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    The BEST thing you spent money on fishing

    Techno stabis
  2. Wrecksford

    Defiance 220 Admiral EX Veteran Owners advice request

    At first I got offended when people knocked the brand. I own an ‘07 220 EX with an F150. Sure it could use more power, but we can fish all day (or even 2 days) if we bring a few extra cans of fuel. We’ve slept on it a handful of times. Spartan, yes. Gets the job done though. It’s been nice to...
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    6 New Aluminum rod holders - Weld-on

    Diameter? Also are they all flared at the top or just some?
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    Kencor jigstick question...

    I had a dark grey/black 9'er. It was all glass. Forget the name of the model but it was fun for yellowtail. I made the mistake of throwing a 7x into a foamer of 120# BFT 2 years ago and the rod snapped after 3 hours of pulling. My buddy had the same one that also snapped somehow... We bought...
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    2014 GMC Savana Cargo Van

    Still available. Miles currently at 62,6xx
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    Defiance hull review

    I haven't fished a similar sized Parker PH. I've had a 220EX for about 3 years. There are things I like about it and things I don't. It is underpowered with 150hp for overnight/offshore trips loaded with gear. On the other hand, it is pretty efficient for local trips along the coast with less...
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    2014 GMC Savana Cargo Van

    Hey everybody, I have a kid on the way and a new job commute so it's time to move on. I bought this van in 2016 from Hardin Buick/GMC in Anaheim. My goal was to outfit it with a leveling kit and keep it forever but priorities change... Currently 61xxx miles on odometer, will go up as i drive...
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    Bait/chest freezer

    Freezer is gone. Thanks for the tips and interest
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    Bait/chest freezer

    The freezer is spoken for. Thanks!
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    Bait/chest freezer

    My chest freezer got unplugged somehow and I didn't notice it til it was too late... lost about 25# of assorted yellowfin bellies and filets. I bleached it and washed the inside but it still smells a bit. Would make a great bait freezer. Works great when plugged in. I learned my lesson on having...
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    Pair of Daiwa Saltist 30T

    Reels are sold. Thanks for the patience guys
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    Pair of Daiwa Saltist 30T

    I apologize for being inconsistent with getting back to those of you who have PM'd me. The reels are still available, I would like to get rid of them but I am not desperate. I appreciate the offers, and will respond to PM's in order
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    Pair of Daiwa Saltist 30T

    Thanks. Reels are solid for surface iron! I like the 4.9:1 gear ratio too.
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    Pair of Daiwa Saltist 30T

    Both reels have boat rash, 8/10 condition mechanically. One has 1/2 spool 65# spectra, the other has just under 1/2 of either 50# or 65#. I only have one clamp, and an extra set of carbontex drags. Also paperwork/tool. Take all of it for $165. I'm in Oceanside.
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    Hoop tower

    What are the measurements?
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    What was your fish of the Year?

    Found a foamer on the way home from SCI. Lost a ~120# BFT after my rod broke after 3 hours. Dad pulled the hook on his, brother landed his on straight 65# spectra. Hindsight i should have lobbed the yummee set up into the foamer. I'm still going over what I should have done differently in my...
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    What is your fishing obsession?

    Boats are something I find myself thinking about every day. I'm always stoked to see rebuilds/renovations and how people can improve an old design. The Christina Lynn build comes to mind or Barrett's Chris Craft, or just about any outboard conversion. I enjoy the backyard, paycheck by paycheck...
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    Price lowered 10/17 - 1983 Chris Craft Scorpion 213 w/ Suzuki 4 stroke

    Still for sale. This link shows a possible solution to the transom issue. I know of one Chris Craft locally that was repaired using this product. There are other options as well.
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    Price lowered 10/17 - 1983 Chris Craft Scorpion 213 w/ Suzuki 4 stroke

    Bump. The four stroke still purrs perfectly and pushes the boat just fine!
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    Price lowered 10/17 - 1983 Chris Craft Scorpion 213 w/ Suzuki 4 stroke
  21. Wrecksford

    Polarized vs Non Polarized Sunglasses...???

    Maui Jims' polarized glass lens. Very pricey, but you only have one set of eyes. You'll regret not getting them sooner.
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    Price lowered 10/17 - 1983 Chris Craft Scorpion 213 w/ Suzuki 4 stroke

    Still available. These Chris Craft hulls have facilitated some very big dead bluefin locally the last few years! Very worthy of restoration. If I wasn't neck deep in a house renovation I would be all over it.
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    Furuno B164, FCV-620, Garmin GPSMap 3206

    Transducer and Furuno unit sold. Garmin still available -needs power cable.
  24. Wrecksford

    Furuno B164, FCV-620, Garmin GPSMap 3206

    it says it interfaces to any 600watt or 1kw sounder
  25. Wrecksford

    Furuno B164, FCV-620, Garmin GPSMap 3206

    I have a new and never installed Airmar B164 with 10-pin connector for a Furuno unit. It's the 1kW thru- hull model w/ 20° tilt. Comes with gasket for installation. It would match well with the FCV-620 I have for sale, or a FCV-585. Ended up going a different route. $500 obo. Also have a...
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    Price lowered 10/17 - 1983 Chris Craft Scorpion 213 w/ Suzuki 4 stroke

    I’m no boat expert either. I don’t know the cost of doing the transom repair but I think if you did it yourself you could have this boat in good shape for less than or about 10k- purchase included. The outboard is in great shape, my dad started it the other day and it started first try. The...
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    MB 3/13

    i know that spot!
  28. Wrecksford

    MB 3/12

    yeah buddy
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    Price lowered 10/17 - 1983 Chris Craft Scorpion 213 w/ Suzuki 4 stroke

    It is the green triple axle one in the photos. Thanks
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    Price lowered 10/17 - 1983 Chris Craft Scorpion 213 w/ Suzuki 4 stroke
  31. Wrecksford

    Penn 30SW & 50SW Bluefin set up

    Disclaimer: I don’t have a ton of experience flying the kite but this is what I began to notice last year. I found that a lever drag is better for the kite reel than a star drag. You can set the drag light while the rod is in the holder (with a leash) and let the kite out while you keep the...
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    Fs: 2005 Yamaha f225

    Is this off the market since your boat is for sale?
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    92 Davis Cortez - Repower and Refit

    Dream set-up. Seriously.
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    Price lowered 10/17 - 1983 Chris Craft Scorpion 213 w/ Suzuki 4 stroke

    Thank for the reply. Beam should be 8’. I’m not close to the boat right now but that sounds right. The transom needs attention that’s for sure. The deck and stringers I am not sure about. There are no soft spots in the deck and the fuel tank is original. I have juggled with the idea of doing a...
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    Phenix Axis 1009

    I’d rather do face to face transactions at this time, thanks for your interest
  36. Wrecksford

    Phenix Axis 1009

    Bump. Will consider trades +\ - $ for the right reel (Tn 16, baitcaster, etc)
  37. Wrecksford

    Phenix Axis 1009

    This was an impulse buy, don’t need it or fish it enough. Barely used. $200 firm
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    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    I should've known better than to click on this "holier than thou" thread.
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    Moving, Many Boating and Fishing items for sale

    I'd like the electric trailer dolly if it works
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    LA Nina coming up

    Yes albacore are fun, but why would you wish for those when there are 200lb bluefin roaming our waters? Make the most of what's available while it's here
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    Price lowered 10/17 - 1983 Chris Craft Scorpion 213 w/ Suzuki 4 stroke Selling my dad's boat. We've had it for about 13 years, and put the outboard on brand new. It's been out as far as the San Salvador Knoll chasing albacore, down past the 425-371 area for dodos, yellowfin, and marlin. We...
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    Carcass Disposal?

    Cut it into sections and freeze them, then use them for chum when making bait is tough on your next trip out.
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    Yamaha 150/Defiance 220 EX question

    I ran the boat both Wednesday and yesterday. We can get it up to 5600 RPM with a stainless 4 blade 14.5"x15" prop. The cupping on the prop is slightly ground down to get some more rpm out of it also. Seems to work pretty well. Thanks everyone for your help/suggestions. No luck in La Jolla by the...
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    Yamaha 150/Defiance 220 EX question

    So today we ran the boat with new injectors and a 4 blade 15"x15" prop. It felt much smoother and seemed to get in plane quicker than it did with the 3 blade. The only thing is that now it won't turn above 5100 RPM at WOT. Same thing- light load, played with the trim tabs and motor tilt... 5100...
  45. Wrecksford

    Yamaha 150/Defiance 220 EX question

    woops my math is always bad. i knew I should have triple checked it before i posted. I was thinking for every one degree it was 200 rpm
  46. Wrecksford

    Yamaha 150/Defiance 220 EX question

    Wouldn't that be an ~800 RPM change? 19 - 15 = 4 4 x 200 = 800 I'm hoping to have a new prop and injectors by friday.
  47. Wrecksford

    Yamaha 150/Defiance 220 EX question

    All the filters have been replaced with new ones, and new injectors are on the way. Thanks for the reply. Thanks- I'm looking for a used 4-blade to see if that helps in a similar diameter but less pitch. Any ideas as far as a place to find them? Dont want to spend too much before we figure out...
  48. Wrecksford

    Yamaha 150/Defiance 220 EX question

    Hello all, recently purhcased a 2007 Defiance 220 EX with an '06 yamaha F150. The outboard has just under 500 hours. We can't get above 4600 RPM at WOT (with a very light load in the bay). Any of you defiance owners that have a F150 on the back care to tell me what size prop you have? Ours...
  49. Wrecksford

    Yellowtail Conservation

    While I agree with you about releasing even the medium/bigger "egg layers", was it necessary to slide it on the deck and throw it in the air? Other than for your GoPro footage... Releasing it in the water boatside would have been much better for it. Not trying to start any shit talking, just my...
  50. Wrecksford

    Offshore 6th trip for BFT and no love

    Very different type of fishing this year. Frustrating sums it up best. I stopped counting (I told myself it was better that way, but it still stung coming home skunked) after about 8-9 trips. Most of those days were 10+ hours. In all I have at least 12-13 tries and well over...
  51. Wrecksford

    Chris Craft Scorpion Rebuild

    What year is the original hull? I saw one like this on craigslist a while back- could have been this exact one. What are you asking for the old house? I wonder if it would fit on Scorpion 213... Very cool rebuild. Looking forward to more pictures.
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    Pm'd about phenix
  53. Wrecksford

    Cabo 216216

    It looks like you repowered as well...?
  54. Wrecksford

    WTB: little trail bike

    Is that z50r still available?
  55. Wrecksford

    How close can a boat fish from the shoreline?

    In SD, drifting closer than ~500 feet will make lifeguards pretty nervous. No going over five within 1000 feet either.
  56. Wrecksford

    Offshore El Capitan 9/23-9/25 Full speed tuna

    Might be one of the best reports this season. Great pictures!
  57. Wrecksford

    Andy Irons R.I.P.

    R.I.P. AI one of my favorite surfers to watch
  58. Wrecksford

    Offshore 43 and Knoll (July 5)

    thanks for the report!
  59. Wrecksford

    I said I would never do this again!!!!!!

    That boat looks awesome. More pics?
  60. Wrecksford

    Want a JOB in the boat business?

    Wow I'd love that, but I'm a full time student, I lifeguard in the summer, and I'm headed to Cal Maritime this fall. Good luck! Wish I found something like that a few years ago.
  61. Wrecksford

    Offshore 302/371/425/101

    thanks for the report!
  62. Wrecksford

    Raining in Panama " Tuna That Is "

    front page? wow, my dreams look a lot like that.
  63. Wrecksford

    Miami Boat show

    looks sick but there's a wierd double-up on it...or is it just me?
  64. Wrecksford

    How do you like your CC?

    I've never known anything else. Center console's are the shit... pure fishing machines.
  65. Wrecksford

    Why in the Hell

    Well put. There seems to be an abundance of ignorant thinking on this thread, and personally i wish I hadn't wasted my time reading it.
  66. Wrecksford


    whats the line rating on # 6? calstar custom 270-8'
  67. Wrecksford


    what's the line rating on the rod and does it have a trigger?
  68. Wrecksford

    Newell S-2295

    do you have the clamp for it?
  69. Wrecksford

    Offshore YFT 425 area 9-9

    those dont look THAT small. nice work.
  70. Wrecksford

    Offshore 7/25/09

    sweet! how big was the BFT? nice job
  71. Wrecksford

    Offshore 425-371 Paddy Yellows 7-13

    surface, but i let it sink probably 75 feet. got slammed on the retrieve. my first iron yellow-stoked!
  72. Wrecksford

    Offshore 425-371 Paddy Yellows 7-13

    Left MB 4am, 1/2 scoop ok looking 'dines, headed S to 425. Just after grey we see lots of terns diving and fluttering, but no paddies or marks. Just short of 425 start trolling, water was 69-70. Short while later find two huge residential kelps about 100 yards away from each other, and they were...
  73. Wrecksford

    my shamrock

    wow! that thing is sweet.
  74. Wrecksford

    Oceanside to Santa Barbra trolling the whole way

    what up ean! damn dude that's a gnarly six day. how was i.v. with the noise ordinance? i heard it just wasnt the same this year... let's meet up and surf or something. Rex
  75. Wrecksford

    Offshore Tailwalker 09-06-08 Full Day Report

    hey tailwalker, it's rex on the "fresh one". thanks again for helping us out yesterday, that was really cool. good looking out, karma will definitely come back somewhere down the line. finding the fish at the last minute can easily turn your day around. way to go on the YFT. thanks again.
  76. Wrecksford

    Offshore 8/28 report. Albies, YFT, Dodos

    aw fuck my life. i gotta get out. nice haul!
  77. Wrecksford

    Help me decide which reel to get...

    I bought a saltist 20 before this season; had it loaded w/ 15#. In retrospect I probably should have put backing on it. The reel is great and casts fairly easily. Also the clamp is not an issue as with the big saltists. Newells are great too. I don't own one, but my friend's casts like a dream.
  78. Wrecksford


    About a week ago my pops landed this bull from a paddy on the south edge of the 371. My question is about the chunk missing out of its back. When i used to work @ the docks, I'd see bruiser yt with the same thing. I was told it was from cookie cutter sharks, but those yt were mostly from 'lupe i...
  79. Wrecksford

    Hawaiian term for "fish on"

    i think you're looking for "hanapa'a". but dont quote me on that.
  80. Wrecksford

    How close to SD do Dorado come in?

    We found a paddy four and a half miles west of mission bay last year that was holding two dodos. They had lockjaw though.
  81. Wrecksford

    for richer or poorer?

    My thoughts as well. Less expensive gear= more gas money. More gas= more fishing time. Time on the water= more experience.... Just my .02
  82. Wrecksford

    Caption competition here

  83. Wrecksford

    Looks like an Airslot? $2900

    I've seen a couple of those over here in Hawaii... One was a pilot house though. I drive by it everyday on my way to work, and wonder what type of hull it is. Looks like a PH on that hull would be a rough ride in choppy conditions...? Any input?
  84. Wrecksford

    Need feedback on trophy 2052 WACC

    fuck that's funny.
  85. Wrecksford

    Remembering Pacific Beach..........

    i did... c/o '06. what about the rest of you?
  86. Wrecksford

    Remembering Pacific Beach..........

    man this thread is a trip. i'm only 20 years old. the only thing i can think of is the rusty pelican, i caught my first green-water wave in front there. back in the 90's though. it was a sick little right hander that my uncle pushed me into, the sun was just rising too.
  87. Wrecksford

    Dirt biking

    man that looks fun! the dirt is moist below but crispy on top; dirt biking's equivalent to fresh powder in my opinion. im jealous. i like that yz conversion. nice report.
  88. Wrecksford

    2.7.08 La Jolla, i miss you!

    way to go, man. my bio is the exact opposite of yours. seeing that makes me want to go back and fish.
  89. Wrecksford

    HANNIBAL BANK 01-12-08

    i know i speak for a few people when i say i want to be in your shoes.
  90. Wrecksford

    What are some of your favorite boat meals...

    Main course 1)pre-made pb/honey sammiches or 2)bucket of kfc or 3)cold leftover Fillipi's pizza Snacks sunflower seeds-plenty tortilla chips and of course,beer
  91. Wrecksford

    Thanksgiving without a GPS

    thats fucken rad. your son is stoked for sure, and lucky to be able to do that.
  92. Wrecksford

    Costa Rica (Samara/Santa Teresa/Mal Pais)

    what i was thinking. went there in '05, on a panga w/ a couple friends. ended up with a bunch of yellowfin, jack crevalle, and some skipjack type things (i say that because they looked a little different than the ones in socal). we saw a sail following the feathers, dorado, and turtles. it was a...
  93. Wrecksford

    She's no Longer under Construction..Maiden Voyage...

    Holy crap... more pics, more pics!
  94. Wrecksford

    Offshore 9 mile no YFT

    i think we trolled past each other there on the nine. there was more life towards the border and beyond. you'll get 'em next time.
  95. Wrecksford

    Offshore 10-23 yft

    While out surfing with Pops this morning in glassy, peaky waves, we decided to give it a go in the afternoon to see if we could get some YFT before it was too late. Headed out of mission bay around noon, to the nine. stopped on a few paddies for nothing on our way down the 9 mile bank. 1 paddy...
  96. Wrecksford

    Offshore crushed em!!!

    look at the part in the video @ one minute thirty through one forty. that's what dreams are made of. fuck'n awesome.
  97. Wrecksford

    Offshore LEGENDary Albi Trip

    his name's lefty. i used to hate that guy when i worked down there at the docks. some people have no dignity. sounds like fun, nice trip.
  98. Wrecksford

    8-24 lj

    cool deal. sometimes yellows like the bigger macks offshore, too.
  99. Wrecksford

    Offshore Albies, Gingervitus, Epic Day 8/8

    nice work, were you the ones w/ the parker at dana landing?
  100. Wrecksford

    Offshore 8-8 you gotta commit

    the ride was bumpy today, didnt make it to desired destination of the e. butterfly area. trolled around the 302 and 226 area. only a couple kelps holding, and only one with fish that were willing to bite. if you're planning on going out, you have to commit, and go! i wish we had gone the extra...
  101. Wrecksford

    Offshore Go West 8/5

    cool, headed out wednesday. nice albies.
  102. Wrecksford

    Offshore 8/4 209-181-11 miles east of LJ kelp

    cool, at least you pulled on a nice yellow. i dont understand what you meant by the white seabass being under the wood bundle. any insight?
  103. Wrecksford

    Offshore Nados 425 371 Yt and Swordy Jumper 8-5

    um, that YT looks fricken huge. or is the little man small? nice job.
  104. Wrecksford

    Offshore Marlin at 302

    i just spent like 10 minutes staring at the tailwalking pic! thats a badass shot.
  105. Wrecksford

    Offshore albie, YFT, Marlin 8-4

    sweet deal. wednesday wont come quick enough.
  106. Wrecksford

    Offshore 8/1 Limits of Albacore on jigs

    seeing those paddy pics makes me long to be offshore. good work!
  107. Wrecksford

    Offshore 8-2 quick, close paddy yt

    sweet! how far out were you?
  108. Wrecksford

    Jupiter Wahoo 7/31

    sweet, nice work. those are some fast lookin' boats in the background!
  109. Wrecksford

    Board Fished S. Carlsbad SB 7/27-7/29

    sweet. calico seem to love the halloween style swimbait. boardfishing is super fun, especially when you pull up something big!
  110. Wrecksford

    Offshore not today

    had a late start, trolled the 182 and up and down the ridge for nada. saw very little paddies, or any cover for that matter. found birds working, but no breaking water or signs of fish feeding-- other than birds. lots of porpoise, whales, etc. imo it needs a week or two for the warmer water...
  111. Wrecksford

    Offshore Pics from 07/23 report

    sweet. i really dig those davis boats, pretty bitchin' looking. good job.
  112. Wrecksford

    Offshore Tuesday at 181

    looks like an excellent day on the water. nice work. cant wait for thurs.!
  113. Wrecksford

    Kona Fishing 7/18-7/19

    albacore live in hawaiian waters? first time i ever seen or heard that. cool, and marlin! looks like a great time.
  114. Wrecksford

    Offshore 7/23 p.m. albie report

    excellent! im headed out again on wednesday.
  115. Wrecksford

    Offshore Hook up at the 182...........

    those things are fat! nice work.
  116. Wrecksford

    Offshore Some fun on the 181

    cool. nice job on the release. its funny, they liked the cedar plug a lot yesterday. but that was at the 302.
  117. Wrecksford

    Offshore albies

    whats up, we heard you guys got five on deck while we were running in. nice.
  118. Wrecksford

    Offshore Albies 371/302 07/20/2007

    nice work! the excitement when you see the water breaking and tuna feeding is... unexplainable.
  119. Wrecksford

    Offshore 7/19 302 albies

    hank-yeah, the wind was up all morning, but it got worse later on. pics dont do it justice anyway. unknown fisherman- that rod is a beast. i reeled one in on it, and it just kicked the shit outta me. pretty heavy and uncomfortable...but my grampa would be proud!
  120. Wrecksford

    Offshore 7/19 302 albies

    left mb @ 0430. halfway to the 302 the bait pump takes a shit. all bait is dead. 1/2 hour after trolling the high spot, around 0630 or 0700, jig strike on the b/p feather. saw birds working, boils, and albacore come out of the water. a while later we saw what we thought was a submerged paddy...
  121. Wrecksford

    Offshore Albes on the 302 and 371

    cool. will be headed out tomorrow.
  122. Wrecksford

    07.16 Low Tide, Lippin' and a Butt

    i just caught my first 'but from the shore the other day, too. so fun! good job.
  123. Wrecksford

    Offshore 07/16 YT/Albies/Bonies and PICS

    you've got a sweet setup, nice boat. that yellow probably would have been over 30#'s if you weighed it right away...? great job and nice fish.
  124. Wrecksford

    Offshore THE KID CAN HANG! 7-12

    i like the dodo on his jeans. nice looking fish. good job
  125. Wrecksford

    Offshore 7/11 182 Albies

    bummer about the shy bft, but the daughter looks stoked regardless.
  126. Wrecksford

    Offshore More Albies and two firsts!

    cool. good to see you kept only what you wanted. awesome work. your son is stoked.
  127. Wrecksford

    Fishing Boat Condor...

    went out two years back, crew worked hard. fishing wasn't the best, but we got fish, nonetheless.
  128. Wrecksford

    Offshore Albies Going-Off

    nice work. i like the swinging feather in the background of the second pic. you guys killed 'em!
  129. Wrecksford

    Water too warm for Albies???

    i was thinking the same thing. got some the other day when the temp reading said 68. not what i expected.
  130. Wrecksford

    Offshore 1st post (late) albies, yt 6-28

    whats up everybody, this is my first time posting a report. been lurking for awhile, but as i was away at school, i never had any reports or knowledge to give back to the bd community. my brother, matt, and my friend robert and i left dana landing at 0430. headed for the east 'fly. got within a...
  131. Wrecksford

    No Surf....No Problem

    that wave's a mushburger.
  132. Wrecksford

    From Rags to Riches

    that things badass. im jealous.
  133. Wrecksford

    Peas and ceviche 11/11/06

    how do you guys fish those spinner bait thingies? they look like they work real well. do you tip'em with squid?
  134. Wrecksford

    why me?

    this shits kinda funny cuz we've all been there...some more recently than others. mine was a year or two back. good thing you didnt have any alcohol hidden under your seats or anything like that. how much are you asking for the daiwa?
  135. Wrecksford

    Fish Processing: Side by Side results WFSM vs. 5 Star

    big ron what about the blue shirts?
  136. Wrecksford

    Fish Processing: Side by Side results WFSM vs. 5 Star

    hey guys what's your take on anthony's?