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  1. ocsleeper

    Where to fish in SD

    Have my boat in SD with the kids. What are some of the popular spots down here? I know of La Jolla and PT loma. Wondering if there's anything else I can try to put the kids on some fish.
  2. ocsleeper

    Marine surveyor OC/LB area

    Helping a buddy out on a purchase of a skipjack. Any recommendation for a surveyor that knows Skipjack and diesel engine? Looking for the OC/LB area. Thanks
  3. ocsleeper

    You would not eat the fish if it was caught at .........?

    I know this topic has came up before about whether or not you would eat any fish caught inside the harbor. I've even asked this same question here at BD last year. Now I"m curious to hear opinions of fellow anglers to see if this goes beyond just the harbors. So the question is this...
  4. ocsleeper

    7ft 6 inch rod

    Been looking for an 8 ft rod to pair with my Lexa. I have a killer deal presented to me on a PCH inshore rod that is about $60 less than a 8 ft rod I wanted. Has anyone fished a 7.5 ft rod and can comment if this 6 inch would make much of a difference?
  5. ocsleeper

    First time fishing San Diego

    I'm taking my boat 22 Cobia DC for the first time into waters off San Diego this week. Will be at campland in Mission Bay (Thanks to Papa J for recommendations) with my wife and 2 boys 10 n 8 years of age. Looking to catch pretty much of anything for the kids from bass, rockfish. barracuda...
  6. ocsleeper

    Towing boat down to San Diego

    Looking to tow the boat down to San Diego for a few day family trip. Any idea where I may be able to park the boat on trailer over night that is relatively safe? Or possibly just the trailer if I can find a temp slip.
  7. ocsleeper

    Oil rigs

    Has anyone actually have either gotten in trouble or know of anyone who got in trouble for fishing too close to the oil rigs? This is particularly in the OC/Long Beach area. Every rig I see has a huge sign that says stay at least 300 ft from the rigs but always see many boats fishing either...
  8. ocsleeper

    Would you eat fish caught inside the harbor?

    As the title says, would anyone eat anything caught inside the harbor by where all the boats are docked? I'm not talking about certain game fish such as bay basses but more along the line of a halibut or other fish which I'm sure most of us would harvest if caught off the coast. I've always...
  9. ocsleeper

    Braid breaking point

    Just bought some J braid and 832 for two new reels. Why spooling up my new reel today with 65 lb Suffix 832 braid, the line snapped rather easily as I pulled on it to tie a knot. I know I've pull harder on other mono lines smaller class and I don't remember it snapping as easy. So I...
  10. ocsleeper


    Looking to take some kids out fishing and hoping for something easy. I see the long beach sports boat are loading up on the whitefish. Can anyone let me know where they are getting them? Or provide me spots to find them? Considering its only whitefish, I assume it will not be much of a...
  11. ocsleeper

    Looking for the Penn Fathom of fishing rods

    Haven't bought new gear for awhile and looking to add a 30# setup to my current collection. I usually spend $350 plus for reels and $250 plus for rods and really do not have the appetite to spend that much on this new setup. I ran across some postings about the Penn Fathoms and people seem to...
  12. ocsleeper

    boat trailer wash down

    I'm curious what you guys who launch your boats do with regards to this. How many of you wash down your boat trailer immediately after dunking it in the salt water to launch your boat? I never have done this and didn't start to think about this until one of my buddy told me he does this. It...
  13. ocsleeper

    Place to beach your boat

    Anyone know of any harbors or beaches in So Cal where you can go and beach your boat and hang out for the day? Maybe not necessary beach your boat but at least anchor it very close to shore, hop off the boat and spend some time in the water or the beach and then head back out.
  14. ocsleeper

    White Smoke on 4 Stroke Yam F200

    Took the boat out for the first time this year after it sitting since last October. Ran from Long Beach to San Pedro and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Even made a few stops to circle around some seals for the kids to look at. Then when we were at San Pedro, we made a few more...
  15. ocsleeper

    sx or mxj

    Im looking to buying another reel. I have an SX and LX. My SX is the go to reel for 90% of the fishing I do. Am thinking of buying an mxj since I prefer a narrow reel. Now is there much difference between the SX or MXJ? I could very well be happy with another SX.
  16. ocsleeper

    Lake Michigan fishing - Chicago area

    Anyone have any experience fishing Lake Michigan out of the Chicago area? I'll be visiting there next month and looking to find a good reputable charter for some Salmon fishing. Any know of any good ones?
  17. ocsleeper

    WTB Boat trailer

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Mod please move to the correct forum if this is out of place. I'm looking to buy a used replacement trailer for my 18 ft boat. Doesn't have to be brand new but in good condition. Single axel and galvanized is fine. How much do you think I would be...
  18. ocsleeper

    Anyone need to fill a spot this weekend?

    Wife taking the kids to her moms this weekend so I need to get out on the water when I can. Was going to hit up the cattle boat but it's going to be jammed pack. Anyone heading out to Catalina this weekend and need someone to help for gas, bait, food, clean boat, etc? Don't smoke and only...
  19. ocsleeper

    When is it ok to have short filet?

    I have a question that maybe someone can answer for me. I know and understand that certain fishes have to be certain length as well if you filet them. My question is at what point are you allowed to posses them. As in example, I catch a halibut well above legal size. I take it back to the...
  20. ocsleeper


    I've been seeing reports of steady Bonito bites for the Enterprise out of Alamitos bay for the past week or so. Anyone know where they're finding the Bonitos at?
  21. ocsleeper

    Lake Mahove

    Anyone fish Lake Mahove Arizona near Laughlin? I'm going to be there in August and was hoping to do a little fishing. Can anyone tell me what species to target at this time of year and what type of setup or technique to use?
  22. ocsleeper

    Boat trailer lights

    I have a 17 ft boat on a trailer that I plan on taking from Anaheim to Laughlin Nevada in a couple of weeks. The rear light on the trailer doesn't work. Does anyone know what the regulations are in terms of the rear lights of the trailer? I'm extra concern as I might be pulling my boat at...
  23. ocsleeper


    I'm thinking of hitting DVL this weekend or the next before ocean fishing gets in full swing for me. I have never been to this lake and have heard great things about it. Can anyone give me some pointers for fishing this lake? Targeting bass or trouts. Thanks
  24. ocsleeper

    Looking for a good mechanic in the OC area

    I just inherited a Regal 17" bowrider boat that was in working condition 2-3 seasons ago and has been sitting in the driveway ever since. I know it probably needs a new starter and probably battery. I'm looking for a reputable marine machanic in the OC area that I can go to or a mobile one...
  25. ocsleeper

    Marlin C&R

    I was in Cabo a couple of years ago and caught what appears to be a Stripe Marlin. When we brought the fish to the boat, there appears to be some sort of internal organ that was sticking out of its mouth or gills. Can't really remember but I think it was the mouth. We just shoved it right back...
  26. ocsleeper

    fishing limits

    Can someone verify this to me. We all know the daily fish limit for certain fishes. Are they purely daily fish limit or posession limit? Just curious because if you were to go on a multi day trip and happen to catch the daily limit of a certain type of species like yellow fin tuna or...
  27. ocsleeper

    What is a good size Thresher or Mako to keep?

    I've been seeing a lot of people on this board ripping each other about the size of sharks they keep. Since I have never caught any of these but would want to in the future, what is a good size of Thresher or Mako to keep for consumption? I have no idea how big these gets.
  28. ocsleeper

    Catalina or S Clemente

    Anyone heading out this weekend or any time soon to either of these location and need one or two more? Not looking to free load and willing to help with what ever cost or duties. Let me know. Thanks
  29. ocsleeper

    Need some advice for first time boat owner

    My brother who lives in Chicago told me I can have his 25 ft Regal assuming I can find a way to ship it to California. It's a cruiser and not exactly a fishing boat that I wanted but hey, if it gets me to the fishing spots then it's good enough. I am not sure exactly the year of the boat but I...
  30. ocsleeper

    Avet SX Drag problem

    I have an SX single speed. I think it's the first or second generation version where you can hear little clicking when you reel it. I had gotten my line stuck to the bottom with full drag on when my buddy gunned his boat and took off. The line didn't break but a lot of line let out and I...
  31. ocsleeper

    Flouro leader

    Question for those of you who fishes with flouro leader. If flouro leader is supposedly invisible then does it matter what size we use as long as it's big enough to handle the fish? For instance, I have a setup with 80lb of flouro leader on 100lb braid that I used in PV to catch yellow fins and...
  32. ocsleeper

    Regulation when eating fish caught on boat

    Does anyone know the regulation when you're eating your caught fish on the boat? I know this might sound silly but if I decide to cut up and cook the fish I caught while still fishing, do I have to do anything to show proof that the fish I caught and eating are of the legal size?
  33. ocsleeper

    Looking for a ride

    Anyone heading out to either Catalina or SCI either this weekend or next and need a Ho?
  34. ocsleeper

    Outboard vs Inboard motor

    Can anyone tell me the differance between the Outboard versus Inboard motor? I know that one is inside the boat where as the other is outside. But I'm interested in knowing the pros and cons of having either of these motors such as cost, maintanence, performance, etc... Thanks
  35. ocsleeper

    Saltiga 30 vs Accurate B-870N

    Earlier I started a thread of the Saltist 30 vs Avet Mxj because I was looking for a new toy that I can use as an anywhere, anyplace, any fish (except cows of course) type of reel. Well that went no where because I prefer to have a lefty and Saltist doesn't come lefty and I already have two...
  36. ocsleeper

    Avet mxj vs saltist 30

    I was planning on buying a mxj until i start reading about the saltist. Does any one have an opinion on the two head to head? I'm looking to use this reel with about 30# tossing irons for yellow tail, wsb, albacore n some bottom fishing. I'm a lefty so the reel must be left handed so if the...
  37. ocsleeper

    Black left handed SX or MXJ

    Does anyone know where I can get a left handed SX or MXL or MXJ in black? I've read certain places that Avet only make silver for their left handed reels but I"ve seen some on ebay in other colors besides silver.
  38. ocsleeper

    Need a custom rod built

    I'm not sure if this is against the site rules or not. I'm looking for some one in the OC area to build me a kick ass custom rod. PM me if you can do it. Thanks
  39. ocsleeper

    Night fishing for Trouts

    Looking to do some fishing after work one of these nights at local lakes such as Santa Ana River Lake or Irvine lake. Does anyone have any experience how the fishing at night is?
  40. ocsleeper

    Fishing PV Nov 5 on HoneyMoon

    Long story so you guys might just want to scroll down and just look at the pictures. For those of you who are interested, read on. Amazing day on the water with Danny Osuna on Nov 5! Got married Oct 18th and talked to the wife about going to Puerto Vallarta for our honeymoon. She knows how...
  41. ocsleeper


    I see a lot of you guys with boats getting some nice lobsters. Is there any way a person without a boat get into this action? I used to fish for lobsters but i guess it's against the law to do this now. Seeing all these post is getting me really craving for some local lobsters.
  42. ocsleeper

    Fishing 4-6 hours on Pangas

    I'll be up in PV the first week of November for my honeymoon. I have one full day of fishing lined up already and was considering taking a mini early morning fishing trip while the wife is asleep :) on a differant day. Does anyone know what they're catching out there around the bay or where...
  43. ocsleeper

    Looking for 1 possibly 2 to share trip with Danny Osuna Nov

    I have Danny Osuna booked for November 4. I'll be up with with my wife and a buddy and his gf. My buddy and I have a boat booked with Danny Osuna on Nov 4 and looking for a 3rd to hop along and split the cost 3 ways. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  44. ocsleeper


    Can anyone tell me the differant ways to cook Albacore? Just got back from a trip and have about 4 Albies and no idea how to cook it. I tried marinating it with Teriyaki and grilling it like what was suggested to me and I couldn't even taste the teriyaki when eating the fish. I am the worst...
  45. ocsleeper

    Looking for a ride for two

    Anyone looking going out this weekend and need 2 more? My buddy and I are willing to split cost for some Tuna & Dorado action. Let me know. Thanks
  46. ocsleeper

    How to tell what pound line is on reel

    Hey Guys, I have an Avet LX that I bought earlier this year and put on some braid on it. Stupid me forgot how many pounds this was. Is there anyway to determine how many pounds this is? I believe it is Power Pro that I have on.
  47. ocsleeper

    Dorado in Long Beach?

    Hey guys, I was checking out the reports for the Enterprise launching out of Seal Beach/Long Beach and they reported 2 dorados on their 3/4 day trip yesterday. I'm not sure if this is a mistake or not but does anyone know if dorados are being caught this far north?
  48. ocsleeper

    Buying a boat

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to buy a boat sometimes next year so I figured to get as much info in owning a boat as possible. Can anyone answer the following question for me? 1. Aside from the purchase price, insurance cost and gas, what other hidden cost should I expect to have in a boat? I'm...
  49. ocsleeper

    Albacore spots

    Are all spots to fish Albacore either due west or southwest of San Diego? The reason I'm asking is that I want to take a charter or something for Albacore and I live in the OC/Long Beach area and don't see too many boats going for Albacore up here. I would sure love to save the drive all the...
  50. ocsleeper

    Avet SX 5.1

    I just bought a new Avet SX 5.1 on a steep discount due to the 5.3 being released. This is the second Avet that I have. I have one question to all you who have one of these. Can any of you tell me if it's normal for the reel to click when you crank the handle? This is not counting the time...
  51. ocsleeper

    Tuna fishing in PV

    Hey guys. I'm getting married in October and have convinced my wife to be to take our honeymoom in PV the first week of Nov. I told her how nice Pv is and how great it would be to have our honey moon there....but I really want to go there for some tuna fishing ;). I'm looking to catch some...