console. The primary interest is to use spot lock inshore off La Jolla/Pt Loma. Tired of current and wind moving me off my spot and having to circle back constantly. My question is will (for example) a Minnkota 24v keep my boat in...
  11. aztec23

    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    I’ve been giving sp a whirl recently. Like your idea of getting together sometime. Maybe some of us could meet at a launch ramp in sd bay or mission bay and fish La Jolla or Pt Loma.
  12. aztec23

    Inshore Anchoring off Carlsbad State Beach

    Camp there often and have never seen someone try that one. I have docked my boat at Oside harbor before at foot rate. If surf isnt bad thought about using an inflatable yak to get out to the kelp right past the surf zone. Have seen guys catching calico off sup boards there. Surf fishing can be...
  13. aztec23


    Agree with R&R. I don't think anyone is stirring up shit just by trying to find out the status of an event that all of us love. In my opinion it has been strangely silent about the future of the company and its current structure/ownership. When Bart Hall called into the local weekend radio show...
  14. aztec23

    What makes a SPJ Reel?

    Wow, flat out best video I’ve seen! Who is this guy so I can watch his other stuff?
  15. aztec23

    What makes a SPJ Reel?

    Hmm, I like your point on the quarter turns makes sense. What brand of arm did you install and did you use existing handle or a new one?
  16. aztec23

    What makes a SPJ Reel?

    Thoughts on long handle arms? Most SPJ reels appear to have long handle arms for the purpose of cranking power. In so cal inshore we typically fish 100-300 ft for rockfish and other bottom dwellers. Jigging with 100-300 gram jigs (at least me). If we are not pulling large species off the bottom...
  17. aztec23

    Post photos of your catches with the new PENN "Slow-Pitch Jigging" rods and reels

    Try calling East County Bait and Tackle in Lakeside they had a decent selection awhile ago.
  18. aztec23

    Trip to japanese fishing store - Okinawa Edition

    Nice intel pics, good to here what's going on outside our little bubble.
  19. aztec23

    Lowrance HDS-9 Gen 3 freezing up

    Excellent, glad it worked for your friend. It never dawned on me either that all that stored data would have an adverse affect on performance.
  20. aztec23

    Lowrance HDS-9 Gen 3 freezing up

    Same thing happened to me. Was going to take it in for repair when a tech told me that if I run the updates and delete all my tracks it solves 90% of issues. Guess what, I did it and it worked!! Your buddy will need a 16gb sd card (or higher) in order to download updates and transfer to unit.
  21. aztec23

    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    Jeff, I have the Daiwa Elev8 mh rod I purchased at the Fred Hall Show last year. I believe the booth was Anglers Choice from pt Loma. I talked to a Daiwa pro who help test and developed the rod at a seminar. He paired his set up with a Lexa 300 with 30 lb braid. I did the same and got close to...
  22. aztec23

    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    I have used the Daiwa Inchiku “system” this season with mixed results here on San Diego reefs. Best action occurred when using curly tail trailers on skirted hooks. Do love the rod, 7’10” mh that has a really soft tip and good backbone. I’ve used it for calicos with light swim baits and hard...
  23. aztec23

    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    Excellent take jowo, you make the most sense!
  24. aztec23

    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    Just curious with this whole technique, is it not necessary to make a hook set? As soft as these rods are could that be an issue?
  25. aztec23

    Penn & Tackle Days @ Fishermans Landing on 11/7 9 am

    Yes it would be a great idea if Steve could be creative and give an informal session. If a few spj set ups could be brought that would be wonderful. Next year is along way off, why not give people a heads up on BD and I bet there will be plenty of interest.
  26. aztec23

    High End Slow Pitch Rods/Reels

    What’s with the watch in the video?
  27. aztec23

    Pt. Loma Weather 10/5?

    Last couple of weeks found super thick fog off Pt Loma. Anyone out there today with weather/wind/swell report? Plan on going out tomorrow 10/6 Tuesday. By the way is there a webcam there? Thanks!
  28. aztec23

    Need Parker CC 1801 windshield

    Took my old windshield into San Diego Plastics (Chula Vista) as a model. They made a new one in about a week. Cost was $250, I drilled the new holes so they would be dead on. Corners are going to be a little sharper as the original is made with a mold.
  29. aztec23

    Graphtech rail rods

    Beg to differ but had two graftec rods that had reel seat failures that cost me an expensive reel. However Turners did give me credit to buy another better quality rod in which I’ve had zero problems. Employee said that they’ve had many returns...
  30. aztec23

    Fishing in Oceanside

    Go south near the Army Navy Academy on border of Oside and Carlsbad.
  31. aztec23

    Pop ups....

    So hitting the back button every so often will gives us an endless supply of Geico and BoatUS full screen pop up ads?
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    Pop ups....

  33. aztec23

    2020 Temple Reef Levitate 5th Anniversary

    Chinese Angels...
  34. aztec23

    First slow pitch setup advice

    Where are the Temple Reef blanks made? Fiberglass, composite or graphite?
  35. aztec23

    2020 Temple Reef Levitate 5th Anniversary

    Where are the Temple Reef blanks made? Fiberglass, composite or graphite?
  36. aztec23

    Site has turned into a chore...

    Here we go again with these full page Geico and Boatus ads! This site has a ton of ads everywhere, why annoy the loyal base of members? Site admin. has asked us previously to not use ad blockers but you can only push people so far before we have no choice in order to keep our sanity. For those...
  37. aztec23

    2020 Temple Reef Levitate 5th Anniversary

    Just curious, where are Temple Reefs manufactured?
  38. aztec23

    Shelter island launch ramp overnight

    Have stayed at the Bay Club Hotel and got a slip they rent. I left my truck and empty trailer parked right across the street where launch ramp parking is. Did not have a problem. Would not sleep to well if my boat was there all night.
  39. aztec23

    Fujinon 14 x 40 Service??

    Mine did the same thing however just made it under warranty period. I had to send them to Fujinon on the east coast directly, they examined and sent to Japan. From Japan they go back to east coast and then ship to me. Whole thing took 2 months.
  40. aztec23

    South Shores homeless

    Noticed same thing recently, wondering if they spend the night or blow in early morning? Maybe the cops are afraid of confrontation videos with all the bullshit going on lately.
  41. aztec23

    Goodbye & Thank You

    Great move, can’t tell you how many friends feel exactly the way you do.
  42. aztec23

    Accurate getting into slowpitch

    Yes the fact that major players are introducing these specific rods and reels gives us hope that our local tackle shops will either carry them in store or order. Nothing like handling the gear before purchasing.I have both Penn and Daiwa rods and reels I gotta believe they are not going to put...
  43. aztec23

    Accurate getting into slowpitch

    Just saw Penn is coming out with a line of SLP rods and reels. Their the Battalion II line and best news is that their relatively affordable $150 for rods!
  44. aztec23

    Accurate getting into slowpitch

    Hey fellas, let’s keep the field testing results updated. Want to give this a try on my boat. Gotta be some west coast importers of jigs and rods interested in a niche market.
  45. aztec23

    Accurate getting into slowpitch

    You got issues man, I don’t know where your from but if you haven’t noticed this is a So Cal website with So Cal fisherman! We seek information as it relates/works in our year round fishery. If a Japanese technique can work in our waters some of us would like to try it. For your information I...
  46. aztec23

    Accurate getting into slowpitch

    Agree with cubeye, been interested in these rods recently and have found next to no information as it would relate to so cal fishery. Did listen to a seminar speaker at FHS from the east coast who was very biased toward Temple Reef rods (probably on staff). Seemed very knowledgeable but not in...
  47. aztec23

    Got Yamaha Outboard Paint? 2012 150hp Code 8D

    Try Seawitch Marine in Vista, recently bought a can there.
  48. aztec23

    SD Bay fishing help

    Its all about the tide...
  49. aztec23

    Seeker Inshore Pro 807-8' T

    Great rod, I have one paired with a Lexa 300. Yes it is under rated, better at throwing a little heavier jigs, swim baits and lures than half ounce. However this is a fantastic rod and one of my favorites at a good price.
  50. aztec23

    DIY tackle center

    I do like the design and materials used, have thought about something like that myself. Nice skills and craftmanship!
  51. aztec23

    Good Simrad repair/service in San Diego?

    Wow great idea I’ll try it , I do have a ton of tracks stored. I was dreading losing the unit in repair being high and dry. Thank you!!
  52. aztec23

    Good Simrad repair/service in San Diego?

    I've got a 2 year old Simrad Go9 that is freezing up, shutting down etc., Anyone know of a decent service center in San Diego. Been trying to call West Marine (where I bought it) but everyones always "busy" as usual at that place.
  53. aztec23

    Any Pt Loma repoprts?

    Got plenty of Cuda on jerk baits and reds the other day, watch out for the dogs lost two and lures to them. Yes, careful with the conditions has been a washing machine.
  54. aztec23

    Accurate Need a slow pitch rod for my new Valiant BV2-500N

    Question-Does this Japanese technique produce in our So Cal waters? If so what conditions and depth are nominal? Being that the proper slow pitch set up is quite expensive. From my research at the Fred Hall show it appears that there is a Temple Reef sponsored individual who is obviously...
  55. aztec23

    Offshore Shelter Island rules

    Just make sure you park only in the yellow marked spaces, saw three tickets being written today. Police and parking patrol cruising all over trying to make up for city shortfall by screwing us. Couple of guys really pissed off!
  56. aztec23

    Pop ups....

    Yes, I also get a ton of pop ups on both phone and computer. Isn't all the ads crammed in on the page enough? Need to scrap "farming out" the ads out approach so you don't have to tweek anything. Not worth pissing off and alienating all your loyal members IMO.
  57. aztec23

    Oceanside Launch Ramp?

    Good deal if you live in oside and launch often but “outsiders” pass we’re about double over $200 last time I checked.
  58. aztec23

    Oceanside Launch Ramp?

    My bad, just checked $15 hose job starts May 15.
  59. aztec23

    Oceanside Launch Ramp?

    Don't know the hours but I think the city is ripping us off for $15 parking fees as of May 1st.
  60. aztec23

    Helpful new feature available on Navionics Boating App

    Thanks Erik, keep posting details about the Navionics plotter chip as many of us use this.
  61. aztec23

    Offshore Covid19 tuna spike

    Sweet! Now you've got me thinking... What did you use to secure bolt to the wood? All without a lathe, inlaid abalone, impressive. Did you use varathane for the finish? Stainless is pretty hard, grinder or sander?
  62. aztec23

    Navionics Help

    I'm in the same situation . I talked to the Lowrance/Simrad rep at the Fred Hall show last month, he gave me a demo on the Navionics Platinum plus. He said the 644p+ is the ticket for salt water fishing in so cal. Others "in the know" have said the same. It does cover all California, Baja and...
  63. aztec23

    Daiwa Lexa 300 HD for Rockfishing/coltsnipers

    I have all three reels, lexa 300 great for inshore calicos. You can go bottom fishing up to 3oo feet but that would be pushing it, I got 40 pound spectra on for that purpose. The lexa 400 is overkill for inshore calico IMO, great for paddy yellows etc. Tranx 400 would be something that could do...
  64. aztec23


    Nice job, keep working on it! My only recommendation would be to have music that is something that you actually like/listen to. Don't try to model the music after some of the shitty stuff we hear on youtube fishing vids. Great to see your enthusiasm, looking forward to the next one!
  65. aztec23

    Fred Hall show in sandiego

    Yes I bought a rod at Squidco store for show price the week before LB FHS. I believe they said they are doing this through March.
  66. aztec23

    Graftech offshore?

    Wouldn't buy another, had one that cost me a nice reel gone to the bottom of the drink. These are Turners house brand, try to do some research on where they are manufactured (you'll get nothing but vague answers). They did warranty with another rod but it had the same issue with the cheap rod...
  67. aztec23

    Part one

    Great advice Captain Dave, screw everybody and let them die! WTF's the radio for other than to watch out for each other and share information? Sad that a professional would care more about catching a fish than saving a human life. Real spirit of a true mariner...
  68. aztec23

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    OMG I enlarged the photo I hope that was photoshopped, if not how horrible!
  69. aztec23

    Offshore 8/30 yft and bft

    Nice work, was out there today saw the sporties start heading north, should of taken the hint. Good map work, definitely was slow compare to recent days. Loved how your rod matches the carnage on the deck! Ha Ha
  70. aztec23

    Offshore May 9-16 Catalina/Inner Offshore and Local Fishing Report

    Outstanding information and report, looking forward to it each week!
  71. aztec23

    May 3-May 8 Inshore/Catalina Info/Report

    Outstanding report, keep up the good work!!
  72. aztec23

    "Lets Talk Hook Up" Radio Show Dead?

    Good point the show can seem like an infomercial at times. However this is a capitalist society and we have to suffer through advertisements at times to be entertained or gain knowledge. Look at all the ads on this website for example...
  73. aztec23

    "Lets Talk Hook Up" Radio Show Dead?

    Just read that the mighty 1090 radio station has ceased all operations, streaming included. Real bummer to all us sports fans of San Diego. The popular weekend fishing show Lets Talk Hook Up was on this station. Anyone have inside info on where the show is going or what the future plan is...
  74. aztec23

    Parker acquired

    Be interesting to know the real reason for the "merger".
  75. aztec23

    Offshore Inshore LB/LA Waters and Catalina Report for the Week of 4/13-18

    Excellent report please keep this weekly update going, will be looking forward to it!
  76. aztec23

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    Anthony, much thanks for the great information on the launch ramp issue. Also thank you for responding to the email I sent to the Mayor so quickly. Now we can all sleep at night. Ha Ha!
  77. aztec23

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    Close a thread because a few members are expressing various opinions about the homeless situation? No, we need to make the launch ramp invasion proposal a top priority on this site in order to stand up for our rights as sportsmen!
  78. aztec23

    Seeker Inshore Rods - Blue Lightning & Classic Inshore Series

    Is there a trigger grip on either? What part of SD are you located?
  79. aztec23

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    I agree with comments about needing to meet and organize in order to stop this insane idea from going forward. I've already emailed the Mayor's office and the Witch who is suggesting this. Who is a political activist that would be good at gathering the troops? Maybe the BD administrators have...
  80. aztec23

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    If there was ever a time that a community of sportsman should step up and let their voices be heard it is NOW! I just emailed the Mayor's office my opinion about this ludicrous recommendation by what appears to be a psychotic councilwoman. This should be front page/top of BD's website story...
  81. aztec23

    Saltwater baitcasters

    Hey folks, how about the maintenance issues with baitcasters? I like my tranx and lexas but when your casting hundreds of times with soft and hard baits salt water does a number on interior parts. I do all my own tear downs/repairs and can tell you no matter how well you try to clean your...
  82. aztec23

    Offshore SC Anglers-Hot Water Article

    Just wanted to thank Erik for the great article on the summer water conditions we are experiencing. The weekend a.m. radio shows and weekly fishing paper (although I like both) don't really come out and say what is really happening for obvious reasons. Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum.
  83. aztec23

    Xtratuff boots size

    They run narrow and small. I wear 10 1/2 ordered 11 and they were too tight, got 12's which were just right. Better to have a little extra room, mine haven't stretched.
  84. aztec23

    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    Thanks for the great tip Robert! Just got mine today, FedEx in two days. Been playing around with them, they are very clear and the stabilization is wonderful. Excellent timing for the information about the sale because it looks like they are discontinued and replaced by a new model (at full...
  85. aztec23

    NSS9 Evo3 + SS175HW and holding bottom.

    Yes B-Man this is exactly how my transducer is mounted, thanks for the visual.
  86. aztec23

    NSS9 Evo3 + SS175HW and holding bottom.

    Recently installed the same unit, had a similar issue. Moved the Totalscan transducer up about an inch so that one side of it is above bottom of hull and the other side half way splitting bottom of hull (if that makes any sense). Also mounted a four by six piece of 1" starboard to transom which...
  87. aztec23

    Daiwa magseal ferrofluid?

    Thanks for the ideas fellas, will try Daiwa to see if they are selling the magic fluid. Great YouTube, will also try contacting Ferrotec who evidently makes the stuff.
  88. aztec23

    Daiwa magseal ferrofluid?

    Dumped my new Saltiga 5000 fishing off pt loma the other day. When I pulled it off the bottom the reel inhaled a ton of water as expected. Totally dismantled when I got home only to figure out that one of the bearing seals is a magical “ferrrofluid” called magseal. As I have read Daiwa does not...
  89. aztec23

    Best Topographic map for Simrad

    Am looking at a Lowrance elite 9ti to buy soon. Have similar question to Ben, most detailed card for so cal coastal and inland so cal lakes?