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    Islands Topolobampo, Mexico in late December

    That is just south of where I live. California yellowtail, bonita, sierra mackeral, bass and grouper types in the winter and spring. No seatrout. Mutton snappers are a rarity.
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    First GT in Mexico caught by Lora

    It wasn't a dumbell popper
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    First GT in Mexico caught by Lora

    Fernando Almada got one (or its cousin, a Blue Trevely) 2 weeks ago with Snook Mafia on a Dumbell Popper that he posted in FB I believe. I suspect there are more types of fish in Vallarta than are commonly caught because they are not targeted. Reef species, swordfish, and other deep drop...
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    Got lucky!! Super Cow jigging

    A Maxel 09 is a very small single speed jugging reel. that doesn't hold a lot of 65# braid either. Basically what we use for Yellowtail in San Carlos. Have to admire a skilled angler and captain when they get this result, in a small hull too. WTG Pq and Snook Mafia!!!
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    Tunas on popp

    Pro video !
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    PV Report 11/19-11/23

    You're an ol stud :appl:. That super would have done me in for sure.
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    Boat share playa Del carmen

    He is great. You'll have fun.
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    PV Report for Nov 4-8

    Congrats on your big tuna. Very impressive!
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    Recommendations. Mainland MX options.

    Lora Vazquez at Fortuna Sportfishing would be another suggestion.
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    Acapulco Charters?

    Dangerous place for americans to go imo. PV, Cabo, Ixtapa are safer.
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    Apollo Puerto Vallarta March 2021

    I am fluent in Spanish and looked it up about 12 days ago in the Diario Official where all Mexico laws and regulations are published. Around 2004(?) several islands and reefs in Mexico were classified as protected biosheres to chase the Ecotourism industry and when this was done and...
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    trailering my boat down to punta mita

    I am gonna express another opinion about the fishing in Barra de Navidad. I kept my boat in Barra for 6 years, and consider it a waste of time compared to PV. I caught fish, but they don't stay there on structure and when they come in they quickly get wiped out by the large Panga long long...
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    trailering my boat down to punta mita

    I believe the Anclote breakwater is called a Darsena. The closest place you can rent a slip is at La Crux which I would guess is about 4 miles west of Anclote, or about 5 miles from the the 4 seasons resort ion the point named Punta Mita. I do not think the locals will allow you stat in their...
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    PEI Tackle

    Tie one end of the floro leader spool off and test the entire length with your scale and test it with more drag than you set your reels too. Sun and Smog affects plastic. See if you have some weak spots before trusting it again. Then check your drag for smoothness on the scale as you drive...
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    Just got Back from Cabo 8/10/20

    great eats there
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    San Carlos Marina now open

    They opened the Marina and the wind has been bad ever since. Some striped marlin, in the couple of trips I know about.
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    San Carlos Marina now open

    We can boat again in Sonora again, although it may be short lived.
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    Anyone moving a boat to PV from USA?

    Yes. Just like an american can drive a Mex plate renta car. If you stay more than 6 months, you are asked to get a Mx Drivers license and different immigration permit, but that has nothing to do with ownership, registration, or insurance. The car can stay year round as long as it is a Mx vehicle...
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    Anyone moving a boat to PV from USA?

    Used Mexican cars are cheaper to buy and keep insured. Figure around than $400 or less a year for registration and ins. Then you sell it in Mexico without problems too.
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    New trip to PV - hotel, shore, charter recs please

    Like wise Gus, long time no see. Sonora has gone red all over and its now spreading into even the very small towns.We have 157 cases in Guaymas town of about 120K. Cops are even busting guys casting from the rocks, confiscating rods. Hospitals are full in Hermosillo too, while AMLO is saying to...
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    New trip to PV - hotel, shore, charter recs please

    Hey Gus, They started putting notices on boats today in San Carlos saying that everything is closed now, even privates, but of course enforcement is always a variable. Hermosillo put out a night curfew yesterday too.
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    New trip to PV - hotel, shore, charter recs please

    I have read in the spanish newspapers that Cabos will start up in July, Topolobampo is now open in Sinaloa, but here in San Carlos Sonora the Port Captain is still not letting the guys take out charters, and they are patrolling. Are they fishing in PV, Barra, or Mazatlan yet?
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    New trip to PV - hotel, shore, charter recs please

    Worse day so far in Mexico yesterday in terms of the virus, cops are still stopping tourists coming into San Carlos, Sonora, but resturaunts are protesting just behing allowed to provide curb side pickups. No marina or beach activity is still the story here. Sonora is not dense in population (55...
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    New trip to PV - hotel, shore, charter recs please
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    New trip to PV - hotel, shore, charter recs please

    No one is allowed on the beach in most of Mexico, even to walk alone. PV may be different. Tourist travel is also out for now. Next advisement May 17th.
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    San Carlos Wet Dream

    That's what he said, and what I thought too. But they were actually Toritos, little 3 lb green jack crevalles. This is where I live.
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    State Department issues Level 4 advisory

    The are 360 or so cases in all of Mexico in 31 of 32 states as of Monday morning, 64 more than yesterday,.We are about 10 days behind the US as far as when it started, I think. The president here is contradicting the drs saying, please go out to restaurants and bars and I'll tell you when you...
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    State Department issues Level 4 advisory

    I live in San Carlos, Mexico. That order came last week and that was only the start. The border is closed to all non essential traffic (no tourists), cops are shutting down bars, resturants, beaches and everyone is staying home. Schools are closed for a month, no Easter Week or church services...
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    P.v. bound

    Lora 011-52-1-322-133-3999
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    P.v. bound

    Osunas do not run Pangas as far as I know., but even pangas run $450 as they run a long ways, long day. Lora Vazquez, Fortuna Sportfishing, or Danny Danmhare the two excellent captains that I would recommend.
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    Marla Sportfishing Jan 30- Feb 2

    Very nice video. Thanks for posting.
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    the marla IV, puerto vallarta - january 23-27, 2020

    Sorry you didn't have better luck.
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    Lora Vasquez's Phone number?

    Need some help because my phone lost it. Thanks
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    San Blas Nayarit???

    Most tourists avoid San Blas because of the mosquitos. It is a comercial Port as I remember with very few docks or decent places to stay. Pangas are what you'll find there if memory serves me right. You go south and past the turn off to San Blas on your way to Tepic, which is the turn off to...
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    3.5 day tuna trip with marlas sport fishing

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    San Carlos Report

    I thought you were fishing for YT with Fernando on the cat.
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    Fishing charter recommendations

    All the captains I know in PV catch or release. That decision is up to their clients.
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    Marla’s PV Epic Combo Trip 9/30-today

    Surfing and diving is a great change from just fishing that cools you down and changes the activities and scenery. And plenty of tuna for everyone to take home. WTG!
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    Requesting Recent San Carlos Fishing Reprt

    There is a bull seal stealing his action. Gotta a wrist rocket and some marbles?
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    How to legally sell charters in Mexico

    I will try to give you a path. You can form a Mx Corporation that you own 100% of for around $1000, and it would purchase the hull and assets so it can operate legally in the country. The corporation will have to hire a licensed captain, who could work as a deckhand or the captain, but he would...
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    Got my 50

    Out of a kayack? You're a stud, and so is your catch. WTG
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    So I just bought my second boat. How’d I do?

    I had a Striper 17 back in the day, and in used it inshore and off. Mine had a shallow vee, was low and was rough and wet in chop, but I caught many a yellowtail and billfish within a 20 mile radius. The were a few things I did that helped her 1. Permatrim on Outboard 2. Added an extra bilge...
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    Suzuki Dealer Recommendation

    I am looking for So Cal Suzuki Dealer experienced with their larger engines (T300's), preferably a cat. I live near Redlands, so anyone from San Diego north is within a couple hrs of me. Thanks
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    How much bait do I need?

    Here is a reference stating that a Bay Anchovy, which is deeper in the body than what I use weighs 1 oz at 6", not 2 oz. So I guess you are off too. Wanna know for sure? hang a bucket of water on a scale with 20 lbs of water and count the number...
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    Bahia de Los Angeles updates?

    Keep an eye on Hurricane/ Tropical Storm Lorena. Might blow you out.
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    Offshore Tribute 9/11, My son’s first tuna

    Perfect size kid and fish. You can tell he's diggin it.
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    pv half day panga trip recommendation

    Lora Vazquez, Fotuna Sportfishing, Anclote-Punta Mita
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    kids day Corbetena

    Have you tried fast retrieve stick baits too Juan? Its so frustrating. Makes you want to use a spear gun when they're jumping in the air.
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    Ensenada boat Question

    There is a Baja forum where you will probaby draw more answers.
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    kids day Corbetena

    Poppers work well here when they chasing squid Juan. But if I know you, you tried them too. Nice report.
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    San Carlos On 10/14 and 10/15

    We are catching YT now, large ones, 2 miles out from San Antonio Paul. Course, I put a block of ice under my ball cap to keep jigging after 9 as its a little hot and humid.
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    Sayulita / Punta Mita Panga

    Not a Bad day, even for Lora. Great guy. Hope you have a good one this trip too. That's prime time to be there.
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    Big lot of Calstar graphiters, few seekers, Fenwicks, Shimano & others

    I second the recomendation. I actually saw these and they are in like-new condition.
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    Average Size Of Blue Marlin Caught In San Carlos?

    I really don't want to contradict, but we get about a dozen a year, and a black or two as well as water temps reach into the high 80, low 90's at their peak. Blues are generally around 150-250, and we have rarely seen them over 500. About six or seven avg sized blues have been taken since this...
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    How much bait do I need?

    The hull has a rear flat deck that measures 12 x over 9' wide, and there is another 13 feet x 2' of rail forward that can be fished for the 28' x 9'10" cat, so room and 4 guys on one side is not a problem. But it has thinner sponsons to ride smoother up front, so weight capacity is more limited...
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    How much bait do I need?

    I think scoops, bait sizes, water temps all vary a lot. Pacific Edge advertises about 18 gallons needed per scoop, Kodiak says 20, etc. Hard to pin this down, but 20 gallons was always the rule of thumb back to the 60's. I am more weight limited on a catamaran than I would be for a mono if I...
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    How much bait do I need?

    What do 2 swings cost these days? Last question, promise.
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    How much bait do I need?

    Looks like 2 passes = a scoop according to this. "Bait is sold by the scoop. What is a scoop? A scoop of bait is a -very unscientific way of measuring the amount of bait you will receive for your money. A scoop is not based on a given number of bait in the net, or on the size of bait on any...
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    How much bait do I need?

    As I mentioned, I have not bought the tank. What I am asking is how much bait would you like to take for 2-4 guys. Then I will buy the tank that will hold the amount of bait I need for 4 guys. I know how much capacity I need per scoop.
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    How much bait do I need?

    I owned a fish hatchery, so I am familiar with carrying capacity and sizings. If the baits are small, they will hold more numbers of baits, but less pounds per cubic feet of space. Usual stocking is about 1.25 lbs per ft, for a day, and a pound or less if bait has to last for more than a day on...
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    How much bait do I need?

    I believe your prokat2660 has a 40 gal tank like my other PK2360, right?
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    How much bait do I need?

    Its my understanding that you need about 20 gallons per scoop, and I have always paid by the scoop, but its been a long time since I bought or fished in the CI area. I have also fished live bait just on charter boats, so that's why I posted here on the Parker forum because you guys fish out of...
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    How much bait do I need?

    I am trying to figure out how many scoops of bait I need to carry for 4 guys per day fishing yt and bottom fish out of San Diego, Newport, Channel islands and in Washington for summer albacore. Is 4 scoops about right? Any input would be appreciated.
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    Anything but Tuna!

    Farther north in Sonora, Dorado have been scarce the last 3 years. I am convinced that the el nino's and large commerial long liners have taken their toll on this fishery and now see more frozen dorado fillets en more big box stores and less live fish in our waters, especially large bulls. PV...
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    PV area (Barra to Sayulita) 08-08 to 09-05

    Sayulita is another nice little town, but expensive and there is never any bait unless the captains go to Anclote or La Cruz, which is a ways. Surf fishing sucks in comparision too. I would visit, but use Anclote or La Cruz as my fishing base.
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    PV area (Barra to Sayulita) 08-08 to 09-05

    Barra is a nice town, but doesn't compare to PV fishing wise. Pangas will be cheaper, but even the good captains struggle with all the long liners in their area. Blackie is one guy I would recommend there, if you are still determined.
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    Puerto Vallarta Trip report July 4 and July 6

    Great luck and captain. 2 cows in 2 short trips, epic.
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    Looking for Fishing Captain
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    PRIME Months for PV YFT and Wahoo

    You can find them at the crack of dawn around the rock trolling fast. But you are then fishing for a 10-60lb wahoo instead of a 200lb cow. I have always had good luck around Halloween-world series in PV or Cabos.
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    TIP - I'm confused...Do I need one to fish outside of the 12 mile limit.

    I have had 4 tips. A 10 year Temporary Import Permit is for going into Mexico on land, staying in a Mexican Marina or for leaving your hull in storage in Mexico if you live there or visit there without making land fall a tip is not required. The tip covers your hull, motors, trailer and the...
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    Prop and Pitch for 2320 with Yamaha 250

    Usually you go to a 4 blade if you want stern lift and that is like starting over. Its disadvantage is that a 4 blade will create for surface friction and be slower than a 3,and use slightly more gas to produce said lift. With you added load your engine is probably running deeper now, so the...
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    Parker acquired

    If you think an Aquasport is a quality hull with a good ride you really need to get out more.
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    Marias Isla Prison Closure Announcement

    There is now an investigation, so they have taken down the good drone videos showing the marines getting rammed and the shootout that were showing last week. But here is a another showing the dead fisherman, and the other locals threatening the Marines that shot him...
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    Marias Isla Prison Closure Announcement

    I don't like seiners either but your post confuses me. 1. The islands are a boosphere area. Its my understanding that all fishing, commercial and sport is restricted with 12 miles. Some permits are being given out through Mexico City, but I believe these are not legitimate, and aount to...
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    Marias Isla Prison Closure Announcement

    According to this news article, all 652 inmates were transferred to the mainland at the end of Feb. They thought there were 670 and that 18 were missing, then found that 16 were in other jails and not recorded, but that 2 more may have died in a riot some years ago. As usual, easy peazy...
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    Marias Isla Prison Closure Announcement

    A lot is wrong with Mexico, and I too like a lot of things that Lopez Obrador has done, but one must be distrustful of all politicians imo. Hugo Chavez was supposedly for the people and started out the same, but in the end he ended up buying the poor vote with pennies so that he could steal...
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    2310 fishbox enlargement

    Permatrims come made to size for specific motors, and they have a chart on their website to reference. I believe that are over 10 sizes and the surface area and motor cut out is matched to the strength of your lower unit, lifting cyl, mounts, etc. The larger ones run around $170, and since...
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    2530 inboard to out board conversion engine box replacement with deck hatch ideas

    Or you can go down to the lumber yard and get some exterior good quality 1 1/8 plywood and use a 2 gallon kit of epoxy resin to do this project, remembering that Parker used some ply in their initial fabrication too.
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    2530 inboard to out board conversion engine box replacement with deck hatch ideas

    What I specified is very stiff, but placing it over the hole and standing on same with another buddy will reveal if there is any flex. Remember that you will also add about 5 layers of cloth on the top plus 3 on the bottom to protect it, and your final sandwich will end up stronger at around 1...
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    2530 inboard to out board conversion engine box replacement with deck hatch ideas

    A 4x8'x1" thick piece of Coosa 26, board is the same material most OEMs use on their transoms, so I believe it will take that span w/o any additional middle supports. It costs aroud $315 at Gulfcomposites and I believe that includes free shipping. It won't abpsorb water lNow you have a storage...
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    Good fishing aboard El Matador

    Looks like a lot of fun. WTG !!!!
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    Marias Isla Prison Closure Announcement

    Looking at it in another light, overnighting on smaller craft will now be possible as you can anchor at night in the lee of the island close in where its safer and calmer to sleep. I don't think this is good news for Danny and others that have invested in big hulls to overnight in open seas, but...
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    Marias Isla Prison Closure Announcement

    They tout restoring the islands environment to justify the shut down which I believe is aimed mostly at saving money.Since its been a biosphere for over 15 years, I doubt if regulations will change, but with the navy moving out, enforcement will go away which to me signals increased fishing...
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    Marias Isla Prison Closure Announcement

    This was in the US internet news yesterday, although it may have been reported before. Mexican Yahoo published same story in Spanish today
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    Santa Cruz Island 10/20-10/21

    Try your highest frequency setting to gain detail and make sure the bottom of the transducer is clean of moss and barnicles.
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    Santa Cruz Island 10/20-10/21

    Turning on your zoom will make any small pinnacle increase in size on your screen. Adjusting the Colorline and Contrast will also help remove the mushiness of the bottom line too.
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    Mexican Pesos

    The Mx govnt gave a 1 year grace period to turn in the old ones for mewer paper with 3 more zeros years ago. They are now drilled out for washers, melted for silver or recycled if copper.
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    Any reports from Tortuga or San Marcos

    San Carlos has been loaded with small yellows this year. Anything larger on the chew over on your side?
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    San Carlos Kayak Fishing

    Got back to SC sat and fished 2 hrs late afternoon Monday. Found the fish in 260' of water about 2 miles off San Antionio,but the YT were small 6-12 pounders. Two weeks ago they were within kyak range, close in, so I think you are wise to also have the option to charter as they move around a...
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    Manny has it right. Its the same name for Bonita from Barra de Navidad, PV, and also in the Guaymas area.
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    Looking for fishing options Cancun earl april 2019
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    fishing areas around mazatlan

    the locals used to anchor patches of floating palm frongs close to port the attract dorados
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    San Carlos Sonora Mexico

    A tourist card for every american in your party IS REQUIRED. What is no longer required is a car permit if you are keeping to the coastal areas of Sonora all the way to Guaymas, and San Carlos.
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    San Carlos Sonora Mexico

    Fernando is the bomb. Great english too. [email protected] 011521 622 165 6878
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    Jx 2 speed kickback

    Would love to use my 4 year old 2 speed reel for jigging but the handle kick back bugs me. I know all brands of 2 speeds are problematic, but has anything been done in the last 4 years to reduce this. Anti reverse bearings perhaps? Sorry if this has been covered but y search was unsuccessful.
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    End December Vallarta fishing, 10hrs super panga/overnight el banco

    There is no here to get out of the wind and pangas are fast and don't use much gas. I run the AC in the hotel room, even in December.
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    San Carlos, Sonora Fishing Near Marina San Carlos

    Yes, and north of Marina Real and La Manga is also accessible. More shallow rockpiles and cabrilla up their. But Launching from Marina Real is still almost a mile pabddle to San Antonio Pt. The Beach near Lalos is better as you will return with a following sea, and its closer to the fish. I try...
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    San Carlos, Sonora Fishing Near Marina San Carlos

    Its a long paddle to any real structure from the main Marina. There is a beach north of the marina below the Mirador that is within 200 yds of Lalo's rock and the shore south of San Antonio point that is easy launching and much more productive for yt, bonita, sierra, and pest barracuda and...
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    Rodless Jim Charter On the Marla IV

    Great numbers and grade of fish, especially for June.
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    Battery Recommendation

    your motor manual specifies what it requires
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    The Build Begins... New Model 2018 Parker 2320 (new transom)

    I am really amazed at the amount of knowledge being shared on this forum, and would like to contribute in a small way. Diaphram or piston pumps will not last their full service life if valved down creating excess pressure. But if you are running open impeller centrifugal live well pumps like a...
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    Does A Longer Rod Always Mean A Longer Cast?

    If you are retrieving fish from a sitting position, I would stay 8' or under. I also do not think that casting distance is that critical to a kyack fisherman as the hull is stealthy and you will not spook fish that easy if you move closer to the action. If you are popping, the shorter rod will...
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    600 miles PV to La Paz

    Great video and pics Juan, thanks for sharing!
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    Meet Sticky Business V my new to me 2320

    Very nice. Livewell also looks big, how many gallons?
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    Cooler Storage on the 2320

    Is an Igloo 150/160 long enough for the bottom fish and yellowtail caught in California?
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    Fishing in san carlos 6/15-6/22

    Fishing is average there for the Sea of Cortez, but the better fishermen do consistently well. All marlin, sail and dorado action is concentrated in an area about 2-22 miles straight out on a 180 up to the same distance 240. Talking to Fernando Almada at Catch 22 is very good advice, even better...
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    Osuna's New Fishing Machine

    Congratulations on your new venture Danny.
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    Looking at a 2001 twin vee 22’ weekender with 100 Yamaha’s 4 stroke

    be sure its not full of water below decks, check for soft spots in plywood decks, cracks on the radius at each side of the tunnel under the hull.
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    Looking for information on fishing in Mexico

    PV is so much better than the other locations for you and your family. Stay in Nuevo Vallarta and take a Cab to Punta Mita to fish with Lora Vazquez at fortuna sportfishing. look at the sticky for all contact info and the great resturaunts.
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    Sonora south crossing

    i have a 22 seacat and a 26 prokat in san carlos. came through nogales, but the the current road conditions are better the way you are planning. there is a lot of hwy construction now. you can ge liability ins required by the marinas in sc for around 250 yearly. remember, semana santa traffic...
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    Rooster fishing captain in PV

    Lora is the man.
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    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    Lived here in California for 10 years after living in Sonora for 30, and I have decided to move back to Sonora, permanently.
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    Fun fishing aboard El Matador,

    wtg anglers and crew
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    Channel Islands- how much bait for 2-3 guys?

    Really appreciate all the input. Thanks
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    Channel Islands- how much bait for 2-3 guys?

    Thanks.How much bait per guy per day, 1/2 scoop?
  117. B

    Channel Islands- how much bait for 2-3 guys?

    Trying to figure out how large a live well I need for a new 24' skiff. Is a scoop enough for a day trip with 2-3 guys aboard? Should I also figure around 23 gallons per scoop?
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    Cows on fire!!

    There you go, wearing your customers out again.
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    punta mita

    The inshore king is Lora Vazquez, fortuna sportfishing 011521 322 133 3999 in punta mita which is closer to the grounds than la cruz. Great guy, very fishy, good english, has a panga and a catamaran. Inshore is cheaper than offshore due to reduced fuel, and he runs 1/2 trips too.
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    Puerto Lobos 5 Day Fishing Adventure

    Early May is still cool enough so that hotter thermal temps do not kick up the wind as much and when spring winds are usually over
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    Copper wire

    a stapler, placing a few in the tail, also works
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    tuna fishing has been good in pv

    no more pangas for a while?
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    Weather reports are poor in mexico

    As spring turns into summer, the wind shifts from from a day and night prevailing north to south, and during this transition, it will blow both ways the same days. Add in hotter temps with heat generated thermals, and its a nightmare for predictions. So as these transition times are tougher than...
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    Living and fishing in mexico full time

    I kept my hull in PV for 5 years and 3 more in Barra de Navidad prior to that. I really loved both places, although the fishing is so much better in PV. I am now in San Carlos, which is 4.5 hrs south of Nogales Arizona on mainland toll roads. My wife is from Hermosillo, which is about 80 minutes...
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    San Carlos, Sonora

    4-25 miles. I think the hurrican type weather down south pushed them north. Water has warmed 18 degrees here in 2-3 weeks, now 82. Acres of bait fish and a few decent 20-30 lb dorado around too.
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    San Carlos, Sonora

    Around 15 boats released 173 billfish during the tuournament this last 3 day weekend, and yesterday a cow yf weighing around 250 was also caught. 4 hulls released over 20 each.
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    Fish pictures

    thanks for the pics!
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    Living and fishing in mexico full time

    I'm 66 and have been here full time for more than 30 years too. San Carlos, Sonora.Also did PV and Barra during 8 years, great fun too.
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    Cancun Fishing?

    Check out Roberto Navarro in Facebook- Playa de Carmen. He is the man in that area.
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    More cows 2.5 day trip !!

    Cows in May, crazy weather.
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    Rocky Point/ Puerto Penasco

    Semana Santa started on 4/13, so you timed your visit right. Its bumper to bumper here in San Carlos till 4/16 in the eve, then back to normal.
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    Tres Marias 3/27-3/30

    The lack of Humboldt squid farther north in Guaymas due to colder water has reduced a large part of the preditaion on plagaec crab and small anchovie, sardine and mackeral. Fish are gorging, their crap is all over the surface, but its really hard to interest them with jigs, poppers, or even...
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    Rocky Point/ Puerto Penasco

    Its not something I would do. To many drunks running around. Town, resturants, grocery stores will be jammed so be sure to BYO.
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    Rocky Point/ Puerto Penasco

    camping on the beach in Penasco during semana santa will be interesting
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    Recent Tres Marias Report

    Isn't it now late in the season for good tuna fishing? Water is cold here farther north.
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    Puerto Penasco to Baja

    58 miles mas o menos to Tortuga, 76 to San Marcos, and close to 85 to Santa Rosalia
  137. B

    Puerto Penasco to Baja

    I have done the 80 mile San Carlos to San Marcos, Tortuga, Santa Rosalia a few times in my 22' Cat. There is more tide flow in Penasco, but the weather prediction now is a lot better than it was years ago.
  138. B

    Marlas epic cow trip!

    Did you measure and estimate the weights on these? Look like super cows from the old days to me.
  139. B

    Video - Age's Recent Trip to Punta Mita

    That was better than Professional. Thanks for sharing your hard work !!!
  140. B

    Sayulita Fishing over the 2016/17 Holidays

    Surf fishing is not worth it in Sayulita imo. Small fish, lots of swimmers and surfers, etc. are my reasons. But you can rent a panga and go to North side of punta mita for roosters to release and dorados to eat, providing the captains know where to catch live bait for the roosters and have...
  141. B

    Overnight trip aboar el Matador 10/20-21

    Thanks for the explanation on what your clients wanted to target Manny. That Marlin was special, no doubt about it.
  142. B

    Outstanding tuna trip

    Nice to see you are using your tuna door a lot!
  143. B

    where are the dorado?

    5000 Costco's have over a ton of dorado fillets each, selling out every 3-4 days at $22 per lb, so I think the long liners have found one more big market, beyond all the other fish markets, supermarkets and Trader Joes that have been push'ing fillets for years as Dorado, and lots of other fish...
  144. B

    Overnight trip aboar el Matador 10/20-21

    That beautiful marlin made that trip one to remember for sure !!!! But only 3 tuna for you in 2 days makes me think that there is so much bait around that they have lock jaw and full belly's closer in. Maybe less bait and more hungrier tuna further out, weather permitting?
  145. B

    How's the dorado fishing?

    About 80 long liners out of Manzanillo and Barra de Navidad have been in full swing since the 90's, or before I satrted going there. 100's of tons of Dorado leave these 2 ports on a weekly basis to supply Guadalajara and the Mexico City Markets. I know be cause I see them loading the trucks...
  146. B

    How's the dorado fishing?

    A "few" in the Guaymas, but not more than 5-8% of what was normal 5 years ago.
  147. B

    850lbs blue marlin aboard El Matador

    What a trophy. Way to get him in.
  148. B

    Punta Mita Report - Roosters and Jacks on the Popper

    The big halco roosta is a great all around popper, but if you like to catch JC's, the ice cream surface lures work even better, and cast farther too.
  149. B

    November in PV. What to expect

    wide open tuna, marlin, pargo offshore, roosters inshore
  150. B

    The roosterfish of my dreams on surfishing

    epic battle by both fish and fisherman
  151. B

    too many tuna!

    You almost sound apologetic about catching fish. You were due for a nice load imo.
  152. B

    Maximus - still a gag order?

    Did she carry life rafts in Mexico?
  153. B

    epic father's day with cap. Dannyo'tuna

    Way to go finding the big boys Danny
  154. B


    There are a lot of different bass types, but the local tend to group several species under fewer names. They call this Baqueta here. I assumed it was a Gulf Grouper. I will say we never see red bass types up here, so maybe it has something to do with diet at the amount of keratine, etc. We do...
  155. B


    Here is a foto of 1 of the 3 we got a couple of weeks at San Carlos, Sonora in 350 feet, using dead mackerel with surface water temps running 77 degrees. They are a main target of the panga fleet here as they get 3x the normal price per lb for them. They will take a jig here too, and most run...
  156. B

    back on the tenspine

    The law says that you can use a electric if you get prior permission based on a disability.
  157. B

    back on the tenspine

    Thanks for the heads up, never heard that. Bunch of guys use them here.
  158. B

    back on the tenspine

    George, I think the bass and grouper move in to shallower water to breed and find the migrating squid and bait fish in April and May. The rest of the year, I am sure they go deeper when the water warms too. We catch Grouper regularily in 200-400' feet in May, and that's about as deep as I want...
  159. B

    great 2.5 day trip with marla sport fishing

    You always make your anglers work. WTG Scott!!
  160. B

    great 2.5 day trip with marla sport fishing

    You always make your anglers work. WTG Scott!!
  161. B

    great 2.5 day trip with marla sport fishing

    You always make your anglers work. WTG Scott!!
  162. B

    back on the tenspine

    We have taken 3 Vaquetas the last 2 trips out in 350' in San Carlos on the mainland north of you using dead mackerel. More dorado here this year than last, but they are 3 lb dinks and we are avoiding them in the hopes that will breed and grow. We also landed a 35 lb yellowtail there, after a...
  163. B

    Cancun Fishing?

    Roberto Navarro
  164. B

    will be in Mexico through the end of May. Thanks for the invite.

    will be in Mexico through the end of May. Thanks for the invite.
  165. B

    El Matador 3.5 day trip

    Great trip and post Manny, especially for this time of year. Thanks for sharing
  166. B

    Offshore weather report for PV

    Bouyweather will work for 2 day forecasts without a subscription using their Free Button. On Fishweather, go to the Forecast Button, and it will give you a 10 day forecast, hr by hr, the wind direction, speed, wave height, wave period, barometric changes, etc. Here is the link for the...
  167. B

    Sea of Cortez report

    The popping is off the hook right now. 25-30 fish in an afternoon, with some +30 pounders mixed in at the island in San Carlos.
  168. B

    Offshore weather report for PV

    I have had good luck with the mexican national sevice that Lora uses called Fishweather and Windguru have not been very reliable in the Sea Of Cortez lately, but I think it has to do with the change in seasons where the wind will come from the north at night then change to...
  169. B

    Playa del Carmen / Cozumel

    Yes Roberto is excellent. Nonstop jigging for large amberjacks last time I used him.
  170. B

    Broken Rod Protocol

    Thin fiberglass standup rods get banged around, nicked, do not have a long lifespan in the first place so I would buy extra heavies, and not spend a lot for client rods. The shakesphere big water ugly sticks are an excellent value in a all aftco roller rod at $200 for 66 and 72" xxh's , and I...
  171. B

    10 year olds 1st YT

    Congrats on the fish !! Looks like you were fishing out of San Carlos.
  172. B

    Drones in PV ? Welcome or nay ?

    I know of several guys that have drones and make videos here in Mexico, editing on their trip home without any problems. Haven't heard any of the drama stories coming out of Mexico that are already so prevalent in the states. so I'd say no problema.
  173. B

    Panga options on 12/31

    Lora at Pta Mita too if he's not already busy. Contact info on sticky at top of page
  174. B

    Pv car rental advice?

    I think I paid 210 per week with just liability insurance for a small compact the last time I was there
  175. B

    Pv car rental advice?

    You can reserve off airport on line at very good rates. Minimum insurance is what I buy. American drivers w/o insurance will go to jail in the case of a serious accident, or pay a heavy mordida. The off airport agencies are accross the main drag from the airport, visable when you go out the...
  176. B

    fishing with danny osuna, puerto vallarta - 12/9-13/2015

    I knew that you guys would be tired and have tried to be patient waiting for your report while you rested up. Sounds like you made the best of it, even with some bad weather. Great attitude, and a trip to remember. Thanks for the great post.
  177. B

    Monster Amber Jack

    I think you are about 40 lbs light on your estimated weight, unless you're a jockey.
  178. B

    PV Tournament

    Congrats. Nice fish and prize
  179. B

    Cabo Panga Help

    Capt Chame Pino is the best guy at Gordo Banks. Not much english, but you will catch fish.
  180. B

    San Carlos, San Marcos, Tortuga, and Pta Chivato fishing reports

    I have jigged up a total of 4 yellowtail in front of San Carlos and at the island in 265 feet of water in the last 2 weeks, and a friend has caught a 1/2 dozen more on skipjack slab bait at 350 feet while fishing for cow cod and grouper. A normal bite on jigs here is in 150-250 feet, limits for...
  181. B

    PV starting to pop off

    don't see any reports of any cows yet. is el nino screwing things up in PV this year?
  182. B

    San Carlos Jigging

    The YT are still slow. Have not caught any over 18 lbs and only 3 of them in 7 trips. Got this bass yesterday on an extra light jigging rod in 335 feet of water, so I was lucky
  183. B

    I need your help / advice!

    x2. Osuna's boats are pretty spartan in terms of cabin accomodations.
  184. B

    Yesterday at the Rock

    I have never seen a panga fish anywhere but close to the shore or structure in Mexico. If the navy is taking fish from them its because they were poaching them from a biosphere or prision island where are all capture is prohibited.
  185. B

    Yesterday at the Rock

    I believe the cooperativas using pangas have no restrictions on their artisan fishing in terms of distance, just the large boats. But dorados are considered strickley a sportfish so anyone with over 2 per fishing license on board is breaking the law. The commercial pressure is on them from...
  186. B

    dorado today nov 2

    Were they anywhere close in price to $10K each as advertised in the USA?
  187. B

    Yesterday at the Rock

    Dorados have been scarce for more than a year in the sea of cortez too.
  188. B

    Where to stay? Punta Mita

    With the el nino this year, I would think early Dec would be a good time to hit PV, and I would expect better fishing there than RL. I am in the sea of Cortez now-June in my condo and its been a slower than normal summer. I think the Anclote area is fine w/o a car if you are just going to fish...
  189. B

    Full Mita Report Oct 3-10

    Thanks for your report! Fishing has been really tough this year throughout Mexico with El Nino, so it was a wise decision to go with Lora in PV. Great captain, great guy, great trip.
  190. B

    Dorado From Mexico Declared by NOAA an At-Risk Species

    The last 2 years, the sport dorado catch around Guaymas has been almost non existant. As Americans, we can really only influence what we do in our country, and seeing dorado and even skipjack in Costco and Trader Joes is a bit much, even though they are probably importing catches caught from all...
  191. B

    Ice Cream Lure?

    Thanks to all that help. I found a source in Mexico.
  192. B

    Mexcelente Jigging!

    Great video. Thanks for posting that too !
  193. B

    Ice Cream Lure?

    The store boughts have a pencil lead stuck up their pooper to cast and work better.
  194. B

    Offshore 500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    Looks like the tuna door paid for itself too.
  195. B

    Mexcelente Jigging!

    Another great post Age! Looks like the boys are learning some new tricks. Never seen so many Aj's on a post about PV. I wonder if the warmer water brought them into the area? We normally see a lot of sails, marlin and dorado and they vanished this summer from the Guaymas area in the Sea of...
  196. B

    Looking for a charter in Puerto Vallerta

    Lora Vazquez is another great option.
  197. B

    Ice Cream Lure?

    Hey, thanks for the link !
  198. B

    20 days in Snookland

    Thanks for posting !
  199. B

    Looking for a charter in Puerto Vallerta

    sticky post at top of this page has recommended guys.
  200. B

    Rumbo al 300

  201. B

    Ice Cream Lure?

    Trying to buy a couple of these to try out. Anyone know wh's got them for sale? Thanks
  202. B

    Offshore 9/12 WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    unbelieveable. gracias al nino
  203. B

    Anybody baiting/chunking the mini yellows?

    You flunk the idiot test and then try to call out the rest of the board with another lame post? I see a pattern.
  204. B

    Offshore No Blue Fin but....

    The short top and belly fins next to the tail fin also look like those of a Striper to me. Really one hell of a nice fish to catch in our waters but I would also guess the weight to be more in 130-150 range. WTG!!
  205. B

    Inshore possibilities at the end of October in PV and area

    Lora now has the twin engine 27 CC panga for inshore and a 30' cat with a cabin with twins for offshore too. But all others that were recommended in this thread are excellent too.
  206. B

    Weighing your fish...

    This weighed 33 on my scale, I weigh 250.
  207. B

    heading to pv 8/16/15

    Capt Lora Vazquez 011 521 322 133 3999
  208. B

    Inshore possibilities at the end of October in PV and area

    Halloween is usually peak season for all inshore and offshore species in Cabos and PV but could be different timing this year due to el nino. I would hang with Cat Lora if you want to do both and let him put you on what's biting. Best to be flixible, he is.
  209. B

    Rooster land!!! Coming soon

    Looks like you were fishing well south of PV.
  210. B

    Rooster land!!! Coming soon

    Light gear top water is hard to beat anywhere. WTG on those pigs.
  211. B

    Punta Mita - 6/26 to 7/3

    Light tackle top water can't be beat. WTG
  212. B

    Important links and instructions for private boaters that want to fish Mexico

    An FMM immigration tourist permit is for multiple visits that can go to 6 months a year. You can enter, leave and retenter without turning it in during its valid time period, and you can ask for up to 6 months when you get it. But you are supposed to turn it in during the period to be eligible...
  213. B

    Important links and instructions for private boaters that want to fish Mexico

    This in the news today about increased inspect announcement
  214. B

    Flights to PV are insane right now

    LAX to Guadalajara on Volaris is 245 rdtrip in augugst + 3 hr bus ride
  215. B

    Dorado catch down again this year in San Carlos

    I trolled along one really long line that looked to be about 9 miles long and only saw 2 dorado hooked, so that tells me that the damage has already been done, and right under our noses.
  216. B

    Dorado catch down again this year in San Carlos

    Check out the photos of the Mexican Mahi Fillets going for $24 a lb , 4th post down.
  217. B

    Another bites the dust!

    Wow, nice one Juan !
  218. B

    Dorado catch down again this year in San Carlos

    Fish have been small and very scarce again this year. Season traditionally starts in May and mahi have been a staple since the 1950's. Do you know if this also the case in PV, Cabo, Mazatlan, Loreto too? Thanks
  219. B

    2 YT on same lure, same time

    A little popper and stick bait video taken last spring in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. The 3 of us had a triple hookup and let the drag go loose on one rod to gaff another. Then the last rod in had 2 fish on the same stick bait. Good luck...
  220. B

    JX handle (knob only) replacement?

    I put a rubber Tbar on my JX Raptor. Drilled the handle with a 6 mm bit in a drill press. Works good.
  221. B

    Inshore Report from Punta Mita?

    The roosters will go for the Yuzuri Bull GT's, Halco Rooster Poppers as well as Roberts Rangers and other surface stick baits, like most other jacks.
  222. B


    All the bait is at Pta Mita or in the bay, so fishing from Sayulita means a long boat ride to Mita before going out. I would call Cat Lora in Mita and have him pick you up for the 10 minute drive to Mita. His number is on the Sticky thread on top. He has a twin engine 27CC Panga and a 30...
  223. B

    Singing the Blues in Huatulco

    We got a stripe, sail, dorado and tuna today. The dorado had a lot of worms in hsi stomach, and I thought he also gave a lack luster fight. Who knows if that is related to what happened to you. Just wondering if it might have been a possibility..
  224. B

    Best Black and Blue May in Huatulco I've Seen

    Great story George. We have been averaging over one stripe per 1/2 day up here in San Carlos Sonora, but they only average around 100 lbs, and we employ bait and switch with ballyhoo, so we have to have at least 2 guys on board to pull it off.
  225. B

    Cartel Violence In Puerto Vallarta

    Its already forgotten here. The only news that keeps coming out is from the USA yellow press agencies like Fox and MSNBC, and it keeps repeating the same stories and high drama. I f you think that the pri party is going to get thrown out over a few punks fighting back, you're dreaming.
  226. B

    Cartel Violence In Puerto Vallarta

    Cartel guys are calling Federal Police (think of Hwy patrol men) to accidents and ambushing them. They also tried to kill the Guadalajara Attorney General, and when you kill cops, cops are going to fight back. Specifically, the helicopter that was downed was chasing 3 pickups had info that the...
  227. B

    Black and Blue same day solo

    Yea I thought he would unhook him, but he just snapped him off next to the boat and didn't try to grab his bill. My cat is a little higher than yours and the angler was only 5'7", so him being tired after an 18 hr round trip offshore may have been a factor. It was a thin wire large gap lazer...
  228. B

    Black and Blue same day solo

    We caught a 100 lb stripe on a very light spinning jigging rod last weekend and had him to the boat in less than 10 minutes in my 22 cat. I kept him at a 45 degree to my keel line, with him forward of the bow so that I could move with him at any speed, dragging line through the water, and watch...
  229. B

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    Well, the popping is over, but jigging for yellowtail, snappers, bass, an almaco jack and a small marlin at the end of the video on a light spinning rod was fun last week. Going again tomorrow to Tortuga Island. Sorry the video link wont load google youtube if interested Tortuga Fernando- see...
  230. B

    Charter recommendations for PV

    I would recommend Lora or Danny Osuna here is the skinny on everyone worth mentioning.
  231. B

    Puerta Vallarta - panga/charter captain recommendation needed

    Wow, I haven't heard of any of the guys recommended, and I have been a Punta Mita regular for 15 years. Lora Vazquez and Danny Gomez are the best I know. There is a sticky aon top of the Mainland Mexico Forum that gives the rates and contact information for the best captains in PV. I am not...
  232. B

    San Carlos Mexico

    Gringo Pete.s is about 50 a night with separate rooms and a small kitchen, a view of the bay and is within walking distance from the Marina and you can leave your stuff in Fernando's office. Had good AC the last time I was there. But there are stairs in the 3 story 9 unit facility. Do not play...
  233. B

    What model Ugly stik tiger lite?

    The 6'6" rod I suggested likes to cast 2-3 oz jigs and loads up really well. 1's and 4's are tougher to handle as the the 1 is too light, and the 60 lb spectra will almost cut your fore finger if you use to much forrce to cast the 4's. I have more callouses than a lady's hand, so this might give...
  234. B

    Is Population Control is The Solution to California's Water Problems?

    New landscaping and lawns. More resavoirs so that less fresh water reaches the sea' s another. Eliminating flood irrigation systems would be another. Immigration control and a set amount of water for each family residence could be another considerations. Fines are ineffective.
  235. B

    What model Ugly stik tiger lite?

    I bought 1, then two more, as they are great unbreakable parabolic rods for jigging, casting and even light trolling with a Penn Battle2 6000 or Saragosa 8000SW. The only complaint is that the hook retainer sometimes catches the line and when a yellowtail is burning drag, the spectra will cut...
  236. B

    Which FF/GPS?

    I have the elite 5 chirp with the more expensive 50/200 455/850 TM transducer. Works great. It distinguishes bait from yellowtail at 30 mph in 250 and picks up fish at same speed in 400+. My older more expensive traditional unit would hold bottom but lose the fish at much lower speeds mounted in...
  237. B

    Inexpensive Fish Finder Suggestions

    I put an Elite 5 Chirp with the slightly more expensive 50/200 455/850 hz transom mount transducer 3 weeks ago and have now used it about 7 times. It is a huge improvement over the more powerful traditional sonar unit I had, and I now have no problem distinguising bait and bottom fish from...
  238. B

    puerta vallarta fishing

    The fishing is good year round in vallarta inshore and off, but halloween is prime as is pre season prices, great fishing and its at the end of the hot season, normally.
  239. B

    Snookmafia snook Fishing

    great promotional video. go pro.
  240. B

    puerta vallarta fishing

    If you like to throw poppers and use live bait, Lora is a great guide to several inshore spots. Lots of variety.
  241. B

    Looking for a new Sonar for around $500-600. Please school me

    I just put a lowrance Elite 5 Chirp with a 50/200 455/855 Chirp transom mount ducer on my cat and I couldn't be happier. Good detail at 30 mph in 400' of salt. I specialize in yellowtail and this does a good job of distinguishing bait, bottom fish and yt. $550 and the screen is plenty big enough...
  242. B

    transducers....50/200 or 83/200? Salt or Fresh water?

    I just put a lowrance Elite 5 Chirp with a 50/200 455/855 Chirp transom mount ducer on my cat and I couldn't be happier. Good detail at 30 mph in 400' of salt. I specialize in yellowtail and this does a good job of distinguishing bait, bottom fish and yt. $550 and the screen is plenty big...
  243. B

    We won. SC Yellowtail tournament

    Great reports, and congrats to Team Chanoc. Very nice job, especially using the longer No Drama Gaff on the prize winners. I'll down next week to join the fun with a fresh supply of 2000 yds of new spectra.
  244. B

    Yet another striped from Huatulco (and more swimming)

    A lot of stripers I have caught come to the boat repeatedly to look you in the eye with one eye then shake their head out of the water, showing they are studs, or pissed off, or something. So it always makes me wonder if getting in the water is safe, even when he is tired.
  245. B

    One of my Favorite Fish to Eat Puffer Fish

    yes, but they can be very poisoness if not cleaned just right.
  246. B

    Banner Season for Striped Marlin in Huatulco

    We use rod riggers too, but will just put the clicker on the free spool and grab the line lightly at the reel with a scotty downrigger clip that trips (and resets) very easy so we can set the hook at their turn.
  247. B

    Banner Season for Striped Marlin in Huatulco

    I follow your small theory here too, but will always but a big honker down the middle back as a teaser with hooks. Funny that the big dorado go after this one a lot, but they also eat the 4 lb skippies here that the sails can't swallow.
  248. B

    Vertical jigging in San Carlos Mexico

    Rada, Fernando and I fish together as often as possible, sometimes 2-3 times a week. We all have boats, but Fenando Almada has the charter business and tackle shop where he sells the best lures for this area and season at USA prices. [email protected], or goggle Catch22 Sportfishing- lots of...
  249. B

    Tuna on jigs

    thanks juan
  250. B

    punta mita

    Lora, Danny look at sticky at top of page for contact data
  251. B

    Tuna on jigs

    Vertical knife jigs, aluminum surface jigs, or heavier yo yo jigs?
  252. B

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    the bite continues. poppermania
  253. B

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    i think i will be in the states that week, but i won't be away for long
  254. B

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    I'll be here Gus. 662 927 8710 cel. Be great to see you.
  255. B

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos Last 2 evenings have been the best fishing of my life. Sorry to be so slow about posting, but ol farts need more rest. Can't believe Presidents Day holiday came and went and no one from BD got in on this.
  256. B

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    Best day yet last night Two of us took 2 limits then we released another 18 fish in 4 hrs of fishing in the afternoon. All on poppers and stick baits. Fish are average over 9 kgs with some in the 25+ range. More fish have moved in so now they are all over the island, 3 drifts, fish on 1st cast...
  257. B

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    ok Eddie, see you here. Craig gets here tomorrow for another round before he meets up with you. He's bringing more poppers, so he'll be welcome with open arms, as always.
  258. B

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    Just to let you know, the bite is still on. Got 7 fishing alone nite before last on poppers between 330 and 530 pm. The jigging bite is also good for 15 lbs closer to port.
  259. B

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    Gracias por su generosa oferta Lupe. No he perdido niuna popper en 3 dias, sacando mas de 20, y por eso, creo que ando bien por lo pronto. Suerte.
  260. B

    Fishing el banco

    X3 for Lora with his 27 foot twin engine Panga or his 30' Hydrocat Catamaran. 011 521 322 133 3999 Great guywith very good english, very fishy, and highly recommended
  261. B

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    Out today for the afternoon bite and it was great again. Fernando lost 6 poppers, Rada 3 and I one in about 40 feet of water. 17-27 lb fish and rocks were breaking 60 lb spectra with 80 lb flouro repeatedly and where almost impossible to stop with 18 lbs of drag plus all the palm you dared. It...
  262. B

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    About 8 min into this video shows them jumping all over each other to get the popper, although the action is not stop throughout. They are after 10-18" long Humbolt squid juviniles. and in the afternoons, is the popper bite. The poppers only lasted about 6 weeks last year, but the jig, run and...
  263. B

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    Its getting even better. Fish were jumping over one another yesterday to get at the poppers. Some fish hitting in 8' of water, some 5' from the boat. Seeing them go for it repeated times is such a rush. Over 20 to the boat just between 4-6pm between 3 guys. They are hitting 10" pieces of...
  264. B

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    We've seen some over 30 lbs this year. The fish in these vid's averaged about 15-19.
  265. B

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    Here is a Popper vid on 4 afternoons, dififfernt boats.
  266. B

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    Fish came earlier this year than last and are also hitting top water poppers. This fishing is reasonable as you can drive there in 11 hrs from LA or SD and get Fernandos 26' Shamrock for around $450 a day at the island or 4 miles from the Marina if the larger fish are not thick as they have been...
  267. B

    No fish No Pay? Tuna everywhere!

    You're getting this video stuff down Juan, nice job.
  268. B

    Maximus 3.5 day report Jan 28-Feb 1

    Thanks for your report.
  269. B

    Journeyman 2.5 Day Report 1/31/15

    Red palegic crabs were also turning off the bite completely last week up in the sea of cortez in San Carlos. But we moved away from the island there and found the fish that would jig. Been an off yoear up there as well with marlin around a late as Jan 15th, when Oct is usually the last days one...
  270. B

    Websites for ocean conditions/forecast for PV

    These guys seem pretty relaible in my experience,-97.153,6,1,!79083,2
  271. B

    Lots of Toro in the bay....

    Jacks can be caught from the beach at punta mita real early in the morning. you'll see them feeding near the jettys in front of resturaunt row. Krocodiles also work.
  272. B

    About fishing the Mexican Gold Coast

    Long liners are a problem pretty much everywhere except Magdelena Bay, Cabo, and PV. Don't know about Hatulco, except that the large bay south of there spawns a lot of wind.
  273. B

    Less expensive PV fishing experience

    Its hard not to catch a much larger grade of fish in PV. You really owe it to yourself to try your luck there. I am not saying Barra is bad 100% of the time, its just that PV is so much better than Barra all of the time. The long liners will pull out on the weekend if they are too drunk to fish...
  274. B

    Less expensive PV fishing experience

    Wow, Heran, alias el negro, has put on a little weight. I have fished with him several times. He is a good captain, but the fishing in Barra shoulder to shoulder with the long liner fleet will never compare to fishing in PV. I had my boat there 4 years.
  275. B

    buying hooks and Chum in PV

    Walmart, Ley and other super makets sell 1 kg blocks of frozen squid. But try to find the mexico brands in the Mexican fish markets first the USA stuff is very expensive.
  276. B

    Duty Fees for Excess Tackle

    you're right, it changes to $500 at Christmas time, then will go back to $300. Thanks for the corrections on the # of rods too.
  277. B

    Duty Fees for Excess Tackle

    I believe its up to 2 rods free per person. Then you are allowed the duty free exemption of $300 per person. Over that, you have to pay sales tax on the value of the other equipment, which is 16.34%
  278. B

    PV Report 11/26-28

    great report !!
  279. B

    Fishing charters out of sayulita?

    There are boats in Sayulita, but 95% of them are not equipped to carry live bait, and PV is a live bait fishery. So the ones that are set up, have to go to Sayulita or La Cruz anyways to get bait, and this is a long boat ride from Sayulita. So Danny is a good option in La Cruz and Lora is the...
  280. B

    Striped Marlin Down South

    Cool posts. Thanks for sharing. I might suggest that you turn the next time to run parallel at high speed with the marlin so that you can run with him with a lot of line drag to tire him out before you start cranking. This only works of course if he jumps and stays up.
  281. B

    Charter Recommendations for Puerto Vallarta?

    Well, did you catch any fish? A report from you would be great.
  282. B

    12 yr old girl and +600 lb Bluefin I was in Antogonish today and saw a boat with 3 130 setups ready to fish... wind was doing at least 30 kts.
  283. B

    Fishing Rod Recommendation - General Purpose
  284. B

    Fishing Rod Recommendation - General Purpose

    I have a 5'6"6455xh and 4 shakesphere bigwater xxh's with 50ew avets-130 lb spectra and personally prefer the cheaper BW's for tuna
  285. B

    PV or Mazatlan in Nov? Trip relocate from Cabo disaster, need help

    Definitely PV over Mazatlan. November is prime fishing time there too.
  286. B

    Tide Info on Corbetena and El Banco
  287. B

    6/21/2014 report no fish

    will miss your reports. good luck up north.
  288. B

    6/10 2014 report

    heres the one for PV
  289. B

    6/10 2014 report

    This might also help you find them when its not too cloudy you can also google the Mx national weather service. I believe its This is what a lot of the local captains reference and I like it for PV as it states different...
  290. B

    6/10 2014 report

    This guy is also good in my experience farther north where changes come faster than in PV in my experience. He uddates around 7 am in the morning
  291. B

    6/10 2014 report

    I look at more than one report, and do not find bouy that good for Mexico. Here is one you might also reference,-111.044,7,1
  292. B

    6/7/2014 rainbow runners and tuna

    Nice of you to let us know whats swimming around. Appreciate it.
  293. B


    well that was very cool. thanks
  294. B

    End of May/1st week in June PV fishing

    I am not sure I understand the last post, but if I do, going to Yelapa to look for a charter would be a waste of time and money in my opiniion. Look at the sticky post at the top of this page and go with one of these captains that are tried and true operating out of the Main Marina, La Cruz...
  295. B

    qui-qui-ri-quí !

    Nice post Age. Sure hope Lora does well with his investment ! These wide heavy cats with cabins have a great ride.
  296. B

    Need some info.

    hotels in Nuevo Vallarta usually run from 80-110 per person per night including room, food and bar, so it depends on your budget
  297. B

    Last try for a Punta Mita 200-600$ Thread

    so much depends on fuel cost. you might try to negotiate an hourly rate and fuel seperately, and only go the longer distances when your capt can put you with another single, and stay close when the inshore scene is happening. the other factor is telling them you don't want a mate, that the...
  298. B

    Awesome Tuna fishing aboard the Journeyman out of Puerto Vallarta 5/21 -5/24

    Very nice report on a great trip. Lots of fish in a short amount of time.
  299. B

    Which are the best vertical jigs for tuna.

    we use the river2sea 200gr pinks with good luck. they are a lot cheaper than what's been previously suggested
  300. B

    Womens World Record Yellowfin On Maximus

    a fighting chair is not an advantage?
  301. B

    Last try for a Punta Mita 200-600$ Thread

    there is no bait in Sayulita, and I know of only one guy that has a livewell there.
  302. B

    Last try for a Punta Mita 200-600$ Thread

    ask 3 capts what their hourly rate is, and show up. if one of the 3 doesn't have a full day trip booked that day, it'll be a go for a lower cost near shore trip w/o a mate
  303. B

    Last try for a Punta Mita 200-600$ Thread

    San Jose de Cabo uses 22' light beach launched pangas with small single engines that go 6-8 miles out and stay 1/2 a day to catch football tuna. PV captains are in 27 footers using twin 115's that 60+ miles out spending 8-16 hrs going for cows with much more expensive gear and they provide food...
  304. B

    Fishing Cabo in November

    Novemeber is good for tuna and they will be on the San Jose de Cabos side of the peninsula
  305. B

    Did Lora get his 30' Cat to PV yet?

    I believe there is a 33 Worldcat and and 29 Twin Vee in town, but Lora has the first Cabin Cat that I know of. When you go to PV, you go for a few days. So staying under the shade is important for the fishermen, Captain and mate who fish even more often year after year, and even more so for...
  306. B

    Did Lora get his 30' Cat to PV yet?

    I understand its a 30' Hydrocat Express with a pair of 225 Yamahas. These have a 10' beam, great cabin area with comfortable seating and laydown and a huge rear deck so to me its really a better layout for charters than a CC like the Prowlers, which I also like very much. These are heavy hulls...
  307. B

    Did Lora get his 30' Cat to PV yet?

    Anyone fished on it?
  308. B

    Long Lining

    I believe that long lining by commercial fisherman is not against the law, and we as sportsman are also catching a lot of cow tuna that are also being legally sold by captains with commercial licenses. No?
  309. B

    Long Lining

    Some long liners in Barra are armed, and most stay out to keep an eye on their gear.
  310. B

    Maximus Finale ...Part 2..Trip 5 of 5

    Another great report. Thanks.
  311. B

    Again...... Maximus

    Excellent Juan. Enjoyed them all.
  312. B

    Question about the Charter Biz

    George, Mexican citezenship is usually not given to US citezens unless they are married to a national. So as this is not garunteed, be real nice to your local immigration people untill you are eligible. To work or earn salary in Mexico you need to have a FM3 if not a citezen, which is their...
  313. B

    Vertical jigging for yellow tail nov26

    Fernando is really the best option in San Carlos, and very reasonable. He also puts together dray trips where up to 5 guys split the day cost of about $600 per day. I fished next to him in my cat all December, and they consistently killed them on the 200 gram knife jigs that he also sells at...
  314. B

    Two consecutive 2 1/2 days trip with Danny Osuna starting from Dec 7

    Like that underhand reel and rod combo. Could easliy see an application for a roller rod working that way too. Great report.
  315. B

    Manzanillo 2.5 day?

    You might be able to arrange this, but to me it makes no sense to try so so fishing at best from Manzanillo, when there such a better chance of success out of PV. Most of the charter boats hang at the sierra hotel at the north end of town.
  316. B


    From what I heard tonight, mostly billfish and small tuna at the rock and banco. Big tuna are a way way out.
  317. B

    Nov 1-7 PV

    Glad to hear that your engines are in and you are plannig to fish. The water was so warm it was dirty, so we had to go within 12 miles of the Marietas in a panga to find these. Had a good time with Lora as usual. I will be in San Crlos for the rest of the season, but good luck in PV
  318. B

    Captain Lora

    011 521 322 133 3999
  319. B

    Nov 6 fishing report

    I also went 2 times that same week in a slower panga with Lora from Mita and I saw Danny with the poster. Danny gave us all a lot of entertainment on the radio. Their boat was faster. If you still don't believe us, ask Caldo and Kieth as they were at the same spot too.
  320. B

    Not a fish report...

    DHL is the best I have found. I send items regurlarily for business. UPS would be my second choice. The post office in Mexico is veeerry slow.
  321. B

    Nov 1-7 PV

    We had a good day on Nov 1 near the island with YF in the 120-140 class and a large sail, but our other 3 days were very slow. I think the hot dirty water temps are keeping them deep, but who knows?
  322. B

    Is parking a BMW at the TJ airport...

    for a week an insane idea? any bad experiences? any idea on cost per day? any place better? Thanks
  323. B

    Bloody Tuna Video. Maximus

    That video prouction was really excellent. WTG !!
  324. B

    Has Lora changed his cell number?

    Thanks. Call finally went through.
  325. B

    Has Lora changed his cell number?

    I have been calling 011 521 322 133 3999 for days with a busy signal Anyone know if he has a new number? Thanks
  326. B

    Road from Nogales to Puerto Vallarta

    Has anybody taken the road form Nogales down towards Puerto Vallarta Lately? TOLL IS IN GOOD SHAPE I'm headed down in a week or so. Towin' my RV trailer and a couple outboards for my vessel? Or should I have a transport Company take the outboards down? Should I just show up at the border and...
  327. B

    Inshore Assassination

    Great report Age!
  328. B

    tackle suggestions for fishing from shore near manzanillo

    go north of Manzanillo to the river outlet near its airport. Snook, roosters, and large jack crevalle, early early morning.
  329. B


    I hear he is also getting a 30' Hydrocat so we'll have the panga and a cat to choose from.
  330. B

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report September 22

    Great report as usual. Your oversight and experience at SJC really shows. Hope you and your anglers have another succesfull fall season.
  331. B

    Heru Skipjack 120g or 150g

    That's a great looking Worldcat Elias! Heard Lora's working on gettin a 30' Hydrocat too.
  332. B

    PV charter
  333. B

    Mex mainland car rental - a little help por favor...

    Never had a problem with reservations at GDL and have rented there over 20 times in the last 5 years.
  334. B

    Mex mainland car rental - a little help por favor...

    That's a good price for GDL, and very good in general for Mexico, especially with inurance.
  335. B

    Bara de Navidad

    Too many long line pangas in nearby Manzanillo, and also a few in Barra. Great place and infrastructure, but good fishing limited to migrations that are over the second day they occur due to commercials. I fished there steady for 6 years, year round. PV fishing is 15-20X better IMO.
  336. B

    Team Tex-Mex on Manzanillo,MX. Last days of May.

    Billfish will bat lures, not swallowing them in my experience. Teasing them by pulling them away from them helps to goad them into comtting to a depper moth strike. But they will swallow live baits and ballyhoo on their own more agressively, turn and make a corner of the mouth circle hook set...
  337. B

    Punta Mita 4/25

    Nice report, great captain.
  338. B

    Tuna Trip in mex

    The sticky post on the top of this fourm list of posts gives you contact info for all the recommended operators, and you can also sometimes hook up with other guys wanting to complete a party to share costs, so you have come to the right place to ask. Lora and Danny have large offshore pangas...
  339. B

    tunas are biting "El Matador"

    Nice to hear that business is good. Thanks for the report.
  340. B

    San Jose Del Cabo vs. Cabo SL vs. La Paz with Kids?

    Vallarta has the best medical facilities of any Mexican Beach town that I know of and the climate is better too. Baja is hotter, dustier and dryer with less vegitation than PV if that makes a difference. Inshore and off, PV has better fishing and same airfare cost. But if you still want to...
  341. B

    Surf fishing--Barra de Navidad

    You still in Melaque Gus?
  342. B


    I always enjoy your pictures and posts !!!
  343. B

    3/23/13 La Salina White Sea Bass

    chit, nice feesh especially on your light tackle.
  344. B

    Surf fishing--Barra de Navidad

    You skills are to be commended as Barra is not a grat place to surf fish IMO. I have been there over 25 times, and you did better than anyone else I have seen.
  345. B

    Help with a rumor.

    This is also printed on the back of your FMT entry form I believe.
  346. B

    Fishing around Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo in Nov any good?

    PV is much much better than the Carribean, Ixtapa and Cabo in so many ways, IMO. Get a place in Paradise Village, and she can go to the spa, you can fish, and later party and eat out at night in style cheaper than Cabo wtih more to do.
  347. B

    Suggestions on where to Jig bait in San Carlos-Mainland?

    None of the locals use sabiki's for livebait that I can tell. Most cast nets trying for small lisa. Thinking I will try under the boats moored in the bay, but its only about 10' deep there and I think I'd probably do better in some of the deeper holes. Any suggestions where to look? Thanks
  348. B

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report Feb. 23 Stolen Boat

    Bad deal. That hull was really nice.
  349. B

    San Carlos For Memorial Day?

    There are 2-3 spots that are close to either marina in case its windy. At the south marina there is the little island in the bay that attracks a lot of bait on its west side with 6-10' deep reefs. Even closer yet the the Marinas SW mouth is Lalo's, a small structure that holds yellowtail and...
  350. B

    San Carlos For Memorial Day?

    More stripers than sails and sometimes some early tuna. May is one of the best months to fish far out as there is little wind and the dorado fishing is epic. There is a guide there called PQ Alamada, Catch 22 charters, and he is gifted.
  351. B

    San Carlos For Memorial Day?

    The dorado come in mass to SC around the 15th of May so you can count on them, athough the bigger fish usually show a little later. Very few blue marlin are caught iper year n SC, and the ones I have seen come in the dog days of summer. There may still be a few yellowtail around, jigging deep...
  352. B

    What to expect in Acapulco next week?

    Isn't feb an off month for warm water sails and dorado? I would think that bottom fish and sierras would be more common this time of the year, but I sure could be wrong.
  353. B

    Best way to Baja: Ferry or TJ

    Nogales+ Ferry is the way to go, as you are coming from east of Arizona. Faster, better road and services. But be there well before 10 pm departure to make sure you get on. The 10 year temporary boat import can be done on line with a credit card and they will fedex it to you house. I just did...
  354. B

    PV fishin with Danny

    Dark purple 6" feathers w wire trolled at daybreak at 14-16 knots are the way most wahoo tournament winners fish them. Google Wahoo King for more information. Maruaders also work good, but you have to slow down a bit and cover less water.
  355. B

    Sayulita in September

    I would skip the pangas in Sayulita and go to Punta Mita so that Manny or Danny can pick you up there in their 35 footers.
  356. B

    Mas baconas Marla IV, feb 2-4

    Those tunny's are studs, nice report
  357. B

    Maximus Boat Layout & Bunks

    Number of bags and rods per person? Lockup for valubles?
  358. B

    Cows in PV - Jan 19, 2013

    Yea, nice report. Really like the rocket launcher setup on that bait tank, very handy.
  359. B

    Super Pangas - Where to Buy?

    The dumb Mx Toll booths are recently saying they won't take dollars, so you better get some pesos, especially if you travel at night. Your Auto teller debit card gives the best exchange rate, even after the commision the backs charge for foriegn transactions. Who makes the Scorpion, btw?
  360. B

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report Jan. 20

    Well written report, as usual.
  361. B

    Super Pangas - Where to Buy?

    The road from Tucson to Topolobampa is all 4 lane. Go thrigh the truck route to avoid downtown Nogales and also take the periferico that heads east at the north end of Hermosillo to avoid going through the center of that town too. Guaymas is about 2 hrs closer, and the ferry from there goes to...
  362. B

    San Quintin Yellowtail...on the iron!

    Just wondering if you guys in SQ have tried the Turkey Slider jigs. I am not affiliated, but the pink 200 gm ones are killing thee YT's in San Carlos.
  363. B

    Super Pangas - Where to Buy?

    That scorpion is sick.
  364. B

    Video of 1st place marlin at the 2012 Puerto Vallarta tournament aboard El Matador

    Really nice footage of a young crew working together that shows they've been trained right. Congrats to you Manny.
  365. B

    Super Pangas - Where to Buy?

    The hull that Gil is linking sounds like a steal. The super pangas you see in Punta Mita and Cabos come out of Mazatlan from a builder named Diaz, but they are expensive, IMO. I think they run about $50K with motors if they are stout with twin 115's. Advertised prices in Mexico City for 27's...
  366. B

    Que es mejor carnada para Jurel en Loreto

    Depende en la temporada. Las makarelas se enquentran mas en el invierno, y los ojotones y sardinas predominan en el verano. Los jigs son mucho trabajo e siempre yo he tenido mejor suerte con carnada viva, sacadas frescas con los sabiki's.
  367. B

    New Year in PV

    Glad the Tank killed a cow Dennis. WTG. Dave doesn't look as happy with the schoolies taken on the Zigzag though. Happy new year.
  368. B

    Time of year for big yft on the Maximus

    With el nino years its tough to predict. I would say the big fish came on late this year in PV, and Cabo had more than their share. Normally Halloween to the end of November is prime season, but even then, most the cows are a crap shoot that usually take 2-8 days out to expect reasonable success.
  369. B

    Avoid for fishing in puerto vallarta

    Illingworth If a laugh was worth $1, you'd be a billionaire with all the shit youve posted here. Keep it up.
  370. B

    Avoid for fishing in puerto vallarta

    The pangas, their gear, their experience, the captains and their results are also a lot better in PV than you will find in the rest of Mexico, and when you go in prime vacation days, they have no problema getting a decent price that lets them survive when things are slower, and PV gets slow, IMO.
  371. B

    Fortuna Sportfishing Rocks!

    Great guys. Very fishy.
  372. B

    Sierra Mackerel near to PV

    Kastmasters or small spoons if you are casting. Small rapalas or splashing pink plastic sqids if you are trolling
  373. B

    Sierra Mackerel near to PV

  374. B

    10 days in Loreto - long post sorry

    Yes, dorado are the exception. And I believe you are allowed 2 limits in possiession, like in the cooler, cleaned in your truck, skin on, not freshly caught in one day of fishing. I got caught with too many 10 years ago in San Carlos. They confiscated the fish, cooler, $300 in fines, and it...
  375. B

    Merry Christmas to all,and to all a good bite!

    VIBRANT colors. Thanks for taking the time to put all of these together for us.
  376. B

    PV Trolling Speeds

    The speed depends on what you are running, ocean conditions, etc. You generally want to place you lures different distances in your spread so that all come out of the water about every 4 seconds or less, simulating a skipjack chasing bait with a porpose swim pattern. Its this spash that attacts...
  377. B

    Dang Huatulco Grouper Again

    I would think that just prior to the start of the incoming tide would be a good time to be over your spot.
  378. B

    Ventura and Oxnard BD'ers

    Looks great. Like your concept and location. Good luck !!
  379. B

    A late Canadian's report.

    Not catching fish is one thing, but the video and your posts really show your attitude towards your customers and the resource. Good luck with that.
  380. B

    A late Canadian's report.

    The condition of that boat, what went down, and your fish count are disturbing. Thanks for the report.
  381. B

    Swordfish Info

    They do some in Cabo. I'd be wondering about some fast trolling wahoo rigs. Those snakes ca escape through the tuna nets.
  382. B

    Trip Question for Tunas "Cows"

    Danny Osuna Manny Lora Luan Pablo Dhmar Maximus all very very good
  383. B

    Cows on the Maximus + a SUPER!!!

    Classic trip. I would not want to be around tuna that size if I was a small dorado.
  384. B

    COW tunas with Capt. Danny Osuna Dec. 2nd - 4th

    These guys really came through. Great trip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  385. B

    with Danny G at El Morro - Dec. 6th

    That jack is off the charts !!!!
  386. B

    Nice Sail In Barra de Navidad

    Better inshore fishing 15 miles north along the coast.Big sierra, pargo, jacks. More sails that way too. Rivermouth off of the airport to the south holds roosters, and snook when it rains. Pargo fishing in the bay at night in the north bay. Do you have the numbers for the seamounts between you...
  387. B

    Manzanillo Fishing

    Los unicos barcos mas o menos anden alredador del Hotel Sierra por la entrada del campo del golf.
  388. B


    I really like your enthusiasm, and work ethic. WTG
  389. B


    Nice, thanks for the heads up.
  390. B

    Best marina and boat staorage in PV?

    I was hoping that Cesar might have a pickup, or a friend with one that could be hired to put her into a slip and pull her at the main marina ramp when I came down, otherwise, I will have to leave a truck in PV or just leave her in Sonora where I am connected instead of using her as a day boat to...
  391. B

    Best marina and boat staorage in PV?

    Would like to store my 22 Seacat in PV on its trailer this spring and would like some tips on how best to go I am assuming the the old marina still is the best way to go if I dont keep a vehicle there and need these: a steep ramp. bait and fuel to buy, reasonable slips by the week hotel...
  392. B

    Z Fish Report (11/15/12)

    How's the battle going with the long liners?
  393. B

    Catching Live Bait Near Marina Vallarta

    sabiki, night, 2 miles out in bottom dips about 165 feet of water where you mark fish on your fish finder
  394. B

    Great marlin acci

    Felicidades Manny. Cuanto valio el mas grande?
  395. B

    Late report - 3 days on Maverick

    nice video, good trip!
  396. B

    Corbetena on fire!

    muy buena pelicula. Quieren las sardinitas mas que los caballitos?
  397. B

    Bisbee's Update - Team Pelagic just weighted a 465lb Blue

    Congrats to all. The stars really aligned on this one.
  398. B

    Z Fish Report (10/21/12)

    I have known Bogen for 40 years, and I would be very surprized if he identified a fish wrong.
  399. B

    La Cruz Tournament

    Nice hood ornaments you got there.
  400. B

    Chame Pino contact info

    is he no longer with gordobanks, on their website through Eric?
  401. B

    427-pound Yellowfin Tuna in Baja

    Mustads gonna have to sell a lot of hooks. They're probably passing kidney stones the size of bricks right now.
  402. B

    El matador report 8/30/12

    Nice photos of that doradito
  403. B


    <TABLE class=list width="83%"><TBODY><TR><TD width="8%"></TD><TD width="28%"></TD><TH colSpan=2 align=middle>max. recorded speed</TH></TR><TR><TD></TD><TH>FISH </TH><TH width="31%" align=middle>(kph) </TH><TH width="33%" align=middle>(mph) </TH></TR><TR><TD>1.</TD><TD>Sailfish</TD><TD...
  404. B


    I didn't know a Marlin can hit speeds of 80 mph like the article says.
  405. B

    Avoid for fishing in puerto vallarta

    $700 is closer to the reality, with an excellent captain. 2-3 come to mind immediately
  406. B


    Can they get insurance?
  407. B

    New East Cape Marina Now Open.

    Over 4000 miles of coastline in Mexico and how many Marinas and ramps?
  408. B

    Not cows but lots of fun in PV

    Really great report as usual. 12 mph along with some nice Pacific PV water conditions will let you blend plenty of Margaritas on auto pilot, kick back and enjoy your company and view, instead of pooping yourself out playing Victory at Sea. Way to stick with your dream, you made it happen !!!
  409. B

    Another great trip onboard the El Matador

    Lots of action on a good grade of fish = fun and some real good eating for all. Nice going Manny!
  410. B

    trailer tonque extensions ?

    Unless you boat is too long and heavy, the best way is to make it permanent welded longer tongue with splice plates. A welded extra 4-6 feet is usally not a deal breaker on trailers up to 35' long in traffic. If and when you sell, it can be converted back to standard length very easily by the...
  411. B

    work/job in PV

    oh yes I do
  412. B

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 14th, 2012

    Who set the parking brake after we started to push?
  413. B

    work/job in PV

    Oodles of good paying jobs in Canada right now. Then you can go south in the winter with money in your pocket when the big fish move in too.
  414. B

    HEY ! what you guys think of this boat/cl ad ?

    Need a center console with a more reliable outboard.
  415. B

    BOLA 6/16-6/22

    Wish there was a local paper that would print these stories. Sure like a name or two to identify the bozos.
  416. B

    No fish-first PV trip for the boys-trip report

    What, you nervous in a lightning storm on a metal boat? Ah comon....
  417. B

    New Teasers

    I like
  418. B

    Water Temps

    Seen over 90 degrees around Manzanillo many a time. Powerplants and shallow esteros combine to make the water hot. I always found that schools of bait were more important than temps.
  419. B

    Maximus video and late report

    Nice. Thanks for sharing !
  420. B


    So thats whay his hands still smell like bait. Cuidado con las viudas negras Sr. Dave.
  421. B


    Oh screw, the bat sellers in the marina will go broke now for sure. Mustsa bought a sheet load of feathers at Freddy Halls that your dying to zig zag like a lawn mower. Good luck trolling em Dave.
  422. B

    Sea of Cortez - Yellowtail & Grouper 4/21 w-pics

    Very nice report. That grouper honks!
  423. B

    biggest yellow fin caught on rod and reel by the journeyman

    That hog makes a regular cow look like a bait fish. Unbelievably impressive.
  424. B


    I lived on the mainland for 30 years. Had 2 vehicles broken into Had an armed robbery at a store I owned Daughter was kidnapped in 2008, cost me all I had to get her back Moved to states 2 weeks later Inlaws have had mine payrolls stolen twice and have to change phone numbers every 3 months due...
  425. B

    MasterBaiters Sportfishing Puerto Vallarta OMG. Who needs a laugh? This is good...

    So he is claiming that Maximus was boardered by the Navy recently. Did anyone go to jail or was anything confiscated?
  426. B

    Wahoo Lures

    google the wahoo king
  427. B

    fishing from a small center console in puerto vallarta

    A self bailing CC with a low center of gravity, full flotation and 40 mph speed is probably a lot safer boat to escape the nasty squalls in PV than a, slow Cabin Crusiser in wind and a beam sea, IMO.
  428. B

    Swordfish Report

    This is a whole seperate fishery on the east coast that might bring in more anglers from there if you guys were promoting it and geared to do more night fishing, deep drops with glow sticks, etc. The fact that you are seeing them on top is a pretty good indication that more than a few might be...
  429. B

    Last 3 fish guys a good....

    I know the 1st one as a juvinile spotted grouper.
  430. B

    Fish ID help.....bottom fish...

  431. B

    PV tuna Fest

    Excellente. Did the panga guys hand line their tuna?
  432. B

    Largemouth at lake Ovachovic

    My friends in Sonora just had a tournament there mid November and said the fishing was very good.
  433. B

    Fishing Manzanillo

    Agree on Hernan. Go to the cooperativa and they will find him. His nickname is Negro.
  434. B

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report Jan. 22

    The Tropicana is the deal. Freezers, nice pool and resturaunt, surrounded by shops in town, close to the marina, they have it wired.
  435. B

    Sad News - Punta Colorada

    There are more than 500 homes for sale in San Carlos Sonora right now. Used to be less than 70 all the years I lived close to the area. Governmet says 47,000 have died (that they know of and have to own up to) in the 5 years since Calderon became president, so this is real life for a lot of...
  436. B

    Back safe and sound!!!

    I have done that downhill 3 times, but my little boat is 18 inches narrower, and I think i had a tire off the road on more than one occasion, so way to go. If its any consolation, going up that same hill is easier than coming down, and there is an alternate route that goes north along the...
  437. B

    The "TANK" is headed to PV

    You read my mind.
  438. B

    Highway 1 Accident/Insurance outcome

    Agreed, so did the cops and insurance company too. It is illegal to tell other drivers what to do in Mexico too.
  439. B

    The "TANK" is headed to PV

    Have a good one Dennis !
  440. B

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report Dec.17

    Yes, your reports are really great. Thanks for the effort Eric.
  441. B

    Anybody bringing boat down to Cabo or PV from Southern Cali

    Good luck down there with your hull Dennis !!
  442. B


    Go to the Ameca River mouth. Short cab ride north.
  443. B

    Just how big is this Pacific Jack....

    World record is 66 lbs. But try a pez fuerte, his larger cousin an amberjack if you like to pull on mules.
  444. B

    Highway overhead clearance

    Bingo, right answer !
  445. B

    Mag Bay, Nov. 12 - Hot Wahoo in Cold Water Outside, Snook and more inside

    Trailering her all around on Baja hard pan was truely a hard test showing BW build quality. If you just stayed on the Sea would the 21 have been big enough? I hear it gets rougher outside Mag Bay and can see why you went longer, but does the 23T crush chop a lot better than the small hull...
  446. B

    Mag Bay, Nov. 12 - Hot Wahoo in Cold Water Outside, Snook and more inside

    Very nice report Bill. Looks like some more people are catching on to the BW 2150.
  447. B

    How much is too much

    all I hear are crickets
  448. B

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $150 Accurate Product Pack - Ending Nov 14th

    1 Accurate and 3 to 4 Gaffs is all you need
  449. B

    Maximus~Offshore Tuna Report

    That is one long and skinny dodo girl
  450. B

    Awesome Fishing in Cow Town

    Publish those shots!
  451. B

    PV Oct 16,17,18

    Glad to see you guys on the prowl!! Still getting tangled up I see. Remember, keep your thumb on the spool when casting Dave's 130 class bent butts to those 3lb dodo's.
  452. B

    Topwater Tuna Madness!

    Keystone cops don't run around that much. Another great chapter. Appreciate you entertaining us all
  453. B

    Fishing Manzanillo

    Long liner fleet there make this questionable if you actually want to catch nice fish. Call the Hotel Sierra.The only 3-4 decent boats in the area anchor there on their point outside the golf course on the north west end of the main drag.
  454. B

    Sayulita 10-24-10-29

    Danny can pick you up in truck or boat I imagine. Go early alone, call home prior to arrival on your cell, then take him for a spin in the bay to catch a skipjack. Everyone wins. A 4 year old should not go 17-30 miles offshore in a panga in my opinion.
  455. B

    Clarion Island 2010 Video

    Great, in all aspects. You have my undivided attention and respect !
  456. B

    Bogii & Barnes relesed from Prison

    My Mom is from Nova Scotia so I tried for Bluefin on 2 trips with my Dad 50 years ago with no luck. Guess your timing can be called ok today. Nice going !!!
  457. B


    LMAO !
  458. B

    Maximus~Tres Generations (pic heavy) Tuna & Pargo Report

    Great days, great report ! This combo of men and machine adds yet another dimension to the PV experience IMO. Having all those captains aboard one ship is a brain trust, and the Osuna's are a key part of the MIT Dean's List in PV that really know how to react to all the life and changing...
  459. B

    Sign Petition for Mother Vessel - Erik

    Gladly. Thanks for setting this up !
  460. B


    Those look real reliable Danny. How much fuel in a day out to el Banco? Whats cruise speed at 4000-4500 rpms?
  461. B


    How about a few fotos of the boat, motors, console, live bait well, tuna tubes, and seating Danny? Really like to see how a pro lays out a panga for big fish.
  462. B

    Corbetena 7/18 Good Tuna Fishing

    Exellente. What sport!
  463. B

    San Carlos, Sonara Info Requested

    July, aug, sept Rough water daily after noon every day, very hot and humid, dorado and sails common, marlin much less so and tuna a rarity. Pink hotel on top of hill above main marina is best deal. Catch 22 is much better than coop.Most fishing 13-25 miles out. Live bait is rare.
  464. B

    The boat "Erik" capsizes, one dead, others missing

    They keep a lot of pangas on deck, plus there is a make shift multi story deck that was added that probably made her top heavy, especially if thay had shades up that would catch more wind. Poor guys
  465. B

    Another Mexico "nightmare" story

    The newspaper is responsible for blowing this out of proportion. And passports have been required by the US and Mexico for quite some time.
  466. B

    Team Ana Maria set New Marlin record in San Blas Tournament 517 lbs

    Big shoulders on that Black. Very impressive. San Blas would also be good place to stage a trap shoot for world record mosquitos IMO.
  467. B

    Sayulita - Who to Fish With

    Stick with Lora. He's great, and will pick you up in close by Sayulita. Guys in Sayulita have to go to Mita to get bait. Small ones by net in the darsena and the cabbies out by the islands.
  468. B

    Barnes and Bogii busted again...

    What is bs is the insurance company not stepping up. IMO, $20K was pretty reasonable to pay off the explorer, the passengers trauma, deal with the cops and handle this incident fairly quickly under the circumstances. Glad Barnes had the scratch to make everyone whole. This was an...
  469. B

    PV Report May 26,27,28

    You guys are dedicated to say the least. Use it or lose it, right?
  470. B

    Barnes and Bogii busted again...

    Tough crowd. Moving boats around is always an adventure and the power line height in Mexico is not standardized. Glad you guys got your toy home after all, and thanks for the report.
  471. B

    Maverick May 16th - 18th.

    When I first saw pictures of PV catches 12 years ago, some were very hard to believe, especially in the quality of the catches. I soon learned that although some of the operators were bullshitting, the BD favorites did not. And even though its hard to believe for these dates as May is usually...
  472. B

    Trabajador gratis en Vallarta

    Insurance, in Mexico ??
  473. B

    Need help Cabo San Lucas and PV

    transition time = changeable conditions daily=mostly green water=bottom fish mostly
  474. B

    What good can you say about PV??

    I may be wrong, but it was my understanding that Josh just said he wasn't going to post anymore, because everyone was on him. Maybe I'm just old, but I don't remember him being banned.
  475. B

    fishing from a small center console in puerto vallarta

    I kept an 18 footer in San Carlos for 15 years, 3 more in Barra, then bought a 20 footer for 2 more years in Barra and 3 years in PV, before I took it back to Barra where I sold it. If you run in the Sea of Cortez, I would say you have passed the wind chop test and I actually think that PV and...
  476. B

    Yellowtail fishing in San Carlos, Sonora

    I fished there every weekend for 20 years and never saw a calico. Is this a typo?
  477. B

    What good can you say about PV??

    Compare PV to other places that actually still have a lot of fish in Mexico, and its a no brainer. PV is a place where everyone in your family can find what turns them on be it fishing, diving, golf, jungle tours, shopping, spas, the night life, scads of resturaunts, 1st classs medical...
  478. B

    Jailbreak Bogii

    Lived here for 28 years, and its the same ol story. Get a permit from one arm of the police, and the other command gets mad because thay didn't get part of the action and bust you. Buy ground from the owner, later find out that there are several neighbors claiming you bought from the wrong...
  479. B

    MSRP vs Dealers Cost on most Brand New Boats

    Just buy factory direct and this is a non issue. Lots of good OEM's going this way to stay in business.
  480. B

    Killing billfish

    I gotta disagree. There may not be a scarcity of Marlin from PV to Ecuador, but that is not the case world wide, and the same goes for large roosterfish IMO. Every fish taco stand in Mx is now advertising Marlin, so now that they have fished out 9-10 of every other species that are better...
  481. B

    Killing billfish

    I'm going for some popcorn on this one.
  482. B

    Snapper Moon!

    You guys are unstoppable.
  483. B

    SJDC/CSL + Small Center Console = ???

    If the wind is coming from the south, no protection. If coming from the north, you're in the lee and most of the good spots are close to land.
  484. B

    Sayulita on the Fly report

    Thanks for the tips- glad someone knows their fish.
  485. B

    Who to fish with - Bucerias trip March 26-Apr. 3

    Capt Juan has a nice Grady, and I understand he is very reasonable. But guys in PV do charge more than what is the $200 going rate in Barra, and are well worth the difference.
  486. B

    A "NOTORIOUS" weekend

    Funny how a bug up your ass works better than a memory pill.
  487. B

    Texas Group Goes MAXIMUS

    I wonder sometimes if small baits might work better.
  488. B

    Cast nets/ Gringos

    I carried one for all 28 years I lived in Mexico year round and never had one incident.
  489. B

    PV Report Feb18th

    Nice report Dennis!
  490. B

    San Jose del Cabo surf fishing

    Take a taxi to the SJC river mouth early. Buy some sardines there or try some kastmasters.
  491. B

    No More Nets?!

    The Sinaloa packs of 80 pangas and more, equipped with movable camps, reefers and spotter planes have wiped out the Corvina and Sierra along the beach. And I really doubt that the Mazatlan and Oaxccan Tuna siener fleet will be forced out of business, as their drug profits keep them well funded...
  492. B


    Bout time you built a house on one of those islands Danny, and a place for us to parachute in.
  493. B

    New Discount Charter Open

    Never seen that style of stepped hull before.
  494. B

    PV report Jan 19th---25th

    Glad you guys had a break from the Californy grind. Hope to see you next time your down. Been working hard on getting one of these ready with 4 F300's to race Dennis' boat for her title.
  495. B

    sea foam???

    I think some are confusing the spray foam with a gas or oil treatment. If its what I remember use as directed: You run the motor under load in the marina, shaking continuously while spraying the foam into the air intake with no filter, and it cleans the carb and valve seats while the motor...
  496. B


    If you want to check it all out here is a guide. Me, I would clean the screen and replace the bulb instead of doing all this, but it sounds like you want to do the system. 1 Air has to get into the tank to let gas out. It is, but perhaps too slowly to match the output, so check the air inlet...
  497. B

    quick report sunday/monday

    Been there a few times.. Makes you want to break out a gun when they are thick and won't bite.
  498. B

    sea foam???

    it works great on carbed outboards
  499. B

    regalvanizing trailer?

    You can buy a new one for less than $4k.
  500. B

    Vibration and powerloss!

    If you can go all the way to red line rpms with the existing prop, you can go with one with more pitch, or get the one you have adjusted with more pitch or cup. There is a great prop guy there in LB called Wilmington Prop
  501. B


    If you are in shallow water, get a transducer with a wider cone angle and a 50/200 hz option so you can also go deep. Furuno and Garmins come with auto gain control and I would choose these over other brands.
  502. B


    Yes, and I wouldn't remove it for safety reasons. Make sure the vent screen that lets air into the tank is not crusted over with salt first. Then buy a new OEM primer ball (yamaha, merc, johnson, etc) and your problem will go away. Tempo brand and other copies are famous for causing the...
  503. B

    Sayulita fishing

    La Cruz and Punta Mita have live bait, baitwells, and therefore would be my choice over Sayulita. Danny in La Cruz or Lora in Mita are very very good and if you split a half day, very reasonable.
  504. B


    The angler panga is a very good riding panga, much much better than the mexican style that is a nut banger. Travelling north very early in the morning is usually calm for a few hrs even on windy days, and every 3-4 days they can usually count on very calm conditions lasting 2-3 days straight...
  505. B

    La Cruz fuel dock - Ethanol?

    I would guess not yet as they have only been testing small amounts of gas with ethanol produced in the Salamanca and Catyedra refineries destined just for the smog problem areas of Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey starting in 2009 and this test will continue through 2012...
  506. B


    The fishing is actually pretty good the times I went with my own boat. The trouble is its mostly sand and a long way north to the structure where there is any rock and concentrations of yellow tail and its pretty much a panga spot with little infrastructure.
  507. B

    yellow tail in pv

    Green Jack = Torito Amberjack = Pez Fuerte although this can vary from place to place in Mx
  508. B

    Best wishes from the Maximus

    We need your day, overnight and passenger rates up on the 3rd thread sticky at the top of this forum page!!!
  509. B

    Best wishes from the Maximus

    Nice atun on the coffee grinder !
  510. B

    PV Wrap Up Report (pic heavy)

    Lots of armed guards at the gas stations now in Guadalajara. Looks like you had a great crew on the boat and at your hotel.
  511. B

    Kino Bay, Sonora Mex

    Some of the sandy beaches 5-6 miles north of town hold some corvina that will take kastmasters but 1-2 fish is considered a good morning. Not much there anymore. Gill netters have cleaned her out. But fishing 35 miles to the west side of tibaron is always off the hook if the wind isn't blowing.
  512. B

    Overnight Report Aboard the Ana Maria

    Can I assume that this was one of the prision islands 80 miles out.? If so, will they let you get close enough in to it to be in the lee of wind to sleep more comfortably at night?
  513. B

    New Potential World Record Yellowfin Tuna - 405.2#!!!!!

    I thought the 388 was the ALL Tackle record. Does that mean you can use heavier line than 130 lb test?
  514. B

    Boat purchase advicIe please help

    I had this same engine, and they are good up to about 2000 hrs if not abused. If the pee stream is strong, the compression ok, will get you 30 mph at 5500 rpms and she starts good, then you cna probably get by on this just replacing the rubber hoses as they are old. It is a little small for...
  515. B

    Mexican Laws ?

    6 month and 10 year temporary boat import permits are for tourist activities. In that permit, you are not allowed to "loan" boats or vehicles to Mexican nationals. So I have a good hunch that the boat would have to be legally imported into Mexico paying 16% of declared value + about $400 in...
  516. B

    Mexican Laws ?

    It is much more expensive and time consuming to get work permits in the states than in Mexico. Done it in both countries recently.
  517. B

    Mexican Laws ?

    An investor can have 100% ownership (or less) in an incorporated business in Mexico but can only take shareholder profits after the corp has paid its taxes. When you form the corp, you ask for permission, which is always granted, when you do your estrituras. He can supervise, attend meetings...
  518. B

    Information Request - Used Boat Sales Puerto Vallarta - Web sites - Brokers, Info?

    Most of the USA internet sites will filter info according to location, but I really think you will have better luck in PV walking the main marina docks and storgae areas, going to the broker at Opecemar, and looking on the private informal lots along the main drag. Some of the local captains...
  519. B

    Commerical Tuna Seasons

    From the same article Purse seine vessels flying the national flag with the capacity to carry between 182 and 272 metric tonnes shall be entitled to make a fishing trip of up to 30 days in the closed period, providing that they have a scientific observer on board during the trip.
  520. B

    Punta Mita 11/17 & 18

    How cold is cold?
  521. B

    team animal house

    No one blows their horn, but Animal House rocks
  522. B

    11/1-11/8 Cabo to Vallarta aboard Maximus - Are you not entertained?

    How many bunks? Whats her range-speed? How many caballitos can she hold? Tuna tubes?
  523. B

    Team Aleta - PV Report 10/15 - 10/17 - Mega Fish Porn

    Lots of those would be even more killer if blown up to life sized for a house mural. Jumping twisting marlin with his back to us is a new classic.
  524. B

    1st Deer! Youth Mule Deer Hunt Success

    Good on you for letting him go off on his own to scout and to make the kill. Trust goes a long ways.
  525. B

    Marlin / big Tuna on a 12' Zodiac ?

    There are lots of skijack and small yfs you can catch out at the inner and outer gordo banks to bridle to slow troll. Our you can use them for chunk or take dead sardines to drift with also. It all works when there are fish around, but having fresh bait is better than lures IMO at that spot.
  526. B

    Keeping a boat in Puerto Vallarta ...questions

    The poster has a 23 footer, and the tuna were out at the Marias for much of this last year. I tried PV for 2 years on my Mexican 21 footer and mexican truck and realized that I didnt have the stamina to actually enjoy it on what I could afford, but was a lot of fun on larger craft with...
  527. B


    The angler looks pretty large in any case. Fat tunny too.
  528. B

    El Matador Late Report

    Well she's a winner. Good luck to you both.
  529. B

    Keeping a boat in Puerto Vallarta ...questions

    In most Mx cities you need a power or water bill with your name on it (comprante de domocilio)to prove residence in order to get a MX drivers license, but why do you want one? Mechanics at the marina will place and pull your boat with their rigs, and this can be done before and after you leave...
  530. B

    Keeping a boat in Puerto Vallarta ...questions

    It takes a day to place the boat, then another day to pull and clean it, if nothing goes wrong. So I would only do this if I was able to spend at least 10 days in PV at a time and was willing to lose 4 days in airports and at the ramp and spend at least $200 a day on gas + slip, dry storage, and...
  531. B

    PV 10-5,6,7

    The urine and benedryl works to relieve about 60% of the pain, but there is nothing 100% unless you you're carrying a 45 magnum. Been there, done that.
  532. B

    PV 10-5,6,7

    Urine on the stings and Benedryl to calm you down
  533. B

    Prince Edward Island....Land Of GIANTS!!!

    Multiple giants in a day is really getting everything right. Pretty rare in my opinion.
  534. B

    Marlin Paradise

    Everglades are great hulls. Thanks for the report.
  535. B

    Real Deal on the DOLLARS

    Dave Carrying so many dollars on you will make to the underdog on every dollar exchange transaction with the locals, and also make you a target for robbery and kidnap. The peso exchange is 12.63/13.03 today at Banamex. I would use the ATM for fuel payments and get up to $5,000 pesos in...
  536. B

    US dollar transaction limit in Mexico

    If you are with Bank of America in the USA, I believe Santander in Mx has the lowest exchange fees.
  537. B

    One for the Ages

    I was interested to see tha every jig seemed to catch a lot, but you seemed to use a large variety of colors and types mixing it up. Props to Lora for finding large pargo in what looks like shallow inshore water. Start selling this stuff to magazines.
  538. B

    El Banco pretty HOT

    Muy bonitos fotos Victor.
  539. B

    best place to go fishing in mexico in january

    San Jose de Cabo is in the lee of the winter wind, the airfare is reasonable, tropicana is a nice reasonable hotel with fish freezers- surrounded by boutiques and the town, gordobanks pangas is really a good deal(capt Chame), and the weather is great. Zijuat is nice but smaller and quieter.
  540. B

    PV Big Tuna and Marlin Pics 9/16-9/18

    trip of a lifetime. wtg!
  541. B

    PV Pangas???

    Its one or the other 011 521 322 133 3999 011 52 322 133 3999
  542. B

    PV Pangas???

    Lora, Danny. Sticky on top of this page gives contact info.
  543. B

    Team Salty - 9/4 & 9/5 PV Report

    The regulars on BD seem to concentrate 90% of their time on the tuna in PV, where the Cabo crowd concentrates on realeasing a lot of striped marlin. But compitition from bill fish like the ones you saw is really underated IMO. A 500 lb tail dancing marlin is really a rush. So I would be...
  544. B

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report Sept. 5

    Chame is the man, as always.
  545. B

    08.24.10 Top Gun Sportfishing - Lots of Miscomunication?

    Another conclusion based on a one sided story. And when others say they have had a good experience with Jaun, this is piling on? All most are saying is that everyone has the right to defend themselves in front of their accusers. The facts are that the accused all speak Spanish, don't...
  546. B

    08.24.10 Top Gun Sportfishing - Lots of Miscomunication?

    Give him a chance. Even though there were emails, no deposit was made and to me, money talks. $500-600 for a cruiser is also really a low price, so the crew may have understood that they were to do a last minute quick bay trip. Juan wasn't on board, so he was probably getting one message from...
  547. B

    08.24.10 Top Gun Sportfishing - Lots of Miscomunication?

    Sure like to hear Juan's side of this story...
  548. B

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report August 23

    Did you weigh the tuna on your scale Eric?
  549. B

    Corbetena Aug 21st

    Tropical Storm Frank is in Ixtapa moving north- is this the system affecting PV now?
  550. B

    vacas en la corbete

    Danny Why do you like the accurates over the avets?
  551. B

    Gordo Banks Pangas???

    Excellent Chame is his best captain IMO.
  552. B

    8/6 Punta Mita Roosterfish and Dorado

    Nice pics. Lora and Largo are fun to spend the day with, aren't they?
  553. B

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

  554. B

    Tuna Fishing

    Wish they had a catagory for old farts too. Might motivate me and ZigZag to break out the 130's.
  555. B

    July 29 - Not Even a Bite...

    The bite goes on and off, and most boats stay longer cause they know that 6-8 hours of no fish is usually followed by 1-4 with better luck. The rock is usually full of bait, so there the fish are more finiky, especially if they are keying on the hatches of crab, shrimp, squid and baby fish that...
  556. B

    Moving to PV

    Boat and trailer need 6 month or 10 year temporary import if they go south of Sonora. Best to get in TJ. But it is a bit more difficult if someone else drives your stuff imported under your name. Marina San Carlos near Guaymas has a transport service using their own trailer as far as Mazatlan.
  557. B

    Rod Limitation Coming Into PV?

    I remember seeing it in spanish as far back as 1995. Myybe not so on the english section.
  558. B

    WTF PV??

    Ni turistas Mexicanas?
  559. B

    Rod Limitation Coming Into PV?

    The limit is stated on the exemption section of the old tourist cards, but I really can't remember how many. I thought it was 2 per person.
  560. B

    Fishfinder/GPS for Baja trailer boating?

    The cheaper units have small screens which are too small to do split screens and see any detail. A small boat also gets any unit very wet. If you fish shallow, a wide angle ducer will be more effective. My fish finder is a furuno 585 with a 1 kw M260, and these will set you back more than...
  561. B

    Fishfinder/GPS for Baja trailer boating?

    The cheaper units have small screens which are too small to do split screens and see any detail. A small boat also gets any unit very wet. If you fish shallow, a wide angle ducer will be more effective. My fish finder is a furuno 585 with a 1 kw M260, and these will set you back more than...
  562. B

    La Paz Panga Day with Tailhunter and Sam and Philip

    Love the true grit foto of your boy in the last shot winding them in.
  563. B

    Maya"s New Home

    Nice ride, fishy hull !!
  564. B

    good week of fishing"marla's"

    You are implying that Danny is posting year old pictures? You're off to a great start. Oh, nice thread hijack too.
  565. B

    WFO tuna again Sunday (Zig Zag report)

    Godspeed Kurt. Hope things work out for everyone.
  566. B

    WFO tuna again Sunday (Zig Zag report)

    Glad to hear the news. Hope the captains are getting more charters.
  567. B

    Tired of Getting Ripped Off by Rental Car Agencies

    A lot of kidnaps are set up by cab drivers my friend.
  568. B

    Tired of Getting Ripped Off by Rental Car Agencies

    Rates vary. I pay $30 a day in SLP and $52 in GDL, both with basic 10% deductible insurance from Thrify and Budget, 7th day free, booking through Yahoo Travel on a regular basis, with same rate or going directly to the booths. Never tried in Cabos though.
  569. B

    Hot off the water report

    Glad to hear it. Good luck with the sniveling and groveling.
  570. B

    marla's san blas tournament report

    I can see having a sailfish tourney in Manzanillo or Ixtapa, but with larger marlin and tuna so close to san blas, it seems like a waste of gas and prize money on the smaller sails and dorado. Just my opinion Danny.
  571. B

    marla's san blas tournament report

    1 car Marlin 1 car Dorado no cars tuna and 3 out of 5 cars for sailfish? Funny priorities IMO.
  572. B


    Si se pueden. Italia y Francia ya son nuestras bitches.
  573. B

    K&M San Quintin 1st WSB of 2010 Toads!!!

    Ah jodido ! Felicidades
  574. B

    Great Mexico Big Game Resource!!

    Spamming for free and calling yourself #1 on a site that offers 10x more info on Mexico than you do is a bit much, don't you think?
  575. B

    Big Cow today out of La Cruz

    85 lbs is the current world record dodo right?
  576. B


    Nice groupers too.
  577. B


    I'm speechless, for once. WTG girls !!!
  578. B

    Fishing, Nightlife and Golf best location?

    Paridise village condos through VRBO are reasonable- About 100-175 per night for 2 bedroom apartments nicely decorated on marina next to mall with lots of places to eat. Golf at El Tigre is close and pretty nice also. Puerto Vallarta Hotel Nuevo Vallarta Hotels Paradise Village Beach Resort...
  579. B

    Tigerlily PV road trip 2010

    Ok Bogii, but if you had $20k in stuff, the law defines fine at $140K ,plus your rig.
  580. B

    Tigerlily PV road trip 2010

    I lived in Hermosillo for 18 years, SLP for 10 and have been through Nogales lot lately. My daughter was also kidnapped in SLP, so I guess its an educated guess. But highway 15 gets over 30,000 cars of traffic a day, and if there have been how many problems with tourists in the last 6 months...
  581. B

    Tigerlily PV road trip 2010

    Bogii, I underclaim what I have at the border, pay the 16% tax on less total merchandise, but then don't worry about further checkpoints or shakedowns as they won't go through every reciept. Lets say you have $1800 in stuff with you. You and your buddy get a $100 deduction. Than the fishing...
  582. B


    Great to see your sipping the cream again Jeff.
  583. B

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report May 16

    Eric, Do any of the local bait guys sabikkii for caballitos at the night to sell in the morning? Will the caballitos survive a couple of days in a live well if the boat is kept in the SJC marina?
  584. B

    Wahoo en Cabo

    Maruaders- moradas con negro, o plumas negras. googlear Wahoo King para mucha informacion.
  585. B

    Bait catching Daisy Chain good selection
  586. B


    Jim, You are a lot cooler living at high altitude than on the coast. Tepic is also one of the cheapest cities to live in with a cost index of 64 compared to Mexico City at 100. Cabo, PV and most resorts are well over 100. Winters are also nice in Huatulco, big fish are right off the beach...
  587. B


    San Jose de Cabos would be my choice. Close to fish, good variety, marina and or ramp, subsidized airfare, in the lee of the peninsula during windy winter months, summers not as bad as the sea of cortez. Stuff for the family to do. Ever been to San Carlos, near Guaymas? Nice retired community...
  588. B

    New to PV

    Lightening will usually gravitate to the tallest item in any boat or on the water, so in your hull, that would be the top of the antenna or the top of your shade. But, without something tall and a way to dissapate it, strikes can cause damage like this, blowing holes through aluminum to get to...
  589. B

    New to PV

    Bertram runs a ground wire to the legs on their rails on 8 foot intervals to help there in case your hanging on. Gas tanks should also be grounded, and maintained, for all the obvious reasons. Antennas on top of the tower if hit will usually burn through the coaxial cable I would think.<!-- /...
  590. B


    The darsena is the little breakwater area the mita cooperativa has at Anclote. I do not think there is room for more boats there, but the area inside and outside of there is protected weather wise and is the closest area close to corbetena with no open surf like at SB. So dropping your gear on...
  591. B


    Doubt if you will find any takers that want to play victory at sea for a week out at a time. It would be easy to drop an anchor and float a mooring ball off the darsena at Pta Mita to avoid beach launching every day so you could go out and come back before it gets too windy. Your little...
  592. B


    Jim They make fold down beach launching wheels for aluminum boats that fold up on the transom when at sea that will make your one or two man launches a lot easier. Buy them or make them yourself. The other way is to get vinyl logs made at the truck tarp maker filled with 2 cheap Mercado Ley...
  593. B

    The jig is up!

    The question I have is did the jigs get as many or more TUNA strikes as an equal number of rods rigged with livebait or artificial swim baits? Will the jigs work better on the fish when they are finiky and homing in on microbaits?
  594. B

    Epic Day On The RTA At Catalina

    Great trip. I wonder if the mystery might have been a big ray?
  595. B

    Tuna Porn - Puerto Vallarta Fish Report

    Light rods, beeg fish = sport WTG !!
  596. B

    2010 spring Break Daddy's Girl Tigerlily

    Nice, Bogart. She's a cutie!
  597. B

    Ensenada area, other boats shut down and told to split

    I agree. Mexicans are peace lovers, but if you try to rough one of them up, every cousin will soon show up, and there are a lot of cousins. The LR captain got to aggresive, so they called in the Navy. And I'll bet that the panga guy was a cousin or some relation to one of the guys on the navy...
  598. B

    Ensenada area, other boats shut down and told to split

    The article said nothing about fishing inshore at the bay. The mexicans are claiming that the LR insulted them using their loud speakers, then tried to ram them with their larger boat, so they asked for the MX Navy to assist them. They go onto say that the LR boats are commercial enterprises...
  599. B

    Quake damage in Mexico...

    Store looting in Mexacali has been reported by friends.
  600. B

    pv croc attack

    A 5 year old boy was killed at the river in PV about 5 years ago too. Time to relocate them to a sanctuary. Too many around IMO.
  601. B

    PV Tuna 17,18,19

    You remember right. I am in Toronto, the snow is been falling sideways, and they talk about catching perch that are smaller than ojotones. My wife is gonna pay.
  602. B

    PV Tuna 17,18,19

    Great, fucking great. Glad to hear it-damn
  603. B

    They Saved A Seniors Life-Lots of Tuna

    So when are you moving your 16' to launch from Mita?
  604. B

    St. Patrick Day on a green boat

    Large roosters in PV have been abundant, but on the whole, Idon't think they are a common fish with a large poulation Ali. PV to Acapulco and a few areas around Cabos is where I have seen them most. So I think the locals should be a little more protective of this truely exotoc species as...
  605. B

    PV Report 3/11-3/15

    Some great pics there.
  606. B

    Ideal Boat for Los Barriles

    The newer GB22 has no chine, will never stop rocking, and is slow. I like the older 22 style even less in large seas, but do not want to hurt feelings The GB26 and WX27 are great, and I would favor the WC if given the couce, but you need a big truck and these are wide boats for the 2 lanne...
  607. B

    Mono to Spectra

    The red phillips is the easiest and smallest one that I have houd using light and real heavy mono and flouro leaders. 20-400 lb test, no problema. But lately I have gone back to tying spectra palomars onto ball bearing swivels and using perfection loops on my leaders to hooks and leaders...
  608. B

    tunas on the deck

    No tienen piedad. Ya pueden abrir un super mercado. Ya deben nombrar su barca Mas Atun, o Dolores Muy bien, de veras.
  609. B

    Crazy Marlin Photo

    Maybe he was avoiding a shark at night. Had to be moving really fast to penerate that HDPE hose material up to the hilt. Its tough and thick.
  610. B

    The New Aleta

    Looks excellent. Nice job.
  611. B

    Tuna/Rooster Bite - March Madness PV Style!!!!

    Great report, great variety.
  612. B

    Circle Hooked Yellowtail in Loreto - 3/5/10

    47# is a pig Bill. WTG!! If you are limiting on 80 lb, they must be hungry. How's that 2150 Bluewater handling the long trips in windchop and on the trailer to Mag Bay? Sounds like you have put more than a few miles on her.
  613. B

    Roosters bite

    Danny, How far away from the 3 marias is legal eagle to fish? Sounds like you are going a long ways to find em.
  614. B

    Circle Hooked Yellowtail in Loreto - 3/5/10

    Nice fish Bill. Even looks big with that 200 lb leader and 20/0 circle in his geezer.
  615. B

    pargo baja style the best set up

    an avet 30W 2 speed is big enough for anything out there, imo.
  616. B

    PV vs Manzanillo

    Good choice. Manzanillo sucks, fishing wise.
  617. B


    I assume you are talking about San Blas and not PV. I don't think the tides are strong in your area, so that is pretty much a non factor. And if the fish are in the surf, that means they are hungry, so I don't think that moon phase is that big a factor like it is offshore. I usually look...
  618. B

    Tuna bite is on in PV

    Cool weather AND good fishing.
  619. B

    NO chance in HELL

    Pretty sure the factory has one. A button can't be that much.
  620. B


    smitty harness with oversized aluminum pad takes care of the same problem for me.
  621. B

    Gas tank help

    Coal tar marine epoxy.
  622. B

    Gas tank help

    I dunno about the advice you are getting. I am also a tank fabricator. Finding a new plastic tank that will fit the old space is not that easy, and you are going to turn this hull in a year. If the tank walls are pitted thin out then I would replace the spot, wall or whole tank. But fixing...
  623. B

    Motor was submerged for up to three days

    I would also add grease to very zerk and dry every wire and electrical part prior to mist spraying some light oil on everthing but the rubber and fiberglass.
  624. B

    Stainless gas tank?

    You want 316L, and the suitable rod to go with that that will do full penetration welds. Do not use 304 or 304L as its exterior will not hold long up on the exterior to the chlorides in salt water. If you use hand tools or grinding material previously used on mild steel, it will contaminate...