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    San Carlos Marina now open

    We can boat again in Sonora again, although it may be short lived.
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    Lora Vasquez's Phone number?

    Need some help because my phone lost it. Thanks
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    Suzuki Dealer Recommendation

    I am looking for So Cal Suzuki Dealer experienced with their larger engines (T300's), preferably a cat. I live near Redlands, so anyone from San Diego north is within a couple hrs of me. Thanks
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    How much bait do I need?

    I am trying to figure out how many scoops of bait I need to carry for 4 guys per day fishing yt and bottom fish out of San Diego, Newport, Channel islands and in Washington for summer albacore. Is 4 scoops about right? Any input would be appreciated.
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    Marias Isla Prison Closure Announcement

    This was in the US internet news yesterday, although it may have been reported before. Mexican Yahoo published same story in Spanish today
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    Any reports from Tortuga or San Marcos

    San Carlos has been loaded with small yellows this year. Anything larger on the chew over on your side?
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    Jx 2 speed kickback

    Would love to use my 4 year old 2 speed reel for jigging but the handle kick back bugs me. I know all brands of 2 speeds are problematic, but has anything been done in the last 4 years to reduce this. Anti reverse bearings perhaps? Sorry if this has been covered but y search was unsuccessful.
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    Channel Islands- how much bait for 2-3 guys?

    Trying to figure out how large a live well I need for a new 24' skiff. Is a scoop enough for a day trip with 2-3 guys aboard? Should I also figure around 23 gallons per scoop?
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    San Carlos, Sonora

    Around 15 boats released 173 billfish during the tuournament this last 3 day weekend, and yesterday a cow yf weighing around 250 was also caught. 4 hulls released over 20 each.
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    San Carlos, San Marcos, Tortuga, and Pta Chivato fishing reports

    I have jigged up a total of 4 yellowtail in front of San Carlos and at the island in 265 feet of water in the last 2 weeks, and a friend has caught a 1/2 dozen more on skipjack slab bait at 350 feet while fishing for cow cod and grouper. A normal bite on jigs here is in 150-250 feet, limits for...
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    San Carlos Jigging

    The YT are still slow. Have not caught any over 18 lbs and only 3 of them in 7 trips. Got this bass yesterday on an extra light jigging rod in 335 feet of water, so I was lucky
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    Ice Cream Lure?

    Trying to buy a couple of these to try out. Anyone know wh's got them for sale? Thanks
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    Dorado catch down again this year in San Carlos

    Fish have been small and very scarce again this year. Season traditionally starts in May and mahi have been a staple since the 1950's. Do you know if this also the case in PV, Cabo, Mazatlan, Loreto too? Thanks
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    2 YT on same lure, same time

    A little popper and stick bait video taken last spring in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. The 3 of us had a triple hookup and let the drag go loose on one rod to gaff another. Then the last rod in had 2 fish on the same stick bait. Good luck...
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    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    Fish came earlier this year than last and are also hitting top water poppers. This fishing is reasonable as you can drive there in 11 hrs from LA or SD and get Fernandos 26' Shamrock for around $450 a day at the island or 4 miles from the Marina if the larger fish are not thick as they have been...
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    12 yr old girl and +600 lb Bluefin I was in Antogonish today and saw a boat with 3 130 setups ready to fish... wind was doing at least 30 kts.
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    Did Lora get his 30' Cat to PV yet?

    Anyone fished on it?
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    Nov 1-7 PV

    We had a good day on Nov 1 near the island with YF in the 120-140 class and a large sail, but our other 3 days were very slow. I think the hot dirty water temps are keeping them deep, but who knows?
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    Is parking a BMW at the TJ airport...

    for a week an insane idea? any bad experiences? any idea on cost per day? any place better? Thanks
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    Has Lora changed his cell number?

    I have been calling 011 521 322 133 3999 for days with a busy signal Anyone know if he has a new number? Thanks
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    Suggestions on where to Jig bait in San Carlos-Mainland?

    None of the locals use sabiki's for livebait that I can tell. Most cast nets trying for small lisa. Thinking I will try under the boats moored in the bay, but its only about 10' deep there and I think I'd probably do better in some of the deeper holes. Any suggestions where to look? Thanks
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    Best marina and boat staorage in PV?

    Would like to store my 22 Seacat in PV on its trailer this spring and would like some tips on how best to go I am assuming the the old marina still is the best way to go if I dont keep a vehicle there and need these: a steep ramp. bait and fuel to buy, reasonable slips by the week hotel...
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    Prolite 22

    This looked like a cheap new boat option that might be a good Baja Trailer boat. 4.3 MPG with a 175 Suzuki. Links and info in thread. Prolite 22- details please - The Hull Truth not affiliated.
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    387 lbs? Came accross this video. Capain assisted with hand lining and you can't really see fish that well, no certified scale, blah, blah, but I thought you guys might enjoy the video for what it is. YouTube - 387 plus lbs Yellowfin tuna definitely the new world record
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    Temp vs tuna food in PV

    I don't know if anyone can answer this, but ask these 3 questions: What is the ideal water temperatures in PV for large tuna fishing and the presence of fin baits like choras that they will start hitting? When the water is cooler than that, are red crabs and shrimp more prevalent? When its...
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    Unleaded Gas $1.99 today in Tucson

    Filled up in Oxnard at $2.93, almost $1 cheaper same day in Tucson. :madfire:
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    Cheap new project hulls

    Fyi, I priced a new W26 with the console recently at $4500 USD, no sales tax, delivered to the border and the 33 footer runs around $9700 if anyone in interested. I didn't quote the T25's or the W22's, but without consoles, I imagine they are a lot cheaper. Something to park in Baja? Since...
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    If I was shopping one, I would want it quoted with bulkheads to go with the foam under the decks and a forward sportcabin, but at $50K for a 27 footer CC, with twin 115's this is a factory direct deal IMO. Its a stretched tv27 with higher sides. Americat Vid - The Hull Truth They will do 53...
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    25' New Pilothouse packages for $49K

    You might want to compare one of these to other PH's when you go shopping. Guys like em on the east coast 2009 May-Craft 2550 Pilothouse Cabin With 1 Photos On
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    Is Perris Lake as good as the fish reports make it sound?

    Thinking about buying a house near Perris. Any BDr's fish there?
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    EPIRB's + PV ?

    Do EPIRB's work in PV? Anyone hear of a rescue attributed to having one in this area lately? How about Personal Beacons?
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    Gas /Diesel Pemex Road Prices 1/12/09

    Thought I would quote this as I am in Mexico Pesos to dlls 13.51/13.91 Banamex Pemex Fuel prices 7.72 pesos p liter Magna Unleaded 7.43 pesos p liter Diesel So if you went to the bank, bought pesos, then bought fuel you paid Magna $2.17 USD/Gallon Diesel $2.08 USD/Gallon
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    La Playita Marina, SJ de Cabos

    I own a trailer boat and was wondering if anyone knows if : Marina La Playita at SJ Cabos has a web site?? Are slips available for daily rent, fees? Is there a Ramp, ramp fees? Any problem with Sandbars? Is there a dry storage yard that is far enough from the beach that it is somewhat safe from...
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    Avet, move over.

    Man uses Barbie fishing rod to make record catch 16 minutes ago ELKIN, N.C. - David Hayes' granddaughter just ask him to hold her Barbie rod and reel while she went to the bathroom. He did. And seconds later he landed the state record channel catfish at 21 pounds, 1 ounce. Alyssa's father...
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    1229.5 Blue taken yesterday in NC

    Pirates Cove, Outer Banks, New State record Pirates Cove 1000+ - Boating & Fishing Information and Reports Forum - FairWeather Looks like someone already posted this, but this link has some pics. My bad.
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    Zigzag PV July 3-6th

    Dave and Gene reported a great trip taking from 8-17 tuna a day in the 40-60 lb class 12 miles west of Corbetena, all on feathers. Said they left them biting every day.
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    Mexican Fuel Prices will hold steady

    Presidente Calderon announced a stimulus package with 19 incentives today and among them was the announcement that gas, lp and deisel will continue to stay at current price levels of $2.45 and 2.25 USD per gallon. There have been a lot of rumors flying, so the announcement today is great news...
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    Business outlook for mexico fishing tourism

    I have heard that business is off by 50-60% for the panga guys in San Jose de Cabos and here in PV, deckhands are offering to work for fish to take home. Sounds like gas prices and the lack of fish is affecting the infrastructure we depend on in these fly-in resorts. The general Mexican...
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    PV 5/23

    Fished el banco from 8 am to 3 pm for 2 small 15 lb tuna on the ZigZag. Bigger models were jumping around us all day, up to about 75 lbs, but it was frustrating not to be able to get them bite more often. No strikes on caballitos or sardines. One fish was taken on a daisy chain and the other on...
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    fastest kyak out there?

    Fyi, check out the video | Home of The Flyak
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    Presidente Calderon made the much awaited announcement on TV last night that his party is sending new legislation to the coalition congress for passage or denial to allow foreign investment in Pemex. He would like investors to provide funds and technology to reach deep deposits in the Gulf of...
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    El Boleo Mine-Santa Rosalia

    Big copper mine going in just north of Santa Rosalia near the highway. $500m in funding. Trucks and land movers are moving dirt so keep an eye out as they have broken ground. Sounds like an open pit extraction. This will help the infrastructure with an infusion of cash, but will probably...
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    How can we replace a generator on a boat in PV?

    Does anyone know how you can get a new unit into Mexico on a 10 temporary import at the border to not pay a broker or the sales tax? The old unit on the boat needs replacement.
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    Baja danger story on Yahoo

    Previous stories on boards like BD making it to the national news wires. Quoted from Yahoo, 1/5/08. PLAYAS DE ROSARITO, Mexico - Assaults on American tourists have brought hard times to hotels and restaurants that dot Mexican beaches just south of the border from San Diego. Surfers and...
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    Catching, storing and using live squid ?

    Would like to try to catch squid at night (or day if possible) at the rock to use as live bait on the drift, and I have zero experience with them. Will they stay alive in a 5 gallon bucket or covered tuna tube? Is there a lure that will do less damage to them? Any tips on handling them- do...
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    Big long range cow

    fyi Boating & Fishing Forum - Possible world record YFT. Taped out at 381lbs
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    Cell phone antennas and signal boosters on boats in PV???

    Has anyone got an external cell phone antenna or signal booster on their boat in PV? Can you call and recieve calls at the rock? el banco? Thanks
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    Captain Lora in PV has open dates for his new boat

    Just in case some of you guys are looking for a boat in the busy season or following year, I thought I would give you a heads up on where to find a new boat that is offering a great value on offshore and inshore charters. Loras all new 28' Super panga has twin 115 four strokes that will push...
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    Fatter hook shanks for heavy drags?

    We pulled 2 circles hooks (7/0 super matu and a 12/0 mustad ) using 28-35 lbs of drag on cows after fights of 20 and 35 minutes at the rock last Saturday. The different hook sizes were selected for ojotone and bullet baits, and in both cases, more drag would have helped to gain back line. Does...
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    Nov 4 at the Rock

    Lots of boats and nice dorado around. Chorras were not easy to make, and by 2 pm none of the 12 or so boats had a tuna. Didn't see any around either so we decided to make it an early day, figuring they might show after 5 pm. Kurts new Grady es muy padre and we had a great day. He took all...
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    Things sound a little slow offshore PV: T/F?

    The crystal ball says there is a lot of bait in the water and that its been hard to get em to bite. Are you guys averaging a tuna per day per boat right now?
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    PV: My wife wants to know....

    Ok, I know I am gonna get ripped on this one, but please be gentle. Are there any good places to go dancing in PV for old geezers in their 50's around PV ?????? Have rig, can travel.
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    Is their a Sticky for Boats and Lodging in Cabos???

    Did a search. Does thread this exist on BD? Thanks
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    PV tuna releases

    I would encourge everyone to think about realeasing some tuna after they have taken their share. I don't want want this post to come off sounding the wrong way, but its just so easy to get carried away when the fishing gets hot. Thanks for your consideration.
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    PV Resturaunts

    I was hoping we could help put together a list of the Resturants in PV that are currently a good deal. I see the stuff for Mita, but a PV list would be helpfull. I would recommend Fajita Banana - Nuevo Vallarta Raccon Taco Place close to Candy's Pipi's - downtown PV The Happy Lobster-...
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    Tropical Storm Henrietta

    The Mexican government just issued a Tropical storm warning for Manzanillo. The storm is located about 275 miles south of PV at 3 pm on Friday, moving WNW at about 10 mph. Some maps show it farther offshore than others but they are talking 35-45 knot winds and seas to 14 feet, and that it is...
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    rock 15,16

    7 dorado on the 15th all on lures no love on anything today the 16th even though we explored and found a large school of spinner dolphin in 90 degree water- they had some skippies with them but still no sign of major skippy schools or more than a boil or two all day on yft.
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    Rock 8/13

    Fishing was very slow at the rock yesterday. Didn't see any boats hooked up and the spanish radio chatter indicated that the fishing there was also slow on sunday. Around 9 boats there. None of the caballitios boats showed up in the morning at the PV main marina. Lots of mud where they...
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    200 lb Sword/14' Tinney

    This guy's rod combo's are worth more than his boat but he's got balls. Probably an ex kayaker that decided to move up. OutdoorsBest Forums: 7/22: 200+ lb Swordfish in Skiff
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    PV tournament bait sellers in Nv Marina??

    Were you guys able to get some of the bait sellers to come over the the NV marina for the tournament last year? Will there be enough boats in NV to make this atttractive for them this year?
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    Catching skippies while trolling live skippies?

    Has anyone found a trolling lure that will catch skippies/choras in close the same time you are slow trolling farther back for marlin or cows?
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    PV Marina Fuel Prices?

    Can anyone remember what they are paying for deisel and gas at the Opeqmar station? Thanks
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    180 PV YFT last week?

    Anyone see this fish? PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO: Danny Quinonez of PV Marlin Sportfishing said the Puerto Vallarta charter boat Lorena found steady offshore release action for sailfish and some striped marlin last week, plus some dorado of 20-plus pounds, a blue marlin seen but not hooked, and a...
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    Rodney lives on..

    You may have seen these... but it is worth the laugh!! WE MISS RODNEY DANGERFIELD, BECAUSE . . .. My wife only has sex with me for a purpose. Last night she used me to time an egg. It's tough to stay married. My wife kisses the dog on the lips, yet she won't drink from my glass! Last...
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    Quantum Aruba-new cow reel?

    I grabbed this post off of another forum. ANYONE USED THESE? THEY SOUND GOOD COMAPRED TO THE AVET AND TIAGRA 50'S. Here's another good choice the new Quantum Aruba 30 series offshore reels ...... You can see in the chart below the ALD30WPT has the same line capacity as the Tiagra 50A and...
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    LAX-PVR $417 8/17-8/20

    Us Airways, through Yahoo! Travel, through Phoenix for the BD Tuna tournament
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    The Rock May 24 & 25

    After nothing at the rock and beyond on the 24th we looked at going 30 miles north of mita to fish warmer water over the sand in front of Guayabitas, but we decided to return to the rock as some 30-70 lb yfts were jumping that afternoon. So it was hard to convince ourselves to leave fish at a...
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    PV Inshore??

    Anything around in close?
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    Predictions on fishing in PV May 24-27th

    Sounds like a lot of people are planning to be in PV next week. Do you locals think the fishing will be any good? Thanks
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    Internet places in main marina PV?

    Anyone know of an internet place with a color printer near the main marina in PV?
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    Spin casting jigs

    I am only throwing about 60 yards using 3 oz jigs with a 7' one piece hard action rod matched with a spheros 14000A large spinning reel loaded up with 60 and 80 spectra. I would love to see another 20 yards and am thinking of buying a 9' jig rod and going to heavier 4-6 oz jigs. Any tips or...
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    Dumb bait questons

    Last November we stayed out at el banco one night and caught some snappers and larger jacks on a jig and some bait, but didn't have enough skipjacks to get a good chunk going. We were beat and hungry so no one fished that much. 4 questions: Has anyone had luck catching bait like...
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    Las Marrietas-where and what is legal???

    Can one anchor at night using them to block the wind and swell to sleep better on board? Anyone know if there are designated areas where anchoring is legal or how close you can get? Specifics would be great. Thanks
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    Getting licences in PV

    Where is the office located that sells individual and boat fishing licenses in PV? Never been to this one. Thanks
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    How's the PV turn out??

    Lots of people in town??
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    Targeting wahoo

    No one that I know of in Mexico targets wahoo specifically like they do trolling fast in the gulf and in the carribiean. Here is a link to gear setups, very fast trolling speeds, etc, if anyone is interested. Consistant tournament wins from what I hear from other uninterested sources too. Wahoo...
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    New Mx gas discount annonced

    Pres. Calderon was on TV 2 days ago anouncing a gas subsidy for commercial fisherman. I believe its now 1 peso per liter cheaper for diesel and 2 pesos for gas, which is a sizable discount against the 5.08 and $6.40 normal roadside price. I don't know the requirements, but it might pay the...
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    Best small boat for PV?

    Been looking around at some different trailer boats for PV that are larger than my 20' CC that is beating me up. Kinda torn better a go fast CC and a Pilothouse. I am trying to stay under $50K and am looking at Fountain 31 with twin 225 OB-cruise 45 Parker 25' deep vee with a sportcabin and...
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    Line Holders on rod holders

    I have been using $8 Cannon downrigger clips to hold and release mono and spectra lines at the reel. The adjustable clips work on very small to very large live baits with light pressure, and you can leave the reels on freespool with just the clickers on when trolling. Its location at the...
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    Mono to FC

    fyi Seaguar
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    Mono or spectra for Avet 50W's?

    I have 5 of the ProEx 50w rigged with 500-600 yds 130 lb spectra+ 20' of 120 flourocarbon and I am thinking of going back to straight 100 lb mono. I like the thin spectra when drifting with small live baits as there is less line drag to poop em out and they get farther away from my boat, but...
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    Barra Tourney Results?

    I have heard so many contradictions all ready that it makes me wonder who is in charge. 1st rumor- largest fish 1st day 66 lb marlin, and it was weighed, while a non participant releases a 370 Blue. Then I hear a 270 lb won the 2 day event, with rumors of some cows. Anyone have the...
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    Small tuna rig option

    Keeping small bullets alive longer on the hook when trolling is possible if you use a smaller thin hook up through their nose, instead of bridling with cord through the eyes. Regular 1/16" dia galvnaized fencing wire from home depot area was used here and this rig was fished for 5 days. The...
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    Homemade tuna tubes

    I have gotten some email requests for photos, so I thought I would post them. These are the TTubes in the other thread I was talking about with the small bottom orfice (1/2") that I have had good luck keeping candies and big skippies alive in all day with 200 gph of water flow. They measure...
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    Tuna tubes what you need to know

    When fishing in PV, I have used the 6 pac tuna tubes sold by livebaitlarry on 2 different boats and have found that the small bullet tuna don't last in them for any time at all. I have some homemade tubes on my boat that each get 400 gph through a 1/2" ID nipple, and in these, even the small...
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    They're not Cows, they're Bulls, and they are cool to harvest

    According to this article, large pacific yellowfins over 200 lbs are predominitely males, and over 6 years old. He goes on to say that most females "dissapear?" at 3.5 years of age. I believe that most tuna need to be around +72" to reach 200 lbs, and more likely Bulls than Cows if you believe...
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    Barra Marina Info

    A couple of people asked me to inquire what they are charging at the 200 slip marina at the Grand Bay Hotel in Barra de Navidad. I was told that monthly rentals run $12 per foot a month. The marina is currently about 60% full. The main channel got down to 7 feet deep on the full moon minus...
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    Barra Longliners

    Just back from 15 days in Barra de Navidad. I counted 35 boats set up to target dorados, sails, marlin, turtles, each running 260 hooks with live and dead baits. It looked like they were averaging about 15 dodos a day, 3 sails and the odd marlin. Turtles were kept under wraps, or they are...
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    Lets name Josh's new Cabo

    You're bored, I'm bored, but Conquistador just won't do. So here goes with my contribution... Screamen Seamen
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    Article on trolling live skipjack

    Good article by Peter Wright on trolling live skipjack for those that are interested Marlin - The Mighty Skipjack
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    Thanksgiving in PV?

    I will be in town for a week, and was just wondering how many other BD'ers will fishing on their vacation too.?
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    2007 Manzanillo Tournament Dates/rules

    Some of you asked, here's the dope. Torneo de Pesca - Manzanillo The one in Barra is the 20-22 of Jan but you don't win cars for fish like you do in Manzanillo.
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    Furuno Gillnet Pingers

    They say they are for warding off dolphin.
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    New Gas Station in Nuevo Vallarta Marina?

    I heard from a friend that this is now under construction- can anyone confirm?
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    PV Grander Photos

    Has anyone weighed a grander, or a near grander with a scale in PV, and taken a picture? Anyone know what the largest one weighed in PV was? Anyone have data for the largest blue, black, stripe, sail, tuna, dorado, pargo, jack and shark ever caught in PV? Thanks
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    THT Thread on Bisbee-Estimating weights

    This thread kind of got carried away on the THT, then Chris (Finseeker)started to post some photos of some pig Marlin caught in Brazil. so I thought you all might enjoy the pics as much or more than the written content. Boating & Fishing Forum - $3.9 million tournament win in Cabos
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    Economical Digital Camera for the boat?

    Looking for something small, economical and tough(temperature range-bounceable-water resistant) to store in a ziplock and take fish pictures at boatside. Wondering if the Olympus Stylus series can be had for around $150? Has to be store bought, no time to internet. Thanks
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    What's Wiigglin at the Wock?

    Need a new fix from PV. I'm begging now.:Smoke_Emo
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    Captain caught shooting at dolphins in Fl.

    #06-513: 08-08-06 Florida Charter Boat Captain Pleads Guilty to Shooting at Dolphins
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    El Ni

    Do any of you have a better idea what is likely to happen with our fish runs for the rest of this year? Are the dorado and tuna still on the chew in good numbers in SD? Are they staring to move back farther south or north? Josh is commenting that the south current is starting to run with...
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    Shipwrecked mexican sailors rumor #2782387643

    Fyi, lots of talk going around Mexico now that the Panga guys that were out at sea for 9 months was just a ruse spun by the Pan canidate Filipe Calderon in the last days before the election. Felipes brother in law was accused of recieving some juicy energy contracts from Felipe, and Calderons...
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    fish x hour

    I am wondering if Huatultco is the best place to catch more tuna, dorado and billfish per hour, for more months out of the year? I hear rumors that the Oaxaca tuna flete is keying on this area, but that there are still a lot of small to medium fish close to shore. I don't mind if they aren't...
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    Slow trolling with scent?

    On the east coast, tournament guys will set up a a disposable blood drip bag with menhadden oil to drip in front of thier meat or lures when trolling to entice more bites. Anyone tried something similar in PV or other pacific ports?
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    Catching live bait in the day??

    Has anyone found a way to catch, and not cast net for baits in the daylight hours? I assume they go deeper and am wanting to know if plain sabikis or sabikis with bait(squid?) will work? Will a tube dropped down with chum help to get them excited? Do they go really deep? We have goggle...
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    Can you catch bait fish at noon?

    Has anyone found a way to catch, and not cast net for baits in the daylight hours? I assume they go deeper and am wanting to know if plain sabikis or sabikis with bait(squid?) will work? Will a tube dropped down with chum help to get them excited? Do they go really deep? We have goggle eyes...
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    HFG Tourney Results?

    So who won? Is it really true that some of the lifeless cows brought in had some extra gaff marks and freezer burn on them? Detalles por favor
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    Barra Report 9/24-9/29

    Sorry no pics. Fished 4 days out of six, 7 hrs per day 1 250 lb blue caught(rough estimate) released, 1 mile out from northern point.(3 other jumpers seen, nothing big), 1 sail released (65 lbs) 3 jumpers seen, all average around 70 lbs 19 dodos 5-30 lb taken for the freezer (all on...
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    I was about to buy a couple of the EAL marlin trolling lures with the batteries and crying baby sounds as I know these work, but Chark is pushing these magnetised XLures pretty hard as these next best thing next to a $1000 bill at Candy's. The Eal's are $200 and these are $100 + hooks, so my...
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    My new ride

    This guy helped me to set it up especially for the Rock. Special thanks to Team Notorious for their great ideas.:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy
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    Is the kite also good for Marlin?

    I know that tuna and sails fail prey to kite fishing, but I never hear of marlin or dorado falling victum. Is kite fishing near as effective a trolling plugs and live bait over structure for Marlin? Do you rig or bait any different? Thanks
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    800 lb bf

    hope you guys can view this.
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    Tres Marias ??

    Is their any structure out by the 3 Marias chain beyond El Banco that is legal to fish? Is there a good structure of the north side of the closest island that might hold tuna within the off limits? If you are inside their off limits, do they use more than one boat to chase you down? In...
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    Circle Hooks, Tournaments, NMFS ruling

    FYI and Comment. From NMFS website: "NMFS is preferring two alternatives to reduce the post-release mortality of billfish associated with the directed billfish fishery. The first preferred alternative would require the use of non-offset circle hooks by HMS permitted vessels in billfish...
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    Que paso con la pesca en PV?

    Awfully quiet down there. Detalles por favor.
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    Map Chips for PV?

    Is there anything that zooms in on PV that's worth it? I have a Garmin 2010C coming with a boat from the east coast and need to get this bought if you guys think its worth it. Thanks.
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    10 yeaar boat permits

    I would like to know if you can still import sport fishing boats and trailers boats into Mexico on a 10 year permit? Is this open to just american's? Is there a link that gives some info? Do you have to use a broker? Is a bill of sale and title enough or do you also need a current...
  118. B

    Areo California Sale

    My wife picked up some 1/2 price tickets yesterday, Hermosillo to Guadalajara. I didn't get details, but these sales may include international flights, and only last a few days twice a year. Hope you guys can score.
  119. B

    Does Anyone know??

    The name and or phone number of the company that makes pangas in Mazatlan? Thanks
  120. B

    2 more Marinas near Mita?

    The marina development in La Cruz is in full swing and I now hear that a new Marina is going in a the new mega housing development just north of Punta Mita. Can anyone confirm the rumor?
  121. B

    7/1 Rock Report

    Had beatiful water, but didn't meter or see any tuna or billfish all day. My meter was showing 89.6 degrees in the marina areas and 87 degrees out at the rock. Lots of flying fish in the bay but no love.Lots of bait at the rock. Lots of turtles (50+) and floating wood but didn't see one dodo...
  122. B

    Do you now sell live bait?

    Catherine/Josh/Lora I will be down to fish the 1-4th of July and am wondering if I can order 12 live cabbies a day from you. Would order more, but my livewell is small. Thanks. Jeff Genge San Luis Potosi [email protected]
  123. B

    Avet Pro 50IIW Rant

    Well, As a proud owner of 3 new 50's I am a little disturbed after reading a recent thread, and testing my reels to verify this info. As Alan pointed out: The lack of grease in the screw holds and inner facings will not help the fight against salt water corrosion. Two, with sealed bearings...
  124. B

    PV Seiners Gone?

    Does anyone know if these bad boys have left the rock? I want to make reservations to go in 10 days. Thanks
  125. B

    Fishing Predictions-PV June 24-30th?

    Trying to get a few days away in PV, and I am wondering on how the fishing is, or will be during the new moon period at the end of June. Any predictions?
  126. B

    PV Marlin Pics?

    We have heaerd lots of reports from Captains Josh, Kurt, Dhamer, and Moll about monster marlin, but where are the pic's of these huge fish? For some reason Visa will not approve my airfare without these shots. Thanks
  127. B

    Roosters/Hardtails at Mita during summer months too?

    Are they around inshore june-Nov? Hardtail (little green jacks) baits too? Thanks
  128. B

    Do Sabikkis work on offshore structure?

    Do you LR guys ever get asked to catch bait in predawn hours over structure in Mexico? I would like to run out early to the Corbetena Rock from Punta Mita and am hoping that the sabikiis will catch bait my fish finder is marking there in 60-150 feet of water. Thanks
  129. B

    PV Tackle Questions

    I have equipped my self with the following gear to fish this summer and fall out of my 20' CC that I leave in PV. Slow trolling, drifting bait, kite and helium 3 Avet ProEx50W 2 speeds on all roller XH rods with 700 yards of 130 lb spectra and 20' of 130 lb FC leaders SFE Kite, 70 ft3 helium...
  130. B

    PV Sharks?

    Josh, Just wondering if anyone tries for Makos or Threasers in the warm waters of PV? Would these be a possible other when the tuna aren't around? Thanks
  131. B

    Punta Mita Caballitos??

    Just wondering if there are any spots closer to Mita where Caballitos can be sabikied from June to Jan? Its a long run back and forth to the marina areas in my little boat. Thanks for your help.
  132. B

    PV Charter rates and costs

    <TABLE style="WIDTH: 167pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=223 border=0 x:str><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 107pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 5229" width=143><COL style="WIDTH: 60pt" width=80><TBODY><TR style="HEIGHT: 12.75pt" height=17><TD...
  133. B

    Best gloves for Spectra?

    The $30 kevlar reinforced fishing gloves (Plaegic and Blue Fever) that I see on the net all leave the fingers and thumb bare with no protection from 50-130 lb spectra that can cut em, or cut them off. I am currently using a pair of $7 kid leather gloves to palm the spool and guide the line as...
  134. B

    Tuna Radar in PV?

    Just wondering if any of the larger craft in PV use +6K color radar to spot bird activity over fish with any success? Thanks
  135. B

    Rubber Fly'n Fish Tips

    I thought this article might interest some of you.
  136. B

    Pro 50 EXW or Narrow?

    I have a Pro 50 EXW 11 and need two more reels. I will probably buy 2 more of the same model to standardize, but the wide has a mile of line on it, and looks like it would take another. After 700 yards, I don't really see the point with all that drag to stop em. I have no problem handing 40...
  137. B

    Hanging tag lines for kites??

    When fishing a kite for tuna, I am wondering if a long tag line with a roller roller clip hanging from a loop in the kite line down 30 feet closer to the water might be a help in hooking more fish, before they drop the bait. With a high kite a long ways out, there is a lot of slack in the...
  138. B

    Avet Pro Ex 30W 2 sp Questions

    Weight?? 135 lb spectra reel capacity?? Cranking power: how does compare to the 50W. Will the 30 avet crank the same as the 50W? Penns 30's have great drag, but don't compare to the 50's or 80's when it comes to cranking up circlcling tuna. Same with the Avet?? Drag: is max freespool drag...
  139. B

    Long time, no reports

    Since our trip ending Feb 13th, haven't heard a peep out of the boys. I know Shrek, Lora, and the merry gang had a few charters scheduled, and am jonesing to know if there is anything going on. In other words, What's Clicken Chickens?????
  140. B

    Bar Level Winds for Wide Big Reels

    When using any 50 wide with a lots of drag, keeping the reel steady while cranking is hard, especially when you have to use your free hand to guide line. Using spectra, gloves are also necessary to keep from cutting yourself on the line, and these are uncomfortable in hot humid weather...
  141. B

    Catching Squid-Using Live Squid

    Couple of questions, if anyone knows. What is the best Squid jig to use if you hope to catch and keep small squid for live bait in Mexican waters? Can you use a squid jig as the weight on the bottom of a sabiki rig to catch wwhat you see on the fish finder-fish or squid? Can the squid go...
  142. B

    Making Bait

    We had a hard time making bait in PV at the beginning of Feb, fishing at nite, in the dark early morning at the drop off in Vallarta. Ended up cast netting Sardines in anclote, catching hard tails along the beach and buying caballitos. But out at the rock, I saw ball after ball of bait...
  143. B

    Anyone seen this yak?

    Off of another forum
  144. B

    Best Route to the rock?

    Do you go south or north of the 3 Marias when going to Corbetena from the Paridise marina in a small 20' boat?
  145. B

    PV Poppers???

    What is considered the best high tech weenie popper for yfts in PV? Yozuri?? Fenzies?? Colors?? Grassyass
  146. B

    Homemade Mexican tuna tubes

    Saw some interst in tuna tubes. These normally are real expensive, but this setup cost me under $150 to do including pumps. Sorry about the link, but I haven't tried to post pictures here.
  147. B

    Detailed Bathometric Charts for PV?

    I have the Mexican batho map for Manzanillo to Los Cabos, but and wondering if there is a source for something that has more detail, like the ones for the Cabos area? Thanks for your help.
  148. B

    Daisy's versus Spreader Bars

    Daisy's are a lot easier to run than SB, but do they work as well in PV or on Long Range boats for yfts? Anyone tried both at the same time? What go bit more often? Thanks
  149. B

    Hootchie daisy chains for catching multiple skipjacks

    Does anyone have a photo of this rig, or a description of how to tie em up? Thanks
  150. B

    Braid vs Smitty Harness

    Can anyone recommend a Smitty Harness over the Braid Harness for heavy standup.Its advertised as light weight which would be a plus as I only fish in Mexico. I tried a Braid heavy harness, didn´t like how it fit me, and find it rides up. As I live...
  151. B

    Crashing tuna, no strikes, what to do?

    Hearing a lot of reports of seeing a lot of tuna feeding hard, and no strikes on the baits, large and small. This prompts some pretty dumb questions from me, but I hope you guys will chip in to enlighten me. Thanks Can extra small sardines be cast netted in the surf near Mita, and used for...
  152. B

    Josh, what is an EAL Marlin Lure?

    You mention this as a great Marlin lure. What does EAL stand for?