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    Fred Hall 2021

    You must be rich to afford those beers
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    Trump vetoes bill to outlaw drift gillnets

    I have no idea what this bill contain nor do I want to exert the energy to do so. I find it quite bizarre that even as sportsmen who share the love of the same hobby would just blindly disagree with each other on any subject if it involves "our side" on the political spectrum.
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    Fisherman without license

    Never had to think about this because I assume if they're too cheap to buy a fishing license, then they'll probably be too cheap to pitch in for gas, bait or beer and would never step onto my boat
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    Identify a shitbird

    Why even bring this up? Unless someone's post was removed, I didn't even see a mention about ethnicity. In this case, a turd is a turd regardless.
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    Want to be a boat owner and questions

    What's your budget? Also how big of a boat can you park at your house? Boat price range significantly
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    Bottom Paint or Not?

    I have a boat that I trailer. It has bottom paint since the guy whom I bought it from had it slipped. I am thinking of ways to remove this bottom paint.
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    Tragic call for help on the 312

    Wow. I have owned my boat for 4 years now. I have always been hesitant in pulling anyone behind my boats and probably will never do this as it freaks me out knowing I will have to be near someone with my boat running. This post is my worst fear as a boat captain considering I only take close...
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    Tragic call for help on the 312

    I know this wasn't the case in this specific incident but I learned a hard lesson as a captain myself. Last year off Pt. Loma fishing with my kids, we were drifting a good 100 yards away from a boat that had it's flag up and a diver below. While in the excitement of hooking up on fishes, I...
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    8-8-2020 Platform Ester

    I hear those aren't bad eating. Did you keep the shovel nose?
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    Tragic call for help on the 312

    I don't dive so I wouldn't know this. Is it common to dive at 3am? And is it common to drive the boat with someone in the water? Every time I see divers, it's always day light and boat is anchored.
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    How dope is fish dope?

    Would anyone recommend the cost if you only do inshore fishing?
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    Goodbye & Thank You

    You're making the wrong assumption here. There's two main things that would drive the rent up. First is what I had mentioned and this is the biggest factor. The overall cost to buy property. The higher the cost to buy something, the higher you will have to charge in rent to recoup the cost...
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    Goodbye & Thank You

    I'm not sure if you are trying to imply that the undocumented population is the reason for high rent. The cost of houses in So Cal and CA in general have been increasing year over year since the big crash around 2009. High costs to buy a house equal high rents. To me this is obvious unless...
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    Goodbye & Thank You

    In your mind is that people are only leaving CA. This is probably due to the fact that you mostly associate with people who think like you. But the fact is, there's as many high income earners coming in as there is leaving. The housing market continue to rise here in CA. Who do you think is...
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    Where to fish in SD

    This was our annual trip to Campland. We left this morning out of Mission Bay around 7:30 and headed toward PT Loma first. It was choppy as heck. We stopped and tried a few spots first. After 40 minutes, my 9 year old and nephew started to get sick. It was so choppy that I started to feel...
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    Goodbye & Thank You

    The homeless situation here in CA is a trip. I figured that more Californians have mental illness causing the increase. However, I had no idea other states and cities are putting these people on a bus to CA
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    Where to fish in SD

    Thank you. I had no idea that a bay would have such a diverse ecosystem.
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    Where to fish in SD

    I'm not asking for exact honey hole or anything. But can you let me know what part of the bay and what is expected to catch? Are you guys referring to the heavy kelp just outside of the bay?
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    Where to fish in SD

    Have my boat in SD with the kids. What are some of the popular spots down here? I know of La Jolla and PT loma. Wondering if there's anything else I can try to put the kids on some fish.
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    Goodbye & Thank You

    Yeah the cost of living in CA is stupid for the most part. You're not going to get an argument from me on this as that was the biggest reason I wanted to leave. Any state controlled by a single party is an issue. And I do see the allure of living in some place like Montana with less people...
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    Goodbye & Thank You

    I almost left for CA for TX a few years ago. Family situation changed so I stayed here in CA and embraced what I loved most about CA. The year round fishing, 2 hr drive to the mountains and snow, awesome food of all variety, 4.5 hr drive to the river for fresh water fun. Yeah having to spend...
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    Where Are The Inshore Yellowtail In SD County?

    Not to hijack this thread but I'm curious to know what is considered as inshore vs offshore for SD fishing? How far out do you have to be in order to be offshore?
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    What the fuck is wrong with you people? Fishing is off the hooks and all you idiots spend your time on the forum talking politics and other stupid shit. Well after a second thought....go ahead and stay home on the computer and leave all the fishes for me and other people who actually enjoy...
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    Boat U.S. Membership Discounts or Coupons are there any ??

    Same here. I assume if everyone with a membership uses this service often, then the cost would go up significantly. As a side note, I've heard of some very cheap ass who purposely use the tow service to save gas. They would call boat US an hour or two before they want to stop fishing...
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    Boat U.S. Membership Discounts or Coupons are there any ??

    My renewal with them ends during a time when I don't really use my boat. I don't renew right away and let the policy lapse. Like clock work, they reach out to me after several weeks offering a discounted rate. 2 years now, I have been able to do this.
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    Barricuda sashimi??! Say it ain’t so...

    Yeah but would you eat ass? I hear it's the in thing to do now.
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    Marine surveyor OC/LB area

    Do you have the contact info?
  28. ocsleeper

    Marine surveyor OC/LB area

    Helping a buddy out on a purchase of a skipjack. Any recommendation for a surveyor that knows Skipjack and diesel engine? Looking for the OC/LB area. Thanks
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    You would not eat the fish if it was caught at .........?

    I know this topic has came up before about whether or not you would eat any fish caught inside the harbor. I've even asked this same question here at BD last year. Now I"m curious to hear opinions of fellow anglers to see if this goes beyond just the harbors. So the question is this...
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    Eating skulpion sushi style

    I've had Sculpin Sashimi and it's pretty good. As mentioned before, just take proper care of it prior to consumption
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    Found a picture of a 1857 chart of San Diego and Mission Bay

    Just imagine if any of us can go back in time to fish one day at any of the known fishing spots prior to any current fishing pressure had taken hold.
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    San Diego Mayor Closing ALL lakes!!

    Just curious....what does hiking, surfing or boating have to do with lake closures? I thought the beaches, parks and boat ramps are all open down in SD?
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    Yamaha 250 vs Honda 250 Etec

    What is the price difference the dealer is offering between the Honda and Yamaha? I'm not by any means an expert on Outboard but I do know in my instance, it's much easier for me to find a Yamaha tech because they seem to be everywhere. This is something you should consider into the equation.
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    Huge white plane over LB thurs

    Illegal....thats how they get pass the wall
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    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    I sure hope these sports boat received some of the PPP funding before that shit all ran dry from all those large multimillion dollar and public companies sucking up the fundings
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    San Diego Boats opening

    There's two side to this coin as one can ask how many people must die for us to restart the economy. This is a very tough question that I can't answer myself. I don't envy any of the politicians that have to make this decision either way as something bad will happen either way. There has to...
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    Sunglasses for SD waters

    I advise you to try Amazon. This is what I do. Most glasses by Amazon has prime with guarantee refund. I just order them to try on and send them back. The ones I like, I either keep them or shop around for best pricing. If you intend to buy one of the bigger known brands such as Costa, Maui...
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    San Diego Boats opening

    OAN is your source????? Just look at this fact here. The president who was pushing this treatment daily have STOPPED mentioning this as a possible treatment after reports of studies determining this treatment disputing his claim and even in some instances, proved deadly. The president have...
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    Freedom boat club good? Or bad?

    I think we get these threads about once every 6 months. You can probably get a lot of good info by searching the old threads. I never used their service but bought a boat from them, the one out of Mission Bay. The dude I dealt with was super cool guy. From what I understand, the concept is...
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    San Diego Boats opening

    Come on man. You blaming the left even though Fox news have stopped pushing this as the magic cure? I haven't heard trump say a peep about this in over a week. There's been plenty of reports saying that this does not work. This shit is old news and everyone has moved on from this. Maybe you...
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    San Diego Boats opening

    There has hardly been a vaccine for anything. Part of it is that there are more profit for treatment than a vaccine. Look at HIV. 30 plus years of research and they can't find a vaccine but they sure have a nice expensive treatment that will keep you alive as long as you stay a paying...
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    A little perspective...

    Some of my buddies and I are meeting up in empty parking lots. We make a circle and still keep our distances. Coolers with ice code drinks and food. Good way to social distance but still hang out. It work out pretty well actually
  43. ocsleeper

    San Diego Boats opening

    You're specifying what normal is or will be. That's an opinion, not a fact. I'm not one of those guys who consider this as a flu. What I'm saying is what you think as normal is probably gone. As you stated, this virus will probably be around for awhile. I don't believe an effective vaccine...
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    San Diego Boats opening

    We don't need a vaccine to get back to normal. All we need are suitable treatments which hopefully will be developed this year.
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    What size PVC

    Many youtube videos on how to make some really cool rod holders
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    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    You can't really blame the people of OC for crowds at the beach considering half of those people are probably from the 909 or other surrounding parts. This weekend coming up will be hot as fuck. I surely hope people at least try to social distance themselves to prevent anymore over reaction by...
  47. ocsleeper

    Quick report from Horse Shoe 5-3

    Sunset has been and still open. This is where I launch
  48. ocsleeper

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    You guys have been fooled. I am around a lot of LEOs. No LEOs I know would go on a forum and use the word "quota". This is the internet. I can say I am anyone and it can all be bullshit.
  49. ocsleeper

    DP Launch Ramp

    It's been $15 at Sunset since last year so it look like this is the new going rate
  50. ocsleeper

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    One of my worker took a PTO day to join the protest. Thought it was weird that the organizers picked May Day as the day to protest
  51. ocsleeper

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    Look like the Gov only want to close the beaches in OC. As long as he doesn't try to keep us from fishing in OC, I guess we can sacrifice the beach goers and the 909ers who made their way down last weekend.
  52. ocsleeper

    San Diego BOATING, FISHING and LAUNCH RAMPS open at 8am tomorrow!

    I'm going to take the credit for this. This shit didn't happen until I wrote the email yesterday. You are all welcome!
  53. ocsleeper

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    If we all can take our boats out and fish but the beach is closed, would you guys be happy? As long as I can launch in OC tomorrow and Monday, yep I'll be happy. Hope the beach closure doesn't affect the eventual opening of the San Diego ramps for you guys down south.
  54. ocsleeper

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    I knew there would be an over reaction from last week but this shit can't be real. No way are the ramps in OC will be closed or fishing will be prohibited. I preferred some of the other talking points about how to limit people at the beach which was to close the parking. Californians...
  55. ocsleeper

    Please help get San Diego Ramps and Bays Re-opened.

    Done. Rooting for you boys down in SD! I hope it was a joke about telling the SD guys to stay away from the ramps up north. I saw a guy launching out of Sunset last week with San Diego on his boat. Gave the dude a nod and wave. We are all fishermen and need the same water therapy to stay...
  56. ocsleeper

    Open San Diego Lakes and bays!!

    We were definitely not the first country to shut down. The White House's official position still call for social distances, masks and so on. I even seen reports that the President criticized the Gov of Georgia for opening too soon. But either way, I'm like you and hope to see all this over...
  57. ocsleeper

    Open San Diego Lakes and bays!!

    If we were the only country that shut down, then I can see some merit to the conspiracy of some sort to influence the election. However considering that most of Europe and Asia also shut down, are we supposed to think all these countries are shutting down as well to influence our election?
  58. ocsleeper

    Open San Diego Lakes and bays!!

    Not sure what department your LEO buddies are with. I have two brothers in law that are LEOs. Their department had mobilized and both were force to do patrol work involving interacting with people. They both wear masks and when they go home, they change their clothes before entering their...
  59. ocsleeper

    Izors, 150

    Nice work. Look like you had better luck than I did at Izors today. All we had were a few small calicos
  60. ocsleeper

    Our Constitutional Rights

    China is a threat to the US....and so is Russia. Both of these countries have already established the Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) stalemate with the U.S. Make no mistake that they can destroy us but that would mean they would get destroyed in return. This is why there will never a...
  61. ocsleeper

    Our Constitutional Rights

    This is the hottest weekend of the year. Lets hope no pictures emerge of people being on top of each other or group of people doing stupid things on the beaches. Last thing we need is more reason for the authorities to over react to some idiots. Things are happening in stages. Boating will...
  62. ocsleeper

    Our Constitutional Rights

    I would be willing to do a friendly wager with anyone here that you boys win SD will have your ramps back by May 15. I know this is a little over two weeks away but just look at it this way. The red tide crap right now is not good for fishing so just pretend you're waiting out the red tide.
  63. ocsleeper

    Why must I cry these tears from mine eyes

    No soft spot. Just seeing this term thrown around so much that I have no idea what this term means anymore. I
  64. ocsleeper

    Why must I cry these tears from mine eyes

    Your not paying attention and not sure what "media" you are referring to. However, there have been reports by some "media" about large scale antibody test up north in Santa Clara county which found prevalent amount of people with antibody suggesting that the infection rate is much higher than...
  65. ocsleeper

    Red Tide in So Cal?

    Was out again today. This Red tide is thick off HB and LB. Never seen it this bad. Looks like shit water
  66. ocsleeper

    Won't be long now.

    With Orange County and part of Long Beach never closing down the ramps and water way, I can't imagine San Diego continue the course of closure much longer. Sure SD has much more people on boats than up north, but OC and LB should be a good test case of how things can be. Good luck fellas
  67. ocsleeper

    Red Tide in So Cal?

    It was all over Orange County on Tuesday. I guess I can blame this as the reason for me to skunk. Side note is that there was a huge pod of dolphins cruising off Huntington chasing bate all over. It didn't appear the red tide affected them much.
  68. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    Man got there today as per your direction. Asked the first dude I saw where Hookem was. Guy shrugged and said never heard of him. Then I asked what about Dano. Again never heard of him. So I asked if I can climb that wall over there. After signing 5 pages of liability release, I scaled...
  69. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    You know I had plans to take the boat out tomorrow and do a bit of fishing on my day off. Since an internet tough guy called me a fat liberal on a fishing forum and challenged me to climb a wall, I guess it's too tempting to to meet this unknown internet guy and pass up fishing. Hmm such a...
  70. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    So are you telling me that no one can ever climb the wall, dig tunnels under a wall or catapult stuff over the wall? All this has been recorded to have been done already.
  71. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    The Virtual wall is like what you're trying to describe. However the focus is flipped with your ideal. Instead of the bulk of the money on an object, the bulk of the money is on technology. We do have sort of a virtual wall in place already. As you mentioned, sensors and sort of things. But...
  72. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    Whoa there're starting to sound like these "liberals" I hear some much about with your common sense stuff regarding the wall.
  73. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    If being a "liberal" mean that you don't blindly agree 100% with our dear leader, then I guess you can go ahead and label me that. I guess it's no longer a conservative position to respect peoples ownership in land and the government shouldn't seize it. It's amazing really. Trump has been able...
  74. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    Walls are useless unless you have 24 hr manned post at every section of it which doesn't sound plausible. There's a thing called virtual wall that would be much more effective and cost efficient. During the campaign, the smart people within Trumps campaign and other Repubs floated this idea as...
  75. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    I would take the cash but unfortunately someone has already successfully scaled the new border wall. Google this subject and you can even see videos of how easy people are scaling this wall. Heck there's even been instances of people cutting through the walls. The cost to build this wall is...
  76. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    I'm sure both the Dems and Repblicans agree on the basis of this. The problem is the Dems want these people to have opportunity to become permanent and citizens. Part of this reason is because they will most likely vote Dem. Naturally the Republicans are against anything that will allow these...
  77. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    I'm not blaming anything on Trump other than saying he's doing what all the other politicians do which is to talk a big game with illegal immigrants but avoid the real solution because deep down they know that they benefit from it. Can you agree that going after the employers and put a hammer...
  78. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    I believe that they did find illegals working on his property. Trump pretty much shrugged and said it was the fault of the hiring agencies. The point is this. If Trump really wanted to do something about the illegal behaviors and "upset the apple cart" as Stairman said, he would go after the...
  79. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    The guy is in the hotel industry. You think he's so naive to not know that there's a shit load of illegals are the maids, janitors, cooks, and bus boys in most of these hotels? You think Trump is too naive to know that there are a lot of illegals working the farms owned by his backers?
  80. ocsleeper

    What does "recovery" look like for the sporties?

    This actually worries more than Covid. What happened to the Conception last year is my worst fear of being on an overnight boat. I think another boat sank a few years ago off Mexico killing many passengers. As for Covid, as long as there's no Govt regulation, there will always be guys who...
  81. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    You guys are spot on regarding illegal immigrants. The politicians don't give a shit. At least one major party don't try to hide it while the other major party pretend to be vastly against it to rile up their base who is too blinded to see the charade. If you truly want to stop people from...
  82. ocsleeper

    What does "recovery" look like for the sporties?

    True. Most behavior will change and I can see some limitations in place until a vaccine I should have said start the process of getting back to normal as we can't hunker down for the next 18 months.
  83. ocsleeper

    Jacksonville beaches to reopen for ‘essential activities’

    I think the boys in San Diego will get their boat ramps back soon. Next door to SD over in Orange County never closed their ramps as well as a couple in Long Beach staying open the entire time. This should be a good example of launch ramps not posing a health threat.
  84. ocsleeper

    What does "recovery" look like for the sporties?

    I tend to agree with you. I think CA past the worst of this. I'm anxious to get back to normal and I think most Californians are too. At least where I go, I see a lot of people out and about. My gut feeling is that we'll see restrictions slowly lifted in the next few weeks.
  85. ocsleeper

    What does "recovery" look like for the sporties?

    The biggest challenge to the sports boat are not going to be the government but rather the people. The burning and sinking of the charter boat late last year was a starting point that had some people thinking. Now, this whole thing will further change the behavior of a lot people with regards...
  86. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    Any form of assistance program will have jackos who will take advantage of the system. A part of me don't want to necessary pay for lung cancer treatment to a guy who smokes 3 packs a day. However I don't think there will ever be any perfect system and you'll have to take the bad in order to...
  87. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    I"m going to make two statement about Obamacare and I'm sure you'll agree with me here. 1. there is something wrong with Obamacare that need to be fixed or replaced with something better. 2. We both probably disagree on how to fix this :-) With that being said, admittedly I'm not an expert...
  88. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    Where did I call or imply you are a racist or any of that stuff? You're just showing why our country is so jacked up. You automatically assume that I'm a liberal as there can only be two sides...liberal and conservative and you're either on my team or the opposing team. So I bring you this...
  89. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    This is a fishing forum so I'm not trying to get too hard on you for not understanding the Bill of Rights. My interpretation of the 9th is exactly what it means. That listing specific rights in the Constitution does not mean that people do not have other rights that have not been spelled out...
  90. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    If you want to bring the Bill of Rights into this, then I suggest you learn the 9th amendment before spouting off about me leaving.
  91. ocsleeper

    The day is fast approaching...

    I doubt we will stay the course for the next 18 months. I suspect we start to open up by no later than June 1 at this pace. At least that's my wish anyways. You will not keep Californians indoor through the summer without forcing Marshall law or do mass ticketings which I doubt will happen...
  92. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    Good luck with this as that ship has sailed. Too many things of every day life are already made China. The cell phone you use are either made in china or have components made there. Hell the server hosting this websites were most likely made in China. But I do understand your sentiments...
  93. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    Our country's political system is too fucked up on all sides to do anything like this. Too much money in politics and too many hands in the cookie jar taking their shares. Worst part is that our voters in most part are too dumb to do anything about this. We keep electing the same people and...
  94. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    I was hoping to see what sort of improvement Trumpcare would bring but no one knew healthcare was so hard. The biggest issue is that we Americans can't even agree if healthcare is a right or a product while the rest of the industrialized world already know what this answer is.
  95. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    I agree with most of your points. However I disagree that anyone was forced to move manufacturing to China. The move of manufacturing to China was a CHOICE based on greed. The goal of these businesses have always been to maximize profit at all cost.
  96. ocsleeper

    The day is fast approaching...

    Don't you realize there are countries with right wing leaders that also shut down? You look at all the countries that shutdown and they range from all spectrum. I doubt the liberal media has much sway on Duarte of the Philippines or Putin of Russia.
  97. ocsleeper

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    Theres no point in following the money if we just print this shit like nothing. We're already printing trillions to pay for all the COVID damages. What's the big deal in printing a few more trillions?
  98. ocsleeper

    The day is fast approaching...

    Yeah but we already have an established way to address this. Two specialized space shuttle will fly and land on the asteroid. They will dig to the center of this asteroid and drop a nuke in there to split it in half causing it to miss Earth. And the best part is that Bruce Willis is still...
  99. ocsleeper

    The day is fast approaching...

    I don't know if this is the new normal but I am certain during my life time, we will have another pandemic type of situation. It will either be natural or bio terrorism with a much worse virus. One thing the current COVID situation showed is that with the rise in international travel, a virus...
  100. ocsleeper

    The day is fast approaching...

    Wished I had known as I probably would have taken it. The piece of mind knowing my 82 year old father is no longer at risk would be worth the wait.
  101. ocsleeper

    The day is fast approaching...

    I'm starting to think COVID hit is way sooner than we originally thought. Or this was probably the worst flu season in a while. I know quite a few people who have said they had the worst flu ever this year where it knocked the crap out of them for a couple of weeks. This was the December and...
  102. ocsleeper

    It's Good Friday and "The State" is infringing on my religious right

    This COVID thing is all fake. It's all a ploy to get all you white Catholics at home while the atheist and colored folks are out chasing the tunas.
  103. ocsleeper

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    I don't care who the Govenors of any state. If there is ever a pandemic where lives are at risk, I would much rather be in Wyoming, the Dakotas or any of those state compared to the larger more dense states with a lot of international travelers. There's a reason for this and you know why...
  104. ocsleeper

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    Fine compare CA to NY. NY has about 7k deaths. Based on what you said that 40% of it is in NYC due to 8 million people living in a small area ( NYC pop actually more), that still leaves over 3500 dead outside of NYC. So yes even discounting NYC, CA has done great compared to the rest of New York.
  105. ocsleeper

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    Population density definitely play a role in this. Thats why those state you mention will never be hit as hard as everything is spread out. However, CA is not exactly like OK, ND, SD or some of those other state. Yes it's also not as dense as NYC but some area, it is still more dense then...
  106. ocsleeper

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    Looking at NY and some other hard hit area, some can look at this number and conclude that our state and local Government actually did a pretty good job dealing with this pandemic
  107. ocsleeper

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    The word "essential business" is pretty broad these days. My niece just quit her job at an "essential business". You know what she was doing? She was a cashier at a pizza joint. This particular pizza place is doing a lot of business with walk in customers. She had to be face to face to...
  108. ocsleeper

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    Keep faith everyone. Progress is be made. I think we will be fishing by no later than June.
  109. ocsleeper

    CDFW wants to CLOSE fishing- Make your voice HEARD

    I think June 1 is a good date for when things go back to normal. I can't see how the authorities will keep people in doors when it's 80/90 degrees outside unless they resort to mass ticketing or incarceration for violators which I do not see this happening.
  110. ocsleeper

    CDFW wants to CLOSE fishing- Make your voice HEARD

    I think this is a bit over reaction here. I can't imagine any scenario where they would shutdown fishing for the entire state in all of 2020. If they did, it mean that this Covid thing has gotten way out of hand and we would have much bigger problems. Sitting at home suck. Not being able to...
  111. ocsleeper

    Say goodbye to fishing

    I cant really see the current stay in shelter order lasting past May. The populace is already getting antsy and people will soon just start venturing outside again as the weather warms up
  112. ocsleeper

    What is the smallest 2 speed reel Conventional

    Do you really need a 2 speed to fish anything small? Truly interested to know if someone knows something I dont
  113. ocsleeper

    Newest from fish & wildlife Sacramento, "close the entire state for the season"....

    Damn I was about to riot if they dared closing the LA river from fishing.
  114. ocsleeper

    WE are BD. It's Knot Political. It's Life in America Today.. VENT HERE GUYS

    I have a serious question to you guys. When you guys go fishing, do you often talk politics to other fellow fishermen? Do any of you ever fish with people who have different political belief?
  115. ocsleeper

    WE are BD. It's Knot Political. It's Life in America Today.. VENT HERE GUYS

    Wow this is what happens when kids are stuck in their house and can't go fishing
  116. ocsleeper

    Save our rights to feed or families!

    It's a progression. Members of our government and law enforcements have plans in place already for certain situation including the worst case of having national guards enforcing curfews or other law enforcement activities. Whether these plans will eventually be enforced is dependent on the...
  117. ocsleeper

    Save our rights to feed or families!

    Sometime I spend $60 in gas and come home with on Sand Bass. Kind of a hard argument for me to make.
  118. ocsleeper


    The middle of the road people are either of two things: 1. Have better things to do instead of going to a fishing forum to discuss politics 2. Enjoying this shit show for entertainment because we can't leave our house.
  119. ocsleeper


    At first I was wondering why you guys let this thread go on. Now I can see the genius behind it and it's helping the situation. If you let the kids have a playroom to occupy themselves by trolling each other, then less of a chance they are outside infecting other people. There should be some...
  120. ocsleeper


    Put politics aside for a moment and look what the president just conceded. In best terms, we can say he's been very optimistic on the severity of this situation. This is why he just said today is most alarming. He said "deaths in the United States from coronavirus could reach 100,000 or...
  121. ocsleeper

    Hey Sherm...Launch Ramps? Why?

    I have the privilege of working from home. The past week and a half, I have not left my house. This include my wife and two kids. Finally feeling too much cabin fever, we decided to take a drive up to Whittier in order to drive by my in laws so the kids can wave at their grand parents. As I...
  122. ocsleeper

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    I sure hope fishing starts up again. I can't stand this ongoing political bullshit talk on a fishing forum.
  123. ocsleeper

    CV-19 Government Relief checks.

    I'm not going to qualify for this money and I am not even going to trip about this. $1200 or whatever that the amount is not going to do shit for me. I don't necessarily think this stimulus will do much for the economy either. It's like the $600 stimulus during the last recession that proved...
  124. ocsleeper

    Here's the status at Dana Landing in Mission Bay

    As soon as all those pictures started popping up showing people congregating at the beaches, I knew there was going to be a swift and over reaction to it.
  125. ocsleeper

    Here's the status at Dana Landing in Mission Bay

    Yep it's always a few jack asses that ruin it for everybody. This was one of the few legit activities that can be done while still adhering to the social distances
  126. ocsleeper


    Those Senators you cited got their info from the same intelligence agency that Trump get his info on. This was the same time when both Trump and the two Republican senator were publicly down playing the severity of this situation. I assume Trump flat out did not believe the info that was given...
  127. ocsleeper

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    It doesn't work this way with treasury bonds. See my above post. If the US renege on these bonds, it will do tremendous damage to the economy.
  128. ocsleeper

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    Its a shitload but its mostly in treasury bonds. The same bonds that other country buys because the US never defaults on this. If the United states start messing around and not pay back the bonds, it's going to have everlasting consequences in trying to get other countries to invest in these...
  129. ocsleeper

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    You really think anyone or country will actually sue and collect money from China? Man this is wishful thinking
  130. ocsleeper

    CV-19 Government Relief checks.

    I won't get one either. Not sure if I should feel fortunate or be pissed
  131. ocsleeper

    Are Long Beach boat ramps open or closed due to virus?

    I heard they are open as of right now. My plan is to wait until next week to see what sort of issues if there were any by boaters
  132. ocsleeper

    BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Issues Order For All Of California To Stay Home

    are you talking about Chinese resturants in China or the United States?
  133. ocsleeper

    BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Issues Order For All Of California To Stay Home

    Some people get freaked out either thinking this is major over reaction for a flu or they just think this is the beggining of their rights taken away. Anyone who tries to confront the guards are idiots. I sure hope this doesn't happen.
  134. ocsleeper

    Does anyone actually know? Launch Ramps, etc.

    To be safe, I would call the ramps assuming you can talk to a real live human
  135. ocsleeper

    BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Issues Order For All Of California To Stay Home

    Way to take my quote out of context. You should see what I was responding to. I have no issues with the guards. I was merely telling the guy who I was responding to on this fact. If he thought the new directive was over reacting, then he should wait to see the guards on our street to see how...
  136. ocsleeper

    BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Issues Order For All Of California To Stay Home

    I'm saying there is a very good chance the guards will be called in. There are plans being made for this. I'm no expert on pandemic. However I see members of both parties now agreeing on how bad this can get. Companies telling people to stay home (mine included), Other countries...
  137. ocsleeper

    BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Issues Order For All Of California To Stay Home

    People will need so much more than this. Our economy is about to take it up the ass and a whole lot of people will be suffering
  138. ocsleeper

    BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Issues Order For All Of California To Stay Home

    Wait until you see the national guards cruising around....
  139. ocsleeper

    Are Long Beach boat ramps open or closed due to virus?

    Btw...don't be surprised if you see the national guards soon. This shit is starting to be like a movie
  140. ocsleeper

    Are Long Beach boat ramps open or closed due to virus?

    I doubt anyone will be arrested. It will be like the bay area the past few days. I have LEO family and none of them want to arrest anyone. The order is non essential. So will anyone get pull over for towing their boat? Probably not. However the ramps here in LA and OC are not like the...
  141. ocsleeper

    Are Long Beach boat ramps open or closed due to virus?

    Newsome just announced statewide lockdown. Unless you can convince the authorities that you are running an errand with boat attached to your truck, no one is fishing anytime soon
  142. ocsleeper


    What the hell happened to Bloody Decks? The place that I once loved and met some cool ass people. Take away all this political bullshit, I hope to see the old BD back again. The place where this noob received so much information on how to maintain and run my boat safely. The place where...
  143. ocsleeper


    The first instance of me seeing anything regarding the Chinese press implying that this had anything to do with the US Govt was well after the term "Chinese Virus" was being used. This sounds like a very lame tit for tat thing between the two government acting like kids
  144. ocsleeper


    There are many instances where someone on fox news using this term. This is not hard to look up.
  145. ocsleeper


    This is going to go south very quickly
  146. ocsleeper

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    You're very luck as many people will not get anything like this. I especially feel for all the small business owners out there and I am not sure what sort of economic relief they will get.
  147. ocsleeper

    What are ways to help the fleet and the employees?

    I know this is a fishing forum. However I just want to point out real quick that many of our fellow Americans including a bunch of Bloody Deckers will suffer financially due to the current situation. This will have a chain reaction throughout our economy and layoffs will happen. I have never...
  148. ocsleeper

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    Seem as though we all need to get our asses back on the water. Being stuck indoors with this shitty weather talking political stuff suck. I do think being careful and staying away from crowds is what we need to do to combat this virus. Taking my boat out even for some bass fishing sound like...
  149. ocsleeper

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    Guys - call it over reaction or whatever. The fact is there are people in our government that is planning for worst case scenario. I believe the above poster about the ports. I have family who are LEOs and they have told me about some of the stuff that is being discussed. This was a few...
  150. ocsleeper

    Fred Hall show in sandiego

    I've never attended the one in SD. How does it compare to the LB show? Bigger, smaller?
  151. ocsleeper

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    Maybe not at this second but he will call one TODAY. His administration has already put word out that this is going to happen so you can consider it as done
  152. ocsleeper

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    The selfish part of me am glad I have a boat. I won't possibly have to share the ocean with party boats. But I do feel for the people whose livelihood depend on these income and the fools who have to follow the party boat around on their own boat to find fish. But most of all, lets all not...
  153. ocsleeper

    What Rod for a Lexa HD 400 HS-P?

    I don't think this series rod is still available new. You will have to buy it used.
  154. ocsleeper

    7ft 6 inch rod

    EBay. Keep in mind this is the inshore series
  155. ocsleeper

    What Rod for a Lexa HD 400 HS-P?

    I'm in the same boat as you. I'm trying not to break the bank so I'm looking at the Okuma PCH line of rod.
  156. ocsleeper

    7ft 6 inch rod

    Seeing the 7'6 ft PCH for around $100 is so tempting that may just buy it for the heck of it. But this is how I end up with extra rods I barely used. Guess I'll wait for a great deal on a 801 model. Thanks to all the that replied
  157. ocsleeper

    7ft 6 inch rod

    Been looking for an 8 ft rod to pair with my Lexa. I have a killer deal presented to me on a PCH inshore rod that is about $60 less than a 8 ft rod I wanted. Has anyone fished a 7.5 ft rod and can comment if this 6 inch would make much of a difference?
  158. ocsleeper

    Honey Hole for reds! Near MLPA and Dana Point

    I think you accidentally left out the coordinate :D
  159. ocsleeper

    Yamaha In Line 4's

    I have a fairly new 2015 F200 with a crap load of hours on it (approx 1200). Never had one issue and in good condition, cruise a out 28 mph at 4500 rpm with a burn rate of about 2.5 mpg. This is the first boat I have so no much other info to compare to
  160. ocsleeper

    People who fish dark braid

    I buy nice rods and reels. But when it come to lines, I'm just a cheap ass. I always see green and dark color on clearance or list listed cheaper than the comparative line. Good thing I have my own boat and only walk on a party boat about twice a year
  161. ocsleeper

    Tragedy at Catalina Today

    So sad. About 5 years ago I was on a charter boat and had something similar happened. Except this was a deck hand who was trying to gaf a fish and just went limp. The cost guard had to come out and later I heard that he passed. Life is precious and we never know when our time is up
  162. ocsleeper

    Believe it or not! Post your impossible catch stories here.

    My family and I go the Lake Mohave near Laughlin every year and I tow my boat out there. 3 years ago, we beached the boat on a cove on a Friday. My boys were fishing from my boat while I hang out with the wife on shore. We were targeting Stripers. I see my youngest Bryce cast his line out...
  163. ocsleeper

    So I just bought my second boat. How’d I do?

    I still remember when I got my first boat. Congrats man. One thing I do recommend as I faced the same thing with my rig. You may need rod holders. I like to have 4 setups just for me alone. And if you fish with other people, you're going to wonder where to put everything. I would get rid...
  164. ocsleeper

    First time fishing San Diego

    Where is the nearest bait barge from Mission Bay?
  165. ocsleeper

    First time fishing San Diego

    I'm taking my boat 22 Cobia DC for the first time into waters off San Diego this week. Will be at campland in Mission Bay (Thanks to Papa J for recommendations) with my wife and 2 boys 10 n 8 years of age. Looking to catch pretty much of anything for the kids from bass, rockfish. barracuda...
  166. ocsleeper

    Towing boat down to San Diego

    I will be calling hotels regarding parking for boat and trailer. Any idea which hotels allow this? As for leaving boat/trailer at Shelter Island, are you allowed to leave just the boat/trailer with no truck attached to it? Or must everything be hitched? How about just the trailer itself...
  167. ocsleeper

    Towing boat down to San Diego

    Looking to tow the boat down to San Diego for a few day family trip. Any idea where I may be able to park the boat on trailer over night that is relatively safe? Or possibly just the trailer if I can find a temp slip.
  168. ocsleeper

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    Considering they were not in danger as the article stated, I wonder if this is something Boat US would have handled
  169. ocsleeper

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    Thats why the wall will extend 50 miles off shore
  170. ocsleeper

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    I guess Tuna carcass are not the most pressing issue for HH right now
  171. ocsleeper

    Capsized Parker

    Is this the boat in question? Also can anyone explain this noob in me how things like this can happen? How does a boat all of a sudden take on so much water that it sinks? How does a boat flip assuming they weren't in rough water? I've always felt safe on my boat but now I'm starting to get...
  172. ocsleeper

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    I'm very curious how many people on BD are even members or looking to be members of this boat club. So why even post it here?
  173. ocsleeper


    Since this is a fishing forum, I'm curious to know how guns incorporate into your fishing routine? Will an AR keep me from skunking on those damn bluefins? I really need to catch one of things while I'm still young enough to pull on them.
  174. ocsleeper


    I don't think I have ever met anyone who advocated removing ALL guns. Even people I know who consider themselves very liberal believe in certain extent of gun ownership.
  175. ocsleeper

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    I joined back in 2008. This was and still a great place of knowledge for me for everything from how to fish and boating matters. The only thing that seem to have changed in my mind is this. Back when I first joined, it seem as though people were more willing to share info on their fishing...
  176. ocsleeper

    Oil rigs

    Yeah I have personally seen on two separate occasions a PB tied up to the rigs off Long Beach and OC. Some other just either drift right up to it a couple of feet away from the rig or anchor and back right up to the rig
  177. ocsleeper

    Oil rigs

    Has anyone actually have either gotten in trouble or know of anyone who got in trouble for fishing too close to the oil rigs? This is particularly in the OC/Long Beach area. Every rig I see has a huge sign that says stay at least 300 ft from the rigs but always see many boats fishing either...
  178. ocsleeper

    Jackpot nightmare.

    I used to frequent party boats all the time and enjoy going in on the jackpot. Won a few times but starting to notice that the same few guys always win and these guys would always get on the boat for free. It was apparent that they were buddies with the crew. After that, I just figured that...
  179. ocsleeper

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    Sounds like rich people problem. Kind of like this one guy who tells me that he can only take his boat out/in during low tides to go under the bridge. Not hating or anything. Just hoping some day I will have the same problem
  180. ocsleeper

    Boat ads: hours vrs years

    I actually bought my boat that had 1000 hrs and only one year old. Boat with brand new trailer for less than 50% of retail price. Hired a certified yamaha tech to inspect the engine and it passed every test. It turns out that the engine had 600 hrs out of the 1000 sitting at idle and only...
  181. ocsleeper

    Good Luck Rituals

    Bring some bananas. If you aint catching shit, how much can things get?
  182. ocsleeper

    Top Gun 80 captain/crew question?

    I hear the crew really like bananas. Bring a bunch and share with the crew and some other passengers
  183. ocsleeper

    Yellowtail migration north from Mexico

    True. Sorry for getting sucked into the debate. Ok back to fishing now. Tight lines
  184. ocsleeper

    Yellowtail migration north from Mexico

    Subsides aren't a bad thing as long as it's meant for temporary relief. I dont have problem needing to go on welfare to help them off their feet. I have issue when people choose welfare as a career choice. Same with the farmers. If you can't grow enough crop or work within the free market...
  185. ocsleeper

    Yellowtail migration north from Mexico

    Anytime you have one major party in total control, things will get bad as they will cater to the extreme. Thats what happening in CA and there is only one party to blame and that's the one in control. As for such as healthcare, you have to ask why the hell are we as a country paying more per...
  186. ocsleeper

    Yellowtail migration north from Mexico

    So which Republican congressman or Senator would agree to remove all subsidies for farmers and revoke the billions that Trump is handing out to fight his trade war?
  187. ocsleeper

    Yellowtail migration north from Mexico

    I'm a firm believer that this country gives us great opportunity and if you can't succeed in this country then you are doing something wrong. When I say succeed, I dont mean millionaires but living well. Me coming to this country as a refugee knows this first hand as I am living the American...
  188. ocsleeper

    Yeti coolers 30% off

    Because they're doing what most companies should do which is not to get involved with politics. This comment is not toward the NRA in either way. It's just best to be neutral unless your business is geared toward only a specific demographic.
  189. ocsleeper

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    I totally missed this thread and the first 31 pages. Can someone let me know what geat to use for surf fishing?
  190. ocsleeper

    New Lo-an Layout and Boarding process

    There's a line to board. A lot of the guys get there early and put their gear down to save their spot while eating at the seafood place. Most of the time, the other passenger are real cool and know the drill about the line and not try to cut. The boarding process is the line and the bunk...
  191. ocsleeper

    Pacifica on line for 7-5-19

    You have to play the odds here. What's the chance of something like this happening twice to the same boat? I'm sure it's smaller than the chance of it happening once to any other boat. It's like sending your kid to a school that already had a shooting. The odds of it happening again is much...
  192. ocsleeper

    Would you eat fish caught inside the harbor?

    As the title says, would anyone eat anything caught inside the harbor by where all the boats are docked? I'm not talking about certain game fish such as bay basses but more along the line of a halibut or other fish which I'm sure most of us would harvest if caught off the coast. I've always...
  193. ocsleeper


    Before having my own boat, I would go on open party trips often. On 3/4 day trips, I wouldn't bring anything too fancy or much gear at all. On overnight trips, it was different. You spend more money on those trips so you want a chance to play with your fancier toys. What I do is bring a very...
  194. ocsleeper

    Dolphin hooked on cedar plug trolling

    So how did it taste?
  195. ocsleeper

    old skool mentality vs...

    Im not saying the capt doesn'tknow shit. What I am saying is that there are guys who know what works best for them and stick to it. The guys I noticed were regulars on this boat and knew all the deck hands by name.
  196. ocsleeper

    old skool mentality vs...

    I did my first blue fin trip in May. Right before taking off, the Capt brought us all together and told us to go heavy on the lines from 50 lbs and on up. So my group and I listened. 3/4 way through the trip, we were skunked while some of the other guys who appear to really know what they...
  197. ocsleeper

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    You're right bro. I made a comment about fishing forum should be about fishing and got sucked into this. I'm done with this discussion and back to fishing mode. Tight lines everyone and see you all on the water
  198. ocsleeper

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    This is awsome man. Must be in a parallel universe where bone spurs didn't exist
  199. ocsleeper

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    Yep Wallace is alright. I guess Shep too. However you have to look at who has the highest ratings over there and it's Hannity by a mile. These guys know what they have to do to in order to keep those ratings
  200. ocsleeper

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    I"m not going to try and make the argument that CNN and other cable news aren't bias. it's unfortunate that some of these news station are becoming news entertainment geared toward a particular base. Yes CNN has done crappy things such as the time one of their reporters (or something) shared...
  201. ocsleeper

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    So do you ever see America being an island with no imports? I think we all know this will never happen. As long as America will continue to import goods, then chances are that some of those goods will be cheaper to be brought in. This is just the facts.
  202. ocsleeper

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    Are you referring to manufacturing jobs? Yeah more stuff is being manufactured in the US. But most of the people doing those jobs will soon be replaced by robots and automation if it hasn't been done already. There will be certain jobs that will never be here and that's the sad fact...
  203. ocsleeper

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    Because the topic is on Tarrifs. If we would go back in time about 4 yrs ago and someone would say the next president will be pulling out of trade pacts, waging trade wars, and imposing tarrifs with an protectionist policy, I would swear that you are talking about a far left democrat. This is...
  204. ocsleeper

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    Stairman -trust me when I say this. I dont consider myself to be either left or right leaning. I have big issues with some aspect of how this state is run today. When you have one party that consolidate all the power, it's going to be an issue whether that party is on the right or left. My...
  205. ocsleeper

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    This is why fishing forum should just talk fishing. Normal very cool people just turn into mindless cult members who disregard all facts and just spout their bias from faux news.
  206. ocsleeper

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    Even the US made stuff may be impacted. The raw materials can still be imported.
  207. ocsleeper

    Braid breaking point

    Went to Fishermans Hardware which is right around the corner from my work and picked up a spool of 65 lb J braid. It was around $11 more expensive than what I bought at Amazon. They didn't carry any 832 spools. This new spool consistently broke at 45 lb which is much better. However it's...
  208. ocsleeper

    Braid breaking point

    On the initial break, I had an arbor knot on my reel. As I pulled the 832 to tighten the knot, it snapped rather easily. I have never snapped any braided line by pulling it especially with my bare hand let alone it being 65 lb test. That's when I proceeded to test the line. I had a polomar...
  209. ocsleeper

    Braid breaking point

    It was stocked and shipped by Amazon. I only buy stuff that is Prime. I threw away all my stuff for the J braid so I am stuck and out of the $.
  210. ocsleeper

    Braid breaking point

    I bought both from Amazon. I already spooled the j braid so I am stuck at that lost cost. Will be returning the 832 for sure. I knew Amazon did have issues with counterfeit but I am surprise theres counterfeit fishing lines
  211. ocsleeper

    Braid breaking point

    Just bought some J braid and 832 for two new reels. Why spooling up my new reel today with 65 lb Suffix 832 braid, the line snapped rather easily as I pulled on it to tie a knot. I know I've pull harder on other mono lines smaller class and I don't remember it snapping as easy. So I...
  212. ocsleeper

    Wanted: Calstar 800m

    Where are you located?
  213. ocsleeper

    Great Deal on Amazon: Penn Fathom 2-Speeds

    Cant believe the left handed variety is not as heavily discounted as the others. They are usually cheaper. I was able to pick up a 25 level wind lefty version for $100 earlier this week from Sierra.
  214. ocsleeper

    Retirement move to socal

    I am really surprise to see all these negative comments about SD coming from people who lives there. Having grown up in OC, I would love to like in SD as I find the overall vibe much better in general. The traffic there is nothing like we have here and in LA. I have to think that some of...
  215. ocsleeper


  216. ocsleeper

    F150 Ecoboost

    Limited slip. I have to tow package but not sure if it is the max tow
  217. ocsleeper


    Looking to take some kids out fishing and hoping for something easy. I see the long beach sports boat are loading up on the whitefish. Can anyone let me know where they are getting them? Or provide me spots to find them? Considering its only whitefish, I assume it will not be much of a...
  218. ocsleeper

    F150 Ecoboost

    I have a 2015 3.5 ecoboost 2wd. Close to 50k miles and no issues with drive train at all. Only issue I ever had was the motor to sun room broke which was covered by the warranty. My wife drives the truck most of the time transporting my kids. However this is my tow vehicle with about a total...
  219. ocsleeper

    Buying boat in Oregon - need help

    I cant imagine it being any different from buying a car. I bought a car with Oregon pink slip. Just took it to the DMV and did the normal registration paperwork here in CA.
  220. ocsleeper

    Where to Fish in riverside

    You mean there's no river in Riverside? I always wonder how it got its name
  221. ocsleeper

    Looking for the Penn Fathom of fishing rods

    Thanks for the suggestion all.
  222. ocsleeper

    Looking for the Penn Fathom of fishing rods

    Haven't bought new gear for awhile and looking to add a 30# setup to my current collection. I usually spend $350 plus for reels and $250 plus for rods and really do not have the appetite to spend that much on this new setup. I ran across some postings about the Penn Fathoms and people seem to...
  223. ocsleeper

    WTB Lefty Reel Avet

    I have a 2 speed LX packed with 80 lb spectra. I'm in OC
  224. ocsleeper

    Awd vs 4x4 vs rwd..

    I have a RWD F150 and pull a 22 ft boat. I havent had any issues yet but If I was buying a truck, I would get a 4x4 just for the piece of mind
  225. ocsleeper

    Just got my first center console boat

    There is some great advice on backing up a trailer. As stated above, the methed of steering toward the direction that the back is swinging to is what I used. I went from someone at one point needing assistance at the ramp to someone who is very comfortable with this process. This is my 3rd...
  226. ocsleeper

    boat trailer wash down

    This look like a great idea. Im definitely going to try this out
  227. ocsleeper

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    It's strange that the article states that other nearby boaters had to "flagged down the boat operator who hit her" making it seem as though the people in the 50 ft vessel didn't even realize they ran someone over. How do you not know you hit someone one kayak?
  228. ocsleeper

    boat trailer wash down

    I'm curious what you guys who launch your boats do with regards to this. How many of you wash down your boat trailer immediately after dunking it in the salt water to launch your boat? I never have done this and didn't start to think about this until one of my buddy told me he does this. It...
  229. ocsleeper

    Place to beach your boat

    Is this in front of those mansions? I prefer not to be in front of someones house
  230. ocsleeper

    Place to beach your boat

    Do you know if this is actually something that you are allowed to do?
  231. ocsleeper

    Place to beach your boat

    Thanks for the info
  232. ocsleeper

    Place to beach your boat

    How crowded can these place be? Do you have to be super early to get a spot?
  233. ocsleeper

    Place to beach your boat

    Anyone know of any harbors or beaches in So Cal where you can go and beach your boat and hang out for the day? Maybe not necessary beach your boat but at least anchor it very close to shore, hop off the boat and spend some time in the water or the beach and then head back out.
  234. ocsleeper

    Would welcome recommendations for charters out of PV.

    Jeff btw the picture on my avatar was when I fished with Danny Osuna of Marla sportsfishing. Look on my profile as you can see my thread about 8 yrs ago when ai fished with them. Total class act and truly knows how to fish. As others have mentioned, the two Dannys down there is all you need...
  235. ocsleeper

    Would welcome recommendations for charters out of PV.

    Danny Osuna or his brother if you want a big boat and comfort. If you are ok with a panga style setup, Danny Gomez would be my recommendation. I have fished both and it was money well spent.
  236. ocsleeper

    What's the deal with

    The man is a paid advertiser of this site and he's trying to make a living. Nothing wrong with this and it could very well be beneficial for a noob captain like me. I found this site many years ago as it was so helpful to learn the sports from alot of the more experience guys. Guys were so...
  237. ocsleeper

    White Smoke on 4 Stroke Yam F200

    Ok just brought my boat back from West Coast Marine. Thanks to those of you who recommended them. They will be my primary place for all maintenance now. As some of you said, the white smoke turned out to be normal. Everything checked out clean on my motor. Gonzolo mentioned that this...
  238. ocsleeper

    Freedom boat club

    Oh a few more things. I would advice you to ask them to show you their booking schedules for last year as this would give you an idea to as how busy they are. When I spoke to Dan last year, he had mentioned that he liked to have specific ratio of members to boat. I forgot what that was but it...
  239. ocsleeper

    Freedom boat club

    I actually bought my boat from Freedom last year and had a chance to talk to Dan who runs the operation. Dan is a super cool guy and it seems as though he runs a very well club down there. I dont want to say what he charges as you should contact them yourselves but the number he gave me was...
  240. ocsleeper

    Freedom boat club

    If you are trying to see if you want to own a boat in the future, there are cheaper ways to go about it. The boat club is a great concept for the right type of people only. It is a big chunk of change on the initial membership buyin. For that much, I would just take that $ and buy a cheaper...
  241. ocsleeper

    White Smoke on 4 Stroke Yam F200

    I'm taking her in just to be safe on Monday. Will let those of you who are curious know what the outcome is. Fingers cross that it's just the humidity.
  242. ocsleeper

    White Smoke on 4 Stroke Yam F200

    It was changed late last year and it has only 12 hrs since then.
  243. ocsleeper

    White Smoke on 4 Stroke Yam F200

    Really appreciate all the feedback guys. Fingers crossed that it's just the humid air. Going to take her in to have checked out to be safe. Hoping for a big fishing season coming up and would not want to miss out on any of this with a busted engine.
  244. ocsleeper

    White Smoke on 4 Stroke Yam F200

    Ugh this sounds expensive to fix. Sounds like I'm learning fast about the meaning of BOAT. It is a 2015 F200 but it does have a lot of hours on it. Had it checked last August by a tech in San Diego and everything was perfect. Today the engine temp was normal and everything else seem normal...
  245. ocsleeper

    White Smoke on 4 Stroke Yam F200

    Took the boat out for the first time this year after it sitting since last October. Ran from Long Beach to San Pedro and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Even made a few stops to circle around some seals for the kids to look at. Then when we were at San Pedro, we made a few more...
  246. ocsleeper

    2003 PARKER 1801

    I have 10500:)
  247. ocsleeper

    Bolsa Chica Yellowtail from jetty

    So why exactly can't we catch all these cool fishes now days that you guys talk about the good ole days? What happened? Over fishing?
  248. ocsleeper

    MONEY JIG nails 40 lb Yellowtail @ Catalina

    You must be under estimating the weight. It looks like a 51 lb fish to me :supergay::
  249. ocsleeper

    skip jack for sale

    Toby - Steph would kill me if I brought home a boat right now unless I had a place to hide it from her. I think you should upgrade to a bigger boat since you have a nice shiney new truck to pull it :)
  250. ocsleeper

    skip jack for sale

    This boat is listed by a BD member in the for sale section.
  251. ocsleeper

    Rod for avet sx

    Are you looking for advice on what type of rod to get or to find someone to sell you a rod?
  252. ocsleeper

    The "Ready to Assemble" swings into the dock with limits of WSB for Two Day

    90% of the so called reports on this site dont tell you the spots, water temp,etc so its not cool to single one person out. Go look in the ride sharing section for Jeffs post when hes looking for some one to share the cost. It doesnt take a genius to figure out where this guy fishes most of...
  253. ocsleeper

    The "Ready to Assemble" swings into the dock with limits of WSB for Two Day

    Look as some already said. If Jeff is trying to make this a business then he need to buy a fucken calculator. Last summer he took just me out on a trip. We left from San Pedro with at least 3 scoops of live squid from the bait barge and headed to SBI. Fished there thr next morning until the...
  254. ocsleeper

    He's Baaaack

    I have white friends and am offended by this quote. White people and people of color should be able to swim in the same cove.
  255. ocsleeper

    What is this/Pedro and Long Beach help?

    I have seen signs saying not to eat those fish for well over 20 yrs now.
  256. ocsleeper

    sx or mxj

    Thanks for the advice guys. I ended up getting an mxj. I fish spectra with a short top shot so capacity was never really an issue.
  257. ocsleeper

    sx or mxj

    Im looking to buying another reel. I have an SX and LX. My SX is the go to reel for 90% of the fishing I do. Am thinking of buying an mxj since I prefer a narrow reel. Now is there much difference between the SX or MXJ? I could very well be happy with another SX.
  258. ocsleeper

    What kind of fish

    After 3 yrs of being on this site, I have learned that there is basically only one type of fish and that is a midshipman. Whether its 2 lbs or 200 lbs and you are not sure what it is then its a midshipman.
  259. ocsleeper


    If you're going to post pictures here that you grabbed from the Internet as it was yours or your buddies, then you shouldn't get so butt hurt if people give you some ribbing about future posts. Don't be such a panzy. for anyone who cares, I was referring to this post...
  260. ocsleeper


    more tall tales?
  261. ocsleeper

    WFO! Radioactive Bluefin!

    Sweet. Maybe my first bft will have 3 eyes and glow in the dark.
  262. ocsleeper

    What kind of fish is this?

    Is a Dog tooth snapper the same thing as Dog Tooth Pargo like in my avatar? I caught mine down in PV and the capt said it was a Pargo.
  263. ocsleeper

    57 hawthorne giveaway price.

    So sad...I can't even afford something that is at a "give away" price. Maybe someday....
  264. ocsleeper

    LA river

    What kind of fish was that or can be expected to be found in the LA river?
  265. ocsleeper

    Another truck bites the dust at Davies Launch Ramp

    I suck at pulling a boat out of the water but glad someone out there is actually worse than I am.
  266. ocsleeper

    Salmon reported at SI Ramp

    Lets pretend that it was a salmon. Don't you still need a special stamp or something to catch and keep salmons?
  267. ocsleeper

    San Diego worse fishing west coast AGAIN

    At least San Diego is still way better than Orange County.
  268. ocsleeper

    Lake Michigan fishing - Chicago area

    Anyone have any experience fishing Lake Michigan out of the Chicago area? I'll be visiting there next month and looking to find a good reputable charter for some Salmon fishing. Any know of any good ones?
  269. ocsleeper

    RTA Puts The Wood to the White Sea Bass

    Thanks again for the ride Jeff. One of the better trips I've had bro. I seriously need to send my wife and kids to her moms more often to get more fishing time. I just want to add one thing to this story. Now I'm by no means a release all calico kind of guy. I will take and eat them...
  270. ocsleeper

    2001 Seaswirl Striper

    Ah didn't see it listed 2101 as model. Thanks
  271. ocsleeper

    WTB Boat trailer

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Mod please move to the correct forum if this is out of place. I'm looking to buy a used replacement trailer for my 18 ft boat. Doesn't have to be brand new but in good condition. Single axel and galvanized is fine. How much do you think I would be...
  272. ocsleeper

    2001 Seaswirl Striper

    what size is the boat?
  273. ocsleeper

    Have not done this in 40 years

    Dennis....I hope you have an epic trip!
  274. ocsleeper

    Ready to step up my game - Rod & Reel Advice Needed

    I use my avet sx 5.1 for all of those above. Haven't been able to land a wsb yet but killed plenty of tuna. Never once felt under powered. Another thing....I tend to prefer having one star drag reel for when I'm tossing the iron and a level drag when fishing live bait.
  275. ocsleeper

    San Quintin update

    How far of the drive is it from the San Diego border?
  276. ocsleeper

    San Quintin update

    Is the only way to San Quintin from Cali is to drive? If so, how safe is the drive? I've been hearing about some great fishing in San Quitin and would love to hit it up some day.
  277. ocsleeper

    you busted my light

    Hhmm...Possibly kinda parly Asian?....So this means she can possibly be Asian or she can possibly not be Asian. But we know she's a woman. So can we just assume that women of any ethnicity are BAD drivers LOL
  278. ocsleeper

    94 Valco Bayrunner 23' **$6,900**

    Damn and I thought the boat market is supposed to be tough....
  279. ocsleeper

    No, We Don't Need limit Changes

    Maybe they should start treating sandies like how they treat the white sea bass. During their peak spawning period, lower the limit and raise the limit back up outside for the rest of the months.
  280. ocsleeper

    First Local Legal Tarpon

    :zelfmoordGreat...another fish that I have yet to catch
  281. ocsleeper

    Personal Best White Sea Bass76.5 lbs on 30lb test

    You sir have caught 76.5 more lbs of WSB that I have in my life. Congrats!
  282. ocsleeper

    we are fucked

    I don't think this is totally a Repulican or Democrat issue. The fact of the matter is, roughly about 85% of registered voters in CA are fucken morons. How else would the same idiots keep getting re-elected year after year? Our state is broke as a joke, we're all getting taxed left and right...
  283. ocsleeper

    Passports required at the Nados?

    Thanks for the info Stan. Someone had told me it cost around $100 and I believed it due to the extraordinary high add on for the plane tickets to fly into PV. So now I guess it's just the airline ripping us off.
  284. ocsleeper

    we are fucked

    So I guess I probably won't buy a boat anymore...
  285. ocsleeper

    WSB!!!! and CALICO'S to boot

    I think you need to go back to catching sand bass and calicos so I can have some of that WSB action...seriously, that's some sick shit right there. Great day!
  286. ocsleeper

    Passports required at the Nados?

    I'm just wondering how much longer will we have to start getting those tourist cards that we have to fill out when flying into Mexico. I heard those things are around $100 each.
  287. ocsleeper

    LOST RODS (Newport Harbor)

    Haha. Classic! They left the stuff behind and blame you for stealing it.
  288. ocsleeper

    27' Luhrs Ready to fish

    Nice boat! Just curious what do you use to tow this boat?
  289. ocsleeper

    Uni Butter + War Baits = Checkers 6/24/11

    What kind of fish is that on the bottom left?
  290. ocsleeper

    A few years

    I just want to chime in here about something. First and foremost, thank you to the poster for serving our great nation. We all can't act like fools on the internet without people like you protecting our rights. Secondly, I made a post earlier saying the only concern I had was if he went...
  291. ocsleeper

    Need 2-3 to fish Saturday 6-25!!!

    Where do you launch out of?
  292. ocsleeper

    Selling a bunch of stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From his facebook page, looks like he either fishes or work on the Thunderbird. Might want to follow up with the landing regarding this guy.
  293. ocsleeper

    F&G can make stops w/out suspicious activity

    You make a very interesting point.
  294. ocsleeper

    F&G can make stops w/out suspicious activity

    I tend to agree with you regarding the DFG thing but I have to disagree with you regarding the airport thing. First of all, I tend to be more of a libertarian and value the rights that this great country has given me. I might not like the hassle of flying but the reason why I disagree with...
  295. ocsleeper

    F&G can make stops w/out suspicious activity

    Yes and a cop can't pull you over for speeding unless you're speeding. Heck he can't pull you over for any reason unless you're violating some law, code, or for an investigation of something when you fit the description. That's the debate here with the DFG. Should they be able to pull someone...
  296. ocsleeper

    Aloha Seabass Massacre 6/22 "trip of a lifetime"

    He said he caught 8, nothing about keeping 8. I've been on boats many times and caught over my limit (not sea bass but other stuff). I just give what ever over limit I caught to the people who haven't filled their limit yet.
  297. ocsleeper

    F&G can make stops w/out suspicious activity

    I dislike people who violate regulations just as much as you and see your point. But I can't see any different between DFG and other LE agencys we see in our street. I'm a big believer in our constitution especially the 4th amendment. This anaolgy is how I would see it. Say we know people...
  298. ocsleeper

    F&G can make stops w/out suspicious activity

    Yes but LE still can't pull you over unless they observe you violating some law.
  299. ocsleeper

    A few years

    I never have any issues with people catching and keeping Calicos because I do it myself. Hell they taste good. My only concern is whether or not he went over the limit. The last I checked, you're allowed to keep 10 bass per day. There seems to be in the neighborhood of 40 fishes there and...
  300. ocsleeper

    Coast Guard going after drunken boaters

    Same thing as on the road. Automatic DUI arrest. Might as well take the test and hope you're under the limit.
  301. ocsleeper

    F&G can make stops w/out suspicious activity

    On the surface this does seem to be a clear violation of the 4th admendment. I wonder what the argument was used for this ruling.
  302. ocsleeper

    F&G can make stops w/out suspicious activity

    It might be different. I don't know about on the water but on the road with sobriety checkpoint, they have to alert the public in advance where and when the checkpoint will be. Also they have to either check all cars or every random numbers of cars to not show any bias.
  303. ocsleeper

    Anyone need to fill a spot this weekend?

    Wife taking the kids to her moms this weekend so I need to get out on the water when I can. Was going to hit up the cattle boat but it's going to be jammed pack. Anyone heading out to Catalina this weekend and need someone to help for gas, bait, food, clean boat, etc? Don't smoke and only...
  304. ocsleeper

    80lb soup fin shark off of la jolla beach

    Yeah throw the shovel nose back next time :rofl:
  305. ocsleeper

    Punta Mita Report

    You make me want to go out and get my wife a pink SX!
  306. ocsleeper

    22Lbs sheepshead

    So what do you do with the head? That thing is huge!
  307. ocsleeper

    Some friendly advice.....

    Nice first post. If you're any way related to the DFG, I and many other would appreciate if you make it known and be available for many other questions concerning the different scenarios typical fishermen come across on the water with regards to rules and regulations.
  308. ocsleeper

    Looking for fishermen Not Trolling for look E lou's

    And I had to click on this link while at work and my internet usage is probably monitored. Damn you!:finger: :_diarrhea_:
  309. ocsleeper

    How NOT to set a drag!!!

    damn was hoping the car would start dragging him.
  310. ocsleeper

    DFG is after me Follow Up

    Yup and even if these guys had the intention of keeping the small hali, the fact that the warden wrote evidence seized even though they didn't just might be enough grounds to dismiss the charge.
  311. ocsleeper

    DFG is after me Follow Up

    And what profile is this?
  312. ocsleeper

    When is it ok to have short filet?

    Ok I guess my question is what is the point of demarcation or out of the reach of DFG jurisdiction to be busted with a short filet? Is it out of the water, out of the launch ramp, across the street of the ramp, in the freeway, etc? I mean I'm sure we won't be busted for having short filet in...
  313. ocsleeper

    When is it ok to have short filet?

    Sometimes I fish with people who don't live near me so we all meet at the landing. Hence why I consider cutting the fish up there before everyone heads out their seperate way.
  314. ocsleeper

    When is it ok to have short filet?

    I have a question that maybe someone can answer for me. I know and understand that certain fishes have to be certain length as well if you filet them. My question is at what point are you allowed to posses them. As in example, I catch a halibut well above legal size. I take it back to the...
  315. ocsleeper

    DFG is after me Follow Up

    You're friends must be big ballas if they're just going to pay $850 fine for something that they didn't do.
  316. ocsleeper

    What is the WORST thing that has happened to you offshore?

    At what point did you guys put up the rainbow flag?
  317. ocsleeper

    Species I.D.?

  318. ocsleeper

    NPH 5/31/11 - Legal Halibut From Shore

  319. ocsleeper


    This thread has been downright amusing from a boring ass day at work. I see both sides to this. One, you can say it's not cool to mess with a young kid. On the other side, I can see why someone should call him out on it. It's a lesson learn for the young lad. Maybe he can learn from this...
  320. ocsleeper

    san clemente on the thunderbird 5-25

    No pictures of the blue perch. I say bullshit on the report!
  321. ocsleeper


    As a new boat owner, can someone explain to me the rules concerning open container in the boat? Is it like a car where any open container is prohibited?
  322. ocsleeper

    200 reasons why we LOVE our members....

    You mean there's only 200 reasons why you love us? It should be at last 2000 reasons why. You guys suck!
  323. ocsleeper

    Fishing Bucket List

    200+ lb Yellow Fin Blue Fin WSB Opah
  324. ocsleeper

    LBC BREAK WALL 3-28-11

    What time of day do you normally hit the wall?
  325. ocsleeper

    What good can you say about PV??

    I want that tuna in your avatar Sherm!
  326. ocsleeper

    What good can you say about PV??

    First time in PV was during my honeymoon in Oct 2008. What a trip! Best fishing trip of my life. Fished with Danny Osuna. That guy knows what he's doing and worth every penny! We stayed at Paradise Village and felt very safe there the whole time. As compared to the heavily commercialized Cabo...
  327. ocsleeper

    Killing billfish

    When I first caught my first Marlin, I bit it, tasted it and then threw it back.
  328. ocsleeper

    2 fishermen sentenced for possessing protected sea bass

    And to think 10 yrs ago my buddy got fined $200 for an 11 inch sand bass....
  329. ocsleeper

    great offshore and inshore fishing

    That Pargo makes mine look like a gold fish. I think I'm going to have to change my avatar now....
  330. ocsleeper

    anyone know what this is

    What nobody is going to say it's a midshipmen?
  331. ocsleeper


    There's nothing wrong with going fishing every chance you get! Shit I would if I could so live the life as long as you can.
  332. ocsleeper

    Bow hunting Leopard Shark

    I"m not too sure if I would want some drunk idiot on a boat holding anything that shoots while around 30 or so other people.
  333. ocsleeper

    LBC ON THE SAND 8-19-10

    I heard those Shovel nose are actually pretty good eating. Any thoughts?
  334. ocsleeper


    crap...I was hoping it was going to be somewhere closer to home.
  335. ocsleeper


    I've been seeing reports of steady Bonito bites for the Enterprise out of Alamitos bay for the past week or so. Anyone know where they're finding the Bonitos at?
  336. ocsleeper

    Leopard shark question?

    fishing must suck for bringing up an old thread like it was posted yesterday.
  337. ocsleeper

    Aholes posting Shit in the wrong forum

    So this is what happens when fishing sucks.....
  338. ocsleeper


    So how do these thing tastes? And what is the best way to cook them?
  339. ocsleeper

    "Pretty"picture fish report are BORING

    With an avatar like yours, why would I waste my time reading the report when I can look at that ass?
  340. ocsleeper

    Lake Mahove

    How shallow do you normally fish for the bass? Do you ever fish in the middle of the lake in the really deep part?
  341. ocsleeper

    Lake Mahove

    Any particular rapalas work best for the stripers?
  342. ocsleeper

    Boat trailer lights

    Thanks guys!
  343. ocsleeper

    Lake Mahove

    Anyone fish Lake Mahove Arizona near Laughlin? I'm going to be there in August and was hoping to do a little fishing. Can anyone tell me what species to target at this time of year and what type of setup or technique to use?
  344. ocsleeper

    Boat trailer lights

    I have a 17 ft boat on a trailer that I plan on taking from Anaheim to Laughlin Nevada in a couple of weeks. The rear light on the trailer doesn't work. Does anyone know what the regulations are in terms of the rear lights of the trailer? I'm extra concern as I might be pulling my boat at...
  345. ocsleeper

    SD worse fishing on the west coast right now?

    it could be worse for you San Diego guys. Us OC and LA guys don't have much to fish for up here. Basically just Sand bass and Cudas. Forget about being able to land any bigger game fish without having to go to Catalina. Tunas and Albies...forget about it if you're up here. That's why we...
  346. ocsleeper

    Boat Parking Laws and Rights

    I had a shitty neighbor too who called the PD for the way I would park my truck in front of my house. I never understood why people gave a shit in what people do in front of their property. Good thing that neighbor of mine moved. I was seriously thinking of putting odd stuff like either a...
  347. ocsleeper

    Heading to Puerta Vallarta

    I concur about Danny Osuna with Marla sports fishing. Top notch captain! You might find a cheaper alternative but you won't find a better captain.
  348. ocsleeper

    2.5 Day Leaving San Pedro This Thursday Night Need One Person

    Jeff, Any plans on keeping your boat down in San Diego this summer?
  349. ocsleeper

    City of long beach boat?

    You get free parking at Long Beach Marina and I believe you have to pay for parking at Pierpoint. This can be a deciding factor for some.
  350. ocsleeper

    PV with Manny Oct 14. Anybody want to go?

    Good luck man. I too went to PV on my honeymoon and had the best fishing trip ever.
  351. ocsleeper

    Baby on the way

    My first child was two weeks early and my wife went into labor the day before I was to go fishing. Here's my advice to you. Lend me your boat and I'll go fishing. I'll give you half of what I catch and you can be with your wife :)
  352. ocsleeper

    This has gotta be a BDer

  353. ocsleeper

    Offshore Fleet reports are in wrong place

    First of all, not everyone has a fucken boat. So for a boatless person like me who wants to chase Albies or any other type of fish, I would have to hop on a Charter or boat ho with someone. Information from sports boat captain even with the smallest details of how things are going is valuable...
  354. ocsleeper

    Parenting Technique

    I call bullshit without pictures :)
  355. ocsleeper

    Offshore Fleet reports are in wrong place

    I"m not sure what the whole purpose of this thread is all about. The last I checked, this site is owned by a couple of private dudes who love fishing. This is their site and let them regulate what type of information goes where and when. If they feel that it's not appropriate to have sports...
  356. ocsleeper

    Coronados Josie Lynn open party need 3

    what's the cost and time frame?
  357. ocsleeper

    Fish of a lifetime

    Wow I"m going to have a really tough decision to make. Puerto Vallarta for Tunas or Alaska for halibuts. :smash:
  358. ocsleeper

    WSB 06-16-10 YES WSB!!!!

    Well it's bigger then any WSB that I've caught in my life (none ever :( )
  359. ocsleeper

    Fish of a lifetime

    Wow! That thing looks like it can swallow me whole.
  360. ocsleeper

    Gratuity ??

    Do you guys normally give the total tip amount to the skipper anticipating that he'll split it with the rest of the crew or would you give the crew tip individually? This is for chartering a 6 or 12 pack.
  361. ocsleeper

    A little socal half day

    Yes! And tell her the guys from bloodydecks said so!
  362. ocsleeper

    A little socal half day

    Nice job Adam. After 6 years, I still can't get my wife to hop on a cattle boat with me.
  363. ocsleeper

    another pv croc attack

    Are these saltwater crocs? Do most of of the attack isolated to the rivers or do these bastards also wander off onto the bay?
  364. ocsleeper

    RTA Reporting On Trip For WSB

    Good shit Jeff! Do you ever plan on doing some week day trip so you don't have to deal with the crowd? I know you have this thing called work and all but if you ever do, give me a holla a couple of days in advance.
  365. ocsleeper

    Critically Endangered, eh??

    I hear those shovel nose shark are pretty good eating..
  366. ocsleeper

    PV Adventures with Danny O and Danny G

    Two days of fishing in PV. Can't get any better than that. Danny O is the man. Great job and nice fish!
  367. ocsleeper


    Dang still remember the fishing spots after being married and all?
  368. ocsleeper

    WIde Open Barracuda

    Crocs are killer on the cudas. Any other surface iron would also work.
  369. ocsleeper

    cuda bite is on

    It's a cultural thing. Walk into any Asian market and you'll see them for sale. It's all about how you cook it.
  370. ocsleeper

    cuda bite is on

    Seriously..i use the McCormics seafood rub that you buy for like $3 on these things with some lime juice and butter. Grill them up and they are great! I have people who do not even like fish eating and asking for more.
  371. ocsleeper

    Cat 5/19.....WTF kind of fish is this

    Is it really a mdishipman? It seems like any of these type of threads that ask for fish ID, there is always someone saying it's a midshipman...
  372. ocsleeper

    Cuda Gone Wild 5/16

    Not sure if he was there but it's been steady cuda fishing at the Shoe the last couple of days.
  373. ocsleeper

    Need 2 riders for the Yellow Tail Bite This Weekend

    Jeff, If you go next weekend, I'm totally interested. Good luck this weekend and let me know about next week if you decide to head out again.
  374. ocsleeper

    what bored fisherman do

    so how did the dog taste?
  375. ocsleeper

    Dorado sushi?

    I've tried it down in Cabo a couple of times after taking our fresh catch back to the condo. The sashimi tasted like bass. Now that I hear they have parasites, maybe I'll stop eating the sashimi..
  376. ocsleeper

    Should offshore drilling be banned to prevent damage to fisheries?

    It's always going to be expensive until we learn to master the green technology. Unfortunately that won't happen as long as we're addicted to oil and the oil company having their influences on our Politicians who dictates our policies. You think the oil company will allow us to find a cheaper...
  377. ocsleeper

    Should offshore drilling be banned to prevent damage to fisheries?

    Well until the day that we actually make a 100% effort into finding and making renewable energy, we'll be drilling away. The oil company have way too much power on our Politicians so we'll be slaves to oil for a very long long time.
  378. ocsleeper

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    This thread suck. Can someone take me fishing?
  379. ocsleeper

    Spainish Jack?

    LOL true. One thing you need to learn from us Asians is this. It's not what you's how you cook it that makes all the differance in the world.
  380. ocsleeper

    Need 2 for this Friday evening to fish Saturday 5-1

    Good luck. Let me know when you're ready to make a run to San Clemente.
  381. ocsleeper

    Epic Day On The RTA At Catalina

    Dam it Jeff. I told're not allowed to have these kind of days unless I'm on your boat
  382. ocsleeper

    About time.

    did your buddy yell for gaff when his fish was coming up?
  383. ocsleeper


    Actually if I"m not mistaken, Sandbass are there year round. Also Sand Bass and Barracudas were put on an advisory list last year about eating too many of these from Santa Monica down to the OC area.
  384. ocsleeper


    Are you able to get all those Asian ingrediants down in PV? Last time I was down there, I had to bring them down with me.
  385. ocsleeper

    12 year old catches limit of halibut

    You San Diego guys have all the fun! BTW...I always thought the limit of butts were 2 per person. Did they raise this recently?
  386. ocsleeper

    Ecos are trying to shut down Dana Point Bait barge

    If he's really from Pennywise and want to force closures then just tell him FUCK AUTHORITY!
  387. ocsleeper

    SB limits and...pan sized T

    Keeping a small T is one thing but saying he still had "milk on his breath" is a whole other level......
  388. ocsleeper

    lbc break wall 04-15-10 W/AYNOT

    LOL "Tom cods are tasty". I remember seeing signs about not eathing those fuckers since the 80s. Anyways, I think the guy was asking nicely and wasn't trying to force anything on the poster.
  389. ocsleeper

    Tonight for WSB Saturday April 17th Last Minute Trip

    Who the fuck would call the authorities on you? Who ever hasn't been on Jeffs boat listen for a second here. I've been on Jeffs boat a few times last year and year before. I used to wonder how the heck can this guy (Jeff) find so much time to go out fishing every single weekend. After...
  390. ocsleeper

    Got kicked out

    Those glow in the dark bass are the best tasting bass around....
  391. ocsleeper

    2010 Boat Ho List

    Name: Ricky Age: 34 Location: OC Experience: Love fishing and have been doing it for years. I have my own gear. Any captain willing to take me on your boat, you can expect me to pay my share of gas, bait and I would even bring the drinks. Also help and clean the boat after. Would need a...
  392. ocsleeper

    pv croc attack

    Wow never knew there were crocs down there.
  393. ocsleeper


    I'm thinking of hitting DVL this weekend or the next before ocean fishing gets in full swing for me. I have never been to this lake and have heard great things about it. Can anyone give me some pointers for fishing this lake? Targeting bass or trouts. Thanks
  394. ocsleeper

    2 less thieves out there!!!

    Do you live next to a donut shop? Damn that's some fast response from the cops. It would have taken at least 10 minutes for the cops to come to my house. Good work!
  395. ocsleeper


    So whens the fish bbq at the aquarium?
  396. ocsleeper

    Roosters bite

    How good are those Roosters to eat?
  397. ocsleeper

    Catalina lobster ticket from DFG

    First of all, I want to make it clear that I believe this is BS that the guy got a ticket for simply forgetting to fill out the report card. But this is my take on all of this. We all live in this great state of California where we're taxed up the ass in many differant ways. I don't think...
  398. ocsleeper

    Catalina lobster ticket from DFG

    I think the DFG is pretty much like the CHP now. It's just too much revenue for them to pass up by not giving tickets. There's no escaping a ticket if you violate any law no matter how little it seems. You get pulled over by the CHP, you're getting a ticket. Seems to be same way with DFG. A...
  399. ocsleeper

    Looking for a good mechanic in the OC area

    I just inherited a Regal 17" bowrider boat that was in working condition 2-3 seasons ago and has been sitting in the driveway ever since. I know it probably needs a new starter and probably battery. I'm looking for a reputable marine machanic in the OC area that I can go to or a mobile one...
  400. ocsleeper

    El Nino. good or bad for inshore?

    I think this looks more like El Chino rather than El Nino
  401. ocsleeper

    Lightning Trout @ corona KILLED EM!!!

    Those are rainbows that are selectively bread to get that color. Pretty good eating fish. Taste kind of like salmon.
  402. ocsleeper

    Lightning Trout @ corona KILLED EM!!!

    Thought there was a 5 fish limit at that lake?
  403. ocsleeper

    What else could go wrong????

    Troubleshooting from 10pm to 3AM. You in the IT field?
  404. ocsleeper

    More BIG dvl stripers

    Because of you, I'm going to have to check out this lake real soon. Any tips fishing this lake?
  405. ocsleeper

    2002 2301 w/a SEASWIRL STRIPER TWIN 115 4 STROKES

    If you still have this boat in a few months, I'll definately be calling you. Good luck!
  406. ocsleeper


    Puerto Vallarta on my honeymoon Nov 2008. Click on my profile and you can see a thread about that trip
  407. ocsleeper

    How is the fishing in Cancun?

    You might want to post this question in the Mexico fishing report sections. I'm sure there's some charter captains that can fill you in on the fishing at this time of year.
  408. ocsleeper


    PM sent new fishing buddy :)
  409. ocsleeper

    opinions on phenix rods

    I have one of the black diamond series rod and they kick ass!
  410. ocsleeper

    first fish you've ever caught ?

    When I was about 4 living in a Refugee camp in the Philipines there was a nearby river or stream that my dad would take me too. Not sure the type of fish it was but its definately one of my fondest memory.
  411. ocsleeper

    Punta Mita Monster Yellowfin Tuna dec 15th

    Damn can't wait till next year when I have a shot at one of those.
  412. ocsleeper

    Back when there were fish

    did they have fishing limits back in those days?
  413. ocsleeper

    Family,Fishing & Fun!

    Wicked Dog Tooth Pargo! Great eating fish right there.
  414. ocsleeper

    I.D. Needed / reward

    I'm just curious to know what he did...
  415. ocsleeper

    Marlin C&R

    I was in Cabo a couple of years ago and caught what appears to be a Stripe Marlin. When we brought the fish to the boat, there appears to be some sort of internal organ that was sticking out of its mouth or gills. Can't really remember but I think it was the mouth. We just shoved it right back...
  416. ocsleeper

    5401 WSB released Newport grow out pens 8-20

    This is a great program. Couldn't they do something like this with other species?
  417. ocsleeper

    Going Rate for Speeding Ticket in PV?

    Sounds like it's time to start carrying around fake IDs. How well can a Mexican cop spot a fake drivers license from Idaho?
  418. ocsleeper

    Offshore EPIC LOCAL Fishing

    Looks like you might have a bonie in there as well from the first picture.
  419. ocsleeper

    shimano evair boot deal

    I have a pair and it might have contributed to jacking up my foot. Not sure if it's a coincidence or not but ever since I started wearing them last summer, I have had pain issues on my right arch.
  420. ocsleeper

    Guess whats next! Yup ... Lobsters

    Damn. When I saw the title of this thread, I thought lobster season was starting early this year.
  421. ocsleeper

    How to get on the front page

    All I know is that my very first ever report made it to the front page :)
  422. ocsleeper

    Who do I contact to fish in Cabo?

    Go to the Mexico --> Baja report and discussion page and post this. I'm sure you will have a lot better results there.
  423. ocsleeper

    fishing limits

    What about California regs?
  424. ocsleeper

    fishing limits

    Can someone verify this to me. We all know the daily fish limit for certain fishes. Are they purely daily fish limit or posession limit? Just curious because if you were to go on a multi day trip and happen to catch the daily limit of a certain type of species like yellow fin tuna or...
  425. ocsleeper

    Fishing this weekend

    when reading the conditions, what are the tell tell sign that it's going to be bad? Is it the wind or the swells and at what level does it start to get bad?
  426. ocsleeper

    Need Boat 4 ho,s for coronado trip this week

    so what happens if all 4 hos show up?
  427. ocsleeper

    SMB Big Bass and Great White 8/8

    If that is your "second" biggest bass ever, then I really have to see what your biggest bass ever looks like.
  428. ocsleeper

    Offshore 14 Mile Bank

    See I told you you're not trying hard enough Toby LOL. Thanks for the ride again. Call me when you need to go out again. I need to even up my tan line. Stephs not liking this new look of mine.
  429. ocsleeper

    Offshore "Ready to Assemble" Finds The Tuna Close to Home

    You might be able to make it there. Not sure how you're getting back though.
  430. ocsleeper

    8.09 ~ Yellowtail Fun on the Reel Deal

    So where's the giant mackeral?
  431. ocsleeper

    calstar vs. seeker

    they both kick ass
  432. ocsleeper

    What is a good size Thresher or Mako to keep?

    Ok dumb question here. I'm assuming that it's obvious to see that the male sharks have their thingy hanging down below?
  433. ocsleeper

    What is a good size Thresher or Mako to keep?

    I've been seeing a lot of people on this board ripping each other about the size of sharks they keep. Since I have never caught any of these but would want to in the future, what is a good size of Thresher or Mako to keep for consumption? I have no idea how big these gets.
  434. ocsleeper


    did you break your cap lock key on the boat ride as well?
  435. ocsleeper

    How much does this guy weigh?

    Toby...Come to my house and I can show you how to photoshop your fish to look like 50lbs. The picture in my avatar was a gold fish.
  436. ocsleeper

    make bait(sardines)

    Maybe you should ask that Calico where he find its sardines.
  437. ocsleeper

    267 DODO - 8/1 and Gripe with Newport Bait

    My buddy bought a scoop from them a couple of weeks ago. By the time we made it to the flats, practically all of them had died with the execption of a few.
  438. ocsleeper

    Great SCI Trip

    Guy on the left kind of look like a young GW Bush
  439. ocsleeper

    great fish & hot chicks!!

    I'm sorry that the first two pictures hurt your eyes,,:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  440. ocsleeper

    great fish & hot chicks!!

    Ok ok...Since there are no pictures and everyone has their own opinion of what "hot chicks" look like, can you at least tell us which of these pictures most closely represent the chicks that you saw or fished with?
  441. ocsleeper

    While everyone else was targeting the cudas and sandbass.....

    No we should have though. We had a few newbies with us and it would have been great to get them on some fish. If you can PM me the coordinates, that would be great. Thanks
  442. ocsleeper

    While everyone else was targeting the cudas and sandbass.....

    Were you guys calling these out on the radio? If it was you, we might have talked to you guys.
  443. ocsleeper

    Navy chasing us off the spot - video

    Why would the US Navy kick you out of the spot if you were in Mexican water? Is this common?
  444. ocsleeper

    Shimano Boots

    Yeah it's true about the lack of arch support. I started wearing them last summer and since then, I've been having foot problems with my right arch. I don't know if it was the shoes that triggered the problem or not, but if you have foot problem, don't use them.
  445. ocsleeper

    Steve Ross Baddog gets busted again!

    I see a lot of veterans popping up here and I salute you guys for your service. I too want to say that I served my country proudly. Hooaahh!!! I did a 6 month tour as a cub scout and I say there is nothing wrong with the Tuna Jihad name. And as the legendary Al Bundy once said…..”I...
  446. ocsleeper

    Offshore First Marlin of the Season

    How does Marlin taste anyways? When I was in Mexico catching those, everyone told me it taste like shit. Wondering if people just have differant taste down there.
  447. ocsleeper

    Tides for Saturday the 18th?

    Toby, The way Barracudas are hitting, I have a feeling the flats will look like a parking lot this weekend.
  448. ocsleeper

    Any SCI Trips leaving tonight?

    Are they heading out to San Clemente or Catalina? Shit I might be down for San Clemente.
  449. ocsleeper

    ULTRA WIDE OPEN SEABASS FOR 30mn.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    where does the Ultra launch out of?
  450. ocsleeper

    We're on the cover!!!!!

    Congrats! I hope you bught a few copy and framed it.
  451. ocsleeper

    anyone been on the Big Game 90?

    it's definately one of the nicer over night boats that I've been on. Last time I went on, we didn't catch much but the crew was really cool and always willing to help out.
  452. ocsleeper

    tackle box/bag

    Toby, Are you trying to complain about all the suitcase of shit I bring on your boat? :food-smiley-014:
  453. ocsleeper

    Catalina or S Clemente

    Anyone heading out this weekend or any time soon to either of these location and need one or two more? Not looking to free load and willing to help with what ever cost or duties. Let me know. Thanks
  454. ocsleeper

    Epic Black sea bass battle!!!!!!

    So these are legal to catch and keep in Mexico?
  455. ocsleeper

    Your favorite 3/4 day boat

    Enterprise out of Long Beach
  456. ocsleeper

    Fuckin' Bullshit!!

    I'm not scientist but I would think if it was that easy, it would have been done a long time ago. I remember seeing the advisory of not eating the white croaker way back in the late 80s.
  457. ocsleeper

    Ocean Sunfish??

    seriously...are you allowed to catch those?
  458. ocsleeper

    Just got a Saltist 2-speed

    do these come in lefty?
  459. ocsleeper

    Drinking and boating

    not to hijack the thread but this can happen when stupid people drink too much while boating. Just happened this morning Two men killed, one injured in boat accident | department, amormino, bridge, boat, crash - News -
  460. ocsleeper

    "Ready to Assemble" Gets on the WSB Again 6-23

    Nice work Jeff. You heading down to SD to chase some albies any time soon?
  461. ocsleeper

    bluefin or bonito???

    doesn't that look like a yellow fin?
  462. ocsleeper

    $150 For An Overnighter?

    cool just trying to learn as much as I can before getting my new toy
  463. ocsleeper

    $150 For An Overnighter?

    That $2000 figure you have sound way to high unless you're some sort of balla with a dope ass boat. Now I don't have a boat yet and I could totally be wrong but from the initial cost research I have done in owning a 24ft boat would cost around $500 a month. So making a run from Long Beach to...
  464. ocsleeper

    $150 For An Overnighter?

    I thnk this all depends on how often you go out. If it's like once every other month thing, then I'm sure an avid fisherman could fork over $200 or so for an over nighter. Now if you really want to go out every weekend or so, then that money can add up real quick and it's probably best if you...
  465. ocsleeper

    Triumph, Wellcraft, Seaswirl, all BK

    Too bad this doesn't mean I'll get to buy my first striper at a rediculously low price...
  466. ocsleeper

    Need some advice for first time boat owner

    The boat is parked in my bros driveway far away from water and it's still winterized. How much details do you think the surveyer will be able to get on this boat in this current condition?
  467. ocsleeper


    I must be the only one ever to BBQ these slime sticks. I have gone on many 3/4 boats catching these things and have them sit around for hours. I filet it, soak them in butter and lime. Marinated it with mccmormick seafood rub and grill the thing. Even people I know who don't usually like...
  468. ocsleeper

    Need some advice for first time boat owner

    That's a great advice and I'm actually thinking of having the boat checked out up in Chicago. The problem is that my bro is super busy with his business to take care of this and I'm not sure if I can take the time to fly up there and tow it to a shop. I'll definately look into it more though...
  469. ocsleeper

    Need some advice for first time boat owner

    You want to tow it back for me? Pretty please?
  470. ocsleeper

    Need some advice for first time boat owner

    I was just there in Chicago and saw the boat. It looks big. It's covered up though so I couldn't really see the boat in great details and since it's winterized we couldn't start it up. Or at least that's what I assumed so I didn't ask my bro to start it up. He uses it for Salmon fishing in...
  471. ocsleeper

    Need some advice for first time boat owner

    My brother who lives in Chicago told me I can have his 25 ft Regal assuming I can find a way to ship it to California. It's a cruiser and not exactly a fishing boat that I wanted but hey, if it gets me to the fishing spots then it's good enough. I am not sure exactly the year of the boat but I...
  472. ocsleeper

    Avet Customer Service Rocks!!!

    Where do you take them in at?
  473. ocsleeper

    Avet SX Drag problem

    Thanks for the response. We found out the problem. It turns out the knob by the handle is busted. Not sure if it was broken before or after the incident. A buddy of mine is going to fix it for me. He knows a lot more about these reels than I do.
  474. ocsleeper

    Avet SX Drag problem

    I have an SX single speed. I think it's the first or second generation version where you can hear little clicking when you reel it. I had gotten my line stuck to the bottom with full drag on when my buddy gunned his boat and took off. The line didn't break but a lot of line let out and I...
  475. ocsleeper

    Flouro leader

    Avet LX 2 speed
  476. ocsleeper

    Flouro leader

    Thanks for the input guys. I guess I can use the extra practice of tieing knots for flouro to braid.
  477. ocsleeper

    Flouro leader

    Question for those of you who fishes with flouro leader. If flouro leader is supposedly invisible then does it matter what size we use as long as it's big enough to handle the fish? For instance, I have a setup with 80lb of flouro leader on 100lb braid that I used in PV to catch yellow fins and...
  478. ocsleeper

    Regulation when eating fish caught on boat

    Does anyone know the regulation when you're eating your caught fish on the boat? I know this might sound silly but if I decide to cut up and cook the fish I caught while still fishing, do I have to do anything to show proof that the fish I caught and eating are of the legal size?
  479. ocsleeper

    Mega Mouth Shark Caught............ and ate.

    if the shark was accidentally caught and died anyways, then what was wrong with those filipinos eating the shark? The shark was dead anways so might as well make some good with the meat.
  480. ocsleeper

    Looking for a ride

    Anyone heading out to either Catalina or SCI either this weekend or next and need a Ho?
  481. ocsleeper

    Best PV Game Plan???

    Don't mess with the fishing god by bringing down coolers. I'm sure you'll catch tons of fish but why jinx yourself. You can buy coolers down there in one of the Megas. Enjoy and have a great time cause Danny O will work his butt off trying to find the cows for you guys.
  482. ocsleeper

    Surface Boil pics

    Dude is that your nipple?
  483. ocsleeper


    Anyone with a Phenix Black diamond series and opinion on it? i was able to pick up a new one for a very good price but have yet to use it.
  484. ocsleeper

    Starting to lose hope!

    Hey it was good to be out on the water even if it meant getting wet.
  485. ocsleeper

    Starting to lose hope!

    You're just not trying hard enough Toby!! LOL
  486. ocsleeper

    Boat Ho list for 2009

    Name: Ricky Age: 33 Boat: None yet Days Available: Mostly weekend but can take week days off if bite is hot Referances: None here yet Experiance: Mostly fishing half and 3/4 days. Been on a few overnighter. Willing to pitch for gas, bait, food, or what ever to get out on the water and have a...
  487. ocsleeper


    This actually sounds like a great idea. I dont have a boat but i'll run along you guys with my fishing pole if I have to
  488. ocsleeper

    SNOOKS ON THIS /02 /2009

    where exactly did you catch these fish at?
  489. ocsleeper


    Well when ever you figure something out, let me and the rest of us fishermen know so we can help out.
  490. ocsleeper

    Outboard vs Inboard motor

    Great info guys. Please keep it coming. Starting off, is it cheaper or more expensive to get an outboard versus an inboard? In the long run, which is cheaper and more expensive to maintain?
  491. ocsleeper

    Outboard vs Inboard motor

    the sales guys at Fred Hall told me that some of the new stripers there should get average of 4-5 mpg. Was it just a typical sales guys inflating numbers?
  492. ocsleeper

    Outboard vs Inboard motor

    I'm thinking between a 19-23 depending on my budget. I don't plan to buy until next year but want to start the research ahead of time. I really liked the Stripers and saw some at the Fred Hall yesterday.
  493. ocsleeper

    Outboard vs Inboard motor

    does the outboard give you better gas milage?
  494. ocsleeper

    Outboard vs Inboard motor

    So in your opinion, if I get a 23 feet boat, I should get an outboard?
  495. ocsleeper

    Outboard vs Inboard motor

    Can anyone tell me the differance between the Outboard versus Inboard motor? I know that one is inside the boat where as the other is outside. But I'm interested in knowing the pros and cons of having either of these motors such as cost, maintanence, performance, etc... Thanks
  496. ocsleeper


    Has anyone thought about organizing a street protest to get the media involved?
  497. ocsleeper

    15LB COW COD

    Nice fish! I'll trade you some sun block for a fillet of that fish
  498. ocsleeper

    Saltiga 30 vs Accurate B-870N

    Thanks guys. I'm going to end up buying myself a new 30T and just learn to fish righty
  499. ocsleeper

    Saltiga 30 vs Accurate B-870N

    I currently have the SX and LX. I really want to diversify and differant types of toys so I'm not looking at getting an Avet for now.
  500. ocsleeper

    Saltiga 30 vs Accurate B-870N

    Earlier I started a thread of the Saltist 30 vs Avet Mxj because I was looking for a new toy that I can use as an anywhere, anyplace, any fish (except cows of course) type of reel. Well that went no where because I prefer to have a lefty and Saltist doesn't come lefty and I already have two...
  501. ocsleeper

    Punta Mita 2-24

    I'm curious why you booked through Marla and not get Danny Osina to captain the boat? He's prpbably one of if not the best captain down there...
  502. ocsleeper

    Avet mxj vs saltist 30

    Thanks for the replies guys. Crap I found out that the Saltist don't come in a lefty. I have about $200 to burn so I might take a chance on a righty and just learn how to fish right handed for fun considering I already have an SX and LX. Anyone have experience with both reels in terms of...
  503. ocsleeper

    Avet mxj vs saltist 30

    I was planning on buying a mxj until i start reading about the saltist. Does any one have an opinion on the two head to head? I'm looking to use this reel with about 30# tossing irons for yellow tail, wsb, albacore n some bottom fishing. I'm a lefty so the reel must be left handed so if the...
  504. ocsleeper

    February Rooster Fiesta

    Are roosters good eating fish? I always hear about people catching them but never about eating them.
  505. ocsleeper

    Another 18lb' decide

    Damn this is so stupid. Why don't people just start carrying around scales if they're going to brag about how much the fish weigh or fight over the estimate of the fish?
  506. ocsleeper

    Black left handed SX or MXJ

    Does anyone know where I can get a left handed SX or MXL or MXJ in black? I've read certain places that Avet only make silver for their left handed reels but I"ve seen some on ebay in other colors besides silver.
  507. ocsleeper

    Need a custom rod built

    I'm not sure if this is against the site rules or not. I'm looking for some one in the OC area to build me a kick ass custom rod. PM me if you can do it. Thanks
  508. ocsleeper

    DVL 2-4-09

    Where exactly is DVL at?
  509. ocsleeper

    While NOT fishing the cod.....

    Ok ok I'm sure most guys are thinking it.... So does the wifey have a sister???
  510. ocsleeper

    Mid Week Troll at the Vine

    Can any of you tell me what kind of setup you use when trolling for trout? Lines, leaders, etc....
  511. ocsleeper

    One last drift PLEEEEASE! YES!

    That picture must have been taken in a camera phone cause the lobster looks a tad less than 10lbs
  512. ocsleeper

    lake Carona

    Guys.... Relax and give this guy a break. He could be a person who speaks English as a second or even third language.
  513. ocsleeper

    Night fishing for Trouts

    Looking to do some fishing after work one of these nights at local lakes such as Santa Ana River Lake or Irvine lake. Does anyone have any experience how the fishing at night is?
  514. ocsleeper

    Getting fish back from Punta Mita to USA

    Also another tip. The airlines will not allow you to bring the cooler onboard if it has ice in there so make sure you take all the ice out before checking in the cooler. Also don't try and tape up your cooler until it goes through the initial screening because they are going to want to see...
  515. ocsleeper

    Supercows off Cabo

    I probably haven't been on as many trips as you guys but have done two Cabo trip in 2007 and one PV trip this past November in 2008. For the two Cabo trip in 2007, all I caught was football size tunas. Didn't really cared much for Marlin because I like to catch what I can eat. I did catch...
  516. ocsleeper

    lobis at cat saturday

    I think it has to do with basketball
  517. ocsleeper

    PV for Honeymoon, Fished 1 Full, 2 half days Nov. 3 - 10th- GOOD TIMES!!!!

    Hey Congrats. I too was down there on the same time for my honeymoon. I think we saw you guys out on the water. I was in Danny Osunas boat and passed you guys up and Danny pointed to you guys and said that was his brothers boat. Hope you had a great time. I'll be up there again for my first...
  518. ocsleeper

    Fishing PV Nov 5 on HoneyMoon

    Thanks. I guess when you find someone that would not only allow you to go fishing on your honeymoon but also cool with you having your best fishing buddy fly up there and party with us, then she must be a real keeper :loverz:
  519. ocsleeper

    Fishing PV Nov 5 on HoneyMoon

    Not really....It was so awful that I just might have to go up there and do this again on my first year anniversary :)
  520. ocsleeper

    Fishing PV Nov 5 on HoneyMoon

    Long story so you guys might just want to scroll down and just look at the pictures. For those of you who are interested, read on. Amazing day on the water with Danny Osuna on Nov 5! Got married Oct 18th and talked to the wife about going to Puerto Vallarta for our honeymoon. She knows how...
  521. ocsleeper


    I see a lot of you guys with boats getting some nice lobsters. Is there any way a person without a boat get into this action? I used to fish for lobsters but i guess it's against the law to do this now. Seeing all these post is getting me really craving for some local lobsters.
  522. ocsleeper

    Fishing 4-6 hours on Pangas

    I'll be up in PV the first week of November for my honeymoon. I have one full day of fishing lined up already and was considering taking a mini early morning fishing trip while the wife is asleep :) on a differant day. Does anyone know what they're catching out there around the bay or where...
  523. ocsleeper

    Looking for 1 possibly 2 to share trip with Danny Osuna Nov

    Yeah you guys are right. I was trying to see if I could possibly get another short trip out of the money I would be saving. It turns out that I won't have the time anyways. Hopefully Danny will find me my cow.
  524. ocsleeper

    Looking for 1 possibly 2 to share trip with Danny Osuna Nov

    I have Danny Osuna booked for November 4. I'll be up with with my wife and a buddy and his gf. My buddy and I have a boat booked with Danny Osuna on Nov 4 and looking for a 3rd to hop along and split the cost 3 ways. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  525. ocsleeper

    Joe and Kyle's Excellant Adventure - PV Fishing w/Danny Osuna 9/21-9/23

    I'll be up there the first week of November to fish with Danny as well. Man I'm hoping they'll still be some cows left by that time.
  526. ocsleeper


    Can anyone tell me the differant ways to cook Albacore? Just got back from a trip and have about 4 Albies and no idea how to cook it. I tried marinating it with Teriyaki and grilling it like what was suggested to me and I couldn't even taste the teriyaki when eating the fish. I am the worst...
  527. ocsleeper

    Offshore Ready To Assemble - Watch the Video

    Hey Jeff. I hope you get well soon. I had a great time on your boat. Maybe I'll see you soon. BTW, I think the albacore that was left in the fish bag belonged to Ryan as he was talking about missing a fish. Later
  528. ocsleeper

    ???New Lo-An or The Legend???

    I dont' even like fishing. I just come to this board to find Saluki's post so I can check out the pictures of those chicks.
  529. ocsleeper

    Looking for a ride for two

    Anyone looking going out this weekend and need 2 more? My buddy and I are willing to split cost for some Tuna & Dorado action. Let me know. Thanks
  530. ocsleeper

    How to tell what pound line is on reel

    Hey Guys, I have an Avet LX that I bought earlier this year and put on some braid on it. Stupid me forgot how many pounds this was. Is there anyway to determine how many pounds this is? I believe it is Power Pro that I have on.
  531. ocsleeper

    Dorado in Long Beach?

    Hey guys, I was checking out the reports for the Enterprise launching out of Seal Beach/Long Beach and they reported 2 dorados on their 3/4 day trip yesterday. I'm not sure if this is a mistake or not but does anyone know if dorados are being caught this far north?
  532. ocsleeper

    did you feel that quake

    We're due for a huge one in So Cal. Maybe this is a precursor to what is to come
  533. ocsleeper

    Need guys to go Fish! Whos coming with me..

    I"m totally down. Pm sent as well.
  534. ocsleeper

    Grunion run last weekend.

    do you guys gut them first or just fry them whole?
  535. ocsleeper

    Buying a boat

    I'm looking to spend 20-30k on a boat. Like most people, I don't want to pay for it in cash but most likely financing if possible. Any thoughts on financing a boat? Is it anything like financing a car?
  536. ocsleeper

    Buying a boat

    I don't know much about boat engine. Is it anything like a car engine?
  537. ocsleeper

    Buying a boat

    Maybe next year when I'm ready to buy. Right now I'm not in the position to buy so I'm just trying to gather up as much info as possible.
  538. ocsleeper

    Buying a boat

    Thanks guys. BTW, I'm definitely looking to buy used. Anything I should look for in buying a used boat?
  539. ocsleeper

    Buying a boat

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to buy a boat sometimes next year so I figured to get as much info in owning a boat as possible. Can anyone answer the following question for me? 1. Aside from the purchase price, insurance cost and gas, what other hidden cost should I expect to have in a boat? I'm...
  540. ocsleeper

    Need a HO 7/16 238/295

    What do you guys call it a Ho? Just curious....
  541. ocsleeper

    marla's winner fleet

    Congrats Danny! See you in November. Hope you can fnd me a couple of fish like this!
  542. ocsleeper

    Rookie mistakes!

    Hey Toby, The day wasn't all that bad. At least we had a chance to get out on the waters. Looking forward to the next trip. Next time I suggest we fill up on gas before leaving the harbor LOL
  543. ocsleeper

    Albacore spots

    Hey Markus I caught my first two ever Albacore on your boat late last year. It was a blast and I'm looking forward on doing it again really soon.
  544. ocsleeper

    Albacore spots

    Thanks guys! I'm definately getting really jealous of all you San Diego guys having all the fun with the Albacores.
  545. ocsleeper

    Albacore spots

    Are all spots to fish Albacore either due west or southwest of San Diego? The reason I'm asking is that I want to take a charter or something for Albacore and I live in the OC/Long Beach area and don't see too many boats going for Albacore up here. I would sure love to save the drive all the...
  546. ocsleeper

    Avet SX 5.1

    I bought mine at a local tackle shop here in Anaheim. It was a lefty that they had in inventory for the longest time and couldn't find anyone buying it. I just lucked out since I'm a lefty and it was the very last one they had. I don't believe they have anymore SX 5.1.
  547. ocsleeper

    Avet SX 5.1

    Thanks for the quick reply
  548. ocsleeper

    Avet SX 5.1

    I just bought a new Avet SX 5.1 on a steep discount due to the 5.3 being released. This is the second Avet that I have. I have one question to all you who have one of these. Can any of you tell me if it's normal for the reel to click when you crank the handle? This is not counting the time...
  549. ocsleeper

    My First Cabo Trip

    I caught my first Marlin last Oct in Cabo and it was awesome. We went on two separate days with different captains. The first day captain asked us what we wanted to do with the Marlin and the second day captain pretty much didn't ask us and implied right off the bat that the Marlin was going...
  550. ocsleeper

    Honeymooning...(fishing)...Mexican Riviera...Help!

    I'm going to PV for my honeymoon and will be doing some fishing too. A chance to catch a cow tuna is well worth a little of nagging by my wife:Kick_emoticon:
  551. ocsleeper

    Tuna fishing in PV

    Hey guys. I'm getting married in October and have convinced my wife to be to take our honeymoom in PV the first week of Nov. I told her how nice Pv is and how great it would be to have our honey moon there....but I really want to go there for some tuna fishing ;). I'm looking to catch some...