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    Offshore 475 5-12 bigger Yellows with a mako cherry on top!

    Nice job on the Yellows and letting the Mako go.
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    Wire Line Halibut

    Wireline is what we used for high speed wahoo trolling in FL and the Bahamas when I was a kid. It is purely for meat and a fun time at the gaff. Not much sport in it, but that is just me.
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    Anderson Greenough 21

    Ok so it looks like both of my seat bases were screwed into the deck and coming loose. This was done by the original owner not Bill Anderson. I think he did it because it was easy and there was no access from the underside of the deck. Thankfully when I opened them up there wasn’t any rot in...
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    Greenough/Radon 17-21 Another one. A little big.
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    New boat electronics install

    Boat looks awesome! What was the deadrise angle where you installed the b175m? I measured mine and it came out to 16 degrees, right in the middle between the 12 and 20 degree 175s. Why the M over the HW?
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    Bogus fish counts

    That sounds like a shitty experience. Not sure what boat/landing this was but I have had nothing but good times driving down for trips on the Pacific Queen. Great crew/captain and I was never disappointed with the food or the people managing the landing. One skunk on one trip, tons of driving...
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    Offshore Jumbo's at the 43 9/9

    It would have been nice to see one caught on something other than piano wire 🤷‍♂️
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    B175 Transducers, more than 1?

    Sweet. Just what I was looking for.
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    Looking for a Radon, Davis Cortez or similar

    You have to be fast. Someone scored the day before yesterday. Not even 24hrs on CL. Good luck.
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    Offshore Tunas with attitude _ SCI 9/6/20

    Enough tuna to last a couple years. Nice
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    Offshore 9/5 Pursuit Sportfishing - Catalina

    I know what boat I am never going on. Thanks for the report.
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    B175 Transducers, more than 1?

    Thanks for the information everyone, I think I have the info I need. Once the state stops burning I will stop by one of the marine electronics places in Vtown to make sure I am going the right route. Any recommendations besides Beacon?
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    Fish for sale

    Start releasing fish if your freezer is full. There are enough commercial guys out there. Hate it when people can’t figure the old “take what you need” thing out.
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    B175 Transducers, more than 1?

    Thank you for the response. I am fine with the old Furuno Radar system I have but the old Garmin FF/gps isn’t my favorite. I am not set on it’s replacement yet. I was going to work backwards and first pick the transducers I want for the fishing I plan on doing. Initially I was going to go...
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    B175 Transducers, more than 1?

    My Anderson’s electronics need an upgrade, everything is from 95’ when the boat was made. I am pretty set on the B175 thru Hull transducers to replace the old transom mounted transducer. The original owner had the rear compartment set up for a live fish hold so there is a perfect downward...
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    Greenough/Radon 17-21

    I had better luck after posting my budget like Canyon said. Now isn’t the best time for the boat search because the market is on fire but miracles do happen. My boat find was a miracle. Good luck with the search.
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    Del mar

    Good to know it is back in my neck of the woods. I really want to see someone do that skiff right.
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    Del mar

    Damn, my old Del Mar from Ensenada. I was hoping to see this getting used.
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    Offshore Aztec 2 Day 8/1/20 - 8/3/20

    What size was the slug yft ?
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    Anderson Greenough 21

    Just got her back from almost 2 months at Pacific Trailers and Channel Island Marine. Both places I would highly recommend. She is just about ready to go. A few tweaks to the electronics and then back in the ocean after a 7 year break.
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    Rod Repair Central Coast

    Just spoke with her. Sounds like it would be months away if you ordered a rod. Doesn’t seem to be a priority for her.
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    Mulloway....just like all those New Zealand Kingies that look like record YT. Are we really thinking this is legit?
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    Anderson Greenough 21

    Mikes Marine Canvas in AG. I will keep the swim ladder in mind once I get it back. Thanks dude.
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    Anderson Greenough 21

    That was it. Was going to have them do the trailer work but Pacific Trailers seemed better equipped.
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    Anderson Greenough 21

    Skiff already posted some pictures of the new project but I figured I would start a thread so I can ask questions and show everyone the goods. 1995 Greenough 21’ built by Bill Anderson. Started off my quest to upgrade from a Hobie Pro Angler to a boat by driving to Mex for one of the...
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    Boat cover for my G21

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    Radon/Davis 18-22 or Greenough 21

    I had to restart this thread because of too many posts not related to my original posting. Please find another way to add posts. I am only looking for what I specified.
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    Del Mar 13

    Thanks! I have seen you bring yours up on the beach a few times, looks awesome.
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    Del Mar 13

    10 and 13....still looking for the 18-20ish
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    Del Mar 13

    Now I have a problem. A Hawkins 10 followed me home.
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    Del Mar 13

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    radon/radoncraft 16

    He is making 3 for the 3 lucky people who gave him deposits last year. Not taking any more deposits or orders until he finishes the first 3 and has a better idea on time it takes and costs associated with the build. Anyone hear anything different feel free to chime in.
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    16-21ft Radon/Greenough/Wilson

    I have been watching that one, need to go look at it.
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    16-21ft Radon/Greenough/Wilson

    I know this is a long shot but I am looking for a turnkey boat or a project for a local firefighter. Cash in hand for either. Willing to travel. Please let me know if you are willing to part with one or know where I can find one. The usual...and yes I check CL on the reg All glass...
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    Del Mar 13

    Still can’t decide on baittank size and location. Or if I want to go all out with a thru hull intake. Decisions decisions. Appreciate the ideas.
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    Del Mar 13

    I messaged Cole on insta with a few questions about his DelMar. I have to agree with you, I do like his set up. Still prepping the bottom, hopefully finish it and have it flipped to start on the topside by mid to late April.
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    Need an experienced rewrapper

    Stripping a rod to rewrap is a huge pain in the ass and unless your buddy is doing it, probably not cheap. If it is worth whatever the quote is then by all means go do it. I designed rods for years and I never had someone bring in a rod in that good of shape(from pics) and be willing to pay...
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    Del Mar 13

    No, all they needed was a valid trailer registration that matched the vin on the trailer. They didn’t care about the boat once they walked the dog around it. I don’t know why there was such a long wait.
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    Repainting skiff

    Awesome, thanks . Is acetone ok to use to clean the hull after sanding or should I use something not as harsh like vinegar?
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    Repainting skiff

    Cool, thanks for the input. That is what I was looking for.
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    Repainting skiff

    How does the saying go, “I am a glutton for punishment”? I enjoy things more when they are difficult.
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    Del Mar 13

    Picked up a new project a few weeks back. Eyeballed this boat on instagram for a looong time and finally after seeing the price drop to a deal I couldn’t pass up I put some cash in my pocket and headed south in probably the worst weather possible. Naturally I assumed something would go wrong...
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    Repainting skiff

    It isn’t much to look at at the moment. I havnt seen one in any other color but white and I love the sea foam green on boats. No I have a trailer for it.
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    Repainting skiff

    Hey everyone, so I have new 13ft skiff that I am fixing up to hit the water this summer. The boat has never seen water yet, it has sat in the boat yard collecting scrapes and dust for a couple years. Anyways there are a couple chips out of the gel coat and two spots on the bottom that had the...
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    Gap between transom wood and cap

    I was going to repair some fiberglass damage on the cap above the transom and when I removed the damaged section I noticed there was a pretty good gap 1/4” - 1/2” between the fiberglass shell(the inside wall) and the transom wood core. Is this normal to have the top cap not fit perfectly snug...
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    pilot house for my Blackman 20

    Looks great. Plenty of room to work around that pilot house. How tall is the ceiling from the floor?
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    Fuji USG guides, anyone have any?

    Hey guys, I am putting together a new rod and I wanted to use my set of USG I had laying around but there is no layout that would work with 7 guides on my 8ft blank. Do any of you have any from size 20 to 8 or 10 laying around? Preferably the smaller sizes but I will take what I can get. I...