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  1. Team Tom

    Solvkroken 26 oz cod jigs

    $28.00 each
  2. Team Tom

    Thinking is may not be safe anymore

    Yearly trailer maintenance for me includes new bearings and brake pads needed or not. Hub turning if necessary and an in-depth inspection of the calipers. I also tune or replace anything else that may need some love. My boat and trailer are old, born in 2006. My trailer torsion "arms" are cast...
  3. Team Tom

    Bloodydecks gear review

    Dexter Outdoors SOFGRIP Handled Knives – Feel The Grip Great review on Dexter knives by Bloddy Decks. NOT! This is what my new Dexter knife looked like as i pulled it out of its plastic sheath on day three in Sitka this past week. No reply from my email I sent to them last week. Would like to...
  4. Team Tom

    I got some grinding to do

    One of my winter boat projects is to refinish my teak cabinets in my North River OS. With the cabinets removed I noticed the carpeted sidewall, behind the cabinets, was super dirty and needed to be cleaned. After cleaning water was present aft of the cabin bulkhead in the self-bailing deck...
  5. Team Tom

    Any teak hardwood or white formica laying around?

    One of my winter projects, is to refinish my cabinets in the boat. As with most projects things do not go as planned. With that said, I'm reaching out in hopes someone may have some scrap teak hardwood laying around vs me having to purchase dimensional by the board foot. I only need a small trim...
  6. Team Tom

    Sounders Fans

    Any season ticket holders out there able to help me get 4 tickets for the Cup?
  7. Team Tom

    Boccaccio rock fish

    What is the eating fair of these fish? Buddy told me that they were slimy and not worth the effort. Any truth behind his statement?
  8. Team Tom

    Anyone do pipe work?

    Looking to incorporate my dual fuel back up generator to my home propane system. I have a 500 gallon tank. Located in Marysville
  9. Team Tom

    Load question with lumber

    Any residential structural engineers, contractors, or architect out there? I’m searching for lumber load data for the size beam needed to support a project in my shop. I’m adding motorized ceiling storage system. With a push of a button a storage platform lowers from the ceiling to the side or...
  10. Team Tom

    Cash For My Things #3

    Makita Power Planner Model# 1900B $65.00 Flashers (offer) Old ass drill press Needs chuck. (offer) Old Ass table grinder (offer) Sears 5HP vacuum $25.00 Survival suit (offer) Porter Cable Sander Model #505 Type 2 $125.00 Skill Roto hammer and bits $75.00 Bosch trim...
  11. Team Tom

    Cash For My Things #2

    36"x12"x82" Metal rack. Adjustable drawer dividers ($500.00) 36"x12"x36" wood frame metal drawer rack. Adjustable drawer dividers ($225.00) presser regulator (offer) LED photo dimmers (offer) Jim Ball bed (offer) Draw-Tite 4284 Ultra Frame 2" Zinc Ball Mount with 2 5/16 trailer...
  12. Team Tom

    Cash For My Things #1

    Finally moving into the new shop and some things have got to go...…………………...
  13. Team Tom

    Go ahead and flip me crap, I deserve it. Help needed!

    Ok I messed up! I'm not the best mechanic! On a positive note I learned how not to remove a steering wheel. Can this be fixed and how?
  14. Team Tom

    Some Canadian Porn

    So many coho it was tough getting to the chinook. I’m thinking the killer whales need to switch restaurants. just saying. Next trip is in ten days.
  15. Team Tom

    Open seat Auguest 8 ~12th Ucluelet BC

    Seat has been filled..................... One of my buddies had to back out. PM if interested................. Tom
  16. Team Tom

    shrimping secrets (area 6 and 7 east/west)

    I do not shrimp much. In the last five years I been out twice. Once in Hood Canal and once off of Iceberg Point. I'm really keen on knowing where to shrimp! I have family coming in from Chicago next week and we will be heading to the cabin in the Janus for some weekend fun. Looking at the regs...
  17. Team Tom

    Shop Build

    After eight months ground has been broken! Building will be 40 x 44 with 14' door for the boat.
  18. Team Tom

    Items free and for sale

    NEW/used: PENN GTI 340 reels. My backups. $75.00 each NEW: Anchor Lift by Ironwood $3.00 NEW: FORESPAR Marelon Intake Strainer, with 3/4" NPT thread size thru hull. $10.00 NEW: Pair (4) Kodiak XL Pro Lube Oil Bath Kit Fits 2.25” spindle 2.44 Size for 6 Lug 5,200lb Hubs. $50.00 I lost one of...
  19. Team Tom

    ..........Looking to purchase fresh tuna...........

    I did not made it out for tuna this season for a number of different reasons. Anyone have contact information of where I would be able to purchase some fresh loins? Tom
  20. Team Tom

    Two open seats for Ucluelet August 9th~12th

    I have two open seats. If you have ever wanted to fish the west side of Vancouver Island here is your chance. Last year our best King day lasted a total of forty five minutes. Six fish all over twenty with two at thirty. Two doubles! I have been taking my boat up for years. Daily catch limit...
  21. Team Tom

    Anyone have a lift? Looking to power wash the bottom of my car.

    My wife's BMW is leaking oil really bad and I cannot locate the leak area because there is so much dirty oil build-up under the car. We purchased the car used and it looks like it has been leaking oil for a long time. I need to power wash the undercarriage, transmission, and motor. Anyone know...
  22. Team Tom

    Open seat for Ucluelet August 4th ~8th

    I had a buddy back out, so I have an open seat. If you have ever wanted to fish the west side of Vancouver Island here is your chance. I have been taking my boat up for years. Daily catch limit is two kings, two slivers, and one halibut plus ling cod. With the exchange rate a four day trip is...
  23. Team Tom

    Room at the Quileute Oceanside Resort for this weeks halibut fishing

    Posting this for a friend as he cannot make the trip. Room for May 11th thru 15th. $140.00 per night.
  24. Team Tom

    A few items for sale

    Brand new LOWRANCE LINK-8 VHF with AIS, DSC and NMEA 2000. Another do not touch the pay button twice…$199.00 PENN GTI 340 reels. Maybe used once or twice as these were by backup reels. $75.00 each Used Uniden Solara DSC VHF radio. Works perfect. Removed for my upgrade. $20.00 Used...
  25. Team Tom

    Selling my position in the 2016 WTC

    Double Down Jackpot - $300.00 Biggest Fish Jackpot - $100.00 Pelagic Jackpot - $100.00 Extras Subtotal: $500.00 Total: $880.00
  26. Team Tom

    **************SOLD*********** Diawi Tanacom 750 electric reels

    A couple of my now former buddies backed out on me when it came time to cough up the funds on a bulk order of Diawi Tanacom 750 electric reels I placed. With that said, I have a few available to sell. These reels are the current model. Reels were purchased through a United States dealer and come...
  27. Team Tom

    Boat Trailer Tires

    It is time for me to replace my current trailer tires. I have been doing some research on the internet and it looks like they all suck as 99% are made overseas. I currently have 6 plys and would like to go up to a Load E tire. Size are 225/75 R15. Anyone have any wisdom on the subject?
  28. Team Tom

    ((CONCLUSION)) **UP DATED**Boat trailer towing/tracking poorly

    I could always feel a slight sway with my 1995 power stroke, but with weight of this tank it was never an issue. My new truck is a lot lighter with almost double the power and towing capacity. My truck is a 2014 F150 and I know some of you will say that the F150 is too small, in fact it’s not. I...
  29. Team Tom

    Interior trim installer

    I'm looking for someone to trim out a 3500sq ft home in Edmond's. Material is on order and the house is empty. Tom
  30. Team Tom

    Two Shimano TR 100G

    Both reels $50.00
  31. Team Tom

    Anyone have an oil injector tank laying around?

    Looking for a small plastic or aluminum tank for a boat heater install. Tom
  32. Team Tom

    Left handed 4/0 reel

    Purchased this Mitchell Riptide 4/0 GL from EBay last year for my left handed son to fish halibut, but he ended up preferring to reel with his right hand. Good quality reel made in Europe. Same company that makes famous Mitchell spinning reels. NEW never used! $40.00
  33. Team Tom

    Boating and fishing items for sale..........

    Thought I would try to sell some odds and ends I have laying around. PM me with questions........... NEW! FORESPAR Marelon Intake Strainer, with 3/4" NPT thread size thru hull. $11.00 NEW! Seachoice Push Pull Switch - Off/On 2 position $7.00 NEW! Anchor Lift by Ironwood $5.00 NEW! Two...
  34. Team Tom

    OC tackle stores?

    Im in Orange County on business for the next couple of days and Im looking for advice on tackle shops that would be to visit? I live in Washington State, so this will be an adventure. Tom
  35. Team Tom

    davit with gunnel/floor brackets and pulley block $100.00

    These items have been sitting around for five years and are ready to go crabbing and shrimping. The motor has always looked like crap but has pulled up thousands of pounds of shrimp. Im betting with some new gas and a clean out it would start right up.
  36. Team Tom

    One open seat for Neah Bay "second opener"

    Split all expenses………………….. Staying at the Hobuck 21st, 22nd and 23rd.
  37. Team Tom

    harbor freight coupon sale

  38. Team Tom

    Remote kicker hydraulic steering system

    Goetz trol-eze kicker Hydraulic steering system I just removed this from my boat last month. Great system, but I could not get the hang of using a remote to steer my boat. Has a 20' cord which allows you to steer from anywhere in the boat. Both the cylinder and tie-rod are stainless steel. The...
  39. Team Tom

    Sea Bass *show-in-tell*

    We Bloody Decker’s catch #%$^&* sea bass each year and I believe there are just about as many lures used to do so. I thought it might be fun to have a show-n-tell of your top choice for sea bass fishing. My choice is a 4”smoke /sliver flake scampi tail with a 2oz jig head. What makes this...
  40. Team Tom

    Neah Bay cabin for moorage?

    I failed to get moorage for the 2013 Halibut opener. I would like to put out a query for moorage for a 26’, or larger boat. Maybe you made extra moorage reservations? Did you reserved to large of a spot and have room for my boat next to yours? Maybe your plans have changed or are changing and...
  41. Team Tom

    Anacortes Derby tickets

    Selling for a buddy who cannot make it because his pussy hurts. Two tickets $60.00 each...............
  42. Team Tom

    Two 10” Garmin 2010c’s and the whole ball of wax

    Two 10” Garmin 2010c’s, Sun Covers, Airmar P 66 transducer, GSD 20 sonar, Garmin GPS Antenna, Bluechart card Cost g2, and Power/information sharing data cables. Removed from my boat this week and both units and components work perfectly. The outdoor unit shows some wear and some fading on the...
  43. Team Tom

    SOLD Remote kicker hydraulic steering system

    Goetz trol-eze kicker Hydraulic steering system Just pulled from my boat. Great system, but I just could not get the hang of using a remote. 20' cord allows you to steer from anywhere in the boat. 400 PSI of positive power. Stainless cylinder and tie-rod. I believe this is worth around $175.00?
  44. Team Tom

    Wanted Lowrance NMEA 2000 network parts

    Do you have extra starter kit, any extension cables, or T’s lying around that you want to sell? If so send me a PM. While you’re looking for the above could you also check for either an TM260 or TM270 transducer and a Lowrance Point 1 antenna. Tom
  45. Team Tom

    halibut 2014

    Calling Big Salmon and Hobuck to make my reservations for this Halibut season and I was told the dates will be different this year. According to the Neah Bay community is first opener is scheduled for May 15th/17th and the second opener May 22nd/24th. Anyone else heard of this?
  46. Team Tom

    Computer Help

    My five year old Dell gave up the other day. Dam porn! Took it into the shop and what do you know it was the porn. Turns out it is toast and my data is not retrievable. I need to replace the tower. Nothing fancy, for the family usees it for the internet, school work, and for MS money books? Any...
  47. Team Tom

    Plastic welder

    I'm looking to make some modifications to my plastic bait tank........... Does anyone in the brotherhood have any experience with a welding plastic? Do you own a plastic welder? Do you know someone who does this type of work? For those of you in the know..........Taking some baby steps to get...
  48. Team Tom

    Tiedown 10" free backing Galvx L/H

    Brand new......$35.00 (360)652-9585
  49. Team Tom

    Craigs list ad Fresh caught coho salmon $4.00 lb give me a call 425-312-9989

    Found this ad on Craigs list................ Coho salmon - $4 (Marysville )
  50. Team Tom

    Open Seats "second week" Neah Bay

    So, looks like I'm going to have a couple of open spots on my boat May 16th~18th. Itinerary…………………. Stay at the Hobuck cabins May 15th~17thWednesday, Thursday and Friday night. Fish Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Drive home Saturday after fishing...
  51. Team Tom

    San Jaun Pre-Fishing Derby Party

    Ok I’m going to throw this out there. As some of you know I have access to a cabin located in the San Juan Islands. The cabin is located on Center Island. I ‘am sending an open invitation to use the cabin as base camp the weekend before the Big Anacortes Derby. I will be arriving Friday, before...
  52. Team Tom

    Shimano Which rod to purchase?

    I love my 10’ 6” Convergence rods for fishing NW salmon so why not follow suit for Washington tuna! I’m in the market for five live bait/swim bait rods for the boat. The rods need to be dual purpose for now. I will be pairing the rods with Avet MXL’s loaded with 65lb braid and a 20 ~ 30lb top...
  53. Team Tom

    Here Tuna Tuna

    My bait reels and bait tank have finally arrived! Found a deal on a used once 32 gallon Kodiak tank on Craigslist (California) and a great price under $140.00 plus free shipping and no sales tax for the reels out of Florida. I plan on mounting the tank it in the middle of my dance floor. If any...
  54. Team Tom

    Dry storage box

    SOLD New Box is copolymer that has squared inner walls. The lid has a water resistant foam rubber gasket that keeps the gear dry and damage free. A reinforced steel hinge and a plastic latch bar secures the lid to the base. Comes with a two dividers making three compartment...
  55. Team Tom

    Brads super baits and Apex

    NEW! Give me a fair offer..............
  56. Team Tom

    Granite Person

    Finished installing the cabinets in the cabin and now I’m ready for the counter top. Anyone out there a granite person? Perhaps you know someone who is. It is a small job with only one corner seem! I would love to do business over a salmon, halibut, tuna trip or a San Juan Island weekend...
  57. Team Tom

    Lamiglass and Fenwick

    Selling some gear to help finance my tuna addiction.................... All rods r perfect! Maybe used three to five times. The GT 1310 was used once five years ago. The first time I used it one of the rod guides ceramic rings broke. I just got around to fixxing it. Lamiglas Classic Glass...
  58. Team Tom

    Fender Clips

    Selling some gear to help finance my tuna addiction.................... Make offer or trade for a cold one?
  59. Team Tom

    Abu Garcia 6600 C4

    Selling some gear to help finance my tuna addiction.................... Used maybe five of six times. Loaded with 20lb ultra green. The color of the reel is Blue! $85.00 is a good starting point..............
  60. Team Tom

    24 oz lead jig heads

    Selling some gear to help finance my tuna addiction.................... Both sold as is with no waranty. Make offer?
  61. Team Tom

    Stainless Downrigger Cable and Terminal Supplies

    <font size="3">Selling some items to finance my tuna addiction…………..ffice:office" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com150 lb. X 400 ‘ Scotty stops, crimps and thimbles. $ 20.00<o:p></o:p>
  62. Team Tom

    Fish On Rod and Net Holder

    Selling some items to finance my Tuna addiction! Two rod holders and gaff/net holder. You will need to purchaseone backing plate. Stainless nuts, washers, and bolts included. $20.00<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p>
  63. Team Tom

    Power Handle

    Selling some gear to help finance my tuna addiction.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Stainless steel large power handle fits Penn & Daiwa reels. $10.00
  64. Team Tom

    Halibut Harboon and Brass Tip

    Selling some gear to help finance my tuna addiction.................... Spear/Handle is wood. Wrapped with tape, shrink wrap andrope. Harpoon Tip is Brass $35.00.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p>
  65. Team Tom

    Offshore VHF

    Can someone tell me how the cost guard can communicate with us 50 miles offshore? What is the avarage range of an standard 5 watt VHF radio?
  66. Team Tom

    Roll Call for July Area 7 Opener

    I will be fishing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Anyone else fishing? :hali_olutta:
  67. Team Tom

    Rain gear

    Has anyone tried Frog Toggs rain gear? Looks interesting...................
  68. Team Tom

    Car pool to San Juan Islands PSA meeting

    I live in Marysville anyone heading to this meeting to listen to Derek "Derby Demon" Floyd? The meeting is next Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 6:30PM
  69. Team Tom

    Rod storage / holder

    Im thinking of adding vertical rod/net storage to the side of my Pilothouse side walls. Something like in this photo.I have been advised not to do so, do to the fact that vertical rod holders (not angled) introduces a very high probability of my rods going into the drink in lumpy water...
  70. Team Tom

    Compass question

    I own a 26’ North River and my helm is full of nifty electronics (chart plotter, sonar, radar, etc), but Im missing a very important piece of equipment, a standard compass! Walking through the boat show I noticed the majority of the fishing boats for sale also lacked this basic piece of...
  71. Team Tom

    Neah Bay Accommodations

    I know Im a little early to ask this question, but I like to plan ahead. It has been almost ten years since I fished out of Neah Bay. I swore I would never go back due to some bastard vandalizing my truck and steeling my trailer hitch leaving me with no way of getting my boat home. Talk about a...
  72. Team Tom

    Teak Plywood anyone?

    Along with raising my floor I’m also changing my cabinet configuration. I have unused floor space that I will be adding drawer storage. In addition I will be switching all my cabinets to drawers. For me, drawers make for easy access. I only need two 14”x24” pieces plus trim off the same size. If...
  73. Team Tom

    New boat for me and a few questions for you!

    :boobies:This past month I picked up a (new to me) 26 north river. Found this baby sitting on a lake in Montana with a total of 103 hours of use. This replaces a 1990 23’ Olympic hardtop that is listed in the classified section. My new boat came set up well however I'm looking for some real...
  74. Team Tom

    1990 23' Olympic

    For sale The interior of the cabin is in pristine shape. It has a sink, alcohol stove, port potty, Lowrance 10” color chart/sonar, Raymarine radar, an Alaska bulkhead, and Red Dot heater to keep you warm plus room in the V-berth to sleep two. The table also drops down to make a bench seat or a...
  75. Team Tom

    Saltwater I got ants!

    Leaving for Ukee in the next few hours. I will post a report when I get back. Here's the big ones from yesterday trip 44, 40, and a 32!
  76. Team Tom

    Saltwater Great day of Halibut fishing

    Spent the night moored in the Everett marina, so we could get an extra early start in the morning. Good eats Drinks and at Anthony’s. My plan was to reach Mutiny Bay by sunrise, but that was a not the case. It took us an hour just to reach Possession Bar. The water was horrible! I almost...