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  1. Chad D.

    When did you decide to go custom?

    Be careful, as it’s a very slippery slope!!! I started going custom a couple years ago, and have no intent of going back... Started with a 20-25# bait rod Calstar 270-M wrapped by Left Coast Custom Rods in Portland. Simple, understated design that is beautiful. I had him follow that up...
  2. Chad D.


    Buy with confidence from Jake! I’m pretty new to this fishery, and have commissioned three rods from him so in the last 6 months or so. The level of communication and his craftsmanship are fantastic! He’s been awesome when helping me make some component decisions, and has listened to every...
  3. Chad D.


    Funny, I have an RUS 76HP that I feel the exact same way about... I didn't allow myself enough time for a custom at the time when I needed it. Works great, but booooooorrrrriiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggg...
  4. Chad D.


    Wife said I can’t bring them to bed any more. Some people will never get it... Very happy with how these turned out Jake. They fit right in with the Terminator you made for me last season. Thanks again for your help, your attention to the build, and for helping me navigate the process!
  5. Chad D.

    Accurate BV2400

    I use my BV2-400 for 40# bait. A beast of a little reel...
  6. Chad D.


    In an effort to satisfy all, we can petition to refer to this as simply the “figuring out the way the stick is most comfortable bending” technique.
  7. Chad D.

    Daiwa PRTB76XHF as an 80lb. rod?

    I’ve got one of those and like it for 50/60. I’d find a heavier stick for 80/100, or rent one if you’re chartering infrequently...
  8. Chad D.

    Just turned 50 and my amazing wife got me a Tranx what rod to pair it with... San Diego sport boat fishing

    my wife likes me, but not that much... that said, I have a Tranx 500HG scheduled for delivery this Thursday. Cow Man is whipping up a UC Reaper for it to sit on. Should be pretty rad!
  9. Chad D.

    Need A Heavy for 10-Day Variety Trip on Intrepid October 2, 2021

    All good! I just spoke with a colleague that does the same thing between Corvallis and Scottsdale. I believe I’ll have a Viper at some point this summer, so I’ll just wait till then! And, we made it from Springfield the Point Loma in 14.5 hours in November. No slowing down! Set the cruise...
  10. Chad D.

    Need A Heavy for 10-Day Variety Trip on Intrepid October 2, 2021

    Man! I’d sure like to check out a viper before mine is built... I’m close to you, just up the McKenzie a few miles. I’ve already got a VISX-20 to put on it when it is done. And, I’mleaving on the Vagabond the day after you head out in October!
  11. Chad D.

    Want to buy BX-2 30.

    Good one! My wife is a teacher, and has been to several school board meetings. Her favorite response is when the Sup’t came back with “I value your opinion and appreciate your input.” I view your responses as direct, to the point, and uncensored. You may not have the most delicate tone In...
  12. Chad D.

    REAPER name use by UC is in the procecess of being Discontinued, Why?

    Girls; girls... No need to argue. You’re both pretty!
  13. Chad D.

    REAPER name use by UC is in the procecess of being Discontinued, Why?

    Dibs on one of them, Jake! Hope you had a great trip Man. Talk soon!
  14. Chad D.

    76 Viper out the door

    Diggin the Roman numerals. Nice work!
  15. Chad D.


    As a fella with a BV 400-2, I can’t see much use in anything smaller that needs a tractor gear... I’ll go as heavy as 40# leader on my 400-2, but not sure it would have much use at lighter drag settings. Not that it would be bad, but what’s the point?
  16. Chad D.

    GP Reaper build questions...

    Thanks for sharing the photos. That helps a ton for comparison to a factory wrapped. Looks like a 12” butt grip, so if I went to a 14” with the seat flipped around, it would put the reel in about the same spot. Maybe 3/4” forward.
  17. Chad D.

    GP Reaper build questions...

    While this makes sense, I’m not entirely sure what questions I should be providing answers to. I’m 100 miles from the builder, and he will only be able to build what I ask for. I drill down on it with him when we get closer to build time... Just curious what others are doing typically...
  18. Chad D.

    GP Reaper build questions...

    Okay folks, I’ve acquired a GP90 Reaper, and it will be built sometime this year. Got a few questions, as this is a new type of rod for me... Plans are to use it for wahoo and other iron-casting applications. Intended reel is a Tranx 500, but this is t set in stone. Open to suggestions, as...
  19. Chad D.

    REAPER name use by UC is in the procecess of being Discontinued, Why?

    I like it. It’ll help me keep my 40#!Wahoo rod separate from my 4# Kokanee rods... FFS.
  20. Chad D.

    How to get best prices on blanks and components

    Thanks for the confirmation Bill. Can you, by chance, tell me what the additional cost would be to keep a modified ledger that will match the books on my end? You know, for in case the wife ever asks for backup...
  21. Chad D.

    How to get best prices on blanks and components

    Would I be correct in assuming that not every “wholesale” account pays the same price for parts from the same manufacturer? I know that in my trade, your modifier is based on volume and negotiations. I work for a very large fire/life safety contractor with offices covering most of the nation...
  22. Chad D.

    Wahoo line choice...

    Ok. So if I’m reading things correctly, the general consensus is 65-80# braid with a short (3’-ish) 130# fluoro leader that does not go in the guides. May as well do solid braid at that point, as knot size won’t matter much. Almost tempting to crimp the 130 to jig and a swivel at the front...
  23. Chad D.

    Wahoo line choice...

    So, why not put any bend in the rod? I’ve always been a subscriber to the “The bend is your friend” theory. So wahoo not toss the hook when line goes slack? Or do they never go slack?
  24. Chad D.

    Wahoo line choice...

    Oh, we quit counting fish bucks years ago... I put no limit on my budget when it comes to getting free meat. Thanks for the tip on the Trinidad handle. I’ll look into that. Any pointers on who sells them, or are they a standard stock item through a decent retailer?
  25. Chad D.

    Wahoo line choice...

    I I’m certainly no expert, but aren’t wahoo quite a bit easier to handle than, say, a 150# BFT? That is primarily a guess on my part, as I’m new to ‘hoo... I’m absolutely looking forward to any input I can soak up in this!
  26. Chad D.

    Wahoo line choice...

    Excellent reply! Thank you. The Reaper is at the top of my list, for sure. Makes me wish I’d cut my “rod locker” to 9’-4” rather than 8’-6”... It’s just an old aluminum lockable conduit box that I fitted to my roof rack for my trip last year. Packed and wrapped tight, we can probably get...
  27. Chad D.

    Wahoo line choice...

    Putting the rest of my gear together for a trip next fall, and planning to take a wahoo setup. I’ll get to the rod soon enough, but thinking another UC will be in order. For now, I’ve got reel questions, as well as line choice... Wahoo is new to me, but I understand I need a fast retrieve...
  28. Chad D.

    Recondition or polish my Xtratufs

    Denver airport shoe shine is one of the best. Might give that a whirl...
  29. Chad D.

    MK-8IISea availability???

    Well, shit. I just looked at Pelagic again, and Chris DOES have 8s listed online. Not sure how I screwed that up... I’ll give him a call.
  30. Chad D.

    MK-8IISea availability???

    Thanks. Charkbait shows out of stock. Chris only lists 10 and up on his site, and I had t thought about Jamie. I typically like to bug him about rods! I’ll give those folks a call to see what’s up.
  31. Chad D.

    MK-8IISea availability???

    Good morning fellas, Looking for a Mak 8 Sea in Gunmetal, but my searches are coming up empty... Anyone know who may have some in stock? Worst case, I go with a 10, but really looking forward to the smaller 8.
  32. Chad D.

    Which UC rod for Penn Fathom 25nld2?

    My Fathom 25-NLD2 is strapped to an RUS 76-HP. Solid performer.
  33. Chad D.

    Screw 2020

    Merry Christmas Jake. And, you and I are gonna be talking about another couple rods for my October trip. I’ll need that Viper we chatted about, as well as something along the lines of a Tilefish. Something to make 2021 a little brighter...
  34. Chad D.

    Trips being canceled

    Without any additional research or knowledge, I’d bet this is likely the case. I’d imagine there are lots of cancellations, making the trips less than non-profitable. They’re already running at reduced capacity, and if you lose many of the spots that were left, it’s a financially losing...
  35. Chad D.

    Free Rod???

    I’ve entered. Please close the thread now!
  36. Chad D.

    Graphite or Aluminum reel seat for Reaper?

    In theory, I can see the argument that the reel seat would be stronger with the nuts toward the butt (wut?), as the pull on the reel would be against the solid end and not the perceivable weaker threads. I’d put some stock in this potential theoryif the seat was a little plastic thingie, but...
  37. Chad D.

    Graphite or Aluminum reel seat for Reaper?

    Curious about the Alps Centra Lock seats... I’ve got them on a few rods, and like them a ton. Question though... What would be any potential disadvantage to laying them up backwards? Put the nuts toward the fore end of the rod, rather than the butt. I don’t mind holding the seat while...
  38. Chad D.

    Which UC Rod for 80# Fly Line / Sinker Rig BFT

    You’re gonna really like that Terminator for 80#. I just had one wrapped by Jake (Cowman) and it was a pleasure to use with my Mak 15T. I was on the NLA trip right after you I think! You went with Ian, right? Sat-Tue? I went on the Wed-Sat with Ian and Chass. I’d be happy to let you...
  39. Chad D.

    Shipping Rods The Easy Non-Pain-In-The-Ass Way

    Lucky! Jake made me come get my new rod from him!!! Just kidding. I live fairly close and had a project to look at not far from his place. Saved on freight and was nice to meet Jake when I picked it up.
  40. Chad D.

    Accurate continues to stand behind their products!

    Whelp, the BV2-400 is still in my reel bag, which means it performed as it should have on my New Lo-An trip last week. Fishing was crap, but the reel was a joy to use when we went with the lighter gear. Clamped onto my US 76-HP, it was a super light setup for flylining.
  41. Chad D.

    Accurate continues to stand behind their products!

    Makes sense on the debris in the drag area. I was perplexed about mine, and just assumed something was simply haywire... It started to act up before it ever had any real significant load on it. Should be all good now though! If not, it goes to the bottom!
  42. Chad D.

    Accurate continues to stand behind their products!

    What was the problem? I have the same reel and had to get the drag cam replaced. ‘Twas a real bear to gently slide the drag lever into gear. There was a big “lump” just off of free spool that you had to push the lever past. Their service was great. It’s all good now and ready to head out...
  43. Chad D.

    Check your fasteners!

    Definitely a good bit of Loc-Tite on the original screws, as well as on the replacements from Okuma. No heat was necessary to remove the broken stud on mine; just a very tightly adjusted pair of small Vise-Grips and back it out. Not sure I’d want to put that kind of heat to the finish on a...
  44. Chad D.

    Check your fasteners!

    Thanks to Okuma and Chris at Pelagic Outfitters for getting this issue resolved quickly! Replacement screws are installed and everything appears to be in fine shape. I appreciate the continued first-rate level of service from Chris, as well as the seamless help from Okuma.
  45. Chad D.


    I’ve got the BV-2 400, and it is an amazing little beast of a reel. If I were to do that reel again, I’d go with the BV-2 500 though. A little more drag capability, and significantly more line capacity. Load it with 50# braid and go to town! Ridiculously light and powerful.
  46. Chad D.

    Check your fasteners!

    Hey! I sure appreciate the offer on this. I'll hold tight for a few days to see if a set arrives after calling the retailer. If they don't, I will reach out for some help. I am glad to report that I was able to get enough purchase on the broken screw to back it out with some little Vise...
  47. Chad D.

    Check your fasteners!

    Busted my new Mak 15Tii out of the box today so I could install the right side harness lug (hook keeper). All went well and reassembly was pretty painless. After it was in one piece again, I figured I’d give the reel seat screws a quick check before packing it all away for my San Diego trip...
  48. Chad D.

    Finally got a chance to use/test my Makaira 20 SEa

    Sure hope so! That GP80 Terminator/Mak 15T is the exact combo I have on the way for my 50-60# rig. Hope to put it to use on my trip next month...
  49. Chad D.

    Shogun crew possible OD.

    What??? Like grown-ups??? I could not agree more. An unfortunate incident involving a small group shouldn’t soil the otherwise stellar reputation at the organization. The longer the speculation and gossip continues, the more it hurts the otherwise great operation. I have no personal...
  50. Chad D.

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    Just started down this slippery slope, and still getting my flippers wet... Squall 50LD Fathom 25NLD2 Fathom 40NLD2 VISX 20