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    Fish Panama with Host Tony Pena June 2018

    Tony, sounds like a fun trip. Do have a couple of questions. Will get an email to you soon.
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    Fun Fishing at Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Lodge, Panama, February 26-March 2, 2018

    Looks like you guys had a fun trip, can't wait to get back down there !
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    Fish Panama with Host Tony Pena in 2018

    Sounds good Tony, please send me some more information
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    Coral Star Marlin and Tuna w/Photos!

    Tony, interesting report ( plus the MoldCraft info ) and great pics. I've always liked the mother ships because you are so close to the fishing grounds, very little travel time. Anything going on at Hannibal ? Were you able to fish snook at all and were there any signs of Tarpon at Coiba ?
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    Cebaco Bay, Panama Popping-WOW! January 2-5, 2010

    Tony, great information filled report and photos as usual. After reading it I will seriously consider Cebaco Bay as a destination for my next trip " down there ". Russ
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    if your going to the RSG/MLPA

    That's a great angle but after going through the channel islands closures experience, speaking at these meetings isn't going to do anything ! It doesn't matter how many of us speak at the meetings they will still railroad this through. The conclusion is pre-determined and we are up against a...
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    Panama Popper Fishing

    Like your poppers but where can I pick up some replacement hooks and triple split rings ?