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  1. aeon

    duck season is almost here....well not really but here is some pr0n to watch

    The dark season is on us, here is some pr0n from this last season.... is it oct yet?
  2. aeon

    proof that the end is near

    two tags in two weeks both cinnamon teal. One was from nv and one from ca. I have not shot a band in like 15 years not including Brant where you can cherry pick banded birds. Now i get two in two weeks.
  3. aeon

    36hp prodrive powered duck boat

    7k , under 100hrs on motor. recently serviced, avery popup blind with camo and windblock.
  4. aeon

    Happy birthday Sluester....

    Happy Birthday Dude! anyone ever wonder what mike would say about covid? :) f-bombs a dropping!!!!!
  5. aeon

    Last retrieve for Tia 9-12-19

    Yesterday was a dark day. My 10 year old lab Tia passed on. God speed baby ill miss you so much. Say hi to sluester for me and save me a spot Tia started out life as a reject. The guy that left a deposit backed out on her. A trials/hunting breeder in Temecula Steve Nicholson made me a great...
  6. aeon

    need to dump this boat

    i had this up a while ago but no love so its back up. i lost the storage space so i need to move it. 16' hurricane Airboat, NO MOTOR!!!! so yes you have to put one in it. you get the Hull, Cage, Stand, Reduction unit, 3 blade carbon prop, trailer in good condition ready to tow. The boat is in...
  7. aeon

    few duck pics :) from The LCRA

    Got the new sled finished and put a few trips on her. Not that the old boat was boring or anything but OMFG this thing is a beast. strange migration again. pins are down in force and that is a bit early. the spoons finally showed up last weekend and the teal have vanished
  8. aeon

    loreto report from 6-19 to 6-23

    fishing was pretty slow. Few yellows being caught in 300 to 400' deep water but but defiantly not on fire. Monday i caught a 70lb BSB and a few snappers. Thurs had one 35lb yellow and more snappers. Pretty windy most of the week made for crappy conditions outside
  9. aeon

    New Boat to help sluster when he gets stuck

    few build pics from the new sled being built in Alabama... Now ya see why i am selling the old boat! Anyone have a hookup on hydroturf? i need a grip load to cover the deck area.
  10. aeon

    Airboat for sale

    Ok so this is not your every day for sale in California I am looking to sell my airboat! 16' x 7.5' hull. 2-1 ch3 reduction unit, 3 blade carbon fiber 78" prop. The reduction unit was just rebuilt last year and has brand new bearings and belt so its basically new. it will mate to a small or big...
  11. aeon

    tax on a out of state boat hull purchase

    so i am buying a new boat hull from Alabama and shipping it out to California. The builder in AL is going to charge me 5% sales tax on the hull. What am i getting soaked for in California when i register here? Do i get soaked again for sales tax in calif when i register it here? thanks if you...
  12. aeon

    28' skipjack

    28 foot Skipjack, twin 350 GL-A volvos with SX Outdrives, 340hrs on both. Raymarine C80 Display with Raydome radar, DSM300 fish finder, Remote from the helm windlass, Marine radio, dual flow scans, 8 person emergency life raft, outriggers and down riggers with gear. Lots of spare parts and misc...
  13. aeon

    6th annual Oscar Canon Wounded Warrior Duck Hunt

    Hey guys its getting close to that time again. Dec 10th is the hunt date and its being held again at a private duck club by the Salton Sea. We have a EPIC list of sponsors this year including HEVI SHOT, SITKA GEAR, DRAKE and a bunch of others. I have a SPOT open for one Combat wounded HERO! If...
  14. aeon

    Hunt Report from the 5th annual Oscar Canon Wounded Warrior Duck Hunt

    I am a bit late getting this up but the Christmas break had things crazy over here and i had some trouble with one of my cameras. So here GOES! On Dec 12 We had this years hunt at and what a amazing difference a year has made. The Club that is near the salton sea is...
  15. aeon

    5th annual SCH Oscar Canon Wounded Warrior Duck Hunt at Campo De Cazadores

    5th Annual SCH Oscar Canon Memorial Wounded Warrior Duck Hunt at Campo De Cazadores Duck Club ok guys its time again for our not so little Wounded Warrior hunt down by the Salton Sea. We are going to do it on Dec 12Th this year and here is what we need. If you know of a Marine or Soldier who is...
  16. aeon

    Going to Loreto in Late July looking to go fishing

    Hey guys i am going to Loreto in Late July and i could use a suggestion for who to go out fishing with for a couple of days. I am not taking my Gear down with me so a operation where i can just show up and fish would be perfect! Thanks for the help
  17. aeon

    The SCH Oscar Canon Hunt Report

    The 4th annual Oscar Canon Wounded Warrior Duck Hunt Took place last weekend and what a great event it was. Driving out on Friday afternoon i was blown away with how many ducks were feeding in every pond. I had a feeling this was going to be a great hunt come Saturday morning. We have the...
  18. aeon

    R.I.P. Winda

    Winda is my friend, my hunting partner and most of all she is my duck dog. A odd female she was built like a male, her prime weight was around 84lbs. By 7 Months she was fully grown and looked like a 3 year old. For the first 9 years of her life she was a machine, few dogs will get to retrieve...
  19. aeon

    28' Skipjack Sportsman

    28 foot Skipjack Sportsman, twin 350 GL-A volvos with SX Outdrives, 340hrs on both. Raymarine C80 Display with Raydome radar, DSM300 fish finder, Remote from the helm windlass, Marine radio, dual flow scans, Setup with abliity to run to saddle tanks off the swim step for when you have to go...
  20. aeon

    time to panic...

    look at all the pretty colors, red is good for dove right? [/URL]
  21. aeon

    killing kings up north

    Went up to Alaska to do some King Salmon fishing this last weekend. Weather was nice till the last day then it blew us off the water. Waterfall resort was the place and our guide was super cool So cal native named Craig! anyways here are some pics, we were two golden eye short of our full trip...
  22. aeon

    guess who is going bow hunting in 7west :)

    holy bull elk i got drawn!!!!!! anyone now that unit?
  23. aeon

    teal time!

    Hunted Sluester's club with my dad for easy limits again. Lots of teal this time.
  24. aeon

    Oscar Canon Wounded Warrior Hunt Report

    I can't believe its been 3 years, 3 years since our friend Oscar left us. For you guys that do not know SSgt Oscar Canon was the man that helped make our first Wounded Warrior Hunt happen. He broke rules and bucked the system that at times tried to stop us from having our 1st hunt. In the end...
  25. aeon

    3rd Annual SSGT Oscar Canon Memorial Wounded Warrior Duck hunt

    Ok guys here is the deal! Every year with the Falling Feathers Ranch duck club at the salton sea we do a day of duck hunting. We have some spots open for this years hunt on JAN 11. There is NO cost to the hunter and we really do make it a great day for the guys. So If you know someone who is...
  26. aeon

    dead deer

    Monday night deer!
  27. aeon

    Pheasant in the LCRA

    Hunted the LCRA this weekend with my friend dave. As normal the birds were thick. Lots of cotton so my dog is ripped up but she had fun. Got my mx cell phone so now I can post while down here :) this was friday am This is from sat am. Both the dog and I are just a tad beat up. Going out to...
  28. aeon

    Geissele AR15 High Speed NM Match review and field test

    i sold my primary lower so i had to complete the build on my backup. This was my first from scratch build on a lower so i followed the inerweb video how to and the Geissele how to videos. It was so easy anyone could do it. The parts kit was DPMS normal ho hum stuff but the trigger was the...
  29. aeon

    right on time... huge storms for the IV setting in this weekend.

    just like my alarm clock that goes off at 5am every morning so do the T storms in the iv right before dove season.
  30. aeon

    1648 duck hunting boat with 36hp prodrive mud motor

    It's a turn key duck killing machine. Avery popup blind, halogen lights, front mounted battery and gas tank. It is amazing where you can go with this rig. 10k
  31. aeon

    custom 204 ar15 built by Dan Carey

    For Sale A Custom Built ar15 built by Dan Carey 22" shilen super match ss barrel Rifle Gear Lower with SSA trigger. A2 stock, No Bipod Swarovski 3-10 z3 scope I have maybe 300 rounds out this gun..... This is a epic bad ass gun, The only reason i am selling it is to build a new bolt gun. Carey...
  32. aeon

    1648 Lowe tricked out inside and a 36hp prodrive mud motor

    It's a turn key duck killing machine. Avery popup blind, halogen lights, front mounted battery and gas tank. It is amazing where you can go with this rig. 10k
  33. aeon

    80% lower build

    So I found a new guy that is getting into the 80% game. 7075 t7 billet lowers. I'll post up as I go through the process of turning this into a working lower. I go in on the 6th to machine it :)
  34. aeon

    Little help figuring value of a colt 1911

    Going to sell this pistol and I though one of you guys could help me get the value close Marked colt with a sn in the low 500k's that places it about 1918 I think. It's in used condition but not beat up
  35. aeon

    hat trick on the puppies :)

    6mm White Oak Built by Dan Carey is a coyote killing machine! Two at 150ish and one at a laser shot 425yards. Dog porn
  36. aeon

    Weekend off

    No ducks this weekend so I figured I best go get a coyote. Animals were on the move today, deer all over. 2 coyotes took naps. Back to ducks next week :) First kill with the new 6woa. 65gr vmax doing 3450 fps out of a ar15 :) My friend ripped this one with the 223 a hour before...
  37. aeon

    Looknig for a archery elk outfitter

    My old man wants to go archery elk hunting this year. Anyone have a line on decent outfitter where guaranteed tags are available. Open to anyplace As long as its not backpack 300miles in, He is kinda old :)
  38. aeon

    6woa range report :)

    Got my new upper from Dan Carey on Friday. It's a 22" shilen barrel in 6mm woa. That's a 6.8spc case necked down to 6mm. It can shoot up to 90gr bullets at mag length and 107's single feed. Scopes a lil late getting here so I stole the glass off my...
  39. aeon

    benelli super sport 12ga

    Like new condition Benelli super sport. carbon stock and fore grip. $1700 Hit me up if you are interested.
  40. aeon

    Range report- new 6mm woa upper

    Got my new upper from Dan Carey on Friday. It's a 22" shilen barrel in 6mm woa. That's a 6.8spc case necked down to 6mm. It can shoot up to 90gr bullets at mag length and 107's single feed. Scopes a lil late getting here so I stole the glass...
  41. aeon

    Del mar trying end the gun show 6pm tonight

    Stupid city trying to stop the gun show. To late now but I saw this on calguns
  42. aeon

    new video from our celeb friends asking for gun control

    but this time someone took that video and edited in clips of the same stars glamorizing guns. now while i am not one to think that watching movies makes people do mass killings but eh their ART WORK does seem odd given they want you to give up your guns :) This is proof of why actors should...
  43. aeon

    Triple play!!!!!!!

    Hunted Ramer lake on sat for easy limits. Had something happen that was kinda cool :) got all three teal in one morning.
  44. aeon

    6.8 spc brass

    Any of you guys have any once fired 6.8 spc brass you want to donate or sell. It's almost impossible to find any at the moment. SSA is best , hornady is ok , remmington I'll take. :) Thanks
  45. aeon

    What did you get for Xmas?

    It's always nice when your loved ones feed your habit!!!!!!!!!!
  46. aeon

    Screw you people that say ar15's are not hunting weapons.

    35 gr Berger at 275 yards DRT. I sure like how my reloads fly :)
  47. aeon

    Ar15 bolt carriers :(

    All I need to finish a cool 6mm woa ar15 build is a damn bolt carrier. Not the bolt just the damn carrier :( this blows ass monkeys
  48. aeon

    Duck pr0n

    Hunted the boat unit at wister and got easy limits this weekend. Yes i will be entering a few of the Bull Bootlips in the big lip contest. Tia hit on all cylinders today. Started out with a few no big deal retrieves. As the morning wore on she completed all things you want from a lab...
  49. aeon


    You guys going to Wister better take pics of your rigs in the ditches. It's pouring out here :) I'm headed to the LCRA :) hope the ducks show up
  50. aeon

    if BOB had his way Christopher would be a free man :)
  51. aeon

    ***warning graphic bull ****viewer discretion advised

    Well water and birds are missing from my duck club so fuck it i had to go hunt something. Got a call from a friend that he had a problem with some bulls that were tearing up his ranch. It was a chilly am with a cold wind blowing in and sprinkles. Heard some bulls in the distance but the cool...
  52. aeon

    Good karma

    All that predator control must have given me some good karma :)
  53. aeon

    Ditch chickens!

    I am already over duck hunting so this last weekend we shot some ditch chickens and dove :) Conditions sucked with temps on Friday near 100. My poor pup was not super happy to be running around after them and it tosses 6 months of duck training out the door. As always birds were thick and and...
  54. aeon

    More dead dogs. **** warning only kinda graphic ***** sorry

    Broke my bow last week so as I wait for parts to show up from mathews I figured it was a good time to spank some dogs. Did the daily double one up close the other far away.
  55. aeon

    Right on time for dove season Storms Rock Yuma

    Big thunder storms this am in the Yuma area.
  56. aeon

    coyote jerky! *****warning not as TRoB graphic as last time*******

    Since no one in here can kill anything ill keep the blood flowing. Found another sleeping dog to pose next to my EBR ( evil black rifle ) 150 yards. dead on with the lil 204 ruger. instant dead. :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1: Dan Carey makes a bad ass weapon! On a good rest you...
  57. aeon

    Predator control *****graphic content *****

    First up thanks to all the brave men and women that have sacraficed so much for us. To my friend SSGT Canon this dogs for you, I miss you bro. I'm posting this sitting in a hide high on a hill Have not had to much time to shoot the AR but I switched from the fiocchi to the hornady 32gr...
  58. aeon

    Coyotes fight back

    Stuck a cam on a lil temp water hole that the recent rain made. Active lil hole and the coyotes did something odd. I had the cam Just tucked in some rocks close by. One of the dogs saw the IR flash or the little red light grabbed the cam and pissed on it ( it smells bad ) This would be...
  59. aeon

    My new dog and rat killer

    This is my first AR build!! Started with a rifle gear complete lower with a geissele trigger. While not a great bench trigger it's what I was after for a hunting rig. Searching for a custom upper was interesting. With most builders quoting super long lead times for the 204 ruger upper that I...
  60. aeon

    1542 valco duck boat

    1542 valco duck boat with 8hp yamaha. 1800 obo Clean title on boat trailer and motor. Its a duck boat so it's got scratches and dings but overall it's in good shape. Has a box in the back for a battery.
  61. aeon

    Scope on my ar15 204 ruger

    Ok so I have my lower a riflegear with geissele trigger. My upper is on the way from Dan Carey in 204 ruger. Sold my thompson contender to pay for glass. My budget is 500+/- what do the bloody decks hoard recomend?
  62. aeon

    Thompson Contender 30-30

    i stuck my hardly used contender in the classified section :) selling to get some glass for my next gun
  63. aeon

    Thompson Contender 30-30 12" ported bull w/scope

    *******sale pending, backup offers taken********** Thompson Contender Hunter with 12" 30-30 ported bull barrel. 4x illuminated Thompson scope. In great condition, very accurate. 500$ obo
  64. aeon

    comments on a AR build for yotes

    save the just get a bolt action comments i have a few already and i know this is not totally rational. Ok i want to build a AR for fucking up yotes. here is what i am thinking so far. this upper this lower...i know ill have...
  65. aeon

    The "Nate loves ducks" late season duck report

    I know not having a real duck report for a couple weeks has to be Killing Nate so here goes. Last trip of the year this last weekend even though the season runs a couple more weeks. Made the run in the redneck space shuttle to the grounds and got the decoys out. For some reason we got setup...
  66. aeon

    Little slow slip and slide

    Just a lil video showing what the red neck space shuttle can do. Water is about 4" to 0" :)
  67. aeon

    Anyone here own a beretta a400????

    Ok I'm thinking about getting a new shotgun. I have been shooting a h&k era super 90 for the last 20+ years. It's time and I think I want a a400. Any of you guys own one? Love it hate it? Can I shoot it ? :)
  68. aeon

    Another duck report.....

    Did the rare Friday shoot at falling feathers duck club and day spa. With wister acting like one huge closed zone and most if the clubs with light pressure it was a tad slow. The upside was that for a change you could let birds work and pull them in with out as much risk of shots blowing them...
  69. aeon

    Free lab to good home

    Pup is placed
  70. aeon

    Ducks in the I.V.

    Another productive day duck hunting. Shot the club for a slow but steady pick at a limit. Epic sunrise Bag was mixed with a gadwall, few teal Including a pretty cinnamon, a couple bootlips and this duck That's right folks my first Eurasian Redhead. Most hunters go a lifetime with out...
  71. aeon

    Airboat rebuild the final chapter.....

    After a very long rebuild the airboat is done! What started out as this Has become this After the last update I went ahead and replaced all the gauges. 100% of the wiring redone with tinned marine wire. All breakers and solenoids in a water tight box. Blah blah blah I never want to build...
  72. aeon

    ok no more upland stuff its time to kill ducks

    Did the last upland trip of the year this last weekend. Tried to shoot some video but the guide/bird boy was a little short on video skills but he did get a few shots for me. The LONG retrieve in the disk field was bad ass. The video does not do that field justice, was was deep disk-ed and rough...
  73. aeon

    Hey A5 guy look at this

    I'm sure you a5 cult members are going to line up early for this coolaid
  74. aeon

    Pheasant quail and dove oh my

    While most of you were playing with the coots or deer I was playing with roosters. Took my friend Dave down for his first time hunting in Mex. Lots of pheasants but the dove and quail numbers were amazing. Temps near 100 blew, I'm ready for fall to kick in with some cool weather.
  75. aeon

    need some help ASAP please

    I really need folks advice on a serious problem: I have suspected for some time now that my wife has been cheating on me. The usual signs. If the phone rings and I answer, the caller hangs up; she goes out with the girls a lot. I try to stay awake to look out for her when she comes home but...
  76. aeon

    No deer reports?

    Quiet today! No kill reports ??????
  77. aeon

    Airboat rebuild part 15

    It's still slow so I will bore you all with more airboat crap. So the assembly process is taking longer then the tear down. All the metal parts are all pretty and powder coated now. Had some trouble getting the right motor mounts. Wanted to switch from old school rubber to new school poly...
  78. aeon

    Glad they don't live on the LCRA

    Fuck jack how do you guys deal with critters like this. I would move if we had them Link stolen from southern airboat
  79. aeon

    walk about after the fire

    after the big fires of a couple years ag the NF folks keep the forest closed. Its open once again and well some good news and bad. One of my tree stands made it :) good times The bad, two of my cameras that i had high hopes to find again were melted away. Nothing but the toasted cages left and...
  80. aeon

    Airboat rebuild part 4 I think

    So everything is back from the blaster and powder coating shop. The hull has a slick bottom of frogspit on it and it's time to flip the bitch and paint. It does not suck to have cool toys to move things. Flipped the boat back over and put it on it's new ( used) trailer. The guys that...
  81. aeon

    Airboat rebuild part 2

    Been a bit slow on getting things done this weekend but still managed to get the bottom coating done. Used a product called FrogSpit for the underside. It's like steelflex but if you believe the hype even more slippery. Started and roughed up the surface with 60 grit belt sander. Then after a...
  82. aeon

    working the dogs at the river

    Sluester Genelie and I did a quick run out to the lower Colorado river for some R&R. The dogs got a work out and we saw some bighorn sheep :) You slackers that did not go you missed out on some fun times the dogs working....... Bighorn Sheep...
  83. aeon

    Airboat rebuild part I

    Well the airboat i got last season was in lets just say rough condition. The trailer lost a hub on the way home and almost wrecked the whole thing on the 91 freeway. The boat had a lot of very old parts that could use restoration or replacement. So a rebuild was in order and why do it half ass...
  84. aeon

    little help with a idea i have :)

    OK here it is... for a while i have seen TV shows where they take vets and active duty service men out hunting. They always seem super stoked on it and happy as shit. I know a lot of you have places you could take a guy duck hunting. With me hunting in Mexico its hard to take anyone down but i...
  85. aeon

    Free duck decoys....

    Did my annual cleaning and packing away of my decoys and I have two doz that could use a new home. Almost no paint left on them. No weights or cords or bag, just the decoys. PM me if you want them. Would be great for a newbi to get started with......
  86. aeon

    last trip of the year...

    here is my entry into the Spoon and Crocket club. No photo tricks were used honest! and the required grease gun was placed for proper scale. had a fun time this year but i think the season is over and the birds have moved north..... random kid with my ducks that wheel on the trailer is...
  87. aeon

    little video from this weekends airboat run

    tested the airboat out this weekend and OMFG it is fast and scary and more or less does what its made for. Super happy with the setup and how much power it makes. It's scary sitting up high and having that kind of power behind your head... shot some ducks too but what ever to that...
  88. aeon

    Meet the new gun ship

    No duck will be safe next year! Just picked up my new( to me ) airboat! That's right fuckers just like on the tv show flipper. Anyone want to show me some places on the river to hunt? 17'x8' 454 BBC 2/1 reduction with a 3 blade carbon prop( to be installed this weekend) it's loud like nothing...
  89. aeon

    Elk deadline is FEB 8

    Az elk deadline is Feb 8. Just a heads up :) it sneaks up every year
  90. aeon

    1236 tracker car topper jon boat

    If any of you guys want a duck boat 300 takes it..............its in great shape i just never use it.
  91. aeon

    Rumor has it that A5 guy

    Is a dad.....Congrats!!!!! You join the ranks of me and dbar who thought it was a good idea to have a kid during hunting season :)
  92. aeon

    Sat at the sea again and again

    Things were a bit slow today. I'm glad I had club to shoot as wister sounded almost dead quiet. Quite a few teal and gads running around:) home by 3pm and in baby duty. Thanks again to Bryant at falling feathers duck club. How did you guys at wister do? Highlights for the day- epic...
  93. aeon

    Sat at the sea again

    It's 5:45 almost light with lots birds working over head.....updates to come I'm at the falling feathers club south of wister.....
  94. aeon

    Epic duck trip

    Epic fail that is....... We had a tiny hole in our trailer floor that we did not know about. For 2 years that hole sat safe with no way for mice to get in. Then 4 weeks ago I stacked some fire wood under the trailer and the mice got access. In through the hole and a quick chew through a panel...
  95. aeon

    Sat at the sea

    It's 7:30am and you should be hunting. Sounds like lots of birds are falling at wister and surrounding clubs. I'm just waiting to see if the snows come in
  96. aeon

    this makes me happy :)

    i like all the pretty colors :) here ducky ducky ducky The north is about to become a big popsicle National Weather Service - NWS Salt Lake City URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE SALT LAKE CITY UT 358 PM MST MON NOV 22 2010 ...BLIZZARD HEADING FOR UTAH TUESDAY AND...
  97. aeon

    where did the reports tab go?

    Hey Nate where did the reports Tab go? was nice to have it handy at the top just saying :)
  98. aeon

    More dead pheasants with Video!!!!!

    More dead pheasants from Baja Mexico! It's already the 3rd weekend of the season but bird numbers are very high and with almost zero pressure the hunting is epic. Still super impressed by the Golden Pheasant GPX 1485fps 1 3/8 #5 rounds. They hit so hard and have kept the cripples to a minimum...
  99. aeon

    pheasant opener 2010 and Tia's first hunt :)

    Headed down to Mexico for the pheasant opener this last weekend with my old man, Winda my 10 year old lab and Tia for her first hunt ever. Up till now it had all been fun and games with pigeons and lots of wings. It was time for TIa to earn her keep and wow i am still amazed at what she did...
  100. aeon

    Anyone in oc with a pheasant or just wings.

    Anyone near oc willing to sell or give me a dead pheasant or maybe just some wings? With pheasant season open next week I want to switch lil tia's nose off the other birds I have been working her with and I'm out of pheasants :(
  101. aeon

    Goose Pr0n...vintage 1996

    I have a lot of Older Hi8 and dv Hunting videos that i have shot and never done much with. The Hi8 Tapes are getting quite old so i figured i best edit and encode them and here is the first one... not pro quality work but i just wanted to save some of the good stuff :) This first one is from...
  102. aeon

    what tires do you run on your hunting rigs....

    I did some damage to the sidewall on my truck 693's and i have to get a new set. Was wondering what you guys like or have had good luck with. I love my 693's but they are not making them anymore and i am not sure i can find them. As always the compromise between a nice safe...
  103. aeon

    blast from the past!

    One of the guys i hunt with found this.......
  104. aeon

    duck numbers about the same...... or so they say

    Duck numbers hold steady across North America last year was a bit of a quirky year to say the least. Lets hope that the fall and winter of 2010/11 lends itself to a normal pattern to the migration. I cant wait to take the bass seats out of my duck boat :)
  105. aeon

    Saw a cool duck boat project on cl

    I know a few of you are looking for duck boats. Saw this on cl no clue who the owner is or anything about the boat. It's the same hull I built my boat out of. Might be a good one for one of you 1985 LOWE BASS 16 FT BOAT ALUMINUM AND TRAILER
  106. aeon

    bow fishing????

    just put the trolling motor back on the front of the duck boat! Do any of you guys bow fish? i was thinking that it seems like a great combo of hunting fishing and drinking beer all in one place. I am going to rig up my old Hoyt spectra and give it a whack.... who wants to go??? where the hell...
  107. aeon

    last duck trip of the season............

    nothing big to say...the birds have left and gone north so the slow start also had a quick end but it was a fun season just the same :) learned a lot about what you can and can not do in a mud boat and how much fun a new puppy can be! i am looking forward to next year when we can do it all over...
  108. aeon

    screw the kids hunt......

    while the rest of you got to watch your kids miss shot after shot I got to kill ducks. The rain looked like it kicked ass just a few miles north of us but we stayed dry and :) ....then again some wind and rain might have made life better. Hunting was so so.....a few photos from the weekend...
  109. aeon

    more visitors at the site :)

    if you want the full rez just pm me edited now that i am home and can edit the things
  110. aeon

    i wonder if its muddy in the valley today

    Noaa shows yuma with.38 inches of rain. how much water have you guys been getting out that way?
  111. aeon

    look who came to vist me at work today :)

    had a few ducks in the pond today on the job site and this lil guy flew in :)
  112. aeon

    sometimes you're a killing machine

    sometimes you're not...... some trips are just crash and burn start to finish and this would be one of them. SO what went wrong, a half hour wait to get into mexico??? wtf is that about we never wait to get into mexico at the mexicali crossing.... We had a game plan on where to hunt in some...
  113. aeon

    little help from the Wister folks

    a good friend of mine drew a #2 res for this Sunday. If you had to pick a spot what would it be? Thanks Bill
  114. aeon

    ducks 12/29-30

    Took off to our duck spot on Monday morning for some work week fun. Set up on Tuesday morning in the sweet spot and had a good shoot. The birds are still not IN but we did OK with a constant shoot with groups of two and three but no big flights. The Mallards and Pintail that were around seem to...
  115. aeon

    down on the river :) 12/19

    As other have said it was a warm spring like weekend down on the river. Woke up at 4am to find a very warm wind blowing out of the south.....strange! With the speed of the new rig it was nice not to wake up at 3am to go out the hunt location! Tried to follow Sluster to hunt near him but he...
  116. aeon

    Slow duck hunt 11/28

    Hunted the southern part of the river and it was slow. Wind blew hard sat am but has since calmed down. Tiny amount of rain, it should be fine on Sunday hwy8 was chilly but clear at 10 pm on the way home... In alpine as I type this Bill
  117. aeon

    anyone go duck hunting this weekend?

    anyone go out duck hunting this weekend? new birds showing up yet?
  118. aeon

    pheasants and quail.....

    last trip of the year before we move down to the duck camp for the year. Farmers are starting to cut the milo fields and the birds should be pushed out of the Texas size milo soon. A few ducks seem to be showing up and you could hear honkers flying over head at 2am on sat night :) ..... mostly...
  119. aeon

    duck project part 5 the final battle

    Boat is done and ready to hunt!!!!! I can not wait to start jumping the dykes at Wister. Paint was a combo of sprayed drab HS paint and Krylon spray paint. Camo was a one off local weed growing on side of hill method. Had to splice new tubes for the pop up blind as this boats a lot bigger then...
  120. aeon

    duck boat part 4 or is 400 ugh

    ok almost done with the build up... should have done this 5 months ago but oh well. Most of the electrical is done! a lot of wires for a duck boat :) should have it ready to hunt by next weekend. Harbor Freight sold me lights for 7 bucks :) if they break thats life. made a panel for the light...
  121. aeon

    duck boat project part 3

    Long weekend! found something out today. beware new carpet!!!!!!!! when we got the boat the owner had just put new carpet in and well now we know why. Not that it hurt us one bit since we were going to rip all the wood out anyways but the wood on the boat was trashed. for the most part all of...
  122. aeon

    duck boat project part 2

    ok got the prodrive mounted and even ran it for a few last night. Runs clean and smooth :) next up finish the decking and remove the damn carpet. Picking up some lights from harbor freight tonight i am thinking 4 100w h-3 halogens will light the front up and one flood out the side for setup...
  123. aeon

    duck boat project part 1

    OK so a few weeks ago i had no plan on changing boats this year but as things sometimes go! PLAN B got the wicked deal on a big hull and today the power showed up. Yeah i know its duck season right now but eh this build up will be for the long run. i Will be stalking Sluster in no time with...
  124. aeon

    evil pheasants must die!

    Left the house Friday after work and drove down to our campo in Baja. Got up and drove 10 min or so to the first field. A mixed cotton and weed field that had gone a little wild. More or less instant shooting. We picked the smaller fields and corners to work and stayed out of the big Milo...
  125. aeon

    new duck boat project....

    Never ever check CraigsList for things you want but do not need... meet the new duck boat... was a crazy good price but now i am 12 hours away from putting my order in for a prodrive mud motor and yes the S.O. is mad Going to be a bit of work...
  126. aeon

    3" remington HS steel 12.99 at Big 5

    3" remington HS steel 12.99 at Big 5 just got the big5 ad today... same price as what you can get online but its local.. Bill
  127. aeon

    Duck Decoy rigging

    Any of you guys use Mono and crimps to rig up your duck decoys? It's something i have been meaning to get to for a while. Here are a couple of links i have been looking at Doctari Duck Decoy Tarred Longlines Decoy Gang rigs Duck Hunting sounds...
  128. aeon

    Offshore Hidden 9-7

    Short and sweet 2short of a limit of yellow fin for 3 guys. All fish but one caught on the natural cedar daisey chain. Location was 1 to 2 miles north east of hidden bank. Swell was big but easy to fish. Wind would have made it scary fast. Water temp was 68 to 69.8 at the hidden iPhone...
  129. aeon

    Tia meets Mr WATER for the first time......

    It has been a lame week. Started last weekend when we launched at SI and had a coil fail at 250hrs. 1am and nothing open so back on the trailer and home we go. Then some ass hat starts a fire and i lost ALL of my tree stands and two cameras right before the season opens up by mt Wilson. This...
  130. aeon

    Offshore 425 8-21-09

    Quick and dirty post on the way home from si now. Fished the 425 with my dad for 3 tuna . All on the Cedar plug natural color. Lost one fish on bait. Water west of 425 was cold down to 65deg warmer west and north with a good lump. Wind was not to big a problem. A day late or a day early? a...
  131. aeon

    what broadhead are you guys killing with?

    ok so i hate to try new things on my bow but now i have to. for almost 10 years i have been shooting the same setup, easton acc's with 125 grain rocky iron heads.( they look like the ti model they have now). i have no more of my old iron heads or acc's left so i am switching things up a bit. I...
  132. aeon

    Don Benninghoven

    Blue Ribbon Task Force Chairman Don Benninghoven has just tendered his resignation from the Blue Ribbon Task force to accept an appointment to the California Fish and Game Commission. got this from ocdiving news list..... so this would set the table for the fish and game commission to adopt the...
  133. aeon

    pup week 11

    no point to this post besides showing off :)
  134. aeon

    new pup

    well it was hard to pass up on the Albacrazy/Sluester pups that will be born soon but i could not pass up on this lil girl :) Thanks to Steve Cook for giving me the info. I owe ya!!!! Winda is still not sure what to make of this new lil barking machine but so far they are getting along.
  135. aeon

    time to look for a new lab

    My Lab winda will be 10 in April and i am thinking this could be her last season of full time hunting. ugh i cant believe i just said that. So i am thinking about getting a new pup. Any of you have recommendations of breeders here in so cal? Thanks Bill
  136. aeon

    Funding from prop 84???

    Ray Hiematra of oc coastkeeper stated on the ocdiving list that they voted to fund the mlpa's with money from prop 84??????? Anyone with info on this? Bill Wright
  137. aeon

    critters that bite the itch this week to set out a few trail cams and see how the antlers are growing. found this lil guy on the way.......
  138. aeon

    New life for a old Benelli

    ok so over on another forum i found a thread on painting your shotgun. Steps to painting a shotgun (dial up users beware) sounds crazy but i had this old super90 that had been very very used and it needed some love. followed the directions in the link and here is what it came out like. i am...
  139. aeon

    any place local that sells duck boat paint?

    Does anyone know of a local place to get Duck boat pait like the park stuff? I know Cabelas has it but i want to pait it wed so i can drag it down friday. I tried bass pro shops and they do not stock it. Thanks Bill
  140. aeon

    Need a Duck boat!

    If any of you know of someone with a flat bottom Duck boat in the 1648 range for sale i would love to know about it. Our old boat is going to get us killed if we keep running it. It was ok when we were just hunting shallow stuff but deep water is scary in a boat that only kinda floats. BIll Wright
  141. aeon

    Baja Pheasants

    Went down with my dad and shot a few pheasants this weekend down south of Mexicali. Weather was stupid hot for stomping fields and the poor dog had to jump in more then one ditch to cool off. Tons of roosters this year with almost no hens???? not sure why but it was 5 to 1 roosters to hens. So...
  142. aeon

    does anyone have maps of the proposed MLPA's in so cal?

    A while back i saw a few maps of proposed MLPA's in so cal. If anyone has them and knows who created them could they let me know!!!!! Bill
  143. aeon

    some days just suck.......

    some days just suck....... Went down for some more duck hunting this weekend. Got a late start out of the house and did not arrive at our trailers till 1130pm Friday night. Got up at 230AM and set off down to the water at 3. A lil early to help a couple of our friends setup. Everything was...
  144. aeon

    duck hunting 12/29 12/30

    Went down south of the border again to hunt some ducks. Got up at 3am to go down to the water and place every decoy we own out and try out the new mojo my dad got me for xmas :). We had some trouble with our decoy lines. I had got some new no tangle cord from bassproshops and the crap was...
  145. aeon

    baja ducks

    Hunted this weekend down south of mexicali. Guide was late getting up so we got a very late start. 730am we left camp. So we just spent the morning scouting around. Jumped a few groups and got some work in for my pup. Only hunted sat morning as we did our annual xmas party for the people in the...
  146. aeon

    DFG results are IN

    im a dork i posted on the other board. Not only that but i did not get drawn for anything i wanted besides the A31 ether sex deer tag :) Bill
  147. aeon

    DFG results are IN

    i got nothing but a31 the either sex tag for LA county. So get on the website and check!!!!!!!!!!! Bill...
  148. aeon

    Skipjack decals

    Does anyone know where i can find some skipjack decals for the side of my 28' skipjack? Bill
  149. aeon

    wolf eats a doe

    cool link i found on another hunting forum worth a look,20036,1574486,00.html i think the wolf might be a BD member...... Bill
  150. aeon

    2-11 duck hunt :) Baja !!!!

    The ducks finally showed up! not in huge numbers but i will take it. We got up at 3:30 and were out of our trailer by 4. The hour before sunrise was crazy we had ducks dropping in from all over. I just love the sound ducks make in the dark as they dive bomb on you!! As shooting light came we had...
  151. aeon

    baja duck hunting... bad

    Hunted one of our regular pot holes south of Mexicali on Sat. and for the most part did not see shit! Shot one duck and only saw a few others. Not sure why or where they are at but they are not where they normally hang out. We will be back down next weekend to try and figure it out. If you guys...
  152. aeon

    New boat!!!

    ok well we finaly have a boat. After a long long search here it is. :) now maybe we can post more fish reports........ Bill