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  1. steelonthefly

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 6/27-7/1, 4hr cow tuna...almost

    Aaron was/is, WITHOUT A DOUBT, THE MOST qualified man on that trip to engage in such a battle, coupled with Mike McD and his unreal help and abilities, it was yet another epic "old man and the sea" tale for the Dan Gallagher Charter that will be logged in the books, and all of our memory banks!!!
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    Rpt-05-19-18 The good Old Days 100+ Bass Today!

    Great report!!! Thank you for "thinking about tomorrow" and C & R fishing!!!
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    173# Bluefin 5 miles out of Dana

    You've gotta have a big pair to shoot that beast!!
  4. steelonthefly

    65# Bluefin Tuna 5-30-2015

    Kick-ass!!! Congrats!!!
  5. steelonthefly

    Offshore Eclipse 2.5 day July 21-22

    Bravo!! Great report, congrats on a beauty of a BFT!!!
  6. steelonthefly

    Maryland state record wahoo 131 pounds

    Hell yeah HON!!!!!! Congrats!!!!
  7. steelonthefly

    Catalina Tuna and Yellows - 7/20

    Nice job! Great report. Thank you.
  8. steelonthefly


    Right on, kick ass report with kick ass results!!! Well Done and well written!! Thank you!!
  9. steelonthefly

    San Quintin Smorgasboard.... i.e., WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOX!

    Such a great read!!! A truly fantastic report, which was very well written indeed, as all of the others have mentioned. Thank you for sharing all of that valuable info and congratulations on a super trip!!
  10. steelonthefly

    Offshore Eclipse 6/14 - 6/15

    I second that! Mark works hard, glad that you recognized his efforts. Thanks for "keeping it real" with a well written report regardless of the numbers!!!
  11. steelonthefly

    Epic Father/Son Louisiana Fishing Adventure

    Great report, very well written. Congrats to you and your son, he is quite the young fisherman for certain. Those memories will last forever!!!
  12. steelonthefly

    Offshore Pac Voy!

    Oh HELL YEAH!!! WTG Fellas!!!
  13. steelonthefly

    Pursuit 6/8

    Damn straight! Way to go kid!!
  14. steelonthefly

    Caught fish, wish I could have kept the big ones...

    Wow, what a bunch of B.S. drama... Move on already.
  15. steelonthefly

    Offshore Pacific Queen 1.5 Day 6/6

    Congratulations!!! What kind of jig did you use???
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    I've tried asking for $400 Cash/Firm several times here and pretty much got "torn a new one" by many of the fine folks on BD... It is truly amazing to me that darn near 50% OFF Retail+Tax is so offensive...
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    Offshore CONDOR 265 TUNA to 70lbs Trainwreck 5/24-25, 2014

  18. steelonthefly

    Caught This beast in my shop today

    A Real Beauty!!
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    I have a New, never used, still in the plastic, Super Seeker 6463 XXXH-AR retail $598 PLUS TAX... Make an Offer...Or... I would like to trade for a 7'6" 30-50lb. or 30-60lb. rod plus a little $ (or equivalent)...I prefer new, but would be willing to consider "Lightly Used" plus a little $$...
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    34# Monster

    Hell Yeah!!
  21. steelonthefly

    avet mxl 2spd mc model

    NEW 2 SPEED MC CAST MODELS??? They're cheaper than $300??? Really??? PLUS BRAID... MAYBE IN COSTA RICA, but not on e-Bay!!!! Pura Vida Braddah!!!
  22. steelonthefly

    NEW-Super Seeker 6463XXXH

  23. steelonthefly

    WTT AVET LX 6/3 for AVET HX 5/2

    I have a PURPLE AVET LX 6/3 (2 speed) with 300yds. 65lb spectra and approx. 150yds. fresh 50lb. Izor Blue. 9/10 Cosmetically (minor boat rash) 10/10 Mechanically (recently overhauled at Avet, new bearings etc.) Willing to "offset" any difference with $ Thanks for looking, Ryan
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    roadtrip $$$

    Shred it bradda!!
  25. steelonthefly

    DAIWA SALTIST LD35HSH-"Hyperspeed"

  26. steelonthefly

    Made the drive to Long Beach for bugs!

    Congrats!! Looks like a feast for sure.
  27. steelonthefly

    NEW-Super Seeker 6463XXXH

  28. steelonthefly


    I bought a Daiwa LD35HSH "Hyperspeed" for it (also for sale). That reel combined with my skills and...I DID NOT DO THIS ULUA JUSTICE!!! I then watched Bruce Smith huck it a couple of times (:daman:about a bazillion yards) and I proceeded to hang it up for the day/trip/season. It has been...
  29. steelonthefly

    DAIWA SALTIST LD35HSH-"Hyperspeed"

    SOLD-SOLD-SOLD Saltist-LD35HSH-$200 7.1:1 RETRIEVE Like New. Box,Clamp, Etc., Used 2 days. Bought it for my Jig Stick, I just like my Avet's too much. Filled with 50lb. Spectra and 40lb. Izor Blue Topshot. For more info visit,
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    NEW-Super Seeker 6463XXXH

    Here's the link, After tax it'll ding you for $715 and change. I am offering more than 25% savings, seems fair enough. Happy Holidays
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    NEW-Super Seeker 6463XXXH

  32. steelonthefly


    Great Condition!!! $200 Custom 2nd Owner (rod has original owners name on it) Has reel seat, so zero issues with too small a reel/clamp I am simply more comfortable/efficient with my 9'3" Have a great day!! TEXT Ryan 323-467-9001
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    SOLD 7.1:1 RETRIEVE Like New. Box,Clamp, Etc., Used 2 days. Bought it for my Jig Stick, I just like my Avet's too much. Filled with 50lb. Spectra and 40lb. Izor Blue Topshot. Text Ryan 323-472-1972
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    San Nick Island

    Nice Bounty!!!
  35. steelonthefly

    Offshore 11/5/12

    I want in on some of that action!!
  36. steelonthefly

    Ft Bragg albies

    Nice!! Living the dream...
  37. steelonthefly

    They're Back

    Right on. I used to live in Park City and worked in S.L.C.. I learned to fly fish in the Uinta Mountains...I miss all of the fishing opportunities in the "Bee Hive" State. One of the locals who works in a fly shop here in SoCal rants and raves about fly-fishing for Carp in the L.A. river, I...
  38. steelonthefly

    Offshore Ocean Oddesy Haloween Kick butt trip 10/31

    Kick-ass report, as usual, THANK YOU!
  39. steelonthefly

    Moss Landing Flatties

    That's a beauty!!! Way to go!!!
  40. steelonthefly

    They're Back

    Cool report. Where were you fishing?
  41. steelonthefly

    dexter's boat

    The owner also works on the show.
  42. steelonthefly

    Offshore Top Gun 80 last trip of the season

    Nice write-up Captain. Thank you.
  43. steelonthefly

    dexter's boat

    According to another source, there are two different boats on the show, one is in Miami and the other one is in California. One is a whitewater 28, the other one is a Century 2901 center console. I can say that footage is shot in both places. I do know that the Century 2901 sits on it's...
  44. steelonthefly

    Freshwater Awesome Day on the Humptulips with Mark Coleman

    Nice report and great story. Way to go!!!
  45. steelonthefly

    Offshore 10-19-12 1010 area

    Great report, thanks for sharing and way to get 'em!!
  46. steelonthefly

    Saltwater MA9 still going

    Those are nice fish!!!
  47. steelonthefly

    Dead Heads: A response to a readers inquest

    CAN YOU SAY, APPLES AND ORANGES!!!!!! The logic her is completely fallacious. Yes FALLACIOUS. Hey "Bitter", when you look up that big word in the dictionary, maybe you can look up Moniker as well, so maybe, just maybe, you can use it properly in the future... Take care.
  48. steelonthefly

    How many "dead-heads"....

    2 1/2 days, 34 Anglers. 40 TUNA, I got 3. Well above the average per angler.
  49. steelonthefly

    Offshore CONDOR 250 fish trainwreck 10/19=WILD

    Thanks for yet another great report Ron. I am impressed at how you just keep on nailing the fish!!!
  50. steelonthefly

    How many "dead-heads"....

    ..and I am gonna start a blog and call it "The Art of False Advertising" or maybe "The Customer is Always Wrong"...or "How to Submarine a Business in Thirty Days"... It's amazing that someone can state a fact and people will jump all over them as if THEY messed up or THEY made a mistake or...
  51. steelonthefly

    How many "dead-heads"....

    ...that really hurts, as my self esteem and self image are completely dependent upon the opinions of random posters on BD. Glad you found the time/desire to make this reply. Take care and straight lines bro!!!
  52. steelonthefly

    How many "dead-heads"....

    Thanks guys!!
  53. steelonthefly

    How many "dead-heads"....

    There is no such thing as a stupid question. The more you learn, the more you realize how little you really know. I have not mentioned a Capt. or business, who am I damaging and how??? And why do I have a big problem again??? Oh yeah, I asked a question in hopes of receiving feedback from...
  54. steelonthefly

    How many "dead-heads"....

    HELLO!!!!! MCFLY!!!!!! Please reference anywhere, in any of my posts, that I call the captain "sub-par" or that I question any of his fishing skill or knowledge!!!!! I am questioning the operations BUSINESS PRACTICE as far as I am concerned!!!! I believe you are in the wrong thread my...
  55. steelonthefly

    How many "dead-heads"....

    Thank you. I greatly appreciate you reading my post and giving me a little credibility. Be well.
  56. steelonthefly

    How many "dead-heads"....

    ...I am afraid of the Kraken, pirates, and Drug cartels... ...refer to my last post or PM me bro...
  57. steelonthefly

    How many "dead-heads"....

    Do a little leg work bro...Just search threads that I have posted and you will find one that references my excitement about heading out on this boat again from last week...
  58. steelonthefly

    How many "dead-heads"....

    First, #1, help me out and better define the, what I can only assume is slang, term "Deadhead" as used in a party boat situation, in your own words please. Second, #2, Do you think I would have asked my question, after the fact, if I knew enough to call the captain out on this B.S.?? And...
  59. steelonthefly

    How many "dead-heads".... an acceptable number on a "Limited Load" trip???? Or any trip for that matter??? Someone PLEASE explain Dead-head protocol to me... I booked a 2 1/2 Day "Limited load" trip that said the number of passengers would be limited to 29 people. There were 34 people fishing. That is more...
  60. steelonthefly

    Catalina Island 10-10-12

    Sounds like a very nice trip. Thanks for sharing!
  61. steelonthefly

    Offshore Offshore Weather Forecast as of 10/10

    Thank you for the wonderful reports!! Congratulations on a much deserved award!!!
  62. steelonthefly

    Offshore PacStar WILD ONE 3.5 day Oct.7-11th

    As always a great report!!!! Thank you very much. Full of good vibes ( or "stoke" as John said) and valuable info as well. I am headed out 2mro night for 2 1/2 days and could not be more psyched up. I am meeting a fishing buddy I met this spring while Steelhead fishing in the Pacific North...
  63. steelonthefly

    Offshore Overnighters are always a gamble

    Very nice report, thank you. Kudos for having such a positive attitude all around. Bruce is an insanely hard working and dedicated captain and the Fortune is a super operation.
  64. steelonthefly

    Kaneohe 10/3

    Nice report and nice catch, good work!!
  65. steelonthefly

    Start your engines!!

  66. steelonthefly

    Offshore Condor 10-9

    Nice report, thanks.
  67. steelonthefly

    Offshore CONDOR Overnighter 10/8

    Hell yeah!!!! Nice BFT!!!! That pic. is getting me pumped!!!! I am headed out Friday night on the SA80, I have a feeling it's gonna be a rough one as well...
  68. steelonthefly


    F%^K YEAH!!!!! Way to get 'em!!
  69. steelonthefly

    49 degree Moose in the Truck

    Awesome moose and one great story, thanks for sharing.
  70. steelonthefly

    Saltwater Epic Coho Year!

    Nice report. Thank you.
  71. steelonthefly

    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 Oct 3-6

    Awesome!!! Hope it holds up, I am leaving Fri. on the SA 80 for a 2 1/2 day...
  72. steelonthefly

    Offshore 10-5 -12 hidden

    Great report!!! Nice work!
  73. steelonthefly

    125 Yellowtail , 4 Bluefin on the San Diego

    Nice haul for a 3/4 day!!! Way to go!!
  74. steelonthefly

    Babys got big Butt

    Nice flatty!!!
  75. steelonthefly

    The salmon are running the Sacramento River!

    Nice report and nice write-up on your "homepage", thank you.
  76. steelonthefly

    Saltwater Tuna Trip 9 -21 Gold Rush

    Man, looks like a perfect day on the water. Very nice report and way to go. Thank you.
  77. steelonthefly

    Freshwater vernita kings

    Way to stick with it....Lots of good info. Thank you for a very thorough report.
  78. steelonthefly

    Offshore Pacific Star 2 Day

    Nice report, thanks for the info and way to get 'em!!
  79. steelonthefly

    Saltwater They're still here!

    Nice work, that is a bunch of beauties!
  80. steelonthefly

    Offshore 1010/Hidden Bank

    Way to go! Nice report, thank you.
  81. steelonthefly

    Tuna Report

    Nice fish!!!
  82. steelonthefly

    9/21-9/22 DreamWeaver - Jessica

    Nice report. Thank you.
  83. steelonthefly

    Offshore DOLPHIN III 9/28 YFT, YT, DODOS

    Great report!! Thanks for all the 411 on the jigging, much appreciated!!
  84. steelonthefly

    Offshore 9-29-12 New Lo-An

    Nice report. Thanks.
  85. steelonthefly

    Free Diving Mag Bay

  86. steelonthefly

    Offshore How does the Legend lose my YT?...

    Very nice video, well done. It is quite ironic that in the video you clearly see some "knucklehead" just lazily laying his number on his flopping fish. A number which then falls off. Next, you hear someone kindly tell the guy it fell off, only to see it haphazardly stuck, half-assed, on the...
  87. steelonthefly

    Offshore Chickens of the Sea!!!

    Those are some fatties!! Nice job!
  88. steelonthefly


    Nice one! Way to go!
  89. steelonthefly

    Saltwater Sekiu native opener

    Nice haul of albies!!
  90. steelonthefly

    Saltwater Sekiu 9/22

    Well done!!
  91. steelonthefly

    Saltwater Avet and Calstar ain't got squat on Barbie setups

    That's some funny shit!!! Very nicely done my friend!!!
  92. steelonthefly


    Man, those big BFT look tasty!!! I want some toro!!!!
  93. steelonthefly


    Nice work!!! Sweet pile of meat!!
  94. steelonthefly

    Saltwater Sunday day Fun Day

    Awesome catch!!! Thanks for sharing and congrats!!!
  95. steelonthefly

    Offshore Medevac from Eclipse

    Pretty cool...I am curious as to why they made the transfer while "under way" as opposed to stopping the boat. Do you know Mark???
  96. steelonthefly

    Vote Now-Best 30# Reel

  97. steelonthefly

    Saltwater Sekui - bangers

    Nice catch!
  98. steelonthefly

    Offshore Gonna Need A Bigger Kill Bag

    Thanks for sharing! Congrats!!
  99. steelonthefly

    toad on a toad

  100. steelonthefly

    Rocky point/redondo 9/15

    Thanks for the report.
  101. steelonthefly

    tuna tuna tuna

    Nice report, thank you.
  102. steelonthefly

    Saltwater Giant Blue fin Tuna PEI

    That is some good shit!!!!! Awesome video!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!
  103. steelonthefly


    Good group of hard working guys...Enjoy!
  104. steelonthefly

    Offshore ORCA'S on the Fishfinder !

    Very cool!! Thanks for sharing!!
  105. steelonthefly

    Late Report for Pegasus 2 Day 9-10 - 9-12 PIC HEAVY

    Nice report and nice haul!!! Congrats!!!!!
  106. steelonthefly

    Be careful of flying hooks

    Nice trophy!
  107. steelonthefly

    2 Marlin 3 Dorado 9.10.12

    Great report!! Thank you!
  108. steelonthefly

    SLOBZILLA !!!! 68lbs White Seabass K&M

    That's a frickin' awesome fish!!! Congratulations.
  109. steelonthefly

    Offshore Limits YFT on Sea Adventure 80

    Very nice move kicking the JP back to the crew!!!
  110. steelonthefly

    Offshore Limits YFT on Sea Adventure 80

    Very nice report!!! Way to go!!! The SA80 is top a top notch operation for sure!!
  111. steelonthefly

    Opah out of WP today.

    Very cool!
  112. steelonthefly

    How and when to catch tuna

    Keep the faith!!
  113. steelonthefly

    Offshore CONDOR 200+fish Grand Slam trainwreck 9/6

    Thank you for the report!!! Way to go and way to be!! I wish more people could "count to ten" and have that same attitude/outlook on a lost fish...Shit happens!!!
  114. steelonthefly

    CEDROS IS CEDROS !!......

    Good stuff!
  115. steelonthefly

    Okinawa Fishing 09-09-2012

    Nice report. Thanks!
  116. steelonthefly

    Offshore Cold Water Chickens

    Well done! Thanks for the report...
  117. steelonthefly

    Cow sized bluefin on the Excel

  118. steelonthefly

    O side Sunday

    Thanks for the report!!
  119. steelonthefly

    Offshore decent day

    Nice slaughter!!
  120. steelonthefly

    Leopard Sharks!

    Pretty fish!! Way to go!!
  121. steelonthefly

    Shogun 5 day 8/24

    Nice trip!! Thanks for the report!!
  122. steelonthefly

    Offshore 08-25

    Well done!!
  123. steelonthefly

    Wife's Fishing Day

    Right on!!
  124. steelonthefly

    Offshore Dodo fest on "End of the Line"

    Way to go! Nice report, thanks.
  125. steelonthefly

    Offshore CONDOR=Grand Slam carnage 8/7 insane!!

    Congratulations!!! Nice report...Thank you!!!
  126. steelonthefly

    Saltwater Plugged the boat 2 days straight

    That is a mess of tuna!!!!Way to go!!!
  127. steelonthefly

    Offshore Quality fish and good karma on the Voyager 8/3-8/5

    Great report, way to go on all of the kind deeds!!!!
  128. steelonthefly

    The 31 Bertram Build

    Right on!!! Nice engines!!!
  129. steelonthefly

    My little man is a badass!

    Nice fish!!! Way to go young man!!!!
  130. steelonthefly

    Vagabond 12th to 15th 2.75

    Very nice take and nice report! Thank you!
  131. steelonthefly

    Biggest Yellow of the Year

    $99 Wed. Captains Special til end of July, $145 every other day... Some nice shots there!! Nice video!! Helluva yellow!!!
  132. steelonthefly

    Anyone want to go surfing in Australia?

    Nature can be amazingly "cruel", This is a harsh reminder that we are not the top of the food chain and the Great White Shark is truly an "Apex" predator...God rest this poor mans soul... I won't stop surfing but I am certainly not headed to WA any time soon!!!!!
  133. steelonthefly


    Nice one!!!!!
  134. steelonthefly

    Flattie made my day

    Yum!! Way to go!!!
  135. steelonthefly

    YT Limits Lucky Fri. 13th

    Sick day!!!!Congrats!!!!
  136. steelonthefly

    Offshore CONDOR=Limits of nice YT again 7/12

    Thanks for a nice report!! Way to go on the yellows!
  137. steelonthefly

    Bikini too small for her tits?

    That is AWESOME!!!
  138. steelonthefly

    Cleaning Out Freezer

    Just ate some YFT from an 8 day in April 2011, also processed at Fisherman's Processing, lightly seared and it was awesome!!!! Who knows how long a sub-zero can keep well packaged fish edible.?.?.?. I've read many, many opinions on the subject and simply go by my nose and palate....
  139. steelonthefly


    Saying you Slayed 'em is an understatement!!!!!!! Nice report, thanks for all the fish porn!!!
  140. steelonthefly

    Excel 5 day July 5th -10th - good stuff

    Nice report!! Way to go!!!
  141. steelonthefly

    Offshore Polaris Supreme 2 Day 7/6-7/8

    HELL YEAH!!!! Those are some killer fish, way to go!!!!!
  142. steelonthefly

    New definition of THICK & HEAVY

    Thanks for sharing!!!! Superb insanity!!!!!
  143. steelonthefly

    Albacore June 30th

    Sweet!!! Nice job!
  144. steelonthefly

    Why are California Surf Fish smaller than my donger?

    Wow, it's nice to see an educated, non-agitated, worldly response in this thread. Thanks Ed. Personally, I thought the original post was quite creative and hil-fuckin'-larious. *****IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE READING, JUST READ THE BOLD PRINT****** *****Rant begins here, skip to bottom for...
  145. steelonthefly

    Crackerjack Adventure

    Fantastic report/pic's!!! Thank you and congrats!!
  146. steelonthefly

    15 hour 3/4 day aboard the Aztec

    Awesome, everybody loves a story with a happy ending...!!!!
  147. steelonthefly

    Trophy Hunting at San Clemente Island!

    JEALOUS!!!! Congratulations on a very successful trip. Great report! Thank you!!
  148. steelonthefly

    Bloody Deck Ahi Fever

    Right on!!!
  149. steelonthefly

    My first post

    Nice report. Nice fish!! Thanks!!!
  150. steelonthefly

    Freedom for Holy Calico

    Classic report, that is some funny sh%$!!!
  151. steelonthefly

    The Outstanding O

    Nice brownies!!!
  152. steelonthefly


    That is a very cool story!!!
  153. steelonthefly


  154. steelonthefly

    Report:6-16,17 SEABASS KAOS

    Those are some nice slabs!!! Way to go!!!!
  155. steelonthefly

    fathers day limits

    Sounds and looks like a killer day!!!
  156. steelonthefly

    Cedros Isalnd June 9-12

    Good things come to those that wait...Nice report. Thank you.
  157. steelonthefly

    Got 1!

    Nice work!
  158. steelonthefly

    Weekend of rivers Idaho - Montana June 8, 9, 10 2012

    Nice report! Seeing this sure does make me miss fishing those waters, it's been too long.
  159. steelonthefly


    Now that is a sh%&TON of meat!!!! Nice going!!!
  160. steelonthefly

    Overnight Charter on the Outrider 6-16-12

    Very nice report, thank you.
  161. steelonthefly

    Happy Fathers Day To Me!

    That is awesome!! Congratulations!!
  162. steelonthefly

    From the beach to my belly

    Those Gulp Sand Worms kick ass on the surfperch!
  163. steelonthefly

    Pt Loma kelp 6-16

    ...the DFG guide even goes on to say they are "Fantastically colored"...Also I have heard they can be identified by their Left Wing Points of view, liberal nature, and very flamboyant tendencies... :rofl:
  164. steelonthefly

    Pt Loma kelp 6-16

    I stand corrected. You are correct macalusoaj, it is a Rainbow surfperch. The dark spots on the dorsal and anal fins are the give away, though it looks very similar to the striped. I have been referencing a CA DFG perch guide on-line...
  165. steelonthefly

    Otaru slaying!!! (Kaneohe 6-16-2012)

    Nice bradda!!! I caught my first hammerhead shark in Kaneohe bay, I'll never forget that place...
  166. steelonthefly

    Pt Loma kelp 6-16

    ...It is a "Striped Seaperch" which can grow to about 15". I caught one last winter in the surf up at Jalama. I had to do a little research because I was curious what a "tropical" looking bugger like that was doing in 56-58 degree water. Probably the coolest looking perch I've ever caught...
  167. steelonthefly

    Offshore Bluefin on the Vagabond

    Looks like it was a great trip, way to go!!!
  168. steelonthefly

    Offshore Team Hanna catches Blue Fin Tuna 6/9!!!!! (Full Report & Pix added)

    Great report guys!!! It's awesome to see such a passion and drive for fishing...It helps me realize that I am not the craziest, most obsessed fisherman out there...Now if I could only convince the women in my life of that fact, I'd be set...Thanks for the post!!!!
  169. steelonthefly

    Got a 45.5 lb Halibut at MDR

    That is a beauty!! Well done!!
  170. steelonthefly

    Fortune to the Islands

    Very nice report, thank you!! Sorry you guys were lacking on the exotics...I am heading out with Bruce 2mro night for 2 days and I am SUPER STOKED!!! I am hoping the wind did not F&*% things up too much out there...We'll see.
  171. steelonthefly

    MDR 5-23-12

    Good stuff!!
  172. steelonthefly

    my daughters first red!!

    Awesome first fish!!!!
  173. steelonthefly

    HOW MUCH???? DO YOU!!!!!

    BRAVO, well said!!!!! ...and Ditto...
  174. steelonthefly

    Deadliest Catch....

    Severe dehydration??? I am dying to find out myself...
  175. steelonthefly


  176. steelonthefly


  177. steelonthefly

    More fish tattoos....

    Good stuff!!!
  178. steelonthefly

    Gothom beach, new PB.

    Nice "Mud Marlin" man!!!! Those bad boys are fun to pull on and good for testing your drags too!!!
  179. steelonthefly

    Freshwater Steelhead Bonanza!!

    Congrats!! That last pic. is a nice fresh chromer for sure!!! Now try fooling those guys with feathers...Sometimes I wish I'd never caught my first, not really.
  180. steelonthefly

    Avet HX 5/2 MC Cast

    SOLD Loaded with 80lb. spectra with 60lb. topshot. Cosmetically 9.5 Mechanically 10. Only Used Twice. Still have box. Asking $380
  181. steelonthefly

    SuperSeeker-ULUA93H-10' 25-60

    Has Reel Seat. Asking $250
  182. steelonthefly

    Daiwa Saltist 35 Lever Drag Hyperspeed

    SOLD Fished once. Still have box. Loaded with 300 yds of 50# Spectra with 40lb Izor Topshot. Daiwa STTLD35HSH $300 invested. Asking $220
  183. steelonthefly

    New Avet EX 50/2 SDS

    SOLD Brand new. Never fished. Still have box. Loaded with 130# Hollow Braid. Over $650+tax invested... Asking for $480. Sorry. Trouble downloading Pic's, It is Blue and Gold. Gold Frame and blue "end caps"...
  184. steelonthefly

    Islander 6 day to Guadalupe - Fisherman's Access - Late October 2011

    Nice report! Congrats on a successful/productive trip!!!
  185. steelonthefly

    Outrider - Big Yellows at the outer islands!

    I want to pull on a "Big, hungry, mean yellow"!!!!!!!!!!!
  186. steelonthefly

    Offshore Dodo's, YF, & YT down south

    Great report!! Way to go!!!
  187. steelonthefly

    Offshore Pesky Rats on the Ocean Odessey

    Thanks for the thorough report!!
  188. steelonthefly

    EasternSierra Rises

    Those are some beautiful trout!!! The weather doesn't look half bad either!!! Thanks for sharing!!
  189. steelonthefly

    Offshore CONDOR Limits YT,3YF,2BF Rocked em!

    Thanks for the speedy report! Sounds like a fun trip.
  190. steelonthefly

    Offshore Tuna heating up again!

    Best of luck to you Ron, I hope you get to go and you get to stick it to them!!! I am chompin' at the bit...Friday cannot come soon enough...I hope very little changes between now and then... with the exception of some guys changing their mind and deciding to get on board...
  191. steelonthefly

    Offshore Tuna heating up again!

    The boat has 13 spots left...Almost half-way filled...
  192. steelonthefly

    Offshore Tuna heating up again!

    Honestly, I signed up on the Top Gun 80 about two months ago...That ship better sail!!!!!
  193. steelonthefly

    Offshore Tuna heating up again!

    I've got balls, but they ain't crystal...
  194. steelonthefly

    Offshore Tuna heating up again! magic 8-Ball said, "ask again later"...
  195. steelonthefly

    Rpt-10-12-11 Full Moon Reds.

    Nice report and pic's!!!Thanks!!!
  196. steelonthefly

    Who needs tuna? Outrider kills it.

    Never mind...I just realized what the title of this thread is referring to, in other words, the open party trip will be fishing the islands NOT the Tuna...I suspect...hence MY title...Duh...I get
  197. steelonthefly

    Offshore El Capitan 9/23-9/25 Full speed tuna

    Killer report!!! I felt like I was there (sure wish I had been)!!! You made a great "time-line" with nice captions interspersed between the pic.'s., as close as you could get to video without having it. Sorry about your technical difficulties!!! Next time...Thanks bro!!!
  198. steelonthefly

    Busted our asses in Colorado for 11 days

    Wow!!! Those are two beautiful trophies!!! Congratulations!!!
  199. steelonthefly

    Who needs tuna? Outrider kills it.

    Now that's good stuff!!! Are you guys hittin' the Islands or the Tuna on the Open Party trip??? Or is that still TBD depending on conditions etc??? Don't answer that.... Refer to post #19
  200. steelonthefly

    Pt.Dume Bass/Giant Squid........

    Cool report!!! Nice pic's!!! Thanks!!!
  201. steelonthefly

    Purple SX Raptor with matching custom GUSA 70HP. Phenix 700H Spinner

    YO ANTONIO, Read the man's prior post already!!!!!
  202. steelonthefly

    30lb. YT SCI

    Very impressive! Thank you for sharing!
  203. steelonthefly

    Offshore SHOGUN 9/1 - 9/3: Unfortunate

    Nice report! The title really got me at first, as the Shogun has been nothing but a pleasure for me to fish in the past, and the bite has been fairly good. Touche'!!!!
  204. steelonthefly

    Utah is calling Shark

    First place I ever witnessed a Salmon run!! Pretty neat. I would head up there from Park City in the Spring when I heard the ice was coming off. I'd huck jigs out to the "ice-shelf" and hammer 'em on the drop. (Though I'd prefer to be fly-fishing, it was quite frequently mighty windy there.)
  205. steelonthefly

    Utah is calling Shark

  206. steelonthefly

    The reward...

    That is very impressive!!! Congratulations!!!
  207. A beautiful Smith River King!!! Much thanks to our guide, Tony Sepulveda, of Green Water Fishing Adventures!!!!

    A beautiful Smith River King!!! Much thanks to our guide, Tony Sepulveda, of Green Water Fishing Adventures!!!!

  208. A 27lb. Cedros Island Flatty aboard the "Shogun"...

    A 27lb. Cedros Island Flatty aboard the "Shogun"...

  209. My 1st BFT on the "Outrider" with a S.F.R. charter...

    My 1st BFT on the "Outrider" with a S.F.R. charter...

  210. 1st two WSB...One wins JP!!!

    1st two WSB...One wins JP!!!

  211. Jackpot Ling...on the Outrider...Also caught my 1st 3 tuna on this trip in Oct. '09 (2BFT, 1 Albie)

    Jackpot Ling...on the Outrider...Also caught my 1st 3 tuna on this trip in Oct. '09 (2BFT, 1 Albie)

  212. My 1st YFT, a football, but still stoked we found them in April at Alijos on a "Shogun" 8 day. They got bigger as the day went by.

    My 1st YFT, a football, but still stoked we found them in April at Alijos on a "Shogun" 8 day. They got bigger as the day went by.

  213. Anacapa Yellow in November. My 1st YT!!!

    Anacapa Yellow in November. My 1st YT!!!

  214. My 1st WSB!!! Caught aboard the Pacific Star on Father's Day...

    My 1st WSB!!! Caught aboard the Pacific Star on Father's Day...

  215. It has been a good few years...With quite a few firsts...

    It has been a good few years...With quite a few firsts...

    My first YT , YFT, and WSB. Biggest Salmon and Halibut. A couple of Jackpots...Took a ton of hard work... I still feel lucky...
  216. steelonthefly

    Hit N run La Jolla 07/01/11

    Zebra corn wins, hands down... ...Moral of the story, everyone is O.K., and Karma is a bitch...
  217. steelonthefly

    Shogun 4-11

    Thanks Keith!!!!
  218. steelonthefly

    Super Seeker 6470 (2), 6470H, 6470XH, Black Steel 63XXH, 63XXXXH

    Very interested in a 6470. I am in Hollywood and have cash in hand...Intrigued by the Ulua's to come...Hmmmmm...This is not a PM....
  219. steelonthefly


    I am interested in the one remaining rod....Is it still available?