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  1. ahidog

    FYI Expired ADS.....

    Where are these expired ads?
  2. ahidog

    Probably doesn’t belong here but…might lose sportfishing

    That’s exactly it retrofitting will changed stability which in turn will reduce number of passengers which will then raise ticket prices.
  3. ahidog

    Probably doesn’t belong here but…might lose sportfishing

    Read article might lose sportfishing if this isn’t stopped
  4. ahidog

    How big!?

    His balls are big!
  5. ahidog

    Penn Fathom 60 LD2 Spooled with Cover

    So what’s the price I missed it I guess
  6. ahidog

    Newell 338

    Still available?
  7. ahidog

    Hey sealskinner

    I got your skunk covered I bought it from Carl but I’ll give you a little as long as you share with Viv
  8. ahidog

    Islands Nados are back! 7-7-21 report

    It’s going with 6 as of now “will run”
  9. ahidog

    Islands Nados are back! 7-7-21 report

    The full day boat Point Loma is trying to get out tomorrow they need 2 more to go. If that is all it runs with 8 max of 18. 619-223-1627
  10. ahidog

    Point Loma running Coronado islands trips

    Fridays trip now has 5 needs 8 to go pretty light load to go fish the islands
  11. ahidog

    Tipping on an overnight boat.

    Nothing they get paid enough already tip the bloody deck moderators they get paid nothing
  12. ahidog

    Scents on flatfalls- knife jigs?

  13. ahidog

    Point Loma running Coronado islands trips

    We were up in Sunriver last week cindy caught a couple nice trout.
  14. ahidog

    Point Loma running Coronado islands trips

    The mighty Point Loma will begin running Coronado Islands trips limited to 18 people. Last Saturday they had limits of yellowtail. So if you want to go catch fish call Point Loma Sportfishing 619 223 1627. Must have a passport.
  15. ahidog

    Why did you join bloody decks?

    Secret Forum and Saluki’s bran muffin posts
  16. ahidog

    Lobster Overlimits?

    Stirring the pot again I see 😜😂🤪
  17. ahidog

    Amazon Prime Day Deals

    Which half? 😜
  18. ahidog

    Offshore Report and Request

    Check out money well spent
  19. ahidog

    Fish ID

    Fish caught by the invisible man?
  20. ahidog

    So Cal Rockfish ID help

    I call them tasty and tasty 2
  21. ahidog

    Binoculars best bang for buck

    Get AIS no binoculars needed unless you want to find little boats
  22. ahidog

    Shimano Baitrunner 6500B Spinning Reel SAN DIEGO

    What are you asking?
  23. ahidog

    Full moon Effects on Blue fin

    My experience with most fish is they bight better coming up on the full but right on the full or slightly before the fish start to move more. Could be current related not really sure. Then after the full it goes in the tank for a few days.
  24. ahidog

    duck season is almost here....well not really but here is some pr0n to watch

    @BluefinCurly is just over us @aeon he is running away
  25. ahidog

    Where do I see the achievements leaderboard?

    Carl you always go up around Jason👬🌈
  26. ahidog

    Can't find the Long Range forum. It doesn't exist on my screen

    It’s in California fishing sub forums
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    Well damn it Jason should have asked you before upgrading

    Well damn it Jason should have asked you before upgrading
  28. ahidog

    Newell Spools 229 and 235 $ 40 for the pair

    Do you know if either of those fit a penn 140 (squidder)
  29. ahidog

    7 Yoyo jigs

    40 bucks hell you’re giving them away somebody should jump on these. I got a bunch or I’d be all over it.
  30. ahidog

    Penn Squidder 140 with Newell Parts

    Great seller easy sale item just as promised
  31. ahidog

    Penn squidder Newell spool

    Looking for a 140 Newell spool what do ya got and what do ya want for it?
  32. ahidog

    Not a good week for me

    Mike you and Viv are in our prayers man. Pets are an important part of our lives 18 is a long and I know good life. So sorry for your loss.
  33. ahidog

    5 Fantastic Vintage Long Conolons

    Thank you Mike good seller guys he’s got one left
  34. ahidog

    Guys here that have cut Uluas...

    Can’t help you Alan my ulua was cut when I was very young and I don’t remember it. It works fine though!
  35. ahidog

    SD BAY Crawl 12-9-20

    Try using coots for bait...I don’t know if they work but it sure is fun making bait
  36. ahidog

    Old yellow glass blank ?

    Nope you’re all wrong definitely a prototype harnell or truline.
  37. ahidog

    4 Dz Mason Jars w. lids and rims.

    If you’re ever coming to San Diego I’ll take them pm me if you are
  38. ahidog

    Who here rolls their own joints?
  39. ahidog

    Stanley Andrews Ram Rods

    You mean I have a desirable rod?
  40. ahidog

    36hp prodrive powered duck boat

    Bump for a great rig wish I could come close to what you want
  41. ahidog

    Can anyone identify this fish caught at Cat backside?

    Ca record 3 and 1/2 pounds world record 4 pounds 11 oz
  42. ahidog

    PENDING...Weber Performer Grill...great condition.

    If he doesn’t I will but I’ll go 101 if that will top him 🤣
  43. ahidog

    PENDING...Weber Performer Grill...great condition.

    Damn it I was going to offer you 100 but he beat me to it.
  44. ahidog

    Raise Your Hand If You Thought I Was Dead.....LOL

    Welcome back man I was just joking with ya
  45. ahidog

    Outing a member ?

    Jeez maybe he’s not been on in Les than 24 hours and you guys are crucifying him maybe he hasn’t seen the thread since he put it up. Swear to god you guys must all live here. Give him another day to get back on at least.
  46. ahidog

    Offshore La Lolla Bonito's and Dana Landing Crime report

    Happened to Rick and Dina’s truck while he was out running the Ocean odessy last week on the other side of the hill sounds organized to me but in broad daylight at Dana that’s pretty balsy
  47. ahidog

    Nov 24-26 New Buccaneer 56 hour trip ( trip open to the public)

    Hey Carl maybe this might be something Willi would be into @BluefinCurly
  48. ahidog

    WTF is in my YellowTail?

    Too bad Saluki isn’t here anymore he would know something about a bran muffin I’m sure
  49. ahidog

    the most dreaded post ANY of us will EVER make..... RIP my beautiful wife Valerie Jean.

    Wow Mike I’m so sorry for your loss. Thankfully she is no longer in pain. My prayers are with you and yours.
  50. ahidog

    Captains and Owners

    Take your 30 people * $400 that’s $12000 now remove 35% (bait, port, landing) 7500 pay captain $250 5 decks and cook 140 eaCh That’s about a grand so owner makes 6500 but out of that comes insurance maintenance fuel so let’s say maybe half of the profit. 3000 a day for 90 days a year wow the...
  51. ahidog

    Update on my wife’s cancer

    Thanks Carl where are we abalone and lobster diving on September 1st
  52. ahidog

    Update on my wife’s cancer

    Thank you Mike
  53. ahidog

    Reloading 20 Gauge Kent Steel Dove Loads

    Can’t we just shoot Jason’s decoys
  54. ahidog

    Update on my wife’s cancer

    A while back (couple years) I posted a request for prayers for my wife as she had been diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer.. She has been through 3 different protocols and radiation and the tumor slowed for a bit she lost over a hundred pounds had quite a bit of pain and the side...
  55. ahidog

    Tips for crew on overnight boats when no tuna?

    Were they attentive or just going through the motions? Were the bathrooms clean? Were they approachable? Was the food good? Obviously everyone tips more when they catch. When you go to a restaurant do you tip out of obligation or appreciation? Those are the questions I would ask myself.
  56. ahidog

    308 Savage model 10(Bull barrel and Boyd’s stock)

    One of my kids is interested how much are you looking for? He also wraps rods if you have any of those blanks you want wrapped and he has a mossberg 930\935 (I can’t remember which) if any of that is trade worthy.
  57. ahidog

    Offshore Liberty 8/5

    Another reason I like my old Sabre 670 and a 4/0 it’ll beat the shit out of everyone else’s rods and reels and kill tuna too. And with braced guides the deckhands can do what they want to it.😆🤪
  58. ahidog

    Used Wooden Rod Rack

    I’ll call you at the end of the week I’m in Oregon on vacation right now
  59. ahidog

    Used Wooden Rod Rack

    How come this stuff is never in San Diego
  60. ahidog

    Depoe Bay Advice Please?

    Sea Hag right at Depoe bay also there’s a killer bed and breakfast right on the south side entrance.
  61. ahidog

    Who's on the Mission Belle this Thurs 7/30?

    Did you get on before it filled?
  62. ahidog

    Offshore nado report???

    Kid was there on the Mission Belle on Monday 24 YT for 12 people. Mostly around North Island early and late
  63. ahidog

    Seats and trolling motor

    I’d meet your prices if I didn’t live in San Diego for the motor and 2 gray seats.
  64. ahidog

    7'6" Chocolate Sabre?

    Does it come with the big trigger fish numbers?
  65. ahidog

    Happy 4th of July to all my fishing brothers and sisters. What's on the menu

    Come on by you know you’re always welcome
  66. ahidog

    Port A Potty

    Put it in your duck blind
  67. ahidog

    Electric Boat Toilet

    Damn I was hoping Jason would buy it for the club I’ve always wanted a flush toilet down there
  68. ahidog

    SoCal WSB - Significance of Moon Phase

    af dreamer said: There is one thing that he told me that was very important beside the moon.That I won't say.Sorry.Tom Go to any landing and buy a rent rod get a anchovy slightly step on it get 1.5 ounce rubber core and put it halfway down.
  69. ahidog

    1994 Jeep yj

    Check the date on the OP
  70. ahidog

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    No, what if the boat turns around if someone won’t comply.
  71. ahidog

    Offshore Pacific Queen 5/29

    They’ve (the landings) have been told for weeks phase3 is when they can resume. Also it is up to local health departments to approve plans for reopening. I’m not sure why some operations in other counties have been green lighted ahead of phase 3. My guess is because San Diego is such a large...
  72. ahidog

    My first White Seabass...seriously!

    I ran sport boats for 25 years and have fished 45 years and still have never caught a legal. Only one I ever hooked I handed off to my wife.
  73. ahidog

    San Diego full day boats $200

    Wow all the negativity. Ok a little math lesson...last year 175 BFT or 150 islands x50 people = between 8750 to 7500 for a full load gross sales. Last year they probably ran from April to October assuming full loads that entire time (which didn’t and never happens) and making 8k a day their...
  74. ahidog

    What is this fish called

    Didn’t have to be farmed could be from the Salton Sea 🤮
  75. ahidog

    Eating skulpion sushi style

    What he said^
  76. ahidog

    Fish ID 5.15.2020

    Short fin Albacore those are the scouts throw them back
  77. ahidog

    Locksmith in San Diego

    Asking for a friend #Ali does he do chastity belts #Jason
  78. ahidog

    Springfield Arms XD9

    Alan you going to start bird hunting?
  79. ahidog

    San Diego Boats opening

    No boat will risk long term livelihood over short term profit. They may try to book trips but you won’t see them going out until they get an all clear.
  80. ahidog

    Tandem fishing kayak -$300obo

    Are you in San Diego? It says LJ I hope so
  81. ahidog

    bait availability

    Probably but it’s all cured hot bait you won’t be able to catch it
  82. ahidog

    OR TRADE . 22 AR complete upper

    I’ll take it pm sent
  83. ahidog

    OR TRADE . 22 AR complete upper

    That’s relative, she’s in for a duodenal bypass, but has been fighting pancreatic cancer for going on 2 years.
  84. ahidog

    OR TRADE . 22 AR complete upper

    I might be interested. How your back doing? I can’t do anything today wife’s coming home from the hospital.
  85. ahidog

    Petition from the Mayor to open certain aspects of the city (San Diego)

    When he does I want to be there to watch should be entertaining
  86. ahidog

    "Hidden Pickle"

    Did you get the spot from a guy named Saluki if so he’ll eventually take you to it or show you where it is...
  87. ahidog

    Fishing to open

    I forgot about that 😆
  88. ahidog

    Striped bass in SoCal surf

    Was grunion hunting in San Diego my kid gave one to a guy surf fishing on the walk back he had about a 15 pounder
  89. ahidog

    Fishing to open

    My guess is while the feds say go for it the county has laws about discharging firearms within incorporated areas and it will never happen but one can dream
  90. ahidog

    Fishing to open

    I want to hunt San Diego bay
  91. ahidog

    Kitty in the yard!

    Ooo any Turkey’s you want to go away?
  92. ahidog

    Where are you buying your. 556 ammo at?

    The boys bought 223 in quantity at LAX in clairmont but that was a few weeks back.
  93. ahidog

    West Coast Unity - could be forced upon us?

    They call us the left coast for a reason.
  94. ahidog

    556 (AR) complete upper

    Did you buy it Mike? If not we want it.
  95. ahidog

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Mike is Ho short for Hoarder?
  96. ahidog

    Home made power wrapper

    Wish you were in San Diego I’d be all over it
  97. ahidog

    Swordfish Caught on Sportboat

    Jerry I remember Ron on the happy Kanake getting quite a few but pretty sure he darted them hooked up to a 50 wide.
  98. ahidog

    Turkey hunt 3/30-4/1

    Nice job
  99. ahidog

    Hey Sherm...Launch Ramps? Why?

    Just a guess the feds and the city are not on the same page in the COVID manual
  100. ahidog

    Hey Sherm...Launch Ramps? Why?

    Go for it and report back remember to cough when they get close
  101. ahidog

    Lockdown effect boat launches?

    Just closed in San Diego according to press conference I just saw no surfing or fishing
  102. ahidog

    Cannot buy ammo?

    Some Walmart’s do not sell ammo none sell 223 or handgun amo but shotgun, .22 and 30-30 has been no problem as recently as Monday at the one I go to.
  103. ahidog

    Is Mitch's open?

    Yes for take out not sure of the hours
  104. ahidog

    Covid..... and your beloved pets...

    Waiting for them to pay me to invest 😏
  105. ahidog

    Best Cabo resort for non-fishing wife?

    We went to Rancho Leonero last year at about this time fishing sucked but the resort was nice.
  106. ahidog

    Old oron

    Not much just ship them to me I’ll hang em in my collection
  107. ahidog

    Cleat install without through bolt

    I wouldn’t if your anchor gets stuck and you have to use power to unstick it it might not hold
  108. ahidog


    Don’t forget this is tomorrow, Saturday at Seaforth
  109. ahidog

    Salas PL68?

    Mouse trapping sea bass back in the day
  110. ahidog

    Shimano Crucial 6’3” spinning rod

    Trigs. If you see a shimano rep ask what the replacement blank is for it they don’t make them any more.
  111. ahidog

    Shimano Crucial 6’3” spinning rod

    A good friend had one of these and it got broken thought maybe someone has one?
  112. ahidog

    Best Baits for BIG CATFISH fishing: worm vs mackerel! Which one is more effective? Let's find out!

    Slab your Mack’s then layer with rock salt no need for freezer burn.
  113. ahidog

    10/22 Carbine, Takedown and .920 Stock for sale

    10-22 still available it looks complete in the picture if it is I’ll take it if you can ship to fine firearms in La Mesa? Pm me
  114. ahidog

    Wister 1-15-20

    Lots of “new” spoonys at the club. Seems like we might have got a little push from the full moon.
  115. ahidog

    Can I still block forums?

    I still get BOTD pm Ali
  116. ahidog

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Yep looks fresh
  117. ahidog

    Offshore Bluefin

    I stand corrected
  118. ahidog

    Offshore Bluefin

    it is not a requirement to even have AIS on a boat the size of the mustang unless something changed. It is on larger vessels.
  119. ahidog

    Wanted, Charter Boat

    Don’t do it!
  120. ahidog

    Donald Trump, Jr. Gets Permit After Killing Game Animal

    I am sure there will be a congressional investigation all the facts will come out and somehow they will waste another year or two trying to tie his dad to it
  121. ahidog

    Mud River Kennel Cover and Kennel

    Ronson call me with the dimensions Tom
  122. ahidog

    365 Day Fishing license

    Yeah but you can shit and shoot up in the street in San Francisco...great state
  123. ahidog

    Deckhand 196-8 custom rod

    If you were in San Diego I’d be all over this
  124. ahidog

    Question on rules

    Well obviously we have hit the winter doldrums early this year 6 pages in 2 days on nothing. Give em hell Mike
  125. ahidog

    Update on wife

    Thank you Mike give Viv a hug from us
  126. ahidog

    Update on wife

    Thank you, I will Billy.
  127. ahidog

    Update on wife

    Thank you Mike
  128. ahidog

    Update on wife

    Written by her Hi family and friends, I don’t even know how to share this information. So here it is: 1. Interval progression of disease with new multiple hyper metabolic hepatic metastasis 2. New multiple bilateral lung nodules some of which are metabolically active 3. Increase in activity in...
  129. ahidog

    Sea Duck

    San Diego
  130. ahidog

    Sea Duck

    thank you Jeff I was thinking about going outside of the whistler and ty a string of decoys to my skiff and drift along in a current break
  131. ahidog

    Sea Duck

    I’ve been wondering the same thing off San Diego
  132. ahidog

    Wister Opening Day

    Our club shot 1 bird we’re right next to t10-4 and I agree with BluefinCurley goose looks good for the opener. Hopefully birds will come down soon and there will be better shooting later.
  133. ahidog

    Mr Wong

    He’s Mika Tan’s husband also invented of the fleshlight
  134. ahidog

    Santee/El Cajon gunsmith?

    What he^^^^ said
  135. ahidog

    2019 Duck Opener

    No shit... I’ll be happy either way Carl
  136. ahidog

    Mammoth Lakes 10-3 to 10-5

    Hadn't done a family vacation in 8+ years and with wife’s time running out we decided to make a few memories. Boys and I fished hot creek for a good snap on little rainbows the first morning small caddis were the hot ticket. Wife was tired from the drive the day before so she stayed at the...
  137. ahidog

    I found this inside a Yellowfin?

    Salukis long lost fleshlight
  138. ahidog

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Crew staffing requirements are mandated by CG, what “could” help is not allowing crews to work more than some mandated number of days in a row or like what has been mentioned before hire an extra crewman that only does the night watch much like a night driver/second ticket.
  139. ahidog

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    It would need to be watertight if it accessed the engine room. Doable but not easy. Still not a bad idea.
  140. ahidog

    Dove Wings?

    Happened with my pup waiting for ducks now
  141. ahidog

    What happened to the Chief

    No blocks under the rub rail major yard fuck up.
  142. ahidog

    Daily Double Offshore Question?

    Having worked with ratshirt I would echo what he said. Plus the guy running it now was running it then so he does have some experience under his belt. My kid Matt is the deckhand. Tell him to hook you up. My other kid will sell you your ticket Sunday morning.
  143. ahidog

    In light of the Conception fire, which boats are equipped properly?

    To the OP to answer your question I was on the Ocean Odyssey this year in July. Rick definitely had and went over all safety equipment and emergency exits. I don’t sleep well on boats and every time I got up there was an awake crew member doing rounds, cleaning something or going up and...
  144. ahidog

    Brisket, where do you get yours?

    Mike I used to get mine at smart and final but Costco had some a while back that were prime at about the same price.
  145. ahidog

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    T boat REGs require 2 escape hatches
  146. ahidog

    Bed bugs on boats

    So after reading this entire post I’m wondering what suggestions those who say it’s boat owners fault have for stopping it ...strip searches before every trip go through everyone’s belongings? Those bugs did not originate on the boat they were brought on. Obviously they have to address the issue...
  147. ahidog

    Bed bugs on boats

    So, easy fix, plumb and run the exhaust through the buck rooms in between trips.
  148. ahidog

    Bed bugs on boats

    Jason and Marcus do at duck camp
  149. ahidog

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    Maybe he can have one of Ali’s old thongs
  150. ahidog


    It might be proven but I’d have to fish it on 80 pound spectra and carry scuba gear.
  151. ahidog

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    Jason and Ali quit wearing thongs around the office. Too many OGs have passed on. Saluki is alive and well but not on here unfortunately. The super secret forums is gone (or I’ve been removed) one of the Mikes would know.
  152. ahidog

    Custom Made Fishing Rod Racks!

    Sorry I don’t if you sell them before you get here I understand but if you still have them when you next come down DM me
  153. ahidog

    Custom Made Fishing Rod Racks!

    Yes if you have them still next time you come to San Diego I’ll take one or both. My kids both work at the docks one on a boat the other at PLSF office let me know.
  154. ahidog

    Custom Made Fishing Rod Racks!

    Probably the both 6 rod wall racks ... 70 bucks right?
  155. ahidog

    Custom Made Fishing Rod Racks!

    Crap you came to San Diego last weekend.
  156. ahidog

    Battlefish - Backward Reels WTF?

    Isn’t that how the commercial guys do it I thought that’s what separated sport guys and commercial guys.
  157. ahidog

    The Final Straw and Why I Bought My Own Boat

    No problem light big ole stogey when the bite starts your ready to go. Amazing how many people you can take out with a stogey
  158. ahidog

    Blue Marlin on the Ranger 85

    Blue Marlin would be unusual not unheard of, striped marlin not so much.
  159. ahidog

    Saturday 8-3-2019 Diawa Pacific H+M

    My kid was the tall deckhand on that trip hope he was helpful.
  160. ahidog

    7-30-19 A.M. half day

    It El chaps and his kid they didn’t want to be recognized
  161. ahidog


    Are you a dealer ... how much?
  162. ahidog

    where to buy Fraser Mariner binos ?

    Google is your friend
  163. ahidog

    When is it Ok to repeat the F-word over and over ?

    Fish fish fish fish ... anytime
  164. ahidog

    Full day trip parking in San Diego Landing

    Drop stuff off with a friend and use a bird scooter
  165. ahidog

    Secure gun storage now a law

    What stooooooopid law. how will they enforce it? Politicians pandering to constituents who don’t even have a clue
  166. ahidog

    BFT foamers; who, what, when, where, why?

    Ask Mike Long
  167. ahidog

    dove cross?

    Shoot it’s collared aka euro
  168. ahidog

    dove cross? Any chance it was this?
  169. ahidog

    NWTF Banquet

    Most on here that would go probably already know about it but Saturday the 13th at 4:30 at Carlton Hills golf course the NWTF banquet will be held. This organization does a tremendous amount to introduce young hunters to the sport of turkey hunting this is there one fundraiser here if...
  170. ahidog

    Ocean Odyssey 1.5 Day Trip Tackle Suggestions...

    Just got back on Monday from a 2.5 on the OO. Great crew great boat. Wife and I caught all our fish on 30 and 40 pound mono. We had 2 of the 7 bluefin and 6 of the 38 yellowtail no dorado (2 were caught) or yellowfin (1) for us. All caught on 1/0 and 2/0 mustard regular bronze hooks. A couple...
  171. ahidog

    1/4 scoop bait tank $60

    I don’t expect you to hold it for me, but if you still have it after the weekend DM me maybe we can meet up. Im out this evening for 2.5 days on the Ocean Odyssey
  172. ahidog

    1/4 scoop bait tank $60

    You ever come to San Diego
  173. ahidog

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Wow I have known Frank Ursiti for 30 years I can guarantee he will not send out a captain if he’s using meth. I don’t know how an arrest gets “swept under the rug” but I do hope he gets the help he needs.
  174. ahidog

    Fishing lead ban

    Oh now all us fisherman are in for what us hunters have been facing for years. wait till they stop surfers for walking across the rocks (the poor anemones) and the divers (for pissing in the water) and the sailors (stealing the wind).
  175. ahidog

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Oooo you got something here!
  176. ahidog

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Doug Kern oh and no mention of it on Let’s talk Hookup this morning unless I missed it
  177. ahidog

    Lemon lami 535 blank

    Great sale he has a lot of cool rods easy to deal with and fair prices thank you Aaron
  178. ahidog

    Lemon lami 535 blank

    Check your our pms
  179. ahidog

    Offshore From Mayday to You’re Bit! 6/24

    Wood plugs for any through hull, especially if no shut off valve, have to go in the water to do it right but will save your but.
  180. ahidog

    H and M landing - Processing fee

    All the boats in San Diego Bay Landings pay 7% to the port district 15% to the landing and at least 10% (might be more now) for bait. Then on top of that the CC fees are passed on to the boat as well. Oh just up the price you say, well then they pay 3.5% on that higher price.
  181. ahidog

    Thoughts to Admin.

    What he said^^^
  182. ahidog

    H and M landing - Processing fee

    I cannot believe that the premier landing in Don Lopreste’s holdings is charging a fee and his others won’t follow suit.
  183. ahidog

    Reel for a cal star 540?

    Penn 500
  184. ahidog

    Offshore 2.5 day trip advice

    Doing a 2.5 on the Ocean Odyssy 5th through the 8th it will be relaxing and nice to fish with my wife again it’s been a long year. Will run trip only 10 booked so far. Rick is pretty Fishy and it is a great operation.
  185. ahidog

    Is it illegal to drug seals?

    Two words ...lead poisoning (and yes that’s illegal too)
  186. ahidog

    SCI - Thunderbird - BIg Bluefin Lost

    No net boats this year their quota is full
  187. ahidog

    Reel for a Calstar 530 jigstick.

    You just wrap up that 530 and give it to me problem solved.
  188. ahidog

    Last Weekend for Pheasants @ Woodlands

    Whether or not he posts land has little or nothing to do with losing huntable land. It is because slobs leave their mess and the influx of solar farms. The little bit of land Mendel posts isn’t impacting us.
  189. ahidog

    Are Calico Bass good eating?

    I’ve found them to be better when not spawning but agree with everyone else, only take what you will eat fresh.
  190. ahidog

    240 tons of BFT released from pens off Ensenada.

    Why not just keep them and not let them fish for 2 years
  191. ahidog

    240 tons of BFT released from pens off Ensenada.

    That’s what I’m thinking too
  192. ahidog

    What keeps you awake, other than coffee?

    Jason and Marcus
  193. ahidog

    A call to action for SoCal Duck Hunters

    That’s good news also nice meeting you with Fred last season you all have a great club.
  194. ahidog

    Feeler:...Calstar 540

    Check with ironmike on here he has had some in the past
  195. ahidog

    Where are all the single "fishing Chicks"?

    Carl has exclusive rights to all fishing chicks...they never return
  196. ahidog

    Beach fishing in Rancho Leoner

    Title should have said Leonero
  197. ahidog

    Beach fishing in Rancho Leoner

    Going for the last week in March wondering what to take terminal tackle wise? Crocodiles, crankbaits, Plastics? Going to use their rental gear. Any help appreciated
  198. ahidog

    Fly fishing Rods & Reels #!

    I too am interested in one combo no need for all of them.
  199. ahidog

    Is this a email scam?

    Looks like Gonzos is a reality
  200. ahidog

    PLEASE! Dont sell me any more Newells.

    Hi I’m Mike and I’m a neweloholic
  201. ahidog

    PLEASE! Dont sell me any more Newells.

    Tell her to call me if that ever happens (hope it never does) if you haven’t priced them already
  202. ahidog

    PLEASE! Dont sell me any more Newells.

    Don’t tell Viv whatever you do
  203. ahidog

    Lexa 300hd, tatula type r daiwa

    If SD means your in San Diego text me 619-823-9272.
  204. ahidog

    Filling the vacant Fish and Game Commission slot with one of our own

    I agree hope Gov. Bothersome agrees
  205. ahidog

    SD place to buy reloading supplies

    Here’s this weeks powder report from Fine Firearms Accurate No 7 Accurate No 9 Accurate 2015 Accurate 4350 Accurate MagPro Alliant Reloder 15 Alliant Reloder 19 Alliant Reloder 22 Alliant Reloder 25 Alliant AR-Comp Alliant Bluedot Alliant Greendot Alliant RedDot Alliant E3 Alliant Reloder 26...
  206. ahidog

    alternative lobster bait

  207. ahidog

    SD place to buy reloading supplies

    X2 on Fine Firearms in La Mesa
  208. ahidog

    San Diego Sportfishing Ticket Prices Take Another Upward Bump

    Seaforth, Fishermans and Point Loma all have same majority owner
  209. ahidog

    San Diego Sportfishing Ticket Prices Take Another Upward Bump

    The biggest cost uptick lately for San Diego boats is the fact that boats now pay deckhands minimum wage. They now get paid 144 a day (for 12 hours) and it’s going up .50 an hour every year. Used to be a seasoned deck got 70-80 a trip a few years ago. How about a second ticket or relief operator...
  210. ahidog

    A great hunter passed away......

    Sad to see this then I heard Cal Meier had a stroke and a couple heart attacks. Two of the nicest men involved in hunting that I know.. prayers for Cal and Paul’s wife Vicky
  211. ahidog

    Lobster Buoys to be banned soon in San Diego

    Oh come on we need to save the environment don’t we?
  212. ahidog

    AKC Labrador Retriever Puppies for sale

    ttt for some awesome pups
  213. ahidog

    Wister area Blue Wing Teal and a banded Cinnamon Teal

    It was awesome having you there finally. I guess we should have stayed.
  214. ahidog

    Looking for The Southern California Angler by Brandon Hayward Pricey but here
  215. ahidog

    AKC Labrador Retriever Puppies for sale

    His bitch has a great nose and is birdy as all get out.
  216. ahidog

    Beretta A400

    At that price? what the heck is wrong with it? it should have sold long ago. if you were in San Diego we might do business
  217. ahidog

    Newell-P338-J GONE !

    No thank you easy awesome deal
  218. ahidog

    Lexa , Newell s332-5

    Awesome reels thanks super happy
  219. ahidog

    Tranx 200 or Lexa 300?

    I actually got one and a Newell 332 for 270. Cindy is OK some days are good some aren’t just kind of never know how her body will react to the chemo. That Nishikawa for the love.
  220. ahidog

    Newell-P338-J GONE !

    Check your PMs
  221. ahidog

    Tranx 200 or Lexa 300?

    Where did you get a Lexa 300 for 145?
  222. ahidog

    Where do you go to have work done?

    where do you San Diego people take your boats for work? I just bought a 14’ Western and want someone to go through the engine (20 merc) and have new controls and starter put on it. Cables and electrical are there but key start is bad. I opened it up and looked at it but it’s beyond what I want...
  223. ahidog

    Point Loma 11.10

    Check your pm’s
  224. ahidog

    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    First off I wish Mika Tan was still here I’m sure some of his defecation remedies would help the OP. I think something about a tight buttplug or a reverse fleshlight or something like that might have been his response.
  225. ahidog

    Daiwa Lexa 400/Trinidad SOLD

    Did you decide I wasn’t worth the time?
  226. ahidog

    Daiwa Lexa 400/Trinidad SOLD

    Definitely interested in the Lexa left you my number
  227. ahidog

    Daiwa Lexa 400/Trinidad SOLD

    Check your messages
  228. ahidog

    What are we doing with the SkipJacks???
  229. ahidog

    Chocolate sabre 540

    She’s hanging in there she shaved her head today it was starting to fall out and felt like someone was pulling her hair. Fishing...I don’t know got my mother in law here to get a valve job done on her heart. Depends on appointments. Cindy doesn’t have chemo this week but I gotta take grandma to...
  230. ahidog

    $450 BowTech Insanity CPXL

    Jack do you think it would fit my son Matt. I think you met him at one of the club work days.
  231. ahidog

    Chocolate sabre 540

    Get 2 or a graphite would be cool too
  232. ahidog

    Shimano old Torium 20 Upgrades needed

    If you want someone to do it I had Dougie at Dana bait and tackle do mine I think it was like 17 and change for the upgrade and 30 to go through the reel. Something like that.
  233. ahidog

    ? Fish Dope ?

    Hooray for the resurrection of a 6 year old thread
  234. ahidog

    Ocean Odyssey?

    Rick and Dina Grivetto run a great operation and will try as hard as anyone to put you on fish. They are constantly upgrading and improving the boat. You won’t be disappointed in their work ethic. Fishing is fishing that’s why they don’t call it catching enjoy yourself regardless of whether the...
  235. ahidog

    Prayers appreciated

    Update Got the PET scan results nothing more than what we already knew which is good news in the sea of bad. It’s still pancreatic cancer and still in the lymph nodes near the pancreas but she’s a fighter and we have literally hundreds if not thousands praying for her. Plus chemo yesterday...
  236. ahidog

    Offshore YFT close

    They ate the left over bait
  237. ahidog

    Lucky craft cardiff

    What??? He’s got an avocado tree?
  238. ahidog

    Shimano Old toriums

    Anyone know can one still send old toriums in to be reworked for about 50 bucks? Will they put clamps back on too? Kids have pretty much destroyed mine.
  239. ahidog

    Prayers appreciated

    What do you do when your given bad news...go fishing with your family.
  240. ahidog

    Prayers appreciated

    Update: Not good news, stage 3-4, unlikely operable right now, doctor mentioned she might have 2 yrs at one point. Going to start chemo very soon and hope it shrinks and that it hasn't spread any further than it has already. I appreciate all of you and your prayers it is in Gods hands and I...
  241. ahidog

    Prayers appreciated

    Thank you all for your prayers. Tomorrow at least the waiting for some answers will be over
  242. ahidog

    Commercial fishing net

    Assuming this was outside of IB and not out by the nine, these are likely halibut gill nets and are anchored not drifting. Yes they catch other things too. Also could be rock crab pots
  243. ahidog

    Prayers appreciated

    Than you Frank
  244. ahidog

    Prayers appreciated

    We received the pathology report on my wife’s biopsy yesterday. Some of it is not back yet. She has a rare form of pancreatic cancer called acinar cell carcinoma of the pancreas and her prognosis is guarded. The delay in her results was because of the rarity of this type of cancer. They have...
  245. ahidog

    Joy Ride & Arrested

    Saluki is back?
  246. ahidog

    Shoulder issue. Need advice

    Give me your jig sticks
  247. ahidog

    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    You guys are all forgetting this is comiefornia the longer it takes the less the little fishies feel pain it’ll never be done
  248. ahidog

    Bad Ads Thread

    Wait Saluki is back?
  249. ahidog

    Vacmaster VP321 Chamber Sealer

    How much for the 215 Ali?
  250. ahidog

    Mexico Commercial BFT fishing SHUT DOWN

    Can you even imagine what it would look like if they put out when and where those fish would be released? :eek:
  251. ahidog

    admin online

    Those pics are only on the paid super secret forums...I hope
  252. ahidog

    Do I need professional help????

    Only if your wife finds out
  253. ahidog

    Go Aztecs!

    Nice win Nuff said
  254. ahidog

    Help if you can

    My son Matthew was in a bicycle accident with the car last spring in Montana. He is a college student and worked hard all summer in San Diego on both the Daily Double as a deckhand and it fine firearms. He was found at fault and has to pay the Montana court system $1135 as restitution to the...
  255. ahidog

    San Jacinto in trouble

    This sign went up on Davis road yesterday photo by Tom Trakes. If you can go to this meeting go and voice your opinion.
  256. ahidog

    Offshore 9S -302, do-do!!!

    My sentiments exactly Stephan
  257. ahidog

    She either forgot a zero or is getting even with an ex

    how do I delete this
  258. ahidog

    BUGGING with SALUKI 2-25-16

    He said he would never post again until the Saluki's won something...
  259. ahidog

    Here we go again

    Thank you all Josh came home today life is once again as normal as it always is with 3 teen boys
  260. ahidog

    Here we go again

    Thanks Ali, Complication ... partially collapsed lung back to surgery this AM I hope this is it and he can come home
  261. ahidog

    Here we go again

    After last years scare with older and him getting a pacemaker/defibrillator now the younger brother gets one. It is in and hopefully now we are done with this shit. I was tested Monday so maybe we can be triplets. Keep Josh in your prayers he is in some pain.
  262. ahidog

    Ruger 10 22 Carbine x2 NIB

    1 sold thanks Gary will take $225 on the other one
  263. ahidog

    Ruger 10 22 Carbine x2 NIB

    Yes sir on black friday
  264. ahidog

    Malibu Pro 2 Tandem Kayaks for sale.

    Any interest in guns for trade?
  265. ahidog

    Fishing Survey for New Lure Design

    This is for his engineering class in High school help him out if you have a few minutes
  266. ahidog

    was wister that bad?

    I heard 5.8 per person Mike, no one is talking I guess. We had a 24 at san j that was 5.1 per. we had 24 birds Foster son doesn't shoot too well yet and lost interest after fly off. Guess he is not a hunter. Matt was done by 8.
  267. ahidog

    Prayers pleas if you are so inclined

    Please pray for my little big man Josh. We found out today that he has the same genetic anomaly that Matt has involving his heart. This means medication for now and a doctor appointment Monday. We will know more then but for now prayer is appreciated for him, Cindy and I.
  268. ahidog

    24th is up

    2/6 San Jac 24 Mendota 31 I think I go see Tom
  269. ahidog

    Scouting question

    My son is putting in the time scouting but I have a question if he gets pics of deer only at night is that a good spot? he has seen a doe in the day time but got pics of 2-3 does a spike and a fork all around 10 over 3-4 nights. He is the deer hunter but doesn't come on here much and I doubt...
  270. ahidog

    Question, Bottom Fishing the 9 Upper or Lower

    What Carl said is absolutely accurate North 9 too deep south 9 mex waters. That being said very few people will give up they're spots from a blank request on the web. There are a few to be found but you must look hard.
  271. ahidog

    2015 BIG (100lb+) Bluefin/Yellowfin tuna!!

    Joey Oyama 150.5 Hook and Line 15 Mi PL Brian Castleton New Seaforth captain and Eric wedelele 183 187 4 mi off LJ Speared The Fortune fish was only 179 and might have been outside of 40 but not much
  272. ahidog

    Depot Bay questions

    They had a blast 12 Black Bass? RF and 6 crabs between them. Sounded like fun on a big scampi and a fly. I too would never endorse what they did but again so far it is allegations let it go to court before judging all mentioned so far. Thanks again for the info John.
  273. ahidog

    Depot Bay questions

    Thanks for the info John I think they will be there Thursday.
  274. ahidog

    Depot Bay questions

    Son and wife will be in the area a week from tomorrow they are thinking about doing a crab RF combo any inside/intel would be cool. Is Tradewinds still open after their little License snafu? Does one need reservations or just show up at 6? Anything else they should know? Thanks in advance...
  275. ahidog

    Happy birthday Carl!

    Now we will call you Uncle Carl
  276. ahidog

    Happy birthday Carl!

    Happy belated buddy yours is right btwn Mine and Cindy's 6,7,8
  277. ahidog

    Offshore 2.5 Ocean Odyssey

    Wow all the second guessers Rick is a straight up guy and (this time) made a bad call none of you ever zigged when you should have zagged everyone thinks spoartboat skippers are either gods or flops. They (90% of them) are hard working, risk taking, and want to do the customer right every time...
  278. ahidog

    Free Chest Freezer...with a catch/stink I will pay you $30 to take it.

    Had same thing happen cleaned it out with bleach all is ggod now but it was nasty thank god the kids did it so I made them clean it out they puked multiple times but they are careful not to unplug it for a "project" anymore. Oh and no I don't suggest you have wifey do it.
  279. ahidog

    Mexico Requires Passports for Anglers Effective Immediately

    What I don't understand is how a US citizen having a passport benefits Mexico. Us gets the revenue it would make more sense to require some kind of license...oh yeah they have that or visa...oh they have that too. However now the boats are not paying either of those ...puzzling.
  280. ahidog

    New Eagle Scout

    WTG Mike and son that is an awesome accomplishment. Mine had a bad experience with BS and dropped out but has gone on to Sea Cadets (kinda like navy BS) and will be getting his CPO in a couple of months. We got to get these two together they probably would get along great.
  281. ahidog

    145 30-06 Winchester reloads

    Mike if Tom doesn't Matt and I will
  282. ahidog

    bft between cat and sci

    Nice report
  283. ahidog

    WTB: little trail bike

    At some paintball park it had been there a while and asked their permission to take it home. Now he did not check with me and I want it gone it is way too small for Matt for one thing. Anyone knows Matt doesn't belong on a 50 or 75 CC . You can have it if you want
  284. ahidog

    WTB: little trail bike

    My Kid has a beater he found in Escondido at some paintball place. It is not registered but runs ok definitely a project. PM me if interested I live near Grossmont college.
  285. ahidog

    Prayers please

    The latest: They have finished today’s procedure and were unable to find anything as such tomorrow they will be installing a pacemaker and/or a defibrillator in case this happens again. Not what I hoped for but God is good and knows what is best. Tom
  286. ahidog

    Prayers please

    So Matthew Muehleman is stable and has been for over 24 hours all vitals normal. At 7:30 he goes in for an electrical study of his heart hopefully answers are on the way. Thanks for your prayers keep them coming.
  287. ahidog

    Prayers please

    Exactly anyone who is a sportsman should know CPR just because without it I might be planning a funeral
  288. ahidog

    Prayers please

    So some of you have heard but not all of you. My big Matthew Muehleman had a cardiac arrest at the Aztec game yesterday. He was with his grandparents and Bonnie started CPR as best she could while he was in his seat. Paramedics came and got him prone where they continued CPR and shocked him back...
  289. ahidog

    Rio Steel Shot Deal - Cabelas $80 case

    Got mine and I ordered after your post Carl
  290. ahidog

    BNIB Ruger 10/22

    Turners 99 dollar black friday deal pays off
  291. ahidog

    Turners Black Friday $99 10/22

    Hey Jason thanks for the tip, oldest went to the El Cajon store at 4:30 am I rolled in right before they opened. He got the last tag for the 99 dollar gun (they handed out tickets) but I asked when we got to the counter and got the 50th anniversary, also limit 2 boxes of 22 ammo 325 to a box 20...
  292. ahidog

    Want to take a kid deer hunting?

    Mike I understand your concerns and actually the guy who I talked to last turkey season, also named Mike (so he can't be all bad), is who is taking him. Matt is 17 yrs old 6' 7" and is very safe not to mention he is hunting on an adult license. I am not "pimping him out" I just don't have the...
  293. ahidog

    Want to take a kid deer hunting?

    Had a couple people tell me last year that they might be able to take my 17 yr old deer hunting (I know nothing about it and do not have the time to put in right now to learn). I know it is late but if anyone has the desire to take him I would be stoked. He has a D 16 tag has hunt dove duck...
  294. ahidog

    FOR SALE: British Enfield in .303

    Picks please pm if you like
  295. ahidog

    Opening Day Wister

    90 here for the opener then a 10 Wednesday and a 25 at San Jac second Saturday
  296. ahidog

    Federal Duck Stamp

    Thanks now if I can only find another one went to the PO today they didn't have one hope the trailer at wister does
  297. ahidog

    Federal Duck Stamp

    Call me 823 9272
  298. ahidog

    Fedral duck stamp and youth

    Do Youth hunters need a fedral duck stamp
  299. ahidog

    Radio Control Gas Airplane-Free!!

    If Jefe doesn't want it my foster son does
  300. ahidog

    Vagabond Sportfishing experience and opinions please

    wife leaves tomorrow on her annual 6 day great boat great crew always takes good care of her you can't go wrong
  301. ahidog

    youth hunting

    Good news! The governor signed Assembly Bill 1709, which extends youth license eligibility through age 17 - an extra two years of substantial discount for youth hunters. The bill goes into effect July 1, 2015 - if you are under 18 that day, you're still eligible for the youth license. Thanks to...
  302. ahidog

    Public Dove

    Taking out 2 newbie kids 15 and 16 Saturday probably pm me fort my number
  303. ahidog

    What's the deal with Pigeons?

    We had 2 yesterday when we were checked and he said nothing about them...real nice guy too.
  304. ahidog

    Bloody Decks acdcepting $$ from the Humane Society???

    LMFAO really ae you serious it is all based on cookies question SB what have you been watching
  305. ahidog

    Hey Mike we got him a d16 tag so if the offer is still there let me know. Thanks Tom

    Hey Mike we got him a d16 tag so if the offer is still there let me know. Thanks Tom
  306. ahidog

    Daily Double catching

    No Mike Tony Fred was shopping for the boats I think he will be back tomorrow
  307. ahidog

    Daily Double catching

    Took my foster son out today for his first ever calico bass fishing trip. Outfished me 5 to 2 counting the rockfish
  308. ahidog


    It's what south coast abalone grew into
  309. ahidog

    Did a lil shopping

    He is just getting a commie gun for this commie state we live in no problem
  310. ahidog

    Kids Fishing trip Donors/Helpers......

    I am working for Fred that night see you all around 5:30 (sad face Carl's not going)
  311. ahidog

    Corral next Saturday

    Kid has a draw for the corral next Saturday if you have hunted it this season and can give any tips we would appreciate it
  312. ahidog

    FS: Stoeger M2000

    Corb, If it falls through with Tunaguy call me I need something for my 14 yr old 823 9272
  313. ahidog


    I feel your pain Mike 20 up to 106 here
  314. ahidog

    Cool if you have something come up call me 619 823 9272

    Cool if you have something come up call me 619 823 9272
  315. ahidog

    If you ever want a 6'6" 16 yr old to help you hunt let me know he has been at it for 3 yrs and...

    If you ever want a 6'6" 16 yr old to help you hunt let me know he has been at it for 3 yrs and has yet to kill a bird (came close lots of times) HE IS A PO2 IN HIS SEA CADET UNIT AND LEADER OF HIS CHRISTIAN CLUB A T SCHOOL AND A VARSITY CENTER DESPITE BEING A FULL BLOWN HUNTING CRAZED TEEN. The...
  316. ahidog

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    I just bought 2 one one transaction
  317. ahidog

    Proud Dad

    Well younger one got his first turkey thanks to some awesome mentors Steve and Tanner
  318. ahidog

    Anyone have info (411) on the coronodo islands? Navy, Yellowtail?

    Mission Belle now up to 38 YT for the day still fishing for 26 peeps
  319. ahidog


    What gauge and chokes?
  320. ahidog

    Is this the new forum update?

    Upgrade to the paid membership and everything went back right like it was before
  321. ahidog

    Wister January 11th

    How can you tell the white fat ones in the air?
  322. ahidog

    Lab vs. Golden

    I like the one on the left but own the one on the right unfortunately she is 5 and a family dog I wouldn't want to ruin her at this point but when my 2 legged bird dogs leave for college I will likely get a chessy
  323. ahidog

    Not to be boring....

    I was telling Matt (my son)about you and your son today does he play basketball at West Hills? We need to hook these two up they seem like they might get along.
  324. ahidog

    WTB: Benelli SBE II

    Hey Big Girl Try this,5027.0.html
  325. ahidog

    Remington 870

    Sent you a text definitely want to talk/chat
  326. ahidog

    Remington 870

    I am very interested got any pics
  327. ahidog


    Mike I know if we can swing it my older and your older would get along with Basketball I don't know when but if we can I would love to get them together he is 16 and crazy about shooting anything but he is 6' 6" so blinding him up is tough
  328. ahidog

    Epic duck hunt @ Bloody Ducks

    I wish I would have started mine earlier now that we have so much fun together. Good going Dad and thanks for the waxing tip.
  329. ahidog

    Shelter Island Pier fishin report 11.16.2013

    Heck Harry you just get 2 slips and remove the dock box on the middle one
  330. ahidog

    Wister special duck and goose decoys

    I dont need 2 duck carts and as good as the deal is on the goose decoys I am not interested if you want to sell some of it PM me
  331. ahidog

    Wister 11/09

    Great guys to hunt with would only be better if Carl stopped second guessing his blind choices
  332. ahidog

    Please Pray

    Well the path report came back clean it was benign. THE DOCTOR COULDN'T BELEIVE IT so he sent it out for a second opinion same outcome benign. He is minus a kidney but is cancer free thanks for all your prayers Tom
  333. ahidog

    PETA launching drones to harass hunters

    When planes fly over the closed zone the geese do some really interesting and dumb things bring on the drones
  334. ahidog

    Uncle Si comes to The W

    Here is proof that Carl knows and hunts with uncle Si Thanks for a fun time ducks or no ducks
  335. ahidog

    Fucking Cancer

    My sister in law has benn diagnosed with stage 4 Ovarian cancer this will mean that my wife will need to spend timer with her. Which will in turn cut down my time in the field (as it should) please keep Diann in your prayers.
  336. ahidog

    What is this stuff worth? Picture heavy.

    Interested in the tube fed 22 and the one above it if I want both what do you want? Also I might be interested in the 20 ga 870 if the price was right currently what I am seeing is higher than I want to pay PM me about the 2 22s
  337. ahidog

    Ms. Kansas........

  338. ahidog

    Waterfowl Reservation Drawing Results

    #28 for Sunday at the Wis
  339. ahidog

    Please Pray

    Update: Thomas was moved out of PICU and they removed his ng tube now mama can feed him again thank you for your prayers they are helping
  340. ahidog

    ? for duck dorks

    Shit Carl just take Matt or Josh anytime you go and you don't need waders they plant the decs and retrieve the birds
  341. ahidog

    Please Pray

    Update Surgery was successful in that the baseball sized tumor was removed and did not rupture time will tell if it spread. keep praying please as now he faces Chemo and maybe radiation. You guys are the greatest
  342. ahidog

    Please Pray

    My little grand nephew Thomas Doyle will under go surgery tomorrow to remove one of his Kidneys and a baseball sized tumor. Thomas is only 5 months old so pray for his and his parent's strength and that the surgery goes well thanks Tom
  343. ahidog

    Last weekend for dove who's going?

    I think my 14 yr old and I are going
  344. ahidog

    Good Chinese Food in IV

    It is sooo good You coming over Marcus? you know where we will be in the Am
  345. ahidog

    Good Chinese Food in IV

    When we were scouting a couple weeks back Matt and I ate at a little Mom and Pop Chinese place right around 1612 s 4th. Orange Chicken was some of the best prices were reasonable and everything is cooked fresh. Might be there this Sunday or Monday for Lunch or Dinner.
  346. ahidog

    22 J.G.Anschutz ulm

    So what are you asking at 250 or less I might be interested
  347. ahidog

    Something I have been waiting to see happened last night.

    Who else must we ax to get Sherm to Mayor
  348. ahidog

    right on time... huge storms for the IV setting in this weekend.

    Well aren't you just the bearer of great news :_smack_:
  349. ahidog

    12 Gauge case of 100????

    6.99 a box (including cases0 FINE FIREARMS IN LA Mesa 2 weeks ago
  350. ahidog

    Euro dove open now!

    :gaygroup::gaygroup: I wanna be in the:gaygroup: to mex but my boys better saay home
  351. ahidog

    Dove opener

    Doves need water and roost and feed when you find an area with all 3 you are set. I spent 3 days last year driving all over El Centro and the outlying areas. Put in your time looking and if you still need help PM me.
  352. ahidog

    Dove opener

    I have written permission for this spot :)
  353. ahidog

    Deer Hunting

    This is pretty good
  354. ahidog

    Dove opener

    Boys and I are in good shape thanks IVFishing
  355. ahidog

    Imperial Beach Sportfishing...

    I ran the BMS and the MS (now Pursuit) when Ben tried to make a go of it back in the late 90's. The BMS was a piece of cake on most days:2gunsfiring_v1:, but putting a plywood boat against that pier were some the most puckering:eyepoppin :shithappens: experiences of my life. Made me a much...
  356. ahidog

    Old FW Lures Worth anything

    I fish and hunt although I am protesting MLPA so I haven't fished in 2 years I have some Phoebes that look similar to that bur it has no marks They are all going on ebY SO I CAN AFFORD ANOTHER SHOTGUN
  357. ahidog

    Old FW Lures Worth anything

    PS if this is the wrong place feel free too move it
  358. ahidog

    Old FW Lures Worth anything

    Are any of these worth fishing or selling. I have daredevils, rattletraps, bass oreno, and various other old bass gear
  359. ahidog

    Finally found some dove load in bulk

    FYI After looking around for a while and calling Wally worlds all over San Diego and having Turners clairemont tell me there was a 5 box max I went to Fine Firearms La Mesa 12 and 20 gage 6.99 a box as much as you want and they had it in cases. Yeah I know it has been cheaper but I could find...
  360. ahidog

    Long Fins

    I wanna go
  361. ahidog

    Offshore Paddy BS

    Gunny Highway do you like beer: Beer is the sauce of life sir So do you think that anything wrong was done here: No sir they did shat was right
  362. ahidog


    interesting little article here mike DOES INSURANCE COVER STAIR CHAIR LIFTS? | Stair Lifts, Chair Lifts for Stairs, Stair Chair Lift
  363. ahidog

    Offshore Paddy BS

    Dude it was so cool drinking and fishing with you we got to do that again fuck these asshats that think they own a paddy just cause they found it we showed them.
  364. ahidog

    NWTF Browning Silver Hunter 1 of 1000

    It is Beautiful Sarge and way outa my league
  365. ahidog

    RIP John Peter Mckenna

    Thanks for the pics Maggie
  366. ahidog

    RIP John Peter Mckenna

    It is with a heavyt heart I post that John Peter Mckenna went home to be with the Lord today. John decked on the Daily Double and the Point Loma and was a great freind to all who encountered him. He also was an acomplished hunter and will be sorely missed. Thank God he is no longer in pain as...
  367. ahidog

    Record Mako?

    One idea would be to do away with world records. Who really cares then no need to fish for them. Just an idea.
  368. ahidog

    sportboat name changes

    Mission Queen now Daily Double
  369. ahidog

    Varmint got my dog

    Problem wildlife can be "dispatched" by some branch of US govt. I'll try to find a link I think it is US Fish and Wildlife and they have 2-3 guys that do that kind of work I met them at a Jr Pheasant hunt. They mostly protect least terns but when there is a problem predator in neighborhoods they...
  370. ahidog

    Shotguns for sale

    I would get it if it handled 3" but if not I would only offer 250 which is an insult
  371. ahidog

    Screwing with Mother Nature

    Why can't we let nature take its course? :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger:
  372. ahidog

    Spreading ashes at sea

    Most sportboats have a nominal fee for such things and are worth checking into
  373. ahidog

    Shotguns for sale

    Does it handle 3 inch?
  374. ahidog

    westernfield 20 ga pump shotgun

    Chuck if it falls through let me know
  375. ahidog

    Goodbye 12" Bass >}}}}>

    You missed the point now we will not only have to let the 11 inch bass go but the 12 in and 13.5 inch that could be filling a limit. According to this it will be a full 2 years at least and likely more before we start to see any significant numbers of 14...
  376. ahidog

    Goodbye 12" Bass >}}}}>

    OK so now we will handle 12-14 inch bass many of them hooked too deep and they will be sea lion food just as Dave said. 5 fish limit good idea hell make it 2 or 3 if you want but summarily deciding to raise the size limit 2 inches overnight will take many years to have an effect, these fish grow...
  377. ahidog

    First year, final weekend

    So first of all I want to say thanks to many of you who helped me through my first year bird hunting. This has given me an opportunity to spend quality time with my kids and have fun doing it. We definitely did not shoot lights out on the ducks but had a productive year. The final weekend...
  378. ahidog

    Duck Dog?

    Get a chessie
  379. ahidog

    Wister area duck report 1/9

    Carl it was fun hunting with you and Steve thanks again man sorry about my newbieness and not letting a few of those work more.
  380. ahidog

    Come on lurkers!!!

    Hunted the Valley today for a couple of spoon and a couple of teal. Not great but better being with my big son 15 yrs old and 6' 5" retrieving my birds than teaching 40+ 6th graders math.
  381. ahidog


    That is a fact
  382. ahidog


    Next week but my little one has a 92 for tomorrow unfortunately the big one has a game at noon
  383. ahidog


    What about a 26 on a Wednesday Carl?
  384. ahidog

    California Department of Fish and....

    Fish and WILDLIFE...Hmmm maybe they will have to have a represetative at every BD event
  385. ahidog

    Wister area 12/29

    This from guy with 40+ greenheads on his FB page :2gunsfiring_v1:
  386. ahidog

    2013 Junior Hunt @ Falling Feathers Ranch

    PM sent I think Phillip and Matt would have some fun with this
  387. ahidog

    FS - Adult Medium Cabelas Dry-Plus waterfowl jacket in MAX-4

    We just live up the hill by Grossmont college. I am pretty busy till the weekend though
  388. ahidog

    FS - Adult Medium Cabelas Dry-Plus waterfowl jacket in MAX-4

    How big is your boy I have a 5'6" son and a 6' 4" son. I doubt it is big enough for the big one but the little one maybe.
  389. ahidog

    The Big buck Controversy

    Fleet is a dick...nuff said
  390. ahidog


    I am visiting my in laws in Idaho. Today was awesome we were at my relatives house and my wife sees a flock of geese landing .5 miles away we all jump in the cars and go looking. My oldest and his grandpa were in a 4WD and were the only ones able to go down to the pond where we thought they...
  391. ahidog

    could be worse

    Perhaps my hunting excursion to Idaho will be put off a few years due to oldest making JV basketball as a freshman Go Matt
  392. ahidog was decent

    Nice See ya in a week Tommy
  393. ahidog

    3 CZ Rifles

    will you take 250 for the .22
  394. ahidog

    Cheap place to get lead weights for rock fishing

    go to tire stores for the used balancing weights (you have to melt and pour) or buy re-bar and cut it to use as weights
  395. ahidog

    Wister Sat 10/20

    Gonna be up your way Thankgiving week want to take 3 rent rodders Hunting let me know
  396. ahidog

    Wister Sat 10/20

    Yeah Steve he didn't hunt just took us. It is strictly about goose for him. I should of quit asking so many questions.:doh::hali_blablalba:
  397. ahidog

    Wister Sat 10/20

    Our second day wasn't that good either Carl we scratched out 9 for the three of us and I got limits of goose stories some were even about you and some guy named Alan
  398. ahidog


    Are snows open or not this weekend? I thought Iread not till Nov 3
  399. ahidog

    Guess who drew a #1 for Wister on Sunday 10/21???

    :rofl:Which one shouldn't I pick Carl?:rofl:
  400. ahidog

    Guess who drew a #1 for Wister on Sunday 10/21???

    We have a 7 make that a 6
  401. ahidog


    So I am told I need to get waders for Duck and Goose hunting mostly at Wister so Neoprene or Canvas? and where is the best place locally or on line? Oh and I likely need 3x or 4x size Thanks in advance
  402. ahidog

    Opening day Resi's up 4 duck

    Hey Carl My oldest Matthew Sat 10-20 Unsuccessful Sun 10-21 Successful (#7) My best friend Fred #8 on Saturday We are stoked
  403. ahidog

    Scouting quail this weekend

    Going to the valley this weekend or next to scout quail anyone want me tocheck out anything let me know will be somewhere northwest of Dunaway Rd for starters PM me and I will do likewise if I find anything
  404. ahidog

    Vagabond 10 day trip Opening

    Cindy bwill go if it is paid for ...I know .... good luck
  405. ahidog

    Wifey goes on first six day

    So my wife has been fishing with me since we met on the Daily Double in the mid eighties. We were married on Steve and Glory Giffin's Holiday on St. Patty's Day in 1990. Fished and had lots of fun for the next 7 years until the first live birth in August of 97. Since then we have still had...
  406. ahidog

    How to taxiderm a tuna tail?

  407. ahidog

    The Wister Mud from hell.

    Yeah where are you Idaho aint that big PM me Fred and Phillip me and my 2 want to come play in November
  408. ahidog

    mossberg 12ga and s&w 642 .38sp

    I can't hunt anything but Zombies
  409. ahidog

    going hunting in idaho over thanksgiving weekend

    Thanks Mike I don't know where he is coming up with the $200 guaranteed and all the other assorted stuff he would need for that hunt. It will be spensive enough just taking him and his little brother duck hunting up there. Flame him folks
  410. ahidog

    who is going tomorrow

    leaving at 4 if you are going pm me your number i will call you on my way my spot is good and will hold 10 guys I have 5
  411. ahidog

    Congrats to my father in law

    Tommy ... you know your phone number? (Pm Me) Fred Huber (Daily Double) and his family are coming too
  412. ahidog

    Congrats to my father in law

    My father in law's dog Alli won the Chesapeake Specialty Qualifying stakes in Cascade, Idaho yesterday. :beerbang::beerbang: I get to go up there Thanksgiving week to hunt :2gunsfiring_v1: and fish near the Pocatello area and I am sure she will be along to retrieve our birds. Anyone in...
  413. ahidog

    Still some birds

    Going Saturday for the closer had 2 friends out yesterday did pretty well.
  414. ahidog

    My son

    My prayers are with you and your wife. Hang in there man.
  415. ahidog

    First PO appointments then Doves

    I boned it first but I dont know if you have to.
  416. ahidog

    First PO appointments then Doves

    Both boys made PO 3 today then we went over for the afternoon shoot. In the field at 3:30 out by 4:30 40+ birds mostly Euros with a couple of white wing and mornings thrown in. I finally out shot the older boy 17 to 16. This is too much fun. And yes we eat every last one. Tried a new recipe...
  417. ahidog

    Still some birds

    Way to go glad you got some
  418. ahidog

    Labor day doves

    That is what a 15 year old and a 13 yr old are for
  419. ahidog

    Labor day doves

    So me and the boys and so much fun on Saturday that we decided Labor Day might be fun too. Saturday saw us on some private land in the morning and the war zone off 98 in the afternoon today we went to a spot I was tipped off about by another BDer. We shot 50+ euros this morning for me my two...
  420. ahidog

    Nice Valley Morning

    We too had some fun
  421. ahidog

    Here we go

    Time to wake the kids and out the door we go:2gunsfiring_v1:
  422. ahidog

    I think I am good for the opener

    Thanks to a fellow Bloodydecker (you know who you are)
  423. ahidog

    I think I am good for the opener

    This was about 9:30 this AM
  424. ahidog

    **Just when you thought the MLPA's were bad enough**URGENT CALL TO ACTION**

    :2gunsfiring_v1:Marty Block:shithappens: voted for the AB bill when it came from committee he probably needs to hear from more of us
  425. ahidog

    **Just when you thought the MLPA's were bad enough**URGENT CALL TO ACTION**

    He was for getting rid of Dan Richards if that tells you anything
  426. ahidog

    cleaning Albacore on boat

    When you skin it make a light cut and inch or two above the tail. Then carve the loins off and bag one fish to a bag. when you get home the little skin patch usually pulls right off or if not it is that sinewy stuf that doesn't matter much anyway.
  427. ahidog

    OK guess I am set

    Bought 6 cases of 12 and 20 ga tonight for me and the boys maybe Smudge will show me where to go if the wifey lets him off leash
  428. ahidog

    Dissapointed in ebay

    Really 61 bucks for a 6/0 with a tib frame and a newel spool I could part it out and get way more Whatever I will sell it for this but... PS if you are in San Diego fuck the shipping charges
  429. ahidog

    Dissapointed in ebay

    Really 61 bucks for a 6/0 with a tib frame and a newel spool I could part it out and get way more Whatever I will sell it for this but... PS if you are in San Diego fuck the shipping charges
  430. ahidog

    Mixing Bait

    Here is how I mix my bait
  431. ahidog

    Guess it's that time

    I have heard through the grapevine he (smudge)may make the dove opener Mike. I got 2 green ones 13 and 15 and myself (super green) this year and would love some advice to get away from the madness. All pm's accepted
  432. ahidog


    You guys that have been before this one will rock and if you haven't been you need to check this out. 65 bucks gets you 4-5 killer dishes some good fun and all the recipes to recreate it at your house. I have been to 3 of these and I will be helping at this one Mitch will likely make local...
  433. ahidog

    Is it True?????

    What they are gonna burn a bunch of fuel to catch 12 dorado for 70 people
  434. ahidog

    SD St. vs. Colo State football '12

    Wife and son have season Tix and sit on the 50 field level on the visitors side for like 11 bucks a ticket. They never have problems wearing their black and red it is mellow
  435. ahidog

    OK Ebay sucks

    good stuff backslash, I have just been using the USPS Medium ship anything boxes maybe I should look elsewhere for smaller boxes and see if I can bring that cost down.
  436. ahidog

    OK Ebay sucks

    really this is the best I can do Check out my other stuff as a lot of it is great deals but not selling anywhere what it is worth
  437. ahidog

    Richards under fire again

    Send her some midget porn Brandon
  438. ahidog

    Richards under fire again

    I don't know what can be done about it but flooding :2gunsfiring_v1:Jennifer Fearing's:finger: inbox with hunting photos and Midget porn:waglleybooty: might be a start...
  439. ahidog

    Offshore Broooofin

    Thanks for the call Mikey and Ali Definitely Albatross
  440. ahidog

    Yellowtail without a boat?

    Catlaina Offshore Products ask for Tommy he will set you up
  441. ahidog

    Ebay feed

    How do you get stuff posted in the ebay feed for reels?
  442. ahidog

    Half Day Trip Advice?

    Daily Double Fred Mike and Tony will show them a good time
  443. ahidog

    WSB Head Rant On...

    I'll gladly take the heads (as long as the rest of the fish is attached)
  444. ahidog

    For Sale Truline 36B and 3x

    Huh you got an oooofer
  445. ahidog

    For Sale Truline 36B and 3x

    Still available make an offer
  446. ahidog

    Lamiglass? Heavy bait stick or yoyo

    Price reduced $60 Im told it is a Sabre not a Lamiglass
  447. ahidog

    Baja Boomer and Baby boomer

    Price reduced $80 each or trade for .22 rifle? or make an offer
  448. ahidog

    BLOODYDECKS shirt out of stock???

  449. ahidog

    Well............. I'm not fishing for a little while.

    What he said ...Trust Him he's a really
  450. ahidog

    Well............. I'm not fishing for a little while.

    Del Mar says euthanasia is in order but ... No fleshlights for a week you'll be fine
  451. ahidog

    Great shooting .243

    How quickly $250 quickly?
  452. ahidog

    bait dying, could it be my bait pump?

    When we set the tanks up we were told from a few sources (with varying credibility) that our bait pump should fill up the tank in 10-12 minutes, our fills it in 6. Trust your sources 10-12 minutes is what you want if yours is filling in 6 regulate the flow. Sounds to me like you might try...
  453. ahidog

    Fishing GAFF Questions!!!!

    To answer your question a 4 inch gaff seems very large to me for local and Islands now for shark, swordfish, marlin or 100 plus pound tuna maybe but for up to maybe a 60 pound seabass being the largest thing you might catch 2.5-3 inch probably should be fine. I have these two for sale that IMO...
  454. ahidog

    Shocked by lack of response

    IF at first you don't get an answer try another forum Fishing Chit Chat maybe people on here are very helpful but if they don't give you an answer don't take it personally.
  455. ahidog

    Attention and Beware...Mx Visas, tomorrow should be intersting

    I tend to agree Stan, they should come up with some exemption (probably monetary) for the Coronados.
  456. ahidog

    Attention and Beware...Mx Visas, tomorrow should be intersting

    I'm hearing every boat will have to clear customs in Ensenada if not staying 24 miles offshore at all times Long Range included. This could get really ugly. Call Duncan Hunter and ask him to do something. NAFTA what?
  457. ahidog

    Attention and Beware...Mx Visas, tomorrow should be intersting

    Even worse is they have to clear customs in Ensenada and San Diego ...hope you all enjoyed while it lasted
  458. ahidog

    Prayers needed for a Bloodydecks brother

    You know you have our prayers too Mike Cindy and Tom
  459. ahidog

    I don't want your spots

    This is all good stuff and I do appreciate all the advise about staying away from crowds and using extreme caution...thanks to all of you
  460. ahidog

    Offshore Anyone have any experience with the International Star ? Good ,bad or Ugly

    It actually used to be the AVANTI Out of Fishermans years ago
  461. ahidog

    Need a pair of boots?

    I wish they were 11's but I may call you maybe a little newspaper could solve it but not till after the 1st of August
  462. ahidog

    I don't want your spots

    Thanks guys those are exactly the kind of tips I need keep em coming
  463. ahidog

    I don't want your spots

    I am completely new to hunting dove (and anything else for that matter)my older son has done it last year(without me) I would like to know how to begin when should I go to the desert? how do I scout? Should I approach landowners?, How? I have a 12 yr old newbie like me and a 14 yr old (thinks...
  464. ahidog

    For Sale Truline 36B and 3x

    3x still available
  465. ahidog

    Offshore Where are the albies???

    Depoe Bay North they are killing them
  466. ahidog

    PLEASE!!! Stop deleting prices when an item is sold!

    I love how everyone likes to tell Jason and Ali how to run their site. It is free people deal with it ...same thing with the webyshop threads in the hunting classifieds when you are willing to pay to be on BD then you have a say otherwise STFU
  467. ahidog

    Japanese Filet Knives

    Less than half the price equal quality and US made and no I am not affiliated with them other than owning a couple.
  468. ahidog

    Connection dropping a lot all of a sudden

    I reset the router and things are good now duh why didn't I think of that
  469. ahidog

    Connection dropping a lot all of a sudden

    Any ideas why my wireless connection is dropping and re connecting all the time. The signal doesn't degrade over time does it? It used to be rock solid now it drops quite often ... not for long but it is annoying:hali_olutta:
  470. ahidog

    2 Gaffs

    Somebody needs good gaffs make an offer
  471. ahidog

    Matched pair of 6455's or 655's

    and maybe these to go on them
  472. ahidog

    Matched pair of 6455's or 655's
  473. ahidog

    Lamiglass? Heavy bait stick or yoyo

    6'2" Lamiglass (maybe) bait stick I have fished up to 40 pound on this rod gimbled and Varmac reel seat, it is a bit parabolic. I have used it for yoyo too. Might be perfect for a yak 100 or OBO
  474. ahidog

    Baja Boomer and Baby boomer

    For sale 2 rods one is 6 ft with roller tip and roller first guide, second one is 5'8" all roller guides they both are gimbeled both have aftco real seats. I think they are Calstar Baja boomer and Baby boomer but they may be 645 or 655 don't really know for sure. I have used them for trolling...
  475. ahidog

    For Sale Truline 36B and 3x

    Truline 36B Sold Truline 3x one guide has been replaced (see picture) 30-80 lb (but I have never fished over 40 on it) Lack of interest in this one tells me I am way to high so lets go $100 OBO on this one [email protected] or PM Pic 29 is not part of this thread
  476. ahidog

    2 Gaffs

    Two Gaffs made by Tom Burr of Tom's Bait and Tackle Both are fiberglass lighter colored one is a two hook(4.5 ft), darker is a single hook( 5.5 ft). 2 hook $25 single $30
  477. ahidog

    Lost my best friend

    So sorry for your loss Marcus
  478. ahidog

    Truline Fishing Rods

    Yeah I hate having to pay for those...I can fish with anything :rofl::rofl:
  479. ahidog

    Truline Fishing Rods

    Hey Corb my Birthday is coming up and I had a 36 that I loved stolen a few years back...just sayin
  480. ahidog

    Daily Double PM 1/2 Day 6-24-12

    Glad you had a good time I drive the Double relief and feel that my crew will compete with any.
  481. ahidog


    My son is going to a Sea cadet raining the last week of June and needs to borrow a .22 for it ... he is 14 has had hunter safety and is responsible. If you can help and live in the San Diego area PM me.
  482. ahidog

    Well......sometimes pigs do fly.

    Great now we can succeed from California!!
  483. ahidog

    2 more days

    WTG Scott now lets take back San Diego from the state and repeal the MLPA
  484. ahidog

    Memorial Day

    Here is how my boys spent the morning (Star Park Coronado)
  485. ahidog

    Anyone seen this before? Bunch of Halibut at the surface

    Seen them herd up bait at Dog beach and jump out of the water chasing it...did not see any legals
  486. ahidog

    Many Thanks to our Military

    Thanks to all who have served, are serving and especially to "those who gave all" and their families. Memorial Day is NOT just another holiday it is a day of remembrance.
  487. ahidog

    Happy Birthday Tommy Gomes

    Happy Birthday you old fucker
  488. ahidog

    ATTN: San Diego, La Jolla Anglers... We just got F*cked and did not know it!!!

    Coastal littoral ... c littoral ... clitoral Now I get it
  489. ahidog

    Santa Ysabel Preserve Youth Hunt

    It was good to see you yesterday Steve. Here's my report: A big thanks to NWTF and Johny Scott for teaching my boy the basics about how to hunt Turkey. We got lots of goobles at first light but being so late in the mating season they would not come to us which meant us going to them. Matt had...
  490. ahidog

    lost my truck/trailer

    Thanks nos I won't have to go to the annual BD event at the launch ramp in San Diego Bay. JK sorry about your loss
  491. ahidog

    Junior Turkey Hunt

    I am so stoked My boy will be hunting Santa Ysabel preserve on Saturday. If my boy gets a Turkey Saturday where can I get it processed or smoked in San Diego? I don't want to waste it.
  492. ahidog

    My first WSB

    Nice fish Bart glad to see you are still at it
  493. ahidog

    New Kodak Playsports (Video Cameras) for sale. Passing on a good deal

    It is Not the same you are correct just adding my 2 cents is all
  494. ahidog

    New Kodak Playsports (Video Cameras) for sale. Passing on a good deal

    I got a Kodak Playfull for 49 at best buy a few weeks ago ...haven't gotten it wet yet but like the video I have shot with it so far.
  495. ahidog

    Boating Accident / death Point Loma 4/28, maybe??

    I'll give you a +/- 1 mile off track, still say no large ships would ever be that close to the Coronados.
  496. ahidog

    Squid Patties?

    I got some a couple weeks ago they were awesome and they are individually frozen easy to pull out thaw bread fry and eat get some soon
  497. ahidog

    Dogs and skunks

    I don't know if it is true but I have heard that if they take a direct enough hit the spray can knock out their sense of smell ...or at least skunk may be in for lots more.
  498. ahidog

    Getting rid of a family of Possums

    My Golden killed one yesterday I could bring her up to "play" with them
  499. ahidog

    Jr Phesant hunt article

    That is great news Steve thanks I will wait a bit longer and give our guy a chance to call before bothering you and John
  500. ahidog

    Jr Phesant hunt article

    Awesome event my son totally loved this and Doug Streed is the man the speech he made sent shivers down my spine. Still waiting to hear whether his turkey hunt woill be rescheduled ...but I haven't heard anything so I doubt it
  501. ahidog

    bad dad

    no but if he/she goes to school in SDUSD don't tell the attendance Nazi just say they were sick..otherwise it goes down as a truancy
  502. ahidog

    Scott on KUSI News!.......

    What you got laid thats it im running for council next PS where are my signs
  503. ahidog

    Just saying hello!

    Best to you and Jim, Kristie
  504. ahidog

    Private property..or not??

    What he said:appl::appl::appl:
  505. ahidog


    You are on Brandon's Like list.
  506. ahidog

    Offshore NEWS FLASH!!!! Wide Open Albacore!!!!!!!!! Great end of the winter popcorn thread

    C'mon Brandon Yes he does otherwise how do explain the doncos beating da bears
  507. ahidog

    Jig Stop in DP Ripped Off in Broad Daylight!

    Spike you owe me a new everywhere
  508. ahidog

    Helium Tank for Kite Fishing

    I dont take mine on the boat makes my voice sound weird on the radio
  509. ahidog

    Need info on some jigs

    Looks a lot like a schnabel
  510. ahidog

    What is a Good all around kelp reel

    How about this?:rofl::rofl:
  511. ahidog


    I expect you to annex baja when you get elected and where is my yard sign your boy promised me when he called the other night?
  512. ahidog

    Youth Turkey Hunt Canceled

    Now there's an idea :rofl:
  513. ahidog

    Youth Turkey Hunt Canceled

    So where can I take a kid to kill something he is pissed off and he is 6'4" 200 pounds and needs to kill something
  514. ahidog

    NCAA tournament Saluki Style

    Wow do you think the operation is complete?
  515. ahidog

    Youth hunt - scum attorney

    Steve My son and I are getting pretty pumped for Saturday I guess we are going with Martin but maybe we'll see you.
  516. ahidog


    I don't really care if they heal the fucking thing but they should be made to keep every one they take in not return it to the wild. That is screwing with the natural selection process.
  517. ahidog


    I like Brandon's comment
  518. ahidog

    DFG TO show or not to show

    They hoped the rail the minute we tied up. I would have been more pissed if the passengers got tickets for a fillet job a crewmember did. That is not fair EVER!!
  519. ahidog

    DFG TO show or not to show

    I got a ticket for being the captain on a sportfishing boat and one of the decks wasn't getting the 6.5 inch fillet off 6 fish. One of my Decks plead guilty and came to court with me ...he already paid 600 bucks I got a 250 dollar fine (suspended) but I think you are pretty much screwed they...
  520. ahidog

    Please pray

    Got word yesterday that Chris Montera, Ray "stinger" Montera's son was severely injured in Kandahar. He has been flown to Germany but is not able to be moved to the states due to his injuries. Please pray for the familiy.
  521. ahidog

    Youth hunt - scum attorney

  522. ahidog


    Wow Mike that is pretty cool I may take you up on that
  523. ahidog


    I was told this might get more responses in this forum So my kid got picked for a mentored Turkey hunt on the 24th. I have to go with him and need to wear camo. I would gladly buy the camo if I wasn't in the middle of a life changing diet. I have lost 50+ pounds in less than 2 months and...
  524. ahidog

    Need to borrow some camo

    So my kid got picked for a mentored Turkey hunt on the 24th. I have to go with him and need to wear camo. I would gladly buy the camo if I wasn't in the middle of a life changing diet. I have lost 50+ pounds in less than 2 months and intend on losing 140+ more so I really don't want to buy...
  525. ahidog

    Sideways in depoe bay, OR.

    Check your drawers Cap,n
  526. ahidog

    The banned list game

    Dammit Gil you beat me to it
  527. ahidog

    The MLPA is Unconstitutional...

    Fuckin A Kieth Poe became a lawyer?
  528. ahidog

    With all that is going on

    Every now and then he is supposed to slip me a piece of Escolar
  529. ahidog

    With all that is going on

    With the MLPA and Visa BS I can now afford to eat all kinds of good seafoood and I don't have to do shit but make a phone call, drive 30 minutes , cook it and eat it...things are getting better all the time:rofl:
  530. ahidog

    Servers upgraded sorry for the closed time

    Fuck you Jason how can you update servers and expect us to put up with nonfunctionality? Oh wait BD is free sorry I retract my former statement.
  531. ahidog

    Can we talk???

    Yeah Baby go Ducks kick the cheese outa Wisconsin Show em Tillamook has the best cheese in the country
  532. ahidog

    Mexican Visa News Released

    Bob you let me know when. I live right up the hill I'll join you.
  533. ahidog


    Happy Birthday Ali hope to see you at som colab kit events in 2012
  534. ahidog

    Vigilantes....err.... "Volunteers" Ready To Help Enforce MPA'S

    Carl we could have way more fun than washing sinkers throw hookless iron at least they will bump and boil on it
  535. ahidog

    Best Mex food near landings

    Casa de Loma on rosecrans ain't bad if Miguels is too busy they have really good mexican food
  536. ahidog

    Vigilantes....err.... "Volunteers" Ready To Help Enforce MPA'S

    "Heal the Bay and other conservation groups from Santa Barbara to Orange County say they will be another pair of eyes on the water, gathering data on all human uses of the coastline, not just fishing, to assess how behavior changes once the protections are in place." Watch out surfers...
  537. ahidog

    UT reports Visa's WILL be required in Mex.

    One more nail in the coffin that used to be sportfishing. Those FM3 visas are $240 for the crewmember per year on top of the work permit $50 and the drug test $75 and boots/slickers/dikes $200 and STCW $850. So for 1400 bucks you can be a deckhand that makes $100 wages a day. Now think about...
  538. ahidog

    Sad day

    Well it has begun. Ben Griffith long time owner of Morning Star Charters told me that he turned the keys over to the bank last week. I worked for Ben for 9 years and even though some on BD did not think highly of the operation and others mistakenly attacked the boat for being a "God Squad" Ben...
  539. ahidog

    What happened to the layout of BD???

    The secret forums are still ad free
  540. ahidog

    5.9 Quake in Washington D.C.

    The Weather Channel says yesterday's east coast earthquake was caused by an unknown fault line running under D.C. and through Virginia. It is now being called Obama's Fault, though Obama will say it's really Bush's Fault. Other theories are that it was the founding fathers rolling over in their...
  541. ahidog

    Our newest BD member

  542. ahidog

    Dog Flea Treatments

    We had problems last year with the Cosco frontline switched to comfortis and never looked back...We always feed it with a full meal as some dogs don't tolerate it well.
  543. ahidog

    fish ID

    Looks tasty to me bring it to my house and I'll let you know for sure what it is...PM for address
  544. ahidog

    Medical MJ and crime

    O fuck it Kurt why should they have to buy it can't the government just provide it for them. Everyone should get stoned then they won't care about anything and the minions can have their way. PS this is meant tough in cheek and it is not political so don't flame me.
  545. ahidog

    Surf fishing at Sunset - Torrey Pines

    No fair you beat me to it Rich:rofl:
  546. ahidog

    Want to change User Name

    Nice one Mr. Marlin
  547. ahidog

    F&G can make stops w/out suspicious activity

    What he said if you are legal let 'em look be on your way
  548. ahidog

    TRULINE rod

    If it is a hex I'll give ya 25 for it sight unseen
  549. ahidog

    Any whales?

    Call H&M Landing the BMS is doing 6 hour cruises to the Islands. He regularly sees whales and lots more it is a cool all day trip for 50 bucks
  550. ahidog

    A museum to visit in Iceland........

    Brandon, I call BS without pictures
  551. ahidog


    Go SDSU
  552. ahidog

    Anybody ever fished the bottom on the 224/226?

    Fished the DBLE 220 quite a few years ago...Blackgills
  553. ahidog

    Aztecsa now 17-0

    As many as the Chargers do :finger:
  554. ahidog

    Aztecsa now 17-0

    Hats off we have a team to root for in San Diego:notworthy:notworthy:appl::appl::appl:
  555. ahidog

    External Hard Drive Warning!!

    What he said I use Mozy but either one is better than losing everything
  556. ahidog

    RIP Angie Freeman (Wife of BDer jojo jarhead)

    My sincere condolences Prayers for the family
  557. ahidog


    Fuck the Beavers...did I say that?
  558. ahidog


    Oregon is now #2 to Auburn ... Oh well good motivation for the civil war Go Ducks
  559. ahidog

    tainted imported seafood

    Then you never had tommy's mexican shrimp :2gunsfiring_v1:
  560. ahidog

    Today's the day

    College football will rule the day 3 awesome games :hali_olutta: Go Ducks!!!!!
  561. ahidog

    Offshore Offshore Halibut

    California Halibut-Mostly fishing from boats in the coastal regions, anglers catch good quantities of halibut in 10 to 80 feet of water. Sometimes the fish are caught from shore or by kayak fishermen in very shallow water. Slow trolling and drift fishing is the preferred method of bait...
  562. ahidog

    What in the world are they spraying

    Why Buy Marcus's hat I have a two fer sale on them right now
  563. ahidog

    Best way to target the LingasaurusRex

    Biggest Greenback Mac and clip the tail off with your dikes on a dropper loop setup if you cant do Tony's idea
  564. ahidog

    Aztecs 35 TCU 40

    Right there with mr. Marlin
  565. ahidog

    Oregon Football

    Yes they did but as Chip says a win is a win
  566. ahidog

    Oregon Football

    GO Ducks the Beavers are the only obstacle
  567. ahidog

    Is Big Knockers really gone Stan?

    I dont care what you call her I need to be tuned in to bonefish Stan so I can pass it on to the kids 11 and 13 pm me when I can pay you to go
  568. ahidog


    Stan ,There is no surf there at all
  569. ahidog

    First ocean boat, any advice?

    :rofl:sell it buy fish from Tommy you will be money ahead and safe:rofl:
  570. ahidog

    Nutsack with BSB @ Flat Rock

    Same Guy? Huge black seabass caught by 71-year old angler from the surf at Torrey Pines -
  571. ahidog

    Mans Best Friend!! Let's see yours

    Just over 2 yrs old now duck and cell phonepics are at 2mos
  572. ahidog

    Huntington Pandoras BOX.

    Oh shit I can see it now live in San Diego but crash in El Cajon...PAY Fuck
  573. ahidog

    Bloody decks tomato

    "Early Girl"
  574. ahidog

    Sending good thoughts to Tommy Gomes...

    Tommy Cindy and I are sorry for your loss
  575. ahidog

    I Need A Job!

    Science degree...ever thought about teaching. Pay aint that great but summers off to fish.
  576. ahidog

    Shark Eating Seal off Catalina

    Mako I vid either way
  577. ahidog

    Gearing up for 1/2 or 3/4 day trips

    Get him a pink scampi and send him my way I am working for Fred Fridays and Saturdays this summer. Better yet come with him
  578. ahidog

    Offshore The Dumper ?

    C'mon Brandon you know that is where your bran muffins always kick in when you and cooter go long why you putting it off on the navy?
  579. ahidog

    Happy Birthday to Mondaycluber

    Hapy Birthday to my wonderful wife heres to many many more. You are the greatest wife a man could ask for.
  580. ahidog

    Offshore Holiday/Birthday 1.5

    Mondayclubber gave me the green light to jump on a 1.5 Monday night for Tuesday (My 48th birthday:hali_olutta:) fishing. I rode with new owner/operator Tim Voldlander on the Holiday. 17 Guys 80 Albacore (Me 5 alby). We cleared the point at 10 and were at 80 mules at daylight. at 88 miles we...
  581. ahidog

    Guess the time!!

    Squirtis going to be a father ... whoever wins better donate the money back to the wife she'll need it. Congrats dad
  582. ahidog

    And she bit me

    Hey Troy, I'll get you a membership if I can
  583. ahidog

    And she bit me

    No adds in the secret forum ;)
  584. ahidog

    need dishwasher help

    all reply's Man cards have now been removed...Oh shiit I relpied
  585. ahidog

    Boy scout charter, round 3

    no connections up north but I would contact Fred @ san diego sportfishing and ask about a charter on the Pt. Loma with Captain Ron. 619 726 2210 Tell him I told you to call ;)
  586. ahidog

    Health issues need to liquidate

    Cindy and I will be praying
  587. ahidog

    Cuyamaca update/April

    Was that a week ago friday? You guys were killin it we were on the dike with 4 kids. Wer got two.
  588. ahidog

    Pretty big sand crabs.......

    that's the kind of shit nightmares are made of
  589. ahidog

    Cuyamaca Fresh/Stocking

    we ate holdovers they were the kine
  590. ahidog

    Cuyamaca Fresh/Stocking

    Did not see thje stocking truck but did kill 7 trout for me and 3 kids in 2 hours in PH cove acouple were 1 1/3 to 2 pounds ... nice
  591. ahidog

    Surf Music Fans, Post your Favorites

    Five summer Stories YouTube - 5 Summer Stories-1972 North Shore Country Live-? Honk YouTube - 5 Summer Stories Animation John Lamb :smoking33:
  592. ahidog

    Bright and Morning star

    Having run the boat for Ben many times I can speak to why the crew eats different food. Sometimes it is steak, other times pork ,other times chicken. The main reason is that the menu does not change that much and the crew get tired of the same ole same ole. Ben always provides good food and...
  593. ahidog

    Ghost chili peppers...worlds hottest

    send the leftovers to Saluki
  594. ahidog

    guns and boats

    Guns are an approved sound device but that being said not the safest thing to have on a boat. Unless you get the shark right to the surface or submerge your gun it will have little effect. Additionally if you have ever shot from a rocking boat it ain't easy. Not to mention when bowser pisses...
  595. ahidog

    What does it mean when cooked lobster tails smell like ammonia

    They have been eating blue shark?
  596. ahidog

    New Years Resolution to "Lose Weight"?

    OK Brandon I haven't been on a scale but I'm guesssing 380
  597. ahidog

    What size gear for Seaforth Squid trips?

    They wont let anyone use iron on sportboats has to be a squid jig
  598. ahidog

    Hours for the holidays...

    right on and happy belated Chanukah
  599. ahidog

    Hours for the holidays...

    Can you guys eat fish on Christian holidays?
  600. ahidog

    Tommy's Scale is still broken

    Went in today and picked up my Scallops, Shrimp, BFT belly, and swordfish and damn if my order was wrong again. Damn near got a hernia carrying it to the car. Thanks Tommy Merry Christmas
  601. ahidog

    Went to Vegas this weekend and got married. (Added pix)

    20 in march didnt do vegas but everything altogether wa like 4000 best thing ever happened to me
  602. ahidog

    Birthday Ulua!! 12-20-2009

    WTG Matt We are going to summit in a few days wish you were here.
  603. ahidog

    1st Ono!! 12-12-2009

    So Cindy, Me, Fred, and Ron are getting Ono for Christmas? ... we are going to Big Bear and that would go good on the Q
  604. ahidog

    Oregon Oregon State thread

    who will be the pac 10 champ tomorrow night? GO :fighting0061::beerbang::beerbang::beerbang:DUCKS
  605. ahidog

    Plumbing question

    Carl is the ticket he does the best work at the best prices!!! Bar none
  606. ahidog

    USC v UCLA

    Who cares the Civil War is where the real Pac 10 teams are playing. Go Ducks
  607. ahidog

    My cabinet shop burned last nite.

    Mike Cindy and I are saddend by your loss if we can help let me know. the Boyz and I are off next week.
  608. ahidog

    Acom back HD up dead

    tried to back up my desktop this moring and low and behold my acom 80 gig back up drive wouldn't fire. Light comes on but nothing happens. can I freeze it and get the data off it? what online BU do you guys like?
  609. ahidog

    Go Ducks

    After a near miss in So cal last week USC will go down this week in Autzen.
  610. ahidog


    With that avatar you are not included ...sorry
  611. ahidog


    I got a grand if we get 300 people we will be on our way rename it BD and sell charters to claim it as a tax write off. Cuda Big girl come on everyone
  612. ahidog

    Offshore Passing of Captain robert C. Harris (Butch)

    Chief, I know this has hit you hard. We will all miss him very much.
  613. ahidog


    I want on the list too!!!!
  614. ahidog


    Best Scallops in San Diego. I get there at 10:45 Tommy is on the phone he asks "you in a hurry?" I say no I get lots o extras but the scallops are probably the best I've ever had.
  615. ahidog


    Just a little heads up and going by the islands at night which I have done 1000's of times over the years as an operator. Give yourself a half mile clearance and 2-3 miles if going inside of south island please and more if possible. I cant say I have never shot the middle grounds but I do...
  616. ahidog


    I could believe .085 maybe
  617. ahidog

    Unsecured marine property tax?? Are you FIN kidding me??

    You obviously have not gotten this years renewal yet mine almost doubled.
  618. ahidog

    Anyone using the Fish-n-fool knot?

    Always stay with the floatation.
  619. ahidog

    Anyone using the Fish-n-fool knot? I was friends with both Gary and Scotty who drowned in this incident. The WX reports no large swells and CG response time was inadaquate at best. However Gary was found to be at fault for fishing behind the rock and Ben's rock. The...
  620. ahidog

    Offshore Eldorado 8-13/14

    Short version Great Boat Great Crew Great Weather OK Fishing overall (Great fishing for my son) Long Version Jumped on the Eldorado with Captain Eddie on Wednesday night. Optimum swim baits sponsored this trip and had a nice assortment of plastics for every angler-very nice). We...
  621. ahidog

    8.11 ~ Hand-lined Yellow

    Bag balm The Original Bag Balm
  622. ahidog

    dropper loop floro to mono connection...

    Me too, I have had failure only when in a hurry and don't make enough wraps.
  623. ahidog

    Offshore 2.5 day on the Bright and Morning Star, YEE HA!

    I would like to point out that I did not call him a farmer. He called himself that! He was a nice guy, I enjoyed fishing with him. I just disagree about the trip. And as far as being a girl fishing; You guys talk like its a surprise for a woman to fish well. Some of the best fishermen I...
  624. ahidog

    Good by Mugsley. You were a great dog.

    Mike Cindy and I are sorry for your loss. It takes time but I hope you will get another dog some day. It took us about 5 years before we got our new pup about a year ago.
  625. ahidog

    hey hey I was on KGB radio this morning !

    You're a legend in your own mind!
  626. ahidog

    Wireless computer problem...

    What he said^
  627. ahidog

    More Local BLUEFIN LOINS

    How many can I get at 4$ a pound? or is it $$ each in that case give me 20. Call me and I'll be tyhere in the PM.
  628. ahidog

    If you guys were to pick a fishing career?...

    Hey Matt I don't think we need STCW anymore just TWIC. At least that is what I am hearing.
  629. ahidog

    OMG Nascar Fans LOL

    all right neck me
  630. ahidog

    Offshore It is what it is....

    QUOTE "i'm leaving sunday on a 2 day on the dolphin II. that skipper better burn the fuel to get us some fish or that'll suck. i told my buddy who is the charter master to contact him and get a guarentee he'll burn the fuel. F not going the distance and not getting fish." Mike, It may not...
  631. ahidog

    hard drive issue

    So my dad's computer from dell is having HD issues. If he buys a new HD I can't use the Dell recovery CD his came with to reinstall windows correct? Does one have to buy a new OS when this happens ? I told him to call dell but he called geek squad or one of them places they talked him into a...
  632. ahidog

    Happy Birthday Mondayclubber

    To my wife of 19 years: I hope your birthday is wonderful. Grunion hunting at Dog Beach with the kids and friends tonight (July 8th-ifn you know Cindy your invited) should be a blast. Love:loverz: Tommy (ahidog)
  633. ahidog

    4TH of july eats-what are you making???

    Smoking a 23 pound turkey Karl you are welcome to come with us tomorrow night PM me.
  634. ahidog

    Laguna Beach Mayor needs all fishermen here!

    I cant drive but am out of my training at 3 pm in clairemont (standley) anyone going?
  635. ahidog

    Dayum Sea Tow!

    That was what I was gonna say
  636. ahidog


    300 + BFT
  637. ahidog

    what does it stand for?

    San Diego Sportfishing - Memories of Yesteryear -- H&M Landing
  638. ahidog

    what does it stand for?

    Hoss and Miner (orriiginal owners) we called it hassels and mismanagement years ago.
  639. ahidog


    I knew your dad Joe used to fish with us on the double for years I recall meeting him when Melford was still running the boat. Yourr dad was cool. Mine was too but he didn't fish.
  640. ahidog

    BD/FD on Fish Face Radio this Saturday 10am

    Maybe Jason and Ali can start their own podcast outside of the secret forum. Brandon could co host.
  641. ahidog

    San Diego Bull Kelp

    Go outside the macrosistes pirifora (regular kelp) and look for upside down V's on your meter. That will be bull Kelp or Barracuda. The air in the bull kelp makes it look like V's
  642. ahidog

    GOT 'EM! (Thieves that is.)

    I think a good cane-ing is in order
  643. ahidog

    need help finding a 12' sec of pipe

    the fleet typically uses handy metal mart in Nasty city dont know if they are low priced or not. Material Sales
  644. ahidog

    some BD'er ran a red light!

    I call BS without picsLOLLOL Cindy beat one of those a couple years back I'll ask her what she did.
  645. ahidog


    hEY WHAT CAN i SAY Oops caps lock now I am really an asshole
  646. ahidog


    Fuck you guys the guy posts 5 dollar a pound fish and you want to know about kingclip... I didn't find it that good. Get some snapper. Saturday will be fine just rinse and dry daily. Shit none of you guys have ever taken care of fish before?
  647. ahidog

    4th July 2.5 Bright and Morning Star

    What the heck dude you fished it 10 years ago had one bad experience and now still bash. By the way the guy who likely ran that trip is now dead so you wont have to worry about him now. I am sorry you had a bummer trip, did you ever call Ben? He is a very fair man and probably would have done...
  648. ahidog

    Lobster poacher

    Different guy Brandon Lobster poacher given probation for 3rd offense "You shoot my lobster"
  649. ahidog

    Transporting Squid in Livewell

    I always like a 12 minute +/- fill time and what they said on all the time
  650. ahidog

    1000 lbs blue fin

    I know I guy in the 80's had one set that paid off his boat it was one of the Pedro seiners.
  651. ahidog

    1000 lbs blue fin

    Nope there are up to 1000 pound fish around our coast they just are not consolic=dated enough to tartgety and 1000 is the biggest. Unlike the E Coast.
  652. ahidog

    Rain, Buzzbaits, and 10 pound bass

    Dude you are the man I would love to fish the TJW with you some day. This from I guy who fished PL for a living for 20 years and singlehandedly destroyed the abalone at PL in the 70's and 80's. (I didn't know any better) :(
  653. ahidog

    Offshore advice on a yoyo setup

    Master Mariner tibbed out on a cut 670. OLD SCHOOL