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    Cat Attack 9/26

    Launched the Buzzcatcher from Davies around 5am. Captain Wes-The island or local? Me-I don’t know? The three guys at the dock said Eagle Rock. Catalina is gonna be a zoo... Got decent bait from Mario, anchovy sized Sardines, but good quality. Wes-Fuck it, let’s hit the backside. Easy crossing...
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    Local Long Beach

    Fog warning for the South OC coast last night. Captain Wes cancelled our tuna trip. Woke up around 4am and checked local, Surfline... Good vis. Hit up the Captain. “Let’s do it!” Got to Davies at 6am thinking about mass crowds and irritation. No problem at the ramp. Bitchin sardines from Mario...
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    Offshore New Lo-Ann 7/19

    I haven’t been on a party boat in a couple of years, so I decided to pull the trigger and booked a 1 1/2 day on the New Lo-Ann. First off, Marcus’s relief Captain, Adam, is an ace. From sun up to sundown, that kid worked his ass off hunting down the tuna. Adam has skills! Shaun, the deckboss and...
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    My first White Seabass...seriously!

    I’ve spent 40 years chasing White Seabass. Party boats, charters, private boats, I have done it all, and blanked every single time...except for today, Wednesday the 27th, on my 50th Birthday week, I finally got one... Thanks Wes! Thanks Buzzcatcher! P.S. Frontside of da island brah!
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    Good water no paddies

    9/30 Headed to the 277 and worked our way to the 152 with a butt load of squid from Nacho. Not much life saving tons of porpoise. Did not find one paddy so we headed to the island to look for the yellows. Drove through a mass of Risso's chilling off the Slide. Heard on the radio a skiff got...