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  1. tresbien

    March Full Day out of Ventura?

    Hi guys, I can’t swing any overnight trips for the rockfish opener but wanted to get some insight on a 4am to 4pm trip out of Ventura Sportfishing. Is the full day rock fishing up in Ventura worth it or is hitting an overnight and fishing the Channel Islands the best way to do it? I haven’t...
  2. tresbien

    Can’t Find A GG 270H-8’

    Hi BD fellas I have been looking for a solid 25# stick that can be used for both local bottom fishing and island yellowtail. I have been using a Calstar 870 but would like something with some more backbone. Can I get some recommendations? I would prefer either Calstar or United Composites, but...
  3. tresbien

    Small 2 Speed 30/40 Reel Recommendations

    Hi Guys, I am looking to buy a small 2 speed lever drag reel for a Tilefish Jr for live bait fishing. I have heard plenty of people’s opinion about how a star drag is a better option than a small 2 speed. Honestly after fishing the Penn Fathoms for several seasons I am kind of set on buying a...
  4. tresbien

    Jigs for Catalina Rockfish

    Hi gang, Hoping to slide out to Catalina on the pursuit on Monday. Any advice on jigs for rockfish? I have plenty of yo-yo jigs, snipers and flat falls. These should be fine but thought I would ask. Any advice or insight would be great! Matt
  5. tresbien

    Rod Advice for 20#~25# Duty

    Hi guys, Quick background to this question... I have spent a lot of time offshore the last several years and several years ago. I am looking for a multipurpose rod that I can fish 20# to 25# on. I plan on doing more Local 3/4 day and full day trips out of OC for a verity Of game fish during...
  6. tresbien

    Calstar GG 270H 8’

    Hi guys Looking to buy a Calstar GG 270H 8’. If anyone has one of these laying around that they are will to part ways with please let me know! Matt
  7. tresbien

    Berth 55 Local 3/4 Day Gear?

    Hi guys I am doing a local 3/4 day out of Berth 55 this coming week. I saw mostly rockfish in the count and was wondering if they are fishing shallow or deep? I would assume 30# test should be ok. Any advice or gear recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Matt
  8. tresbien

    UC 76 Raptor

    Hi Folks, Going to Guadalupe on a 6 day trip in mid September. I was wondering if anyone had a used UC 76 Raptor they are willing to part ways with. Does not need to be pristine just looking for a solid 60# rod I can lay on the rail in the event the tuna are chewing the heavier string. I...
  9. tresbien

    50# / 60# Guadalupe Set Up?

    Hi guys and gals, I am going on a trip to Guadalupe in the beginning of September and only have a couple 50# to 80# set ups... Ive been reading some of the recent reports from the RP and Shogun from Guadalupe. Sounds like 50# / 60# is the ticket for success for tuna from 50# to 100+. I...
  10. tresbien

    Talica 16II or Talica 20II

    Hey Guys and Gals, Looking to buy a Talica 16 II or a Talica 20 II. Was planning on matching it with a UC 76 Predator I own for fishing Guadalupe in September. I don't have any preference if its got braid or not just looking for a Talica 16II or 20II. Thanks for your help! Matt
  11. tresbien

    6 Day to Gaudalupe or 7 Days the the Ridge / Alijos

    any ideas? i love fishing tuna i love fishing yellowtail too please give me insight to a 6 to Guadalupe vs a 7 to Alijos in mid september
  12. tresbien

    Shogun 6 Day in September Questions?

    Hey Guys and Gals, I am looking at booking a 6 day on the Shogun leaving 9/9/19 returning 9/15/19. I have never fished the boat, never fished a traditional "Long Range", and never been to Guadalupe or the Ridge... This fishing trip would be my bachelors weekend trip to and by myself to...
  13. tresbien

    Calstar 875 XH

    Hey Guys and Gals, Looking for a Calstar 875 XH if you have something newer you are willing to part ways with let me know! Thanks BD Community! Matt
  14. tresbien

    Chief 3, 3.5 and 4 Day "Baja Coast Trips"?

    Hey had a question for you guys. I know the Mexican Government had created a biosphere protecting islands from fishing and hadn't heard anything about the ban being lifted. The Chief is offering longer Baja Coast trips in the Fall and purchasing a Biosphere Bracelet would be a requirement...
  15. tresbien

    UC Tilefish 40# vs 50# Recommendation

    Hi guys and gals, I have been fishing my Tilefish at 40# on a JX Raptor with 65# braid and a short topshot at about 13# of drag on a scale... but have read that was designed for 50# and it can fish 50# no problem? I have only caught schoolie BFT on it fly lining sardines and smaller YFT on...
  16. tresbien

    Has anyone fished with Cabo San Lucas Charters?

    Was thinking of booking a panga? any suggestions would be appreciated! I am going to be down there in February and looking to fish either the 18th or the 19th Matt
  17. tresbien

    Cabo San Lucas Charters?

    Has anyone fished with Cabo San Lucas Charters? Was thinking of booking a panga? any suggestions would be appreciated! I am going to be down there in February and looking to fish wither the 18th or the 19th Matt
  18. tresbien

    Looking to Fish Cabo Feb 17th to the 20th

    Hi Guys and Gals, I was curious if anyone could recommend me a charter for me and my lady out of Cabo She knows i like to fish and she enjoys being on the water Any advice on a charter? Matt
  19. tresbien

    Fishing Cabo 17th to 20th

    Hi Guys and Gals, I was curious if anyone could recommend me a charter for me and my lady out of Cabo She knows i like to fish and she enjoys being on the water Any advice on a charter? Matt
  20. tresbien

    Reel For UC CP 70HF

    Hey Guys and Gals, Looking for a reel to pair with a UC CP 70HF (30-50). The rod feels like it can fish 50# and was planning on using it for for live bait only at heavy 40# or light 50# for SoCal Offshore and Islands and San Diego up to 4 days. I like my Penn Fathoms and was leaning towards...
  21. tresbien

    GF 800 XLH vs GF 800L

    Looking for an 8' rod to fish live bait with for 20# work. I have been fishing a Calstar WC 870 but am looking to branch out. Can anyone give me insight between the two GF rods? I would assume the 800L would be a little heavier than the 800 XLH... but am looking for an 8' rod I can cast small...
  22. tresbien

    Calstar GF 800 XLH

    Hey Guys and Gals, Looking to buy a Calstar Grafighter 800 XLH for 20# work in decent to newer condition. If you have one that you are willing to part with let me know! Matt
  23. tresbien

    Looking for a Calstar GF 800L

    Hi Folks, Im looking for a not abused Calstar GF 800L. If anyone has one that they are willing to part with please let me know! Matt
  24. tresbien

    Love the Liberty...........

    Love this boat....
  25. tresbien

    9' Jig Stick Advice

    Hi Guys, I spoke with quite a few guys on the boats about a rod for surface iron a few years ago and they all told me to start with an 8 footer to see if I would like the idea of throwing iron to begin with. I have an 8' CE UC Wahoo (40 - 60) that I bought from a member for surface iron. The...
  26. tresbien

    8/3 Coronados Fisherman III

    I went fishing with my girlfriend on the Fisherman III on Friday 8/3 at the Coronados. Fishing was pretty good we caught about 40 yellowtail, 2 small bluefin and some calico bass. Most were small, between 5 to 10 pounds. Schools were found using sonar and trolling feathers and rapalas. We...
  27. tresbien

    Fathom 25N LD2 for CE 80 Wahoo

    Hi Guys and Gals, I have a UC CE 80 Wahoo Rated (40 - 60). I initially bought this rod as a surface iron stick but didn't like how it casted Tady 45's and Salas 7X's. I am going to make this a 40# bait rod on a Penn Fathom 25N LD2. The rod is very parabolic and was planning on spooling the...
  28. tresbien

    Hollow to Mono Connections??

    Hi Guys, I was curious if I cant splice a hollowcore connection on a boat if I can just tie a Bob Sands knot for hollow to fluorocarbon connection? A Guy at Turners seemed to think it was okay and I have only fished with solid braid so don't have any experience. I am going to have a tackle...
  29. tresbien

    80# Reel Advice

    Hi guys and gals my name is Matt New to posting on the long range forum but cant wait to get a taste next summer! I am doing my longest trip to date coming up in August on the Constitution for 4.5 days. I am planning on going on a 7 or 8 day trip next summer / fall and am trying to fill the...
  30. tresbien

    Seeker... SS vs SSR

    Stupid question but gotta ask.... Whats the difference between a Super Seeker and a Seeker Specialty Rod? Haven't found much info on BD or on the web. Can anyone enlighten me on the difference between the two? Thanks again fellas! Matt
  31. tresbien

    Braid Recomendations for Fathom 25N LD 2

    Hi Guys was thinking of spooling my Fathom 25N with 60# Seaguar Threadlock to the brim and fish short top shots of 40# for live bait. I am hoping to get >300 yards of braid the the reel... Has anyone else used Threadlock on their Fathom 25N? If so, what kind of capacity did you get? Thanks...
  32. tresbien

    40# Reel Advice

    Hey all, I have a UC CE 800 Wahoo rated (40 - 60) and was planning on using it for surface iron but after last season decided I don't really care for it for irons, the rod doesn't quite load up how I would like it... I am going to make it a 40# live bait rod and have a trini 20a that I had...
  33. tresbien

    6/7 Sea Adventure 80 2.5 day

    Anyone else on this trip?
  34. tresbien

    Makaira 16 II SEa

    Hi Guys, Looking to buy a Lightly Used Mak 16 SEa... Planning on putting it on a Cousins Rail Rod 70XH (60 - 100) for 80# bait No Preference in Gun Metal, Silver or Blue With or Without Braid, No Preference Just Looking for a Makaira 16 Sea Thanks for your Help Matt
  35. tresbien

    CRR 70 XH Questions

    Have a buddy that can get a deal on a Cousins CRR 70 HX (60 - 100) blank was was thinking about having it wrapped for rail fishing. He doesn't have any experience with their rail rods but loves their blanks. I fish a cjb ML and really like it. I know UC is all the rage and I really like the...
  36. tresbien

    4.5 Day Constitution Aug. 22nd

    Hey Gang, Going on a 4.5 day on the Constitution leaves Aug 22nd returns Aug 27th. Is anyone else on this trip? Just saw it recently sold out. Looking forward to 4 full days of chasing tuna! Matt
  37. tresbien

    Offshore Liberty 3/4 on 4/27

    First trip of the year on my favorite 3/4 boat, the Liberty out of Fishermans Landing. Had been watching the counts all last week and was planning on going this Friday to fish the Coronados. Bought my ticket Monday and got turned into a BFT / YT trip. Counts looked good throughout the week...
  38. tresbien

    Ventura Sport Fishing Question

    Hey All, I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight on gear for a full day of rockfishing out of Ventura on the Amigo in March? I was planning on bringing 2 40# set ups and a 50# set up with 12oz and 16oz lead and some aki twist 4/0's. Is there anything im missing? Seems like a pretty...
  39. tresbien

    Ventura Amigo Full Day Questions

    Hey All, I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight on gear for a full day of rockfishing out of Ventura on the Amigo in March? I was planning on bringing 2 40# set ups and a 50# set up with 12oz and 16oz lead and some aki twist 4/0's. Is there anything im missing? Seems like a...
  40. tresbien

    Advice on Taking Your New Chick Fishing...

    I need some help... and probably some therapy (just kidding, but maybe). Ive been dating a girl for a few months and she knows I love the ocean and fishing and has expressed interest in trying deep sea fishing. I want to try to get her out with me to see if she is really a keeper. She says...
  41. tresbien

    JX Raptor & MaxCuarto

    Question for you guys... How much 80# MaxCuatro are you guys getting on your JX Raptors? The Longfin was able to get 310 with 30 yards of 40# mono on top
  42. tresbien

    OC Tackle Shop with Berkley Pro Spec?

    I am looking to get a reel spooled with Berkley Pro Spec braid and am hitting a road block. Hogans doesn't carry that brand, Jig Stop is closed and had a not so good braid spooling experience at a Turners. Where have you guys gotten your reels spooled with Berkley Pro Spec in Orange County? Matt
  43. tresbien

    50# / 60# Live Bait Reel

    I am looking for a new reel for a UC US 76 predator for live bait. I have a fathom 40N ld2 on a G6470H for heavy yoyo and have been thinking about buying another fathom 40N but wouldn't mind expanding my horizons. I don't really like the wide feel of a mak 15 sea and have been leaning towards...
  44. tresbien

    Offshore Chief 1.5 6/27 - 6/29

    Fished the chief with my dad on a 1.5 day left the 27th and fished the 28th for my 30th birthday. We fished close to home for a shot at the big bluefin that have been evading me for an entire calendar year now... and yesterday was not my day. We dropped flat falls from 4am to about 5:45am for...
  45. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 6/10

    Went with a friend and fished dana point harbor yesterday evening on the incoming hide tide. We set up on the jetty behind the bait receiver and fished from 530 to 800. We fished plastics for the first hour to no avail and switched to drop shot gulps also no love. I was trying to jig up some...
  46. tresbien

    Avet G2 SX vs Okuma Metaloid 5s

    i picked up an Andros 5IIa last Fall for 40lb and love the little thing... but now my older torium 20 and saltist 40 feel too bulky for fishing 30lb. I am planning on picking up a new small lever drag for fishing 30lb and was looking for some user experience with both reels. Thank you in...
  47. tresbien

    Spooling an Andros 12 II

    Hey guys I had a question about spooling an Andros 12 II. I am planning on using this reel for 40lb and 50lb short mono topshots but am not quite sure on what lb test braid to spool up on this reel. Would you put 65lb braid or 80lb braid on an Andros 12 II? I am putting this reel on a UC...
  48. tresbien

    Avet MXL Raptor Suggestion

    I am looking for a new 40# 2 speed reel and was thinking about finally branching out to Avet's. I have never owned one but a lot of people I've fished with love them and was thinking about giving them a go. I recently have been doing some gear rearranging and need a reel for a seeker ssr 7040...
  49. tresbien

    50lb Reel Suggestions

    I am looking to get a new 50# reel for live bait to mount on a seeker black steel 6470H i own. I bought a Fathom 40N LD 2 last summer for the 6470H but didn't like feel off a tall narrow reel for flylining a sardine. I switched the fathom to an 8' UC CE Wahoo for iron and jigs. I was leaning...
  50. tresbien

    Thank You Darin Dohi of 310 Rodworks

    I was lucky enough to win a rod raffled off on a tuna trip this summer on the El Dorado fishing out of Point Loma Sport Fishing. Darin Dohi who runs his own rod building business, 310 Rodworks, was sponsoring the trip. We spent some time at the rail while fishing at Desperation for the BFT...
  51. tresbien

    2 Speed for Pops

    Any input and advice is welcome I got my Dad out tuna fishing with me once this summer for the schoolie YFT and he had a blast!! Only problem was his gear... he was using an old all-star 7'6'' (12-25) with a torium 14 and 20# mono I got him a United Composites CE 700H (30-50) for christmas...
  52. tresbien

    Rigging Andros 5 II a

    I am debating on how to spool an Andros 5 II a for live bait fishing i will be using this reel for so cal islands and san diego offshore 1 - 3 days using a braid conversion calculator online i can either go with 410 yards of 50lb jerry brown solid with a 30 yard topshot or 300 yards of 65lb...
  53. tresbien

    Rod Help for Andros 5iia

    Hello guys I got a question about choosing a rod for an Andros 5iia Its spooled with 50lb braid and was going to use a 30 yard topshot of either 30# or 40# I will be using this set up for offshore live bait and am looking for a rod with a softer tip I am upgrading my set up from an older...
  54. tresbien

    Offshore O 95 1.5 SCI YFT

    Had a pretty good day on the Oceanside 95. Left Friday and fished Saturday. We went to San Clemente Island for tuna. Started in the dark where BFT had been reported and fished flat falls. No love on the first spot made a move at 5:30 on a sonar mark and dropped the flat falls again. No BFT...
  55. tresbien

    what LB test for BFT flat fall

    as i ask this question i feel i am already answering it but gotta ask... i am going on a 1.5 for BFT on friday and was going to bring a heavy flat fall rig. I have an older penn senator 114h with 100lb braid and a 100 yard mono top shot of 60lb. I was thinking about putting and 80lb top shot...
  56. tresbien

    11/11/16 New Lo-An 1.5 Baja Coast

    was wondering if anyone could give me any insight to what i could expect on a 1.5 baja coast trip in mid november my guess is colonett yellowtail, lings, and reds but just curious thanks for any input
  57. tresbien

    Offshore 9-16 Point Loma 3/4 YFT

    Did a 3/4 day offshore trip on the Point Loma out of Point Loma Sport Fishing on 9/16. I have been trying to get my Dad to come fishing with this whole summer and finally got him to go with me yesterday. The counts had been fluctuating for the 3/4 day boats on the tuna but was happy to get on...
  58. tresbien

    Offshore Grande 1.5 8/21

    Fished in US waters on the Grande out of Point Loma Sport Fishing. Left Friday night and fished all day Saturday. The Captain told us we would be looking for the larger model Yellowfin. We made one long 7 mile drift with the fleet that produced about 30 fish. We had fish around us the whole...
  59. tresbien

    El Dorado 1.5 ext. Trip Question

    Hello Guys, I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on the extended 1.5 day trip on the El Dorado when they run out of Point Loma Sport Fishing. If they leave at noon do you get any fishing in during the afternoon on your way out or is it just driving to your destination? Thanks...
  60. tresbien

    El Dorado Overnight 6/26

    I fished on the El Dorado out of Berth 55 Long Beach Sport Fishing. This was my 3rd trip to San Clemente Island this year and was hoping to get into some QUALITY fish. We picked up live squid from the Long Beach Carnage at Catalina on the way over and I was up and on the deck at 3:30 when we...
  61. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 5/13

    Did a solo session at Dana Point Harbor yesterday at 6pm I have a couple of spots I normally work and tried one I hadn't fished in a while Only stayed for 1 hour it was pretty slow I fished the outgoing high tide Got hit on a 3" Big Hammer fishing 8lb test he put up a fun little fight I am going...
  62. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor

    Did some fishing before the high tide this afternoon and caught several barracuda on gulp swimbaits by the sheriffs station. I was wondering if anyone caught any bass lately in DP harbor i cant seem to find them :Exploding_Smiley:
  63. tresbien

    Newps Harbor 3/6/09

    Did some fishing in Newport Harbor with my buddies Robert and Kasey. We caught a 17" halibut on a swimbait off a beach. After a while we moved to Lido Peninsula and I caught 2 spotted bay bass the first was 12" and the second was at least 15". We moved once more around 4:45 to another beach...
  64. tresbien

    baby WSB

    Caught the same 12" White Sea Bass Twice tonight fishing the dana point harbor. Caught him both times on a white gulp grub. I was also fishing cut dead squid on the bottom, but no other bites today.
  65. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 2/11/09

    I fished the harbor today from about 2:00pm to about 7:30pm with my friends Robert, Mike and KC. I started at 2 by myself at the bridge and fished to about 3:30 with no luck. I was throwing a 4" Zoom and at the same time had a strip of squid on another rod fishing the bottom. I moved from the...
  66. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor

    I fished the bridge at dana point harbor today from about 4:30 to 6:00. I had a few bites but only and 1 devil fish. Caught it on a white 3" berkely gulp grub. I am going to go fishing again tomorrow with my buddy robert. I think we are going to try soaking some dead squid along with fishing...
  67. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 2/4/09

    Fished the harbor from 4:30 to 6:30 with a couple friends. I caught nothing, but My fishing buddy Robert caught a 13" sand bass and a devil fish. Also, Roberts friend Shane caught a spotted bay bass, it was small, but still a spotted bay bass. All three fish were caught on Berkley Gulp Shrimp.
  68. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 1/30/2009

    Fished the bridge in the harbor from 4:30 to 6:30 with Robert. We used 3" swim baits for the majority of the time and had little luck. We had a few bites each, but landed nothing. We did see a jumping Barracuda which made a few passes at our lures but we were unable to connect. Landed...
  69. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 1/29/09

    Fished Dana Point Harbor this afternoonwith my friend Robert. We fished behind the bait dock and caught nothing. We moved to Killer Dana and fished the oceanside and inside the harbor from the sandbar for about an hour with no luck. We moved to the bridge in the middle of the harbor and...
  70. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 1/28/09

    I fished Dana Point Harbor today from noon to 3. Caught 2 big smelts on 3" white gulp minnow but no other bites. I caught both the small fish on the oceanside, not inside the harbor. I had one bite that appeared to be a croaker but it spit the hook right at the rocks.
  71. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 1/27/09

    I fished the harbor today down by the bridge. I have heard reports of spotted bay bass, but could not connect with any fish. I fished during the tide change and water was definetly moving around in the harbor with the rising tide. I tried drop shotting a 2" Gulp Shrimp and a few different...
  72. tresbien

    Dana Point Harbor 1/26/09

    I fished Dana Point Harbor this evening from around 3pm to dark. I fished behind the bait dock for about an hour for little luck. I did manage one 15'' Halibut on drop shotted a 3" white Gulp Minnow. I left the back of the bait reciever and headed over towards Killer Dana behind the marine...